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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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when i saw her picture on our website, it was the first time, it just brought tears. >> i was going to keep a picture of it. >> that's beautiful. what a great inspirational story. >> she warms the heart, but also puts fire in your spirit. you are not your limitations. >> there you go. thank you. time now for newsroom with carol costello. >> you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom," a clean sweep for donald trump, but winning over the establishment, not so easy. >> we shouldn't just pretend that our party is unified, when we know it is not. >> and bernie sanders keeps the momentum going. >> it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> can he stop clinton or will math get in the way. plus drug enforcement agents back at prince's home.
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a new doctor now under the microscope. let's talk, live in the cnn newsroom. and good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. two different states of victory. donald trump wins and closes in on the nomination. bernie sanders wins, and barely moves the needle. trump, the last republican still standing, cruises to victory in the nebraska and west virginia primaries. clean sweep means he only needs about 100 delegates. bernie sanders also a winner, but rakes in only a handful more than hillary clinton, barely denting the huge lead she commands, but the republican seize on clinton's stumble. trump tweeting, quote, i don't want to hit bernie sanders too hard yet, because i love what he is doing to crooked hillary. but trump is taking hits too from overseas. listen to what the mayor of paris said, when asked about
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trump's proposed ban on muslim immigrants. >> mr. trump, he is just too -- i mean, my god. my god. >> we have a lot to cover in and guests are here to break it down. let's begin with the republicans, big win. live in washington with more sen lynn. >> good morning, to you, carol. looking to take the pair of wins and bring that to his big day tomorrow on capitol hill. he will meet with house and senate republican leaders, including the much anticipated meeting with speaker of the house, paul ryan. trump will be making the very direct, face-to-face pitch to those still in the party, still reluctant to fully support him. >> days before their big meeting, donald trump softening his tone, and sounding more conciliatory about house speaker paul ryan's role at the republican national convention. >> he is a very good man. he wants what's good for the party, and i think we're going to have positive results.
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i would love for him to say and be chairman. >> responding to ryan's assurance that he would step down if trump wanted him to. >> we shouldn't just pretend that the party is unified when we know it is not. >> in an interview with the "wall street journal," ryan says he hopes they can unite the party after a bruising battle. >> we want to sit down and talk about how we can unify the republican party so we can be at full strength in the fall. >> trump, also in the throws of preparing for the general election, narrowing down his list of potential running mates. one person definitely not interested in the job, former rival, marco rubio. in his first national interview since dropping out of the race, the senator telling jake tapper. >> my reservation about his campaign and policy differences are well documented and they remain. >> rubio signal his support is a matter of honoring his word. >> i signed a pledge that said i
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would support the republican nominee and i continue doto do that. >> and ted cruz returning to capitol hill and leaving the window open for possibly jumping back into the race. >> we've suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed, we would reconsider things. >> and the trump campaign seems to be laying groundwork for tomorrow's meeting, they've dispatched ben carson, who spoke on the phone last night with paul ryan. the goal of that phone call, according to an aide, carol was to set a positive tone ahead of the meeting. >> we'll see if it works. sunlen, thanks so much. with me now to talk about this and more, cnn political commentator and republican strategist, doug hye, also the communications director and republican strategist, brian morganstern, welcome. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> nice to have you both here. so brian, trump and sanders will coal country. they win west virginia.
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they're both outsiders, doug, i get that, but does either candidate have a viable plan to save the coal mines? >> well, that's obviously a hot topic now. hillary clinton really stepped in it, and gave the other candidates a chance to really exploit that, that weakness. it is not just about west virginia. this is the year of the disaffected, ignored voter who is, you know, being appealed to by the pcandidate. they feel like, you know, the politicians in washington have not been looking out for them and so both sanders and trump have been railing on these trade deals, and sort of using them as a scapegoat or, you know, the reason for their plight, and so that's why these people are so energized and really giving it to both of the establishment side of the party. >> as far as a plan goes,
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neither candidate seems to have much of a plan, but they have a villain. is that the secret? like the epa is the villain, obama is the villain. but what's the solution? >> well, i think that's one of the thing that troubles so many people on the republican side about donald trump. there are no policy specifics. there are no real solutions. as you mentioned, tons of villains, you can pick a different one of the day. but there aren't serious policy solutions. that's why i think you've seen somebody who is so policy and results or yepiented like paul , he is so nervous, but if you're paul ryan and want a positive agenda for america, you've put out a positive agenda, having a front-runner who doesn't have a real agenda, hasn't put out specific policy proposals can be troubling. >> i want to go back to ryan in just a moment. he want to ask you this question, brian. because sanders, bernie sanders of course won west virginia over hillary clinton.
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he hit donald trump in his victory speech. trump hit crazy bernie, and what he is doing to crooked hillary in a tweet this morning, here is what mr. trump tweeted exactly. quote, i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard yet because i love watching what he is doing to crooked hillary. his time will come. so brian, is that true? is trump just trying to focus on the game, and not on actual policy? >> isn't it always about the game. it's always about branding his opponents, and you know, to lift himself up. he is going after crazy bernie, for the first time. this a change in tone actually. he has been praising bernie for what he has been doing and bringing in new voters. he intends to reach out to them and that's not a dumb strategy, frankly. there is much more than a non-zero number, probably. let's say 10% of bernie's voters actually go with trump, because they feel the system is rigged
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and he is more equipped to deal with it. that's 1 million voters. obama won by 3 million votes. so trump sort of waffling and playing the game to appeal to eventually to bernie voters is not the dumbest thing he could do. >> it's fascinating. so doug, i know you're republican strategist, but i did want to ask you this. is bernie sanders hurting hillary clinton? >> i think there is no question about it. having win after win, it's been impressive what he has done. win after win is another one in the armor. she has the most delegates, she'll get to the numbers she needs on the democratic side. but she continues to lose and it shows that democratic voters aren't enthusiastic about hillary clinton even if they nomt nate here, just as republican voters aren't enthusiastic about donald trump. >> let's talk about a no
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non-enthusiastic kind of sort of, i don't know, marco rubio. i don't know if he supports donald trump or not, brian. marco rubio, though, he was your candidate. he won't say if he'll vote for trump. he will say he has no interest in becoming trump's vice-president. and more. listen. >> here is what i'm not going to do over the next six months, just be taking shots at him. he obviously wasn't my first choice because i was running for president. he has won the nomination. he deserves the opportunity to go out and make his case to the american people and that's what he'll do. i don't view my role to just sit here and level charges against him. i know what i said during the campaign. i enunciated those things repeatedly and the voters chose a different direction. i stand by the things that i said. but i'm not going to sit here now and become the chief critic, because he deserves to make his argument and try to win. >> so basically he is saying, nah, so my question is why not get on board the trump train, grab a spot to speak at the
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convention, and call it a day? >> because he has obviously very real concerns about this candidacy. he has articulated them, you know, over and over throughout the primary process. to come out with a full throated endorsement would be phony. it won't really have the affect of rallying people around trump. people would know that it's -- that it's fake. it is in the interest of marco's own future. that's not who he is. he is a genuine guy. what's happening here is that in every election, there are voter whose really connect with the candidate and they want to raise money and they want to knock on doors, and they want to do everything they can to help them and then there are others who don't who shrug and hold their nose. what is weird about this situation, leader in the republican party, like marco rubio, are the ones kind of shrugging and holding their noses as opposed to some of the grassroots folks who tend to do that, you know, in every election. >> all right, i have to leave it
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there. brian and doug, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. okay, let's talk about the democrats. hillary clinton berned again. long time shoo-in unable to clinch the nomination or closer. she loses to bernie sanders, but barely loses any ground in the all important delegate race. cnn chris frates in washington with more. hi. >> hey, good morning, carol. you're right. bernie sanders had another good primary night last night. he won the majority of the 29 delegates up for grabs in west virginia. but as you point out, sanders still faces long odds in his campaign to upset hillary clinton, who leads him by about 300 pledged delegates. >> now, we fully acknowledge that we are good in rit arithme we have an uphill climb ahead of us, but we are used to fighting uphill climbs. our message to the democratic
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delegates, who will be assembling in philadelphia, while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area we agree, and that is we must defeat donald trump. >> now, the campaign aide tells me they think sanders can beat the odds by racking up more big victories like he did last night and the super delegates that he hats best chance of defeating donald trump in the fall, as he just made the case there. in facts, a recent poll shows sanders fares better than clinton in a matchup against trump in three different battle ground states. that didn't stop joe biden from putting his finger on the scale for secretary clinton. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee, and i feel confident she will a be the next president. >> clinton plans to campaign hard against sanders, she will focus on new jersey and california, but also going to continue looking forward to
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november, and she is taking on donald trump to do that. sanders, well, he also slammed trump in his victory speech, so even as clinton and sanders continue to battle it out and running against each other, they're increasingly targeting trump as well, carol. >> all right, chris frates, reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," bernie sanders routes hillary clinton in west virginia, we just heard that. so what was the deciding factor for voters? we'll breakdown the exit polls next. it's my decision to make beauty last. fix. roc® retinal started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it, the better it works. retinal correxion® from roc® methods, not miracles.™
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6:18 am
season economic anxiety on steroids. second jobless rates, lowest household income in the country. democratic primary voters say they're worried about the economy, and not good territory for hillary clinton. bernie sanders carrying all categories concerned about jobs, income, healthcare. his populous message really resonating there, 53% of democrats called international trade a job killer. only 35% say trade creates american jobs. clinton and sanders split that group. about one-third of democratic voters coal industry household. of those, clinton registered 29% of the vote. hardly a surprise, really, after seeing her policies on the environment and clean energy would put coal miners and coal companies out of business. they're unmoved about her attempt to walk that back. the time machine economics, bringing back good jobs of the past. even some democrats are on board, carol. check this out. among democrats who voted for
6:19 am
bernie sanders, 43% would pick donald trump in a general election against hillary clinton. and even if sanders himself were running against trump, 34% of democratic voters would pick the republican front-runner, not bernie sanders. a gop voter's enthusiastic for trump's prospect would be excited or optimistic, just 23% concerned or scared. that's a difference, where you didn't see the primary voters warming to trump like you do right now. after a bruising primary season, we asked what voters think of the republican party. the majority say, carol, it's divided now, but we'll unite. one-third say it will remain divided. exit polling for the general election here. >> thank you so much. so you can see it. west virginia does not like hillary clinton. but it does feel the bern, and senator sanders used the love to bolster his assertion that he is the democratic that can beat
6:20 am
trump. >> we cannot have a president who has insulted latinos and mexicans. who has insulted muslims. who everyday is insulting women in one way or another. the american people understand that bringing us together always trumps dividing us up. >> ah, but the bath is not on sanders side. hillary clinton leads by 700 delegates. but make no mistake, sanders is showing her weakness. clinton's big weakness, white, working class workers. with me to talk about this more,
6:21 am
larry sabato. hi, larry. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so sanders won handedly with nearly every demographic group in west virginia. she won in 2008. should clinton worry? >> not at all, because of that result. she has other worries, but look, west virginia gave 35% of its vote to barack obama in 2012. no democratic is going to win west virginia at the presidential level. if bernie sanders were the nominee, the numbers last night clearly show he would lose in a landslide to donald trump. so you know, it doesn't mean anything in terms of the general election. it is so difficult to get that cross to people. the primary results have very little connection to the general election out come. >> okay, well, there is still this strange quirk i wanted to ask you about. nearly 40% of democratic voters
6:22 am
in west virginia want the next president to be less liberal than president obama, yet they voted for a democratic socialist. i know we shouldn't pay attention, but that's weird. >> well, it's weird in a way, and yet it's also rationale and logical. the voters of west virginia are basically strongly anti-obama. they were strongly anti-obama in 2008, when they supported hillary clinton overwhelmingly in the democratic primary against obama. then they voted for mccain overwhelmingly in the fall. and then they voted for romney overwhelmingly in 2012, running against barack obama. and who is the most likely obama choice, and it's obvious to everybody, hillary clinton. so she becomes the substitute obama. and they vote against the obama substitute on the ballot. does that make any sense? it all connects. >> it all connects, i got that.
6:23 am
that was excellently described, larry. let's talk about hillary clinton. she is running for obama's third term, right. she wants his mojo. it's obvious white blue collar workers do not like obama. is that really a winning strategy for clinton? >> well, it can be. assuming she gets the kind of majorities that obama got among african-americans, hispanic americans, asian americans and so on and young people. and women. because after all, you can construct a pretty substantial majority as obama did twice without white working class voters overwhelmingly, they voted against him in both of the presidential elections, he won. so they're going to vote overwhelmingly against hillary clinton in november. she could win, just like obama did. >> but she still needs some, right? i say that because clinton's advisors are carefully studying the opinions of white working class voters like those in west
6:24 am
virginia, to see, you know, how clinton can better relate to them, or talk to them. but isn't that simple? they want their jobs back. why not enlist joe biden. they like him. >> well, that's true. i think joe biden would have done a few points better with white working class. he was not going to win them. he might have done better particularly with white working class men. now, hillary clinton is hoping to do a bit better with white working class women. you are know, it's different for every candidate. the combination, the calculus is different. 270 electoral votes and a number of ways to get there. >> larry, thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come, donald trump keeps winning, and international leaders keep worrying. let's just say he is not a trump fan with the london's new mayor.
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checking some top sorries, 29 minutes past. police searching for a motive south of boston that left two people dead and wounding four others. the 28-year-old man stabbed two women in their home, killing one of them. then he tacked diners in a mall restaurant. >> all of a sudden, people were hollering, there a killer. >> he came from the back of the restaurant, he was slashing people. people were throwing chairs at him and stuff. >> an off duty sheriff's deputy shot and killed the attacker. isis claiming responsibility for a car bombing in baghdad today, killing more than 60 people. the tack at a market in a shiite neighborhood, injuring 80
6:30 am
others. deadly attacks by isis against in iraq. deadly attack in benghazi will not face the death penalty. he was captured in 2014, for his alleged role in the attack that killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. he is in custody in the united states. he has pleaded not guilty. police in tennessee fear a 9-year-old missing for a week is in danger. carly marie trent being checked out of her school by her 57-year-old uncle who did not have the authority to do that. he is now the target of a kidnapping warrant. police believe the uncle may have taken the girl camping because of items he bought at walmart. rewarding totaling $15,000 have been offered in the case. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining
6:31 am
me. three days on the job, and london's new mayor, sounding off on donald trump. sadiq kahn is the first muslim to ever hold office and now ripping into the presumptive gop nominee on proposed ban on muslims entering the united states. trump said he would make an exception for kahn, to which the mayor responded, no thanks. today, he had even harsher words. cnn christiane amanpour spoke with him this morning. good morning. >> good morning, carol. it's important to put this in context. the london race was a little microcosm of the donald trump campaign. they played the racial card, anti-muslim card here. s sadiq kahn told me he took the hopeful route. this is what he said is going on in the u.s. presidential race, particularly in the trump
6:32 am
campaign. >> dllondon has chosen hope ove fear. i'm proud that london choose unity over division. my message to donald trump, and his team, is that you know, your views of islam are ignorant. it is possible to be a muslim and to live in the west. it's possible to be a muslim and to love america. i've got family members who are american. we have often been to american holiday. my kids used to love disneyland. i'm scared of some of the rides, but they used to love going to disneyland. i've been there as a minister. i'm not exceptional. for donald trump to say the mayor kahn can be allowed but not the rest, it's ridiculous. there are business people, young people who study in america, who happened to be muslim. people want to go to holiday in america, who happened to be muslim. giving the impression that islam and the west are incompatible,
6:33 am
you're playing into the hands of the extremists. >> now, it is important that you understand that he speaks out in this dramatic way, because he thinks he has to. he says that he has to address the fut, he will not pussy foot around and it will play in the hands of the extremists all over the world. now, remember, he has been the most -- he has won the most direct votes in any british election, ever. he is now being called one of the most important muslim politicians in the entire western world. so people are really putting a whole lot on his shoulders in this regard right now. he also, then, weighed in to who he would like to see win the u.s. presidential race. >> i think you've got a choice when it comes to the election in neff. you've got a choice of you somebody who is trying to divide not only your community, but divide america from the rest of the world.
6:34 am
i think that's, you know, not the america that i know and love and you know, i'll do, you know, of course i'll go to america because you know, i love the country. but also, i think, you know, in new york and chicago and austin, other parts of america have a lot to teach. the city has to address climate change, how do we fix air quality, integration better. how do we keep the better. how do we keep the cities safe. so of course, i'll travel to america, but i'm hoping that he is not the guy that wins. >> and indeed, he said that he hopes hillary clinton trounces donald trump. he called himself a proud feminist. he has two daughters of his own, and he also as you can imagine, being a labor party leader, his politics are much more in line of the democratic party in the united states. carol. >> so christiane, if he spoke
6:35 am
o donald trump would reach out, would the mayor speak to him. >> he is trying to make a point, look, you can't have this kind of debate in public. because it plays to the worst fears and the worst gut instincting of people, and beyond that, demonizing in terms of demographics and the islamic faith simply feeds into the extremists threat, but also, removes a really vital partner in the fight against extremism. he is trying to say you can't just demonize us all, because we need to be there to help, you know, deradicalize and integrate and fight this whole war on terror. and all the rest of it. so he is making that point very clearly. >> interesting. fascinating interview. christiane amanpour thank you so much. be sure to check her full interview with sadiq kahn on cnn
6:36 am
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cnn has now learned a medical doctor went to prince's minneapolis home to deliver test results, only to discover he had just been pronounced dead. federal drug agents searched the paisley park compound yesterday. according to the search warrant, dr. michael shulenberg was also at the home the day before he died and at least once before, at least two weeks earlier. sara snider has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. we know the dea was here at the compound yesterday inside searching for some items. we don't know what they are. but that other search warrant, we have learned more information about it. it was first obtained by the los angeles times. basically in the search warrant, what is being asked for is all kinds of medical records
6:41 am
pertaining to prince, everything from photographs to doctor's notes to prescriptions. what we've learned from that is that the doctor did indeed say that he prescribed something to prince, and that that prescription was filled at walgreen's. we no he that he met with prince and did some tests on prince, at least twice. one of those times, just a day before he died. we also know that it was here at the compound the day that prince died. he was interviewed by investigators, and we're learning lots of little new details about exactly what happened surrounding those days. we have not, however, been able to get in contact with dr. schulenbe schulenberg, but we talked to the hospital where he worked and they told us he has left his employment there. they would not explain further why or when exactly that happened, carol. >> so what do we know about this doctor? >> reporter: we went and looked at his medical license and it is
6:42 am
completely clean. no criminal background. no complaints listed there. we talked to someone who was -- used him as a doctor for years, and she said he was great. he helped her, was a very good listener, helped her through some pregnancies, and you know, what we're seeing right now is that this is a person who was mentioned in a search warrant, because police are doing their due diligence to get all of the evidence they can possibly get, but he is not a person that has any kind of criminal background, any kind of history, and he is not being charged at this point in time. we need to make that very, very clear. but we have not heard from him. we have tried to get in contact with him and have been unable to reach him. i can also tell you that basically in this compound here, we are told by the sheriff's office, look, it should be no surprise to anyone that we're looking for things like medical records and continuing to search the paisley park compound. carol. >> all right, sara, reporting live from minnesota. thank you. addiction to prescription drugs will be the session of an
6:43 am
important town hall tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, hosted by anderson cooper and dr. sanjay gupta. still to come, elizabeth warren accusing donald trump of spewing insults and lies. why do people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom!
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6:47 am
jillian castro, the secretary of housing and urban development, shooting down hype he could be the vice-presidential pick. he said he has not been contacted by the campaign. >> i haven't heard from anyone. i know that there have been a lot of questions from different folks about that, and i've said
6:48 am
i'm going to be back in texas next year. i'm just happy to support secretary clinton. >> if you were to be offered to be on her ticket, would you say yes? >> that is not going to happen. so you know, i'm not going to hi high poth size about that. i look forward to supporting her and her running mated. >> he says he is out. many hoping elizabeth warren is in. some say picking warren as a vice-presidential candidate could boost her appeal, especially among women voters. in the meantime, she is not afraid to step into the sf spotlight as her war of words with donald trump heats up. >> democratic, elizabeth war ran, taking on donald trump in 140 characters or less. the massachusetts senator using words like lame, weak, and bully to describe the candidate. the twitter spat dates back to may 3rd, after trump won the indiana primary and became the
6:49 am
presumptive nominee. warren, promising to fight her heart out to make sure donald trump's toxic stew of hatred and insecurity never reaches the white house. trump couldn't let that slide. blasting warren on twitter three days later, writing i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses goofy elizabeth warren as her running mate. i will defeat them both. one minute later, he slammed warren again. this time, bringing up her heart table. a controversy going back to her 2012 senate campaign. trump tweeting, let's properly check goofy elizabeth warren's records to see if she is native american. i say she is a fraud. warren has long defended her native american heritage, even after her republican opponent, scott brown, accused her making it up to get ahead in her career. seconds later, this. goofy elizabeth warren, hillary clinton's flunky, she is not native american.
6:50 am
a white later, goofy elizabeth warren and her phony american heritage on a twitter rant. she is too easy, i'm driving her nuts. >> but was he really driving her nuts. warren did not back down. she took to twitter again, through the primaries without being held accountable an putting him on notice those days are over. first, she called his tweets lame, then this in response to him calling her goofy elizabeth warren. goofy, for a guy with the best words, that's a pretty lame nickname, weak. within 13 minutes warren fired off 11 tweets aimed at trump, calling him a bully who has a single play in his playbook, offensive lies thrown at anyone who calls him out. another saying he spews insults and lies because he can't have an honest conversation about his dangerous vision for america.
6:51 am
you can beat a bully not by tucking tail and running but by holding your ground. if you think recycling scott brown's attacks on my family will shut me up, think again, buddy, weak. her rant ended with this doozy, whatever at real donald trump says, we won't shut up or back down. this election is too important and he won't step foot in the white house. randi kaye, cnn, new york. checking some other top stories for you. queen ee list bemg's garden party takes an unexpected turn when she's overheard criticizing chinese officials. >> can i present commander of the chinese state -- >> oh. >> seriously undermined by the chinese -- >> quite a testing time. i think at the point they walked around that the trick was off.
6:52 am
i felt -- >> she was with me and it was very rude and undiplomatic i thought. >> in video released by buckingham palace, she remarks that chinese officials were rude last year and releasing this spokesman, we do not comment on the queen's private conversations however the chinese state visit was extremely successful. senate republicans are holding out any chance for a nomination hearing of filling out a standard questionnaire and returning it to senate leaders. most republicans will not authorize a confirmation hearing even if a democrat wins the election in november. steph curry makes nba history once more, a unanimous
6:53 am
vote, where do i start? led to a 24-0 start finishing with 73 wins and led the league in free-throw accuracy and steals and obliterated the single season record for three-pointers scored with 402. >> i never really set out to change the game. i never, you know, thought that that would kind of happen in my career. i didn't even know how to describe that but what i want to do is be myself. how i play the game is how i know how to play the game. it's what i work on every single day. >> not to be outdone, curry's daughter riley was seen stealing the show again, that she's got her eyes on them. what a cutie. still to come, forget the makeup counter or drugstore. some signists at m.i.t. have figured out how to get rid of your wrinkles. they found out who's been hacking into our network.
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imagine if you could get rid of your wrinkles with one quick fix. scientists at m.i.t. say they've got the trick. cnn's jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: whether it's baking soda or coffee grounds, people will try anything to reduce those bags and wrinkles. why not a second skin? >> i don't see why you couldn't put it on every morning and wake it like any other makeup. >> reporter: even put makeup on it an elastic second skin was the name of the study in the journal nature materials. >> first you put on this invisible cream on your skin and that has the polymer in it and then a catalyst. >> reporter: the two creams produce a bond, invisible
6:59 am
plastic coating that mimics younger skin. look at the difference in photos accompanying the article. the coating lasts for at least a day. >> how does it feel? >> didn't feel like you're wearing anything. >> reporter: developed over nine years, tested on over 100 people. the scientists say it could also protect sores and hide skin diseases like eczema and psorias psoriasis. >> you can't tell where the fake skin ends and real skin begins. >> i can't. >> reporter: scientists stand to benefit and get rich if second skin pans out when it hits the marketplace in a couple of years. why do they keep pinching that woman's eye bags? to demonstrate the coating gives elasticity to skin, something we lose when we age. one joker compared it to the game of thrones character who morphs from old to young and back. >> kind of spanx argument, you wear it and take it off and let
7:00 am
it all hang out. >> reporter: no word on pricing, considering the chemical contents, doesn't see why it should be super expensive. how do you get your new invisible second skin off? ♪ >> reporter: pretty much the same way they do in mission impossible. just hope that if you ever use second skin, you don't get this reaction when removing it. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. a clean sweep for donald trul p, but winning over the establishment, not so easy. >> we shouldn't pretend our party is unified when we know it is not. >> bernie sanders keeps the momentum going. >> it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west
7:01 am
virginia. >> can he stop clinton or will mac get in the way? >> a new doctor now under the microscope. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom". >> good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. things are happening in washington, d.c. we have dueling -- i guess we could say news conferences that are about to happen at any minute now. on the left the democratic side is set up, democratic leadership is going to meet and speak out against donald trump. we expect to hear from them in ten minutes or so. on the right, you see that's the republican podium being set up, the gop leadership is meeting right now to talk about party unity. we expect the house speaker, paul ryan to say a few remarks and we'll bring you back to washington live. let's talk about last night and how the votes went down.
7:02 am
donald trump closing in on the nomination with his primary victories and bernie sanders also winning but barely moved the needle. trump, the last republican still standing cruises to victory both in the nebraska primary and yesterday's vote in west virginia. now he only needs about 100 delegates. bernie sanders also a winner in west virginia but rakes only a handful more delegates barely denting the huge delegate lead she commands. i love watching what he's doing to crooked hillary, his time will come. for republicans, all eyes turn to tomorrow though in a much anticipated meeting between mr. trump and paul ryan. ryan refused to endorse the presumptive nominee and trump fired back.
7:03 am
ryan says they have a shared goal, republican unity. >> if we fake it, we're going to go into the fall at half strength. and when there's an election where everything is at stake, the supreme court, the executive, the legislature, you really, the future of the country for a long time, we can't fake that we're unified. we need to truly become unified and to truly become unified we have to have a good conversation with one another about the principles and the policies that come from conservatism. >> joining us with more from washington, good morning. >> reporter: donald trump is facing such a big and important moment for his campaign going forward. when he comes here to washington tomorrow he'll meet with house and senate republican leaders and of course that big meeting with speaker of the house, paul ryan. as he's reaching out and going for party unity, put simply, there still is a lot of convincing that he needs to do on capitol hill.
7:04 am
still a lot of reluctance from those on capitol hill to fully support his candidacy. notably, his former rival, marco rubio came out and almost seemed to avoid doing a formal endorsement of donald trump. even though he told cnn's jake tapper that yes, he would support the republican nominee because he says he made a promise during the primary fight. here's what he had to say. >> are you going to vote for him? >> well, as i said, i'm going to support the republican nominee. >> you're going to abide by your pledge. are you going to pull the trigger? >> i intend to support the republican nominee. >> including -- >> i'm not voting for hillary clinton. not throwing away my vote. >> and one of donald trump's other rivals, ted cruz, returned back to capitol hill yesterday and he too would not endorse at all donald trump. says he still has time to make up his mind. interestingly he did not rule
7:05 am
out the potential if there's a path forward to jump back in the race. >> we have suspended the campaign. we've suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed, we would reconsider things. but we're not going to win nebraska today. there should be no history or no excitement in that. we've withdrawn from the campaign. it's in the hands of the voters. if circumstances change we'll always assess and change circumstances -- >> now, as trump hits capitol hill tomorrow, we know from sources that paul ryan this morning gave sort of a rallying of the troops it seems to the house republican conference this morning. he says that the party will be united going forward and that is just a process they have to go through and that process starts tomorrow. donald trump, carol, speaking in more conciliatory, softer tones speaking about paul ryan heading into the meeting tomorrow. >> sunfen, thank you. london england's newly elected
7:06 am
mayor had harsh words for the gop front-runner. the first muslim mayor to lead a major western city is crossing his fingers that trump loses. here's what he told cnn's christiane amanpour. >> your views of islam are ignorant. it's possible to be a muslim and live in the west. it's possible to be a muslim and to love america. you've got a choice of unity over division and choice of somebody trying to divide not just your community as america but divide america from the rest of the world. i think that's not the america i know and love. let's bring in katrina peerson and mary katherine hamm. welcome to both of you.
7:07 am
>> thank you. >> he says mr. trump's take on islam is ignorant. will mr. trump reconsider on this temporary muslim ban? >> absolutely not. this is not a ban on all muslims as many in the media has been reporting. it's a ban on immigration of muslims. we need to reform our visa program. we've got to find out who's coming into our country and that's exactly what mr. trump said. we have to no who's coming into this country. this to not do that is the going against our own national security interest and the leaders in those communities who say we don't know who's coming into this country and there is no process to know why they are coming here and if they have good intentions. we need to figure out this process. >> here's the thing, mr. trump's muslim ban would apply to mus m muslims looking to visit the united states as tourist. would he reconsider that part? >> what he said was it's something that he would look at
7:08 am
simply because we have to have a system in place. we do know that one of the 9/11 hijackers were here on a tourist visa. if we don't know who they are, where they are coming from, for example, the mayor is somebody that we would be able to know where they are coming from. mr. trump is talking about those individuals that don't have a background and don't have a history and don't know where they are coming from and intentions for that matter. for those people, yes, there is an expedited process. but other than that, we cannot just allow particularly that we know isis has been infiltrating these refugees and not continue to allow this influx of immigrants into this country without knowing what their intentions are. >> mr. trump's exceptions might be sitting mayors of major western countries and he also said something about athletes. would he allow muslim athletes into the country to compete? >> well, again, it all depends on if we know their intentions. i'm not quite sure why people don't understand this concept. >> i'm trying to figure out --
7:09 am
>> the intentions. >> if they have documents, then yes, those are individuals that could come to this country. mr. trump is specifically talking about those we don't know anything about, where they are coming from. the individuals that came in from -- that committed the san bernardino crime, the woman that came in on the fiancee visa, they didn't know what country she came from originally. that's a problem. >> mary katherine, does that make sense? >> i don't have it hurts an american candidate to have somebody from another country chime in how he's not great for america because american voters say we're making this decision. i don't think it will hurt trump with his core audience for sure. katrina is right there are risks with immigration and you need to evaluate those things. for all of us in this segment, katrina, carol and myself, it is hard to understand what his poll sills are because trump has not thought through his policies. he says what is on his gut at that moment, on his mind at that moment and then we have to fill in the blanks after the fact.
7:10 am
this is a xre serious matter and what concerns me about trump on many issues, he does not think through these things thoroughly and come up with policy. on the other side you have the mayor of london saying how western values and islam are compatible. of course he's correct you can be a muslim and love america and western values but there's polling that shows just from april, that there are great gaps between the muslim community and the rest of britain when it comes to western values and what they believe. ignoring that also does not h p help. >> also polls in the united states that show there are 300,000 muslims in the united states that disagree with western values and that's a problem. >> what are we going to do with them? has trump thought through that point? this is the problem there's not a plan. >> the point is we have to start screening the immigrants coming in perfect muslim nations so we know where they are and what
7:11 am
their intentions are. that's the point here. >> let's talk -- i think nancy pelosi is now speaking. the democratic leadership was going to hold this news conference and they were going to blast mr. trump. should we listen in for just a bit? >> year after year, republicans have enthusiastically turned their intolerance and discrimination into legislation. as our video shows you'll see in a moment, whether it's insulting president obama, women, immigrants, muslims, lgbt americans, there's not a dime's worth of difference between what donald trump says and what the house republicans have been saying all along. >> do you believe we need to go back to surveillance? >> absolutely. absolutely. ♪
7:12 am
>> you testified in 1999 and 2000, that he thought he -- by radical islam and searching for -- that's not a theme that seems accurate. >> we're talking about is a bill that with withhold crimes from planned parenthood for a period of a year while we have the investigation. i know they called this a smear campaign. >> mary katherine, i know what the democratic leadership is trying to do, tie the republicans already holding office to donald trump's comments and say they are one in the same. are they? >> i think that's what some of the republicans running for office this time around are going to be concerned about, right? there is their big question. do i hitch my wagon to this when i have no idea what this guy is going to say on the trail from day to day and answer for it.
7:13 am
i think that's a real concern in this election. i think the democrats are going to happily put the two together and put whatever candidate it is in a purple state next to donald trump and make him answer for all of his comments. we don't know what those comments will be or what those beliefs will be from day to day. if there's an excel document you have at the campaign where you update this and let us know, that would be awesome. >> so, katrina, very soon paul ryan and donald trump will meet tomorrow morning and i would think this is one of paul ryan's concerns, that he's not quite sure what donald trump's policies or principles are. >> well, look, if a candidate doesn't want to run on pro-american values, putting americans and their children first, taking control of the border, securing the border, having comments since trade deals, that's a decision they'll have to make. what's happening with the democrats, they are trying to run against donald trump as if he is a politician. donald trump is a brand.
7:14 am
he is an individual that resonates success. he resonates competition and love for his country. his entire empire is built right here. he's the only candidate that's personally invested in the successor failure of the united states. that is the candidate that we have today. millions of americans support donald trump and we're seeing that unfold in recent polling in many swing states. >> all right, i believe that nancy pelosi is now slamming donald trump for what he said about women right now. of course, that is to be expected. going back to that meeting between paul ryan and mr. trump, mary katherine, you heard katrina say mr. trump is a brand. he cares deeply about america and in a way that most sitting politicians don't. is that fair? >> i don't know that i would be casting aspergss on the other candidates in the race. there are problems with all of them.
7:15 am
that's what many americans are faced with right now. when they go into this meeting, paul ryan, who has been committed to things like entitlement reform in the past is looking at the candidate not committed to that saying that he's going to maybe solve the debt in eight years, but maybe i can't do that. maybe i'll renegotiate when it comes to our debt, who again does not think through his positions and given no indication he's a committed conservative of any kind on pretty much anything other than saying i love america, we're all in the same boat on that one. it's reasonable for conservatives to say, i don't have any indication that you consistently believe these things or you will hold to a position on these things. let's have a talk about that before you earn my vote. many conservatives will ask that question. there are many who claim to believe things that conservatives believe like entitlement reform and seem to think he believes those things. i think he has a lot of convincing to do. >> it's not about patriotism, this is about priorities. paul ryan and the republicans
7:16 am
have been talking about limited government, conservative values for a very long time. republicans haven't governed conservatives since the '80s and republicans have been in charge for quite some time. we funded executive amnesty and planned parenthood and grown government. we've given more to the export/import bank. 61%, which is lower than the average republican in the congress today. >> katrina -- i just want to ask you, in light of what you've just said, bottom line, does mr. trump care about party unity? >> of course he does. he has been committed to that long before he became the presumptive nominee, having meetings in washington for three months now because he does want to unite the party. however, if that means giving up his core platform -- >> what is his core platform, being pro america. >> border security and go back and check out the speech.
7:17 am
it is there and that's why people are voting for him. >> he's a candidate who is happily and proudly spurned the entire idea of limits on his power as an executive and doesn't allow interest in the what the constitution allows and doesn't allow him to do. i will tote sally concede that looking at how things are governed in the past, it's not a conservative government. moving in that direction requires that you not hire a casual authoritarian to do it. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. we'll keep an eye on the gop news conference about to begin. we're expecting to hear from paul ryan. i'll be right back.
7:18 am
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7:19 am
boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. susan brooks is now talking and the gop leadership just met as you know, donald trump and paul ryan are expected to have a meeting tomorrow morning, just around 9:00 eastern time. so let's listen in and maybe the gop leadership will share with us what they talked about earlier this morning. >> 78 americans, that's almost 15 people on a regular basis every hour lose their lives. i'm going to talk to you about one of those lives today.
7:20 am
because she drives me. she's part of the reason why myself and so many members in the house are focused on this horrible epidemic facing the country. justin phillips, a mom in indianapolis, lost her son to an opioid overdose. he had been a high school senior, football player, great young guy. he got hooked on heroin by age 20 he lost his life. this is after he had been in treatment, recovery, she stood by him. she worked with him. but he lost his life to a heroin overdose at age 20. she started an organization called overdose lifeline because she said she needed to do it until the dying stops. and the dying is happening every hour, every day, all across this country. so she's starting an organization, overdose lifeline that focuses on providing raising funds from the lock zone treatment for first responders.
7:21 am
it's police week later this week and our first responders day in and day out are saving lives in our neighborhoods and communities and at our family's homes. i'm really pleased that the house is taking up more than a dozen bills focused because so many members of congress feel so strongly about this. i'm proud to be leading a bill hr 4641 which talks about trying to change the culture in this country of the prescribing practices. because 80% of those dying of heroin started with a pain prescription addiction. so my bill is about a task force bringing together patients and treatment providers and prescribers and the federal agencies involved with the prescription problem facing the country. and to bring to congress the best practices, how do we change the culture of the prescribers in this country? we've got to get people off the pain meds so then those people will not turn to heroin and eventually will save lives. everyone has had a lot of great ideas, we're going to bring a
7:22 am
lot of proposals to the house floor from members all across the country. very bipartisan bills, this is something that affects so many lives. we're doing it for justin and for her young son and with that i would like to turn it over to representative dole from illinois. >> i'm representing illinois's tenth congressional district and in the suburbs of chicago, the area that i represent, we're losing one person every three days in the counties, one every day in cook county. and this is an epidemic. but today i want to talk about one in particular. his name is alex alib tae, here are his father, gary, mother, jody and sister chelsea. alex was an all-american kid, he grew up in buffalo grove and went to stevenson high school, a great school in the tenth district and played sports, got
7:23 am
good grades, had lots of friends. went off to college. what happened there though is that something mysterious happened. alex would check himself into a hospital, he was sick. his parents didn't know what was going on and teachers didn't know what was happening but actually -- >> so you can see these house members are talking about bills they are going to introduce to help combat the opioid problem with prescription drugs in this nation and ultimately america's heroin addiction product. paul ryan is expected to speak right after representative dole gets done speaking. i want to bring in katrina pierson and mary katherine hamm. do you think he'll broech the subject of donald trump -- or look at the important -- not that donald trump isn't important, don't take it that way, but this addiction to heroin and prescription pills is an important problem too in america. >> i think -- >> go ahead, mary katherine. >> i think when i comes out,
7:24 am
he'll probably address the elephant in the room, technically an elephant and talk about donald trump in some way. i also think that certainly with this prescription town hall coming up and this being a giant issue, many of these republicans will delight in the opportunity to get in front of the american people and talk about this, even if the enticement is they might talk about donald trump. >> katrina, i understand doctor carson reached out to paul ryan last night. they had a phone call. he was trying to pave the way for a positive meeting. do you think it happened? >> i do. i think any time you have someone like dr. ben carson who is loved by many americans and respected by many of his colleagues to reach out, maybe explain why he feels it's really important for everyone to come together around trump. i would also like to address the issue of the day which seems to be heroin and drugs in this country, which is something that mr. trump has been talking
7:25 am
about, particularly during the new hampshire primary process because it's extremely important to him as well. the wall is important in keeping drugs out of this country too. we have to secure our borders as mr. trump says, without a border, you don't have a country. >> mary katherine, does she have a point? >> she certainly has a point about it being a serious issue and there's also reporting of donald trump at the time of the new hampshire primary talking to a reporter who brought up the issue with him and donald trump espoused ignorance about the issue -- >> here's paul ryan. >> i met with the family of jason sin cow skee, he was born and raised in stevens point, wisconsin, a place i've been to hundreds of time. after high school he entered the marines. he reached the rank of corporal and he was a son and he was a husband and he was a father to a precious little girl.
7:26 am
two years ago, jason entered the va medical center to be treated for anxiety. he never went home. under medical supervision or the appearance of it, he died of an overdose from opioid painkillers. we know that jason's death could and should have been prevented. no one should seek help and receive mistreatment in return. no one. so jason's family pushed for reforms that will make the va improve its practices in the way it monitors prescriptions. yesterday the promise act passed the house. jason's family was in the gallery watching. it is one of 18 initiatives that we're acting on to address the opioid epidemic sweeping across this country. you heard about two others. many states have taken action. but this threat also requires a national response. so whether it is protecting infants, whether it is stopping king pins or pushers or making
7:27 am
better use of data, we're going to take all of these ideas, pass them through the house, go into a conference with the senate and we intend to put a bill on the president's desk fast. this is not just about process. this is not just about legislation. this is about saving people's lives. it is about honoring those who are taken too soon. it is about honoring those who want a second chance, who need and deserve a spekd chance and it's also about protecting the next generation, those of us raising that next generation care so deeply about this. that is what this week is about. >> as you heard from everyone here, addiction tears families apart. doesn't matter your age, doesn't matter the color of your skin. it's reaching every single district. i want to give special thanks
7:28 am
here to congressman bob dole, congresswoman susan brooks, they never gave up. and they work together in a bipartisan manner. when you talk about and listen to what the bills are going to be on the floor this week, there will be 18 of them dealing from every aspect of this challenge that we have in america. i want to thank the senate, they have worked hard -- >> we'll keep an eye on this news conference right now and apparently questions will be posed from reporters to the leadership of the republican party. when that part of that news conference happens, we'll bring you back to capitol hill. let's talk about west virginia and the democrats right now. bernie sanders wins the democratic primary in west virginia. boosting the morale and momentum and failing to make up much ground in the fight for delegates. sanders saying he's still in the race for one reason, to win. >> and let me be as clear as i can be, we are in this campaign
7:29 am
to win the democratic nomination. >> all right, let's get more from chris live in washington. good morning. >> good morning, bernie sanders had yet another good primary night last night. he won the majority of those 29 delegates up for grabs in west virginia. but he's still facing long odds in his campaign to upset hillary clinton who leads him by about 300 pledge delegates. >> now, we fully acknowledge we are good at arithmetic, that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. but we are used to fighting uphill climbs. now a message to the democratic delegates who will be assembling in philadelphia is while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area we agree, and that is we
7:30 am
must defeat donald trump! >> now campaign aide tells me that the uphill climb includes racking up more big victories and convincing the party's superdelegates that he has the best chance of defeating donald trump in the fall. that's how sandsers thinks he can go forward and win this nomination. a recent poll shows sanders fares better than clinton in the general election match-up against trump in three different battleground states. republicans are continuing to gleefully use sanders wins to bash clinton. last night, for instance, reince priebus tweeting, quote, it is nothing short of embarrassing that hillary clinton has now been defeated 20 times by a 74-year-old socialist from vermont. for the record, sanders has won 19, not 20 contests and clinton plans to campaign hard against sanders and will focus on new
7:31 am
jersey and california in particular. but she's also going to continue looking towards that november match-up with donald trump and continue taking on trump. sanders also hit trump in the victory speech last night. even as you continue to see both clinton and sanders run against each other, they are increasingly targeting trump as well, carol. >> all right, chris frates, thank you. we'll keep an eye on the press conference in washington. we expect reporters to pose questions to the house speaker, paul ryan. i'll be right back.
7:32 am
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7:33 am
paul ryan now taking questions from reporters and talking about republican unity. >> that means we need a real unification of our party, which after a tough primary that's going to take some effort. we're committed to putting that effort in. i want to be a part of that unifying process so that we're at full strength this fall and we can win this election. we cannot afford to lose this election to hillary clinton, to pack the supreme court, to keep the liberal obama agenda going. we have to be at full strength so we can win this election and that is why we have to go through the actual effort and
7:34 am
process of unifying. >> mr. speaker, you've been very vocal in your differences on policy with donald trump. what is it that you need to hear from him at some point to fully endorse him? is there a situation in which -- >> i think these are conversations we're going to have. i don't really know him. i met him once in person in 2012. we had a very good conversation in march on the phone. we just need to get to know each other and we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. i'd rather have a conversation in person than through the media, no offense. there's plenty of room for different policy disputes in this party. we come from different wings of the party. the goal here is to unify the various wings of the party around common principles so we can go forward unified. >> you spoke with ben carson, the top trump supporter last night. what was his message to you
7:35 am
ahead of this meeting with donald trump? >> ben carson is a great guy and he is trying to provide a constructive role to help. he wants to be a force to help all of the various wings of the republican party and conservative movement to come together and trying to play a constructive role. >> last question. >> at the meeting tomorrow, can there be merged messages or can there be -- see a possibility of two separate messages, congressional gop message and nominee's message? >> we've got a process we're just getting started. the last thing i'm going to do is say exactly what the end of the process is going to be when we're just beginning this process. the point i'll make one more time. i really believe that if we're going to be successful this fall we have to unify our party and we have to go forward with a positive message that americans see that we have solutions to their problems. when the seven out of ten americans don't like the path this country is on and hillary clinton is basically promising the same path, we have an obligation to merge and unify
7:36 am
around common principles to offer this country a choice, a better way forward. that's going to take party unification to do that. we just finished one of the most grueling primaries in modern history. it's going to take some work and that's the kind of work we're dedicated to doing. thank you. >> all right, so you heard the house speaker, paul ryan, talking about his upcoming meeting with donald trump that will happen tomorrow morning. i went to bring in nationally syndicated radio show host and best selling author, welcome mike. >> great to talk to you. >> thank you for being here. i know you sat down with paul ryan and interviewed him on your show. did he say anything dramatically different in this news conference this morning? >> no, it was very similar. what he was emphasizing was unity is not just a show, it's not just a fake, it's not just putting a gloss over a difficult situation. it's actually coming together with common goals. and my real hope is that one of
7:37 am
the results of this meeting is they may come out and say, look, these are goals we agree on and this is the direction we want to lead america together. but paul ryan, i think rightly is focused on what he's supposed to be focused on, which is defending the house majority. and right now i think there needs to be a much bigger coming together than two personalities because this is not about personality. it's about principle. >> so if it is about principles, what bothers paul ryan about mr. trump? what is the one policy that speaker ryan just can't live with? >> i can't speak for the speaker on this, but i can speak for millions of us and there really are millions who are mainstream conservative republicans, who are concerned about the unpredictability of donald trump. is he in favor of higher taxes or in favor of lower taxes or at least simplified taxes and sweeping tax reform?
7:38 am
it changes day to day. is he in favor of default or can we just print more money to cover default? is he in favor of a ban on all muslims or just muslims he doesn't like? i mean, what there needs to be is a very clear ee nuns yags of here i station and this is what i'll do. if people are trying to select someone based upon personality and cult of personality, he's built a great company, will make america great again, make great deals, there needs to be more specificity. do we want a trade war with china and rest of the world? >> voters don't want more specificity -- they don't want specifics. they like the cult of personality and like what donald trump says. they don't mind it if he changes his policies. >> in the primary, but let me call people's attention to the overwhelming fact, the elephant
7:39 am
in the room. both of the major candidates are very, very unpopular. if you take a look at the whole history of presidential polling, no politician who has ever won a party's nomination has had higher disapproval than donald trump. the only one who comes close is hillary clinton. there clearly needs to be some kind of change or alteration to bring that disapproval rating down, otherwise we're going to lose this election and we're going to deserve to lose. my hope very much is that republicans will come together in a constructive way, talking about a positive vision for america and not continuing this back biting which is serving no one. >> i asked katrina pierson, part of donald trump's campaign, if the bottom line, does donald trump care about party unity. she insists he does. i'll ask you that same question. bottom line, if donald trump doesn't agree with paul ryan and isn't interested in compromise, bottom line, does he really need
7:40 am
party unity at this point? >> of course. and again, let me just call attention to the very obvious fact. republicans are not a majority in this country. democrats are not a majority in this country. this is a divided country. there are a lot of people who are independents in the middle. but this is very, very clear. you cannot win these tightly contested states in a hotly divided country if a third or more of your own party is not going to be voting for you. you've got to solidify the base. then you can move forward and begin to try to persuade other people. look, people want a president who's going to unify america. the first step in unifying america is kind of obvious, unifying your republican party and your republican base. and my hope is that this will be an important step in that process that speaker ryan, who i think is just an outstanding leader, will begin tomorrow with
7:41 am
our nominee who is going to be donald trump. >> okay, so i'm going to ask your prediction. will anything of substance happen after that meeting with mr. trump and paul ryan tomorrow? do you have hopes -- >> my prediction -- no, my prediction is yes, there will be a common agreement. it may not end with an agreement where paul ryan says now i'm getting on board the trump train and let's go, we're all gung ho. but i think what there could be, we agree on these three principles and what kind of principles. number one, that we absolutely need to do something about shrinking the deficit further and beginning to address this problem of national debt. number two, that that is going to have to involve some kind of addressing of some of the crisis with entitlements and trump is basically said he won't touch
7:42 am
that. he's going to have to bend on that issue. and third, that yes, we are in favor of strong border security and protecting america against terrorist threats, something as general as that. but if there's an agreement on principle, then you can go ahead and refine the policies. one of the things that's been encouraging about mr. trump, he says he's a deal maker. he wants to negotiate. begin the negotiation here because there's so much broad agreement among conservatives and among republicans about the direction we need to lead this country and that's not hillary clinton's direction. final point, i think we can take inspiration from bernie sanders of all people. his speech last night in oregon showed what a conviction politician looks like. and americans want a conviction politician. what he was talking about, look, this is where i stand. this is where i want to go. this is where i want to take the country. we need that, more inspiration, few er insults and it will only
7:43 am
help strengthen the donald trump campaign. >> michael, i think you should have reached out to paul ryan and you should be the mediator in the meeting tomorrow because you're so eloquent and well spoken. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. i want to head back out to washington and bring in cnn correspondent manu raju, he was in the news conference that the republican leadership just held. we missed the beginning of paul ryan's marks. >> i asked specifically about concerns that actually i'm hering from house and senate republicans that paul ryan's decision not to endorse donald trump is making it harder for the party to unite. that is the prevailing feeling among a lot of members. i asked speaker ryan about that and ryan himself calling for unity, isn't he concerned about the fact he's withholding this endorsement, wouldn't that make it harder for the party to get behind donald trump? he said the party needs to get
7:44 am
to real unification. his words, not fake unification. we need to come to terms this is a party that needs to unite behind a common shared principles. we need to make sure we are united as one party headed into the fall so hillary clinton cannot win and she cannot pack the supreme court. it sounds like vulgly paul ryan will get to supporting donald trump. he was asked also about his policy differences with trump. he said that's really not the issue here. we have a lot of differences in policy but he said i want to get to know the man. he doesn't know him either. ryan is definitely trying to tamp down any sort of dissension within the ranks for the surprising decision not to endorse donald trump but very clearly, he's facing a lot of pressure to offer that endorsement but thinks things women go pretty well tomorrow. one other thing i should add. he had a phone call with ben carson yesterday. of course a trump surrogate, said that went well. that was a part of an effort to bring the different parts of the
7:45 am
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only at a sleep number store. some breaking news to tell you about right now, south carolina police officer michael slager has been indicted on federal civil rights charges. the officer accused gunning down walter scott during a traffic stop last year in south carolina. let's get right to martin savidge. >> the former north charles ton police officer is already in custody and held on state charges of murder but these are federal charges to come down. i should stress to you this is extremely rare that law enforcement officers are charged federally but that is the case here because it is considered so
7:50 am
horrific how walter scott died. so the first charge is essentially deprivation of rights, to say as a law enforcement officer, the use of extreme force was clear here, five shots in the back as walter scott run away. another charge federally is the use of a gun during the commission of a crime and lastly then the third, obstruction of justice. this goes to michael schrager who told investigators that walter scott was attacking him with the police officer's taser, that's why he says he had to fire on him. but the video that came to light showed a very different story, was walter scott running away. he was shot five times in the back. this all was back in april of last year. it happened after a traffic stop. the officer pulled over walter scott because he had a broken tail light. and now a federal case on top of the state. >> martin savidge reporting live this morning. dr. sanjay gupta will join us to
7:51 am
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7:54 am
moments ago we heard house speaker paul ryan talking about the epidemic of opioid addiction in the united states and how congress hopes to tackle it. tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. cnn will hold a timely and important town hall special on america's addiction to widely prescribed drugs like percocet and hydrocodone. h sanjay joins me now. this is so important. >> this is the number one cause of preventible death in america. people don't realize this more so than accidents, people are dying accidentally and this is entirely manufactured. it's almost uniquely american. nobody -- no other country has the perverse amount of consumption of things like in the united states and nowhere do they pay the price so dearly.
7:55 am
>> why is that? >> culturally the tendency was in the medical establishment, these pills are fine. take as much as you need and you're not going to get addicted and not going to have an overdose. no problems with these medications. what we now know, this is 30, 40 years in the making, we now know the initial claims they were based on were a small study. one was just 38 patients. they didn't hold any scientific merit. we went in this direction of let's make sure we treat pain and give enough narcotics that nobody has any pain whatsoever and not going to be any problems. and it took us decades to figure out not only are there problems but people are dying in extraordinary numbers. number one cause of preventible death. >> what's this town hall going to be like? family members, doctors? >> there's going to be experts there and family members there. i will say that we don't know what killed prince. obviously yet, but whenever something like this happens, there is an interest all of a
7:56 am
sudden in this topic. we've been reporting on this for years as you may well know. but something like this happens and people say, wait a second, how dangerous are these pills and how easily can they become addicted. we want to capitalize on the quest for knowledge. what i've come to the conclusion about, carol, because this is a manmade epidemic, it's also a fixable epidemic. the vast majority of time will be focused on solutions, what can be done about it. part is this is a rally cry to my fellow doctors. everyone holds some responsibility but we've given out more prescription in this country by exponentially more than any other country. that's on us, american doctors. >> republicans will introduce 18 bills to do something about this problem. can congress do something that would be effective? >> i think there are some truly legislative answers here, just in terms of making it more difficult to get pills, having some real penalties for people overprescribing these pills. i think that can make a difference. but culturally, doctors first of
7:57 am
all, a little bit of pain is probably okay. we have to set realistic expectations for people, we can't medicate everything away and i think that of that will be on the american medical system. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thanks for stopping by. prescription addiction made in the usa, a live cnn town hall airs tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for joining me today. . when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings]
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hello, everyone. >> nothing to see here and you better get used to it. that's the word from donald trump who despite new pressure seems to be slamming the door on releasing his tax returns citing an ongoing audit he told the associated press he does not plan to release them before november. said a lot more surprising on that front as well. >> meanwhile on capitol hill, dueling news conferences between house leaders wrapped up moments ago. house speaker paul ryan addressing tomorrow's critical meeting with donald trump aimed at unifying the party so that as he says, some republicans can stop pretending. listen. >> without unifying, then we go in the fall half strength. this


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