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  New Day  CNN  May 2, 2016 4:31am-4:51am PDT

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the state, what is your best pitch to senator ted cruz to get out of the race? >> well, it's really the unity of the party. i think it's very important. we are going to win. polls are just coming out where i'm tied with hillary. one just came out where i'm ahead of hillary and i very started on hillary yet. we're starting to do really well, but i haven't focused on hillary at all, and yet we're really doing well, and i think it will be -- look, based on her record, what she's done, should be interesting but should be a republican one and really an easy one. we have to get together and unify. i think it's really important. >> he says, this guy is only going to be in the convention for one vote, if that. he believes he'll stop you from getting to 1,237. even if he doesn't, look at arizona, he says. i went in there's with my organization and we got the lion's share of delegates, even though the state went for trump, these delegates are going to be with me at the convention because they want me at the gop,
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not donald trump. your response? >> well, the voters don't want him. i'm leading by millions of votes. i'm also leading by hundreds of delegates, and i'm leading by just literally millions of votes, as you know. and by the time it ends in california, we'll have probably be leading by 5 million votes. i've already broken the record or very close to breaking the record, the all-time vote record and the bosses are trying to run it. it's a rigged party. it's a whole rigged situation. the bosses, like in arizona, the bosses, i win arizona in a landslide. i beat croouz so badly it's almt ridiculous and then the bosses have delegate. they have a crooked delegate system where they go in, try to get delegates to play games. tell you what, the voters wouldn't stand by it. when you win by millions of votes. i've been saying, it's a rigged system. the bosses want to pick whoever they want to pick. what's the purpose of going through the primary? so, you know, we have a lot of strength in that situation also. we've been winning a lot also,
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but honestly, it really should be about the votes, and if you look at delegates, i'm leading by hundreds of delegates, also. >> understood. at some point we'll put up the chart for people to see. the challenge for you seems to not solidify your base. you have a solid 40-plus percent of the party that is with you as you like to joke, you say i could say anything. these people would be with me, but it's the others. the people you're calling the party bosses. a lot of part of the faithful of your party, and then expanding beyond that, if you become the nominee and to the general election. that's why there's so much talk out the words, the language that you choose, and the harshness of the messages that often come across, whether it's the woman card, or it's saying china's raping the united states. this is the type of language that gives people pause. are you evolving at all in your thinking about what comes out of you on the trail? >> well, i think that, you know, i haven't heard anything negative, really recently. frankly, as far as china's
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concerned, everyone knows that's true, and it gets the point across. you know, hillary was talking about, she controls or handles men that get off the reservation. when actually she doesn't do a very good job with men to get off the reservation. if you look at her record. but the -- >> what does that mean? how does she not do a good job? explain that to me. >> i think i'm saying what people want to hear. i think i'm saying -- obviously i have a message out there that's getting through loud and clear. i'm doing very well with the voters. i'm winning by a lot, and if you look at new york, where you come from, you know, i got almost 62% of the vote. we have to remember, there's three candidates here. i'm running against three. when you get 62% of the vote, against one candidate, that's a lot. but, you know, we have three people here. for me to be breaking 50% all the time. so i think your numbers of wrong. i think that's whatting is now that we're down to a smaller number of candidates, i'm getting 50%, 60%, 70%.
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if you look at maryland. if you look at all of the states i won last weekend, i won five of them including delaware, rhode island, pennsylvania, maryland and connecticut. >> no. i understand your points, the numbers, i'm breaking 60% all the time and we have, you know, competing against two other people. >> right. but let's -- this isn't about the numbers. our numbers, you know are always spot-on in terms of analyzing it. i'm talking getting bigger than that, people within your party, questions about you and questions if you were to be the nominee. you said, clinton's statement that, i know how to deal with men who go off the reservation. you said two things about that. one, you said, no, she doesn't. she doesn't do well with those men. i want you to explain that. you also said something i thought was curious to fox yesterday. you said, i think hillary clinton saying that to me or about me is inappropriate. how can you find her saying that inappropriate, but saying that china's raping the u.s. is, you know, that's appropriate for you to say, that she's playing the
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woman card. you know, that that's appropriate for you to say but her saying she knows how to deal with men who go off the reservation. that's inappropriate? how do you say that. >> she has been taking a lot of heat for that statement. not from you. they do call it the clinton network, but she has taken from others a lot of heat having to do with that statement, and i think it's a very harsh statement. it's basically, you know, like, i can handle men. don't worry about me. i can handle men. if somebody said that, if i made that statement about women, they'd be front page headlines. >> yeah. you basically did. >> she talks about, i can handle men who get off the reservation, a very demeaning statement. i won't bring up the fact the indians have gone wild on that statement. you know that? the indians said that that statement is a disastrous statement, and they want a retraction. i'm not going to get into that, but that -- >> you just did get into it. i had not really heard that. >> i'm not bringing that up. i'm saying that is big league. >> you did just bring it up. >> i think it's a very nasty
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statement to men, and if i made that estimate, it would be a big, big story. >> but what i'm saying is, maybe it should be, though, right? when you say she's playing the woman card, that's all she's got, is being a woman. that doesn't play well. but it's just -- >> no. oh, no, no, no. somebody said, i wonder, was that good or bad that trump said that? let me tell you something, she's playing -- are you ready? are you listening? she is playing the woman card, and if she didn't play the woman card she would have no chance whatsoever of winning, and she would have absolutely no chance of winning. she's playing the woman card, and i watch her speeches, and i watch what she said, and we're right there, i'm making a list of many, many times where it's all about her being a woman, and frankly, she doesn't do very well with women and look what happened recently and over the weekend and over last week, over the last two weeks including new york, i won with women by vast, vast majorities. i mean, i was way, way up with
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women. far above anybody else in the exit polls of the's recent elections. so i think we're doing fine. look, women want strength. they want security. they want a strong military. they want to know our country is being corrected. they want to know about women's issues, women's health issues. i'm going to do a better job for women than hillary can do. >> what do you make of the protests that were in los angeles yesterday where you had all of these workers there out in the streets, and they were carrying this big balloon with you like a thanksgiving day-type balloon of you as an effigy holding a kkk mask? those are workers, a lot of them are latino. in california, of course, a really important state. what do you say to those people? >> i saw nothing other than what i did see is where i was the other day where you had some protests, and frankly -- >> it's on your screen right now. >> i'm in indiana right now. and i was here yesterday, too.
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where we had -- oh, now i see it up on your screen. i did not see that. gee, i hope i look better than that. i did not see that jed. >> whyesterday. >> what's your meg to them? >> i did see 33,000 people show up to my rally in costa mesa. i did see tress crowds at every rally i had three days ago, or two days ago, in california. we had 31,000 people. we broke a record, and we brought out the families of people whose children and wives and, you know, husbands were killed by illegal immigrants. viciously, violently killed by illegal immigrants that came into this country, totally illegally, without documentation, and we had 31,000 people, and it was a love fest. there was not one hand raised in protest. 31,000 people. so i think you're reading the equation wrong, actually. now, i see -- >> i'm just asking about what
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happened in the street. giving you an opportunity -- >> if i wanted to, i could have a much bigger parade than that. believe me. a lot of the people -- i can only tell you the people that showed up, because i didn't see that. the people that showed up, a lot of the people that showed up to protest the other day, these were -- thugs, and, you saw what they did to the police car. and they wear masks and the police told me, these are thugs. they show up to different rallies. they wear masks. >> there's definitely an element of that. we've been in those crowds. >> -- they wear masks. >> there are outside agitatorag even if not outside, anybody doing what's happening on the screen right now is a criminal. that's all it is. what's taking place in orange county, protesting or not before, you're now a criminal. >> right. i'm getting crowds like that, like i've never seen before. you know that. you reported about it. you had your helicopter flying over the stadium. >> your popularitisy not in question. what i'm saying is, what do you say to those people that aren't in the trump tent? the people who are in those
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streets, who are workers, who are in this country, who had that effigy? what do you say. >> i do want to get them in my tent. i will tell you, i'm going to create jobs, i'm going to bring jobs back to this country. our country does not have jobs. we have a phony unemployment rate of 5%, and it has to do with the fact that they use that statistic in order to make the politicians look good. the rate we really have is close to 20% maybe over 20% or you wouldn't have the kind of crowds they have. i mean, sure, they like my stance on the border and the military and everything else, but it still is about jobs and the economy. and people look for a job and they have to quit after four, five months. they stop looking for a job and they're considered statistically employed, and it's ridiculous. no. i think that a lot of these people are going to join my campaign. i think a lot of the bernie sanders young people are going to join my campaign and i see it all the time. >> what can you say to -- >> nobody's stronger on trade than me. our country is being ripped off by china and by every country on trade. horribly ripped off.
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>> let me talk to you for a second. >> i think bernie sanders people are going to join my campaign, because, frankly, the democrats have treated -- they have treated them very, very badly. the democrats have really treated bernie sanders and all of his followers unbelievably badly. it's a rigged system. just like the republicans have a rigged system. i have a rigged system. i mean, i'm winning in the votes and every time you win a state, you have to go fight for all of these different things. it's a rigged system that's run by the bosses. >> what do you them these people whether they are the berners or the people in the streets out there? in los angeles. the workers. when you say, you want to be with me. nobody's strong are on trade. nobody's going to bring back jobs here. just give me two things that you can tell those people as to how and why that's true. >> well, the two thing are jobs. okay? you mentioned, jobs. we're going to bring jobs back. >> how? >> and do something else. we're going to keep jobs in this country. >> how? >> now prepare your air
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conditioner and think move to mexico, make air conditioner send them back here. no jobs. >> how? >> and hurt our country. that's not going to happen. >> how? >> the other thing -- how? very simple. we're going to put, we're going to make them pay. there's going to be consequences. you're not just going to take your company, move to mexico, make air conditioner, sell them in our country without consequences. the consequences are tariff or tax. if you don't do that you'll lose all your businesses, because our businesses are moving out of our country, and they're moving out fast. you know, i look -- i won new york state by a landslide. i won everything by a landslide. and every single place i go to, i almost don't need -- you know, i go, give me the statistics on new york state or give me the statistic on pennsylvania, or maryland. it's all the same. i don't even need the statistics anymore. it's, manufacturing is gone. the percentages aren't different. 45% 50% of manufacturing is gone. i almost don't have to ask the people to give me statistics because after looking at 20 of
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them in a row, they're almost all the same. other than some are doing worse than others, and new york state they got clobbered because the jobs have left. nafta has been a disaster for our country. nafta has to be totally gotten rid of. something has to happen with nafta. what happened, nafta, signed by bill clinton, a total disaster for the united states. like, an economic disaster, almost like we've never had before. it is wiped out big sections of manufacturing in this country and moved to other places. all of that will change with me, and what i tell people is, you're going to have jobs. it's very simple. now, in addition to that we're going to have a strong military. we're going to have so many other things. strong borders. stop the drugs from coming across our borders. all's things, build a wall and mexico's paying for the wall, by the way, in case you have any questions, but these are things that i will do that nobody else is going to be able to do. no politician is going to be able to do it, because they're controlled by people and because
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they don't have the competence to do t. let me ask you something else. not just the wall. remember, you have to fill in all the tunnels also. because the tunnels are for more of a traffic concern in terms of things getting here illegal. >> do you e no how easy that is for a person's competence? i mean, fill in the tunnels, chris, in all fairness. >> it's really hard. >> getting people to fill in the tunnels. >> i'm actually heading down there to a place where a lot originate. it's a bigger task, but it's something we need leadership for, no question. did you watch any of white house correspondents' dinner? have any take on what the president said about you? >> i did. >> was it funny? >> i thought it was fine. i thought he was fine. >> why didn't you tweet about it? i was shocked. >> i thought he did an okay job. >> why didn't you tweet? i don't know if people watch. play a small clip what he said at the dinner and get your response. here's what the president said. >> although i am a little hurt he's not here tonight. we had so much fun the last time. and it is surprising.
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you've got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says, no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? they say donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world in sweden, miss argentina. miss a miss assess zerbaijan? >> response? >> i have heard it before. i deal with people around the world. we have hundreds of deals negotiated all over the world by my company, and i deal with presidents, and i deal with prime ministers. i deal with everybody. i probably have more experience than virtually anybody looking at this office, and i make money. i've made a lot of money doing it. i built a tremendous company,
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and made a lot of money. >> you think you have more experience dealing with -- >> i think he's having fun and joking and i think it's fine. i thought it was fine. tell you the reason i didn't go, if you have a second. i never really expressed this. the time i went he went after me and then the comedian went after me. honestly, i had a great time. >> a great time? you didn't look like you were having a great time. 2011 this was for you at home. >> i had a great time. the president was joking. i told that to the press, did you like it? i said i had a great time. he did well, everything. had a fantastic thing. next thing, donald trump had a miserable time. felt humiliated. i didn't feel humiliateds, i had a great time. the press is very dishonest and therefore it's easiest not to go. >> that's why you didn't go? you felt it wouldn't be reported accurately? >> no. i felt i would have a great time. i would have loved to have gone. i felt i would have a great time if i go, but no matter how great a time i knew they obviously would be talking about me.
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no matter how great a time i would have, wouldn't matter. they would say, donald trump was humiliated. donald trump had a miserable time. you know? that's what they did last time. i had really a great time. hey, look. you had the president of the united states spending much of his speech on me. and i even said to my wife, this is or the of amazing. the president's devoting so much of his time to me. amazing. i had a good time and he was very respectful. it was good. but the next day -- i told that to the press. i had a great time. the next day, every paper. "washington post," "new york times," they said, donald trump felt humiliated, he had a terrible time. i said, they are so dishonest. the one thing, the one group that lies more than lyin' ted cruz is the press. the media. they really are bad. they really are dishonest and that's why their poll numbers with people in the public are so low. they are so totally dishonest. >> well, certainly do you feel like that when you don't like what they say. when you do like what the media says you go out of your way to say --
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>> i'm a big boy. when i do something that's off i don't mind being criticized but they make things up. they literally make up things that you said. they cut you off in half sentences. so it's a totally different meaning from what you give. >> let me give you a chance to clean up one thing before i go. >> i've gotten used to it but the press is so dishonest especially the political press. like just about -- nothing i've ever seen, can compete with it. it is -- a disgrace. what happened. >> let me give you a chance to clean something up here before you hear the reactions to it. you said, in reaction to the president's joke, yeah, it's funny, but i actually deal with a lot of people around the world. i have nor more experience than than with anybody with their eyes on this job. there's going to be immediate pushback from hillary clinton saying i was secretary of state. traveling more than any secretary of state in history dealing with world leaders on the highest level. donald trump says he has the same experience that i do? you're going to get pushback on that.
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do you want to revise the statement? >> are you creating -- let me tell you i'm not gotting pushback? something i said ten seconds ago? you're creating the phony pushback. >> hold on a second. you hillary clinton dealt with other countries, too. one thing i give her credit for, she did a lot of traveling. look at the results. syria, benghazi. look at her results. all of those results are terrible. i've made a fortune going out of this country. i've made tremendous amounts of money dealing outside of this country. look at what happened with hillary clinton. what does she get? with all the traveling she did, look at the deals we have. then look at obama with the iran deal and all these other terrible deals. so, you know, don't tell me about that. there is no pushback. i have done a lot of traveling. i've done a lot of deals outside of this country. i deal at the highest level . and that's good. as far as i'm concerned i think i have great experience.
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>> donald trump, appreciate y having you on the show to make the case to the "new day" audience. good luck in the primary tomorrow. >> thank you.