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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> she was their server, heard what they were talking about, and picked up the bill and said i can't imagine the day you have all had, let alone what you go through every day. >> that's wonderful. >> stellar. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. hi, carol. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," divide and conquer. cruz and kasich's new plan, team up to stop trump. >> 65% to 70% of republicans nationwide recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. >> i'm winning by millions and millions of votes. i'm winning by 300 -- almost 300 delegates. >> is he about to rack up even more? five states voting tuesday.
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> and hillary clinton looking ahead to november. >> when you hear what trump and cruz say, it's not only offensive. it's dangerous. >> we are going to fight for every last vote before california and the d.c. primary. plus -- >> i approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel in syria, including special forces to keep up this momentu momentum. >> more american troops. but they won't lead the fight. will they? let's talk live in the cnn "n s "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. major twist in a political season that has already tossed aside the normal playbook. donald trump's challengers are joining forces for a single goal, to keep the nomination out of mr. trump's hands.
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having donald trump at the top of the ticket in november would be a sure disaster for the republicans adding having him as our nominee would set the party back a generation. >> good morning, carol. this is an extraordinary deal between john kasich and ted cruz, nonaggression pact with a divide and conquer strategy. john kasich is seating indiana to take cruz. can you start to understand why. donald trump is leading both cruz and kasich in that state by double-digits in a three-way race. if cruz were not to compete there and he can go head to head, it become ace statistical dead heat, giving cruz an opportunity to pick up all 50 delegates, winner take all opportunity, keeping donald
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trump from getting that magical number of 1237 he needs to clinch the nomination. similarly in new mexico and oregon, ted cruz saying he won't compete against john kasich there so he has an opportunity to pick up more delegate against donald trump. so they want to be able to stop donald trump from getting there so they can go to cleveland and come out that have contested convention. they both believe if it goes to a contested convention, they have a shot at that nomination. donald trump tweeting just this morning -- i want to read you this quote. shows how desperate lyin' ted is, when he teams with a guy who openly can't stand him in his one win and 38 losses it gives more ammunition to trump's
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complaint saying the system is rigged, and that cruz and kasich are colluding. >> cruz is going, wining and dining at dinners, hotels and all this stuff. he's bribing people, essentially, to vote. he can't do it in the first ballot because they're locked in to me in the first ballot. i just read an article that cruz is working really hard to -- i don't want to use the word bribe, but to bribe the delegates. >> will they go for kasich in organize? that's something that remains to be seen and we'll be watching very, very closely. >> chris frates live in philadelphia this morning. extraordinary, right?
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downright strange. asking them to cast a ballot not for them necessarily but to deny trump the nomination. welcome to both of you. jeffrey, donald trump is accusing kasich and cruz of collusion. why is he using this word? >> that's what they're doing. i am astounded. cruz and trump have gotten 60% to 80% of the vote from republicans who have had it with the republican establishment and ted cruz, who has been remarkably good on this, up until now, talking about the washington cartel and all that kind of thing all of a sudden switches sides. he basically has sold out here in some sort of republican party -- i think this is frankly
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going to backfire. >> divide and conquer, right? cruz and kasich have been bashing one another as early as yesterday. listen. >> a vote for cruz or trump, frankly, is a vote for hillary clinton. at end of it all, when we're at the convention, the delegates are going to want to know who can beat hillary. these guys don't have enough time to turn around super high negatives. >> as we stand here today, there are two people, and only two peop people, that have any plausible path whatsoever, to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. as i said, plausible path. >> bashing each other, like yesterday. now they form aid partnership.
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kasich canceled all his events in indiana to pave the way for ted cruz of the indiana primary is a week from tomorrow. isn't it a little late? >> popular misunderstanding is that they will be pledged forever and ever. no one will arrive with a first ballot nomination of pledged delegates. after that, it depends on the work you have done beforehand. so there's nothing about collusion. it's about doing your homework before you get to the convention. it will be contested. i've been to four conventions, one of them contested.
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this is a very much ground game that's played before you ever arrive at the convention and selection of delegates that are going to be with you on the second ballot and beyond. they're still going to throw their support behind john kasich. is that right, robert? >> delegates are allocated in the states, in the primary, based upon who wins the votes in the primary process. people can be nominated. a second ballot made, third,
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fourth if necessary. and at that point, it is the judgment of individual delegates from each state that's going to determine the outcome. and that's why it's so important for a sensible candidate to have done the homework and hard work before you get there, making sure that delegates are selected who agree with your point of view. that's why they're in very good position. >> carol? >> okay, so -- >> carol? >> yeah. >> i'm talking to you pr pennsylvania. we have our primary tomorrow. interestingly, the trump delegates and the cruz delegates are well out there, under their own names, campaigning for trump and cruz. i got three phone calls into this house from people identify ing delegates only by name. lo and behold, they're for john
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kasich. they're trying to get you to vote for delegates without saying who they're supporting. when, in fact, if you do the homework they are supporting john kasich. >> interesting. i want to ask you about one of the koch brothers, big money men for republicans. charles koch intimated over the weekend that hillary clinton might be a better president than any of the republican nominees. liste listen. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. let me put it that way. on some of the republican candidates we would have to believe their actions would be different than the rhetoric we
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heard so far. >> i nearly fell off my chair. >> me, too, carol. i can't wait until harry reid hears this. i would love to hear him explain why he is on the same side of the fence as the koch brothers. >> in listening to mr. coke, right, is it possible that donald trump could ever bring the republican party together? >> what donald trump is doing is the old formula of bringing in democrats, independents and republicans, who are conservatives. donald trump was here in harrisburg, pennsylvania, thursday night at the farm show arena. he had 10,000 people. a lot of these people came up and spoke to me, how he got there. he really is bringing in new people. yeah, i do think he can win. >> he's not bringing in enough
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women or minority voters at hall. can jeffrey really say that? >> you look at the polling, every poll, winner comes not a head-to-head race between clinton and kasich, with kasich winning and cruz and trump both losing, significantly. there's no real choice to be made about who can win. so, it's going to be an interesting convention. the polls all tell you that second ballot and beyond, john kasich is in very good position. >> i do think it will be an interesting convention. >> i have to leave it there.
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hillary clinton hit hard at donald trump over the weekend while saying virtually nothing about bernie sanders. sanders is vowing to take his fight all the way to the convention, even as he admits the road to victory is more difficult. more from jason carroll. >> reporter: hillary clinton is gearing up for a five-state primary battle with bernie sanders but it doesn't sound that way on the stump. >> what trump and cruz say, it's not only offensive, it's dangerous. >> the democratic front-runner's weekend speeches were saturated
6:18 am
with attacks against her presumed general election rival donald trump. >> trump actually says watches are too high in america. trump says things like, bar all muslims from coming in the country. >> ted cruz wasn't spared from clinton's blistering criticism either. >> when ted cruz says, hey, let's round up all the muslim americans about making sure we have police watching all of them, the commissioner of the nypd really summed it up when he was asked. he said ted cruz doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. >> reporter: with a close lead across the polls in all five states, clinton is clearly focused on moving past sanders. the vermont senator is not budging, trying to draw a clear contrast between them. >> this campaign, unlike secretary clinton's, has not raised $15 million from wall street. as secretary of state, she
6:19 am
pushed the fracking technology. >> with nearly 1400 delegates on the line this tuesday, sanders vows to keep fighting for each vote. >> this campaign is could iing well and will win. >> reporter: promising to wage war all the way until june. >> we do have a path to victory. i think we have come a very, very long way in the last year. we're going to fight for every last vote until california and the d.c. primary. >> as you heard there, carol, sanders intends to stay the course through california. he was asked, though, what it would take to get some sort of endorsement for clinton. he said a couple of things. first, she would have to first stand up to billionaire donors out there. she would also have to fight for health care for all and, third, she would have to make college affordable for young people. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live from hagerstown, maryland, this morning. thank you. for bernie sanders, the weekend brought another
6:20 am
high-profile and controversial moment from actress rosario dawson. >> we are really fending for ourselves right now. we are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. now i'm with monica lewinsky with this. bullying is bad. she has actually dedicated her life now to talking about that. and now, as a campaign strategy, we are being bullied. >> bernie sanders talked with cnn's jake tapper about dawson invoking monica lewinsky's name. >> do you think it's appropriate for your surrogates to be talking about monica lewinsky on the campaign trail? >> rosario is a great actress, she's doing a great job for us. she has been a passionate fighter to see that we increase the voter turnout that we fight for racial economic environmental justice. >> yes or no, should your
6:21 am
surrogates be talking about monica lewinsky? >> i have no idea in what context rosario was talking about her. i would hope that all of our people focus on the real issues facing working people and the massive level of income and wealth inequality that we have. >> okay. joining me now to talk about this and more, larry sabido. hi, larry. >> good morning, carol. >> here is the context. rosario dawson was talking about a million dollar effort by a super pac to fight attacks from sanders' supporters on social media. so, was invoking lewinsky's name fair game? >> almost anything is fair game in war. and politics is war. i suppose you could say it's fair game. i think it was stupid. the reason i think it was stupid is because there just aren't many votes in the democratic primary for invoking the name of
6:22 am
monica lewinsky. the general election may be different but in a democratic primary, no way. >> why didn't bernie sanders come out and say monica lewinsky's name has no place in democratic politics at this time? >> i think he should have. he didn't because he didn't want to offend a very prominent supporter of his. he likes to stick with his friends and battle their enemies. sometimes you have to admonish your friends. >> he admonished the doctor, that clinton was a corporate whore. why not rosario dawson? is it because he's seeing the end of the line or wants to gain momentum or why? >> maybe the standard is obscenity. no obscenity issues, he doesn't condemn. i don't know. you'll have to ask bernie sanders for more information.
6:23 am
>> he does say that the debates have taken on weekdays or weekends when not many people are watching and the democratic party was always against him. he is the outside candidate. and this whole process hasn't been fair to him. is it sour grapes or does what he say -- what he says have a kernel of trooubl truuth? >> he's on firmer ground there, carol. from the very beginning the democratic party knew they wanted hillary clinton to be the nominee. this was back when there were five cappndidates for president. i don't think it was so much anti-bernie sanders as it was pro-hillary clinton. they were scheduled to fit the desires of the clinton campaign team rather than help sanders or any of the other candidates. >> bernie sanders has a point there. he doesn't think that the democratic party has been fair to him. how does this work?
6:24 am
>> at some point, does the clinton campaign reach out and say, gosh, you're right? >> i doubt he will have one. she can offer platform claims that won't put her in a bad position in the fall and yet will please bernie sanders about the minimum wage, about wall street. maybe she will pick someone that will meet some of the criteria. >> does that have to happen sooner rather than later? >> it's not going to happen until after june 7th. i think it's very clear that
6:25 am
bernie sanders will right to the final primary day, he wants to compete in california, the other states. and that's his right. hillary clinton set the precedent in 2008. that's precisely what she did, even when she was behind barack obama for the democratic nomination. >> larry, thanks for your insight as always. still to come in the "newsroom," the president ramping up the u.s. role in the fight against isis. yes, u.s. troops will now be in syria. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. came out today thousands of people to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much,
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. president obama announcing just hours ago that he's dispatching hundreds of additional troops to syria to ramp up pressure on
6:30 am
isis, significant increase in the number of boots on the ground there. barbara starr joins us now. >> good morning, carol. 250 additional special forces will go to syria. 50 are already on the ground. listen to how he laid it all out a short time ago. >> i've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional personnel in syria, including special forces, to keep up this momentum. they won't be leading the fight on the ground. but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces that continue to drive isil back. >> driving isil back. the real goal here is to drive isil out of its self-declared capital, heart of the isis
6:31 am
so-called caliphate. the problem has been to get the local fighters on the ground trained up and ready to do it. the goal now is to get these special operation forces to bring in syrian arab fighters, who, given the cultural and ethnic sensitivities in the area, are most likely willing to be the ones to fight all the way to rocca. that is not a place isis will give up easily. u.s. troops not supposed to be in combat but sufficiently armed to defend themselves if can combat comes to them. >> strictly an advisory role, right? what's the possibility of american troops being sucked into the fight? >> well, the goal, right now, is for them to provide training, advice and instance. they've already -- those 50 already there have been doing some of this and, make no mistake, they are out in the battlefield. they do go forward with local troops on the ground.
6:32 am
but they don't go all the way to the front lines, we're told. so, they stay back a little bit. they stay, supposedly, in safe ground. but make no mistake, this is a war zone. this is a combat zone. things can turn in an instant. they will be armed to defend themselves. we are told they are not going in with the goal, with the mission of engaging in ground combat themselves. >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. thank you. >> sure. >> why is the president doing this now? >> it has been effective so far. these forces on the ground in syria have been able to bring very effectively. he wants to expand that. the situation is so fluid, we
6:33 am
need to get american troops in there to give us battlefield intelligence but to better coordinate the air power. kurds are doing a fabulous job on the ground. we want to bring the arabs in as well. ramping it up by five fold, that tells me that, one, we're either being very effective or, too, the president sees we need to do something more in syria. syria is falling apart. we thought the syria army was on a role. they have pivoted and are now going back to the west and going after all these anti-regime rebels. >> i was just going to ask you about that, colonel. russia is involved in syria and we're not sure if they will stay out of the fray, stay in. is there a cease fire or not? bashar al assad is still president. isn't it more dicey than iraq?
6:34 am
>> oh, absolutely. they want to crash those first, then they'll worry about isis. we, on the other hand, would rather worry about isis isis. there's a dichotomy between what we want and what the russians want. the only people fighting isis right now are the syrian kurds, democratic forces we're supporting and now these u.s. special forces. american air power is the only thing hitting isis right now. >> u.s. has troops in
6:35 am
afghanistan, iraq. now it has 250 more special opss forces in syria. ash carter intimated that we could expand. what country is next? >> if you believe the secretary of defense, we're willing to put forces anywhere they are. we're already fighting isis in parts of yemen, doing air strikes there, strikes in somalia, libya. anywhere isis appears, anywhere al qaeda appears as well, we're ready to strike. as long as they have that base in raqqa, city of mosul, they'll be able to send troops and fighters anywhere. right now, they're sending people to oour euroeurope, liby pakistan, even in parts of afghanistan. so, i think the president is right in trying to go after them in syria and he has to ramp that up.
6:36 am
you have got to do that in clos proximity to the battle. >> colonel rick francona, thanks for your insight. fareed zakaria special "why they hate us" airs 9:00 pm eastern only on cnn. still to come in "newsroom" eight ohio family members shot execution style. could a new discovery provide clues about why this happened? what brand of makeup is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones. unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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investigators say the suspects in the murder of eight family members are probably armed and dangerous. more than 100 officers are combing the state of ohio, trying to find them. tips are pouring in about the execution-style killings that officials say specifically targeted the rhodan family. another discovery, three pot
6:41 am
grow operations on the family properties in pike county, ohio. nick valencia is in the state of ohio this morning. tell us more, nick. >> good morning, carol. a source close to the investigation tells me the marijuana plants found at the rhodan residences were not for personal use, but part of a sophisticated grow operation. still, authorities here will not say that these execution-style killings were drug related. police in this community don't need an official to tell them. it's what they believe happened. over the weekend, a potential clue in the investigation. >> we did find marijuana in three locations. >> near the crime scene or at the crime scene? >> bag of mayor juan? >> grow operations? >> reporter: >> grow operations. >> reporter: attorney general mike dewine and sheriff would not say -- they remained tight
6:42 am
lipped about the details but did make one thing very clear. >> this was very methodical, well planned. this was not something that just happened. this was something that was planned. a family was targeted. >> at the nearby riverside restaurant, the murders are all anyone can talk about. >> one of my former students mentioned it on facebook. i said you've got to be kidding. it has to be a horrible prank. you don't put that on facebook. >>. >> reporter: he taught dana rhodan in high school. >> we might have an occasional murder but not a mass killing like this. >> reporter: most people in this southern ohio town, stockam has his theories of what happened. but out of respect for the family he would rather not speculate. >> i told my relatives whoever did this had a definite purpose, reason. they're not just going around, shooting people. they had a goal in mind when they shot that family.
6:43 am
>> reporter: they were targeted? >> yeah, not just out shooting up the neighborhood. >> reporter: does that make you safer? >> oh, yeah. i've got concealed carry and if i was a rhodan family, i would be carrying one. >> just angry. just angry about it. why? >> reporter: the pain for robin brewster is still overwhelming, remembering the youngest victim, 16-year-old chris jr. and his brother, frankie, vividly. she was their elementary school principal. >> i remember them talking to me and when i was principal and that just really, you know -- i just keep replaying that over and over in my head. >> everybody has their skeletons in their closet. overall, they were good people. >> for maggie owens, the execution-style killings are personal. as one of the rhodans' best friends, she says they were like family. with whoever did this still on the loose, she is scared for their relatives and her own
6:44 am
safety, too. >> i've been telling my kids, just be careful. watch over your shoulder. don't go far. let me know where you're at. i worry. i worry a lot. >> a lot of people here are worried. there have been more tan 100 tip called in to police momplt than 50 to 60 people have been interviewe interviewed. >> nick valencia, thank you. city of cleveland has settled with the family of tamir rice, the 12-year-old police were called to the scene because they thought he had a real gunment police shot him to death. the gun turned out to be a pellet gun. the city of cleveland has settled with the tamir rice family. $6 million to settle all clachls in a federal lawsuit over the shooting of tamir rice. the settlement was announced this morning in the northern district court of ohio. the city of cleveland has no
6:45 am
admission of wrongdoing and all plaintiffs will execute full releases against the city of cleveland. again, city of cleveland has settled with the family of tamir rice for $6 million. still to come in the newsroom, questions now swirling about prince's estate as authorities investigate exactly what caused his death. wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in.
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i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at
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the public tributes for music icon prince continue as close friends and family say farewell to a legend. take a look at this. the pro hockey team the minnesota wild turning their arena purple last night. it's been four days since prince
6:50 am
died inside his paisley park compound and it could be weeks until we know exactly what happened. stephanie elam is outside his estate this northern with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we're learning a little bit more here now. cnn just learning that it has been confirmed that when his private jet made an unscheduled landing, remember after prince left those performances in atlanta there was that landing that he made on april 16th in the moline, illinois, area, and he was treated for flu-like symptoms and also for dehydration. well, now we're learning that the airport without confirming who it was, saying there was a private jet that came through there because of an unresponsive person on board, and putting these together we believe that this probably was prince here in the area in the early morning hours of april 16th before then the flight taking off with that person on board at around 11:30 a.m. remember, this was just days
6:51 am
before what tragically became the end of prince's life on thursday here. still a lot of questions surrounding what may have happened, but many people wondering if that brief hospital stay could have led to what ended up being the end of prince's life. while he was in atlanta, carol, we know he was there to make up for two performances that he had canceled because he had been sick. he did two back-to-back shows, and one of the people who was there, a star in his own right, ceelo green, this is what he's had to say about how prince appeared during those pnchs performances. >> we just felt very fortunate that we were given the opportunity see him being that the initial cancellations had disappointed quite a lot of people, probably the entire city of atlanta, and so for him to come back with so much strength and perform two soldout back-to-back shows was just -- it's just something i'll always remember. he did not look anywhere near death or anything of the sort, and so, therefore, it was very perplexing because he had just
6:52 am
done two stellar performances back-to-back. you know, i just can't believe it. >> reporter: and you can here the emotion there. a lot of people very is up upset at the sudden loss of prince. over the weekend there was a private ceremony inside for 20 people, friends, family, his musicians. they said his remains were cremated and they would be held in a private location. after the ceremony some of the people came out with purple boxes and handed them out to a few lucky fans. inside different kinds of prince memorabilia for the many people, thousands of people, who have made the pilgrimage here to paisley park to remember prince, carol. >> amazing. stephanie alamb reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," the new beyonce album everyone is talking about. does it show cracks in her marriage to jay z? t a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane.
6:53 am
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personal, defiant, beyonce drops a surprise album and an hour-long video and everyone is talking about it. ♪ what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you ♪ ♪ they don't love you like i love you ♪ >> her sixth solo album "lemonade" released as her hbo special aired on saturday. she adds fuel to the rumors, tt her husband jay z cheated on her. brian stelter joins me now. just looking at that, the headline on the drudge report all weekend was beyonce urban terrorist. she's smiling after she -- >> right. i'm not sure what else drudge would say, right?
6:58 am
>> does this mean carrie underwood is a rural terrorist? >> certainly there will be conservative media backlash to this video. she's been criticized by bill o'reilly for years and that's maybe a different conversation, but that has come up in the past. in this case why is beyonce smashing the car windows? it's because she's angry at somebody. is that jay z or someone else? that's one of the big questions her fans are buzzing about. she's made an impact with this movie and then on her service called title. she had a one-two punch that was remarkable and it shows how she's one of the most powerful brands in the world. >> everyone is wondering if rachel roy was the woman in the middle. that's what everybody is talking about. >> all i can say is it's a business story, but really this is about whether beyonce feel that is jay z cheated on her, whether there's any proof he cheated on her. a lot of the lyrics are about
6:59 am
betrayal. rachel roy has suddenly become even more famous because of the movie. i think we can put her tweet on the screen. she seemed to react to beyonce by saying i respect love, marriages, family, and strength. what shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying of any kind. >> notice she didn't deny it though. >> she did not deny it nor did she in an instagram post. she could be saying beyonce is doing the bullying or social media folks doing the bullying her. she's been linked to jay z in the gossip columns but there's never been any proof. beyonce is taking it head on. taking on the rumors about her husband head on in her lyrics, in her music, but at the end of the hour-long movie, you see a happy family, a message of forgiveness, and beyonce, jay z and their daughter blue ivy. >> why do you think she's doing that? she doesn't have to. why expose yourself like that? >> it could be as simple as wanting to process what's going on in her life and wanting to share it knowing it's all out there and wanting to speak about
7:00 am
it on her own terms. if you want to be cynical, you could say she's selling a ton of albums. she's be number one on the charts this week. >> i have no doubt about that. thank you, brian. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," divide and conquer. cruz and kasich's new plan. team up to stop trump. >> 65% to 70% of republicans nationwide recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. >> i'm winning by millions and millions of votes. i'm winning by almost 300 delegates. >> and is he about to rack up even more? five states voting tuesday. and hillary clinton looking ahead to november. >> when you hear what trump and cruz say, it's not only offensive, it's dangerous. >> but bernie sanders says she's got to get past him first. >> we're going to fight for every last vote until california and the d.c. primary.
7:01 am
plus -- >> i've approved the deployment of up to 2350 additional u.s. personnel in syria including special forces to keep up the momentum. >> more american troops, but they won't lead the fight, will they? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. within minutes we expect to hear from ted cruz and john kasich as they hold their first campaign stop since last night's bombshell announcement. this is inside a diner in philadelphia. we're expecting to hear from kasich very soon. reporters will be there to ask him questions and we'll be interested to hear his answers. the two presidential candidates have formed a historic alliance with one goal, that is john kasich and ted cruz. she want to derail trump's march to the nomination and they want to do it together. the strategic move explained,
7:02 am
quote, having donald trump at the top of the ticket in november would be a sure disaster for republicans, and adding, quote, having him as our nominee would set the party back a generation. cnn's chris frates is in philadelphia to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning. this is an extraordinary deal between john kasich and ted cruz. it's a nonaggression pact where they're trying to divide and conquer to beat donald trump. here is how it will work. john kasich has agreed to cede indiana to ted cruz. donald trump is leading both john kasich and ted cruz by double digits in polls there, but if kasich gets out and it goes head to head, donald trump versus ted kruds, it's a statistical dead heat and it gives cruz a chance of picking up 57 delegates in the winner take all primary and that could go a long way to stopping donald trump from getting to that magic number of 1,237 that he needs to clinch the nomination. now, similarly, ted cruz saying he's not going to compete against john kasich in oregon
7:03 am
and new mexico. that allows kasich to try to run up the score a little bit against donald trump and get more delegates because both cruz and john kasich are virtually -- it's mathematically impossible for them to get to 1,237. they're both banking on going to cleveland and getting the nomination out of a contested convention. of course, donald trump not happy about this news at all. sounding off on twitter. in fact, he tweeted just this morning, carol, i want to read it to you. he said, quote, shows how weak and desperate lying ted is when he has to team up with a guy who openly can't stand him and is only one win and 38 losses. now, this deal also gives donald trump some more ammunition on the campaign trail. he's been complaining this is a rigged and crooked system, and now he's saying that cruz and say kitsch are teaming up to collude against him. take a listen to how he put it just yesterday on the trail, carol. >> cruz is going and he's whining and dining and dinners
7:04 am
and hotels and all this stuff. he's bribing people essentially to vote. now, he can't do it in the first ballot because they're locked in to me on the first ballot. i read an article that cruz is working really hard to -- i don't want to use the word bribe, but to bribe, the delegates from all over the place. >> reporter: so the one thing that remains to be seen here is whether or not the supporters get behind the candidates' plan. do kasich folks in indiana vote for cruz and do cruz folks in oregon and new mexico get behind kasich to try to stop donald trump? that's something that we're going to have to watch very, very closely, but these two guys teaming up to take on donald trump and we're getting ready for john kasich to stop in philadelphia and we're going to ask him all about it, carol. >> i'm let you get inside that diner, chris. chris frates, thanks so much. >> let's discuss you a all of this. i'm joined by john avlon and the
7:05 am
political anchor for new york one news errol louis. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. errol, is this divide and conquer strategy going to work? >> the answer is a definite maybe, carol. they probably should have -- there are a couple things missing. if they want this to work, first of all, they should have started sooner. secondly, there's a real question how much of this will filter down to local leadership in the various states and then, of course, there are the voters who are often talked about as if they can be easily manipulated. the reality is they've got to make the case for why this is necessary, why this is important for their vision of where the party is supposed to end up, and that means talking with these party activists, and that's who really sort of comes out during a primary, about what's likely to happen with the rest of the ticket. what's going to happen to the rest of the party if trump is the nominee. they've already made this case over and over again, but a lot of people haven't been paying attention. they've really got to go and make a solid case for why voters should do something as unusual
7:06 am
as what they're asking republican voters to do. >> well, john, trump calls this collusion. is it? >> yes, it absolutely is collusion. it's the textbook definition of collusion. two parties are backchanneling to coordinate an ornate game of keepaway from donald trump. resumablely because they think it's the best thing for their party and the country but obviously i'm going to go out on a limb and say self interest is involved here, carol. look, i mean, we have had nonaggression pacts in the past and the republican party is in warlord status. so right now each of these heads of competing tribes, kasich and cruz, have concluded their best hope of stopping trump is the enemy of my enemy is my friend and they are suddenly and oddly in bed together trading states, but trump has a right to call it out for what it is. this is a form of collusion to keep the nomination from going to the donald. >> errol, john brings up a good point. john kasich is way behind. he's only won one state and if he cares so deeply about donald
7:07 am
trump getting the nomination, why doesn't he just drop out? >> well, clearly by running for president this life-long public servant has made clear to the public that he thinks there's something greater for him out there, and if it's not president, maybe it's chair of the rnc, maybe it's a vice presidential slot, maybe a cabinet position. all of those things are open and available to him, and it doesn't make sense if you're going to try to bargain for any of those things, including, you know, there's still a long shot chance he could become the republican nominee. he's got a case to make and he wants to make it. so all of those things are reasons why it would be very early for kasich to sort of throw in his cards. he's got a lot of cards to play, and we can look forward to him playing them in his home state. >> here is the thing though, john, if i'm a voter, right, and i really don't like ted cruz but i really like john kasich, am i really going to vote for ted cruz to please john kasich so donald trump doesn't get the nomination in the hopes that john kasich makes it all the way
7:08 am
to the convention so that he can win there? >> i don't think the average voter is going to be engaging in deep game theory. i agree with you. people should vote their conscience but what it's about is the campaigns trying to save money relatively and to retrench into states where they think they can do well. tomorrow it's john kasich who is in second in most of the polls, not ted cruz, and kasich obviously feels he can have a role to play. he is the last man standing among what used to be the heart of the party, the center right, and so he's going to be part of some kind of formulation in this force dealing. i don't know if i agree with errol john kasich's fondest dream or the dream of young children everywhere is to become chair of the rnc. that seems like a punishment to me but we'll see what kind of horse trading goes on. >> okay. i hear that kasich is pulling up to this diner in philadelphia and, of course, we're hoping he takes questions immediately from reporters because, you know, we're so eager to get some
7:09 am
answers from him because just yesterday these candidates were actually, you know, attacking one another and late sunday night they both come out with these statements that they're now going to join forces to defeat donald trump. and, of course, in pennsylvania john kasich is doing better than ted cruz, so i guess i would assume that ted cruz wants john kasich to win pennsylvania. i don't know. it's really confusing, right? but really they're focusing on the indiana primary because ted cruz is very close to donald trump in indiana, and if john kasich tells ted cruz supporters to vote for ted cruz, it is possible that ted cruz could pull ahead of donald trump and could actually win the state of indiana with their, what, 57 delegates, 57 delegates up for grabs in indiana. let's watch as john kasich walks into this diner in philadelphia.
7:10 am
>> thank you, all. [ applause ] >> all right. you can see he has some supporters in this diner. >> are you here with your dad for breakfast? what is your name? do you have a name? >> nadia. >> what is your baby's name? cupca cupcake. that's such a great name. did you put that on there? cupcake. doesn't that look like cupcake? look at this little girl. do you want to come over here and give me a little snuggle. my daughters are at home and i haven't been able to get a snuggle for them. can you give me a snuggle? can you smile for the cameras. you got it, sweetheart. i won't take cupcake. cupcake is going to eat a little
7:11 am
bacon. yes. i'm going to teach you about better nutrition which is what my wife is screaming at me about. all right. >> good luck. >> thank you. what do you do? >> i'm a maintenance supervisor. >> are you? >> you look like you got some guns. >> i work out too. >> do you? what do you bench? >> 275. >> that's pretty good. how about squat? you know i'm leg pressing 325. but i don't squat but i leg press. 325. all right. i got to eat. excuse me, all. thank you. how are you? am i sitting here? hi. >> we're going to shake some hands before we sit at the counter. >> okay. how are you? do you have a name? >> i'm julianne. >> do you have a last name? >> goodman. >> i taught at penn for about a year. did you know that? yeah, i did. i was in -- what's it called. the something school. what's the school?
7:12 am
no, no, no at penn. it's called -- i can't remember. anyway, i was there. yes, i liked it. it was great. good school. thank you. >> hello, governor. >> what are you guys doing in here? you're supposed to be doing. >> we're off. >> what do you do? bring that kid in here. >> you work for fed ex. great job. >> can i get a picture of you, please? >> no, it costs money to get pictures with me. yes. just sit here. do you got a camera? >> so how are things going? >> they're going fine, fine. i'm worried about steph curry. do you guys follow basketball? and kyrie irving, wow. >> absolutely. >> on fire, huh?
7:13 am
nice meeting you. >> thank you very much. good to see you guys. thank you. do you guys play golf? i played golf yesterday early in the morning and i really stunk. i'm trying. look at all those beautiful children. >> good morning. >> good. i've never seen this flavor. >> philadelphia. >> yeah, man, i know it. >> how are you? mind if we get a picture? >> made phone calls for you last week. >> you did? >> you're the only candidate that can win in november. >> it's important to get in there and then do something to fix the country. what's the point of getting in if you don't do nothing, right?
7:14 am
thank you. hi, ladies. >> mr. kasich. >> hi. >> how are you? how are you? >> all right. so you get the gist of what john kasich is doing. he's walking through this diner, cameras rolling, greeting supporters there, taking pictures with them. i want to bring back in errol louis and john avlon. this is effective, right? i think this was born out of the hillary clinton subway thing here in new york, right? that you do this kind of stuff live, and it gets coverage on national television, and that's a good thing, john. >> yeah. look, i mean, retail politics is the backbone of it. you get a sense of people's -- the candidate's character and their ability to relate to real people because most of them live in a bubble and among other things i learned that john kasich apparently can leg press but not squat 325. a lot of sports talk from mr. kasich at the diner. >> it was cute with the little girl and it's baby doll. she started to give her baby doll a piece of bacon and john
7:15 am
kasich says i'm going to have to teach you about nutrition. but seriously, errol, this is john kasich campaigning really hard, and yet he's going to ask voters in indiana not to vote for him. it's just weird. >> well, i mean, one little pro tip, by the way, i didn't hear him in any of the encounters actually ask the people to vote for him, which is something probably ought to tack that on. i'm running for president, would you please vote for me? other than that i think it was very effective. look, he, i think, is going to be talking to party activists or his staff will be to the extent that this really becomes an issue. i also though, i wouldn't discount the value of trying to impress upon voters what it is you want them to do. you know, and whether it's in a diner encounter or in a speech or in what they put out through social media and everywhere else, you've really got to explain to voters what it is you're asking them to do and why, and, frankly, i don't know if it's that far of a stretch to
7:16 am
ask people, hey, vote for this other guy in indiana because we've got a common mission, and that mission is to rescue the party from the current front-runner. it's a difficult ask, but you've got to ask, and let's assume that the voters are smart enough to figure it out, especially primary voters who presumably care about the party and where it's going. >> maybe you're right. i guess we'll just have to see, as they say. errol louis, john avlon. thanks to both of you. i have to take a break. we'll be back with much more in the "newsroom." (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard.
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milk has 8 grams of protein to help give me energy to unleash my potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life. all right. the candidates are busy out there stumping, as you can see. john kasich is in that diner in philadelphia speaking with voters. we expect him to talk with reporters at any time about his new partnership with ted cruz. both men joining forces to defeat donald trump. when governor kasich starts answering questions from reporters we'll take you back live to philadelphia. let's talk about the democrats now, shall we? a clean sweep across the northeast. that's what hillary clinton is hoping for. when the polls close tomorrow
7:21 am
after the next round of democratic primaries. both clinton and sanders are on the trail this morning. cnn's jason carroll is in hagerstown, maryland, one of five states voting tomorrow. hi, jason. >> reporter: and good morning to you, carol. as you know, clinton is set for some big wins if she's able to sweep all five states tomorrow. even so, bernie sanders and his team, they're not giving up. and, in fact, something that's trending on twitter, #bernieorbust. his supporters staying in it. bernie sanders himself saying at least through california he intends to stay with it. look, he's got the message. he's got the money, and he's got the enthusiasm. if you look at what's happening out there in hartford, connecticut, still drawing thousands of people out there at the campaign. he's got all those things going for him, but what he doesn't have, carol, clearly is the path to the nomination. clinton knows that. that's why in many of her ads she's going after not just donald trump, going after ted cruz as well. even saying over the weekend
7:22 am
what trump and cruz say is not just offensive, it is dangerous. not just referring to trump but also to cruz as well. clinton will be out campaigning for her part as well today. she'll be in delaware. she'll also be in pennsylvania. the clinton camp calling on the sanders camp at this point to tone down the rhetoric. this after one of sanders' surrogates, actress sow rrosari dawson, referenced monica lewinsky in a campaign speech over the weekend. both candidates still out there. sanders still saying despite the fact he has a very, very narrow path to the nomination, he's going to continue on with the message, continue on with his followers. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live from hagerstown, maryland, this morning. another sign election 2016 is like no other, charles koch, republican kingmaker, says he could possibly support hillary clinton. did you feel the earth shift?
7:23 am
hear it for yourself. >> so is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible. it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric, let me put it that way. but on some of the republican candidates we would -- before we could support them, we'd have to believe their actions will be quite different than the rhetoric we've heard so far. >> another twist or rather a twist we all expected but not from a democrat, monica lewinsky, she is now campaign fodder thanks to sanders' surrogate, the actress rosario dawson. >> we are really fending for ourselves right now. we are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. now, i'm with monica lewinsky with this.
7:24 am
bullying is bad. she's actually dedicated her life now to talking about that, and now as a campaign strategy we are being bullied. >> with me now to talk about this and more, a bernie sanders supporter and former at-large member of the dnc and bakari sellers, a hillary clinton supporter and cnn political commentator. welcome to both of you. let's jump right in. i'd like you to listen to how bernie sanders responded to the lewinsky comment on jake tapper's show. >> do you think it's appropriate for your surrogates to be talking about monica lewinsky on the campaign trail? >> we have many, many -- rosario is a great actress and she's doing a great job for us, and she's been a passionate fighter to see that we increase the voter turnout, that we fight for racial, economic, environmental justice. >> but yes or no, should your surrogates be talking about monica lewinsky? >> i have no idea in what context rosario was talking about her.
7:25 am
i would hope all of our people focus on the real issues facing working people and the massive level of income and wealth inequality that we have. >> okay. so as we watch bernie sanders campaign in hartford, connecticut, we'll see that shortly. is senator sanders secretly okay with dawson's comments? >> i don't think there's any secret agenda here. i think bernie sanders is very focused on campaigning and he's not always there for every speech. listen, i know rosario and she's one of the most dedicated, intelligent, surrogates/activists in hollywood out there. she understands not just the issues, the policies in depth, but she understands the mi mechanics of washington -- >> why did she bring up monica lewinsky? . >> correct the record just put a million dollars more into, and they published this on the website, they put $1 million into buying internet trolls to
7:26 am
attack bernie sanders' supporters. i have been getting them. this is outrageous. they're trying to create their own propaganda campaign right now to take down bernie sanders' supporters online. they press released this. this is what this campaign has come to. they're trying to shame bernie sanders' supporters into supporting hillary clinton. >> bakari, is that what clinton supporters are trying to do, shame bernie sanders supporters into supporting hillary clinton? >> not at all. i think that, in fact, most hillary clinton supporters, including myself, are trying to bring this party together because we know this race politically is over, and i have actually -- >> nomiki is right. this is happening online. >> it is happening from both sides. it's happening from both sides, carol, and both sides need to tone it down. but one thing that i have to say about the comments is that rosario dawson's comments lowered the level of discourse, they are catty, and they had no place in this political
7:27 am
commentary. if she wanted to highlight bullying even though i believe both sides need to tone it down, she could have drawn a contrast with the white house anti-bullying proposals or anything, about you to bring up monica lewinsky was below the pale and it lowered the discourse and it should be -- bernie sanders should stand up and say that's not appropriate. like his surrogate, senator markey from oregon said this morning. >> the worry here is nomiki, if hillary clinton is the nominee, you know donald trump will bring up monica lewinsky and now we have a bernie sanders surrogate already bringing up monica lewinsky, and it's possible that donald trump could use that. >> well, listen, we're getting distracted by the chitter chatter of the campaign and not talking about issues. what rosario dawson spent most of her speech talking about was income inequality and let's be fair here. monica lewinsky has dedicated her life to anti-bullying and you can spin it all you want, but the reality is that the hillary clinton campaign and the super pacs are spending money on targeting bernie sanders supporters while they claim they
7:28 am
want to unify the party. even brian fallon himself is attacking people on twitter. that's the press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign. bernie sanders supporters there, is a path to victory. both candidates need to hit 2384 pledge delegates and we're tied in california right now and on that path with the margins of next five races, even if hillary clinton is to win the next five states, because she didn't pick up 100 more pledged delegates in new york, there is no path to victory for either candidate and it's going to go to the convention. so they want to spin it all they want -- >> that's absurd. >> some analysts totally disagree with you, like totally, but -- >> it's tied in california. there's 475 delegates. >> that's absurd. that's not true. that's not reality. it's absurd. in fact -- >> >> the race is politically over. the fact of the matter is neither did barack obama going into the convention have enough delegates without superdelegates, and hillary clinton -- >> superdelegates technically don't matter until the end. >> hillary clinton is going to go into the convention with the
7:29 am
most pledged delegates. the person with the most pledged delegates should win. but i will give you this, i think both candidates, i think both candidates, their surrogates and their supporters, if in fact we're going to tackle donald trump and ted cruz need to tone it down. we need to work to bring the party together but i do believe comments like democratic core bringing up monica lewinsky are below the pale and i will not get in the mud with you or rosario or anybody else. i don't think we should do that. >> i got to leave it there. >> if brian is doing this online -- >> i got to leave it there. nomiki konst, bakari sellers, thank you so much. the candidates are on the stump and they'll have to answer a lot of interesting questions. on the left-hand side of the screen is john kasich campaigning at a diner in philadelphia. ted cruz on the right. where is this campaign rally? is this in indiana? in indiana. okay. so we're going to keep an eye on both of these rallies and be back with much more in the "newsroom." why do so many businesses
7:30 am
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okay. i'm carol costello. back out to that philadelphia diner and john kasich is now talking about his partnership with ted cruz. let's listen. >> and i think what donald trump needs to understand is that he cannot beat hillary clinton. in the latest poll out of new hampshire, he loses 50 to 31. now, you know, the fact is we don't have all the resources in the world, but we're still going, and we have to husband our resources, and i feel that it's very fair for me to be able to go to areas where i can spend my resources most effectively
7:35 am
and the same is true for senator cruz. what's the big deal? we're going to go to a convention. it's going to be an open convention, and then the delegates will pick that person who can do the best in the fall. >> senator have you spoken directly to senator cruz? >> governor -- >> what is the right thing to do now -- >> i'm sorry. you know what? i'm not going to answer more than one so we're going to get -- >> desperation, sir. >> me? no, i'm not desperate. are you? are you desperate? because i'm not. >> governor -- >> okay. again, if we keep people yelling at me, i'm not going to answer the question. have a little bit of civility when you do your job. >> governor, what convinced you this was the right thing to do now? >> well, my team met with the cruz people, and they made a recommendation to me. i said i think it's fair because, you know, in some places we haven't spent a lot of resources. i can spend resources in the state of wisconsin.
7:36 am
minor amount of spending. i don't have, you know, like daddy warbucks behind me giving me all this money. i have to be careful about my resources, but furthermore, the reason why i'm in this race, is i'm the only one that beats hillary clinton. now, i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that we don't lose the united states senate, the supreme court, the state and the local courthouse. i don't see this as any big deal other than the fact that i'm not going to spend resources in indiana, he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> who should your supporters vote for in indiana? >> i've never told them not to vote for me, they should vote for me. i'm not over there campaigning and spending resources. mine is like the people's campaign. i have a campaign where, you know, we've been outspent basically 50 to 1. you folks have been counting me out before i even got to new hampshire. and now we can't jam all of you into this diner. everybody chill out.
7:37 am
>> governor, sir, to people who want reform and are tired of political games as usual, doesn't this smack of the very same cynical political games that have gone on? >> sir, there haven't been anybody that you have ever met in politics who has led a more successful reform than john kasich, nobody. i have balanced the budget, i have shrunk the government, taken on corporate welfare, reformed the pentagon, changed the very state of ohio. when you talk about reform, you ought to check my record and you will see that i have been a reformer from the day i got into politics and i will continue to be a reformer and i think any way you characterize this as something other than it is is just a mischaracterization, but i've become very used to mischaracterization. >> one more question and then he's going to eat. >> i'll tell you what -- >> what do you say to voters who might feel like this process is unfair, this strategy. they feel like they want to have a say -- >> they have a total say. get a majority -- which people? my people don't feel that way.
7:38 am
who is it that feels -- all you got to do is get the right number of delegates and then you win. if you can't get the right number of delegates, you don't win, and then the delegates who are selected through a democratic process get to choose. what's wrong with that? >> governor, isn't -- >> he's going to eat now. >> i'm not campaigning in indiana and he's not campaigning in these other states. that's all. that's all it is. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, governor. >> it's not a big deal. >> enjoy the eggs. >> yeah. >> but it's fun though. you're all still here. by the way, i'm having the time of my life. i met so many people here today, wonderful people in philadelphia, and by the way, i want you all to know -- what happened to peter? >> i'm here. >> we're looking forward to tomorrow. we're going to have good results across these primaries.
7:39 am
we're very excited about what's going to happen tomorrow. >> how are you going to celebrate tomorrow night? the indiana event canceled so where do you go? >> i don't know, i haven't seen my schedule. but i want you to know i'm looking forward to tomorrow and tonight i'm going to my hometown of mckee's rock and it will be fun celebrating my uncle george's 39 years as a guidance counselor. it's going to be a great time and i don't know where i'm going. they'll tell me. >> there's some people here who are trying to convince you -- >> we're going to eat right now. >> -- about the soda tax. >> i'm not for any soda tax. i'm not for taxes. never been for a tax in my lifetime. why would i start -- what's the issue? >> it's the mayor wants to use the revenue to pay for universal -- [ inaudible ] a program to overhaul parks and recs center. says it will bring in $400 million. >> i think it's designed to do what now? >> tax soda and other sugary
7:40 am
drin drinks. >> we have mark preston and drew weston, a professor of political psychology at emory university and author of "the political brain." just in listening to how john kasich was answering reporters' questions. he seemed a little defensive to me. how about you? >> very defensive. listen, there are only 15 primaries left before we get to june 7th, okay? five of them are over tomorrow night. there are only ten more contests left. this is a desperation act on john kasich and ted cruz's part, having this unholy alliance to try to stop donald trump and then take the fight into the convention floor. >> here is the thing i don't get. you hear john kasich say, i'm not asking people not to vote for me, right? i'm just not going to spend any resources in indiana. i'm going to put my time into states like pennsylvania where i do better. does that make sense to voters? >> i think if voters are
7:41 am
interested enough to be following, yes. the one thing i'll say about kasich though, the kasich we saw, he did sound defensive but it's the first time i think i've ever heard him sound like he had some energy in him and he was moving and talking and he was kind of angry. i thought it was sort of a breath of fresh air. >> really? even when he was yelling at reporters like get out of my face. take your turn, quit yelling. that was a good thing? >> this is a guy who made the mistake of running a purely positive campaign, and it's one of the reasons why he's in -- at the bottom of the heap is because, you know, when the other guys are on the stage saying to you, you know, trading these ridiculous things about how big are your hands and lying ted and little marco and stuff, at some point he could have easily said, hey, look, can we
7:42 am
act like grown-ups? aren't we a bunch of men here and not a bunch of kids on a schoolyard? and that would have given them some authority, but instead he said, well, i don't want to really engage in those kind of things and it just seemed weak, but, no, i agree. it was clearly defensive and i don't think his voters are going to get the idea that, no, vote for cruz who you don't like in indiana and cruz's people are going to say, okay, i'll vote for kasich in nebraska. it doesn't sound very likely. >> no, it doesn't because they're very different candidates, john kasich and ted cruz, right, mark? they're extremely different. i can't imagine someone who really likes ted cruz voting for john kasich and vice versa. >> a couple things now. one is let me first say that if you're a politician, do not eat on camera, okay? that is the biggest faux pas. could you imagine if something fell out of his mouth? listen, he shouldn't have done it, but he did it. second thing is as far as these
7:43 am
candidates voting for one another, they put a statement out last night, but they haven't had any follow-up to it, okay? even talking to -- actually a colleague of our just a few minutes ago, they need to sell the idea and they haven't been able to sell the idea. ted cruz hasn't sold the idea effectively nor has john kasich. john kasich saying i'm not telling people not to vote for me. people should vote for me in indiana. which goes against what they said in the statement. >> exactly. it's so confusing. we're awaiting ted cruz. we're expecting him to talk in indiana at any moment now. drew westen, in order to make voters truly understand, what does senator cruz need to say? >> he needs to say vote for john kasich. this is what we're doing. we're trying to stop donald trump. and i completely agree with mark that, you know, what kasich did, it didn't tell his voters what to do and the strategy only works -- essentially this is like the world wrestling federation, you know?
7:44 am
they're tag teaming him now, and tag teaming only works if you actually work as partners. and so you've got the big mouth billionaire coming in saying, you know, i'll take lying ted and he'll be lying on the canvas and then you have these other two guys who are saying do you want to go in now or do i go in now? it doesn't work unless they actually convince people to do it. >> couldn't this backfire, mark, and make trump even stronger? >> there's no doubt. look, trump came out of new york very strong last week, which led to this unholy alliance coming together, no doubt about that. tomorrow night five states here in what's known as the asela corridor from the mid-atlantic. in john kasich and ted cruz want to try to effectively sell this message, they need to try to sell the idea that donald trump is bad for the republican party and bad for the medication. we haven't heard that other than a statement that's released on a
7:45 am
sunday night and they're mute after that. so what i don't understand is how they think this is effectively going to work. and to your point, it will embolden the trump supporters to say maybe we will leave the party. which i never really bought that idea, that they would leave en masse, but i have to tell you what, something like this happening so late in the game is certainly dangerous. >> both of you, stick around. we're expecting senator cruz to start talking and answering questions at any moment now from borden, indiana. i got to take a break. we'll be back with much more in the "newsroom."
7:46 am
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all right. you're looking live at a picture out of borden, indiana. at any moment now we're expecting senator ted cruz to come out and possibly talk about this partnership that he has
7:50 am
with john kasich so that they can beat donald trump. when senator cruz starts talking, i will take you back to indiana. i have to tell but this though. just hours ago president obama announced that he is sending hundreds of additional troops to syria in an effort to combat isis. the move will greatly increase u.s. presence in that country. michelle kosinski joins us live from germany with more on this. hi, michelle. >> reporter: hey, carol. right, this is an additional up to 250 u.s. special forces on the ground in syria. and, no, granted we're not talking about thousands of additional u.s. boots on the ground, but this is a significant step up, especially when you consider when all is said and done and these troops do deploy in coming weeks, the total number of american forces in syria is going to be six times what it is now, and the white house, of course, careful to point out that they don't have a combat role. yes, they will be on the ground,
7:51 am
yes, the mission will still be dangerous, but the mission is advise and assist. that's a phrase we hear all the time from the white house. the goal is to train local forces that are there, to help them strategize, to help arm them, and in this case to try to get more sunni fighters into the game. the bulk of the work now is being done by kurds, but sunni arab fighters would be best equipped to hold territory in arab area that is taken from isis with the focus being in and around raqqah which is isis' stronghold there. why now? president obama says to keep the momentum up, that isis is losing some ground. the u.s., of course, has been doing the bulk of the work, and president obama took this opportunity here to, again, urge other countries to put in more. listen. >> europe, including nato, can still do more. in syria and iraq we need more nations contributing to their campaign. we need more nations
7:52 am
contributing trainers to build up local forces in iraq. we need more nations to contribute economic asentence to ir iraq so it can stabilize liberated areas. >> reporter: so total number of u.s. forces in iraq and syria when all is said and done is going to be right around 4,000, carol. >> all right. michelle kosinski reporting live from germany this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," we're still awaiting senator ted cruz. he's expected to speak at any moment at this campaign rally in indiana. also, we heard from john kasich clearing the way for this partnership. he's campaigning now in philadelphia but look at the dow before i take you to break. it's down 129 points. stocks slipping following a dip in worldwide markets today, but even with this slip they're on pace for after overall positive april performance. i'll be right back. wild-caught alaskan salmon.
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7:57 am
there in borden, indiana. there's a podium in there. the shot is on that sign but senator ted cruz is expected to come out at any time and talk about his partnership with john kasich to beat ted cruz. checking some other top stories for you at 56 minutes past. authorities in wisconsin are scrambling to find a motive after a teenager suspected of opening fire on two students outside a high school prom is gunned down and killed by police. police say 18-year-old jacob wagner showed up at antigo high school armed with a rifle and opened fire as students left the prom. two students were wounded. both are expected to recover. authorities say wagner was a former student at the school. just last hour we listened to an extensive interview with one of the most secretive men in washington, james clapper, the director of the national intelligence agency. he appeared at the monitor breakfast in washington. that's a tradition. he was asked about some european allies voicing concerns about
7:58 am
the tough talk the tough talk coming from some of the presidential candidates, here is how clapper responded. >> once a president is inaugurated and is in office and realizes the burden and the responsibilities of a position, i think that has a tempering effect on anyone. i think it will here regardless of who is elected. the only other comment i would make, i am struck with how simple things are on the campaign trail and how those very same issues are very hard in the confines of the situation room. >> all right. james clapper there. let's head back to indiana. senator ted cruz has taken the podium. let's listen. >> we're seeing republicans uniting behind this campaign, coming together because the people of indiana want a positive, optimistic,
7:59 am
forward-looking campaign based on positive, conservative solutions to the problems people are facing. we recognize that the answer to the challenges in this country is not simply yelling and screaming and cursing and insulting everybody, but rather real concrete economic proposals to bring back jobs, to bring manufacturing jobs back to indiana, to raise wages for working men and women, to expand opportunity for those who are struggling. and the energy and momentum continues to grow. i will also note that today marks 46 days since the last republican debate. 46 days. a month and a half. the democrats have debated. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have showed the respect the voters are dube by subjectig themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. the democrats are talking about scheduling a second debate, and yet donald trump continues to
8:00 am
towto you cower in trumper tower. i invite donald trump to do a town hall before real hoosiers, let's have a debate. a one-on-one debate in front of the people of indiana, a town hall, and answer the questions. donald is fond of telling everyone what a strong, tough man he is. well, he could demonstrate his strength by not hiding in trump tower. by coming to indiana and actually defending his positions. the reason he's been afraid to do so so far is he has no answer when he's asked how do you bring jobs back to america. he has no answer when he's asked how do you keep america safe from radical islamic terrorism? this is a serious time. and the american people want and deserve a serious leader focused on jobs, freedom, and security. that's exactly what i will be and what i will do as president.


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