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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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but this crowd, whoa, i got to tell you. 27,000 people in washington square park last week. i got to say we are close to that or at least definitely more than that at this point. i've got to give the sanders supporters a lot of credit. because it is extremely hot out here for this spring day. but that's actually probably fueled the crowds. many of them starting lining up. these are die hard supporters ready to vote. so far we heard from celebrities, including justin long and indie rock band called grizzly bear. they are all pushing that vote for tuesday. get out and give bernie sanders your vote. fred? >> all right, brynn. thanks. so now, from poughkeepsie, we heard it earlier as well, getting that crowd going. they were chanting even. what else is happening?
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>> donald trump lost another contest to ted cruz on saturday. losing wyoming to him. cruz taking all 14 of those delegates in the state convention. very similar it what he was able to do just a week or so ago in colorado. and donald trump continuing to call that process rigged. he said nobody got the vote, it was a primary, a caucus. state convention. that's the point he made here a few minutes ago, fred. >> you have a system that's rigged. we have a system that's crooked. we have a system that's got a lot of problems and we have a system that doesn't allow the people to vote in many cases and if they do vote, their vote isn't really representative of what it should be. we have some delegate system which is a sham. so in colorado, the people are going crazy out there. they never got a chance to vote.
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now the republican national committee firing back saying that candidates have known the rules. it could be a state convention. and caucus or primary for months now so there should be no surprises. in fact, the same process that they use to nominate abraham lincoln way back in 1860. so parties say everybody should know the rules by this point. in fact ted cruz taking the opportunity to take a poke at donald trump on twitter. just this afternoon, fred. if we can put that tweet up, read it to you. he said, quote, donald over 1.3 million people just voted in utah, north dakota, wisconsin, colorado and wyoming. you lost all five in a row by huge margins. hashtag no whining. so ted cruz with a victory lap there. and he better enjoy it. because if you read the polls, fred, he is not doing well in new york. donald trump winning by double digits. a wall street poll showing him up by 50% of the vote. ted cruz at 16%. if donald trump can win more
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than 50% of the votes statewide in each of the districts, that would go a long way to getting him at 1237 he needs to wrap up the nomination. ted cruz and john kasich trying to make sure it doesn't happen. so they go to a contested convention in cleveland and we will see it is a big big day for donald trump on tuesday, fred? >> still a very exciting season and certainly promised to what could be a very exciting convention for both side of the parties. >> all right, one pivotal issue in this presidential race. keeping america safe. it's been in the spotlight even more lately as saudi arabia warns it'll be sell off billions in american assets if u.s. congress passes a bipartisan bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue foreign governments. representative peter king co-sponsored that bill and we discuss the implications earlier today. >> yeah, i'm actual laycoe
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sponsor of that bill in the house. some of the people involved, like terry strauter, husband, in my district, he was killed. i know the in-laws, father-in-law, mother-in-law, very well. we have people like senator schumer, myself, i believe we should. and there could be a legitimate question. if the report are true that they are threatening economic retaliation, saudi arabia would not be existing if it were not for the united states. we have done so much to fortify them. i'm not one of the people once we anti-saudi. i think there are legitimate issues. for them to be threatening back, they are going to -- they aren't going to scare people off. they just make enemies they don't need in the united states congress if they keep up that attitude. >> your thoughts on the u.s. sending nine detainees from guantanamo bay it saudi arabia to help lower the population at
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gitmo so that the president can indeed try to close it before leaving office? >> yeah, i don't believe gitmo should be closed. i think that the president is in too much a hurry. first thing you wanted to do. you saw it was difficult. saw the resistance from congress. and my concern is that prisoners being released or detainees being released, that they can be getting the benefit of the doubt that because the president wants to clear out guantanamo, that that's why they are being released and you know, right now, what you're left with is the hardest of the hard core. and also when they go to the countries overseas. often they find they get released or escape somehow. so i just don't know why the president -- well, i do know why, i just agree with the compulsion he has to close guantanamo. with all of the prisoners of guantanamo, i've been down there, i think it is one of the most humane sentence you could find considering who we are dealing with.
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they have soccer courts, language classes, art classes, everybody gets a copy of the koran. one medical personnel for every three detainees. this is not the way it's been portrayed by people like president obama who i think hurt the american image the way they portray it. >> you called for aggressive surveillance of muslim neighborhoods? new york. do you still believe that? >> yes, i do. i believe more than ever. i don't see anything wrong with that. for instance, i'm irish-american. i remember when the fbi and believe it were after the westies, an irish-american gang. they were saturating neighborhoods, bars. back in the 1980s when the fbi and task forces were going after the mafia, they went after entire communities. now 99% of americans and irish-americans were law-abiding people. right now the islamist threat will come from muslim
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neighborhoods. and over the years and i stand by this, there hasn't been enough cooperation coming from the muslim community and i think it's important to do exactly what was done with the mafia and with the westies using those two examples and get informers, get under covers, go into the neighborhoods and try to find out information. a and it is constitutional, illegal and i believe essential. >> congressman peter king there. still ahead, following breaking news out of ecuador. rescuers racing against time to find survivors after a devastating earthquake. we will bring you an update next. 's aintelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ ♪ eye of the tiger ime. tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat!
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. fog following breaking news. first pictures of rescues cupping into cnn showing emergency workers pulling out a young girl from the rubble of a collapsed building right there. reportedly took them hours just to locate her underneath the fallen concrete.
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there are no reports of any americans there killed. joining me now, cnn senior latin american affairs editor rafael romo. one thing to have the big quake, another to have the aftershocks. >> authorities say there have been nearly, listen to this, 200 aftershocks after saturday night's earthquake. more than 1500 people injured. at this hour, rescue teams are desperately looking for survivors. a mag a magnitude 7.2 earthquake through ecuador. leaving in its wake, damage to structures. >> buildings have fallen and there are many dead. >> hundreds of dead. the deadliest to hit the small african-american nation since 1987. striking off ecuador's coast, a state of emergency is in effect for six provinces spanning the
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majority of the country's coastline. hotels have been levelled. bridges collapsed. and countries around the world are offering help. >> our friend countries, venezuela, mexico, colombia, peru, spain and the eu all offered to send rescue workers with specialized tools and food rations needed for this type of situation. >> so far thousands of police and military personnel have been deployed to effected areas. portable hospitals have been mobilized in the hard-hit cities. and rescue teams and helicopters continue to search for survivors. the extent of damage is only just realized but one thing is clear, ecuador faces a long difficult road to recovery from this disaster. >> and this is ecuador's deadliest earthquake since march of 1987. fred, back then, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed about a thousand people.
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>> oh, my goodness. traffic p. thanks so much. keep us posted. appreciate it. now to japan where more than 40 people there have been killed in two devastating earthquakes. widespread damage to roads and bridges. and it's believed that survivors could still be trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings. more than 100,000 people are living in shelters because their homes are gone or because they are simply too afraid to return home. for more information about how you can help rescue and relief efforts in both ecuador and japan, go to and we're also following some other breaking news overseas. in london, police are investigating whether a british airways plane was hit by a drone as it was landing at heathrow airport. british airways telling cnn quote detectives are investigating after an object hit the front of the passenger plane as it approached heathrow's terminal 5 at around 12:30 p.m. cnn's senior internationality
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correspondent has more on this, fred? >> yeah a fairly small plane. but nevertheless a commercial airliner, a-320 airbus, carrying some 132 people as well as five crew members on board. apparently what happened as it was coming in to land at heathrow at half past midday, the pilot said he believes the plane was struck by an object. he said it was struck by an object on the front of the plane and he believes it was a drone. what happened was after the pilot then landed, he contacted the airport. he contacted ba, and of course the police as well, to say, that he believes there was a drone flying in the vicinity of his aircraft and that that drone in fact did strike the aircraft. as you have noted, the british police is investigating. they say at this point in time they've not arrested anybody yet but do say the investigation is still ongoing to find out whether or not first of all it was a drone and second of all of course, who might have been flying the drone. what happened afterwards is that the plane was investigated.
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it was looked at but was deemed safe it fly and has been flying since then. >> how big a problem is this drones flying near the airports there? >> you know, it is an ongoing problem. not just here in britain but in europe. and in places in the u.s. as well. there are people who apparently fly drones near major commercial airports. we have to keep in mind that heathrow is the busiest airport in all of europe. and there have been incidents like this in the past where pilots have complained of drones flying near their aircraft. they say there's been some 23 cidents in the past six months alone of commercial or of recreational drones flying near aircraft including one where a 777, a very big plane of course, taking off and had a drone flying only about 70 feet next to the aircraft. they want a study to see exactly what would happen if a drone struck an aircraft and not only if it struck the front of the aircraft but for instance if it struck for instance the engine of an aircraft and whether or
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not that could lead to catastrophic engine failure and huge risk to the aircraft and to the passengers. it is something that's been identified as risk by british pilots union and by authorities as well and certainly something they are taking even more seriously if in deed it turns out that today's incident involved a recreational drone. >> very frightening situation. we'll be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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first low energy, then lion ted, now donald trump has a new nickname for hillary clinton. crooked hillary. >> then of course, we have crooked hillary. she's been crooked from the beginning, and to think that she has a shot at being our president. crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. >> on abc's this week, clinton said she could care less about trump's name calling. >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself. i look forward to running against him. if he turns out to be the republican nominee, if i am the democratic nominee. what i'm concerned about is how he goes after everybody else. he goes after women. he goes after muslims. he goes after immigrant.
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he goes after people with disabilities. he is hurting our unity at home. he is undermining the values that we stand for in new aacros. i don't care what he says about me. i could care less. >> all right, so ellis, you first. clearly donald trump does this because it becomes a great distraction if you're hillary clinton or ted cruz. how do you make sure this doesn't throw you off track? is hillary clinton's approach the only way to do it by just simply saying, you know, it's not going to bother me, and then move on in. >> sticks and stones may break my bones. >> such play yard stuff, isn't it? >> if donald is going to run a second grade campaign, i guess we have to remember some of our old poems from childhood. here is the insight i have to share with you. it tells us how far we have come
1:22 pm
or how far the republican art party has come from the bush administration. remember the cute nicknames w. had more people. one was stretch and another guy was beagle. now they are just out and out, mean, nasty, junkyard insults. and i was reminded of that because of the bush reunion there weekend. all of the w. people gathered in texas. and they seem like such nice people in comparison, don't they? >> so brian, is this really just a taste of more to come? especially if we're talking about donald trump, if he were to get the nomination. if it were hillary clinton getting the nomination. is this a prelude to the kind of campaigning that would be to come? >> it may be. it certainly is consistent with the way trump has handled himself throughout the primary process. and for all the, you know, juvenile insults that we may complain about and in having a presidential rhetoric in the gutter, man has it been
1:23 pm
effective. and hillary, trying to beat the brand back, the crooked hillary brand, it'll be awfully difficult because of her 30 years in the public eye. and with whitewater and then the clinton foundation, and then the e-mail scandal. voters already view her as untrust worthy. this is piling on that and just encapsulating the impression that voters have in this term. so trump has just labelled maybe very effective and tough for the clinton campaign to rid itself of. >> all right. so right now, all focus is on new york right now. two days from the primary. bernie sanders is in prospect park right now. he's in brooklyn. he's talking. let's listen to what he has to say. >> a very, very important decision and that decision was, should we do like every other campaign, democrat and republican, and establish a super pac?
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>> we said no. we do not represent the interest of wall street or the billionaire class or corporate america. we don't want their money. we're going to do it a different way. and what we said was so revolutionary and simple. what we said to the american people, to the middle class and working families, if you want a candidate who will stand with you, please stand with us. and in the last year, we have received 7 million individual campaign contributions.
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that is more campaign contributions than any candidate in the history of the united states of america. anybody here know what average contribution is? that's right. $27. and that is what the political revolution is about. and that is that we're going to win this thing without being dependent on wall street or the big money interests.
1:26 pm
secretary clinton has chosen to raise her money a different way. she has not just one but a number of super pacs. last reporting period, her super pac lifted -- >> in prospect park in brooklyn just two days away from the new york primary. earlier today in poughkeepsie, new york, you heard donald trump touting that he spends his own money, answers to no one, and spent less than all of the other candidates. and then just within the past 48 will hours, hillary clinton has been raising millions at a george clooney kind of dual night fund-raising event with the democrats. george clooney in fact on the air today explaining that most of that money will good to u.s. congressional races. back with me now, brian and
1:27 pm
ellis. all about the benjamins all the time here. brian, who wines this battle when you're talking about money. and everyone has a very different argument about the use of money. but then, aren't all of these candidates in agreement that it takes a lot of money in order to run for the office of the -- the highest office of the land? >> oh, it sure as heck does. and for a socialist, bernie is returning a pretty capitalist campaign. selling his ideas at $27 at a pop. and raising, what was it, $40 million he raised in a month? he is defeating hillary not just in terms of the total dollars raised but by leaps and bounds in terms of the number of donors who are investing in his campaign. >> then why doesn't that translate when it comes down to the ballot box? what's going on with that? doesn't seem like those two are in step with one another? >> yeah, it's interesting. because voter intensity is one
1:28 pm
of the metrics by which you can predict how turnout is going to go and you can build models based on, you know, where polls may stand. but how, you may have a different outcome on election day by who is going to show up. and so that's been one of the vexing things in this cycle is that the energy seems to be behind bernie and yet hillary is still turning out more voters. that probably speaks to the experienced organization that she has. and the turnout machine in terms of the nuts and bolts may be better than bernie. though his supporters are more passionate. >> so ellis, does that also say something about the supporters, supporters slash registered voters? is there a disparity of bernie sanders may have a whole lot of support but it is not the registered voters? and how did he make sense of this? >> it's mathematics in a way. passion's great. and brian is right about those matrixies, if i'm saying that
1:29 pm
correctly. but no matter how hard you punch inside the voting booth, it only registeres as one. if you can turn out more voters from organization, money, whatever it is, that's how you win elections. bernie has clearly won the p passion bowl here. but that doesn't look like that will win him the nomination. >> all route, gentlemen. see you. stay with cnn all day tuesday with our special coverage of the new york primary, and we'll be right back. nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16,
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you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. hello, again. new york's primary race just two days away and the stakes are especially high for the democrats. with hillary clinton holding a significant delegate lead in new york. bernie sanders has been playing offense. doubling down on his attacks against her wealthy donors. and the influence they likely have on her policies. his supporters seem to be paying attention. after clinton attended a lavish fund-raiser in california hosted by george clooney and amal
1:33 pm
clooney, bernie sanders supporters took to the streets in their outrage throwing $1 bills at clinton's convoy as she drove past. and you can hear the audio there, we're in the money. this morning george clooney himself said the amount of money he helped raise for clinton is obscene. >> they're right to protest. they are absolutely right. it is an obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it is ridiculous we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree. >> the executive director for the new york state party, good to see you. >> thank you. >> clooney said he is ult plaimy doing this, particularly members of u.s., two u.s. congress rather and that this amount of money is needed in order to run. is that logic enough for you? >> well, based on the system
1:34 pm
that we have, we may not like it. we've tried over time to sort of create more restrictions and create more accountability and tran parncy would be done. and as head of the party here in new york, it is so incredibly important to support our entire ticket, i try to tell folks all the time, presidential campaigns are very sexy. but state campaigns, local campaigns, that's where the rubber meets the road in terms of public policy and that kind of fund-raising actually helped to support all of our candidates throughout the state. >> are you leaning one way or the other right now? >> i can't take a position for full discleosurdisclosure. but right now, i'm neutral until our party's primary on tuesday. >> this is how bernie sanders sees the whole money game. this is what he said on state of the union this morning. >> but this is the issue of american politics today. do we have a government that represents all of us or just the 1%? and you're not going to have a
1:35 pm
government that represents all of us so long as you have candidate by secretary clinton being dependent on big money interests. >> big money or at least money will always be a part of the process. but is it a problem when as he puts it, you know, the 1%, the wealthier, you know, end of the electorate seems to have a greater influence on the potential outcome of races? >> well, i've also experienced a number of aunts and grandmothers writing checks in small checks to candidates as well. and look, i understand it to some extent. i certainly believe that there are ways that we can extricate the amount of money that's in political campaigns out of the process. but if you add to the point i was making earlier, things like the campaign finance laws similar to what we have here in new york city which help insurgence be more competitive with incumbents then i think
1:36 pm
there are ways to even the playing field. which it seems senator sanders is talking about. evening the playing field so everybody has a shot at running for office and being elected for office. >> i don't know if you were up late last night to perhaps watch "saturday night live." but if you didn't see it, here is a quick clip of larry david playing bernie sanders and talking about a very serious issue that bernie sanders is talking about. break-up of big banks. >> so listen, you've been pretty vague in the past but how exactly are you going to break up the big banks? >> you mean the big bank break-up? >> yeah. big bank break-up. >> you bring them up! >> how? how? >> once i'm elected president, i'll have a nice schwitz in the white house, then go to the big banks, sit them down and yada yada yada and they'll be broken up. >> what?
1:37 pm
no, no. you can't yada yada at a debate. all, you yada yada'd over the best part. >> no, i mentioned the schmitz. >> so there is a lots of criticism about bernie sanders campaign that people haven't heard specificity. so if that is indeed the case for a lot of voters, how might that translate once they get to the polling stations. >> i actually think it matters a lot. and i've talked to voters who, and i was at the debate on thursday. and i talked to voters who are there and undecided at that point and talking to them about what matters to them. we've seen a lot of gridlock in washington, d.c. and what they want is someone that can cut through that. they want someone with ideas and some really good policy sense. that's not to diminish what bernie sanders is saying. not to diminish at all what some of the senators points. but i do think that aside from, you know, what is a tremendous
1:38 pm
emotional touch point for a lot of people, which is the, you know, the financial crisis and its impact on jobs and on families all across america, i do think that there is a sense that voters want someone who can actually get something done, understands how the process works, understands the constraints of government and can see through that to implement some real change. >> so you're saying that substance will far outweigh like ability, popularity, once it comes down to it? >> i don't think they are mutually exclusive but i think the substance will matter a lot. >> all right. thank you. we'll be right back.
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donald trump is called out, telling cnn that trump's suggesting to withdraw military from parts of asia and allowing them to build their own weapons is absurd and ill logical. will, tell me more about this very remarkable interview. >> hi, fred. it certainly shows that certain elite members of the north korean government are watching very closely what is happening in the united states. and this is not just rhetoric for this country. any word that comes from a high profile figure in the united states is taken very seriously at a time when there is speculation north korea could be
1:43 pm
preparing yet another nuclear test ahead after major political gathering here in pyongyang next month where kim could have more power. it could be very dangerous. >> few north korean officials understand american politics like jong-rul, former ambassador, director deputy general at international studies. his think tank reports back to north korean leadership. we're not interested in the u.s. election, he says. we don't care who becomes the next u.s. president. whether republicans or democrats take power, it has nothing to do with us. u.s. politicians have always had a hostile policy against korea. he is a handful of north koreans who can access the internet. the average person wouldn't even recognize any of the candidates. in recent months, each has
1:44 pm
spoken out against north korea's nuclear and missile programs. >> good to be with you. >> republican front-runner donald trump shocked american allies in asia when he suggested japan and south korea could arm themselves with nuclear weapons. >> nobody has them. so north korea has nukes. japan has a problem with that. they have a big problem with that. maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from north korea. >> with nukes? >> including with nukes, yes. >> what is north korea's response? >> donald trump's remarks are totally absurd and ill logical, he says. the u.s. tells us to give up our nuclear program, preparing a nuclear attack against us and on the other hand would tell its allies to have nuclear weapons. isn't this a double standard? pyongyang hasn't officially responded to trump's remarks. satire adopting the voice of abraham lincoln scolding
1:45 pm
president obama for u.s. nuclear policy. ri believes trump's ideology is dangerous. trump's remarks give us a deeper look at america's hostile policy against my country, he says. simply put, america's hostile acts against us make the situation on the korean peninsula worse. he warnes a policy like trump's would only escalate north korea's nuclear arms race. >> last year officials here in pyongyang reached out to washington suggesting peace talks but washington rejected that request. when pyongyang refused to take its growing nuclear program after the table they said even if a deal was reached they will continue to possess nuclear weapons. fred? >> all right. good stuff, thank you so much for bringing us that report. we'll be right back. [engine sounds] the bud light party believes in change. that's why bud light has a new look... and we want to share it with everyone... from our national parks... to our furthest shores...
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(cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. refugees who have escaped war-torn home countries come to the united states in hopes of building a better life. but once they arrive a new battle arrives. children struggle academically and socially to fit in and that's something this week's cnn hero understands well. >> there's so many things stacked against them. for you to be successful, you're competing against all these
1:50 pm
other people that are already like ten steps ahead of you. so how are you going to catch up? how are you going to stand out? how are you going to contribute successfully? we're getting people from all over the world from all different phases to come together and do something great. >> yes. it begins on a soccer field to see where it goes from there. you can watch the full story at and while there, nominate someone you think should be a 2016 cnn hero. meantime a major immigration case before the u.s. supreme court is in the spotlight this week. the justices will hear oral arguments on a challenge to barack obama's use of executive power to bypass what he considers to be congressional inaction on immigration. the ruling will effect millions of people. cnn's supreme court joining me now from washington. ariane, what exactly are the issues the court will be considering? >> you remember, it's over a year ago sense president obama
1:51 pm
unveiled what he thought would be a centerpiece of a second term. and that's immigration reform. he put forward these executive actions that were meant to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and offer them a chance at work. but everything came to a screeching halt when texas and 25 other states sued and a federal district court judge in texas ruled in their favor, halted these programs from going forward nationwide. what the administration argues is that it has broad discretion in this area. it can prioritize who to deport but the states come back and say you can prioritize but what you can't do is give these people legal presence, lawful presence in the united states. that only congress can do. and interestingly tomorrow at oral arguments, the house of representatives was given 15 minutes to argue and they'll argue in favor of the states and say look, obama went to congress
1:52 pm
for immigration reform and he was frustrated by his inability to persuade them. but he can't come now and try to do what congress's does, which is enforce the law. that's their argument here. >> how will the recent death of scalia affect this? >> when the court is split 4-4, is automatically upholds the lower court's opinion. here the lower court implemented the injunction. if the court is split 4-4, these programs will remain blocked. but there is an interesting issue in this case. a threshold arguments made by the administration that says, look, these states in the first place don't have the legal right to be in court. if the supreme court sides with the administration on this standing issue, then the lower court opinion will be dismissed and the programs will be allowed to go into effect. and essentially the supreme court would have made a ruling on standing but never really gotten to the underlying
1:53 pm
immigration issues. >> all right. ariane devogue in washington. thank you so much. >> coming up, president obama is schooling an nba mvp on shooting hoops. we'll tell you why, next. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so...
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with all the presidential candidates descending on new york this weekend, "snl" wasted
1:57 pm
no time taking advantage of it. julia louis-dreyfus hosted last night and of course had questioned for larry david. i mean, bernie sanders. >> so listen, you've been pretty vague in the past, but how exactly are you gonna break up the big banks? >> you mean a big bank break-up? >> yeah, a big bank break-up. >> you break em up! >> how? >> once i'm elected president, i'll have a nice schmitz in the white house gym. then go to the big banks, sit them down and yada yada yada and they'll be broken up. >> what? no. you can't yada yada at a debate. also you yada yada over the best part. >> no, i mentioned the schmitz. >> not to be done by elaine, "snl's" hillary clinton and
1:58 pm
bernie sanders are duking in out. and i mean duking it out. >> hillary clinton i start with you, you supported cuomo signing minimum wage into $15 an hour. >> wolf i said from the beginning it should be a combination of 12 or 15. >> no one said 12. >> i said 12 and or 15. >> that's not true. >> yes it is. >> no, no, no. >> yes, it is. >> you feel that burn? >> having lots of fun there. meantime, also a lot of fun, golden state warriors steph curry, reigning nba mvp, joining forces with a new teammate recently, the president of the united states. they are in a new psa encouraging mentorship. president obama shows curry how
1:59 pm
to properly play connect 4 and he also gave curry a few pointers on shooting. >> maybe i should shoot lefty. >> you got to have your elbow in a little bit. release. make sure it's on your fingertips. >> maybe i should shoot lefty. >> you can try that. >> the psa is part of obama's my brother's keeper initiative which helps to increase opportunities for young people in this country. thanks so much for being with me today. we have so much more straight ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. >> and here in the "cnn newsroom," i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow. it is sunday afternoon but none of the people trying to be president of the united states is working in weekend mode. nope, busy busy for the three republican and two democratic candidates all reaching for the biggest political prize in weeks. two words, new york.
2:00 pm
primary day is tuesday when new york voters on both sides will make it known who they want in the white house. these two, hillary clinton and donald trump, they're the clear leaders in both parties but that's not just the new york polls talking. neither is necessarily a shoe-in. both clinton and trump clan new york is their home and trump is working crowds in new york city and parts of the north today. he started this sunday with a speech on staten island and a short time ago appeared at a rally. that's where cnn's chris is and chris a new wall street journal nbc marest poll has him up a and he is full steam ahead, right? >> he is full steam ahead. i wouldn't say he is counting delegates before they are elected but he is feeling very good here in his home state. that's good news for donald trump. he is coming off a pretty hard weekend. ted cruz beating him again in wyoming, taking all 14 delegates in the state convention there. that's


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