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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  April 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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that did that. >> in the soviet union gorbachev decides to do something bold and he says let's separate sdi from reducing the nuclear stockpile. once he does this, it opens up the possibility for a third summit. >> relive the '80s tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. ted cruz is lucifer in the flesh, the most miserable son of rhymes with witch he has ever worked with. those insults not from donald trump but from john boehner emerging from the shadows to torch ted cruz before the race of his life. >> what does that mean for the never trump movement? why the republican establishment is warming up to the billionaire. chilling new details about prince's final hours.
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sources now tell cnn what was found on the music legend and how days before he was treated for a possible overdose. hello there. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. just moments from now ted cruz and his brand new running mate, carly fiorina, will be hitting the stage for their first full day of campaigning together. we're going to take you to ft. wayne, indiana, where they will be making their pitch to indiana voters as soon as they begin their freshly minted message aimed at stopping donald trump's march to the republican nomination. the front-runner this morning mocking that new alliance. >> their freshly minted message. it still has that new car smell, the message does. but the mocking donald trump gave the announcement nothing compared to the tongue-lashing cruz just received from another front, the former speaker of the house. raining down political hellfire almost literally.
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he reportedly described ted cruz as lucifer in the flesh. let's bring in david chalon. david, i don't think the former speaker meant that in a nice way. >> i don't think so either. in fact, it's not the first time that he has referred to ted cruz as lucifer. this is sort of -- has become boehner's nickname for him perhaps. let's take a look at what else he said in stanford when he was out there for an interview in palo alto, guys. he said, quote, i have democrat friends and republican friends. i get along with almost everyone, but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a blank in my life. that -- there's no equivocating there, right? john boehner's views on ted cruz are pretty darn clear, don't you think? >> yes, i think so. i think we could take it that way. and also, david, ted cruz responded, i believe. you can get to that, but that also gets -- this comes at a very critical time for ted cruz.
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the make or break, the hail mary, the everything being thrown at it moment in indiana for ted cruz. >> that is true, and you're right, ted cruz did respond in a tweet which is how modern day campaigning responses work. he said, quote, tell me again who will stand up to washington? trump, who's boehner's texting and golfing buddy, a reference to something boehner said in that reference or carly and me. listen, guys, i don't know if you will remember but back last september ted cruz went to address a social conservative gathering in washington on the very day that boehner announced his resignation and he praised those grassroots conservatives for coming to town and driving boehner out of town. this has not been a friendly duo for quite some time, but i think ted cruz has a point in his response. i don't know many republican primary voters this season taking their cues from john boehner, the former speaker of the house. you know, it is exactly the energy that has fueled donald
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trump and ted cruz to the top of the field after this very crowded nomination season that is the same energy that ousted john boehner. so i don't know how much impact john boehner's comments are going to have on ted cruz. >> oh, we will see though. that's for sure, david. thank you so much. >> all right. we need to discuss this further because naughty words were used. our panel -- >> it just makes us giggle. >> journalist, kayleigh mcnanny, susan del percio, and errol louis. susan, we've all come to know the never trump movement. they played a big role over the last month in the campaign. are we now seeing with this from john boehner and some others the emergence of a never cruz movement? >> well, they're certainly going to have to take sides in what they want to do. i think what they're saying right now is the frustration with cruz. the lose with cruz movement, if
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you will, has been losing steam. that's what we saw about maybe six or eight weeks ago. the stop trump folks actually thought let's lose with cruz because at least the party will remain intact. now they seem to be shifting that it's actually better to get behind donald trump because he's most likely going to be the party's nominee and that cruz is becoming much more of a spoiler to this than actually anyone else could be. >> and no one who knows john boehner will be surprised by his remarks. i mean maybe only surprised that he said them so publicly, but this is john boehner on the loose now that he's no longer in office, i guess we'll see. ted cruz, if you take that statement of how ted cruz responded, errol, it seems tell me again who will stand up against washington? boehner and trump essentially or carly and me? it seems that they are welcoming this and they could just embrace this as part of his he stands up against the washington cartel
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message. >> well, that's right. that's where cruz wanted to be all along. frankly, it's not as if he could walk away from it. once you call the head of your conference on the floor and refuse to retract it, you're pretty much sort of setting yourself in stone. i think though he's finding out that the lose with cruz movement or suggestion or strategy doesn't have the backing of the voters. doesn't have the backing really of his colleagues. doesn't have the backing of the insiders or outsiders. it leaves him in a sle difficult place, and i think that partly explains the big gap in delegates between him and donald trump. >> it's a dangerous ground though for donald trump because, you know, take ted cruz's point. donald trump is texting and golfing with a former speaker of the house. that as insidery as it gets. and isn't donald trump supposed to be an outsider. >> i don't think it's going to hurt him because he laid down his stakes earlier in the cycle when he stood with colorado voters and says i'm against
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disinen from chine disinfranchising 1 million colorado voters. we see colorado is now going to let their citizens vote next time. you know, hippie, yeah, hooray, we get to be excited we get to vote next time around. he laid his stakes at the beginning when ted cruz was embracing these shady tactics. it's time for the party to come together because we can't beat hillary otherwise. >> so i want to take a moment to look at the democratic side of the race. the announcement from the bernie sanders campaign that they're laying off hundreds of their campaign staff. they say that this is the evolution of a campaign, but is that the evolution of a campaign that's looking to a general election? >> no. i think bernie sanders is kind of acting in a classy way. he's just saying the writing is on the wall and he's got a huge following, and he's going to respect that following by taking it all the way, but, you know, you already have signs of him kind of moderating the criticism
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against hillary. she's got a big job ahead of her in order to keep his voters or get his voters to follow her. you know, i think her best gambit is just to say, you know, look at the alternative, right? look at trump. like you got to stay with me. you know, sanders looks like he's going to go along and be kind of a good democrat. >> when you know you're going to back out of a campaign or you think you're going to win rather, if you're going to go into the general, you reallocate resources. you put them in different places. you don't fire people. so it's a clear sign that he has -- he's going to wind this down. >> donald trump is one of the cheapest guys allegedly around, and he's staffing up right now because he thinks he may be going to the general election or wants to get there. bernie sanders cutting is a different story. i want to go back to the never trump movement, errol, because something interesting has happened. tim miller, a spokesman for our principles back which is the pre-eminent pac fighting donald trump now, is essentially threatening republicans to get off the sidelines now and get
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into the game of stopping trump, and he did some tweets this morning. he said if your 2020 litmus test is did you stand up for conservative values in the face of an orange demagogic gop takeover, the field is rather small. and then he went on cc governor pence in indiana, among many others. governor pence hasn't endorsed yet, and i think you can see ted cruz supporters and people who want to stop trump there. >> the business at hand is the fall elections and the next administration. for a lot of people around apparently including governor pence, they don't see it the way the never trump people see it. look, it is so unreasonable to ask any sitting politician to back somebody they think cannot win for any reason. >> stand up on principle if they agree with him?
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>> you know, the principle of losing and being out of the game or the principle of being on the outs with the white house for hour years is a tough one. >> practicality. >> if you are in charge of the state of indiana and you have to look out for your constituents, annoying the next president if you think that's going to be the next president, if you really look at the numbers and you sort of see it one way is really hard and in a way sort of unprincipled to ask somebody, throw your constituents to the worls, throw your own political career in the backseat because of this principle that we think you should hold to. maybe he's not -- >> and it's also really hard to ask someone to stand up with you when you have nobody that you're supporting. you're saying come be with me in this, you know, super pac and go against donald trump. i'm asking you to support washington insiders super pac donors? who? there's no one there. >> susan has such a salient point. there are people, and it's a small group, our principles pac is the leader, who have staked
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their claim on being negative. negative denial of a candidate rather than passionate advocacy on behalf of a candidate and that's a problem the conservative movement has had for a while. the party of no. that's been the reputation and this negative never trump movement is at the helm of it. it's a small group and they're going away. >> a lot more to talk about. >> on just that topic. we learned moments from now ted cruz will be speaking with rompers in ft. wayne, indiana, before he's going to be holding a rally. it looks like they're setting up for it right now. we'll see how he reacts. he might be asked about john boehner. >> i bet that's why they're setting up the press conference. republican lawmakers may be warming up to the idea of donald trump as the nominee. will the party fall in line behind him? and also new details into prince's death. pills found with the singer at the time of his death. what role did they play? we'll be right back. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road.
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8:16 am
digging, some really interesting conversations, manu. tell us what you learned. >> reporter: it's been a remarkable shift over the last couple weeks. republicans were very nervous that donald trump would actually wipe away their senate majority, possibly even put the house at risk, but that's started to change as trump is starting to move towards the republican nomination and republicans are looking for unit. john cornyn told me in february that trump could be an albatross to down ticket republicans. when i asked him about that yesterday, he said trump could expand the map, perhaps could win the majority. we'll be fine, he said. similarly mark sanford two supports ted cruz said we're getting around to the fact that donald trump could be the nominee. earlier today on "new day" tom coburn, a big time trump critic, sounded more open to the idea of trump being the nominee. >> i think he's going to be the nominee. it seems obvious to me at this time. it's going to be pretty hard to stop him, and what i would say,
8:17 am
he's probably wearing on people where they're starting to see something besides superlatives and starting to see some substance, and so i think it's something that we're going to see over time. >> now, i should caution there are still a lot of folks in that never trump movement including lindsey graham of south carolina who said the republicans would be creamed if donald trump becomes the nominee but clearly there's a split on capitol hill and some folks are starting to embrace the idea that trump will be the party's standard bearer. >> manu, great reporting. let's bring back our panel to discuss. andrew, does it sound to you or seem to you like d.c. insiders, these elected officials, are warming to donald trump or are they coming to terms with donald trump, and i suppose does the distinction matter? >> you know, these are transactional people. you know, let's take a step back for a second. if the election were held today, it would be a complete washout,
8:18 am
right? the majority of americans have unfavorable view of donald trump. three-quarters of women have an unfavorable view of him. 91% of african-americans have an unfavorable view of him. so i don't think you're going to see a stampede towards donald trump. i think you're going to see a trickle towards donald trump. i mean, you know, like i said, these are transactional people and the women's vote alone is a major problem, and there was a reason that carly fiorina was singing lull laabies during her speech. they're going after the women's vote. a huge problem for donald trump. >> i want to get back to the never trump movement and kind of the impact and maybe the postmortem that may already be happening with the never trump movement. you touched on this, the florida governor actually said, and, yes, he's a trump supporter, but he said the never trump movement never worked, it needs to be disbanded. he wrote if the anti-trump groups don't stop now, their efforts will be nothing more than a contribution to the
8:19 am
clinton campaign. if the never trump movement hasn't worked, just start there, is it helping the clinton campaign though? >> i don't think they've done anything as to date that would actually help hillary clinton. donald trump's negatives and the things that people dislike about him are very clear and well known and defined. donald trump has, in fact, been the one to define himself, going out there, saying things that people -- every day saying i can't believe he said that. and then doubling down on them whether it's -- what he said about hillary clinton and being a woman is the only thing she has going for her and then double downing on it the next day. but it is a very good point as to if -- do you have to recognize that this movement isn't working, and i think there's a lot of people in washington who are concerned that not only is this not working, that donald trump's message and why we have to more or less come to terms with it and figure out how to maybe not embrace it but calculate our own campaigns against it is that
8:20 am
this is going to be a populist campaign. donald trump is going to not move necessarily pivot to the center but pivot to this system is rigged and throw the bums out. so you're going to have a lot of people who are incumbent who are going to be very, very scared. >> kayli, leteigh, let's talk a the message. yesterday was a big foreign policy speech. there were some things specifically not discussed. he didn't talk about building the wall, he didn't talk about banning muslims from ener itting the united states. he didn't talk about bringing back torture, didn't talk about giving nuclear weapons or having japan and south korea get nuclear weapons again. is that an acknowledgment if those proposals, if they were that before, are wrong? is he softening his message or is he just -- is he just trying to address a different audience? >> a different audience because here is the thing, for a long time he was trying to differentiate himself vis-a-vis a republican field. now he's trying to differentiate himself vis-a-vis hillary clinton. it doesn't mean the proposals go
8:21 am
away but he needs to draw a contrast. now hillary clinton looks like a neoconservative interventionist in syria and donald trump is drawing the contrast i am going to do the reverse. i'm going to put america first. we are going to say here. so it is an odd reverse aal hily clinton looking like a neocon. >> thanks a lot. >> really appreciate it. we have coming up new details about the hours before prince died. what police found with the musical icon and how he was treated for a potential overdose just days before his death. we'll go to minneapolis. and comedian larry willmore hosting the white house correspondents' dinner this weekend. in a rapid fire response, he tells me what he really thinks. word association about the field of presidential candidates. >> what did he say about john berman when you said john berman? >> he loved me.
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live pictures from indiana where the cruz campaign just put together a news conference pretty quickly. we expect to hear ted cruz to respond to john boehner who called him lucifer in the flesh. we'll bring this to you when it starts. first, we have new details into the death of the music icon prince. the medical examiner there says it could still be weeks before learning the official autopsy results, but investigators do say now that prescription drugs, they were found with prince when he was discovered unresponsive in his home.
8:27 am
>> there's more too. remember the health scare the week before his death when the plane he was on had to make an unscheduled stop. it turns out prince may have been treated for a potential overdose of pain medication. that is according to the official. cnn's stephanie elam is live from outside prince's home in chanhassen, minnesota. stephanie, what are you learning? >> reporter: right. well, this is the newest development that we have here is this powerful painkiller that was found on prince's body and also in his house here at paisley park. this is coming from officials saying this is what is happening here. so interesting enough for these investigators that they've looped in the dea to help them. at issue, they want to find out who is prescribing this medication to prince, if he was overprescribed, and if it could have interfered with any other medicines he may have been taking. when you combine this with the fact that this happened and the fact that plane did come down early on his flight back from atlanta from those concerts about a week before he passed
8:28 am
away. they're looking at these two things and trying to figure out if they are linked since they do believe he was treated for a potential overdose at that time. so that's where the investigation is now going. of course, as you said, the toxicology report will clarify a lot of this, but it will be a couple more weeks before we actually know the answers, kate and john. >> a couple more weeks still. stephanie elam with the details for us. stephanie, thank you so much. let's continue the discussion and bring in right now cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta with much more on this. sanjay, it's great to see you. a couple things on this and i know this is an area you've done a lot of reporting on, on the fact that there is this -- the reporting is that his plane made an emergency landing and he was possibly treated for an overdose in the hospital days before his death. what would that treatment have actually entailed. what would he have been like after work. >> well, there's a well-known treatment for this exact sort of thing. it's a medication known as
8:29 am
narcan or thnaloxone. it's basically an antidote for an overdose of open ouioidopioi. it with work very, very quickly. it can essentially rescue or save someone in the throes of an ov overdose. typically within a half our or 30 to 90 minutes that medication is really out of the body. so someone can be pretty much back to normal fairly quickly after taking a medication like this, and it's used quite often in situations like this situation possibly was. >> you know, sanjay, the painkillers being discussed here, just how addictive are they? >> well, you know, john, they can be very addictive. there are plenty of people out there who get legitimate pain pills for legitimate pain concerns, and they do well. they come off of them with no problem. but, you know, there's a certain percentage of people who do
8:30 am
become addicted to these. they have to keep taking them, and it's not just a physical dependence on them. it is an addiction meaning that it actually interferes with their way of life. no one is suggesting that's specifically what happened here, but, john, one of the statistics that always drives me a little bit insane is that in the united states we consume 80% of the world's pain pills. we're 5% of the world's population. we take 80% of the world's pain pills in the united states, and we pay the price. every 19 minutes or so someone dies of an accidental overdose. so it's a real concern. again, there are plenty of people who have pain, take these very appropriately, and have no problems with it. but when you hear statistics like that, it's pretty mind-boggling. >> that's an amazing statistic. you have done interviews about it. i spoke to the surgeon general about this issue as well. it's really amazing that statistic you throw out there. sanjay, great to see you. thank you so much. again, we await the results coming from the medical examiner, the toxicology report still a couple weeks away.
8:31 am
also waiting for a ted cruz news conference. what will he say about what john boehner has been saying about him. you're looking at live pictures. and beyond that, taking his comedy and satire from late night to the white house. larry wilmore, the big most of the big white house correspondents' dinner. i had a chance to sit down with him, and he told me every joke he plans on telling. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house,
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we want to take you straight to ft. wayne, indiana, where ted cruz and carly fiorina are speaking right now. let's listen in. >> -- a conservative campaign based on solid policy solutions to the real problems facing this country, based on bringing jobs back to america, bringing manufacturing jobs back to
8:36 am
indiana, raising wages for the working men and women of this country. yesterday we made a major announcement that if i am the republican nominee, my vice presidential nominee will be carly fiorina. the reaction has been tremendously positive to that announcement. carly is a remarkable leader, an incredibly successful business leader who started as a secretary and climbed the corporate ladder to become the ceo of the largest technology company in the world, the first female ceo of a fortune 20 company in history. carly has spent her whole life shattering glass ceilings, and in naming a vice presidential nominee, that may well be the most solemn and serious decision any presidential candidate has. you look for someone who is prepared to do the job from day one. the most important job of a vice president is if the president is
8:37 am
incapacitated, to be prepared to step in and lead the country, to be prepared to deal with the challenges facing america, the economic challenges, bringing jobs back to america. you want to nominate someone who has the knowledge both of our domestic economy and of the world to do the job, someone who has the judgment, someone who is measured and careful, not hot headed, not rash, not popping off at whatever the latest twitter storm is, but instead who is a serious leader we can trust to be commander in chief and keep this country safe, and you want someone with character. you want someone who is honest and trustworthy, who can be counted on to fulfill the promises made to the american people. all of us are furious with politicians who say anything, who play a role, who play a part, who pretend on the campaign trail and then go to washington and they become part
8:38 am
of that same corrupt washington system that enriches big business, enriches wall street, and leaves the working men and women of indiana out in the cold. enough of that already. we need, instead, leaders who will fight for the hard-working men and women of this country, and i will tell you you could not ask for a clearer contrast than the contrast between carly and me on the one side as conservative-tested, trusted leaders that you can count on to fight for you versus on the other side donald trump and hillary clinton. donald and hillary are flip sides of the same coin. hillary has made millions selling power and influence in washington, and donald has made billions buying politiians like hillary clinton. hillary and donald are the system. if you're fed up with the corruption of washington, that's why so many hoosiers, that's why
8:39 am
so many republicans, that's why so many americans are uniting behind our campaign, because we want, instead, real solutions to the problems facing this country. carly? >> well, it's fantastic to be here in indiana. obviously i was very humbled and honored to accept the senator's offer to be his running mate yesterday, and it's very exciting as we barnstorm the state in the bus, back in the bus with the girls, but i think, you know, he talked about hillary clinton and donald trump being two sides of the same coin, part of the system. boy, is that ever true. boy, is that ever true. and all you got to do is look at the amount of money donald trump has given, whether it's to the dccc or the john boehner super pac. he's bought off politicians all his life, and that system, that corrupt system of insiders and double dealing and crony
8:40 am
capitalism is why the people of america, the vast majority of the american people, 80% of us, have now concluded the federal government is incompetent and corrupt. it is. and that we have an insider system that works for some. it works for people like donald trump. he's big and powerful and wealthy and well connected, but it doesn't work for most of us. and so what you have here is a fearless fighter who as a conservative understands that the thing that ails us is too much money and too much power concentrated in the hands of too few, and we need to put money and power back where it belongs, in citizens' hands, in communities' hands, and in the states. >> senator, number one, how do you and ms. for rena combat the criticism you're hearing that this move is an act of desperation, and then part two, can you answer that after -- >> no. >> part two is john boehnering you in the most miserable s.o.b.
8:41 am
he ever worked with, that you're lucifer in the flesh. how do you square that with the necessity to pull together some of those establishment republicans. >> let's start with the first point. it surprises precisely nobody that donald trump's response to my announcing carly was to engage in insults. listen, donald $one of four things, he yells, screams, curses or insults. i suppose you could start a drinking game on which of the four donald is going to start given to any stimulus. but he insults anybody and everybody he encounters, so of course he would scream desperate. that is donald trump. it's the only way he knows how to operate. yesterday when we made the announcement, i gave the reasons why we made the announcement early. it's certainly unusual to make a vice presidential announcement early before the convention, but this is if anything an unusual presidential cycle. and as i explained yesterday, the reason for making the
8:42 am
announcement was seferveral-fol. number one, to unite the party. our party is fractured right now. if we remain fractured, we will lose. donald trump keeps trying to divide the party, to tear us into bits. if we are fractured we lose. if we unite we're going to win the nomination and more importantly we're going to win the general election and beat hillary clinton. i think carly is a powerful leader to help unite this party and bring us all together. but secondly, i think it's important for the people of indiana, for the american people to know exactly what you're going to get and to give a clear choice. donald trump and hillary clinton are virtually indistinguishable on policy issues across the field. donald trump and hillary clinton both have come out in support of raising taxes. i think the people of indiana pay too much in taxes already. as president i'm going to cut your taxes. we're going to adopt a simple flat tax and abolish the irs.
8:43 am
donald trump and hillary clinton both support the individual mandate in obamacare. i think obamacare is the biggest job killer in america and as president i'm going to repeal every word of obamacare. and by the way, if you're concerned about jobs and economic growth, raising taxes and keeping the obamacare individual mandate will kill small businesses and drive jobs overseas. donald trump and hillary clinton both support allowing illegal immigrants to become u.s. citizens. donald would fly them home to their home countries first, then let them come back as u.s. citizens. as president i will stop amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. donald trump and hillary clinton on foreign policy both think we sm should be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president we will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. donald trump and hillary clinton both think we should keep this
8:44 am
iranian nuclear deal. donald gave a speech yesterday saying we have to keep the deal, we have to keep our word. well, that's what hillary clinton says too. that's what big government liberals say. that's what people who do not understand the nature of ayatollah khomeini and islamic terrorism say. i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. and if the republican party allows the choice in november to be a choice between two new york big government liberals, we will have failed the american people. we will have failed the american people badly because both donald trump and hillary clinton are washington insiders. indeed, donald trump's entire campaign like hillary clinton's is run by washington lobbyists. donald's lobbyist campaign manager just last week told the top officials at the rnc that donald was simply, quote, playing a role, playing a part
8:45 am
that he doesn't mean. anything that he's saying, that this is all fake, that he's a phony. we know hillary clinton is a phony. i suppose i'll give donald's lobbyist campaign manager credit for candor. normally people don't admit their a phony until after the election. donald is telling us he's lying to us. and so this announcement gives a clear contrast. you couldn't ask for a clearer contrast than the contrast between carly and me on one side and donald and hillary on the other. and i think the people of indiana want a positive, optimistic, conservative message going forward, a clear contrast. donald and hillary believe in more government is the solution to every problem. i think government is the problem, and as president, i'm going to get the federal government off of your backs, off of small businesses' backs. we're going to bring back jobs, raise wages, expand opportunity, and we do that by getting government off of our backs.
8:46 am
donald's attack is false. i know that's a shocking statement but, look, donald -- there's a reason donald wants everyone to think this race is over. you know, donald strutted out to stage after the last election and declared himself the presumptive nominee. i know that act of humility was an astonishing thing from donald. donald wants this race to be over because he cannot earn a majority of the delegates who have been elected by the people. donald had a good week. he had a good week in the northeast where he lives, and donald is very worried because this race has shifted to much more favorable terrain. i think indiana will be a pivotal state for the entire country, and so donald sadly aided and abetted by media network executives who are all liberal democrats, who are all rooting for hillary, are quick to say that the race is over. donald desperately wants it to
8:47 am
be over. it's the same reason donald won't debate, because he cannot defend his left-wing policy that is he agrees with hillary clinton on. indeed, at the last debate we had, i asked donald, name one instance in which you have ever stood up to washington, ever in your life. you're nearly 70 years old. point one time you stood up to washington. donald could not point to a single instance in his life that he had ever stood up to washington because donald trump is a washington insider. washington is corrupt. donald trump is corrupt. hillary clinton is corrupt. they're all part of the same corrupt system of buying power and influence to get rich at your expense. it's the working men and women who get left out in the cold. why do you think so many working men and women are seeing their wages held down? because washington is corrupt, and politicians like donald trump and hillary clinton sell us down the river. it's why people are angry.
8:48 am
now, your second question was about john boehner. john boehner had some interesting comments last night. he actually didn't abbreviate what he said. he was a little bit more -- >> i paraphased. >> -- expressive. he allowed his inner trump to come out. i will say this, if you're wondering who actually has stood up to washington, i think john boehner has made it crystal clear. john boehner in his remarks described donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. so if you want someone that's a texting and golfing buddy, if you're happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, and you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. and by the way, donald trump gave john boehner's super pac $100,000 just a few years ago. donald trump has been funding john boehner, and he's also been funding nancy pelosi and harry reid. if you like what john boehner, nancy pelosi, and harry reid
8:49 am
have done, donald trump is your guy. but let me reveal a little bit about how washington operates. you know, boehner's comments, he said something like he's the worst s.o.b. i have ever worked with, something like that. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> well, there was that too. but the interesting thing is he said that i've ever worked with. i have never worked with john boehner. truth of the matter is, i don't know the man. i have met john boehner two or three times in my life. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner, i'd be surprised, and every one of them has consisted of pleasantries, good to see you, mr. speaker. i have never had a substantive conversation with john boehner in any respect, and, indeed, this is something that's not publicly known, during the government shutdown i reached out to john boehner, and i offered for mike and lee and me
8:50 am
to come over and work with the speaker. can we resolve this and actually get something meaningful done to stop the disaster that is obamacare? john boehner's response was, i have no interest in talking to you. what possibly could be accomplished by having a conversation? no, i will not meet. so when he says that i'm the worst guy he's ever worked with, he's never worked with me. the thing to understand about washington, actually boehner's everything that you are angry with. when john boehner calls me lucifer he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with me for is not anything i said to him. i haven't said much of anything. what boehner is angry with me for is standing with the american people, is energizing and encouraging house conservatives to stand with the american people and actually honor the commitments we have made. what boehner is angry with is
8:51 am
that conservatives said if we promise to repeal become let's stand up and obama care. what boehner is angry with is we said if we promise to stop. >> right there you are hearing ted cruz respond, shall we say, to what we heard from john boehner coming out this morning. ted cruz saying if you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. >> he is not calling you lucifer, calling you, the voters all lucifer. >> ted cruz embracing the comments it seems and trying to get them to work in his favor as he rushes towards this crucial primary in indiana. so he campaigns against washington. here is another thing about washington that we know. we are just two days away from the white house correspondence dinner, one of washington's most
8:52 am
fabulous events. >>o kate will be there and i will not. i did, however, sit down with one of the most important players of the evening, host of the big event. he confessed to me to being nervous. >> they are replacing andrew jackson as well as most blood thirsty racist in the jackson five. >> larry will more knows it is easier to win the nightly show crowd than woo what could be the fiercest most fickle audience in show biz/washington. >> it is the most narcissistic room, journalists, politicians and hollywood. and the president. that room could explode just on the narcissism alone. >> when it comes to the white house correspondence dinner, the explosion is worth the risk. >> something that i really wanted to do and if i did it i
8:53 am
really did want to do it for this president. and i thought the time might have expired for that. so to sneak in there at the end was very cool. >> what's happening. >> reporter: the last such dinner for the first black president starring an african-american comic. >> let's be clear about what black face is. >> reporter: he knows it is historic. >> you say you like the president and didn't support him because of his policies. >> because of the policy that he is black. how has he delivered in. >> i think he is increased the policy of blackness over the past year and a half. he has released the black. >> reporter: a classic answer from the 54-year-old comic deliberately funny and deadly serious. if it feels like the nightly show is getting repetitive i agree. my writing staff just has to fill in the names. they barely show up to work
8:54 am
anymore. >> reporter: 15 months after taking over the time slot on comedy central the "new york times" says wilmore is less preoccupied with humor than anyone else. >> sometimes i'm not afraid to have to provide some goodness in a moment and to tell a story and to find humanity in a story and get comedy out of that. it appears that officers began the cover up of the death. >> when you are covering a story about a man getting shot in the back by a cop there is nothing funny in that. mow many murders aren't caught on camera? >> people got their panties in a bunch. >> reporter: he applies that same take to his views about the election which are admittedly liberal splmpt dw when you say trends left, more pro democratic policies? >> i would say probably
8:55 am
especially with the issues that we tend to take on because a lot of them are culture issues. i will throw out a candidate's name. i want to know if you have a first impression or a word that you associate. i say bernie sanders you say? >> i say scrappy. >> i say ted cruz you say? >> i say creepy. >> i say hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton? i say trying to find it. >> john kasich? >> john kasich, i'd say -- this is the problem with john kasich right now. people are struggling. >> that is the problem. >> donald trump. >> donald trump, unbelievable. in every way. >> black people supporting trump? >> reporter: when it comes to correspondence dinner he is promising all jokes delivered with skill and experience of more than 20 years acting, writing and producing on shows
8:56 am
ranging from in living color to bernie mack show. >> i have a job. >> reporter: to starring as senior black correspondent on the daily show. >> what do you say to those people? >> i don't know, john. i would say they should probably go [ bleep ] themselves. >> reporter: and this weekend all targets are fair game. >> take a look at the whole obama saudi arabia thing. >> reporter: including or especially the president. >> no free pass because it's his last dinner. >> i have to keep it. this is the last dinner. what are they going to do? not enough time to sick the irs after me. maybe i shouldn't say that on tv. that is part of the fun. it is all good natured fun. >> reporter: the hardest part he says having to follow the president on stage, president now experienced at telling jokes. >> and donald trump is here.
8:57 am
still. >> you think you will laugh at him or try not to laugh? >> i will completely laugh. i will be a big great audience. it will help me to not be so nervous. you get rid of that air. that's funny, mr. president. join me on saturday night for cnn's live coverage. i will be here with my mom seriously. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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8:59 am
. >> this is one of the many fascinating revelations unearthed in the new documenty. anderson is with us right now. thanks for coming in. >> you have known your mother literally longer than anyone else. sitting down to do this, was there anything you learn that surprised you? >> there was a lot i didn't know about her life. my mom never talked much about her life. she experienced a lot of tragedies. a lot of this was uncovering her past. i hope it encourages people to do the same with their parents. >> it's a daunting task to take on. you sit down for the first interview with your mom and you have this awkward like what do we do. how do you start that conversation? >> you start off gently and listen a lot. my mom is very open. she is the most open honest person i know. she is 92. that i think comes out in the film. >> awkward at all?
9:00 am
>> no. my mom dated marlon brando and howard hughes so some of that is weird to hear. >> it's impressive. >> it's weird to hear about your mom's dating life to learn it is more interesting than your own. she is very honest. if you do aphilic like this you want it to be honest. >> you are a very private person cht this is a very public project. why? >> i just think -- we did this book, the rainbow comes and goes. we thought if we are going to do this it should be honest and open and i have no problem. i sort of feel like it has no reality that is out there that people are seeing it even though clearly people are seeing it. >> doing quite well. >> and the book is number one. so i don't think about that. to me it is a personal thing and i got to know my mom in a whole new


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