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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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carol costello. >> thanks so much. good morning. newsroom starts now. good morning to you, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. indiana, 2016, the end of the road for the ted cruz campaign. and a new beginning for donald trump. today, he wares the party's banner presumptive nominee. trump stands less than 200 delegates away from officially clinching the nomination. he steam rolled in the hoosier state, winning 53%, more than john kasich and ted cruz combined. he picked up all the delegate, trump dismissing kasich, and focusing on the democrats and the money needed for a general election fight. >> i will make a decision fairly soon as to that. i mean, do i want to sell a couple of buildings and self-fund, i don't know that i want to do that necessarily, but i really won't be asking for
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money for myself. i'll be asking for money for the party, and really, it's something that we're going to start on right away. i got a call last night from reince priebus, and it is something that now we're in this position we're going to start. >> among the democrats, hillary clinton focusing on november. as bernie sanders wins indiana and he reminds her, he will not be ignored. following the angles as the presidential race becomes clearly into focus, let's begin with sarah murray, outside the trump tower in new york city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. look, ted cruz's decision to bow out of the race caught the trump campaign by surprise last night. that means today, they're kicking into over drive. staffing up, figure out why wr to send the staff, and of course, ramping up the conversations about who the vp pick might be, and the vetting
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process, all as trump pulled out what he called an amazing, unexpected victory. >> the voters chose another path. >> indiana marks the end of the roads for ted cruz. >> we are suspending our campaign. >> and a major victory for donald trump, as he becomes the republican party's presumptive nominee. >> what ted did is really a very brave thing to do. we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> after months of battling it out with the rnc. >> it's all a rigged system. >> it is really a disgusting system. >> the billionaire getting a am he is sage of support from the very top. party chairman reince priebus tweeting trump will be the presumptive nominee. we all need to oh unite and focus on beating hillary clinton. now only one other candidate refusing to leave the race. >> i love california. >> john kasich's chief strategist tweeting until someone has 1,237 bound delegates, there is no
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presumptive nominee. california, here we come. but trump is largely ignoring the ohio governor, and now focusing scarily on the general election. >> we're going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. >> solidifying his -- >> this man is a pathological liar. the man is utterly amoral. donald is a bully. >> after a rough and tumble day on the trail, trump adopt aid friendlier tone in his victory speech. >> noi don't know if he is like me or not. he is one hell of a come petted tore. >> but if trump was hoping for an endorsement, he may have a long wait. >> i am not suspending our fight for liberty. our movement will continue. >> so donald trump and ted cruz
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may not be mending fences any time soon. but in the meantime, trump has plenty to deal with. he was saying this morning that he is not ready to throw out any potential name for his vp pick yet. but he did say he wants someone with a little government experience, carol. >> all right, sarah, stick around. you'll be part of a panel very soon. 2016 will go down in history. a man with no political experience is the presumptive republican nominee. he is a man who can launch attacks, many that are patently untrue and make them stick. donald trump is someone that may have killed orthodox conservatism, like this voter, who burned his voter registration card, another voter tweeted, quote, hillary clinton may well be the first democratic i've ever voted for at the age of 62. even a former top aide to republican senator john mccain, says he will stand with clinton. so let's talk about this. with me now, mark preston and sarah murray. welcome to all of you.
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mark, let's start with you, reince priebus says it is time to heal. >> it is possible. still early enough in the contest for the republicans to rally around donald trump and if there was ever a unifying factor, if there was ever one person that can be a unifying factor, it has to be hillary clinton in many ways. they did eight years of her husband's administration. she was the secretary of state. a u.s. senator, and let's not forget, we shouldn't discount this, republicans haven't been in the white house for eight years now. now, there will be republicans carol that decide not to do so, that they can't get behind a trump candidacy, but i think over time, if donald trump specifically is able to moderate his rhetoric, tone things down a little, you'll see republicans start to come together. >> let's talk about the clinton factor, sarah. because some say republicans will unite because of their hatred for hillary clinton, and
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a cnn/orc poll shows the analysts may be rate. 57% voted for donald trump because of their opposition to clinton. so will clinton be the republican's you nightser, sarah? >> well, i certainly think what mark is saying is exactly right. there are a lot of months between now and november for donald trump to sort of moderate his tone. and bring on people who do have this sort of antipathy toward hillary clinton, maybe some reservations about donald trump, and we'll see if he adjusts his rhetoric to try to make them more comfortable. the one caveat i would offer, we heard this argument four years ago with president obama. we heard that it didn't really matter if voters didn't like mitt romney very much, because they were so angry about president obama and what he had done in the first four years of his term, that they would show up just to defeat him. that ended up not being the case. he won in a landslide. something to be said not enough to be running against someone
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and running to oh defeat someone. you need to give voters a reason to rally behind you. donald trump will need to do that, not just for republicans, but for the broader general electorate. >> so can donald trump give ted cruz something to rally around his candidacy? >> well, you know, the big question, carol is whether ted cruz will throw his support behind donald trump. it is something that haunted him, and still hangs over him. i asked him as he left his last campaign event here in indianapolis last night, repeatedly, will you support donald trump, and he of course would not engage. i think it's very clear there are wounds here that are very real and very raw from the bruising primary battle. aides are saying donald trump crossed the line is how they put it, specifically pointing to attack donald trump made on ted cruz's wife and on the last few days on his father.
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that really struck a cord aides tell me. so it will be interesting to see how ted cruz handles this going forward. they expect him to play a role in down ballot races. he has every intention to be out there on the campaign trail. i am reminded what he told me back in march, not too long ago, when these attacks were happening on heidi cruz, will you support donald trump and he says i'm not in the habit of someone who attacks my family, so certainly still haunts him to this day. we'll see how he approaches this going forward. >> on the other hand, mark, does it matter if establishment supports donald trump. he has done without, he has done fine without him. >> they can only get you so far. yes, he needs establishment republicans. he needs everybody. he needs independents, and in some ways, some democrats as well. this will be a tough road, a narrow road for donald trump, if he is to win the nomination. if you look at the map right now, donald trump has to win in some states that democrats have
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tradition thatlely w traditionally won in. it is still unclear as of now whether donald trump will write a check for $1 billion for himself to fund this campaign or if he'll go out and try to raise money from republicans to help fund his campaign. >> well, he said on the morning show, that he might sell a few buildings to fund his campaign and said he will now accept small donations. what do you see in the future for fundraising for donald trump? >> carol, i think it's extremely likely likely or unlikely i would say that donald trump will start selling buildings in order to fund a general election campaign. we broke this story a couple of months ago that trump was privately telling people, including potential donors, he would fund raise in a general election. that's the most likely course for him. i think when you started to hear from him on the morning shows today how he'll message this shift. because during the entire primary, he was saying i'm
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self-funding my campaign, i won't be behold en to lobbyists. it is not for me, but it is for the good of the party. but to be clear, if you give money to donald trump and the party together, it helps build a ground game in these battle ground states that will not only benefit the top of the ticket, but could potentially down ballot tickets. >> interesting, okay. so as donald trump focuses his attention on hillary clinton, i want to ask you this question, sunl sunlen, because he has a way to get into a candidate's head. they went nuts on trump and then their candidacy imploded. any lessons for clinton in that? >> yeah, absolutely i think there are lessons, carol. it was so remarkable to see that happen both to ted cruz and marco rubio, in their final days. a sense of their unloading and shackled to say.
6:11 am
intrinsic, they had to hold that back. i think the clinton campaign has been watching that for many months now and taking clues from that. i think one of the postmortems from the ted cruz campaign is did he wait too long to engage in donald trump for so long, he held back, taking on trump. it was even in january, we were sending out tweeting, i'm not going to get involved in a cage match of him. and then to fast forward to just yesterday, where he was calling donald trump a narcissist and pathological liar. there should have been some balancing of those arguments. certainly the clinton campaign is already giving big clues, telegraphing they're ready to engage with donald trump, but a balancing act you don't want to stray too far from your campaign's message. >> thanks to all of you. today, donald trump will sit down with wolf blitzer since becoming the presumptive nominee. 5:00 p.m. eastern, right here on
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cnn. still to come in the newsroom, a big win for bernie sanders in indiana, but can he overcome a delegate deficit to be the next democratic nominee? he says he can. >> we've been fighting uphill from day one. we will continue to fight uphill, and i think we still have a narrow path toward victory. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night.
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bernie sanders puts another notch in the win column, becoming the democratic nominee is in his words an uphill battle. the vermont senator vowing to fight on. his indiana victory, political demise are greatly exaggerated. all things democrats, joining ugs now from washington. >> good morning, carol. the clinton buzz now is almost unavoidable, but the headline is it was a big night for bernie sanders, keeps his campaign on the trail, though the numbers in the race for the nomination
6:17 am
continue to work against him. and for her part, hillary clinton's campaign was pledging to stump for votes in every state left on the primary calendar. though they're also gaming out her message for a general election campaign. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> bernie sanders pulling off a stunning upset victory in indiana over democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> we understand, and i do not deny it for one second, that we have an uphill battle in front of us. but i think we have a path to victory, although it is a narrow path. >> that path, mathematically impossible, without swaying some of clinton's 513 super delegates to his side. >> super delegates are supporting clinton in states that we have won landslide victories. i think that's wrong. >> clinton is looking past
6:18 am
indiana. >> i'm focused on moving into the general election and i think that's where we have to be, because we're going to have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything. >> fundraising on the back of trump's triumphant night, tweeting donald trump is the presumptive nominee. chip in now if you agree we can't let him become president. sanders impeding the path, the senator making his case to dana a bash last night. >> staying in the race, aren't y effectively making it harder for the democrats? >> you've already conceded the race for me. i don't accept that concession. we are in this race to win. >> so a big night in indiana, especially for bernie sanders. both campaigns have events scheduled later in the day. hillary clinton, expected to speak here in washington, d.c. this evening at a reception marking asian pacific american heart stage month. bernie sanders, continues to
6:19 am
campaign swing through the state of kentucky. carol. >> all right, joe johns, reporting live from washington. thank you. hillary clinton isn't the only high profile democratic voicing her concerns about donald trump on social media. massachusetts senator and progressive heavyweight, elizabeth warren quoting i'm going to fight my heart out make sure his toxic hate and insecurity never reaches the white house. now we should note, warren has yet to endorse anyone for president and the only female democratic senator not endorsed hillary clinton. so let's talk. john avalon, senior editor and chief of the daily beast and errol louis for new york 1 news. welcome. >> good morning. >> so john, if elizabeth wants the democratics to oblititae donald trump. >> she hasn't gotten on the train because her base is in the progressive wing of the party.
6:20 am
if she is really so concerned about that toxic stew, it's time to get off the sidelines. look, bernie is not dead. hillary lost an opportunity to put him away last night. he is the jon snow of american politics. the fact is donald trump secured his nomination, which he started against 17 competitors. instead of hillary clinton, who had the field essentially frozen out. that should be reality check for folks right now. because no one would have predicted that a few months ago. >> okay, so clinton says she is preparing, right. donald trump is definitely preparing for a general election, right. >> oh, yeah. >> he says he'll use some of bernie sanders talking point to do that, namely should hillary clinton release her wall street speech transcripts, right? you know donald trump will use that line. and bernie sanders is going to continue to use that line. so will bernie sanders hurt the democratic party if he stays in? >> i think he could hurt the democratic ticket, the democratic chances in november, but not because of that. the speech, is you know, she'll counter with why hasn't donald
6:21 am
trump released his taxes, and so round and round we go. we've heard it before. on the other hand, where bernie sanders could hurt hillary clinton is if he forces her to spend money and time that she really would rather be spending preparing for a general election campaign, then it does create a certain amount of disunion and wasted resources. i mean, hillary clinton lost indiana among other reasons, because she didn't -- i think she campaigned one day there. she didn't spend a penny there, whereas bernie sanders spent $1 million. if she wants to take this to west virginia and to kentucky, to all these other places, it could cost her millions, time, it is not something she should be if she wants to pivot. as john mentions, you can't count out bernie sanders. if he wants to take it to california, all the way to the dc, to the campaign convention, then, you know, sure it's entirely his choice. >> okay, but obviously, hillary clinton would like to pivot and
6:22 am
here is why. because trump, as i said, is already preparing. he had lunch with a man named ed klein. he is a biogropher, her alleged health woes and the sexual adventures. i'm betting mr. trump will use klein's notes, and he used "the national enquirer's" phony story. listen to what he said on gma this morning. >> you went on a morning show, and suggested that ted cruz's father, rafael cruz, may have somehow been involved in of all things, the jfk assassination. my question is why in the world you would do that? >> i was on a show and they played a clip of ted's father, who is very active in the campaign. it's not like he is an inactive person. >> but there is no evidence of this. >> excuse me. he said very nasty things about me. and then i just asked about
6:23 am
stories that were appearing all over the place, not just in the national enquirer, about the fact that a picture was taken of him and lee harvey oswald and they didn't deny the picture. >> but they did deny that picture. so obviously, mr. trump will use whatever is in ed klein's book whether it is true or not. >> sure. we're in the fact free stage of the campaign. that's why it is up to us partly to actually enforce a face-to-face debate. he is the poet of anti-hillary fan fiction. this is what he does. it is the opposite of erotica, heavy breathing hatred. they get blood up, and they're based in very little. >> how will hillary clinton fight back against that? because you heard, ted cruz imploded, right? marco rubio imploded. and called donald trump all sorts of names. it didn't work for them. >> a whole series of falsehoods that have been associated with donald trump. to the extent that hillary
6:24 am
clinton wants to revive or really point out the fact that he was the most prominent birther fan in the country, based on absolutely nothing. and he ran with that for months back in 2012. she can point out this sort of garbage. this is garbage. it's swil. it doesn't mean anything. it doesn't do in ig. >> but it works. >> i don't know if it works. obviously, what it does is, if you ever listen to conservative radio, some of the fringe hosts, like to dabble in this stuff. you know, world net daily, some of these oversights. they squeeze money out of people and it's a punch line to a joke and they spin it around. i don't see any evidence that it has convinced an independent voter there is some sort of horrible conspiracy going on. >> this is the key. a lot of conspiracy who hang out a shingle, but you know, what works for a republican primary
6:25 am
electorate at a time when the party's base has shrunk do not work for winning a general election, where it's about winning swing voters in swing states. that's a key difference going forward. >> i don't know. the usual worlds don't work this time around. >> listen, there is an epic weirdness about this election. make no mistake about it. certain laws of gravity. >> remember, this is you will on tape. >> oh, yeah. >> john after lvalon, thanks so u.s. navy seal killed by isis. a complex attack, the terror group carried out, next. (avo) i've always been a dog person.
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and good morning, i'm carol costel costello, thank you for joining
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me. after winning in indiana, donald trump has all but locked up the nomination. next challenge, get him to the white house. national chairman, reince priebus told the gop, time to fall in line, tweeting donald trump will be the presumptive gop nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating hillary clinton. legendary notre dame football coach already on board, endorsing trump ahead of the indiana primary. it's trump's business sense, he says, that will make him a great president. >> i'm lou holts and i wholeheartedly endorse donald trump as the next president of the united states. the main reason, i played his golf course, i stayed in his hotel. he does nothing but go first class in everything. he wants this country to be first class as well. >> i'm joined by the great lou holts. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> thank you so much for being with me. in listening to that video endorsement that you did for
6:31 am
donald trump, is that all a candidate needs to be president to produce great stuff? >> no, but i think, let's look at a couple of things. i think, number one, when you look at this country, we have less people working we have in the last 40 years. more people on food stamps than we had. more people on welfare. yet the budget has gone up unbelievable. our debt is over $20 trillion. i can never say anything against our president, because he is my president. but he talked about change. he was a community organizer. why does that make him more qualified than a successful businessman. >> he was a senator. >> well, he was a senator for one year. i'm not disputing that. i'm not saying anything negative about it. we all take and say what donald trump, let's do that, let's do that. he has been successful. people have voted for him. on immigration, i'm all f-- bot
6:32 am
my parents im graduatmigrated t country. i asked them to teach me ukrainian. they said no. you live in the united states. i say here come here and be us. this is a great country. carol, why can't somebody run for president without everybody having -- there's not the country i know. >> so you fully support donald trump's idea of building a wall? >> not necessarily a wall, but i think we have to do something about immigration. i say, hey, come here. all my grandparents come here, but you know, with when you talk about 13 million people coming in, that's not immigration. that's sort of like an invasion. i am not about a wall or anything else. but what holds a consider together are borders. you have to be able to protect your border. everybody in the world does. eem a catholic. you go to the vatican, i want to
6:33 am
tell you, it is hard to become a citizen, hard to live there. there walls all around it. >> so pope francis doesn't speak glowingly of donald trump, does that bother you? >> well, i think this. why did they ask the pope about abortion? why did they knotted ask him about abortion. let's be fair along the lines. >> what do you mean by that? i'm not sure i understand. >> well, i mean, so many people are pro abortion. i don't believe the pope is pro abortion, but he is against building a wall, things like that. all i'm saying, let's be fair along the lines. let's not prejudge people. here is a successful businessman who has the votes of the people. >> let me ask you this. reince priebus, the rnc chair says it's time for the republican party to unite. is that important that all republicans unite behind donald trump? >> i think what is important is for the citizens of this country to go out and vote for the
6:34 am
person that they think is the best qualified to lead this country. that's all i ask. and just go vote. but look at this issues. and make an intelligent decision. >> are you tired of the labels republican and democratic? >> yeah, i think so, to a certain extent. what was a democratic years ago is different now. i was a democratic. i grew up as a democratic all my family were democrats, but then, the values seemed to be different. but i just say this. this is a country of a lot of different people. let everybody vote. then when it's over, let's count the vote and see who they've selected and whoever they have, let's get behind and support the president. said at the beginning, i will not say a negative word -- excuse me, wait one minute. i was taught not to interrupt somebody when you ask them a question. i said at the beginning of this interview, i said support our president. i always will. >> okay, the question i wanted
6:35 am
to ask you was about some of the language that donald trump uses. you know, the names he has called women. and some of the things that he accused ted cruz's father of, he took right out of the national enquirer. should donald trump be doing those things? >> i'm not here to judge donald trump. but i want to tell you, carol, one thing that entices him to a lot of these voters, he doesn't worry about political correctness. one thing that's hurting this question is political correctness. i grew up much stupider, you know what, that's part of life. you learn how to handle it and move on. you can't do anything today without political correctness. >> so it's okay to put forth a falsehood about another candidate? >> listen, there is never a right time to do the wrong thing. it's amazing how many people do not tell the truth and people are afraid to use that word. if somebody doesn't tell the
6:36 am
truth, they should be held accountable for it. absolutely. whether it be donald trump or whether it be anybody in wa washington as well. >> lou holtz, thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. still to come in the newsroom, the isis attack that killed a navy seal. i smbut ended up nowhere.a lot now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. new details about the navy seal killed by isis. charles keating, iv, he is from arizona, and he is the grandson of charles keating,, jr. this is what happened on the day he died. 100 isis fightsers broke through defense lines at the peshmerga base north of mosul. they used bulldozers, a gun battle followed and that's when
6:41 am
he was killed. u.s. secretary of defense, ash carter, as he paid tribute this morning. >> these risks will continue, and we greatly regret his loss. but allowing isil safe haven would carry greater risk for us all. >> with me now to talk about this is u.s. congresswoman barbara lee. good morning. >> good morning. >> so ash carter went on to say the fight is far from over. he said that the united states and its allies will defeat isis. do you believe him? >> well, first let me just say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the keating family, this tragic loss. this is an example of why i've been calling for congress to do our job. we're missing in action. it's very important that the american public understand the
6:42 am
cost and the consequences of this war. rightfully so, the president has not sent combat troops into the region, however, we see as a result of this tragedy, what can happen. and so i think the american public needs to demand that their members of congress call for a debate to talk about and understand really what this new war footing means, and what it entails in terms of a long-term commitment to what it appears to be now, a perpetual war. >> so congresswoman, is it likely any debate will occur, since it is an election year, president obama is in his last term? can this go forward? can such a debate happen? >> we're here to do our job. it should happen. i mean, the president put forward an authorization over a year ago. this past january, the speaker and the leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell, they talked
6:43 am
about it. but nothing has happened yet. and whether we're in an election year or not, we have our constitutional responsibilities to the people of our country. and that means we have to exercise our job and do our work, and bring forth an authorization. we have to stop politicizing issues of war and peace. we see what is happening. most military experts have said there is no military solution. we have to come up with a strategy. one that is led by the region. we have to make sure the public buys into this. our young and men are doing everything they asked us to do. our troops, they're doing what we sent them to do. and you know, we have a duty and responsibility to protect them, to let them know that the congress supports these efforts. and so it's up to the speaker and the senate majority leader to bring forth a resolution, an authorization, and we can debate it. the public will then know what is taking place, and then we'll have, you know, a real standing
6:44 am
in terms of making sure that we do what we need to do. >> let me ask, the president just said 250 more advisors, which is in essence, boots on the ground in the region. do you think the president should have done that or would you have preferred to see him not send any u.s. troops or advisors to that war zone until there is a debate in congress? >> i'm worried about mission. of course, additional forces were sent into iraq several months ago. now we have another 250, quote advisors, which we see unfortunately, we're putting our advisors in harm's way. and so what the president is doing in terms of his responsibilities of commander in chief, he is exercising without congressional oversight and without congressional authority. the congress has a really important and serious role in this. the president and the administration, they're using an authorization back, it was
6:45 am
passed i think back in 2001, 2002, one i voted against in the 2002 iraq resolution. the president in terms of the use of force needs that authorization, needs that from congress. we need to debate it, some members may support it, some member i may not support it. the public deserves it and we need to insist that the speaker and the senate majority leader bring forth a resolution. this is a country now that is in war. we've been on war footing for many, many years now. at least since 2001. it's a serious, serious moment for us. we have very serious national security threats. why in the world is congress missing in action? we're the people's house. the people deserve us to represent them properly, and appropriately. >> all right, congresswoman barbara lee, thanks so much for your insight. still to come in the newsroom, prince's final hours, including a desperate plan to save the singer, sadly came too late.
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6:50 am
. disturbing new details about the final hours of prince. the minneapolis tribune reporting that the singer had an emergency meeting with an addiction specialist who flew overnight only to discover the singer dead in his elevator with prescription pills on his body. stefanie elam is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is according to the "minneapolis star tribune."
6:51 am
representatives reach out to this doctor in california who is known to helping people break their addiction to drugs and alcohol. they reached out on the evening of thursday, april 20th. the doctor was not able to clear his schedule for the 21st but sent his son instead on the red eye to get here to paisley park. when the doctor got here, he was with, according to reports, two people from prince's camp. they could not find the icon. they went through and found him. this was about 9:30 in the morning they were looking for him. as we know, prince was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. it was the son, according to the report, who called 9-1-1 to report the fact they needed to get emergency assistance here at paisley park. it's worth noting, too, we reached out to the doctor involved in this, and also to the attorney here in minneapolis that is working with the doctor to get comment. we haven't heard back yet. a representative from prince's camp is saying at this point they have no comment.
6:52 am
carol. >> stefanie elam reporting live this morning. checking other top stories. president obama heads to flint, michigan soon for a first-hand look at the city's water contamination crisis. once there he'll meet with governor rick snyder. snyder called on president obama to drink a glass of water, like he did, a photo op is not planned. detroit schools reopen after a massive sick out over teacher pay forced a two-day shut down. teachers being assured they'll be paid for the full school year. many say the latest dispute highlights school-wide problems including overcrowded and poor classroom conditions. new reports that takata will announce new recalls. the japanese-based manufacturer is expected to recall an additional 35 to 40 million u.s. air bag inflaters. it was already the largest auto safety recall in history.
6:53 am
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6:58 am
danes. it blossoms in darkness. claire told e news. >> it's a work of art. >> cyber optics woven into silk organza and 30 battery packs. this isn't an ufo. designer zach posen said it's an ifyomo. >> futuristic floating object. >> at the fancy sitting dinner, he made accommodations to she could sit not on her dress but around. >> they took a regular chair and what did they do? >> a regular chair and sawed off the back of it. >> zach's dress wasn't the only one lightening up the met. >> i'm all lit up. >> wearing a dress that responded to tweets.
6:59 am
the design has collaborated with ibm watson. >> what you started to see was the color shift to match the emotional tone of the tweets at the time. >> all the tweets and everything people are thinking all the emotions like joy and excitement and thrillness. it's going to show up. >> she couldn't sit down. she had to be transported by mercedes van. how did people like lady gaga respond? >> went georgia for the dress! >> you can buy one custom designed. they didn't mention price, but it would make an amazing wedding dress if you want to get married at night. >> she was the light of the party! >> oh, they don't look comfortable but they're beautiful. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. and good morning.
7:00 am
i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. indiana 2016, the death for the ted cruz campaign. and a new beginning for donald trump. today he wears the party's banner "presumptive nominee." trump stands fewer than 200 delegates away from officially clenching the nomination. he steam rolled in the hoosier state winning 53% of the vote. he picked up all the delegates and snubbed up cruz's last hope. >> but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. but hear me now, i am not suspending our fight for liberty. >> trump ignoring kasich and his last challenger and focussing on november and the democrats.
7:01 am
>> what ted did is a brave thing to do and a great thing to do. because we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. it's so much easier. >> democrat hillary clinton also focussing more on november while getting a strong reminder that bernie sanders is still around. he narrowly wins indiana and vows he's not stepping aside. let's begin with cnn sara murray. she's outside the trump tower in new york. >> reporter: good morning. now donald trump is a presumptive nominee, but his campaign was kind of taken by surprise to see ted cruz drop out last night. they sort of expected to be slogging out the primary for a little bit longer. what that means it's now the general election plan goes into overdrive. it begins in earnest. that means working with the rnc, it means figuring out where to deploy your staff to battle ground states, and, of course,
7:02 am
figuring out how you're going to pay for the expensive general election. donald trump has mostly been self-funding his campaign. he's making some signals that may change. take a listen what he had to say this morning. >> i will make a decision fairly soon as to that. i mean, do i want to sell a couple of buildings and self-fund? i don't know i want to do that, necessarily. i won't be asking for money for myself. i'll be asking money for the party and really it's that we're going to start on right away. i got a call last night and vowvow now we're in this position we're going to start. >> reporter: donald trump and his advisors have argued he has a unique appeal for republican that he'll be able to put more states in play than any other republican would in a general election. but if you look at our latest cnn orc poll it shows that trump still has work to do. in head-to-head against hillary
7:03 am
clinton he draws 41% and she draws 45 s 54%. we'll see if his campaign begins to change the approach. and, carol, there's all the x factor of who can be the vp pick and whether that's something that can shake up the race as well. back to you. >> sara murray reporting live at the trump tower this morning. mr. trump said he wants to unite the republican party, but why does he care? he's the likely nominee and did it without establishment republicans. still, that united word is being banded about. is it being used in a sincere way? listen to mr. trump on the "today" show this morning. >> i am confident that i can unite much of it. some of it i don't want. there were statements made about me those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years after we serve two terms, but honestly there are some people i don't want. i don't think it's necessary.
7:04 am
people will be voting for me they're not voting for the party. >> i'm joined by new york city council men joseph baa rilly and dana bash. welcome to you. >> thank you for being here. >> joe, you're a trump supporter. do you care if mr. trump units the republican party? >> i do and i think he will. i think this sort of never trump thing and the fact that a lot of republicans are saying now they may not support him is something that happens every time we see a contested convention. look, your viewers should look at a cnn article from may 6th, 2008, which questioned and brought to the light that most hillary clinton voters were not going to support barack obama in the primary. in fact, one-third of them within at that time, said they were going to vote for john mccain there's a unity when we come out of contested primary
7:05 am
seasons. but trump is going to get a bump from securing the nominee yes and get a big bump after the convention. any polling now and talk about not uniting the party is going to wean itself off. >> dana, when trump said people are voting for me and not the party. does it signify that donald trump doesn't care if all republicans unite behind him? >> i don't think so. i definitely think he cares. he should care. he gets the importance of the party and the people are in the never-trump movement supporting him. but, carol, look, we've seen this kind of dynamic in many, many campaigns before. people who were absolutely opposed to the person who ultimately became the nominee saying no. but this is obviously a very different in a lot of ways. we didn't have a never trump movement with billionaires who are fundraisers and donors and
7:06 am
the party trying to do whatever they could to stop the guy who eventually became the nominee. but, no, i mean, it does matter, and he does care, but he's got to do that while still not giving up his brand that made all of these republicans like him in the first place, which is he's not like the other guys. he is difficul-- difficu differ. so it's actually a more difficult line than i think people realize. >> definitely. and along the money lines and the rnc, you know, the rnc could raise money for mr. trump, right. and mr. trump is willing to accept small donations moving forward. listen. >> so far i've spent my own money. i've spent i think listed at $44 million. that's been my own money and also taken small contributions.
7:07 am
we'll probably take small contributions. we'll take the limits. i don't want big contributions now. people can contribute to the party, there will be a unification. there's no question about it. but i'm looking at small contributions, really, not the big ones. i don't want to have anybody have any influence over me. >> what is he saying, ron? >> well, look, first of all, you know, the underlying premise is since george w. bush candidates have not stayed within the public financing system on the general election on the presidential side which is the case in the '70s, '80s, and '90s. you talk about an enormous amount of money being raised. it's striking he had to sell buildings raising questions about liquidity which have been discussed all the way through. he has to raise money. it's going to be expensive. and the cnn poll today, i think, underscores the challenge. i agree. i think there will be high profile republican on the national security side.
7:08 am
in the end he'll probably suffer less republican defection than it appears today because that's the nature of modern politics. the problem is, that even if republicans hold together, if the democratic coalition holds together, it has won the popular vote in five of the past six elections. if hillary clinton gets the turn out and the numbers she needs among millennial's, minorities, and college-educated whites, especially women, it's hard to overcome that. you see the numbers very starkly in your news cnn orc poll. >> you absolutely do, joe. mr. trump has a lot of work to do. what might he say to win women and minority overs? >> look, there's no question he has to pick up votes in different demographics around the country. look, the cnn poll today might be somewhat of a outlier. we saw a razz musen poll last week indicate they're in almost tie and one indicate he's slightly ahead.
7:09 am
we haven't seen the polling needle shift as a result of his securing the nomination. when it comes down to -- i teach my freshman political science class this it's better to be, at this stage, trending up than hillary clinton who seems to be trending down. i put my money on donald trump. i think he needs to compete hard in the rust belt states and do a good job of comparing his plan with nafta and clinton. >> he's doing well among the blue collar voters. show that hillary clinton has - major weaknesses with that block of voters. >> absolutely. so, you know, the blue curtain that ron brownstein coined the idea that democrats have an electoral advantage for various reasons in the general election is true, and i think that if there is a candidate on the republican side who contests that, it is donald trump. because he appeals to voters in
7:10 am
those states that democrats have been successful in. in michigan, in pennsylvania maybe less so in wisconsin, but in the states maybe west virginia, which has been republican lately. but the point is that the states that have -- had been maybe 20 or 30 years ago swing states have been pretty securely democratic because they have felt such job loss and sort of felt the pull of the democratic party for that reason. donald trump is speaking their language saying the politicians for the past several decades haven't worked for you. i'm different and i'm going to work for you. that's a big plus for him. that's can maybe overcome some of the republicans that he's going to lose. as he has been saying, potentially bring some new voters into the party. >> ron, something else that
7:11 am
donald trump is doing. he tweeted out this morning that bernie sanders has been cheated because the system is rigged and that seems to be a employ to convince maybe bernie sanders supporters that, hey, the democratic party is rigging the system, too. vote for me. i can get it fixed. >> yeah. it's another example of what dana was talking about. donald trump is a disrupter. he showed it in the primaries and the general election. he will not go quietly and the box that he's locked into. there are limits what he can do mainly with sanders supporters. sanders supporters have two main components. blue co blue collar whites. and that does, i think, signals an opportunity for trump to kind of poach among those voters, particularly in parts of the midwest. the other part of sanders' coalition is millennial voters.
7:12 am
it goes to the underlying problem. if you look at his numbers millennial's, nonwhite voters, and socially liberal whites, particularly women, college-educated white women he's starting the race in a ditch. if he can't climb out, i believe what he does everywhere else will not be enough to overcome that. i think you have to see some progress for him where the cnn and most other polling rasmussen, notwithstanding, shows him starting the race needing to do a lot of work. >> thank you to all of you. today donald trump will sit down with wolf blitzer for the first time since being named the presumptive nominee. it will air here on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom." the democrats battle for the 2016 nomination is over? think again. bernie sanders scores an upset and lives to fight another day.
7:13 am
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closed captioning brought to you by --
7:17 am
bernie sanders is keeping his presidential hopes alive after upsetting hillary clinton in indiana. sanders taking the state's primary by five points and taking a little time to celebrate his victory. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for hillary. [ cheers and applause ] >> cnn joe johns has more on the democratic battle. good morning. >> good morning, carol. bernie sanders continues to insist he's in it to win it. what he calls a narrow path to victory. the numbers and the race for the nomination continue to work against him, and we know he would need the help of superdelegates to pull it off at the convention. sanders making the argument that his continuing campaign keeps younger voters energized. that would be important for any democratic nominee in a general election race. listen -- >> i think while the path is
7:18 am
now, i do not deny that for a moment, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. in fact, become the nominee for the democratic party, and then once we secure that position, i have absolute confidence that we're going to defeat donald trump in the general election. >> the argument against sanders staying in the race is forces the clinton campaign to keep one eye on the remaining primary states at a time when donald trump can claim he's the republican party's presumptive nominee. for her part, hillary clinton's campaign trying to focus donald trump at the same time tweeting "as he goes after women, he goes after literally every group i'm going to be their voice." but still the problem is, as long as sanders stays in the race and remains at least arguable, she cannot ignore the primary states that are upcoming, carol.
7:19 am
>> all right, joe johns reporting live from washington. thank you. while the door seems to be closed on the republican contested convention, is one being opened for the democrats? let's talk about that. bill presser, author of "buyers remor remorse" and michael nutter a hillary clinton supporter and former mayor of philadelphia. bill, it's mathematically impossible for sanders to catch clinton with delegates. he needs over 940 and 933 are left. is bernie sanders willing to risk a loss for the democrats by forcing the idea of a contested convention? >> i disagree with your premise, entirely. i would have to point out neither hillary clinton or bernie sanders is going to be able to secure the nomination without some super delegate support. this primary, carol, is not bad for the democratic party. this primary is great for the democratic party because, first
7:20 am
of all, it tells voters what democrats stand for in state after state after state. it brings them -- it excites democrats, gets people out to vote, brings in some independents, some new voters, and this is what we need. that's what the democratic party needs going forward to win the general. there will be plenty of time to win the general election. there's no need to pull the plug on this primary process especially when bernie sanders keeps winning state after state >>well, hillary clinton would probably like bernie sanders to step aside, but there are important reasons why she can't sanders to suspend his campaign, michael, because she didn't suspend her 2008 campaign until june. she needs bernie's cred. take a look at the exit polls from indiana. hillary clinton tied with sanders among women but lost badly among men. clinton suffered double-digit losses between ages 17 and 29 as well as voters aged 30 through
7:21 am
44, and among white americans clinton faced a 16-point deficit. michael, she needs bernie sanders, doesn't she? >> all democrats need to be actively engaged and involved in this election process. of course, secretary clinton would welcome the enthusiastic support of senator sanders when we get to that point. there are still contests, as mentioned earlier, and she's going to continue to be a great candidate in those contests. but at the same time, again, if you're going to be president of the united states of america, you really have to be able to do more than one thing at a time. it is appropriate for her now that the republican train wreck has arrived in the station that secretary clinton must, also, as the leaving candidate on the democratic side, must spend some time and attention focussed on the dangerous nature of the
7:22 am
possibility of donald trump being president of the united states of america. that is a dangerous possibility. people are nervous across the country and around the world about that. and it is her responsibility as the leading democratic candidate at the moment to also spend some time focussed on the dangerous and outrageous nature of a trump candida candidacy. he's clearly going to be the republican nominee. >> so the question is how do you fight back against donald trump who will, many say he'll pull every trick, right. it'll be a dirty campaign. but, bill, i guess i'll ask the question to you. should she do what ted cruz did as a last-ditch effort? i want to remind our viewers what he said right before the indiana primary. >> this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference
7:23 am
between truth and dies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. he combines it at a narcissist. the man is utterly -- morality doesn't exist for him. >> that didn't work for ted cruz. some people felt it should have come earlier and would have worked. should hillary clinton try that? >> here is my opinion is, i don't think that will work for anybody. it didn't work for marco rubio. donald trump is very clever. he was able to convince those other 16 people and bring them down and force several of them by getting them to sink as low as he did and when they tried it they failed. i have to agree with mayor nutter. i bet we'll see bernie sanders and hillary clinton draw -- he
7:24 am
would take this country in a very dangerous direction. they're going to draw that contrast. but they will not, in my judgment, they will not sink to that personal level of attack. it would be a mistake to do so. it's not in bernie sander's nature nor hillary clinton's nature. stick to the issues and policy. >> but, michael, it's worked for donald trump. >> donald trump is an idiot and a showman. >> right. >> so hillary clinton and senator sanders are both adults. they are serious people. they're about serious business, and secretary clinton, as i know her, is not going to conduct herself in any way, shape, or form like some of the insanity we saw on the republican side. you know, my father -- >> see, michael, you called donald trump an idiot. sometimes it slips out. >> yeah. i've said it before. but i'm not running for president of the united states of america. hillary clinton is going to talk about the issues. she's going talk about things that matter to americans, you
7:25 am
know, the truth is an affirmative defense. so you don't fight the other fighters' fight. she's not going to engage with him in that kind of -- as bill said, race to the bottom. she has real things to talk about. he wants to be an entertainer and showman spouting off all kinds of things. she's about trying to be the president of united states of america which is a serious job for a serious person not a reality tv star. >> okay michael nutter and bill press, thank you. >> thank you. still to come in the newsroomroom. senator ted cruz may be out but john kasich will not quit. the ohio governor about to speak.
7:26 am
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at least three people dead in more than a dozen wounded after a maternity hospital is hit by shelling by the syrian city of aleppo. days after the last pediatrician was killed in a separate hospital bombing. according to a human rights group, clashes between the syrian army and rebel forces are the fiercist they've been in a rear. russia said it carried out nearly 100 strikes against isis targets in the last four days. with me is cnn's frederick plykin. what is happening? >> caller: well, the russian -- despite the fact they said they would deploy most their forces have a big presence on the ground in syria. they have a huge deployment of air force at their main air base
7:31 am
here. [ inaudible ] almost a hundred raids in the past four days alone. right now they took us to a place called hama which is a place that has a considerable presence of rebels an offshoot of isis. they recently signed a reconciliation agreement. the russians are very concerned about the state of the cease-fire in syria. they said there are major bre h breaches. >> all right, we're going to lose the connection there there, as you might imagine, it's difficult to get a clear signal. frederick, lei trpleitgen. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me.
7:32 am
senator ted cruz might be out but john kasich is still in. he'll speak to reporters in minutes. i suspect he'll say what his campaign manager did via tweet last night. quote, until someone has the 1237 delegates, there's no presumptive nominee. california, here we come! governor kasich is asking california to ignore the fact that ted cruz and marco rubio have more delegates than he earned. mr. kasich won one state to donald trump. many are poking fun. this one, quote, kasich staying in the race to take advantage of the free food. and another, quote, "leave the race? i'm in the middle of breakfast. i'm not making any statements until i'm done." phil mattingly is at dulles airport where kasich is expected to speak soon. >> reporter: the reality of the
7:33 am
race is another. trailing donald trump by more than 900 delegates and lagging finances. john kasich is not going anywhere. at least what his advisors are saying. that's what we expect him to say when he comes to dulles airport. the rationale i've been given is this. he tells a story about when around schwarzenegger told him during the governor's races. love the beatings. the kasich staff said kasich is willing to take the beatings, love the beatings. as long as it gives him an opportunity to challenge donald trump. that's the concern he has about trump candidacy what a trump candidacy would do up-and-down the ballot through the entire party. he believes he'll hold himself out there as the only alternative left. even if the path is very unclear. and, carol, for those questioning whether or not he would show up and decide to drop out, his campaign deciding to do a little jump off national star wars day with the thfamous.
7:34 am
john kasich has no intention of getting out of this race. ♪ so, carol, as you see having a good time with it. one of the interesting things going forward john kasich has about a dozen fundraisers scheduled and a trip out west scheduled. he has plans to keep going. what we're looking for in a couple of minutes when he shows is your pathway and how do you win? there's a big question if he can answer the question. as of now, carol, still staying in the race no matter what donald trump or even the republican national committee chairman are willing to say
7:35 am
about it. >> i'm still pondering around schwarzenegger's advice. you have to love the beatings. doesn't that make you a masochist? >> a little bit probably, but if you're running a presidential candidate maybe you are. if you're at this point in the presidential campaign, you certainly are as well. one thing quickly, what the rnc chairman did last night by calling donald trump is the presumptive nominee is no small thing. it's a loaded term saying he gets the rnc's support. he can work hand and hand on their finances and ground game, on the convention. that was more damaging than perhaps anything else that john kasich's campaign. john kasich's chief vast gist saying that's not going to change their calculation. a lot of questions john kasich has to answer as to why he believes it's worth it when he shows up in a couple of minutes. >> okay. we'll get back there when john kasich shows up at dulles airport. i'll be right back.
7:36 am
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all right. we're keeping an eye on dulles airport there. john kasich set to speak at any moment now, and he'll explain, i guess, to the entire country, why he decided to stay in the race and not drop out like senator cruz. we'll see what he has to say in minutes, i hope. let's talk about the never trump campaign. 50i $75 million and not enough to stop donald trump. where does the never trump movement go? some top republicans say trump is leading them to the
7:41 am
democrats. a former top ate to senator john mccain said, quote, "the gop is going to nominate for president the guy who reads "the national enquirer" and -- >> joining me now is jason johnson along with phil mattingly who have been following the candidates. good morning. >> good morning. >> jason, do you think those republicans say they'll switch over and vote for hillary clinton, will that hold until the election? >> carol, i don't think it's going to hold, but it's certainly going to hold donald trump back. he may be the huge empire that has taken every everything and beat down 15 additional candidates, but at the end of the day, he hasn't won over enough of the republican base. i think the fear is you're going to have them voting for hillary clinton.
7:42 am
but i think you'll have republicans who stay home. if they stay home, that doesn't just hurt donald trump's chances. that's all the down ballot races. that's why so you people now worried that republicans could lose the senate and not have a chance at the white house. >> interesting. some exit polls show 71% of cruz voters would not vote for donald trump if he's the gop nominee. why? >> well, this is such an interesting question. i think that clearly shows that the wounds are still very raw from what can only be described as a very bruising primary campaign. i think there is a sense within the cruz campaign world, and at some point, senator cruz will make a stance on whether he supports donald trump as the nominee or not in whatever format that takes place. weather he doesn't say and that's the answer or whether he makes formal remarks about this. certainly, that would be important for his supporters to get a signal from ted cruz
7:43 am
whether he believes they should go on to support donald trump. it was interesting. i asked him at his last campaign event in indianapolis on his way out en route back home if he would support donald trump as a nominee. very clear he doesn't want to engage over that. he would not answer repeated questions. so this will be interesting to watch from him going forward. you know, this is always the thing that continued him in the last days of him campaign. will you support donald trump as a nominee? aids admit that was certainly struck a chord that donald trump went after his family, not only heidi cruz, but his father. that had a big residence innocence and potentially his decision going forward. >> i want to talk about john kasich set to speak at the dulles airport moments from now. i think voters are scratching their heads. marco rubio has more delegates than john kasich. he won won state. i'm not getting it.
7:44 am
>> i think if you were to look what john kasich is thinking is the race has become bigger than perhaps winning the -- getting the 1237. the race has become about the choice between donald trump and the choice between another direction which john kasich believes he represents. one of the most interesting limits if you look at the stop trump movement it dumped cash into backing ted cruz and largely ignored john kasich. i think the hope is in the wake of cruz pulling out, perhaps that money will start to come his way. they need it very, very badly. i've talked to a number of republican donors over the last 12 hours or so and they're saying we're closing up the wallets. one thing you hear consistently from the kasich team is the frustration they haven't gotten the same outside support that cruz has and the hope that maybe cruz backing out sends that support in their direction. carol, you bring up a good point. donors are thinking what you're thinking now. why are we going to give money,
7:45 am
when we don't see a legitimate path forward? that's the case kasich has to make over the next couple of days to keep the campaign financed. >> jason, i suppose there's still a little bit of time for a third party candidate. is that next for the never trump movement? >> i mean, they can try with but who are they going to put their money behind? john kasich ends up fourth place in a three-man race. the never trump movement, i think, it's going to become the stay home movement. they don't have anyone they can support. people never liked ted cruz. marco rubio was the little boy that could but never really made it. at this point you have to vote for donald trump. we're going to see it, carol. all the people will slowly pivot over the summer and say, all right, i guess donald trump is better than hillary. we've heard it from bobby jindal. the issue is who decides to hold their nose and vote for trump and who decides they're going to stay home. the never trump movement is over. >> so might ted cruz back the
7:46 am
never trump movement? actually, the more interesting question does he regret going off on that tangent against donald trump on the day of the indiana primary? >> i think so. i think that ted cruz regrets a lot of things. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, if i could, i think it probably was c can that is rightic there was one phrase in the press conference yesterday morning where he said "let me just speak my mind on this and tell you what i think about donald trump" and talking to aids how he came to the decision and made the decision. it was something he battled with monday night going into tuesday. didn't make his final decision and drop out until late in the day tuesday. but it was very clear that donald trump really got under his skin and certainly in the final hours that specific attack on his father really struck a
7:47 am
chord. so i don't know if there's a regret. i think he felt like he was unloading and going forward aids say that the tone that he took in that final message he intended to send to donald trump is something very important going forward. so what we're talking about him potentially throwing his support behind the stop trump never trump movement or potentially supporting him as a nominee, i think we can give a lot of weight to those words he said yesterday morning. >> so, phil, you know, ted cruz has been saying that john kasich's real motive is be donald trump's, you know, vp. right. donald trump came out today and said his running mate will be a republican and have some government experience. is that possible, you think? if anything that has been proven over the election cycle, i think anything is possible. john kasich is definitive. he doesn't want to be the vice president. his aids have been clear he
7:48 am
would say no. now everybody more or less says that when they're running an active campaign. but i think the way john kasich has set himself up for the last three weeks with the alliance, with ted cruz, with making almost the entire campaign he has left about stopping donald trump, about what a bad candidate in john kasich's way of thinking donald trump is should take him out in the running. you would think that donald trump said nice things about john kasich in the past. i would be surprised if that's something he would consider. >> all right. thank you to all of you. still to come president obama is heading to flint, michigan. will he drink the water? when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪
7:52 am
♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. michigan's governor wants the president to drink flint's water. mr. obama is traveling to michigan for a first-hand look at the city's water contamination watcrisis. athena jones with more. >> reporter: the white house has been asked if the president will have a photo op drinking flint water. they say no big photo op is planned but i wouldn't be surprised if the president drank
7:53 am
some water. we'll have to be watching. he has a jam packed day ahead when he lands a short time from now. he'll meet with federal officials responding to the crisis in flint. he'll hold a round table with families affected by the lead contamination crisis. lead exposure in young children can cause behavioral problems, low iq, and that sort of things. he was invited to visit by a young 8-year-old girl known as little miss flint. she wrote to the president talking about the lead crisis. here she is reading from the letter. >> speak out for us all the kids that live here. i was very excited because i didn't know he was going to write me back. >> she's very excited the president wrote her back. he wanted her to be the first to know he was coming to visit today and later in the day he'll
7:54 am
hold a speech at a high school in north flint. a predominantly african-american neighborhood. talking about the importance of infrastructure and public health. >> i hope he meets that cutie. still to come in the "newsroom" startling new details about the final hours in the life of prince. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive.
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7:58 am
checking top stories for you 58 minutes past. the minneapolis star tribune is reporting the day before prince's death the musician's team reached out to an addiction expert to meet with him. a specialist's son flew overnight to minnesota but failed to reach prince in time. he later discovered prince in an elevator. he's the one that made that 9-1-1 call. cnn is reaching out to the doctor and prince's representatives for comments. we know the identity of the u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed by isis forces in iraq.
7:59 am
31-year-old charles keating iv from arizona. he's the grandson of charles keating jr. the savings and loans financer. he was advising kurdish forces when 100 fighters broke through using bulldozers. keating died in a gun battle that ensued. detroit schools reopened today after a massive sick out over teacher pay forced a two day shut down. teachers being assured they'll be paid for the full school year. many say the latest dispute highlights school life problems including overcrowding and poor classroom conditions. a massive wild fire forcing an entire city in alberta, canada to evacuate. all 80,000 people in fort mcmurray forced to flee in the largest wild fire evacuation in the province's history. they're battling explosive conditions. those conditions are expected to get much worse today.
8:00 am
we'll keep you posted. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got, but the voters chose another path. >> we're going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great president. she would not be a good president. she would be a poor president. >> i'm focussed on moving into the general election. we're going to have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. hello everyone i'm kate ball


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