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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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proble problem. >> i'm like why don't i just make it online so kids can see it and not just hear it. >> well done. >> scotty's solution, basically using an app, not only brought back the tv station but saved the school $8,000 with the new program. >> scotty for president. a amazing. well done. with that we hand off to carol costello and "newsroom." good morning. >> good morning. "newsroom" starts now. thanks so much for joirng me. decision day in wisconsin, it could be a game charnger. the front runners now fighting for a win on both sides. 86 delegates up for the grads grabs in the democrat. for the republicans, 42. senator cruz's focus today
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slowing donald trump's path to clinching the nomination. trump looking to rebound after what many are calling the worst week of his campaign. he's already out on the campaign trail today. the first stop, there he is in that milwaukee diner. and despite calls for him to get out, john kasich says he ain't going anywhere. we're following all of this with our team of political experts. let's begin with jason carroll at a voting station in brookfield, wisconsin. >> reporter: they are expecting record turnout here in the state. some 40% of all voters expected to come out to polling places like this one. if that happens they are expecting some 1.75 million people to hit polling places. and when you think of republican voters, i want you to think of what we call the wow states, of the wow counties here in wisconsin. these are the three counties in and around milwaukee.
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it is very gop in these counties. this is where we've seen the big push in these counties. this is where we've seen people like ted cruz and donald trump holding their town halls in these counties. i want to bring in one young woman who's just casted her vote. >> thank you. >> you are very welcome. so you are waffling between ted cruz, donald trump -- >> i really didn't waffle. i had considered trump here and there. i like some of the things that he stands for. but i really don't appreciate the way he goes about it and picks on people and i don't like -- i want somebody that has values and can debate well and has -- you know, it is just -- i think ted cruz is definitely the guy that can debate hillary and, you know, come out with a good win. >> obviously donald trump with a rough week last week on his stance on abortion. i'm wondering how did you view what he had to say about that
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issue? >> i didn't like what he said. and for the first time he did backtrack. he did give that up a little bit. he's also said he was for partial birth abortion too a while back. he says -- i honestly think he's a liberal. i think he's a liberal in sheep's clothing. >> liberal in sheep's clothing. obviously he is behind in the polls here. behind ted cruz. he says he's going to be able to pull out a win. >> i think he's going to get close. a lot of my very conservative friends are voting for him. and the reason for that is they think he's good for manufacturing and jobs. the one thing i do think he will do. i think he will build a wall. and do think that we do need some kind of -- you know, we do need something. >> thank you very much. appreciate you coming out and speaking to us. thanks begin, kim. once again carroll as you know, donald trump trailing in the polls here behind ted cruz. one poll showing him ten points behind ted cruz.
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as you have heard him in the past, he plans on coming out ahead here in wisconsin. >> jason carol live from brookfield, wisconsin. let's head back to milwaukee because mr. trump is there in that diner trying to rally up all the votes he can. what is this? this is a tweet. this is a tweet from sara murray about that diner. and there is there -- there is mr. trump in the diner. this is what it looked like at trump's event at the milwaukee theater last night. this was taken by cnn's sara murray. and it shows more than a few empty seats. phil mattingly has more on that. >> if that picture is any indication and if the polls are any indication, this could be a great day for ted cruz and really a great day for anybody who's against donald trump.
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donald trump making very clear people have counted him out before. and he's ended up on the right side of that primary. >> thank you, wisconsin, i love you. go out and vote. i love you. >> final 24 hour blitz. the republican candidates exchanging insults and fighting for votes ahead of a primary that could reshape the republican race. >> i've never ever met anybody that lied like him. >> his security blanket is to insult people. >> i think they are becoming hysterical. >> donald trump on damage control after the worst week of his campaign. >> every week it is the end of trump. then they walk in, sir, i don't know what happened but your poll numbers just went through the roof. >> rolling out female supporters and his wife melania in a desperate bid to improve his standing with with women. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> senator cruz looking to capitalize on trump's weakness.
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>> i know that donald it makes him feel really tough, like a big man to threaten people. and in particular he seems to have a problem with strong women. >> and once again denying tabloid reports accusing him of cheating on his wife. >> that attack was complete and utter garbage. it was complete lies and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. >> trump and cruz both calling for republican rival john kasich to drop out of the race. >> he's 1 and 30. he ought to get out. nessly. >> if you lose 49 states you ain't gonna be the republican nominee. >> a proposal that kasich flat out rejected. >> he said he needs to get out because he's getting my votes and i want my votes. he's -- this is not fair. i thought we got out of the sand box years ago. >> the ohio governor returning fire, accusing ted cruz of playing dirty politics in response to a series of attack ads that the cruz campaign
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rolled out this weekend. >> he smeared ben carson. he smeared marco rubio. he smeared donald trump and now he's smearing me. don't push me around. you think you can push me around and get away with it, you are wrong. >> now carol, it is not as if these 42 delegates at stake today are going turn the race on its head if ted cruz wins o all of them. but that is not the issue. for kasich and cruz it is about stopping donald trump from getting to 1237. that number of delegates that would allow him to secure the nomination before the convention. if ted cruz is able to get a big number today of those delegate, donald trump's pathway starts to shrink even more than it already is. that is what ted cruz cares about, what john kasich cares about. what anybody who doesn't want donald trump to be president cares about and that is why trump needs some kind of big comeback today in wisconsin. >> phil thank you. okay. so to win wisconsin, trump actually needs women. so to win women, trump unleashed melania in milwaukee.
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not only did mrs. trump speak glowingly of her husband's love for women but he demonstrated his love for her with a public display of affection. >> i'm very proud of him. he's hard worker. he's kind. he has a great heart. he's tough. he's smart. he's a great communicator. he's a great negotiator. he's telling the truth. he's a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> but mrs. trump did not limit her appearances to campaign rallies. she also appeared on fox news monday where she responded to attacks on herself and heidi cruz. >> i have tough skin. i think it is not fair that they are attacking, family, wife or children. it is unfair. and sometimes i feel that, you
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know, the retweets sometimes get him in trouble. so just i say stay away from. you know stay away from retweets and -- >> she does say that. >> and, you know, if he would only listen, you know, i -- but, you know, he's doing great. >> with me cnn political commentators. kayleigh, mrs. trump played to a mostly empty hall in milwaukee. is it too little too late? >> i don't think so. i think bringing her out is great. i loved seeing the chemistry and interaction between her and donald right there. and i think donald needs to bring ivanka out on the campaign trail. i have a lot of millennial women saying hey i'm a liberal but i
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really like ivanka trump. >> just had a baby though. >> she did. i know. but i hope she gets out soon because it does a lot for trump to see these strong women and icons, to me, to live up. i think they are great for him and they need to be out more. >> while mrs. trump tried to do daniel control, donald trump again tried to discredit michelle fields on fox news. wouldn't firing corey lewandowski be more effective if he wanted to demonstrate his like for women. >> 73% of women have an unfavorable opinion of donald trump. so yes, the corey lewandowski situation was something that i think made a lot of people very concerned about the way the campaign is being run. a certain amount of thuggery
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involved here and when you man handle a reporter, a female reporter on top of that it doesn't look good. and then he stands by him. he digs in. as opposed to just having him apologize. there is something innately wrong with apologizing apparently in donald trump's mind. but somebody needs to let him know that you are no less of a man if you actually apologize when you are wrong. he should have done that. the campaign should have done that and this issue would have gone away completely. michelle fields, this girl had to quit her job. move from her house. she's getting death threats and people threatening to slit her throat. this is craziness and the trump campaign continues to go after her. why? i don't see why. this doesn't help them with women or anyone. it's a character issue. >> just to illustrate how ugly this campaign has become. senator cruz in a fox town hall again denied he has extramarital affairs. listen. >> i have always been faithful to my wife. i love my wife.
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she is my best friend in the whole world. and this is the kind of garbage that the trump campaign engaging in. and you know? because they can't debate substitute zblns i don't think it is a state secret that donald's personal life has not been immaculate. i i have no interest in going there. i haven't gone there. i'm not going there. i don't care what donald does in his personal life. >> but he brought it up even though he doesn't really care. >> yeah. this story he mentioned. it is despicable. there is no place for baseless accusations about ted cruz's marriage and his wife. those are highly personal attacks. they are disgusting. there is no place in the political process for that. but i do resist the notion that donald trump had anything to do with this. there is no proof of that too. so the bottom line is it was a baseless story. it is baseless to say that donald trump was involved. and i think it is a sad indictment of our political system right now that this is what we're talking about. >> lets get down to brass tax and reality. how does all of this play in
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wisconsin where donald trump actually needs to win because if he doesn't it will make it -- well it will be a harder road for him on the way to the republican convention. >> well actually it is not playing well for him in wisconsin. that is why he's losing and he -- i suspect he's going to lose pretty handily tonight there. on top of the fact that conservative talk radio is actually taking donald trump to task. which is something that we really have not heard on a national level. so in wisconsin, they have a really strong politically active electorate there. they have gone through three big gubernatorial elections and with the recall on scott walker. the political infrastructure there the political iq of the voters there is unlike most places that donald trump has experienced thus far, as far as where he's won. so it doesn't look good for him tonight. and yes indeed moving forward this will make it more difficult. new york is a little more favorable but that doesn't mean delegates can't be had there and
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most likely we're going to see an open convention here especially after ted cruz wins tonight. >> thanks both of you. i have to leave it there. bernie sanders looking to exend the his winning streak not just in wisconsin but also in new york. and he says he's got hillary clinton looking over her shoulder. >> i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. she's already under a lot of pressure. so don't tell her this. but i think we win here, we win in new york state we're on our way to the white house. >> if sanders takes wisconsin, it would be his sixth victory in two weeks. cris frates is in green bay with more on this, good morning. >> yeah. so bernie sanders is really looking to see if all the time and resources he put into wisconsin's translates into votes today. he's leading hillary clinton here in wisconsin. he's trying to run up the score on her. get as many of those 86 delegates as we. now hillary clinton for her part
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has been lowering expectations here. her campaign reminding me she lost to senator barack obama. also pointing out the --. i can tell you than hillary clinton is not giving up. and's been hitting are senator sanders hard on the campaign trail. >> senator sanders as i said has the same goal. he advocates for free college. that means free for everybody, including donald trump's kids. i don't think we need to do that. i think we need to focus on where the problem is. middle class family, working families. poor families. >> so that was hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new york yesterday. and there was no surprise why she is there. she has a double digit lead on senator sanders in her home state and she's trying to solidify that. there are 250 delegates at stake in new york. that is second only really to california.
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and remember bernie sanders is trailing secretary clinton by about 240 delegates. but it is not a winner-take-all propagatio proposition. bernie sanders knees about 75 of the remaining pledge dealt. hillary clinton needs 35%. next big event will be right here on cnn carol. april 14th. bernie sanders and hillary clinton agreeing just yesterday to debate. and this is the first time they are going to go head to head in more than a month, carol. >> chris frates live for us. and as he said, the next debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton takes place thursday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern live from brooklyn. still to come in the "newsroom," radio hosts go toe to toe with donald trump. >> i'm going to be very honest with you. i'm supporting senator cruz and i've been very critical of your campaign. i have concerns about both your behavior and what i consider to
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donald trump has been a master at using the media. given credibility to the term "phoning it in" granting for phone interviews than think candidate in history. but there is one faction of the media mr. trump has not mastered and that would be talk radio. six conservative talkers in wisconsin have plotted against trump and they appear to be getting under his skin. listen to jerry bader as he interviews trump. >> that is just the way he is. he's a lying guy. that is why i made up the name. you can support him if you want because he's never going to get
6:22 am
you where you want to be. >> jerry bader joins me now. welcome jerry. >> good morning. >> what adjective would you use to describe that interview with mr. trump? >> i think you need to invent one. but until then i would stick with petulant, childish, predictable and unproductive. >> wow. so all six radio conservative talkers in wisconsin are out to defeat trump. they do not like donald trump. was this an organized effort? >> absolutely not. and i caught your word "plot." there are no strategy meetings. we are pragmatic. we are quite frankly sophisticated enough not to buy his crap and we do that independently. i'll say of the six people mentioned in that "new york times" article, i call one a friend. charlie sikes. and that is it. and charlie and i don't take notes and decide. and he's been high profile on as well. we came to this conclusion
6:23 am
independently. donald trump for a myriad of reasons is not qualified to be president. >> well you said stopping trump is a moral issue for you. why? >> couple of reasons on that. one, i think something that has been under played is the race baiting. and yesterday -- last night i was on don lemon show and we talked about a racist, a white supremacist robo call that went around here in wisconsin and trump's supporters want to say he can't help who supports him. you know that is really not true. you send out signals and certain people respond to them. that is the first thing. the other thing is when you look at the temperament the way he treats people. do you really want someone like that as the leader of the free world? and when asked on the issues he has no depth at all. that is why he got into trouble on the abortion issue here. he's not pro life. he has no idea how a pro life
6:24 am
candidate should answer that so he took a guess and it was awful. >> you are supporting ted cruz so let's talk about ted cruz for a second. he's a candidate that's not exactly enthusiastically supported by some who have actually endorsed him. lindsey graham comes to mind. so why not support kasich instead of an ivy league guy whose wife worked at goldman sachs? >> good question. and here is my answer. everyone supporting ted cruz needs their own answer. mine is this. i'm not going to lie . a part of my support is tactical. i feel fortunate we have ted cruz to support. i've been very critical of cruz in the past and quite frankly a year ago this time he would not have been my first choice. i was extremely critical of the shut down strategy and some other things. and, you know, the goldman sachs, whatever. but in terms of the strongest
6:25 am
conservative still remaining that can get the nomination, which john kasich can't, except at a contested convention and that is what his hope -- >> let me run this by you. some say cruz is doing well only because he's running as the anti-trump. is that really a reason to cast your vote for someone? because he can beat donald trump? you don't really support everything else about him but you will hold your nose and vote for him anyway? >>ky honestly say i'm not doing that. i can't speak to those that are. and no is that an ideal situation for those doing that? no it isn't and i don't know what percentage of his support that is. i can tell you that if i wasn't comfortable with the concept of senator ted cruz, i would be supporting john kasich. >> one more question on the subject of kasich and cruz. when you add in all the polls,
6:26 am
john kasich actually does very well against hillary clinton. and ted cruz kind of ties her but doesn't do as well. so again, why not support john kasich? what is it about thjohn kasich that so turns people off? >> i think it is two things. he's far more moderate as you go issue by issue compared with ted cruz. and at the moment people -- i certainly think this is a factor. people just -- he doesn't have the look and feel of a whippi ws someone who can get the nomination. as more trump's brand as a winner. and kasich quite frankly -- and i interviewed kasich as well. i'll admit he's gotten a complete bum rap on media coverage. probably even more than some of the rest of the other candidates as donald trump sucked up all of the oxygen. >> so you say john kasich got a
6:27 am
bum rap. so why don't you support john kasich more? i don't understand. >> again because he's more moderate than i am on the positions. >> how so? how is he moderate? >> you know, i can go one by one by one. but it -- in all -- just in general i tried to pick one in the time that we have here. just about anything that as you have listened to the debates, john kasich's goal is to be just in that center position. where he is appealing to the moderates that would otherwise vote for hillary clinton. i think in terms of talking about reaching across the aisle, working with others. i mean, that is fibne to a dup e degree. and i'll admit cruz is somewhat to a extreme on the other side. i'll concede that but when it
6:28 am
comes to standing on conservative principle i believe cruz is the better choice. >> very interesting conversation, thank you so much. still to come in the "newsroom" undecided voters in wisconsin are almost out of time. i'll talk with a democratic super delegate in the state who is also undecided. make a sunscn you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena® 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena®. see what's possible. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. ab invitation and an explanation. republican senator chuck grassley has asked merrick garland to breakfast but it is about a love fest. apparently only to explain why judge garland will not get a confirmation hearing any time soon. we don't know when exactly the meeting will happen but garland is set sit down with several other senators as well today. manu raju is covering this
6:33 am
morning. good morning. >> reporter: today the first full day back for the senate since a two week recess. we're seeing the opposition effect. republicans are digging into their position. including chuck grassley and democrats are going after grassley in increasingly personal terms. >> republican leader and chairman grassley want to hand it over to donald trump. that would be disastrous. >> now there are two senators who are meeting with merrick garland today. that is susan collins of maine and john bozeman of arkansas. bozeman has agreed to meet but does not actually want to advertise the meeting. bozeman under pressure in his own reelection race.
6:34 am
has not invited press into his room. really shows how much pressure people are facing from the right flank of the party. backtracked on that after facing criticism in his right flank and may face a primary challenge as well. shows how unlikely it is you will see mass defections from republicans in this election year. >> manu raju live for us this morning. thank you. many wisconsin dmakts have made up their mind as they head to the polls to vote today. but with hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck and neck undecided voters could tip the ambulanbalance. among the undecided democrats is congressman who's district includes madison. also one of the state's ten super delegates. congressman, good morning. >> good morning carol. >> what would it take for you to make up your mind?
6:35 am
>> well, you know, it is really not so much i haven't made up my mind. is i'm allowing the people in my district to make up their own minds. i think this election cycle endorsements have meant a lot less than normal. it's been a very active democrat primary. we've had the candidates here a lot. and we are just going to see where wisconsin falls today. by tonight we'll all know where wisconsin falls. >> although i will say wisconsin has all the hallmarks of the bernie sanders win, right? and it is one of the whiter populations in the country. so it appears that wisconsin would fall into bernie sanders lap. >> well looking at minnesota and michigan, where bernie sanders won both and we're bordering on both of those state, clearly shows that we're a state that is similar to other states that have supported bernie sanders. and i think the fact that
6:36 am
bernie's been here all the way through yesterday. he's probably spent more time on the ground here. but we have two really good, strong candidates. and, you know, unlike the last interview where, you know, which republican is the least offensive is where people are at. we have people that we are really proud of and we'd be really proud to have as president. so ill really like the situation we're in. >> there are some odd things for example the clinton campaign has been calling for sanders to drop out because they say he can't possibly win. the math isn't in his favor. but now the clinton camp has agreed to another debate. what do you think that means? >> well the primary is still moving on. i think anyone can look at the math of what people need to get in the states that are remaining to try to get the nomination. but again we are not going to have a convention like the republicans. the republicans in wisconsin, almost to the person i've talked to. if they are backing ted cruz it is not because they want ted cruz to be president. it is they don't want donald trump to be president. they want a brokered convention.
6:37 am
they want a none of the above sort of category. they want someone else to be the nominee because they realize they are in trouble. on the democratic side we've got two strong candidates who probably agree on 85-90% and i think that puts us in better position for november. >> i think you can make the same argument on the democratic side. there are plenty of independents who don't much care for hillary clinton. and there are some democrats who don't much care for hillary clinton's policies. so they are going to vote for bernie sanders. not necessarily because they love him. because they don't like hillary clinton. could you make that same argument? >> not really. i mean if there is a very small number of people like that. but literally elected officials i'm reaching out to in wisconsin going hey i read your endorsement about ted cruz i think i found a line where you said something nice about him. they admit hthey just need a
6:38 am
reboot. but that is part of the rhetoric that washington has created. because of the hateful rhetoric and inaction of washington. listening to what you just talked about on the supreme court now the republicans on the senate want to bring that historic inaction and disfunction to another branch of government. think the people are really tired of that and makes me hopeful for a november election. >> -- >> we've had a lot of people reaching out to us and i think one of the things i've tried to do is we're trying to keep our eye on the prize which is november. the next president is going to be appointing supreme court justices. they have the power to do executive orders. they are going to be appointing agency heads and have oversight over rules that happen. and if congress continues in the disfunction that puts even more onus on executive branch to do
6:39 am
things. what we want to make sure is after our primaries, everyone gets back together and is voting fur that democrat. because it is just too important. if our end choices are either donald trump, ted cruz or a paul ryan or someone else through a brokered convention,ky tell you i have no question either of our candidates is a naar superior candidate. we just want to make sure that everyone is back in the right path and doing that in november so we can win and pick up the seven congressional seats we need as well. >> congressman pocan, thanks for stopping by. still to come, another southern governor facing a controversial decision at ♪ lawmakers approve a so called religious freedom bill. critics say if he signs the you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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they sato make a sunscreenle... you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena® 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena®. see what's possible. an alabama lawmaker is expected to announce today he plans to start impeachment proceedings against governor robert bentley. he's caught in a scandal involving allegations of an
6:44 am
affair with his former top aide rebecca mason. he apologized after audio recordings surfaced with him apparently making sexual remarks to mason. another southern governor also put on the spot. mississippi governor phil bryant has just a few days to decide whether to sign or veto a freedom bill after it was passed on friday. the bill would allow businesses to certain services to same-sex couples on religious grounds. critics say it legalizes discrimination. pablo sandoval has more on this good morning. >> reporter: that attention now focused squarely on the governor. his office putting out the first statement just this morning. and it is very important since it essentially breaks down the
6:45 am
three different options that governor bryant has available to him. we want to put that up on the screen so you can read it for yourself. this is from his office of communications. the governor saying he got the bill last night. he has five days to sign, veto or do nothing. if he does nothing the bill becomes law at the end of those five days. like i said last week he'll review thoroughly before making a decision again. that from some guy and that is something that many people do not want to see happen. you see these pictures from yesterday where at least three hundred people assembled in downtown jackson. they do not want to see this become a law, as we've seen at least in one other state in the south and many of those have the support of several high profile businesses in mississippi carol. including niessan which employs 64 hundred people in
6:46 am
mississippi. last week they put out a statement, nissan is commits to providing employees with an inclusive workplace environment that supports diversity. it is nissan's policy to prohibit discrimination of any type. and we oppose this. this is something obviously a significant factor for the governor as he considers this legislation. something that again a lot of people don't want to see signed into law but as you mentioned there are supporters of this people who say it protects people from government interference, carol. >> po low sand value, thank you. >> --. still to come a how fast is it? plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.
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6:51 am
could be a crucial turning point for candidates in both political parties. 86 delegates at stake for the democrats, 42 for the republicans. take a look at this live picture. this is donald trump in roy kesha, wisconsin. he says he could pull off a surprise win here. you see him there. pretty exciting. okay. let's talk about a county in northwestern wisconsin, one that has a surprisingly strong track record of picking presidents. here's what some of those voters told cnn. >> i heard we had predicted the outcome since 1964. i was actually amads because i would not actually call us a microcosm of the united states
6:52 am
i support bernie sanders. >> ted cruz. >> donald trump. >> i will vote for hillary. ♪ >> trump has a very good chance to become president. >> what do i think of the republican side. i've heard it referred to as a clown car more than once. i did not come one that expression. >> i support bernie sanders. i think he genuinely cares about people succeeding in this country. >> they're so busy attacking each other, that they're not saying what's going on -- what they're going to do about anything that's going on. i think it's the case of the least evil is my way of looking at it because none of them in my opinion are worth a damn. >> i was kind of thinking trump,
6:53 am
but i'm not so sure i like all the conflict and negativism that's coming out of things and volatile, i guess, would be a good word for it. >> you have to stand up for what you want in a president. i want a businessman. i own a business. my husband and i own a business, and i want someone who understands what our needs are. it doesn't mean that i support every single thing that donald trump has said, but i don't support every single thing that most politicians have said. >> the only two that aren't owned are trump and bernie sanders, and trump scares me. >> all right. we'll check back in with sawyer county after today's voting and see who they picked this time. still to come in the newsroom, one of the most thrilling finishes in tournament history. andy scholes has been up all night long in houston. good morning. >> good morning, carol.
6:54 am
villanova and north carolina playing a game for the ages. we'll show you how it all went down when "newsroom" continues.
6:55 am
6:56 am
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6:58 am
no surprise here. classes are canceled today at villanova after a night of celebrating one of the most thrilling finishes in the history of the ncaa tourney. andy scholes was there. aren't you exhausted? >> reporter: oh, i am beyond exhausted, carol, but i'll tell you what. i've been to a lot of sporting events, i've been to a lot of basketball games. i've never seen a finish as exciting as we goet to see last night. it was just incredible, the emotions. let's take a look how it all went on. michael jordan was on hand cheering on his tar heels. they were down three with under ten seconds to go when marcus page hit an incredible job to tie the game. but there were four seconds on
6:59 am
the clock and villanova would get the ball off the court and kris jenkins would hit the game-winner at the buzzer. it's going go down as one of the best shots we've seen in the history of college banl. villanova stuns north carolina, 77-74. their first championship since 1985. i caught up with the hero of the game moments after that legendary shot. >> tell me what was going through your head when that ball came out of your hands? >> every time i catch to shoot, i'm fortunate enough to get a shot off. i think they're all going in. so when ryan arcidiacano gave it to me, i let it go. >> whaid did you want to say? >> i want to say hello to charles barkley. all those people want to see me. i just want to say hello. >> everyone went into a frenzy,
7:00 am
jumped up and down, throwing their drinks in the air. that party will continue today. they're going welcome the team back to campus at 5:00 p.m. for a nice celebration. i'll tell ewe what, carol. kris jenkins has such a great story. we've been telling it all week. he plays against his adopted brother, nate britt who plays for the tar heels. he said he congratulated his brother but he kind of wish someone else other than his brother would hit that shot because now jenkins has bragging rights other him for the rest of your life. >> that sounds like so much fun. ""cnn newsroom"" starts now. happening in the newsroom, wisconsin votes. >> you will look back and say that's the singful greatest vote our country cast.
7:01 am
that's when the country will become great again. >> the stump machine working overtight. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the next president or hillary clinton as president, vote for me ten times. >> if you think you can push me around and get away with it, you're wrong. >> if there's a record-breaking turnout here in wisconsin, we're going win. >> sanders predicting victory but clinton looking ahead to a home turf battle. >> i was proud to represent you. i'm even prouder today because this is what makes mark great. >> let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. voters hitting the polls in wisconsin and today could be a game-changer. both sides fighting for a win. here's what's at stake.
7:02 am
86 delegates for the republicans 4rks 2 delegates. they get a major boost of momentum. senator ted cruz looking to add to his wins over donald trump, but the front-runner is staying confident after what many are calling the worst week of his campaign. cnn's jason carroll is in brook field, wisconsin. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. here in brookfield, they're expecting record turnout. in fact, expecting record turnout in the states. election officials saying some 40% of registered voters expecting to turn out. if that happens, they're expecting somewhere between 1.75 to 2 million to vote where we see a city stream of people coming in all morning long and when you think of the state and republican voters, what you have to do is think of the so-called wow counties. these are the three counties in and around wisconsin.
7:03 am
this is where republicans have had their big push. this is where they're expecting a great deal of turnouts. certainly if ted cruz pulls out a win here in the state, that's going to be a lot for t the #nevertrump movement, which has never seemed to take hold. you keep hearing about the #nevertrump people saying vote for anyone cruz is able to win, that will be it. >> jason carroll reporting live from brookfield, wisconsin. thank you. >> if trump plans to win wisconsin, he needs women voter on his side. 's probably why he brought his wife melania on the campaign trail for a rare appearance on
7:04 am
monday. >> i'm very proud of him. he's a hard worker. he's kind. he has a great heart. he's tough. he's smart. he's a great communicator. he's a great negotiator. he's telling the truth. he's a fighter. and if you elect him to be our president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> after a rocky week and a series of missteps, it's been a rocky week. he's always doubling down on calls for john kasich to drop out. >> in all fairness to kasich, you know, kasich has, what one in 32. he has 32 losses and one victory that had i spent another day in ohio, i would have wochblt i wanted to stay in florida. i mean it was pretty close.
7:05 am
so he's won 32. i don't think he should be staying. jeb did better than him, right? marco did much better than him. he's just a stubborn guy, so let him play the game. good morning. >> good morning. not only did john kasich win by 11 points in more than 230,000 votes. saying it was very close is a bit of a jab by donald trump that may not be totally based on reality. donald trump refuses to pronounce kasich's name correctly. he repeatedly says kasich. on trying to push john kasich out of the race, they're actually in line. take a listen to what ted cruz had to say. >> john kasich has lost 30 states. he's lost every state than his home state and he's mathematically eliminated from the race.
7:06 am
he cannot beat donald trump. if you lose 49 state, you and it going to be the republican nominee. >> now, carol, here's what's happening from the cruz campaign. they believe staying in the race is splitsing their non-trump vote. it's costing them potentially their ill vote. there's a chance that john kasich could cost them those districts. that's why they want him out. the cruz campaign is very dangerous for john kasich because they have money and ads targeted toward him. donald trump's attacks are exactly what the kasich funds want. they're fund-raising off them. he's tried to stay above it. wisconsin, an extremely important day to day but how the kasich effort goes on is very important. john kasich's adviser saying
7:07 am
very clearly, john kasich is not getting out of the race. >> is it possible john kasich can do better than the polls are saying? >> look. right now john kasich is 10, 15, 20 points behind. if you talk how they're dell yated. 18 go to the state. if he wins both of them, that would be six apiece that. would be considered a victory. pulling any delegates out of wisconsin would be a victory. next in new york where john kasich is already campaigning. after that, pennsylvania, he's tied with donald trump. >> he's from pennsylvania. >> he is. so the campaign looks at the map ahead and says, hey f we can pull out a couple of delegates in the north, we can head to pennsylvania.
7:08 am
we'll be all right. >> strange election. so they ask why doesn't he exit quietly. he per sits to the frustration of candidates trump and cruz. >> both of them said that i'm taking their votes from their voters. i'm taking both because as people get to know me and understand my record and paz tish vish and all these things the, of course, i can get pe voting from both of them. that's kick of arithmetically impossible. that's what he's said about me. listen, anderson, everybody needs to chill out. we're going to go to an open election where they're going learn more about it instead of
7:09 am
sitting online with snapchat. >> isn't that awesome. thanks to both of you for being with me. i appreciate it. can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> oh, good. donald trump says john kasich shouldn't be allowed to run. why? >> i don't understand why donald trump doesn't want to keep kasich in the race. i had roejer stone on my show yesterday and he didn't understand it either. look. here's the thing. you heard what kasich said in the sound bite yesterday. it's going to be an open convention. that's the one reason he's running to make sure donald trump doesn't get one, two, three, seven. and he hopes or has been told by
7:10 am
the establishment he has a great shot. the interesting thing here, carol, is ted cruz is doing the same thing. you heard kasich say mathematically cruz would have to win 101 of the remaining delegates to get in. where cruz wants kay singe out because he says it's between me and him. the only way he gets the nomination is if he keeps trump gets it from the first one and those served to go to him. >> it's complicated. judd, just a simple question. does it really matter who kasich is hurting? i mean isn't it up to ted cruz to beat whoever's running against him? >> i don't like the idea of somebody saying you can't run. this is america. everybody has to right to run.
7:11 am
smeb's bank rolling john kasich. but at the end of the ray. he would fit better on a dew point krae karatic state than republican so i don't know why he runs as a republican. >> tell me how john kasich is like hillary clinton. >> he supports amnesty, expanding obama care, he supposed growing government, which is the opposite of what ted cruz starnlding for, it's the opposite of what tea party groups stand for. john kasich wants more government. >> steve, do you agree with that? i'm just curious. he doesn't seem to me he enthusiastically supports ted cruz. i asked why he doesn't support john kasich.
7:12 am
kasich dud better h. he said the same thing. john kasich is mod ratz. how is he moderate. >> i think john kasich is liberal. look. he believes in main maid climate change. he believes in accepting the gay marriage issue. the court decided. he's against the ban ominous limbs. socially he's a liberal, physically he's conservative but donald trump brings something to the table nobody else does and that's the experience of having run a wildly successful business. aren't most people bib rally
7:13 am
moddive and fivls. >> let's take abortion. abortion on demand. democrats have run from abortion, presidential election after presidential election. if they fight on that issue and say do you favor it, look aet the polls. as we get more and more technology, people want more restrictions. no. i think if you fight for your issues, meme are more so. he's running in the primaries against hillary. >> judd southern, would you like to aids to that? >> absolutely. kasich is a liberal. that have not run any solid conservative. look what happened to him. john mccain wasn't a conservative. look what happened to him. mitt romney. that's the problem.
7:14 am
guess what happens? you run them and they don't go get elected. the erie conservative in the race has been ted cruz. >> but both have these high unfavorability ralgts. trump loses. ted cruz, and in some he loses. >> id disagree. they are strong candidates. that is an unbelievable poll right there. he's going to lose to bernie sanders? >> those polls mean nothing. by the way, the only true anti-establishment candidate left is donald trump. how could you be when lindsey graham, jeb bush and he.
7:15 am
the polls if you get one on bun. he'll go places nobody sells e or bringing up clintonarolin cl. >> i think that wouldn't be a winning argument. >> sure it will. >> how many derogatory things has he said about women? he's not going to make that up. >> do you know how many young women in the country don't even in that big clinton was impeached? maybe they have heart of monica. they don't know. a girl who wasraped by a
7:16 am
pedophile. >> no, no, no. >> you don't want to hear it? she now says, hillary ruined my life. that's not fair? >> i'll leave it there. >> she's got do her job. >> i'm going to leave it there. good-bye. thanks for joining me. still coming up in the news room, clinton's camp is sailing. saying it's in the bag. my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all.
7:17 am
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7:20 am
as wisconsin voters head to the polls hillary clinton is focusing on new york now more than ever. the rivals agree to face off this week on sanders' home turf, brooklyn. if you ask sanders, clinton is shaking in her boots. >> i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. she's already under a lot of
7:21 am
pressure. so don't tell her this. i think if we win here, we win in new york state, we're on our way to the white house. >> chris frates is live in green bay, wisconsin, with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, carol. they have said if turn outis big today, that will bode well for them and they'll be happy to hear there's above turnout here in green bay where this polling as at. as you see people continue to stream in at a pretty constant rate. we've seen 200 people come through the doors already today. that's above average. they tell us this place usually getting around 1,600. we'll have the lunchtime speak and after work spike. bernie sanders is trying to make a rupp and run up the score here on hillary clinton. he leads in the polls and he'll try to get as many of the 86 delegates as she can. hillary clinton has lowered her expectations. she says because it's majority
7:22 am
white state, they'll support bernie sanders. she did lose this state back in 2008 by birmingham by double digits. she's campaigning hard in new york. skipping wisconsin and pushing on to new york. there's a reason for that. 250 delegates at play in new york. only second to california. that big primary is on al 16th. bernie sanders is trying to win today, get as many delegates as he can and try to upstage her. she's leading by 240 and he needs about 75% of the pledged delegates left to get that nomination. hillary clinton needs about 35%. it's going to a huge important race. one of the important things we're going to be watching is april 15th. they're coming on to debate and that's the first time.
7:23 am
>> thank you. so bernie sanders has momentum, but hillary clinton still has the numbers. right now when you combine delegates and super delegates, she's got 700 more votes than sanders. still, after losing to sanders in five contests in the last two weeks, well, that's a fact not lost on our popular culture. >> the video is making its rounds on the internet of hillary clinton losing her temper when confronted by an environmental activist about taking money from the fossil fuel industry. hillary said the only fossil i'm concerned about is the one i'm running against. >> her campaign manager wrote a memo saying she has an ensur mountable lead in the delegates and the only way would be to reverse the will of the voters. >> there's some simple mathematical facts here.
7:24 am
they can't explain how they're getting delegates to win. now they're saying they'll go into states like nevada and try to steal delegates away in the process or super delegates. that's not fighting for votes. that's not getting majority of the voters. that's just trying to work the math and it doesn't work. they haven't been able to prove a path. >> let's talk about that. welcome, larry. >> thank you, carol. >> so the delegates are sounding a lot like the republicans these days with the super delegates off. >> well, they are, and, of course, super delegates in the democratic party have always been controversial starting with their origin in the 1984 contest that walter mondale won. they've been seen as too establishment, too resistant to change, too unfriendly to the insurgents
7:25 am
insurgents, whether they're gary hart or bernie sanders. >> let me read another memo sent by bobby mooks. quote, for most of the campaign bernie sanders has criticized the role but as he now campaigns without a clear packet to the nomination without the voters he's aggressively courting their votes schl that disingenuous on sanders' part? >> well, yes. being disingenuous is one of the birthrights on either side. it's disingenuous because they're 15% of the delegate votes in the democratic convention and you simply have to win a good li share. on the other hand what miook ha
7:26 am
to do, she has to leave that philadelphia convention as the nom neat of the united party and i don't think the democrats are there yet. >> so let's talk about wisconsin and enthusiasm because right now it seems like bernie sanders is going to win the state of wisconsin, so why hasn't hillary clinton figured out how to do better in states like wisconsin, especially after michigan? >> because it's difficult. so much of this, when you see a state that is disproportionately white, that has loads and loads of students and college towns and even in wisconsin's case, a socialist tradition in some of the cities, it really is very difficult for bernie sanders to lose. one would expect him to win handily, and sure enough it's turning out the way the projections all along have
7:27 am
suggested that it would. >> so i know you said the math is not in bernie sanders' favor, but if he wins in wisconsin and does well in new york and maybe he'll win new york, who knows, then it's on to pennsylvania, why isn't there a palkt to the nomination for bernie sanders. >> because the delegate numbers aren't there. look. if he wins to new york, it will be an earthquake for the democratic side, even if hillary clinton ends up keeping the nomination. she ought to win new york. it's a closed primary. it's a much more diverse state in terms of minority. she ought to win it. she recommended it for eight years in the u.s. senate. so we'll all re-evaluate. but i see no indication so far that sh ee goes doing lose in new york. >> she's ahead in all the polls. we'll see how she does in wisconsin. she needs a goodly amount.
7:28 am
she didn't need a win, right? >> yeah. carol, that's the key. the big difference is democrats have proportional representation everywhere. you know, on the republican side you have winner take all in some states and you can make a great leap forward pretty quickly. >> got you. larry saab doe, thanks for your insight. >> you're welcome. the next debate takes place next thursday night hosted by wolf blitzer 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. still to come in the newsroom, he've covered wisconsin primaries for 28 years but why he says today's race is a league of its own. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
7:29 am
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7:33 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. voting under way in wisconsin where 42 delegates are at stake on the republican side, so right now ted cruz is trying to steal the deal in the badger state. donald trump is staying positive. and john kasich, well, he's staying in the race. my next guess says this primary could be the most important one that wisconsin has ever seen, well, since kennedy versus humphrey, anyway, but it certainly will be one of the wildest ever. craig gilbert is with the washington sentinel. he's covered eight primaries. good morning. >> good morning. >> you say this primary is in a league of its own. why? >> it's actually 104 years old.
7:34 am
i don't go back that far but in the 28 years i've been covering it. he had a big victory here. this is the biggest republican primary we've had by far in anybody's memory and it's unusual have contests in both parties that are kind of hard fought and meaningful. >> on the republican side do you sense that voters have made up their minds in wisconsin? >> well, you know, all the polls are pointing to ted cruz. i think the concerning thing for donald trump is not just that he had what most considered a bad week and he stepped into a lot of controversy here, but his numbers have been kind of soft for months and months in wisconsin. some people think that's because his personality doesn't really fit the culture here.
7:35 am
there is a establishment and the demographics there don't favor donald trump. that's where they come from. in a primary, they do better. he's got things working against him here, but it's not just a matter of governors and ted cruz and all the controversy. his numbers have been sort of consistently softer going back to last fall. >> interesting. i want to talk about demograp c demographics bass you mention them. dem graph ericly wisconsin is all over the map, isn't it? >> yeah. you could sort of argue both sides of this. there's a big white collar vote and that's a pretty good slice of it. donald trump has been coin well with voters dwhoenlt have a college degree. we receive that elsewhere in places like michigan.
7:36 am
but, you know t rate of high school graduation is really high in wisconsin. there's, you know -- culturally it can't look like a great state when you look at the rest of the upper midwest where he hasn't done very well. so it's kind of a mixed bag for him demographically. it's not a great state. they're lined up yoorn uniformly against him. and it's just kind of a pivotal dicey point in the calendar for him. >> let me ask you this. the milwauk"milwaukee journal sentinal's" board supports john kasich. i spoke to a number who said john kasich is basically a democrat. what do you think? >> well, it does tell you how much the republican party has moved to the right that john kasich who has a pretty
7:37 am
conservative history and in a battleground state of ohio won an overwhelming re-election is considered by a lot of republicans to be insufficient endly conservative. it's interesting. donald trump complained over the weekend that john kasich was taking his votes and shout be out testify the race. ted cruz has said something similar. look closely at it. kasich voters don't like either ted cruz or donald trump. they're more moderate but less uncomfortable with ted cruz than donald trump. they're not taking votes away from donald trump. if anything he could be taking some votes away from ted cruz. >> last question. i'm from the midwest. it irritates me when people say wisconsin nice. what exactly does that mean?
7:38 am
>> it's probably overstated. we've gone through wars politically. going back to the bush elections in 2000 and 2004, that his been, you know, just a political hosshouse and a fierce battleground. there's a lot of civility but a lot of brawling. i think it's more stylistically it's donald trump's familiar y bouyancy and the neighborhood. >> i think when you say wisconsin nice you get the sense that wisconsin doesn't fight back in any way. like you say, we certainly do. maybe a less combatic way but i don't know, more constructive way. that's what i like to think anyway. >> i don't think there's any
7:39 am
part of america that's been more ward over, whe warred over. so i think the stereotype you're complaining about is a little bit overdone. >> craig gilberts, thanks for joining me this morning. still to come. they want their prime minister to resign like now. this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't.
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sensors in china blocking it. they cut to black when the story cut. in the meantime they have requested that they have un.
7:44 am
he'll have to step down. all of it. iceland's scalp tall demanding that the prime minister step down. he's one of the many executive directors naming that massive document leak. it alleges that public figures are using off shore accounts are ee vagd taxes hiding wealth. fret rick pleitgen has more. >> hi, carol. he's one of the many leaders implicated in what people call the panama papers saying hei wa part of it. could be the first one to actually lose his job because of all of it. as you noted, there were these mass demonstrations in iceland. there were about 10,000, 15,000 who showed up. that doesn't sound like a lot on the face of it. iceland is a country with over 300,000. that's a substantial part of the
7:45 am
population that went out on the streets and said they think their prime minister needs to resign. you said it. at the beginning he said he's not going to do that. he believes he's done nothing wrong. he said, yes, he did own a stake in the shell company together with his wife, but he also said that he sold that stake to his wife before any of it became relevant to his political career. the big problem that many people in iceland have is they believe it's not only about what's legal and illegal, it's also about what's ethical and they think that behavior like that is unethical. that's why they want their prime minister to resign. it certainly looks like he niece big trouble at this point, carol. >> frederick pleitgen, thank you. still to come in the newsroom. he promised to pay for a wall at the border but now donald trump is giving new details on where exactly that money would come from.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
he's promised to force mexico to pay for a thousand-mile-long wall at the border. now we're getting more details on how he'll pay mexico pay for that wall. in a memo to the "washington
7:50 am
post" trump said he threatened to cut off crucial money transfers in to the united states unless mexico agrees to make a large lump payment. trump addressed that earlier today in a stop in milwaukee. >> it's seflf-explanatory. it's a wall that the united states. it's a fraction. you're talking about a $10 billion wall. you're talking about a trade deficit with mexico of $58 billion and probably going to get worse if they run it. if i run it, there won't be a trade deficit. so one of the ways -- and i guess i issued that and the "washington post" picked it up and i think they picked it up fairly accurately. >> jim acosta has more from wisconsin. >> reporter: hi, carol. you've been hearing for months critics say how are you going to force mexico to pay for this wall on the u.s. mexican border. well, today, the trump campaign
7:51 am
is outlining the campaign. what it's saying sit's essentially going to threaten mexico that if it does not pay the $8 billion to $10 billion that it's estimated to pay on the mexican border the u.s. government would halt remitta e remittances, wiring money from mexican citizens who are living in the united states. people who might be here illegally, stopping those people from wiring money to their relatives in mexico. the trump campaign estimates that would total somewhere in the neighborhood of $24 billion. the trump campaign is saying that's essentially an economic life line into mexico so if they do not pay for the cost of that wall, essentially that money is going to stop. obviously the mexican government has not had a chance to respond to all of this, but there are other proposals in there that i presume will raise eyebrows in mexico city. there's another proposal that
7:52 am
says the u.s. government would essentially crack down on visas from tourists, from business travelers and so forthcoming from mexico into the united states in mexico does not pay for the wall on the u.s. border, so there's a whole southeast of steps laid out in the proposal. there's a proposal that essentially says, you know, bad things will happen when it comes to u.s. policy toward mexico if they don't pay for the cost of this wall. now, trump was asked about this at one of the stops that he made this morning, scam pain stops he made outside of milwaukee this morning and he's maintaining that this is 100% doable and it's interesting to note, carol, that according to the trump campaign if you look that memo, there is not something they would try to get through congress. it would be an executive action and you hear a lot of republicans take aim. here's one that donald trump would take on very early on in his administration to have them pay for the wall at the border.
7:53 am
>> all right. jim acosta reporting live from the newsroom. can someone lie? listen to how candidates describe each other. you might be tempted to say yes. skin cells with s intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena and to help you accelerate,ast. we've created a new company.
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7:57 am
politicians are known to stretch the truth and play loose and fast with the facts but jeanne moos shows how they've raised lying a new platform. >> remember the "l" word. this is on everyone's lips. >> he lies. >> trudge p says it about clinton. hillary says it about the sanders campaign. >> i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about it. sick of it. >> reporter: sanders says it about trump. >> donald trump is a path lock
7:58 am
cal liar. >> reporter: and trump has turned it into a nickname. >> i call him lyin' ted. >> reporter: something the super pac jumped on. >> many call him lyin' ted. >> reporter: slithering around his neck trying to choke him. >> he's lying. >> reporter: most accusations for lying uttered in a single paragraph goes to ben shah peer yo, the conservative commentator trashed trump. >> i mean lying liars lie and this is the trump campaign where liars are told and lies are told to cover up the lies and lies are told to cover up the lies that are told about the lies. >> reporter: nine "l" words. short of makes the measly one by the congressman seem quaint.
7:59 am
when it comes to the egregious truth. >> pants on fire. it goes to the collective misstatements of donald trump very for the campaign song of 2016 we nominate the castaways' hit of 1965. ♪ >> reporter: looks like we're going to need a bigger hose. >> jeanne moos, new york. >> and we haven't got on the the election yet. see what you've got to look forward to? thanks for joining us. "berman & baldwin" starts now. he is senator smear. he smeared marco rubio, he smeerd donald trump and now he's smearing me. >> he's one and 30. he ought to get the hell out.
8:00 am
honestly. >> if we nominate donald trump, it elects hillary clinton. >> he's fired. that's funny. >> if we win here, win in new york state, we're on our way to the white house. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. wait for it, wait for it. delegates. big questions could be answered by the time polls close tonight. mainly has ted cruz set the race with donald trump. >> on the democratic side can bernie sanders make it six out of seven and give him momentum heading into the next big prize, new york. new york spread like a fine cheese all over wisconsin. chris frates in


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