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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  May 8, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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got impeached for lying. he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> we live in tulmutious times, scapegoating muslims, bank kerrs and business people. >> that's why our democracy
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gives us a process designed to settle our disputes with argument and ideas and votes, instead of violence. >> even if does rain, this fire is going to go on for some time, perhaps several weeks. >> final for long, nyquist, with exaggera exaggerator, making a violent surge. securing his lead and capturing the run for the roses. good morning, everyone on this mother's day. happy mother's day, mom and to those out there. i'm ana barrera. >> lots to get to this morning. including this incredible footage. look at this. huge tornado in colorado, we're waiting to find out the extent of the damage caused by this unbelievable, several tornados
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touched down here. five people injured. we'll got to the latest on that as soon as we get the information in. in this morning, donald trump sharpening his attacks on hillary clinton, and now turning his sights on her husband, former president bill clinton. the presumptive republican nominee unloading on the clintons during this rally in washington state yesterday, trump painting hillary clinton as a quote nasty mean, enabler of her husband's affairs, saying the clintons aren't in position to question his treatment of women. one of the bbarbs. jeremy diamond has the latest. >> good morning. days after becoming the presumptive nominee, he accused hillary clinton of being trigger-happy on foreign policy and also said that she potential
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clinton presidency would be worst than president obama's. but donald trump stumping in lyndon, washington on saturday. well, he accused her of wanting to abolish the second amendment. >> hillary clinton wants to take your guns away and she wants to abolish the second amendment. she wants to take the bullet as way. she wants to take it. you tell me, that's something we can live with. we're going to cherish the second amendment. take care of the second amendment. >> hillary clinton of course has never argued for abolishing the second amendment. she has however called for stricter gun control measure. but donald trump is using that as one of the latest in a string of attacks he has leveled against the democratic nominee, hillary clinton. he also focused in on her past and bill clinton's past more specifically, talking about bill clinton's impeachment related to his alleged affairs. that's something donald trump is repeatedly bringing up now on the campaign trail, and well, it seems leak a preview of the general election ahead.
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victor and ana, back to you. >> so what donald trump said about president clinton's impeachment does not lineup with what he said several years ago. here is what he said yesterday on the topic and what he said back in '08 to cnn. >> she is married to a man who got impeached for lying. he was impeached, and he had to go through a whole big process, and it wasn't easy. he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. >> i mean, look at the trouble bill clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant, and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense, and yet bush, got us into this horrible war with lies, by lying, by saying they had weapons of mass destruction birks saying all sorts of things that turned out not to be true. >> joining me now cnn, jeffrey lord and hillary rosen.
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jeffrey is a donald trump supporter a-- good morning. >> good morning, dr. blackwell. >> let's start with you, jeffrey. why the change in not just tone but characterization of the eight years from donald trump? >> well, actually i am not sure there a change. when he talked about bill clinton's impeachment in that clip from long ago, he is giving his opinion of the impeachment. what he is talking about now is hillary clinton's role in the whole clinton saga with women as an enabler. those are two different things. the second, the newer issue, if you will, or his version of it at this point is of course exactly the version that a number of women, juanita broderick and others have come forward, so basically what he is doing is repeating what women are saying about hillary clinton. >> hillary, jeffrey says there is no change. do you agree with that?
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>> look, i think this is nauseating. i can't believe that jeffrey is going to go down this road for the next several months. this is where we are. we have donald trump who is sort of proudly boasts how he is is, you know, on his third marriage and cheated on his wives and yet he is going to go out there and attack hillary clinton for standing by president clinton when they had marriage troubles. it's just beyond comprehension that that would be a successful political strategy. and by the way, we've seen over the course of the last several years that when people attack hillary clinton for standing in her marriage and working through those issues, people are actually supportive. i just don't think donald trump is going to go there or should go there, and if he does, you know, it's only going to help hillary clinton. >> so let's pull that thread, jeffrey, because is this the most effective way? we've talked at length here on
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this program about the unfavorable numbers that donald trump is up against when it comes to women outside of just the gop primary. is this the most effective line of let's call it what it is attack to try to bring those unfavorables down. >> i think there are unlimited lines of attack, benghazi and e-mails, all of that. the fact of the matter is, the clintons have gone and hillary clinton, i mean she called him a sexist. and as, again, this is not coming from donald trump. this is coming from women. i mean, and these are women who were specifically accusing hillary clinton of threatening them of being a bully. so this is not about her standing by hermann, as she once said. this is about her going after women who were involved with president clinton, and attacking them and threatening them, according to them. so yeah, it is a big deal. >> hillary let's look at this
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from a different angle. hillary clinton has told cnn she had not engage with the name-calling and insulting. but we're seeing senator elizabeth warren is engaging donald trump. let's put it up. over the last several days, since tuesday, almost two dozen tweets on her account are in response to or about donald trump. is she tacking thattacking this engage donald trump? what do you think about her approach? >> i think what we're going to see over the next several months is there be a significant amount of surrogates who aren't just doing this for hillary clinton, they're doing it because they're incensed at his behavior and the two-faced talk that we just had on our tape a minute ago, and we're going to see these folks hold donald trump accountable, and defend hillary clinton against these crazy attacks.
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and i think we'll see that from elizabeth quar r elizabeth warren. hillary clinton has to stay focused on what the american people care about, their own pocketbooks, their own jobs, how she will help education in this country, how she is helping working families. that's where she is going to focus. i just don't think, you know, she is too classy. you're not going to see her engage in a tit for tat with donald trump. but some of these surrogates will. people will hear the responses. but as far as hillary clinton goes, she is going to keep the focus on the issues. >> all right, hillary rosen, jeffrey lord, thanks for starting the show with us. >> thank you. ahead this morning, sarah palin and john mccain, both on state of the union with jake tapper, the 2008 republican, we've got the interview the next hour. she is making news this morning, right here on "new day." also still to come on this
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"new day." >> he wants to meet, we'll see what happen. if he wants to meet, would he'll meet. but the important thing is you folks. he will understand that and he does understand. i would bet if he had that decision to do it again, he have done it a different way. >> the meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. will there be an endorsement? plus, drug kingpin guzman transferred to a prison closer to the u.s. border. does this mean an extradition implement? canadian wildfires double in size. our paul vervanan. >> the fire driving many ee vou.
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these unbelievable images coming to us from colorado. five people injured, roads closed. dozens of power polls yanked down. this twister, a half mile wide. it left a trail of damage six miles long. this happened last night, in far eastern colorado. fortunately, a very rural area. authorities are still surveying the aftermath and they say so far, they've found several homes and at least one business was
3:15 am
damaged. >> remarkable video there. let's talk about this dangerous wildfire raging in canada. good news maybe that firefighters will get help from a cold front moving into the area today. the front would give the area a break from the dry and windy conditions, near fort mcmurray. the out of control fire still shows no signs of slowing. it has burned 600 square miles, but expected to scourge about 772 square miles by midnight, mountain time. to give you perspective, that's about half the size of the entire state of rhode island. thousands are still escaping the flames, many forced to watch their homes and cars, burned. >> we weren't willing to leave. we were expecting it to go away after a few days, and it's just, i don't know, it's -- we made it
3:16 am
out alive, and it's real a miracle. as terrible as it sounds, or, some ways it's a bless anything disguise. it brought our community together, it has brought the country together. live in edmonton for us this morning. paul, the wildfire is expected to burn for months. so in the short-term, how has this change in weather going to help the firefighters trying to tamp this down? >> reporter: as you alluded to, they're looking for the increase in humidity, sometimes that gets the fire to lay down and a better chance at knocking down the flames and then building perimeter around the fire, digging fire lines t doesn't rage as intensely. of course, the very tall pine trees, and those just almost seemingly explode when they catch fire. it helps spread the fire both through its passing on the ground through the forest and em
3:17 am
betters floating everywhere. it is quite a challenge. let's listen to what some alberta leaders had to say about it. >> firefighters in the city kept working to save the downtown and as much of the residential neighborhoods as possible. we held the line for a second day. there will be an enormous amount of work to do to make the city safe and habit babbablhabitable. large portions of the city don't have power now. the water is not currently drinkable. >> reporter: of course, alluding to fort mcmurray at the center of all of these fires, they are focusing right now on more so than anything else on pro tegging people and structures. back to you. of course, our hearts go out to the families. paul for us in you had machiedm.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. this morning, mexican drug kingpin, joaquin el chapo guzman is sitting in a prison in juarez. he was transferred from the maximum security prison lockup because that one is going to on renovated to improve security.
3:22 am
so let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst and former assistant director of the u.s. marshall's office, art rodrick. he may be extradited to the u.s. soon. >> he is very close to el paso at this current time, but generally, when the u.s. marshals conduct extraditions, they try to get that individual from whatever foreign country they're bringing them from to the actual district that he is going to be charged in. in this case, the attorney general, loretta lynch, has determined that that particular district will be the eastern district of new york, which has a continuing criminal enterprise indictment on him. so usually what will happen is if he is turned over to the u.s. marshalls in juarez to come back to the u.s., he would usually be flown to eastern new york,
3:23 am
because where ever that plane will land in the united states, he would have to have an initial appearance there. >> so he is one step closer now, but he was transferred from a maximum security prison to one that isn't. risky move? >> i think it probably is, but he is being guarded by the mexican marines, and as we know, he has been moved from cell to cell every four or five days. they're keeping 24 hour guard on him. so i think with the mexican -- him being in the custody of the mexican marines, i doubt he'll be going any where. and because of the extradition process, there are several moving parts in it, they're getting closer to the actual release of him being turned over to u.s. authorities, and when that occurs, the sumpu.s. marsh they do probably 800 to 9,000 per year, secretive so you can imagine how it is being kept under wraps moving one of the
3:24 am
most notorious men in the world. >> because of that, you would think this would be expedited for him to be brought into the u.s. where security may be a little bit better. why do you think it's taking so long? >> well, i mean, the normal extradition process can take years. i think to this point here, after his capture, the extradition process was moving along, and it was moving along prior to him escaping this last time. i think that's actually why the escape occurred is that he knew at some point prior to his escape that he was going to be turned over to the u.s. government. so i think at this point, it is moving along fairly quickly, but you can imagine the security measures that are going to have to be put into place when the transfer does occur. >> he is going to end up in brooklyn, we're being told by law enforcement officials and sources. he is facing drug trafficking charges in b charges in brooklyn. >> the indictment he is face
3:25 am
anything brooklyn, it is a criminal enterprise indictment, which alleges violence against 13 different government officials to include murder obviously, but also, the distribution and manufacturer of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, to the tune of almost half a million kilograms in the area of making billions of dollars of mm for the car tell. i think had is slam dunk. he is also wanted in several other jurisdictions in the united states. >> interesting. art, we have more questions to ask you, about how this might impact even the drug war on a broader scale as well. we'll do that in the next hour. thanks for joining us here. stick around. we appreciate it. >> thanks. 25 minutes after the hour now. let's get you caught up on some other stories. maryland, where authorities are detailing a former officer's alleged killing spree. three people were killed,
3:26 am
including his wife. police are now saying that he shot and killed two people in separate carjacking attempts. the first one, they say, he killed a good samaritan and murdered her. he killed his estranged wife when she went to pick up children from school. still to come, does the gop have to be unified? donald trump, now saying not so much. plus, one down, two to go as nyquist off the kentucky derby win, now eyes the triple crown.
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. hello again, happy mother's day. i'm in for christi. bottom of the hour now, you're watching "new day" right here on cnn. does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified. i'm very different than everybody else that has ever run for office. i don't think so. it would be -- there would be something good about it, but i don't think it actually has to be unified. >> then how do you win? >> because i think i'll go out and get millions of people from the democrats, i'm going to get bernie people to vote because they like me on trade. i have to stay true to my
3:31 am
principles too. this is called the republican. this is not called the conservative party. >> that was donald trump, telling abc news george stephanopoulos the gop doesn't have to be unified. some prominent republicans are refusing to jump on the trump train, opting to sit out this election season. so will the civil within the gop hurt party unity. let's bring in political commentator ben ferguson. is this the end of the republican party as we know it? >> no, i don't. i think hthis is a weird electin year, and i think donald trump is a guy that at some point is going to have to take the lead here with his rhetoric. sit down with paul ryan this week. and make sure that everyone is on the same page. i think what you saw with ryan not saying he is not ready to endorse him was saying look, you're going to have to bring a different level in the general
3:32 am
election as republican nominee of integrity to this campaign. and part of that is, you can't go out there and you can't quote "the national enquirer" and attack ted cruz and his father for being connected to the jfk assassination. that's really i think the main reason why you saw paul ryan hold back a little bit. i understand what donald trump is saying as well. look, there is some establishment people that are not going to ever get on his bandwagon on the trump train. if he wants to go to war with lindsey graham, i support him in that. most conservatives aren't a fan of lindsey graham. but you can't go to war with everybody and you have to show leadership. >> not just lindsey graham, it's jeb bush, mitt romney. the list has gone on and on. and so much so, there is this idea that maybe a third party candidate should be picked, this idea is picking up steam. i know you are not a fan of donald trump. do you think there is somebody the party could pit against him effectively? >> it would be incredibly stupid
3:33 am
idea. i said from the very beginning, whoever the nominee is, i will support him. i'm supporting donald trump over hillary clinton and a third party run would be a disaster and a terrible idea. i think that donald trump and his campaign did not look ahead when they were running in this election, and realized you don't want to torch every opponent you have. you can win with class, dignity and character. everybody that was in his way, he tried to destroy completely. it's very hard to ask that same person after you come after them like you did with jeb bush to expect him or his family, really to come back and support you. this was a bad calculation from donald trump. someone said he is not a politician and didn't know how it works. look, he is the master of the deal, he knows how to get deals done, he knows how to work with people. he has not shown that thus far, though, when it comes to other republicans that he has had
3:34 am
disagreements with. >> he has thrown insults with some, rick perry calling him a demagogue, let's talk on the backside of this clip. >> a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean spiritness and nonsense that will lead the republican party to prudition if pursued. let no one be mistaken, donald trump's candidacy is a cancer, and must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. >> so that was perry then, and just a few months later, he is now a trump supporter. are you surprised to see so many people like perry flip flopping? >> i'm not surprised, because you always have, when people are running against each other, you're telling others you're better than that person, why you shouldn't trust that person. when you lose, you coalesce around the nominee. that's you're seeing and that's
3:35 am
really the two different viewpoints here. >> but is that because trump is now embracing then and so maybe it's something he did, that he --? >> no, i think it is as simple as he is the nominee and two different mind sets, one is i'm not going to endorse anybody, not get involved with donald trump and hold to what i believe in and that is that he would be a bad president and the other is he is the nominee and i'll get behind him. same thing with bernie sanders. hillary clinton will endorse bernie sanders. we'll find the same exact tape. there are two different mind sets here. it depends on which one you believe in. is it that you have to support the nominee and go forward? i think you're going to see the majority of people eventually get behind donald trump. it will be easier to get behind him when you see him attacking hillary clinton. it will make you forget what happened in the primaries. >> ted cruz, i know you're huge supporter of his, should he be
3:36 am
behind trump and any chance he'll be on the same ticket? >> no, i don't think you'll see him on the ticket. i don't think you'll see an endorsement. 12 hours after ted cruz dropping out of the race, donald trump went to the national enquirer and attacked his father and said he was involved in the assassination of jfk. if i'm ted cruz, i don't i think would forgive that and move past it. i think would say i'm sitting out this one. just can't not get behind somebody that gets behind my family. that was probably one of the lowest attacks i've seen in politics. i would not expect ted cruz or expect him or think that he is somehow, you know, not doing his duty to the party or to conservatives by not endorsing him. he can see him sitting on the sidelines. >> ben ferguson, always good to see you. thank you for your thoughts today. >> thanks. be sure to stay with us next hour, a former vice-presidential
3:37 am
nominee weighs in, sarah pal lynn talks to jake tapper. north carolina versus the department of justice, deadline set for tomorrow over the so-called bathroom bill. the feds say hb-2s illegal. will either side blink? and what are the legal ramifications. we'll get some answers for you, next.
3:38 am
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it's open discrimination. it is no different than the laws that we have here in the south. >> well, now, it is onto the next phase of the fight over north carolina's so-called
3:41 am
bathroom bill. the federal government has told state lawmakers it violates the civil rights act, also title 9. prevents government from passing their own discrimination laws, and requires transgender people to use the bathroom listed on their birth certificate. the justice department gave the state until tomorrow to respond. the governor, pat mccrory said it would be met, but now, the deadline will come and go with no response. attorney paige pate joining us this morning. so let's start with this declaration from the doj that this is illegal. the assembly, speaker of the state assembly says this was a duly passed law and the deadline will come and go. why is it being considered illegal. >> a political conflict about this law for a long time and now we have a direct legal conflict. the department of justice is
3:42 am
saying this law as is currently written conflicts with title 7, title 9, violence against women. when federal dollars go into a state, the feds are obligated to make sure the money is not used in a discriminatory manner so the department of justice is saying by this law, and all of your state school system, if you require the use of bathrooms as written in this particular state law, you are violating federal, civil rights. >> so they've set the deadline for tomorrow. the speaker of the state assembly a said there will not be a response. if there is not a response, then what? >> i think it is clear from the letter that the department of justice will take it to court. we know there is already one lawsuit filed by the aclu and other individuals challenging this law. it is possible that the department of justice could join that lawsuit, or file a separate lawsuit, but the governor, even if he wanted to, can't undo this law. he can't take it off the books.
3:43 am
he can't take it back or strike it out. there has to be a resolution in court. while the department of justice -- >> or legislatively. >> but there is just not time for that. and not the interest for that. i think the folks in the state assembly have dug in their heels and said this is our law and we're keeping it on the books. if it needs to be changed, it has to be done in court. >> when there is a challenge, the state's attorney general would come in and defend, but in this case, he is also running for governor of north carolina, and if challenged, he will not defend it. who then steps in to defend it in the absence of the attorney general? >> that's a great question. this is an unusual situation that's the attorney's general's job for the most part, to stand in, defend the laws when they've been challenged. the governor here will do like other states have done, when there has been a political conflict. he can appoint a special counsel, a lawyer to represent the state to go into court and
3:44 am
to wilitigate this particular issue. but he may use this as a way to resolve it, come to settlement with the department of justice, keep the funding in place and maybe somehow satisfy the state assembly. >> all right, tomorrow is the deadline. we'll be watching closely. paige pate, thank you. >> thank you. the triple crown has begun. can nyquist continue his winning streak. andy scholes looks at what's ahead for the kentucky derby champ. >> we may have another winner in just a matter of weeks. we'll hear from the winning jockey and trainer when "new day" continues.
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welcome back on this new day. well, kentucky derby favorite, nyquist, living up to the hype. >> can he keep it up? >> actually i don't want him to do it, because i was when american pharaoh won last year, and i want that to be -- it would be so quick. we'll have to wait and see. unbelievable. nyquist has raised in eight races, he has won all eight. it will take an upset, but none as big as yesterday. nyquist, broke out of the 13th gate cleanly and everyone said he had the race. they had to ease him back a little bit, because dancing candy jumped out for an early lead, but nyquist, pulled away, held off the late charge by
3:49 am
exaggerator, nyquist, now the fourth consecutive favorite to win the kentucky derby. >> he got to the track, so i know him a lot, i trust him. i believe he trusts me as well. >> a remarkable athlete that if you call, work him by himself, he'll switch his tail a little bit, like what do you want from me? you put him in company and he is just a ferari. >> so the track took a little beating with the wagers, right? >> you know what, most fans out there, they like the favorite. nyquist was the overwhelming favorite and the thing that killed the track was edxaggerat tore was the second favorite, they get that correct, you win big. i know a couple won pretty big at the track yesterday.
3:50 am
kentucky derby books weren't happy about how it turned out. >> but yea for those who won big. >> nothing like having a winning ticket and that horse winning down the stretch. it's incredible. >> thank you, andy. don't leave yet, because we have another story you're going to have fun with. there was all that excitement about the kentucky derby, but you may have missed out on this other major race that happened yesterday. the running of the chihuahas. chattanooga, tennessee. the video, some of them had costumes on, cocoa took home the title of the fastest this year. clearly, she ran away with it, really, no competition. >> yeah, some of them are distracted by the other dogs, like what are you doing. >> it's like watching toddlers trying to play soccer. >> what's at the end that is tracking them? >> maybe the owner.
3:51 am
>> or a doggy treat. >> thanks so much. coming up in the next hour of your "new day." >> he was a disaster. i mean, there has never been anybody like this. and she was a total enabler. she would go after these women and destroy their lives. >> donald trump attacks former president and hillary clinton, is this the tone we'll see moving forward. and later, political sattire on snl. you'll want to see this. eel al"♪
3:52 am
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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3:55 am
five minutes until the top of the hour. we want to warn you about part of a 911 call you're about to hear. >> it may be disturbing for some you. >> no, i can't. you're yelling too loud. tell me what happened. >> police say that was the 911 call from a florida man who shot his older brother over a cheeseburger. 25-year-old benjamin milderof, now facing premeditated charges, when the victim came home after a night of drinking. he told police he was bullied by his older brother, and then he grabbed the gun. this just in. isis claiming responsibility for killing eight police officers in
3:56 am
e egypt, they were doing a security check when four gunmen unloaded on them. this just after the attack. bystanders trying to pull the policeman from the minivan. you see this happening here in this chaos. they've set up checkpoints and searching the area to try to find those men. north korea could be planning another underground nuclear test. this news comes as north korean leader addressed a rare party congress. he said they would not use it unless its sovereignty is threatened. someone in new jersey is waking up a lot richer than the rest of us. $462.6 million. sold in merser county last night. everybody reach for your ticket. 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, powerball, 9.
3:57 am
more than 3 million other tickets. so again, the 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, 9. few bucks for some. up to $1 million for others. >> up to half a billion for that winner. yes. if a mom, no better mother's day. >> or if her husband bought the ticket. now, hey, that's a mother's day gift. the election season, and sml s snl, they're at it again, spoofing him against the church lady. >> dana carvey, interesting take on the bible. >> please welcome, the tangerine tornado, donald trump.
3:58 am
>> all right, hi, dony, have a seat. >> hey, church lady. it's great to be here. your place looks tremendous. believe me, this is one classy, fun house. >> actually, this is what we call a church. something tells me that you're not a big church goer. >> i am a big church guy. i'm there all the time. sometimes i go even when it's not church day. >> what a well-put statement. does donny ever take a gander at the holy scripture. >> i love all the books in the bible. i do. they're altl terrific, book of revelations, two genesis, too furious, which says, love thigh neighbor, as think self-and like a good neighbor, state farm is
3:59 am
there. and always keep the sabbath huge. that's moses. oh, and the part where john snow comes back to life. that's great bible. >> well, isn't that special. >> but there is more. >> yes. >> in fact, they went on to spoof his family, talked about ted cruz and the lucifer comment. nickname, john boehner gave him. so we'll have more coming up in the next hour. >> if he hasn't officially rejoined the cast, he should. he is so good at this. all right, thanks for staying with us this morning. >> much more ahead on your "new day" in the next hour, which starts right now. she's married to a man who got impeached for lying. he was impeached for lying about
4:00 am
what happened with a woman. some of those women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> we live in actual mutumultuo scapegoating immigrants, muslims, for bankers and business people. >> that's why our democracy gives us a process, designed for us to settle our disputes with argument and ideas and votes, instead of violence. even if it ds rain, this fire is going to go on for some time, perhaps several weeks. final nyquist, ahead of the path, making a val lant surge, but too fast, too strong, securing his lead in capturing the run for the roses.
4:01 am
we have a packed show for you today. good morning. happy mother's day. i'm ana cabrera for christi. i'm victor blackwell. look at this, incredible video, a tornado in colorado, this is remarkable. we'll tell you about exactly the damage this caused, several injuries overnight. we'll get you the latest in just a moment. plus, sarah palin making headlines, blasting paul ryan, saying he should lose his seat for not supporting donald trump. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored. >> jake tapper joins us live with his exclusive interview with palin. this weekend, donald trump
4:02 am
is sharpening his attacks on hillary clinton and turning his sights on bill clinton. the presumptive republican nominee, unloading in washington state. trump painted hillary clinton as a, this is a quote, nasty and mean enabler of her husband's affairs. saying the clintons are not in a position to question his treatment of women. >> now, trump also attacked the clintons over the former president's impeachment, but what he said doesn't exactly lineup about what he thought a few years ago. we pulled this out. this is what he said yesterday and what he told wolf blitzer in 2008 right here on cnn. >> she is married to a man who got impeached for lying. he was impeached, and he had to go through a whole big process, and it wasn't easy. he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. >> i mean, look at the trouble
4:03 am
bill clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant, and they tried to impeach him which was nonsense and yet bush got us into this horrible war by saying they had weapons of mass destruction, by saying all sorts of things that turned out not to be true. >> let's talk about this. cnn political commentator, jeffrey lord and hillary rosen. jeffrey is a trump supporter and hillary is a clinton supporter. when you listen to those two clips, it sounds like a change in tune, he is calling the indiscretions unimportant, essentially defending him. >> yeah, i really don't think there is any difference in what he is saying at all? >> what? >> what he is saying in 2008 that he was inning impeached. what he is saying here is he was
4:04 am
impeached and hillary clinton was an enabler. that's a different thing entirely. it's about hillary clinton, not about bill clinton. >> but he was focused on bill clinton and was really targeting that issue in his comments there at that rally, right? >> right, but in the context of hillary clinton, hillary clinton is the candidate here. not bill clinton. >> hillary what, is your response to these attack as soon as. >> you know, i think jeffrey is right. hillary clinton is the candidate. people are going to look at her record on support for women, pay equity, for, you know, health care for children and families, for a long record of support for reproductive rights, that's what this is, and trump can talk about hillary clinton's marriage all he wants. he is on his third marriage. just don't think the american people are going to take that bait. they're tired of that issue.
4:05 am
and i think that hillary clinton is going to stay above the argument. she is not going to go tit for tat on insults with trump on that, and the american people don't really want her to. >> jeffrey, we just heard -- >> the problem is -- >> we put up the poll that shows that his unfavorables among women, 64%, view him unfavorably, just 32%, favorable. so clearly, he has ground to make up here. hillary clinton, of course, is a woman. do you think he needs to be more careful in his treatment of her compared to his other opponents? >> well, think there is a lot of double standard here. i mean, first of all, i mean, you just mentioned sarah palin. when sarah palin burst on to the scene, my liberal friends and i've gone back and checked on this, called her among other things, an idiot, moron, joke, they were incredibly sexist toward sarah palin and none of them cared. they pursued the line all the way through. so i really do think there is a
4:06 am
double standard about this. let's just remember, it is hillary clinton that brought this whole thing up by going after donald trump for being quote-unquote a sexist. if you're going to go down the road, you're going to get hit back. >> some say what he is bringing up now is trying to fend up preemptive attacks about him and not being able to connect with women voters because we all know women voters make up the majority of the voting block. >> but not all -- >> what he is trying to do is a political tactic is to essentially scare her into not talking about his positions about women, to not -- to encourage her not to talk about his treatment of women, where he has gone on, you know, howard stern in the past and bragged about, you know, women are good for one thing, you know, big breasts and having babies. so you know, she is not going to take that bait. she is going to talk about the issues. she is going to call him out.
4:07 am
>> so let's talk about the issues, hillary. >> her surrogates will call him out on his past behavior, but he won't be able to run away from it. >> i want to ask about one of the issues that donald trump brought up, and that had to do with foreign policy. he went after clinton on her foreign policy, saying essentially she has poor judgment. she does have a lengthy record to look at. do you worry that trump can use her experience against her? >> you know, that's the debate we should be having. that's a debate that hillary clinton is well prepared for. i'm not so sure donald trump is prepared to go toe to toe on foreign policy, but keeping the campaign on the issues will be hillary clinton's sweet spot. she can defend a significant and successful record as secretary of state, as senator from new york, as somebody who has been at the table making thoughtful and tough decisions. something that trump hasn't ever done. and so you know, to the extent that he wants to have that debate, she is more than ready fo it.
4:08 am
>> jeffrey, the last ten seconds. >> yeah, i think when we get to that section of the debate, it will be about her judgment. in libya, in benghazi, with the e-mails, the russian reset. i mean there is a whole string of things here that she can have experience. the question is, does she have the judgment and that will be an issue. >> all right, jeffrey lord, hillary rosen, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. >> thank you. until we get to the issues portion of this season, we're still in the name-calling part of the show. senator elizabeth warren fighting fire with fire, matching donald trump tweet for tweet. look at her twitter feed. this goes back to tuesday, that are targeting donald trump. hitting back, after he called her a basket case, a goofus, a blend of goofy and dufus. questioning her native american heart table. brian stelter joins us now. first time i ever heard goofus.
4:09 am
let me put that on the table. is this the new blueprint for democrats who want to take on trump. >> elizabeth warren is pointing forward for sure. it's interesting to see how she has met trump where he is, on twitter and facebook, and responded to his bullying with her own insults, her own name-calling. in many cases, using his own words against him. like you mentioned, this happened on tuesday, right after ted cruz dropped out of the race, a series of tweets, one of them even referring to the kkk and trump's squishiness. here is one of them from tuesday night. this was viewed on facebook 45 million times, according to her aides. this facebook post. it also was on twitter. friday night, trump fired back, saying i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses elizabeth warren as her running mate. i'll defeat them both. this is what elizabeth warren
4:10 am
responded. goofy, for the guy with the best words, that's a pretty lame nickname. using words like weak and lame, using those words against him. i think what's happening here, victor, we're seeing elizabeth warren trying to present unity. she has not endorsed clinton or bernie sanders, and what she is trying to do is to say to clinton and sanders supporters, we have to unite because we know what we have to do in the fall and that's beat donald trump. >> we've seen this backfire with marco rubio, he went after him in the primary and it didn't work well. we'll see if it works to keep it on twitter and not in front of cameras. brian stelter, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> catch brian at 11:00 a.m. eastern. vice-presidential candidate, sarah palin, talks exclusively with us this morning. why she thinks paul ryan should
4:11 am
lose his post as speaker of the house. plus -- just incredible video and details on the damage and injuries from last night's severe weather outbreak. this tornado, we've got more on this, coming up in just a moment. from colorado, to canada now, a raging inferno en gulfing 772 square miles and growing. a live report, next. and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get your first two meals free it's smokey, still flames, there were spots you couldn't see the edge of your truck. it's a mess. it's a mess. that's the only way to say it. >> a massive wildfire, scorching the earth in canada, only expected to grow larger, and still, no signs of slowing down. last check, this fire in fort mcmurray was 602 square miles,
4:15 am
but now expected to scourge about 772 square miles by midnight tonight, mountain time. that gives you a sense of how quickly the flames are spreading. to give you more perspective, this is about half the size of rhode island. >> look at what is left. everything is charred, the homes destroyed, the cars burned out, even the playgrounds are seared, but there is a little bit of hope that could help the firefighters gain control here. paul joins us live in edmonton. paul, it is expected to burn for months, but a cold front is coming through and give it a break, a much needed break from the dry and winny kn-- windy conditions. >> reporter: they're hoping the cold front will dump some rain on the fire. there is a fear, however, that that front could skip just to the north of it, the fire now burning in forests and moving to the east. the focus of the worst of all
4:16 am
the multiple fires in alberta was of course fort mcmurray. that's the oil sands industry center, and the premiere of alberta, gave us a sense for what's going on right now with them trying to get everything cleaned up and fixed up in fort mcmurray. >> firefighters in the city kept working to save downtown and as much of the residential neighborhoods as possible. we held the line for a second day. there be an enormous amount of work to do to make the city safe and habitable. the gas has been turned off, the power grade has been damaged and large portions of the city don't have power right now. the water is not currently drinkable. >> reporter: and many of those evacuees from fort mcmurray wound up here in edmonton at this expo center. i talked with one little girl, worrying about his house and
4:17 am
school, and she wanted to thank everybody here who was helping her. she is fast asleep with about 2,000 other people in that center, behind me. ana and victor. >> more than the flames, this is about those families trying to find safety in this event. paul in edmonton, thank you so much. several injured, numerous homes and businesses destroyed. look at your screen. this is a giant tornado in colorado. we'll have details about what happened, next. plus mow torious drink kin el chapo guzman has been transferred to a prison along the u.s. border. the question is, could this mean the cartel boss is a step closer now to being extradited to the u.s.? >> and sarah palin talks about the controversial race, exclusive interview, just ahead in the next half hour.
4:18 am
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4:21 am
. look at that picture, listen to that wind. five people injured, roads closed, dozens of power polls yanked down by powerful tornados in colorado. one a half mile wide. left a trail of damage six miles long. you look at the image here. it's amazing more people weren't injured. fortunately, because this was eastern colorado, it is very rural there. not a lot of homes. but authorities are still trying to survey some of the aftermath. they know several homes and one business were damaged. if you bought a powerball ticket for saturday's drawing, go and get it, especially if you
4:22 am
live in new jersey, because someone there bought the winning ticket. here are the numbers. 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, the powerball there is 9. the jackpot, $429.6 million. more than three million tickets claim smaller prizes, some a few bucks, others up to a million dollars. >> can you imagine being the winner this morning? >> yes. >> you can imagine. mexican drug kingpin, el chapo is waking up in a juarez prison, right across the border near el paso, texas. officials say he was moved where he escaped last year, you'll recall, as that prison is now going to be renovated. let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst and former assistant director of the u.s. marshall's office, art rod rick. good to see you again.
4:23 am
thank you for staying with us. >> good morning. >> do you see the transfer as a sign guzman might be extradited soon? >> i think it will happen, but probably sometime in the summer. just because he is close to the u.s. border, i mean, for security purposes, i can't see an exchange happening at the border, an then him coming into el paso, because that would mean he would have to have an initial appearance in el paso, which means he could be there for a period of time. and i think for security purposes, they don't want to do that. generally, extraditions, a u.s. marshall would move that individual from the foreign country directly to the district where he is wanted, which in this case, has been determined to be brooklyn new york, out of the seven or eight districts that want him here in the united states. >> just last month, guzman was apparently saying he wanted to be extradited. his lawyer saying he thought he would be treated better in the u.s. prison system. your response? >> yeah, i think that's probably
4:24 am
true, considering he is being right now under the care and custody of the mexican marines, who are probably the most non-corruptible agency down there in mexico. they're very good unit, very well organized. and they are moving him from cell to cell every four or five days. so he has -- he is under some pretty heavy duty security conditions. he probably believes when he comes to the u.s., ale have better conditions. but the reality is, once he is tried and convicted here in the u.s., because of his escape history, he more than likely will be transferred to florence, in colorado, the u.s. penitentiary there, which means he'll be locked down for 23 hours a day and have one hour of exer sue exercise by himself. he is not coming to any place better here in the u.s. >> do you think what happens to guzman ultimately might send a mess sanl to the drug cartel world, assuming he ends up
4:25 am
behind bars in the u.s. this will have an impact on the drug war. >> yeah, it very well could be, but if he is tried and convicted in eastern new york, and it's a pretty heavy duty indictment in new york, criminal enterprise, if he gets convicted of that, he'll get life. if he is in florence, colorado, the penitentiary there, he won't be able to get any messages out of the facility. >> thank you for your expertise, art. >> thank you. up next on "new day," jake tapper will join us with his exclusive interview. >> she had a lot to say about paul ryan, and how she thinks he should be defeated in his republican primary in august. also, much to say about john mccain and donald trump, all coming up next. ut it.
4:26 am
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's very stressful. you don't know what is burned and what is not burned, when you can go back. >> massive wildfire forcing people to leave fort mcmurray, canada, and flames expected to scourge even more area here. at last check, the fire spread across 602 square miles, but expected to scourge about 772 square miles by midnight, mountain time. let's give you some perspective. that's about half the size of the entire state of rhode island. firefighters may get help from a cold front expected to move into the area today. the front would give the area a
4:30 am
break from the dry and the windy conditions have been raising the relative humidity, the cold front will do that. north korea could be planning another underground nuclear test, this comes as the leader, kim jong-un has been addressing a congress. he said the country would not use a nuclear weapon unless its sovereignty is threatened. bottom of the hour now. house speaker paul ryan says he is not ready to support donald trump as the republican nominee just yet. former alaska governor sarah palin is not happy that ryan is taking time to think it over. cnn chief correspondent and host of state of the union, jake tapper got the exclusive interview with sarah palin. what is she saying. >> good morning to you. as you know, paul ryan set the
4:31 am
political world in a tailspin when he told me on thursday that as of right now, he cannot support the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump. so we talked to sarah palin, one of the first endorsers, one of the first big names behind donald trump, vice-presidential nominee in 2008, and we asked her what she thought of it all. >> so governor, as you know, speaker ryan told me on thursday that he is not ready to support donald trump. now, one of trump's spokes people told cnn that if ryan does not back trump, he should not be speaker of the house. what do you think in. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored, as an irrant cantor. his political career is over but for a miracle, because he has so disrespected the will of the people. and yeah, as the leader of gop, the convention certainly, he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who
4:32 am
he will not support was not a wise decision of his. you know, i think why paul ryan is doing this, jake, is it kind of screws his chances for the 2020 presidential bid that he is gunning for. if the gop were to win now, that wouldn't bowde well for his chances. a lot of people with their never trump or not right now trump mantra going on, they have their different reasons. that one is paul ryan's reason. >> specifically, when you talk about him being eric cantor, challenged in the primary by a conservative candidate who got a lot of grassroots support and that was a big surprise. paul ryan is facing a challenge in the republican primary in wisconsin, the primary coming up august 9th. the candidate i believe is paul neilen. are you planning to support his
4:33 am
challenger? >> that's a good question. seeing as i haven't gotten to call him and tell him i'm supporting him, but yes, i'lldy whatever i can for paul neilen. >> so some pretty big news later in the interview. i did obviously push back and tell sarah palin that the reason speaker ryan says he can't support donald trump right now is because of things trump has said in terms of his tone and tenor and some of the proposals he has made, but governor palin said she doesn't buy that. she thinks it is just because paul ryan and other republican power brokers in washington feel threatened. >> all right, so sarah palin said she will endorse paul ryan's primary challenger. she was the congressional king maker in 2010. what is the potency of palin endorsement this cycle? >> well, donald trump did not do well in the wisconsin primary in paul ryan's district.
4:34 am
donald trump did not fair all that well, to the potency is questionable right now. and palin has had some really good victories when it comes to endorsements. she has had some that didn't go so well also. so i don't think the ryan people feel particularly threatened by this, but at the same time, they know in a year like this, anything could happen and they're not taking anything for granted. >> all right, jake tapper, looking forward to the interview. >> thank you so much victor. >> watch state of the union coming up at 9:00 this morning, john mccain and sarah palin, once running mates, but will trump pull them apart? here from both on state of the union with jake tapper this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern, right here on cnn. kentucky derby winner, won every race he has ever run. is nyquist going to be the next triple crown winner? in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund
4:35 am
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welcome back. kentucky favorite, nyquist, lived up to the hype. >> he did it, but can he keep doing it for two more races. andy has more. >> sure does. if he wants the triple crown. we just saw one last year. >> i'm a big american pharaoh fan. i want him to have a run for a little bit of time, but nyquist is running eight races so far, guys, won every single one. none more impressive than the kentucky derby, broke out of the 13th gate, and mario gutierrez had to ease him back some, keep him from going too fast too
4:39 am
soon, down the stretch, showing off the impressive speed. he held off a late charge by exaggerator, nyquist, now the fourth consecutive favorite to win the kentucky derby. >> i get the confidence from nyquist. i was able to work him since he go to the track. i know him a lot. i trust him. i believe he trusts me as well. >> he is a remarkable athlete that if you work him by himself, he'll swish his tail like what do you want from me. >> next up for nyquist, the preakne preakness, the shortest track of the three triple crown races. traditionally, a big favorite like nyquist will end up winning the preakness, but always the belmont stakes, always dro controversial, many of the horses in the kentucky derby, but will run the belmont stakes.
4:40 am
california chrome. >> they shouldn't be allowed. >> california chrome's owner, remember, he won the epic rant, the coward's way out, and american pharaoh put it to bed last night, because he won the triple crown. >> coming on strong there at the end. >> he made a lot of people very happy if you had the exacta, because he was one and exaggerate to exaggera exaggerateer was two. >> thanks so much. >> all right. when we come back, some new evidence now that north korea could be ready for yet another weapon to test out another nuclear weapon as the work aer party congress winds down. a strong chance the country will carry out a nuclearti test. we're live we're live next. you rely on frontline plus.
4:41 am
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4:45 am
is this just more rattling or gearing up for another nuclear test? >> reporter: well, all the state media here in north korea is talking about, ana is the 7th congress, underway right now. they broke into programming for a three hour speech from kim jong-un. however, he did mention the nuclear program during that speech, and if you combine the fact that leading up to this congress, there was the h-bomb test in january, the satellite launch in february, and then just last month, four attempted missile launches, if he was going to attempt another nuclear test at the end of the congress after his new party leadership and the new promotion he is supposed to announce, because he is supposed to get more grandiose than he has right now, it would make sense they would do at the end of the party congress, to get the maximum attention. 38 north think tank looking at the satellite image, and they say the image does indicate possible preparations for a nuclear test at any time, and
4:46 am
that does coincide also with what south korea government please as they've been looking at the satellite photos as well. >> so this is the first party congress in 36 years. you mentioned he may come out of it, kim jong-un, with more authority. what does that essentially mean for the rest of us in terms of laymen's terms? does it change his position? >> reporter: well, he is already the supreme leader, but they're about to elect him to the highest possible post in the workers' part of korea. which means he has even more power in the sense that he has a bigger title than he already has. that combined with the fact that he has new leadership, inner circle has been purged in recent years, people who did not agree with him, in his late 20s at that point, people might not have thought he deserved to be supreme leader, he has gotten rid of all those people. this clears the path to do whatever he wants when it comes to the nuclear program.
4:47 am
>> wow, will ripley, thank you for explaining it to all to us. we appreciate it. one person who has felt the iron fist is kenneth bay. bay was held prisoner for two days, he details his accounts there in "not forgotten", he was tortured and told he would never be freed. >> one prosecutor assigned to my case came to me every week and said you've been forgotten by people, you are not going home any time soon, you'll be here for 15 years. you'll be 60 before you go home. >> kenneth bay joins us live now. mr. bay, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first, you were sentenced to 15 years hard labor. for people who have been following your story from the
4:48 am
beginning, give us an idea what it was like. >> at the labor camp, started with 6:00 in the morning, and usually have breakfast around 7:00 and then my work started from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. and pretty much going out there, whatever they're requiring me to do from sewing and farming, and any manual labor, digging hole and working with shoveling the coal. just various different things, six days a week. >> when you were told as you told chris cuomo earlier this week that you would never go home, no one would remember you, did you believe them when they said that? >> well, i did not believe it in a second. i was continued to trusting that i would go home soon.
4:49 am
i have to trust day by day, just knowing that i will be, my help is coming soon. that was my belief, depending upon god and everyday. >> dennis rodman, former basketball star, went on a rant here on cnn, and he mentioned you and your imprisonment for people who either have not seen it or do not remember it, we're going to play it and talk about why you have thanked dennis rodman. first let's watch. >> kenneth bae did one thing. he become a saint. if you understand what kenneth bae did, do you understand what he did? >> what did he do. you tell me. >> what did he do? >> no, no, no, you tell me. you tell me. why is he held captive. >> they haven't released any charges. >> no, i don't give a rats ass what you think. look at him. >> but dennis, don't put it on them. don't use them as an excuse for the behavior that you're putting
4:50 am
on yourself. >> he came here. >> you're basically saying kenneth bae did something 1. >> so this was a fairly bizarre moment for everyone who was watched and now you say you have to thank dennis rodman, why? >> whether he was, he did it accidentally or not, but his rant increased the tension atte the media and finally i was able to be released. he was part of the story that really brought a highlight, so i was able to come home. >> and dennis rodman has been quite friendly with kim jong-un, has gone over there for his birthday, played basketball, some games there in pyongyang. do you want to or have you spoken with dennis rodman? >> i have not spoken with him yet. but as i mentioned before, sure
4:51 am
someday if i get a chance to meet him, then i would like to thank him in person. but yeah, i mean, he did the remark after my last remark on cnn that is he appreciated just thankful to are my remark. >> how often now, and i know that you are now promoting your new book "not forgotten" but how often outside of the book tour and promotion with your life now back in the u.s. are you reminded in the quiet moments alone of your experience over those two years in north korea, how often do those feelings and those thoughts arise? >> well, it's come back to me almost every day and just i'm very grateful that i'm able to come home to be able to share what happened in north korea, share my story, but i'm reminded that there are 24 million people in north korea still living in
4:52 am
darkne darkness. i've been reminded every day for those people detained in north korea against their will as well, so i need to live life fully just to living as an expression that i have a freedom to share for the people around the world that the people in north korea matter and that people who are detained in north korea matter to all of us. >> all right, kenneth bae, again, the book is "not forgotten" out this week. thank you so much for being with us. we'll be right back. >> thank you. (avo) i've always been a dog person.
4:53 am
my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. now that i work there and see all of the care and the ingredients that go into it. i value the food even more. i feed yoshi dog chow natural because there's no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. he's got so much energy. his coat is so shiny.
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and he just seems over all happier. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
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4:56 am
coming up on the top of the hour now, isis is claiming responsibility for ambushing and killing eight police officers in egypt. this happened just south of cairo. authorities say the plane-clothed officers were in a government mini van during a security check when four gunmen in a truck unloaded on them. this is new amateur video in to cnn and it shows the moments after the attack. people just standing by, trying to pull the policemen from that mini van. security officers have set up checkpoints and are searching the area to catch those shooters. maryland authorities are now reviewing new details in the former federal officers' alleged killing spree. three people died including his ex-wife. eulalio tordil killed the woman trying to help him and tried to carjack another woman murdering her. the violent rampage started
4:57 am
thursday when investigators say tordil first killed his estranged wife when she went to pick up their children from school. seeth night live taking on the 2016 presidential election. they aren't pulling any punches. >> and they do it really, really well. dana carvey reprises his role as the church lady calling out ted cruz, even going after donald trump's family. >> please welcome satan. >> you can actually just call me ted cruz. >> oh, i'm terribly sorry about that. i'm just quoting one of your colleagues, ted. don't get in a bunch. john boehner, speaker of the house. >> john's always coming up with hilarious nicknames for me like buster or son of a gun. >> i believe the phrase was lucipher in the flesh. >> i pray to god often and was
4:58 am
part of god's plan. >> was it god's plan to get humiliated by an orange munch kin? i understand your family is here. >> oh yeah, that's right. get in here, guys. this is my wife, melania. >> hello, so wonderful to be here. >> my lovely daughter ivanka. >> sort of great to be here as well. >> enwho is the third woman down there? >> that's just another model. i mean she's great energy to have around. >> i'm sure. >> let's have fun. >> it likes all kinds of flesh, doesn't it? tell me, donald, have you figured out who your vice president is going to be, somebody who shares your temperament and values, someone like i don't know could it be satan? good lord. >> i have returned! >> teddy's a demon.
4:59 am
my god. >> i am no longer ted cruz, i am mortal shahs domegage shadows. >> are you sure you aren't lord of the weak chinz? >> stop it, donald. >> at first guy who got possessed and looks better. >> you're such a jerk, donald! i'm going back to hell. they're nicer there! >> well, that was an eventful church chat. >> they're bringing back dana carvey, darrel hamm in there. "snl" does the election cycle so well. >> thank you for joining us here on your "new day." at 9:00 a.m., john mccain and sarah palin with jake tapper on "state of the union." you do not want to inmiss that. right now on "inside politics"
5:00 am
with john king starts in just a few seconds. thanks for being with us this weekend. >> happy mother's day. the trump takeover of the gop is complete. >> i want the primaries to keep going but everybody's out, i'm the only one left, that's okay, right? the highest republican in the land is not ready to aboard the trump train. >> i'm not ready right now. this is the party of lincoln, reagan and jack kemp. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> reporter: word the clinton e-mail investigation is in crunch time has another wildcard. >> i will to everything i can to unify the


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