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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 29, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we are live today in washington but we're watching two big stories out of two states that are key in the race for president. first up here, ted cruz. he has just gotten what could turn out to be a campaign-saving endorsement four days before the critical indiana primary. that state's governor says he is backing the senator from texas. meantime, all eyes this afternooon california because minutes from now donald trump is
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set to address a crowd that could truly hold the keys to his white house aspirations. mr. trump will be speaking at the california republican convention, packed, packed with party faithful there. reddest of the red. this is the kind of audience that may give him a chilly reception but these are also the very people trump will need in june when california's pivotal primary is perhaps the best chance to clinch the nomination. let me show you as we're talking about where mr. trump will be speaking in just about an hour's time. already folks beginning to gather. this is outside of the state convention area. this is burlingame, california. huff ri the b roughly the bay area. you saw what happened last night. punches thrown. bloody protesters.
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windows shattered. let's tohope we don't see scene like that today. we have crews both inside this event and there outside. let's begin with this. let's begin with jason carroll, he is inside the convention hall. we know, you know, mr. trump will be the first to speak at lunchtime. your time and then the rest of the candidates including even carly fiorina all speaking through the weekend. talk to me about this trump l p lunch. >> reporter: already there's great deal of interest of this inside and outside. outside, a number of protesters started to gather. one got inside the event here with a megaphone shouting stop trump, stop hate. trump saying yesterday at his event in koscosta mesa his rall are some of the safest places to be. 17 people arrested yesterday as
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some of the protesters clashed with supporters. trump began saying, look, these are not the real people coming out to see him. he talked about that yesterday. he also took a very strong stance on illegal immigration. a divisive issue in the state of california and stepped up the criticism of ted cruz for taking on a running mate at this point in the race. >> in all fairness to carly, she left at zero. zero, okay? one or zero. she had nothing going and he put her. he will get an award because honestly i love to break records. for the first time in the history of american politics a man who is totally mathematically dead, he cannot win, has appointed a vice president. so, first time in history. lying ted. he's the only one.
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no. he's the only one. >> reporter: so, brooke, a number of protesters outside there in costa mesa, a number here, as well. what trump will have of to do in part is prove to unite the party and the country, as well. again, will have to try to win over some of the people here at the state convention. some of these people probably are gop insiders, people that he has harshly criticized so many times in the past and i spoke to the chairman of the state republican committee here, asked him what does trump need to do to reach those people to reach those people he criticized so harshly in the past. he said trump has to come here, show up, state the case. that's what he is going to do. but i would expect him to take a far more measured tone. brooke? >> great question. we'll talk to the vice chairwoman in a second. jason carroll, thank you. in close contact with you watching what's happening
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outside and then inside the hall where mr. trump is speaking within the hour. now the other big headline today. ted cruz's endorsement of govern nor of indiana mike pence. he didn't just support cruz today, the governor praised cruz's rivals making the announcement on the local radio station wibc. >> i have met with all three of the candidates as of about tuesday of this week and i want to say clearly, i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with a lack of progress in washington, d.c. i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. i see ted cruz as a principled conservative who's dedicated his career to add voluntavocating t agenda and pleased to support him.
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greg, you know from my career, i know a little bit about taking on the big spenders in washington, d.c. i was doing that more than a decade ago. when we saw run away federal spending of both parties. i admire the way ted cruz is willing to stand up for taxpayers and opposing run away spending. >> let's talk about that announcement an anticipating in california. i have with me now ed o'keefe for "washington post," cnn politics reporter mj lee and from the california gop convention, harmeid dylan. so welcome to all of you on this friday afternoon and i want to talk to you, harmeid, about what's happening there but first, ed and mj, we heard the praise for donald trump and as we would say in journalism, ed, do you think he buried the lead? >> he buried it about as deep as he could, brooke. this is the definition of lukewarm. you know? i think pence like so many other
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republicans across the country faces the real challenge of figuring out which of the moving targets is one to stand with and ultimately he chose cruz and could have picked kasich. there's supporters in that state. a fellow governor. he would have served with kasich i believe so he's got ties to both of those guys and then you saw him out of his way to praise donald trump despite not supporting him and seen it all week. other lawmakers said i voted for him but i want to officially endorsement and i endorse him and just continues to show the perplexing nature of the race for republicans that don't know what to do. >> mj, how much, indiana is next tuesday, a date circled on the calendars. how much will the endorsement matter do you think for hoosiers who will be voting? >> well, look. i don't think it's an overstatement to call indiana a break or make state for ted cruz. and he and his campaign have made that very clear, as well. i think the pence endorsement is probably one of the biggest
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endorsements that cruz got since jeb bush endorsed him. he's a big figure in the state. he's popular amongst social conservatives and i think someone like pence coming out to endorse cruz sends the message in the race, this is a person that the party can get rebehind, the republican party throws the force we hind opposed to donald trump. of course, watches what happens on tuesday carefully because if cruz and kasich sort of peel away the delegates from donald trump it could really come down to california and i think at this point in the race every delegate matters so, so much. >> thank you for the segue. to california we go. great state of california and harmeid. i understand you came straight to the camera from a vip reception with donald trump. so just quickly, did you get a chance to talk to him? >> he's actually not here yet. protesters outside are bedaying things a little bit. we're waiting for him at the vip
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reception. >> i see. that's good for us to know. this could adjust. as far as california goes, we never thought indiana would be make or break as mj pointed out. in terms of how much california mattered for the primary, it's decades and decades. i'm curious what you're hoping to hear from donald trump when he speaks in about an hour. >> we're hoping to hear from all three of these candidates how to beat hillary clinton. that's the main focus of the republican delegates here which are the main audience for the event here tonight in california. you know, we have been losing as republicans for sometime and so we are really ready to see one of us in the white house and so i think a lot of people open to persuasion. >> you know, on the note of persuasion, harmeet, this is the reddest of the red, in california, we know tlmp is not always a republican. we know donald trump has been
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critical of the bush administration. has had favorable words for, say, planned parenthood, may not fall well with this crowd in that room. what does he need to say to sway these folks? >> well, you raise good points. i think the main knock on donald trump is that he's not a true conservative. as you mentioned, he has had some positions out of step with the delegates here at the party and national party convention but that said, ronald reagan was also not always a republican and also a member of a union and one of the thing this is's really propelled ronald reagan to the top of the heap is the fact to draw these turn crossover voters of independent and democrats. what we're looking for here again is reassurance, he's conservative enough for people here in the state to support him rank and file party me believes and can he beat hill still in that's the million dollar question here. >> final question, ed, let's toss it to you in terms of
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california. trump may be doing really well in the polls and this is all winner take all based upon a congressional district and kasich or a cruz winning a district, correct me, three fewer delegates for trump's haul. >> that's right. it's an element of the california race that we really should keep an eye on and remind viewers june 7th and june 8th probably the most critical hours of the race to know at that point whether trump hit the magic 1,237. at this point he needs to get through to california to hit that mark. i would ask harmeet, you know, to what extent the state is prepared for that geographic and ideological divide across such a big state and is that still an accurate description of what is expected to happen because, you know, see cruz, kasich, trump go to different parts of the state and appeal to different kinds of republicans and divy up a big number of delegate that is may
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or may not put trump over the hill that night. >> we'll donald trump live. thank you so much. as we stay on this picture, though, in burlingame, california, see the crowds, they're definitely gathering outside this event. couple hundred protesters there already en masse. jeremy diamond is outside. who are these folks? >> that's right. >> reporter: right now, what we had was about a couple hundred protesters amassed here outside of the hotel where donald trump is set to address the california state gop convention. and we've seen a couple scenes already. we saw trump supporter coming through here trying to get through and, you know, he was -- he was verbally assaulted. there was some scuffles a broke out. police helped him get over the fence and into the hotel area. you have mostly peaceful protesters here.
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a lot of the people trying to block the road, keeping donald trump from coming in here. protesters lined up on the ground here on both sides. this side right here standing and on the other side essentially of the area where police blocked off the road. so unclear where donald trump is going to be coming in from. but certainly these protesters trying to make their voices heard speaking out against what they view as donald trump's hateful rhetoric. some speaking out against the policies on immigration. you have other people with kind of broader messages of income inequality and wall street, as well. so an interesting here. certainly very fluid. police are ready. some police officers here in riot gear outside of the hotel waiting essentially to see what happens. brooke? >> protests and politics certainly nothing new but this picture, you know, especially those picture that is you snapped last night in costa mesa, jeremy diamond, of the
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bloodied faces among the different both supporters and those who are vehemently opposed to donald trump out in full force. the chairman saying this picture keeping donald trump thus far. he was supposed to be at a reception already inside and he is not there yet. that could change sort of a tick tock of the day. we'll keep a close eye on that for you in california. meantime, cnn one on with hillary clinton today. how they're teaching her to deal with an unconventional candidate like donald trump. >> you know, remember, i -- i had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation and the way they behave and how they speak. >> we'll have that for you. also ahead, getting word a russian jet has flown very closely to another u.s. air force plane. this coming in.
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this russian su-27 jet did a barrel roll over a u.s. air force plane. second time a maneuver like this has happened with the russians with regard to the united states just this past month. let's get straight to the pentagon and correspondent there barbara starr. so, what exactly happened here? >> reporter: it was earlier today, brooke, we now know according to two u.s. defense officials in the baltic sea, an air force reconnaissance plane flying in international air space when a russia su-27 came alongside and did this barrel roll maneuver. of course, what that means is the plane came up alongside the american plane, inverted at high speed and flew around and came back to the other side. this is a very high speed, very dangerous maneuver and estimated
11:20 am
the russians within 100 feet of the u.s. air force. the u.s. is very opposed to this saying they're dangerous and can lead to disaster in the skies. the question now, second barrel roll this month, also a u.s. navy warship closely intercepted by russian aircraft flying in a few feet of the navy deck. officials tell me they're uncertain whether the dangerous maneuvers are being ordered at the highest levels in moscow or whether these are russian pilots out there hot dogging taking tremendous risk. brooke? >> so there's that. then we have the news, you're following involving a u.s. aircraft carrier trying to reach port in hong kong, denied. why? >> reporter: on the other side of the world, another bit of unpleasantness not to put a light face on it, "stennis" to
11:21 am
make a port call in hong kong next week and revealed today that the chinese out of beijing denied the port call in hong kong. now, the assumption is this is because of the rise of military tensions in china over the operations in the south china sea. that the u.s. objects to, building islands out there in disputed waters. general carter on the "stennis" a few days back and big implications for u.s. military families. when a carrier or any navy ship makes port, military families spend time and money getting airline tickets, making reservations, flying out to these ports to try and meet up with their loved ones so there's concern right now that some military families are going to be stuck. if the "stennis" can't make port call, the families may not be able to see their loved ones and will have to decide, the navy
11:22 am
will have to decide, does it sail on or does it try to reach another port out in asia? brooke? >> infur yating for the families, i know. barbara starr, thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. next, cnn with hillary clinton today. jake tapper here. what she says the republican primary is teaching her what it might be like to take on donald trump. mike pence of indiana pledging support to texas senator ted cruz today but was it exactly a wholehearted endorsement? we have more than that. you're watching cnn. e to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am.
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all right. back with breaking news. two different pictures here thanks to san francisco affiliate. right-hand side, see the distance around. today's day one of the california republican convention. we know that donald trump, he is the first up to speak, all three of them speaking in addition to carly fiorina through the weekend. but it's tale of two different stories here. folks inside, these are the republicans from the state of california and we'll dip into that when mr. trump begins to speak but on the outside here as far as the eye can see up the street outside of the center, see protesters, all kinds of different people and i can't tell you definitively who they are, why they're all there. we have crews on the ground but they do not like donald trump. tloes some of those who our reporter jamie diamond speaking about a moment ago. keeping our eyes on the story outside and, of course, the political story inside. again, donald trump supposed to speak to a crowd of california republicans in just about half
11:28 am
an hour. we'll take it live. meantime, on the democratic side, fresh off the super tuesday withins and almost an insurmountable delegate lead here, hillary clinton taking direct aim at donald trump truly pivoting toward the general election. she is sharpening her criticism of the republican front-runner and former secretary of state sat down with my colleague jake tapper, talking general election strategy and what she refers to as donald trump's temper tant m tantrums. >> reporter: he's lately call l to calling you corrupted hillary. have you learned anything from the way republicans dealt with him in the primaries that will inform how you will deal with such an unconventional candidate? >> well, you know, remember. i -- i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation and the way they behave and how they
11:29 am
speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or they're bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me. he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i could really care less. i'm going to stand up for what i think the american people need and want in the next president. that's why i have laid out very specific plans. there's nothing secret about what i want to do with the economy, education, health care, foreign policy. i have laid it all out there and he can't or won't. i can't tell which. we'll talk about what we want to do for the country and he can continue on his insult-fest but that's the choice he's making. >> hmm. can't wait to see the rest of the interview. watch jake tapper 4:00 eastern for the whole thing and bring in cnn political analyst and strategist miss donna brazill. nice to see you. let's talk -- >> welcome to washington, d.c. >> thank you so much. >> beautiful weather is all about you. >> you mean the rain and the cold?
11:30 am
>> burst of energy. >> yes. okay. on hillary clinton, you know, she referenced the temper tantrums and who knows if donald trump counter punches back after hearing the interview, clearly pivoting to november, how does the clinton camp prepare for a candidate muchl of the political world has never seen? >> well, first of all, i think it's important for her to understand that what voters are looking for is someone who can help lead the country, bring the country together and i think hillary will fill that bucket, a disciplined candidate. she understands when's at stake. and i do believe if we ever talk about issues and not the sound of someone's voice or what they look like, we may have a very credible debate. look, donald trump is going to say and do anything he can to win. he's going to try to paint a picture of her much like he painted a picture of jeb bush,
11:31 am
marco rubio or even ben carson. so, his job is to sort of deconstruct their strengths and her strength, of course, is that she understands the issues. she can get into the minutia and he'll say outrageous things that we, members of the press, strategists and others, will try to decipher. look. gender, we have played the gender card throughout the history of america. we played it back in when the men decided, you know, to not listen to abigail adams who said, don't forget the ladies. we played the gender card and getting women the right to vote and, yes, we played the gender card and, you know, putting the hurdles or barriers for women to enter the political arena. so the gender card will be played and what hillary clinton has to do is to stay clear of what i call the debris from donald trump. and just stay focused on the road to the white house and if
11:32 am
she is able to do that she'll become the next president of the united states who happens to be the first woman elected president of the united states. >> well, let's stay on women because i wanted to play a sound bite from bernie sanders' wife jane sanders. bernie sanders says he'll stay in the primary, you know, fight although laid off more than some 200 campaign workers, already talking about the party platform for the dnc in philadelphia but jane sanders did talk in an interview just about 24 hours ago about secretary clinton's use of the private e-mail server when she was at state. here she was. >> it's a fbi investigation. we want to let it go through without politicizing it and then find out what the situation is. and that's how we still feel. it would be nice if the fbi moved it along but -- >> right. >> i mean, she is kind of laughing it all off. but, donna, is there some truth to that? >> you know, i've been asked
11:33 am
that question over and over again and here's what i tell people. the fbi is concluding some of the investigations that we have already have heard about, whether it's the state department doing the inquiry, all of the various intelligence agencies. they want to make sure that there was nothing compromised and the fact that secretary clinton had a private server. let them do their job. let them complete the investigations. let's not put our fingers in it and and try to stir it or -- >> isn't jane sanders saying, all right, fbi, let's get on with it? >> jane sanders is a phenomenal woman and i'm sure they're getting people within their campaign and outside external forces saying shouldn't you be talking about this? her job is not just a chief surrogate for bernie sanders but a right to speak up, her job to say, look, we hope this moves on because i think, like all of us
11:34 am
democrats, we want to make sure that come this fall, come the convention and this fall we can make a convention case of not just, you know, maintaining control of the white house, but also, all of the down ballot races, senate races, congressional races. we have a lot at stake. supreme court of the united states. an enthat's what we're going to fight for this fall. >> all right. donna brazile, see you this weekend. >> remember, the gender card. everybody plays it. like the secretary said, deal me in. deal me in. >> well, you know, henderson said that donald trump playing gender card in the masculinity. that's a whole other conversation. >> of course! harriet tubman will be on the $20 bill. i'm happy. can i say that to you? >> let's end with that. >> happy. see you later. >> thank you. thank you. >> bye-bye. coming up, to indiana, the governor mike pence pledging the support to senator ted cruz today. talking with a columnist for the indy star tribune who called donald trump a danger for the u.s. and the world.
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plus, we're watching these pictures outside this state convention in california. live pictures. thanks to affiliate there in the skies over burlingame, california. oh, we are looking for it. looking for it. there you go. the trump plane has landed. soon enough we'll see the man himself inside of this convention center speaking to a crowd of california republicans. we'll take it live next. p. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. you premium like clockwork. month after month.
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all right. want to come up on some pictures here. protesters gathering outside of the california republican convention. that is beginning today. over the course of the weekend. different republican candidates will be speaking. you see the presence here. we are just about 20 minutes
11:40 am
away from donald trump. he is the first to speak. it's about lunchtime there. we saw the trump plane on the tarmac just little while down the road. we're watching and waiting to see the motorcade of mr. trump's try to attempt to get to this location to speak. let's did to jeremy diamond who is there on the ground surrounded by these different protesters. jeremy diamond, how will donald trump get there? >> reporter: well, that's unclear right now. we don't exactly know if donald trump is going to use this road and certainly if he does, this's a little bit of a problem. you can see here, you have a couple hundred protesters here essentially lined up in front of the hotel. there's people speaking with bull horns and both sides essentially of the gathering a dozen protesters on each side of the roadblocking the road and they're trying to block the road saying they want to keep donald trump from being able to speak here in the san francisco area.
11:41 am
so certainly a pretty vibrant scene here. you have several hundred protesters, cheering, chanting, trying to have voices heard. as far as talking out against what they view as donald trump's hateful and bigoted rhetoric. those are the kinds of words that we are hearing from trump protesters here. inside, a much quieter scene. the banquet hall, donald trump is going to speak, you have people that, you knowing tables essentially getting ready to have a meal and donald trump is supposed to be the keynote speaker. the mission is different from the people out here. donald trump in there to speak to the republican convention here in the state. trying to move forward, trying the move the path to get the delegates he needs to be able to clinch the republican nomination. that path seems a little bit more sure now that he's swept through these five states and what some people called the
11:42 am
accela primary. very soon after that in june california voting and that's where the brunt of the delegates handed out and that's what could perhaps make or break the nomination for donald trump. brooke? >> quickly, jeremy, you were there last night in the protest costa mesa outside of the trump rally. 17 different arrests. you have been covering trump for months ann months. does anything seem different, the crowd of protesters, or is this what it's been looking like? >> reporter: well, certainly, we have seen protests at almost every single trump event over the last several months. of course, in varying degree. sometimes you have just a dozen people standing outside of a building chanting and sometimes you have things like this where you have several hundred people coming to make the message heard. we are in the san francisco area, pretty liberal area of the united states and certainly in california and last night was something else. 17 arrests. you had protesters, some of them not necessarily protesting
11:43 am
donald trump but also protesting what they view as police abuse and they were, you know, damaging police cars. there was a police car, the window smashed in. we saw violence last night and different but it was a little bit reminiscent of chicago just a little while ago and donald trump to cancel a rally and protests there, as well. >> okay. >> reporter: a fluid situation today so far a pretty peaceful scene. >> let's hope it stays that way. jeremy diamond, thank you very much. we move to indiana. texas senator ted cruz must win indiana, the state hosts a make or break primary next tuesday. the cruz camp abuzz anticipated the endorsement of governor mike pence there. he went on air, this local radio station, his endorsement, it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement. >> it's clear this is a time for choosing. and all of america is looking to indiana to make a choice. i have met with all three of the
11:44 am
candidates as of about tuesday of this week and i want to say clearly. i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump who i think has given voice tohe frustration of millions of working americans with a lack of progress in washington, d.c. i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. >> the governor commending donald trump there, state's biggest newspaper taking the opposite approach in an explosive ed toiritorialeditori. the paper skewered donald trump calling him a doing tore the united states and the world. in fact, the star called all five candidates from both parties quote/unquote disappointing. matt is a political political columnist for the indy star. nice to see you. governor pence -- >> thank you. >> what was that?
11:45 am
>> that was a cover all your bases endorsement. that was going to the racetrack and putting a bet on all ten horses maybe slightly bigger bet on one horse and covered all the way. a tough political choice for him. he's a tough re-election battle and ticking off the trump supporters won't help him in november, ticking off the cruz supporters won't help him in november and john kasich didn't campaign here so you can't really endorse him. >> you said you think the state's delegates won't favor trump and likely kasich even though kasich supposed to get out of cruz's way and according to this sort of allegiance thing they had going on in indiana. what do you think happens? >> well, you know, the delegates were lined up to support him on the second ballot in cleveland. if there was no presumptive nominee after the first vote at the convention. but once kasich pulled out i
11:46 am
think everything changed. very hard if he comes in a very distant third tuesday as is likely to happen and going very hard for the delegates if there is brokered convention to side with him if he wasn't even second here in indiana. everything changed once he decided to pull out of indiana. >> we'll be watching tuesday. matt tully, thank you. want to pull away from that to take you back to the pictures in california here. donald trump expected to speak at the california state republican party convention in just a couple of minutes. his plane landed. watching and waiting to see his motorcade, secret service, police escort, of course, head down the road to the event location where he will be greeted with hundreds of protesters there. we will take you back to california next. whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing.
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just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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inmates and the cost $80 billion per year. more than 2 million people were locked up and within the walls a culture unique to being on the inside. this week on "united shades of america" kamau bell meets some of the people on the inside of san quentin. >> i'm looking around. i see sort of different groups of people in different areas. are the areas broken up in any way? >> they are. just beyond the tennis court, the primarily white guys are. a different couple of areas for those guys. basketball court, primarily where all the african-americans are. little area of land behind us near the shack where the pisces -- >> what? >> individuals from mexico south. not californians so to say. >> okay. >> and then northern hispanic. an area they're at and the yard is segregated based upon some of
11:52 am
the underground rules. >> okay. >> so he talked to the kk k, goes to san quentin prison. here he is. what was your biggest takeaway? >> you know, i was an idiot. i walked in there sort of afraid like i thought i'm going to go to prison. what will happen? i'm sucked into the narrative of prisons documentary and scary and gross it is and i like fell in love with the guys mitt and they were all fully developed individuals and did a lot of they are pain felt sad to leave. it's weird to say about prison but i did. >> who was the number one sort of character you met? >> rashan thomas. quits for the san quentin newspaper. you can get it on the outside and he's a journalist who writes stories and learned how to do this in prison and would be great on the outside and we
11:53 am
don't believe in parole in this society. >> and enjoy the screening there saturday. we'll be watching. the full episode. >> thank you. >> sunday nights, 10:00 eastern here on cnn. thank you, my friend. we have to go back to california. any minute now, donald trump, the republican front-runner here, set to speak in california. you see the police. let's stay on this. police, protesters. not quite sure what's happening. i believe live pictures here. just outside. some of them getting through. looks like members of the media. this is all happening in front of us. this is the state republican convention in california. we know that the primary there is the last and republicans can vote and june 7th. we have been watching as hundreds -- listen. this is a mix of different people. members of the media. see the cameras, as well. police. setting up a line to keep some of them from coming in.
11:54 am
donald trump is the first republican candidate to speak. at the top of the hour. stay tuned. you're watching cnn.
11:55 am
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making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. you are watching cnn on this friday afternoon here. just about the top of the hour and we want to start front and center on these photos. these are live photos. burlingame, california. essentially the bay area. you see the sign there. it's the hyatt regency and home for a few days for the california republican convention. so essentially, inside you have california republicans who will be attending the convention, listening to candidates speaking over the course of the next couple of days. now, draw conclusions as you may.
11:59 am
i can't tell you exactly who all the protesters are. i see mexican flags flying high and obviously a line of law enforcement keeping them from crossing the barricade there. but donald trump, donald trump according to the tick tock of the event here is the first republican candidate to be the next president of the united states. he is set to speak in 60 seconds or at least supposed to be speaking in 60 seconds inside the hyatt regency as the first of these republican candidates to address this audience. it's a tale of two different locations here. obviously, inside, you have california republicans eagerly awaiting to hear the message of the candidates. cruz, kasich, trump and also carly fiorina will be speaking. but on the outside, folks are furious. i don't know if all of these people are anti-trump people, anti-republican, anti-establishment. larger picture.
12:00 pm
san francisco bay area. predominantly liberal, populous. the folks gathered. talking to jeremy diamond one of multiple cnn crews we have covering this california convention when's been talking a bit about the crowds out there. but listen. you're watching this live right along with me. thanks to our affiliate there out in san francisco. we have some pictures from the skies just to try to judge how many people are there. the question. why are they there? why some of them feel so vehemently opposed to trump. obviously, covering this race for the last couple of months, they have said it's bigoted, racist rhetoric. that's the opinion of some folks in this country. certainly not everyone. we have seen the picture of donald trump's trump plane on the tarmac. that's officially there just down the road and not far away the hyatt regency where you are
12:01 pm
seeing crowds. we have been watching this picture over the course of the last hour or so. more and more people gathering. again. watching and waiting to see even how donald trump with his secret service and certainly law enforcement, his motorcade, will be approaching this location. we have seen some of the protesters holding hands and sitting in the middle of the streets. certainly there are multiple ways to get inside of this building. and police will help donald trump do so. these people exercising their first amendment rights to protest. and donald trump, obviously, has every right and intention to speak in front of this crowd inside this hotel here in burlingame, california. let me just be totally transparent with you. we're trying to get voices. jeremy diamond is a correspondent covering for months and months these different donald trump rallies. he was there last night as
12:02 pm
things got very, very violent in costa mesa. punches thrown between folks who support trump and folks who do not. i know i have jeremy now with me. jeremy diamond, are you outside? there we go. i see you now. >> reporter: yeah. i'm outside, brooke. we are in front of the sea of protesters that have gathered here at the california state gop convention where donald trump is set to address people. what we just saw was about two dozen protesters just try to rush the barriers. they got over the barricades blocking from coming up to the hyatt regency hotel and pushed forward and police officers had to rush to the doors to try to block the protesters from getting in. they were able to do so successfully once they started pushing the protesters back, what happened was is you had a lot more protesters, dozens and dozens more join the first group of protesters trying to rush the doors and they then pushed back
12:03 pm
against police. we saw -- i witnessed a couple of pretty violent altercations between police officers and protesters. there was a lot of shoving, police officers were using the batons to push protesters back and keep them from getting inside of this building where donald trump is set to speak and supposed to be speaking right now, actually. we believe he is running a little late and certainly pretty hectic scene outside here. you have several hundreds protesters really gathered here. they were initially speaking, chanting various chants, talking about donald trump's positions on illegal immigration. and they were also chanting about other things like wall street and income inequality. things settled down. police officers essentially regained control of the situation and certainly everything is very fluid here. protesters may try again to rush over. we'll just have to wait and see exactly what happens here. brooke? >> jeremy, stay with me. take a breath. let's let everyone know, we have two boxes on the screen. right?
12:04 pm
jeremy pictures on the right side. now officially on the left we have seen his plane and now we see his motorcade. these are the suvs heading from this airport just down the road to jeremy diamond's location at the hyatt regency, the home of the california gop convention which starts today. again, let me reiterate all the different republican candidates will be speaking through the course of the weekend. just so happens that donald trump is the first to speak. obviously, all of this has -- this is no surprise to anyone. schedules slide. right? perhaps this is because of what mr. trump has to do today or the full force of protesters. obviously safety on both ends is number one priority for law enforcement. that said, we all have eyes on both sides of the screen. jeremy diamond, let's follow up with you. i think our language is very important. you have covered these trump rallies for months.
12:05 pm
talking to protesters, is it specifically donald trump they're protesting or is it the republicans in general? >> reporter: so certainly this is a pretty significant moment here on the campaign trail. i'm covering donald trump since he announced the bid for president back in june 2015. this is definitely one of the more combustible events that we have seen here. one of the more combustible protests. confrontations of police officers and protesters. several hundred, in fact. this does not compare to last night. donald trump was speaking there in costa mesa and we had violent protests take place. some protesters damaging at least one police car. smashing in its window and attempting to flip it over, actually. and we also saw some scuffles between trump supporters who were exiting the rally and protesters at the same time.
12:06 pm
i saw one trump supporter whose face was bloodied after being punched in the face. there was a scuffle. we saw several of those last night so certainly this is a notable event. again, this is not totally a surprise. you know, this is what happens when donald trump comes to big cities and especially what happens when donald trump comes to cities like san francisco. you know, this is a very liberal area, of course, in the country and certainly, you know, donald trump is stirring up a lot of emotions over here. >> okay. jeremy, thank you so much. we're gong to rerack video and show some of the protest earls keeping an eye on the motorcade a. number of protest earls rushing police here. this happened moments ago. as we stay on this, susan paige, let's bring your sort of wise, politically veteran voice in. washington but ro chief here for "usa today." covered many, many different political protests.
12:07 pm
when you see crowds en masse like this in california, you saw the violence last night outside that trump rally, we're watching this all play out right now. what do you think? >> i think we better get used to it. first time in modern american history we have a campaign we believe between hillary clinton and donald trump. each of two who have negative ratings above 50%. polarizing figures. fervent supporters and oppone opponents. we'll see a lot of big protests at events. also, things are mixed up this year and we will have different states in play than we traditionally have so this -- the violence is one thing. we decry that. the idea that people excited about the election and really want to get throughout for their candidate or against another candidate, that's something we just better get used to. >> you know, on your note about the polarization, both of the -- let's just say perhaps the nominees being hillary clinton
12:08 pm
and donald trump, we have seen violence at rallies, donald trump rallies. you know, to your point about hillary clinton, do you think we will see protesters there, as well? >> yes. i think we will. and it's one of the things that campaigns have to calculate what kind of forms to put their candidates in. because they would like to get their own message out. right? a forum there aren't people heckling them and controlled forums. that's a tradition of political cam pins and when you're campaigning, you are trying to reach swing voters, not only your own supporters but people in the middle and see how the candidates both of them can handle getting heckled from an audience or demonstrators come up trying to speak, give their own message to a campaign audience. that's not -- you know, that's not necessary lay bad thing and something presidents have to do. in that way, not a terrible thing that candidates have to do although it is i think complicating for campaigns. >> susan, i'm listening to you and stay with me.
12:09 pm
washington bureau chief for "usa secretary of defense" today." something is going on. there he is. donald trump in the middle of that. looks like a pink or red tie. surrounded by secret service. different men. bodyguards. we saw the motorcade. pulled a u-turn on the side of the road. there's california highway patrol. on foot. making their way. wow. i have never seen anything like this before. i don't know how close they are. let's just stay on the live pictures and see if the men are going to cross over and head to the high it regency on foot. wow. unbelievable. all these guys in ties supposed to be -- so again, just joining us, this is something.
12:10 pm
so about nine minutes ago donald trump was supposed to be standing inside and not far from where they're walking right home to the california republican convention starting today. it is obviously the most ideologically conservative all gathering in one place. proud, excited about how california truly matters and the primary goes. june 7th. this is the first time in decades that california's mattered on the republican side. so again, donald trump addressing these republicans inside this hotel and he's been thrown a bit of a curveball. wow. is he going in the back entrance? it appears that way. pulled over to the side of the road. hopped out of the car. crossed over the median. and into the hyatt regency he goes. and he's in. and all these protesters -- i don't know if they're waiting for a confrontation or not. exercising their first amendment rights there outside of this
12:11 pm
hotel. again, this is the bay area. burlingame, california. watching and waiting, jeremy diamond, i know you can't see what we just saw but my goodness. donald trump and company hopping out of their big suvs and walking in the back door of that hotel. how about that? >> reporter: yeah. that is definitely something that we haven't seen donald trump do before. you know, typically he is, you know, chauffeured into these events with the motorcade rolling right up to the door wherever he is speaking or sometimes roll boog the building if it's a convention center where they can do that. but outside, protesters obviously don't -- aren't aware donald trump is in the building. doesn't seem that way but we're seeing there is a stepped up police presence. police officers here with helmets on right batons in the hands. essentially standing in front of the hyatt regency hotel here. more police officers than there
12:12 pm
were before when protesters were initially successful and actually pushing over the barricades and rushing towards the doors so police officers certainly stepped up presence here and protesters are now not just gathered in front of the hotel but they're kind of along the whole block here where police officers have blocked off the road and nobody coming through here and protesters are milling about. and we're kind of just waiting to see what will happen next. >> wow. well, jeremy, thank you. i see you. we'll stay close to you. again, these protesters to your point probably have no idea that donald trump and crew were able to just slide on in the back door of this hotel. he is supposed to speak, just a reminder to you. this is the california republican convention starting today and different republican candidates will be addressing this crowd over the course of the week. donald trump happens to be first. lunchtime there in california. folks are seated and they're probably little confused, as well, as far as why this is slow to begin although many of them
12:13 pm
probably saw the protesters outside and put two and two together. i have jason carroll who is inside the location and can talk to us a little bit about what's been discussed as they have been waiting for their featured speaker today, jason carroll. to you. >> reporter: well, first of all, i have to tell you that a number of people here inside, they're well aware of what's going on outside. in fact, brooke, when you try to even get to the front of the lobby, you're met by armed police who are standing there watching and making sure everyone comes in are supposed to be inside and anyone to get outside can get outside, as well. in talking to a number of people here, this is just sort of adding to what trump has to try to overcome addressing the crowd here in this room. he's got to try to convince people that he can not only unite the party but unite the country and beat hillary clinton. and it's going to be a tough
12:14 pm
hurdle to overcome coming into the room here and comes into the room later on today with all of the protests we're seeing outside the hotel yesterday, the protests in costa mesa last night. that he is someone who can unite as opposed to divide and certainly a number of supporters here inside today and bring in two of them. they're sisters. katherine and sabina and wanted to point out they're mexican americans who support donald trump. we have been talking about when's going on outside. obviously, the issue of illegal immigration, a very divisive issue here in the united states, first of all, the protests outside before that issue. very quickly, you see what's happening outside. you've heard what about's going on outside. some of your thoughts of what's going on with your candidate. >> well, i want the know what they want. we know that they think that he's racist. we know that they -- >> just really don't like him. we get it.
12:15 pm
how's protesting stopping him talking to us, people who want to hear him speak, how's that furthering their movement? why not try supporting the kanld dates more? but dressing their own and instead of trying to behitting us. i feel like they're just under pressure. >> reporter: are you concerned at all because he is divisive and causing the reaction that is you can't get to the issues most important to you? >> i think that he wants to do that. and it's really up to them to try to listen. and if they do not, that's their choice. and -- i feel like it's -- >> reporter: thank you very much. back to you, brook. brooke? >> thank you so much. thank those two ladies for us. i want to be balanced and hear from folks inside and obviously those outside, as well. let's bounce back outside to jeremy diamond. jeremy, i'm looking at a lot of crowds walking toward the hotel.
12:16 pm
what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah. we have a couple hundred of protesters have now walked around -- they tried to get in a different way. essentially ran over the barricades that were blocking a different section. they walked through the parking lot of the hyatt regency hotel on the private property of the hotel and trying to get in. they're standing at the door and amassed near the door here. one of the doors to the hotel. police officers are trying to block it. i'm behind all the protesters so i can't exactly see what police officers are doing in front but we're starting to see some protesters throwing eggs now in the direction of police officers who are blocking, again, the entrance to the hotel here and donald trump is set to speak momentarily. we have several hundred protesters. they're chanting now. they're chanting, clapping their hands. trying to make some noise here trying to get into the building or certainly at least make the
12:17 pm
voices heard and opposing donald trump coming to san francisco, coming to this area and speaking here and spreading his message. a message that a lot of protesters here have told me they view as a message of hate, a message of bigotry and division and certainly the protesters making the voices heard and now on private property again of the hyatt hotel here and trying to get in. >> no. this is truly coming to a head. we saw donald trump able to slip in a side door. again, he's supposed to address the crowd. this state convention there. republican party state convention. you are seeing the crowd, the protests, the chants ringing out just outside as jeremy mentioned, a couple hundred. jeremy, by the way, has been covering donald trump since he announced the candidacy, since last june so, jeremy, again, i think it's important to reiterate how this crowd compares to what you've seen
12:18 pm
over the last however many months. >> reporter: yeah. it certainly is up there as far as the kinds of protests that we have seen at donald trump events. again, not uncommon at all for protests at donald trump events. they happen at almost every one of his events but sometimes just a dozen people chanting outside of where he is speaking. today we are in the san francisco area, lib rat part of the country and you have several hundred, perhaps -- people out here now and protesting and certainly a significant development. again, this is not like last night and donald trump speaking outside of the los angeles area. we saw some violence erupt there and several scuffles of protesters and supporters and one supporter whose face was bloodied after being punched in the face and we saw police cars damaged. at least one had the windows smashed in. the back window of the police car. so certainly not the same scene here but, again, we saw some
12:19 pm
confrontations of protesters and police officers. when those protesters tried to rush over the barricades, we saw police officers pushing them back stiffly. using the batons trying to get them away from the hotel, keep them from entering the hotel and donald trump supposed to speak today and ted cruz and john kasich will speak tonight and tomorrow. of course, these protestrs protesting donald trump more than any other candidate. a lot of signs here talk about donald trump, talking about dump trump. a slogan of the anti-donald trump protest movement. and so that's what we are seeing right now. >> donald trump supposed to be speaking 20 minutes ago. this crowd perhaps a curveball. although, listen. this is protests and politics is nothing new. we know they had to anticipate this. donald trump did, show the video as we were watching it happen live and saw on the motorcade, pulled a u-turn, pulled off to the side of the highway here,
12:20 pm
look to the center of the screen and recognize him in a second. mr. trump himself surrounded by presumably secret service, bodyguards, et cetera, crossing over the median and slipping into the side door and where again he was supposed to speak 20 minutes ago. pivot back to jason carroll who is inside where mr. trump should take to that podium. i understand, jason, an announcement was just made. what was said? >> reporter: an announcement made just a few moments ago, brooke, basically coming up saying that donald trump is here. he is inside the hyatt. he is inside of vip room. man telling the crowd he said, look, basically we know what's happening outside and there are a number of protesters who are outside this venue. but he said donald trump will, in fact, speak. he is here. but there's going to be a slight delay. and, you know, i have to tell you after speaking to a number of people here in the room, this
12:21 pm
just sort of feeds into those who are sort of on the fence of trump and cruz and kasich and concerned whether or not this is the man to unite the party when he causes things like last night in costa mesa, chicago and now what we're seeing here with the number of protesters who are outside. so this is what trump is going to have to overcome in the room. he will have to convince people here in the room that he is a uniter. also, within his own party as you know many of the people sitting at many of the charls are gop insiders and many people so critical of in the past and that hurdle to overcome here, as well. a tall order awaiting donald trump to take the stage and address the crowd. >> jason carroll, hearing from both. republicans and,000 outside protesting. watching and waiting to see and we'll take it live when donald trump addresses this audience there in burlingame, california.
12:22 pm
see if he addresses this scene outside and the links thlengths went to. i have susan paige, good enough to sit along with us, washington bureau chief for "usa today." i'm sitting here and looking at folks and to jason's point, people are fed up on both sides of the political spectrum. right? and so is this -- is what we're looking at just the beginning of what could come here this year? >> you know, i think that's right, brooke. you know, americans have a high tolerance for protest. we're a country founded on protest. but they have a low tolerance for violence, violence by protesters or against protesters. and i think this may be a challenge to see for both hillary clinton and donald trump turning out to be the nominees on the approach, rhetoric they take and tone to take toward the big protests and likely both to get out there. >> another voice, michael sm
12:23 pm
smerconnish. i don't know if you're glued to the tv as i have been but what a scene in california. donald trump sort of slipping in the side of this building set to speak momentarily at the california state convention for republicans. what do you make of this? >> well, i guess i would amplify what susan just said which is to say that protests, there's a healthy tradition of it in the country but if it crosses a line, if it's violent, if people now start to behave in a bad fashion, it will be politically to his benefit. >> why? >> because i think that it will stir his base. he is winning this thing, brooke, based on passion. you know, he may not have the numbers. irony is that he's a relatively unpopular candidate in the republican party looking at the negatives among women in particular. but what he has going for him is
12:24 pm
a core constituency that thus far shown a willingness to walk through fire and seeing protest earls playing dirty with their candidate i think it will harden that base even more if that's possible and guarantee they're there on election day. >> susan making the point it could be a donald trump versus hillary clinton, two figures deeply polarizing. i want to pop back outside and in the middle is jeremy diamond who's been phenomenal through it all. i understand you have an update on the protests. go for it. i think he just dropped. do we have him? jeremy diamond, it's brooke. can you hear me? okay. we'll check back in a minute. i want to make sure we get the
12:25 pm
update. we saw last night, listen. we have seen violence in protests in this cycle before. last night, though, it seemed to hit a new level in costa mesa, california. outside of a different trump rally. jeremy diamond happened to be in the midst of that, as well. bloody protesters, windows shattered. i just -- i don't know. i almost sit here speechless. you know? it's fascinating covering politics. politics and protests hand and hand in this country for years and years, but i'm worried this might get worse. >> well, i had a different reaction. i share what you just said. but i had a different reaction based on the venue. i just spoke a month ago in orange county, california. orange county, california, is the traditional origin of modern conservatism. you mentioned orange county, california. i think of nixon, the rise of nixon, i think of the john burch
12:26 pm
society. having once called it their home. and it used to be among the most reliable republican counties in the nation, brooke, and yet, when i learned as i spoke to the orange county business council a month or so ago, orange county, if it's not already is in the process of becoming majority minority. i just -- i thought that there was some significance to the changing demographics of the country that of all the locales, 3,100 counties in the united states, of all the counties where donald trump, the front-runner, could go and receive a hostile reaction, it was orange county which 30 years ago would have been where you'd expect the gop front-runner to be welcomed with open arms if that makes sense it. >> does, it does. that's as you said,l.a. area, the reception last night. again, you know, burlingame, this is bay area, san francisco, this is a very liberal population here. stay with me, michael.
12:27 pm
let's try once again here. technology willing, jeremy diamond, if you can hear me, i understand you have an update. >> reporter: i can hear you, brooke. can you hear me, brooke? >> i can hear you. i understand you have an update on all of these protests. go ahead. >> reporter: yes. yes. so the protesters have now worked the way to a third door. by the main entrance first. and then a door around the side after they got across the barricades and on to the parking lot and now a third door again staking their claim trying to get through a line of police officers still able to keep the protesters from getting inside of the building. we hear -- donald trump -- using an expletive saying "f" donald trump. that's one of the protesters out here chanting. a lot of them have signs and donald trump trump.
12:28 pm
some have piniatas, as well. these are from protester who is protest donald trump events around the country. but this is a little bit different because you have really several hundred people here truly well organized protesters, as well, i have to -- the fact that they were able to cross over barricades twice and move to three different doors of this hotel. currently a significant in scale and also in organization as far as the protests are concerned. not what we saw last night in costa mesa, california, where you did see some violence. here, you know, last night, scuffles between protesters and supporters and damage to police cars. what we see here today, we saw scuffleless of protesters and police officers. but that was mainly police officers pushing protesters back as they were trying to storm the entrance using batons to push them back. >> jeremy, do me a favor. we're all hanging on your every
12:29 pm
word. move a little closer to the camera your microphone is breaking up just a bit and want to hear everything crystal clear. let's follow up with you. if they'reality a third entrance, trying to breach the building, what essentially -- a couple hundred protesters. ratio of law enforcement to protester there, what are you seeing? >> reporter: it's hard to judge right now but there are certainly more protesters than police officers. a number -- most of the police officers that i can see from my vantage point around the main entrance of the hotel. that's a main entrance with several doors, of course. you have another group of police officers, hard to see from where i am how many exactly and a smaller group of police officers blocking the door where most of the protesters are right now. definitely police officers here prepared for the situation. they are out here in riot gear with hell mels on and batons at
12:30 pm
the ready. protesters making a lot of noise out here. they were chanting very loudly and now some drums, as well. protesters, even not able to make it inside of the hotel, they're certainly going to make sure that they can be heard as loudly as they can protesting donald trump saying they do not believe that he should be able to spread his message, spread the kind of controversial and sometimes outrageous rhetoric of donald trump on the campaign trail. very interesting, of course, as donald trump is inside trying to start to bring the republican party and unify the party around his candidacy which some republicans are seeing as increasingly inevitable as donald trump, you know, swept through five states in the northeast last tuesday. this tuesday he goes to indiana where republican candidates are trying to counter donald trump and trying to stake their last claim to stop him but these protesters trying to stop donald trump in a different way, not
12:31 pm
necessarily from getting delegates but sharing the message here in the san francisco bay area. of course, as i said before, a liberal part of the country and explains the enthusiasm and the boy boisterousness. >> june 7th, that could be the date that donald trump, he's the only one who could unless it goes to a contested convention in cleveland and clinch the until nation and take on presumably hillary clinton. michael, i believe i still have you. i'm curious if when we finally see donald trump take the stage and address this california state convention crowd, the republicans inside, does he take this scene and this scores of protesters and essentially say, see? these people want to stop us. does he use it to unite? >> i think he probably does. there's a tendency for some of
12:32 pm
us, particularly those on the east coast or the corridor to snicker at trends that begin in california. things that appear harebrained initially in california and then a way of migrating across the united states. i could give you half a dozen examples, some serious and not some so serious. think hula hoop. i'm watching is california a sign of what's the come drawing near to cleveland? >> yes. >> you can rest assured in cleveland they're glued to cnn. >> yes. >> paying attention and wondering how to keep the convention safe. i want to underscore this. you know from our many, many conversations for the last year about this campaign, i have never hesitated to be critical of donald trump on policy. but i'd be the first to defend his right to speak and if the protesters perceived like a guy climbing over a barricade. if in fact they get close to the doors and pose a security threat, if they should cross a
12:33 pm
line in the eyes of americans paying attention, it will go to the benefit of donald trump politically speaking and i think that americans will really be repulsed by what they see as an infringement even on his right to speak. >> i 100% agree with you. he has every right to speak. he should be able to speak as those folks have a right to protest and not stop him. thank you so much. i want to bring in a voice who is there, he is there in burlingame, california. tim don nellie, a congressional candidate. just two years ago for governor there. and, tim don nellie, if you can hear me, tell me, are you inside the hotel or outside? >> i was on my way to the hotel to do an interview with cnn and i actually went through the crowd wearing an nra hat and got all the way around and went through all kinds of sanity that i was really blown away by and
12:34 pm
wound up by the barricades penetrated and knocked them down and stampeding the hotel lobby. so i got out of the way. otherwise i would have been run over by protesters and police. but it's fascinating. they have literally taken over the entire outside of the hotel. i cannot get in at this point unless i go all the way around to the back. but they've taken over the bridge from the parking garage. i'm sure you have seen it on camera. i'm standing right near those -- turned into sort of a symbolic ladder over the border wall. i guess they don't believe in borders. so -- and they certainly don't believe in private property. but it's an unbelievable array of people from the answer coalition, from the occupy movement, from the e.r.a. movement, of just a lot of
12:35 pm
communist, leftist groups that have all come together. i'd say there's probably maybe 2,000 scattered around the hotel. they're waving mexican plag flr some reason and they have things i cannot say about trump on camera. >> let's not. tim donnelly, you're a prominent tea party voice and you represent people who would like to be inside the hotel. donald trump is supposed to be speaking and an announcement he was at a reception. he is in the hotel. we saw him slip in a side door. and so, live pictures inside, people are sort of watching and waiting. i'm wondering how many empty seetds, your seat would be empty. let's talk politics and substance for a second if i please can. what are you hoping to hear? what do you want to hear from
12:36 pm
donald trump? >> i think donald trump's been saying it the whole time. there is an insurgency and what's strange it's linked on a couple of issues, mainly people want a candidate not doubt. that's why you see bernie is so popular and trump is so popular. candidates like hillary are not embraced by this far left movement. i have seen a few hillary people out here. bottom line is i want to hear some vision. i want to hear what his plan is to actually turn this country around. because we are going in a very -- you can see complete opposite direction of sanity right now and witnessed out here and it's obvious that this is not something happening within the gop. >> correct me, tim, but you have yet to decide. you're the perfect example of who's affected down ballot depending on who the nominee is. do you have a particular -- you
12:37 pm
have a choice yet? >> no. i am not encoarsing a particular candidate. i have -- against the political establishment. you can hear in the background. >> i hear the bullhorn. >> yes. >> i hear the bullhorn. >> somebody's going to have to -- i can't do my interview. thank you. they say they're -- first amendment and they want to shout me down. >> you know what, tim? forgive me. i appreciate you picking up your phone. i know you are in the middle of the crowd. tough to hear you. let's try to reaekt once you're able to get inside. good luck with that. tim donnelly. mj lee is still with us, as well. she's covered many a rally and many of donald trump's rallies. just joining us, let me explain. several hundred protesters
12:38 pm
perhaps in the thousands gathered in california. this is the bay area. protesting. this is the california gop convention. it starts today. donald trump supposed to be the first speaker of all the different republican candidates. he was supposed to be speaking about 40 minutes ago. instead, well, you know, it's been slowed. perhaps in part due to the crowds amassed outside and a move saying, you know, we're getting in there. we saw donald trump. in his motorcade pull a u-turn, jump out. all the guys in ties over the median. on foot. and walking in a side door. mj lee, had you -- we have the video and can play it for you if you didn't see it. mj lee, what is this about to you? >> i'm blown away. i'm not in california today and glued to my phone on cnn go watching this unfold and this
12:39 pm
footage of trump getting out of his car with his entourage to, you know, get on foot and walk into the building through the back door. just to avoid the hundreds of protesters. i mean, this is sort of astounding. and i'm sort of struck by thinking about trump as a candidate and how he has so far addressed these kinds of protests. as you know very well, he is very sensitive when it comes to the issue of protests and protesters. i think one of the first times i was sort of publicly scolded by trump on the campaign trail saying there's protesters outside the event. what is your reaction? and his response was very dismissive and he said, why does the media like to focus on the protesters when supporters are here to see me? but in a case like this, you see that this is not a small protest. in fact, there are so many protesters that it prevented him
12:40 pm
from taking just the usual route and going in through the front door. and i have to wonder, you know, how the trump campaign will respond to something like this. i think that just being dismissive about protesters when the scene actually looks like this and when the scene looks like last night, sort of this violent scene of chaos, i think that is probably not enough. especially when trump and his advisers have been really pressing the case that they want to be a candidate. they want trump to be a candidate who can really bring the party together. i think as we get closer to the summer convention and as trump gets closer to clinching this nomination, this is a serious issue that he is going to have to deal with and i don't know how exactly he will do that. >> yep, yep. to michael's point, you have to imagine folks in cleveland are watching when's happening here in california very, very closely. mj, thank you so much.
12:41 pm
don't go too far. let's go back to jamie diamond walking with the protesters outside this hotel. jeremy, to you. >> reporter: the protesters are much more -- marching around in the parking lot here of the hyatt regency hotel where donald trump is going to speak. they're marching around here. they're about -- a dozen people with drums actually. a really festive atmosphere taking place now. that's different from what we saw maybe 20 minutes ago to a half hour. you know? it was much, much more tense. there were confrontations between protesters and police officers that broke out essentially. you know, protesters trying to get over barricades and into the hotel. they actually succeeded twice in getting over -- >> get off that picture. >> and trying to storm the doors of the hotel. >> sorry, sorry, jeremy. there was some colorful language
12:42 pm
behind you and not trying to have the "q" word broadcast on tv. we'll cock back to you. roger simon, lives in hollywood, plans to vote for trump. was at the trump event last night in costa mesa seeing the violence. roger, can you hear me? >> sure can. >> my goodness. what do you make of this scene? >> i'm old enough it takes me back to the '60s but i have to warn my democratic friends, i was a democrat then. i have to warn them that in the '60s the democrats took an shallacking and i think this is very -- actually, sad to say, because it's not way it should happen. this is good news for trump because -- >> why? why? >> these demonstrations are about the suppression of free speech and that's not american. not in a good way. if these people disagree with
12:43 pm
trump, that's fine. they should actually express their disagreement. not try to storm the building. and let -- and have trump not speak. i was there last night in orange county, and, you know, there it was mostly hispanic with mexican flags, people who literally wanted california to go back to mexico. well, it's a little late for that. so, you know, i don't think this is going to go well for the democrats although they may think it does. >> well, you know, on the other side, though, i could hear folks disagreeing with you saying your comments patronizing and they absolutely have every right to be out there and donald trump has ever right to speak inside the hotel and should be permitted to do so. that said -- >> oh yes. >> go ahead. >> i agree with you about that but the obscenity and the charging of the barricades and all of that, no, not the right way to go. >> private property and an issue, as well.
12:44 pm
we have been seeing this. what did you see in costa mesa? we saw pro-trump folks and anti-trump folks clashing. glass shattered in cars. >> yeah. it was smaller than this. i mean, i'm watching this on your tv. and this looks much bigger. actually, that didn't seem like a lot of people. just a lot of very angry people. not a lot of people and the police there had buttoned down there are quickly. but this seems like much more extensive than the one in orange county. believe it or not. although jeremy diamond who's also there so maybe more of the violence than i did and nevertheless fair listen contained. this looks like it's growing and bay area. >> final question, just on substance. you know, we should be seeing donald trump speaking inside this california gop convention and, you know, we will be talking to a lot of ideological conservatives familiar with his
12:45 pm
past politics. not always conservative. not always a republican. what do you think he needs to say to sway those conservatives in california? >> well, you know, he's talking to a much more conservative, especially socially conservative, base of the republican party than the real republican party voters in california. so it's a different sort of group. i think the average republican voter in california is more like the republican voters in new york who are more live and let live on social issues. i think the group is less like that. so it's an interesting dilemma for him because i don't -- i'm more the live and let live person. so i think he is trapped between -- so i want him to talk to me not to them. if you know what i'm saying. >> i do. >> he has to win the primary. >> i understand. he does, indeed. and then between the perhaps primary and november that his stance on the spectm could,
12:46 pm
indeed, change. roger simon, screenwriter, lives in hollywood, plans to vote for donald trump, thank you so much. great to hear your perspective. let's go back, i believe we still have jeremy diamond who, you know, pivoting back and forth. i want to make sure we give you the full picture of burlingame, california. folks supporting donald trump waiting to hear him speak inside the hotel, scores of protesters trying to stop him and hoping he won't do that there on private property in burlingame, california. jeremy diamond, what are you seeing now? >> reporter: yeah, so, brooke, protesters made their way back to the main entrance of the hotel. that's where they're standing. they're out here with drums, chanting, they have mexican flags and a real variety of signs. some of them, of course, with expletives we're trying to of course keep out of view from the
12:47 pm
viewers and other signs, also, talking about the bay is love. that's the area where we are. the san francisco bay area. liberal part of the country and why you are seeing this mass of protesters, very well organized who have twice now gone over barricades that police officers set up to keep protesters from coming in to the hotel where donald trump is set to speak and what the protesters were able to do was initially we saw a wave of about two dozen protesters who made it over the barricades and tried to rush the doors, storm the doors of this hotel. and police officers had to rush back pretty quickly, actually, to be able to keep those protesters from getting in. that seems to have inspired some other protesters here. you have a sea of protesters follow them coming at the backs and pushing police officers backwards to try to get into the hotel. police officers used the batons and they were in riot gear pushing protest earls back to get them off of the property.
12:48 pm
that did not succeed, however, because protesters then wrapped around the hotel area. went around to another barricades and crossed and protesters are in the parking lot where donald trump is speaking, the california republican party is hosting its state convention. and there are protesters trying to rush three separate doors to this hotel now but right now while it was pretty tense scene moments ago, now we are seeing a bit more of a festive atmosphere taking over. you have protesters chanting, they're dancing and singing and you have a lot of music going on. but still, an egg just cracked off now. they were throwing eggs at the building and seeing right now and so as i said much more of a festive atmosphere earlier on and confrontations of police officers and protesters and perhaps 200 to 300 protesters here outside of the hotel where
12:49 pm
donald trump is speaking inside. >> may be tough to tell but i'm curious how many of the folks and protesters are there, you know, politically motivated, don't want donald trump to speak at the california state convention or simply are there to disrupt. >> reporter: well, we have a lot of protesters here, most of them actually have signs and they are certainly carrying a specific political message. we just saw something unfold here that just happened right now. it seems like somebody came outside, perhaps a trump supporter, unclear and protesters grabbed the man it seems and threw his phone into the street. is what it seems like just happened. this is not the first time of protesters confronting what appears to be trump supporters a sup poup rter through the area of protesters before several hours ago and that man pushed and shoved by some of the
12:50 pm
protesters so that's what we saw moments ago and several hours ago, actually, when that happened. that man helped by police officers to get over a barricade and unclear what happened with a but to your question, most people here are politically motivated. they are carrying a very specific message. some people have signs that are specifically tailored to donald trump. that's different than what we saw last night where we saw a lot more violence and we also saw a lot of the protesters there who didn't necessarily have signs. they weren't necessarily chanting anything about donald trump. some of them were chanting about police abuse. a lot of those people last night seemed to be seeking to stir the pot, as it would, when they -- and damaged some property, some police cars. that was the scene last night. much more violent. today, we're seeing a more festive atmosphere but some
12:51 pm
confrontations between trump protesters and also -- >> jeremy diamond is on the outside. thank you so much. let me pull away from you for a second. i want to make sure that we're also going inside the california republican convention starting today. this whole thing has been slowed because perhaps in part due to the protesters' presence. donald trump was supposed to be addressing this lunchtime crowd about an hour ago. mr. trump was able to get inside. he and his entourage siding in the side of the building of this hotel unbeknownst to a lot of these protesters. jason carroll has been speaking to the supporters waiting to hear trump speak. do we have an eta? >> still waiting. no more indication of what exactly "very soon" means. we've been talking to a number of people here who say, look,
12:52 pm
this has just made the resolve even stronger. they feel as though the people outside are not expressing themselves in the way that they should and some also telling me that donald trump is a man who speaks his minds but he speaks for us. so a number of the supporters hears here say he has a way to bring them into his vision. it seems as if it's made the resolve even stronger. brooke? >> it sounds like i'm hearing applause behind you. has the program begun so as to assume donald trump will be taking to the stage at some point? >> well, they are stalling. there's no other way to say it. they are stalling. the program has begun. the lunch has officially begun. trump was supposed to have spoken at this point more than just about an hour or so ago from now. so, again, they are stalling waiting for him to come up. i'm sure what he's going to have
12:53 pm
to do, brooke, whatever he was going to say, he is going to, in all likelihood, change what he was going to say in terms of addressing what is happening outside. they are making another announcement right now. we'll see if it is trump who ends up taking the stage. >> let's just listen. ♪ >> okay. so this is a video. jason, i want to stay with you as we look at the pictures outside. have you seen other speakers take to that podium and are they directly addressing the scene outside? >> not yet. they started in the way that we've seen so many events like this start in the past. one speaker did take to the stage and indicated that there were some problems,
12:54 pm
quote/unquote outside and that there would be a short delay and that trump would take the stage, that he had made it inside here at the hyatt, that he was inside a v.i.p. room and some of the people have been waiting to hear him for quite some time. that's the only way we've been hearing what is happening outside, at least so far. >> okay. so we're going to keep our camera pointed towards you and watch very closely for donald trump to take to that stage. meantime, we're going to go back outside to jeremy diamond who has been showing us the throngs of protests. >> definitely, brooke. we see perhaps 2 to 300 people gathered outside of the hotel where he's set to speak momentarily. they are out here and chanting and banging drums and they are hoisting signs up in the air talking specifically about donald trump's position on
12:55 pm
immigration. donald trump has leveled some very heated rhetoric on the topic talking about undocumented immigrants from mexico being criminal immigrants and things that have drawn the ire of these immigration activists and protesters and that's one of the big themes that we're seeing out here from the protesters. not all of them are focusing on that issue. broadly, they are focusing on donald trump's rhetoric, one that they view as division and hatred and bigotry. that's what the protesters are telling us outside. so you see a range of people here protesting donald trump and they have been saying "f" donald trump. inside we're expecting donald trump to express a very different message, when are we
12:56 pm
going to unify the party around his candidacy, which he has said he's the presumptive nominee of the republican party. he's trying to log in enough supporters to clinch the nomination. if that's the case, of course, we're going to see a lot more of these protests. we've seen them throughout his campaign but certainly if he were to become the nominee officially, i think we would continue to see a lot of these protests happening. a lot of people continuing to protest donald trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail. brooke? >> jeremy diamond, thank you so much. you've been in the thick of this for us for the better part of the last two hours. we appreciate you. i'm sure jake tapper will be talking to you in a matter of minutes. let me go back to susan page, washington bureau cheap for "usa today." susan paige, with your wealth of politics, covering ten different election cycles, presidents,
12:57 pm
again, your thoughts on this scene and does donald trump acknowledge the scene outside when he takes to that stage? >> you know, brooke, i assume he will because that's been his practice in the past. he acknowledged them really in a defiant way. you asked earlier, how can donald trump unite a republican party that's not necessarily behind him right now? this is one way. big protests by the other side including some chaotic scenes, police barricades pushed down, massing at hotel doors trying to get in. these are the things that might convince some reluctant republicans. >> here he is, susan. donald trump. he made it. >> thank you very much. wow. so nice. that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called and she said, there are helicopters following you and we did and then we went under a fence and through a fence. oh, boy. felt like i was crossing the border, actually. you know? i was crossing the border.
12:58 pm
but i got here. they said mr. trump, it would be much easier, sir, if you just didn't speak today and just left and go back immediately to indiana. and i said, you know, we can't let these people down. right? do we agree? we can't do it. but i appreciate it. but it was fun. it was a little different. so here's "the washington post" today, "the time has come to admit that republican voters want donald trump as their nominee." you see that? chris. good writer. good writer. that's pretty good. so, you know, we're making amazing progress all over. it's been incredible. last night, as you know, we had 31,000 people. no protesters inside. but we have 31,000 people and it was just rocking. everybody loved it.
12:59 pm
was anybody there? it was so incredible. we're pretty far away but i'll tell you what, it was just an incredible and we started this journey on june 16th and it was all about trade. we made the worst trade deals probably ever in the history of any country and then it got down to other things that i talked about, illegal immigration, which is a very important subject and has been and because of the fact that i brought it up, now people are talking about it. they don't talk about it the way i do. last week, 16,500 agents, border patrol agents, who are phenomenal people who want to do their jobs, they are told to stand back, stand back. they are standing there. these great-looking people, strong and in shape, all of the best equipment and they are told to stand back, just let everybody come right through the border and then 16,500, they have never endorsed a
1:00 pm
presidential candidate. and then sheriff joe, as you know, from arizona endorsed trump and he knows what he's doing. he really knows. but we've had so many incredible endorsements. and i'm telling you, over the last two weeks -- it took place before that. we have far more votes than anybody else and far more delegates than anybody else. we're going to hit that number i think quite easily. i watch the very dishonest media and cruz says he's getting second, third, fourth, fifth round. he's not going to be there. we don't even compete for him. we're so far -- as of today, we have 1,001. we just broke the 1,000 mark. [cheers and applause ] and we did fight hard, actually, in pennsylvania because in pennsylvania i won in a