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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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thank you so much for joining us as we continue to count you down to the opening of the polls. "ac 360" begins now. >> good evening. this time five years ago the world was absorbing the news that osama bin laden had been caught and killed nearly years after the 9/11 attacks. peter bergen got access to the white house and talked about the mission with president obama. stay tuned for "ac 360" special, we got him, president obama, bin laden and the future. the nation's current hopes and fears are focusing on the heartland in the state of indiana. they vote in the primary tomorrow. donald trump said if he wins
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there, it's over. the arrest poll shows him leading ted cruz 49% to 34%. the democratic race, hillary clinton leading by four points over bernie sanders and that is within the margin of error. there is an error over the country and the arrest poll said 84% said trump is most likely to win the nomination. cruz is expected to take the stage any moment. we begin with the trump rally. what's the latest? >> donald trump is talking about his chances in the indiana primary. he said just a few moments ago, if we win in indiana, this thing is over and he said we want to turn to hillary clinton after that who will be a lot of fun.
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he said if they win, they will win the nomination. they can end the sports endorsements and the basketball coach, digger phelps. purdue basketball coach and that along with bobby knight. the former notre dame coach earlier today. trump has what you would call a sports dream team endorsing him this this state and earlier today. we should point out he was going after ted cruz and his running mate, carly fiorina noting how she slip and fell off a stage yesterday. donald trump said in a rally even he would have helped carly
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fiorina get back up on the stage, noting that ted cruz did not. we should point out that heidi cruz tried to lend a hand. the campaign is having missteps in the final hours before the primary. donald trump is trying to exploit every one of them. >> ted cruz had multiple events. he tried to stop trump and what he needs before the election. he encountered a handful of hecklers. take a look. >> do the math. kasich should dropout and now it's your turn. time to dropout. >> indiana don'tment you. >> you are entitled to have your rights. >> sir, america is a better country -- >> without you.
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>> thank you for the kind sentiments. i have treated you respectfully the entire time. >> from indianapolis, i know you spoke to him. >> diand he clearly is in debating mote. not just with that protester, but when i spoke earlier today, he was in that kind of back and forth verbal rally mentality. the conversation we had was about the fact that he is blaming the media for not necessarily wanting him to go on. we keep asking questions about how important indiana is. i responded it's the hard numbers and the delegates where trump is far ahead of him and cruz himself put a lot of impact on the state of indiana. he senses it from the candidates
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and his staff. he was and is campaigning with the governor who endorsed him. the difference between what they said today. governor pence who is popular in the state, he said he will support the nominee whoever it is. ted cruz will not say that. he was asked over the weekend. he won't go there. it gives you a sense of how the cruz campaign feels about the stakes being so high. they don't want to push everyone over the edge. we want to get a sense of how people feel. there a lot of undecided voters in the back row here. they are thinking i'm a die-hard republican and i don't want a
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contested convention. i like cruz, but i might vote for trump to end this thing. it's really fascinating. >> it is a much tighter race and they have the latest. let us tomorrow have the biggest turn out in indiana history. >> bernie sanders is asking democrats to put the brakes on the march to the nomination. she is already moving on. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> on the eve of the primary, clinton is looking ahead. to a fall matchup with trump and a fall contest down the line. >> clinton buying cookies from girl scouts and talking trade
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from kentucky steelworkers. >> i don't believe we should be subsidizing in effect the rest of the world. we have cards to play. we need to play those cards. >> in indiana, the race seems close. clinton leading sanders narrowly. her advantage is stronger nationally, leading eight points in our new cnn poll. sanders is showing frustration not only at clinton, but democratic rules. >> when we talk about a rigged system, it's also important to understand how the democratic convention works. >> sanders particularly frustrated with super delegates or party officials who also have a say. >> for makes it hard for insurgent candidacies like ours to win. you know what? we will fight for every last vote. >> that are fight is getting harder in his battle to win the nomination. clinton is about 200 delegates
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shy of the 2383 needed. sanders needs five times that many, pledged and super delegates. he plans to use her words against clinton. >> bernie said she should not be allowed to run and she is not capable. it's incredible. >> we asked sander fist th eers bothered him. >> no. we have the ability to do the research they want on secretary clinton. they don't need bernie sanders's critiques of the secretary. >> there is no question that it softened somewhat, but this race is still very much alive. bernie sanders speaking to several thousand people in downtown indianapolis who want a say in the primary. the clinton campaign believe it is over, but it's not quite.
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she was in appalachia and she apologized for the comment she made in march when she essentially said she would put coal workers out of business. she said i'm sorry. i was wrong. you can forgive me. that's something we don't hear very often to make a blanket apology. we heard that tonight from hillary clinton. >> thank you so much. we will dig deep in the final push for votes. minutes from now, the 360 special, we got him. president obama, bin laden and the future of the war on terror. the raid five years ago and the drama has it unfolded. >> we came in here at the point where the helicopters were about to land. it's here where we observed, for example, that one of the helicopters got damaged in the landing. >> what were you thinking?
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>> it is indiana's turn. the candidates know the stakes. they are holding rallies and cruz expected to take the stage any moment. a lot to discuss with their panel. the chief political analyst and
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contributing editor and new york magazine. he is a trump supporter and the director for ted cruz. also with us, mike rogers and the chairman of the house committee. that's great to have you with us. >> it's fascinating. i want to read the last line. it's all about donald trump. in terms of liberal democracy, trump is an extinction level event. he threatens our civil war. it's to round up and deport 11 million human beings. it's the kind of plaid form no one is ever put forward at a major level.
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if a candidate was saying no jews allowed in the united states, we would know what he was about. he is such a brilliant gainsmanship, but we have a television culture. he called them better names. >> you are say iing and in orde to save the gop down the road. we can have a global religious war. if you try to do what he said he will do, if you have to believe
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it, we will have to deport in this country, it is not going to be pretty. >> what do you say amongst the gop standing against donald trump. i think you will see a taming. i don't care who comes out of it. she will have to work to get back to the center. whoever comes out of that and it looks like donald trump, i believe he tries to step back into the governance model of running for an election. i don't know if he can do it, but i think it's too early to say all is lost. pull the sheet up over your head. >> donald trump is a litmus test for a republican.
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what does it say about the republican? i'm a conservative and a republican. i thought it stood for shrinking government and more freedom to the people. that is not something i hear him talk about. he talks about crazy things day to day. i do not know what the party stands for anymore. i don't know if other republicans can reclaim it and create a way to idiot-proof the white house. regardless of what happens, we will find out a lot about what others stand for in the process. >> you totally disagree. >> first of all, i disagree with the cryptic vision. a lot of americans sit here and look at people, 11 people who died in san bernardino. they are scared. they look at a president who refuses to use the word and call this what it is. likewise we look at the immigration policy and look tow europe and see 400 isis fighters
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and killed 143 parisians. this is a local ideology. it's not everyone, but americans are scared. they are scared on the economic front. he put forward a positive vision. >> if a candidate was saying don't allow jewish people, being would you accept them? >> we don't have a problem with jewish people. >> they committed acts of terror. >> they are targeting the united states. >> they are not arguing for the isis terrorists. anybody who is a muslim could not be allowed in the united states. that is an abolition of america. this place was designed and created so the people would have freedom of religion and come here and practice as they want. this is an attack upon the united states of america that your candidate is doing. >> and the right to live freely includes the right to actually land and not to go to war and fear that someone will kill you. his policy was not driven by
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hate. that was strategic. there will be a temporary ban until we figure out how we have in our country on a visa and killed people. until we figure that out, we have to put a temporary halt. that's to all immigration. >> let me run. >> all immigration? >> until we figure out how someone got into our country. >> the very meaning of america. i'm an immigrant. i love this place. when they see what donald trump is threatening to do and what the values he is espousing, it is a trashing of this country's core values. >> when the fbi director comes out and do not have a way to vet these people, that is a problem. most americans are scared for their kids and their families. they have a right to be scared. >> do you think politicians should increase their fear the way donald trump is? >> they should acknowledge it. acknowledge the fear. the president has come on the television time and time again
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and berated americans have have tolerance. there is not a problem with the lack of tolerance. there more hate crimes than other groups against muslims. to be rate the nation for that, americans are scared and people are killing people in this country. that is a problem. >> we can't give donald trump a pass because people are scared. maybe you can have a temporary ban for hot beds of terrorism. that is not what he said. he is talking about how china is raping the united states. you cannot defend this guy. at the least we have an obligation if he will be the nominee to demand better from someone running to be the leader of the free world. >> i would look at who are these huge numbers of people. why are they voting this way?
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if you talk to them, you will get hey, listen. here's the things i am worried about. maybe i don't like the way or the things he said. if you talk to these folks, this is not angry white men. all of us here would have the stories and the individuals who are of all races and demographics saying something is not working in washington. i'm not sure that's it, but something has to change. that is the challenge. how do you get the people? >> i have never seen a president gets election who plays to fear. playing to hope is a better option. usually more successful. that's the question i have about donald trump. if he is the nominee, where does the hope part in? >> i thought andrew's essay was excellent. that's in the face of someone like trump. you can win 40% of the primary
5:22 pm
vote and maybe capture a party's nomination, but the argument that you laid out against trump, i don't think that argument has been made with a sustained campaign because frankly republicans have not been able to do what rogers said. how do you capture the wind of the voters that trump is appe appealing to with a non-zen phobic view. he will likely run against hillary clinton. if the polls are not meaningful, she is going to crush him. >> stay with us. >> the democracy will be saved. >> we will talk with the epic photo. the navy s.e.a.l. team raided a compound and killed osama bin laden years ago tonight. you will hear what obama and secretary clinton was thinking when this photo was taken.
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>> in a few minutes we will bring you a special report. it was years ago. imagine that. years ago that osama bin laden was killed in a raid. tonight we get insight on the operation details that have never been told before. they talked to president obama and many top advisers including hillary clinton in the white house situation room when the raid unfolded. take a look. >> it was so surreal because the stress was intense. we could see the helicopter clipping the wall and being disabled. your heart was in your throat. i never spent a more stressful 30 plus minutes in my life. >> when did you find out about the raid? >> i was brought in in january
5:28 pm
when i became chairman through may. all of the information was briefed along the way to get the read on should we or shouldn't we. we got a call from leon panetta who said we are launched. we are ready to go. it was an interesting night obviously. i think success has 1,000 fathers. we will see who was for it and it was an important day in our history. it was an incredible mission on behalf of our forces community and all of the figures that played a rowe in it. the logistics tale was significant. >> so much focus was put on who pulled the trigger, there were hadn'ts of people if not more over the course of since 9/11 and before had a in this. >> huge. the intelligence, the small pieces of information they were able to put together overtime
5:29 pm
that found the courier and that's all they found. for years to find the courier and they found it by two analysts putting together two things that didn't quite make sense to them. they put two pieces together and said you know what, we found the courier and got to the place and we forgot the doctor who helped in that operation. a pakistani national who knocked on the door who was doing vaccinations in the neighborhood is still in custody in pakistan. we try to get him out. >> its you something about presidential leadership. we read the book and there were differing opinioning and the president has to make that decision. we have not heart his story yet. that is going to be fascinating about the president talking about what went through his own mind as he heads in. >> incredible access and we are
5:30 pm
going to get a lot of information. andrew as well. thanks for coming back and new york magazine. you have written a lot. >> a year. >> all right. you are not tan, you are pale. you vowed to see the book on the raid that killed osama bin laden and detailed about the raid that were kept secret and details kept for the first time tonight. mysteries lingered since the president announced bin laden had been killed. we hope you enjoy it and president obama and bin laden and the future of the war on terror starts now. >> what are your future plans? >> a plane crashed into the world trade center.