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tv   New Day  CNN  May 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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whether private information was on her serve r. no evidence hillary clinton willfully broke the law. and we go to new york. >> reporter: we've seen it. behind the scenes, donald trump ramping up efforts to secure support on capitol hill. something much of a change from what they'd been doing early on in the campaign. in one moment yesterday, a jarring moment, it became crystal clear they have a lot more work to do. so much so that the chairman of the rnc stepping in to try and mend fences in the republican party. >> they're both committed to sitting down and working and actually talking his out. >> reporter: rnc chairman reince priebus in the middle to unite, confirming donald trump and house speaker wall ryan will meet face-to-face next week. >> i'm not ready to do that. >> reporter: hours after ryan told cnn's jake tapper he's not
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ready to back trump. >> what he's saying is, look, i want to get there. i think i will get there, but i want to talk to donald trump, and i want to work with him. >> reporter: priebus, trying to explain why ryan and some in the republican party are so reluctant to back their new standard bearer. >> for some people, an endorsement is a full embrace, and so for some people it takes a little bit of time to get to a full embrace. >> reporter: the chairman, not promising 100% of the party will fall in line, but optimistic that there won't be a contested convention come july. >> the platform of our party will be written in cleveland, and i think you're going to get another very conservative platform out of our party. >> reporter: but not so fast. trump firing back at ryan in a statement saying -- i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. >> you know why it's never
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trump? because i'm going to stop the gravy train for all of these consultants and people. >> reporter: ryan making clear his focus is on one thing. protecting the party's house majority. something some analysts predict could be in jeopardy with a jump nomination. >> my focus this fall, is, has been and will be the house majority. >> reporter: and warning the fight for unity rests mostly on the shoulders of the nominee. >> i think what is necessary to make this work, for this to unify, is to actually take our principles and advance them, and that's what we want to see, saying we're unified sdoesn't i fact unify us. >> reporter: they weren't given a heads up by ryan's team, and no shortages. this is no longer a donald trump versus hillary clinton issue. all eyes will also be on donald trump and hillary clinton.
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>> phil, stick around. more questions and bring in political commentator and anchor from "time" news, and jackie kucini kucinich. different from what he said's he had said, yes, i will get behind anybody in the republican party f. trump is the nominee -- >> i'm going support whoever the republican nominee is and stand up for what i believe in as i do that. >> we're going to be able to present a unified front. that's my anticipation, whoever the nominee is going to be. >> we're going to be able to work with whoever the nominee s. that was from a couple months ago. what happened? >> for one thing, he shaved his beard. look, now it's real. right? now we've got to put our cards on the table. feels exactly right. he's got a 30-seat majority. while that might seem insurmountable, a lot of marginal seats in florida, texas, and some in upstate new
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york, and he's hearing from those states. it would be irresponsible for him to simply say, okay, i'm all aboard with trump. he can say whatever he wants, even if it trims my majority or puts it in danger. it's not that quite simple. >> strikes me, either he didn't mean it when he said he would support the nominee when he said it as recent at february or didn't think deep down inside it would be donald trump. may be the more likely thing. telling phil all along, they thought it was going to a contested convention. jackie, i don't understand how this ends for paul ryan. they're meeting next week. what were trump do to win the paul ryan primary? all of a sudden not back the ban on mud lslims? doesn't seem likely. >> talking to republicans the last couple of days. a thought they didn't run for trump's nomination. trump ran for the republican nomination. he nooeeds to start meeting the
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it's trump, so probably not half way, but somewhere. right now there is pushback within that party saying that trump really hasn't done that. he hasn't reached back at all. he's just taken. so ryan, it seems, is kind of establishing that -- those negotiations. >> so, phil, you're in touch with the ryan people. what pound of flesh are they trying to extract? what deal what negotiation do they want? >> they haven't been that specific yet, but i do think that the key issue here is, this is point of leverage for paul ryan. think about where paul ryan is coming from here. the ideological standard of the party. everything he has run, or presented, the last decade, donald trump has undercut. whether it's entitlements, elements of tax reform. donald trump is running on the opposite agenda of paul ryan. what paul ryan is saying here is, look, we need to meet somewhere, as jackie said, maybe not in the middle. quite a reach for donald trump, but give me something, give us something as party to run on.
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you have to protect all of these seats currently up for re-election. paul ryan yesterday giving cover to the republican agenda, giving cover to republican officials up for re-election in november. >> 10 million republican voters, more than that, have gone to the polls. more than have ever voted for a republican primary nominee. what is the senior elected republican official telling them that he doesn't like their choice stay to them right now? >> i don't know if it's, they who don't like his choice. it's more like, he's sort of playing a different kind of a game. where it's district by district. so if tons and tons's people come out in a normally red district, you don't want to alienate those people -- >> and saying a slap in the face to voters, what paul ryan just did. >> we all anticipated, john, we were going to see a contested convention. it was going to be noisy. even talk about, well, there might be violence, demonstrations. it's playing out a little differently. first of all, the other candidates sort of went away.
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it's not going to be a contested convention, but it is going to be a contested process, and this is what it looks like. you've got a million people, your choice is somebody we think has to change, or else we're all going to go down to defeat in november. >> so, jackie, there are these different camps. now emerging. including people who say they're not going to go to the convention. notable people. mitt romney, obviously. >> sort of notable. >> notable. that bush 41 and 43 saying they're sitting it out. that obviously sends -- >> john mccain. >> john mccain. but there are people who have now gotten aboard the trump train, including former governor and candidate rick perry. sheldon adelson, who, of course, is, you know, a huge donor. i'll read what rick perry has said in his tepid endorsement. he's not a perfect man, but what i do believe he loves this country and will surround himself with capable people and will listen to them.
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he wasn't my first choice. he wasn't my second choice, but he was the people's choice. how's this going to shake out? >> fascinating. it's usually a party for the party and a show of unity. we're just not going to see that this year. there's going to be absences. that's going to be very notable going forward and we'll see how many -- how much this settles in and people change their mind. but when you talk about the two living republican presidents saying, thanks, but no thanks. it's true. i mean, jeb bush did run and lose, and trump was brutal to him, but, still, it really is remarkable on this whole process to see these divisions play out, and it will be interesting to see how hard they continue to be. >> you know, is this a schism, phil, or a chasm now? between, you know, the trump forces and the -- >> in the public school. >> add an s. >> did they teach chasm versus skim 101? no.
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interesting, one of the things paul rhine sayan said, one thin know about elections is that we don't know anything. what about it will hurt the down ballot folks? >> talk to crossparty officials, talk to the rnc, the nrcc, if you talk to them, they're being candid, they're very concerned. they believe not unlike john mccain. when you look at the states, even members that weren't considered vulnerable before the process are now expanding the map. democrats are expanding the map. the dnc looking at the map given each other high fives. that drives what paul ryan did, maybe, more than republicans coming his way or wanted donald trump to come their way. it's protect mag jortmajorities. 31 governors from 20. 38 legislators. during the obama years the republican party advanced in a huge way everywhere except the white house. the concern across the party
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right now is, donald trump's candidacy threatens not just losing the white house once again but races up and down the ball ballot. >> we need to talk about hillary clinton as well. stick around for that, please. >> and cnn learned hillary clinton will likely be interviewed in the next few weeks. some of hillary clinton's aides have already been questioned. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown live from washington with the latest. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. that's right. the interview, the investigation has been ramping up, focused on the interview. several people, in fact, in clinton's inner circle have been brought in quietly to a room in the fbi-filled office for those interviews. her longtime confidant abedine is one of those people, and cooperating according to officials we've been speaking with with knowledge of the investigation. now, the interviews we're told are focused on whether classified information was mishandled and security of the
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server. so far officials tell us, no, there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing at this point in the investigation, but, again, the investigation is not over. although investigators, we've been speaking with, saying this should have never happened and even hillary clinton herself admitted it was a mistake to have a private server with her state department e-mails, but one of the most anticipated steps hasn't even taken place yet. of course, that is the interview with hillary clinton and that is expected in the coming weeks. the clinton campaign released a statement saying from the start hillary clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete its review, and we hope and expect that anyone else who is asked would do the same. we are confident the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate happened. now, there are logistical challenges, privately doing an interview with someone who is a potential presidential nominee, surrounded by secret service and the press corps, but john and alisyn, we expect the investigation to be wrapped up in the coming weeks.
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back to you. >> yes, all eyes on that clinton interview. thanks so much, pamela. meanwhile, hillary clinton and brernie sanders laying off attacks on each other, instead unleashing on donald trump. joe johns is live in washington with more. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning on opposite sides of the country, but appearing to ease off a bit from the attacks on each other. directing attention to the presumptive republican nominee donald trump. the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton in california, accusing trump of doubling down on anti-immigrant rhetoric, casting doubt on his ability to moderate his positions on immigrants as he seeks to move closer to the center in anticipation of the general election. listen. >> we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful, and we need to repudiate it. >> i think that a donald trump
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presidency would be a disaster for this country, and i intend to do everything that i can to see that that does not happen. >> reporter: bernie sanders, by the way, was campaigning in coal country in mcdowell county, west virginia, highlighting his plans to alleviate poverty and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. also worth noting, protests at the hillary clinton rally in california were more vigorous than we've seen of late. she appeared to cut her remarks short just a bit. she also attended a couple fund-raisers out on the west coast, and she is expected to attend a campaign rally in oakland, california, today. john? >> skipping the actual states that vote in the next week, heading out to california right now. joe johns, thank you very much. as we reported, the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server coming to a head. right now cnn being told that there are no signs that the
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there is word that the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails is nearly complete. she is due to be interviewed in the coming weeks. as of now, cnn has been told by officials there is no evidence that hillary clinton willfully broke the law. to discuss more, jackie ckucin h kucinich, earle and phil mattingly. let me play more what was said this week. >> here's a person under investigation by the fbi. she's only going to get the nomination because it's a rigged deal. maybe she will not be able to run. maybe it will happen has she'll
3:19 am
be able to run. >> if the investigation wraps up and there are no charges does that mean, i ask facetiously, we will never hear from this again by the republican party? does this issue just go away. >> it's hard to believe that would happen. listen to donald trump. this plays into the message he's been using all along, which is the system is rigged, and this would not happen to a normal person. a normal person would not get off. i think you'll hear various versions of that, as we go through. say, okay, yeah. so they cleared hillary clinton. well, that's because the system is rigged. >> and it loses some of its punch if, in fact, the fbi publicly comes out and says we found no inkaformation she
3:20 am
willfully broke the law. something definitive could work? >> for the clinton team, good news. the notion they'll actually get past it. for genuinely undecided voters, open to facts, this is probably also good to let them have some information to make a disbased on, but in the kangaroo courts of right-wing talk radio, for donald trump, for the republican party, i don't think it make as difference whatsoever. they have already convicted her, decided schae done something criminal and i don't think they're talking points will change one bit based on whatever facts come out. >> phil, interesting to hear, the secretary, may well be the democratic nominee, isn't yet, will have to testify, and answer to the fbi. pamela said carefully organized worked out between the secret service and fbi, how that will happen. >> how will that happen? >> it will be a spectacle even if we don't see it. >> you don't want this happening in the middle of your campaign. what most campaign advisers would say. >> not on the bucket list. >> for the clinton campaign and
3:21 am
in largely the numbers you look at, baked in. dealing with it ten months if not more. and the question they face and the one i'm intrigued to see how they answer, how do you address this publicly? they have tried a number of different ways. whether going out after the convoluted classification system or in public interviews, anything like that. do you just let it drop, because as erroll said, a segment of society that says it's rigged and a group that doesn't care no matter what. she doesn't deal with it anymore, push it aside. will that change? a moment she says, this serve 0er, done. move past it. time for people to trust me again? >> that's the problem, jackie. even if not found guilty of anything, they have been able to make hay with, look at her judgment. it shows bad judgment. that doesn't go away. >> well, right. because this has sort of been a drip, drip, drip situation, it
3:22 am
has just sort of reiterated one of hillary clinton's biggest weaknesses, and phil said it right there'sthe trust issue. she hasn't been able to turn those numbers upside-down this entire process. as we go into the general, you have to imagine that's going to be a big focus of the campaign. >> just in general, what do you think the clinton campaign reaction is what's been happen over the last 24 hours on the republican side of the race with the paul ryan news? everybody was talking before yesterday afternoon, donald trump cleared the field before hillary clinton. now donald trump has a new issue in the field, and does that give hillary clinton extra space here? >> erroll? >> you have some interesting language, i think, coming from hillary clinton. where if you notice over the last couple of days they talked about a risky choice. a risky choice. they want to make it seem as if donald trump is somehow a loose cannon, the phrase she keeps can using. but when she says choice, i hear her talking to undecided voters, talking to swing voters, talking to independents. i hear her already sort of
3:23 am
making rest of that pivot towards the general election trying to think about the map and trying to do some messaging and try to define donald trump in the minds of people who haven't made up their minds yet. >> it's a small and shrinking group, but they're going to be an important group. >> phil, let's look at president obama's approval numbers, because this will have an affect on the election. >> brand new numbers out this morning from cnn. >> thank you very much for making that excellent point. >> they're at 51%. okay? one way to look at that is, nah, middling. but another way to look at it, compared to what? >> compared to what? >> right. bush, 28%, exactly this same time during this term. clinton, 59%. ronald reagan, 50%. all interesting contexts to get for how this will affect how voters feel going into the polls. >> as president obama's numbers have risen, secretary clinton has clung to him more every day.
3:24 am
the biggest thing with bernie sanders staying in the race, the math not on bernie sanders' side, it keeps president obama on the sidelines. the clinton campaign will not run away from him, embrace his policies, want him on the campaign trail. everybody on the clinton campaign believes president obama will be a remarkably effective campaigner for her. those numbers underscoring those points in large part in the country. he can't do anything as long as bernie sanders is out there. they want him on the trail. bernie sanders is keeping him from the trail now. that's a concern and the numbers underscore the fact you are going to see a lot of president obama this fall, as often as the clinton campaign can get him out there, as often as the schedule allows. >> great points. panel have a great weekend. >> thank you. we have to tell you about this other story developing. canada has never experienced anything like this. a raging wildfire raging out of
3:25 am
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a desperate battle against a wildfire raging out of control right now in western canada. thousands are being airlifted out and hours from now a huge convoy of cars will roll out of the dapger zone, but look at this. the flames getting so close to that highway. cnn's paul vercammen is live in edmonton with the very latest. these pictures are just horrible, paul. >> reporter: they're absolutely astonishing, john. many evacuees will wind up here at this expo in edmonton behind me. 50 fires in all raging right now. seven of them out of control. worst in fort mcmurray. shooting dash cam video escaping the inferno. >> driving through hell. those flames, they were bright, they were big. the smoke, the embers. you know, eye the start to get
3:30 am
watery. it was a -- i can't describe that scene. it was a lot. >> reporter: the weather a little cooler. that should help. they have wind blazes and will attack it with 22 tankers, 1,200 men and a lot of heavy equipment, alisyn, as thiey try to get all of this under control. >> thanks for that report. raging wildfire in canada phil is talking about is fuelled by dry weather. cnn meteorologist chad myers joins us with the forecast. what are you seeing? >> no better for two weeks. hot and dry, yes. winds yesterday were terrible. almost 70 kilometers, 45 miles per hour, do the division, in the fire zone. taking embers from the burning fire, you see the smoke on the map, takes fires and embers, blows it downwind. more spot fires. this is 14 times the size of
3:31 am
manhattan or add up all the brother ohs, queens, staten island, manhattan, add them together, that's the size what has already burned. matchen if it wasn't just a borial forest but this is a pine forest. ever seen a prine trine tree go flames it is like an explosion. not getting better for two weeks before the rains come in. the firefighters saying we can't put this out by outsirselves. we need rain. can't get enough men and tankers up there. the winds calm down today, but hot tomorrow. 83 degrees. relative humidity, 10%. not a help. the rain is what they need and it's not on the way. john? >> a big problem up there. those winds, devastating. thank you for that. and so many great endorsement yesterday, except for paul ryan. we must put america first and
3:32 am
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all right. this surprising new schism, or is it a chasm? within the republican party. house speaker paul ryan and the presumptive republican nominee donald trump trading jabs, including one on twitter moments ago. the first blow came from paul ryan when he revealed to our jake tapper he is not ready to support donald trump. watch. >> to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now, and i hope to, though, and i want to, but i think what is required is that we unify this party, and i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. i don't want to underplay what he accomplished. he needs to becongratulated for an enormous feat.
3:37 am
he's on his way to winning a majority of delegates but inherited something very special. very special to a lot of us. the party of lincoln, reagan, and we don't always nominate a lincoln and reagan every four years, but as far as reaganesque, but that that person advances the principles of our party and appeals to a wide, vast majority of americans. so i think what is necessary to make this work, for this to unify, is to actually take our principles and advance them, and tat's what we want to see. saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us but actually taking the principles we all believe in, showing a dedication to all of those and running a campaign republicans can be proud about and appeal to a majority of americans is what it takes to me to unify this party. >> you're saying you can't support or endorse him right now?
3:38 am
>> yeah, i am basically saying that. look, that's -- you know, i thought about this two days ago. i thought actually this thing would go to june 7th at the very least. probably to a convention. so this is all pretty new for us, but at this point i think that he needs to do more to unify this party, thing all wings of the republican party and then to go forward and to appeal to all americans in every walk of life, every background, a majority of independents and discerning democrats. so, you know, i think conservatives want to know, does he share our values and our principles on limited government? the proper role of the executive? adherence to the constitution? there are lots of questions that conservative conservatives, i think, will want answers to, including myself. >> you're saying the speaker of the house, a conservative, cannot as of now support his nominee for president. is there something specific he has said or done that has brought you to this moment?
3:39 am
>> well, like i said, i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support his candidacy fully, and i want to do that, but right now, i have to tell you, jake, i'm being candid with you. at this point, i'm just not there right now. and it's because i think of part of the last campaign i don't want to go back and roll the tape. i was pretty clear and outspoken on a number of occasions where i think that he did the wrong thing or said the wrong thing, and i'll do that in the future if need be. i hope it's not necessary. the question is, can our presumptive nominee turn things around, unify and have a different cadence going forward jt way i look at this, jake, it's time to go from tapping into anger. channeling that anger into solutions. time to set aside bullying, to set aside belittlement and appeal to higher aspirations. appeal to what is good in us and to lead a country and a party to having a vast majority of americans enthusiastic about choosing a path. that's why i feel so strongly about the chance and the choice
3:40 am
and an opportunity we have in front of us, but for this to work, our presumptive nominee, i believe, needs to unify the party for the party to be unified. >> you think that's even possible? do you think that's possible? >> so you know, jake, we're not there right now. yeah, i think it's possible, but we're not there right now and i think it is possible, but, yeah. i mean, look, this man is going to get the nomination, because he earned it, deserved it, he won the vote. more importantly, those of us need to learn a few lessons pap bit of humility each of us needs. especially leaders in congress which is, he tapped into something in this country that was very powerful, and people are sending a message to washington that we need to learn from and listen to, but at the same time, now that we have a presumptive nominee who is going to be our standard bearer, i think it's very important that there's a demonstration that our standards will be beared. i mean that he will advance our appreciation for limited government, for the constitution, for the proper role of the executive, for the principles -- not only that
3:41 am
built our party but built our country and hour wee going 're get the solutions and run a campaign americans can be proud of and looking back on the primary campaign there are instances and episodes that question that. that's why at this point i am not ready to jump in, but i hope we can get there, and that's my goal. >> paul ryan telling jake tapper he's not ready to jump in and support donald trump. donald trump yesterday saying he's not ready to support paul ryan's agenda and moments ago donald trump took to twitter, as he does, and wrote about paul ryan again. so many great endorsements yesterday, except for paul ryan. we must put america first and make america great again. >> women, it's interesting. there are reports they will be meeting next week to try to sort this out. we interviewed speaker ryan on "new day" last week, and during that time he spoke about the latest conversation. he had had with donald trump. he said that donald trump was comfortable with what paul ryan was putting out and the gop
3:42 am
platform. something has changed in the past week. >> if ht has. >> emerged from that meeting holding hands. >> right. 41 minutes after the hour. a rare sight in north korea. the congress convening for the first time in decades. what exactly is kim jong-un up to? we have a live report from north korea. that's next. it was a simple idea. for every pair of shoes we sold, we'd give a pair to a child in need. at&t has been with me since day one, keeping me connected to my team, to my business, and to the reason we put giving first. toms started small, but now we've given shoes to more than 50 million children in need. i'm blake and this is my network. the network of at&t.
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elite convening its first party
3:46 am
congress in 36 years, and true to form, it is a highly secretive event, but experts believe the leader, kim jong-un, is planning to solidify his pow around lay out his vision for the future. cnn will ripley is live with more. will, help us understand this. >> reporter: alisyn, this is my tenth trip to north korea. so i shouldn't be surprised what happened to. we left our hotel and taken to this building where the workers party is held but only allowed to shoot pictures from outside across a major intersection and then come back to our hotel. i thought the government would by now in the evening hours release some statement saying what is happening inside this gathering of 3,000 of north korea's political elite, members of the workers' party. but the evening news came and gone. not a single mention of the workers party congress, even the north koreans have been working 70 days straight without day off starting at 5:30 in the morning, goal until late in the
3:47 am
eveningclean up this city and build and refurbish projects, get everything ready for the congress. nonetheless, north korean the don't know what will happen, if he'll make an economic announcement, talk about the nuclear program. they can only wait for the news to be released and just like the rest of the world. that is what's happening here in north korea and we're seeing it yet again in pyongyang. >> will ripley, thanks soesh. astros second baseman, nine home runs. the one he hit last night in the first inning extra special for a young man. andy scholes has more in the "bleacher report." >> reporter: really cool. jose may only be 5'6", his best babe ruth impression. before the game he met with a young astros fan names dylan, diagnosed with terminal cancer. he if the him to hit a home run. he told him, i hit one wednesday
3:48 am
and didn't want to make promises. dylan said, you're going to make it happen. sure enough, in his first at-bat, crushed this one to left. his fifth leadoff homer of the year. he said as he was rounding second base he thought about how dylan told him he was going to hit that home run. pretty cool. second straight game, raptors and heat needing overtime to decide the outcome. hit with an elbow. he needs 18 stimps, called for the foul on the play. comes back into the game. in the extra period, raptors prevail and win 96-92 to even the series at a game apiece. alisyn, dust off your giant hat. 142nd running of the kentucky derby is tomorrow. nightquist is the favorite. undefeated so far. >> the mint juleps are ready. >> thanks so much, andy. great to see you.
3:49 am
it is safe to say donald trump and the republican establishment do not see eye to eye on core conservative principles. we will break down their differences for you. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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trastep into america andn? canadas best value inns for free internet continental breakfast and instant rewards! at most of our 1,000 hotels. this is the party of lincoln, of reagan, the jack kemp, and we don't always nominate a lincoln and reagan every year but we hope that our nominee as far as it being reaganesque, it's time to set aside bullying, set aside belittlement and aspire to higher aspirations. >> house speaker paul ryan explaining why he is not ready to support donald trump, at least not yet. the latest sign of the conservative strug that has the republican party divided right now. so how do donald trump and the establishment differ on the issues? here to discuss, cnn senior political analyst ron
3:54 am
brownstein. with us in l.a. a great magic wall here, ron, but you can only look. you can't touch. i want to start with an issue very important to paul ryan, first of all. it's entitlement. it's social security. look what donald trump says about social security. >> they want to save their social security, which is under siege by everybody. we're going to save it, folks, and we're going to not do cuts at all. cruz and all of these, they want to cut the hell out of it. we're going to save the social security. >> all right. that is in stark contrast, ron, to everything paul ryan stands for. a big part of paul ryan's career is entitlement reform. >> a very revealing contrast here, because it gets to the larger issue. it's not that conservatives think that donald trump is some kind of secret moderate. anybody running on a platform that include deporting 12 million people and temporarily banning muslims, reorganize the republican party around a
3:55 am
fundamental different set of priorities than the party has been organized around for years. the famous reaganite three-legged stool. small government, cultural conservative and military strength. thinking donald trump, the first two not important, the third he rejects and instead hi priorities are different. skepticism of foreign influences and hostility to domestic elites. a defense national iism raciall divert iand donald trump has shown a big chunk of the republican base that has a very different set of priorities. >> very interesting. exposed perhaps a schism between the base and wall -- paul ryan as much as donald trump and paul ryan.
3:56 am
abortion, also, different issues. >> -- in every respect. >> look, planned parenthood has done very good work for many, many, for millions of women, and i'll say it. i know a lot of the so-called conservatives, they say that's really -- because i'm a conservative, but a common sense conservative. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that -- there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> interesting, ron. there have been republican nominees. mitt romney, george bush another. moved over their lives on the issue of abortion. seems the conservative establishment, what they don't like about donald trump on this issue is how he talks about it right now. >> right. i think that he doesn't really have these commitments. you know, you could have mentioned as well the bathroom bill in north carolina, he opposed. cutting off of planned parenthood. positions that take him away, on the first two legs of the
3:57 am
reaganite stool they believe he is not fundamentally committed to rolling back government, not fundamentally committed to the social issues, that his priorities are elsewhere. his cultural focus is very different. rig right? more on the changing complexion of america, policies on undocumented and illegal immigration. not put on social issues that mattered to the social conservative movement. revealing he won evangelical christians in more states than ted cruz did and particularly dominated among blue collar evangelical showing in many cases the priorities that the leaders assumed are the price of the followers may not be those things. >> talk about the issue of inclusion, particularly where the republican party said it wanted to be on this issue. remember the autopsy after the 2012 election saying if we want ethnic minority voters to engage the republicans, the party must indeed be inclusive and welcoming. this is what donald trump says it has party leaders alarmed.
3:58 am
>> we're going to build a wall. believe me. believe me. no. we're going to build that wall and you know who's going to pay for that wall? not even a question of a doubt. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> again, so you hear donald trump say these things. you hear paul rhine saying, he's not there yet in supporten donald trump. how do you see donald trump backing off any of this to get to where paul ryan needs to be? >> he's not. i think, look, donald trump could have been defined in many ways. as a business guy, an outsider bringing his business acumen to making business and the economy work together. defined as a candidate of white racial backlash. difficult to undo that. donald trump in the statement you just played he listed not only lincoln and reagan, but
3:59 am
jack kemp, who wouldn't be the third person most would list in the history of the republican party. paul ryan believes in a kempian conservative that speaks to all communities and believes trump is leading them towards a european style racial nationalism, who they talk to in a rapidly diversifying country. >> you see the divisions here. ron brownstein, thanks for being with us. following a lot of news including a live interview with former presidential candidate and former louisiana governor bobby jindal. let's get to it. i usually say, go out and you're going to vote. i don't have to say that anymore. >> i hope to support our nominee. i'm just not there right now. >> i want the primaries to keep going. but everybody's out. >> saying we're unified doesn't unify us. people are getting a wake-up call. >> a donald trump presidency would be a disaster for this country. >> it matters how many delegates you have. whether it's 60 or 300.
4:00 am
>> we're going to stay in until the last vote is counted. >> i never sent or received any material marked classified. >> the fbi is likely to interview hillary clinton. >> this is an important moment, because it signals that the fbi's close to wrapping up this investigation. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to your "new day." john is here riding shotgun. great to have you. >> thank you. glad you're driving. >> yeah. me, too. meanwhile, we begin with a huge rift in the gop. the nation's highest ranking republican house speaker paul ryan says he's not ready to support donald trump. ryan says he's skeptical of trump's xmimt to the par trump's commitment to the party. the two men will meet next week in washington. >> all this as the last two republican presidents and the last two republican nominees say they are skipping the convent n convention. on the democratic side, hillary clinton hoping to
4:01 am
finally put the e-mail controversy to rest. the fbi has questioned several former state department aides whether classified material was on her private e-mail server. so far cnn has been told there is no evidence that secretary clinton willfully broke the law. we're all over these developments. beginning with phil mattingly here in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. donald trump expanded his political team bringing on a lot of veteran advisers, capitol hill outreach. helping bruised feelings, particularly those running for re-election. in one jarring moment yesterday it became very clear they have a lot more work to do. >> they're both committed to sitting down and working, and actually talking this out. >> reporter: rnc chairman reince priebus in the middle of the fight to unite, confirming donald trump and house speaker paul ryan will meet face-to-face next week.
4:02 am
>> what he's saying is, look, i want to get there. i think i will get there, but i want to talk to donald trump, and i want to work with him. >> reporter: priebus trying to explain why ryan and some in the republican party are so reluctant to back their new standard bearer. >> for some people, an endorsement is a full embrace, and for some people it takes a little bit time to get to a full embrace. >> reporter: the chairman not promising 100% of the party will fall in line, but optimistic there won't be a contested convention come july. >> the platform of our party will be written in cleveland, and i think you're going to get another very conservative platform out of our party. >> reporter: but not so fast. trump firing back at ryan in a statement saying -- "i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people."
4:03 am
>> you know why it's never trump? because i'm going to stop the gravy train for all of these consultants and people. >> reporter: ryan making clear his focus is on one thing. protecting the party's house majority. something some analysts predict could be in jeopardy with a trump nom's beation. >> my focus this fall, is, has been and will be the house majority. >> reporter: and warning the fight for unity rests mostly on the shoulders of the nominee. >> i think what is necessary to make this work, for this to unify, is to actually take our principles and advance them, and that's what we want to see, saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us. >> reporter: ideally what should happen, donald trump and paul ryan will meet behind closed doors, work everything out and get close to the unification process. and donald trump tweeting out this morning, so many great endorsements yesterday, except
4:04 am
paul ryan. we must put america first and make america great again. it doesn't look like donald trump is willing to just deal with this behind the scenes. alisyn? >> expect the unexpected. that is good advice, phil. thanks so much for that. how do trump's former republican rivals feel about what's going on in their party today? joining us now is former louisiana governor and former presidential candidate bobby jindal. good morning, governor. >> good morning, alisyn. thank you for having me back on your show. it's great to be with you. >> great to have you back. so we want to take your political temperature this morning. are you team trump or team ryan? >> well, alisyn, paul ryan is a good friend of mine. i've got a lot of respect for him. look i don't have a problem with conservatives still going through this process, still aren't sure what they're going to do in this election. i understand this is a process. donald trump was certainly not my first choice but he is the voters' choice. they have spoken here. one of the things i heard paul said, trying to get certain promises, concessions out of donald trump.
4:05 am
that can be a very good thing. for example a great thing if donald trump would tell us who his secretary of defense would be, who his secretary of state would be? surround himself with proven republican leaders, that might give more confidence to paul ryan and others out there. i'm not critical of him, i have a lot of respect for paul ryan. >> you're saying if donald trump spells out his cabinet you think then paul ryan would be able to wholeheartedly support him? >> well, look, that may give paul and others more assurance that he is going to have folks around him that will be, be competent, conservatives, proven professionals. for me can comes down to this. i'm going to vote for donald trump. not because i had an epiphany, not that i think he's a ronald reagan. nothing will convince me he is the next reaganesque president. i'm voting for donald trump
4:06 am
because i don't think we can afford four more years of liberal incompetence. i don't think hillary clinton is the right leader for our country. this isn't about the republican party for me. this is about our country, and your previous segment was exactly right. you listened about donald trump. i don't think he truly is on many issues a conservative, but more likely than hillary clinton to do conservative things. >> let me remind you and our viewers what you said about donald trump eight short months ago. listen to this. >> he's non-serious. he's a carnival act. here's the truth about donald trump. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the intellectual curiosity even learned. you can't argue policy with this guy. the only thing donald trump believes in is himself. >> okay. shallow, a carnival act. i mean, these are worse than non-reaganesque. so how have you worked your way
4:07 am
around to being able to support him? >> well, and i want to be clear, i'm not all of a sudden changing my views about donald trump. i said other things as well, if you play the full remarks. i said pretty harsh thing. more harsh than i've said about anybody in public or political life. suddenly today i've not joined the donald trump fan club. bottom line, take two specific issues. the next president will appoint, i think a critical, a critical appointment in the scream court. deadlocked on second amendments rights, the role of the federal government. zero percent chance hillary clinton would appoint a constitutionalist, a conservative like scalia to that court. i'm not telling you it's 100% chance donald trump will do it but greater. obama care, zero percent chance hillary clinton will reverse obama care. donald trump has taken advances in health care but at least a chance he will actually reverse,
4:08 am
repeal and replace obama care. given the fact we have two choices, we have record dependence on government, given the fact we have record debt under president obama, given the fact we have a failed foreign policy, i think we've got to make a change. the democratic party today is not the democratic party of the '90s. this president clinton, unlike her husband, would not be doing things like the crime bill, like welfare reform, like nafta, deficit reduction packages. this is a very different democratic party. >> governor, are you worried have be donald trump at the top of the ticket will negatively affect other candidates down ticket? >> well, look, i think the republican party's got a greater concern than donald trump. what his nomination and election shows is that we as conservatives have not done a good job connecting with average voters. in your previous segment awe talked about the frafact donald is in a different place on social security and medicare. in a different place on trade deals a different place than the
4:09 am
party with respect to israel and other aspects of our foreign policy. look at reagan's famous three-legged schotool you mentioned. he's in three different places. >> what does that tell you about candidates and others? >> the fact so many voters, plurality of voters in the republican party chose him, tells me we as republicans need to do a better job why our conservative policies and principles are good for every voter, help every voter join the middle class. what donald trump shows, a lot of people are frustrated with president obama and the democratic party, but also frustrated with the republican party feeling the leaders in d.c. have said one thing and done another. they feel the leaders in d.c. have not served them well, including in the republican party. this fight that dnd -- maybe not a fight. this exchange of words donald trump had with paul ryan, i have a lot of respect for paul and said that. i don't know that that hurts donald trump. for him to continue to go against the d.c. establishment, it has worked for him.
4:10 am
>> governor, only a few seconds left. are you going to go to the republican convention? >> look, no. rite now i don't have plans to. the last two republican convention i couldn't go because of hurricanes coming into my state. at this point a purpose i would go. i'm not boycotting or deliberately not going because of donald trump. right now there's not a point for me to go. if there were a point, i would consider it. i'm not staying away because of a boycott or expressing discontent. right now there's no point for me to go. >> thanks so much. good to know. former governor bobby jindal. great to have you. >> thanks, alisyn, to john. the fbi has already questioned uma abedine and other top hillary clinton aides and could interview clinton herself in the next few weeks. the nine-month investigation of the former secretary of state's use of a private e-mail server is close to wrapping up. pamela brown is live from washington with the latest. this is potentially big news for
4:11 am
hillary clinton, pamela. >> reporter: absolutely. the investigation, john, you point out, has been going on nine months but ramping up in terms of the interviews. in fact, we've learned several people inside clinton's inner circle have been brought in quietly to a room in the fbi field office over the last few weeks including clinton's longtime confidant uma abedine, said to be one of those people. officials tell us she has been cooperating in this investigation. the interviews have been focused on whether classified information was mishandled and the security of clinton's private server she had in her home. investigators bottom line, this should have never happened. even clinton admitted it was a mistake having these private server, but at this point in the investigation is, officials tell us there was no evidence to prove criminal wrongdoing at this point. but the investigation is not over. in fact, one of the most anticipated steps hasn't happened nap is the interview with clinton that's expected in the coming weeks.
4:12 am
the clinton campaign released a statement saying from the start hillary clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete its review, and we hope and expect that anyone else who is asked would do the same. we are confident the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate took place. so, again, this investigation expected to wrap up in the coming weeks, and while the fbi is staying focused on the facts here, investigators, of course, are mindful that this is an investigation involving the potential democratic presidential nominee, just a couple months out from the democratic convention in july. back to you. >> absolutely, pamela. thanks so much for all of that background. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are unleashing on donald trump instead of each other. cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns is live in washington with more. hi, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning on opposite sides of the country, but appearing to ease off a bit from the attacks on each other, directing attention to the presumptive republican nominee donald trump. the democratic front-runner,
4:13 am
hillary clinton, and in california, accusing trump of doubling down on anti-immigrant rhetoric, casting doubt on his ability to moderate his positions on immigrants as he seeks to move closer to the center in anticipation of the general election. listen. >> we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful, and we need to repudiate it. >> i think that a donald trump presidency would be a disaster for this country, and i intend to do everything that i can to see that that does not happen. >> reporter: now, bernie sanders was campaigning in coal country in mcdowell county, west virginia, highlighting his plans to alleviate poverty and help communities hurt by policy shifts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. also worth noting, protests at the hillary clinton rally in california were much more vigorous than we've seen of
4:14 am
late. she appeared to cut her remarks short just a bit. she also attended a couple fund-raisers out in california and is expected to attend a campaign rally in oakland, california, today. john? >> joe johns in washington. thanks, joe. a desperate race to escape a wildfire raging out of control in western canada. thousands airlifed now. hours from now a hue convoy of cars will roll out of the danger zone. there is a big problem, though. these flames you're seeing right here, they are burning dangerously close to the road. the road the people want to drive out on, and strong winds keep shifting. a helicopter will fly ahead to make sure the evacuation route is safe. more than 85,000 people have already fled. republicans in north carolina, planning to defy the justice department. party leaders indicating they will not scrap the bathroom law before a monday deadline. the obama administration argues it violates the civil rights act of 1964.
4:15 am
if not changed it could cost the state billions in federal aid. heart-stopping video out of china. watch as this huge truck, oh, my gosh, barrels down the street and crashes into that car. the vehicle just crushedlook at that again. >> oh, my gosh. >> that he got on scene very quickly. the two inside the mangled car were sent to the hospital right away. the people inside the car are expected to be okay. that's a miracle. the truck driver suffered only minor uninjuries. >> my gosh that is disturbing. thank goodness everyone is okay. i'm going to credit air bags there. meanwhile, donald trump and paul ryan making it clear they cannot work together yet. what will it take for them to find common ground? our panel has some ideas and we'll discuss, next. ( ♪ ) ♪ i'm walkin', yes indeed ♪ ♪ and i'm talkin' 'bout you and me ♪ ♪ i'm hopin' that you'll come back to me ♪ ♪ yeah
4:16 am
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4:19 am
as you have heard this morning, there is a big republican divide that threatens donald trump's momentum. trump and house speaker paul ryan at odds after ryan walks back his earlier statement to
4:20 am
back whoever the republican nominee is. >> i hope to support his candidacy fully and want to do that. right now, i've got to tell you, jake, just being candid with, at this point i'm just not there right now, and it's because i think of, part of the last campaign i don't want to go back and roll the tape. i think he's done and said the wrong thing but i think what a lot of republicans want to see is we have a standard bear that bears our standards, and that unifies all the wings of the republican party, which we all come from different wings of our party but all agree on a platform of conservative principles. we want somebody who takes these conservative principles, applies them to the problems and offers solutions to country that a vast of americans can vote for and wants to be enthusiastic about. that is what i think it takes to unify the party. i think there's work that needs to be done to unify the party.
4:21 am
our presumptive nominee needs to do that. i want to be a part of hedgie him do that, but right now, no. >> can you manage the convention and support him? >> i definitely want to see us unify on policies and the agenda and win the hearts and minds of the vast majority of americans and speak to everybody and i'm hoping that where this goes. i don't know that's where this is going to go. as the chair of party, speaker of the house, i will gavel the convention in and hoping this will be a unified party. a lot of the burden is on the presumptive nominee to do that. we'll see. that's all i got for you. >> you hate when i ask this question. you're still ruling out -- >> you asked it like three times. >> no, no. this one. just to be clear. you're ruling out you accepting a nomination. >> oh, yeah, yes. >> just want to make sure. talk more about this now. joining me, cnn political director david chalian and dana
4:22 am
bash. guys, so glad you're here joining my, my nerdy friends, and i mean that in the nicest possible way, because this -- >> the best complement ever, john berman. >> seriously. >> this doesn't happen. this doesn't happen. it's never happened. speaker of the house, chair of the convention, saying as of now he does not support the man picked at that convention. so stunning, absolutely. but, david chalian, given the political environment we emerge from in these primaries, you say stunning, yet not surprising? >> it is stunning. totally agree. my mouth was agape yesterday, even though it shouldn't be terribly surprising. i mean, john, look at the most recent poll. nearly half of republicans say they anticipate that the party is still going to be divided in november. that is won't unite. so this is the very example behind those numbers. this notion that we're hearing folks not ready on day one, that
4:23 am
donald trump becomes the presumptive nominee, to rally around them and throw on their trump shirt should not be surprising. the entire election has been trump going against the grain of the party and now we're just seeing that, now that he is going to be, he is the standard bearer, we're now seeing that in stark relief with folks who have been -- who have been so concerned about the direction he's taking. >> you know, dana, moments ago donald trump said he was surprised by the fact paul ryan said yesterday he's not ready to support him. i don't understand what's going to happen at this meeting wednesday. we think they're going to meet next wednesday in washington. trump just said that as well. what does paul ryan need to hear? i mean, is he going to accept donald trump's muslim ban? is he going to accept the mass deportations? >> no. >> or is donald trump going to come off those positions? neither seem likely, and without that, how does paul ryan get what he says he wants, which is to support the republican
4:24 am
nominee? >> it's really hard to see how this movie ends. no question about it, but let me just actually underscore something that you just said, which is different for donald trump. and maybe, you know, a baby step towards getting to what paul ryan is asking for. he said that donald trump said he's surprised. last night at his rally he didn't even mention paul ryan. he has a two-sentence statement he but out and has been mentioning it in a kind of a backhanded way on twitter. happy about the endorsement he has gotten. donald trump two days, three days ago would have been ripping paul ryan to shreds. so perhaps, perhaps, either somebody has, you know, taken his -- his crell phone and put t in a hiding place, or he is sort of getting it and he's saying, look, it's different now.
4:25 am
but -- but ultimately, i don't know how the two of them will meet. they're not going to meet on those issues. the best case scenario is that they meet on other issues. on other big policy issues that paul ryan is pushing, but there is a very specific reason, i am reminded, that paul ryan has been quietly trying to build an agenda -- excuse me -- for house republicans, while nobody's been paying attention all year long so that they have something to run on. so if this moment happened, he can have some distance -- excuse me -- personally, but also policy wise for his members from donald trump. >> strikes me an uncomfortable month or two for paul ryan no matter what he says right now. he does join a list, david, of other folk whose say they're not ready or won't ever support donald trump. you have, you know, mitt romney, effectively saying he's not going to support donald trump.
4:26 am
former president george bush, george bush sr. and john mccain not going to the convention. these people beyond where paul ryan is. some of the folks who say never trump what option do they have? the republican senator ben sass was calling for a third party bid, were ut can that happen? >> i mean i have a very hard time seeing that come together in some way that can have real impact. we're very late in the season for someone to get organized. i think there are a few names that could actually galvanize a successful third-party movement and i just don't see any movement from those folks interested. so i think that right now what had been, when ted cruz and john kasich were still in the race, john, the never trump movement, they could han on to them as a vehicle. now this third parerrty notion what they're grabbing on to as a third vehicle instead of thinking through -- whether or not they decide to support trump is one thing but i don't think
4:27 am
getting a third party vehicle is logical. >> i totally agree with you, david shts and i think we should also -- my voice is going. sorry about that. focus on the other side of this republican chasm. the people who are saying they're going to go to the convention, who are saying that they're going to support donald trump. who are saying, look, the people who are still distancing themselves aren't getting what's going on out there with the republican party. and that is real. maybe they're not as senior. maybe they're not as outspoken, but they're out there. just one quick example, governor rick perry. former governor of texas. i spoke to him by phone yesterday. he was the first person to go after trump, what he was then a competitor of trump's calling him a cancer on conservative point blank said to me is not only going to endorse trump, but says people not getting the phenomenon aren't understanding what's really happening out here. for him to come around and others like him, it does show
4:28 am
that, you know -- maybe all of these leaders are standing on principle and obviously being commended by their wing and the party for it, but they're also showing a very big gulf between them and a lot of the rank and file. >> indeed. you know who supported donald trump? republican voters. he just won the republican primary. something they all have to deal with. thank you both for geeking out with me. really appreciate it. >> kwquite the geek fest. and e-mails of hillary clinton, the investigation expected to wrap up in weeks after the fbi interviews hillary clinton. will this put the issue to rest? we'll talk about that and so much more with david axelrod, next.
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
well, the fbi interviewing some of hillary clinton's closest state department aides about whether classified material was on her private e-mail server. that investigation is reportedly winding down, according to some u.s. officials who have spoken to cnn, and there is no apparent evidence of, so far, of any
4:33 am
criminal wrongdoing. still, could be e-mail controversy hurt hillary clinton in the general election? joining us now, cnn senior political commentator david axelrod, former senior adviser to president obama. >> how are you? >> good. does this rob the republicans and donald trump of one line of attack? or do they just keep going at it? >> obviously, if will were a finding of crim na doing, that would be a live -- baked in the cake right now. i don't think if it goes along as was reported and they find no action to be taken on this, i think you move on from there. i don't athink this is determinative in the general election. >> hillary clinton will answer question, says she's open to answering questions. yet if running a campaign, how do you stage that moment? >> i think that is a question. look, i don't think anybody from
4:34 am
the beginning of this thought that they would have an investigation of this, and not ultimately ask her some questions. so it's not -- it's not exactly news they're going to talk to her, but could be a news event, and so my guess they'll try to do it at a private location, at a time unbeknownst to any of us, and get it over with. >> i mean, it's very good news for the campaign that it's not just this interminable fishing expedition. some didn't know when it was going to end. last throughout the whole general. so this timing seems to be working in her favor, if they find nothing. >> yes. especially if, as was reported, they're going to come to some conclusion in the next few week. that would be perfect to get this out of the way before the convention, before the full brunt of the general election campaign. so if it works out as reported, this is good news for her. bad news for donald trump and the republicans. >> the other big news in the last 24 hours. paul ryan coming out, not ready
4:35 am
to support donald trump. it's a huge wow. but is it just a wow? or is it a wow and it will have lasting, lingering effects that could hurt the trump campaign? >> well, look, i think it it underscore what is the reality of the case. there are a lot of republicans who are fundamentally uncomfortable with donald trump. paul ryan's positions are completely out of step with donald trump on trade, on immigration reform, on the muslim ban, on -- on deficit reduction and entitlements. on the whole range of issues that trump has been campaigning on, and totally, paul ryan is the exponent of the politics of addition. let's reach out. let's, you know, try and broaden the party. and there are a lot of republicans in this camp. he also speaks for conservatives who are suspicious of trump, and their suspicions were increased the other day when he said my opposition to the minimum wage
4:36 am
may be a thing of the past. this is exactly what they fear. this is what both conservatives and some democrats fear, which is that he is a shape shifter, and that he'll have a general election profile that is completely out of step with conservatives in the party. so ryan is carving out his own turf. he's thinking about not just november but past november and maybe to 2020 when, if trump loses, he could emerge as the nominee of the republican party. >> so does that whole landscape you've just described going on the republican side give hillary clinton an opportunity to reach across the aisle and say, if you happen is to be one of those republicans, that is deeply uncomfortable with who donald trump is, i'm the candidate for you. or, has her move to the left during the primary made that sort of an impossible argument? >> you no. she's been helped in that regard, because senator sanders has been to the left of her. in that sense, defining her as
4:37 am
more moderate. i don't think there will be a lot of prominent republicans who step forward and say i'm for hillary clinton, but i think -- >> behind the scenes? >> i think that -- first of all, absence of support for trump is going to be debilitating to him. remember, he now has to go out and raise money. you know? his days as a self-funder are over. i was in town with a group of people in the financial community. i saw virtually no support for him in a room in which you'd expect a rush of support for the republican nominee, just because they're very distrustful of donald trump. so -- >> are those people going to support hillary clinton? >> because the -- left, right center, going after jeb bush supporters. want us to think these people are gettable. but are they? >> it's going to be tough. look at her numbers among republicans, in, for example, the cnn poll. they're very, very negative, just as her numbers abong democrats are very strong, but i do think it helps her with
4:38 am
independent voters and some fall-away republicans. you have to say she's in a very strong position, and ryan, speaking out as he did, does not help trump's cause in terms of trying to bring republicans who are reluctant into the tent. >> it strikes me that hillary clinton is clehas clearly made decision she's on to the general election. barely talking about bernie sanders at all. she's been in california. campaigned a little in west virginia and kentucky, not focusing on the primary states. how does this look for her this month? particularly if she loses these states which she very well might. >> when i was working for barack obama in 2008, i remember we had fairly clinched the nomination in early may, but there were a series of primaries among them kentucky and west virginia, in which she beat the hell out of us, and it was -- you know, it didn't impede ultimately the
4:39 am
mission, but it was a source of embarrassment or, you know, minor embarrassment on those days that the prospective n nomin nominee -- and gave a chance for people like us around this table, i include myself in that now, to say, well, you know, obama has weakness with white working class voters and so on. it all turned out not to mean very much in a general election, but no doubt they'll be some chatter, because bernie sanders is going to run up some wins this monchts david axelrod good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thanks for being here. donald trump and the hillary clinton are at odds, as you well know. which candidate has the right solutions to get the economy humming jag we were compare their plans and see how ed it stacks up when "new day" returns.
4:40 am
4:41 am
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4:43 am
donald trump says when compares his economic plan to that of his likely democratic opponent hillary clinton there is no comparison. we thought we'd take up that challenge and try to compare what both are proposing. here to help us, cnn's global economic analyst and assistant editing manager for "time" magazine. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> start wit trump economic plan. what he is proposing's some of the tenets of it. eliminate national debt in eight years. nice. impose tariffs on countries not trading "fairly" with the u.s. end trade deals like nafta, and
4:44 am
open to raising the minimum wage. what jumps out at you? >> the trade is the most interesting part of this. a lot of what he's proposing is either a bad idea or impossible. tariffs, slapping tariffs penalizes everybody, makes stuff more expensive, tends to create trade wars. >> not a fair, level playing field. >> true it's not. tariffs are not the way to fix that. basically you have to bring countries like china and emoerging markets into the wto and make them play by the same rules. a lot of ways to do that, tariffs are not the way. what i do think donald trump is hitting on is a sense on main street that the rules of the game for trade really haven't benefitted a lot of people. an important point. >> look what hillary clinton proposed on her economic plan. she says she is willing to raise the minimum wage tos 12ds, maybe even above to $15. tighten the tax code, close tax loopholes. make tax incentives to encourage training corporate profit sharing at a point where wall
4:45 am
street regulators and prosecute firms that play outside of the lines. what do you see here? >> so hillary clinton is right to be focusing on the tax code where a lot of action is creating incentives for the financial system, for wages, for companies to do the right thing and take long-term positions. i think probably get criticism from trump around wall street still. she is somebody that wants to work within the existing dodd-frank, strerngthen it. i think trump will try and run to the left of her economically in some ways. >> is that right? >> a sort of a bizarro thing. you can hartley imagine it. trade around anti-free trade, talking up up how bad a deal nafta was negotiated in the '90s by her husband. something that will put him really to the left of her. >> how do both of these play on wall street where they'll be looking for donors? >> i think that -- first of all, trump is certainly a creature of wall street. he may say he's not but didn't
4:46 am
highly leveraged ads before. he'll say i'm not taking money. make people file like can we trust what hillary clinton is saying? his strategy. hillary will say we can't worry about breaking up big banks. look at financial system as a whole, put out a more nuanced message was reform. whether or not that resonates with the voters this early as that trade message does is a big question. >> any way to tell which is better for the economy? >> i think hillary clinton's is more realistic. something that can be done. the tax code is where the action is in terms of tweaking it, making it favor, savers, ak kuwait more than debt. closing loopholes allowing companies like apple to offshore a lot of money and issue debt to pay back shareholders is something we can do and hopefully will have a congress to work with her, if president. >> and tax code, donald trump said something unusual as well. it saying he's open and in fact
4:47 am
encouraging raising taxes on the wealthiest. himself included. >> he is. talked about cap gains and the fact people that make money from basically making money, and having investments should have to pay higher rates. something a lot of rich people, warren buffett and many others talked and and certainly a good idea, but you need broader tax reform to fix the system. >> people say their top concern this election is the economy and jobs. >> yes. >> and donald trump has made it his overarching theme they will bring back jobs to this country. have you heard specifics in terms of how that would happen? >> not at all. that's what i think is interesting about the way he's become so popular with a lot of working people and middle class people in this country. he's giving the right rhetoric. touching something in people's felt experience which is that globalization, the current system of capitalism, isn't maybe working for them as well as it might. but his plans are not going to get us the jobs. he's not going to renegotiate trade deals with china and bring
4:48 am
back jobs en masse to the u.s. >> why not? >> the chinese have their own agenda. a difficult political time for them now. i don't way jinping will roll over and let donald trump say what the next trade deal will look like. dealing with social unrest in his own country. it's not politically going to help. touching something that is important but hillary clinton has a much more realistic plan how to go about fixing these things. >> thanks for making this so much more understandable. over to john. donald trump says he loves hispanics but facing backlash over a picture showing him eating a taco bowl. what are his chances of getting latino support in november? and a quick programming note, anthony bourdain journeys to a greek island. i want to go and there get an authentic taste of the greek good life. take a look. >> there was sending off of a villager to go to the army.
4:49 am
basically a good reason for everyone to, you know, let some steam out. steam out. >> yes, yes, yes. >> lamb. >> this is lamb, pork. >> and the famous potatoes, of course. >> this is called orasto. >> a natural pork. >> good sauce. like tomato and peppers. >> wine, tomato sauce, pepper, garlic. >> wine. >> i make wine, yes, i make good wine. >> born here? >> no, not born here. i came when i was 23 years old. >> from. >> athens. >> very different life here.
4:50 am
>> i believe here you live every moment of your life. anthony bourdain.
4:51 am
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the battle for minority voters, specifically latino, deciding whether donald trump or his democratic opponents lands in the white house. millions of immigrants to be deported, can trump land latino voters. joining us now, bruneny fernandez and rnc staffer and
4:54 am
reverend samuel rodriguez, leadership conference. thank you for being with us. rudy, i want to start with you. could you ever vote for donald trump? >> no, never. and the moment that really crystallized this for me, john, was a few months ago when "the new york times" reporter was essentially trampled on and taken to the ground forcefully at a trump rally. it crystallized the fact for me if trump has demonstrated anything during this campaign is the fact that when he faces the slightest criticism or the slightest disagreement, he tries to destroy his opponent, he does the character assassination, be littles the person. my san succeancestors came from cannot turnover our nuclear stockpile, the power of the nsa and all the powers that come to the executives to someone like donald trump. i think he would try to exceed
4:55 am
executive power, unprecedented ways, for that reason, i cannot support him. let me make it clear. i've been a republican my entire life. i worked for the bush/chaney campaign in the bush white house at the rnc. this will be the first too many i don't support a republican candidate. but you gotta put our country first. >> i know you feel differently, but let me throw up some numbers to show you. if you look at the latino vote, 22% in arizona, 18% in arizona, 10% in illinois. what do you tell to latino voters. >> i am paa pastor. he needs anything less than a steroid, a miracle. i kid you not. no one is beyond redemption. that's my argument. i disagree wholeheartedly with his rhetoric, rhetorical
4:56 am
demagoguery and a plethora of other issues. he has to redeem with the latino community, rudy would agree is in favor of amnesty, the majority of immigrants are rapists and murders, you're done. in my first week, i begin deporting 11 million people. good luck with that, donald. it's not going to happen. so he needs the latino vote. 27%, mitt romney. that's what mitt romney acquired. 27%. i was working about carl rowe back in the day when they were voting for george bush and we were looking at 50% before 2010. that ship sailed. so donald trump needs to redeem the narrative with the latino community and it begins with, one, i screwed up. i messed up. can you imagine donald trump saying i'm sorry to the hispanic electorate. it will require a miracle. >> let me ask you this, the
4:57 am
subject of redemption, let's show the tweet that he sent out yesterday. cinco de mayo, and this is him. it says happy cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are made at trump tower grill. i lover hispanics is what he says. is that the path to redemption. >> i think -- not taco bowls. i really messed up. i engaged in hyperbole. i was wrong. the vast majority of latinos, even the undocumented, are hard-working, wonderful people. we have to find a pathway for integration. it begins with that. without that, donald trump will never occupy pennsylvania avenue. >> so he put out the tweet, many people immediately offended. many more people who were immediately confused. great, 58,000 people re-tweeted it, it must be a record. what was your reaction? >> listen, it shows his lack of understanding for the issues and
4:58 am
frankly, for the hispanic community. you know, it's demeaning in my opinion. reverend rodriguez is a good man. i worked with him when we were working with bush chain meny, h fails the three most important tests in my opinion. he fails the knowledge test. i mean, you could only get -- my 3-year-old son, he may fall for the i'm going to negotiate great deals. trust me. i'm going to get rid of the $19 trillion debt in eight years without any explanation how. but my 9-year-old girls, they would see beyond that and want an explanation how you're going do it. this guy has shown very little knowledge of the issues that matter most. he shows a total disregard for hispanics, for muslims. you doesn't understand when you tack all muslims, you're encourages and helping isis recruit jihadists. he is plain dangerous. i cannot support him. let me say this about hillary
4:59 am
clinton, because i've been a huge critic of hillary clinton. my difference is policy differences, you know. we've had conservative presidents, moderate, liberal presidents. as long as they respect the separation of powers, as long as they respect the u.s. constitution, we'll survive. i'm going to focus on this. >> 20 seconds left. if marco rubio, if someone like that were picked as donald trump's running mate, i'm not saying they would say yes, but where they would absolutely say yes in an imaginary world. >> marco rubio, potential game changer. >> listen -- >> you can't deny the fact. marco rubio can actually redeem the narrative, indeed. >> rudy, last word? >> marco rubio is a personal friend of mine. i would have loved to have supported him for president. but it wouldn't make a difference. this is not about the vice-president. this is about who would sit at the big desk.
5:00 am
>> you're long way from supporting donald trump. guys, thanks for being with us. following a lot of news this morning, including the fallout after paul ryan says he is not ready to back donald trump. let's get to it. everybody is out. i'm the only one left. that's okay, right. >> i hope to support our nominee. i'm just not there right now. >> it's never trump, because i'm going to stop the gravy train. >> it takes a little bit of time to get to a full embrace. >> the future of america is on the line. >> i can only tell you what the facts were. i followed the law. >> the investigation is ending. >> that's a good thing. >> one major step left for investigators is to interview secretary clinton. >> at best, confidence, at worst, criminal behavior. >> entire town ungulfed in flames. >> they're bright, big. >> the fire seems to be showing no signs of abating.
5:01 am
>> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. welcome to "new day," chris is on assignment this morning. john berman is here with us. great to have. >> you good morning. >> good morning to you. happy friday. >> thank you. it is happy. >> it is. up first, the nation's highest ranking republican, paul ryan, says he is not ready back donald trump. the two trading jabs after ryan questioned his principles and whether trump would be a party unifier. trump responding saying he is not ready to support ryan's agenda. they're set to meet in washington next week. >> all this, in the last two nominees say they will skip the convention on the democratic side, hillary clinton is hoping put the e-mail controversy to rest. cnn has learned that several of the aides have been questioned by the fbi about whether classified material was on her private e-mail server. so far, cnn is told there is no evidence that secretary clinton
5:02 am
willfully broke the law. we are all over these developments this morning. let's begin with phil mattingly here in new york. >> good morning. for capitol hill outreach key component of his new team's plan. they want to build bridges there, try to ease the concerns of reluctant lawmakers in backing trump. yesterday, in one jarring interview, paul ryan made clear they have a lot of work to do. >> they're both committed to sitting down and work, and actually talking this out. >> rnc chairman reince priebus in the middle of the fight to unite. confirming donald trump and house speaker paul ryan will meet face-to-face next week. >> i'm just not ready to do that. >> only hours after ryan told cnn's jake tapper he is not ready to back trump. >> what he is saying is look, i want to get there. i think i will get there. i want to talk to donald trump. i want to work with him. >> priebus, trying to explain
5:03 am
why ryan and some in the republican party are so reluctant to back the new standard bearer. >> for some people, an endorsement is a full embrace and for some people, it takes a little bit of time to get to a full embrace. >> the chairman, not promising 100% the party will fall in line, but optimistic there will not be a contested convention come july. >> the platform of the party will be written in cleveland and i think you're going to get another conservative platform out of the party. >> but not so fast. trump, firing back at ryan in a statement. saying, quote, i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. programs in the future, we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. >> do you know that thing never trump, you know why it's never trump, because i'm going to stop the gravy train for all these consultants and all of these people. >> ryan, making clear that his focus is on one thing. protecting the party's house majority.
5:04 am
something some analysts predict could be in jeopardy with a trump nomination. >> my focus this fall is, has been and will be the house majority. >> and warning the fight for unity, rests mostly on the shoulders of the nominee. >> i think what is necessary to make this work, for this unify, is to actually take our principles and advance them, and that's what we want to see. saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us. >> in an ideal world what, would happen, they'll meet, hash out what it will take to not only get an endorsement but to help unify the party. but it's donald trump and things don't necessarily follow a natural pathway. trump already out tweeting this morning. pointing out that he has had so many great endorsements yesterday. except for paul ryan. we must put america first and make america great again. the idea of donald trump taking the relationship behind closed doors and trying to figure it out, maybe not necessarily going to happen. john. >> but it does look like they'll meet next week, phil.
5:05 am
what will it look like? let's discuss now with katrina pearson and ben howe, who is not a spokesperson for the trump campaign. he is a conservative, who does not and will not support donald trump. katrina, donald trump, paul ryan, we're told they're going meet next week in washington. what does donald trump intend do at the meeting. >> he'll talk to paul ryan and say look, you are not just against me. you are against a lot of your voters. this is something that has been indicative for the last couple of cycles. you've had the leadership rejecting its own voter, campaigning on one issue and not following through. that's why we have a nomination of donald trump. >> if the republican speaker of the house does not come around to supporting the republican nominee, do you think that paul ryan is still fit to be speaker? >> no, because this is about the party.
5:06 am
look, you have to understand. the last two presidential cycles, we were told john mccain was a conservative. his conservative review score cord is 37%. we were told mitt romney was a conservative. he was pro abortion, pro gay may marriage, gave us obama care. we were told to hold our noses and vote for the sake of the party. these same people are telling us because their guy didn't win, they want to hurt the party. the issue here isn't about donald trump. if you can't hold yourself to the standard that you hold everyone else, the problem is with you. >> so just to be clear, when i said should paul ryan still be speaker, you say no. >> speaker of what, the house of representatives. we are a party. paul ryan needs to be -- he is the leader right now. we're told donald trump is only the presufficiemptive nominee. it is incumbent on paul ryan to bring the party together. >> either he gets on board or --
5:07 am
>> they're going to meet next week. we'll find out. >> not fit to be speaker, not willing to support donald trump, what do you think? >> i think it's surprising to hear that we need to get behind the candidate, no matter what he said, no matter what he has done. this is the exact opposite that the tea party taught us over the last several years. we were told that having an r next to your name didn't mean we needed to support you. donald trump is less conservative than romney, who she just mentioned. less conservative than mccain, who if i'm not mistaken, i think katrina voted for obama. >> yes, you're mistaken. >> well, that's what i was told. but donald trump, who for decades, supported democrats, for decades, created the gravy train he is claiming now he wants to stop. comes into washington and starts telling the republican party how they need to operate. we don't have to vote for him if we don't think he lines up with our vallue, and i certainly
5:08 am
won't. >> did more republicans vote for donald trump than any other candidate. what is paul ryan saying to these voters, these voter whose have chosen whether you like it or not, have chosen donald trump? >> they need to pick which talking point they're going to use. i was told they brought in millions of new voters. they came into open primaries, they turned primary that may have gone to ted cruz, may have gone to marco rubio, are these new voters coming out for the first time, or are they republicans to get in line in 2008 and 2012. >> all right, katrina, some of the positions we've known over time that paul ryan is uncomfortable. he spoke out against donald's proposals to ban muslims from entering the united states temporarily. any chance donald trump will move off that position? >> no, not at all. we still have a problem. we still have isis. we see outposts being set up in lebanon to bring more of the infiltra infiltrators into the country. i was there from tfrom the begi
5:09 am
tea party movement. they wanted to fight for a conservative. never did the tea party ever say go and support a democratic, or worst, a clinton for that matter. everything is at stake. the voters have spoken. we've always said, let the process play out. they wanted donald trump to sign a loyalty pledge, and now, we're seeing everybody else fall backwards on their own words. >> ben? >> no, first of all, i didn't want him to sign a loyalty pledge. i wanted him to get out of the race. in terms of what the tea party said in the very early years, what we wanted was a conservative. the party was just the vehicle that conservatism was using in order to get our values into washington, d.c. republican party, if it doesn't rep conservatism, we have no obligation to support the candidate. >> hang on katrina. you need people like ben, you know. at the end of the day, donald trump, if he wants to win the election, should be able to get rank and file republicans, including the speaker of the house, to vote for him. how are you going to do that?
5:10 am
>> obviously an eideological difference. the question is, is donald trump going to become the washington establishment. i think not. there is a huge difference when it comes to what the tea party said. the tea party never advocated for democrats. they never said we're going to throw an election because we didn't get our way. and more importantly, conservatism, there was a pocket of conservatism in the republican party and that was under reagan. we have not been governing or leading as a party as conservatives since 1989. >> when you heard, i was surprised when paul ryan came out and said what he said yesterday, ben, when you first heard it in ten seconds or less, what was your first reaction? >> my first reaction was thank you. i hope that other people follow your lead. >> katrina, your first reaction. >> i was not surprised, but i have to admit, this is just another indicator to disenfranchised independents and republicans that donald trump is not part of the system.
5:11 am
he does not support a trillion dollars spending bill. >> you would are rather have disenfranchised than paul ryan. >> no, we're making the case. we are not part of the establishment. we are outsiders, unlike what everyone wanted to say in the beginning. >> you funnelded the establishm. >> more proof donald trump is an outsider candidate and wants to go against washington. >> last word, paul ryan going to the meeting. paul ryan says he hopes he'll support donald trump, if paul ryan ends up supporting donald trump, will you support paul ryan? >> oh, absolutely not. i'm very disappointed in governor perry. i'm disappointed in rand paul. i'm disappointed in all the people who said -- they called him a pathological liar. they were right. they said all of these things they believed he was. now they're turning around and saying this is our best chance for freedom. >> the meeting goes next week, that will be interesting. thanks so much for being with us. alisyn. the fbi will interview
5:12 am
hillary clinton in the next few weeks, nearing a nine month investigation classified material on his private e-mail server as secretary of state and whether she knew that. cnn has learned the fbi has already interviewed several aides in clinton's inner circle. justice department pamela brown is live in washington with the latest. >> hi there, alisyn. several people in the inner circle have been brought in quietly to a room in the washington field office for the last few weeks, including clinton's long time confidant, huma abedin. she is one of the people they're speaking with, and she is cooperating the officials say. they've been focused on whether classified information was mishandled and security of the server. investigators think it should have never happened, never a private server for the secretary of state with work e-mails, even clinton admitting having a private server was a mistake. but at this point in the investigation, officials tell
5:13 am
us, there was no evidence to prove criminal wrongdoing so far, but the investigation is not over. in fact, one of the most anticipated steps hasn't even happened. of course, that is the interview with hillary clinton. that's expected to come in the coming weeks. a statement from the clinton campaign says from the start, hillary clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete its review, and we hope and expect that anyone else who was asked would do the same. we are confident the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate took place. so this investigation is expected to wrap up in the coming weeks, while the fbi is staying focused on the facts here. investigators are mindful that this is an investigation involving the potential democratic presidential nominee. just a couple of months from the democratic convention. back to you. >> pamela, thanks so much. donald trump getting roasted by late night comcomics, but he wasn't the only one. bernie sanders, too. donald trump observed cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are
5:14 am
made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. all is forgiven i guess. he even had the -- >> now that trump has the republican nomination locked up, "the new york times" ran an article that details the plans for his first 100 days in office. trump was like, can i get a copy of that? i didn't think this through. >> despite falling behind in delegates, bernie sanders insists he still has nine states left to go. nine states. unfortunately, unfortunately, five of those states are denial, anger, grief, bargaining. >> i saw that one coming. even i picked up from that. >> a wall around the salad, that's a good one. you can eat through that wall. >> it's difficult. i'm not a fan of taco bowls. >> what? >> i said it. >> why have you been keeping it from me. >> just have a taco.
5:15 am
>> i'll convert you. meanwhile, the two likely nominees have different styles, unconventional, versus clinton's more scripted detailed approach. we'll talk about the messaging battle with the former speech writer. next. ♪ [female narrator] you listen when your body says: "i'm tired." or, "i'm hungry." what if your body said something else might be wrong? gynecologic cancers - cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers - have symptoms. so pay attention. if your body says something may be wrong.... please listen if it goes on for two weeks, see a doctor, it may be nothing but find out. learn the symptoms. get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers.
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5:19 am
donald trump of course is known for his free wheeling style of speech on the campaign trail. while hillary clinton has a more scripted approach. so how will this battle over messaging and their styles play out in the general election, as it heats up, i ask you, john. joining us a different jon, former speech writer, jon favre favreau. >> thanks for having me. >> do you feel his unscripted business will put you out of business. >> i think it will put him out of business unfortunately. >> it had some -- it worked in the primary, but. >> a little bit. he won the nomination. it worked tremendously well in the primary. >> he won 40% of a 17 person
5:20 am
field. but look, i think there is a lot of value to unscriptedness. as we've seen from donald trump, you have to be incredibly self-disciplined, and he is not. and so many of the things that he said in the primary when he wasn't on script will come back to haunt him. >> people find it refreshing. voters say they've been looking for this. >> voters find someone who is comfortable in their skin refreshi refreshing, to a point, until that person become ace serial liar. >> what do you admire about his communications skills? >> look, i think that he is clearly tapped into plenty of grievances on the right. and he knows, like, he checks out all the conspiracy theories in right wing media and so he knows how do that. he knows how to get media attention. he knows how to say a lot of crazy things, and that gets media coverage. so he is very good that way of
5:21 am
getting attention for himself. >> in fact, in terms of where he gets some of his information, this was precipitated about what he said about ted cruz's father, and that connection to lee harvey os wawald so he was aske how he gets his information and how voters should take it and respond to it. listen to what he explained. >> when i said reports, or when i cite major magazine articles, it's up to people believe it or not believe it. i am not going out and doing the research. that's an acceptable thing to do. >> believe it or not believe it. that's a different -- that's the trump doctrine. >> he is like a human internet comment section. this is where he gets his research from. he trolls the blogs, trolls like twitter, and that's how he finds his best lines, so you know. >> we should mention you are now a hillary clinton supporter now. >> i am, yes. >> but you weren't always. in fact, you spent, you know, well over a year of your life trying to defeat hillary clinton. >> i was not a fan in 2008.
5:22 am
>> so how do you come around? >> so i ended up we worked together in the white house, and was just so impressed. first of all, she was the hardest working member of the administration. i would sit in cabinet meetings, and the president would ask every cabinet member about their issue. he would ask hillary about everyone else's issues too. she was always the smartest person in the room. i was just blown away. >> as a communicator on the trail right now. >> yeah. >> where is there room for improvement? >> i mean, i think that with hillary, what she'll do as the campaign continues is she will tend to feel more comfortable in her own skin. she will have a stump speech that she will practice and that she'll get good at by the time -- >> she has been doing this for a while now. she ran for president once before. if someone in the game this long, is there any hope that they will change? >> look, i also think message wise, and on the stump general elections become easier than primaries, because in a primary,
5:23 am
you're really arguing about personality differences and really looking for differences with your opponent. the general election, there will be so many differences on such big issues that this is really where she'll shine, i think. >> the wrap on her is she is too scripted, to handled, too scripted. people have said that she comes off as robotic. maybe she should tear up the script and take a metaphor and speak more extemporaneously. >> i think she will will, in interviews, you know, especially not just speeches, she'll be able to speak her mind a little more. >> so you're out in l.a. right now, but i sense you're still somewhat close to this white house and know the thinking. you are one of the sources familiar with the thinking of the president, perhaps. how much is he itching to get in this race? it is still a competitive primary. he hasn't been able to get involved. >> i think that come the convention and then past the convention, he'll be out on the trail a lot. look, he sees the stakes.
5:24 am
he really -- i think he wants a democratic to be president, probably going to be hillary and he wants to make sure that the country doesn't deal with the national catastrophe that would be donald trump as president. >> so if you were still writing for the president, what would you have him say in his speech? >> that you know, we shouldn't be electing a pathological liar. >> would you really? would you really have him go that far? would you use language -- >> i think he'll go far. the man is a pathological liar. he has stirred racial resentment. >> here is the thing. is the president, president obama has the word president before his name. >> yeah he won't be saying it like i am. >> so what is -- how far will he go? will he be an attack dog? >> i think he'll be blunt. i don't think he'll sugar coat what donald trump has said or could mean for the country. he'll be very blunt about it. >> would you have her use stronger language. >> i think loose cannon is
5:25 am
great. she has a lot of surrogates that will fan out and use stronger language, but look, it is an apt metaphor for donald trump. he is an extreme risk. people know that. at the end of the day, for trump, it's do you want this guy's finger on the button. >> people in the primary said yes. >> less than half of them did, but yeah, they did. he has a 70% unfavorable rating with the rest of the country. we'll see him campaign and i don't think it will be pretty. >> jon, thank you for giving us an inside look how the speech writing works. >> no ambiguity there at all. i asked a spokesperson for donald trump that if paul ryan does not support donald trump, should he still be speaker. the answer was no. so what does that mean? how will that change things? we'll assess coming up. also, bernie sanders, we should say, will join wolf blitzer, 5:00 p.m. tonight, right here on cnn. be right back.
5:26 am
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5:29 am
moments ago, right here on "new day," donald trump spokesperson said paul riyan should not be speaker of the house if he does not come on board to support donald trump. paul ryan says he is not there yet. let's discuss this with anna navaro, and political director, jeffrey lord. great to see all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, jeffrey, i'll start with you. part of unity doesn't seem to have taken hold yet.
5:30 am
what do you think of this new divide between the highest elected republican, paul ryan, and donald trump? >> i have to say, i went back to paul ryan's agenda speech, it is a little overrated. i mean, you read some of this, he says about, you know, the threat of china and all of this kind of thing it, sounds like donald trump. i don't think there is all that much of a problem here. that said -- >> why won't he support donald trump yet? >> well, this is where i think he has a problem here. one of the curious things that i noted here is that he said paul ryan like myself worked for jack kemp. excuse me, what happened to the bushes there? suddenly it seemed the bushes were being thrown over the board, over the edge of the rail here. not unlike donald trump has done it. so i found that very curious. but i think paul ryan will come
5:31 am
around. but if he is not going to do it, then he shouldn't be speaker. >> so you agree with katrina pearson? if you doesn't get on board, you said he should not be speaker if he doesn't support donald trump. >> if he doesn't support the nominee as selected by the voters of the republican party, he shouldn't be speaker of the house, sure. >> essie, respond to that, and also respond to the new tweet from donald trump that we got just moments ago. again, they don't seem to be trying to mend fences here with paul ryan. paul ryan said that i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't interpret it. i won it with millions of voters. he did win the republican primary, essie. >> well, yeah, but there is this idea that, okay, so donald trump has the support of just under half of the party. and yet, there is this idea that the other 60% need to just sort of take their principles off like a jacket, and hop on board the trump train. and what paul ryan said yesterday, and i know the
5:32 am
speaker, he is a deeply committed conservative, who cares a lot about -- >> i agree. >> what he said yesterday was help me help you. help me, donald trump, help you, get the rest of the party behind you, and to do that, you have to become a candidate that republicans can be proud of. there wasn't this idea that paul ryan was dismissing donald trump in all of his voters. he said don't dismiss us. i think that's really an important part of the message, both to donald trump and his supporters. we won't dismiss you, but you can't dismiss us as well. >> anna, how do you see it? >> well, if paul ryan isn't fit to speaker, then you're going to have to get rid of a significant number of republican congress people and senators who do not want to support this donald trump that we have seen through the primaries. i can tell you that here in south florida, there is a great deal of difficulty by the congressional members in accepting a donald trump.
5:33 am
one member, carlos carbello said he is not supporting him. paul ryan is reflecting the feelings of his congress people. not only the american people, but the people in congress. he is sending them a message, hey, folks, worry about your races. all politics is local. do not feel compelled to follow blindly a nominee who may not represent your values, your con vik vi vi convictions. this is a man who has spent his entire career, since he was very young, building bridges, not building walls, trying to make the republican party inclusive. trying to make sure people like me feel included in the republican party. i don't think it's about policy, jeffrey. that's where you are missing it. paul ryan was mitt romney's vice-president. they had big differences on
5:34 am
issues like immigration. but they shared core values on life. that is where the problem lice with donald trump. >> ana, there were problems with mitt romney, and they voted for him nonetheless. i support the party nominee. if ted cruz had been the nominee, i would have been there. i mean, this business that millions of people vote for somebody to be the nominee, and then suddenly, they're all wrong and we're going to abandon the guy because we lost an election, that's just not the way this is supposed to be done. >> essie -- >> nobody is saying that people -- what people are saying is he doesn't represent me. >> essie, i want to give you a chance to get into this argument. also, just discuss the general environment these two have been going after each other with. >> at the end of the day, most republicans and democrats are partisans. that has a bad connotation. that's not how i mean it. at the end of the day, most people will vote for the good of
5:35 am
the party. and what you saw with rick perry endorsing donald trump, you're going to see repeated. the irony added to a pile of ironies this season, the irony, though, is that in donald trump, we've had a candidate who cares very little for the party. remember, he had to be forced to sign a pledge to run as a republican. he has spent the past ten months criticizing the party as a rigged system, criticized its leaders as losers. criticizing the leader of the rnc, saying he should be ashamed of himself. the loyalty that donald trump has for the party is not matched by the loyalty that many are invoking by saying they will get on board and join the trump train, even reluctantly. so i would just caution a lot of people, thinking that they're getting on board for the good of the party, when their candidate does not share the same affinity. >> ana, we know you've been spending time in the fetal
5:36 am
position, sucking your thump, and you seem to be transitioning. you tweeted this out, which looks like you've gone from desupon dent to angry, i guess. you say i don't want to vote, i don't like these people. >> no, you can just go ahead and classify me as distraught. look, this is a difficult, difficult position for many of us, okay. like rudy fernandez who spoke last hour on your show, i have voted republican since i've been able to vote. since i became a naturalized citizen, i have voted for the republican presidential nominee. this idea that my republican presidential nominee is donald trump, who i feel is unstable, is very difficult to embrace. it's very difficult to wrap my arms around. the problem that many of us have, we don't have where to turn to. now, the other thing, though, is that i don't have the luxury of not going out and voting in november. he don't like any of these people. i don't like the presidential
5:37 am
candidates. but i can tell you that i have congressional candidates and senate candidates that require and need my support, and republicans need to go out and vote. >> yeah. panel, thank you for all of your thoughts this friday. have a great weekend. great to see you. all right, just in to cnn, a brand new report on the employment picture from april. all of the presidential candidates will be talking about it today. we have the details next. at c, we think so. that's why, prices for plans are all in, taxes and fees included. and we've got more 4g lte coverage nationwide than t-mobile or sprint. that's a whote lotta network for not a lot a dough. it's what makes cricket the happiest place in the whole wireless world. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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5:41 am
that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? breaking news to tell you about. the labor department just releasing the jobs report for april. chief money correspondent christine roman here with the numbers. >> jobs growth slowed, 160,000 net new jobs. if you look at the trend, a little weaker than people thought we would get. something happened in april, hiring slowed a little bit. here is the difference, though. when you look at the unemployment rate, it is still 5%. holding steady here, even as job growth slowed a bit. sectors, tech services, this is a higher paying job category, a
5:42 am
lot of jobs there, health care, consistent. mining, that's probably the crash in oil prices. manufacturing pretty much steady. lost some retail jobs. 160,000 net new jobs. when you this i about it, over the past five years, we've averaged 207 you this jobs, so 160,000 is a bit of a disappointed. it is the market is a little lower, i don't see a big movement. i'll tell you, when you look at 160,000, it will become a political number. you will start hearing the job market is worst than these numbers show. but i think if you look at the longer term trend, you're looking around 200,000 consistently. we'll see what next month looks like if it is the start of something new, guys. >> christine, thank you very much. more breaking news. a huge rescue convoy getting underway in western canada, an entire city engulfed in flames, tens of thousands forced to flee the wildfire.
5:43 am
live in edmonton this morning. paul. >> reporter: well, john, it must be clear. dozens of fires in alberta, almost 50 fires raging, seven of them still out of control. 1,100 firemen on the lines. they're going to hit the fires with air tankers, 22 of them, bulldozer, quite a fire fight. at the center, fort mcmurray. that's the oil sands industry that was just absolutely raf aged by the blaze. fleeing these flames, cam tured the essence of the orange monster of a fire on their dashboard cameras and more. many of them describing this as a scene from the walking dead with stranded cars or just complete completely -- i'm in front of the expo center, they had shelters on cots. they hope for a break in the
5:44 am
weather. a little cooler today, but still very dry and conditions just windy. back now to alisyn. >> what a situation. please keep us posted throughout the da the. up next, a picture perfect island in the -- >> quick programming note. be sure to watch the cnn quiz show, the anchors, some of them, test their '80s knowledge. do not miss it.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
there are a lot of countries where they're really poor but super serious about food. >> like where? >> like here. >> don't go very far. >> people who are not greek, come to the greek eye lands for the first time, what should they do here? >> sing and dance. don't tell me what you ate. tell me who you ate with. >> this sunday's episode of parts unknown, anthony bourdain visits the greek islands. joining us now to tell us about it. how smart in the set up of this, everybody thinks they know what's going on in greece, but that's about the mainland. you go to the greek isles. >> we were looking for something
5:49 am
that wasn't a completely tourist economy, presumably where they still fish and farm, and have an economy independent of tourism. but largely because of tourism that they are doing reasonably well while the mainland is doing, you know, teetering on the edge of economic apocalypse. so it's sort of a constant in the show, we're looking at awesome places and wondering how long they can stay awesome, you know. perfect idealic seeming island. largely unspoiled. beautiful food. great people. wonderful traditions. ancient history, but the economy of the country has gone badly, and refugees are starting to wash, literally wash up on the beaches. the country is in no position to. >> take them. >> to take them. so it's an interesting moment in time, when one of the last really, you know, beautiful and
5:50 am
places on earth. >> what did you find about personal identity among those who are from the greek isles from the mainland. >> they do not identify with people from the mainland and intend to take a dim view. that's put it that way. they're very aware of their history going back to ancient greece and greek mythology. yeah, i think a dim view would be charitable. >> when you're there, in terms of cuisine, that's also true in terms of their feud adaptations, and how they pair things as well. >> yeah, very, you know, beautiful. great philosophy of cooking. great ingredients, do as little as possible to them. try not to screw them up. but even there, fish stock is depleting, the european union is paying traditional fishing families to not fish. it is kind of crazy. >> it is kind of crazy, but it's
5:51 am
on deplete gs of the stock. i love fish, but i'm afraid of the bones. the eye is looking at me. >> as a chef, when i would hear that, people would send back a beautiful whole roasted fish, said i don't want it looking at me. i would die a little inside every time i heard that, because it really is so much better cooked on the bone. and you know, if you can't handle a few fish bones, there is really hope for you humanity in my view. >> tony bourdain, thank you very much for taking us through this. the greek isles so different than the mainland, politically, economically, certainly, but also culturally. was that your idea? >> yes, i figured it would be a good way to slide into a new season. >> very good. tony bourdain, always thinking. please make sure to drink, dance and eat greek food, with the man, tony bourdain, on "parts
5:52 am
unknown" only on cnn. alisyn. that made me happy and hung hungry. a milestone this week, chad turned his passion into a nonprofit and having a major impact. >> i started the million trees program from being here on the islands of the mississippi river. we started planting the trees for more food for wildlife. they hold back the the roots, trees are a great thing. i really like trees. >> what i love about it, it has a lasting impact. one tree is really good, but i think a million is even better. >> okay, so where was that one millionth tree planted, nominate someone you think should be our 2016 cnn hero. >> do it now. up next, beyond the call of duty. a police officer who served in life, and in death.
5:53 am
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colorado police officer killed in the line of duty, but in death, he gave life to others. kept on life support so his organs could be harvested and donated. cnn has the story. >> i have an officer down. a wound to the face. >> february 8th, grand junction, colorado. mesa county, trying to arrest an armed suspect in the neighborhood. shot multiple times, at close range. >> no pulse it. officer down. >> we got to the er. >> kate gear, deputy gear's wife. >> and wanted to see him.
5:58 am
they had him on basically on life support, but i think in my heart, i knew he was gone. >> that wasn't the end, really for him? >> no. >> it was the beginning of an extraordinary gift from a life already dedicated to serving others. first, the navy, then -- >> why did he want to be a cop? >> i think he is a protector, a natural protector. >> protector of his wife, son ian and adopted daughter mace see. he a dedicated his life to children and told kate if something ever happened, would he never stop giving. on february 8th, that moment came. >> he was kept on life support for two more days to harvest his organs for donors. >> buried without his heart, liver or kidneys, deputy gear's organs would travel to four patients on the transplant list, his death and funeral unfolding on the oh local news. >> i was watching it and what
5:59 am
ways saying to myself, i hope it's not him. >> watching from his hospital bed, 54-year-old alan bronson, near death, he only recently learned whose heart now beats in his chest. >> you realize that somebody had to pass for you, i mean, that's hard. it's hard to realize that. and sometimes you wonder if you're worthy of it, you know. >> to the heart recipient who probably would have died without the heart, is there anything you want to tell him. >> you have the heart of the greatest man. his heart was big enough for anything. >> for one life, and another that now lives on. grand junction, colorado. >> wow. >> the heart of a great man. >> that was a beautiful story. >> lovely. important lessons for everybody.
6:00 am
gore g organ donation so important. >> john, thanks for being with us. time for newsroom with pamela brown, in for carol costello. >> thanks. newsroom starts right now. are yyou're going to be so . they said you're now the nominee. >> you have presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> you don't have to vote any more. save your vote for the general election, forget this one. the primary is gone. >> he needs to do more to unify the party, bring all of the wings together. >> they're both committed to sitting down and actually talking this out. >> we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. >> no republican should ever think about supporting hillary clinton. let me make that clear.


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