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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and tweet the show at cnn sit room. join us tomorrow in the situation room. i'm wolf blitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next donald trump speaks live in this hour on the heels of a landslide victory. can he clinch the nomination before the convention? plus donald trump's talking points. a major projection. and after hillary clinton's big win, what is next for bernie sanders? his campaign manager is "outfront." let's go, out front. ♪ good evening to all. i'm erin burnett. the breaking news, donald trump, the man of the hour, about to rally thousands of supporters coming just one day after a landslide victory in new york. these are live pictures of that trump rally. the event on maryland's eastern shore, a very conservative part of that state. just ten miles from the delaware border.
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both states holding primaries in less than a week. meanwhile, cnn has obtained a copy of an internal trump campaign memo, a talking points memo and reveals campaign strategy, predicting that trump will get 1,400 delegates before the convention. that is more than 150 more than needed to actually clinch the nomination. also in that memo, a prediction that trump will close the door on cruz and kasich in just another week. as we await that trump rally in maryland, more than 100 protesters there already gathering outside a local high school in worcester county. the state's teachers' union calling trump a fear mongerer. the union demanding it be moved out of the public school. jim, a trump campaign, obviously that memo incredibly confident when it comes to delegates, when it comes to eliminating cruz and kasich. after last night's win. >> reporter: that's right. yeah, i think when you're predicting 1,400 delegates that,
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is the definition of confidence, erin. you're right. after his blowout win in new york, donald trump has some big-time momentum on his side, and today he's hitting two more states on the campaign calendar, indiana and as you mentioned a few moments here in maryland. and he has a new nickname for his rival, ted cruz. it's "the spoiler." ♪ in indianapolis, a victory lap for donald trump after taking the checkered flag in the new york primary miles ahead of his nearest rivals. >> the vote was incredible. it was record-setting. and it's new york. and you know what is nice? they know me. they know the good, the bad, they know everything. they know me. >> reporter: dubbed "king don" by the "new york post," trump is not only save orring a big win in his home state, where the real estate tycoon captured nearly every delegate up for grabs, trump took a massive leap forward toward the magic number needed to clinch the nomination.
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a trump campaign memo boldly projects. the gop front runner will have 1,400 delegates heading into the republican convention and a party establishment saying this moveme movement scares the hell out of them, saying they will do whatever they can to keep power. the system is rigged to allow party insiders to choose delegates and not the people. >> the democrat system is rigged but the republican system is even worse. we've got a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: it's a system trump insists ted cruz is just trying to exploit. >> we don't have much of a race any more. based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: trump carried that battle cry on to twitter, tweeting, "now all cruz can do is be a spoiler, never a nice thing to do. i will beat hillary." the response from team cruz, not so fast. >> the math is virtually impossible for donald trump. donald trump is not getting to 1,237. nobody is getting to 1,237.
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he knows that which means this race is headed to cleveland. it's headed to a contested convention. >> reporter: now, that talking point's memo from team trump to surrogates also claims their officials are working on delegates just as hard as the other campaigns. that's a shot at the ted cruz campaign, and it tries to push back on this narrative, erin, that trump is too unpopular to win. they're pointing to the sizeable negatives in that memo for hillary clinton. erin? >> all right, jim acta, thank you very much. and right now, key republican leaders, including the ones who are going to decide how this gop battle plays out. our meeting in florida. ted cruz and john case i can at those meetings, donald trump sending new members from his team down. phil mattingly is out front from the meeting, talking to people behind those closed doors. and phil, this meeting is crucial. >> reporter: yeah, no question about it, erin. a target-rich environment. what one kasich aide called what's going on behind me, 168
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republican national committee members there, all delegates on the convention floor in cleveland in july. that means john kasich and ted cruz, it's incumbent upon them to meet with these individuals as many as possible. they have set up shop in private rooms in this hotel. they have been sending delegate after delegate into these rooms, trying to give a one-on-one pitch. ted cruz's campaign manager, erin, jeff roe, having a private pitch meeting where he laid out not just plans for the primary, but also how he would win the general election. the reason they're doing this, really quite simple. first off, they need to convince these delegates and committee men that should they get to an open convention, ted cruz or john kasich is the candidate they should get behind. up to that point, these are delegates, these are committee members, this is the republican power center right here, erin. that's why you're seeing these campaigns put a lot of attention on this hotel behind me in florida. >> which, you know, phil, you talk about kasich and cruz who are both down there personally. trump obviously is at that rally in maryland tonight. he sent his new team down
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instead. so what are they doing there? this whole wooing and whining and dining of delegates that we hear so much about. what's actually happening? >> reporter: what we have heard up to this point, and donald trump's team is already down here as you noted. they have their big presentation tomorrow. but they were already here in reserve rooms, again, meeting one-on-one with these rnc members. and one thing i was struck by in talking with a member who met with some of trump's team members was they said there was a level of seriousness. it was a details-oriented meeting, almost pointing to the fact that this new team is trying to turn a corner. they are bringing a level of professionalism to the campaign that simply didn't exist beforehand. now this was just one member's interpretation. but i think it's important, based on what we have seen over the last couple of weeks. there is a feeling inside the republican national committee right now that donald trump's campaign is making the effort to professionalize. their candidate might be attacking them in public. behind the scenes, what you're seeing and what members have been hearing here in florida has been a campaign that is trying to show that not only is it
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ready to secure the nomination, but it's ready to head off into the general election. >> phil mattingly, thank you very much. live from that meeting tonight. "outfront" now, trump supporter congressman tom reno, bill crystal, editor of "the weekly standard," hogan giddily and mj lee, political reporter. she has been on the trail with donald trump for months now. knows this campaign. better than anyone. bill, crystal, let me start with you. we all know, anyone who watches this show knows how you feel about donald trump. you heard phil mattingly. he says that the rnc says that trump's team is showing a whole new level of seriousness. you heard him last night referring to his rivals as governor and senator. he told bill o'reilly to use other words would have been undignified. what do you say? is trump now a candidate that bill crystal could get behind? >> no, no. we've really defined decency and
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dig down. now we're going to accept him? fair enough, a number of establishment want to accept him. love jumping on bandwagons. i think it's childish. if trump had gotten 100,000 votes less last night, 50% -- then everyone say oh, underperformed. 60% in one state, his home state and everyone decided oh, my god, he's going to be the nominee, it's ridiculous. but i am disappointed in new york, he grew up here, wife grew up in westchester. our kids live here and their spouses. that new york would go for this conman is pathetic. they turn out to be -- what's the place in that amuse yak man, river city? they just -- trump waltzes back to new york and, let's be for donald trump. i want to say, our kids, the one they win is the one that did not win. so crystal family delivered an entire congressional district. >> you've finally got your revenge. >> to the never trump forces. >> let me ask you, congressman, when you hear bill crystal
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talking about establishment members jumping on board -- you've been on board -- you're not jumping on board today. but, you know, talking about a pathetic vote in new york, childish behavior by establishment members who want to jump on the winning bandwagon as they perceive it. what do you say to that? >> well, i've been a fan of bill's for quite some time. i agree with him most of the time. but these are the facts. trump is bringing out millions and millions of more people. people who have never voted. people who haven't voted in years. he's bringing out people from independents, of course, republicans and democrat party. and he's speaking to the issues that hard-working taxpayers are thinking. no one, no one in the last 50 years, has brought out as many people to vote like this as donald trump. and i just have a question to ask bill. how has it been going the last 30 years with governors and senators and career politicians being president? come on. we're $20 trillion in debt.
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20 million out of work. businesses leaving in droves. failed health care. i'm ready for a businessman who has created a billion dollar business, who has signed the front of paychecks, and knows what it's like to hire people. >> well, he does know what it's like to go bankrupt, so in that respect, he'll fit right into washington and the federal government. i'm proud of ronald reagan. i'm proud of a lot of what republicans in congress have done. they have made some mistakes and had some limitations. and unfortunately, republicans lost to barack obama in 2008 and 2012. but donald trump is not going to win the general election. he'll lose by more than john mccain and mitt romney lost by, and at least supporting john mccain and mitt romney, you're supporting decent and honorable men who served their country well. and i don't think that's the case with donald trump. >> mj, on that note, this whole whether -- someone is decent or honorable. the words that donald trump is using last night, obviously, changed. and he's -- telling bill o'reilly tonight he thought it would be undignified to say
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"lyin' ted cruz" as one example. seven-minute speech, no shouting. less than 24 hours later, this afternoon in indiana, at a rally, lyin' ted was back. here's the new donald trump and the newer donald trump. >> we don't have much of a race any more. based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. in the case of lyin' ted cruz, lyin' ted -- lies. oh, he lies. you know, ted, he brings the bible, holds it high, puts it down, lies. >> okay. the new donald trump was senator, cruz and the new was back to lyin' ted today. >> i know there is some eye-rolling that all of a sudden because in one speech donald trump doesn't call cruz lyin' ted, all of a sudden he's presidential. i get that. however, i do think we have to talk about the fact that trump legitimately had entered a new phase of his campaign. i thought the most striking part of last night's speech, he came
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prepared. he clearly had prepared remarks, he was not speaking off-the-cuff. and a large part of that has to do with the fact he now has a new leadership team, including paul manafort. manafort is not sitting behind a desk, he is also involved in sort of the broader direction of the campaign. and also about presentation. he himself said that he wants to help trump frame his tone and set the tone of the campaign. so i think all these things are sort of coming together at a point when trump real estate feels like the nomination is within his grasp. >> and, you know, it's been reported paul manafort calls him donald, which many -- you know, in the sick afact tin circle do not say. paul manafort does not do that. can two trumps coexist. the one who says lyin' ted at a rally and the one who says when the tv cameras are on and people play the rallies. >> i think folks in the establishment are dying to jump on trump's back end wagon, they
4:13 pm
want to be the winner. they need to see a glimmer of hope he will be more buttoned up, more presidential. but if he goes too far, he's going to lose some of the fervor of the votes that got him to where he is by actually telling it like it is. we saw in exit poll after exit poll, love when he does that. i think donald trump has done a good job of threading the needle over the last 24 hours. he didn't call him lyin' ted, he called him senator cruz. he called kasich governor kasich and on the next day does exactly what the people want. i think it's actually playing well in both camps. the millions of people who have voted for him who love his outsider take on the establishment attitude, but the establishment who wants to see him a little more presidential. >> said very elegantly there. put more simply, he's a con man. he's a con man. always an inside operator, the ultimate inside operator. paul manafort who worked for various authoritarians, made a lot of money, very successful. and paul manafort is a smart guy. what are we saying? is that donald trump is
4:14 pm
basically phony. is that what you're saying, in a nice way? >> you don't think ted cruz is a phony? >> no. i think ted cruz actually -- >> you call mitch mcconnell a liar? were you okay with that? >> no, it wasn't the nicest thing he ever said. >> he was a liar -- mcconnell was a lier? you're telling me ted cruz didn't lie during this campaign? >> i'm not here to speak for ted cruz. i think ted cruz has a record of accomplishments in the public sector and standing up for principle. trump is mr. outsider and now -- >> one accomplishment. >> i have paul manafort. a little bit of a problem. >> we still have everything we hate. >> you're all going to be back in a couple moments, okay? next, pennsylvania and congressman reno talks about a loophole in that state could deny trump the entire nomination. and standing by for trump live, waiting to hear him speak and hillary clinton with a call for unity. >> to all the people who supported senator sanders, i
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tonight, donald trump about to take the stage in maryland, where he's likely to continue
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railing against the republican nominating system, a system he calls rigged. and crooked. last night's victory in new york, though, gave trump nearly 90 delegates, a huge haul, putting the front runner ahead of ted cruz by 283 delegates. but despite that lead, trump's not stopping about the rigged system, and cruz says trump is still not going to get the number he needs to clinch the nomination before the convention. >> the math is virtually impossible for donald trump. donald trump is not getting it 1,237. nobody is getting to 1,237. the reason donald is so scared, the last three weeks, and in particular the win in wisconsin, put the nail in the coffin and made clear, donald doesn't get to 1,237. he knows that. >> he knows that? our chief national correspondent, john king is "outfront." he says donald trump is not getting to 1,237, he says donald trump knows that. true or wishful thinking by ted cruz? >> wishful thinking. if donald trump is not going to get there, erin, it's impossible
4:20 pm
for ted cruz, unless he swings almost all of the noncommitted, unpledged delegates his way. ted cruz knows his only hope is a second or third ballot at the republican national convention. can trump get there? he's kicking right close to 850. he picked up 90 delegates last night, erin. donald trump has momentum, and he's heading in -- let's just take this through next week in the five contests. donald trump, if you look at the polling, if you look at the demographics, is on track to do again next week what he did in new york last night. which would add perhaps as many as another 100 delegates. that gets donald trump past the 75% mark to 1,237, the magic number. and let's project this further. can donald trump get to 1,237? well, let's be generous. we give him new jersey and west virginia, new jersey is winner take all. ted cruz the west where he's been winning. watch indiana, i give it to cruz now. let me play this out quickly, erin. if donald trump can win huge in california, under the scenario we played out, that is aggressive for donald trump but not out of the realm, that gets him to 1,200.
4:21 pm
if he can also somehow win indiana, cruz thinks he's going to win indiana. but trump is going to go in and make a big push. if trump can win indiana by a big margin, i've got him at 1,223, erin. the trump campaign strategy is get to 1,215, get to 1,220 and then go back to the 54 uncommitted delegates from other states and say, look at this. we are so close. we won your state. come aboard. so donald trump's math, hard to get to 1,237. ted cruz's math, impossible before the convention. >> so you talk about the -- you reference these unbound. all right. a lot of those could come from pennsylvania, right? one of those five states, 71 delegates. but as you point out, 54 of them unbounds so allowed to vote their preference. obviously, 54 delegates could be completely make or break at this point. >> they could be, erin. let's switch maps and take a look at pennsylvania and why it's so important. even though it's largely auto beauty contest. 2016, the republicans. it's largely a beauty contest.
4:22 pm
look at this state. donald trump has proven he can win in the suburbs. watch philadelphia. he's proven he can sell his trade message in scranton, allentown, redding. donald trump wants to win pennsylvania big, even though on tuesday night, if he does, yeah, he only gets 17, right? so why invest all of the time, all the effort? donald trump thinks maybe i'm going to get to 1,215, maybe 1,220. and if i win pennsylvania with 55% or more. say i get my 60 like i did in new york. then i come back to those 54 unpledged delegates and say you owe me. i won your state, i won it big. you're going to have to go home and answer to those voters. i want your votes in cleveland. so you don't win them on tuesday night, but donald trump's calculus is win pennsylvania big and i get them when i get to cleveland. >> john king, thank you. >> thank you. and i want to bring back my panel. let me go with you first here, congressman. as you know in your home state you heard john king lay this out. in your home state, it doesn't really matter who wins, because these delegates are unbound. these are some of the things that americans say, whoa, scratch their head, how does this make sense. here's what trump is saying
4:23 pm
about pennsylvania. >> we have a situation in pennsylvania, where i'm doing great. and if you win pennsylvania, you get 17 delegates. and the rest of them are up for grabs. what does that mean? and then they can take the delegates, they can put them in airplanes and fly them to resorts, they can have dinners with them, put them in hotels. essentially what they're saying is, they can buy the the election. >> congressman moreno, how is that fair? >> well, let's get back to what the original issue is. there's a -- there is a lot of people or some people that cannot swallow the pill that donald trump is going to be the republican candidate. and in pennsylvania, that's a great place. i've been all over this state. i was born and raised in this state. and no matter where i go, i hear people talking about trump. republicans, democrats, independents, people from all walks of life. and i don't say this
4:24 pm
facetiously, it's bankers, lawyers, doctors, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers. and out of the -- all of the people that are on the ballot for delegates in the state of pennsylvania, half of them, over half of them, have committed to trump. and i've seen pennsylvania come to the rescue in past elections where we collate -- >> so you those 54 unbound delegates go for trump. >> i think a large number go for trump and i think trump is going to walk away with at least 55 delegates in the state of pennsylvania. and that is a big chunk that puts him close to being over the top, with new jersey picking up the -- a large amount in california. so look, it's not over yet. we're -- it's not a slam dunk. we're taking it ten yards by every ten yards. >> yeah. >> and this is in the hands of the people. that's the most important thing. the people will make the decision, not the political bosses, not the establishment. and not the insiders. >> bill, what do you say to this? especially if he comes in with
4:25 pm
momentum, and he has the most delegates, but not 1,237. >> i say i disagree with tom reid about whether donald trump would be a good president. i respect him for endorsing the person he thinks is best, this is who i think you should vote for. that's kind of what elected officials are supposed to do. mike pence, the governor of indiana, a huge state in two weeks. i hope he steps up and says who he thinks should be president of the united states and i hope pat toomey, the senator from pennsylvania, who privately i believe thinks he's going to lose that seat if donald trump is at the top of the ticket. is he going to endorse someone else? i don't know. >> hogan, what do you say about if donald trump has more than anyone else, but not 1,237? >> 72% of the people say that if donald trump goes into the convention or if anybody goes into the convention with a majority of the delegates, it's fair that they should be the nominee. the problem here put quite simply, is oppose fix. if he goes in with the most delegates and how it appears as though the establishment has gotten into a -- takes it from him, there is going to be a
4:26 pm
revolt on that convention floor like we have never seen. don't forget, ted cruz went around saying the contested convention, right, is the establishment's dream. that's what they want us to do, is to be rancorous and divided. the sweet irony is -- the only way he can win is by using that washington cartel, he calls it, to put him into the nomination. it's not about the voters, it's about the delegates and that's a problem of optics for him. >> jamie, you say they say they can get 1,400 delegates. that's very aggressive. john king did not weigh out such a scenario. they could get part of the way there in wheeling and dealing. probable? possible? >> i think when they're looking at california and indiana, they have reason to feel cautiously optimistic. optimistic, because trump could do well in california and indiana. he's up in the polls in california. and in indiana, the demographics there could -- could and should play to his benefits if you look at it in one way. but i think indiana really is the wild card, because we don't
4:27 pm
know exactly how things will line up in the seat, because what if it actually ends up being that his performance there ends up mirroring what happened in wisconsin, for example. that was very unexpected for trump. so i think when we look at why the campaign might be feeling cautiously optimistic, the cautious part is because they know very well that they have to win california, they have to win indiana. if he doesn't do well in indiana, even if he sweeps california, that's just not going to be enough. >> all right. thank you all very much. "outfront" next, the man at the center of the gop storm tells us what he really thinks. >> i say john kasich. you say? >> great governor. >> ted cruz. >> smart. >> donald trump. -- >> well, we'll tell you what he had to say about donald trump, and you're looking at live pictures of hillary clinton rally in philadelphia after her double-digit win over bernie sanders. what is next for the vermont senator? sanders' campaign manager is "outfront." and amid rising calls for john
4:28 pm
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donald trump, live pictures of where he will be speaking in just a few moments. thousands of people will hear him speak on the eastern shore of maryland. the republican presidential front runner is slamming the gop system, calling it rigged, crooked. tonight we have exclusive access to the man at the center of trump's battle with his party like you have never seen this before. jimmy gangle is out front. i want to do a quick lightning round with you. okay? >> okay. >> word association. >> oh, great. >> okay. here we go. >> these are trouble. >> i say john kasich. you say? >> great governor. >> ted cruz. >> smart. >> donald trump. >> big. >> meaning? >> everything he does is big. lots of attention. >> you have know -- you're laughing. why are you laughing? >> these are like the unchartered waters of being chairman of the rnc. spontaneity is not usually your
4:33 pm
friend. >> reporter: and that's the least of his problems. >> hey, it's reince. >> without a doubt, reince priebus, the 44-year-old lawyer from wisconsin, has the toughest job in politics this year. >> morning, chairman. >> reporter: working 20-hour days. >> you should come. >> reporter: preparing for the possibility of a contested convention. >> no, i think the system is -- is working. >> reporter: and navigating the gop through the year of trump. >> the system is rigged. these are dirty trickster. the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> reporter: nonstop damage control. >> i find it to be rhetoric, and hyperbole. this is a very normal system that we have been using for many years. >> sometimes you can't fix it. sometimes you can just take a seven-alarm fire and just make it a four-alarm fire. it's still burning, but not as bad as it was.
4:34 pm
no one should feel sorry for me. i signed up for this. >> you are the man in the middle. you have donald trump doing his thing. and then you have the gop establishment, whatever that is. >> yeah, that's a word that apparently no one can quite define. but, yeah, i understand it. >> whatever -- all those people over there, who are not on the same side. >> right. >> as donald trump. is saying well, it's all your fault. how did you let trump -- why didn't you get rid of him? >> yeah. well, look, being in the middle, you have to accept the fact that there's a thousand opinions. i mean, so -- i'm so used to it. that i don't -- i don't even care. it doesn't bother me. >> you're not pulling out your hair. >> not -- no. i'm not. people assume -- oh, you must be miserable. you've got a horrible job. but i don't see it that way. i'm not -- that's what i'm
4:35 pm
saying. i'm not pouring bailey's in my cereal. i'm not sitting here trying to find the johnnie walker. this is fun. >> reporter: in fact, the day we spent with him, he raised $1.2 million with just a few phone calls. >> let's talk about money. >> reporter: took a brief break for hoops. >> all right. i'm going to take you guys down. we have a shot off this wall. there we go. come on. >> reporter: and showed off his prize possessons. the gavel. >> the gavel. this is when i -- this is when i tough won in 2011. >> reporter: ever attempted to use it? oh, yeah. well, i don't have to try that hard. this is the chair of the clint eastwood spoke to, actually, at the convention. so this is the one that -- >> reporter: really? >> yeah. so when this all happened, you know, i obviously was perplexed. when i was watching it. >> reporter: you and everybody else. >> and then when i leaned over -- i was down behind the
4:36 pm
stage most of the time. i leaned over the balcony to look and see the center teleprompter, and it was blank. and i thought oh, my gosh, there is nothing on that screen. he's just winging it. and then i remember going back -- i left, went back behind the stage and i told the chief of staff at the time, he sai sa get me the chair. >> reporter: he also keeps three items nearby he says are critical for getting through the day. the greek orthodox liturgy, the republican party platform -- >> this is my safe zone. >> reporter: and this -- >> and, of course, i've got the brewers' schedule on top, because i will put on, you know, mlb-tv and have that in the background if i need to not watch the news. >> reporter: other escapes? time with his family. >> all right. try to eat with cameras in your face. >> reporter: and he plays the piano. ♪ really well.
4:37 pm
>> so i just goof off. that's what i do. that's how i play. >> reporter: but priebus admits, he's always been a proud political nerd. as early as third grade, he was lobbying classmates to support ronald reagan and even used the gop to woo his wife. >> you went to prom together, but sally, on your first date, he took you to a political dinner. he took you to the lincoln day dinner. >> right. >> reporter: swept you off your feet. >> right. >> reporter: what kind of first date is that? >> it's crazy. i think he tricked me. i think he tricked me, and i ended up at the -- at the political event, which i didn't know about at first, because he told me we were going to the movies, but, you know, we made it. it was pretty boring. it's pretty bad. but we did go to the movie afterward and we had a great time. >> and he says you can't say you didn't know what you were getting into.
4:38 pm
right. right. i did. >> reporter: that said, neither one ever thought their lives would be consumed by the roller coaster of donald trump. >> reince is very strong, he has a thick skin. he lets it roll off his shoulders. he's -- you know, he's tough. he doesn't tolerate a lot of drama. >> reporter: including rumors that he might try to convince one of his best friends, speaker paul ryan, to be a so-called white knight candidate in a contested convention. >> he would kill me. and i wouldn't do it. and i agree with him. i don't -- you have to want to actually be president of the united states. he doesn't want to be right now. and he's not going to have a floor operation to get it done. it won't happen. >> reporter: he said if i do that, he'll kill me. >> yeah. yep. >> reporter: you would kill him? >> yes, i would. yes, i would. >> reporter: an old political pro told me to be rnc party chairman, you're either the bravest person in town or the craziest person in town.
4:39 pm
which is it for him? >> probably requires a little bit of both, would be my guess, especially these days. reince -- i would put him in the bravest category. >> brave or crazy, priebus insists, his only concern is being neutral. for the record, are you conspiring against donald trump? >> of course not. of course not. >> reporter: is there a plan to steal the nomination? >> no, there's nothing to steal. i mean, either you have the votes or you don't. >> reporter: and you will be at peace if he is the nominee. >> i'm going to be at peace with whoever the nominee is. because i know that whoever the nominee is going to beat hillary clinton. >> so interesting answers there on so many levels. but the war between trump and priebus, it is so loud, it is no so public. but you say now it is not what it seems. >> so it's very donald trump. right? but priebus told us he actually gets along with donald trump. and -- he may be very frustrated by this, and he doesn't want the
4:40 pm
rnc to be called corrupt. but he said he thinks it's just a campaign strategy. it's trump's effort to energize his base, and get out the vote. >> so it's a campaign strategy, but he does like him as a person. >> they get along. >> >> they get along, right. >> they get along. >> fair point there could be a distinction between those two things. but they get along. thank you so much. >> thank you. fascinating on so many levels. "outfront" next, after clinton's victory in new york, sanders says he has a path to the nomination. his campaign manager is "outfront" in a moment. and john kasich got delegates in new york last night. ted cruz did not. governor kasich is my guest, next. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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breaking news right now. donald trump rallying supporters in maryland tonight, while his two rivals are in florida. they are there with delegates, lobbying. the rules groups meeting there. john kasich, who came in second last night in new york is there at that meeting. he joins me now on the phone. governor, thank you so much. i know you're calling us from that rnc meeting. it's the biggest pool of delegates. you might see in one place before the convention. a crucial meeting. they're talking about the rules.
4:45 pm
they're also going to be voting. have you made any headway with any of them? >> oh, yeah, yeah. we've been making lots of headway with delegates. and, you know, it's interesting. it's going to be a long process. and look, erin, they want to make sure they can pick somebody who will win in the fall and somebody who can be president. and so i appeal to them on both grounds. i met with some who are absolutely for me. some who just wanted to meet with me. and then i had a reception and had a bunch of them come. and then i spoke to all of them and told them about, you know, bringing economic growth, bringing people together, solving problems, and leaving no one behind. because i think the party has to have a positive message of hope and inspiration. and so i'm actually -- have left that meet being now, on my way to the airport and i'm flying to the city of brotherly love. >> and you are heading, obviously, to campaign. i know it's a crucial state there, pennsylvania, and philadelphia. on this issue, though, i know
4:46 pm
you were, of course, at the meeting today. cruz was there. donald trump was not. he has some members of his team doing the presentation tomorrow. a campaign memo today from the trump campaign that we have predicts that trump is going to get 1,400 delegates before the convention. obviously, that's more than he needs. that means he's planning on getting quite a few of them by talking to delegates, wheeling and dealing with delegates. could he be right? 1,400? >> no, i don't think so. i mean, look -- i mean, erin, if you were to ask me, you know -- i'm going to play 18 holes of golf, how many holes in one am i going to have? i would say, okay, four. who cares? of course they're going to talk about they're going to get all of this. i don't see it happening. he's about 60% of the remaining votes to be able to get there. i don't see it happening. and i -- we probably are in the high watermark. we're going to go to a contested convention, and their delegates are going to decide, again, who
4:47 pm
can win in the fall. -- in 15 national polls, i win -- i beat hillary in every one. and these two guys lose in both -- in almost every one of them. so i think that's going to matter to republican delegates, because they don't want to lose the supreme court, the united states senate, and state and local races. it's what it's going to get down to. >> so governor kasich, you came second last night in new york. >> yeah, manhattan -- i'm thinking maybe i could go for mayor. maybe i go for mayor. >> but, you know, you did come in second, well ahead of ted cruz. but ted cruz today came out swinging and is saying you should be the one to get out. and here's how he put it. >> john kasich has no path whatsoever to the nomination. he has lost now -- i think it's 31 states. he's won a total of one, his home state. his plan apparently rests upon losing 49 states, going to the convention and having all of the delegates say, the guy that lost every state in the union, except
4:48 pm
his home state, that should be our nominee. >> what do you say to ted cruz, governor? >> well, if he's so sure of that, why is he attacking me all of the time? why did they spend the $1 million against me in wisconsin? distorting my record? if he's so worried -- you see, i don't comment about the people i'm not worried about. why is he worried about me? look, we've had ten national republican conventions and seven times they picked somebody who is not the leader. i'm not concerned about -- look, ted is a fine guy. i'm not concerned about what he has to say about my campaign or my chances. all i know is, if we pick these two guys according to virtually all of the polls, we are going to get creamed. and i don't think the republicans want to pick somebody who has no appeal to independents, and no appeal to conservative democrats. that's what my appeal is. and by the way, i did win ohio by 11 points. i won it in the last election by
4:49 pm
an almost unprecedented margin. largely people didn't know me, but we're doing fine. how did he do in new york, by the way? i can't remember his totals. but they were pretty -- i think today their job was to go out, try to change the story. attack me and all that stuff. and i think they also said, well, you know, he wants to be donald trump's vice president. there is zero chance -- erin, there is more chance of you being donald trump's vice president than me. although you could be my vice president. you're pretty smart. you know? you know all of the economics. you're articulate, you know. are you available? >> well, what a proposition that i certainly did not expect. governor -- >> well, what the heck? >> and i appreciate your taking the time. governor kasich now getting on a plane going to the next super tuesday states to the city of philadelphia to campaign after heroin in new york, leading most polls in the next
4:50 pm
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real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing live pictures out of philadelphia. you see hillary clinton holding a campaign rally six days before pennsylvania's crucial primary on the next of super tuesdays. today after her 16 point victory in new york, she's urging democrats to come together. her message to bernie sanders supporters, it's over. quote, there's much more that unites us than divides us.
4:54 pm
the campaign manager for bernie sanders is with me, jeff weaver. hillary clinton offering that olive branch to bernie sanders supporters. her communications director said there's no question that senator sanders, that the behavior of his campaign has been destructive and is not productive to democrats or the country. how do you respond. destructive? >> let me just say this. look at the exit polls in new york when they asked the voters who was running the more unfair campaign by double digits, new york voters, the hillary clinton campaign. whether they thought it was destructive or energizing, over 60% said it was energizing. i understand why the clinton campaign doesn't want it to continue. they know in upcoming contests they're heavily favored for sanders and we will see another string of victories like we saw last month for him. >> you're looking at a string of victories you see coming. after the next primary contest that your campaign in his words will sit back and assess where
4:55 pm
we are. what does that mean? when you look at the raw vote total. you know this as well as i do, you hear it repeatedly from the clinton campaign, she has 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. how does bernie sanders get there? she has unpledged delegates as well. >> the margin is smaller. not even half the number of delegates that come out of california. they're running the obit too early. after next week, we will look. we update the map of delegates needed in various states to get there after june 7th. that's what he is referring to. >> you are pushing the idea of superdelegates, convincing the ones that support hillary clinton of which that's the vast majority of them to switch sides. if she wins the popular vote, ahead in pledge delegates, how will you justify trying to get
4:56 pm
superdelegates to come to your side. >> it is not clear she will be ahead in pledge delegates. if senator sanders has a strong run of wins, if we close the gap in closed delegates or overtake the secretary, then superdelegates have to look at the general election polling which is unanimous for months that bernie sanders is a stronger candidate in the general election than is secretary hillary clinton, does better against trump, kasich, to whom she loses, loses to cruz in some polls. the superdelegates have to look at who can best win in november and guarantee the democrats up and down the ballot are successful. >> the argument you made, the argument john kasich made on the republican side. thank you very much, jeff weaver. we will be back. >> thank you. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off?
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5:00 pm
thank you very much for joining us, back here tomorrow night. record outfront, watch it any time. ac 360 begins right now. good evening, thanks for joining us, big campaign developments across the map. donald trump, hillary clinton holding events, both going on now. trump is back on the war path after striking more presidential or diplomatic tone. he and secretary clinton are trying to turn their crushing victories into success next week in pennsylvania. maryland, connecticut, rhode island, delaware. scrambling to work around it to prevail at conventions, even though behind in delegates now like bernie sanders or mathematically eliminated like ted cruz and john kasich. we will talk about that in the next two hours of live coverage tonight, including the possibility that donald trump's real magic number of delegates, the number he needs to secure the nomination might actually be


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