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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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dern, his fellow firefighters were willing to go beyond the call of duty to save one of their own. stephanie elam, cnn, fresno, california. >> goodness. what an emotional story. >> powerful. >> incredible. >> why we tell them to you. >> wow. >> from all of us, happy friday. it is now time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> ah, the best day of the week. happy friday to all of you. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. tensions way up between democratic candidates over who is and he is not qualified to run for president. but both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to tone things down today. sanders, ripping a page out of clinton's playbook. >> i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> is he qualified to be president? >> here's what i believe. i believe that voters will be looking at both of us, but i
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will take bernie sanders over dn donald trump or tek td cruz anytime. they pose real threats. >> here's the truth. i've known hillary clinton over 25 years. i respect her. we were colleagues in the senate. on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> all of this as party leaders over a war of words to qualifications singing the race to new lows. >> no question as all the democratic race is headed in a new direction. a different direction. you noted. one making democratic operatives very uncomfortable. the question of kwvqualificatio still riling people. hillary clinton still not willing to take the bait. take a listen to her interview on nbc. >> i never said that about him. >> i know. i'm asking. >> i know. i never said that about him. his response to me was a
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misrepresentation of what i've said, but also kind of a historic amnesia, because on all of those issues he supported president obama, he supported joe biden as our vice presidential candidate. he supported john kerry when he ran and each one of them has, according to him, not been qualified, but i think in the heat of the campaign people say lots of things. i want to stay focused on the issues. there are contrasts between us and i think that's fair game. >> so hillary clinton, carol, obviously taking great pains not to engage on this issue for a second consecutive day, and bernie sanders starting to ratchet back his rhetoric a little bit saying in an interview on the t."today" show hillary clinton is qualified, and the campaign will fight back if attacked. take a listen. >> this is something your campaign manager, jeff weaver said, caused a bit of a stir when he said, don't destroy -- talking to clinton supporters, don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's
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ambitions to become president of the united states. do you agree with that comment? >> i can see we're off to the gossip world. okay. >> no, no. what your campaign manager said. >> yeah, i know, but is that an issue the people are staying up nights worrying about? what people are worried about, how are we going to have decent paying jobs. jeff is doing a great job. we started at 3% in the poll's pt last three out of four polls had us in the lead. simply what jeff is trying to say here, let's not run a negative campaign. let's run a campaign which deals with the real issues impacting the american people. >> reporter: and carol, that san answer that has a spin off of what has been a kind of series of personal attacks in the last -- that also, carol, one of the things most frustrating to the clinton campaign. bernie sanders campaign aides will go out and absolutely spar back and forth not just with hillary clinton but with hillary clinton's team and bernie sanders comes out says he's above it all, dirty politics and doesn't engage and mentions
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lobbyist money, we've seen it go backened forth a slight de-escalation, i don't think the tone will change much in the future. this is a very important primary on april 9th in new york. >> and a debate coming up, too. yeah, we do. phil mattingly, thanks so much. break it down with oush panel. joined by hillary clinton supporter ruben diaz jr. along with cnn political commentator sally cohn and daily beast editor-in-chief john avalon. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> hello. >> good morning. >> i want to start with a lesson off the top, john avalon. why is it so damaging to the democrats to attack one another? and why is it so damaging for republicans to attack one another? >> well, look, i mean, the republicans are in the middle of a deep civil war in which even themselves don't really like their candidates. both ted cruz and donald trump have disapproval ratings higher than 40% inside their own party. but the democrats need to be careful about incubating a left
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wing tea party. what i mean by that, candidates who put ideological impurity first. good, solid policy disagreements are nornt any democratic process. bernie sanders brought a lot to the debate in that regard, but when he starts sliding into calling hillary clinton unqualified, secretary of state and two-term senator, that's when things get ugly and meaningless any devicing and more difficult for a general election. >> the polly sy lesson is out of the way. get down to it. sally, start with you. did sanders start this, or did clinton, or does it matter? and why do we care? >> well, look, i mean, on some level, of course, it probably doesn't. it's a game of cat and mouse. technically, he did start it, and you know, he started it maybe based on this misrepresentation, but it's on them to check the facts, one outlet reporting that hillary clinton had called him unqualified isn't really enough to sort of go strongly negative.
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more important, when you do it. i wish he hadn't done it in the first place and you know i lean towards senator sanders but it's given me serious pause. he shouldn't have done in the first place. he needs to walk it back much more aggressively and clearly than he has. an apology would be nice. republicans seem to think apologies are weakness. the majority of americans and certainly democrats like you to take responsibility when you've made a mistake and own up to it and he should. >> sally, along those lines, when sanders responses, i'll respond in kind in attacked, kind of sounds a lot like donald trump. >> yeah. listen, i mean, i'm not being glib when i say this has given me serious pause. look, the new york primary is in a few weeks and i actually personally decided who to pull the lever for. this kind of attack on, you know -- i don't agree with everything hillary clinton stands for, but she is an honorable public servant and definitely qualified to be president. and i believe in what i've
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admired about the democratic contest so far, it's been a debate of issues and substance and most of those issues i still side with senator sanders, but it's equally important we be a united and civil party, especially in defeating the republicans, also that's what we believe in. ideas, not gutter-sniping personal attack stuff. that's not us. >> on the other hand, ruben, bernie sanders says he's not in attack mode. in fact, well, listen to what he said for yourself on msnbc. >> how often have i talked about hillary clinton's e-mails? have you heard me? not a word. how often have i talked about the clinton foundation's fund-raiser. you have heard me say one word about it during the campaign? to say i am running a vitriolic campaign -- >> why haven't you? [ laughter ] >> you'd make our job easier. some of them -- >> they are, but i have tried to stay away from personal attacks. >> so, ruben, he hasn't really brought up hillary clinton's
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e-mails, or other controversies. >> he just brought it up right there. look, i'm happy to see him at least dialling it back because his comments about hillary not being qualified are pretty ridiculous. i don't think he ever believed that. certainly none of the bernie supporters believed that. when you have someone like hillary, as first lady, champions children's issues, someone there for us on immigration reform add u.s. senate and getting transportation dollars to new york, someone as secretary of state is knowledgeable, more knowledgeable than any candidates running on foreign policy, certainly if that doesn't qualify to be president of the united states, i don't know what does. the reason she was received so warmly. received a hero's william yesterday in the bronx. people love her there. she's been there in the past. we know her as a friend. she's been a champion on health care and hopefully we can get beyond this and get back to the issues. we know hillary will do well here on april 19th and moving forward we should keep our eyes on the prize and realize we have to unite as a party, and beat
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the republicans in november. >> okay. so john, despite your polly sy lesson is there any indication that the personal attacks won't continue on the democratic side? >> look, i think the democratic party this cycle has distinguished itself from republicans in terms of the level tone and velocity of the vitriol. but we're in a place where people are getting tired. they're getting desperate. their supporter are more inclined to view opponents as personal enemies. that's when things get ugly. but we're still at an asymmetric polarization between the two parties. if the democrats want to distinguish themselves in front of the american people saying we're not at mean-spirited and ideological as republicans, they better set the tone. it could go off the rails in california and colorado. >> i must ask you about your dad, ruben. he is a democrat, right? a democrat from the bronx, but he supports ted cruz?
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there he is with ted cruz and his wife heidi. had y how did that happen? >> just like many sons and daughters, i am one to say that parents don't always get it right. he doesn't support ted cruz outright. he's been entertaining many of the candidates on the other side. look, my father's a conservative. he is a -- a pentecostal minister and for me it was, i thought hypocritical of ted cruz to come to the bronx after he offended bronxites, new yorkers, our values and now come to look for votes and money? highest level of hypocrisy. the reason as democrats we have to continue to talk about what bronxites care about and what's making them better these days. creation of jobs, building in a sustainable way. reducing crime. that's what's going to get us over the hump in november and the reason we support hillary clinton and move forward with the progress we see. >> do you say these things when you sit down and have dinner with your dad?
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>> i'm sorry? >> do you say these things when you sit down and have dinner with your dad? >> all the time. not only from me, hears it from my siblings, from his grandchildren, and, look. we all have parents, and it's very difficult sometimes to change, but just like when hillary ran in the past and my father was on the wrong side, we're going to wind up beating whoever he supports, if it's not hillary clinton. >> all right. i have to leave it there. ruben diaz jr., john avalon and sally cohn. thanks to all of you. the next debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton less than a week away. thursday, april 14th. motter rated by wolf blitzer, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. still to kuk in the "newsroom," donald trump sets his sights on the republican convention. why one of his top staffers says the gop front-runner will clinch the nomination before the delegates meet in cleveland. (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. donald trump lays groundwork for a major fight in cleveland
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at the gop convention. the gop front-runner is skipping scheduled stops in california and colorado, and beefing up the role of one of his top advisers. all of this as the battle for new yorkintense phis and the attacks keep coming after a new york values ad. this new ad coming from a super pac backing cruz's gop rival john kasich. >> new yorkers aren't stupid, ted. after we were hit we rallied, rebuilt, but remembered. when you smear new york voters in iowa for votes, we remember that, too. now you come here and conveniently say you love new york. forget about it, ted. >> and john kasich is ahead of ted cruz in new york. right? but ted cruz is standing firm on his comments in new york. he sat down with cnn for a one-on-one interview with dana bash who is here to tell us what he had to say. >> reporter: so much. first of all, on the whole issue
6:17 am
of new york values, which is coming back to bite him just a bit, now that he's actually asking new yorkers for votes, he is not saying -- no regrets. no apologies. nothing. you know, i was on with you from upstate new york yesterday, and the reason why is, because upstate, they get it, and that's more of his natural constituency, much more conservative up there. in fact, somebody this morning said it was like ohio, which i know you can relate to. >> yes. >> much more than new york. but the other interesting fact is that, cruz is doing much better than before in coalescing the party around him, because it's more of the anti-trump forces. but he still hasn't gotten the majority of the -- the vast majority, of his own republican colleagues in the senate. even those who really don't want donald trump to be the nominee at all. and one of the reasons is because they're upset that ted cruz went on the senate floor and called mitch mcconnell their collective leader a liar.
6:18 am
i asked whether or not he is willing to apologize. listen to what happened. >> you know what? dana, this is why people are so frustrated with washington. it's the inside battles back and forth. this isn't a game. this isn't about washington power brokers. this isn't a smoke-filled room. if we want to turn the country around, let me tell you who should apologize. barack obama and hillary clinton should apologize to the american people -- >> but you called mitch mcconnell a liar, not them. >> they should apologize the american people for seven years of economic stagnation, for people seeing jobs going overseas, for wages stuck. barack obama and hillary clinton should apologize to the single moms forced into part-time work because of obama care. >> so no apology for mitch mcconnell? >> my focus is not on washington. that ain't going to happen and if washington lobbyists want to so that happen they can hold their breath a long, long time. my focus is on the american people and uniting republicans behind a shared values and a
6:19 am
shared vision. now, i will tell you this -- i am happy to praise mitch mcdonald and praise him effusively for his stand along with chuck grassley saying we are not going to hold hearings on a replacement for antonin scalia. they're doing the ring thing and i'm proud to commend them, done so publicly many times. they're doing the right thing in saying that justice scalia's replacement should be made by the next president so that the american people have an opportunity to vote and express their views, but we need to focus on the american people, not politicians bickering in washington. >> reporter: so ain't going to happen. that's pretty strong. he's not going to apologize for says his own leader was a liar, doing it from the senate floor. he is walking kind of a fine line that he's not used to walking. he's used to being the flame thrower, the outsider, somebody who really gets the grass roots riled up because he stands up to the leadership and wants to keep that sentiment behind him, but he also does need to really get
6:20 am
all of these guys to coalesce behind him even more for them to tell their activists, maybe, their delegates in their states, if it comes to the convention floor, to get behind him. so, again, it's not a usual state for ted cruz used to being very much the outsider. >> only going to get worse. dana bash, thanks very much. senator ted cruz has perhaps of the prost unusual campaign rallying cry in history. a vote for me is a vote against donald trump. it's moving with many establishment republicans who appear to be holding their noses endorsing senator cruz, but at some point, senator cruz will need voters to cast a ballot for him. because they actually like him. not because they dislike donald trump. with me now to talk about that, cnn political commentator and republican strategist kevin madden. cruz surrogate and founder and president of tea party nation, judsen phillips and joins by john phillips, a trump supporter and talk radio host. thanks to all of you for being with me this morning.
6:21 am
>> good to be here. >> good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> nice to have you all here. judsen, a conservative blog says mr. cruz is doing half his job, chipping away at trump support but not winning ardent supporters. is it time he focused on getting more voters to like him? >> well, i think he is focusing on voters liking him, but he's got a -- he has to win the nomination in order to go beyond cleveland, and guess what? when you're in a fight with somebody, you've got to beat that person, and he's doing a masterful job of taking on donald trump. he is winning delegates left and right, and trump is finally realized, oh, wait a minute. i have to pay attention to the delegates. cruz is doing is what he needs to do and i think we'll see him reaching out even more as the days go on from new york and we go further out. >> so kevin, listen to what mr. trump's new convention manager had to say about ted cruz. >> the reality is, ted cruz has
6:22 am
seen his best day. the reality is, this convention process will be over with sometime in june. probably june 7th, and it will be apparent to the world that trump is over the 1,237 number. when it is apparent, everything's going to come together. >> you think trump gets to 1,237? >> absolutely. >> before the convention? >> absolutely. >> why the confidence? >> because i know the votes. >> kevin, i don't know if that's true, but should cruz also start to concentrate on getting delegates to like him for who he is, instead of, you know -- you've got to cast your support my way because you don't want donald trump in there? >> well, look, i think judd has a point. look at this primary process. senator cruz has been very successful because he has a base of some of the most committed voters inside the party. if you remember back in places like iowa, where he did so well, these were voters that were not only going out and supporting ted cruz but going to get ten of their friends to show up at the caucus. one of the reasons why he's been
6:23 am
successful. he knows now that part -- the process of convincing the rest of the non-trump supporters or never trump supporters inside the gop electorate that the mission right now for them is to stop donald trump. so understanding that, that's his key message right now, which is join me in achieving this goal of not letting donald trump get to 1,237, and walking into that convention with those votes. so it is a, i think, a process that has worked, and he's going to have other opportunities to do that in places that are friendly for ted cruz on the calendar. places like west virginia, pick up congressional districts in california even, which should be more favorable territory for donald trump, as he goes through these next couple of contests. >> okay. so playing devil's advocate. mr. trump appears a little worried about ted cruz. otherwise, why hire an establishment guy like paul manafort to tend to republican delegates? >> well, look, i think this
6:24 am
convention is not going to be the sodom and gomorrah booze fest we're used to. it's time to throw on the gas mask and go into the smoke-filled room because this could get dirty. donald trump has gotten serious now. he's been running this campaign on the cheap, and he hired an expert. hired a guy who specializes in counting delegates and winning nominations, and, look, he's acknowledging tacitly this thing could go to a contested convention and it's a good move. i think he's going to win big in new york. he's polling north of 50% there. ted cruz is campaigning in popular in all the portions of the country where nobody lives, and donald trump is going to, i think, win that race in new york and move on to california and run up more victories, but the delegates are what matters in the primary. >> judsen, if the delegates can -- if this new convention guy that donald trump hired can convince delegates that ted cruz only has a narrow band of support, he can't bring new people to the party like donald
6:25 am
trump can, will that be a winning argument for mr. trump? >> no, it won't, and john just let something out of the bag i don't think he meant to. he said trump's been doing the campaign on the cheap and he's absolutely right. donald trump this far into the campaign suddenly realizes, oh, i've got to pay attention to delegates. something senator cruz has done a long time. donald trump yesterday announced his new york team. senator cruz had people in new york set up for weeks. trump is doing the campaign on the cheap because it's all about trump. guess what? a real surprise, because senator cruz is bringing these new people in. by the way, one other thing worth mentioning. new york has one of toughest regulations as far as switching your voter registration so you can cross over to another primary. trump just announced his team yesterday. guess what? the deadline to switch over from independent or democrat to republican was a month ago. he's not going to be able to bring in the people who he has been bringing in in other states that have been propelling him to
6:26 am
victory. >> interesting. kevin, touch on john kasich, because he's still in there, right? and actually beating ted cruz in the state of new york. so could he be a factor? >> well, he definitely will be a factor. i think he'll be a larger factor in the main goal for so many of the cruz and kasich supporters, again, deny donald trump that 1,237. look, kasich's play here is that he assumes that when we get to a convention, if there is a contested convention, which is looking more and more likely, that all candidates are created equal, and that when all of these delegates are released on a second or third ballot, that they're look at john kasich and see john kasich as a candidate that can answer the one fundamental question that they believe will define every republican delegate's votes in the later ballots, which is who's best positioned to beat hillary clinton? their agent will be, look at the national polls head to head, john kasich is best positioned. >> interesting.
6:27 am
have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary is not the only clinton clashing on the campaign trail. bill clinton faced off with black live matters protestors, and it wasn't pretty. they sato make a sunscreenle... you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena® 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. bill clinton versus black lives matter protestors. things got a little tense on the trail in pennsylvania where the former president is stumping for his wife. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on to the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't.
6:32 am
you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> wow. talking about a big crime bill passed when he was president of the united states. it sent a lot of african-americans to prison, frankly. but some say that exchange calls to mind the campaign trail in south carolina. remember back in 2008, bill clinton made comments and then senator barack obama some called racially insensitive? that along with a string of recent comments prompting slate, a liberal blog, to declare it's time to "fire bill clinton" because no one is doing more damage to hillary's campaign then her husband. so let's talk about that with cnn political commentator and political anchor from new york 1, errol lewis. is slate right? >> slate is probably wrong. when it comes to political, the political skills, the ins and out, strategizing, whipping up a crowd, i suppose anybody can
6:33 am
have a bad day, but i think we should acknowledge that bill clinton is one of the best in the business. she a very, very talented man. he has been -- has been so for a couple of decades now. so if they've got somebody better, they think that can draw a crowd, rile up a crowd and move people in favor's hillary clinton who's better than her husband, let us know who that person is. who's that person? >> still, in talking about this crime bill, he embraced it, right? said the black lives protestors were wrong about, you know, the damage that the crime bill did to the black community, because it put a lot of criminals behind bars and kind of solved the gang problem. hillary clinton has been trying to distance herself from that crime bill. so in standing up so strongly for it, does he in the end hurt her? because, and i ask that, because -- during the whole ramp up to bill clinton signing that bill into law, hillary clinton, as first lady -- >> she fought for it. testified in front of congress.
6:34 am
gave speeches. she's part of that bill. i mean, this is not one of the ones -- >> the term super predator? >> right. seems to set off a lot of protestors. this is an important policy decision, and i don't know. we can't see what the mood was in the room, who was there. that might have led bill clinton toic ma the choice to defend that piece of his legacy at that moment. but this san important policy debate, and bill clinton does have a point. the black lives matter protestors especially the younger ones, maybe weren't around in the mid and early 1990s, they should get an education and they should sort of think hard about this, because there was an important segment of the black community, of the liberal community, the cities were -- i mean, i was living in brooklyn at the time, as we were ticking up to 2,000 murders a year. it was not a good time to be in any city and there were roving packs of people and there were people who were destroying communities. black communities, white communities. you know? in downtown. in the neighborhoods. it was a really chaotic time, a really important time to do
6:35 am
something, and there was a lot of pressure from these communities for the government to do something, and that includes bill clinton. so i think that's where you saw some of his frustration saying, look, i didn't just -- sit in the oval office and decide, hey, let's crack down on crack. i mean, anybody who was arrived at the time knows it was an important and scary time. >> i attest that that as well. should hillary clinton change her tactic? because listen to how she arnsed a question from don lemon in a recent democratic debate about that term "super predator" and whether she regretted it. >> secretary clinton, in 1996 you used the term super predators to describe some young kids. some feel like it was racial code. was it? and were you wrong to use that term? >> well, i was speaking about drug cartels and criminal activity that was very concerning to folks across the
6:36 am
country. i think it was a poor choice of words. i never used it before, haven't used it since, i would not use it again. >> so maybe she should embrace the crime bill as well and just dispense with the politics? >> well, i don't know about that. i mean, they should probably, i think, move beyond it. i mean, this is a place, like i said, for a serious policy discussion if want to go back 20 years, look at that bill, where it went and to it have gone different. for both clintons, frankly, you're not going to win having a televised argument with children. right? that's just not going to work. some are young adults but i think of them as kids. i'm old enough to say that. >> they're not going to like you,er errol. >> when they tried to say something to my kid while standing there. no. we'll have a big discussion but you don't get to chastise my kid. the optics are terrible. it's not going to educate them and in some ways not particularly relevant. what price do you want hillary
6:37 am
clinton to pay for a bill passed 20 years ago? that's not the important question. the important question, what do we do going forward? what are the policing policies she's advocating now? what have we learned from, what was, in fact, a disastrous aftermath of these punitive laws put in place. that's the discussion that needs to have. if the clinton aren't ready to have that discussion, they'll see more protestors between now and election day. >> thanks, as always. still to come in the "newsroom," pope francis a major shift in attitude towards divorce and homosexuality in the catholic church. you do all this research on a perfect car then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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6:41 am
outrage growing against adopted anti-gay laws. even ellen degeneres speaking out about laws okayed in north carolina and mississippi. >> i'm not a political person. i'm really not, but this is not politics. this is human rights. i grew up in the south right next door in louisiana. i used to go to mississippi as a
6:42 am
kid all the time. my aunt helen lived there. so if you're in mississippi or north carolina or anywhere and you're saddened by the fact that people are judging you based on who you love, don't lose hope. i was fired for being gay, and i know what we it feels like. i lost everything, but look at me now. >> democratic pennsylvania governor tom wolf just signed two executive orders to make sure state agencies and contractors do not discriminate against the gay community. governor wolf joins me now. welcome, sir. >> thank you very much. good to be with you. >> nice to have you here. you signed executive orders to make sure discrimination does not happen in your state. why didn't you go through the state legislature? >> well, what i did yesterday was an executive order to say that in my jurisdiction, the employees of the state and the employees of people and companies doing work with the state contracts, that there will
6:43 am
be no discrimination. that's what i can do. i'm just governor. we have a democracy and to get what we need in pennsylvania is broad anti-discrimination legislation that will take an act of the legislature. i was trying to say this is a first step saying pennsylvania is very serious about being an open and welcoming state. >> there is legislation in the general assembly in the state of pennsylvania right now. right? >> there is. yes. non-discrimination. >> and do you think it has a chance of passing? >> i think it enjoys broad support among the people of pennsylvania, and it enjoys a majority of support in both the senate and the house, bipartisan support. so i'm confident that -- that if the legislation is allowed to come up for a vote, that it will pass. and i will sign it. >> why was it so important to
6:44 am
you to sign these executive orders, instead of waiting for it to go through the legislature? >> that's a great question. you know, what we'd all like is to have the legislation that ablews to all people in pennsylvania. but i was getting a little -- frustrated with the pace. i wanted to go on record to say, you know, this is what i can do, and it's a first step. but it shows that pennsylvania is serious annan discrimination. we want to be open and welcome. i ran a business, and i wanted to make sure that the pool of talent that i was drawing from when i was in business was as broad and wide and big as it could possibly be. pennsylvania was founded by william penn on the basis of being welcome and open and tolerant, and i want to make the case we are still that same commonwealth that he founded back in the 1600s. >> do you think ultimately it will be the business community that forces states like north
6:45 am
carolina and mississippi to change its minds about these kind of laws? >> i -- i sure hope so. i mean, paypal, for example, immediately said we're not going to bring 500 new jobs to north carolina as a result of the -- the bad legislation, the discriminatory legislation that north carolina passed. so i think that that is something that should be important. every chief executive officer in every state of the country. you want jobs. you want economic development. you don't want to position yourself as a state that is not welcoming to companies that want to have access to every possible talent in the country, in the world. and so businesses, i think, can have a big voice in this, and certainly, you know, it's something that, a point i wanted to make to businesses. listen, we are open. we are a state that is welcoming, and we want everybody to come here and get a good job.
6:46 am
>> all right. governor tom wolf, thank you for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. coming up in the "newsroom," less judgment, more acceptance. pope francis' major announcement this morning.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
pope francis today ushered in a new era of tolerance for catholics that are divorced or gay. the pope urged church leaders to be tolerant and nonjudgmental toward those whose personal
6:51 am
lives are, quote, irregular. we're joined with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. it is a lengthy document. it still upholds much of the traditional attaching on the family, but it does allow for greater leniency, greater tolerance. as you mentioned, the major change being one of emphasis that pope francis is now saying to local priests and bishops that they can sit down with people in the irregular situations, catholics divorced and remarried or living together, and so on, and they can discuss the particulars of their case on an individual case by case basis because pope francis says i cannot issue one general norm rule from roam to apply to the myriad of complex family situations that we have around the world. so the biggest change in this document is putting -- shifting the emphasis, putting the responsibility on local
6:52 am
churches, on local regionens and countries to decide based on the particular situation of the couple involved. he does kind of satisfy the traditionalist by continues to say no to abortion, contraception, and gay unions are not to be -- he opens the door just to allow his priests and bishops to make judgments based on the individual case. keeping in mind, of course, that mercy for pope francis has to be the overriding theme. >> all right. the american election is also making its way to the vatican in the form of bernie sanders. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes. well, bernie sanders campaign announced he had been invited to a conference at the vatican next friday. this conference is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of john
6:53 am
paul the second's social incyclical, looking at some of the catholic social teaching of that time 25 years ago. i spoke to the vatican official in charge of the conference because it seemed somewhat unusual that a presidential candidate would be invited to a vatican conference, and the official told me that it's not their intention to lend any particular support to the campaign, but that bernie sanders had expressed an interest many times, the official said, in the pope's teaching within this particular incyclical, so they thought it would be appropriate to invite him. >> thank you. still to come in the news room, one of the most iconic brands in america fires back after bernie sanders accuses the company of destroying america. re, we coulde stacked these tires. or put them on a rack. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands.
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you can count general electric as one of the large corporations not feeling the bern. that's because they accuse ge o destroying the fabric of america. d ge is firing back. >> now we know why bernie sanders gets that no b.s. bernie title. he gave it to the new york daily news straight. he did this interview earlier in the week on monday. and the newspaper pressed bernie sanders to come up with an actual corporation that's destroying the fabric of america, and bernie sanders said ge ge. he said why. he said they are closing down
6:59 am
major manufacturing plants in the u.s., shipping off u.s. jobs overseas to lower paying jobs and avoiding paying taxes. when you look at the numbers, ge's work force has flux wactua over the years. in the 90s, and then it went up, and after the recession the numb of american workers went down. that's the reality for many companies, also the manufacturing industry has shrunk here in the u.s. well, after this first sone cam the second in the washington post saying ge has been in business for 124 years. we've never been a big hit with socialists. we create wealth and jobs instead of just calling for them in speeches. guess what, then came a third comment and this time it's personal from a bernie sanders staff member coming on cnn saying this, if the ceo of ge
7:00 am
wants to know how he's destroying the fabric of america, he should take a good look in the mirror. they have to deliver to their employees and customers and to their shareholders saying they have to do this every day, that ge like many other companies lives in the real world. >> alison, many thanks. >> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. bernie sanders and hillary clinton avoid taking major swings while republican rivals try to take new york. first the fight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton over who is more qualified to be president. it's take an softer tone. >> i think it's kinds of a silly statement. here's what i believe. i believe that voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders over
7:01 am
donald trump or ted cruz any time. they pose real threats. >> here's the truth. i've known hillary clinton for 25 years. i respect hillary clinton. we were colleagues in the senate, and on her worst day, she would be a better president than either of the president candidates. >> today clinton courts voters in upstate new york while sanders holds rallies in brooklyn. plus donald trump sets his sights on the convention and beeves up the role of one of his top strategists as cruz tries to keep moment up with incoming attacks. phil matingly is kicking off our coverage. >> reporter: as you see, they're apparently ri lining their messages, bernie sanders and hillary clinton all would be better than anybody on the republican side. look, this is a fight. it's broken out. i think it's somewhat unsettling to a lot of democrats who have been watching the democratic race and saying at least we're
7:02 am
not the republican race. that's starting to shift a little bit right now, and while both candidates have started to ratchet back the escalation, still a few jabs here and there. here's what hillary clinton said this morning in an interview with the nbc today show about what's been happening between her and bernie sanders. >> i never said that about him. >> i know. i'm asking. >> i know. i never said that about him. his response to me was a misrepresentation of what i've said, but also kind of a historic amnesia, because on all of those issues he supported president obama. he supported joe biden as our vice presidential candidate and john kerry when he ran. each one of them has, according to him, not been qualified. but i think in the heat of the campaign people say lots of things. i want to focus on the issues. there are contrasts between us, and i think that's fair game. >> the issue of qualification becoming a big one in the democratic race.
7:03 am
now, bernie sanders said his campaign is just going to fight back when they feel attacked. he's accusing surrogates of running a smear campaign against his team. this is how bernie sanders defended his operation. >> this is something your campaign manager said, caused a bit of a stir when he said don't destroy, he was talking to clinton supporters. don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's ambitions to be president of the united states. do you agree with that? >> we're up to the gossip -- >> this is what your campaign manager said. >> it's not what people are worried about. people are worried about how we're going to have decent paying job. we started at 3% at the polls. the last polls have us in the lead. what jeff is trying to say is let's not run a negative campaign. let's run a campaign that deals with the real issues impacting
7:04 am
the american people. >> so both candidates right now trying to pivot back to a positive issues oriented campaign. but the reality is this race has gotten closer. the stakes are very high. we have a very important debate coming up in a can couple of days in brooklyn. cnn debate, and right after this the new york primary. voters go to the polls on april 19th. bernie sanders on a good streak. hillary clinton trying to stop it in a state she's supposed to win. the impentensity is going to ratchet up. >> and then we know what happens, personal attacks. thank you so much. we're hearing a different tone this morning from bernie sanders when it comes to clinton's qualifications, but he says he's been trying to stay above the fray for quite some time. >> how often have i talked about clinton's e-mails? have you heard me? not a word. how often have i talked about the clinton foundation's fundraising? have i said one word about it?
7:05 am
-- >> why haven't you? [ laughter ] ? >> you'd make our job easier. >> some of them are legitimate questions. >> they are, but i have tried to stay away from personal attacks. >> with me to talk about this and more, ron brownstein. ron, good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> do you buy that from bernie that he's going easy on clinton because he hasn't brought up the e-mail scandal? >> he's gotten tougher in the last few weeks. essentially trying to paint a portrait of her as someone who is too tied into the system as it exists in special interests to deliver the kind of sweetening change his supporters like. in the end, i think the challenge from bernie sanders is very straightforward. he has to win some of these big states that are still on the calendar. that's the only path to the nomination. the only way to win the big states is to do better than he's done among african american and
7:06 am
latino voters. that's the core challenge. i'm not sure challenging clinton is the way forward on that central challenge for his campaign. >> you know, sanders said not only did sanders say clinton is unqualified to be president. his campaign said clinton could destroy the democratic party because of her ambition. so older democratic women are not taking kindly to that. is this damaging to sanders when he needs to expand his base? >> i think the unqualified thing was emotionally satisfied but irrelevant to the real challenges he faced if not actually counterproductive as you're saying. as i said, bernie sanders is doing very well with his base. he's winning over 70% of voters under 30 in all the exit polls taken. that's higher than obama attracted in 2008, and he's doing very well with white liberals. what he's not been able to do consistently is crack the diversity of the democratic
7:07 am
party. as a result, hillary clinton has won almost all the big states. on the democratic side, all the big states are diverse. the only one he won is michigan. you have others coming up, if there's any path for bernie sanders, he has to win those states. the only way he can do that is by appealing to more african american and latino voters. you need more bread and butter arguments. making the case she's unqualified because she's not as liberally consistent as i am, i don't think that's the way forward for him in terms of what he has to achieve between now and the finish line. >> are his critics right? is he a one-trick pony? >> look, he has gone much further. i would say no, actually. bernie sanders started as we said before, as a classic one track candidate. he has advanced well beyond that. he's now deeply competitive for
7:08 am
working class white voters. beat her among them in every midwestern state except ohio. that's what's opened up the map for him. he's advanced off the beach where he started. he's crossing one big hill with one big hill to go. until he proves he can cross that, hillary clinton is still in the driver's seat for the nomination. >> thank you. the next debate between hillary clinton and standards is live from brooklyn 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn on thursday. on the republican side, donald trump is setting his sights on the gop convention. he's skipping scheduled stops in california and colorado and beefing up the role of one of his top advisors to help hunt for delegates. not a meantime, ted cruz is defending his controversial new york values remarks. let's get to dana bash. she sat down with cruz for a one
7:09 am
on one interview. what did he say? >> well, about that new york values issue, the new york daily news, we talked about it yesterday, greeted him with a not so warm welcome. suggesting that he take the f and the u train, giving him some helpful hints. i had the newspaper and asked him about it at the beginning of the interview. he took it lightly. take a listen. >> i laughed out loud. look, i have never been popular with left wing journalists or tabloids, and frankly, that's not my target audience. >> any regrets in using the terminology now that you're asking for new york voters to vote for you? >> no. everyone in new york and outside of new york knows exactly what i meant by that, and it is the liberal values of democratic politicians who have been hammering the people of new york for decades. they've suffered under these liberal values. it's been politicians like governor andrew cuomo and
7:10 am
hillary clinton. andrew cuomo told new yorkers if you're pro life and believe in the second amendment, there is no place for you in the state of new york. >> so i'm still not quite clear on what he considers new york values. is it the belief in same-sex marriage? is that what he's talking about? >> i'm sure that's likely one of them. pretty much any liberal point of view he considers new york values. that's why he's making the case over and over again, as you saw there, he's talking about liberal politicians and people who support them. >> he's talking about social issues, not fiscal policy or is it everything? >> i think it's everything, and as we were talking about both this morning and yesterday when i was up in upstate new york which is a completely different state. it's a different world, as my of the voters up there
7:11 am
actually -- that's how they phrased it. it is quite different, and they say up there that they get what he's talking about, that it is largely a liberal place. we are in the belly of the beast right now. we're in new york city. this is far different from a lot of the other parts of the state. the problem for ted cruz is this is also where the major population center is, and where most people vote. in general, he is campaigning very hard. a little bit here, but much more so in the northern part of the state in upstate new york, because -- >> but he gave it a try in new york city. he went to the bronx. he didn't get a great reception because of his immigration policy own that remark. >> that's true from people outside. now, he argues that he was meeting behind closed doors with pastors with religious leaders of all shapes and sizes, and all stripes, and that yesterday i thought what was very
7:12 am
interesting, and we showed some of the pictures, he went into an ultra orthodox community in brooklyn. he helped the kids make food. he spoke to a religious rabbi. it speaks to what i was saying before which is the way he's going to do well here and well is a relative term for him in new york. is by picking up as many delegates as he can. the congressional districts are allotting three delegates each. if he can get a few in the upstate part of new york, maybe, maybe some in those pockets, although down here in new york city it's probably less likely. you know, that's something when you're talking about every delegate mattering. >> dana bash, thanks. >> still to come, donald trump not the only one attacking ted cruz for his stance on new york values. john kasich is stepping into that fray too.
7:13 am
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7:17 am
first donald trump attacked ted cruz for his comments on new york values. now john kasich is taking his turn. check out the latest ad. >> in iowa ted cruz sneered at our new york values. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. i got to say they're not iowa values and they're not new hampshire values. everyone knows what new york values are. >> ted cruz divides to get a vote. john kasich unites to get things done. >> in the meantime, john kasich showing that he hearts new york. touring a deli in the bronx and chowing down. look at the food in front of governor kasich. word is he ate all of it. they're not feeding him well on the campaign trail. he couldn't wait to get to that deli. he had to eat. as you can see, everyone around him thought it was impressive. but i digress. with me to talk about more important things.
7:18 am
kailee macaniny and ben ferguson. >> at least he wasn't eating it with a fork. >> he figured that out. it was impressive. let's talk about john kasich's ad for just a second in the new york values thing. ben, is that really effective among republicans? >> i don't think it's going to be effective at all, and i think the point that ted cruz was making and conservative voters understood was donald trump even said in his own words i have new york values, implying they were much more liberal values. new york is a more liberal state and conservatives understood what that meant. i don't know why kasich thinks this is the right thing to do to go after ted cruz in a state where he's, by the way, still in fourth place in the delegate count. he's still behind rubio and rubio isn't in the race anymore. >> he's beating ted cruz in new york, though. >> yeah. and again, i think he thinks, hey, if i can somehow get in
7:19 am
second here that that's going to propel me to the nomination. i don't get the strategy by him at all. i think it's time for him to say i had a nice run. i'm in fourth place in the delegate count and rubio is still beating me. i should bow out of this. >> speaking of taking a break, donald trump appears to be taking a break. is he confident he's going to win new york by so much that he's taking it easy for a time? >> i think he's restrategizing. california and a trip there was part of his strategy, but he decided to put the eggs in the new york basket and get over 50% and take nearly 95 pel delegates and get the momentum going into the northeast and to other states. ben, i have to take issue with what you said about new york values being liberal. you f you mean liberal, you say liberal. ted cruz chose to say new york values because he made a calculation that he was going to win the southeast, that he
7:20 am
didn't need the northeast and could dismiss the entirety of the northeast, but now he needs the northeast. he needs new york and new jersey. he needs pennsylvania. so now he's going back and saying liberal. if he meant that, he would have said liberal. >> here's the thing. it's a great talking point. the reality is, there are going to be voters who walk into the booth in new york and be confused why donald trump's name is on the republican side. he supported hillary clinton and said he was pro choice. he said my new york views are liberal. he supported more liberals in new york running for office in new york than conservatives. there are voters who can't believe his name is on that side of the ticket. he said i have new york values. they're a little bit different than the rest of the country. conservatives knew it meant he was not a pro life guy. he was a pro choice life. he was in favor of limiting
7:21 am
popular guns that people have. >> not true. >> charlie rangl is new york values. he's not a conservative, and donald trump supported him. the conservatives are not going to be tricked by the idea that somehow ted cruz is being mean to liberals in new york. he went being mean to conservatives? >> in the state of new york, donald trump is leading in the polls by leaps and bounds. so the new york values thing is kind of backfiring on ted cruz. >> exactly. >> well, here's the thing, ben. you say new york values is synonymous with liberal values. that's insulting. new york state -- let me speak. new york state is not monolithic. they elected a republican, gorge pataki. it's incense sensitive to sugge everyone is liberal. that's wrong. ted cruz insulted an entire region of the country, not just new york.
7:22 am
you have to live by your candidate's words. it's going to harm him. >> i agree with you. donald trump said it. >> i got to leave it there. thanks to both of you. >> still to come in the news room, a wild west delegate hunt for colorado republicans and ted cruz is gunning for the number one spot on in colorado springs this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the district conventions about to get underway in colorado springs. by the end of that weekend, all of colorado's dell cegates to represent the republican party will be selected. we'll talk about colorado's unique delegate election process as well as which presidential candidate as the momentum here in colorado when when he come back. he come back.
7:23 am
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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7:27 am
i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the process that's been called messy, complicated, and really hard to understand. but this year all you need to know about the gop convention in colorado is that it matters. we are in colorado springs with why. good morning, ana. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the race for delegates across the country is going to matter this year as we know. 1237 is the number to hit. it's possible no one candidate is going to rack up that many delegates going into the rnc come july. that's why colorado matters. by the end of this week in all of colorado's delegates will be elected. now, ted cruz definitely has the momentum here in colorado. their campaign is expecting a
7:28 am
big win in this state through the delegate election process. i can tell you at the district conventions that have already happened, ted cruz has swept those that have policemenledged to one candidate. a couple have verbally supported cruz. kasich's campaign says they hope to pick up a few delegates in colorado. trump's campaign is saying any delegates they get here will be an added bonus. it speaks to the expectations, and cruz is the only candidate expected in this state throughout the weekend. i want to explain the unique process here. there's no primary or binding straw poll. these delegates are elected at district and state conventions. the district conventions are happening today. the state convention tomorrow. 21 delegates elected at the district convention and the remainder of 13 elected at the state convention tomorrow. there are thousands of people who will be voting on these
7:29 am
delegate candidates and hundreds of people are running to be those delegate representatives from the state. they'll only have 10 to 20 seconds to give their argument about why they think they should be the ones to go to the rnc. it's interesting. the other unique angle here in colorado is when candidates apply to be a delegate. they have to fill out a form. they can pledge their support at that time to a particular candidate or mark the column that says unpledged, and so going do to the that national convention there could be candidates in colorado that haven't pledged their support to one candidate. so the fight for those delegates in particular is really underway, carol. >> wow. now we know why each individual candidate has a man or a woman that only focuses on delegates and how they're elected, and wow. it's just so complicated. strange, but thank you for bringing us that story from colorado springs.
7:30 am
the republican front runner, donald trump is sitting out the colorado convention tomorrow and focusing on new york. if you ask cruz's campaign manager, trump better win big in new york or he should get out of the race. >> i'm assuming donald is strong in his home state. if he doesn't win his home state, in fact, if he doesn't get close to over 50%, he should probably consider dropping out like everyone else has when they don't win their home state in a dramatic fashion. >> maybe he was joking. i don't know. joining us to talk about that and more is susan mcdeal. good morning. >> good morning. >> did you hear that suggestion that mr. trump should drop out if he doesn't win new york state big? >> i heard the suggestion. >> i'm assuming you're like really? >> yeah. of course they're going to say
7:31 am
that. >> so mr. trump, he seems to be well ahead in the polls, right, here in the state of new york. is he worried at all? >> it would be wrong for me to say not to be worried. you always want to be concerned. do we have new york? we won't know excite yet, obviously. being concerned, sure, i would be concerned. you never know what's going to happen until it happens. we're just going to stay positive and think for the best. >> you're staying positive. of course, senator cruz is trying tr trying to cast doubt in the mind of voters. this is what he said. >> donald has had a floor about 20, 25% he gets no matter what. he may be right that he could go out and shoot someone and the floor would stay there, but he has a ceiling of 35% to 40% that he has a hard time breaking.
7:32 am
the worst day for the trump campaign was the day rubio suspended his campaign. what happened is over 80 % of marco's supporters came to us and it unified much of the remainder of the party behind our campaign. >> so is ted cruz right? does mr. trump have a ceiling? >> i don't know where that's coming from, why ted cruz would make a comment like that, that someone has a ceiling. that would be as ridiculous as trump saying cruz has that same ceiling. that's nonsense. >> trump's public schedule on his website is empty right now. it says to try back later. that's 11 days until the new york primary. why not have more events today in the state or anywhere? >> we're working on the events in the area, and, actually, i've seen some information that came through that he already has some down state scheduled. he's got buffalo scheduled. we're working on albany for monday that is scheduled.
7:33 am
so i believe the scheduling is being put into effect. nothing is confirmed. >> all right. susan mcneil, thank you for joining me this morning. still to come, what happens if no republican candidate can win enough delegates to clench the nomination? i couldn't even get that out this morning. in a word, anything. we'll be back with that next. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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7:38 am
1976. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it was a chaotic convention in 1976, and it could happen all over again. except this time it might be even worse. after millions of votes, dozens of contests, and heaps of mud flung along the way -- >> donald, i say -- >> the republican presidential race has a bit of everything. except a nominee. >> we will win a majority of the delegates. >> reporter: the last time a contested convention happened was in 1976. when former california governor, ronald reagan was the outsider, challenging the president, gerald ford. both men claimed to have the votes heading into the convention, but nobody was sure. not even jim baker who was then ford's top delegate hunter. >> we had no assurance whatsoever that he would get the majority of votes necessary to
7:39 am
be nominated. >> reporter: but he did, winning the nomination and earning baker headlines. but it was far from easy. >> mr. president -- >> ronald reagan almost knocked off an incumbent republican president. we had to get in there and fight for it. >> reporter: so as donald trump gets ready to rumble at the convention, baker has little sympathy for the argument that if trump is closest to the finish line going in he should be declared the winner. >> it's mathematically unfair. >> reporter: is that the way the process works? >> that's a good argument for him to make, but that's not actually the way the process is supposed to work. >> 20 votes for our fellow te n texan. >> it's supposed to work in a series of votes by the delegates on the floor of the convention. they select the nominee. it's a party's nominating convention. >> reporter: the good news for
7:40 am
trump is that his supporters, like ronald reagans 40 years ago are die hard. >> reagan had the benefit of the movement. his dell gaegates were really committed to what he stood for. >> reporter: the same way trump's delegates are committed to donald trump as the outsider. >> provided trump can get them selected as sedelegates and not have his delegate slots filled by another nominee. >> in other words, just winning the most delegates on primary nights is not enough. >> another win for donald trump. >> reporter: winning states is one thing, but keeping your state delegates is another matter entirely. not only on a first ballot but hanging onto them if there are multiple votes, leaving delegates free to roam. even defect, and that's where trump's anti-establishment campaign is playing catchup. >> reporter: if you were running the trump delegate selection
7:41 am
process now, what would you be doing? >> well, i think they need to be ramping up a sophisticated delegate selection process. i'm not sure that they've been paying very much attention to their ground game. >> reporter: how did you keep track of it? >> first of all, you need to know everything there is to know about a potential delegate or a delegate. most important thing to know is what turns them on, what turns them off, what they believe in, what they favor, what they disfavor, who they're sleeping with. you make a point to learn everything you can about each delegate. and then you just massage that delegate. you stay in touch with them, work them, protect them to keep them from being stolen by the other side. it's a zero sum game, as people say all the time, it ain't bean
7:42 am
bag. >> reporter: with very few rules. >> you have to be careful. you can't buy votes. >> reporter: what can you do? >> there are some things you can, and we took great advantage of it in 19 7 6. the head of the party was the president of the united states. it helped a lot. there was a dinner for the queen of england. you get an uncommitted delegate invited to the white house for the queen of england, you don't think you have a good chance of getting his vote? you do. >> reporter: did you? >> we did, and i bet i went to more state dinners in the ford administration. >> reporter: and some delegates asked for favors, some crossing the line. >> we got a lot of inappropriate requests, and there were some really outrageous ones like jobs, federal jobs. >> reporter: federal jobs? >> yeah. federal jobs. if i'm not mistaken there was a request to lay off a relative of
7:43 am
one of the delegates who had been prosecuted for a federal crime. things like that. >> reporter: improper requests, aside, what's to stop a few friendly plane rides to mar-a-lago. or a hunting trip to texas. >> the game wasn't only played on our side. it was played on their side too. we just had some better inducements we could offer. >> america is at peace. >> reporter: still, it was close. when it came to a head on the convention floor, ford beat reagan by 117 votes. but this fight could be more bitter and last longer. and baker warns that if it does and the rules start changing in the middle of the game, there could be hell to pay for the entire republican party. >> if you have a candidate who is within 100 or 150 delegate
7:44 am
votes of getting a majority and you start changing the rules to screw the candidate out of a nomination, i think you're going to buy yourself some grief. you're going to buy yourself some grief in the general election. but his supporters, all of whom thought that they were voting for significant change might stay home. >> an ominous thought for the republican party. does jim baker think the guy ahead in the delegate count going into the nomination should get the nomination? >> reporter: he thinks you should fight for it. they had to scratch and get every single delegate, make sure if there was more than one ballot, if they weren't with you on one ballot, they were with you on the other ballot. he thinks you have to do your work. he doesn't believe you should
7:45 am
change the rules in the middle of the game. this is how the game is played. this is not a constitutional convention. it is a political convention. but he doesn't think that you should change the rules in the middle of the game, because then you're going to have all these voters, as he said at the end of the piece, who are going to feel disenfranchised, angry, bitter, and the worst thing that can happen for the republican party is their voters are so mad at the party apparatus that they decide to not come out and support the nominee on election day. >> wow. fascinating. thank you for bringing us that story. it was fascinating. all right. we're following breaking news out of texas. i want to share it with you. an active shooter situation going on at the lackland air force base. the sheriff's department saying they do have victims. the scene is still active. the fbi now responding. we'll have more information on the other side. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
7:46 am
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all right.
7:50 am
more. a little more information on the breaking news out of texas. as i told you, we have an active shooter situation right now at the lackland air force base located in san antonio. the whole thing is on lock down. this is a big place. more than 9,000 people work at this air force base. we understand that two people now confirmed dead. but everything within this joint base of operation is on lockdown as well as maybe some of the things outside the base. tom fuentes is on the phone right now. he's our expert in all things that involve police activity. so what does a lockdown involve, tom? >> well, basically it would involve not letting anybody off the base right now and then restricting people coming on and just trying to start looking around to see if they have another shooter. i think the preliminary information in this case was that it was possibly a murder suicide, but now they have two
7:51 am
deceased people, but they're still trying to verify if one of then was the shooter. i think until they verify that in the interest of being very cautious, they're locking down the base and some of the neighboring businesses outside the base are locking down. >> we do have some information from the county sheriff's deputy. the twitter page confirms two are dead and the bodies are apparently inside a building on the base. >> right. >> so, again, so they're just making sure everything is okay. if this is a murder suicide, you'd think the lockdown would be lifted, but why hasn't it been? >> right. well, they have to verify to some extent that they think they have it contained and the shooter is one of the two deceased persons there, and they
7:52 am
have the air force has the office of osi which is their police force basically, similar to army cid or navy ncis, and then because it's a u.s. government military reservation, then the fbi would come in as well and have jurisdiction for capital crimes on that base. i think right now that's the interest is verifying what exactly happened and whether there's still a remaining danger to the community at large. >> all right. tom, i have to let you go. there's a lot of breaking news happening right at this moment. i'm trying to get my, all my oars in the water. i also have breaking news out of belgium. belgian authorities have made several arrests in connection with to the brussels attacks. we don't have names or any other information, but we're gathering information and i'll send you who has been placed under arrest, we believe it's a series of suspects in brussels. also back lehere in the united states someone connected to a
7:53 am
campus killing is caught. that's the word from austin police who say they have a suspect connected to the murder of an 18-year-old student who was a first year student at the university of texas at austin. she majored in dance and theater. her body was found on campus earlier this week. ed has more on this breaking news story and is joining us live from austin. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the information is starting to trickle in. austin police scheduled a news conference for the next hour. the 18-year-old girl was last seen sunday night leaving the dance building not too far from the dorm on the university of texas campus where she had just texted friends that she was on her way back to the dorms but she never made it. the next morning her roommates and friends reported her missing and her body was discovered in a creek between the dance building and the dorm area there on the ut campus on tuesday afternoon.
7:54 am
and then yesterday austin police releasing some surveillance video of a person of interest in this case. perhaps a student or someone, a six foot black male walking a red or pink woman's bicycle near that same area a couple hours after the woman was last seen. now we're getting word that austin police have a suspect in custody. whether or not this is the same person seen in the video is not clear at this point. we'll wait and see the developments here that happen within the next hour. >> it's interesting that they made an arrest so quickly. >> and what is perhaps even more interesting is the detail about how this came across. the fire department there in austin tells us that they responded to a small fire this morning, and in that call they discovered some of the woman's belongings in that small fire. so the details of that are still
7:55 am
kind of coming in as well. but that could be what has brought investigators to make this arrest. that will be an interesting development as we follow it throughout day. >>. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan after a break. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an aent. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? (avo) how mu18%? 20?in does your dog food have? [ voice of dennis ] indeed. nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot,
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especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. hello, everyone. >> we have breaking news in texas. there's a shooting situation in san antonio at lackland air force base. the scene we're told is still active right now. we're told two people are dead. the fbi is involved in the investigation right now. bear county deputies are on the scene. we'll take you there live when we get more information.
8:00 am
>> first we have other breaking news. we want to bring you out of belgium, a prosecutor saying that several arrests have now been made in connection with the brussels terror attacks. let's bring in kelly morgan and nick robertson. kelly, let's get to you. bring us the news. several arrests. what more are you learning? >> reporter: well, not much more at this stage. we don't know the number of those who have been arrested today for do we know their identity. as you say, they have been arrested in connection with the blast at the airport here in belgium and also the metro attack. we expect to learn more later with press conferences, that kind of thing. we doe know police have been looking for eight key suspects since the attacks. there have been european security bulletin launched on march 23rd, the day after the attacks. we know some of the names that were on that list. m


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