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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 7, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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for sure. >> thanks to him she's now getting measured and will get her wig. and to pick up on that also, it's also important to remember, that there is a person that you are talking to who may or may not have hair. who are these kids? who are their parents? i hope that kid's school and community is watching this piece. >> very nice. >> time more "newsroom" where carol costello. >> costello attacked by a wombat in 1987. barely escaped with her life. >> so ridiculous chris cuomo. >> she still can't talk about it -- >> "newsroom" starts right now. >> you can see the scar -- >> happening now in the ne "newsroo "newsroom," trump towering in new york. >> with hatred of new york. -- captions by vitac --
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>> get ready, new york. plus ray lewis's controversial question. >> i'm trying to figure out if black lives really matter. >> the former nfl star asking the movement to tackle black on black crime. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." >> and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. no more mr. nice guy. bernie sanders slams hillary clinton, accusing the former secretary of state of being unqualified to be president. you are looking at live pictures out of philadelphia, where
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sanders is getting ready to hold a news conference. bottom line, this race is getting ugly. cnn's brianna keilar has more for you. >> carol, this just shows you how high the stakes are as we head towards the new york primary. on april 19th. and bernie sanders is clearly not taking kindly to the clinton's campaign strategy to go after him more aggressively. >> i don't believe that she is qualified -- >> bernie sanders lashing out at hillary clinton. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> the war of words between the two democratic presidential candidates escalating. sanders claiming. >> she's been saying lately that she thinks i am not qualified to
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be president. >> but clinton's campaign denies she ever said he wasn't qualified. >> the presidents who are successful know what they want to co-and know how -- >> sanders pointing to an interview with --. elaborating in an interview with cnn's chris cuomo. >> i was i think a little bit surprised that there didn't seem to be a lot of substance to what he was saying. >> clinton now taking this line of attack on the campaign trail. painting sanders as unprepared to be president. and even questioning whether he's a democrat. >> he himself has said that he never was. he never ran as a democrat until he started running for president. >> and carol, i was at this rally last night in philadelphia. this was red meat for bernie sanders supporters, about 10,000 of them at temple university. they were eating this up. and it is important to note both of these candidates fundraising now off of this back and forth,
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carol. >> brianna keilar reporting for us this morning. thank you. you can see that poemd there. bernie sanders is about to hold another event in philadelphia. joe johns is monitoring that. goomd. >> good morning carol. we're waiting for this news conference. after that bernie sanders is going to address the aflcio here in pennsylvania. one of the questions we might want to get at this point is whether or not he was conflating something that the hillary clinton put out just yesterday. what the campaign said was that in the run up to the new york primary, they wanted to disqualify sanders, then defeat him, then unite the party. not exactly the same thing as saying bernie sanders is unqualified for president. so a question about whether he
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conflated those remarks. what all of this points to however is the notion that the run up to new york and also here in pennsylvania is a very hot time on the campaign trail for these democrats, both turning up the heat. both with real ties to new york state, making this a very competitive and perhaps a nasty race for that state. which almost could have predicted, carol. >> joe johns live from philadelphia. and when bernie sanders begins speaking, we'll kip in again for you in the city of brotherly love. as for if republicans, look at the new york daily new"daily. phil mattingly is covering the story for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning carol. three words uttered a an attack
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line in a january debate before the primaries even started, now roiling in the new york primary. 95 delegates at stake. opportunity for donald trump to recover and he's making sure to deploy attacks on ted cruz and that attack line over and over again. >> i love these people. these are my people. >> less than 24 hours after a devastating wisconsin defeat, donald trump looking to regain his footing in particular territory. his home state of new york. >> you know lyin' ted cruz came today. he couldn't draw a hundred people. a hundred people. >> trump making no mention of his bruising wisconsin loss at a rally in long island. waisting little time criticizing ted cruz. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn on his face with hatred of new york.
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i think you can percent about him. >> the rally hours after trump huddled behind closed doors with one of his top advisors. frustration over strategy, direction and even staffing all roiling the campaign. ted cruz also campaigning in the big apple, doubling down on past criticism of new york values. >> let's be clear the people of new york know exactly what those values are. because if you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow donald trump's check bookie. >> cruz telling badly in new york polls, but predicting a big move in the state. much like in wisconsin. >> well the interesting thing about polling is it can change and it can change quickly. we just won a landslide victory winning by 13 point, sweeping the state. >> john kasich hoping to stay alive, coming in second in the latest poll, continuing to fight off calls for him to drop out of the race. now, it is very clear that john kasich and ted cruz have a lot of ground to make up in new york
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but if you want to know what they are trying to do here pay attention to where they are going in the days ahead. the reason is this. donald trump will likely win new york city. both campaigns are listen to sooed that at this point. but the delegates are allocated in way that doesn't go to whipper take all. that means john kasich and ted cruz can focus on specific congressional delegates and try to fig up delegate, just a few to keep donald trump's total down. that is the crucial issue of this race and what gets them to cleveland and an open convention. >> phil, thank you. i want to dip back into philadelphia and that bernie sanders campaign event. it is beginning to fill up with supporters as you can see. but bernie sanders has not taken the stage yet. we'll continue to monitor this for you. also still to come in the "newsroom." >> ted cruz has no business being in the bronx. to receive this right wing bigot is an insult to the whole community. >> up next. how ted cruz is responding to that angry protester and his rough welcome to new york city. (avo) i've always been a dog person.
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back to philadelphia for just a bit. as you can see, senator sanders is being introduced right before his news conference, as he likes to call it. when he begins speaking we'll dip back in for now. new yorkers are fiercely loyal to their city so perhaps it is no surprise ted cruz had a rough time in the bronx. as the borough filled with immigrants who embrace what cruz calls "its new york values." >> this is an immigrant community. we deal with climate change every single day and he wants to say it doesn't exist. we are one of the poorest congressional districts in this country. and to receive this right wing bigot is an insult to the whole community. >> earlier today cruz responded. >> this morning there was one
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loud mouth protester. in the state of new york you can find one loud mouth protester. we are a nation of laws. and being a nation of laws it means you enforce the laws. and, you know, every other nation on earth enforces their law. >> cruz also tries to campaign at a bronx school but his appearance was apparently canceled after students threatened to walk out. let's bring in trump supporters and arizona strait treasurer jeff de wit and ted cruz sporter brend mosul. >> why did senator cruz go to the bronx? >> well he's going to campaign in all fifty states. and that is just the way it is going to be. and he's going to go right to new york and he's not afraid of it. look, we understand what he -- >> when you say he's not afraid of it, did he go there to attract protesters? did he go to gain support or
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money? >> no he's going to go there to campaign and as he said if you have one loud mouth, you have one loud mouth. donald trump has had hundreds of loud mouths against him. that is the nature of politics. and you are going to get that. but look, we're talking about new york values. and i'm going to say clearly what he means by that. the values are person fied by the mayor of new york city. >> senator cruz trump's idea of building a wall. deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants and as you saw in the bronx how divisive those ideas are in some neighborhoods. so can either man claim to be a uniter? because both of them are. >> well mr. trump is talking about a, just enforcing the laws on the books. we have laws about our
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immigration that are not being enforced. when you look at what ted cruz has said in a round about way to hit at donald trump, this being his home state but the way he classified all new yorkers in a demeaning fashion, now this is when ted cruz is going pay more that. i've said ted is cruising for a bruising in new york after those comments. >> what do you think ted cruz means by "new york values"? >> well i think he's just trying -- you know, he was trying to win other states by classifying all new yorkers in a very negative light. and that might have helped him say in his home state or other places. but now it is going to come home to roost. and the week after new york we have can connecticut. we have pennsylvania and other states that also associate very closely with new york. so this is going to hurt ted cruz throughout the whole northeast. which is why ted cruz is number 3, a distant third in the polls here and many other states coming up. so now he's going pay the price
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for those comment skbls is he paying the price brent? >> two weeks ago he was supposed to lose wisconsin and he won in a landslide. there is plenty of time to make it up. if donald trump can't win his own backyard donald trump is finished. clearly donald trump is going to win the state and no one is suggesting he's not. but i think cruz is going to do a lot better. ted cruz is talking about the values of those leaders, not just de blasio. how about hillary clinton, how about mario cuomo. how about andrew cuomo who's in there now. this is a state that is known for its far leftism. no question. and those are the values he's talking about. >> okay. well let's talk about mr. trump for one more second. sources say he huddled over frustration with strategy and direction and even staffing, is there a shake up in mr. trump's future?
6:18 am
he appeared very confident in his speeches here in new york but is he a little rattled? >> not at all. i think everybody is looking to make something -- anything they can and try to shake it up. but i think if one of our people walked in with a latte for another person on the campaign and they were supposed to get decalf and they got calf. i think you would hear it on the news the next day. the campaign is doing well. everybody is doing great. you know there is always a back and forth and we brought people in recently. >> after that huge loss in wisconsin? where he didn't win a sickle delegate. >> >> we won a handful of delegates. last i saw i think we won six. >> still it wasn't a great showing. and he did sit down and he did talk about strategy. so you are saying there is nothing wrong at all with the trump campaign in the way it is being run and the staffing, etc. etc. >> no. we never expected to win wisconsin. you know, the state gop party there, itself, the governor,
6:19 am
everyone else have thrown in with ted cruz. and ted cruz has become the establishment trojan horse. they are using him in states like that where they can control the vote to try to knock donald trump out of race. we never expected to do well in wisconsin. we had it as a zero on the spreadsheet i track about delegate. still shows we can get over 1500 delegates if it plays out the way we want. and to get six there, that is a great win. >> brent, whether do you say about that? >> jeff, i love you. but you don't believe it. you don't believe that ted cruz is a member of the establishment. because to believe that is to say that you know nothing about politics. and you are very well learned about politics. ted cruz is the most anti-establishment figure in the united states congress to day. he came to washington to fight the establishment. he's done nothing but fight the establishment, which is why the establishment despises him. but look, i'd like you respond to another issue. what about the issue of donald
6:20 am
trump's hitman roger stone yesterday threatening violence in cleveland if his delegates don't get their way? what about that issue? >> well brett, i would tell you for someone that claims not to be establishment, first off his name is senator. i think even his own supporters who were clapping as he gave his victory speech i think there was that sound of the record screeching to a halt as he thanked jeb bush and others for their support of his campaign. >> what about what roger stone said? >> all we're saying is cleaved -- if this gets stolen. they are using ted cruz -- >> i mean about -- >> -- publish the room numbers of the delegates. that is a clear threat of violence. he said they would publish the room numbers where the delegates
6:21 am
are. ted cruz isn't doing that kind of nonsense. you know that. that is a threat. >> ted cruz is doing a ton of nonsense with delegates. i've seen it firsthand. >> that is a threat of violence. that is a threat of violence. >>that is not a threat of violence. >> why aren't you denouncing that. >> no one threatened violence. that is not threat of violence at all to say hey by the way we'll make sure we know -- >> -- jeff, do you embrace roger stone and what he says? >> no. to be honest i haven't kept up with what roger stone's been saying. so that's not something i follow as closely. but i know that cleveland is going to be a battle. when you look at what ted cruz is doing and trying to ignore the will of the voters in states like my own, arizona and try to steal the delegates we have to get better at somehow blunting what ted cruz is doing because he's out there lying. lying ted is doing what he's doing on tv with the delegates. >> you don't do it but threatening violence. >> thanks both of you for being
6:22 am
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bernie sanders is speaking in philadelphia right now and reporters have been asking him questions. and one of the first questions asked is why has the democratic campaign become so nasty between sanders and hillary clinton? he calling her unqualified to be president. she's claiming that he doesn't do his homework when it comes to issues. let's listen. >> raising millions of dollars from wall street, an entity who's agreed, recklessness and
6:27 am
illegal behavior helped destroy our economy. look, let's be clear this is not the type of politics i want to get in. i know this is what the media loves. it is not the type of politics they want to be in but let me also be clear. i'm not going to get beaten up. i'm not going to get lied about. we will fight back. but i do hope we can raise the level and i do hope that now and then the media will choose to talks about real issues. do you have a real issue nancy? >> -- [ inaudible ] >> did you hear what i -- what i just said is that she has attacked me for being unqualified. and if i'm going to be attacked for being unqualified, i will respond in kind. so i would hope that we'd get away from. this i do have respect for secretary clinton. i don't know who in her campaign comes one these brilliant ideas. all i'm saying is i'm not going to go into new york. i know they are getting nervous.
6:28 am
they have lost 7 out of last 8 primaries and caucuses. and they have a new approach. this is a quote from cnn. "disqualify him, defeat him and unify the party later." that sounds to me like they are ready to run a very negative campaign. that is not what i i want to do. i don't want to do that. but if we are going to be attacked. and my qualifications after being in congress for 25 years, supporting people throughout my entire career. standing up for virtually every special interest. if they are going to question my qualifications, i think have very much a right to question theirs. thank you very much. >> bernie sanders doesn't want to run a negative campaign. but he is going to respond to attacks from hillary clinton. what you are looking at on the rrnds of the screen is hillary clinton. she's about to begin a campaign event in front of yankee stadium, for quite obvious reasons. and let me just see if i can find her in the crowd.
6:29 am
we're getting brianna keilar up on this. hillary clinton was hugging supporters. said a few words and she's somewhere in there. but as you heard bernie sanders say, he's very upset that hillary clinton claimed that he was ill prepared to talk about solutions to the problems he sees facing our country. there you see senator clinton right now. bernie sanders responded yesterday to hillary clinton's slams by saying that she was unqualified to be president because she takes so much money from big banks. brianna keilar is with us now to talk more about, i don't know, the increasingly negative campaign on the part of the democrats. >> this is really the most contentious that we've seen this on the democratic side. we talk so much obviously about how testy things get on the republican side. and this is something i think you have heard hillary clinton's campaign long say, look, bernie sanders said that he wasn't going to go negative. and i was at this rally last night.
6:30 am
i'll tell you this is -- >> brianna, let's listen to hillary. >> look, i didn't -- i don't know why he's saying that. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. so let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. we have republicans whose values are so antithetical to what's right for new york or what's right for america. and i'm just going to keep doing what i've been doing like my friends for all these years to try to really make a difference in peoples lives. >> do you think that he's competitive in new york. >> that's up to the voters. the voters will decide. >> -- gonna be a contested convention. would you like to talk about that is this. >> well, marcia, i don't really know what that means. because if somebody gets the number of delegates needed to be nominated, then the convention
6:31 am
will nominate that person. and look, i ran a very contested campaign against then senator obama. and it went all the way to the end. we worked really hard. he got more delegates. and so i endorsed him. i worked for him. i nominated him at the convention. because we are going to have to unify democrats. and right-thinking americans to stand up against the republicans. donald trump or ted cruz are just absolutely going rip away the progress we've made and trump with his insults of everybody is trying to divide us instead of unify us. so let's start with the democratic party and go from there. >> did you see the yankee game last night secretary clinton? >> i'm going to work hard to do disagr that. >> i didn't. but i read about it this morning. was it as exciting a blow out as it sounded? >> it was really good. how does it feel to be back
6:32 am
campaigning in the brorngs? >> it feels great. ruben and i were just talking. when i first started running for the senate i came to the bronx. and i came back many many times. and worked to support the great things that are going on in the bronx. i am so proud of the progress that's been made. you want to brag a minute on the bronx? >> absolutely. we hear in the bronx have seen for many, many years a friendship with hillary clinton building our housing. 23,000 of units of housing in the last six years. $9.5 billion of investment. creating jobs, cutting unemployment. we've done that with real democratic values. we've done that by identifying problems and working together on the solutions. and we've done that with someone who's been a leader in healthcare, as hillary has been. the secretary has been by far the best person that we see in terms of foreign policy. someone asked me last week, you know, bernie's in the bronx. are you feeling the bern? well the bronx hasn't been
6:33 am
burning for decades. so we're going to be with hillary. we're going to give her the amount of votes she needs to win the state of new york. and go on the o new jersey and california and take on donald trump in november and be the next president of the united states. >> amen. amen. -- >> you are said you are proud [inaudible]. >> right. >> after what bernie sanders said last night and after if fact his campaign manager said -- destroy the -- >> i'm going to keep talking about the issues, dan. and i'm going to keep drawing contrasts, because that is what elections are about. but i think it is important to tell people what you are going to do for them and how you can get it done, how you can produce results that will make a positive difference in people's lives. that is why i love working with leaders like ruben. because it is all about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. don't make promises you can't keep. know what you want to achieve. and then bring everybody
6:34 am
together to get the results and that is what i'm going to do in new york, across the country. and if i'm so fortunate as president. >> so far you have received support of some latino elected official but still some sectors that are still not so convinced that you stand for latinos. so what would be your message to those sectors -- supporting you or not in the latino community? >> i'm very proud of my record on behalf of latinos and -- ruben? >> i don't know -- [speaking foreign language] she's been a lead on immigration issues. she's been doing this with -- since ted kennedy. and we know that everyone out there who says they are for the immigrant community hasn't been there in the way that she has been here in the bronx. 41% of the people who live here were born in another country. so when you look at the progress that's been happening here,
6:35 am
we've been benefitting from it, from her leadership. she's the person who has the ability to work with the world leaders in order to have the people here who come from those countries feel like they have true, true compassion coming out of the white house. so that is the reason why when you look at every single one of the latino leader, we were all here yesterday from the bronx, the state of new york and throughout the country overwhelming majority of latino leaders know who our friend has been. [speaking foreign language] >> we don't use a token on the subway, you are aware of that now. >> yes. actually i think we changed when i was senator. i think tchs my first term when we changed from tokens to metro cards. >> i am so proud to have represented this state for eight years. i'm a proud new yorker. and i want to be a good president for new york and for the rest of our country. but new york values, the people
6:36 am
of new york, there is no place like it in the world. and i'm going take those experience, take those values to the white house if the people of new york give me that great privilege. thanks. all right. you heard hillary clinton. talking there beside her was the bronx borough president. ruben diaz. good spokesperson for hillary clinton. i want to bring back brianna keilar. also joined by the president of the american federation of teachers and hillary clinton supporters randy wine garten. what do you make of that? >> this is hillary clinton trying to ratchet things down a little bit. and i think you have to understand that what we saw from bernie sanders last night did not happen in a vacuum. i was there at the rally. this was something certainly that his supporters loved. there were about 10 thousand
6:37 am
people there at temple university and they were just eating this up. what we have seen -- and this was actually something that my colleague jeff zeleny broke after bernie sanders wisconsin win. is there is this new clinton strategy where the campaign is trying to go after bernie sanders more aggressively despite concerns about unifying democrats for a general election. we saw her ratchet this up last week. i was covering here at sunni purchase out of new york city. and she took on protesters labeling them ads bernie sanders supporters and said look, i've got 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. so we've seen her sort of ratchet this up. the latest was he talked to the new york daily news. he had a number of stumbles, including on really explaining himself on how he'd break up the big banks. she said a number of things that if you are a presidential candidate that you are probably a little irritated with that he's not done his homework and not sure she's a democrat. and what we saw last night is bernie sanders ratcheting it even more.
6:38 am
so it seems to me in a little bit that hillary clinton has sort of poked a bear. and i think it is a bear that the clinton campaign didn't necessarily think really has a shot at the nomination but it doesn't mean it is not a bear that can't also damage -- >> i and just want to explain what our viewers will are looking at. i think hillary clinton is going to ride the subway here. they are inside the subway station in the bronx. go ahead. >> and this to me is sort of a veiled reference. you could sort of use this as the imagery of what we heard from bernie sanders in his new york "daily news" interview with the editorial board there. he was asked about the subway and how do you use the subway. and he said "toke nts." when it's been years and years, double digits since you used a token on the subway. as the metro card you use there. and she was asked about that. sort of a jab about bernie
6:39 am
sanders. she didn't really take the bait there in those comments but here you see her on the subway riding the subway. as i should mention bernie sanders has done before as well. >> so you heard what brianna said. hillary clinton was poking a bear. and what did she expect, the bear not to bite back? >> so i think the issue is not that. i think the issue is frankly -- and we've in my union run a very positive campaign in both of these candidates. that bernie, the reason you all think is breaking news is because bernie promised from the beginning and that was part of his charm to run a really positive campaign about the issues and since the beginning of march it's gotten bhr more and more negative and he's been attacking her character over and over again almost every speech and so, you know, she responded in terms of not doing his homework in terms of the "daily news." i'm -- >> but she also said he wasn't a democrat and she couldn't really figure out what party he
6:40 am
represented and she was intimating that he was a socialist right? nobody was fooled by that. >> i actually read that interview with glen thrush. you know, this is what's great about the democratic party. we let everybody in. and it is true that bernie became a democrat to run for president. and he's been an independent. he's caucused with the democrats. but he's been an independent for a long time. so the issue becomes how do you actually say you are going to run a positive campaign. you can be sharp about the issues but what the point is that he's been attacking her character every single day for the last several weeks. and so that is, frankly for me i'm just really disappointed. talk about the issues. he has raised issues like income inequality and things like that but i think the reason people in new york -- and i'm a new yorker. but people in new york and the "daily news" became such a big
6:41 am
issue is because they do roast you. you know when you go into a "daily news" editorial board meeting, you have to know the hows. you have to know how the things you are proposing are going to really work. and frankly that is what new york is. new york is not just about the sound bite. new york is okay, what are you going to do about it. and sorry for using my hands -- >> brianna, i think that bernie sanders will have a chance to rebound from that "daily news" article on the debate stage, right? because you can bet that he's going to have his answers well prepared. >> certainly. and there is no way carol that he doesn't get asked some of these questions that he stumbled and bumbled on before the new york "daily news." he didn't know the statute he would use to president executives of offending financial institutions. he didn't know -- >> and forgive me. i'm going to look away because i want to watch this video. so continue. go ahead. >> fascinating. he didn't know sort of the legal
6:42 am
ramifications of some of these attempts to regulate big financial institutions. he didn't know how that would effect his plans to regulate big financial institution. so he has a lot of meat to put on the bones. i think he's certainly going to be asked about this. he is still technically an i7bd pent. he's running as a democrat. and something that strikes me here carol is that i think there is a little bit of the clinton campaign having bernie sanders where they want him. now look, his supporters are on board with this. he's fundraising with this. they are jazzed about this. but at the same time for a long time now, every time bernie sanders does something that could be even mildly construed as negative against hillary clinton, the clinton machine says, oh look, he said he wasn't going to go negative. now he's going negative. and that sort of is an attempt i think to take aim at his brand as someone who's sticking to the issues. last night he did play into that certainly. i'll tell you people listening sort of said whoa, holy cow. listen to what he just said. you know, he really went after
6:43 am
her. i'm not sure how much that is going to matter to his supporters. but clearly in new york, the clinton campaign thinks that there is -- you know, there is something to be gained here. >> let's talk about -- let me talk about bernie sanders supporters for a second. because i want to ask this question, and specifically about your union. there seems to be this disconnect between the teachers unien and the teepers in it. politico found more individual teachers had donated to the bernie sanders campaign and not to hillary clinton's. if that is true, why are you endorsing hillary clinton? >> e well let's look at the facts in that article. it said that there was a $19,000 difference between the people who've actually used their websites to donate too each. we actually don't ask our members to donate. our members donate through political contributions tot union and there have been millions of voluntary contributions and frankly
6:44 am
thousands and thousands of volunteers for hillary. i tried to do a back of the envelope calculation last night when i saw the story. and there's been over 12,000 people who have actually volunteered for hillary through our union, not through the campaign. >> you're saying this plit olit article is misleading then. >> i'm saying in all of our polling we've seen somewhere between 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 who are supporting hillary. the point is i love the members are engaged. but the conversation in our union right now is how are we going to bring the party back together again? how are we going to bring our union back together again and frankly i was on a town hall with members a couple of days ago and the bernie supporters were talking about that at the end of the day hillary is the most experiences qualified
6:45 am
candidate frankly if my lifetime. and what you are seeing in new york is a coming back together of what she did. she worked for people in new york. people in new york know that. and she's really joyful in terms of what she's doing in terms of -- >> i will say brianna that she's getting a warmer welcome than senator cruz did yesterday, right? she's with the borough president there, ruben diaz. >> yes. she's getting a very warm welcome and this is a place where she's well known, right? she lives there. slightly outside of new york city. >> i don't think she lived in the bronx. >> no she did not live in the bronx. but she is here and you are seeing her here on the subway. thing about new york - the subway is the great equalizer. what mayor bloomberg would take to work. and even though he's a very rich man, it was a way certainly that he sought or through imagery to connect with every day people.
6:46 am
so yeah she's getting a pretty warm reception, probably some surprised subway riders who were on that train with her. >> oh that uma aberdeen behind her? her right hand woman for lack of a better term there. and that is the president standing holding on to the -- what do you call -- the rail. >> she is certainly being flanked by -- and i think you see secret service. she's certainly flanked by her entourage. this is the thing about being hillary clinton. it is hard to roll into a subway train and have it be a normal event. >> i will say this is an unusual thing to happen. hillary clinton doesn't normally let cameras follow her up the stairs and into the subway. as you said she did this for a reason. >> she did and part of it is because of how much is at stake
6:47 am
in new york. when looking at the pledge delegates, there are 247. that is so many delegates. bernie sanders, just think, prior to wisconsin, he won several states. he picked up 139 delegates there. there are 247 at stake in new york. this is a huge slice of the pie. and hillary clinton wants to win it. we saw polls not long ago that showed her about 12 points ahead. but what if bernie sanders got this bump off of wisconsin? he's also expected to do well in the wyoming caucuses on saturday. what if he rides a little momentum into new york? this is her adopted home state. she wants the win and the delegates and she certainly doesn't want the embarrassingment of her home state not supporting her more than bernie sanders. >> isn't amazing that we can get a live shot under ground from the subway? >> it is amazing. >> and the train is obviously moving. randy, let me ask this question. the bickering between the
6:48 am
democrats. clinton is asking sanders to apologize to sandy hook and -- at some point wouldn't you say it is getting little childish? >> i think this has been a very long campaign. it's gone months and months and months. we are the only country that has campaigns that seem to go on forever. and so i'm sure that tempers are frayed. but at the end of the day it has to be about issues. and it has to be about who's going to be not just a progressive -- this is what i love about the democratic party. we basically have two progressives running but who's going to actually get something done. but i think what you are seeing is just tempers fraying because of the length of the campaign, both of them have been working really hard. but at the end of the day it really is about who's going to actually get something done. and i think that what you see -- and hillary, i agree with brianna. hillary has become a new yorker.
6:49 am
and you see her having that kind of new york state of mind which is don't just tell me about your values or how important it is to break down barriers. tell us how you are going to get that done. tell us how your going to raise wages. bringing manufacturing back to new york, helping the dairy farmers. and live this riding on the subway. look, we all, every new yorker has a subway card in their wallet. as brianna . >> well, let me ask you this question. you got into it just a little bit. the bernie sanders, supposedly is trying to convince superdelegates to go his way. could there be a contested convention on the democratic side too? a lot of people ask me that question. >> i think, you know, i don't know. i think it's much more unlikely.
6:50 am
i think the issue would be if she didn't hit the mark she needs to in pledged delegates. right now the clinton campaign feels confident they're going to do that. the sanders campaign says they're going to be able to someti stymy her. they'll have to earn a considerable amount of delegates in pennsylvania and new york, and they're hanging a lot on california. i think it's unlikely that there's going to be a contested convention, and also the other thing to think about is these superdelegates -- i know a lot of people between the standards supporters and the clinton supporters, they say how is it democratic? these are people that get to decide, not voters. bernie sanders wants to say to the superdelegates to disproportionate support hillary clinton if he's able to close the pledged gap, hey, you need to support the voters and swing
6:51 am
to our side. i think it's unlikely, but he'd have to close the gap. looking at the math he's much more than 200 delegates behind her. i want to say something about the guns. that's something the clinton campaign says bernie sanders vulnerable on. they're trying to appeal to african american voters who are concerned about gun violence. she's trying to bolster her support there to maybe create a fire wall against some support that she may be getting against progressives which he's appealing to with his iraq war appeal. >> i know. i was going to ask you about that. he wants cloinhillary clinton t apologize to all the victims of the iraq war. i want your thoughts on that. >> at the end of the day, she said she regrets the vote in terms of iraq. i would say in retrospect, most people regret that. but when that was happening, you have to actually look through
6:52 am
the lens of what was going on in terms of new york and what was going on through the country. 9/11 had just happened, and 9/11 really rocked new york. and frankly, one of the things that i found as i went from an advocate for hillary to a believer, after the work she'd done in 9/11, i mean, those of us there, we walked the pile for the next several days and saw the effects. a lot of people we knew had been killed by terrorists, and there was a different kind of fear in terms of the country that way. but i think what has happened is as i said before, she's the most experienced, qualified candidate i know, and one of the things -- or in my lifetime. one of the things i've always respected about her is that she really follows the evidence and she is resilient and tenacious. after 9/11, she fought like the best fighter i know to get them
6:53 am
the health care they need. >> okay. i'm going to wrap this up now. but i'll just explain a little bit about where hillary clinton got out of the subway train. she's still in the bronx and greeting what looks like supporters on the street. thank you to you both. i'll be back with more in the news room. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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6:57 am
we have breaking news. police released video of the third airport bomber in brussels. it shows the man with the light colored jacket with the hat leaving the airport. at one point you can even see him kind of jogging away. let's get more from alexandra field. hi, alexandra.
6:58 am
>> reporter: hi, carol. the third suspect, the man in the white jacket. authorities say they still don't know where he is, but they now know where he went in the immediate aftermath of the bombings. they've released a number of clips that show him after the explosions happened. he's outside of the airport. they say that he walks on foot into the neighborhood in the same vicinity as the arpirport. by the time he reaches the neighborhood he's lost the jacket and the hat. they don't know where the coat or hat went, but they continue to track him. at one point he walks toward sharback. that's where they say the bombers made their explosives. the last recorded images were taken at 9:50 in that neighborhood. they're now appealing to the public for help asking for information from anyone who may have seen that man on that morning. anyone who may have taken his picture, anyone who might have any idea of his where abouts after 9:50 a.m., just two hours after the bombings. along with looking for that suspect, they say they're also
6:59 am
looking for the coat he's seen wearing in the airport. they say it could have important traces on it which could be critical to this investigation. >> all right. alexander field reporting live from brussels this morning. thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. a democratic fire storm. bernie sanders and clinton clhi clint clinton. sanders set to speak to a group, and clinton hitting the subway. both addressing statements that clinton wasn't qualified to be president. >> let me be clear. this is not the type of politics that i wabnt. i know it's what the media loves. it's not the type of politics i want to get in, but let me be clear. if secretary clinton thinks i just come from the small state
7:00 am
of vermont and we're not used to this. i'm not going to get beaten up and lied about. >> it's kind of a silly thing to say, but i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me, and have voted for me three %-p. look, i didn't -- i don't know why he's saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> all right. let's talk more about this with brianna keilar and joe johns. i'll start with brianna. >> you see hillary clinton trying to take the high road after things got very contentious. i was at this event in philadelphia yesterday. bernie sanders was before about 10,000 of his supporters, and there was also an overflow. so many people came to see him at trememple university. clearly he'd had enough. hillary clinton had been seizing on his remarks that he said to
7:01 am
the new york daily news where he was really lacking specifics and was unclear on breaking up the big banks and a number of other things that are key promises of his campaign. so it seemed like he had enough. he fired this at hillary clinton. p her campaign jumped on him. she's bringing it down a little bit this morning, as you see, but this is the most contentious we've seen this fight ochn the democratic side. >> definitely , and i'll guess i'll go to joe johns for the bernie sanders side. >> well, bernie sanders is not backing down. in fact, he is doubling down on the comments he made at a news conference here just a little while ago. he cited written reports, including one from jeff zeleny, saying the clinton campaign is
7:02 am
beginning to step up his attacks on him, and he said in turn that he has ample evidence to question the kcredentials of hi opponent. listen. >> well, because "the washington post" had a headline that said, quote, clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president. end of quote. that was what was thrown at me. now, the other thing is that i believe the clinton campaign told cnn, and i quote, that their strategy as we go into new york and pennsylvania is, quote, disqualifying him, defeat him and unify the party later. >> what it all points to is that the tensions now are increasing as we move toward the new york primary. sanders on his way to speak this morning. the group has decided so far to remain neutral in the race for
7:03 am
the democratic nomination. thanks to both of you. >> let's talk to jeff wefr. hi, jeff. >> hi. >> what do you make of this back and forth? some people say it's getting nasty. >> bernie sanders has run from the beginning, an issue-oriented campaign. there are big differences between the accounts on a lot of issues including a corrupt finance system, breaking up the banks, trade, and that's the kind of campaign he's run. the clinton campaign having lost seven of the last eight contests as taken a nasty turn. i think what senator sanders wanted to demonstrate is if they want to run that kind of campaign, they can expect it in kind. >> calling clinton not qualified to be president, a former
7:04 am
senator. is that going too far? >> i think if you look at her record and campaign, her campaign is funded by millions and millions of dollars from wall street and other special interests. she's made a deal with the devil. we know the devil wants his money in the end. so that's the kind of campaign he's running. he supported the terrible trade deals which have devastated american manufacturing in the country. she supported the war in iraq. she has a hawkish foreign policy. on issue after issue, she's been on the wrong side of things. she supported doma and impoverishing children. she fought in new york to get undocumented people from getting driver's license. it's fair to point out she's been on the wrong side. >> something you said caused secretary clinton to laugh out loud. i'd like you to listen.
7:05 am
>> don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's ambitions to be president of the united states. we want a party at the end of this we can unify. >> i mean, it's just ludicrous on the face of it. you know? i have been campaigning for democrats, fundraising for democrats, recruiting democrats to run and win for a really long time. i think about 40 years, and senator sanders by his own admission has never even been a democrat. >> so senator sanders knew the rules when he got in the game. he's the one trying to move toward a contested convention. isn't bernie sanders the one who's trying to disrupt the democratic process here? >> no, the democratic process should be run by the voters. we want the voters to decide who gets to be the nominee, not the clinton campaign. when they told jeff zeleny, you know, of cnn, that they're going to disqualify bernie and defeat him and then try to unify the party later, that's a strategy
7:06 am
for disaster. we need a sharp discussion of the issues that separate them. we need to have that discussion. but that kind of scorched earth, clinton policy of disqualifying, defeat, and then try to unify later is a disaster for democrats. the young people coming out that secretary of late have been dissing on who are supporting senator saturdnders, she's goin have to bring those people into the party. the way she's treating them and bernie sanders is not a way to build a unified party to defeat the republicans. >> the ceo of general electric wrote an on ed. bernie sanders says we're destroying the moral threads of america. he's wrong. ge is one of the prime exporters annually selling in excess of $20 billion worth of american
7:07 am
made goods to the world, and it supports the manufacturing base at home along with the thousands of u.s. companies in the supply campaign. sanders accuses ge of being greedy and selfish. ge says it pays billions of dollars in taxes. is there imult lying? >> one of the major exports is u.s. jobs to countries overseas. or ge's role in polluting the water of new york state. ge obviously he took umbrage with what senator sanders said, but ge has not been a paragon of virtue. >> nothing ge does virtuous? >> no, no, of course not. they make good products. the truth is he want them to make more of the products here at home rather than shipping good paying american jobs overseas where they pay people pennies an hour. we want companies with more loyalty to the united states and the workers here. >> and just a final question,
7:08 am
because hillary clinton said that bernie sanders is not a real democrat. if he's not a real democrat, what is he? >> well, he is a real democrat. you know, i mean, if you look at -- she also says she's a real new yorker. he is a new yorker, a real one. center of brooklyn. >> but he left when he was 18 years old, right? >> what's that? >> bernie sanders left when he was a teenager. he lived most of his life in vermont. >> well, secretary spent most of her life somewhere else also. >> point taken. >> again, bernie sanders does describe himself as a democratic socialist. does he still describe himself that way? he was at one point an independent and then he called himself a democratic socialist. now does he call himself a democrat? >> he's a member of the democratic party and is running for the democratic nomination. he's caucused with the democrats in the congress for two decades.
7:09 am
he was a democratic chairman of the senate veterans affairs committee. he's raised millions of dollars for democratic candidates. he's made a major contribution and is running as a democratic and will be the democratic nominee for president of the united states and in november the president. >> all right. jeff, thank you for stopping by. i appreciate it. the next debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is one week from tonight and moderated by wolf blitzer live from brooklyn, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. still to come, donald trump and ted cruz go head to head in new york. how trump is hoping to regain momentum in his home state.
7:10 am
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7:13 am
the republican fight for new york gets fierce as donald trump hammers ted cruz about the new infamous new york values comment. cruz is expected to hold a rally on trump's home turf. will it be enough to win over
7:14 am
voters? we're covering all of this. let's start with phil mattingly. >> reporter: this is the moment for donald trump to recover. a gift from ted cruz offered in january at a debate. new york values. it was a critique at the time of democratic politicians and donald trump's relations to them. that doesn't mean donald trump isn't going to roll it out over and over again over the next couple of weeks. take a listen. >> there was never anything like it in this country. the worst attack in the history of the united states, the bravery that was shown was incredible. we all lived through it. we all know people that died, and i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with hatred of new york. so, folks, i think you can forget about him. >> reporter: donald trump's
7:15 am
advisors feel good about the state, a possibility they could sweep all 90 delegates. but his campaign cancelling a trip to california including a press conference we were expecting, staying in new york to campaign. whether that's because they are starting to have some concerns or because they recognize after the last couple weeks that maybe they need to change things up a little bit, that's an unusual shift for his team. again, an important state, particularly in the wake of wisconsin. >> interesting. thanks very much. let's go to the cruz event. dana bash is there. does the new york values thing really matter that much, dana. >> reporter: this is an issue that ted cruz is obviously having to deal with down state, the question of new york values that obviously is now coming back to haunt ted cruz there. but this is upstate new york, and it's probably one of the main reasons why he was not only able to fill this pretty large high school gymnasium, but also there's a line snaking outside
7:16 am
and around the corner. and so the people here tend to be a lot more conservative than people down in the city in manhattan, and that is part of the reason why ted cruz thinks he can still do okay in this state. and on the issue of his comment, he was asked about it last night, and here was his response. >> let's be clear. the people of new york know exactly what those values are. they're the values of liberal democratic politicians like andrew cuomo, like anthony weiner and eliot spitzer and charlie rangl, all of whom donald trump has supported and giving tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. >> reporter: and, carol, i have to show this to you, because i was talking to some of these voters who are coming here about the comment that ted cruz made asking were you offended by that
7:17 am
new york values comment, and almost to a person, the answer was no, that's not here. this is upstate new york. we don't consider ourselves new yorkers like that. you understand because you are now a new yorker. you get the deep divide. this is what i want to show you. a local politician brought this piece of paper to give to ted cruz to show cruz what they mean about new york. he let me borrow it. this is blue and that's new york city and you see the majority of the state is not blue. that's ammunition that cruz is likely to get when he gets here later. >> that's why i wondered why did he go to the bronx to campaign? why didn't he state in up state new york? >> that's an excellent question. he's going to brooklyn later today. >> that will be interesting. thanks so much, dana. as senator cruz battles for
7:18 am
votes, mr. trump is hoping to gain momentum in the state he calls home. trump met with one of his strategists to talk about the direction of his campaign. with me now jeffrey lord and s.e. cupp and peter binart. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> so, jeffrey, explain this meeting mr. trump had with his staff. >> well, i assume this report is that what we're talking about here? >> yes. >> yeah. i know paul. i've talked to him. he's a terrific guy. he's extremely competent. this is what -- as i understand, they're handing the delegate count -- -- >> jeffrey, i'm going to interrupt you. your signal is bad.
7:19 am
we're going to fix that. while we fix that little technical problem, i'll ask s.e. cupp that question. do you see kind of instability in the trump campaign, s.e.? >> yeah. there have been a number of reports about discomfort in the trump campaign, some low morale, some confusion over the organization, some frustration that trump's promises to be more presidential, to be more unifying haven't really happened yet, and frustration over a very bad week where trump and his team were really having to do damage control on a number of fronts. there was the heidi cruz retweet. how do you stop your candidate from retweeting dumb photographs. then there were policy proposals that were openly mocked that they had to recover from. his flip-flop on abortion they
7:20 am
had to recover from. and a bruising loss in wisconsin. there's two weeks, give or take, until until new york where donald trump looks good, but he can make a lot of mistakes in two weeks. i think the campaign is trying to figure out how to make the most of the next two weeks without doing more damage like we did in the past week. >> i think, peter, that one of the ideas must be to limit campaign appearances, because mr. trump isn't hosting as many this time around preprimary. >> yeah. i think what's interesting is that they have had a strategy that's generally worked for them very well. it's been an untraditional strategy of trying to get on the mode media as much as possible. the problem is that now we are in this really different phase of the campaign, this where you get a micro ground game, going delegate to delegate, focusing on the delegate selection
7:21 am
process, and the trump campaign was not built for that. the cruz campaign was built for that. and so they're bringing in people to try to do that, but then it changes the balance of power in the campaign. so i think that's part of what you're seeing now. >> you know another interesting thing that's happening. i'll bring this up with you, s.e. president obama is increasingly inserting himself into the gop race. he often talks negatively about donald trump, but yesterday the first lady jumped into the fray. listen to what she said. >> right now when we're hearing disturbing and hateful rhetoric, it's important to remember that our diversity has been and will always be our greatest source of strength and pride here in the united states. >> so, s.e., is that -- i don't know. i guess that would help the democrats more than the republicans, obviously, but it's interesting that the fist lady has jumped into this race. >> and why wouldn't they?
7:22 am
this was the concern among conservatives with donald trump's campaign as he got more and more aggressive, more and more hostile with his rhetoric toward minority groups and women, that democrats would have a field day with this. you can see a glint in president obama's eyes when he talks about trump. democrats are relishing this, and i can't blame them. that's been the concern for a general election against hillary clinton or anyone else with donald trump that democrats will just have a field day with some of the things that donald trump has said. some of the things that the republican party has been actively going against for the past cycle since 2008 and 2012. >> so jeffrey, president obama's approval ratings have also go up, and some people credit donald trump for that.
7:23 am
>> i assume that president obama's ratings are on what he does or does not do. is there a little glitch here? sorry. >> oh, your signal is still bad. that's one of the reasons they really don't like skype very much, but you heard peter laughing about president obama's approval ratings going up in light of mr. trump's conduct, some say, that the contrast between the two has made people like president obama more. is there any truth to that? >> no. i doubt it. i think that probably his approval ratings have gone up a little bit because the economy is getting a little bit better. it's a little better. his approval rating has tracked that to some degree. although s.e. is right that the democrats relish the political opportunity that trump provides, i also think it's important to remember that the president and first lady are like a lot of people genuinely concerned about the cultural impact of what
7:24 am
donald trump is doing. there's concerns about a rising number of muslims being bullied and episodes of violence against american muslims or people who people think muslims. as president and first lady, you have to be concerned about that regardless of the partisan implications. >> i have to go there. thank you to all of you. still to come, is ted cruz likable enough? that's what time magazine is asking in the new cover story. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking, keeping-up-with- your-girlfriend-
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. senator ted cruz is campaigning today in upstate new york and while he tries to garner support there, he's touting increasing support from the gop establishment. although it still seeps rather tepid. listen to the senator from idaho. >> at this point it becomes a matter of pragmatics for republicans. i'm prify has most americans are to the polling that's out there, and it is stunning, the defeat that donald trump would face against hillary clinton. >> so you're not going to support donald trump. is that what you're saying? >> i'm not. >> what about the other two? >> i would obviously -- kasich is so far behind. it's impossible for him to get the numbers. by process of elimination, that gets you to ted cruz. >> all right. so that lukewarm support isn't lost on anyone, including our popular culture.
7:30 am
listen. >> listen up everybody. i'm lindsey gram. i got the name of a chick you know i'm the man. i like to rag on that loser ted cruz. i hate how he talks and i hate his face. i hate everything about that rat in the race. in all honesty, i hope that he dies, but trump is the worst sucker. >> it's kind of become a national joke. let's talk about this. i'm joined by time magazine reporter zeke miller. this week's cover story asks the question, and i believe there we have it. which flawed disliked flag bearer do republicans want to go to battle against hillary clinton? and, of course, you -- it has to be ted cruz. but some polls say that ted cruz can beat hillary clinton who is flawed herself. >> exactly. if you're a republican watching a republican senator like we saw last night from idaho. they're a n a position where
7:31 am
they don't really like cruz. they don't like trump, and they want to have a chance. and ted cruz right now gives them that chance to defeat hillary clinton in the fall. donald trump runs so far behind and has alienated so many voters that the republican party will need to win. they're willing to get behind the person that has said about every insult in washington and has thrown the kitchen sink at his colleagues in the senate. and they are now running behind him. maybe not -- walking behind him a little bit, and maybe not with their headseld by, but out of pragmatism that he's their alternative to stopping donald trump. >> how is senator cruz playing that? on one hand he's probably, i guess, happy that accomplishment republicans are coming out to support him, but they're not enthusiastically talking about him on national television.
7:32 am
what does senator cruz say about that? >> they're pretty okay with that. they don't want the label of the establishment falling in behind ted cruz. they don't want those stories. they're not pushing that. they're going for the voters behind them. they're hoping that the donor class that the washington -- washington lawmakers, that those comments will signal to supporters if you're a moderate republican voter that it's time to get behind ted cruz. if you're a pragmatic traditional voter who isn't in that tea party string, now is the time to get behind cruz. he needs to be a little bit detached from the washington establishment and is. he's not a member of that establishment. he needs to win over donald trump supporters who don't like washington maybe even more than kroourz suppo cruz supporters do. he needs to straddle a fine line. he needs to picture the establishment folks into his support without embracing them.
7:33 am
he needs to get the trump voters back in. >> in wisconsin where cruz had the win. he showed he can appeal to different kinds of voters other than evangelical voters. do you think that will hold true in other states moving forward? >> that's the big question for him. new york is not someplace where he's expected to do very well. there are some congressional districts where he could pick up delegates. the bigger question might be states like connecticut, pennsylvania, states that go the week after on the 26th. if he can consolidate there, that's a sign he can stop donald trump going forward when he gets to california which is the last big delegate hall in this cycle. he still has john kasich on his flank, and that's helpful to him in new york and certain places, but if he ever really wants to get the party behind him, he needs to find a way to get those voters consistently behind him. >> because a lot of polls show
7:34 am
that his likability factor is quite low, and he's tried to repair that, because he can be very funny, right? and some of his campaign ads make you laugh out loud. he's trying to appear warmer with his relationship with his wife. he puts his arm around her. in one shot he was feeding her food at a campaign stop. he's doing those kinds of things to show he's a warm human being. >> absolutely. like every politician, there's a public face and the private face, and he's trying to do more to show who he is behind the scenes on the campaign bus, you'll see him cracking lines about the movies. to some people it's awkward, but that's who he is. he's going to be more to show that softer side so maybe sand off rough edges, particularly has it moves from conservative states to some of the more r
7:35 am
moderate states where he needs expand his appeal. >> thank you for stopping by. ted cruz will sit down with erin burn et tonight on cnn. still to come, an impassioned person speaking from the heart. he says black lives matter is ignoring black crime. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. an emotional searing indictment of black lives matter has now gone matter. it's a facebook post by ray lewis. it's been viewed by more than 2.7 million people. he questions the group's focus in light of horrible violence in chicago. >> i'm trying to ask the
7:40 am
question to the organization of black lives. if they really matter. then why not riot now? there was 141 murders this year, 82 murders last year at the same time. i've -- i'm trying to figure out in my mind why no one is paying attention to black men killing black men, and now we have the separation once again that we're being victimized because of one bad white cop, two bad white cops, three bad white cops, killing a young black brother but every day we have black on black crime killing each other. i'm trying to figure out how the month of march, there's more murders in the month of march in chicago than there are days in the month. >> here to talk about this is the core organizer of black lives matter d.c. he joins me from washington. welcome. >> hi. thanks for having me on.
7:41 am
>> thanks for being here. you heard what ray lewis said. he said in other words, your group is focusing on a couple of instances of alleged police brutality and not enough on black on black crime, something that kills more african american young men than anything else. >> it's important to talk about the myth of black on black crime as just that, a myth. any google search can come up a lot of articles. >> so ray lewis is wrong? >> i think he's talking about a lot of misconceptions about. >> -- >> you're saying that black an black crime is not a problem? >> i'm saying that intercommunity crime happens in all communities across the country. and it is a problem that the movement of black lives is focusing on. the movement of black lives is also focusing on state sanctioned violence. it's a different things. it's not a few white cops killing a new unarmed men.
7:42 am
it's systems killing black people, black children, men, women. and that's the issue that i think ray lewis didn't talk about in his video. >> well, specifically he said yes, those issues are important, but the more important issue is figuring out how to help communities heal, how to stop the killing in communities like in chicago. they've seen a huge increase in violence, and it's mostly black an black crime. >> there are many folks on the ground in chicago who are doing great work. you can look at the interrupters. but really i think it's important that the media focus on the broader issues and the systemic conditions that create both intercommunity violence and state sanctioned violence. it's important to talk about how police are used in black communities, and in flint you have both the state and federal government refusing to govern and actually take care of --
7:43 am
>> no, no, i hear you. and the media covers that. but ray lewis is specifically talking about black lives matter, and i'm just going to read you another part of his rant on his facebook page. we keep screaming black lives matter. if they really matter, then let's do ourselves a favor. let's stop killing black folks. let's take it way back to where we understood what slavery was all about. it was about togetherness and understanding that we must overcome together. >> slavery was not about understanding and togetherness. it was about how to get labor from black folks out compensating us for it. it was about creating labor. it was not about slavery. we created unity in a different conversation. >> i think he's talking about. he's talking about unity and fighting injustice together. >> i think we need to fight all the forms of injustice that black community face. i think you can't use black on black crime or the myth that somehow white people are not
7:44 am
also killing white people to distract -- >> i don't think ray lewis is saying that. i think he's focusing on black on black crime. he's not saying it only happens in certain communities. >> i'm trying to highlight that this is what the media wants to bring the black lives matter on media to talk about. >> what would you say directly to ray lewis for posting this on his facebook page? >> i don't have anything to say to ray lewis. i don't know him. i might suggest that he google the myth on black and black crime and talk to other athletes like carmelo anthony who are doing work in their community mississippi adopts a religious freedom law. critics say it's a vaileiled
7:45 am
attempt to discriminate e say ree first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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7:49 am
controversial new north carolina law that critics say discriminates against gay people, south carolina has introduced a nearly identical bill. it would prohibit anyone from using a public restroom other than one of their biological gender. south carolina's governor says the bill is not needed because of a bill adopted in 1999. >> in south carolina we are blessed because we don't have to mandate respect or kindness or responsibility in this state. and so i'll tell you that law has worked perfectly. i don't know of any example we've had a problem of, and south carolina is going to continue to focus on ethics and roads and jobs. we think we have that part covered. >> the so-called religious freedom bills and laws are becoming more an more common across the country. the aclu says some 200 bills
7:50 am
that could lead to discrimination have been introduced and now enacted in north carolina and mississippi. the mississippi law says people an organizations can use their personal religious believes to deny things like wedding services, child adoptions, rental property, medical care and more. we are live in jackson, mississippi with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that debate really is sweeping across the country. we are here in mississippi this morning because it is the latest state to actually enact. soft controversial legislation. in speaking of the folks directly affected by this new law, we are finding opposing views. for example, we have jeremy jones, a guy known around these parts as someone who says he's the only openly gay black baker in the state. he says this new law that will be in effect in july essentially, according to him,
7:51 am
reverses any sign of progress that the people here in mississippi have seen in the last 50 or 60 years. he says that this opens a door to discrimination. opposite of him you have a second generation seamstress, jackie buchanan who we met yesterday who says that even before this law was signed earlier this week, that she won't knowingly assist same sex couples prepare for a wedding. she cites her religious believes. he says the new law respects her rights to deny any services to same sex couples,n other words working with brides to prepare their dresses. then you here from other people who call it discrimination. the debate is far from other, especially with other states considering this controversial legislation. >> all right. thank you. tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, the 80s revisits one of the pivotal moments in modern
7:52 am
u.s. history. the as is natisassination attem ronald reagan. it was an opportunity for the white house to advance the reagan agenda. >> the assassination attempt and the aftermath elevated ronald reagan's popularity to a new high. the new poll shows his job rating jumped 10 points. >> reagan understood that he was getting this sort of sympathy reaction. everybody was cheering for him because they didn't want him to die. they didn't want to lose a president. without missing a step he goes into the message. we have to get the tax and spending bill passed and do it now. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was just like the movies. reagan was a true american hero. >> the president looking very jovial, very healthy.
7:53 am
>> i was in the well of the house when he was addressing the congress. he was magic. everybody was so grateful his life was spared. >> if he wants them to stop, they're not going to stop for a while. >> they handed president reagan and the republicans a major victory. for the second time in his drive to cut the budget he got what he wanted from a house controlled by the opposition party. >> he comes off the victory in congress and the recovery from the assassination attempt looking strong and bold, like a very determined leader. >> an all new episode of 80s airs tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. i'll be right back.
7:54 am
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checking some top stories for you. at least two investigations are underway aft this shocking video showing a texas school resource officer slamming a 12-year-old girl onto the ground went viral. the incident happened last week at a middle school in san antonio. the young girl says she doesn't remember what happened. she was knocked out. the officer in question is now on leave. an air bag being blamed for the death of a teenager in houst houston. she was driving a honda civic when a minor accident caused the recalled air bag to explode. >> she got out of the car and took a step and fell, collapsed. she should have walked away from it. she had a deep laceration on the side of her throat. it looked like debris from the
7:59 am
air bag. >> consumers have been sent multiple recall notices. a man hunt underway in washington state after two men escaped from a mental hospital. they were committed to the facility for treatment after they were arrested for violent crimes. they were last seen in the hospital's dining room at 6:00 last night but were not noticed missing until an hour and a half later. the public is urged not to interact with them but to alert authorities if they see these two men. >> new york city is cracking down on smokeless tobacco. the mayor signing a ban on stadiums and recreational areas. that includes the players on the field. the ban also includes e-cigarett e-cigarettes. new york joins other cities in banning the products.
8:00 am
thanks so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. i've got this guy standing over this there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn in his face. >> he has no business in the bronx. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's ambitions to become president of the united states. [ laughter ] >> i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. just under two weeks before the next major contest of the election. and the new york state of mind is bring it on. >> this morning a newpt


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