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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 4  CNN  April 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. this was to be -- frankly, this is embarrassing. >> the chosen candidate of
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washington, the chosen candidates of big money and the lobbyists are not going to decide the republican nom me. it will be we the people. >> why would i change? >> we will build on a strong progressive tradition, from franklin roosevelt to barack obama. >> winning is shaking up the democratic party. >> with your help, we will come back to philadelphia, for the democratic national convention. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i am wolf blitzer, you are watching live special coverage of the critical eastern conference, a big night for
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donald trump. winning in pennsylvania, delaware, and rooz rooz. was it xwl close in any of those five states. republicans trying to stop donald trump may be out of time after tonight. clinton is relishing, four more victories, her delegate lead as well. they are want talking about winning the nomination, they are talking about the flat form p a lot going on. go over to jake. >> it has been a phenom al if there is any wrinkle, it is that there is a question about
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unbound delegates. of the 71, 54 are the ones in philadelphia unbound. did he get his people elected? >> yes. cnn did a fantastic job, correcting in the weeking leading up, where is 161 waiting, stood on this. we know that at least 29 of the elected delegates will be committed donald trump. he goes into cleveland, meeting
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delegates, he can get pledge delegates, as of now, they are donald trump can take into consideration. more than 150. that was the biggest question, they whipped in multiple places by not only did they get their act together. >> now you are saying that 29,
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going for trump, that is the bottom line? >> this actual ground game. we spoke in north dakota. 25 unbold delegates. he mopped the floor with the they put together a spling, and looks like it paid off. really undercutting any team ted cruz had in the thank you for it
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gets bigger and bigger. a few years ago, we were hearing ho horoputting forward voters. there were misspellings, and things got lost in the mail. >> that is one thing i don't remember in donald trump's speech tonight, nothing was rig said. -- rigged. >> you heard about the trump campaign, getting their act together. we know he is giving a big policy speak here in watch watch tomorrow. on friday, going to california.
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the other two candidates are as well. it makes a big difference work the potential delegates the old fashioned way. i am not sure that would have happened in the old donald trump. there it was walk, does he have time to reach out to the delegat delegates. he didn't put time in pen pep, or did this was a calendar that
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was inform history more northly trump country than down to the end here. if trump were to lose big in d indiana. this is a cold front. i think it is a compdonald trump over performed. >> this is still the outside
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game. in the inside game, in iowa for example, ted cruz won 8, donald trump won 7. first ballot. when they are all told let me make a point. in this match up they you did before we started speaking. where people sayent it is tough able. >> you are talking about the wilof the the had voters 12%, i
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marlin, 12% last week. for casick. white collar. >> there are states that a moderate level republicaner would do this is the last test.
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>> i think it is under-scored, when you look thea the map, you see the into eastern part of the -- >> i think we can make something. best numbers on women. both of which have been holding out as jump has about forward. you feel -- must win indiana. if trump can't win id id, this i
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am not so sure- oop. >> i think if tulook at the polling, the they are not these are not predictive. >> the reason i think tonight should be trump, he deserves it, the last two weeks. dolled an trump was made up out to be a low information voter. donald trump david, in one night. he showed you he can i do think
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that nothe narratives have to be tossed. >> that is why i take the other side of the argument. dissemcrats would be making a big mistake fo underestimate. >> he has shown awaa -- he goes into the south. off after wisconsin. kim knack, chaunchlged the navative. it was all about crust to be on
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the rise to me, it is the same out hill. >> not do underestimate risillient.
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>> the republican nominations in the first ballot. i use the analogy of the boxer, when a boxer knocks out the other boxer, you can't to to- autotechnology. political coverage. kw
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kwlr. welcome back, very impressive night for donald trump and hillary clinton. starting off with donald trump. look at the percentages, in the wins in the five primaries, starting in pennsylvania, the biggest contest of the night. 56.8 of the vote in pennsylvania. look at cruz and kasich.
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way, way done. in rhode island, won by 63.8%. look at connecticut. 57.7% for donald trump. and delaware, 60.8%. a big win. all big wins tonight. clinton, winning 4 of 5 in connecticut. 51.7%, to bernie sanders, continuing. in pennsylvania, impressive win for her there.
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and bernie sanders 46.5%. look at her wins in delaware, more impress iive 20 point spre for hillary in delaware. take a look at maryland. a 30-point spread for maryland. the impressive wins you can't ignothing the fact that it is a big night for 956 right now.
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54 uncommitted delegates in pennsylvania. we know donald trump will get 29 of those. if you factor that 29 into this total, and it means at this point, donald trump would need 50%. he started needing half. >> ted kriz was leading, now, donald trump, leading, with
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indiana, get through that 990, plus twaechb. by all wants people expect ted cruz to win in nebraska. most people donald gets nebraska. next tuesday night is critical skip ahead here. this is may. we finish in orgop, and see what happens. remind people, this isn't the very end, in new york, we go to
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california. if something like that happens, the main test for donald trump. cruz for stopping momentum. again. simple math.
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they said they would pick up a lot of delegates, they didn't. perhaps the math will change for them by the time they get to california. if trump does this a little over a hundred. if you are going to stop him, then trump looks strong. >> did i want to see a majorities, we are seeing potentially, six, will it
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translate into vienna? i think so, it was astonishing. that stunt with the basketball hoop. he told the joke, there was no punch line. >> it was an amazing coincidence. after every big contest, i don't think they have learned that lesson yes. >> i did i want to look wont and
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oop- democrats, we feel confident. >> i am stunned again, we are talking about donald trump. >> i am on my way to the
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nomination. >> i he delivered. >> i am looking with five delegates, tonight in an area where he should have done well if kasich couldn't get anything in the northeast, cruz is on his way anyway. >> guess what, scoff'd. that is a good word.
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>> ending the conversation donald tramp saying he is the. >> hard pressed. how they see it.
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>> as a great demkraltic president once said, there is nothing wrong with america that can't be cured with what is right with america. >> we will not allow the dream to die. >> we will make america great again. >> the eyes of the nation are looking at the cross roads. >> we believe in the goodness of our people. and the greatness of our nation. >> we will people taking our country back, and doing it together. >> you know what i will never change, make america great again. >> she went a long way, i suspected it tonight, in moving forward the conversation.
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trying to bring in all of their supporters. >> david has called it building a bridge. >> you heard bernie sanders talking about his agenda. they have plenty of money, a lot of voters, he is talking about his agenda. and the impact he will have. on the platform, and the democratic nominee. i argue, he has had a great deal of impact. now, is the time they- -- i think, when people talked about
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her running, the thought was she will do better with women voters. she talked about cole country. if you look at the matchups, she does do better about 39%, 45%. that is why bitter sanders -- than suspect why bernie sanders. >> just talking about bern ie
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sanders. >> none of them are that effective. i mean, they are effective, but in their own w. >> what he has been able to build, with his others have tried. >> keep them going in the right direction, it is big organization, big money, if anyone can do it, bernie sanders can do it. >> one of the things that bernie has, 2.
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bernie sanders list is kof at the time ed it is important, can the veept. you have to realize, if we talk he will be that much more. >> when a primary goes this long -- >> it is initial the principal force that brings them together is is the foor of the -- the
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prospect of hillary clinton as the nominee, will be the best. it is the price we pay in this world we are. the challenge that trump faces, if thigh can have an edge. >> the party has been condition i don't know that he has an
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argument. what issue will he not -->> he is saying yes, we will deport them. let them to come back letly be tough, and donald trump saying, the war there i is the
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consievative voconsiev consievaticonsiev consievati consievative -- conservative. >> which is it? >> whenever trump moves. the person with most of the popular vote. exit among independence. >> doll ad look at what hillary
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he has done a major foreign goes far in bringing back republicans together. more from the panel when we come back.
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right now, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, it is like 300 delegate lead she has, is this a realistic path for victory for the democratic presidential
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nomination for bernie sanders? >> no. >> if it ended tonight with a 280, 290 delegate lead, that is 307. convincing margins, 12 points in pennsylvania. a huge win, another big win in delaware. now, you see secretary clinton with that lead. bernie sanders, what would he have to do to catch up? >> 96, delegates, he would have fo win to take away her super delegate. he is still in this to win, the
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most important thing to him is to, you can see, he has done out west. west virginia, consider white blue collar voters. the demographics, in this region. and the state of california. if we get toot end on june 7th. even if he was successful in winning this many, he would trail her in delegates. if you add in the super the
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sande sanders, if you add in, they put him out of reach. >> trying to reach out to bernie sanders. >> one of many reasons being american has been such a blessing. our campaign is about restoring people's confidence. in our ability to soef prospects backed up by real plans, that will improve. after all.
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that is how progress gets made. we have to be both dreamers and doers. . >> as a great democratic president once said, there is nothing wrong with america that can't be cured by what is right with america. >> i believe we can create more jobs with rising incomes, jobs with dignity and pride in a middle class life. we can overturn citizen united. we can lift up people, and playing, who as well been left out. in every manufacturing town. hallowed out when the factories
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closed. every home, a child go -- knows it is possible. >> franklin roosevelt to barack obama. i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters, giving greatest emphasis of closing the gap of inequality. there is much more that unites us than divides us.
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sglp did she make a good case? get all the bernie sanders supporters? >>. >> i was thinking, listening, it was a great speech. the first time i talked to bernie sanders in march, 2013, running for president. he didn't think -- >> he was sure that hillary clinton would not necessarily address those issues. >> themigds plirned.
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we hillary clinton, we are that much closer to her becoming a female nom me for president of the united states. that much closer to having the first female president in the history of this country. that is history. >> >> focus on the republicans right now. big win for donald trump. he has picked up donald trump,
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988 delegates. 152, the number to focus on. >> you have to admit, you are a donald trump supporter, in order to have a shot, the stakes are very high. ted cruz is a competitor. stakes are high. >> hillary clinton, 214
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delegates for hillary clinton. look at the overall numbers. these are are the delegates. she needs top win. >> donald trump as well. be sure to watch next tuesday for it indiana primary, in a few short hours, donald trump will take to cnn live on the new day. you don't want to miss that our
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special coverage continues.
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good morning and welcome to this very special edition of "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is wednesday, april 27th. it is 2:00 a.m. in the east. it was a huge night for the front-runners in both parties. a wicked huge night for donald trump, who swept all five states overnight and did it by huge margins. he got more than 55% in maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, connecticut, and rhode island. results that have trump ready to crown himself as the republican nominee. >> i consider myself the


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