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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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bike rides and just knowing that we can do that now. is awesome. >> it gets better. the community is now raising must money to get another adaptic bike for a little girl in the neighborhood. you're gonna have to join me later for some lunch. i'll be waiting for you. you have have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac --
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and good morning. from the brooklyn navy yard, the sight of tonight's cnn democratic debate. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me this morning and what a show we have on tap. getting ready to rumble in brooklyn just 12 hours from now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take to the stage and grapple in their last debate before tuesday's all important primary in new york. cnn crews have been scrambling to construct this massive stage and the stakes loom even larger. both campaigns sharpening attacks and firing up supporters. sanders electrified a reported crowd a record crowd in washington square park. clinton throes her own bombs at the bronx. looking to stop sanders recent surges of momentum. and on the republican side, things getting even nastier. donald trump ratchets up attacks
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on his own party. ted cruz accusing trump staffers of all being thugs. and let's begin with the democratic debit and joe johns has more on that this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. big city, big stage. this is where it all happens tonight at a critical time for both candidates. hillary clinton has been leading in the polls in new york by double digits for weeks. her campaign this morning trying to tamp down expectations that that is going translate into a double digit win in the primary. but if you want to see how well bernie sanders is doing in terms of support here in new york, all you have to do is look no further than that huge rally last night. >> i am so glad to be back in the bronx. >> reporter: rivals hillary clinton and senator sanders both
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holding duelling rallies ahead of tonight's presidential debate. sanders revving up a massive crowd estimated to be above 27,000 in washington square park. ♪ sanders receiving a rock star welcome with celebrities before he aggressively went after secretary clinton. >> our differences with secretary clinton go beyond how we raise money. it goes to an issue which the media doesn't cover. that is our disastrous trade policies, which are costing us millions of jobs. >> clinton making the case to voters in the bronx, urging them to back her over sanders. >> i was honored to be your senator for eight years. and if you will give me the honor of your vote on tuesday, we will continue to make life better. >> and keeping her attacks on
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the republican hopefuls. >> one of them denigrates new york values. mr. trump wants to set americans against each other. he wants to build walls. i want us to build bridges. >> tonight's high stakes debate comes as the heated war of words between sanders and clinton sbins fies. >> i have my doubts about what kind of president she would make. >> reporter: and accusations that the primary process is weighted in favor of clinton. >> it is not a democratic way to carry out an election. >> and in terms of delegate totals to the democratic national convention -- and this includes super delegates, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by 1790 delegates to 1113 for sanders. in terms of raw numbers she's gotten about 2.5 million more votes than sanders. carol back to you.
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>> joe johns reporting live from inside the debate hall. one of the biggest applause lines came not from bernie sanders but from a surrogate. drew a raucous roar of aprotopr but on the morning after is raising eyebrows. listen to this comment from dr. paul song as he addressed the crowd. >> i agree with secretary clinton that medicare for all will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than the status quo. medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry. >> you heard him say that corporate democratic whores. song is married to lisa ling. he quickly apologized via tweet.
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and minutes ago bernie sanders chimed in saying the comment was inappropriate and incepstive. there is no room for language like that in our political discourse. let's talk about it. welcome. >> nice to be here. >> it's so beautiful. my gosh. >> i live in brooklyn. -- >> i love it. i'm a southerner but i'm feeling the welcome to brooklyn violence. >> me too. it's beautiful. let's start with that comment from -- okay sally. you are an undecided democrat. >> let's face it. that's really what bernie sanders is calling hillary clinton, isn't it? not with the language. >> not with the language. and that is the key thing. he did the right thing. he said it was wrong. it was wrong. end of discussion, you know, and
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i have to say it is perpetually troubling to me that the media writ large and all of us sort of come up to talk about bernie sanders and hillary clinton when there is some kind of personal attack and the below the belt and the rest of the 99% of the time when they are having incredible -- >> really -- >> -- the entirety of the election i do. and especially the you contrast with the republican party. this is an exception. it's rare. and the substance of what they are talking about is important. he is trying to hold her accountable as a status quo democrat. i think that is accurate and appropriate. let's talk about that. >> even dr. song was incorrect in trying to push forward sally's assertion here. because it lacks historical context. because the fact of the matter is the person who is fighting for single payor healthcare was
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hillary clinton. before you had obamacare you had hillary care. if you want to say these things about her and perpetuate these caricatures and narratives which flatly deny historical context, that is not good for the discourse. and then to kind of tear that and add this language, for a long period of time democrats had the moral high ground when it came to political discourse but not with language like that. >> bernie sanders is behind. and he's run up a lot of enthusiasm. big crowds. he's stayed substantive by and large. but tonight how harsh is he willing to get? he's behind. >> doesn't he have to make a big splash because he has to do well in new york to keep his momentum going. >> sure. and how he does that isn't by talking about goldman sachs and corporations and the backing of hillary clinton, you know, has had. or is it by personal attacks?
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i don't think it is personal attacks. the words are out there now. you know whether he disavows them or not. obviously it is circulating. hillary is probably going to try to ramp up her enthusiasm by speaking about trump. by speaking about the republicans. you know she needs to increase her popular vote margin here as much as possible. in addition to the delegates. >> let's talk about the big crowd at the bernie sanders rally. >> it was huge. >> it was huge. but i was just wondering i don't know a lot of them were from the occupy wall street movement. a lot of them were from nyu. and it is great you have 27,000 people. that's fabulous. don't get me wrong. but you got to move those people to the voting booths. so a, i wonder how many were actually registered to vote. how many for actually from new york. and i don't know the answer to those things. >> i'll be corny and ernest and hope they all vote. >> that would be a good thing
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for the process. >> and bernie, you know, he attracted an almost as large just as enthusiastic crowd in the bronx without all the bells and whistles. >> the fact of the matter is there is this kind of false comparison people like to make. people say oh my god, barack obama had 24,000 people in washington park in 2008. >> right. bernie sanders beat him. >> barack obama got beat by hillary clinton in new york. bernie sanders also won the vote tallies or vote records in georgia. he also won the vote record -- the rally records in georgia, the rally records in mississippi and alabama. but didn't translate to victories at the poles. i'm excited about the energy jese brought but i'm not sure that is going to translate. >> hillary clinton kind of doesn't have a message that energizes. she needs to come up with some
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message that makes democratic voters enthusiastic. >> i think -- there is no question that bernie sanders has harnessed massive enthusiasm. by the way it is not just political enthusiasm. by the way if hillary clinton were mobilizing young voters in this way i don't know we'd be dismissing them by saying well here's hoping they vote. it feeds into the bernie sanders is too idealistic a candidate and --. let's give him the benefit of the doubt and be positive that he is changing not only our democratic discourse more broadly but the political landscape by engaging a generation who may not felt there was any reason to vote. that is encouraging by itself. tonight bernie sanders has to do one thing. he has to show the voters in new york and the american people in general that he's an idealist who can also translate that into action. he has to say look, the american people. my program to say let's have college -- affordable college for everyone. you think it's not possible?
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well we spent trillions on the war in iraq. so we can spend a few billion to get people to college. we can do that. and hillary clinton on the other hand has to make sure she's not alienating them and says look there is a reason for you do support me. they are quite wary of her and for very good reason. >> to say that hillary clinton supporters aren't enthusiastic denies the fact that she's actually winning the delegate count. he's actually up in this race by 2.4 voters and he's won more states. so by every metric that you can define winning in this race she's doing that. so i think there is this misnomer that they are not enthusiastic. because they are. >> and you make a very good point. it's been one of the hesitations for people's support to go bernie's side all along. he talks about the revolution. could he actually do the things that he's talked about. and there was an interesting moment. he did a long q&a with the
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"daily news" at our editorial board here. in which he had a lot of trouble you talk about too big to fail breaking up the banks, how would you do it, what would it actually look like? and he was fairly sketchy on just what the mechanisms would be. he needs to be better making those cases i think. >> we'll see what happens tonight. >> welcome to brooklyn. >> gonna be a big one. >> thanks so much. the showdown between bernard and hillary clinton is just a few hours away. the first face-to-face debate in more than five weeks starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern, moderated by anderson cooper only on cnn. still to come, donald trump firing up protesters over the delegate battle and ted cruz firing off saying trump staffers are likionen boss thugs.
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i'm carol costello. welcome to the brooklyn navy yard, where cnn's democratic debate will soon takes place. time to talk to the republicans just a bit. donald trump is mad with his own e party over delegate rules. overnight donald trump tweeted big protest march in colorado on friday afternoon. don't let the bosses take your vote. and by bosses, mr. trump is referring to gop big wigs. . but ted cruz referring to a decidedly different kind of boss when asked about donald trump's campaign tactics at cnn's town hall last night. >> donald and his team. it is almost like they are subjects in a clinical course in psychology. in the last few weeks, donald's team. roger stone his chief political advisor was threatening to out the hotel rooms of delegate
6:19 am
whose dared to cross trump so they could be intimidated. they are acting like union boss thugs. >> cruz not the only one concerned this morning. colorado's gop chairman says he's been getting death threats. indiana party leaders also getting some scary messages after they said they saw no reason to help trump supporters win delegates. one quote, you know, traditional burial is polluting the planet. hope your family is well. your name has been given me on a list that is about to go public. we are watching you. the trump camp is denouncing those threats. let's talk about it more with cell body's sara murray. good morning. >> it is clear that donald trump and his supporters are not backing off of their complaints on this process. and look, the trump campaign has a full plate right now. they are staffing up. the candidate is at war with the rnc. they have at least one less
6:20 am
distraction to worry about. and their campaign manager corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted in that run in with a female reporter. >> sources confirmed the cnn his campaign manager will not be prosecuted for battery following this altercation back in march. fields, who could seek defamation charges against corey lewandowski tweeting office of prosecutor asked two weeks ago if i'd be okay with an apology from corey. i said yeah but haven't heard back about it. >> on the campaign trail, tense moments outside of a trump rally in pittsburgh. as hundreds of angry protesters clashed with trump supporters. police in riot gear tried to keep the peace. inside the front runner intensifying his war with the gop. >> it is a rigged system folks. the republican system is a rigged system. >> and doubling down on claims his party is conspiring to block him from the nomination.
6:21 am
>> the bosses and the establishment and the people that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away from the voters. >> republican party chairman reince priebus firing back. >> the rules are not being changed in order to injure or benefit anybody. they are what they are. >> at cnn's town hall, trump's main rival ted cruz raling against trump's tactics. and accusing his supporters of threatening delegates. >> they are acting like union boss thugs. i spoke yesterday to the chairman of the republican party in colorado. trump supporters put out his home address, his phone numbers. he got thousands of phone calls. death threats. trump supporters were telling the supporters go to his house and bring their guns. look, violence doesn't belong in democracy. and the trump campaign encouraging it over and over again. >> and on a lighter note, cruz's wife shared how the couple met. >> it was really love at first sight. >> their 5 and 8-year-old daughters stole the show. >> her daddy-daughter picnic,
6:22 am
which featured all the dads running and playing games. and your favorite was she got to dress up dad daddy in this pink boa and goofy underwear. >> and i swear it was on a videotape the whole time. >> uh-oh. >> and now it is a class video that they are sending out to all the parents. >> oh really? >> we got to see a softer side of the candidates in the town halls. but today it is back to politicsem all three repubcan candidates will be speaking at the same dinner in new york tonight. so it will be interesting to see how much they want to contrast with each other when they are all going to be sharing the same stage and revolving through this tonight, carol. >> oh it will be interesting. sara murray live for us this morning. sthangs so much. let's talk about all this and more with ron brownstein. good morning. >> good morning carol. >> first i want to talk more about ted cruz's daughters.
6:23 am
because they really did steal the show. especially caroline. i want our viewers to listen to a bit more of that. >> a couple of days ago, i was back for caroline's daddy-daughter picnic at school, which featured all of the dads running and playing games. and -- >> my favorite. >> your favorite was that she got to dress up daddy in like this pink boa and these big goofy looking underwear. >> and i swear it was on a videotape the whole time. >> uh-oh. >> and now it's a class video that they are senting out to all the parents. >> oh really. [ laughter ] hmm. >> but it does. >> -- anderson. >> okay. it was so good we had to show it twice. what a lovely moment. we ted cruz has problems with the likability factor. does this help? >> well i think the town hall s
6:24 am
have been an absolutely great addition. and the third edition of having the family. sure it helps but only so far. i think voters assume as the baseline as the candidate you are nice to your family and your family likes you. but ultimately you are being judged on your public life. and on that front cruz has struggled. these were not only charming moment bus very revealing and how long till that video makes it onto the internet is what i was wondering listening to that clip. >> exactly. that's what i'm wondering too ron to be frank. okay. well glets serious now. senator cruz accused donald trump of union boss thuggery. it was a good line, right? >> right. >> but is it true? >> well look, there has been an air of violence around many of the elements of the trump campaign. at the rallies i've been to it was not shocking to me that it
6:25 am
kind of took the turn it did in march with what we saw in north carolina and chicago and again last night in pittsburgh. tough for trump to go into any big city at this point and not face major prettying resistance. i do think this is part of the problem trump has and why he's facing this unprecedented resistance. as we've said in times before, given the states he won early on in the process, almost in any precedent what you would see at this point is the party consolidate around him and his vote moving towards 50%. he might in new york but asoid from that it's not happening and party leaders are kind of redoubling their efforts to stop him. and i do think this is one of the reasons why. because the campaign has had this tone of, if -- if we don't win we are going to tear down the party by in means necessary. >> so in any way could this backfire against mr. trump? or will it only make his supporters more passionate about
6:26 am
their candidate? >> the answer is both. i think what we've seen very clearly from the beginning is that donald trump has the biggest piece of the republican coalition. there is no question he has a bigger, broader base of support than ted cruz who has struggled among voters who are not evangelical. john kasich has not been able to get out of the very moderate white collar wing. trump has the biggest piece of the party but it is not a majority. he's winning about 40% of the vote. you got to guess he'll do better in the northeast as he goes forward. and many of the same things he's done that inspired passionate support from his supporters have alienated everyone else. the negatives continue to be unprecedented and among republicans who are not voting for him, two thirds in the last poll.
6:27 am
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6:32 am
>> -- in new york where independents can get involved in the democratic primary, where young people who have not previously registered and want to register today just can't do it. so this is going to be a tough primary for us. >> and while sanders wife won't go as far as donald trump in calling the system rigged, she does have strong feels about that process she says isn't very democratic. >> every single one of the states has a different way of carrying out their elections and figuring out how many delegates and how they become delegates. i think we need a more systematic approach that honors one vote, one person. and lets democracy work a little bit better. >> all right. so let's talk about this with
6:33 am
charles chamberlain and some other people. also a democratic super delegate. welcome to both of you. >> happy to be here. >> before we start. i'd like us to harken back to elementary school. remember when we stood up each morning and recited the pledge of allegiance. as a ree miranda, i pledge alegion to the flag to the united states of america and to the republic which it stands. it doesn't say to democracy. all o these politicians know we have a republic and how the system works. so why do they keep complaining about it? >> i think what it comes down to is when you have a system where we are voting.
6:34 am
the rank and file democrats vote all throughout the country and through that system we get to choose the pledge delegates. i think the real question is when you look at super markets and you seize thethese individu enormous power. they already voted in caucuses and they get to vote again and their vote is worth thousands and thousands of nationwide. so i think the super delegates have to support whoever's votes for the most. that is the key. if it happens fairley it works. >> -- most of the voters in your particular. which would be utah in this instance. voted for in the primary. >> i'm not only a super delegate, i'm a sixth grade teacher. i got to teach things like sievics. this is the selection of the
6:35 am
democratic nominee. and so yes, the republicans have a process that they have voted on. and the democrats have a process they have voted on. and it is different state to state. some are caucuses, some are primaries. >> charles is saying you are a super delegate. you are all powerful. you can look at the vote and say uh-uh i'm not going to decide that way. >> and if i was looking at the votes nationwide, i'm excited that hillary clinton's winning. 2.5 million more votes on any level she's winning. so i think it is not -- it is not a mystery why people like donald trump or even senator sanders would say let's question the process right now. where it looks like they won't get the delegates they need to win [ because they can't register and vote ] if you are going to do the process you do it when you are
6:36 am
winning not when you are losing. p. >> is this just sour grapes on senator sanders part? >> well first of all i would argue we've been making this case all along. in 2008 we made the case to the super delegates as well as how undemocratic they actually are. and it is a system that absolutely needs to be fixed. but, you know, this number, this 2.5 million popular vote number, the idea hillary clinton is somehow beating bernie sanders by millions of votes is a fake number. the reality is state likes iowa, colorado, washington state they don't report the popular vote totals. they only report the winner of the pledge delegates. that is why the choice has to be made by the pledge delegates and not based off fake numbers like 2.5 million that don't even exist. >> you're saying bernie sanders is actually ahead in the number of votes cast in the nation at the moment? >> what i'm saying is that every report that gives us number of popular votes, that is not a real number. because we don't know how many
6:37 am
people voted for bernie sanders or for hillary clinton in several of the states. so if you are talking about an incredible number of popular vote leads, you are literally disenfranchising many different states. iowa, colorado, washington state are being completely disenfranchised from that count. the reality is bernie sanders has won the last seven states and we're looking at several more states coming up. new york, pennsylvania, california. all of which have a very, very. >> i want lily to refute what you just said. so is he right? is it a fake number? >> what we're in is in the middle of a primary season where some are caucuses, some are primaries. if you are looking at the numbers and the question you asked me on where a super delegate should be. when you look at the pledge delegates, the delegates that were elected from the state she's ahead. when you look at the numbers that we have on the popular vote
6:38 am
she's ahead. when you look at the delegate count, she's ahead. she's winning. and this is what the primary season is all about. what you do is you get to the next state and the next state and the next state. so this is all very interesting to talk about, you know, the numbers at this point. but what people have to do is just realize that this is democracy. this is what you were saying in terms of the pledge of allegiance. the process that we have, we want a fair process and i believe we have one. >> lily garcia, charles chamberlain. thanks both of you. still to come. who's more new york and why does it matter? we're asking voters next. sure, we cor put them stacked on a rack.s. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands.
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tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton meet face to face for the first time in five weeks. it all goes down inside the brooklyn navy yard. and if recent attacks are any indication, things could get heated on this stage. both candidates have been taken the city by storm. plugging new york credentials at every stop. but are new yorkers really impressed by any of this? >> reporter: we're at the brooklyn roasting company. really in the heart of the political conversation right now. we are not too far from where the cnn debate will be tonight where hillary clinton has her campaign office and where bernie sanders was born. new york is a battle ground state really, at least bernie sanders certainly hopes so this weekend or on tuesday. we're talking with jim munson, the owner of the brooklyn roasting company. want to ask you. who do you believe is more new yorker, hillary clinton or
6:44 am
bernie sanders? >> i think both candidates resonate with new yorkers. with democratic new yorkers. i think that bernie is probably perceived as the little more principled and anti-establishment and hillary is probably seen as more establishment and experienced. so i think some new yorkers might think hillary has a better chance of advancing her campaign platform and promises. and others might hope that bernie has success with his more purist and radical sort of approach to politics. >> and who do you think will make more inroads here in brooklyn specifically? >> i think they are both great candidates for brooklyn. brooklyn has seen a great revitalization so i think having the debates here and both candidates sort of being associated with that new revitalized brooklyn is probably something that is great for brooklyn, great for the candidates and a great thing to see frankly at this point after so long. >> what would you say makes brooklyn special of all the
6:45 am
bureaus here? >> brooklyn is the greatest borough in the world. brook an got a long history. of course it was its own city until 1906 whens it was incorporated in new york. there is a lot of pride in brooklyn. and brooklyn has come back. after 20 years really of brand building, brooklyn is stronger than ever. and i they what a lot of people like to see in the country. >> thanks jim. we'll be here all day talking to voters of the prooken roasting company. back to you carol. still to come in the "newsroom," bernie sanders says he welcomes the contempt of american ceos. first it was general electric. now the american senator haze sights set on verizon
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joined the verizon workering picket line in new york. bernie always talks like he's getting bad reception, so it's the perfect match. >> can you hear me? hello, can you hear me? >> yes. that's a joke about bernie sanders' attacks on corporate america. they certainly aren't winning hip any friends in big business. first it was general electric bernie sanders was complaining about. now the ceo of verizon is lashing out saying he is
6:51 am
disconnected from reality. this is after the vermont senator walked the picket lines in support of the verizon workers. we are joined now with more on sand sand sand sander's ongoing battles. >> reporter: as you mentioned, not paying its fair share in taxes, and the third criticism is that verizon isn't investing in lower income poor neighborhoods. that the higher end services are only in wealthier services. the verizon ceo said we've invested $35 billion in u.s. infrastructure and pay millions in taxes. we respearen't shipping that ma jobs overseas. he says the reality of business
6:52 am
models has forced some jobs overseas. neither side is giving nuanced information to figure out who is right in the argument. i've been on phones with companies asking them, just tell cnn how much money you paid for the irs last year in federal corporate income taxes. no company is willing to tell cnn or any other news outlet, for that matter, how much they pay in corporate income taxes. and that's probably because they're paying a lot less than the effective rate which they put out there of 35%. on the bernie sanders side, he's not going after a nuanced plan of how to fix any of this stuff. we've got $1.4 trillion in overseas cash that companies have parked there because they don't want to repay treuate it. you get heated back and forth
6:53 am
that don't seem to be stopping, and let's keep in mind here, bernie sanders is being selective about the kind of companies he's going after. he's going after companies, let's face it, who loves their telecommunications provider, right? companies that aren't really that popular or aren't really well understood. right? everybody knows ge makes lightbulbs but do they know locomotives and jet engines. bernie sanders took a slight swipe at apple but he's not going after that company for employing very similar practis, and that's probably because a lot of his voters have an apple device in their pockets. >> oh, that's fascinating. many thanks to you. still to come in the news room, kobe bryant's game, and it was epic. show me movies with romance.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
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6:58 am
championships, and it all came down to this final shot. oh, aren't you nervous? yeah. you knew he'd make it. kobe bryant scores 60 points in his final games. andy scholes has more on this. wow. >> reporter: what an epic performance. kobe going out like we wanted to see him go out, scoring 60 points. as you can imagine, the atmosphere last night was electric at the staple center. >> for the final time, number 4 24 on the floor, five time world champion, kobe bryant. >> reporter: going out in style. he took a career-high, 50 shot in the game, and it was vintage kobe late in the fourth. the step back three, pulls the lakers within one. you see the celebrities in the
6:59 am
stands going one. down one, time running out, pulls up, knocks down one last game-winning jumpers. lakers win the game. kobe sharing an embrace with shack after waving to the crowd. a pretty cool moment there for lakers fans after everything those two had gone through over the years. kobe 60 points for the sixth time in his career, and in his final game. >> no words can describe how i feel about you guys, and thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. god, i love you guys, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. and what can i say? mamba out. >> now, if steph curry would have taken 50 points he might have scored 100. the warriors breaking the bulls all time record for wins in a season. curry was incredible. he had 10 threes, 46 points.
7:00 am
didn't even play in the fourth quarter. curry the first player in the nba to have 400 threes in the season. best record ever for the warriors, 73-9. barack obama a big bulls fan, tweeted congrats the warriors, great group of guys on and off the court. if somebody had to break the record, i'm glad it's them. >> that's awesome. an d andy scholes, thank you for sharing. next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. there are a lot of people here tonight. i am so proud at what's happening here in the bronx, but it can be even better if we work together. the bosses and the establishment took all of the power away from the voters, so the voters never got to vote.
7:01 am
donald and his team, they're acting like union boss thugs. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. i'm live in brooklyn where the big democratic debate will take place later tonight. we're approaching the 11th hour of the primary season, and 11 hours from the big show down here. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take to the stage and grapple in their last debate before the important primary in new york. both sharpening their attacks and firing up their supporters. clinton throws her own bombs in the bronx. she's looking to stop bernie sanders east recent surge of momentum. ted cruz accuses trump
7:02 am
staffers of being thugs and kasich takes it in hoping for a dual implosion. let's start with the democrats. the one word bernie is counting on in the new york primary? that's turnout. >> we do well when the voter turnout is high. so if there is a large voter turnout. if a lot of working class people get involved in this campaign and young people who maybe have never voted before get involved in this campaign and come out and vote, yeah, i think we can win. >> joe johns is joining us live. hi, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that certainly is one of bernie sanders' continuing themes. this is the stage for tonight's debate. i think we can say the stage is literally and figurativety set for bernie sanders and hillary clinton to come here in the battle of brooklyn. hillary clinton has been leading
7:03 am
in the polls just for weeks and weeks, but her campaign just today trying to establish that they don't think they will win by double digits even though the polls are indicating that just now. hillary clinton, for her part, has been talking about the melting pot of voters here in new york city. something like two out of every ten voters was born in another country. she was focussed on that as well talking act the republican front runner, donald trump, and the way he addresses immigrant issues. listen. >> unlike donald trump, we're not saying some people don't belong. we're not saying some people are not wanted. this is a burro of immigrants in a city of immigrants in a state of immigrants in a nation of immigran immigrants, and i am proud of that. >> also a continuing focus on the minority vote, especially
7:04 am
here in new york city. bernie sanders appearing with the national action network that was started by reverend al sharpton. hillary clinton appeared there yesterday. >> joe, i want to go back to the expectations of the new york primary. this is coming from hillary clinton's camp, that they don't think hillary clinton will win the state of new york by double digits. is that what you said? >> reporter: yeah. there are concerns that there is such an expectation now that hillary clinton will, in fact, win the primary by double digits. the concern is that turnout could be suppressed because they think hillary clinton is going to win and that they don't need to go out and vote. so the hillary clinton campaign is pushing hard on the idea that they're not taking for granted the idea they're going to win by double digits and certainly encouraging the people who support hillary clinton to get
7:05 am
out and vote. >> all right. joe johns reporting live for us. thank you. bernie sanders, let's center on him. he's the oldest presidential candidate but has the youngest base of supporters by far. here is a measure of that. the music and arts festival which draws nearly 2 00,000 people to the california desert is honoring sanders with a block party, and it's being dubbed bernie cella. if you ever wonders why so many people feel the bern, at 74 sanders speaks their language. here he is on comedy central. >> we believe in the value of hard work. we believe in the value of equality. we believe in the value of a society where the american dream works for all, not just the 1%. those are new york values. and the truth is, new york values are american values. there is no difference. [ applause ]
7:06 am
>> yeah. he dropped the mike. let's break this down with my panel this morning. i'm joined by reuben diaz junior, nomiki, kahne, and peter brianer. welcome to all of you. thank you for being here in this beautiful setting. >> isn't it? >> gorgeous. >> peter, i want to start with you and what joe johns just reported that hillary clinton's camp is kind of down playing expectations as relating to the new york primary results. why do you think they're doing that? >> they're concerned, perhaps, about her supporters not coming out to vote. i don't think it matters. i think if she beats bernie sanders even by smaller than 10%. given the way the distribution goes, he can't pick up delegates. it will be portrayed in the media as a victory. bernie sanders is behind. he needs breakthroughs, not
7:07 am
hillary clinton. he needs a win here to change the dynamic in the race. >> reuben, when you look at the huge crowds that bernie sanders was able to assemble yesterday in washington square park, 27,000, he actually exceeded the number that barack obama atraktded when he was running for president the first time around. that's impressive. doesn't that mean that bernie sanders does have momentum and maybe the cloinhillary clinton is down playing expectations? >> not at all. i think it was impressive, the crowd there last night, but the reality is what we saw in the bronx yesterday, 1500 people, precinct captains, elected officials. >> but -- >> 100% of our crowd are quadruple prime voters and they're bringing folks out. this is ale lesson in campaign efficiency. it's good to see young people are motivated but on tuesday you'll see how we pull out the vote for hillary. >> reuben may have a point.
7:08 am
there were a lot of people. that's an amazing number of people to attract, but it was right by nyu. many of those people probably can't even vote. >> i was there. it was a multicultural, multiage -- listen, west fourth is the subway stop. everybody comes into there. that's a hub in new york. i have to combat that point, ru reuben. what bernie sanders is doing by attracting these independents and new voters, the concern here is the new york primary is so close with so many different dead deadlines. registering to vote with the party in october. that was before the debates started. and that hurts the democratic party. and who sets the policy? this is a democratic controlled state. >> bernie sanders has been in politics for 30 years. and he knows there. i know you're maligning machine party politics but doesn't he
7:09 am
have to master that to win? >> no, we are not registering democrats that are young, and the problem is the heart of it is this machine style politics like in new york. >> can i jump in here? look, when you talk about democrats and democratic values, it's about looking at problems and coming up with solutions. that's what we've done in the bronx and that's what we're doing throughout new york. the people you saw last night are folks that see that the bronx has coming back, new york has come back, and we've had a friend in hillary clinton. when you look at bernie sanders -- >> how? >> by having her help us with federal funding for housing. by having her help us with funding for transportation. she's been with us on health care. >> she's passed three bills in the senate. this is something people don't talk about. her record in the senate is abysmal. three bills, two to rename buildings. >> he moved out -- >> okay. >> peter. you're the neutral voice.
7:10 am
>> look, bernie sanders does better independents. he does better in caucuses where fewer people vote. it's not always the case that more voters help bernie sanders. bernie sanders does better in states that are caucuses and overwhelmingly white and states where independents can vote. i happen to agree that it would be better if new york made it easier, the democrats made it easier for more people to vote. but the problem is this n if you can't be competitive with the african american and latino vote, you can't be competitive nationally. unless he can get beyond 20 or 30% and get closer to 40 %, he's not going to be a serious challenge. >> so the voter laws block people under 50. he's winning with people of color across demographics under fich 50. the voter laws are designed, the
7:11 am
new voters, anybody who grew up in the new ma lin yen yum. i lived in a new apartment last year. my friends have lived in apartments last year. that hurts the democrats. when the democrats set the laws and depend on turnout and then look at the party and wonder why -- >> bronx county is the largest democratic county in the state of new york. when you say democrats, how are having democratic values, we've created jobs and cut unemployment by 50%. we've built housing and done it in a sustainable way. all the things bernie talks about we've inmplemented with te help of clinton. that's why we're supporting a friend who has been there for us. it's going to be a great victory tuesday. >> one word for tonight's debate? >> i hope it's substantive, but i also unctiderstand that we ha to beat the republicans in
7:12 am
november. >> a bunch of new yorkers. >> exactly. >> peter? >> compared to the republican debate, it's actually very civil and substantive. >> we'll see. could be kind of spicy. thank you to all of you. i appreciate it. the show down between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is a few hours away. it's tonight. the first face to face debate in more than five weeks. only on cnn. still to come, donald trump isn't just angry over the gop delegate system. he's now calling for action, and urging his supporters to protest. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do.
7:13 am
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7:17 am
threats against delegates in places like indiana and colorado. now senator cruz is pointing the finger at donald trump, slamming the campaign for using intimidation. >> they're acting like union boss thugs in colorado i spoke yesterday to the chairman of the republican party in colorado. trump supporters put out his home address and phone numbers. he got thousands of phone calls and death threats. trump supporters were saying go to his house and bring their guns. violence doesn't belong in democracy, and the trump campaign encourages it over and over again. in indiana police are reporting threats of violence against delegates from the trump campaign. >> but mr. trump says the delegates system is stacked against him and he's simply firing up his supporters. >> the bosses and the establishment and the people that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away from
7:18 am
the voters. so the voters never got to vote. and the voters didn't know that except when i got up and complained. it's a rigged system, folks. the republican system is a rigged system. >> all right. let's get more on this from phil matting mattingly. >> reporter: one candidate accused of lying, another accused of threatening violence. welcome to the republican primary. here's what's actually happening here. as the delegate fight intensifies and there's no question we've hit peak right now, at least up to this point in the fight to try and reach the 1237 number, donald trump and ted cruz are fighting it out in public and within their organizations behind the scenes. ted cruz last night criticizing the direction trump's team has taken this battle. >> it's not funny when roger stone who organized and put together trump's political
7:19 am
campaign is telling delegates in cleveland, we're going to make public your hotel room so people can come threaten and intimidate you if you dare vote against donald trump. you know what that is behaving like in that's like behaving like democrats in 1968 in chicago. we're not interested in behaving like union thugs and donald trump needs to learn that. >> reporter: the trump campaign is rejecting the idea that they're helping violence. last night donald trump taking to twitter to urge action, pointing out big protest march in colorado on friday afternoon. don't let the losses take your vote. and following that up with another tweet saying the rule did change in colorado shortly after i entered the race in june because the polls and their bosses knew i would win the voters. we've been talking about this all week. the colorado vote where cruz swept the delegates. there was no preference vote. the caucus had been removed. no indication from state
7:20 am
officials that they made that change because donald trump was entering the race. i was told they wanted to be more relevant come convention time. they're relevant now in this fight for delegates. trump continuing to target the result there, and we've talked about it, donald trump needs to reach the 1237 number of delegates before cleveland. there's a number of indications that cruz is set up for a good position in second or third ballot. the map looks good for him in the weeks ahead, try to get him to the magic delegate number. >> all right. phil reporting live for us this morning. thank you. let's talk more about this with jeffrey lore and juddson phillips. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> before i start this, i want to play for our viewers what the colorado gop chair had to say.
7:21 am
his name is steve house. he's the one that said he's received death threats. we don't know if the death threats are coming from trump supporters. here's what the colorado state chair told krdo about one of the threats. >> and he said i need you to do me a favor. i said that depends on what it is. he said get your gun, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger. i'll call you back in two minutes. if you can't do that, i'll send somebody over to the house to help you. >> wow. delegates in indiana say they've also received threats. you heard senator cruz blame mr. trump. jeffrey, i'll pose that question to you. where are the threats coming from? >> first of all, let's be clear. there's no place for violence in the american political system under any circumstances. let me underscore that. we live in an age where crazy people, stupid people do things thinking they're helping their candidate. this does not help donald trump. he surely wants no part of this.
7:22 am
i'm certain of this. ? you think some of the threats are coming from trump supporters? >> there's no organizing it. let me address one specific thing that senator cruz said. he talked about roger stone. roger stone was talking not about violence which he has made clear to me. he was talking about nonviole nonviolently going to people's rooms and having discussions. i can tell you i attended the 1976 reagan ford convention in kansas city. they were doing that then to delegates. they went to the delegates and got their hotel room and went to say can't we talk about this? that's the deal. >> it's such a charged climate right now. it's so different today than what it was back then. >> you know, sure, i agree, but you -- just because people are elected doesn't mean they shouldn't be talking to people. they have constituents. they have whether their fellow republicans from another state or trump supporters, cruz supporters, anything else, they should be talking to people.
7:23 am
emphatically, violence is out of the question. >> juddson, i would suspect you have another view. >> i have a completely different view. this is threats. this is third world violence. this is the kind of stuff you get from the mafia. this is not what happens in america. but this has been the hallmark of the trump campaign. donald trump said i'd like to punch that guy and told somebody else punch him and i'll pay your legal bills. how many times have we seen violence at trump rallies? now roger stone is saying we're going to visit you in a hotel room. what does a logical person think oh of that? you have the head of the colorado gop getting death threats. delegates in indiana getting death threats. this is coming from the top of the trump campaign. >> so is it time that mr. trump came out and said, look, i love your support, but stop these
7:24 am
threats? s stop this violent talk. it isn't helping. >> he's said this kind of thing over time. they run a recording, and have somebody come into the stage at the rump rallies and say this. i want to -- >> but it would be more effective coming out of his mouth. >> he has said it. i mean, this is like the klu klux klan thing. did you say it yesterday, today, or five minutes ago? of course. of course he believes there should be no violence. one of the points i think needs to be addressed here, and i said this before, violence is a thing of the american left. this is -- in my childhood, they were taking over universities, threatening professors. i mean, whether it's race riots -- >> i know, and i hear you, but we're talking specifically about these death threats going to the colorado state chair and -- does that have anything to do with the liberal left? >> if you can find for me some memo from donald trump that says go beat people up and go shoot
7:25 am
people and go commit acts of violence, you're not going to find it. that's not what donald trump believes. >> juddson? >> he said it on stage. i'd like to go punch that guy. i'll pay your legal bills. you know, jeffrey said this is a hallmark of the american left. he's right. donald trump is a liberal. he comes from the left. that's why we're seeing this kind of stuff in this campaign. listen, you're talking about a guy who announced to the world, i'm a liberal democrat. he's from the left. >> so did ronald reagan. >> yeah, but ronald reagan -- he loved america who changed. donald trump hasn't. >> thank you to both of you. still to come, will bill clinton's run in with a black lives matter protester come up on the debate stage tonight? i think so. why it's so relevant here in new york.
7:26 am
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7:30 am
good morning from brooklyn. the site of tonight's cnn democratic debate. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me this morning. the fight for the freafrican american vote is in full swing. hillary clinton is in the lead right now, but bernie sanders is not giving up. critics say he's hitting below the belt calling on hillary clinton and bill clinton to apologize for the crime bill in 1994, saying the use of the word
7:31 am
superpredator to describe juvenile criminals was a -- >> crime was rampant and voters were pressuring politicians to do something about it. i covered the crime beat in the 90s in columbus, ohio. ? sometimes you don't even care. >> and sometimes you just don't care. that's exactly how violent kids are living their whole entire lives. >> i was talking about young people. in 199416% of all murders in ohio were committed by juveniles. columbus police told me kids were out of control and they took me on patrol to prove it. there were problems in big cities too with gang violence, drugs and organized crime. time magazine's cover read the rotting of the big apple. in 1990 alone there were 2,245 murders in the city. it was against this backdrop
7:32 am
that hillary clinton, then first lady praised her husband's crime bill. a bill that put extra police officers on the streets and increased penalties for nonviolent offenders. >> they are not just gangs of kids anymore. they are often the kinds of kids that are alled superpredators. we have to bring them to heal. >> those words have come back to haunt hillary clinton. >> we want you to apologize. i'm not a superpredator. >> clinton has since apologized but bernie sanders is not about to let the subject drop. >> what president clinton did when he first got elected in 1996 was to triangulate. they were running ads about how tough they were on crime. this was a critical strategy. the language they used at the time, frankly, should be apologized for. >> rudy giuliani was mayor of
7:33 am
new york city in the mid 90s. he credits clinton's crime bill along with state and local efforts for the decrease in crime. >> so should hillary clinton have apologized for using the term -- >> what she should have said is you should thank my husband for all the lives he saved. bill clinton is one of three or four or five people in america that saved more black lives than almost anybody i can think of except maybe -- >> and you're saying that not particularly being a clinton supporter. >> bill clinton saved thousands and thousands of black lives as i sadid and michael bloomberg. if we hadn't made the changes there's no reason why the 1800 murders or whatever number, wouldn't have just continued. they had gone on for 30 years. >> but it didn't. the new york city murder rate dropped 84 % when 1990 and 2015.
7:34 am
thanks in part to the clinton crime bill. >> but that crime bill did have consequences. critics argue tougher penalties for nonviolent offenders caused long prison sentences. low income communities were disproportionately impacted. it's a fact president clinton has acknowledged, but he's not apologized for it either. let's talk about this and separately what the crime problem is like in today's world. i want had to with erik adams who is the brooklyn burro president and a former captain for the nypd and also angela rye. welcome to you both. angela, i want to start with you. this subject will probably come up in tonight's debate, and bernie sanders will probably hit mrs. clinton hard on it. is it entirely fair of what -- let me ask it this way. should hillary clinton again
7:35 am
apologize for using that term super predator, and does it mean the same thing today as it did back then. >> she has apologized for using the term. i think the problem is it seemed disingenuous when bill clinton was out defending the term and the crime bill. the issue we have now is i would argue there's never been a time for the term super predator to be used to talk about human beings. for me, while i wasn't here for slavery, it remind me of a time when black people were deemed less than human. i think it's never okay to use that type of terminology when talking about a group of people even if they are leaning toward criminal activity. we're in a situation today where if you are born black in this country, you have a 1 in 3 chance of spending time in prison. that is in part due to the crime bill. i would say no thank you to the crime bill.
7:36 am
we could argue that crime began to diminish in 1992 which, preceded the crime bill. >> the economy got great, so it's not just the crime fwhbill that helped decrease time. you're right about that. >> you're a police officer and dealt with crime and you're dealing with crime problems right now in brooklyn. what sit like today in contrast to what it was like in the 90s? >> well, i think that -- i agree with angela about the terminology and what we do and how we move forward. and now you're seeing the by-product of the crime bill and the actions of that were taken previously. countless of number of communities have been left behind. this was a golden opportunity for new york city. historically national and presidential politics, it doesn't play in new york. and i believe that's the by-product of being left behind in communities throughout the
7:37 am
city. the brownsvilles of america, i like to say, have been left behind because you didn't have to focus on these communities and the recipients of those that were imprisoned, the lack of city services in state and national services, you're seeing the product of that, and they're the last crevices of americans we've left behind and need to bring forward. >> you throw people in prison for relatively minor crimes, that means there's no education going forward, right? because the money is going into incarceration, and to more police on the streets and not educational and rehabilitation programs. >> this country's criminal justice system was supposed to be about rehabilitation. and sometime a long time ago we decided to focus on punishment. and so i would argue at what point do we start to look at rehabilitating people who made mistakes. whether you committed wind crime or three, and we know it also ushered forth three strikes you're out laws.
7:38 am
it led the way for states to do the same thing. at what point do you start to rehabilitate people and give them a real chance? part of the issue with the crime bill is it never solved the real issues, which were economic development opportunities for low income communities. >> at the same time for police officers, they need to power to be able to make arrests and clear the streets of criminals. how do you balance that? >> and it's an effective balance. and rehabilitation is not soft on crime. we need to be clear on that. it is communities of color who are recipients of crime waves, and from the 22 years that i've policed, i saw many of those communities where there are good people who just wanted to provide a safe place for their families, but when you have bills that carry out this wide range of just grabbing innocent people also gets swept up like we saw in new york, as giuliani
7:39 am
pointed out, he was the occupies of stop and frisk. people were incarcerated due to living in communities have crime exists not for doing something of criminal nature. that's a problem. >> what do you say about the crime rate dropping? >> and i like that. because many people i'm borrowing from jack nicholson's statement, knew what was happening in the inner city and said we don't want to know what happened. we ignored the fact that young boys w did nothing at i don't think, because they lived in the brownville or their skin, they were incarcerated. that's wrong. that's not the america we should be about. you can have quality policing without affecting or impacting the innocent people in the community because they too are the victims of those crimes. >> i have to leave it there. i could go on with this forever. thank you so much to both of you
7:40 am
for being here. still to come in the news room, some two years after they were kidnapped by boko haram, a new video brings hope and anguish to the families of hundreds of missing nigerian girls. we've got trouble in tummy town. peptocopter! ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. we'll be with you shortly.. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox.
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i've got a theory. nobody cares. but people care about cheese. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. now, that's an award worth winning. and eating. and eating. and eating. this morning the nigerian capital city people took to the streets to mark two years since more than 200 girls were kidnapped by boko haram. they inspired the hash tag bring back our girls. some 57 girls escaped while another 219 remain missing. now a new video released by the terrorist group and provided to
7:45 am
the nigerian government shows some of the girls are still alive. there are some images shared with the mothers of the missing in this exclusive interview. >> reporter: lined up against a yellow wall, 15 girls, only their faces showing. an off camera voice asks each girl, what's your name? is that the name your parents recognize? where were you taken from, the voice asks. the school and the date they say is the 25th of december, 2015. this video was obtain bed by cn to a person close to the negotiations. for the parents it's a glimmer of hope the girls are still alive. two years ago we met mary and
7:46 am
another on our visit after the abduction of their daughters and more than 200 other girls. we asked them if they recognize any of the girls in the video. they lean closer. another girl is identified. one by one, they name all 15 girls. but one mother, yala, realizes her daughter isn't there. >> translator: the off camera voice asking the questions is familiar to cnn as that of the boko haram spokesman. a source close to negotiations between boko haram and the nigerian government say the video was shared in gaood faith.
7:47 am
they're still reviewing the video. >> if you study the video, you see the controlled environment. a big concern too that after two years in captivity the girls in the video were under no stress whatsoever, there's been little transformation to their physical appearance. >> is your government negotiating with boko haram for the release of these girls? >> there are ongoing talks. we cannot ignore leads, but, of course, many of these investigations are -- cannot be disclosed openly, because it could also endanger the negotiations. >> we took the video to a
7:48 am
classmate of the girls. she'd been at home with family the day the other girls were kidnapped. for her safety, we're not showing her face and not using her name. she told us there's no doubt these are some of her kidnapped classmates. >> translator: these two were prefects. i'm reminded of how we used to play together and do chores own our homework. >> reporter: she says seeing her friends again will likely give her nightmares. >> translator: sometimes if i hear news about them i have bad dreams and wake up crying. >> reporter: the girl ends with a message to the nigerian government. we are all well, she says, pointedly, perhaps suggesting girls not seen in this video. she then delivers what sounds like a scripted plea. urging the nigerian government to fulfill unspecified promises. for the mother of these girls
7:49 am
rapidly becoming women far from home, the video is overwhelming. they say they just want someone to bring their daughters home. cnn, nigeria. >> wow. cnn reporters are hosting a facebook chat about this heart breaking story that will happen today at 2 p.m. eastern. go to please help. i'll be right back. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been trying to outnew york each other for weeks now. but what's really resonating with voters? chris moody is at a coffee shop in brooklyn this morning. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, carol. new york is going to be the epicenter of politics for the next week. we're at the brooklyn roasting company talking to sam, an undecided voter. what do you think about this election? you said you were up between hillary and bernie.
7:54 am
what do you think of hillary clinton? >> i like her record and experience, and as far as bernie goes, i like a lot of the issues he's bringing to the forefront like income inequality. i'm wa i'ming aing options tonight. >> we're having a debate tonight. how are you leaning? >> it's kind of day today i lean a little bit differently. right now i'm a little bit more on the bernie side of things, but it depends. >> and dahlia, when you're watching this race, which one resonates more with you? >> bernie sanders. i think he's the only one talking about tissues and from the perspective of what is right and wrong. and his base issue of living wage is one of the most important that can lift everyone else up. >> thank you so much. we'll be here all day talking to voters and watching for the debate tonight at cnn.
7:55 am
>> very interesting. thanks to both of those young women. and thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. up next, berman and bolduan. you do all this research on a perfect car then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features
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7:59 am
zblnchs fame or attention? that could drive america down into a ditch. >> they're acting like union boss thugs. >> the system, folks, is rigged. >> that's not the case. the rules have been set. >> the battle in brooklyn just hours away. >> under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york, senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> i believe we're going to win here in new york city.
8:00 am
>> hello, everyone. >> it is debate day in america. or you could also say fight night in new york. we are live at the brooklyn navy yard, the site of tonight's democratic debate right here on cnn. you're looking right now at live pictures of where tonight's action is going to take place. the final face off for hillary clinton and bernie sanders before tuesday's potentially make or break primary here in new york. both sides have been hitting each other harder than ever on competence and policy. >> but by current republican standards, that would be patty cake. overnight cruz told cnn trump staffers act like union boss thugs. let's start with joe johns inside the gorgeous debate hall. joe, lay it out for us. >> reporter: so we just wanted to give you a little bit of an idea, john, about this stage and where this event is occurring. the event space is


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