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tv   New Day  CNN  April 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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despite concerns about unifying the tkepl democratic party. we had a number of stumbles including where he seemed unclear how he would break up the big banks. last night he responded by coming out swinging. >> he has been saying lately, she thinks, i am, quote, unqu e unquote, to be president of the united states. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> clinton spokesperson, brian fallon, tweeting bernie sanders take back your words about clinton. the clinton campaign insisting she did not say he was unqualified and she has not been
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making the case for bernie sanders qualifications, but they are making the distinction she did not utter that exact phrase. et's welcome in our guests. welcome to see you, gentlemen. david, bernie sanders says hillary clinton is not qualified to be president and that's a new line of attack and her suppo supporters say it was a new low. one says, hillary clinton was not qualified to be president, and this is low and crosses the line, take it back senator. david, i have gotten confused about where the ball is and how low it is, but is this a new low? does he need to take it back? >> i have kids in fifth grade so i am accustomed to this back and forth and how it might be
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handled and there might be time for reflection. what is important about this, if you are bernie sanders to react, a lot of his supporters think any kind of con dissension on her part -- that's not what hillary clinton said, she did not say he should drop out, and the argument is against the system and against hillary clinton being part of the system which is why this is red meat for him and his supporters, and why he wants to seize on it with his reporters to keep that momentum and enthusiasm going as we get closer to new york. >> ron, describe for us why it is red meat on both sides, what the suggestions about each other mean in terms of what they are
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trying to drive home? >> for bernie sanders, i can see why it's a satisfying argument but seems irrelevant to the challenge he faces. to the core liberal audience that powered him forward, this argument is satisfying and they believe hillary clinton is compromised as a candidate by her connections and if you look forward the core question he faces and maybe the only real question in the democratic primary is can he improve his performance enough to win convincingly win some of the last big states on the calendar. new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, and california. it seems to be this ideological argument is counter productive to that challenge, so those at the center of his campaign, in the long run it does nothing to deal with the central issues remaining since the beginning,
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and he has done well with white voters and won white voters in almost every state throughout the south, and he can't get big states without more diverse voters. >> there was an interesting, and interesting to see hillary clinton's response to things, and seemed to be finding levity to chris's questions. >> chris is a funny man. >> yes, but hillary seemed to be enjoying the interview, particularly about the comments that were made, she was placing her own ambition over the democratic party. watch these exchanges. >> this is what i would say to them, don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's ambitions, and we want to have --
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>> your response to that idea? >> i mean, it's just ludicrous on the face of it. i have been campaigning for democrats and fund-raising and recruiting democrats to run and win for a really long time, and i think about 40 years, and senator sanders by his own admission has never been a democrat. >> what is happening there, david? >> first of all, i think this jab about whether he is really a democrat goes to ron's point, she has her eye on some of the states coming forward and consolidating the vote that she needs that is the bread and butter of the democratic coalition, diverse voters and she does particularly well as you look in the exit rolls, and she wants to shore them up by saying he may be making an enthusiastic argument but he has
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not been a traditional part of the democratic party, and the people need to be reminded of that. as many people who are really enthusiastic about him because he is outside of the political mainstream, there is a lot of democratic voters she is appealing to and who are focused on who can get elected in the fall and can get things done and are not just suede by his arguments. >> what do you think of his timing, this was not supposed to be a flash point on contest and now it does seem in many different ways. we don't like to look at the polls as we get closer because they are always wrong, and right now she is up 12, but many people think, ron brownstein, her victory begins at 12 points. >> how great is it to have a primary that matters?
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it's going to be terrific to take a subway to a campaign event again. that's going to be great. but bernie sanders has done better than hillary clinton expected and probably better than bernie sanders expected. he's winning a higher share of the total vote than any surge in the democratic party in history, and more than gary hart and ted kennedy, and he has one big hurtle to get over. new york is the beginning, i think of this, probably the toughest of the four big states, new york, new jersey, california and pennsylvania. he's got to find a way to beat her in big places. he only won five primaries and 10 caucuses but those tend to be smaller states. if he has any chance of convincing super delegates to abandon her, and in some of these big states, that's the challenge for them and he can't
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do that than doing better than he has done among african-american and hispanic voters. this stuff is rarely random, so there has been a strategy shift and it's met on both sides and we happen to get to secretary clinton as the shift was happening. you will get to see where they are trying to go with the campaign and we will show you more of the interview in a couple minutes. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face-off in a democratic presidential debate in brooklyn, just five days before the big new york primary. >> you will have to help me get there on the subway. >> we got this. donald trump hoping to rebound in his home turf, trump chastising cruz for his
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criticism on the values of new yorkers. phil mattingly joins me. >> donald trump had one noticeable omission, wisconsin, or any notice or mention of his devastating loss in that state. instead, donald trump is moving on in his home turf and once again attacking ted cruz. >> i have got this guy standing over there looking at me and talking about new york values and with hatred, with hatred of new york. so folks, i think you can forget about him. >> ted cruz also landed in new york yesterday hitting the bronx and defending his previous attacks on those, quote, new york values, something he is trying to bunch donald trump with.
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cruz losing, and ted cruz, making the.the he made in wisconsin on tuesday night that this is an area where he can make up ground. the race entered a new stage where ted cruz has become the candidate to beat donald trump. >> thank you for all of that. how can trump's strategy shifted in new york? we will ask our panel standing by about what is next in the fight for the delegates. the pursuit of healthier.
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he is lyin'g ted. he puts the bible down and then he lies.
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>> we are trying to figure out why trump wants to spell it right. maybe he trademarked it. >> he believes he can play to an advantage in new york state, not just he is just from here. let's bring back david gregory and ron brownstein. at one point trump said new york values and it was the first time in the campaign where we saw donald trump have moral high ground and he spoke about 9/11 and how everybody came together and how dare you challenge that, and cruz since then has been moving away from that. let's play what cruz says new york values means right now. >> let's be clear, new york knows what those values are, the values of liberal democratic politicians, like andrew cuomo and eliot spitzer, and charlie
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rangel, all of whom donald trump has supported given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. >> david gregory i would submit this is much better for ted cruz, but do you think donald trump will be able to counter by saying that's what he meant, he was talking about us. let's play what donald trump says he meant by new york values. >> listen to this. >> you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good, like we're no good. i have this guy standing over there looking at me and talking about new york values with scorn in his face, with hatred, with hatred of new york. so folks i think you can forget about him. >> david?
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>> this was never a good moment for ted cruz on the debate stage. i think the argument played better outside of new york in terms of making that argument. but i think in this case, well, trump gets the better of this argument because it plays to his brashness and strength and he is on home turf and he gets to consolidate his coalition, and remember i think in new york cruz is not trying to go head to head or strength to strength with donald trump. he's got a delicate winning strategy to pick-off what he can in new york, and to reach that with a narrow argument about trump not being electable and about trump not being conservative or a phoney. he is just trying to pick-off what he can. i don't think he is trying to go straight up into trump strength
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here. >> look how helpful "the new york times" is being to cruz. take the fu train. >> ted cruz is not going to do well in new york. the question is whether this is a precursor of what is coming in other coastal states on both sides. wisconsin was important because it broke the pattern that we have seen in the republican race so far. ted cruz has been narrowly confined to evangelical voters and that's a recipe for disaster along the coast, and in wisconsin he approached 45% with them in the poll that came out yesterday in new york, he was back down 14% with nonevangelical voters in new york. if that's what is coming along
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the other east coast states voting, it's going to be a long few weeks for ted cruz. >> wisconsin, cruz also won people who were polling high on restrictions of muslims. you would think they would have been going for trump, they weren't. david, the reason i make that point, the shift we are trying to see here if we want to apply the tactics of what trump was trying to do. cruz has been working on them with us and them and in wisconsin talking about let's talk about what matters as conservatives and trump wants to spin that narrative saying he was talking about people like us in this country. >> let's go back the 9/11, who were we, and this whole argument, it projects strength which is the characteristic that is strongest for trump in trying to remove this away from issues. and trump is going to become
3:20 am
more disciplined and organized in terms of how he views what happens down the road here. >> thank you. let's get to michaela. on the front lines on the fight against isis. iraqi forces battling terrorists for control of mosul. a story you won't see anywhere else but here, ahead on "new day." ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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liberate that village and save its people. arwa damon has that exclusive report. >> reporter: the iraqi forces confront all sort of despicable isis tack kwreubtics and we mus you may find some things in this disturbing. a constant reminder the enemy, isis, is looking for vulnerabilities in the iraqi forces. >> translator: isis and especially now, we are on the parameter of their so-called caliphate, and they are using waves of suicide fighters. >> reporter: militants snuck here.
3:25 am
one of them looks particularly young, a teenager, the iraqis say. the general's men recently recaptured this village and the second city that humiliating gave up. these are men retrained under new command, forces that will repeatedly be put to the test. will they hold this ground and fight or again, flee? key, of course, to the equation is u.s. support. >> translator: for us, we have enough ground forces. the most important thing is to see ongoing u.s. backing with the air support and advisers and logistical support. >> but not boots on the ground? >> translator: it's not an
3:26 am
urgent thing for us right now, boots on the ground. we can liberate our lands. >> reporter: isis has had plenty of time to fortify its defenses in mosul and here. this is not just a tunnel complex, it's actually a tunnel and sleeping quarters complex that has been dug well underground. winding passages that veer off in multiple directions. this one leads to a small opening for oxygen circulation we are told, and this is just the start for the impending bloody battle to try to liberate
3:27 am
mosul, one a defining chapter in this nation's history and beyond. chris a. few days later the iraqis attempted to move on another village in a operation that ended in failure despite the fact that they had coalition backing. senior commanders saying the push forward has come to something of a pause with the iraqi security forces holding positions until they can get reinforcements. >> there is no substitute for seeing the state of play on the ground. thank you for taking the chances to show it to us. appreciate it. we will take a quick break and up next we will give you more interview with hillary clinton so you can see where she is going with her campaign in the big lead up to the primary here in new york. prepare for challenges specific to your business
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question, when does drawing contrast on policy become just criticism of the other side? answer. right now. sanders coming out and saying secretary clinton not qualified to be president and clinton's campaign calling that attack irresponsible and making the same claim about him. more importantly, we are getting to see secretary clinton changing the game for herself, stepping up her confidence in a new strategy despite the wisconsin loss. here's more of our conversation with secretary clinton. >> i think that senator sanders had a good night last night and i congratulated him, but if you look at the numbers i'm still
3:32 am
considerably ahead in both the popular vote and most importantly, the delegate count. i'm feeling very good about where we are and we are excited to be campaigning in new york and then it will be on to pennsylvania and other states. >> when you say yes we will reach the number before the convention, do you think that that will mean that you will need super delegates because the sanders campaign says that's dirty pool, the super delegates are an artificial help to you? >> he knew what the rules were when he decided to run for president. we will continue to acquire delegates and add to our total. i have more delegates than he does in a broader margin than president obama had over me at this time in 2008. i think we are doing well. what is really important, chris, we stay focused on the issues.
3:33 am
we tried to run an issue-oriented campaign. we have differences and we will explore those, and if it's how dodd frank works, and you have to know how it works and what you have to do to make it work. i have the best plan to add to that. when it comes to guns, we have a serious difference. i was appalled that senator sanders said that he didn't see any reason for the parents of children massacred at sandy hook in connecticut to be able to sue the gun makers and i absolutely disagree. there's a lot we will keep talking about and that's what the election should be focused on. >> i want to ask you about both issues you just articulated, but with wisconsin in the rear view mirrors there are things to take a look at. you mentioned the difference between 2008, your last
3:34 am
presidential run and the current spread, and you say the fact that bernie sanders is not be g beingerbeing pressured is a double standard. a bigger difference is that it does appear by most matrix that pwr bernie sanders has a lot of momentum, almost making him more like obama than hillary clinton in 2008, and is the pressure to drop out here a really fair comparison? >> i am not asking him to and i wouldn't ask him to and my campaign is not asking him to. in 2008 i had a string of great victories in the spring, and i won new york and pennsylvania, and we were on a good winning streak, however, i did not end up with more delegates.
3:35 am
by, by some measures, ended up with a more popular vote and it's delegates that count. let's keep focused on what the facts are here. i have a really considerable lead in the popular vote and the considerable lead in the delegates. again, we are going to take our various cases to the states coming up and we will make those vigorously, and i am sure the senator will and i know that i will, and we will be drawing contrasts. you will be hosting a debate on the 14th, which i am looking forward to. i think we still have good ground to cover, and i think it great to have a contested democratic primary because it brings more people into the process. when i dropped out at the end of our primary in 2008, i immediately urged all of my supporters to support then senator obama, and i not only endorsed him, i nominated him at the convention and worked really
3:36 am
hard. i am here to unify the democratic party when the process is over. >> do you expect the same from senator sanders the way you dealt with the situation in 2008? do you think he will do the same? >> i would certainly hope so because the most important goal of the primary process is nominating a democratic candidate who will defeat the republicans in the general election, and both of us share a lot of the same goals, and the republicans are die metrically opposed to what we believe. i would hope that at the end of this process if i am so fortunate enough to be the nominee that the senator and his supporters will join the campaign to win in november just as i and my supporters did in '08. >> last night you may have heard senator sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver, said something interesting and inflammatory on our air saying
3:37 am
secretary clinton, the campaign, need to be careful not to destroy the party in pursuit of being president. your response on that idea. >> it ludicrous on the face of it, i have been campaigning and fund-raising and recruiting democrats to run and win for a long time, and i think sanders by his own admission has ever been a democrat. i understand they are getting anxious, i get that, but they need to be thoughtful about what they do say, because at the end of the day, we need a democratic president to succeed president obama and to protect and further the progress that we made under his eight years in office. >> exit polls do show that those democrats that want to see president obama's policies
3:38 am
extended, continued, certainly favor you and this is done somewhat in the context of what you just said about senator sanders, about being a real democrat and you said you are not sure he is a real democrat. is that how you feel? >> well, he himself has said he never was and he never ran as a democrat until he started running for president. look, he's in the race and i am in the race and i believe strongly it's not only critical to nominate somebody that will win in november, but also to elect more democrats. i am already helping other democrats who are running and i am helping raise money for them and supporting them, because i think it is important to have a democratic senate. i think it's important to have a very clear mission to elect democrats, and that's something that i not only have done in the past, but i intend to do in the future. >> two policy questions for you. first of all, you pointed out recent interview with the editorial board of the "daily
3:39 am
news" that senator sanders said it raises real questions about the firm grasp with regulating banks and how we fight the war on terror. how so? >> he has been campaigning now for a year on his message of inequality, which i absolutely agree with and i put forth my own plans. in the interview it seemed unclear as to whether he understood how dodd-frank worked, and how we would go about breaking up banks posing risks to our economy. i think i and many other people were surprised because that has been the centerpiece of his campaign. i have been saying for months it's not enough to have dodd-frank on the books, and my plan goes further and independe
3:40 am
independent standards, and i have worked hard to come up with plans that will build on dodd-frank and i committed to using the tools in dodd-frank as described, and so i was i think a little bit, you know, surprised that there didn't seem to be a lot of substance to what he was saying. >> how much more substance does he need other than i want to break up the banks, and we'll figure out how, and i want to go after isis and i will figure out where i interrogate them? it's about what you want to do, and you will figure out how later. >> yeah, well, that's not the way i have seen it work over a lot of years and a lot of reading of history. i think the presidents who are successful know what they want to do and they know how to do it, and they hit the ground running, able to do every aspect of the job, both as president and as commander in chief.
3:41 am
voters can make up their own minds. i laid out a plan about defeating isis that i think takes into account what we need to do around the world, building coalitions, something i am experienced in doing and keeping us safe at home. i will keep talking about the issues that i think are on the minds of americans and in the next two weeks, the minds of new yorkers, and i will let senator sanders speak for himself. >> on the same cover of the same newspaper where he did the interview, the "daily news," today they are going after senator sanders about sandy hook, and not easy to say or read, and it's so emotional and difficult, and the core comes down to should gun manufacturers be liable for their products being used illegally? you say yes, and the senator show me something more than - that, there's some reason they should be liable? i get the emotion but where is
3:42 am
the reason behind holding these gun manufacturers liable in a way no other corporation would be? >> that's just not true, chris. in fact under this legislation that senator sanders supported they are the only industry in america that is not liable and accountable for what they do or fail to do. let's remember why the nra called this piece of legislation the most important gun vote in years, and it's because cities like new york and states and other groups were coming together around legal challenges to the behavior of gun makers and sellers, trying to stem the epidemic of gun violence and the nra wanted to stop it in its tracks and they were able to get senator sanders to do their bidding, and i voted against it and president obama voted against it because clearly it was an effort to bypass legal
3:43 am
accountability. here we have this remarkable situation where you cannot question the liability or the behavior of gun makers and sellers. i thought senator chris murphy from connecticut really summed it up and said senator sanders wants higher standards for toy guns than real guns. >> one last question as we are coming up on new york, and i know you are pressed for time and thank you for giving it so much of it this afternoon, and you were the senator here for eight years and you lived here longer than that and you are going against bernie from brooklyn, even though he is the senator from vermont, and who do you think is more of the real new yorker? >> look, i think i know the state a lot better. i have a lot of recent experience. i have worked hard. i have done a lot with people who are sharing my values about breaking down barriers, ending
3:44 am
gun violence and taking on special entrenched interests and improving education wherever kid has a good school regardless of the zip code. i have been working on these issues steadily and i am proud of my service as senator. i am going to keep working and talking about what we can do if i am fortunate enough to be president. >> secretary clinton, thank you for giving us the time today. appreciate it. >> thanks a lot, chris. >> she was in good humor. >> you think that's what it was? >> what do you think? was it dismissive or she was in a good mood.fortable and relaxed or maybe it's a device to say how unserious she takes bernie sanders. >> i think she doesn't think
3:45 am
it's funny, and the people from bernie's side did not like it. this is why the new york primary is going to be such a big deal next week, you have this part, this democratic party going through its own identity crisis like the gop. >> all eyes on new york, because that's the next big prize for the race in the white house and the candidates will have to face the harsh spotlight of the new york media. did bernie sanders just commit the first big apple blunder. >> the media's no good. sure, we cor put them stacked on a rack.s. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. new details emerging about one of the two brussels airport suicide bombers captured on surveillance video, and they say the man worked as a cleaner at the european parliament in 2009 and another year in 2010 and his identity has not been released. in the meantime, the search is still on for the man in the white jacket. jason adams is a teacher at new town elementary school and
3:50 am
was carrying a firearm and he has a carry permit and he faces a class d felony charge for possession of a weapon on school grounds. merle haggard has died. he passed away on his birthday following complications from pneumonia. we all know his name, of course, and he used to say about himself, i'm just a hillbilly that rhymes words. merle haggard was 79 and will be missed. >> left this life the same day he came in. >> that happens more than you think. the presidential hopefuls facing a massive media blitz in the big apple and bernie sanders behind the eight ball. we will tell you what he said to one newspaper that has a sandy hook family demanding an apology.
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the new york primary less than two weeks away. just look at this morning's new york "dailey news" cover, take the fu train ted, it says. joining us now, cnn media analyst and the author and cnn senior reporter and media
3:55 am
politics. good to have both of you. bill, let me start with you. we keep hearing about the piranha pool of the new york media that will eat you alive and i thought perhaps people were overstating it until -- until you woke up today. >> not only that, but look at this, look at some of the illustrations, that nobody is sacred here. drop dead, ted. they have the statue of liberty flipping him the bird and hillary clinton looking ghastly. >> trump in clown makeup. >> this one, bernie sanders, about shame and it goes on and on and on. how is this all going to play over the next -- >> i think it's exciting. it shows you have to run the gauntlet of media in new york and you can't just give your trump speech and thinking you can get away with it.
3:56 am
you will be asked details and you will be held to account. it's going to be like swing from the hips coverage, which i think is exciting. >> there is some claim to new york city status between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and donald trump. >> well, i think you are right, and i watch all of the candidates going into the new york city media market and i am reminded of the line in casa blanca, that line you should not try to invade. nothing like the new york city culture, like reservations like you saw in the headlines, fu. aggressiveness, and a lack of deference of any of the presidential candidates.
3:57 am
it's something that none of the candidates -- donald trump is used to it. he has been playing that his entire career and hillary clinton is used to it, and ted cruz, it's a different ball game. >> it's interesting, no secret. they go after every one. >> it's a huge vast array here. you can't just play a narrow corner of it. >> it's beyond the headlines of bernie sanders. there are blunders on all side, and he talked about isis in a way that was not satisfying and now the sandy hook issue. let me read that for everybody.
3:58 am
actually, it was on tape. listen to this. >> the victims of the sandy hook massacre are looking to have the right to sue for damages the manufacturers of the weapons. do you think that that is something that should be expanded? >> i think the victims of a crime of a gun should be able to sue the manufacturers, is that your question? no, i don't. one of the families from sandy hook wants an apology and is not happy. >> hillary clinton has pressed him on the gun issue and it's not going to play like it has in the east coast and he will have to have a better answer that that, and that didn't sound like he was not sensitive but like it was not direct like he was not responding. >> what do you think about that response and about that entire
3:59 am
editorial board interview? >> i think bernie sanders was standing on principle, and this is an issue that he's -- you can't blame him for being inconsistent on the issue, and one of the problems of how bernie sanders handled that entire interview, and it's going to sound funny to say it, he was too honest and did not think about the political ramifications of what he was saying, and he answered like i don't know and i can't answer until i have the facts in front of me, and if anything, he's too honest and of course for many of his supporters, that's -- you know, that's a good thing, but it comes across as being insensitive, certainly in regard to the gun control issue, especially with new york voters. >> thank you so much and good to talk to you guys. what is your take?
4:00 am
you can tweet us or follow us on facebook. pwr bernie sanders calling hillary clinton unqualified to run for president. >> in a number of areas he doesn't have a plan at all. >> she thinks i am quote, unquote, not qualified to be president. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street. >> i think we're at that point, you have to get tough. >> we are going to win, win, win. >> he gets very angry when the voters reject him. >> you know, lyin ted cruz came today. >> there are isis terrorists flowing around europe and what is stopping them from making it into the united states?
4:01 am
>> nothing is 100% foolproof. good morning, everyone. welcome back to your "new day." up first, pwrbernie sanders claiming hillary clinton is not qualified to be president because of her record on the iraq war, and the clinton campaign firing back. there's drama in the gop, too. donald trump now hoping to redeem himself after his bruising loss in wisconsin with a win in his home state of new york. we have this race covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with our senior cnn correspondent, brianna keilar. >> this reveals how high the stakes are leading into the new york primary with so many delegates at stake and bernie sanders is not taking kindly to the campaign's new strategy to take him on more aggressively.
4:02 am
>> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> bernie sanders lashing out at hillary clinton. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> the war of words between the two presidential democratic candidates escalating. sanders saying, she thinks i am, quote, unquote, not qualified to be president. >> but the presidents who are successful know what they want to do and they know how to do it. >> clinton is pointing to an interview where he struggled to identify how his administration would break up the big banks. >> i think i was a little, you
4:03 am
know, surprised that there did not seem to be a lot of substance to what he was saying. >> clinton taking this line of attack on the campaign trail, and even questioning whether he's a democrat. >> he himself said he was and he never ran as a democrat until he started running for president. >> and a campaign spokesman tweeting out, bernie sanders take back your words about hillary clinton. i was at this rally last night in philadelphia, about 10,000 people inside of this stadium there at temple university, and this was like red meat to his supporters, eating this up. >> thank you so much. here to discuss it with us, a democrat from california who endorsed hillary clinton. thank you for being with us in the studio. >> great to be with you. >> bernie sanders says she is not qualified to be president? >> she is among one of the best
4:04 am
candidates to run for the office and extraordinary secretary of state and has broad experience and i think she will make a tremendous commander in chief and i don't think people take that seriously. >> it's because of things like her record on the vote for the war, and let me play you the reasons he says she's not qualified. >> i don't think you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. i don't think you are qualified if you supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement that costs us millions of the jobs. >> the crowd agrees with him. >> that's his crowd of
4:05 am
supporters. for sanders to raise any vote on substantive issues, i think it's an extraodinary exaggeration to say those are disqualifying statistics, and i am more concerned about what i have heard senator sanders say on the gun issue and to hear him so flatly say he would reject the ability to sue gunmakers after he said he would co-sponsor the bill if introduced was astounding and it's consistent with the vote he took to support the nra's top priority. >> let's talk about that and do it with one allowance. senator sanders was responding to being told that the clinton campaign said he was unqualified. that's why he is holding qualified in quotes. he is taking what they said about him and returning it, and i don't think he deserves a
4:06 am
black eye for raising this, fair point? they are saying i'm not qualified. i don't think secretary clinton is qualified -- that's where that came from and it's not like he just initiated this, fair point? >> it would be fair is the campaign was making that claim about senator sanders and i'm not sure that's correct but it's not an issue the campaigns should be debating whether they are qualified. >> the gun one is a real one. why -- make the case. why should a gun manufacturer be held liable if the product they make is used illegally? i buy a car, and i use it to run into somebody, you don't get to sue ford. you sue me and maybe somebody involved with me who should not have let me drive, but not ford. >> except for the fact if you are selling cars and you sell a car to a 16-year-old and you are
4:07 am
clear that the person is not an eligible driver and let them take the car off the lot, there's no reason you should not immunized from that kind of behavior. why should a gun dealer have reason to believe -- >> senator sanders said in the past if you provide facts that the gun seller, the manufacturer, which is not always the same thing, by the way, if the manufacturer knew that its product was being sold to somebody that is not supposed to have it, that's different. he said that, but that's also a specific fact pattern. >> yesterday he said he didn't think people should have the right to let victims get into court. the problem is you can't make the negligent cases and you can't prove your case if you are barred from the courthouse. right now so many cases are barred before becoming before a judge. that's not right.
4:08 am
why doesn't any other industry have it? frankly, none of them need it. the good actors don't need it and the bad actors don't deserve it and we have to repeal it, and i find it bewill during. it's very confusing and i think it has to be hurtful to the sandy hook victims to have one of the leading presidential candidates basically say they should not have their day in court. let's talk about what is happening here in new york. things are getting feisty. at the moment in terms of the polls, hillary clinton has a comfortable lead, 12 points in the latest poll ahead of bernie sanders. but if that lead narrows, or if somehow she loses new york, this would be a major tide turner, her adopted home state got close. >> she ought to win new york and
4:09 am
i think she will win new york, but in this kind of presidential race you can't take anything for granted, and stranger talk about sanders being an outsider, and you can't take anything for granted. i think she is very well loved in new york and did a great job as the senator. >> you have no anxiety she won't win new york? >> i am confident she will win new york, but this election year i am not comfortable counting anything in advance. if somebody had told me we would be at this stage in the campaign at the beginning of this cycle where you would have donald trump as the frontrunner and ted cruz has number two, i never would have believed it and if you asked anybody in the senate where bernie sanders would get a cult-like following from young
4:10 am
people, i would not have believed that. i don't know what the margin would need to be. frankly, i think she is well on track for the nomination and i think she will be -- she is before new york and will be after new york, and i think it's in the clinton's campaign interests to keep the race with senator sanders on a calm and even footing and not let it descend into hyperbole, and i don't think she needs to go there. if i were counseling the campaign, i would say do what they are doing and keep it focussed on issues and don't take the bait from the sanders campaign and don't let it get messy because i think they are very much on track. >> thank you so much for being here. one week from tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face-off in a
4:11 am
democratic presidential debate in brooklyn, just five days before the new york primary. after a rough road trip for donald trump, donald trump says it's great to be home. the republican frontrunner duh live reupg a speech to thousands supporters, and didn't take long to blast ted cruz douing down on his new york values comments. >> a crushing defeat, dissension within his own campaign and questions about his pathway to the nomination, all in the past, at least publicly. donald trump is back in new york and on the attack. >> i love these people. these are my people. >> less than 24 hours after a devastating wisconsin defeat, donald trump looking to regain his footing in familiar territory. his home state of new york. >> you know, lyin ted cruz came
4:12 am
today. >> i have got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn in his face, with hatred of new york. i think you can forget about him. >> the rally coming hours after trump huddled behind closed doors with one of his top advisers, frustrated over direction and staffing, according to sources, and ted cruz also campaigning in the big apple doubling down on his past criticism of, quote, new york values. >> if you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow donald trump's checkbook. >> cruz trailing badly in polls and predicting a big move in the state much like wisconsin. >> the interesting thing about polling is it can change and change quickly.
4:13 am
we just won a landslide victory sweeping the state. >> john kasich hoping to stay alive coming in second in the latest poll continuing to fight off calls for him to drop out of the race. >> 95 delegates at stake here in new york on april 19th, and no shortage of attention will be paid to the public portion of this race. one thing to keep a very close eye on. there's a delegate battle going on behind the scenes and all three campaigns ramped up their delegate teams. they are going state by state trying to lock up commitments by delegates. it looks like the open convention is a real thing and cleveland is going to be one heck of a story. chris? >> absolutely. president obama diverting ebola funds to fight the zika
4:14 am
case. this comes after republican leaders in congress shifted more than half a billion in a fund to combat ebola in west africa. there's no reason for people to be up in arms and worried about zika in the u.s., and that's what we get from the government. a wildfire out west gaining ground. the fire fueled by winds in western arizona on wednesday and then jumped the colorado river into california and scorching more than 1,400 acres there, and a resort and rv parks forced to evacuate. no word on what started the fire. and then body slamming a 12-year-old student to the ground. a sixth grader claims she was trying to diffuse a conflict with another female student when the officer intervened. she said she was knocked out
4:15 am
when the officer threw her down and does not remember the incident. >> really hard to watch. >> terrible. just terrible. >> the video is good and always leads you in one specific direction, no matter who is right and who is wrong, it's always training, training, training, especially where these guys are dealing with kids. >> yes. after a rocky road trip, donald trump is back in the nyc. a heavy favorite to win his home state primary, but he seems to be wanting to do more than just win. he seems to be wanting to change the state of play. how? one of his campaign chairman here next. >> did somebody say rocky road?
4:16 am
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4:19 am
donald trump certainly enjoying the home field advantage this morning after a bruising road outing in wisconsin. how will trump regain his momentum and will he overhaul his campaign? let's hear from somebody on the inside, jeff dewitt, arizona
4:20 am
campaign manager for donald trump and arizona state treasurer. there's intrigue after wisconsin. things are going to change, and the big gop big shot going to make changes. and cory is out. >> no, cory is one of the most senior and key members of the team if not the most important. he's indispensable. no, paul was brought in to help with the delegates. the cruz campaign is putting in a lot of resources, money and people on the ground to steal mr. trump's delegates and in some states they have had success with that. paul man afort was brought in, and he is famous back in the gerald ford days and he's helping with that. as far as the rest of the campaign, that's still full speed ahead with the same people we have. >> i get why you say steal, but it's fair play, right?
4:21 am
you know in arizona, yes, donald trump won with 47% or something percent, and he got all of them but only for one vote. trying to get people to change their minds is fair play especially if you are going into a contested convention, and are you up for the challenge? >> yeah, and when we say steal, for every cruz vote there was two trump votes and the voters expect they will have the delegates at the convention. when cruz comes in and tries to stack the deck and some things they do can be considered dirty. >> that's different. do you have proof they are doing stuff they are not supposed to do? >> yeah, we have seen them submit names of people that are not there and have not filled out the paperwork to be considered and we see them elect them to choose state delegates and we have seen things and get people eliminated from the
4:22 am
process. >> here in new york, if we have a poll number we can put it up. kasich doing better than cruz and we want to talk about why the campaign wants to point to what cruz said about new york values. to be fair to senator ted cruz, he says this was not about the new york people. the new york people are great and 9/11 showed their resolve and no question about it, and i am talking about the bad liberal democrats that donald trump has been paying for, like cuomo, and that's what i am talking about. do you accept that? >> no, if you watch the comments he blanketed everybody here and it's surprising if anybody in new york would vote for cruz, so the 17% should watch the statements and that percent will go down to zero if if they watch it. >> new york, well, trump is from there and doing well and the
4:23 am
frontrunner, and he may get all of them because that triggers the winner take all provision, but that's deceptive. you have to win 50% in each of the districts and in some of those districts you have small populations of gop voters, and new york is a largely democratic by registration state, so you have to have ground game, more than just representation. are you set up for it? >> yes. >> you know cruz is, he is targeting districts and breaking down the lead. >> mr. trump had a rally last night with 18,000 people, and from what i understand, cruz was lucky to have 100 people show up to anything he had, and that's ground game and reception of new york voters. >> i don't think it's indicative of the ground game, and you have to make the phone calls and target those people, and it's been a criticism of the trump campaign, bringing man afford
4:24 am
in, was a way of fixing that. is the campaign retooled? >> when you have a guy like ted cruz, he has run races before and he worked on other campaigns and is familiar with the process. when you have a businessman get in the race that never has run for anything, and there's a learning curve, and i know what you go through to learn and adjust to realize that there's more to it than just getting the votes. our campaigns had a natural progression as you would expect, but we tooled up and we have a ground game. if you look back three or four months ago to what we have now we have a much bigger and focused game now than then. >> is this about changing the state of play after what happened in wisconsin and some of the recent results? >> the state of play is going to change no matter what because we are heading to not just new york but throughout the whole northeast where trump will do
4:25 am
well, and that's where ted cruz doesn't play well, and he could come in third in multiple states, half a dozen states right now, and that's going to change the narrative right there, not just coming in second but coming in thirdz7v'3 place after state will have a natural tendency to change what gets talked about in the press. >> and hearing what trump's daughter was saying about how he should come across and present himself and trump seemed to play with that idea, being presidential is boring and let me be unpresidential so i can win. is there any thought being put into look at what happened last week and we don't want a repeat and let's change the way we say what we say? >> he's adjusting how he goes along. mr. trump is a very, very smart man and that's what we all know who deal with him inside and he's extremely bright and sharp and you will adjust and look at how you come across, and i think that's a little different,
4:26 am
business versus politics, and there's always an adjustment period, and mr. trump, i think he is presidential all the time and that's what we need, somebody that speaks their mind. that's the other thing to not forget, voters appreciate who he is, and mr. trump has to be mr. trump and people except that as well. >> jeff dewitt has to be jeff dewitt. good luck as we wish all the campaigns. >> thank you. who is donald trump really focused on here in new york? the senator will speak live with erin burnett here on cnn. bernie sanders proving tough for hillary clinton to shake raising the prospect that the democratic convention might also be contested. we will discuss the possibilities and how that would work, next.
4:27 am
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4:31 am
takes a closer look for us. >> take a look at the delegate count as the three candidates try to close in on the magic number to clinch the convention and if anybody gets there before the convention, that's it and that's the winner, but if not we head into july and a huge floor fight and it can matter who has been sent here as delegates. let me explain why by walking over to tennessee. tennessee has 58 delegates and 33 of them should go to donald trump and 16 to cruz and 9 to marco rubio. they have to vote that way for the first two ballots based on the state republican party rules but after that they become free agents and can vote whoever they wish and maybe some of the people holding trump signs are cruz supporters, and suddenly you could see what could happen, donald trump could lose a state he won. in louisiana, trump and cruz basically split a lot of the vote getting 18 delegates a
4:32 am
piece, and a few went to marco rubio and a few remain undeci d undecided, but in this case they can change after the first vote and all unbound making louisiana a huge question mark. after each vote more people become unbound in all sorts of states and as that happens, you can see the result. you could wind up with many people here voting in different ways than what they heard back home and it would be a case of voodoo voting far beyond the bayou state. >> thanks to tom foreman there. it's not simple what is going on, technically or politically simple. cnn's political director, and matt shlap, he also atended a meeting between the rnc and gop campaigns about the convention
4:33 am
rules. i want to look at it politically and technically. if you like us so much, tell us what happened in the meeting? what was the tone in there and what is it going to be like to get these parties to accept a set of rules? >> like everything in washington that was an off the record meeting, chris, and here we are on tv talking about it and it has been reported about it and i don't mind sharing what the rnc intended. >> there we go. >> basically the rnc has to field all the questions about there and there's a lot of myths about what could happen and a lot of campaigns were there and a lot of other people, and the fact is, there are no rules go into the convention, chris, because the rules that we have on the books were for the last convention and there's a whole new slate of delegates and they determine what the rules are for this convention. they have to change the rules, and in essence there are no
4:34 am
rules until they make them. >> the question is, what do they keep the same and what do they change? rule 40b keeps getting all this attenti attention. rand paul would say -- >> ron paul. >> sorry. you would need to win a certain number of states and then there was eight and then eight certain states and then cruz and trump saying well then kasich can't come, right? and then rules are only good for one convention. >> the two frontrunners, ted cruz and donald trump, they like that rule because it keeps kasich out of the way. the two frontrunners who will have the most delegates go into this will dictate how the rules take shape and that may stay and get carried over to this convention and we are talking about that magic number, 1237,
4:35 am
and getting the nomination before cleveland. when you get to cleveland, everything will require 1237, the majority of the delegates, and that's 50% plus one, and they have to vote on the rules and they vote on who gets seated at the convention and how they govern themselves at the convention and the presidential nominee. 1237 is this number that you are going to need to hit over and over again even before you get to the roll call of who is the nominee? >> how are you dealing with the insider level of people trying to get and sway delegates. you are not stealing delegates if you get them to change their mind? what about what the voters expected? if they voted in a certain percentage and they thought the delegates would be apportioned as a reflection of what they wanted and then that person changes their mind? how do you deal with that because it could breed animosity at the convention? >> yeah, and we are in a
4:36 am
republican democracy. we have electorates and there are delegates and super delegates who determine who the nominee is. what trump and cruz and anybody that wants to be the nominee has to do, work with the delegates, and it's like having two campaigns. you have to win in these states and trump has to focus on new york and cruz has to focus on new york and at the same time you have a quieter and more internal campaign, working the delegates and making sure the delegates that signed up to be with you stays with you and it takes charm and organization and the trump campaign and cruz campaign, 80% of the delegates are bound to them in the first vote. if they start to lose them, it's partly their own fault for not having a process to hold on to them. >> let's flip to the other party for a second. you will get a hearty laugh from secretary clinton if you suggest there will be a contested
4:37 am
convention on the democratic side, but david what happens if she doesn't get the magic number and she will be in the same situation as donald trump would be as the frontrunner on that side, and what do you think is the chance of that happening on the democratic side? >> i think it's really slim, chris. she needs 35% or so of the remaining delegates in the process. i am including super delegates in that count. >> sanders says that's dirty pool. >> well, it is the rules. where sanders is right, those super delegates don't cast their ballots until they are on the floor and yes they can change. but the motivation for a super delicate to change is usually the pledged delicate count, the will of the voters. if bernie sanders can't up end hillary clinton's lead among pledge delegates he loses his strongest arguments to super delegates ksaying come over to
4:38 am
our side. it's about how you collect delegates going into the convention. >> do you think the super delegate plays as they are a function of the pledged or do you think it plays as insider elitism as the campaign has been set up as a for and against position? >> well, they have super delegates, people not bound by the will of the voters, which as a republican you look at that and say that's a lot of votes. sanders is in the zone of having more or equal regular delegates as hillary clinton. it's a delicious talking point for republicans, that they would nominate -- this is a great duh version for us. >> matt, thank you for almost being a friend and telling us
4:39 am
something valuable in the meeting. thank you as always. ted cruz's comments criticizing new york values appear to be coming back to haunt him. fresh off his wisconsin win, cruz is facing a rather cool reception in the empire state. we will hear from the cruz campaign about how they plan to turn that around next. honey, did you call the insurance company?
4:40 am
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4:43 am
>> that was a protester angry about ted cruz's visit to his neighborhood, the bronx. both ted cruz and donald trump talking new york values ahead of the april 19th primary here. cruz, as you can see, has 17%, that following his big wisconsin win. what is senator cruz' plan for new york. let's talk to the national chairman for the campaign, chad sweet. >> good morning, alisyn. >> new york does not seem to be rolling out the red carpet for ted cruzs, and it's the opposite, and the "daily news" is telling him where he can go. do you think the senator is surprised by this reception? >> the senator is always willing to go anywhere anytime anyplace to bring his solutions and conservative message to the nation. what we are seeing in new york
4:44 am
is what we have seen in other states where sometimes we start off lower than expectations and then what we consistently do is out perform as we move towards election day. this is trump's home state, and senator cruz delivered his home state and trump has to deliver his home state. he is dangerously close to going below 50%, and you see he is only 2% above the watermark and new york is a winner take all state. if he doesn't win over 50% that's another sign the trump campaign is in trouble. if you look at the trend line, you will notice he was well above that just a few weeks ago, so he's on a decline right now. those polls were taken before he was beaten badly in wisconsin. >> chad, that's interesting. you are holding him to a different standard. when have we said prior to now, he has to hit more than 50%. he is winning handlely right
4:45 am
now. >> senator cruz is going to go back to the state repeatedly like in wisconsin. remember, he was down over ten points in wisconsin just two weeks out, and he beat trump even after donald trump doubled down on wisconsin. trump spent an enormous amount of time and rolled out his wife in wisconsin that tried to dig him out of a hole he dug himself in with women. and cruz still walloped donald trump by 13 points. when you look at the exit polls, you will see senator cruz didn't just win, he dominated against every demographic. >> yes. >> every income level.
4:46 am
it's important to understand that. >> wisconsin is not new york and that's not going to happen by any indication. ted cruz was supposed to appear at a high school in the bronx but the students respectfully wrote a letter to the principal and said they planned to walk out and the school cancelled that. what did ted cruz expect when he talked about new york values in a disparaging way? >> i went to school, college in new york and lived in new york for over a decade and i know exactly what he's talking about when he says new york values. to be fair to the senator, he's not talking about all new yorkers, and he's talking about new york liberal elites and the policy they represent, and if you look at that phrase, it doesn't come from ted but from donald himself in an interview with tim russert, and he
4:47 am
acknowledges in his prior history he supported those liberal values with his own checkbook, cuomo, spitzer, charlie rangel. if you are a hard-working man or woman in the state of new york, you know exactly what senator cruz is talking about and he is excited to take his conservative practical solutions to try and get the government off the back of new yorkers so they can actually have more take home pay and better jobs and a brighter future. >> given how poorly it has gone thus far in new york in terms of protests and the front page of the "daily news," should ted cruz give up and focus on other future states? >> first of all, we don't concede it has gone poorly in new york, and what i said at the beginning, the senator is willing to go anywhere, anytime, in anyplace to bring the
4:48 am
pragmatic common sense solutions to the people so they can make their own decisions. the media doesn't want to look prior to new york. if you look at four states prior to new york, what have we seen? over and over again the political terrain shifted, not just in wisconsin, but look at utah. senator cruz beat trump, won all 40 delegates and trump got zero. look at the next available delegates, six delegates in colorado, and he won six and trump got zero. north dakota, he won 18 and trump won one. senator cruz in wisconsin won 36, and if you look at the trend line going on before new york, what you see is senator cruz accumulated 100 delegates and trump accumulated 7. that's a 94% win rate for cruz. let me repeat that.
4:49 am
a 94% win rate. of the remaining colorado delegates, he will just proportionately win the 36 that are available. what i am telling you, the trend line we are seeing across the country is we have had a turning point, and new york is not the epicenter of the universe, and senator cruz is dominating donald trump. look at how donald trump doubled down in some of the states like wisconsin, the amount of vetting he did in wisconsin, if this is one of his casinos the pit boss would have had to intervene and kick him out of the casino and that's how badly donald trump was beaten over the last four states. >> chad sweet, thank you. ted cruz is going to speak on our dana bash at 7:00 a.m.,
4:50 am
8:00 michaela. >> really interesting look ahead here. the man responsible for preventing terrorists from coming into the u.s. speaking out in his first national tv interview. the director of the fbi's terrorist screening center speaks exclusively to cnn. you will see that next pv hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
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4:54 am
christopher may just have the most challenging job in america. the director of the fbi terrorist screening center. he's responsible for stopping terrorists from entering the country. he's never don a national television interview before but he agreed to sit down for an exclusive interview. >> -- concerning that euro partners don't use all our data. we provide them with tools. we provide them with support. and i would find it concerning that they don't use these tools to help screen for their own aviation security, maritime security, border screening, visas. things like that for travel. we find it concerning. >> in paris, brussels, as well as at the airport and the metro station.
4:55 am
would the u.s. watch list have prevented the terrorists identified in those attacks from slipping into the united states? >> it depends. now, and i say it depends because, if they were on our list and they were properly identified they may have been caught at our borders. they may not have been granted access to our country. so i can say that i would hope that our screening network would have caught them. nothing is 100% foolproof though. >> did the data information make its way into our watch lists? do they share information prior to the attacks about these people. >> we were aware of some of the people. >> we know of at least two bombers who were still on the run, possibly in europe. how concerning is that to you that these could be people who might want to make it into the u.s., they haven't been publicly identified? >> it's very concerning. and that is where the awareness and vigilance comes in. we rely on our partners to look for them and conduct
4:56 am
investigations and operations that help us identify them. >> there are so many people leaving yump to go to syria to train unbeknownst to european officials that just come right back. what is stopping them from making into it the u.s.? >> e make sure we know as much as we can and take that information and use use it as best we can. but we can't know everything all the time. >> let's talk about the high grant crisis. the u.s. will take in people over the years. your job listen to make sure none of those people are terrorists and make it into the united states. in collaborations with other intelligence partners. how sure are you that you will be 100 successful? >> nothing is a 100%. we'll strive for the best we can. i'm pretty confident in us catching people who would try to come to this country for illicit purposes. but again, i can't say that we
4:57 am
would be batting a thousand. >> not a hundred percent foolproof. what does the director have to say about this perception out there that innocent americans are making it on to that watch list? and how would they get off it if if they are so ununfortunate to get off especially if they don't have ties to terrorism. >> we've been hearing a majority of people are on there with no ties and piehota said that's simply not true. he said less than half a percent of people on the list are americans. they constantly reevaluate people on the watch list and people whoub added. in fact on average there are 1500 changes per day to the terror watch list. those who may end up erroneously on the watch list. there is a redress program. people can contact the federal
4:58 am
agency where they are having issues, such as tsa. that information would be shared and they would try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. >> quite a lot of approach on that man's shoulders. thanks a lot. >> thank you. so we're following a lot of news today. bernie sanders calling out hillary clinton's qualifications. let's get right to it. >> sanders by his own admission has never even been a democrat. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> there didn't seem to be a lot of substance to what he was saying. >> secretary clinton appears to be getting a little bit nervous. >> liein' teyin' ted.
4:59 am
>> good morning. welcome to your "new day." thursday april 7, 8:00 in the east. up first, democrat rivals once civilized. now, not so much. bernie sanders and hillary clinton talking tough. escalating this deal into some kind of feud. sanders claiming you think i'm not qualified? i don't think you are qualified. there is a back and forth now about special interest money and whether or not sanders has enough grasp of the issues. that is what's going on right now on the democratic side. as we get going just one week from the big debate here in new york. >> i love the old "i know you are." >> kind of like, what was the movie? i'm out of order? you're outside of ort. this whole courtroom is out of order. >> exactly. meanwhile donald trump trying to reend in new york after the bruising loss in wisconsin. the gop rivals readying for a convention floor fight. we have it covered on only way
5:00 am
cnn can. brianna keilar live in washington. hi. >> reporter: i was at this rally last night where bernie sanders said hillary clinton was unqualified. and this was red meat to his supporters. about 10,000 of them at temple university, they were just eating this up. bernie sanders clearly not taking kindly to the clinton campaign's new strategy to go after him more aggressive i will. >> i don't believe that she is qualified -- >> bernie sanders lashing out at hillary clinton. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> the war of words between the two democrat presidential candidates escalating. sanders claiming -- >> she's been saying lately that she thinks that i am, quote/unquote, not qualified to
5:01 am
be president. >> clinton's campaign denies it. >> the presidents who are successful know what they want to do and they know how to do it. >> clinton is pointing to an sbhv sanders did with the new york daily news where he struggled to identify how his administration would break up the big banks. elaborating in an interview with cnn's chris cuomo. >> i was i think a little bit surprised that there didn't seem to be a lot of substance to what he was saying. >> clinton now taking this line of attack on the campaign trail, painting sanders as unprepared to be president and even questioning whether he's a democrat. >> he himself said he never was. he never ran at the democrat until he started running for president. >> tweeting bernie sanders, take back your words about hillary clinton. all of this ratcheting up and perhaps no surprise. both sides are fundraising off of this back and forth.
5:02 am
>> oh yeah. we're seeing a change in the state of play. on both sides. despite sanders streak we 45d hillary clinton in the chair as you saw. she said to us for the first time, i know i'm going to win before this kwepgs happens. i'll get this. i'll get the delegates. we're seeing more things come out on more different levels. >> it is just ludicrous on the face of it. you know, i have been campaigning for democrats, fundraising for democrats. recruiting democrats to run and win. for a really long time. i think about 40 years. and senator sanders by his own admission has never even been a democrat. so look, i understand they are getting anxious. i get that. but they need to be thoughtful about what they do say because at the end of the day we need a democrat president to succeed president obama and to protect and further the progress that we've made under his eight years in office.
5:03 am
>> exit polls do show those democrat whose want to see president obama's policies extended continued certainly favor you. and this is done somewhat in the context of what you just said about senator sanders about being a real democrat. i read in a recent interview where you said you're not even sure he is a democrat. is that how you feel? >> well, he himself has said that he never was. he never ran as the democrat until he started running for president. but look, he's in the race. i'm in the race. and i believe strongly that it is not only critical to nominate someone who will win in november but also to elect more democrats. i'm already helping other democrats who are running. i'm helping raise money for them. i'm supporting them. because i think it is important to have a democratic senate. i think it is important to have a very clear mission to elect democrats. and that is something that i not only have done in the past but i intend to do in the future.
5:04 am
>> two policy questions for you. first of all, you have pointed out recent interview with the editorial board of the daily news that senator sanders said. you said it raises real questions about his firm grasp of how the system works with regard to regulating banks and to how we fight the war on terror. how so? >> well, he's been campaigning now for a year on his core message of inequality, which i absolutely agree with. and i've put forth my own plans. and in the interview it seemed unclear as to whether he understood how dodd-frank worked, how we would go about breaking up banks that were posing risks to our economy. i think i and many other people were surprised because that's been the center piece of his campaign. i've been saying for many months that it is not enough to just have dodd-frank on the books. my plan goes much further and independent experts who have
5:05 am
analyzed say as the top to bottom effort to try to reign in the risks in the economy. i've given a lot of thought to this. i've worked hard to come up with plans that will build on dod fraj. i'm committed to using the tools in dodd-frank as they are described in the legislation if that arises as a crisis that requires response. so i was i think a little bit, you know, surprised that there didn't seem to be a lot of substance to what he was saying. >> how much more substance does he need other than i want to break up the banks, we'll figure out how. i want to go after isis, i'll figure ow out when i interrogate them. >> [ laughter ] >> but a lot of people would say it is about what you want to do. you will figure out how later. >> yeah well that is not the way i've seen it work over a lot of years and a lot of reading of history. i think the presidents who are successful know what they want to do and they know how to do it. and they hit the ground running.
5:06 am
able to do every aspect of the job both as president and as commander in chief. but voters can make up their own minds. i've also laid out a plan about defeating isis that i think takes into account what we need to do around the world, building coalition, something i'm experienced in doing and keeping us safe at home. so i'm going to keep talking about the issues that i think are on the minds of americans and in these next two weeks, the minds of new yorkers. and i'll let senator sanders speak for himself. >> on the same cover of the same newspaper where he did the interview, the daily news, today they are going after senator sanders about sandy hook. not easy to say. not easy to read either secretary. this is so emotional. so difficult. and the core issue comes down to, should gun manufacturers be liable for their products being used illegally? you essentially say yes. the senator says, well you would have to show me something more
5:07 am
than that. that there is some reason they should be liable. i get the emotion. but where is the reason behind holding these gun manufacturers liable in a way that no other corporation would be? >> well that is just not true, chris. in fact under this legislation that senator sanders supported, they are the only industry in america that is not liable and accountable for what they do or fail to do. and let's remember why the nra called this piece of legislation the most important gun vote in years. it is because cities like new york and states and other groups were coming together around legal challenges to the behavior of gun makers and sellers trying to stem the epidemic of gun violence. and the nra wanted to stop it in its tracks. and they are able to get people like senator sanders to do their bidding. >> what do you say we get to the bottom of some of this back and
5:08 am
forth? okay? we just heard from hillary clinton what she says is going on in a political and policy sense. let's hear from the bernie sanders campaign. nina turner, one of the best names in the business. good to have you with us this morning. what do you want first? the politics or the policy? your choice. >> well the politics is very clear. the clinton campaign did not think that they were going to have a big challenge. you know, many folks, chris as you know when senator sanders started this journey thought he was a fringe candidate. he was at 3% in the polls. she's a federal senator from the great state of vermont. very few people across the country had even heard of him and here he is in april of 2016 having one out of the last 8 contests. can you feel me now is pretty much what he's saying to the pundits and people who didn't believe he would be where he is today. >> yesterday i was quoting fife dog from tribe called quest and
5:09 am
bernie sanders has been quoting can i kick it? and they have been tweeting yes you can. let me play something from senator sanders which i think gets us a bit of the way. >> -- she has been saying lately that she thinks that i am "qualified to be president." let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. >> now, i play that piece of sound. because there is a suggestion that senator sanders started by saying "hillary clinton is not qualified to be president." do you believe that that's what bernie sanders believes? or do you believe he was responding in kind to the idea of what makes you qualified? >> well chris, certainly yes. he was responding in kind. and let us not forget that the clinton campaign is in full frontal attack against senator
5:10 am
sanders. they drew first blood. they started this entire fight when they talked about how he wanted to dismantle the affordable care act and stop children from having the chip program which they know good and well was a lie, that he has fought his entire life for people who don't have. and that a man who wants universal healthcare in this country for every man, woman and child would even dare think about doing anything that would negatively impact folks ability to have healthcare. it started when her campaign sent droves of focus folks out to question whether or not senator sanders has the civil rights credentials. him putting his body on the line as a young 22-year-old at the university of chicago fighting against discrimination and dissipation. and here we are today, they are questioning whether or not he's qualified. the secretary said in a very vailed way but senator sanders answered the question very clearly yesterday at his rally. this is the fact of the matter
5:11 am
and then trying to disparage about whether or not he is a democrat. this man had been working all of his life, all of his conscious life to help the downtrodden and depressed in this country and that is what being a democrat is supposed to be about chris. and by the way the democrat party is a big tent party and the question of whether or not he's one just baffles my mind. >> it shouldn't baffle your mind though. because you are right in -- in terms of you are saying well what is a democrat supposed to be about? that is one argument. the other is what do you do for the party? what do you do for other democrats? very often that is blood sport between the right and left, the republicans and the democrats and the suggestion would be you're just getting into the fight now. is that fair criticism. >> but that is not true. senator sanders has jus recently in my own state, him and the secretary both were headliners at the ohio democrat party dinner. do you know what that was about? raising money for the ohio
5:12 am
democrat party. he's done that throughout his career. and lets not forget. even in 19 8 when the status quo of the democrat party turned their back on him when he was giving a speech to talk about why reverend jesse jackson should be the president of the united states of america. so really my argument is whether or not the d by your name means something or whether or not you stand up to the principles of what it means to be a democrat. passing crime bills that eviscerated the african american community. that was done under a the democrat administration. so let's have the conversation about what it means to live up to the values of being a democrat and senator sanders has done that chris. >> and before i let you go, the gun bill. i've heard two different things out of senator sanders. in this recording they are playing with regard to sandy hook and going after gun manufacturers. he says no i don't believe you
5:13 am
could you should do that. i've also herd him a say hold on a second, i need to see more facts. if you see me that a manufacturer knew its products were going to people who aren't supposed to have them, well then there is a liability. i just don't think they should be sued for simply making guns. which is it and how do you feel about it? >> i think the senator has been clear. he is right now one of the co-sponsors of a bill that's pending in the congress right now to hold gun manufacturers liable? >> he said no they don't -- he said no i don't in answer to the questions. do you think manufacturers should be able to -- >> no i don't. >> he is a co-sponsor. i think his point is this. if that manufacturers knowingly sell their products to folks we know are going to go out and wreak havoc, then they absolutely should be held liable. he's a co-response oesh a bill right he is a father and grandfather. and it pains me that the clinton
5:14 am
campaign is using the sandy hook incident for political reasons. there is no way under god's green earth that a man of such integrity would not have the compassion and empathy for what happened to those babies in sandy hook. the entire nation failed, the entire congress failed because we were not able to get reasonable gun laws in this country because of the nra and their influence. so congress has failed this country. it is deplorable. but the senator does believe and he's the co-sponsor of a bill to hold gun manufactures liable. >> i'm just saying you can see why people are confused if he's co-sponsoring the bill and then he says i don't see it'll we'll leave that discussion for another day with the senator. we've invited him as we always do. thanks for being p on the show. appreciate it. one week from tonight this is all going come to a head here in new york city. new york wasn't supposed to ab flash point and now it is.
5:15 am
and there is going to be a big debate riebt there next thursday in brooklyn between clinton and saturdays. donald trump is back in new york. after a bumpy road trip through wisconsin. it didn't take long for trump to blast ted cruz, doubling down on cruz's new york values comments. cnn's phil matingly joins us with more. >> with one attack line in a january debate ted cruz set the tone for the new york primary. new york values. cruz calling it an indictment of the democrat state politicians and ties to donald trump. well for donald trump, he's now in new york and even though his campaign is struggling coming off a devastating loss. ted cruz may have put the ball on a tee and he's taking home run swings.
5:16 am
looking to regain footing in his home state of new york. >> lyin' ted cruz came today. he couldn't draw a 00 people. >> trump making no mention of his bruising wisconsin loss at a rally in long island. but wasting little time criticizing ted cruz, the texas senator. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred of new york. i think you can forget about him. >> the rally just hours after trump huddled behind close doors. frustration over strategy, direction and even staffing according to sources. all roiling the campaign. ted cruz also campaigning in the big apple. doubling down on past criticism of new york values. >> let's be clear the people of new york know exactly what those values are. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are follow donald trump's checkbook.
5:17 am
>> cruz trailing badly in early polls but predicting a big move in the state. much like wisconsin. >> the interesting thing about polling is it can change and it can change quickly. we just won a landslide victory winning by 13 points, sweeping the state. >> john kasich, hoping to stay alive coming in second in the latest poll, continue fight off calls for him to drop out of the race. >> 95 delegates at stake here in new york on april 19th. and there will be no shortage of attention to that race. however, keep an eye on the campaign behind the campaign. as we head to the very possible open convention in cleveland, ohio. there are no fights inside all three campaigns for delegates trying to secure commitments before they head into cleveland if this vote goes do a second or third ballot, that is the race that these candidates need to win. sources in all three campaigns say they have teams working on this. everybody pointing towards cleveland now, michaela. >> intriguing and fascinating. we'll be watching with you.
5:18 am
some other headlines. gay rights activists in tennessee are calling for a veto if state lawmakers push through a bill to allow therapists to refuse service to lgbt patients. it is one of several measures advancing in the south. >> bernie sanders. bernie sanders could escape that -- go ahead. >> can i say it? >> you can. >> the graphic threw me. >> thought i was trying to steal your line. >> we all know what she's doing to us. late night comics have been having so much fun with this election. you have ted cruz, bernie sanders. what did they do with it last night? here. come on. give me some more. >> bernie's win marked his sixth straight victory against hillary clinton. and when bernie received a concession call from hillary, his assistant said, bernie, the
5:19 am
call is coming from inside the house. >> also said bernie sanders has raised more money than hillary clinton for the third money in a row. bernie sanders has so much money, now he can't vote for bernie sanders. >> follow his with inin wisconsin are ted cruz campaigned in the bronx. said cruz supporters, none of us live there. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders have scheduled a debate for next thursday in brooklyn. which is about as close as bernie sanders can get to wall street without spontaneously combusting. >> ha ha ha ha. >> very interesting. >> bernie is from brooklyn. >> couldn't tell. >> the vermont accent throes you u. and the campaign is in brooklyn. >> the nucleus of everything as it will be next week. well the rnc gearing up for a contested convention after ted cruz snagged wisconsin,
5:20 am
defeating trump. how would all of this play out in july? we're talking to someone who's the most particular with this process. he'll dumb it down for for us f ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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did wisconsin reset the republican race? now all eyes are on new york and donald trump is holding a huge lead in the polls here. but is it too late for trump to
5:24 am
prevent a contested convention in july? joining us former new hampshire governor john sununu and of particular relevance he chaired the rules committee at the 2012 republican convention, so he has a unique perspective on this whole process. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning alisyn. >> i haven't talked to you since wisconsin. how do you assess the state of the race today? did wisconsin reshuffle the deck? >> i don't think it reshuffled it. it moved in a direction a lot of people saw it was going in. and that is towards an open convention. and the odds i think are about 60, 70% at this point. >> as we said, you chaired the rules committee. i can't think of a wonkier title. you are the perfect person to
5:25 am
talk about the arcana how this is all going work. what is going happen at the convention? >> well it took 8.5 hours to prepare the rules to send to the floor for approval last time. so it is going to be interesting. let's put into context this 40 b everybody keeps talking about. rule 42 makes it clear that 40 b are part of those rules only applying to last time convention and that new rules will be developed for this convention. >> just remind us of what 40-b is. >> 40-b, the controversial piece of it, said that in order to be -- basically to be allocated time in front of the television cameras for a demonstration and then to get, i think it was four speakers to speak to the television audience on how
5:26 am
wonderful you are. 40-b says that in order to be nominated in the process you had to have eight states in essence, the majority of the delegates from eight states ask you be nominated. and let me add one thing here. it does not say that people cannot vote for people that have not been nominated in that glorious way. and in fact last time romney got a little over -- you know everybody released their delegates. mitt got over 2,000 vote prs the delegates but ron paul got almost 200. a whole handle of f people got votes even though they weren't nominated from the floor. those were legitimate, valid votes. >> okay. so -- what that means for july. after the first vote then are all bets off and anybody can
5:27 am
vote for anyone? >> even in the first round many delegates can vote for anyone. and not every delegate is firmly bound. and the second point that is really crucial is that every convention rewrites its rules to reflect the situation of the delegates coming in and other circumstances. last time we had to worry about the fact that a hurricane had cutoff one day of the convention. and we were, if you will, very frugal with prime time television and therefore concerned about limiting the number of nominations. i suspect this will not be the case this time. and there won't be that time pressure to say you can't nominate three three four five candidates. >> so what's going to be happen? i think you have spelled out that it is a bit of a free for all and it is common place for the rules to be rewritten on the
5:28 am
fly. we shouldn't see that as some sort of anomaly. that happens. so what is going to happen this time? >> i don't know. the chairman, chairman priebus is going to have to decide. the rules committee is made up of two of the delegates from each of the states and the territories. so it will be about 110 people. they will select a chairman. they will sit down a day or so before the convention. they will prepare the rules. everybody gets a chance to propose changes to all of the rules and they debate those. they take a vote and they move on and then they present the pamg to the chairman of the convention and the chairman of the convention presents it to the delegates. and a majority of the delegates have to approve the rules that come with a recommendation from the rules committee. >> okay. and that is where paul ryan comes in. do you see anyway by which paul ryan, in addition to his role as the head of the convention then
5:29 am
becomes a candidate? >> well, do i see anyway it could happen? delegates can start voting for paul ryan any time. including unbound delegates can vote for him on the first ballot. there is no -- there is nothing that tells delegates what they can't and can't do, except the one ballot rule behindi inin ii binding some of them from their states. >> i want to ask another question, given your role in the bush white house, are you surprised by how often the name ronald reagan is invoked in this 2016 race? >> no. because we invoked it a lot in 1988. it is a very important reference point for republicans. unfortunately a lot of people that invoke it don't really understand the principles of the man they are invoking. but ronald reagan is a good touch point for all republicans
5:30 am
and is a good reference point. and i'm not surprised that it is a great place for rhetoric in the republican primary to go to. >> right. ronald reagan is a perennial favorite of candidates and beyond. thanks so much for walking us through all of that. it does seem chaotic but you understand it. we appreciate you sharing all of that with us. and speaking of ronald reagan, don't miss tonight's episode "the eightieeighties," 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. it will jog your memory about what happened during that decade. also -- supreme court nominee merrick garland courting senators on both sides of the aisle. ahead we'll talk to one republican who says she was impressed. is she going to go against her
5:31 am
leadership and say that garland should get a confirmation hearing? wait for it. [ male announcer ] this saturday, megan is home doing yoga. last saturday, she was shopping here. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ bulk from boxed didn't only save megan $33, bulk from boxed saved megan's saturday. [ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees.
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5:35 am
here is your thursday edition of the five things to know. the democrat duel taking an ugly turn. bernie sanders calling clinton's qualifications to be president into question. while clinton questions sanders party loyalty. donald trump attacking ted cruz for doubling double on new york values comments. both candidates campaigning in new york ahead of the state's critical april 19th primary. authorities are confirming one of the two brussels bombers on surveillance worked at the european parliament. they say as a cleaner back in 2009 and tow 10. >> president oobam is getting going to chicago. america garld will be back on capitol hill to meet with four more senators. jordan spieth looking for a
5:36 am
another masters jacket. for more on the five things to know visit "new day" so trump has been talking a lot about the establishment coming after him. but now it does seem to be on, and effective, based on what happened in wisconsin. but guess what, this is a counterattack from trump to come. insight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. dogs - sure can be messy.
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he is lyin' ted. you know, i came up with the idea. but you have to spell it right. it is ly-y-i-n apostrophe. >> donald trump banking on a big rebound in new york. can trump still unite the gop? or is it too late? >> joining us now is jan brewer,
5:41 am
former governor of arizona and donald trump supporters. good morning. >> good morning. >> les talk about what happened in wisconsin and how it exposed some say the vulnerabilities in the trump campaign, particularly in exit polling. let he point out to you a couple of telling exit polls and get your response to them. one of them asked how the voters in wisconsin would feel if donald trump were to be elected. and they described themselves as concerned, all the way up to scared. 58% of them. does that tell you governor that it is time for donald trump to change something or to tone down some rhetoric? >> well i look at that and i've heard that of course like many people have. i believe that, you know, the cruz campaign, the establishment, they did their job up there. they spent a fortune on commercials and robo calls indicating donald trump was this or he was that. you know, they did a good job of
5:42 am
what they intended to do. but i know donald trump and i know that he's qualified and he'll serve us well. >> i want to ask about donald trump who has now spelled how out how he would pay for the wall. you of course famously being the governor from a border state of arizona, what did you think of his plan, whereby basically he said he would dry up the remittances, he would threaten to, that go back from immigra immigrants, some of them legal, back home to mexico and that is how he'd get them to pay for the wall. >> well i was pleased to see he put something on paper and that he presented it to the united states of america. certainly we know the wall needs to be built and in regards to the money transfers i believe it is one of the solutions we can use. we know a lot of money is being wired back across the border. some from people who have come up here to work to send money to
5:43 am
their family members. but a lot of the drug cartels also have their drug mules in the united states and that is how they transfer their drug money back again across the border. so they are pulling all of those dollars from our american economy and putting it into the mexican economy. so if that can stop that, then i'm all for it and i think as the solution that should be investigated and pursued. >> what about that? you know this terrain better than anybody, being there on the front lines as you were. do you think that his policies and his numbers and how much he's said the wall would cost and all of these plans, do you think these are realistic? >> no. in the ballpark, certainly. he's been in the development business all of his life and let me say successfully so. so he knows what it costs to build walls. he knows how to negotiate and get a good deal. and i think that he's probably in the ballpark. and we know it is going to be
5:44 am
expensive that what's costing us but not having a wall and not having our border secured is costing us a fortune in healthcare, education, incarceration. the federal government has not done their job. and i will repeat again like i've said in the past f the federal government, if our president would have done his job to begin with and secured our border that we wouldn't be faced with a lot of these other issues that we are facing today. so i'm all on board with mr. trump and his proposals regarding securing the border. and i think the american people are. they are fed up and they are tired. >> i want to ask you about the game that ted cruz is playing more behind the scenes. and it is the process of, sort of, courting delegates. even delegates who may at first be bound to donald trump. but ted cruz is sort of romancing them we understand. and this is a chess game that is
5:45 am
going on behind the scenes. it is pointed out that while donald trump has big rallies and big public events, ted cruz is quietly going around and getting people to promise that at the convention they would actually support him once they were free do so. do you think donald trump is -- is that fair number one? and do you think donald trump is being savvy enough about how do that very thing? >> i think -- certainly i think it is fair. and it is something that's been done for years to romance, if you will the delegates. to encourage them to stay strong and to support the candidate that they were elected to support. we know the rules can be changed. and the idea is that the rules committee meets a week before the national convention. and that is when the rules are established. and then on the first day of the convention all of the delegates go in and vote and adopt those rules. in the meantime everybody is after the delegates to get them
5:46 am
secured. and at any time they can change. it is just their word saying they are going to do this but they try to categorize the candidates. it is really, truly grassroots politics. we know that mr. cruz had a good ground game in that respect but mr. trump's ground game is out there too, maybe a little bit more secretively. but we choose our delegates april 30th. we'll have them all here soon. >> a ha. >> -- donald trump. >> governor brewer thanks so much for being on "new day." over to michaela. more senate bonding for the supreme court nominee. republican susan collins breaking with party leaders, she joins us next.
5:47 am
5:48 am
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. what's going on with president obama's nominee for the supreme court, judge merrick garland? >> guess whether. susan collins emerged and said she found him impressive. we have her with us now. great to see you senator. >> thank you chris. >> so what do you think of judge garland and what do you think should happen? >> i had a really good meeting with judge garland. it lasted a little over an hour. we covered a lot of serious
5:51 am
issues. i found him to be very thoughtful in his approach to the issues confronting the courts. we had a good discussion over separation of powers issues, which are particularly of interest to me. and he's clearly highly intelligent. what i think should happen next is the customary step, which would be after the courtesy meetings are completed, there should be hearings before the judiciary committee to allow for a fuller vetting of his views. >> senator, do you hear those footsteps running down the hall right now? those are senator mitch mcconnell's saying to you, what are we talking about? we said we are not going to do it. we have to wait for the next president. why are you getting outlet of line like this of line like this? >> i certainly respect his views and i know he believes that this
5:52 am
should await the election of the next president. that is now how i think the system should work. and i think we should follow the customary order. the first thing i did when justice scalia died is i read the constitution. it doesn't put a time limit on the president's ability to nominate someone for the highest court of the land, or indeed any of the courts. and i believe that judge garland deserves consideration. i'm not saying that i would necessarily vote for him. that is why we need hearings. >> do you have any friends on this? >> yes. do i have any flends on this? sure i do. i'll tell you something that i think is significant. two weeks ago when we left washington to go back to our home state, there were only two of us who had announced that we were willing to meet with judge garland. now there is some 14 republican
5:53 am
senators who are willing to sit down with him. my hope is that those one-on-one exchanges will lead to a change in attitudes. i may be wrong about that. let's see. but it is encouraging that so many more republicans have agreed to sit down with him. >> and just to be clear, i know you well senator, and i know you are very popular. you have lots of friend but on this i wasn't so sure and that is why i asked. something else. you had originally said you were for jeb bush. you endorsed him. now you are saying you are going to wait until the convention. again an unusual move. why? >> jeb bush was my candidate. and i endorsed him very early on last summer. i campaigned hard for him in new hampshire. and i'm crestfallen that he's out of the race so early. i really don't have a second choice at this point. and i'm going to wait and see how the process plays out.
5:54 am
i predict that there will be many more turns and twists along the road to the convention. and i want to see and listen to the voters. >> do either of the men who are front runners right now worry you about what it will mean for your party? >> well clearly neither donald trump or ted cruz was my choice. jeb was my choice. but each of them has shown an ability to gather votes. and what will be interesting is to see if either of them can meet that -- can reach that magic number of delegates that would make them the nominee on the first ballot. right now i think that is in doubt. so i'm just going to see how this plays out. we have a lot more primaries to go. in big states like new york and new jersey and pennsylvania.
5:55 am
and it is going to be very interesting. >> we have some time to go but something tells me senator i'll be seeing you in cleveland. >> you will. >> senator, thank you for being on "new day." take care. >> thank you. up next, the good stuff. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo,
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kangaroo, i say it is the weirdest animal. others say giraffe. what do you think? here is "the good stuff." this 9-year-old has a condition that doesn't allow her hair to go. so stupid kids at school bully her. around christmas they sold candy to raise money for a wig so she doesn't have to deal with that as much. so that is when she meets officer ramone. he gave her a hundred bucks and bought her christmas gifts. and it doesn't stop there. >> i went home and it was breen that brianna brianna. >> you got to do more. >> so he spread the word at work and a friend of his supervisor donated a wig to brianna. >> it is really important for people to know that there is a human on the other side of the badge. >> absolutely.
6:00 am
for sure. >> thanks to him she's now getting measured and will get her wig. and to pick up on that also, it's also important to remember, that there is a person that you are talking to who may or may not have hair. who are these kids? who are their parents? i hope that kid's school and community is watching this piece. >> very nice. >> time more "newsroom" where carol costello. >> costello attacked by a wombat in 1987. barely escaped with her life. >> so ridiculous chris cuomo. >> she still can't talk about it -- >> "newsroom" starts right now. >> you can see the scar -- >> happening now in the ne "newsroo "newsroom," trump towering in new york. >> with hatred of new york.


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