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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it is thursday, april 28th. a new look at feel to the race for president following donald trump's sweep of super tuesday number 4 as candidates target indiana. a more polished trump emerged delivering a foreign policy speech. this as ted cruz starts campaigning with a new vice presidential pick. carly fiorina. last night, trump mocked cruz's decision to name a running mate so early. >> he set a record. he is the first presidential candidate in the history of the country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. it's a record. >> cnn's sunlen serfaty has the latest from the cruz campaign in indiana. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. senator cruz making another hail
2:01 am
mary pass making the move to name his vice presidential pick before he is the nominee. a move very widely seen as one that was intended to refocus attention on his campaign after a string of bruising losses. now the move was met with immediate criticism from frontrunner donald trump who said this is just a sign of desperation on the cruz campaign and said senator cruz should not waste his time naming a vp given he has no mathematical path forward without a contested convention. cruz addressed that in the announcement speech. >> it's tradition that the nominee is announced at the convention. it is unusual to make the announcement as early as we're doing so now. i think all would acknowledge this race, if anything, it is unusual. >> reporter: carly fiorina also
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addressed donald trump's criticism. the fact that trump was bringing up her past criticism when she was rivals with ted cruz. a statement she made in the past saying ted cruz will do anything and say anything to get elected. i asked her about that. here's how she responded. >> of course donald trump would do that. the guy who practices saying anything to get elected is actually donald j. trump. all of the stuff he is talking about. fighting the system. he's not going to fight the system. he is the system. he benefitted from the system all of his life. so, you know, see you out on the campaign trail, donald. >> reporter: cruz and fiorina will hit the campaign trail today barnstorming the state of indiana. this state has an oversized importance for the campaign. john and christine. >> thank you. >> in a rainy minneapolis. a lot going on in the race.
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joining us to talk about it all cnn politics managing editor is zach wolf. good morning to you. it is unusual to see someone not leading in a race pick a vice president nominee. it is unusual to do it months before the convention. why? >> well, usually these campaigns wait until close to the convention. it is supposed to be a big moment for them. you know, as they are sealing the support for the nominee. to use the momentum and shoot into the general election. for ted cruz, there is a very real possibility, maybe potentially a majority he will not have a general election. why is he picking a vice presidential candidate? he is probably trying to make people not think so much about his five losses on tuesday
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night. he needs to reset the table. he needs to get things going for himself. this is a way to change the conversation a bit. this is what we are talking about now instead of delegate math. >> trying to get some juice in there and look like a winner. to use a donald trump phrase. it was interesting. i found both speeches long. they both talked for a long time. carly fiorina and ted cruz. carly fiorina had the moment where she is saying to ted cruz's daughters that got a lot of buzz. i think overshadowed the substance. let's watch that moment. >> we've been traveling around the country. i've come to know ted and heidi and caroline and catherine. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore i'm so happy ♪ ♪ i can see them more
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>> zach, what do you make of that? >> you know, honestly, i don't know what to make of that. i guess they are trying to show they are working together. she can't sing as well as barack obama, who is our other singing politician in the country. it was a strange moment. >> she has bragged about her ability to come up with songs on the stump and in the moment. she was with stephen colbert when she could prove she could make up songs as she goes. ted cruz is comfortable with carly fiorina. she has been a very effective surrogate for him on the trail. no question having her by his side has been helpful up to that point. the question is does the vice presidential pick change anything leading in to indiana which is a few days away. a must win for him. the other thing that happened in the last 24 hours, donald trump gave a foreign policy speech with teleprompters at the mayflower hotel in washington,
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d.c. suppeorters loved it. maybe predictable criticism from all sorts of people. lindsey graham is not a friend. he would endorse a brick wall before he would endorse donald trump. madeleine albright said trump doesn't understand the complex foreign issues. so the speech criticized from people you may think would be critical of it. do you think the campaign is happy with the idea of pre-sending the more serious front? >> they are looking just as ted cruz is trying to shake things up in the primary, donald trump is looking to move to the general election. trying to look presidential. more subdued in his foreign policy speech. he has other policy speeches planned. he was introduced by a former
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bush administration official. he is trying to make that pivot. i think look more presidential. you know, it's one way to do it. he will need to do that if he will square off against hillary clinton. >> i think what they are trying to do is put meat on the policy of a series of sound bites on foreign policy over the past months. what is that policy? besides america first. what did we learn yesterday about what the world would look like with the donald trump presidency? >> he talked about summits he would have in europe and asia to reanalyze how the u.s. deals with those countries. how with the middle eastern world, he would want to reanalyze the agreements there between how the u.s. provides security. he's looking of america first. it sounds like a sound bite, but
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he's looking for ways to totally rethink american foreign policy. a remarkable thing. >> america first is a decades old with charles lindbergh with american isolationism. not sure it is intentional use of it. on the democratic side, bernie sanders cutting staff. hundreds of campaign workers laid off. they say it is the natural progression in the campaign. zach, it comes at a time when he is losing ground to hillary clinton in the delegate race. >> it is. you know, they can call it a natural progression. i'm not sure it is for a campaign looking toward november. he obviously had a difficult night on tuesday. he could have some more lucky think later in the calendar. they're focusing there. they don't need as many people or different people out in california. the west coast states they hope to do better. you know, the layoffs and getting rid of field operation i
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don't think speaks of people looking forward that far. >> zach, nice to see you. thanks. carly fiorina will be on "new day" for a live interview. that happens a couple hours from now in 7:00 hour. economic activity appears to have slowed. that's what the fed reserve said following the two-day policy meeting. the fed did not raise rates. the key target is between 0.25% and 0.50%. before yesterday's announcement, about 31% of investors forecast a rate increase in june. after, it dropped to 19%. a yawn from the stock market. the dow finished up 51 points. nasdaq fell. dow futures are lower. oil is higher. losses in european stock markets are worse. huge loss in tokyo after the
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the time of his death. prescription medication was found in his home at the time of his death. an official cause of death is not released. investigators are still waiting on autopsy and toxicology reports. illinois attorney general lisa madigan making the case after dennis hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison in a federal hush money case. he pleaded guilty wednesday to violating banking laws while trying to pay a man millions to conceal sex abuse. prosecutors say the abuse happened decades ago. too much time had passed to bring charges. a baltimore teenager is recovering this morning after police officers shot him as he ran with a replica handgun. authorities say the 13-year-old took off when he was spotted with what looked to them as a
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semiautomatic pistol. baltimore police commissioner kevin davis believes the officer did not act inappropriately. the accused killer of the saints football player will appear in court this morning. cardell hayes will appear in court for the death of will smith. authorities say hayes gunned down smith in a road rage incident. the man who admits opening fire in the planned parenthood in colorado killing three people has a day in court. the hearing focuses on robert dear's mental health. the doctor and police detective may testify. during outbursts in court, dear declared himself a warrior for babies. tennessee has a new law on the books that critics are
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they beat the rockets to move to round two of the playoffs. andy scholes, i know this is difficult. >> it is. the warriors made it look easy. you know what? the rockets helped them make it look easy. houston with the worst team chemistry you will see. look at the first quarter. james harden scored 18 points. no one else made a shot. 0 for 15 in the first quarter. klay thompson was on fire the game. hitting threes from everywhere. he had 27 points. check out steph curry on the bench. not sure he should pick up green. warriors win this by 33 points. they face the winner between the clippers and blazers. portland up 3-2. hornets and heat with game five last night. under a minute to go, charlotte down one. courtney lee knocked down the three. the heat had one last chance,
2:23 am
but dwyane wade have the shot blocked. hornets win, 90-88. they lead the series 3-2. we have one game tonight on tnt. the celtics will try to keep the se season alive. phyllfil philadelphia last . check this out. his shattered bat gets stuck in the high protective netting and you can see the jagged edge on the bat. it actually got stuck in the expanded netting that was put in place this season. good thing that bat did not make its way into the stands. the wait is almost over for nfl fans. tonight is the nfl draft. the rams are officially on the clock. they will take a quarterback with that first pick. they are not giving hints, but the heavy favorite to go number
2:24 am
one is cal's jared goff. and carson wentz is expected as well. john, there's good news and bad news for you tonight. the bad news is the patriots don't have a first round pick because of deflategate. you don't have to stay up to watch the draft. >> that is a guilty pleasure. i love watching the draft. she gets why i watch sports, but why the draft? >> i love the draft as well. i wish there wasn't so much time in between each pick in the first round. it seems like it takes forever. >> thank you, andy. romans has had enough. blah, blah, blah. thanks. ted cruz hoping to energize his campaign by naming a running mate before obtaining the nomination. that's next.
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republican race for president shaking up. donald trump with the foreign policy speech. the world reacting and ted cruz tries to energize his campaign. and after a string of losses, bernie sanders cuts hundreds of jobs. and the dea investigating prince's death. did prescription painkillers play a role? welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. a new running mate for the candidate who is not winning and new speech and maybe a new style from the guy who is. donald trump trying the te teleprompter and ted cruz with an unprecedented move naming a vice presidential pick months before the convention and while
2:30 am
he is running a distant second place. that pick you see right there. carly fiorina. last night, donald trump spoke about this. he was careful not to criticize carly fiorina, but he did mock what ted cruz is doing. >> he has set a record though. he is the first presidential candidate in the history of the country who is mathematically he li eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> cnn's sunlen serfaty has the latest from indiana. >> reporter: senator cruz making another hail mary pass. making the unusual move to name his vice presidential pick before he is even the nominee. a move very widely seen as one that was intended to refocus attention on the campaign after a string of bruising losses.
2:31 am
the move was met with immediate criticism from donald trump who said this is just a sign of desperation on the cruz campaign and senator cruz should not waste his time choosing a vp given he has no mathematical path forward without a contested convention. cruz addressed that head on in his speech. >> it is tradition that a vice presidential nominee is announced at the convention. it is unusual to make the announcement as we are doing so now. i think all would knowledge this race, if anything, it is unusual. >> reporter: carly fiorina addressed donald trump's criticism. the fact that trump was bringing up her past criticism when she was rivals with ted cruz. statement she made in the past saying that ted cruz will do anything and say anything to get elected.
2:32 am
i asked her about that. >> of course, donald trump would do that. the guy who practices anything to get elected is donald trump. all the stuff he is talking about. fighting the system. he is not fighting the system. he is the system. he benefitted from the system all his life. see you on the campaign trail, donald. >> reporter: cruz and fiorina will hit the campaign trail together. they will barnstorm the state of indiana together. the state certainly holds an oversized importance for the campaign now the stations have been significantly raised. >> you can see the new signage already. >> joining us to discuss the donald trump foreign policy speech and ted cruz he's pick for veep and shake up in bernie sanders campaign is zach wolf. let's talk about the timing of the move from ted cruz.
2:33 am
trying to get juice into a campaign. he is running a distant second. >> a distant second. usually people pick a nominee when they are headed into the convention. a sign of momentum to propel into the general election. for cruz, there is a chance or probability there will not be a general election. he just wants to change the conversation, i think, from losing five states on tuesday, to get everybody talking about this and not delegate math. maybe he did okay in that regard. >> you heard trump criticize the pick. he was careful not to criticize carly fiorina after the comp complicated relationship they had in the fall. barbara boxer who defeated carly fiorina in the senate race years
2:34 am
ago. we have her tweet. slogan idea for the cruz/fiorina ticket. mean and meaner. i suppose unsurprising reaction from someone who campaigned against carly fiorina. look at the glass half full. what would carly fiorina add to the cruz campaign? why is cruz so fond of her politically speaking? >> she has experience going after donald trump. she's a woman. i think that helps. especially after donald trump's comments about the woman card the other night. she effectively faced him down a couple of times on the campaign stage. she has been at his side. she has been out there loyal to ted cruz ever since she endorsed him. she does bring name recognition in california. she did not win that race. although people have seen her on the ballot. she won a tough primary in the senate race in 2010.
2:35 am
those could be glass half full things. >> donald trump had a speech yesterday. they billed it as a major foreign policy speech trying to weave together the months of sound bites of america losing and other countries not playing fair and trying to put policy meat on the bones. you describe this. listen to what he said about how america first will be his theme. listen. >> america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. we're getting out of the nation building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world. our moments of greatest strength came when politics ended at the water's edge. >> he went on to bash the clinton and obama world view. he tied them together saying it is sewn confusion around the world.
2:36 am
was there a lot of policy in the speech? >> i don't think there were a lot of details. if you are looking for a theme, it is existing alliances reexamined and new alliances formed. he said nice things about russia. despite triade, we should look t the way we trade with china and europe and the middle east and asia and the countries we work with need to pony up and contribute more to their own defense. it would be a major -- if anybody needed a reminder that a donald trump presidency could change things, this could be a totally alignment of foreign policy from him. >> interesting moves on the democratic side of the race. we heard late yesterday, bernie sanders laying off hundreds of campaign workers and staff. very big cut back in the campaign. the sanders team says it is natural progression.
2:37 am
fewer states on the map. they don't need as many people to run them. it does seem this is reaction to the string of defeats he suffered recently. >> that's right. he could have some good nights later on in the contest. they are refocusing out west where the states are yet to come. it doesn't seem in a lot of ways if you are looking toward november and general election, you need people organizing in those states you just won. you know, it is hard to see what's going on in the sanders campaign. they will carry it through until the last votes are cast. >> zach wolf, nice to see you this morning. bright and early. >> thank you. big morning on "new day." carly fiorina. the newly minted running mate for the republican campaign. donald trump putting america first in the first big foreign policy speech.
2:38 am
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donald trump, we have been telling you about him laying out the aggressive global footprint from the foreign policy speech. proposing an olive branch for russia and vowing to take down isis. we have reaction from around the world. let bring in cnn's nic robertson in london and will ripley in tokyo and fred pleitgen. we have covered this for some time from donald trump. specifically about china. he says china is unfair and china is cheating.
2:43 am
that china -- the united states should have the power to change china's behavior. he is talking about slapping tariffs on china's goods. he is talking about a trade war to reset the table. what is the reaction from china on his comments yesterday? >> reporter: the reaction publicly is that they believe that whoever is elected u.s. president, the dynamics of the u.s./china relationship, trade and wootherwise will remain the same. they would say the proposals are ridiculous and have disastrous consequences. if the u.s. starts taxes chinese imports, the next thing you know, both economies could hit a recession. that's what economic leaders here are fearful of.
2:44 am
others could be affected. there could be job losses. a global recession. that's not even taking into account the built situation with china's increased assertiveness. >> a lot of the criticism of the obama foreign policy and one area he emerges is unwillingness to engage in outreach. listen to what he said about that. >> some say the russians won't be reasonable. i intend to find out. if we can't make a deal under my administration, a deal that's great, not good. great for america. also good for russia. then we will quickly walk from the table. it's as simple as that. >> if we can, i would love to
2:45 am
get the russian reaction, fred, from you, who is in moscow. nic, what the europeans are saying. this affects them. fred, you first. >> reporter: absolutely. the russians happy, of course, about what donald trump said. one of the things the russians have been trying to do since 2014 is they want the sanctions against them to be lifted. the ones in place since they annexed crimea. one of the things under the obama administration is saying, we can talk about the sanctions going away. you have to top meddling in ukraine and give crimea back. he wants outreach with russia and the u.s. he doesn't even mention ukraine. that's something that the russians will have been pleased to hear. the other thing is the russians felt the impact of terrorism on themselves which is something that he believes that the russians and u.s. could work
2:46 am
closely together to fight isis. right now, the obama administration is reluctant to do because of the russian support of bashar al assad. it is no secret that president putin and donald trump have both expressed somewhat admiration for one another. certainly it seems these two gentlemen believe that they could work with each other. >> nic, the critics of donald trump in the u.s. say he has not thought deeply about the foreign policy. saying he is learning this as he goes along. lindsey graham says i'm not sure who is advising trump on foreign policy, but i understand why he is not revealing their names. madeleine albright with scathing analysis of trump. no understanding of complex international issues. no serious proposals. what is the international reaction of donald trump as he gets closer to the nomination and potential to have the big
2:47 am
job in the white house? from the international perspective, nic, is he a serious student of foreign policy? >> reporter: no one is saying that. the reaction is anything but. a few months ago, the british prime minister david cameron calling trump's comments about banning muslims travels into the united states. he said that was divisive and wrong and stupid. david cameron had the chance to roll that statement back. he said he would not do that. there was little detail yesterday that could give them substance to hold on to. plenty for them to worry about. here in europe, the nato allies of the united states. the nato partners paying their way. the perception in nato and this
2:48 am
comes from the military commanders of nato. u.s. generals believe that russia is the biggest threat to europe. that's why we're seeing an influx of american fighter planes in romania. u.s. troops on the ground. nato in eastern europe bolstering the defenses of the countries. the european allies look at the thin straw through details and reaching out to russia which doesn't seem to fit anyone's think of geo politics right now. you have to say there is caution and concern not a small amount of worry. >> guys, thank you for analysis. we will talk about this in the days ahead. thanks. time for an early start on your money. a selloff. dow futures lower. 150 points lower. investors are unhappy. european stocks are lower.
2:49 am
ste steepening losses. central bank in tokyo said no to more stimulus. facebook profits surged 200% from this time last year. revenue up 52%. the facebook reach is bigger. 1.65 billion people use facebook each month. that is important for social media companies. facebook stock up 4% this year. jumping 9% pre-market. the cone shaped rise game after the last earnings report. if you own facebook, you are in for a big day of gains. >> i'm sure you should like my page. let's see what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota loves my page. >> how many times have i said that? let me tell you what is coming up. donald trump unveiling a foreign policy plan in a major speech. critics have not been kind.
2:50 am
what was in it? we are talking with his campaign. ted cruz naming his running mate carly fiorina. why now? we have the perfect person to ask. carly fiorina is live in the 7:00 hour. we are hearing from the youngest survivor in the mass shooting in kalamazoo, michigan. we will have a lot to get to on "new day." new information on prince's death investigation. was the music icon addicted to prescription painkillers? i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn!
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. breaking overnight. a source tells cnn that prince had opioid medication on i at t time of his death.
2:55 am
prescription medication was found in his home. he was treated for an overdose a week before he died. dea was brought in to help with the probe. the official cause of death is not released. new calls this morning to eliminate the statute of child sex crimes. lisa madigan is making that case. it comes the day after dennis hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison. he pleaded guilty while trying to pay a man millions to conceal sex abuse. prosecutors say that abuse happened decades ago when hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach. the man admits to opening fire in the planned parenthood in colorado will have a hearing this morning. a doctor who conducted robert
2:56 am
dear's mental exam may testify. dear has declared himself as a warrior for the babies. tennessee now has a new law on the books that critics are slamming as anti-lgbt. allowing counselors to refuse treating patients based on religious freedom and beliefs. it requires them to give patient referrals. those critics say it is harder to get help when needed. investors awaiting another round of corporate earnings news. most disappointing. oil is down a bit here. stocks in europe are adding to loses here. also some gloom in japan. central bank announcing it won't do more to stimulate the economy. great news for travelers.
2:57 am
airfare is dropping. the average domestic ticket fell to $363 in the last quarter. analysts say airlines base prices are profit and not oil. depressed fuel prices take time to trickle down. that means lower fares could be on the way. experts say increased competition from low-cost carrier s is forcing carriers to match. a government watch dog says it is a myth that no one went to jail in the bailout. 35 bankers have been sentenced to prison. more than $400 billion in troubled asset relief program funds were send. the t.a.r.p. inspector general was accused of the crimes. and smaller banks rather than
2:58 am
massive fraud at wall street banks. the inspector general is still investigating hundreds of cases. a lot going on in the presidential race. new reaction of donald trump's big foreign policy speech. new reaction to ted cruz's running mate. including from that running mate herself. "new day" picks up now. >> our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. weakness, confusion and disar y disarray. >> an extraordinary leader and the next vice president of the united states. carly fiorina. >> this is the fight of our time. >> he can't win. what he's doing picking vice presidents? >> bernie sanders laying off hundreds of campaign workers. >> i am very good at arithmetic and we are behind.
2:59 am
they want to know where these medications came from. >> we are way too cavalier with the prescribing of these medications. >> this is new day with chris cuomo. >> good morning. welcome to your new day. it's thursday, april 28th. 6:00 in the east and up first, donald trump outlining his foreign policy plan with a very blunt message. america comes first. his doctrine was admittedly thin on details drawing a negative reaction across the political spectrum. while that was going on ted cruz was trying to get some attention by announcing his running mate. carly fiorina. will it make a difference with voters in indiana? we'll speak live with her and she can tell you for herself. >> and bernie sanders beginnings laying off hundreds of workers. what is his path forward now? let's begin with phil, live in washington. >> reporter: for weeks it has
3:00 am
appeared donald trump has been struggling with who exactly he wants to be on the campaign trail. the boisterous showman who's electrified thousands at his rallies or a deal maker who behind the scenes is a respected statesman. it became very clear yesterday. he has not made up his mind yet. a tail of two donald trumps. a five-state victory. >> now we're down to two stragglers, let's be nice. >> reporter: mocking ted cruz announcing his running mate. and ridiculing his alliance with republican rival john kasich. >> this little marriage of the two of them, boy did that backfire. i call them the colluders. right? the colluders. i love talking about it because >>at stupid decisions.


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