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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 2, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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stay with cnn for all day coverage tomorrow with the race that may shape the race from indiana. and we will be back here at midnight with all of the results from the hoosier state. and coming up is the special "we got him" featuring president obama on the war of terror and t the capture of osama bin laden. sfwr we begin with the fifth anniversary of the killing of the man who mas the terminded the 9/11 attacks. peter bergen got unprecedented access to the white house the talk about it. stay tuned for the cnn special "we got him" in half an hour
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rugt here. but first, the nation's current hopes and in some cases, yes, fe fears were all focus odd on one place in the american heartland tonig tonight. the state of indiana is going to vote in the primary tomorrow, and donald trump says that as far as he is concerned, if he wins there, it is over. the latest nbc/"wall street journal" "maris poll shows him leading ted cruz 39% to 34%, and the democratic race is tighter, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by 4%, and that within the poll's margin of error. and on the gop side, there is an error of inevitability that is settling in among the registered voters who 84% say that trump is most likely to win the republican nomination, and trump and sanders are campaigning in indiana, and cruz is expected to take the stage any moment, and with e begin with the trump rally in south bend, and jim acosta is there, and what is the late sfes >> well, anderson, donald trump is on stage right now, and he is talking about the chance, and h h feels pretty good about the indiana primary, and he said a
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few moments ago if we win in indiana, this thing is over, and then he said that we want to the turn to hillary clinton after that, and he said in his words, is it is going to be a lot of fun. now, i did talk to a donald trump adviser earlier today who said that if they win indiana, they feel like at this point, and not only win the nomination, and clinch the number of delegates needed to get that nomination, but they will get 1,400 delegates which is way beyond what a lot of people thought earlier on in the campaign and end it before it gets to california. but momts ago, donald trump rolled out more sports endor endorsements, and he had the former basketball coach of notre dame, digger phelps, and former purdue basketball coach gene keady and bobby knight, the former indiana coach, and lou holtz, the former notre dame football coach, and so trump has what you would call a political sports dream team endorsing him in the state. and earlier today, he was, as we should point out, ted cruz and
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his running mate carly fiorina, and at one point noting how she fell off of the campaign stage in indiana yesterday, and donald trump saying at a rally earlier that even he would have helped carly fiorina get back up on ta the stage, and ted cruz didn't, and heidi cruz did try to have a l help, and it sews you that the cruz campaign is having a few missteps here in the final hour sh, and donald trump is trying to exploit all of them, and this is feeling very confident. >> and ted cruz had multiple events in indiana as he was trying to stop trump, but in at a restaurant, he encountered some trump psupporters. >> and it is kasich to drop out, and now take your own word, it is time to drop out. >> you will find out tomorrow, indiana don't want you.
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>> well, sir, you are entitled to your opinions -- >> sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for the kind sentiments that i have to point out that i have e treated you respectfully the entire time. >> and dana bash is there in thinking at this time? ted cruz- >> well, he is clearly in debating mode and not just with the protester, but when i spoke to him earlier today, he was in the kind of the back and forth verbal rally sort of mentality. the conversation that we had was about the fact that he is blaming the media for not necessarily wanting him to go on, because we keep asking questions about how important indiana is tomorrow to which of course, i responded that it is not necessarily the media, but
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the actual hard numbers and the delegates where trump is actual actually factually far ahead of him, and cruz, himself, has put a lot of impact on the state of indiana, and you can sense it, anderson, sense it from the candidate, and you sense it from the staff. he was and is campaigning today with the governor who endorsed him. but even the difference between what the two of them said today for example quickly, governor pence who is popular main the state told me that he is going to support the nominee whomever it is it, and ted cruz will not say, that and he was asked multiple times over the weekend and i asked him again, he simply won't go there, and so it is going to give you a sense of how the cruz campaign feels about stakes so high they don't want to say anything that will push anybody over the edge in any particular way. as i toss it back to you, i want to tell you, anderson, and i was working the crowd to get a sense of how people feel, and there are a lot of undecided voters
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here in the back row here. some of them said to me, that i'm a die-hard republican, and i don't want this to continue, and i don't want a contested convention, and so i like cruz, but i might vote for trump to end this thing, and this is the thing that is come out mouths of voters which is fascinating. >> and dana, it is a much tighter race between the democrats in indiana and bernie sanders is campaigning in indianapolis, and jeff zeleny has the latest. >> and let us tomorrow have the biggest turnout in indiana histo history. >> reporter: bernie sanders is firing up the voters today across indiana, and asking the democrats to put the brakes on hillary clinton's march to the nomination. but she is already moving on. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> and on the eve of the
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primary, clinton is looking ahead. to a fall matchup with trump and primary contests down the line. visiting appalachian today. she bought cookies from girl scouts and talking trade with kentucky steel workers, but i don't believe that we should be subsidizing in effect, the rest of the world. we got some card s s to play, a we need to play those cards. >> and in indiana, the race seems close, and clinton is leading sanders far rowly in a "wall street journal" poll, and her advantage is stronger nationally, and leading sanders eight points in the newcnnorc poll, and sanders is increasingingly showing frustration not only at clinton, but the democratic rules. >> when we talk about the rigged system, it is also important to understand how the democratic convention works. sgrr sanders is particular ri frustrated with the super delegates or the party officls who also have a say. >> it makes it hard for
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insurgent candidacies like ous s to win, but you know what, we are going to to be fighting for every last vote. >> reporter: that fight is getting harder, and the battle to win the nomination is more uphill. and clinton is 200 delegates shy of the 2383 needed. sanders needs five times that pledged superdelegates. sapders is following the words carefully, and is following them carefully by trump. >> and what he said is incredible, and it is a sound bite. >> and we asked sanders if it bothered him? >> no, the republican party and trump have the resources to do all of the opposition research they want on secretary clinton. they don't need bernie sanders' critiques of the secretary. >> now, anderson, no question that the rhetoric has softened, but this democratic race is alive and bernie sanders
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speaking to me to several thousand people in indianapolis who want to believe they have a voice. and some believe that matht mat cli it is over, but not quite. and secretary clinton was in appalachian and ap poil jized to the remark see made at a cnn up to hall where she said that essentially she would put the coal workers out of business, and she said, i am sorry, and can you please forgive me, and that is something that we don't hear the politicians make a blanket apology, and we heard it tonight from hillary clinton. >> and thank you, jeff zeleny. we want to dig deeper with the panel, and plus minutes later the 360 special "we got him." it was about the raid five years ago of osama bin laden and in details that u you have have not heard as it unfolded. >> and it is here where the
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spotlight and the candidates know the stake, and both trump and cruz holding rallies. cruz is speaking right now, and trump is soon to take the panel. and joining us is gloria bornge, and andrew sullivan, and political commentators amanda carpenter, the former communications director for ted cruz, and also kaleigh mcenany and i want to talk about the article that you wrote about donald trump. you said in terms of the constitutional level, he is extinction event, and what do you mean, extinction level event? what is that? >> well, he threatens our constitution, and he threatens the civil order. and i the they the pledges to round up and deport 11 million
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human beings is a platform that nobody has ever put forward at a major national level and nobody has ever condoned violence or sought to demonize and discriminate somebody of a particular religion in the way that he has, and if a candidate today we are saying, no jews allowed into the united states we would know what that candidate is about, and now we have one saying no muslims, and we are not prepared to call it out the way it is, and he is such a brilliant gamesmanship, and so much brilliance in the performance that my fear is that we have a reality television culture now, and that the reason that these other candidates have not been able to combat him is not because he has had better argument argumentsk, but it is because he has called them better names. >> and so, you are also saying that the establishment republicans, and the gop establishment should continue to fight against him. >> yeah. >> in order to save the gop down the road.
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>> and not just the gop, but the country from this guy. we could have a global trade war, and we could have a global religious war. and if you try to do what he says he is going to do, and we have to believe him sh, then we will have a military or the police operation to deport 11 million people in the country, and it is not going to be pretty. >> chairman rogers, what do you say of those in the gop who continue to stand against donald trump if he does get the nomination? >> well, it is not the end of the world, but i do think that after the election, you are will see a taming of the candidates. i don't care who comes out of t it, and just like hillary clinton has to run, and has been running more harder to the left than she wants to govern, she has to work to get back to the center, and the same problem with the republicans. whoever comes out of that, and it is looking like donald trump, i do believe that he tries to step himself back into the governance model of running for election, and i don't know if he can do it or in the makeup, but it too early to say that all is lost, and abbandon the ship, an
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pull the sheet up over your head. >> and amanda, do you side with andrew that people are continuing to stand up against donald trump? >> ell wx more broadly, donald trump is an excellent litmus test for the republicans f. he is the nominee, what does it say about the party? i'm a republican and k conservative, and i thought the republican party stood for shrinking the size of the government, and restoring the freedom to the people, but that is not what he is talking about, but the crazy outlandish thing, and if he is the nominee, i don't know what the republican party stands for any more, and i don't know if some people can create a way to idiot-proof the white house, but this is a crisis of the party, and in regardless of what happens, we will find out a lot about what other republicans stand for in the process. >> kaleigh, you totally disagree. >> yes, i full willy disagree of the cryptic vision of donald trump, and the fact is that a lot of the americans look at ten people, 11 people who died in san bernardino, and they are
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very scared. they look at a president who refuses to use the words radical islam, and what it is, and unbridled immigration poll i, and we look to the europe who had 400 isis people who got into europe and killed pa rizians, and this is driven by a radical ideology within a faith, and so it is not the whole of them, but the sum of them, and so donald trump has put forth a positive vision of how to make it better. >> and if the candidate said don't allow jewish people in the kun tri. >> and we don't have a problem with jewish people, but it is -- >> and jewish people have conducted terrorism in foreign countries. >> and you are arguing that anybody who is a muslim is not allowed in america, and so this place was created to have people who have free are dom of religion, and this is and at the
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tack upon the united states of america that your candidate is conducting sglch and the right to go to work without fear that somebody is going going to be k and so the policy not by hate, but it is strategic and a temporary ban until we find out how malik got into the country to kill people, and if you have a problem with the muslim portion, a temporary halt on all immigration. >> all immigration? >> and until we figure that out. >> and it is the very mean iingf america. i'm an immigrant to this country. i love this place, and when i see what donald trump is threatening to do to it, what the values that he is espousing, it is a trashing of the country's core values and institutions. >> and when the fbi director comes out and says that we don't have a way to fully vet these people, and that is a problem, and most americans are scared, and they are scared for their kid kids and families and they have
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a right to be scared and a right to vote for someone -- >> and politicians should increase the fear the way that donald trump is, and they should -- >> well, they should acknowledge it. >> escalating it. >> and the president has not acknowledged it, but he has come on the television time and time again to the berate the americans and tell them to have a tolerance. and there are more hate crimes in this country against other groups than muslims and it is third for hate crimes so to come to beharate the nation for intolerance of islam, and so people are getting into the country and killing peep, and that is a problem. >> we can't continue to give donald trump a pass because people are scared. >> what we need is to be more precise about the words and temporary ban for people to come in to be until people can come into the country vetted. and today, he said that china is raping people, and so if he
8:21 pm
going to be the nominee, he has to be accountable and bet ter t be someone who is leader of the free world. >> and if you want to look at the party, and who is attracted and who are these huge number of people are attracted and why are they voting this way? if you talk to the poom anecdotal anecdotally, this is what you will hear, hey, i am worry about this and maybe i don't like the way he says it, but if you are talking about those knock, and it is not angry white people, but we have all people of all races and demographics saying, something is not working in washington and i don't know what it is, but something has to change, and that is the challenge of the republicans to keep those people without that rhetoric. >> i have not ever seen a president who gets elects to fear, and playing to hope is a tter option, and usually often more successful. and so, that is the question that i have about donald trump, which is if he is the nominee of the republican party, where is
8:22 pm
the hope part? >> ryan? >> i thought that andrew's essay is excellent and you should read it, but i disagree about how resilient our democracy is in the face of someone like trump, and you can win 40% of the primary vote and maybe capture a party's nomination, but the argument that you laid out against trump, that argument has been made with a sustained campaign yet, because frankly, republicans haven't been able to do what chairman rogers just said, how do you capture the wind of the voters that trump is appealing to with the nonxenophobic view, but in the general election, he is going to be running against hillary clinton, and the view you laid out is the basis of the campaign, and if the polls are not meaningful, she is going to be crushing him. and your democracy will be saved according to you. >> and talking to the panel, and five years ago a photo taken inside of the u.s. situation room as a group raided the bin
8:23 pm
laden compound, and tonight, we will have new insight on the operation, and you will hear what president obama and hillary clinton and others were thinking when this photo was taken with them and others in the room.
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>> well, in a few minutes we will bring you a special report
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"we got him, president obama, and the war on terror." imagine, that fiver years ago that osama bin laden was killed in the compound. and now we have more details of the operation and peter bergen spoke to the president and including secretary of state hillary clinton who was in the room when the raid unfolded. take a look. >> it was so almost surreal, because the stress was intense. we could see the one helicopter's tail clipping the wall and being disabled. i mean, your heart was in your throat the whole time that we were in there and i have never spent a more stressful 30-plus minutes in my life. >> i'm back with the panel, chairmanmanm roger s, you were e white house at the time of the raid and when did you find out? >> i was chairman through may
8:28 pm
and so all of the information was briefed along the way to also get our reed on should we or shouldn't we at the end of it, and i got a call of leon panetta the then cia director, we are launched ready the government it was an interesting night, obviously, and the success of 1,000 fathers and i am go ing to be interested to se who was for it and against it and it was an important day in u our history and it is incredible mission on behalf of the special forces community, and all of the intelligence figures that plaid a role in it. this is the logistics tale of this is significant, and this is often lost. >> well, it is one thing, because so much focus on who pulled the trigger, but hundreds of people if not more over the course of the since 9/11 and even before had a role in this. >> huge. and the intelligence, the small little pieces of information, that they were able to put together over time that finally found the courier, and that is
8:29 pm
all they found for years, just to find the courier, and they found it by two different analysts who put together two things that didn't make sense, and put the two pieces together, and i think that we found the courier, and got to the place, and dr. alfredi who was a pakistani national who knocked on that door and doing the vaccinations in the neighborhood is still in custody in pakistan and we worked to try to get him out, but we have not been able to do that >> and it is going to tell you something about the presidential leadership and how tough it is. and we led leon panetta's book, and he was for the raid and hillary clinton was for it, and in the end, it is the president who has to mach the decision, and we have not heard his story e yet, and that is what is go ing the be so fascinating about tonight is the president talking about what went through his own mind as he had to decide. >> and incredible access, and we will get a lot of information that you never heard before.
8:30 pm
i want to thank all of the panelists for being here, ap andrew as well, thank you for coming back, and andrew's article is in the new york m magazine, and this is first time that you have written in like -- >> a year. >> a year. and you are tanned and rested well, you not tanned, but pale. >> yes. >> and now, one thing the book is not entirely written, because there are details that have been kept secret for fiver years and detail tas you will hear for the first time tonight, and there are other things that will get into the hour ahead, and we are glad that we have it tonight in a special "we got him, president obama and the raid on osama bin laden." what are your future plans? a plane