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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. happening now in "newsroom." >> if we win indiana, it's over. >> tell that to ted cruz. >> i have faith in hoosiers. >> plus, hillary clinton taking on trump, too. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hand hands. >> but rival, bernie sanders,
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says she's facing another challenge first. >> the convention will be contested. plus, what's in prince's vault? the fate of the estate could get very, very ugly. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. battleground indiana, republican ted cruz is blitzing the state, greeting voters this hour and surrogate surrogates are the fanning out across the state as well. trump telling our chris cuomo he won't just get republicans but pull democrats as well. >> i think a lot of these people will join my campaign. a lot of the bernie sanders' young people will join my campaign. i see it all the time. nobody is stronger on trade than me. our country is being ripped off by china and every country on trade. >> let me ask you to explain it
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for a second. >> i think bernie sanders' people are going to join my campaign because, frankly, the democrats have treated -- they have treated them very, very badly. the democrats have really treated bernie sanders and all of his followers unbelievably badly. it's a rigged system. just like the republicans have a rigged system. i have a rigged system. i'm winning the votes. every time you win a state you have to go fight for all these different things. it's a rigged system run by the boss. >> phil mattingly joins me now with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. donald trump has made very, very clear, he expects to secure the republican nom medication on the first ballot. stay away from the contested convention. win in indiana would be huge for him. ted cruz has said that he will block that nomination for trump. over the past two weeks, they said they expected trump's major victories there, but this is the
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state starting with indiana, nebraska going forward that would keep trump from the nomination. one problem. what happens if donald trump wins indiana? time, running out on the stop trump movement? >> the two last ones, they're like hanging by their fing fingertips. they're choking, don't let me fall. don't let me fall. >> donald trump, can of the that a big win in the indiana primary tomorrow will cement his path to the gop nomination. effectively knock out senator ted cruz and governor john kasich. >> if we win indiana, it's over, okay? then we can focus on crooked hillary. please, let's focus on hillary. >> trump, ramping up against democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> if she were not a woman, she wouldn't even be in this race. >> and he's refusing to tone it down. >> she is a strong person. she's going to have to be able to take it. the fact is the only card she has is the woman's card. she's done a lousy job in so many ways and even women don't like her.
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>> ted cruz, pinning his hopes for besting trump in indiana, even though the latest poll in the state shows him trailing trump by 15 points. >> i have to tell you, i have faith in hoosiers, in the common sense, good judgment of the men and women of this great state. >> over the weekend, donald trump saying he's being cheated of delegates he won in arizona. >> it's all a rigged system. for instance, i won in arizona. i won everything. but these guys are trying to go in and get votes in the second ballot. >> the cruz campaign, trying to out maneuver. to get delegates nationwide to come his way come a convention, all if trump isn't able to lock up a nomination on the first ballot. >> carol, as arizona shows, the cruise campaign has been better organized and really out maneuvered the trump campaign in state-by-state battles. those are all contingent on a
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contested convention, second, third, fourth ballots where the cruz campaign feels they're in good position. if trump wins indiana, those odds shrink exponentially. cruz will be blitzing the state today, he and his surrogates hoping these last hours are the moment he closes that gap. >> we'll see. phil mattingly, thank you very much. thousands of people rallied in los angeles for may day, build bridges not walls. the inspiration floetd aboated t all, donald trump balloon holding a ku klux klan hat in his hand. tomorrow it's indiana's turn. voters there will determine if ted cruz is really the only republican who can beat donald trump. let's talk about that. i'm joined by national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign,
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political commentator jeffrey lord and rebecca bird from real clear politics. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> happy monday, carol. >> happy monday. jeffrey, i have to ask you about that balloon at the los angeles protest parade. what do you make of it? >> i hate to date myself. i remember paper mache heads of ronald reagan used in nuclear freeze marches in the 1980s, implying that he wanted to kill the entire world. so, there's really nothing new here. the personalities change, but the paper mache, the idea behind the paper mache targets never do. >> well, ron, donald trump actually addressed this balloon on "new day" early this morning. he said that he is going to be able to win people in those camps -- in that camp, those
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people protesting. he said he will win them over by providing them jobs. your thoughts? >> he's wrong on two counts. number one, donald trump is the most unpopular person to run for the presidency since the pugh has engaging this question, for example deeply unpopular among even most republicans. and that's far more generous than he is among democrats. so, that's completely delusional. secondly, donald trump's crazy economic policies will result in a massive tax increase among consumers on a tariff under. 2,000 iphones and $4,000 lap tops, imagine what that will do to people in the middle class or aspiring to be in the middle class. that's what his policies would do if he had a chance to implement them. he will not be generating jobs for anyone. and no ability to consolidate the republican base, much less
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appeal to people who are not republican voters. i listened to his comments early -- >> i have to wrap you up here and go to rebecca. whether or not his policies will work or not they seem to be -- >> it's very bad news for ted cruz, john kasich and anti-trump forces out there at this point. it goes without saying that indiana is a must-win for ted cruz. if he stands any chance of forcing an open convention. campaign has focused their resources on indiana, the whole reason they made this deal with john kasich that, he would move on to new mexico and org, give ted cruz a better chance of consolid ating the anti-trump vote. one of the interesting takeaways from me at least, from this poll out of indiana, even when you take john kasich out of the case
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entirely, you take his second choice votes, donald trump still beats ted cruz in the state. really not looking good for him. >> something else interesting in that poll. the alliance between ted cruz and john kasich, they didn't really like that. they thought of it negatively. >> you know, carol, i have to say, i never understood that. number one, donald trump used the word collusion. of course, that's what it appeared to be. beyond that, neither one of them, particularly governor kasich, didn't even want to stick to it. when asked was he going to have his voters in indiana vote for senator cruz he said no, he wanted them to vote for him. it really sounded to me like this was something coming out of the skulls of two campaign managers and their principles didn't really agree to it. the public certainly didn't like it. it backfired, as i thought it might. >> ron in hindsight -- you know, it's always 20/20 -- does senator cruz regret doing that?
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>> no. you know, ultimately john kasich doesn't have a route to become the republican nominee under any scenario. having his campaign focus elsewhere and not having a super pac interfering in indiana certainly is helpful to us at this point strategically. when you combine that with the fact that governor mike pence has endorsed senator cruz and is campaigning with him today in the state, those two things are certainly helpful. concerning that nbc news wall street journal poll, that had us up by 16, about the same margin. it's a very competitive situation in indiana right now, which is why senator cruz is there, so many of our surrogates are there. carly fiorina is there. we have the excitement of that endorsement added to the political dynamic in the state. so, you know, it is all hands on deck and working really hard to ensure that donald trump is not the republican nominee because we just can't afford to have a wipeout in november. >> the polls have been quite
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erratic. evangelicals make up 41% of indiana's population, yet ted cruz is losing badly in some polls. most polls show donald trump ahead. is the economy more important to voters this time around, rebecca, than social issues? is that what that says? >> it's interesting you raise that point. this is one of the reasons that indiana was supposed to be a state for ted cruz, much like wisconsin. there's a high degree of social connectivity in the state, including church going, a great indicator of that. and you have people who tend to be more conservative, social conservative. you have a governor now who has endorsed ted cruz, a conservative governor, as has happened in wisconsin. for some reason -- and maybe it's an indicator of the way that the race is going more broadly outside of indiana. ted cruz hasn't been able to recapture that magic in wisconsin. so, certainly it could be one factor that people are looking more to the economy as an issue, but ted cruz certainly hasn't shied away from talking about
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fiscal issues. he's not capturing the imagination of voters in the state right now. and trump is winning delegates at a faster clip than earlier in the race. to lock up the nomination, if he sweeps indiana, will need roughly 40% of the remaining delegates. the map is really in his favor at this point. >> i'll have to leave it there. rebecca berg, everyone, thank you. >> thanks, carol. >> you're welcome. vowing to take his fight all the way to the convention, bernie sanders is too. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil.
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>> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th with
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pledged delegates alone. the convention will be a contested contest. >> oh, but that will be an uphill fight, sanders losing badly when it comes to pledged delegates and super delegates and his campaign's cash flow has slowed. chris frates is live in indianapolis, where clinton and sanders are running neck and neck. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right, sanders is campaigning hard here in indiana. if you look at the math even he acknowledges this will be an uphill fight. bernie sanders needs to get almost all the delegates left in this fight to clench the nomination. hillary clinton needs just 20% of them. bernie sanders has started trying to convince super delegates in the states that he has won that they should, in fact, support him. if you look at the numbers there, even if they did switch sides and those democratic power brokers came over to the bernie sanders' camp, the math would still not work in his favor. also not working in sanders'
6:18 am
favor are the polls, as you point out, carol, latest nbc poll here in indiana, showing him trail hillary clinton 50-46. that could be part of the reason that hillary clinton isn't even in indiana today. she's campaigning elsewhere. in fact, she's turning her sights on donald trump. >> this hateful talk about immigrants, about muslims, about women. i mean, enough! enough! that's not who we are! >> he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i could really care less. i've laid it all out there and he can't or he won't. i can't tell which. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. now donald trump firing back, continuing to call hillary clinton cooked hillary, saying he's going to use some of the lines of attack that bernie sanders has used this primary season against hillary clinton in the general election, should
6:19 am
trump and clinton be the general election nominees. you know, that's really no surprise, because trump has been hitting hillary clinton now. bernie sanders saying trump would have been hitting hillary clinton anyway. he will do anything possible that he can to stop donald trump or whomever the are gop nominee is in the fall. it looks like he's doing anything possible other than getting out of this race. he's staying in this through june and taking his fight all the way to the convention floor. carol? >> chris frates, reporting live for us this morning. thank you. hillary clinton may be turning her attention to donald trump but not ignoring bernie sanders all together. she still needs his supporters to vote for her if she gets the nomination and her campaign has ripped a page from sanders to do just that. ♪
6:20 am
>> singing "we'll walk it out together together," recalls a sanders ad from months back. ♪ >> you know that ad "they all come to look for america," both ads touchy, feely, allbout love and togetherness. with me now to discuss, errol lewis. good morning. >> good morning. >> did hillary clinton rip a page from the sanders' playbook? >> sure. none of this stuff is copyrighted. if you can evoke the same feeling, why not? i wouldn't be surprised if she goes and tries the same team that had more of the effective ads by bernie sanders or anybody else to reproduce some of that magic. >> is that effective? >> you know, i'm assuming that
6:21 am
these very highly paid consultants aren't doing it because it doesn't work. it's in the same vain of bernie sanders using fonts, colors and imagery that is strikingly reminiscent of barack obama's campaign in 2008. they boro, they steal, use whatever works. it's a very practical business. >> interesting. you heard hillary clinton talk about president obama's legacy and donald trump couldn't destroy his legacy. i just wonder how effective that will be in a general election for all voters, no the just one demographic. >> it will be effective for the obama base. hillary clinton has to turn out as many black voters, especially black women, that she possibly can, as many latino voter. she needs to turn out the obama coalition with as much help from him that she can get. this prevaus two things. one is that she's going to try to immobilize that coalition and second, she will have a devastating kind of group of surrogates that are out there.
6:22 am
if you think about it, she will have two former presidents, the sitting president, former president bill clinton. she'll have joe biden as a possible surrogate. she's going to be able to cover a lot of turf and a lot of territory. we don't know -- let's say donald trump is the nominee. we don't know if he will be able to pull off anything comparable with sort of high wattage people. she is going to absolutely push over and over again to sort of try and move -- especially the black vote somewhere in the range of the historic turnout that we saw for barack obama. >> interesting. so, is it time for her to concentrate on such things? you heard what bernie sanders said. he wants to take it all the way to the philadelphia convention. >> it's interesting how the politics are going to play out. a couple of things will play out. except for the math and the drama -- and we'll all be there to cover all that stuff. we have to keep in mind that bernie sanders, in addition to whatever legacy he wants to leave or whatever movement he wants to inspire within the democratic party, he's the
6:23 am
ranking democratic member. he's hoping to get some real power and clout and he has something to lose. it's not as if he's on the tail end of his career. he has a lot ahead of him. he's going to have to make some hard choices about whether or not he wants to possibly squander or endanger that in order to sort of make what could be a largely symbolic showing. >> you think he may change his mind as we draw closer to summertime? >> exactly how this plays out, he has been through many, many elections. in any given election, you can hold out and wait until the last absentee ballot is count ed. when they see which way it's going, they try to move things forward as a favor to the process and themselves. >> errol louis, thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. prince's family stakes their claims to his estate including the contents of a secret vault.
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checking top stories for you 27 minutes past. five police officers are injured in seattle as may day demonstrations turn violent. nine protesters arrested for throwing rocks, bottles and even biting officers. police had to use tear gas to control the crowd. the serbian orthodox cathedral went up in flames. no one hurt. hours earlier, hundreds had attended easter services inside.
6:29 am
officials don't know how the fire started. plus -- that's half-inch sized hail coming down in indiana as severe storms rip through the midwest. tornado warning went out in central indiana yesterday. no tornadoes were reported, however. it was a close call. spotters said they saw a tornado 30 minutes north of town. the severe storm threat shifts to the midatlantic today. >> good morning, i'm carol costello. prince's half brother now confirming to cnn that a sealed vault does, in fact, exist inside the late singer's estate. no one knows for sure what's inside the vault. it may be a while before we find out. right now, prince's sister, t
6:30 am
wrchlttyka nelson, is among those arriving at the courthouse. how many people may be entitled to a slice of paisley park. outside the courthouse for us this morning, sara sidner. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. as we speak, the procedure is going on now. it's expected to be a very short procedure that kind of tries to figure out exactly who may be a beneficiary to prince's vast estate. we did have a chance to sit down with his half brother, alfred jackson, who talked with us about how he would like to see what everyone thinks may be some music that prince has either recorded or written that has never been released to the public. >> we've seen the vault door, but we never entered. >> i heard that if there is music that the public would love
6:31 am
to hear that you would be open to letting that happen, letting prince's music the public hasn't heard be released. >> i would release it. >> you would release it? >> yeah. >> how did your siblings receive your idea that the music should be released so the public can hear? >> that's something i haven't talked about with my family yet but it will come to that, we will start talking about it. >> why do you think it should be released? >> to let people know how great he really is. >> you may think it's a bit odd that he's telling us that he's going to to and wants the public to listen to this music and hear this music, which could be worth millions of dollars, depending how much of it there is. it gives you some idea that there has been a bit of friction between family members and the very first meeting between family members about the estate. we're told from a source that it did get contentious and there was shouting at some point. but since then, all the family
6:32 am
members trying to work things out, according to the source, and trying to do things civilly. they are all in court this morning. we're waiting to hear what kind of procedural things were sorted out in this courtroom today. carol? >> all right. sara sidner reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump doesn't back down from his controversial woman card comments. is this an opportunity for his rival, ted cruz? we'll talk about that next. for t the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at he's happy.t's with him?
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♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. heidi cruz and carly fiorina blitzing indiana right now. the strategy? cruz's support of strong women with donald trump's woman card comments, comments that trump has not disavowed. >> are you listening? she is playing the woman card. and if she didn't play the woman
6:37 am
card, she would have no chance whatsoever of winning. women want strength. they want security. they want to have strong military. they want to know that our country is being protected. they want to know about women's issues, women's health issues. i'm going to do a better job for women than hillary can do. >> with me now, radio hosts of "chicks on the right." welcome to you both. >> hi. >> thanks for being here. you are unenthusiastically supporting ted cruz in the indiana primary. fiorina is a factor for you. why is that? >> why is she a factor? >> yes, on the positive side. >> she was one of our top choices for the presidential race. we were very disappointed when she got herself out of the race. and so with the remaining three presidential candidates, trump, kasich and cruz, we've been almost desperately unhappy with
6:38 am
them. and so when she was announced as a vp candidate, that was sort of a bright spot for us. >> definitely. >> that makes it a little bit more of a -- less of a bitter pill to swallow. >> amy jo, senator cruz has a smart wife, heidi, cute kids. they're percocious, cute. why aren't more voters warming to him? >> you know, i'm not really sure. i can't answer for them. i can just say for me, i think that, you know, there are a lot of people at the beginning of this race that we could choose from and now that we're at the end of our rope here, i think that the three people that we have left standing -- we're just not overly enthusiastic about them. i think that we had a lot of fantastic candidates to begin with. and carly was one of them. so, we were actually really disappointed that she's not one of the ones who is left standing for president, actually. >> miriam, why can't you support donald trump? >> in the primary?
6:39 am
there's so many reasons. and we have gone into great detail about this on our show and our website, chicks on the his behavior is so juvenile in so many ways. and it's hard to imagine him in a presidential role when he takes most of his fighting on twitter. putting aside the fact that he has been on every side of every issue, it's the behavior that he displays on the public stage that's been really upsetting to us and it makes it very, very difficult for us to support him. that said, in the general election, we will reluctantly vote for him against hillary clinton. >> okay. interesting. my next question was about the trump's use of the term woman card.
6:40 am
i wanted to pick your brain, amy jo. >> i do agree with trump on that. hillary has said it's time for a woman president. it's reminiscent of 2012. they've used this tactic before. it's time for a woman president. it's time for a woman president. i think it's time for a good president and not just a woman president, based on gender. so, that's what we're looking for. we're looking for something different than what we've had over the past seven years. >> miriam, is donald trump right when he says he will do more for women than hillary clinton will? >> that he will what? i'm sorry. >> yeah. >> that he will do more for women than hillary clinton will. >> well, you know, we're -- it's very off-putting to us to consider the fact that there are women's issues to begin with. all issues are women's issues. so, you know, i don't know -- i hope that he does what he says he will do for the country, not paying -- not treating women as some sort of a special interest
6:41 am
group. we're not. we're simply part of the regular american population. and all issues affect us. just like they do all families. >> and we feel like if he does one or two things that are in a positive direction, then that's a step in the right direction. because we're sick of being stagnant. we're sick of watching nothing happen. frankly, i look at the deck clock on a regular basis and i'm sick of that going up and up and up. i have three kids to worry about. >> i'm going to ask you your predictions. miriam who will win the indiana primary, ted cruz or donald trump? >> oh, gosh. >> good luck with that. good luck. >> our state so unpredictable right now. polls are absolutely all over the place. the calls we receive on our show are all over the place. it's very exciting for us as whose yhoosiers to matter in th election. we never dreamed we would matter to this extent. to make a prediction, i can't
6:42 am
even begin to do that. >> i'm glad she got that question. >> amy jo, i'm going to put you on the spot. it's only fair. >> gosh, i'll just say that i think it's going to be cruz and i'll probably be wrong. >> that didn't sound very definitive. >> i just don't know. >> neither do i. i'm in your club. miriam weaver, amy jo clark, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. still to come on "newsroom," children's hospital as it was hit by an air strike in syria last week. and what world leaders are doing to try to save the crumbling syrian cease fire. don't go to tokyo. live there. "come in, come in" when you airbnb, you have your own home. make your bed.
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for the first time we're seeing what it was like inside a children's syrian hospital hit by an air strike in aleppo. here is the moment the air strike hit that hospital. it killed six people, nurses and children. you can see a woman carrying what appears to be a baby out of the hospital. the syrian government denies any involvement. the united nations is now warning that the situation in aleppo has turned catastrophic. now world leaders are gathering in geneva, hoping to save the cease fire that borders on collapse. let's bring in senior cnn
6:48 am
international reporter frederik pleitgen who has more from moscow. hi. >> reporter: hi, carol. you're absolutely right. the situation absolutely dire there in aleppo. 250 civilians that have apparently been killed in that city as the cease fire that was supposed to hold for the country continues to unravel. secretary of state kerry is in geneva right now, holding high-level talks. he acknowledges that the cease fire is in a lot of trouble. let's listen in to what he said just a little while ago. >> it is a fact that in the last weeks it has been put to a test, it has frayed in certain areas and fallen completely in a few areas. >> reporter: now, what he says, john kerry says is that the russians definitely need to be involved, if there is going to be any sort of way forward. the russians, for their part,
6:49 am
carol, are saying that they're involved in talks, in trying to get the cease fire in the aleppo area back on track. it's unclear who the russians are talking to. we do know that john kerry is going to speak to russia's secretary of state sergey lavrov, to try to find some way forward because so many people are at risk at this point in time. it really is of the greatest importance, the u.s. says, to try to get that cease fire back on track. john kerry says some headway has been made since he reached geneva but also acknowledges, carol, there still is a long way to go. >> frederik pleitgen from moscow, thank you. first time am decades u.s. cruise ship docks in the port of havana, cuba. beyond making history, it has special significance for several passengers on board. a handful of them were born am cuba. patrick ottman has more from havana. good morning, patrick.
6:50 am
>> reporter: good morning, carol. first cruise ship, since the cuban revolution that there's been any cruise service or u.s. tourism to the arriving to the port of havana just behind us. within the next hour or so we expect the ship to dock and passengers disembark and it's really very emotional for those on board. because up until last month they were banned from leaving the island or returning to the island by a boat. so for these cuban americans now that the law has changed here in cuba it's very emotional to see their homeland to see cuba come into view this morning as they sail across the florida straights. we're hearing reports of people
6:51 am
being in tears and for the cubans in our building here, we're seeing people come out and taking photos even though the government didn't account it was coming today. people found out about it and everybody wants to live this moment in history. >> all right. patrick reporting live from havana cuba this morning. >> today marks five years to the day since bin laden was killed in pakistan. and president obama and key members of his inner circle speak about the planning and preparation that went into hunting down the world's most wanted terrorist. watch we got him. president obama, bin laden and the future of the world on terror. still to come, the world's most popular video site is a powerful tool for presidential hopefuls and the ceo of youtube says it's forcing the candidates to be even more careful about what they say. i have asthma...
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top stories for you at 55 minutes past. public schoolteachers called in sick today and classes cancelled at nearly all city schools. it's in reaction to the school district saying it will not be able to pay teacher's salaries after june 30th. the murder trial of a father whose toddler died in his hot car in 2014. lawyers for justin ross harris instead want the judge to approve a change of venue. they argue the high profile case made it difficult to find impartial jurors. if the judge denies the change of venue jury selection will resume this afternoon and opening statements this week. circus electrical fanlts are retired from the big top. sunday night's performance in rhode island was their final appearance and animal rights
6:57 am
activists demanded the act be ended. they'll live out their lives at the ringling brothers elephant sanctuary in florida. they're not just on your tv screens anymore. more and more candidates are popping up on your smartphones and youtube screens. sometimes they reach out in a much more personal way. brian sat down to talk about this growing political platform. >> think about the difference in 2008 and 2016. hillary clinton was running in 2008 against obama and youtube was around but we western using it the way we all do now. there's been this media revolution in the past ten years and especially during the two terms of the obama administration and it's interesting to think about how important web video has become. so we sat down and talked about the advertising strategy but also how political adds are
6:58 am
lighting up the circuits. some are actually campaign adds from donald trump and hillary clinton and others. she argued that youtube and the prevalence of our camera phones and smartphones means that candidates are more careful than ever. here's what she said. >> one thing that has actually happened too with online video is it made the candidates a lot more careful with what they say. >> that's interesting. >> they are always being filmed. >> they're always being filmed so if they make a misstep or say anything not appropriate they're held responsible because now that clip can be uploaded and shown to a billion people so they are very careful about what they say now. >> now the counter argument to that might be donald trump. as donald trump said this morning i'm saying what people want to hear. one of the appeals of trump is that they seems at any time he might say anything or say
6:59 am
everything so maybe that's the counter argument to the idea that candidates are more careful because they're always on camera. she is on to something there. candidates know they're always being tracked and there's always cameras on them so they might be more sensitive to what they say. look at youtube, we type in trump and type in clinton. the most popular videos are almost always comedy videos. jimmy fallon, steven colbert, snl, those are the clips most popular of all. >> i wonder if youtube made money off the political ads. >> in some cases, yes. they run an add before the campaign ad which is sort of funny and sort of strange but that's the way the web works sometimes. they have gotten better and better about creating adds for the internet. really impressive videos made for twitter and made for facebook and made for youtube. sometimes you don't even see them on tv. it's a parallel universe of
7:00 am
campaigning nowadays. >> thanks so much. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts now. >> happening now in the newsroom. >> if we win indiana, it's over. >> tell that to ted cruz. >> i have to tell you, i have faith. >> the texas senator blitzing the state in the last minute battle for votes. plus hillary clinton taking on trump too. >> we cannot let barrack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> but rival bernie sanders says she's facing another fight first. >> the convention will be a contested contest. >> and what's inside prince's secret vault? the battle for the music icon's estate could get very, very ugly. let's talk. live in the cnn newsroom.
7:01 am
good morning, thank you for joining me as indiana prepares to vote donald trump goes on the attack against what he called a rigged delegate system and this time laying the blame on republican party bosses. here he is on new day. >> the bosses are trying to run it. it's a rigged party. a whole rigged situation. the bosses in arizona, i win in a landslide. i beat cruz so badly it's almost ridiculous and then the bosses have delegates. they have a crooked delegate system where they go in and they try to get delegates so they can play games but i tell you what the voters wouldn't stand for it. when you win by millions of votes. it's a rigged system. the bosses want to pick whoever they want to pick. so what's the purpose of going through the primaries. >> but ted cruz is not ready to throw in the towel. he and his surrogates are fanning out across the state today to try to keep the stop
7:02 am
trump movement alive. phil is following that part of the story and joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> for donald trump and ted cruz there's been two campaigns. the campaigns in the primaries and the one that donald trump continues to rail about. the fight behind the scenes for delegates. as far as donald trump is concerned it's the first one that matters most and that means there's problems for ted cruz. pollings showing ted cruz's opportunity in indiana starting to slip away. an opportunity that he and his team desperately need to continue their path way to block donald trump. the race is essentially over. now cruz's team has placed themselves well in the state and carol as you noted his surrogates are spreading out all over today in the final 24 hour blitz. ted cruz making the point that the republican party is coelessing behind him and not just in indiana. take a listen. >> it's been a very good week for us. >> we're seeing republican continue to unite behind our
7:03 am
campaign. he is well respected and his support is very meaningful as voters head into election day on tuesday. here in california having governor wilson's support is a big deal. he is someone that earned a lot of respect in this state and it's very meaningful. california is likely to decide this entire battle. >> you know, before california comes to indiana ted cruz getting another key endorsement there from their governor. mike pence on the campaign trial today with ted cruz and the reality remains this. in order to get to california where there's 172 delegates at stake and real opportunities to block donald trump but only if ted cruz can win indiana. that's why the stakes are so high here today. 57 dell fwegates at stake and t cruz needs more of them than donald trump. that's for sure. >> thank you so much. blue collar voters may be the deciders in indiana and mr. trump knows that. that's why he accused china of
7:04 am
raping the united states and doubled down on his threats to punish american companies if they move their factories out of the country. >> the other thing, how, it's very simple we're going to make them pay. there's going to be consequences. you're not going to take your company and move to mexico and make air conditioners and start selling them in our country. there's consequences. if you don't do it you'll lose all of our businesses because our businesses are moving out of our country and they're moving out fast. >> with me now to talk about the primary race in indiana, david gregory, blackwell he is the senior advisor to the aen trump pack and the co-chair of the donald trump leadership team in new york. we welcome to all of you. isn't the economy you stupid as always or will social issues bring evangelicals to the polls in droves. >> i think it transcends that in
7:05 am
this race. you have a unique circumstance where this is not a purity test in indiana and hasn't been that way for a lot of primaries so far with donald trump in the race. what you just played there, an argument, an economic argument that he is making about trade that's as much as trump projecting strength. it's much differ from whether he would be able to get that kind of policy through congress but of course the economy is always a huge issue because a huge issue for the fall. how you get jobs back. how you get more people feeling like they are involved in economic recovery and i think trade and the loss of jobs through manufacturing becomes something that trump talks a lot about. certainly the rest of the primary race and assuming he's the nominee. >> a lot of factories moved out of the state of indiana.
7:06 am
so is ted cruz wrong to focus so much on social issues and not just on the economy? >> i don't think ted cruz has -- >> ken, go ahead. >> i don't think ted cruz is making that false dichotomy. this is about intrusion of government and the rule of law and free markets so i don't think you have to choose between religious liberty and free markets. this is all about the size of government and intrusion in the marketplace and our lives. you have to position trump as being an advocate for big government. he only basically makes the distinction between himself and hillary clinton and barrack obama by saying he can make big government work more efficiently. >> why does this show ted cruz
7:07 am
running behind donald trump in double digits? if that's the strategy it's not working. >> you do an average of polls. trump has a slight lead but the fact is he done have a superior ground game so that's why it is going to come down to a nail biter and i think that cruz and the stop trump forces will prevail in indiana and live to fight a battle in california. so this notion that it is not working is not proven out yet. >> will indiana be a nail pieter? >> the cruz campaign made three big plays in indiana. the pick with fiorina and the case of collusion and also this time wasted on social issues like transgender bathrooms. time and time again the polls have shown that people, specifically republican voters haven't been interested in
7:08 am
talking about social issues. they want to talk about the economy. especially in a state like indiana. so when you see the polls break toward trump in this stage of the game, not only in indiana but in california as was just mentioned i think it's no surprise that the candidate that's speaking more directly to people affected by job losses is doing better. >> look, the cruz strategy in indiana is simple. he is running a conservative campaign. he has governor pence that is a strong social conservative that gave him an endorsement and is appearing with him. he has to deliver the social conservative votes. who could get elected as governor in indiana? cruz more likely than trump but that assumes a different kind of math. even social conservatives have been voting for donald trump in big numbers. wisconsin was an exception and texas was an exception but this is an area where the typical rules do not apply.
7:09 am
trump is winning across the board and it's why indiana is so important. if he can win in a social conservative state after dominating the northeast it's almost ill possible to see how he done get the nomination for how many delegates you get number one and number two that it peculiars a narrative issue. it sucks the wind out of the antitrump forces if they can't win in a state like indiana. >> if ted cruz does not win the indiana primary, should he pull out? >> absolutely. this game is not over until it's over. >> so you're saying he should not pull out? he should keep going? >> right. >> should he stop his campaign. >> i think at the end of the day this is can you stop trump from getting 1237 and throw it in a convention. the hill gets steeper but it's
7:10 am
not over until trump gets 1237 or better and i don't think there's a path for him to get there if everyone does his job. >> joseph. >> yeah, that's absurd. if trump gets away with 40, 45, 50 delegates from indiana he's on a clear path to 1237. especially given the polls in california are now breaking toward him again. this is hitting the talking points week after week after week but then the people in these states see and hear from ted cruz and they don't vote for him. maybe they don't like him and maybe they don't like what he's saying but time and time again we've seen states not support ted cruz. >> i do want to ask you -- >> it doesn't seem to be gaining much steam frankly. it's an attack against trump. >> mine is not the never trump camp. mine is the stop trump and the drive this into a contested convention.
7:11 am
if trump wins either the contested convention or if he wins 1237 then he is the candidate. but it won't be my father's republican party or the conservative movement of ronald reagan. here is a guy who is not a dee logically consistent with the republican party platform. he attacks republican rank and file members as well as republican leaders. our goal is to shine a light on the consistencies when it comes to things that distinguished us from the party. i don't think he misses that test. >> david, are ken's tactic's working? >> well, to some degree. look, there is certainly support behind ted cruz and what ken is saying is absolutely right which
7:12 am
is the rank and file of the republican party doesn't like trump because he's not a conservative. he's barely a republican. he's post ideological. he's not an ideological candidate and that is why i think, i know, both republican officials and establishment republicans are starting to say look we may be holding our nose a bit but this guy has potential we may not be able to imagine in terms of howell he can do in november. the fear among a lot of republicans i talked to, republican officials and otherwise they feel that ted cruz is more of a movement conservative but he's rather predictable of the fall which in their estimation is not very well. that's some of what is hurting ted cruz right now. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come, new campaign promises for a contested
7:13 am
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7:17 am
bernie sanders says it's not over. far from it. he's only town by 4% in indiana and promising this state will not be his last no matter what. still clinton is looking past her party rival focussing her attacks solely on donald trump acknowledging that it's a long shot that he'll be able to win this nomination and if you take a look at the math sanders has going for him you start to understand why he has to win almost all the delegates left in this race in order to clench that nomination. hillary clinton needs to win 20% of what's left but bernie sanders is saying he is taking this all the way to the
7:18 am
convention. >> it is virtually impossible to reach the majority of convention dell fwats by june 14th with pledged delegates alone. the convention will be a contested contest. >> now bernie sanders also asking the super delegates but even if he were able to flip them it still wouldn't workout for him and the other thing not working out for him are the poll numbers. he is lagging hillary clinton here 50-46 in the latest nbc poll and hillary clinton is not even campaigning here in indiana. she is starting to take shots at donald trump instead. >> we're seeing violence. violence at political rallies in our country. that's the kind of thing you see on tv and you assume it's some place far away, don't you? well this talk, this hateful talk about immigrants, about
7:19 am
muslims, about women. i mean, enough. enough. that's not who we are. >> now donald trump firing back continuing to call clinton crooked hilary and saying that he is going to use some of the lines of attack that sanders has used against clinton in this primary season against her in the general election should he and her be the general election nominees going into november and that's not surprising. he has been echoing bernie sanders here for a little bit of time and sanders saying that he will do whatever is necessary in order to beat donald trump in november or anybody else that is the gop nominee but the one thing it hooks like sanders is not going to do, he's not going to drop out of this race early and clear the way for hillary clinton to turn and take on donald trump. he's staying through the convention. >> all right. reporting live this morning. thank you so much.
7:20 am
with me to talk about this and more cnn political analyst and editor and chief of the daily beast, john. hi, john. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so hillary clinton is beginning to pivot. is that a good thing for her? >> i think it's a smart thing for her. hillary clinton can best bridge the enthusiasm gap that she has been saddled with in the past by running against donald trump and she has done it even beginning in the new york primary. she put out an ad that was a broad side attack against donald trump saying he didn't represent new york values but now she is doubling down and has the general election in site and that's the best argument for turning her campaign into a crusade. i want to play something else that hillary clinton said on
7:21 am
donald trump. let's listen. >> we cannot let barrack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. we cannot let all the hard work and progress we achieved over the last 7.5 years be torn away. >> all right. i'm listening with one ear to ted cruz in indiana and he's talking right now and that's what we're seeing on the right hand side of the screen. he's trying to be optimistic and talking about jobs but let's finish up with the hillary clinton question here. some of what donald trump says, a lot of it resinates with key voters that hilary needs in her camp so she can't talk about how she thinks donald trump's rhetoric is hateful and all. she has to talk about issue issues doesn't she? like trade. like jobs. >> of course. hillary clinton i think one of
7:22 am
her problems as a campaigner is she is much more interested in governing and in policy in a year in which talking about policy hasn't been elevated. the rules of american politics are clear. you need to build a coalition beyond your base and reach out to moderates in the middle class and while they're arguing they can make real enroads he as a result of strategy and rhetoric to date hasn't really done anything to reach out to hispanics, to african americans and hilary is in a position of running for her husband and barrack obama's third term so she is going to try to reach beyond her base and make that case that this is an insult to their effort. >> we got it. i just want our viewers to listen to ted cruz for a second
7:23 am
because he is talking about jobs and the economy and his optimism for a win in indiana. let's listen. >> both of whom support planned parenthood. both of whom hillary clinton and donald trump supported banning guns across america. both of whom hillary clinton and donald trump are campaigning on raising taxes and on allowing people here illegally to become u.s. citizens then as the republican party we will have failed the voters. let's take the issue of taxes. an important issue for the voters here in indiana. donald trump's sole economic policy proposal is a massive 40% tax increase on every american. i don't think the people of indiana need a 40% tax increase. i don't think those in this state can afford seeing their taxes going up 40% in contrast
7:24 am
to donald trump's massive tax increase. as president i'm going to cut your taxes. we'll pass a simple flat tax where every american fill out your taxes on a postcard and we're going to apoll lish the irs. it's not about more power in washington. that's the hillary clinton approach and the donald trump approach. more and more power in washington over your lives. instead, i think this election is about getting washington off of your back and unchaining the incredible ability of small business to generate jobs and raise wages. >> so any circumstance that you would drop from the race before cleveland? >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory i am competing until the end and the reason is simple. listen, this isn't about me. it isn't about donald trump or
7:25 am
any of the candidates. this is about our country and our future. i'm not willing to give up on the constitution and bill of rights. if hillary clinton and donald trump become president we'll see liberals on the u. s. supreme court and we'll see the decision overruled which means the second amendment right to keep and bear arms will be stripped away from every law abiding american. if we allow the next president to be hillary clinton or donald trump we'll see the same economic stagnation and taxes rising on the american people. jobs going oversees. donald trump's massive tax increase would put us into a recessi recession. if we allow hillary clinton or donald trump to become president we'll see america continue to abandon israel. both hilary and donald say they'll be neutral between israel and the palestinians. it's high time we had a president that stands with israel and both say they'll keep
7:26 am
in place this iranian nuclear deal. if you think it's a good idea to send $100 billion to a radical islamist terrorist that chants death to america then you should vote for donald or hilary. as president i will rip to shreds this nuclear deal. this election is about fundamental issues and at the end of the day it's about the good people of indiana. let me ask every parent at home. think forward to the next four years. do you want to turn on the television and see a president, republican or democrat that embarrasses you. that would make you feel embarrassed if your children came and spoke the words uttered by the president? you know the presidency we have had leaders who have inspired us. fdr told us the only thing we
7:27 am
have to fear is fear itself. john f. kennedy told us ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. the president has a unique role to speak out for our shared values. now ask yourself, do you really want to go through the next four years with a president who, if your child came home and uttered the words coming out of that president's house would make you punish your child or embarrassed for your child. we need a president that unifies us. that speaks to our shared values. my priorities are jobs, freedom and security. not a one of those is a narrow 51% wedge issue. every one of those issues are broad unifying issues. 60, 70, 80%. every american wants to see more jobs back in america. wants to see wages rising. it's one of the reasons we're seeing such support not just from republicans but
7:28 am
independents and libbertarians. democrats come up and say i have been a democrat my whole life and now i'm with you. because these are the values of america and we need to bring americans together. >> last question. >> you spent six minutes talking about the race and then you suggested the country can't afford to give into evil. that evil was that donald trump -- >> i trust the good people of indiana to differentiate. we are not a country built on hatred. on anger, on pettiness. we're not a country built on bullying. we are not a country about selfishness. no country in the history of the world has spilled more blood saving the lives of others. preserving freedom than has america and i'll tell you my
7:29 am
most fundamental belief, i believe in america. i believe in the american people. we are not a bitter angry petty b bigoted people. that is not america. i reject that vision of america. we are the land that 1957 gave my father as an immigrant from cuba hope and a dream. a teenage immigrant with $100 in his underwear washing dishes with nothing could achieve anything. that's who we are. that is who we are as americans. >> who who is evil? >> we are not an angry, ugly people. and the people of indiana. the people of indiana have good judgment. have good values. the people of indiana are the heartland of this country. and we have a choice about our national character. who we will be and i believe in the people of this nation with all my heart. it's why i'm so proud this week
7:30 am
to be standing shoulder to shoulder with indiana's governor mike pence. it's why i'm so proud this week to be standing shoulder to shoulder with my vice presidential nominee. we are seeing the republican party unite. we're seeing us unite behind positive values and real solutions to bring jobs back to america. if you care about jobs. if you care about wages. if you want to see manufacturing jobs coming back only one campaign has real economic policy solutions to make that happen. only one campaign has been fighting for the working men and women over and over and over aga again. i have tremendous faith across this great state. >> all right. senator ted cruz in indiana hoping for a very good day. something ted cruz said.
7:31 am
a reporter asked him if he would get out of the race if he doesn't win in indiana. he said i'll stay in the race if there's a viable path to victory so my question is what is ted cruz's definition of a viable path to victory? >> that is what gave him wiggle room to get out. it's their intention to fight through cleveland but the viable path to victory presumably is procolluded by a, trump not getting to 1237 and believing that they can get together enough delegates to win in the 2nd or 3rd ballot but there were a lot of things we hadn't heard from ted cruz. talking about his appeal across the aisle. >> a lot like hillary clinton at the ncaa cp. >> well, yeah, right.
7:32 am
>> he is trying to meld donald trump and hillary clinton into the same person rhetorically which is a tough thing to do. but that's the frame he is offering up in indian at this crucial must win state for him. that they're the same candidate which would be news to both donald trump and hillary clinton. >> john, thanks so much. coming up in the newsroom, prince's family inside a minnesota courtroom to fight for control of his empire. he was inside the courtroom and will tell you what was said, next. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag.
7:33 am
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7:37 am
>> stephanie was inside the courtroom and joins us now live with more. what did they say? >> it was completely procedural here in minnesota where this court is. this is the county where prince lived and also where he passed away. the entire proceeding was about 12 minutes long. there were 11 attorneys inside. representing siblings and also the trust named the special administrator and the big take away from this was a they continue to search for a will from prince but has still not turned up one and b the point of this hearing the judge said was so that if there were any errors out there that they could have time to be notified and to be added to the petition. they also said that the siblings there all signed saying that they were fine with them being the special administrator of all of prince's estate.
7:38 am
they had consent forms from all except for one sibling but a lot of us wanted to find out what was in the estate. what was in the vault? we didn't hear any talk of that at this point. that's what a lot of people are hoping for and at this point the judge asking for the attorneys to stay in contact with each other and to stay in touch with the court but no future court date has been set at this point. >> all right. stephanie reporting live from minnesota this morning. thank you. still to come in the newsroom senator cruz bets on the evangelical vote in indiana. will his faith be rewarded? my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes.
7:39 am
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if ted cruz wants a chance
7:43 am
atsawining indiana it is crucial he win over one group that would be evangelicals. there's more there than in wisconsin. it's why he's hitting hard on social issues. joining me now is ron johnson. executive director of the indiana pastor's alliance. welcome, sir. >> hi. thanks for having me on the show. >> thanks for being with me. i sure appreciate it. >> some polls show that ted cruz is fading in indiana. is the vote there for senator cruz? >> we're believing so. the polls have been all over in our state. it's hard to figure out and nail down accurately where a candidate is but all i can tell you is there's a great deal of excitement. first of all because indiana for a change is actually, you know, involved in this election of the next president of the united states so it's exciting for all of us to have all the candidates
7:44 am
here in indiana. >> this has been some election right? some say the economy and trade issues matter more this time around than social issues do and perhaps that's why ted cruz doesn't have the strong support he needs among evan swrgelicals your state. >> i think he's solid on the issues and certainly solid on the issues that we hold dear. i have been talking to all of our constituentcy about the holy trinity of selection. these are not just to the health of america but every civilization throughout society. those are candidates that acknowledge the sacredness of life. number two those that
7:45 am
acknowledge the sanctity of marriage and only one candidate gets it on religious liberty and that's ted cruz. >> if all that holds true why do you support that in pennsylvania they went more for donald trump than ted cruz? >> i can't explain all of that. i think you hit on issues that all across the board were concerned about national security and a strong military and dealing with the immigration crisis in a way that's fair and equitable but closing our borders. candidate across the board or evangelicals are concerned about all the things but when you get down to what it means to be evangelical that's where it gets to be murky. we're not looking for a savior but we are looking for a great
7:46 am
candidate who is able and competent and we believe ted cruz is that and someone god fearing and respects the word of the lord. we believe ted cruz is that. somebody that's truthful and the fourth recommendation from scripture is people that hate it and somebody that's honest and not motivated by greed and these are foundational principles that are nonnegotiable and i think when you look at the candidates across the spectrum you have to land with ted cruz on those issues. >> all right. ron johnson, thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> thank you. have a great day. >> you're welcome. you too. puerto rico will not be making its debt payment due today. the island was supposed to pay over $400 million on top of billions of dollars in debt they already racked up as the economic woes continue. congress is debating whether or not to step in to help the u.s. territory. we'll keep you posted. still to come in the newsroom, the president says he was
7:47 am
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. a cnn exclusive we got him airing tonight and president obama and key members of them talked about the raid that took down the 9/11 mastermind. >> i have been inclined to take the shot fairly early on in the discussions. but you hold back the decision until you have to make it and in
7:52 am
the end and one of the lessons that i drew and by the time i made the decision that we had all the information we needed to get. we had prepared as well as we could and it was emotions ble mattic of presidential decision making. you're always working with probabilities and you make a decision not based on 100% certainty but with the best
7:53 am
information that you got. >> peter is with me now. the most amazing part is you are in the room where they're watching that video monitor. what was that like? >> well, president obama said it was the first time he had sat down in the situation room with a reporter but he walked us through it. the final meeting about whether to go or not. he got conflicting advice. vice president biden said urge caution and we learned from a president in this interview he was leaning toward doing the raid early on and then we went into the smaller room where the iconic photograph was taken and he walked us through what it was like. >> just looking at the president's face in that picture did you ask him what was going through his mind? at that moment when he decided to say go for it? >> i think he -- that's a lonely place to be right? because in our system the
7:54 am
commander and chief is not a group decision and he is a very careful guy. he weighed the pros and cons. he was worried. these were very real and accurate concerns. >> hillary clinton was also in the room and was she on the side of go for it? >> she was on the side of go for it as she tells us in the special that will air tonight. >> were her reasons the same as president ball balm or did they have differing opinions? >> don't forget she was senator in new york here. she visited the world trade center the day after. for her it was a very emotional thing and she tended to take positions in this administration and she thought this was the right thing to do. >> i would think it would be difficult to put your emotions
7:55 am
aside and make this decision. >> we interview add length in the special and he's a commander of joint special operations command. we're not informing them and we could get in a fire fight with the army if they had a major facility around the corner. that was the concern. >> quickly after it was all over and the raid proved successful, did they all cheer? >> no, there were no high fives. it was very serious they were worried about it. >> i can't wait to see the special. >> the special by the way, we got him. the future of the world on
7:56 am
terror airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn.
7:57 am
7:58 am
they found out who's been hacking into our network.
7:59 am
who? guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network. new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time.
8:00 am
[ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.


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