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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 21, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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it underscores the united states and the countries represented around this table. thank you for your hospitality. all right, good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello, thank you for being here. you just heard president obama speaking in saudi arabia about the tensions in the middle east and the fight against isis. nic robertson, bring us through what happened here. if you listen to the president, it doesn't sound like very much, but tension has been rising between saudi arabia and the united states, especially in light of the 9/11 victims. the families of the victims. who want to be able to sue the government of saudi arabia if they can prove that saudi arabia had anything to do with supporting the 9/11 terrorists. nic robertson is up and ready to
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go. anything surprising from the remarks, nic? >> reporter: no, i think what he is trying to do is emphasize the agreement and emphasize the progress that's been made in the year since the talks in camp david with the gcc as well, talk and bring in the sort of wider issue of cause that there should be in a time of low oil prices, trying to deliver economic prosperity and deliver on the expectations, really talking to the broader issue of democracy in the middle east. he couches everything here in a very careful terms of knowing where he is, knowing who the audience here, his gulf allies, the saudis hosting him here. he was thankful for the warm reception. it is so much talk about how tough the relationship is at the moment, and it is, it is important that you know, the saudis look to the united states, if you look at the saudi newspapers today, you look at how they are hosting this summit, how it's important to be strong allies with the united
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states, so for both sides here, the importance and the key is to show the positive that they are working together, and that i think is generally in keeping with what we were expecting. but you have to understand here, really, the tensions exist and they talked about working together on syria, countering iran's threats, the importance of tackling isis, . >> nic robertson, thanks so much. we do expect the president to take questions when the president begins to do that, we'll bring you back to riyadh. back to the united states for now, though. politics, donald trump is back on the attack. his rivals say they're not backing down. fresh off a commanding win in new york, voters can expect, this is what he says, a more presidential tone. >> it's easier for me to be presidential than for me to be doing what i've been doing for the last really nine months.
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but at the right time, i will be so presidential, you will be so bored. you will say, can't he -- can't he have a little bit more energy. but i know when to be presidential. we have two more left. they are really, they have absolutely no path to victory. >> he is going to be so boring, he'll be low energy. who knew. the trump campaign expecting a big victory, though, an internal memo, 1,400 delegates before the convention. all of this as trump sends his top aides to court insiders. >> you notice in the sound bite there, he said he knows when to be presidential. it doesn't mean he'll be presidential all the time. trump says his campaign will definitely evolve over time. but he says don't look for him to change his personal style, when it comes to how he addresses people who come out for his rallies. so for now, it might be a little bit more of that name-calling.
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>> we got lyin' ted, crooked hillary. >> donald trump, back at it. >> i love running against crooked hillary. n in the case of lyin' ted, oh, he lies. >> reviving some of his favorite nicknames, less than 24 hours after delivering a victory speech in new york. >> i thought it would be very undignified for me to get up at that particular moment. >> the republican front-runner, doing a victory lap in maryland and indiana and continuing to rail against the republican primary process. >> so it is a rigged system. it is rigged for the lobbyists. it is rigged for the donors, and rigged for the special interests. >> reince priebus, fighting back again. >> it is not a rigged system. in fact, the rules are clear. i'm not going do anything to help or hurt anybody. >> priebus insisting he is enjoying preparing for a potential contested convention. >> i think people assume oh,
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must be miss betterable. i'm not pouring bailey's in my cereal, i'm not sitting here trying to find the johnny walker. this is fun. >> republican party leader sitting down with both ted cruz and john kasich wednesday night. as cruz's irritation with kasich boiled over on the campaign trail. >> john kasich has no path whatsoever to the nomination. now it may be john is auditioning to be trump's vice-president. but a trump/kasich ticket loses to hillary clinton. >> kasich defending his decision to stay in the race, in an interview with cnn. >> if he is so sure of that, why he is attacking me all the time. all i know is if we pick these two guys, according to the polls, we're going to get creamed. >> trump's wife has said repeatedly she wishes her husband would be more presidential at times. she also says she would like him to stop retweeting. he didn't retweet this morning, but he certainly did tweet,
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tweeting about kasich and cruz, saying the following. senator ted cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the race. he said kasich should get out for the same reason. i think both should get out. >> all right, jason carroll, thanks so much. >> you bet. so donald trump says he'll win it all and more. ted cruz says he can't win, but he'll win at the convention and john kasich says he can't win either. but he will win because only he can beat hillary clinton. >> i don't think the republicans want to pick somebody who has no appeal to independence and no appeal to conservative democrats. that's what my appeal is. >> with me now, trump supporter and cnn political commentatocom georgia congressman. welcome to you both. >> thanks, carol. >> thanks for being here. thanks to both of you. if you look at the polling, john kasich is the only republican candidate who can beat hillary clinton. this is a poll from nbc news and the "wall street journal."
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hopefully we can put it up, because i don't have the numbers in in front of me. you can see it. john kasich can beat hillary clinton 51% to 39%. yet, ted cruz says he can beat her easily as well, but as you can see from the polls there, bob, it won't be an easy task for ted cruz to beat hillary clinton. so i guess this is my question. is that why voters should elect their man not on policy, but on whether each could beat hillary clinton? >> first of all, i think it is important to keep in mind these pre-convention polls have been notoriously off the mark. the dynamics change considerably in the period between the conventions and the fall election. we saw that with michael dukakis and george h bush. we saw it with gerald ford. so the dynamics change. what senator cruz is trying to do is to remind republican voters that being presidential
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is more than just turning on and off a light switch. it means understanding the issues, the substance, and understanding grass root politics, and these are areas in ted cruz is way ahead of donald trump. he is not asking people to, you know, vote for him based on what he says or how he acts on one particular day. he is asking for them to look at his record, his substance, the way he is organized his campaign. these are things that will be extremely important in the fall election. >> so kaley, i want to go back to beating clinton. if that is the metric, because donald trump says that's the metric all the time, he can beat hillary clinton, right? but if that's true, well, actually it's not according to all the polls, he doesn't believe the polls and maybe you don't either. but if the polls hold true, doesn't trump need someone on his ticket like john kasich to actually beat hillary clinton? >> i think it would be helpful.
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absolutely to have someone like john kasich on the ticket. he brings so much to the republican party and to the table. but i do agree with congressman barr that polls have been wrong. it is april now. we all remember that at certain times, mitt romney was beating barack obama in the polls and we know how that turned out. it doesn't turn out well for the republican party. polls are inaccurate now. they don't tell the whole story. it is worth mentioning that hillary clinton does not have an opponent who is willing right now to tack her on e-mails and b benghazi. it doesn't tell the whole story. >> back to ted cruz now, bob. he needs mojo, right, the next states up for grab may not be kind to ted cruz. he wants to debate mr. trump. let's listen. >> donald concluded the people of new york didn't deserve a debate. you know what, i think the people of pennsylvania deserve a debate. there ought to be a debate before the vote next tuesday. >> bob, mr. trump is cruising right now. why does he need to debate ted
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cruz? >> well, he would need to if in fact he is interested in giving the voters in pennsylvania and the other states that have primaries next week a look at the two candidates, how they respond to challenges, how much substance they have. whether in fact they are deep down not just on the surface, so-called presidential, but donald trump clearly does not want to debate. he is not going to do well, would not do well in a debate one-on-one with senator cruz. he knows that. so he is going to rely on what he has always relied on, and that is just the sort of bluster and public persona of going out there and calling people names, and taking kind of a low road. senator cruz for his part if in fact donald trump does not agree to debate, which we doubt that he will, will continue to do what he excels at, and that is working with grassroots republicans and voters across those states to convince them
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that he is in fact the far better more substantive candidate. >> on the other hand, kaley, mr. trump actually spent more money than ted cruz during the last month. he spent, what, he dumped $13 million into his campaign, compared to ted cruz $11 million. does that indicate that mr. trump is a little nervous at the moment? >> i don't think so. here is the thing. the never trump movement, who has it their goal to take down trump at whatever cost, has spent $70 million, according to politico, in negative ads against trump. that's three times what the entire trump campaign has spent on the campaign. that's an extraordinary amount of money. so the fact that donald trump has had to put in some extra resources to combat those negative ads is not surprising. he has run a campaign on less money, fewer resources and on earned media coverage more than any candidate in american history. he has revolutionized the way a presidential campaign is run and he deserves some credit for
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that. >> thanks to both of you. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are back on the campaign trail, making pitches to voters that will head to the polls on tuesday. three different stops in pennsylvania, while clinton visits connecticut where she'll hold a discussion on gun violence this morning. the 2016 was in focus at the white house too, where michelle obama weighed in on clinton's background, her experience. that happened during a question session at our take our daughters and sons to work day. >> i think hillary clinton is a phenomenal woman. i've gotten to know her. i think she has made some pretty major contributions over the course of her life. she has devoted her life to public service. as have many people in, you know, who are seeking the were he presidency. hillary clinton is an impressive woman. >> cnn suzanne melvaux.
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>> reporter: good morning. just a couple of horse when she arrives here at the local ymca in hartford, connecticut. three and a half years ago, a lone gunman entered here, killing 20 children and six adults. it is like it was yesterday. we are going to see some of the families of those victims meeting with hillary clinton today, it is an issue that she has been pushing and pressing and worked well in new york. she believes it will work well here in connecticut to raise that issue. they believe that their real significant differences between her positions and her policies and that of her owe ponpponent,e sanders wasting little too many courting voters before the next round of super tuesday contests. >> here i am in pennsylvania, because i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week to get a good result on april 26th. >> reporter: protesters calling for clinton to pardon all
6:14 am
prisoners convicted as a result of the controversial 1994 crime bill. reaching out to african-american voters, secretary clinton boldly assessing race relations, during a gun violence event at the historic st. paul's baptist church. >> we all have implicit biases. they are in almost the dna going back probably millennia times. what we need do is be more honest about that, and surface them. >> reporter: clinton garnering high x-rays e praise from the mother . bland was found hanged in an open jail. >> when you're openly grieving and the secretary of state steps to you, you better endorse you, because she already endorsed you. >> reporter: bernie sanders seemingly at a crossroads, senning h sending him home for the day to recharge.
6:15 am
he is not backing down. >> we believe we have the momentum and believe we have a path toward victory. >> reporter: will he come out swinging or soften his attacks against clinton during his first day back on the trail. >> bernie sanders will still be on the campaign trail, still trashing her, doing a lot of things that will not be particularly helpful for democrats, but he'll do it any way, because he really wants to win. >> reporter: and we learned from the bernie sanders camp that he is not going to be holding back in any way. he'll be pushing forward in pennsylvania, continue ing his attacks. thanks. i want to take the viewiers out to riyadh, saudi arabia. the president answering questions from the press here. let's listen. >> the generosity and all my counterparts with in the gcc who devoted the time and the energy
6:16 am
to make sure that this was successful summit. you already heard my statement, so i'm going to take a couple of questions, starting with kathleen henessey. there you are. >> talk about strains in the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia, some of it stemming from your comments about gulf partners being free riders, and specifically that iran and saudi arabia should share the neighborhood. i'm wondering after the meeting if you've eased those tensions, if that was your goal, and if you can point to any evidence of greater cooperation or engagement in the campaign against isil. do you feel now that the gulf partners are carrying their weight? >> the fact of the matter is, friendship and cooperation
6:17 am
between the united states and gulf countries has been consistent for decades. during the course of our administration, the gcc countries have cooperated with us on counterterrorism, on curbing the finance of terrorist activities. they are part of the isil, counter-isil coalition that has made progress in syria and in iraq. if you think about last year, when we had the camp david meeting, you were already seeing the i don't knonset of conflict come to the meeting in part because of the collective efforts of the members of the gcc. we have a new government in libya that has the opportunity to organize itself in a way that
6:18 am
we haven't seen in a couple of years. that would not have happened had it not been for the effective diplomatic pressure that was supplied by all the gcc countries as well as the united states. in yemen, we now have a cessation of hostilities that allows us to build a peace process that can lead to the people inside of yemen. that would not have happened had it not been for the gcc/u.s. cooperation. we would not have gotten an iran deal to get the nuclear weapons out. had not gcc been supportive of it. so what is true between the united states and the gcc as is true with all of our allies and friends, is that at any point in time, there will be differences in tactics. and part of the goal here as well as the meeting at camp
6:19 am
david is to make sure that not only do we share a broad common vision about prosperity and stability and peace achieved in this region and how we counter extremist activity, but that we have knowledge of what each party is doing on an ongoing basis. i think it is no doubt true when we entered into negotiations with iran around the nuclear deal, there was concern that in the interest of getting the deal done, we would somehow look the other way with respect to the other destabilizing activities. and in fact, what we were able to report is not only have we seen iran do what it was supposed to do under the deal, and the threat of an iranian nuclear weapon -- >> of course, it's difficult sometimes to get perfect, you know, audio from so far away. we're going to work on this.
6:20 am
but i don't know that we can fix it this time. we're going to try. we're going to listen to this internally and then we're going to turn some louder sound so that you can hear what president obama is saying, at least a little more easily. i'm going to take a break. i'll be back with much more in the newsroom. when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at so you don't have to stop.,
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bernie sanders may be down in the delegate count, but his campaign says he is definitely not out. the vermont vowing to fight on. he can still win a majority of pledged delegates. >> we're a little farther behind in delegates than we hoped to be. i think if we do well next week, we can get back on course to have a fledged delegate lead by the time the voting ends. >> you are acknowledging that's a slimmer possibility at this point. >> obviously. we thought it would be closer. we would pick up more delegates, but we can still do it. >> if that doesn't work, team sanders said they can flip super delegates to their side.
6:25 am
that strategy is raising eyeb w eyebrows among sanders supporters. joining me now, ben wicler. ben, i want to start with you, because move on, did endorse mr. sanders, but in a statement, you wrote, quote, super delegates shouldn't overrule the will of the democratic grassroots. if the primary and caucus winner is hillary clinton, then clinton should be the nominee. if it's bernie sanders, then sanders should the nominee. ben, do you still feel that way? >> absolutely. look, the sanders campaign has inspired millions of people to get involved in politics that works for a system for everyone. no one can fault them to fight until the closing buzzer. at the same time, super delegates make their own decision. grass root activetivists, if it's the other, they should go
6:26 am
the other. those two things are mutually compatible. i hope bernie sanders wins on fledged delegates, and goes to the white house. >> so has it changed your opinion at all of the sanders camp that it is pushing to try to sway super delegates? >> you know, i think both campaigns are doing all they can to get every vote at the convention, whether it's super delegates or fledged delegates. it is clear they have millions of supporters on both sides, who they're fighting for. the sanders campaign is fighting to win the campaign. at the same time, if you're super delegate, you have choice to make. that's the decision that super delegates should make, based on the democratic principle that the winner should be the winner. >> one more question about this. is the sanders -- is senator sanders in danger of turning off some of his supporters if his camp says they'll try to sway super delegates? >> you know, i don't think there is any bernie sanders supporter
6:27 am
out there, i love his vision of raising the minimum wage and expanding social security and making college tuition debt free, but he is trying to convince super delegates, so i'm not going to. i don't think it works that way. >> i don't think it does, either. but still, perhaps secretary clinton will use that against sanders, and what do you say becari? >> i don't think she'll use it against sanders per se. i appreciate ben and i appreciate all the work the work does. but even more importantly, i think that the race for all practical purposes is politically over. i think that bernie sanders movement will live on, and bernie sanders has ever right to stay in the race until the final votes are counted. so i look forward to him doing that. he has tapped into something amazing in this country, and we'll need bernie sanders and all his supporters if in fact we'll tackle donald trump or ted cruz in november. >> if he continues his attacks on hillary clinton, should she
6:28 am
fight back at this particular time? >> definitely. i mean, this is politics. this is a contact sport. if he hits, she has to hit back. i think both campaigns will change their tenor. we had a moment where we veered off track. i do expect both campaigns to talk about those issues which democrats win on. the issues of access to women's health care, women's rights, those issues of raising the minimum wage. the issues of climate change. issues where we are the mainstream of america, which we can push back on tlunancy. >> still, ben, it appears that hillary clinton is kind of worried about bernie sanders' attacks, and wishes he would go less on the attack and concentrate more on the issues. she talked about that on morning television. she was on gma, and she said she could unify the party and she said she could do that, because she learned from her 2008 fight with barack obama. here is what she said.
6:29 am
>> when i withdrew in june of 2008, polls were showing that at least 40% of my supporters said they weren't going to support senator obama. so i had to get to work, and i had to make the case. i nominated him at the convention. i went from group to group, even as late as the convention, convincing people who were my delegates to come together to unify. >> so, ben, it sounds like hillary clinton wants bernie sanders to do just that. do you think he will? >> sanders has said all along he'll support the democratic nominee, because someone like donald trump would be too big a disaster for this country to even contemplate. i'm confident that he'll keep fighting, no matter whether he is the nominee or not, for the values of the political revolution, things like universal health care, raising the minimum wage and expanding social security. that will happen and he'll bring the movement along with him. the question is, going forward, does a primary help or hurt the
6:30 am
democratic party? i think it makes the party stronger. i think that any nominee will be stronger for being battle tested and the movement that bringsle millions of people in the contest is only a good thing for the democrats. >> it energizes the party, bakari. no question about that. does hillary clinton have to cut some special deal with bernie sanders, to give him power at the convention in philadelphia, before bernie sanders stops attacking her? >> no, there are no deals cut. i mean, that's not how the process works. but bernie sanders does have a sizable amount of delegates, there will be battles over platform, democratic platform, bernie sanders will have an opportunity to speak and move his supporters, and at that time, it will be all of us in rally all of us to the cause. at the end of the day, you'll have a stage that has bernie sanders and jane sanders, hillary clinton and bill clinton together, heading into november,
6:31 am
and carol, that's a hell of a team. that really is. >> no matter who the nominee is. i agree. >> bakari, ben, thanks to both of you. donald trump will go tell it like it is, to tell it like it is on teleprompter. a more polished candidate, next. ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. get your beauty sleep and use yonew aveeno®r? absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless® from aveeno®.
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i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump's use of senator cruz instead of lyin' ted was seen as many in the media, including me, as an attempt to be more presidential. but less abrasive style didn't last 24 hours. by the time trump hit indianapolis, the old donald was back. >> in the case of lyin' ted cruz, lyin' ted, lies, oh, he
6:36 am
lies. you know, ted, he brings the bible holds it high, puts it down. i love running against crooked hillary. it's so much better. better. bernie wouldn't be as much fun. >> still, word is, mr. trump will try a little discipline with his lynn walanguage. he'll deliver a speech next wednesday, using a teleprompter and someone will help write the speech for him. "the daily beast" and political analyst, good morning, john. >> good morning, carol. >> so trump's use of a teleprompter would not be unprecedent unprecedented, but a departure for mr. trump. listen. >> i don't have teleprompters, right? right. i have always said, if you run for president, you shouldn't be allowed to use teleprompters.
6:37 am
you shouldn't be allowed. i don't read the speech. i don't do the teleprompter thing. it would be so easy. i watched hillary the other day, she has the biggest telepromp r teleprompters i've ever seen, if you're sitting on that side of the room, you can't seen see her. >> okay, so he is funny. you have to admit. but he is going to use a teleprompter to deliver these major policy speeches. so he has changed his mind clearly. why? >> well, because you can't celebrity demagogue your way through policy speech. i mean, you know, you just can't say whatever comes to your mind and delight the crowd if you're actually proposing policy to implement as president. so it is a change he has to make. our spray tan friend from 5th avenue realizes he has to up his game and become more professional if he wants to get the nomination done and have a shot at being the next president. >> i suppose that senator cruz could use this against trump, but then can trump use his
6:38 am
teleprompter line to slam hillary clinton any more? >> no, look, valley he'll have it. he will be using speech writers and teleprompters. at the end of the day, this is what this is all about. this is all pre-game to governing. we forget that sometimes. he will very to drop those line. but he is a shameless guy. that's the nature of his candidacy, personality and campaign. so you know, we'll see where it comes out. >> okay, so trump's tone on immigrants, let's talk about that for a minute. it's not likely to soften. mr. trump does need minorities, at least some of them to vote for him in a general election to win. i want you to look at this new ad, congressional candidate in kentucky. >> once through, we'll stop donald trump. >> ted cruz too. >> who? >> my tape.
6:39 am
>> tape? >> tape, my tape. >> conservative running for congress who will help build the wall. >> will this help cruz appeal obama care? >> we must stop my pape. >> i'm mike pape, and i approved this message. >> so he supports donald trump's building of a wall and he is pretty much -- he is among a small number of congressional candidates using mr. trump in ads. so maybe it shows that congressional candidates are no longer afraid of building a wall. there with that ad, right?ge out >> yeah, i mean, look, this is more about the congressional candidate than it does trump necessarily. a, it shows that candidates running in very conservative states that are not swing votes that could actually determine the general election are happy to run to the right of their party. that's what they do.
6:40 am
it also is an effective ad to the extent it is getting this guy's name out there. it is obviously doing it with racial stereotypes and slurs, that may get attention, but the larger problem, and until they confront that yeah they're going to have a real probably winning the demographic map with the presidency. >> do you think mr. trump will change or tweak language when he talks about building the wall, or does he have to remain strong on those issues to keep his core base of support? >> look, i think at the end of the day, everything is negotiable with donald trump. you're going to see a pivot to the center where he says everything is negotiable, because ace deal maker. we'll have a rare speckable in this country, while still keeping the base in line. you're going to see him pivoting on a lot of issues. this is not someone who is running on the basis of ideas, ideology or philosophy. he is running on the basis of emotion and the projection of
6:41 am
strength. that's it. >> john avalon, thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. still to come in the newsroom, president obama wraps up his visit to saudi arabia, amid rising tensions. we'll talk about that next. it's realizing beautyg doesn't stop at my chin. roc©'s formula adapts to delicate skin areas. my fine lines here? visibly reduced in 4 weeks. chest, neck & face cream from roc.© methods, not miracles. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
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president obama moments away from leaving saudi arabia, off to london now. before he left riyadh, he took questions from reporters. working to dispel the notion that the relationship between saudi arabia is strained. he also spoke this morning against the fight against isis. >> we remain in our fight against daish, it will help our gcc partners, special op operations forces, and gcc nations will continue to increase their contributions to the fight against isil. >> cnn international diplomatic
6:46 am
editor nic robertson is in riyadh. president obama mentioned that he and the middle east and especially saudi arabia shared a common vision to fight isis. do they? >> reporter: they do, as certainly in the interest in the saudi arabia itself, isis has made them and the world family a target. if they have relatives in the armed forces, to kill them. some isis have done that. it is a common vision that isis is a threat to both countries. but what we also heard president obama saying was, you know, why he feels that the relationship is not a strained as it appears. he said you know, with within the past year, a new government in libya. he said that couldn't be done without saudi arabia. a seize fire in the next few days, that couldn't be have been done without the support of the gulf allies. despite the tensions in the region, which he said exists, he
6:47 am
said the nuclear deal couldn't have happened without the support of the gulf allies. perhaps a bigger concern in the region for him and for his partners here, syria, president obama didn't really get into a lot of specifics when asked how do you force assad from power. that's more behind the scenes diplomacy. the isis cooperation, it does come down seeing eye to eye better. president obama said yes, there are differences at times, but broadly we're together. on isis, the most closely aligned on at the moment, carol. >> well, let me ask you this. this has been floating around on the internet and a lot of journ journalists have talked about it, the greeting president obama received when he arrived in saudi arabia, usually kisses are exchanged. that didn't appear to happen
6:48 am
when president obama arrived. kisses were exchanged with president bush, we have pictures to show you that. is that i a big deal? >> reporter: you know, there a different tone and feel to it, carol. i was here in 2008 when president bush came, the same period in his presidency, getting to the end of his eight years in office. what we saw back then, we saw stars and stripes hanging from the lamp posts of the city here. we don't have that here this time. there was a big sort of pomp and circumstance and marching bands out at the airport when president bush arrived. we don't have that this time. it was the foreign minister, the president of riyadh, but it does sort of hint, if you will, of the strained relationship, you know, commentators said look, the king was also hosting his gulf allies, busy with them. but you know, the optics here in this region do count. president bush in 2008 had a much warmer reception.
6:49 am
i think people here read that, and understand that, it has become more tense a relationship under president obama's tenure of the presidency. >> nic robertson, reporting live from saudi arabia. thank you. i'll be right back. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®.
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6:53 am
checking some top stories for you at 53 minutes past. the death toll is rising in ecuador after saturday's earthquake. nearly 600 people are reported dead and 25,000 people are living in shelters. the property and infrastructure damage is so bad that ecuador's president is raising taxes to pay for rebuilding. investigators in los angeles are trying to figure out how
6:54 am
former wrestling star china died. the 46-year-old was found dead wednesday in her apartment. there were no obvious signs of foul play. chyna was a big wwe in the 1990s. she worked in adult films. three people are facing criminal charges and possible jail time for their alleged role in the flint water contamination crisis. two of those charges with pleaded not guilty. the state's attorney general says those charges are, quote, only the beginning. still to come in the "newsroom," change is on the way for u.s. money. women will appear on paper currency for the first time in more than a century. i'll be right back. (vo) when i first took jake home
6:55 am
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happening now in the "newsroom," three's a crowd. >> if i win, get the nomination, there is no path for lying ted cruz to get the nomination. he's out. as far as kasich is concerned, he will get slaughtered by hillary. >> the republican candidates all saying they are the one and patience running out. >> we are headed to a contested convention. nobody is able to reach 1,237. also, sanders still sees a path to the democratic nomination, but it's getting more narrow, but clinton is looking to lock up the race. >> we have to unify our country. we've got to quit the divisiveness. plus, top billing for hair yet t harriet tubman on the $20 bill. but she's not the only woman who will find a place in your wallet. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom".
7:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump says it's time for his rivals to go away, but they say they're not going anywhere. fresh off his landslide win in new york, trump is back on the attack, but he says voters should expect a more, this is what he says, a more presidential tone. >> it's easier for me to be presidential than for me to be doing what i've been doing for the last really nine months, but at the right time i will be so presidential, you will be so bored. you will say, can't he have a little bit more energy? but i know when to be presidential. we have two more left. they are really -- they have absolutely no path to victory. >> trump campaign is expecting a big victory. an internal victory predicting the gop frond runner will have more delegate support than he needs. he'll have 1,400 before the convention. all of this as trump sends his top aides to court, to romance,
7:01 am
if you will, rnc insiders. let's get to jason carroll. >> we'll see if he gets to that 1,400. in terms of being more presidential, he will give a foreign policy speech in washington, d.c., on april 27th. that has been confirmed by our own cnn jim acosta. it's clear that the trump campaign is evolving in some ways, but he is still taking aim at ted cruz. back to calling him lying ted cruz several times at speeches yesterday in indiana and maryland and calling out senator cruz and john kasich for staying in a race he says they simply cannot win. this morning trump tweeting, senator ted cruz has been mathematically eliminated from race. he said kasich should get out for same reason. i think both should get out. and, of course, cruz also responding this morning saying, donald, you will be mathematically eliminated on june 7th. should everyone drop out and forefacility feit to hillary? june 7th being the california
7:02 am
primary day. trump talked about name calling saying he's just been defending himself. >> i've been hit by 55,000 negative ads and nobody else has. you know, you look at a guy like kasich, he's never been hit by an ad because nobody cares, frankly. it's true. no, it's so true, and cruz isn't hit with negative ads, but they went after me both sides. my side, the other side. >> cruz says at this point the gop is heading for a contested convention saying none of the gop candidates will have the magic number of 1,237 needed for the fom nation. kasich spinning as well saying that the end goal is to nominate someone who can just beat hillary clinton. >> look, at the end they want to make sure they pick somebody who can win in the fall and somebody who can be president. and so i appeal to them on both grounds around i think the party has to have a positive message of hope and inspiration. >> one thing you can count on
7:03 am
looking ahead is for trump to be trump, meaning expect more of his plainspoken language. that's what appeals to the people who support him. case in tount, trump said the decision to replace andrew jackson with harriet tubman on the $20 bill was another example of political correctness. >> so he's against harriet tubman being on the face of the bill? >> don't know what that's going to do to help with trying to court -- >> african-american -- >> -- african-american voters but this is a man who says he speaks from his heart, and his supporters seem to respond to that. >> jason carroll, many thanks. as trump rips into his rivals, ted cruz is hoping for a boost. he's holding a rally in maryland and calling for another gop's debate before next week's primary. >> donald concluded the people of new york didn't deserve a debate. i think there ought to be a debate before the vote next tuesday. >> with me now, cnn political
7:04 am
commentators tara setmayer, jeffrey lord is also with me. jeffrey is a trump supporter. also joining us, ron naring, senator cruz's national spokesman. tara, you are seated. i just glanced up and saw you. i'm so glad. welcome to all of you. so, jeffrey, i will start with you. why wouldn't mr. trump want another debate with senator cruz? >> why doesn't he want one? well, frankly, there's not much time left. as a matter of fact, this very night i will be going to a donald trump rally right here in harrisburg, pennsylvania, which is held at the largest eirineyea where every year we draw a form show which draws huge crowd. we've had plenty of debates. more than plenty of debates and there wasn't a debate in new york. well, gosh, the people of new york gave 60.5% of their vote to
7:05 am
donald trump and 14.5% to senator cruz. and, you know, to be perfectly honest, as i have often said, i really am a fan of senator cruz, but you have to be able to win the northeastern united states, and if you can only get 14.5% of the vote in new york, that's not a good thing. >> well, ron, some republicans here, and they have told me this, that that new york values thing that senator cruz said really turned them off. he doesn't have that problem in pennsylvania, but he's very conservative, and a lot of pennsylvania isn't as conservative as senator cruz. will that be a problem for him? >> well, i think the bigger problem here is let's take a look at why donald trump doesn't want to have a debate or discussion where these issues would be exposed, and that's because donald trump barely knows anything about the important issues that are facing the country. i mean, this is someone who has had four different positions on abortion in the same day, who doesn't know the difference between what a judge does and what a prosecutor does, who really doesn't have any concept of how we keep america safe, how
7:06 am
we wind up defeating isis and the like and has been factually incorrect on so many different issues. if we have a one-on-one debate or allow john kasich to be in it for good measure, you will notice in the last debate when there were the fewest number of candidates and the greatest amount of time for the candidates to respond, donald trump barely went above 30 seconds in terms of his responses, and then he lapsed into what he does when he doesn't know anything about the subject and he just keeps on repeating himself. and that's why he doesn't want to have a debate going forward. i think it's valuable. why is it that only the voters who got to vote in the early part of this process got to have a debate either in their state or one they could watch on television, et cetera, and the voters in the later states like my state of california which votes last, donald trump doesn't want to have a debate because he's hiding behind the fact he's unprepared -- >> haven't there been a gazillion debates, town halls and then there's debates. i'm sure the peep of california were paying attention.
7:07 am
>> there have been debates but first thing is let's take a look at how many candidates were there. we don't have the same field that we had anymore. we should have a debate format where candidates can question one another, where we can get into lengthier answers. not many people were satisfied with 15-second responses and 30-second responses at the most, which is what the format demands when you have so many different candidates up there. those candidates aren't running anymore. now it's effectively a two-person race between donald trump and ted cruz and donald trump is hiding because he doesn't want people to know that so much of what he winds up saying isn't accurate. he's unprepared for the office, badly unprepared for the usoffi, and at the same time his comb e campaign is a hot mess. >> you got that all in there. >> i could go on. >> i know. we're just having fun with you, ron. we really are. tara, question to you because a debate would be interesting if it were just between donald trump and ted cruz.
7:08 am
i would be interested. i would watch that. so why not have one? >> yeah, ron is exactly right. donald trump is avoiding this because when you're on the debate stage, you're exposed. so if you don't know -- if you're unprepared for the policy questions, if you don't really have in-depth knowledge about the specific questions, then you can be made to look like a fool which he's been made to look like many times on the debate stage because he doesn't want to put the work in to actually understand and know the policies. he'd rather go out and give rallies and have empty slogans that gin people up but have no substance. when you're on the debate stage against somebody like ted cruz or even john kasich, who know the issues, who worked in policy areas, who understand the constitution and its limit, that understand federalism, it's difficult for donald trump to compete. now, he would have to be asked direct questions. he would have to answer, mr. trump, you talk about how you say you want one man, one vote,
7:09 am
but yet you're a beneficiary of this so-called rigged system because you let's say in south carolina you got 33% of the vote. you got 100% of the delegates. mr. trump, you complain about people being disenfranchised in colorado but you didn't complain when you won caucus states like kentucky. mr. trump, you complain also that voters don't get a say, but yet you didn't vote for -- the last six primary cycles. you didn't vote but now -- >> so, jeffrey -- >> those are the questions he wants to avoid. where are your tax returns? >> jeffrey, i feel you in fairness must respond. >> prosecution has now rested so -- >> there's so much more. >> i know there is. i would just respectfully say that all of this has been hashed out over and over and over and over again. the reason donald trump is winning is because he strikes a chord with the american people. as much as i love tara and i don't really know ron but i
7:10 am
listened to them, what they're giving us here are insiders' arguments about this. those arguments have been -- duly presented to the american people and they are have gone rejected over and over. they were rejected in new york. they are about to be rejected in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. so we've been here before. the arguments have not caught on. i would suggest they move on. >> jeffrey, i want to ask you about this because donald trump is giving some major policy speeches in the next weeks. he's going to use a teleprompter, he's going to use a speechwriter which is different for donald trump. does that mean he really doesn't want to sit down and face these tough questions? he'd really rather lay out his policy in preparing -- because then he won't misspeak. >> i don't know. where have these questions been for president obama for the last eight years? >> people have -- he's not running, that's true, tara, and people have complained about
7:11 am
president obama using a teleprompter. >> well, all i would suggest is one of the criticisms of donald trump which i felt was unfair in the sense it would be resolved in time was that he hadn't laid out very specific policy proposals, that he hadn't given these kind of speeches. so now he is and now, you know, we're headed off into a direction of well, gee, he shouldn't be using a te teleprompt teleprompter, he shouldn't do this, that and the other things. presidential campaigns evolve in terms of staff, policy, and presentation. that's how they all work. you start with your band of loyalists and you expand. the trump campaign is going to expand and these speeches will be give and that's a good thing. >> ron, is senator cruz going to expand into a teleprompter and speech writers? >> the trump campaign is expanding already, they're hiring lobbyists left, right, and center. i wonder how that will end up squaring off. the donald trump campaign is
7:12 am
becoming the full employment center for washington, d.c., lobbyists. donald trump likes to pride himself on how flexible he is and yet he's bragging about how he'll, you know -- who he's ultimately hiring. these are really serious questions. take a look at the long list of lobbyists who have come on board the campaign. now, that's what's happening at his central office. meanwhi meanwhile, out in california the donald trump campaign is an organizational basket case. we have been organizing out there since august of last year. this is the biggest state in the country, 172 delegates up for grabs and donald trump kacaptai figure out one end of the fr from -- state from the other. this is what we see whether it's trump mortgage or trump magazine or trump university. he's an organizational mess -- >> i have to end it there. thanks to all of you. >> i could go on further but that's the reality of what donald trump is. >> i got to end it there, guys.
7:13 am
thank you very much. tara, jeffrey, ron. still to come in the "newsroom," bernie sanders back on the campaign trail as hillary clinton offers him some tough love on uniting the party. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. get your beauty sleep and use yonew aveeno®r?
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7:17 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders take their fight for the democratic nomination to the northeast today. clinton wooing voters in connecticut after a big win in new york while sanders makes multiple stops in pennsylvania. sanders says he will fight on even as some democrats worry his attacks on clinton could damage her as the eventual nominee and widen the divide between the two riva rivals' supporters. this morning clinton seemed to offer a blueprint to sanders on how to bring the party together after a bruising primary fight. >> when i withdrew in june of 2008, polls were showing that at least 40% of my supporters said, oh, they weren't going to support senator obama. so i had to get to work, and i had to make the case. i nominated him at the convention. i went from group to group even as late as the convention convincing people who were my delegates to come together, to unify. >> cnn's suzanne malveaux is in
7:18 am
hartford, connecticut. good morning. >> reporter: hello, carol. well, it's clear that she wants to get to that point where they're unifying the party but that's not going to happen quite yet, and she realizes that. that's one of the reasons she's really hitting him hard on what they see as the contrast between her gun policy and bernie sanders' gun policy. later today what we're going to see here at this ymca is the families of the victims of the sapp sandy hook elementary massacre talking to her, a very intimate conversation about what it is like, the tragedy that happened with their families and with their community, and in a sense she feels that this is really kind of successfully as she did in new york she can do in connecticut, which is draw the contrasts between her policies and the gun policies of bernie sanders. so she is not letting that go, despite the fact she's calling for this kind of kumbaya moment. having said that, she also said this morning, we heard her on
7:19 am
"gma" talking about this attack, that bernie sanders will use later on today talking about the ties that she has with wall street and these paid speeches. now, she did not commit to releasing the transcripts as has been called by bernie sanders, but she did in a different kind of way pull back the curtain and try to take a little bit of the sting out of that accusation that she's tied with wall street because of these speeches. i want you to listen to how she responded this morning. >> when you leave the secretary of state office, people from all kinds of perspectives want to know what do you think is going on in the world? i think that's actually a useful conversation. so like all my predecessors, i gave speeches to a wide variety of groups, and it was predominantly about what's going on in the world. i probably was asked the most common question i was asked was to talk about the raid that went
7:20 am
after osama bin laden. i mean, people are really interested in what you see and what you understand about the world when you come out of that position. >> reporter: so, carol, this is something we haven't heard before. this is really kind of a broader explanation, something that seems a little bit more reasonable than, no, i'm not going to hand over those transcripts and try and again take a little bit of the sting and the mystery out of all of that. we have also heard from bernie sanders' camp, erin burnett, that we heard from jeff weaver and the question keeps coming up, if the math doesn't add up, how do you get to the finish line? why are you still there? and it is very clear that with all the money they have, all the momentum, and all the enthusiasm, that, yes, they are going to continue until the very end, until the convention, and this is why. >> it's not clear that she will be ahead in pledge delegates and, look, if senator sanders has a strong run of wins at the end of the process, if we substantially close the gap in pledge delegates or even
7:21 am
overtake the secretary, i think then superdelegates really have to look at the general election polling, which is pretty much unanimous for mondays that bernie sanders is a much stronger candidate in the general election than is secretary clinton. >> carol, there's going to be three stops in pennsylvania. we are told by bernie sanders' aides that, no, he is not going to be holding back. that he's going to be full force, all the fire that he has, the momentum, and the people behind him to really fight for this nomination, carol. >> suzanne malveaux reporting live from hartford, connecticut. thank you. should hillary clinton be the democratic nominee she will need to convince democrats who are feeling the bern to be with her. among them, young people, who as you may have heard shall flocking to bernie sanders in droves. clinton making an appeal to them during a town hall this morning. >> i'm glad so many young people are supporting senator sanders. they are involved. that has to be good news for the democratic party, good news for
7:22 am
our country, and i have said to groups of sanders' supporters that they may not support me now. i totally understand that, but i support them. i will always work in a way that keeps their futures in mind because that's what i think you're supposed to do when you have responsibilities of public office, particularly being president. >> so let's talk about that with ellen and elizabeth. thanks to both of you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks. ellen, some of your fellow sanders' supporters say they would never vote for hillary clinton in any circumstance. why is that? >> ellen, can you hear me? i don't think ellen can hear me. elizabeth, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> okay, elizabeth. so we'll fix ellen's ifbs.
7:23 am
we'll fix that problem for her and get her back on in a minute. so a question to you, elizabeth, a few weeks ago hillary clinton said that, these are her words, she felt sorry for young people who believed sanders' claims. she said young people don't do their research. in retrospect, was that a mistake? >> i don't want to call it a mistake, but i wouldn't agree with her. i do think that young people use social media a lot to get their news, and i think that a lot of hillary supporters get their news from a wide variety of surces, not just from what is fed to us on our facebooks and instagrams and snapchats, so it's somewhat true i'd say, but people that are serious about this election will get their news from a lot of different places. >> so what is it in your mind that a lot of young -- what is it in your mind that turns off a lot of young people when it concerns hillary clinton? >> i think it's -- a big part,
7:24 am
the media. it's really trendy right now to support bernie, and it's really trendy right now to hate on hillary, and i think that is a lot of why you don't see young supporters outwardly showing their admiration for her on social media and that's something that i'm trying to change. >> okay. so we have ellen back so i can ask you that question. i don't know if you heard what elizabeth said, but she said many bernie supporters who are young support sanders because it's trendy right now. what would be your response to that? >> i do believe that bernie has brought a large number of millennials to political action, and i do believe that bernie sanders is trendy, but it's not just because it's a millennial fad. i do believe that it's because it's truly based in the idea that, one, millennials can have an impact on the future of our country and more importantly our
7:25 am
future. and i also believe millennials who are involved do come from a place of knowing that change has to happen, and the only way it can happen is by a lot of people getting together and talking about that change that has to happen and doing something about it. >> so, ellen, would you ever at any time in your political life be open to voting for hillary clinton? >> i would. i think that it's important to support the democratic ideals that our country is founded upon, which is everyone has a civic duty to vote. i do believe that many people either will vote for bernie or not at all, and that is a personal choice that they can make. i don't -- >> let me ask a specific question, ellen. i'm to interrupt. a lot of young bernie sanders' supporters say they would never vote for hillary clinton under any circumstances.
7:26 am
why? >> i mean, i can't speak for them. i can't speak for why they might say that. i do believe that they believe that if they want bernie sanders to be in office, there should be a way for him to be there because they believe that their vote matters and who they believe in matters. and there's a lot of controversy over how people's votes are being cast currently in this country with voter suppression and if -- really if superdelegates are the way, that political nominees should be brought into the white house, and so i think that a lot of it is a really strong frustration with how the political nominees are brought to, like i said, to the white house and i think that's where some of that belief comes from. >> how they get to be the nominee. so, elizabeth, what would you say to hillary clinton if you were giving her direct advice on
7:27 am
how to attract more young people to her side? what are the things she should be saying? >> i think she's doing everything the best she can, and what needs to change is young supporters need to start -- for hillary need to start supporting her outwardly and positively and outwardly. i don't think we should be saying bad things about bernie sanders or any other candidates because the way you win a race is being the best you can be and that's how i see her getting young voters is just continuing to be positive and, you know, sharing what she can do and what she can get done. that is how she will get elected with honesty and sincerity. >> ellen, elizabeth, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," it's another busy day on the campaign trail. you're looking at live pictures from a ted cruz rally that's about to begin in fredrick, maryland. also, hillary clinton may not have sewn up the democratic nomination for president but
7:28 am
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. you are looking at live pictures out of fredrick, maryland, where ted cruz is about to kick off an event. the democratic race isn't quite as heated after new york. hillary clinton is talking more like the nominee, and the obamas seem to indicate they will openly support her candidacy soon. listen to how mrs. obama answered a question from a
7:33 am
14-year-old boy at a take our sons and daughters to work day function. >> hillary clinton is an impressive woman, and i will not do what she has done. i will not run for president. >> so michelle obama -- michelle obama is probably out as a potential running mate for hillary clinton. that's what i meant to say, but there could be another woman on the ticket along with mrs. clinton. her campaign says she is open to picking a woman for her vice president. how would that play in a gender-charged race? especially in light of the fact that 70% of women disapprove of donald trump? here is how donald trump though says he will win women despite his previous comments about them. >> i did some things and i have said some things in fun. i have said it as an entertainer doing "the apprentice." i just saw steve burke outside.
7:34 am
they wanted to renew me for two years and i didn't do it because of this and a lot of that is entertainment. there is nobody that respects women more than i do. there is nobody that will take care of women's health issues better than i will. hillary cannot do it, believe me. she doesn't have the strength, the energy. she will not be able to do it. >> with me is jamie weinstein, the senior editor for "the daily caller." welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. i know you lean right but i thought you would bring a different perspective. john podesta said we'll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it but there is no question that thereto will be women on that list. would it be smart for clinton to name a woman as vp? >> it depends on the woman if i think if you're the voter voting purely on identity politics, you want the first female president of the united states you're already with hillary clinton so i think doubling down will not
7:35 am
earn any more of those voters. if you choose someone like elizabeth warren, you might get some unification around hillary from the bernie people because she's an intellectual leader of the left, kind of like bernie sanders. maybe some of the bernie supporters might be more excited about voting for hillary clinton if someone like elizabeth warren is on the ticket but not because she's a woman. >> interesting. because i was going to ask you this question. like let's say hillary clinton names elizabeth warren as her vp and elizabeth warren agrees, wouldn't that set up a battle between the sectses kixes kind ? >> there's no question it would be a historc ticket. obviously we've never had a female president of the united states or a female vice president of the united states. but even without elizabeth warren, hillary is going to argue it's a historic moment because she would be the first female president of the united states. what i think would be important about elizabeth warren on the ticket is besides the obvious fact that it would be the first ticket of that kind is that she might help bring in those bernie supporters, those alienated left
7:36 am
wing base of hillary clinton because she is in a way an intellectual leader of that side of the aisle in the democratic party, that wing of the democratic party. >> would that at all force trump to name a woman to his ticket? would that ever happen? >> i think regardless of who the democratic vice presidential nominee is, if hillary clinton is the nominee, a woman will be top and center for a republican candidate primarily because, as you know, in 2012 and throughout kind of the 2000s, this idea of a republican war on women has been out there and that's an attack on republicans. i think it's ridiculous, but to kind of mitigate that attack, i wouldn't be surprised if someone like carly fiorina or the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, was considered a top choice for vp by whoever the republican nominee is. >> do you think those two women would ever agree to run with donald trump? >> maybe not with donald trump but i'm not so sure donald trump is yet the nominee. with ted cruz obviously you could see a cruz/fiorina ticket and maybe cruz would reach out
7:37 am
to nikki haley and con vings he -- convince her. >> you never know. it's politics. you just another know. there is also talk that hillary clinton would name hud secretary julian castro to the ticket. of course, he's hispanic. so i guess would a republican candidate have to wait to see who hillary clinton picks as her running mate before they pick theirs knowing that they have weaknesses within the hispanic and african-american communities? >> well, let me just say that if they picked castro, that would be a deeply cynical pick. he might be the least qualified in terms of experience vice presidential pick of all time. he was mayor of san antonio, which is basically a ceremonial position. just recently became secretary of hud, maybe a little over a year ago. it's not clear where the presidential qualifications are there. but, yes, i think that a hispanic pick, if donald trump is the nominee, especially with the way he's turned off a lot of
7:38 am
hispanic voters, is a serious possibility. if ted cruz is the nominee, you know, that's less important for a vice presidential nominee, but i just think castro would be a deeply, deeply cynical pick by the democrats hoping that merely because he's a hispanic he'll get the hispanic community to vote for him, not because of necessarily anything he's actually done in his political career. >> oh, jamie weinstein, thanks so much. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," friends of a dozen north korean women who fled to the south are now begging them to come home. a cnn exclusive next. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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♪uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. north korea insist the apparent defection of more than a dozen zerns was really a group
7:43 am
abduction. the 12 women and one man were part of a group of restaurant employees working in south china when south korea says they defected, but other members of the group now angrily dispute that claim. they tell will ripley their co-workers would never leave north korea willingly. >> reporter: it's been a mostly sleepless night for these seven women, north korean authorities brought them for a last minute interview in our pyongyang hotel. behind their polite smiles, a heavy burden. trying to explain how 12 of their friends were supposedly tricked into fleeing their homeland. north korea calls it a mass abduction. south korea calls it a mass defection. 13 north koreans, 12 women, 1 man lured by a life they saw on tv, movies, and the internet.
7:44 am
we would never leave our parents, country, and supreme leader she says. they worked at a state-owned restaurant in southern china now closed. the women, all in their 20s, waitresses. the man, their manager. all of this was planned by our bastard manager and the south koreans, she says. they say their manager lied telling the women they were going to another north korean restaurant in southeast easia. china said your friends are acro -- crosses crossed the border. why did they go? >> they had no choice they insist. we didn't even have our own passports on us. south korean's unification ministry tells cnn 13 defectors voluntarily decided to leave and pushed ahead with the escape without any help from the outside. following their request to defect, our government accepted them from a humanitarian point
7:45 am
of view. i visited this restaurant in northeast china in 2014. waitresses are allowed to speak with foreign customers making them among the most trusted citizens. a mass defection would be a humiliating blow to pyongyang, especially one allowed by its strongest ally china. north korea is facing growing isolation and sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs and allegations of widespread human rights abuse. to my loving friends, our leader kim jong-un is waiting for you, she says. parents and siblings are waiting for you. please come back. these are the seven left behind, left to explain why their friends are gone, left to wonder how life suddenly became so complicated. will ripley, cnn, pyongyang, north korea. >> wow. still to come in the
7:46 am
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the torch is lit and the countdown is on to the summer olympic games in brazil. this morning the traditional and elaborate lighting ceremony was held in olympia, greece, and handed over to the first torchbearer for its winding journey to rio. it will pass through hundreds of cities and towns in greece and brazil before arriving at the opening ceremony on august 5th. curt schilling has been fired after he shared an anti-transgender meme on facebook. schilling is shown for his outspoken political beliefs and some critics have wondered what took espn so long to relieve him of his duties. coy wire joins me with more. >> he has been stirring up controversy with his no-filter comments for quite some time. in the latest instance in that meme, it had an image of a man wearing a wig and tight clothes with snarky comments about letting the man into a restroom with your daughter.
7:51 am
he later deleted the pictuturpi. before he did he wrote, quote, a man is a man no matter what they call themselves, unquote. apparently that was the last straw for espn. during last year's playoffs he was suspended for comparing muslims to nazis. last month he told a radio station hillary clinton should be buried under a jail. he joked after that interview he'd probably get fired. after his latest comments he has been. espn put out a statement saying, quote, espn is an inclusive company. kucurt schilling has been advis his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with espn has been terminated, unquote. now, the national hockey league, carol, had to deal with somebody making offensive comments as well. yesterday they announced andrew shaw is suspended for one game for shouting an anti-gay slur at an official during their playoff game against the st. louis blues. here is shaw yesterday. >> i want to apologize to the
7:52 am
gay and lesbian community. that's not the type of guy i am. this is hard for me. i saw the video last night, and i had a tough time sleeping, and it's gotten to me. i let my emotions get the better of me. >> so shaw was caught on tape in the penalty box using that anti-gay slur during the blackhawks playoff loss to the blues. even though he apologized the league says he has to be held accountable. they say, quote, the emotion of the moment cannot and will not be a mitigating factor for the conduct expected of an nhl player, unquote. shaw was also fined $5,000 by the nhl and they're going to put him through sensitivity training. >> all right. coy wire reporting live for us this morning. thank you. coming up in the "newsroom," cnn's original series the '80s.
7:53 am
>> the strike by polish shipyard workers is over. for the polish strikers, it was a day worthy of hyperbole. lek what len za telling his followers we are now co-masters of this land. >> they are showing that you could have an independent union in a communist country and the question was how independent were they going to be allowed to be. >> how the u.s. deals with poland and the eastern bloc and with russia will be early challenges for the foreign policy of ronald reagan. >> reagan had spent most of his career blasting the soviet union and attacking any republican or democrat who had said we can negotiate. he had been the leading opponent of detente during the 1970s. the policy of trying to ease relations with the soviets. >> what he disliked about
7:54 am
detente is they were hitting the negotiating team as equals. reagan thought there are two super powers, but we have moral superiority because democracy is inherently good and sovietism is inherently bad.
7:55 am
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checking some top stories at 58 minutes past. the grand jury is due to meet today in the will smith murder case. the former new orleans saints player was shot and killed outside his vehicle after an exchange with another driver. police arrested and booked cardell hayes. his attorney claims smith was the aggressor.
7:59 am
that same attorney said jurors will hear testimony today. guilty pleas from new orleans police officers involved in a deadly shooting after hurricane katrina. they were convicted in 2011 of shooting and killing two unarmed people and injuring four others on a bridge in the city. their convictions were overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct. the judge drastically reduced their sentences under a new plea deal. famous american women will be featured on three u.s. currency bills. treasury secretary jack lew says harriet tubman will replace andrew jack oson on the front o the $20 bill. jackson will move to the back of the bill. alexander hamilton will stay on the front of the $10 but the back of $10 bill will feature a montage of women involved in the american suffrage movement. thank you for joining me "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now.
8:00 am
so will the new trump last longer than the new coke? or a different question, does the new trump even exist? and is there such a thing as trump classic? >> so he's unscripted, he's candid, and in moments lindsey graham will be joining us live to talk about the gop's race and the senator's surprising meeting with the president's supreme court nominee. and move on bernie. some of bernie sanders most liberal supporters are now telling him don't fight at the convention. hear their warning. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. the donald trump charm offensive deploying top aides to court the rnc. party leaders are meeting for the last time before their national convention and trump's team is jumping into the game that he loves to rl


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