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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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walmart. i'm like you want me to follow you to walmart. >> instead of giving him a ticket, he took him to walmart and bought him a car seat. >> that's great. i love when they do that. didn't want to be identified. didn't like the story got out. it happens. the men and women in blue doing the right thing all the time. >> could that little girl be any cuter, just like carol costello. she is going to come visit me. >> does not sit in the car seat by the way. costello. >> no, i definitely do not. >> feet may not touch the ped s pedals. newsroom starts now. >> thank you so much. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely. i mean, if you look. >> tonight, this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain.
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>> america where we lift each other up, instead of tearing each other down. >> what this campaign is about, making certain that the donald trumps of the world do not divide us up. >> i applaud sen senator sanders for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going. and good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. hillary clinton and donald trump, win big on super tuesday. barrel closer to a november showdown.
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the republican front-runner sweeps all five states and declares the primary season over. he has more votes than ted cruz and john kasich combined, and declares himself the presumptive nominee. clinton even closer to climplgiclimplnching the lead to go to the november ballot. bernie sanders scoops of rhode island and a huge shift in focus. will he now fight for his ideas, rather than his candidacy. we begin with donald trump, basking in the glow of his history and skewering anyone who stands in the way. indiana, the next primary state and the first to test the alliance. here is what trump had to say on cnn this morning. >> ted cruz is in indiana last night. he says you can't do it. you can't get to 1,237, you can't beat hillary clinton, and you can't bring this party together, at least half your party still does not want you to
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be the nocminee. >> well, lyin' ted has been saying this for a long time. he said we couldn't win the five states last week. he would win two of the states. you know, lyin' ted is lyin' ted. one of a kind. lie better than any human being i've ever seen. ultimately he is not successful. i've actually never seen anything quite like it. we had a great victory, and far more than we thought. far more than your network estimated. and now we're up to close to 1,000. we have a long way to go. i mean, we're going to do great in california. we have a big lead in california. i think we're going to do really good in indiana. i'm going today. and indiana looks really strong. i would go to indiana, i have bobby knight tonight will endorse trump. bobby knight is the most revered coach in the history of indiana. he is great. great guy. great coach. people love him. >> how about mike pence?
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have you reached out for the governor's endorsement yet? >> yes, the governor is a great guy. i've met with him. he may not endorse. i don't think he'll endorse anybody actually. >> can you bring people together? last night, talking about hillary clinton, whom you call crooked hillary, you said the only thing she has is the woman card. now, even chris christie's wife standing behind you made a face when you said that. do you think that's a winning formula to say the woman card is all that hillary clinton has? >> yes. it's part of -- it is certainly part. she is a woman, she is playing the woman card, left and right. and she didn't play it last night with obama, but playing it much harder this time. and she will be called on it. she'll absolutely be called. >> how do you call someone on being a woman? >> you tell them they're playing the woman's card. >> but what does it mean frankly. >> if she didn't, she would do
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pleer. >> how do you know that? >> i know it, because if she were a man and she was the way she is, she would get virtually no votes. >> i know, i hear what you're saying. i'm trying to figure out your basis for it. most of the measurements of a matchup, not only is clinton beating with you women, but beating with you white women. do you think this a good message for them to hear, that all she has is a woman. it seems dismissive of her gender. >> when i came out, i was competing against 17 very capable people. you heard it last night add n. s what happened was one by one, they disappeared. everyone said what's going on. what's happening. a governor, a senator, a governor, a senator. but one by one, they disappeared. and they thought trump was going to be there for a couple of weeks, have some fun, weighs going to go to monte carlo have
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a good time. it didn't work out that way. i knocked everyone of them off. for the most part, would you say i knocked them off. they weren't knocked off, i knocked them off. you would admit that. they were taken out. and same thing will happen to hillary. >> do you believe then that what got you here will take you to the white house? >> i think so. now, you know, i may tone it down, or i may tone it up. i can't tell you what i'm going to do. i don't know. depends, you know, i use the word flexibility. i have to be flexible. you do. you have to be flexible. somebody said well, will you go this way or that way. i don't know. i will determine when i see how the other people punch back. but hillary has a lot of flaws. she has a lot of problems. and she does have the woman card. that's a big thing. but a lot of women, as you know, don't like hillary. despite the card. >> well -- >> and you know, we'll see what
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happens. >> so let's talk about this. let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta, live in washington, where mr. trump is set to deliver a major foreign policy speech later today. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right. donald trump will try to make the pivot to the general election campaign in just a few hours, with a major foreign policy speech in washington, after going 5 for 5 in last night's primary, calling for john kasich and ted cruz to drop out of the race. he slammed hillary clinton for playing the woman's card. even with the super heated rhetoric, he'll try to show off his serious side in his foreign policy speech. this morning on "new day," he said he could support president obama's decision to send additional forces into syria, but with one big difference. here is how he put it earlier this morning. >> i don't agree with telling it to the word. i would send them in quietly, because rights now, they have a target on their back. so i would agree with it much
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more, i don't know what purpose, but i would agree with it, i can live with it, but what i don't like doing is sending them in so, i mean, you know, with so much fanfare. let them go in, let them go in quietly, be unpredictable. i just you know, from my standpoint, i find it very, very hard, every time we do something, we announce it for publicity reasons. and i think that's very negative. i think that's a bad thing. >> now, as for his attack on hillary clinton, she is playing the woman's card as he put it, trump doubled down on that as you heard during the "new day" interview, in his words, she is playing it left and right. as you heard, hillary clinton was ready for this line of attack. she said if i'm playing the woman card, deal me in. all this morning, clinton surrogates have been saying about donald trump's comments, keep talking. they obviously feel like this plays to their advantage. >> all right, jim acosta,
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reporting live from washington. so let the battle of the sexes begin. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> all right, so let's talk about that. with me now trump supporter, john phillips, executive director of the independent women's forum, sabrina schaeffer. >> lots of women do not like hillary clinton, and some women do not like her, but i want you to take a look at the polls. this is the latest cnn orc poll. a lot of women actually do like hillary clinton. when clinton is matched in a general election against donald trump, 60% of women back clinton, 33% back trump. so john, are all of those women voting with their gender?
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>> well, the general election hasn't started yet. when the primary first started, donald trump was polling poorly among virtually all groups in the republican primary, and of course, those numbers turned around once he started his campaign. i think it's funny that this is the first time i can think of that the republican is drawing heat for something that susan sarandan already said, repeating that line of attack. it's interesting also that democrats win elections. you go back to 2008 and '12, democrats win elections by spiking turnout among minorities or various groups, barack obama did that with black voters. if hillary clinton will win this time around, she'll have to spike turnout on women. if you look at the numbers, the republicans have been rating much higher than the democrats, the numbers in turnout for democrats are lower in many cases than they were in 2008, and she has to do something to spike enthusiasm, and this is clearly the card that she is playing. >> but doesn't he have to do that as well?
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i'll ask sabrina as well. according to the poll, trump has a 42% unfavorable rating among republican women. that's significantly higher than ted cruz or john kasich. >> well, right, carol. he certainly has a serious problem with women voters, but that doesn't take away from what he said last night, which i think is hit the nail on the head. hillary clinton has her entire campaign on this narrative that she is swimming against this sexist current. i find it exhausting. she talks about being an advocate for women, because she wants to pass laws like the family act, provide universal paid leave, left out of the whole conversation is the kind of impact that would have on women opportunity and economic growth, job creation, all of this. this is where donald trump, you know, really has an opportunity to say, here is some tangible ways we can improve women's lives and help them in netheir
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families. all of the rhetoric coming from the clinton campaign will get us nowhere. >> it is use bid both sides of the aisle, and hillary, i want to present one example. you know, trump says clinton didn't play the gender card so hard in 2008, when she was running against barack obama, but his own surrogate did. listen to sarah palin in 2008. >> it was rightly noted in denver this week that hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest blasting in america. but it turns out the women of america aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. >> so hillary, that doesn't fly this time around? >> look, i think women across america would really like to see a woman as president. or as vice-president or both. i don't think there is a question about that. but they want to make sure that
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she is qualified and that she has got a plan for where america is going, and i think hillary clinton has actually been incredibly clear during this campaign, that her, you know, advocacy on behalf of women and children is rooted in policy, and that's going to be what carries the day and i think that donald trump is going to be full of sort of comic insults, because he just doesn't seem to be able to get past them. he is like a teenage boy that way. and instead, hillary will be appealing to women across the board on her policies, and i think that they will like that. do we want to see a woman president? of course. do we expect her to be elected because she is a woman. no. we expect her to be elected because she'll be the best president. >> john, unfortunate optics were played. look at chris christie's wife, mary pat, as donald trump attacked clinton at that rally
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last night. watch. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has got going is the woman's card. and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her, okay. and look how well i did with women tonight, okay. so ladies and gentlemen, thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. >> so john, of course democrats and clinton supporters are saying look at mary pat. she doesn't buy what trump is saying. what do you say about that image? >> you know, he has a beautiful wife, he has beautiful daughters, he has a charming young child. can we please stop using the christi family as backdrops. they make for horrible backdrops. this isn't the first time they've done him wrong. i think it's time he puts them behind the curtain. >> really? >> yes. >> tell us what you really think. >> here is the interesting thing
6:15 am
about mary pat christi, is that she is actually smart and thoughtful. i disagree with her politically and i'm sure she disagrees with hillary clinton for the most part. i didn't chalk that up to her necessarily disagreeing with donald trump. i think she was saying, boy, this is really stupid politically. people get that. this is just not a smart thing for him to do. he doesn't seem to really even understand women voters. i mean, just the way he talks about women generally, it's almost always about their looks and not much else. i just think women can relate to that, and i think mary pat was mostly saying, boy, that's really dumb thing to do, donald. >> well, sabrina, let me ask you this, he'll sit down with megyn kelly on fox news very soon. is that interview even more important for him now?
6:16 am
>> i think so. look, hillary rosen and i are very much in agreement today. i don't really believe that a gender bias exists in politics any more. i think voters are very open to having a woman president. what they don't like is a man sort of throwing these attacks on a woman that doesn't have any substance. i think when he points to someone like hillary clinton and he says look, her policies are bad, she is playing the woman card, because women are critical voting block, he has all the reason in the world to say that. but when he throws sort of, you know, ad hoc attacks at megyn kelly, it looks terrible. he needs to improve his imagine and he can best do that by talking about tangible policy reforms that will help bring opportunities to women and their family. that's the best way to attract women voters. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come in the newsroom, bernie sanders vows to fight on, but is his end game more about influencing the party's platform than in capturing the nomination.
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with four out of five wins last night, hillary clinton is now within striking distance of the democratic presidential nomination. and victory rally in philadelphia, site of the democratic convention, clinton took swipe at donald trump while calling for her party to unite. >> we're going to imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, streets are safe and communities are strong. and where love trumps hate. let's go forward. let's win the nomination, and in july, let's return as a unified party. thank you all so much. >> clinton with a commanding lead over rival bernie sanders, who this morning is reportedly reassessing his campaign, even as he vows to stay in the race. jeff zeleny is live in
6:22 am
philadelphia with more. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: hey, good morning, carol. in just three months, democrats will be gathering here in philadelphia for their national convention, it is looking more and more likely that hillary clinton will in fact be the party's nominee. simply not enough mathematical way. he is not getting out of the race. he issued a statement saying he intends to stay in for the next 14 races. 14 more primaries through the june 7th race. he said he plans to run an issues oriented campaign. now, he will be campaigning in indiana later today. he has a rally around noon. then again this evening. so the tone that he takes is going to be something that all democrats are watching very carefully to see how is going after hillary clinton. if he softens his attack at all. let's take a look at the rest of his statement there. he says as he goes forward, we are in this race until the last vote is cast. that is why this campaign is going to the democratic national convention in philadelphia, with
6:23 am
as many delegates as possible for a progressive party platform. carol, translating that into english, he wants to have an i flewen -- influence on this party, as a candidate here, on health care, on wall street reform, campaign finance reform. but the reality here is that bernie sanders knows and he is trying to tell his supporters ever so gently that it's not going to be possible for him to win the nomination here. the clinton campaign turning at least some of their attention to donald trump. but carol, one thing i'm looking for is bernie sanders going to use any of the money he has to advertise in indiana, what is his tone over the next week, going to be so interesting here. show how the democratic race is going to finally wind down. >> you're right about that. jeff reporting live from philadelphia this morning. as mrs. clinton moves closer to a match up with trump, she knows she'll need sanders and his supporters on her side. >> and i applaud senator sanders
6:24 am
and his millions of supporters for challenging us, to get on accountable money out of politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality, and i know together, we will get that done. >> so let's bring in cnn political commentator and anchor at new york 1, erol lewis. how you doing? do you suppose going forward, bernie sanders will, you know, soften the rhetoric against hillary clinton? >> oh, i'm not so sure about that. in the rhetoric actually, you know, look, not to be partisan toward sanders, but what he had said consistently is that when he complains about money and politics and he complains about what hillary clinton has done, he says it's not personal. he wants all of politics, and in particular, the democratic party, to change. and it sounded as if hillary clinton is maybe willing to discuss some of those changes.
6:25 am
so i don't think he'll drop that signature issue of his in particular. but maybe it won't be quite so pointedly aimed at hillary clinton speeches or relationship to goldman sachs and so for the. but no, i don't think we're going to see this. he has promised it to his followers, let his followers get a chance to vote for him. that's why he is staying in through california. and these issues will not go away. >> so is it really that important that -- let's see. what's more important? bernie sanders staying in the race an continuing to attack hillary clinton, or finding a way to bow out gracefully, when he decides to go? >> well, i mean, look, the bowing out gracefully, i would point out he is the ranking member in the budget committee, so he has a political future in the short to medium term that he
6:26 am
doesn't necessarily want to tamper with. he has an incentive to bring this thing in for a landing if that's what he chooses to do. but again, this larger question about what he wants in the party platform, what he wants as far as delegate selection rules. he may be liooking to change th super delegates. these are conversations and perhaps fights we can expect between now and philadelphia, and he has every -- he'll never be in a stronger position to advance all of those causes than right now. >> so how can hillary clinton win over his supporters? she has been talking about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, now talking about citizens united rolling back. is that enough to persuade the supporters to consider voting for her? >> well, look, some of the diehards, the ones who are still i think nursing a grudge over her vote on the bankruptcy bill from 14, 15 years ago, you may not be able to reach them. but there are some people who are coming to this with
6:27 am
relatively fresh eyes. there are some people coming out of movements, including occupy wall street or black lives matter who may want to give her a second look or take whatever they believe they're able to do in movement politics and bring it into the democratic party. one thing that happens, carol, we forget about it and we don't find out until after the fact, but there are a number of people, you can bet on this, who are coming into politics for the first time because of bernie sanders and who will be running for different county offices, different local offices in the future. so she should be keeping in mind as well that this is especially the youth portion, this is the future of the party, whether you like it or not. you've got to decide whether or not you're going to have something for them, a welcoming hand, perhaps some opportunities, perhaps some fundraising, depending on what the groups are. there are a lot of things she can do if that's what she really wants to. >>
6:28 am
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thank you for joining me. the battle for indiana heating up. you're looking at live pictures out of indianapolis, where senator ted cruz is going to meet -- these are not live pictures. that's ted on tape. we're expecting him to announce an announcement, whatever that means, but that will happen a little later on this morning. mr. trump also expected to make his mark on the hoosier
6:33 am
state today. holding a rally two hours later, about six miles away from the cruz event. tuesday's primary was a major defeat for the stop trump movement. the gop front-runner now dubbing himself the presumptive nominee. telling his rivals it's over. well, mr. trump was just shy of a clean sweep. hillary clinton closer to go being named her party's pick for president. digging into the exit poll from the northeast, tell us more. >> what i see is the front-runner built on their bases last night. hillary clinton finding new support among democratic white voters. in pennsylvania, winning more than half of the demographic. we saw the same thing in maryland, on a group until now, has tenlded to favor bernie sanders. clinton also performing better with lower inning voters. sanders had a grip in early primary states, but 54% in pennsylvania making less than $50,000 a year, broke for lynn ton. in connecticut we asked does
6:34 am
wall street help or hurt the economy. only 29% say it helps. more than 60% say it hurts. interesting in light of sanders' wall street attacks, of course wall street's backyard, hedge funds there, especially in the southern most counties. same question to gop voters, different answers. 50% of the gop voters say wall street helps the economy. 41% say it hurts. donald trump both of these groups. from wall street to washington, maryland, did you know they have the highest median income in the country. wealthiest around d.c. >> potomac. >> contractors. >> he say they make more than $100,000 a year. 81% are making more than $50,000. they voted for donald trump. just 19% making less than $50,000. always a trouble spot for trump
6:35 am
there. now, not this time. he won 49% of the lower income republican voters in maryland, meaning across income, donald trump really dominated here. voters also showed they do not want to fight at the republican national convention. this was a really interesting turn around from earlier primaries. we asked if no one gets to 1,237, who should the gop nominate, 67% in maryland said the primary winner should get the nomination. they don't like the talk of a contested convention and all these ballots and shenanigans. more than 70% say the primary winner, 20% say best candidate. that's a change. that shows that either these republican voters are more comfortable with donald trump as their nominee, or they don't want the fight that could happen if he doesn't get a 1,237. >> or they believe what donald trump is saying, the system is rigged, right. >> right. >> it's been very effective for donald trump.
6:36 am
thanks, christine. so donald trump only needs to win half of the remaining delegates. but quirks in the way delegates are awarded could be the key to trump's nomination, or an impending fight at a contested convention. let's talk about that. michael toner, cnn analyst, former chairman of the elections commission and former council for the national committee. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> let's start with the big picture. trump took tuesday 5-0. do you think he can get to 1,237 by primaries alone? >> well, the magic number remains, 1,237. a couple of states important for senator cruz, a lot of discussion this morning. the first one, indiana. 30 delegates in indiana next tuesday will be awarded to the winner of that state overall. that's a real opportunity for senator cruz to cut into donald trump's delegate lead. the other 27 delegates will be awarded in indiana congressional
6:37 am
district by congressional district. the candidates will likely split that delegate pool. the next big opportunity for ted cruz is the following tuesday, may 10th, the nebraska primary, 30 delegates, again, winner take all. two opportunities for cruz to cut it into the lead. if you look further, real, i think prime opportunity for donald trump, new jersey primary first week in june, 51 delegates, again, winner take all. the republicans have more of these winner take all, particularly in the latter stages of the calendar, opportunities for both cruz and trump in the next several weeks. >> interesting. okay. so let's focus on pennsylvania, because mr. trump won big there. but the delegates there can throw their support to another candidate at the republican convention on the second ballot. so voters might ask, especially you, since you are the expect, is that fair? >> well, a couple of things that are important about the delegate rules. first of all, for donald trump so far, he has actually won a higher percentage of delegates than his percentage of the
6:38 am
popular vote. for example, if you look at the new york primary and the primary results last night, mr. trump received about 60% of the popular vote, but he won over 90% of the delegates. many times these rules work in favor of the candidates that are rolling up a large margins night after night, and mr. trump is no exception. in facts, throughout the entire primary, he has a higher delegate percentage than he has the popular vote margin. i do think, though, when you look at this, there is 172 delegates in stake in california, and what's interesting, only 13 of them are awarded statewide. the other 159 of these delegates are award congressional district by congressional district. as you know, there are 53 in california. 53 micro primaries in california, and that's where the race will be decided one way or the other. >> my head is spinning. so mr. trump could still be
6:39 am
thwartet potentially, and it appears he knows that. he'll spending more than $1 million on ads in indiana. so ted cruz of course, it all hinges on indiana for ted cruz. so mr. trump knows that and he wants to thwart ted cruz or does he really need to win as many delegates? >> indiana a real for both senator cruz and donald trump, because 30 delegate also be awarded to the statewide winner, whether it's 2% or 20%. it makes sense that both campaigns spending a lot of time and resources there. i think the nebraska primary the following week is another pivot tal opportunity, because again, winner take all, 36 delegates there, cut into the lead or donald trump continues to extend his leave. but regardless, i think this race will come down to new jersey and california primaries, both on the same day, the last day of the primary season on
6:40 am
june 7th, and new jersey being winner take all, talking about earlier, and california with the 172 delegates. the math dictates we'll have to wait until june 7th to know where the candidates stand. >> i'm glad you're on board. i need a direct line to your office so i can call you at any moment. >> it's a pleasure, carol. >> thank you so much, michael. still to come in the newsroom, officials in seoul saying north korea planning a bizarre display of military power. get this. north korea built a replica of the south korean palace and they're going to blow it up. test. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company.
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all right, i want to take you back out to indianapolis. you see the big old campaign bus there. that's ted cruz's campaign bus, cruising to victory. an important state for ted cruz. if he doesn't do well in indiana, likely his campaign
6:45 am
will be over. although some analysts say it is pretty much over already. but he is pulling into this parking lot. you can see reporters waiting there. they're waiting for a reason. we expect them to say something. we don't know what. maybe a campaign speech. we'll have to wait to see. but ted cruz, actually he has been vetting vice-president den shall candidates. he vetted carly fiorina. he started to do that a couple of days ago. he is excited about maybe adding carly fiorina to his ticket. maybe that will give him a boost that trump is playing the woman card. perhaps carly fiorina can help him there. she is a very effective speaker. all right, so we will await senator ted cruz, we'll await him to get -- we're going to wait for him. we're going to wait for him to get off the bus, and we'll take you back to indianapolis. checking some other top stories, a texas woman dead
6:46 am
after a tree falls on her home. officials say strong winds are like likely blame. severe storms ripped across the state. pummeling airports in missouri. salah abdeslam is back in france. prosecutors office confirming he was handed over to french authorities this morning. today he'll see the investigating magistrate and then be placed in provisional custody. a new security warning for americans in turkey. the u.s. embassy says there are credible indications that terrorist groups are looking to attack popular tourist destinations. no specifics mentioned, though. let's head back to indianapolis now. maybe senator ted cruz has gotten off the bus. errol louis will join me live. errol. >> yes, hi.
6:47 am
>> there you are. okay. so ted cruz, of course, announced his visit to this pancake house, announced his presence soon into the parking lot to do something. what do you suspect that something is? >> i'm tempted to joke and say maybe eat pancakes and show john kasich the right way to eat pancakes. i have absolutely no idea. i've been sort of skouerring e-mail, looking at social media. i didn't stoop to begging my sources, because there wasn't enough time to start pressuring them and we'll find out in a couple of minutes. my guess is that he is going to, whatever he says, try to advance his chances in indiana. because that is absolutely critical for the ted cruz path to victory, if there is one, to play itself out. >> well, he has to do something splashy, doesn't he, to capture attention in. >> you know, at this point, he has quite a lot of attention and he did nothing more splashy than pull that rv into a pancake
6:48 am
parking lot. on the other hand, look, after the failed a boboretive that bl up in their faces, i would think they would be more careful about pulling stunts and focus more on strategy. probably the thing that will make the biggest difference is if he has the governor stand behind him and endorse him. an endorsement from pence. >> isn't that unlikely since he is running for reelection himself. it wouldn't be smart to get behind any candidate. you run the chance of alienating voters on both sides. >> i haven't seen his numbers, and certainly, it's up to him to decide where his base is and who he wants to keep happy, and in what fashion.
6:49 am
so i can easily see him taking a gamle either way and say look, my conservative evangelical base is important enough to me that i will cater to themy throwing my arms around ted cruz. you know, stranger things have happened. it depends on the strategic considerations that involve risk taking. >> interesting. so my bet is carly fiorina will come off the bus along with ted cruz. maybe the political analyst and i'm not. >> well, carol, unless you've seen some polling numbers for car carly fiorina in indiana, i'm not so sure she'll bring a whole lot to the party. look, if you want to talk about other gop candidates who have fallen by the wayside, there are some that you and i could both put our heads together and imagine might do quite well in the
6:50 am
i think something like half of the congressional districts are all clusters there around the capital. if there's anybody you can think of whose name might rhyme with bubio to pop up there, there are any ways you can make -- >> the campaign is dumping more than a million dollars in ads in the state of indiana. ted cruz is probably in for quite a fight. >> that's right. that's what the alliance with john kasich was all about. they both mentioned the one part of the story they got straight, they are low on resources and don't have a lot of money to spend if it's not going to really get them something for the buck. if he's going to make for all intents and purposes a political last stand or important stand in indiana, he's going to have to really throw everything into it and spend quite a lot of time
6:51 am
there and be as smart as he can and maybe hope that the super pacs who are supporting him come in with fire power as well. donald trump hasn't spent a lot of money. but if he's opening up the checkbook and got a lot of moment umt and one state he wants to focus on, indiana would be it. >> okay. i think i see senator cruz with his wife, heidi, not carly fiorina. i think you're right. she is quite popular among voters. let's listen. >> looking a little tired here, may need to take that chair. >> i was there with you last night and early this morning. >> i'm looking out for you today. >> good morning, it is great to be with you. last night was donald trump's night and today is indiana's day. and indiana now has the chance to speak. not only for hoosiers across the state but for people across this country that value midwestern common sense, that value good
6:52 am
judgment, indiana has an opportunity to make a decision that is going to impact the republican party and going to impact the country. it's a decision of which path we should go down. do we want to go down the path of the campaign based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults or do we want to unify behind the campaign that is a positive optimistic forward looking conservative campaign based on real policy solutions to the challenges facing this country? i'm thrilled, heidi and i together are thrilled for the people of indiana will be making that choice. and we are barn storming this state, traveling across the state and seeing tremendous support from the people on the ground. now, as you mentioned, john, we have an event this afternoon 4:00 p.m. at the pavilion at pan-am, we'll make a major announcement at 4:00 p.m. i encourage folks to join us. hope to see you there. it will be inside, you won't need jackets, won't be cold in
6:53 am
there. >> is this your running mate? >> your decision on a running mate? >> have you made your decision on a running mate? >> it wouldn't make sense to announce it at 10:00 a.m., the entire purpose of this is you guys should come and at 4:00 you can find out what the major announcement will be. >> what are the attributes you would be looking for in a running mate? >> i have said from the beginning the most important attribute for any running mate is that he or she should be prepared to step in and fulfill the role as president. keep this country safe, and champion jobs, freedom and security. my number one priority as president is jobs and freedom and security. those are the priorities of the people of indiana and this country. we've got real problems in this country. you look at jobs. the people of indiana are hurting, carrier has moved hundreds of jobs to mexico.
6:54 am
wages have been stagnating and been two incredible governors, that have reduced taxes that have reduced regulations and that has helped the job situation here in indiana. but indiana struggles with the 800 pound weight of the federal government still holding down job growth. my top priority as president is jobs and economic growth. reducing the burdens of the federal government on small businesses, cutting taxes and allowing small businesses to thrive, bringing manufacturing jobs back to the state of indiana, raising wages for working men and women. that's my priority and priority of the men and women of this state. >> donald trump cannot win over a majority of conservatives, said again and again he has -- last night we saw him break through that ceiling and did win a majority in states other than his home state. do y how do you argue against him now? >> hallie, i recognize that the
6:55 am
new york media executive -- >> that's not the question. >> you get to ask it, i get to answer it. i recognize that the new york media executives and the washington lobbyists running donald trump's campaign both want the campaign to be over. they are desperate for it to be over because they recognize that this campaign has now moved under much more favorable territory. yes -- hallie, i'm not going to debate you. i'll answer your question but won't debate you. i recognize that donald trump did well at home. that's fine. the choice for this country is which road do we go down? as i laid out last night, donald trump and hillary clinton are flip sides of the same coin. hillary has made millions of dollars selling power and influence in washington. donald trump has made billions buying politicians like hillary clinton. and on issue after issue after issue, donald trump and hillary
6:56 am
clinton are indistinguishable. on jobs, hillary clinton and donald trump both support raising taxes. donald said last week on the "today" show that he supported raising taxes. i disagree with donald trump and hillary clinton and as president i'll cut your taxes. donald trump and hillary clinton support the individual mandate in obamacare. obamacare is the biggest job killer in the country. i disagree with donald trump and hillary clinton and as president i'll repeal every word of obamacare. today he planned a big foreign policy speech. it will be interesting to see what donald says in his foreign policy speech, whether he highlights the fact that donald and hillary both agree that america should be neutral between israel and the palestinians. i disagree with that position. as president i will not be neutral and america will stand unapologetically with israel. donald trump and hillary clinton agree that the iranian nuclear deal should stay in place.
6:57 am
that is a profoundly dangerous left wing position of donald trump as i understand it, donald believes that the deal should be in place but he's going to negotiate it to make it better. i don't know, maybe he'll make it great. anyone who thinks that does not understand the nature of the ayatolla khomeini. i would note that his campaign is run now by a washington lobbyist paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to lobby for saudi arabia, against israel and against moving the american embassy to jerusalem. as president on the very first day in office, i'll begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem. >> the uproar over that statement, that comment you made. >> it was wonderful to be in hickory gym.
6:58 am
hoosiers is one of my favorite movies of all time. and i have to say i have no doubt my high school basketball coach was horrified that i stumbled in speaking and called the rim a ring. you know, sometimes when you're speaking and you guys have cameras in your face, you say things and stumble over words. i know nobody in the media ever stumbled over a word and never said the wrong word at the wrong time on air. when i played basketball in high school and did something wrong, the coach would have us run laps and laps until we fell over. i think my campaign team after i messed up the reference to hoosiers, they wanted to have me run laps but thankfully the coach wasn't there to enforce that. let me say the purpose of that reference right there, when i asked bruce to climb up and measure the height of the rim, as gene hackman so powerful said, i think you'll find those
6:59 am
are the exact same measurements. they do that in the big city gym to show it is the exact same size as the gym in hickory. the point of that observation is the power brokers in washington want this race to be over and the media over and over again is repeating donald trump's spin that the race is over. washington and new york want this general election to be between two rich liberal new yorkers who agree on virtually every issue. that's not surprising given that donald trump contributed repeatedly to hillary clinton to her presidential campaign. it is not surprising that washington and new york want both of the candidates, the supposed republican and the democrat to be supporters of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. that's called heads i win, tails
7:00 am
you lose. but the point i made as you will note, that basketball rim is the exact same distance, 10 feet and here in indiana, the people of indiana have good sense. the people of indiana have good judgment. the people of indiana, i don't believe, are simply going to say manhattan has spoken. therefore we must get behind a new york liberal. i don't believe the people of indiana want to do that. i think anyone who wants to be elected president owes it to the voters. to do what i'm doing here. heidi and i we're barn storming the state, on a bus tour traveling throughout the state to look voters in the eyes and answer questions, to show humility to subject yourself to the scrutiny of hoosiers. donald trump doesn't like to do that. donald trump likes to parachute in and show up in a football stadium and give some
7:01 am
performance and then leave. well, this country isn't a reality show. if donald trump thinks he's too good to answer questions from the men and women of indiana, that conveys something. it's now been 48 days since the last republican debate. 48 days. the democrats debated. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have both demonstrated more humility than donald trump, they have subjected themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. i believe the people of indiana deserve a debate. i accepted two debate invitations to be hosted here in indiana to give hoosiers the chance to compare and make this choice. i think that is a simple act of respect to the voters. but it's been 48 days and i would note by the way every time there's been a debate, whichever network has hosted it, has made millions of dollars. has anyone noticed that even
7:02 am
though the networks stand to lose millions of voters by not having a debate, that the news is ulterly silent on their being no debates? have you noticed that, that fox news, cnn, nbc, abc, cbs, they would stand to make millions and yet they do not say a word about the absence of debatsz. it almost makes you think the network executives are happy with donald trump being the front-runner and they know in a debate, he doesn't have any answers to how you bring jobs back to america. he doesn't have any answers how you keep this country safe and since the network executives want hillary clinton to be the president, they are perfectly happy not to have a debate which would generate enormous revenue to them. at the end of the day, thsz this is about the people of indiana. this afternoon at 4:00 p.m., at pan-am at the pavilion, i would ask folks to come out.
7:03 am
we'll have a major announcement, a rally and i could not be more encouraged that the people of indiana will be making this decision. >> all right, you heard senator ted cruz ripping the media, ripping donald trump saying he wants to debate and donald trump and media are thwarting him because somehow the media wants hillary clinton to win. let's dissect that. good morning to viewers just joining me, welcome to "newsroom." that was senator ted cruz. he gave an impromptu speech in the parking lot of a pancake house in indianapolis. still miking up and getting ready so i'll go to her in a second. errol, he called donald trump mr. new york values but there's this, in pennsylvania, maryland and connecticut, donald trump
7:04 am
won college educated white voters and white evangelical voters, blocs of voters that senator cruz was supposed to win and did not. what exactly is he talking about? >> it's a good question. you could ask the same question in alabama and south carolina and some of these other states where there was supposed to be an ee lector at that was favorable to ted cruz. he has underperformed amongst some of the key groups that were supposed to be his base of support. there's just no getting around that. you can blame media executives in new york and you can blame donald trump and blame the weather or anything else, but the reality is, he has been selling something that works with some conservative evangelical republican voters and has not worked with others. and until he can fix that problem, i think he's going to continue to have -- continue to struggle against donald trump. >> all right.
7:05 am
senator cruz called this press conference to announce an announcement that's going to happen at 4:00 this afternoon. that's kind of strange. >> reporter: that's right, carol. senator cruz clearly wanting to try to give some momentum to his campaign after that bruising night last night, making as you say so correctly, this announcement of announcements to come later today. i should note that rally that's taking place later today in indianapolis will be happening around the same time that donald trump will be six miles away in the same town. senator cruz and his campaign clearly wanting to inject a little energy, focus, momentum going forward. lots of speculation about what that announcement is. you know, but senator cruz coming out and saying, look, yesterday was donald trump's day. today in indiana it will be indiana's day. senator cruz will be all exclusively here in the state except for a brief trip to california this weekend. his campaign now really making
7:06 am
it all about indiana. clearly there is an understanding of the campaign that last night was not a good night for him. emerging with just a few delegates and certainly the boost of momentum that donald trump will see coming from last night will suck a lot of the energy out of the room. the cruz campaign very clearly marching forward, trying to regrab the momentum and regrab the narrative. we'll see what that announcement is later today. >> thanks to you and you heard it here moments ago live on cnn. senator ted cruz promising a major announcement, six hours from now, won't give us any clues but it comes hours after his republican rival, donald trump wins big in the northeast. they appear closer to a november showdown. the republican front-runner swept all five northeastern states and declared the primary season over. mr. trump gathers more votes than ted cruz and john kasich
7:07 am
combined and declares himself the presumptive nominee. hillary clinton racking up wins in four states, has 90% of the delegates to go on the november ballot. bernie sanders xoopz up rhode island. is he fighting for his ideas and not his candidacy? >> donald trump is set to give a major speech on foreign policy. he spoke on cnn about looking ahead to the general election and facing off against hillary clinton. here's what he told chris cuomo. >> can you bring people, last night talking about hillary clinton whom you call crooked hillary, you said the only thing she has is the woman card and chris christie's wife made a face when you said that. do you think that's a winning formula to say the woman card is all she has. >> yes, it is certainly part. she is a woman and playing the
7:08 am
woman card last night and she didn't play it last time with obama but playing it much harder this time. she'll be called on it. >> how do you call someone on being a woman? >> just tell them to play the woman's cards -- >> what does that mean? >> if she didn't, she would do very poorly. >> how do you know that? >> i know it because i think if she were a man, and she was the way she is, she would get virtually no votes. >> i hear what you're saying, i'm trying to figure out what your basis is for it. most of the measurements of a perspective matchup, not only beating you with women but white women. it sounds dismissive of her jendser. >> when i came out i was competing against 17 very capable people. you've heard this -- sure you heard it last night. i was competing against 17 very, very capable people and a woman.
7:09 am
and what happened was one by one they disappeared. and everyone said, what's going on? what's happening? a governor, a senator, a governor, a senator. one by one they disappeared. and they thought trump was going to be there for a couple of weeks and have some fun and then he was going to go to mont carlo and have a good time. it didn't work out that way. it worked out that i knocked every one of them off. and for the most part you would say i knocked them off. they weren't knocked them off, i knocked them off. i think you would admit that. they were taken out. and same thing will happen to hillary. >> do you believe what got you here will take you all the way to the white house? >> i think so. i may tone it down or may tone it up. i can't tell you what i'm going to do. i don't know. it depends -- i use the word flexibility, you have to be flexible. >> and you have to be flexible, somebody said well, will you go this way or that way, i don't
7:10 am
know? i will determine when i see how the other people punch back but hillary has a lot of flaws and a lot of problems. she does have the woman card. that's a big thing but a lot of women as you know don't like hillary despite the card. and we'll see what happens. >> perhaps mr. trump's foreign policy speech will overshadow his fighting words over the so-called gender card. until then, let the battle of the sexes begin. with me now, jeff dewitt, ryan lizza for "the new yorker" and anna novarro. welcome to all of you. jeff, mr. trump said a lot of women do not like hillary clinton. i'm sure he's right. some women do not like hillary clinton but here's what the latest cnn/orc polls say. when mrs. clinton is matched in a general election against mr. trump, 60% of women back
7:11 am
clinton, 33% back trump. shall all of those women voting with their gender? >> no, i don't think they are at all. i think one of the problems that we've had on the republican side is there's been a lot of money spent to try to take mr. trump down and hillary has not had to deal with these super pacs saying these awful things about her like mr. trump has. and once we get into a general and that money flips around and is helping mr. trump because a lot of that has been republican money that's hurting mr. trump and trying -- the whole never trump movement and all of that stuff, i think we're going to see him change those numbers drastically. >> in other words, it's not mr. trump's fault with the words he says, it's these attack ads that are supposedly attacking trump and making him look bad in women's eyes? >> yeah, exactly. >> anna? >> he's had to deal with so many
7:12 am
false attack ads that wont won't be there come a month from now. it's too early -- >> i get it. i just wanted to clarify so i understood what you were talking about. anna, i'll pose this question, mr. trump also said if hillary clinton were a man, no one would vote for her. i would posture that comments like these from mr. trump are not helpful, whether attack ads are directed against him or not, that depict him as anti-woman. >> i think -- first of all, donald trump knows what he's doing. in the sense that he knows when he says something controversial, we start talking about it and it is very discussed in the media. he knows how to manipulate the media. he is media savvy, how to earn free media attention. it's what he's doing with statements like this. done it consistently. now, that being said, and that being put apart, i'm not a fan of hillary clinton. i recognize that she is pushing the historical gender factor
7:13 am
much harder this time than she did in 2008. but it makes even women like me, who may not be prone to vote for hillary clinton bristle and recoil when you hear a donald trump, somebody who's got a history of sexist remarks against women, say she's playing the woman card and gotten where she's gotten because she's a woman. i think for most of us, playing the woman card means having to balance work and family. so she all of a sudden she becomes sympathetic to women like me who may not be sympathetic to her naturally. >> interesting. so ryan, i was struck when mr. trump was talking about how hillary clinton played the gender card harder in 2008 and i remembered what sarah palin said in 2008, when john mccain announced her as his running mate. i would like to remind our viewers what that was. let's listen. >> it was rightly noted in
7:14 am
denver this week that hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest hardest glass ceiling in america, but it turns out the women of america aren't finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. >> so ryan, since mr. -- i mean, would it be effective for him to put sarah palin front and center in light of this big huge gender gap that mr. trump has? >> i'm not sure that palin is the female surrogate that's going to turn around trump's numbers with women in the general election. if you look at palin's numbers, they are upsidedown. she's not a popular politician with the general electorate. none of the leading politicians are all that popular these days. donald trump is extremely
7:15 am
unpopular. two thirds have a negative view and hillary clinton over 50% of the general electorate has a negative view of her. we may be entering a general election where it's a race between two people that have a majority of the country -- more than a majority of the country disapproving of them. but just to go back to the original part of this conversation, i mean, trump has a lot of political work to do if he's not going to lose a general election to hillary clinton in a landslide. the numbers with women, with nonwhite voters, especially hispanics are just atrocious as a lot of people pointed out already. he would be the weakest general election nominee in the history of polling, just looking at the numbers, not talking about any of his positions or anything personal about donald trump, just the polls, he would be the lowest rated general election nominee since polling started. to turn that around, carol,
7:16 am
that's quite a lot of political work he would have to do. the point was made how negative ads have run against him in the primaries, that is nothing compared to what the democratic super pacs and hillary clinton campaign is going to do to donald trump in the general election. he's got a big repair job to do and it's going to start today with the foreign policy teach. >> it may start today with the foreign policy speech and i'll soon sit down with megyn kelly of fox news. we know about the rist between those two. is that of added importance now in light of the fact it's probably going to be donald trump versus hillary clinton and he said what he said today? >> well, if -- for him to come out now with a foreign policy speech and show he has very good knowledge of not only foreign policy, but a great analysis of what we need to do internationally, he's going to show that today. i think it's great. we're moving into general campaign mode. that's the whole point of it today. ted cruz also has a big
7:17 am
announcement later. if you saw him screw up his basketball analogy yesterday and call it basketball ring, i have heard that his big announcement, the same time we're going to be doing a foreign policy speech is that he's going to wish the indiana pacers good look in the orange bowl game scoring touchdowns to make up for the previous analogy. >> let's give him a pass and say he misspoke. look at you, anna. so anna, i want to go back. >> there's such a thing as a lame attempt at humor. i think we just heard it. go ahead. >> i just want to ask you the megyn kelly question, is it more important than ever for mr. trump to make amends with megyn kelly in light of what he said today. he set it up to be this big battle of the sexes and hillary clinton will play that card.
7:18 am
>> you know, i don't know what to tell you about the rift between donald trump versus megyn kelly, it goes along with the stages of the moon. every so many weeks donald trump gets into a feud with fox news and megyn kelly and they make up and get into a feud again and the entire time he gets news. it goes back to my point that the guy is brilliant at getting earned media, even if he's replaying the same record over and over again. >> all right, we'll have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come, they are feeling the bern but will sanders backers be convinced to say i'm with her. clinton's big pitch next.
7:19 am
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...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. bernie sanders says he's in the democratic race for president until the last vote is cast but with just one win, compared to hillary clinton's four in last night's primary, sanders case to be the democratic nominee just got more difficult. clinton sensing that the end is
7:23 am
in sight, she made an appeal to her rival supporters at her victory party. >> and i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. and i know together we will get that done. >> but convincing some sanders supporters to vote for hillary clinton will be difficult to say the least. with me now, it's bernie or bust for her and emily tish sussmann with -- campaign director for center for american progress action fun. sorevy about that. i wanted to get your title right. so yani, i want to start with you, it's virtually impossible for senator sanders to win the
7:24 am
nomination. why is it bernie or bust for you? >> you know, a lot of people they perceive the bernie or bust movement as being something almost like a temper tantrum for people who support bernie and i think it's really important for people to understand that bernie or bust is a representation of how we feel about hillary clinton. we don't like hillary clinton and we can't support her. >> so yahne, under no circumstances would you vote for hillary clinton? >> i'm definitely not going to vote for her. >> emily, you're a democratic strategist, you're a clinton supporter, convince yahne she's wrong. >> i'm sorry to hear that. i do think there are a lot of people that are open to supporting hillary. really the difference between the candidates has been in degree not in kind ---less no question that sanders brought forward a lot of issues that tapped into what people are feeling in the country right now and want to be talking about, income inequality, affordable
7:25 am
college, free college, talks about affordable college, money in politics. but the reality is these are issues that she had in her platform, have always been a part of her platform and talks about increasingly more he did put a spotlight on them when he talks about them in simplistic terms and forced her campaign to talk about them more broadly and talk about them front and center. >> this general election is going to be -- >> i want to see if any of that makes sense to yahne, what do you think? >> i think first of all hillary clinton says things that aren't always what she means and aren't what she believes in. she's demonstrated that in one of the clearest ways she's demonstrated that was in 2008 when she was running against then senator obama for president and that she was against the columbian free trade agreement
7:26 am
and lobbying against that. but when her e-mails came out, we saw what she was doing behind the scenes out in the public eye is lobbying for that exact agreement. that's evidence for us that what hillary clinton says in order to win the election doesn't have anything to do with what it is that she's going to do if she becomes the president. so whatever she's talking about in her platform, i don't trust her. so while i -- >> yahne, i think you hit the nail on the head. you just don't trust her. mrs. clinton does have a trust issue. so what can you say to voters like yahne to say, yes, you can now trust hillary clinton, she means what she says? >> that is clearly her highest vulnerability, that is something that we do see and this has been a theme of media attacks on her for the last 20 years. we forget the fact that most politicians come into the main
7:27 am
stage at the same time to america, maybe their state knows them or district knows them but people get to know them at the same time. that is not the case with clinton and there have always been attacks on her for whatever reason. i think as we get more into her history, her commitment, that we see that she actually always has been committed to fighting for people that don't have a voice. it's always been there in her public service. >> yahne go ahead. >> it's her history -- it's not simply -- it's not just the colu columbian free trade agreement, when they wanted to raise the minimum wage for the haitians they negotiated it down to 31 cents an hour. it's the regime change in honduras and people dying as a result of clinton's influence in honduras after they had their first democratic election. it's the mistake of the iraq war. it's the mistake of libya. it's her history that causes us
7:28 am
questions, now she's saying new things that are popular, suddenly she realizes that the importance of black lives matter, they don't seem genuine. it seems like what she needs to say in order to get elected. we don't trust what she says and like what she's done. for those combined reasons we won't vote for hillary clinton. >> i think that people read -- they believe what they want to believe. you can discount pieces of past if they don't fit with the current narrative. there's a lot to be said to say we tried it, it didn't work, we're moving forward with something that does work. that is what we want with a leader and president of the united states. i don't think we're seeing that -- across the board in any of the other candidates. >> i have to leave it there -- >> i want a person who as foresight and ability to know in 1994 there are issues with the crime bill not to look back after families were destroyed, i
7:29 am
made a mistake. >> i have to -- >> i'm not going to vote for the iraq war because it's wrong but later on say it was a mistake. i don't think our country can afford the mistakes that come with hindsight. we want somebody with the foresooigt to make the decisions. >> i have to leave it there, i appreciate your passion. thanks to both of you. >> still to come, banning muslims, bombing isis, donald trump's foreign policy has been more applause lines than diplomacy, what do world leaders think about what they heard so far? i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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good morning, i'm carol costello, fresh off his five-state sweep, donald trump is said to give a major foreign policy speech. the gop front runner is expected to ditch his off the cuff style and use a teleprompter. many are hope the the speech brings clarity to controversial comments like these. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> we have to really be vigilant with respect to the muslim population. they are not coming out of sweden that want to kill us. >> who do you talk to for military advice? >> i watch the shows. i see a lot of great -- when i watch your show and all of the other shows and you have certain people -- you go much stronger than -- north korea has nukes and japan has a big problem with
7:35 am
that. maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from north korea. >> with nukz? >> including with nukes yes. >> we will build a wall. >> the world is listening to donald trump. let's bring in cnn's diplomatic editor nic robertson in london. >> reporter: hi, carol, a lot of this will depend on how much of the additional detail there may are may not be focus to his own audience in the united states. and how much of it is going to be detail enough and useful for leaders around the world. i mean the japanese have pushed back on the idea that they need nukes to face off against north korea's nukes. the issue of muslims has gone around the whole globe. there's been a lot of condemnation of his comments on that from a variety of leaders. but perhaps you know, the report
7:36 am
card so far from donald trump from leaders around the world would be could do better. and the pope picking up on one of the key issues, the wall on mexico, the pope saying he needs to build bridges. >> a person who thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not christian. this is not in the gospel. the pope's views on that arc across the world, more than one nation. perhaps interestingly last week we heard from david cameron, with president obama standing aside at the press conference, you get a sense that perhaps leaders around the world it is getting a little more real that donald trump might become a more serious contender for president.
7:37 am
when david cameron was asked with president obama at his side, what would you like to comment on the political presidential race in the united states, specifically about trump and let's not forget here, cameron has gone on the record saying he doesn't like trump's views and attitudes towards muslims. this is what he said. >> as for the american elections, i've made some comments in recent weeks and months. i don't think now is a moment to add to them or subtract from them. just as an prime minister been through two general elections leading my party, you always look on at the u.s. elections in awe of the scale of the process and length of the process. i marvel at anyone left standing at the end of it. >> that was a politician there dodging the core question, will you comment on it. i think that underlies the perspective that perhaps donald
7:38 am
trump may become -- certainly not out of the running yet -- president and if you're a politician like david cameron, you've said what you said and not going to sort of amplify any more of it. the details and i think are going to be the key things for the leaders around the world looking at this. >> have you heard any leader from around the world embracing mr. trump? >> well, there hasn't been pretty much one exception to that sort of report card could do better. president putin in russia thinks that donald trump is a good candidate and thinks that he is a smart guy. perhaps that's because donald trump has said that nato isn't working right now and of course there's a wide belief around the world particularly around nato, russia would like to see nato divided. so he's delivering that issue to putin. so there is one that said trump is doing well and that's
7:39 am
president putin in russia. >> nic, thank you. coming up next, we'll talk about mr. trump's big foreign policy speech and what he ought to say and maybe what he shouldn't say and needs to say fareed zakaria joins me next. but not just walk.alk. speed walk. or you like to bike. in place. next to these strangers. or you want to know your heart rate. when you're doing this steady... this. and a little bit of this. which means you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivosmart hr from garmin.
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7:43 am
while we await trump's big speech here, chris cuomo asked whether donald trump agreed with president obama's decision to send 250 additional special ops forces to syria. >> i could agree with it but i don't agree with telling it to the world. i would send them in quietly because right now they have a target on their back. so i would agree with it much more -- i don't know what
7:44 am
purpose, but i would agree with it. i can live it. i mean, with such fanfare, let them go in and go in quietly and be unpredictable. i just -- from my standpoint, i find it very hard. every time we do something we announce it for publicity reasons and it's very negative. i think that's a bad thing. >> fareed zakaria, welcome. you heard what mr. trump said, he might agree with sending 250 special ops forces into syria but should have been kept quiet accusing president obama of announcing it for publicity reasons. is that right? >> no, it's a complicated issue actually. the reason presidents tended to announce these things is, imagine you have american forces in a country where the president has not told the american people there are forces and some of
7:45 am
them die. you know have to explain why they were there. part of the decision has been that at the end of the day on balance, probably a better idea to signal you're not saying where, not saying what they are doing. so it is complicated. in general these kind of special operations forces should be done somewhat stealthily but probably in a democracy particularly given the history of the -- >> of course, mr. trump will deliver a major foreign policy speech later this afternoon. he's going to use a teleprompter and it's going to be a well thought out speech, what that says to me. do you think it will be his thoughts will be vastly different than they have been in the past? >> you know, part of the puzzle here, there are two things going on. one donald trump is appearing
7:46 am
more presidential and less crazy and in terms of the nature of his rhetoric, the tone and things like that. and that's all to the good -- i think everyone will have to make a decision whether or not to believe that versus the months and months or years and years of rhetoric he's had. but the bigger issue, trump has been all over the place on foreign policy. he has at times appeared to want to be very aggressive interventionist, expand 30,000 troops, create safe zones and other points he said let putin do it and golf states do it. why are we getting involved? this is their struggling. in a way this mirrors the republican party. there are impulses in the republican party that are just going to jacksonian, from the andrew jackson position, let's go in somewhere and beat up the bad guys and get out. we don't want to be involved in the war. then there is the reagan internationalist tradition. it's not clear to anyone where
7:47 am
donald trump stands on these issues and frankly that's true of many of the areas -- >> let me back up to his tough talk. i think many americans appreciate that because some of them perceive that the world views america as weak. you need someone to talk tough in there and donald trump does that. >> and the problem with that argument which he himself recognizes at times, you send 30,000 troops into syria and beat up isis, the united states military could do that. then what? now you own real estate in syria. you're going to run it? you're going to -- if you leave they'll come back. this was the problem in iraq. this is the problem in afghanistan. we have been in afghanistan for 15 years. you know, it's easy to talk tough when you have that initial phase of the operation with you go in and bomb people. the problem we have found in country after country is it's the second step, it's the governing that land that you have now conquered that becomes a problem because you're the outsider and seen by a lot of
7:48 am
people as a colonial force. they mount an insurgency against you. i would love to hear whether donald trump has an answer to stage two of the operation. >> we'll see in a couple of hours. thanks for stopping by. wolf blitzer will anchor cnn's live coverage of donald trump's foreign policy speech at noon eastern today. still to come, donald trump is winning over voters who once depiesed him. why major wins could pave the way to cleveland. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched."
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the gop nomination is within donald trump's reach. last night's five-state sweep he made inroads with a lot of different kinds of voters. christine romans has been coming through the exit polls. >> it's interesting to see the season move along and how voters' tastes are changing. gop voters say they do not want to fight at the convention. we asked what should republicans
7:53 am
do if no candidate gathers 1, 237? in connecticut, 66% say the primary winner should be the nominee. in early primary states voters said delegates should pick the best candidate for the general election. so could be that trump's protesting that the gop system is rigged is working in his favor with these voters. more voerts are warming up to a trump presidency. look at connecticut, 57% will vote for trump. same trend in maryland, 6 in 10 will vote for donald trump if he's the nominee. gop voters might be ready for the contentious batle to come to an end. in pennsylvania, 61% of gop fry mare voters would feel excited and optimistic with a trul p presidency and we asked gop voters if the republican campaign energized or divided the party.
7:54 am
58% said the campaign dividing the party. opposite for democrats, 70% say the campaign energized the democratic party. that will be interesting as we move ahead, maybe the energy on democrat side means hillary clinton will make inroads with young voters and independents. >> maybe that's the biggest sign hillary clinton should stay in until the end. drumming up a lot of excitement from different kinds of voetders. >> both are talking about unifying their party going forward here. those exit polls show democrats have a better chance at this point than the republicans. >> we'll have to say. thanks, christine. >> still to come, outbreak at harvard, the disease threatening to cancel commencement. i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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checking top stories, pilgrim's pride is recalling 4.5 million pounds of cooked chicken
7:59 am
products. the regard comes after customers complain they were finding plastic in anywhere chicken nuggets. they found wood and plastic in other products. a complete list can be found on usda website. dennis hastert is set to be sentenced today in a hush money case when he was a teacher in illinois. he pleaded guilty last fall to hiding money transactions, prosecutors asking the judge to consider jail time. a mumps outbreak could derail the university's upcoming commencement ceremony. the mumps first surfaced in february and more than 40 students have been infected. the health services director says if there's a spike this week it could lead to a potentially interruption for may's commencement. coming up in just about an hour, donald trump delivers a
8:00 am
speech on foreign policy. cnn will bring that to you live. wolf blitzer will analyze before and after. be sure to tune in 12:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. >> hello, everyone. >> there is breaking news this morning the white house is on lockdown as we speak. the reason is not yet clear. we do know the president is inside the white house at this hour. again the white house is on lockdown. this happened a few times over the last week, including yesterday. we'll bring you updates as we get them. meantime, breaking news in the world of politics. ted cruz has a secret, a secret in what he is calling a major announcement at 4:00. a combination that can only mean one thing the problem is


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