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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: mr. trump, you are excused. >> excuse me. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> excuse me. excuse me. i didn't suggest. >> thanks for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off today. safe to say donald trump has had a terrible, no good, 24 hours, and it's scaring the now know what out of his party. his campaign in full damage control mode amid the fierce backlash over his stunning statement that women who get abortions should be punished if boorgs were illegal. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no, as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman?
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>> yes. >> ten cents, ten years? >> i don't know. >> why not? >> you take positions on everything else? >> i do. it's a very complicated position. >> trump quickly tried to clarify the statement twice first saying states should decide, then in what can only be seen as a complete about face saying the person performing the abortion should be the one punished, not the woman. three positions, three hours. let's bring in dana bash for more on this. dana, put trump's last 24 hours in perspective here. >> reporter: this is republicans who are running on the ballot in other races, whether it's senate or the house or at this point, maybe even for city council in feeling like they're reliving a nightmare. when i say that, it's because you and i remember a few election cycles ago, you had a series of candidates. whether it was aiken running for senate who talked about
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basically legitimate rape. that is not what donald trump is talking about, but this is the kind of thing that turns off women in such a strong and visceral way. now, trump, as you said, completely did about face. he recanted and said he does not support punishing the woman in any way, shape, or form, and what he subscribed to when he recanted was what most anti-abortion groups and people out there, activists support, which is punishing the doctor or the person who performs the abortion, not the woman, that the woman shouldn't be the victim. that is why republicans are so upset about this, and so anxiety ridden about it. particularly those who have worked for a very long time and abortion issues, fighting abortion. they've been trying to fight the perception that the woman is the victim, and they feel like
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donald trump just stepped right into that because they feel that he didn't understand the issue, didn't kind of follow the intricacies of what has been fought for and what it has meant to these groups for so long. >> and the other candidates on the other side of the aisle, even as the other people he's running against in the primary, they're speaking out. they came out strongly against it quickly. we're going to hear from john kasich shortly. he'll be holding a press availability being billed as addressing recent comments made by donald trump. we'll be watching for that to happen. we'll bring it to you live when it comes. showing you the immediate backlash donald trump is facing. there's a lot to discuss now. let's bring in scottie nel hughes, susan delpersio, and barry bennett and ana navarro.
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it's great to see you all. we'll keep an eye to see john kasich will be taking to the microphone to see what he says. barry, first to you. it seems a lot has happened since yesterday when we spoke. >> happens every day. >> it seems i can say that almost every day. it's ground hog day. >> is anybody else running? >> yes, and we're going to talk about that. what are they running against? donald trump. three positions in three hours. this is a very serious issue. >> yeah. >> this is also an issue that if you are running for president, especially in republican primary, you should -- you must have a clear position on. what happened, barry? >> well, i think that, first of all, we got into ifs, ifs, and ifs. if there was a law, if the supreme court said it was okay, we're now way down the trap. anywherew anyway, for the right to life community, and i am that, is that the law is written that the
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doctor is -- it took three hours. that's out there. he corrected it. that's his position. >> that's his position. but first this statement, and we're going to go around the horn here. the first statement that came out from donald trump, this issue is unclear. what is unclear about it? >> i mean, i'm not familiar with that statement, so i can't tell you. >> this issue is unclear and should be put back into the states for determination. >> if you want me to fill in the gap, i would say that, i don't know how the law is written -- >> i don't need you to get into donald trump's mind but what is going on in the campaign? i mean, what is unclear seems to be what donald trump is trying to say first, second, and third. >> right. well, i mean we have to remember that donald trump is not a politician. he does not have memorized talking points on every issue. he tells it like he comes off
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the top of his head like he believes out of his heart, and he fixed this yesterday. he now understands that the doctors, the person punished by the law. i'm sure he's probably never seen the proposed law. >> just to what you said -- he's not a politician. that is his stock and trade, that he says what he thinks and means what he says. he was asked a question. he answered it. now they're trying to claim he misspoke. basically he didn't have an answer, and it was a 50/50 shot. what do i respond? what will the people want to hear? he answered the wrong way, but that is -- that's the biggest problem that's starting to go into trump's narrative. he's starting to look like a politician because he answered -- if you go by what you just said that he says what he means and from the heart and -- he believed that women should be punished. that's what he said. >> isn't he now a politician? yes, he is running for a political office. he's a politician no matter if
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he is a businessman first and that he's running as an outsider, no question. does he not need to know the range of possibility of what he is comfortable with? >> you have to talk about in this issue, who exactly in the executive office gets a decision on whether or not abortion is going to be made legal or not? the idea of row versus wade being reversed would be in the judicial branch. >> it is a moral question. >> it is, and he has said i'm extremely pro life except -- there are exceptions in the case of the mother's life. that's all he needs to know. and he needs to know that he is going to appoint judges. >> but that's not all he said. >> but that's why this is not necessarily in his talking points. he's too busy standing on issues that the executive office effects. that's what's wrong -- >> doesn't the executive office nominate judges? >> he said i'll nominate a judge that is pro life. that's what he needs to figure out. he has. he's done that talking point. >> two weeks ago he wasn't right to life enough. >> exactly.
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other people can't have it both ways. there were commercials saying he's not pro life. now he's too pro life. make up your minds. you're hitting him from everything and seeing what's going to stick. it's almost laughable to sit here and see what people think as they try to take him out from every side. >> is this laughable, anna, that people are talk about that? >> no, they're throwing everything at him. >> do you see me laughing? look, i think this is very serious. i think it is a very sad state of affairs in the republican primary. i think the reason that people are hitting him from every direction is because he has had every which position on this issue and many other issues. it is not an easy feat to achieve to be able to unite the pro life and pro choice community in criticism of somebody. and donald trump achieved it in the blink of an eye. i think it is serious. i think he's a politician, and
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you saw the evidence of that. he backtracked in three hours. something we have not traditionally seen donald trump do. i think he's realizing that he is the front runner. he could very well be the nominee. there is no point to being the nominee if you don't win the general election, and i think he realized that this could be a very bad thing not only with the pro life movement. he was not speaking their language. he tried to pander to them, and it backfired. it would also be a huge problem with women in a general election. and we already as a republican party have a gender gap. what he's doing is digging that hole even deeper. what he said was just absurd. i mean, the notion that donald trump out of all people, is going to pass judgment on women who have had abortions is just really more absurd and more of the theater of the absurd that we have seen in this primary so far. >> in this state in the race, in this state of politics, it's not
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a flip-flop. it's not evolving on a position that people are going to take issue with. trump himself has talked about how he's evolved in the issue. i believe in this day in our political universe, people can excuse, voters can understand changing position if it's an evolution on position. but this -- this is -- what i'm hearing is he misspoke. there's nothing to see here. let's move on from you guys, from katrina pearson, the spokesperson with the campaign. but don't words matter, barry? this is not the first time we've heard he misspoke, let's move on. many my own recent memory he said the war in afghanistan was a mistake, then he said i meant to say iraq. but it's impossible to understand that he was talking about iraq in that conversation and he said that on cnn. he also within the span of 24 hours reversed his position and said he misspoke about how he
8:11 am
felt about allowing in syrian refugees. how many times can you misspeak? >> this is like 100 minutes between the point that he said something and that he clarified it. he clarified it, not me or katrina. he did. i don't think -- >> he doesn't apologize, though. should he apologize on this one? >> he clarified. what should he apologize for, i guess? >> what's amazing is that donald trump did not take to the air waves or twitter like he always does after one of these instances. normally he's ready to fight and say what i really meant -- for the first time he's using surrogates to speak because they are circling. they know there was a huge mistake here, and donald trump doesn't like to say i was wrong or i misspoke. he likes to double down, and this is the first case where he's made one of these mistakes where he's not taken to twitter. he didn't phone into tv interviews. he knows this is a mistake.
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he needs time and they have to regroup. this was a very big problem off of a big week with him, especially with women, and the narrative going into wisconsin where he's probably going to lose and now the talk at the convention that he's not going to hit 1237. >> that's why this is interesting. they're throwing everything at him. it's not like this is the only thing we've talked about this week. it's almost like morning and afternoon. we're getting something else. not saying it's organized, but this is the week he hates women. you have to understand everybody is throwing stuff at him, at his campaign. this issue that obviously the issue this week is women. >> i'm talking about this one issue. >> welcome to the big leagues. >> the key is even if he's wringing up twrin bringing up the confusion, why he couldn't give a solid answer, the pro life side hasn't had a clear argument. if they had, they would have been able to pass it through. >> this is now the pro life
8:13 am
movement's fault? >> we had the best chances this fall to defund taxpayer abortions but they didn't have the strategy or the communication with the sitting gop congress that we control -- >> by law, taxpayer dollars don't go to the abortions. >> but there was a big point to pull the money away from planned parenthood. we actually had the momentum in the pro life movement to remove that funding, and then all of a sudden the big gaffe carly fiorina had caused this, and every republican senator, including ted cruz, backed away from it and did not fight for that dunding to be defunded. that's the action right now. there is no organization among the pro life movement to clarify the issue or else this might have been a lot more cut and dry than it was. >> barry, are you comfortable where things are with this campaign right now?
8:14 am
>> yeah. >> you are? >> yeah, we're going to win. >> you're going to win? you're comfortable with the advice he's getting and how he's handling it? >> absolutely. >> it's great to see you. thank you very much. moments from now john kasich running for governor of ohio, running for president. that's not john kasich's back, i think they're setting up the podium. he'll be holding a news conference in new york. we're not exactly sure why, but it probably has something to do with the man he's running against, donald trump. we'll take that to you live when it happens. plus donald trump is also not ruling out, this has also come out in the last 24 hours. he's not ruling out nuclear weapons against isis, even in europe. why he says he won't take the option off the table. and just days before the wisconsin states, a backing for bernie sanders.
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you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. remember that magic number for the gop, 1237 in that's the number of delegates required to claim the party's nomination. that is where things stand right
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now for the republicans. donald trump stands at 739 delegates. cruz at 460. and kasich at 145. of course there is a real possibility that none of the above will hit the number and that means it goes to a contested convention. that also means that the epicenter of the republican universe will be on the rules committee. that will meet and set the rules of the road for the party gathering in july. joining me now to discuss is one of the committee's members, david wheeler. he's also a delegate from south dakota. thank you so much for joining me, david. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. one of the rules that, of course, is getting the most attention goes back to 2012. rule 40, a candidate must get the majority of candidates in eight states to be in consideration. do you think as of today that rule 40 will stand for the convention in july? >> that is a very difficult thing to predict, because we
8:20 am
don't know who the other members of the rules committee will be. and so that process is just starting now. i believe there will be a lot of support for amending rule 40 because it is a rule that has grown over time as you've had so many conventions over the last 40 years that have presumptive nominees. the rules covfor conventions li that are different than a rule at a open convention. i think this rule will be all thorred because of that. >> your personal preference is that it's changed or weakened? >> i don't believe so. it believe it needs to be changed or weakened. the rule itself, rule 40 b specifically, governs the names of candidates who get placed in nomination on the floor of the convention. and so it doesn't take away votes from anybody. it doesn't change the delegate
8:21 am
count for anybody. but it allows candidates to be running on the floor of the convention. i think if we're going to have a truly open convention, we should have all the viability candidates have a named place in nomination. >> to that point, it sounds wonky, if you will, but this is a really important topic, and all the candidates are talking about it themselves. cruz yesterday said he thinks the rule should stick. he said if washington deal makers try to cook the books and try to insert their favorite deal makers, he said i think there would likely be a revolt of voters. this seems to be one area he and donald trump agree. what do you say to them? >> i don't believe that washington deal makers are going to be controlling this at all. i haven't met a washington deal maker ever. i'm just a delegate from south dakota. i'm doing what i think will provide for an open, transparent, and efficient convention. the rules need to be written in a way that the party can
8:22 am
nominate its candidate by showing support from a majority of delegates, and this particular rule doesn't change that. in fact, i think it actually creates a false perception that certain candidates don't have support, and whether we only have three available candidates or two, when we get to the convention, we should have them place the nomination, let the delegates vote, let the votes be counted. when a nominee gets to 1237, that person is our nominee. >> david wheeler, the whole world is going to be watching. there's going to be a lot of pressure on you guys if it gets to that point. we'll be in touch. david wheeler, appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up for us, fresh fears that isis could get their hands on nuclear material top of mind as world leaders gather in washington. donald trump says he's not ruling out using a nuclear weapon against isis, even in europe.
8:23 am
plus, it's the battle for home turf, if you will. a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are both leading by big numbers in new york, but is it too early for them to add their home state to the win column? stay with us. we'll be right back. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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leaders from more than 50 naxs are in washington for a nuclear security summit. president obama is hosting his fourth and final one. one very pressing topic this year, isis, the terror group getting its own special session at the summit as world leaders look for how to prevent isis and
8:28 am
other terror groups from getting hair hands on nuclear material. another topic, the growing nuclear threat from north korea. all of this happening as donald trump is suggesting that some asian nations might need to develop their own nuclear programs to protect themselves. let's talk to chris yatian amanpour. at the top of mind is really -- foreign leaders, this isn't the first time they'd have to talk about something that donald trump has suggested. >> yeah. >> what do you think the world view is of what we've heard from donald trump in the last 24 or 28 hours, suggesting to cnn it would be okay to south korea and japan and maybe even saudi arabia, saying if they had nuclear weapons -- >> do you know what? it's almost unhinged to make those kinds of comments. nobody talks like that.
8:29 am
nobody threatens use of tactical nuclear weapons. only vladimir putin has been doing that. that caused a huge amount of backlash several years ago. this is something that is so serious and it is the most incredibly dangerous set of weapons that mankind has, which is why president obama for four years has had a nuclear security summit. the idea is to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons to terrorists and other countries. the idea of allowing or suggesting that even u.s. allies which would be nuclear free should suddenly contribute to the proliferation of nuclear weapons is not in stream with u.s. nuclear affairs or the global reaction. what his comments on international affairs have done is destabilized people around the world in terms of what they don't what america is up to or what they would be up to if
8:30 am
there was a donald trump administration in terms of global affairs. and there is a long-standing, horrified look from outside since the donald trump campaign at what's going on in the u.s. >> let's also talk about -- that will continue, of course, that conversation. but also this conversation you had with the turkish president in talking about -- he was quite critical of europe and how they're handling isis and the threat, especially of foreign fighters tracking them within their own borders. listen to this and then we'll discuss. >> it was obvious that he was affiliated and involved in the conflict zones and he was wounded. that is the reason why he was deported. and this is the information that was communicated to belgium. he was born in 1986, and we can call them a young person, and belgium unfortunately attached no significance to this piece of information, and these incidents
8:31 am
happened. >> so there the president is telling me in chapter and verse how they found el bakraoui, identified him and deported him back to the west. belgium and the netherlands, one after the other. he was saying they did not recognize the threat level of this man despite what turkey told him. europeans are saying they deported him but never told them he was a jihadi. he's saying they don't know what a jihadi is. what's happening is in this blame game and as we see the security an rat us talking about a security cell with french connections and belgium connections, he was saying there has to be a much more effective intelligence sharing. >> that's clearly going to have to be part of the conversation, especially in washington. great to see you.
8:32 am
thank you so much. >> you can see more of the interview on coming up, a key endorsement for bernie sanders. why the state's former lieutenant governor is switching sides in wisconsin.
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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you you're looking right there, governor john kasich holding a press conference right now here in new york. he's really using the press conference to lay out his reasons why donald trump should not, cannot be president. let's listen in. >> i don't even know how he went there. in picking the supreme court
8:37 am
justice, that donald trump suggested that any supreme court justice must make a commit tomt review and investigate hillary's e-mails. i don't know how you do that. that's something i can't even figure out. listen, in our country today and around the world, it really gets to something that's a really simple point. we have people who are intent on destroying civilization as we know it. and the vast majority of peoples all across this globe are committed to not only preserving civilization but also restoring civilization. at that end, it takes cooperation. it takes restraint. it takes judgment. it takes experience. not wild-eyed suggestions and basically moving from one suggestion and then the need to try to explain what you really meant once you realized that the suggestion you made confused people or enraged people.
8:38 am
that is not the way that a president of the united states. it is not the way that a leader of the free world or the commander in chief of our country to be so casually talking about the use, by the way, of nuclear weapons. it just shows that he's really not prepared to be president of the united states. but i want to also make clear to all of you here that for those people who have been fervent trump supporters, their frustration, their expressions do not fall on deaf ears from me. i know that many of those trump supporters are people who fear for the security of their jobs, believing that politicians don't care about them as they see the rich get richer and they are increasingly stuck without wage increases. i understand the concern they have about the fact that they
8:39 am
continue to work hard but they can't seem to get ahead with wages not rising and the costs around them increasing. i can absolutely understand and even commiserate with those mothers and fathers who always believed that if their sons and daughters went and received a higher education, went to college, community college, that they would have a better life, and many those children are currently living in the basement of mom and dad with mom and dad wondering what kind of a life will they have? oh, you see, i understand it because i lived it. i understand it because my little town was a place where people did not have economic security, where people who one day would play by the rules would wake up and find there wasn't anything for them. people who never seem to get the special things that can come in life. and they were god-fearing, hard
8:40 am
working, community people, who wanted nothing more than the great american legacy which is their children could do better than they've done. i do understand it. and there are ways to resolve this. there are clear ways in which we can restore economic security. there are ways in which we can begin to improve the situation with wages. there are ways in which we can give them hope that their children can have a great life. we've seen a real glimpse of it when i was chairman of the budget committee and worked to balance the budget. and then in ohio where now we have pulled ourselves out of a ditch where we're growing jobs by over 400,000 private sector jobs with wages growing faster than the national average, and with the sense that everyone is included. you know, i think there are a lot of people out there that say that why is there nobody speaking for me, why is it
8:41 am
there's nobody working for me? why is it that i hear these promises out of politicians and nothing good ever comes? well, you know, i share their frustration. you know, in addition to being a candidate for president of the united states and governor of the great state of ohio, i'm also a citizen. and i see what's happening. and i know it's frustrating, but to the trump voters, there's hope. we've done it before, putting a team together to improve people's situation including those who lived in the shadows. and secondly, we can do it again. so while the person that you have favored continues to move in an untethered fashion, i understand that at times he's the vessel for your frustration, and i want to offer myself up as a new vessel that can actually understand your problems, recognize your problems, and work aggressively to fix them.
8:42 am
i take orders from no one other than my wife. i fought the establishment all of my career, and been able to beat them. and i'm willing to fight and i will beat them again. let me take a few questions. >> is that an important pledge? >> let's go back. that was asked in the first debate, and that was 12 debates ago. and first of all, i don't believe that donald trump will be the nominee. this will go to a convention. senator cruz needs almost 90% of the delegates going forward to win the required number and avoid a convention. there's a greater chance that you will fly out of this building and land in midtown than there is -- well, you're in midtown, but to fly up to where
8:43 am
the ball is that's dropping at the end of the year than it is for ted cruz to have a enough delegates to go to a convention. donald trump needs about 60% of the delegates and after new york and pennsylvania and new jersey and connecticut, places where i believe you're going to begin to see him decline, i don't believe he'll have the delegates either. let's see who they pick. let's see what happens at a convention. at that point, i'll make a decision about my endorsement. and i want you to understand that when it comes to an endorsement, there's kind of two groups of people, maybe there's three groups of people that i have to take into consideration. number one, the people of ohio. they would rank third. number two would be my dear friends. they would rank second. and my family, my wife and my two daughters. two 16-year-old daughters who are impressionable. when i make a recommendation, at
8:44 am
this point -- in my life before, it probably didn't matter that much, but at this point because of the nature of this election, it's going to matter what my wife and daughters think, and so i've got to make sure that i can represent them appropriately. and -- but all of those considerations have to be made, of course, including the great people of the state of ohio who have given me the privilege of serving them as governor. >> reporter: a poll puts you in last place in new york city in the gop. >> how close is it? >> reporter: within point. >> well, that's kind of hard to say last. of course, i might be second, but there's only three in. >> reporter: and it also puts you in giving both sanders and hillary the best run for their money in new york of the three. >> isn't that the most bizarre thing? i trail hillary by five points and trump trails her by 20. it's a bizarre thing.
8:45 am
now, here in new york we're going to do well. we're going to be competitive here. we're going to work very hard. despite the fact that i got caught eating a piece of my pizza with a fork, i think we can overcome that and get ourselves in -- by the way, i want you all to know that despite all the criticism i'm getting, my wife who heard about this on the twitter, called me last night and said she was proud that i have finally learned how to use utensils. anyway, i think we'll do well here. i think we're going to be competitive in pennsylvania. i think the calendar will move our way. i expect to do well in new york, and we're going to keep at this. look, what's happening now is finally people are starting to hear the message that i have. and begin to understand the record. understand who i am, and you know, and consider that to be a plus. maybe they'll hear me and they won't like me.
8:46 am
that's always a possibility. it hasn't been my experience that that's been the case. we're going to go to a convention, and they're going to -- the delegates are going to think about who can win in the fall. i'm the only one that, frankly, can win in the fall, and here in this state, whether it's in michigan where i lead hillary by 11 points or in north carolina where the senator down there is only up three points at this point. i will tell you i happen to believe that if senator cruz or donald trump or the nominee, i think not only will they not win, but i believe it puts at risk the united states senate. and i think the senators are beginning to look at this. now, senators by nature are always nervous. and now they're getting even more nervous. so i think when we get to a convention they're going to think about who can win in the fall, and i believe that the delegates will take very seriously who could be president of the united states. i got to tell you, i was at a convention in 1976 when ronald reagan challenged gerald ford.
8:47 am
i was a very young man, but i worked aggressive and was in charge of five states for governor reagan. the delegates really take this seriously. they begin to feel the weight on their -- on he or she's shoulder. they begin to realize that they're making a choice that can affect the united states of america and frankly the world. so when people talk about these, the disruptions at conventions and people are going to walk out, i really don't believe that. would some people walk out if they got mad? of course. some people walk out of everything, but i believe that the overwhelming majority of the delegates at a convention will take this responsibility very seriously. and i think that's where we're going. and i think it's going to be fantastic. probably be less kardashians, more who's going to be president. that's where i think this is all headed. not that i have anything against the kardashians, let them know. >> all right. right there you're looking at
8:48 am
governor john kasich in a fascinating moment. holding this press conference, really, with one topic on mind, donald trump. laying out his reasons, listing out his reasons why he says he is not qualified. he should not be president, that he is not prepared to be president, especially after the 24-48 hours we've been discussing. let's discuss with this our panel. let me bring in ana navarro and bob beckel and barry bennett. this was not a long planned press conference. this came up, and he listed out. he not only was speaking to media, but he also spoke directly to trump voters. saying i understand your frustration. it doesn't fall on deaf ears. also saying while donald trump continues to move in an untethered fashion, i want to offer myself up as the candidate for you. what do you say? >> well, i mean, he's entitled to his opinion.
8:49 am
he's earned that. but the laws of mathematics and the rules of the republican national convention are not something you can just will away. i me rule 40, what people say they don't want change second down going to be in effect. >> that's not necessarily a done deal yet. >> if they don't want it changed n it's not going to change. >> what do you think act this moment? kasich up there listing out exactly what we've been talking about all day. why donald trump cannot be, is not prepared to be the commander in chief on the president on abortion, nuclear weapons, on nato, and that was just some of them. is donald trump too far out in front of his skis on this today? >> no. let me tell you about the issues are voting about, and they're not because their son lives in the basement or whatever language. it's about securing the border, not just for immigration but also stopping the flow of hair win.
8:50 am
kasich's state has been a wash in heroin. my sister died as an addict. the issues of national debt, $19 trillion of debt. they're going to be forced to pay this back. that makes me angry. those are the issues people are voting about, not geneva convention language or rather not japan should have a nuclear bomb. i mean, that's great talking points for him, but he's not connecting with anybody with those kind of points. >> bob, what do you think? >> well, listen, this comes this comes down to a very simple formula. if trump wins, there's a likelihood he could put together enough delegates to win the nomination. if he loses, there's going to be a brokered con vengeance and i don't think he wins that. you can control a rules committee and the republicans have something like i think 200 of them. i suspect you'll see some rules
8:51 am
changing between now and then. >> what do you think? what you just heard from john kasich, it mirrors the statement that john kasich just put out. john kasich clearly sees an opportunity to capitalize on this moment. did donald trump just hand this to him? >> i think you put the nail on the head. it was a press conference to remind us that john kasich is out there, we heard him be all over the place which is wonderfully a -- he talked about eating pizza with a fork, he talked about flying through midtown. he talked about all kinds of things that with respect one cohesive message, but what he was trying to say is i am here, i am a viable option.
8:52 am
if we go to a brokered convention, all bets are off. there are rules that might apply in the first ballot. but if nobody gets to 1237 in that first ballot, basically all rules fly out the window and the rules committee reconstitutes itself and comes up with new rules and it's going to be a free for all and it's going to be open season for the delegates who will then be unbound. and john kasich stands as good a chance as anybody especially. so under his logic, we might end up with lebron james as the republican nominee. >> well, there we go. i did talk to one of these delegates, a member of the rules committee, and he said he personally would like to see the rules to change, he says he would like to see all of the delegates and all the candidates counted.
8:53 am
that just goes to show but this is not a done deal yet in terms of how the convention rules are going to be played. something donald trump has said in the past day, one of the other headlines raising eyebrows is on his choice for supreme court nominee. he said he would likely nominate a justice who would look very seriously at the hillary clinton e-mail disaster. your take on that? >> i think donald trump should go back to civics classes, because last i heard, the supreme court doesn't investigate, they adjudicate. here's the problem, every time donald trump says something, it's like he almost can't help himself, he says something that causes controversy. now i think it's catching up with them. and the same with hillary, their mistakes are catching up with
8:54 am
them. john kasich is going to take votes away from cruz which helps donald trump. >> he was talking about the attorney general, not the justice of the supreme court. going back to what bob said about the -- >> you really do think he was talking about the ig? he was asked about the supreme court, though. nominating a justice. >> i do think he was talking about the attorney general. >> add this to the misspoke column. >> going back -- zero delegates from wisconsin. while wisconsin is certainly a must-win for ted cruz, i mean if he doesn't win wisconsin, he's already mathematically prohin d
8:55 am
prohibited from winning the nomination. >> he has that problem that he mistakes, mishears, what you heard him say, is not what he actually said, he's not one who admits mistakes, he clarifies, which is what we saw him do last night. he doesn't say i misspoke, i misherd, i'm human, that's the only thing that hasn't come out of his mouth. >> in which which, isconsin, if hear about something that donald trump misspeaks or mishears, they'll hear about that.
8:56 am
8:57 am
the two democratic presidential candidates are doing battle for the next big prize. this contest could go either way, it has bernie sanders off four right now. hillary clinton saying he's making promises he just can't keep. i want to bring in the former governor of wisconsin. she has endorsed obviously bernie sanders this time around. governor, thank you very much for your time. let's just get to it. in 2008, you endorsed hillary clinton, you helped organize and
8:58 am
campaigned for her in wisconsin. why is it different there time? >> it's different this time. i traveled with her, i was excited about her campaign. that was right before the bottom of the economy fell out. and now after the recovery, supposedly that has gone to very few people, we're at a time where the middle class is being hollowed out in our country, and even more in our state than in any other state and there's an instability to our democracy that needs a great focus and attention and bernie sanders is the leader that understands, it's his bold experience and his willingness to take the biggest threat to our democracy, which is money in politics that takes that head on that brings me to his campaign. >> you call it vision, hillary clinton calls it pie in the sky stuff. basically he's saying anything he can just to win over people's
8:59 am
votes. is he at all pie in the sky? >> no, he's not at all pie in the sky, and in fact, when she talks about what is realistic, actually equates to incremental politics and it's incremental politics that has brought us to this moment, and locked into the wa wage inequality that's creating such instability. when bernie sanders says i want to bring about universal health care, and single payer health care, that's not pie in the sky. people here in washington say i would love to be rid of the extensive paper work and hassle for my employees and ensure their good health and get about the business of creating jobs. it's not rocket science and the constituency is there at the moment, he's brought them out and it continues to grow. >> he's up four points in
9:00 am
wisconsin, you know those voters well, we will see how it all pans out in less than one week away. thank you very much for your time. thank you very much for joining me and it will continue with the legal view with ashley banfield right now. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield, anybody who's running for president or anyone else, taking positions on socially divisive issues is not necessarily going to help you to please everybody. it may in fact tick everyone off instead, the case in point, donald trump, uniting the likes of ted cruz, hillary clinton and the national right to life committee. ye


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