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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Nebraska West Virginia Primaries  CNN  May 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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math. that's the biggest drama in the math. the march will continue tonight. can bernie sanders win with a big enough margin to make a statement as the democratic race moves on. anderson? >> thanks very much. that does it for us. special coverage of the primaries continues right now. we're standing by for new presidential primary results. >> the democratic candidates are competing until the last vote to face-off against donald trump. >> right now, the presidential race is winding through the appalachian mountains. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> the democratic front runner and the all but certain gop nominee are zeroing in on one another. >> we cannot take hillary clinton anymore. we've had enough of clinton. >> both parties heading into the final fight to be america's
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choice. tonight, in the democratic race, hillary clinton vulnerable in west virginia but expecting to add to her all important delegate count win or lose. >> let's have a great election that shapes the future we want. >> bernie sanders aiming for another upset claiming he can defy incredible odds if he takes the campaign to the convention floor. >> we'll fight for every vote. >> on the republican side tonight, donald trump the presumptive nominee after crushing his last rival now free to focus on the hall. >> save your vote for the general election. the primary is gone. >> it's time for voters to have their say. >> we can't have a loose cannon. >> trump seeking more opportunities to defy one another. >> that's why we call her crooked hillary clinton. >> america is choosing the campaign is kareeming toward the convention and the rock will only get wilder in the days and
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weeks ahead. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. there are only three candidates left in the presidential race and one of them now is virtually certain to be the republican nominee with donald trump no longer facing any primary opposition. the focus tonight is on the democrats on going contest and the general election battle ahead. we're counting down to 7:30 p.m. eastern, less than a half an hour from now. that's when the polls close in west virginia. we'll have our first chance to project a winner. hillary clinton is facing the possibility of an embarrassing loss even as she closes in on clinching the nomination in a likely face-off with donald trump. bernie sanders is promising to
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keep on fighting to the convention in philadelphia. a victory tonight could strengthen his argument he still has a path forward. 29 democratic delegates are on the line in west virginia. remember, the democrats split their delegates proportionally so both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will add to their tallies. heading into tonight, cnn estimates that clinton has a total of 2224 delegates and 159 short of the number she needs to lock up the nomination. sanders has a total of 1448 delegates. all that includes the so-called superdelegates. tonight, the presumptive republican nominee donald trump is confident of a win in west virginia as well as the gop only primary in nebraska while he no longer has any opposition, he still needs 157 more delegates to officially secure the nomination. jake? >> thanks, wolf. we have correspondents on the campaign trail covering
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candidates. first, let's go to democrats already looking ahead to the next contest. jeff zeleny is with hillary clinton in kentucky and jeff, hillary clinton not only looking ahead to the next contest, she's looking ahead to the general election. >> reporter: she is indeed, jake. she just finished giving a speech in louisville, kentucky a few minutes ago and there is no mention of bernie sanders at all, perhaps not surprisingly. she said i'm looking forward to debating donald trump in the fall. that is where her focus is. for at least the next few hours, the focus on west virginia, the clinton campaign believes they will lose that state and jake, ironic, eight years ago we won that state over barack obama by some 40 points. now she's losing that state they believe because of the comments about coal miners and she is too tied too closely to the obama administration. they believe it doesn't matter and they are right about that. the clinton campaign does not want to limp to the finish line here, jark. that's why they are back on the air paying advertising in
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kentucky. they want to at least get a few more wins here. tonight they do not think there will be one. she's getting on a plane now flying back home to new york. she will not talk at all tonight after the west virginia results come in, jake? >> jeff zeleny in kentucky with the clinton campaign now let's go to the sanders campaign where we find brianna keilar salem, oregon, the site of a future contest and brianna, you just heard jeff zeleny refer to the controversial comments hillary clinton made about coal and shutting down the coal industry, although she said she wanted to bring jobs to the neighborhoods. we haven't heard bernie sanders talk about those comments, really. >> reporter: no, that's a very good point that you make and i actually talked to an aid about that today, jake, because of some of the suggestions from clinton backers where they said bernie sanders facing really tough math needs to make this more about issues in the contest going forward.
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this aide telling me he is making it about issues and we could have made an ad about the comment and we didn't so sluggislu shrugging off suggests sanders could hurt clinton when it comes to a general election matchup u against donald trump. they are confident about west virginia tonight and about oregon where sander wills speak. there are hundreds of people that i can see around this armory where he's going to be speaking tonight and where voters will be heard here in a week, but at the same time, we're talking about 29 delegates at stake tonight in west virginia. so even a big win for bernie sanders isn't going to close the 300 or so delegate gap that hillary clinton is enjoying over him. it would be a tall order to do that. at the same time, bernie sanders has been telling crowds he has an out side shot at closing the pledged delegate gap but the math is he would need to win
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66%, two-thirds of the remaining delegates going forward. tall order. >> indeed. brianna keilar with the sanders campaign. he needs to not only win the delegates but convince superdelegates to change their allegiance. let's go to our political director. david, you're looking at the exit polls. polls in west virginia and polls in west virginia are still open so we're not going to talk about the actual projections but the voters that turn down to vote. what can you tell us about who went to the ballot box today? >> precisely, jake. this is really interesting. you were hearing the reporting how the sanders campaign is feeling good about west virginia and yet, look at the makeup of the electret there today. 47% of the voters in the democratic primary electret today say they are liberal but 53% majority are moderate or conservative. we've only seen that number high near two other states, arkansas
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and oklahoma throughout the season. conservative but this points to the fall. clinton versus trump, so we asked west virginia democratic primary voters how would you vote in november clinton versus trump. 44% clinton, 33% trump and the same against bernie sanders. how would you vote in november, 48% for sanders, 32% for trump, 18% for feneither. donald trump is winning one-third of the democratic primary voters in west virginia irrespective of who his opponent is. this is why west virginia is likely to be in the republican column come november. it just is a conservative e lzs electret there. >> looking at the numbers it seems it's unlikely that either senator sanders or former secretary of state hillary clinton will be campaigning in
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west virginia when one-third of those turning out to vote in the democratic primary, although we should point out there is a competitive democratic primary going on in the state. still, one-third of them in the trump camp and that's the democrats. >> that's right. people inside the trump campaign and i guess now at the republican national committee looking ahead to november can maybe cross west virginia off their list. but as you said, for the past, i don't know, what, six or so election cycles, maybe five it has been republican and it was not that long ago, though, that it was kind of the heart of the democratic south, not anymore. >> bill clinton won, i believe, twice. truth squatting on these statements because i'm trying to remember. >> i remember covering the gore campaign in 2011 and he was campaigning hard there, not hard enough and all the should have, would have, could have. >> i remember senator rockefeller telling him al gore
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16 minutes until the polls close in west virginia. the primary, the first chance to make a projection. i'll go to john king to the magic wall. you heard bernie sanders say he feels it will be difficult but he has on outside shot to catch up to hillary clinton when it comes to the delegates. >> an outside shot. the math is difficult for starters. bernie sanders needs tonight is what hillary clinton got in 2008. he needs a big win. not just a win but a big win. let me explain why. for bernie sanders to have probable math, he needs to be up where that is tonight. let's go to the delegate map. here is we with are entering today. this is pledged delegates. you can do the math easily. 301, hillary clinton has the lead. let's assume bernie sanders wins west virginia 60-40. if he wins 60-40 because of the number of delegates at steaake,
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it's a net gain. that's the problem for bernie sanders. the proproportionality of the rules make it hard for him to catch upright now. he has to win 66% of the remaining delegates. so if he gets 60% out of west virginia tonight, his math actually gets harder even though that's a huge win, his math gets harder. he needs 66% from here on out to catch her. that would put him one ahead. the clinton campaign says that's not going to happen if bernie sanders wins in new jersey, it's not going to be by 66%. if bernie sanders wins in kentucky, if sanders doesn't win, there is no way he'll win that big. they say out in california if sanders wins, no way he'll win that big. that's the challenge for bernie sanders tonight and frustrates supporters because a win is a win. if he wins with 60% tonight, it's not good enough. let me explain. she continues to pick up delegates, too. the clinton campaign thinks it
4:16 pm
will win new jersey and kentucky and new mexico and california. let's flip them and give this one to senator sanders. let's pick another. let's say he keeps going and gets kentucky. this is clinton winning california 55-45. let's say sanders wins 55-45. even under that scenario, the democrats will be having a conversation about sanders momentum at this point but look, hillary clinton still pulls away and as long as she keeps the superdelegates in her back pocket, bring them into play, she crosses the finish line. she has 516 democrats, superdelegates that pledged support to her right now. sanders has 41. if he starts winning like this, possibly peel away?people - possibly. at the moment they have shown no willingness to back away. sanders needs a win tonight 65, 66% for him to say i need 66, the remaining way but i did it tonight and i'll keep on doing it. the math is extra -- not impossible but extraordinary
4:17 pm
difficult. >> he promises to keep on going. anderson, over to you. >> wolf, john, bernie sanders says he still a chance. listen to what he said in california. >> we have a chance. it's an uphill struggle. we have a chance to end up with a majority of the pledged delegat delegates, and if we do that, i think you are looking at the democratic nominee for president. >> bernie sanders earlier today in california, let's turn to our panel. gloria borger, do you see that same chance? >> i think as john was talking about earlier, this is very uphill winning 66% of anything is not easy but i think what this does for bernie sanders supporters, it's sort of giving them a sense of purpose heading into this convention. i mean, he could win tonight in west virginia. he could win california.
4:18 pm
>> right. >> if he wins california, he heads into that convention and he's going to ask the superdelegates to change minds. they are not going to change minds but he heads into that convention with an awful lot of leverage and an awful lot of power and he can say to hillary clinton you know what? i think you've got to do campaign finance reform in the first six months of your administration. >> does it also make hillary clinton, i mean, a damaged weakened candidate? >> yes. >> it doesn't help her. >> yeah. >> how many of the last ten did she win against then senator obama? >> nine. >> everyone says he was weakened and won. you can't automatically say that. there is no evidence of that. >> and compared to what? compared to the lack of unity in the republican party? >> anderson, when you look at the exit surveys in west virginia and see 38% of democrats that voted, 77% of bernie sanders supporters believe this to be an unfair process, the nomination that's a reflection of what you're talking about. >> uh-huh. >> we'll take a quick break.
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just minutes from now, 7:30 p.m. eastern. polling places close who could win the primary? bernie sanders hoping for an upset victory against hillary clinton that would give him fresh momentum. he still has a chance to deny hillary clinton the nomination, though he acknowledges his path is very, very narrow. after tonight there are eight more state contests left for the democrats. clinton is looking beyond that to her anticipated race against donald trump. tonight the presumptive nominee expects to get closer to making his status official with a win in west virginia. jake? >> thanks, wolf. let's check in with our correspondent covering donald trump the presumptive republican presidential nominee. sara murray she's in new york and sarah, a busy day today for the trump campaign talking a lot about vetting and picking a vice
4:24 pm
president. >> that's right, jake. even though campaign advisors, they are confirming what donald trump said to the associated press. he's narrowed down his list of five or six experienced politicians and a lot of people thought because chris christie was leading the transition team, he would be out of the running. they are saying that is not the case. he's not been ruled out and look, trump is looking for someone that is of course, qualified for this job but someone he feels personlly comfortable with and can enact his agenda. that doesn't necessarily mean someone with congressional experience. it could be a well-known governor but above all, a campaign advisor tells me they are not looking to panlder with this pick. they are not going to choose a woman to appeal to women and hispanic candidate because they are trying to appeal to hispanics. they are looking for someone that can help donald trump as he gets to washington as this outsider. >> sara murray with the trump
4:25 pm
campaign in new york, new york. dana, they can say they are just going to pick the best candidate but there are always other considerations including gender, including race and ethnicity and one imagines with an electret this divided right now, they are taking other things into account. >> i mean, in someways we kind of hope so, right? because as david garrigan has been saying earlier and this is true, this is the first real presidential decision. the first decision that a candidate makes that shows how they would approach other big decisions and obviously a huge personnel decision. but one of the many, many, many things that is different about the trump process than any other candidate previously is that for the most part, if somebody was being thought about for v.p., they would say yes, sign me up. show me which way to go. and, you know, at this point because people are still trying to figure out who he is and
4:26 pm
which way he'll go, you're seeing people rule themselves out. not everybody. some people would do it eagerly but part of the different dynamic. >> still a very divided republican party as of now. who knows if that will continue. anderson, we already have several former presidents, both bushes as well as mitt romney, john mccain won't go to the convention and marco rubio when i asked him if he's going in cleveland, he said he didn't have plans to. he wasn't ruling it out but didn't have plans to. >> fascinating development. we got about three minutes until the polls close in west virginia. before the break, we were talking about west virginia, you had a point. >> it's throw back tuesday, i guess. i looked back because i remembered i was helping -- help run a super pac and super pac helped president obama. president obama was essentially unopposed. no democratic him on. a guy named keith jude in texas got on the ballot, west virginia is very liberal ballot access
4:27 pm
laws. he got 40% of the vote against president obama and carried ten counties. just a tough, tough place. >> was he qualified? >> he was a super hero and religious leader according to his page. yes, that's the best qualifications. >> for hillary clinton tonight, is a loss in west virginia -- i mean, after what she said in -- is it that big a surprise after -- >> it's not that big a surprise. you know, but the clinton -- clinton bill clinton did well there. i think there was -- >> overwhelmingly. >> there was some hope she would be able to do well there and begin to show that that clinton magic is back with the working class and then she made a mistake. if you look at the whole sentence, the whole speech, she actually -- yes? >> i want to remind people she said those remarks. i wrote it down march 13 at one of the town halls, but two weeks before in a poll in west virginia, bernie sanders was up double digits on which hillary clinton. i don't know it's actually fair
4:28 pm
to be hillary to just be blaming these comments on why bernie sanders -- if i was bernie, i would point this out. he was always doing well in this state. >> in the exit polls that david was looking at several hours ago, one of the things was a high percentage of democrats and i can't remember the exact percentage said that they wanted the future policies of a democratic candidate to be less liberal than president obama. >> yeah, this is the only game in town -- >> excuse me, west virginia. >> a whole lot of people voted in that primary who may not in fact be real core democrats. right? not to d-- he's going to have a good tonight. people today are voting for sanders but can't wait to vote for trump. >> let's go back to wolf and john. >> john, donald trump, he's got the nomination for all practical purposes going into tonight, he's got 1,014 and needs to
4:29 pm
reach 1,237. shouldn't be a problem. >> shouldn't be. the only thing is are there any protest vote against donald trump now that he's the only active candidate in the race. this part of the country is favorable to donald trump. he's looking for a win to add to the delegate total. this is the first time cruz has been doing well as nebraska votes tonight. donald trump looking to add delegates here, delegates here as you mention and he goes for magic number of 1237. sit a forgone conclusion but watch the results also both states at the republicans hope mr. trump certainly hopes and can expect to say in the republican column when we get to november on the democratic side, more of the race and the 2008 map in the primaries, it's been said before tonight and will be said a lot tonight, hillary clinton won the state in a walk over then senator obama in 2008 but bernie sanders trying to a make a statement he's still winning states and racking up delegates and moving forward as he continues the campaign throughout but into the final contest of this campaign, wolf,
4:30 pm
what secretary clinton is hoping to keep it close enough he can't narrow the delegate math that much. >> all right. thanks very much. take a look at this. we're only a couple seconds away from the bottom of the hour when the polls close in west virginia. here is what we can give you now. a key race alert in west virginia. bernie sanders is the early leader based on the exit poll information we have. we're not able to project a winner now but are able to say bernie sanders in west virginia is the early leader in the primary. once again, remember, these are exit polls. they are estimates based on the early survey of voters as they left the polling location. the final outcome may be different. we can expect numbers to change throughout the night but bernie sanders the early leader in west virginia. as fully expected, no surprise here on the republican side we can project obviously that donald trump is the winner in west virginia. he had no opposition in west virginia. all of the other republican
4:31 pm
candidates dropped out but he still needs to get to the 1,237 number. this will help him clearly tonight. donald trump easily wins without opposition the republican presidential primary in west virginia. jake? dana? >> big win for donald trump. >> big win. >> opposition. >> big win for donald trump without opposition, although, he probably would have won even if he had opposition in this state today. let's be honest, he's been cleaning up and that's why he no longer has opposition, dana. >> that's right. dan was mentioning one of the questions was how much of a protest vote we were going to see not only here but also in nebraska, you know, the fact that we could call it so early is not a surprise but as we see later on in the night, it will be interesting to see how much people say, you know what? no, i'm not going to vote for donald trump going to the poll knowing he's going to be the nominee. i do think really quickly the
4:32 pm
fact that west virginia is trump territory is really perfect illustration of the kind of voter that he appealed to so successfully all throughout the past, you know, however many months, what, six months, five months? the people who are just sick of washington but also they are desperate for somebody to say we get you and we get things need to change and west virginia is a classic case of that. >> and a big part of his message, donald trump's message has been against over regulation. >> exactly. >> against trade deals that sent jobs over seas and that seems ripe for a west virginia voter. let's bring in our political director who can tell us a little bit more about the voters that turned out to the polls today to explain how trump did so well and how bernie sanders seems to be doing so well. >> that's right. let's look at the democratic side, jake, we took a look at the candidate qualities, what mattered most to the voters
4:33 pm
showing up in the west virginia democratic primary today. look at this. among the candidates that say they were looking for a candidate that cares about people like me, these are empathy voters. looking for a candidate that has their back. 70% went for sanders. 24% went for clinton. they made up 34% of the elect t electret. let's look at the quality. clinton wins this category 76% to sanders 24% but only 24% of the electret there was looking for experienced candidate. the empathy quality there were more voters looking for that quality than were looking for experience. we also looked at what about barack obama's policies? those looking for less liberal policies than barack obama, i know this might be counter intuitive are actually supporting bernie sanders. 62% to 29% and 39% of the democratic primary e llectret i looking for the next president to pursue less liberal policies
4:34 pm
than barack obama and as we've seen before, hillary clinton does well with those voters looking to continue barack obama's policies. she wins them here 67% to 32% but again, they made up a smaller share of the electret, only 27% of the voters today were looking to continue the president's policies. >> very interesting, and david, so fascinating how much hillary clinton's electret in the primaries versus bernie sanders is the complete flip. >> it's amazing. >> of what she had versus barack obama eight years ago. she in 2008 was the voter -- i'm sorry, was the candidate who appealed to working class voters and appeal to white voters and now she loses them to bernie sanders almost every time. >> she's become the barack obama of this race. that is her coalition is what he was putting together in a lot of primary states. >> very interesting. dana, as jeff zeleny reminded me earlier today, barack obama in
4:35 pm
the tail end of the last month or so lost contest after contest after contest but because he had a one or 200 delegate lead and the democrats give out delegates porti portionly, he stayed ahead. although, who knows. >> i was talking to a clinton source who tongue firmly in cheek means this seriously but shows how things were flip-fl flip-flopped and said obama didn't do as well as he should have for a sitting president and look at 2008, hillary clinton won and she ended up losing the nomination. maybe by losing she'll win the nomination sort of backwards. before we go, i just -- begala stole my thunder a bit. aa surprise. it's a tapper flash back. you wrote a story in 2012 about this guy from prison got 40% of the democratic vote. i don't know if you remember
4:36 pm
this. [ laughter ] >> i don't. >> from -- got 40% of the democratic vote over a sitting president and was somebody in prison in texas. >> okay. >> so back -- >> i do. >> that is the perfect illustration of how unpopular obama is -- >> some people don't want to vote for a certain candidate. wolf. >> thanks very much. new results coming in for west virginia. bernie sanders is the early leader over hillary clinton. will that poll, our coverage continues right after this quick break.
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welcome back. bernie sanders is the early leader in the west virginia democratic presidential primary. we're not able to make a projection yet but he's the early based on the exit poll information. no surprise at all donald trump with no opposition is the winner in the primary in west virginia. we're about to get some numbers. we'll share them with you. in the meantime, let's go to anderson. >> thanks very much. how does hillary clinton moving forward both fend off bernie, continue to fend off bernie sanders and also go after donald trump? >> i think she continues doing what she's doing. she's already pivoted as we've
4:41 pm
seen. >> to trump. >> to trump. she's taking him on at every turn and called him a loose cannon and every other name to you and that was the beginning of the pivot, i think. >> she's the term loose cannon like two or three times in the interview. >> at least, right? that he's risky and i think what she does with bernie sanders is continues to campaign with donald trump and embrace a lot of things bernie sanders has said. i mean, if you look at the polling in west virginia tonight, sanders is beating her in early polls by like 16 points among women. she's got to work on her numbers with young women, with suburban women. >> but traditionally in a general election, you would have hillary clinton sort of trying to come back more to the center to reach out to those. she can't really do that. >> you know what is interesting is that bernie sanders is really not campaigning against her at this stage. he has a message all his own and we talked earlier about the comments about coal are probably
4:42 pm
coming back to haunt her today in this election but it's not because he played that card. he stayed away from that card. >> didn't run a commercial about it, which they could have very easily. >> absolutely. arguably he didn't need to if these trends continue, i gus, is the lingo i should use. he's got this well on its track. >> one of the things that hurt him in west virginia or hurt hillary clinton was guns. you remember this was the state where joe mansion was running for the senate and had an ad shooting the cap and trade bill with a gun. in someways she was trying and he was more than she was. in someways that came back to haunt her in this state to benefit sanders. >> i do think it is interesting to the point that she's spending money on television again in kentucky and in the general
4:43 pm
election she probably won't win kentucky. she can tell sanders fine, let's trade states but if sanders keeps winning, her job is to keep it as close as possible. the test for bernie sanders, a lot of clinton supporters say get out and bernie sanders supporters are energized. he has every right to stay in the race because he has a possibility. >> still winning. >> it's very hard to see he has to win 66% of the remaining pledged delegates to beat her by one. very unlikely but crazy year. let's play on. >> i think there is another campaign going on here that has nothing to do with bernie sanders getting nominated. it's with the future of the democratic party and what's in this platform, it's what goes on in a presumed clinton administration assuming there is one. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, they want their positions taken seriously and inject them into the bones and skeleton of the democratic party and that's really going on.
4:44 pm
>> like they did with "wolverine." [ laughter ] >> sorry, doing movie reference before you go down to the -- [ laughter ] >> listen, i think that probably what happens is hillary clinton wins on delegates but i think sanders won the debate about what this party is going to be, how it's going to stand and who is going to stand for and with. i really do think it's -- you're right the democrats aren't going to win west virginia but i think it hurts democrats everywhere when it looks like we can't. when it looks like we're the kind of party that just can't resonate with that level of pain. i was just in indiana, you know, different set of problems there but you have a lot of places that just feel like the whole world has thrown them under the bus. another thing is people -- places like that, we want -- they just want the stores back. stores. >> we'll have more on this top pick. more ahead from west virginia.
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4:49 pm
election fight with donald trump. listen to what she said in kentucky. >> so i got to tell you, i am, if so fortunate enough to be the nominee, i'm looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. [ cheers ] >> and you know, finally, finally, we've got to unify america. i mean, a house divided against itself as abraham lincoln said cannot stand. we can't be scapegoating and finger pointing and blaming and demeaning and degrading and insulting our fellow americans. >> hillary clinton a short time ago. let's go back to the panel. that idea of a loose cannon, which is the term she kept using against department last week, is that what you see? >> there are --
4:50 pm
>> your strategy now. >> this notion here from go back to the mitt romney speech attacking duonald trump which is a target rich zone. these questions of temperament and judgment. >> i like the conman better. the idea that he is a weapon that's going fo go in d.c. and shoot the place up is not a bad thing to a lot of people. i was in a cab. everybody has a cab story. i was in a cab today. my cab driver says i hate the fact that barack obama can't run for a third term. i said i love you man. and he goes that's why i'm voting for donald trump. >> they're similar. >> i said what? he said i would vote for bernie
4:51 pm
if i could, but i'm for donald trump and barack obama. i said why. he goes because they're real. this this authenticity question that's the problem. i think it's better to say con man. >> donald trump has managed to convince a large group of voters that national review, glenn beck, people like me and people like ted cruz, marco rubio all part of the establishment. tea party, it doesn't matter. he is convinced if you're not with donald trump, you are establishment. >> i know about your secret meetings. >> so i'm not really sure that there's this strong desire among his supporters to know truth from fiction. it's whatever donald trump says it is. i don't know that it needs to be authentic. he's selling it. >> i have anntic doet.
4:52 pm
this morning leaving here i was at the atm and a guy comes in and recognizes me and he starts talking and he's a democrat. he loves donald trump. why? his answer was they go after the bushes. i always thought we were not being told the truth. he's going after the bushes. so i'm waiting for number two to be left in that sentence. he says i can't stand obamacare. then he gives me his personal story about wife and family and now he's $10,000 out of pocket. he was one upset guy. he's for donald trump until hell freezes over. >> the similarity in all of this, i don't know that there is one. it emerges as a grab bag for all discontent and complaints about whatever is going on in your life that you can now empathize with donald trump's complaints against the system. the system is whatever you think is putting the screws to you.
4:53 pm
>> the term is sick of it. >> we used to talk about barack obama was the vessel that you put in your hopes. donald trump is the opposite. he's the vessel into which you put all of your fears and all of your complaints, all of your complaints about the way things are going and he's unpredictable and that's what a lot of people like about donald trump because he is to the left of hillary clinton in certain ways on foreign policy. >> he's a con man. >> we're looking at the wrong pool of voters. it's interesting to look at trump voters because they're interesting. they're not up for grabs. you're not looking at the people that donald trump says i can shoot a guy on 5th avenue and not lose their votes. they're locked in. the people he needs and doesn't yet have are terribly concerned about the judgment, temperament, about the comments toward women and mexicans and muslims and
4:54 pm
john mccain. >> he's insisting he can get there without us and that's the disconnect between paul ryan and donald trump. when donald trump says i don't need you to do this, he has sees essentially made a campaign for these moderates that have no candidate. >> trump supporters say he's authentic and he tells it like it is or he seems to be talking not in political speech which critics of hillary clinton will say she will lapse into rather than being authentic, it's made headlines, does that matter to these voters. >> it does. if he's not challenged which is why the phrase from marco rubio
4:55 pm
calling him a con man is important. a few years ago he was giving money to hillary clinton. said she would be a great president. said her husband was a terrific president. now he says they're the worst thing in the world. he contradicts himself. once you expand to people who are skeptical about him and fill in these facts -- >> he's a figure that's been around in american life for 40 years. they've long since formed their opinion. with all due respect to paul, i don't think as all these republican opponents have found out you can run commercials against him until the cows come home and the people think that's donald. we know donald. we know these stories. >> what about the people he's conned? >> the trump university people. >> i'll make this argument,
4:56 pm
sorry, the con is from the new york attorney general and he can get into that in two seconds. >> maybe you guys have a calendar, but i think when you start hearing from people who are ordinary americans who have been mistreated by this guy i think it begins to hurt him. >> donald trump is looking at vice presidential prospects and he's made a short list. we'll tell you what we're learning about his choices ahead. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through.
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welcome to this primary night edition. we're waiting for the votes to come in from west virginia and the democrats fight for their party's presidential nomination. the polls show bernie sanders is the early leader over hillary clinton and as expected the republican presumptive nominee donald trump is the winner in west virginia. i'm anderson cooper. let's go to wolf blitzer. >> we've got some key race alerts. look at this, in west virginia, hillary clinton has a slight lead only 2% of the vote is in. ernie got 50.6% to ber sanders 41.3%. very early. we have projected -- we have not been able to make any projections, but bernie sanders is the early


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