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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 12, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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happening now in the "newsroom," the race coming down to two words. got delegates. and fight for them getting ugly. -- captions by vitac --
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump calls hillary clinton a liar and says she's, quote, guilty as hell. -- the very part he wants to represent in november against her. the republican party says the gop delegate system is rigged against him. this after colorado awards you have a of its delegates to ted cruz without a single voter casting a ballot. trump with new york's all important primary one week from today. and he has a dominant lead in new york. his home state could deliver his first win by an outright majority of more than 50 percent. phil mattingly is here with
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more. >> reporter: good morning carol. it would really set the path to reaching the magic number, 1237 the number needed to secure the delegation before the convention. but donald trump has to deal with the rules. >> as the rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> donald trump, sounding off. >> it's a fix. they are going to do it by delegate. oh isn't that nice. >> criticizing the primary system in colorado after losing all 34 state delegates to ted cruz over the weekend. rnc chairman reince priebus taking to twitter to defend the process writing the rules were set last year. nothing mysterious. nothing new. the rules have not changed. ted cruz also responding to trump's frustration at a rally in california. >> donald, it ain't stealing
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when the voters vote against you. it is the voters reclaiming this country and reclaiming iing san >> and blaming his losses on the faults of his own campaign. >> it is not based on the people. donald is about donald. >> john kasich acknowledging the complex delegate rules in a cnn town hall last night. >> a bizarre process. i'm not really in the middle of it. >> colorado just the latest state where trump has been outmaneuvered by cruz in key delegate fights. >> when everything is done i find out i get less delegates than this guy that got his ass kicked, okay? give me a break. >> trump looking to new york to shift the tide back in his favor. >> he's lyin' ted cruz, remember that. and he doesn't not like the people of new york. >> even though his own children missed the registration deadline and won't be able to vote for their father in his home state.
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>> they were, you know, unaware of the rules. i think they have to register a year in advance and they didn't. so eric and ivanka i guess won't be voting. >> so donald trump minus at least two votes in the state of new york. but look, donald trump obviously in a very good position for that primary just a week from today. 95 delegates at stake. trump's advisors say he'll win a good portion for them. but the real question remains the ground operation. ted cruz out maneuvering them. you see the frustration out of trump. but his team needs to work hard to right the ship. >> thanks so much. as donald trump criticizes the delegate system, rival john kasich says the whole process is bizarre. during cnn's town hall kasich said he believes the nomination will not be decided until the convention and when that happens the delegates will be on his side.
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>> we're reaching out anderson, all over. and it is a bizarre process. for a month i've been saying we're going to a convention and the key is delegate growth. but we are certainly not going to use gestapo tactics. >> -- >> it's a skrcrum. it will become a serious matter and it's all about the delegatings. >> and you believe in the second round or the third round. >> just like lincoln. >> it is going to go to go you do. >> yeah i think -- i don't know how many rounds it is going to take. but look. if i'm the only one who can win in the fall, how do you pick somebody else? >> let's bring in cnn -- executive editor -- sorry i messed occupy your title mark preston. but that's because i'm so confused by john kasich. what is he hoping for? >> he's looking for donald trump and -- to go into cleveland so
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bloodied and battered that he could be the unifier that the establishment republicans will get behind. now when we look at the republican national convention by and large it really is the establishment. there are grassroots activists that make up the delegates but the rules were created by the establishment, voted on by the grassroots. but the fact of the matter is john kasich is just hoping that these two men are so injured that he could become the unifier in the end. >> so it is possible that he could be the nominee. and the other question i have of course is donald trump says -- open to the idea of john kasich being his vice president. but would that really happen? >> couple of things. one it is possible for anyone to become the republican nominee if they are to change the rules the week before the convention which would allow anyone's name to be put into the nomination. john kasich is hoping that rule gets changed in order for that to happen. now if that doesn't happen and he were put into the mix to be vice president, he says he's not so keen on that idea. let's hear what he said last
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night. >> -- said that he likes you, he likes marco rubio and kind of named you in a list of people he might even consider for vice president. >> are you asking me if i would be his vice president sh. >> would you? >> zero. >> zero. >> absolutely not. i would be the worst vice president the country ever saw. do you know why? because i'm not like a vice president. i'm a president. >> you don't want to be second fiddle. >> well it is not so much about that anderson. i'm running for the top job and if i don't get the top job i'm still governor of ohio. mayor koch ran for governor of new york and didn't win. and they asked what he did and he said i'm still mayor of new york city and that ain't bad. i'm not even thinking that way because i believe at the end of the day our crowds are growing in greece new york we had four thousand people on saturday. for the first time the people
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are starting to hear the message that i have and we're growing. so i'm optimistic going forward. >> and then you had john kasich saying he would not be interested in being vp but of course he has to say this at this time in the campaign. one thing to keep in mind though. john kasich has a lot of experience in washington. lot of executive experience. 18 electoral votes in ohio. very important a battle ground state. if john kasich were on the ticket he would be an asset to whoever the republican nominee is. >> mark preston, thanks so much. kasich says the way we elect presidential nominees is bizarre and you can understand why. the candidates not only have to persuade you to vote for them but the delegates too. and right now the fight for delegates seems way more important than your vote does. so let's bring in our guests to talk about that. scotty nell hughes, bob barr,
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and john avalon. welcome all of you. >> so mr. trump accuses senator cruz of luring delegates with crooked shenanigans. there is no evidence of that but what is to stop cruz or trump from plying delegates with gifts to buy favor? >> very little. god forbid anyone invoke shenanigans in politics. but this is a very murky process and the rules are the rules. you have to work the rules the way they are. crying about it is not going to help you. but donald trump has a point. the system is rigged. and that is a function of the federalized rules of the different states. and if one thing is going to come out of this race, it should be a new move towards election reform with more openness, transparence and accountability across the board. because this system is designed to be rigged by party bosses and
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party activists and that is a big problem in the politics that's led to these insane candidates, frankly. >> with that in mind scottie, when mr. trump is ordered supporters to refrain from offering gifts or money for their support. >> i don't think he would encourage or give a refrain. >> you said held not refrain. >> he can't help what the people are doing. i don't think he's going to be one of those to wine and dine his delegates. i don't think that is the way he plays. i think that is maybe in business. but in politics he's been non traditional and if that is -- >> he's also a businessman. >> and you can do that in business. but he hasn't taken some of the same things we see in business that apply in politics. if he's sitting here and he's sitting here talking about being transparent and -- ted cruz did a great job in colorado. he got his delegate job --.
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i think he was ready to fight the establishment when it came to the convention in colorado. but instead he got a conservative. and i think it is interesting to sit here and watch these delegates sit here that were organized back in august. and mr. trump be kind of shocked they weren't able to get much of a play in colorado when those of us watching the rules in if fall said we're going to have an issue in colorado with if we don't look at the delegates being recruited by those within the cruz campaign. >> the fec it doesn't require delegates to disclose individual contributions. so even if a campaign offered gifts or money we would never know, right? >> i really think this is all kind of over rated. what senator cruz did in colorado has nothing to do with offering gifts or, you know, offering to fly somebody on a plane or giving them a coffee
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cup or what not. it has to do with one thing and one thing only. and that is the cruz campaign understands the rules, worked within the rules and works hard. and wins delegates that way. that is really what this is all about. and the trump campaign simply didn't do that. >> i know i can't get off this topic john but i want to ask one more question about the delegates and the money and contributions. what do you expect will happen? will we see donors offering swag bags to delegates or free plane rides or maybe a great bottle of wine? >> look. this is going to be a total political flree for all. and that is fun to cover. this is going to be an all out street fight for delegates on the way to cleveland. and right now the cruz campaign has outorganized the trump campaign. no question about that. so you are going to see effectively an arms race to sway
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delegates. otherwise they are going to have more unforced errors like colorado going forward. >> let's talk about john kasich for a minute. because he was with his family last night at cnn's town hall. he showed a much softer side. and i'd like to listen to this exchange. >> he just tries to tell jokes that he thinks are funny but -- [ laughter ] -- they're mostly just funny to us because they're dumb. >> he also thinks he's a really good dancer. >> uh-oh. >> north south. >> north south, that's exactly right. >> wait, north south is his move. >> well you have to go north and south. you can't do this over bite. you have to go north south. >> wow. >> yeah it's very -- and i'm really, really good. ha ha, just kidding. don't you think reese? i've gotten better. >> yeah but you are not going to go on dancing with the stars. >> all right and we'll get a
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chance to see the whole trump family tonight. scotty, john kasich said he wouldn't even consider being donald trump's vice president. do you think donald trump is serious when he says he would like to invite john kasich on his ticket? >> i think he might have. he's actually been very praising of governor kasich and some of the things he's done. he's also been very critical. i don't think that was a good response for somebody who's in third place to say that he would have nothing to do with being the vice president. i think that was not really necessarily a wise thing for him to say. i think what we saw last night was the softer side. the sears side of john kasich. but we're not electing someone who's a good father. what we're electing is someone that has a proven success and somebody that can take something that's been absolutely abysmal and like our united states economy and build it into the something great and that is what mr. trump has the track railroad record of doing and the majority of republicans are supporting him. >> let me ask you this. john kasich, he's determined to
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stay in the race. there is no possible way he can get enough delegates to win. it is just not possible. so is he hoping that ted cruz and donald trump will just blow up and be so bloodied along the way, as mark preston suggested, that john kasich will just shoot right in there, you know, on the third ballot at the delegation or at the convention rather? >> if that is what john kasich is hoping for i think he's doomed to be very disappointed at the convention. the way things are shaping up, the two front runners, donald trump and senator cruz are going to enter the convention in cleveland way far ahead of john kasich. there are various other candidate candidates including marco rubio for example, who already has more delegates committed to him than john kasich does. who will be jokie i jockeying t say in the eventual nominee. but if the republican reaches that far down to john kasich and overlooks senator cruz, for example on a second or third
6:16 am
ballot, which will probably be the decisive ballot, then i think they would be making a very serious mistake and it would probably doom the republican candidate t republican nominee to failure. in the fall. >> carol -- >> this notion that kasich keeps throwing around that he's the only one that can beat hillary is just nonsense. >> john, last word. >> yeah look, bob. it is based in just head-to-head polling, john kasich had been doing better head-to-head against hint, beating her. than trump or cruz for a lock time. and the fact he's languishing in third says more about the republican party and less about about his strength of a candidate. against a one term senator and a celebrity demagogue. ignoring -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- off center that the most qualified guy to win who does the best in the general election is having a hard time breaking in. that is a mark of the problem
6:17 am
with the republican party right now, not necessarily john kasich as the candidate. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. cnn's republican presidential town hall is with the candidates and their families continue tonight. 9:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump, wand family will take questions from the voters of new york. only on cnn. and tomorrow night it is ted and heidi cruz's turn. still to come. fending off jabs from all sides. is there one that won't go away she needs to answer? from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league.
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6:22 am
>> it would take anybody else down but it is not going to take her down because she's being protected by the democrats, which is a disgrace. but she's going to have to live with that when she runs. because everybody knows that she is guilty as hell. okay? >> cris frates in rochester with mor on this. good morning. >> good morning carol. hints and hint are going at it like two cats in a bag, slamming each other on gun, wall street and policy positions. hillary clinton putting o new spin on an old dig. saying a lot of guns coming out of vermont are being used in new york and suggesting that sanders is having trouble dealing with the spotlight of that famously aggressive new york city press corps. >> i have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. he's had trouble answering questions about his core issue.
6:23 am
>> now bernie sanders is firing back, slamming clinton for giving six figure speeches to wall street firms and questioning her judgment, including her vote for the iraq war. that is a vote hillary clinton has since said was a mistake but this doesn't seem to be hurting her at all here in new york. looetd leading by double digits. in fact she's starting to take aim at republicans. and both donald trump and ted cruz are firing back. >> her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful life. it's been a terrible, terrible lie. everything about her is a lie. >> i do have good news for hillary's legal team. going forward, hillary is going to be able to use any e-mail server she would like. because she will never again be
6:24 am
an employee of the united states government. >> reporter: with only a week to go till the crucial new york primary, hillary clinton is taking and receiving fire in all directions, carol. things are really starting to heat up on the campaign trail. we're getting ready to hear from bernie sanders in a few moments. we'll see what he has to about the top of the hour. >> chris frates, thanks so much. attacks on hillary clinton ramping up and one thing that seems to stick are the digs on her goldman sachs speeches. >> secretary clinton has given a number of speeches on wall street. goldman sachs and to other financial institutions [ crowd boos ] for $250,000 a speech. i am prepared to release all of
6:25 am
the transcripts of all of the speeches. [ cheers and applause ] of all of the speeches that i gave on wall street. and that is pretty easy. there were no speeches. >> with me now is the chief strategist for hillary for america joel bennenson. welcome. before we get into the democratic attacks on hillary clinton let's talk about the republican attacks. because she's getting it from all sides. >> all sides. >> you get a taste how nasty the race might be f it's either donald trump or ted cruz against hillary clinton. >> that's one of the things about hillary clinton. this isn't her first time to the rodeo. she's been tested before. she's been attacked by republicans for decades.
6:26 am
they do it every time she rubs for office. so we're not surprised. first candidate i ever worked for was mario cuomo. and he said the old western movies the guy being chased doesn't turn around and shoot at people from behind. they are firing at her. she's in front. they are trying to catch up. they are not going to do it with the kind of bluster and bigotry. >> -- sanders on a controversy that doesn't seem to go away for hillary clinton. when they say things like she's going to be taken away in handcu handcuffs. going to be serving from jail. some o that may stick because it is dragging on. >> the voters are hearing this all play out. they have been months. she's answered all of these questions and when voters are going to the poll, hillary clinton has more votes than anybody. she has a million more votes than donald trump, who brags about the record turnout he's got. she's got a million more votes than trump. 2.4 million more than sanders. so i think the voters are making a decision about who will be the
6:27 am
best president to make a real difference in their lives. someone with a proven record of getting results. >> doesn't she hope that the fbi will just wrap up its investigation and will be done, however it falls. >> she's said for months and said it recently when she was asked about it again. she would be happy to answer questions and help them get their review to conclusion. you can't control that process. but she's been answered -- she answered 11 hours of questions from a congressional committee. and she said she'll answer questions from the fbi. i think what voters are focused on. and all of these attacks are coming and you look at a state like new york. every day senator sanders launches another attack. he seems to not be holding up well under the scrutiny of an aggressive new york press corps. but she continues to lead by double digits. and i think that says that voters are making a judgment about what they are hearing from each of the candidates. >> you heard his comment about the goldman sachs speeches and
6:28 am
his line which she's used many times before. but it gets really good reaction from his crowds. why doesn't hillary clinton just release the speeches and call it a day? >> she has said she'll release transcripts when every candidate who's given speeches in this race does. >> she's running against bernie sanders at the moment, no one else. >> bernie sanders hasn't released his tax returns yet. the only two candidates yet to do that are bernie sanders and donald trump. one is a billionaire. the other brags he's not a billionaire. i don't know why he's not releasing his tax returns. the point is everything that you have asked me about today and these candidates are talking about is not what's affecting voters lives. and they are making judgments and we've had millions of people on both sides vote in these races and what they voted for more have voted for the candidate who's going deliver results who can make a difference in their lives economically so they can get away. who knows how to keep us safe from threats around the world
6:29 am
and work together with the other side to get things done. that is what she did as first lady with healthcare for children. and in the senate and helped rebuild new york and healthcare for veterans and national reservists. >> thanks for stopping by. appreciate it. >> thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will duke it out this thursday, the first time both candidates have been on stage face-to-face in more than five weeks. wolf blitzer is the moderator. still to come in the "newsroom," the republican delegate fight heats up. why donald trump isn't the only who's mad. >> this is a copy of my -- the republican party registration. i've been a republican all my life. but i will never be a republican again. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. today marks equal payday. that means today is however into a year how far a woman must work -- something hillary clinton is highlighting. highlighting that this morning at a round table here in new york. >> reporter: secretary clinton is pointing this out. certainly a good issue as she tries to win over new york voters and voters everywhere. interestingly yesterday she was asked how many women she would have in her cabinet if she were elected president. but the woman voter for hillary clinton has been a paradox. younger women have not necessarily gone to her campaign. so that is one of the things she's trying to do here, to emphasize how she is, would be a
6:35 am
strong pronate of a pay equity. this is her only event of the day here. she's going florida after this to raise money. still needs money for this primary fight with bernie sanders. >> jeff zeleny, live for us this morning. thank you. donald trump is doubling down, calling the republican system rigged, disgusting and dirty. one republican jumped on board and burned his registration card in the protest. he's not the only one. -- anyway, that former colorado republican chair said when it comes to his state a state that did not hold a caucus or a primary to choose its nominee, the system night indeed be, well, rigged. >> at the very time we should be opening up our doors and being
6:36 am
more open and transparent and welcoming people into our party, we've essentially made the decision to close it off and make it more cumbersome and more difficult and to prevent the ability of people to have their voice herd in the process. you are reinforcing all of the very worst stereotypes about the party. and i frankly am really concerned about the way the voters are going to feel. >> senator cruz who got all 34 delegates in the state of colorado isn't buying it. >> you may have noticed that when donald loses, he gets very unhappy. he yells and screams and stamps it foot. he curses and yells and insults anyone nearby. look, as we know in the state of california, wine is something
6:37 am
best served with cheese. >> all right. let's bring in larry sabado. the director of politics at university of virginia. hi larry. >> hey carol. >> glad you're here. so larry, is mr. trump wining about nothing? colorado voters did not cast a single ballot for a nominee. the fec allows individuals to persuade delegates with gifts and money. all that is legal. how could you say the system isn't rigged? >> well it is very easy to convince most people that the political system is rigged or corrupt. they are inclined to believe that anyway. and of course there are circumstances of it. i don't think this is an example. i don't think this is corruption. i think the colorado republican party made a very bad decision from a public relations point of view. after all, almost all states in both parties hold either a primary or a caucus open to the general public, or at least registered voters.
6:38 am
so this was an unusual decision and probably will backfire on that particular party in colorado. >> so why do you think that colorado republicans made that decision? some say it was to save money because why hold a primary or caucus. others say it was an attempt to get the best candidate nominated. >> well in also it was to preserve power for those at the top. that is why the people in both parties in party office holders often like conventions. because they have additional power to determine a nominee or to do other things within the convention's structure. so they are a combination of motives. i'm not denying the other motiv motives. i think it was really a combination of motives that led the republican party in colorado to do this. >> you heard the former colorado state chair say the system is reinforcing out of the very worst stereotypes about the republican party. what does he mean by that?
6:39 am
>> i think he's referring to exclusionary which is an image republicans have managed to acquire in some states, because of decisions like this. preferring to keep people out of process. to keep it to the true blue conservative whose can make the right decision. the problem is often the, quote, right decision turns out to be a loser in november. which is something the republican party more than the democratic party has to come to turns with. >> reince priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee tweeted this. after all the hull blew from donald trump. he says the rules were set last year. nothing mysterious. the rules have not changed. nothing different. should priebus be more outspoken though? because i think voters look at this and they are disturbed by it. >> it would probably be in his
6:40 am
interest and in the republican party's interest to recommend that in the future that every state either have an open primary, at least open to their registered voters. or a caucus. i happen to prefer primaries because it gives people from many different places an equal turnout to participate fully. caucuses tend to be very low turnout. they also tend to be insiders. parties are able to make the decisions. they are in the legal structure. they have a right do this. but what they have a right to do and what is wise for them to do in terms of winning elections are often two different things. >> interesting. larry sabado thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," new videos bring new twist to the shooting of a former nfl linemen. why the suspect in the shooting says he was the victim. you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives?
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there are new twists in the road rage shooting. the man says he was the victim of a hit and run. this is new surveillance video before the shooting. it appears to show smith's suv behind the hummer. minutes later smith was shot and killed by hayes. and now hayes's attorney is pointing to another video. in this an apparent witness says he thinks there is a second gun but police found only one gun at the scene. jean casarez joins us now with more. >> yesterday we heard a very basic story. road rage, shot and killed. but the defense said, no, there is much much more to this. and now that is sort of coming to light. let's show everybody this video. >> you see first of all, see that? the vehicle in the rear appears to be the mercedes suv driven by
6:46 am
will smith. now the hummer is pulling over. that's hayes, the defendant. the black suv appears to leave the scene after the hit. so when the attorney talks about hit and run, that is what he's referring to possibly. now let's listen to some cell phone video. listen to this. >> [ inaudible ]. -- and he grabs the gun and he shoots him in the back. he's dead. >> only one weapon was recovered in all that. >> what was that guy talking about? >> it's confusing right? he's talking about two people. what he's alluding to is there were two guns. one in the possession of either one. and only one weapon was recovered at the scene. >> -- long time to get to the scene, are right?
6:47 am
15 minutes. >> it took a while. that is true also. now let's listen to the attorney for cordell hayes, charged with second-degree murder. and now we can put into perspective i think what he's talking about. >> i can tell you that my client was not the aggressor in terms of the behavior that happened after the accident. not only did my client call 911 but my client secured a witness who was about to leave the skpaen my client waited for law enforcement to arrive. tell me that is the behavior of ab animal out here looking for blood. >> the defense is saying, look he did a lot of things right. but he says he was not the aggressor after the accident. >> which accident is he talking about? there is the initial alleged hit and run. and the second time, the hummer allegedly bumped the mercedes. >> and will smith's wife was also shot. >> she was shot several times, rushed to the hospital. >> how does that figure into the
6:48 am
self defense thing? >> right. right. exactly. and that is i'm sure where the defense is trying to go here. a self defense claim. but, the investigation is difficult. they are going to have to take the weeds out because some are going to be red herrings because it is the state of mind at the time of a shooting. speaking as an attorney right now. but second-degree murder is life in prison, no chance of getting out at all. so it is a very serious charge and remains an $1 million bail. >> thanks so much. just when you thought the zika virus could not get any worse the cdc says it is scarier than it first thought. ent. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value.
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6:53 am
the centers for disease control ramping up the warnings about the zika virus. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought. we hope we don't see widespread spreading in the continental u.s., but we need to be ready. >> the reach of the infected mosquitos may have gone as far as new york and san francisco. now, research teams say the virus could also be responsible for premature births and eye problems and even an auto immune disorder in results that resembles multiple sclerosis. elizabeth cohen has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. this is a brand new virus. we really don't know what to
6:54 am
expect, and as time as gone on as we just heard the cdc say, it seems to be getting scarier. there are more complications than we thought. before we were talking about microcephaly. now they're seeing babies born with eye problems and other neurological problems. babies in a are stillborn, neurological problems in adults that they hadn't seen before. now, how common are the problems? that's what they need to find out and they're doing studies right now to figure it out. >> what advice would you have for women who are pregnant or plan to get pregnant this summer? >> right. it's this summer. i'm glad you said that. it's this summer that's more of the concern. mo skosquitos are not out in fu force now, but once it gets warmer, mosquitos will be out, and everyone, especially
6:55 am
pregnant women will have to be diligent about wearing deet. wearing bug repellant religiously, covering up with full length clothing. that's going to be really important. looking outside your house, do you have little containers that you forgot about that are harboring water. if they are, there's an excellent chance they're harboring mosquito eggs. >> and if those mosquitos can affect people who are not pregnant, the same advice for them? >> absolutely. everyone should be wearing mosquito repellant. i was in puerto rico and i went to an ultrasound of a woman who was pregnant and had zika virus while he was pregnant. she's ainxious to make sure her baby is going to be. i'm not pregnant and i wore mosquito repellant all the time and long sleeves. >> good advise. thank you so much, elizabeth. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. (avo) i've always been a dog person.
6:56 am
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>> happening now in the news room, the race coming down to two words. got delegates? and the fight for them getting ugly. >> it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. it's a dirty system. and only a nonpolitician would say it. >> donald has been yelling and screaming. a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing. >> but john kasich isn't sweating it. >> if i'm the only one who can win in the fall, how do you picture somebody else? >> and the democrats aren't playing any nicer. >> doing something radical but telling the american people the truth. >> i have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york, senator sanders has had trouble answering questions?
7:01 am
>> let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." >> and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. for both democrats and republicans the road of the white house runs through new york, and that's where bernie sanders is kicking off a rally right now. here's the view live from rochester. the state holds a critical primary one week from today and sanders needs to gain ground. polls show clinton well ahead and likely to add to her delegate lead. donald trump leads in the delegate count on the republican side. you wouldn't know it by the way he describes the system. rigged, disgusting, dirty. trump firing up supporters in new york and seething over a weekend setback. colorado awarded all its delegates to cruz without a single voter casting a ballot. trump says he was robbed. cruz says the front runner is whining and the third place republican says a deadlock
7:02 am
convention is where he'll win the nomination. >> why would a delegate pick you if the only state you've actually won is ohio? >> let's see how many delegates we accumulate. why would you pick somebody who can't win in the fall. let me tell you what the stakes are. i believe if you pick these other guys you're not only going to lose the white house. you'll lose the court. you will lose the united states senate, and you're going to lose a lot of seats -- >> why can't ted cruz win? >> they're too divisive and negative. >> phil mattingly has more on this and joins me live now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. on its face this race is one that donald trump is still in very good position, 746 total delegates, more than 200 more than cruz, more than 600 than kasich, and yet the fight is on. and it's all about delegates behind the scenes and up to this point that is a fight that ted cruz has won handily. that is rubbing donald trump the wrong way.
7:03 am
>> i'm millions of votes ahead which they don't even talk about. they never even mention it. they talk about delegates, and i'm hundreds of delegates ahead, but the system, folks, is rigged. it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. it's a dirty system. >> reporter: carol, donald trump is referring to colorado where over the weekend ted cruz swept more than 30 delegates nature comes after north dakota where ted cruz won another decent hand full of delegates. state conventions around the country right now, ted cruz and his team, following the rules, a sometimes difficult to follow set of rules, but they are undercutting trump in every state. because of that, cruz says this about trump's complaints. >> now you may have noticed that when donald loses, he gets very
7:04 am
unhappy. he yells and screams and stamps his foot. he curses and yells and insults anyone nearby. look, as we know in the state of california, wine is something best served with cheese. >> reporter: a not so subtle shot from the cruz campaign which really across the board has dominated this organization on the ground. a better understanding of the rules. the trump campaign is working hard behind the scenes to try and get their team more up to speed but as we talk about the 1237, the number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination, donald trump has a pathway to that number before the convention. it's a narrow pathway, and every time ted cruz has an advantage like he did in colorado or like he did in north dakota, it makes the path smaller and makes an
7:05 am
open convention a better reality. >> all right. phil, before you go, you were just here moments ago and now you're at a kasich rally. you're fast. what's going on there? >> reporter: it's the beauty of the new york primary. we actually get to hang out near our homes and our office. john kasich, obviously the third candidate here. you heard him talk last night on the cnn town hall. he has his own strategy. he'll lay it out tonight. he's labeling it two paths. one following that he would point to donald trump and cruz, a pathway defined by anger and saying no to things. john kasich wants to be the alternative. he has a lot of work to do to get to that point. his team clear, getting to an open convention is the only pathway, but they believe he can succeed it in. they just need to get there first. >> phil live from new york this morning. thank you. let's talk more about this with ben ferguson.
7:06 am
i'm also joined by bob walker and jeffrey lor. thank you for being here. good morning. bob, i want to start with you. you're the kasich supporter. i want you to take a look at the delegate kou delegate count. trump has 746. cruz 538 and kasich 145. kasich cannot win. is he just hoping that cruz and trump destroy one another before the convention? >> no, not at all. we're coming into the parts of the country where we have a real chance of picking up some delegates in my home state of pennsylvania and maryland, in delaware, rhode island, connecticut. those are states where we think we'll do pretty well and will pick up delegates, and so that number will increase.
7:07 am
and moreover, the message of john kasich -- >> but he can't catch up. it's mathematically impossible. >> he can't catch up and go into the convention with 1237 votes, but he can be credible at if convention, and can on a second or third ballot get to a victory. and we think that that will happen because delegates will be serious about picking someone who can win in november. >> so jeffrey, do you agree? is that governor kasich's goal that mr. trump and ted cruz will be so bloodied once they get to cleveland that the delegates will look at them and they say can't beat clinton. >> i love bob walker, but i don't think this is real. there are two candidates who stand a serious chance at winning, trump and cruz. john kasich for all of his assets and frankly listening to
7:08 am
the two paths speech, it sounds like margaret thatcher's speech of the communist ratchet. he's saying say yes to big government, just a little bit less than the other dmguys on t left. that's a nonsell. >> in polls john kasich does do well against clinton. should delegates dismiss that, ben? >> let's be clear. john kasich is in fourth place in the delegate count behind someone who already dropped out. if you look at the delegate count right now, he has -- he's in fourth place. marco rubio has more delegates than he has and he hasn't been running since florida. this is the most absurd campaign that i've seen, ever, at this point just on the fact that people keep rejecting you. you're not adding any delegates. you're in fourth place.
7:09 am
even when the third place guy dropped out, you haven't picked up any delegates. i don't know what world he's living in when it's an option v to become the president. i think it's time to drop out and say i'm not going to win it. >> on the other hand, bob, i want you to stand up for your candidate. john kasich is drawing pretty big crowds in new york. he drew 4,000 people to one of his rallies. on the other hand, why should he drop out? if people want to vote for john kasich, they can vote for him. if they want to vote for ted cruz, they can, and the same for mr. trump. >> the real answer here is i don't know any states that either donald trump can carry or that ted cruz can carry that mitt romney didn't carry. i mean, in other words, they will get those votes. john kasich has the ability to carry states like ohio and pennsylvania in the general election, and we can add to our
7:10 am
total and get the number of electoral votes we need to elect a president. the problem here is we're not looking at general election. we're only looking at the primary, and we think that we ought to look beyond that to a general election where somebody needs to be there that can beat hillary clinton. >> but if you're not being chosen by the republican party, the conservatives in your own primary, this idea that somehow you're a better candidate in the general, that all of a sudden -- >> although, donald trump calls it rigged. >> well, he calls everything rigged when he's losing. this is what donald trump does. he becomes unhinged win he's losing an election. the fact is donald trump, nothing has been stolen from him. donald trump has been outhustled. for a guy who wrote a book about the art of the deal -- >> voters in colorado didn't even cast a single ballot. how can you not say there's something wrong with that? >> each state gets to decide what they want to do.
7:11 am
you didn't say rubio or cruz lose their minds when all the delegates in florida went to donald trump because florida decided they were going to have a winner take all, even if you got 50 plus one percent. that's how it works in florida. if you just win in florida, you get all of them. did you see cruz lose his mind when texas had a proportional delegate. he understood if rules when he went in. he beat donald trump in texas, but he didn't get all the delegates. if you're running for president, you know the rules. each state has their own rules, and when you lose, no matter how they do it, don't act like someone is gestapoing you. >> john kasich isn't violating any rules. why should he drop out, then? >> precisely. >> i hope john kasich stays in.
7:12 am
in michigan we had a little delegate battle there over positions on the rules committee, and thanks i think to our friend paul manafort, donald trump and kasich emerged as winners and ted cruz was the loser with both the trump and casing campaigns getting one delegate each on the rules committee which is going to be crucial. i think the delegate game is improving dramatically on the trump side. >> and there's nothing dirty or disgusting about the process. the fact is i've been a delegate to several conventions. i spent my own money to go to the conventions and to do my civic duty. the fact is this is a very, very good process that has served the country pretty well for 160 years. >> i don't think many voters at home sat back and thought this would happen. they don't think about it. i mean -- >> they don't. that's right. >> in colorado a lot of voters are feeling like my vote really doesn't matter, and you hear that all the time, but colorado, it seems, just kind of
7:13 am
solidified that in people's minds. >> here's my question. if donald trump would have won in colorado, donald trump would have said the process is amazing. it's just the fact that he lost that he doesn't like the process. there have been states where donald trump has done well where it's been a unique primary or caucus. this is only -- the only reason why people are focussed on colorado right now is front runner blew it. he fired his guy in colorado the week before you had these caucuses, and i think this is one thing that's been overlooked. donald trump insulted those in the convention at colorado by not showing up. he stood them up. to think you're going to win in colorado when you don't even show up to court those in the process in colorado and then he wonders why he didn't win, it's absurd. you didn't show up. you didn't talk to the voters or shake hands, and you didn't play by the rules in colorado, and they rejected you. >> carol, i di i need --
7:14 am
>> hold on for one second. i know my executive producer, michelle, is working on breaking news for us. michelle, is it ready to go? all right. so this is coming out of the state of missouri. the secretary of state has certified the gop results. you know it's taken a long time, right, and guess what? donald trump wins. he wins the 12 delegates from that state. so so, jeffrey, you have something to celebrate this morning. >> congratulations. >> thank you. everything ben is saying, the point is donald trump is still winning as this bulletin just reemphasizes. so you've got to keep winning, and senator cruz who is a busy in his words, whining about the drudge report, needs to sort of hop to here. these are the two guys. there's no question about it. they represent the base of the republican party. the republican party base is serious about that. i think at some point i would
7:15 am
hope that the two of them form an alliance. it's a little soon for that at this point, but down the road -- >> i'm laughing. i got to leave it there. thanks to all of you. i appreciate it. ben, bob, jeffrey. i'm just looking at this certified vote from the state of missouri. trump in first followed by cruz and then kasich and then rubio. keep in mind the primary took place in missouri we way back on march 15th. it's final now. cnn's republican presidential town hall continue tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern donald trump and his wife, his two daughters and two sons will all take questions from the voters of new york. it airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern on eastern. and tomorrow night it's ted and heidi cruz's turn. later, bernie sanders set to take the stage as the democrats war of words reignites.
7:16 am
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7:20 am
all right. as you can see, bernie sanders drawing a large and noisy crowd ahead of thursday's brooklyn show down with hillary clinton. this is a live rally taking place right now in rochester. sanders took to the stage just moments ago, and he was talking about how amazing this race has been for him in terms of numbers, and how he was able to catch up to clinton after being so far behind at the beginning. if you ask hillary clinton, though, the empire state pressure is getting to sanders. >> i have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york, senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. he's had trouble answering questions about his core issue. >> chris frates is at the sanders rally with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. bernie sanders just getting
7:21 am
going here and firing up this crowd. we'll see what he has to say about clinton. sanders and clinton have been fighting like two cats in a bag hitting each other on policy positions and wall street and guns. hillary clinton put a new spin on an old dig, hitting sanders on his gun control policy. >> most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in new york come from out of state. and the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. >> now, bernie sanders has been hitting back against hillary clinton, just hitting her so hard for taking speeches and big money from wall street for those speeches. also questioning her judgment
7:22 am
and her iraq war vote in particular. clinton has said that vote was a mistake, and it doesn't seem any of sanders' criticism is breaking through. hillary clinton still leading by double digits. she put out an ad against donald trump yesterday. with just a week to go until the crucial new york primary, this race continues to heat up. we'll hear what bernie sanders has to say as he tries to get the crowd out to vote next tuesday to upset hillary clinton in her adopted home state of new york. >> how many people are there? >> reporter: we have not talked to the fire marshal yet, but hundreds if not several thousand. >> all right. chris frates reporting live from rochester this morning. bernie sanders is biting back, criticizing hillary clinton for using the term superpredators, and he's calling
7:23 am
for bill clinton to apologize for passing a crime bill that put young black men behind bars. bill clinton didn't take to it kindly. >> sometimes in the primary i get the feeling that the gentleman that is running against hillary is running harder against president obama and me than he is against the legacy of the bush mars a administration and trickle down economics, but i did it. you know, after he's been a democrat a little while longer, he'll get used to it. >> with me now a senior media advisor for the sanders campaign. >> hi. bernie sanders has been in the congress for 25 years. he's caucused for all that time. when he and hillary clinton both served in the congress, his record of supporting the democratic leadership was a little higher than hers. >> why did he choose to win as a democrat? why not an independent?
7:24 am
>> he didn't want to be ralph nader. he didn't want to elect a republican. he wanted to make sure that the next president is a democrat and not a republican. that's why he joined the democratic party to run for president. >> clinton supporters say bernie sanders is hitting her so hard it will make it difficult for her to if she wins the nomination. they say both candidates should tone things down. why are they hitting each other so hard? >> it's tough competition. compared to what hillary clinton did to barack obama in 2008, i don't think so. bernie stuck to the issues. there's been a whole range of topics that he's not spoken about. i don't want to brick thng them. >> just on the superpredator because president clinton seems to be quite upset about that. president clinton said that bill did bring the crime rate down at
7:25 am
a time when he was spiraling out of control. i spoke to mayor rudy giuliani. in that year they had more than 2000 murders. today the city has 68. giuliani said bill clinton's crime bill helped me bring the crime rate down in the 90s. i also asked him about superpredators and what that meant and if hillary clinton should apologize, and this is what he told me. >> should hillary clinton apologize for using that? >> what she should have said is you should thank my husband for all the lives he saved. >> why isn't she doing that? >> i don't know. because she's pandering. bernie went left. i think if bernie says i'll reduce taxes by 80%, she'll say 90%. eventually they'll reduce it by 150% and we'll be in debt of the
7:26 am
government. >> obviously rudy giuliani is a republican. but the first part he said hillary clinton has nothing to apologize for, because it meant career criminals and had nothing to do with a racist undertone. >> i'm not surprised to see a republican like giuliani support them. in the 90s, what president clinton did in 1996 was to t triangulate. they put him between the republicans and the democrats. >> they call it a compromise. >> i would call it, triangulation. that's what they intended to do. they were running ads about how tough they were on crime. this was a political strategy, and the language should be apologized for. when bernie was asked about it the other night, he told the truth about it. >> but the crime rate was high in the 90s. >> it was.
7:27 am
the violence against women, and also the assault weapon ban. they attack bernie on guns, including this ridiculous attack yesterday. the truth is he's always supported the ban on assault weapons. >> so the guns coming into new york state are not from vermont mostly. >> to say rural vermont is the source of gun crime in new york is ridiculous. 55 of the 4587 guns they seized were from vermont. 380 were from georgia and more than that have virginia. it's what hillary clinton does. if you have a candidate who lacks credibility and that voters don't trust and believe, to have her launch on her opponent with attacks that are unbelievable, like she said in michigan when she said bernie was against saving the auto industry because he voted against the wall street bailout, app or when they said bernie sanders wants to take away your health care. these attacks undermine her more
7:28 am
than bernie sanders. >> i'm thinking the attacks will continue? >> i think we'll debate the issues. and she will continue to say things that are absurd and not documented in the facts. >> thank you for stopping by. >> thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will duke it out this thursday. it will be the first time both have been on stage face to face in more than five weeks. wolf blitzer is the moderator. starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. we are waiting for john kasich to speak. he's going to speak at any moment, and we expect him to outline his path to the presidency, even though there's no way he can win enough delegates to win the nomination. i'll be back. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
7:29 am
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. lots of live events happening right now here in new york city. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders hitting the trail. we're watching both of their events. first let's talk about john kasich. at any minute we're expecting the governor to deliver remarks in new york city. kasich now gearing up for what he says will be a hard-hitting speech that targets his rivals. l.a. nig last night the governor told people he'll have two messages, the one of people's fears and the other on policy solving. let's get to mark preston and phil mattingingly. phil, you're at the kasich event. give us a preview. >> that's right. in a couple minutes, governor
7:34 am
kasich expected to come out and lay out two pathways. he's never going to mention trump or cruz by name but he'll show a contrast fween his vision and theirs, calling theirs a path to darkness and going through a list of their policy prescriptions we've seen over the last couple of months and taking them apart one by one. this is a big moment for kasich. we know where he stands and he has a long road to climb and can only climb it in an open convention. aides have been pushing kasich to make this speech for a number of months. they believe he's a candidate that appeals to the broader electorate and the broader republican party. he just needs that moment. that's what they'll be shooting for in this speech today. >> the question is will the moment come in the state of new york. because a new poll came out. if my executive producer can remind me where the poll came from? baruch college, and it said that
7:35 am
trump has now broken 60% support in the state of new york. john kasich is second and ted cruz third. so can john kasich's speech possibly matter? >> well, what john kasich is trying to do is try to justify why he ri mains in the race. there's no way he's going to win new york. he can hope to pick up a few delegates. with all the questions about why is kasich still in this contest, he has only won one state. tha that was ohio y. we saw him shut out in colorado. john kasich, i think phil says enka encapsulated this is a pivotal moment for his campaign. last night he tried 20 open himself up a little bit to the voters. this was a touching moment between him and his daughters. >> he just tries to tell jokes that he thinks are funny, but -- they're mostly just funny to us because they're dumb.
7:36 am
[ laughter ] >> spoken like every 16-year-old child of a parent. >> and he also thinks he's a really good dancer. >> uh-oh. >> north south. >> that's exactly right. >> north south? that's his move? >> yeah. you got to go north and south. you can't do this -- you have to go north south, and -- >> wow. >> yeah. it's very -- and i'm really, really good. i'm just kidding. >> just ask him. he'll tell you. don't you think? i've gotten better. >> yeah, but you're not going to go on dancing with the stars. >> and there you have it. john kasich last night with his family. look, we're out of time and the campaign is well for trump and cruz where we know where they stand on the issues. if question is right now are they likable enough to the electorate and can they execute on what they say that they can do. there is a political knife fight as we know going on in this republican presidential primary. kasich hopes that cruz and trump
7:37 am
beat each other so much that he can come out at the end. >> he's could wanting on the s others to be negative. i want to go to phil. the softer side of kasich has been working for him, but how negative will he go today? >> reporter: he walks a very thin line, carol. the point of his campaign and one of that he talks about constantly is he's not willing to sling the mud. they want to have a fight on the issues and on the policies. that's the contrast they want to provide, not talking about families, not going in that direction or having twitter wars. to your point, this starts to undercut one of the grand themes of his campaign. at the same time if you look at where he stands in this race, there's no question that he has to do something. you've seen the elbows sharpen out of kasich and his team over the last couple of weeks, and i think you're going to see that on full display here today. >> if he really wants to hit hard, he'll have to say more than voting for trump and cruz
7:38 am
is the path for dark x. >> right, and he has to convince a republican electorate that he's the person that cannot only help when the presidency but also help republicans down the ballot. that's really the untold story we haven't been talking about in this race, but whoever is going to be at the top of the republican ticket as well as the democratic ticket, there are reverberations that are going to go throughout the election when we're looking at control of the u.s. senate, the u.s. house of represent i haves and all the way down into state house races. john kasich has been unable up to this point to get the real conservative wing behind him. that's where he needs to make a play. >> we always say john kasich is a moderate -- but he's not. he's a conserve fative republic. >> i had this discussion about eight or nine movpts ago from a former senate majority leader. at the time he was considered an ultra republican. now he'll tell you he's considered somebody too far foth
7:39 am
left. the base of the republican party has gone so far right. we are seeing a polarization in politics that we haven't seen before, and john kasich is not that liberal. >> when all is said and done, phil, what kasich really wants is he wants to be able to get to that convention with donald trump and ted cruz so bloodied that the delegates will say, you know what? if we want to win, we have to choose john kasich. is that what he's really hoping to do today with this speech? >> reporter: he's trying to elevate his profile. he wants to get to the convention floor where delegates are going to look around at trump and cruz and see what they represent and decide casing can win in november. what mark laid out i think is one of the more important elements. the elements his team has been presenting to fundraisers behind the scenes. look at the senate and the
7:40 am
house. john kasich can protect both of them. today is the moment where he tries to show the donors and the potential delegates, professional republicans in large part, that he's the alternative and he can win in november. that's the key point he's been trying to make behind the scenes. now he tries to elevate that point today. >> let's talk a little bit more about donors. we were wondering this morning where john kasich's money was coming from. and how much money he had to go on. >> certainly at this point, it's interesting. i had this conversation with him before the new hampshire primary. >> let's listen to john kasich. thanks, mark. thank you, and thank you to the women's national republican club. it's great to be here this morning. you know, this is really a wonderful and historic clubhouse. the organization is so steeped in history of its own as well as in the history of the city, our
7:41 am
party, and the country. the women's national republican club was founded by leaders of the suffrage movement with the new voting rights in mind, the clubhouse was intended to be a place where women could meet and share knowledge about political issues so as to be better informed, participants, of course, in the electoral process. as new voters, women could participate in the choice between candidates and their ideas. it is in that spirit that i speak to all of you today. i'm going to talk about the choice america faces in this election, and it's, frankly, a choice between two paths. two very different paths, and as we make this choice don't kid yourself. the entire world is watching. the world is watching because
7:42 am
america is civilization's brightest beacon. freedom-loving people depend on our leadership for peace and for stability. civilizations' enemies only seek for us to fail. you know, presidents come. presidents go. and while a president does really matter, it's the democratic principles that have made us that leader for more than two centuries and have been sturdy enough to transcend political and ideological differences, a civil war, two world wars, and a century of technological and societal uphooefl. we've stayed true to who we are. one nation under god, with
7:43 am
liberty and justice for all. this election may well be one of the most consequential of many generations because the next president will face so many complex pressures, both from within and from without. they will force tough decisions from not only our leaders but from every one of us. and we won't always like our options. the issues we confront from fighting isis, handling russia, china, north korea, and the middle east to addressing displaced workers, civil rights, the new plague of drug addiction at home as well as slow economic growth and rising debt. think about it. they're all critical. the importance of making the right choices certainly cannot be understated. it can overload us if we let it,
7:44 am
but even in the face of this multitude of complex thorny problems, clayty crity can emer. from the fog of anxiety, the seemingly endless choices can be reduced and then reduced again and then reduced again. and they eventually are whittled down to just two. and here they are. when we turn our backs on the ideals of america that have seen us through more than two centuries or are we going to reaffirm that america is in ronald reagan's words, this last best hope for man on earth. ladies and gentlemen, this is our choice. for some the challenges we face, the myriad choices, the potential changes that each decision presents, it could and maybe in some sense, has given rise to fear or anger and, of course, that can be polarizing. the response for some is to
7:45 am
retreat into the past to yearn for the way things used to be. to these people, today's america is only seen as a broken place, and the people who did the breaking are the other people with more money or less money. people with different sounding last names or different religious believes or different colored skin or lifestyles or whatever. you get the idea. we have been told that because of all the this change america has become dark, that we have succumbed and that we are no longer strong. we are told that we are no longer respected in the world. in fact, we're even told that foreign governments are actually controlling our destiny because they have become smarter than us and kutougher than us. this picture of america in economic and moral decline, is, of course, always followed up
7:46 am
with warnings aftof our impe imwednesdayiimwednesdapending destruction. for many, this outlook is as real as the building we're in today, and the anger they cause is real. we're fighters in america, but we fight for what's good and right. and when we do that, we win, don't we? we win. and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. when we come together, when we unite as a country, america always wins. for those who are angry or afraid, i want to assure there's another better way to deal with this. some who feed off of the fears and the anger that is felt by some of us and exploited, feed their own insatiable desires for fame or attention.
7:47 am
that could drive america down into a ditch and not make us great again. just as disturbing are the solutions they offer. we've heard proposals to create a religious test for immigration, to target neighbors for surveillance. to deport 11.5 million people. to do things that would crush trade and destroy american jobs. we have heard proposals to drop out of nato, abandon europe to russia, possibly use nuclear weapons in europe and end our defense partnerships in asia and fell our middle east allies that they have to go it alone. we've been offered hallow promises to impose a value added tax, balance budgets through simple and whimsical cuts in waste, fraud, and abuse.
7:48 am
there is no office that has the title of waste, fraud, and abuse. we have been promised that unpopular laws shall be repealed simply through the will of a strong man in the white house, and that the supreme court justices will be empowered with some new extra constitutional ability to investigate former public officials. i've stood on a stage and watched with amazement as candidates wallowed in the mud, viciously attacked one another, called each other liars and disparages each other's character. those who continuously push that type of behavior are not worthy of the office they are seeking. [ applause ]
7:49 am
>> as for me, as i have said repeatedly, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. i will simply not do it. just as an all consuming fear of america in decline ends in visions of america's destruction, a political strategy based on exploiting americans instead of lifting them up inevitably leads to divisions, paranoia, isolation and promises that can never, ever be fulfilled. i say to you that this path to darkness is the antithesis of all that america has meant for 240 years. some have a different response to the pressures they see bearing down on america and themselves. it would never occur to me that america would break or could
7:50 am
break from challenges to our economy or to our security. we harden with resolve, through ingenuity and coming together. we can't sit by and expect fate or destiny to sweep in and rescue us. you see, we always roll up our sleeves and get to work when the going gets tough. and we have never, never, ever seen the american spirit fail. america's strength as that we're bound biied ideas and communitis and people who are free, creative, and giving. this is what makes america great, not some politician or some law. the spirit of our country rests in us. you and you and you, all of us, and notwithstanding all of our
7:51 am
challenges, america is still great. take any measure, whether it's life expectancy, medicine, nutrition, technology, innovation, transportation, or even economic power, america's economy is still the largest and most productive in the world. we're bigger than the next two economies, china and japan, combined. america still leads the world in making things. america is among the largest exporters of goods and services in the entire world. america is home to six of the top ten universities in the world. america is the world's innovator, the world's inventor, and we lead in intellectual property. don't let anybody, particularly a politician, tell you that america is not great. it doesn't mean we aren't capable of drifting. we can drift, and we have been.
7:52 am
and too many americans are still being left behind or are making it but feel betrayed by a system that's become too big to fail. too many feel that government and politicians have betrayed them. there are a lot of americans who ask why is there no one speaking for me? why is it no one is working for us? why is it you hear all these promises from politicians and nothing ever comes from it? and of course, those who are concerned about this are right. for too long politicians have been making promises based upon polling, focus groups, or what is politically expedient. this is not leadership, ladies and gentlemen. leadership is the willingness to walk a lonely road with a team of people with their eyes fixed on the horizon, focussed on
7:53 am
solving problems and healing our country, leading -- [ applause ] -- leading is serving. you know, there is a better, higher path. true leadership means pursuing it. even if it's hard. the sacrifice is part of the job, however, because leaders can't lead unless they'rer servants first. you have to accept a job where close to 320 million people depend on you. our campaigns should be full of ideas that provide energy and solutions, innovations and excitement for whatever office we're running for, because we all have to look our family in the eyes and know that we raised the bar. i want to be able to look at my wife and my daughters in the eyes and know that they're proud of me and the type of campaign that we're running.
7:54 am
american leadership is at its finest when it buckles on that ir that spirit that says anything is possible and that everyone can participate in america's blessings. you see, i have no doubt that we can restore our economy. we can rebuild our military. we can make america safe from terrorism and reengage as the leader in the world again. we can do this with reasonable and proven solutions rooted in the american ideals that have seen us through tough days before. the proven solution, ladies and gentlemen, are right in front of us. and we know what needs to be done. there's no better and quicker cure to america's challenges than to grow the economy and stimulate private sector job creation. to have the resources to solve problems, we need economic
7:55 am
strength. in the 1990s when we balanced the federal budget, paid down the federal debt, or a large portion of it, cut taxes and created surpluses, the result was a sustained period of economic growth, lower interest rates, job creation, and national prosperity. we weren't talking about income inequality or the lack of wage increases because it was happening. businesses were growing. unemployment was at historic lows, and nearly everyone who wanted a job could find one. in fact, the labor market payment a buyer's market for the job seeker. but this was no small feat. think about what we did. for the first time since americans walked on the moon, the federal government had a balanced budget. for the first time since man walked on the moon, we finally got it done. we didn't only balance the
7:56 am
budget. we reformed welfare which ended generational dependency. we cut the capital gains tax and we did much more. you know, i tell younger audiences about this, and they look at me like i'm crazy. they don't believe it ever happened. but we know that it did and it can happen again. it just takes leadership. the will to challenge the status quo and a willingness to work across the aisle. [ applause ] >> yes, we have to be willing to work also with the other party. you see, i think americans are not only fed up with what washington is not doing but i think they're also tired to the partisan bickering and that doesn't mean you compromise your principles. you know, ronald reagan worked with tip o'neal. no one ever accused the gipper of giving up his principles,
7:57 am
even though he accomplished things, but that's because ronald reagan was a leader. and folks, i want to remind you of that period of time. in 1994 the republicans captured the house and the senate and had a majority for the first time in 40 years. the people who showed up in that congress during that period could care less about polling, focus groups, reelection or anything else. they came committed to building a stronger america, and when you think about it, balancing a budget, cutting taxes, paying down debt, reforming welfare, reforming the pentagon and building the military strength, all that got accomplished in a short period of time because we threw politics out the window and we were focussed on helping the american people. that's what leaders need to do. [ applause ] >> one of the things that i've
7:58 am
learned through this campaign is it's the job of a leader to first slow down. we all need to slow down and listen to others who sometimes are never listened to. and we need to listen carefully. then you set an agenda that meets america's needs, and you bring everybody together to make it a reality. there is no place for dividing, polarizing, pointing fingers, or trading on short term political gain. i hold to this philosophy of a leadership, because i've watched great leaders practice it. they've been successful and frankly, i've seen it work in my own experience. i worked for ten years to pass that balanced budget. it was hard work, and when i became chairman of the budget committee, our team was able to get it done even with a democrat in the white house. we were proud when we reformed
7:59 am
welfare, and as a member of the armed services committee, we came together to reform the pentagon and realign our military services that resulted in a central command structure that allowed the services to work together. and frankly, it's the same formula that we have used in ohio. we were facing an $8 billion deficit. we had lost 350,000 jobs. in a few short years it was a surplus of 2 billion and gave the ohio people the largest tax cut of any state in the country. [ applause ] . >> we even repealed the death tax. ohio is now created 417,000 private sector jobs up from the loss of 350,000, and it's working. and we continue to work to make sure that no one is left behind. this can work for america again
8:00 am
as well. and ladies and gentlemen, today across our country when a politician's lips are moving, people think that they're being lied to. you see, a lot of people have wondered why does he keep talking about what he has done? why? you see, folks, i'm a citizen too. and when somebody comes to my door and they want to know if i will vote for them, and they tell me what their promises are, i look them in the eye, and i say, you know, i know what you say you're going to do, but i'd like to know what you've done, because i've had enough people tell me what they're going to do who never got it done, so what have you done in your lifetime? see, we don't have time for on the job training. we don't have time for empty promises. we've got to have somebody with the experience, the knowledge, the know-how and


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