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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 11, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hi there you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. in less than -- checking my clock -- 24 hours from now, a meeting that could shape the future of the republican party. the presumed republican nominee for president, donald trump, is set to sit down with house speaker paul ryan at 9:00 a.m. sharp tomorrow morning. this after speaker ryan's bomb shell last week, right here with jake tapper on cnn that he was just quote, not ready to back
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trump. now, afternoon before the meetings speaker ryan is feeling pressure according to folks we're talking to on the hill to support the billionaire who won primaries in both west virginia and nebraska. ryan met with several of his rank and file who are urging the speaker to, if i may, get on the trump train. will speaker ryan heed their call? the speaker of the house today did disclose his prime goal for his one-on-one with mr. trump. >> to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through a very bruising primary, which ended like a week ago, to pretend we're unified without unifying we go into the fall at half strength. this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification of our party. >> and as republicans try to heal any divisions here, democrats went on the offensive. their house leaders held a news conference and declares there is no difference between what trump says and the gop believes.
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>> our point is what is happened in this campaign is donald trump has pulled back the veil, what he says is what they say. and now people can see the connection between them. unless the republican leadership is going to be as, shall we say, critical of their own members for what they say as they are donald trump, it's all a show. >> let's kick the hour off with mj lee our cnn politics reporter. as we're looking ahead to tomorrow's trump ryan meeting, we have some awesome intel from inside of the house republican conference meeting today. what was said? >> well, i think we're seeing paul ryan backed into a corner right now. remember, ryan is someone who really rose as a political figure by touting his conservative ideological beliefs. when you compare ryan's ideological beliefs and his policy agenda to trump's whether it's issues like taxes,
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immigration or international trade, they really do not actually see eye to eye. this is a concern a lot of republicans actually share with ryan whether it's congressional republicans or major republican donors. but at the same time, ryan finds himself in a tricky position. a speaker of the house, he's a leader of the republican party a lot of congressional republicans are looking to for guidance on what they should do about trump and how they should react to the fact he has essentially become the gop nominee. i think heading into this meeting and you know, the readout we get from that meeting will send a strong message to members about whether trump is ready to unite the party, of course this is a call that ryan has been making to trump for a very long time. especially when he came out and said to jake tapper i'm not ready to go there yet. i need to hear more unified message from donald trump before i can get there. >> the pressure is ongoing into tomorrow's meeting. at the same time apparently these two don't know each other very well either.
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it's like a getting to know you/let's talk conservatism 101. let's talk taxes as it pertained to donald trump. one of the big headlines was he's like i'm getting audited, not releasing my taxes before election day. he's not really saying why. >> i mean, this is really not the last time we're going to hear about donald trump's tax returns. in fact for as long as he says he's not ready to return them we'll be hearing from critics on both sides of the aisle -- >> hillary clinton went off in new jersey. >> plenty of republicans say he needs to get that out there in public. this is standard procedure for a presidential nominee on both parties to release those tax returns so people can have access to things like the tax rate that he's been paying. contributions, his income. and especially for a candidate like trump who has really branded himself as this businessman, someone who has
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accrued a lot of wealth through his various business ventures, i think people are curious and all the more curious now that he seems so resistant to releasing those figures. and that kind of data i think giving fodder to critics to say what is he even hiding in those tax returns? >> that's what we keep hearing over and over. mj lee thank you for setting this up for us. let's pivot now. if trump's audit doesn't finish in time he would become the first republican presidential nominee in 40 years not to release his tax returns. joining me now ari fleischer who was once the press secretary under george w. bush. let me ask you this h donald trump would say with regard to his taxes, do you know what? my voters don't care. why should you? what would your response be? >> you know, mj said it's
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standard procedure going back 40 years. she's right. people like you and me and everyone that watches washington has to get used to standard procedure is over. donald trump won. he's the anti-standard procedure. that's why he's winning, you could say the same thing about bernie sanders. the voters are in such an anti-washington mood that's why donald trump was able to prevail against 16 other candidates 15 of whom were insiders. this will feed the fodder about what he's hiding. hillary is the worst candidate that you can -- >> before you start in on hillary clinton, let's look at it this way, couldn't you see that donald trump is being hypocritical because he's calling secretary clinton crooked hillary, what about his own transparency in his tax returns? >> hillary clinton is the worst person to get fodder from that
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h. we have to resist measuring donald trump through the standard lens of politics. he seems to be able to defy much of it. i think in the instance of his taxes, most americans assume the guy is a billionaire, wealthy he has tons of money. what's in his returns? i really don't think this is going to cut him the way it would cut a traditional candidate who has to run a normal political circles. everybody knows he's a wealthy businessman. >> do you think, youtupigs woul first or hillary clinton would release a wall street transcript for a donald trump tax return? >> well, i think they're both digging in aren't they. hillary will be safe after she gets past bernie sanders to release her praise of goldman sak. >> mj explained there is pressure from republicans to
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endorse mr. trump, so they can coalesce behind this one candidate. realistically, what are your expectations coming out of this meeting, come lunchtime tomorrow? >> i sure hope there's unity. i think it's going to be a difficult signal about donald trump being able to pick up the low hanging fruit of republicans who want to be for him. if the two of them walk out of that meeting in the opposite direction. >> are you looking for? they're not going to be holding hands. what's the sign of unity? >> i hope donald trump walks out i says speaker riron yan is doi great job and speaker ryan says he's for trump. >> do you expect any endorsement tomorrow would be premature? >> no, i think it's a possibility. what paul ryan is doing is protecting the institution of the house. his inclination is to make sure the potential nominee understands the speaker of the house represents a half of one
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branch of the government. the speaker of the house is not going to be someone who falls into line. that's to his credit. donald trump is taking positions that are opposite of many republicans. and speaker ryan has helped a lot of republicans who are hedging about what to do about donald trump. i think ryan is doing the right thing for himself. he's not candidate who ran on a pledge that he'd support donald trump. i hope he can get there and get there comfortably. >> what about the vp picks? i was curious to pick your brain on who you'd like to see on the trump ticket? >> brooke, experience shows unless you make a bad choice, it's a temporary blip. people focus on it because it's new and different and lasts a week, ten days. this election is going to be about the people on the top. i don't know anybody who voted for al gore because of joe lieberman. it can work in reserve. >> there is not a donald trump at the top of the ticket in 2004. >> that's my point.
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people will vote for the person at the top of the ticket. the second part of the ticket is notable for a week, ten days and the focus returns to the person at the top. it will be interesting to see who he picks. it won't change the trajectory of the race unless it's a bad pick. same thing for hillary. >> same question, a fun question, we know donald trump has talked about the cleveland convention, told the ap he wants great entertain. and great singer to break things up. you love music. which band would you put your money on to play in cleveland on that stage? >> i'm a country music guy. i'll take robert earl king from austin anybody. >> thank you so much. i could see some country in cleveland. ahead here -- thank you. just ahead hillary clinton moving to the left on a big issue as bernie sanders picks up another win. plus, have you heard what vice president joe biden has just said about who he's confident will win the white house? and that other thing he said about himself about being president.
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you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin. some big breaking news today involving the high profile police shooting of a black man by a white officer. michael slager, a former police officer in north charleston, south carolina is being arraigned in federal court right now on a three count indictment for last year's shooting death of walter scott. slager is charged with obstruction of justice, unlawful use of a firearm and depriving scott of his civil rights charges that could have him spending the rest of his life in prison. it alleged he used excessive force when he shot scott five times. a bystander, you'll recall, captured the shooting, shocked
11:16 am
the nation. we're about to show you the video again but i have to warn you it's very difficult to watch. cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin and laura coats are joining me now. laura is a former attorney of the civil rights division of the justice department. welcome to both of you. this is huge huge news. we're talking to a family member of water scott's next hour. how rare is this civil rights charge here? >> it is rare, but i think people need to be reminded. he is already facing charges in south carolina straight up murder charges. it's not like he was going to go free if this case didn't proceed. but what makes this case unusual is that in so many of these police shootings so far --
11:17 am
police deaths caused by police whether it's eric garner in staten island, michael brown in ferguson, missouri, there has not been a federal charge. here the federal government has intervened as well. you know, he is in a world of trouble already under state. but i think it is significant that the federal government has said this is also a violation of federal law. >> on that point do you see this as a turning point? do you see this as the feds sending some sort of message? >> absolutely. i mean, not only is jeff correct about this being an early intervention by the federal government that usually doesn't happen. more importantly you have an obstruction of justice charge that's based on the fact that the officer misled authorities in a way that was most surprising to everybody in the nation. he said that walter scott actually approached him and came towards him. when he tried to implement a taser. we have a changing of the course
11:18 am
where you have the government intervene anytime an officer is misleading the public and sticking to a story no one believe. >> we know slager has been out of bond. but i read today the judge was signing off on an arrest warrant federal. we pointed out he's facing a murder charge. it's all about intent. is it not? how do you prove that he purposefully violated walter scott's civil rights? >> that's always the challenge in these federal cases. in the state case all they have to prove is that he shot him. and it was unjustified. there is really a very minimum intent requirement under state law. under federal law. you do have to prove here an abuse of office. what makes this case kind of challenging for the federal government is usually in these sorts of circumstances the government alleges some sort of racial motive. and that may be implicit here
11:19 am
but it's not explicit. proving intent to violate civil rights will be difficult if this case goes to trial. >> and the other sort of, you know, tricky part or the twist or difficulty, laura is the fact i think this was -- i want to say april in june you had the man man walk into the church in charleston and murder nine people. that trial has been delayed. that delay is apparently affecting this trial it could be pushed back. they're asking for a change of venue. how often does that happen? >> you have the same prosecutor prosecuting both cases which is an anomaly in and of itself. the prosecutor has the supreme court in south carolina say he doesn't have to try these cases back to back. frankly what this tells you is that there is a vested public interest in having these both cases, very distinct but resolved by somebody who is the most powerful in the law in south carolina. what you see is a vested
11:20 am
interest that's playing out in the court of law in south carolina. i think they'll push both trials back to allow the attorney time to prepare for what's going to be a very difficult season. >> again, like i mentioned -- go ahead. >> i just -- you know, the thing that is so haunting about this case, and so awful, is how likely is it this case would have been brought at all if there -- >> if there wasn't a cell video. >> how many people have been killed or shot by the police and the circumstances are unclear, and the police get the benefit of the doubt. usually, of course, the police are correct. but i have to say, i would be very skeptical that this case would have gotten any attention at all had that cell phone video not existed. >> i'm with you it's one of the questions i was going to ask of the family member next hour. i appreciate you both. we'll loop back when we know that this will go to trial. breaking news, a breaking development to the three year mystery, remember this? what caused a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in texas?
11:21 am
it killed 15 people. officialess n officials now telling this was no accident. we'll have a live report next. a search warrant offers new clues into prince's death. we now know the name of the doctor who was treating the star in the days before he died. but for what? more on that after a quick break.
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let's get to the breaking news here a stunning revelation today prompting a new search for answers in that deadly explosion in texas. this was three years ago, that
11:26 am
massive blast at a fertilizer plant in west texas. that happened days after the boston marathon bombing happened as well when the nation was on edge as the hunt for the terrorists near boston unfolded. so thousands of miles away that very week in west texas, a de deafening boom. the blast so powerful it registered as 2.1 earthquake. here we are 3 years later and authorities have concluded the fire was deliberately set. it was a crime. >> the fire has been ruled as incendiary, this means this fire was a criminal act. we have come to this conclusion through over 400 interviews. >> in addition to the deaths, t 200 people were injured.
11:27 am
500 homes were destroyed. let's go to ed lavandera. i remember that week to know that this was a crime. how did they come to that conclusion, ed? >> reporter: well, a combination of a couple of things according to the atf agents and investigators who have been working the case for the last three years, as you heard there from one of the lead investigators they were able to rule out scientifically natural and accidental causes. and they have gone to great lengths to re-create a model of that fertilizer plant. they've been able to pinpoint exactly where the fire started that eventually led to the explosion. they say it's one of the most costly and in depth investigations the atf agency has ever done. that in combination with some 400 interviews they have done. they say that has led them to believe confidently they were able to rule out the accident and natural causes for inexplosiithe explosion. the question becomes who would have done this. investigators say they do not have any suspects at this time.
11:28 am
why they've opened up a crime stoppers hotline hoping that tips will continue to come in. this has now been three years later. and it's a criminal investigation. >> hopefully they get some helpful tips. >> considered, tested, and eliminated as being fire causes. the only hypothesis that could not be eliminated and was concerned -- i'm sorry was confirmed by extensive testing at the atf fire research laboratory is incendiary. today i would also like to announce that atf is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for the information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for this crime. >> all right. ed lavandera thank you very
11:29 am
much. west texas waiting for the tips to come in. it's been 3 years as you point out. next, mitt romney, he has long speculated there could be a bomb shell, his word in donald trump's tax returns. we're learning the front runner may not release them until after the election. hillary clinton just weighed in. you'll hear about what she's saying about trump's potential secrecy. vice president joe biden candidly admits what kind of president he would have been had he decided to run in a word, best. that's next. hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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vice president joe biden thinks would make a better president than hillary clinton and that is joe biden himself. here he was on good morning america. >> i think i would have been the best president. but it was the right thing, not just for my family, for me. no one should ever seek the presidency unless they're able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion into just doing that. and beau was my soul. >> the vice president has you well know decided against a bid for the white house as he mentioned, beau, the death of his son. as for the republicans here, this is all about today trump and his taxes. the presumptive republican nominee slamming the door on releasing his tax returns. telling the associates press he said he has no plans to release them before the election. he's been audited. let me bring in our panel, ben
11:35 am
stine is with us. tim miller is back, former communications are direct for f the jeb bush political campaign. welcome to all of you. mr. stine, just looking at you and thinking of president nixon. it was president nixon that kicked off the tradition of releasing his tax forms. he released his when under audit back in 1973. do you think trump's refusal to release them is significant or is this, you know, this is a different president -- different race, the rules are out the window? >> well, it's interesting you ask me this question, because i was assigned the task as a nixon speech writer and lawyer of going through president nixon's income tax returns and found he had done a lot of extremely questionable things. >> there you go. >> they were gigantic bomb shells in the media over his taking a tax deduction for
11:36 am
deducting his presidential papers that were found to be the property of the taxpayers not him. we definitely want these tax returns released for all candidates. why? it's not a law, it's not required. and people are allowed to pay as little taxes as they can get away with. it says about a person if he brags about having $10 billion and paying very little in the way of tax. it tells us something questionable about that person. we consider paying taxes not only a law but a civic duty. >> you say it brings up the question of questioning the person. haley i have to put you in the spotlight. you'll hear from hillary clinton speaking in a event in new jersey moments ago followed by mitt romney talking about this as well from february this year. roll it. >> that's no way to create good jobwi jobs with rising incomes with the vast majority of americas is it? and the gentleman who called out what about his tax plan, i hope
11:37 am
you'll keep asking that. and what about his taxes? so we'll get around to that, too. because when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee that's kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? yeah, well we're going to find out. >> well, i think there's something that he's not anywhere as wealthy as he said he is or hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he's been telling us he's abeen doing. >> haley, why not? >> well, i want to address this on several fronts. number one, let's consider the
11:38 am
source. hillary clinton who is responsible for benghazi who has not taken responsibility for that, number one. number two, mitt romney, who ran for president multiple times, lost. and tried to reenter the race and stir up this race and is a total loser. so let's consider those two sources right there. mr. trump -- >> okay -- >> -- has made it abundantly clear -- >> i don't think uit's fair to call him the loser he was the governor of -- >> please allow me to finish -- please please afford me a second to finish, please. mr. trump has made it abundantly clear he's undergoing a routine audit. and upon conclusion of that audit he will release the tax returns. but per the advice of counsel -- >> brooke that's not right -- >> that's available on the website. >> that's crazy. a presidential candidate on the advice of counsel will not
11:39 am
release his taxes that sounds like he's on trial for tax fraud. he's got dozens of accountants he can do the audit and release the taxes at the same point. >> haley isn't answering the question. she must not be up to speed on what's happening in the trump campaign -- >> totally -- >> she's not answering the question, she's resorting to childish attacks. because it's indefensible. here's the thing, brooke, donald trump is a noted conspiracy theorist whose has demanded the president release his birth certificate based on wild conspiracy theories. what does he have to hide? he probably has debts to the russians and foreig countries. he isn't worth as much as he says. he gives nothing to charity. this is why he's not doing it. and haley has no defense of this so she just attacks mitt romney which is not relevant at all to the conversation. >> haley, you can understand all of tim's points, you could put all of this to bed by releasing them.
11:40 am
>> mr. trump -- >> you can't release them, they're not going to look nice -- >> one voice, go ahead. >> that's incorrect. he's undergoing a routine audit upon the conclusion of the audit he said he's willing to release the returns. until that's completed he's not -- >> he didn't say that. >> what? that's not what he said. >> hang on -- >> there's no proof he's been audited. that's not right. >> even if he is being audited, that doesn't stop him from releasing the tax returns. this is a guy who is bragging, let's see how much of a good citizen he is and whether he's avoiding taxes or telling the truth of how rich he is. it goes to character. it goes to character. not necessarily lawbreaking i don't think he's breaking any laws. let's see what he's like in terms of character. >> okay. let's -- >> and -- >> i don't want to talk trump
11:41 am
and taxes anymore for now. let me focus on you, tim. at question is the republican pledge, right, where all the candidates, you know, once upon a time agreed to ultimately support the nominee the party would choose. you tweeted something out last night. talk to me about the, what dunkin' donuts napkin picture. >> first on the taxes i think delegates should demand trump releases his taxes. they have the leverage. on the pledge that was a tongue in cheek tweet. jeb sent over this whole ridiculous pledge black when it happened. look, he's a republican. that's what matters. and i think that using that as an out right now to make a determination about whether someone is qualified to be president of the united states is pretty silly. because -- >> you were attacking trump for not doing this last august over and over. >> i don't know that i was
11:42 am
attacking trump for not doing it. frankly -- >> tim, come on -- >> donald trump is full of it. i never thought it mattered whether donald trump would sign the pledge because he would back out on the pledge just like he's backing out on releasing his taxes in april of last year he said he'd release his taxes. trump is not trustworthy. >> don't you remember the first debate in august when that was asked he didn't raise his hand and everybody else did on signing the pledge and everybody jumped on him -- >> i think he was attacked rightly at that debate back in august over the fact that he wasn't loyal to conservative principles and to republicans. i think that's fair. but, look, i think that the point i was making, brooke, the pledge that matters here is the next president's going to have to put their hand on the bible and pledge to uphold the constitution. if you do not believe that donald trump is capable or willing or interested in upholding the constitution, then you shouldn't support him. and that is the pledge that matters. and so i'd encourage republicans
11:43 am
who don't trust him. there's a great number of us, to just go ahead and say that clearly. >> ben stine i'd love to end with you. we heard trump said he's going to go hard against attacking bill clinton moving ahead. you have been around politics for a long, long time. how nasty -- >> a long time. >> how nasty might this get before we have a next president? >> it's going to get very very nasty. i've been writing for years for a magazine called the american spectator that's been publishing chapter and verse about mrs. clinton suppressing the complaints about bill clinton's sex antics. and i think the fact that mrs. clinton helped in that does not make her the whoman's candidate. i'm not a woman it's not for me to say. but i say look at how her husband treated women. >> i think the clinton camp
11:44 am
would take issue with saying helped in that. that's a note for another discussion. but it could go there in the coming months. thank you to all of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, a search warrant offers new clues into prince's death. we now know the name of the doctor who was treating the star days before he died. but for what exactly? our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta will join me next. later, the tourist selfie that destroyed a piece of 16th century history. you heard about this? that's coming up. ♪ ram trucks are reaching new heights when it comes to capability and efficiency. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-sized pickup. ever. so what does that mean? it means ram trucks give you the best of both worlds.
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we now know who was treating music icon prince in the days leading up to his death. this police warrant used to search his paisley park home was inadvertently unsealed. within this it revealed a local physician specializing in family medicine saw prince the day before he died. and another time two weeks
11:49 am
prior. his name is dr. michael todd -- okay. shulemberg. sorry about that. you see him in this video not related to the death investigation. the warrant said he prescribed medication to prince. it also says he was on his way to paisley park to give the singer test results when prince was found dead. investigators seized prince's medical records from his clinic. cnn has learned the doctor no longer works there. this is all part of this mass investigation to figure out what role if anything pain killers may have played in prince's death. house speaker ryan announced legislation to curb what he called a national epidemic. >> this is about saving people's lives. it is about honoring those who are taken too soon. it is about honoring those who want a second chance, who need
11:50 am
and deserve a second chance. it's about protecting the next generation. >> tonight's cnn "anderson cooper 360" will air a special town hall about the dilemma and issues surrounding prescription addiction. it airs tonight at 9:00. and speaking tonight will be dr. sanjay gupta who is here with me now. nice to see you. we will get to your town hall in just a minute. this physician has a clean criminal record was a family physician. had worked at a hospital. no longer works there. do you read anything into that? >> i think it's hard at this point. look, this may have been prince's doctor who was treating him for all sorts of different things. we don't know what he was giving him that day in terms of test results. he went to his house the day that prince died -- >> test results for we have no idea. >> we don't know. we don't know what the prescriptions were that he specifically provided. what i will tell you that when we heard the da was going to investigate it doesn't surprise me at all we'll hear the names
11:51 am
of various doctors who may have treated prince over the weeks days and months ahead of time. what exactly the role is, i think it's just too early to tell. my guess is he's been told by his hospital and even by the dea to just lay low. they're going to ask him questions for a while. we're probably not going to hear from him until there's more conclusive things to say. we have to be careful not to indict him in the public opinion court. >> right. a little bit more on the doctor, reportedly also told detectives he had given prince a prescription that was filled at a local pharmacy. you can understand why but people are thinking of dr. konrad murray and michael jackson. >> the thing they have in common is they're both famous singers, with konrad murray you had a doctor that was treating a patient in a home with a medication that should not be used outside a hospital setting. it's something that should have never been done.
11:52 am
in this case there are reasons people get pain medications. even if he did get a prescription for a pain medication it doesn't mean that somehow he was responsible and should be in legal jeopardy for what happened there h. we just don't know. how much was he getting? was he getting it from other doctors? was he getting it from other people that were getting prescriptions from doctors? that's called diversion taking other people's medications. these are i'm sure all questions the da is looking into and we'll hear more about. >> bigger picture, this town hall dealing with this massive issue of prescription pain killer abuse and addiction, tell me more. >> this has been an issue for a long time in the united states. >> it's not new. >> it's the number one cause of preventible death in america today. more people die like this than die from car accidents. okay. and this is a totally manufactured epidemic. this is on us. and we know that the united states in particular is really egregious we have perverse
11:53 am
consumption. we take 75% of the world's pain pills in the u.s. which is only 5% of the world's population. 80% of the world's pain pills, 5% of the world's population. it's ridiculous. we talk about this a lot. people are more interested in it when a story like prince arises. we don't know for sure it's related to openioiioids. i'm worried about my husband, wife, kid being addicted. what is my responsibility? what is the doctor's responsibility? we're going to define the problem, talk to experts and talk to people who are going through this currently. hopefully spend a lot of time talking about solutions. that's the good part. because we made this problem, we can fix this problem. >> we can solve it. we'll see you tonight in the town hall. a reminder for all of you, it's a 360 town hall special. it's prescription addiction made
11:54 am
in the usa airs tonight at 9:00. next cnn's christiane amanpour goes one-on-one with london's newly elected mayor who happens to be muslim. his message next. you do all this research on
11:55 am
a perfect car then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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11:58 am
billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. london's new mayor has harsh words for donald trump. he says some of trump's views are ignorant, his word and the new york billionaire would play into the hands of extremists, christiane amanpour sat down with london's first muslim mayor. >> i'm proud london chose unity over division. my message to donald trump is your views of islam are ignorant. it's possible to be muslim and
11:59 am
live in the west and love in america. i've got family member whose are american. we've often been to america in holiday. my kids used to love disneyland. i'm scared of the rides. we used to love going to disneyland. we love going there, i'm not exceptional. for donald trump to say they can't be allowed is ridiculous. there are business people here who happen to be muslim. young people who want to study in america who are muslim. there are people who want to go on holiday. but giving the impression that islam and the west are incompatible. >> you said you want to learn and exchange ideas with mayors of great american cities in new york or chicago. would you go under a donald trump presidency? >> i'm not sure he'd allow me to go. it's not just about me.
12:00 pm
it's about the the message it sends from the greatest story in the world. what's the story of america? donald trump doesn't get the history of america. my point with respect to, you know, americans is look, you know, i think you know you've got a choice when it comes to the elections in november. a choice of hope over fear, unity over division. you've got a choice of somebody who is trying to divide not just your communities in america, but divide america from the rest of the world. and i think that's, you know, not the america i know and love. of course, i'll travel to america, but i'm hoping that he's not the guy that wins. hour two, we continue on thanks for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. in less than 24 hours a meeting that could shape the future of the republican party. the presumed republican nominee for president, donald trump, set to sit down with house speaker paul ryan, 9:00 sharp tomorrow
12:01 pm
morning. this after speaker ryan's bomb shell last week here live on cnn saying he was just quote, not ready to back donald trump. and now here we are, the afternoon before the big evening. speaker ryan is feeling some pressure to support the billionaire who just won by the way primaries in west virginia and nebraska. speaker ryan met with several rank and file who are urging the speaker to support and endorse mr. trump. the question is, will he heed their call? the house speaker today disclosed his prime goal with the one-on-one meeting. >> to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through a very bruising primary, which ended like, a week ago, to pretend we're unified without actually unifying we go into the fall at half strength. this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification of our party. which, you know, look after a tough primary that's going to take some effort. we are committed to putting that effort in.
12:02 pm
i want to be a part of the unifying process so we're at full strength this fall so we can win the election. >> here with me now cnn senior political reporter breaking all kinds of news there on the hill, man manu raju. talk to me about the meeting with speaker ryan. >> reporter: this is the first time republicans have met with paul ryan since donald trump became the nominee. brian tried to make the case he made publicly as well. that the party is going to be unified headed to the fall. this is a process he kept telling them, the beginning of dialogue between him and trump and the party at large to figure out a way forward and making sure the party is on the same page in presenting a united front against hillary clinton. i can tell you brooke i talk today a number of house republicans after and before the meeting a lot of them said one reason why we're not united is
12:03 pm
because the house speaker has not endorsed donald trump. here is what one of them had to say. >> i find it interesting the statements made on cnn, it's donald trump's job to unify the party, and i'm like, mr. speaker, you're aeroabthe highe republican elected person in the nation. >> reporter: he said i want to have real unification not pretend unification. that means talking about shared conservative value and principles and an important thing for paul ryan making sure how important it is to maintaining the house republican majority. >> also, donald trump may become the first presidential nominee in 40 years not to disclose the tax returns before the general election. he talk today the associated press. told him he was not release the returns while he's being audited. it's unlikely he'll release
12:04 pm
anything before election day. the irs has told cnn nothing, nothing prevents a taxpayer from releasing a return to trump's -- not under any kind of legal obligation to keep the returns private. trump sees no urgency saying, quote, there's nothing to learn from them. and moments ago, on the trail, hillary clinton seized on trump's resistance to release his tax returns. senior washington correspondent was there to see it. and, you know, you've been following secretary clinton just held that event there in new jersey, tell me about the exchange. >> reporter: hillary clinton was talking about donald trump, certainly no mention of bernie sanders at all today even though he won the west virginia primary last night. she was focused on donald trump. she was talking about his lack of plans. she said he has one plan, the tax plan. she was starting to go through that. one man in the audience screamed out, what about his tax returns?
12:05 pm
she picked up on that and ran with it. let's listen. >> thatset no way to create good jobs with rising incomes for the vast majority of americans, is it? and the gentleman who called out what about his tax plan i hope you'll keep asking that, and what about his taxes? so we'll get around to that, too. because when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that is kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them. [ inaudible ] yeah, well we're going to find out. >> trump, obviously talking a lot about the transparency on the clinton side. secretary clinton returning the fire calling out donald trump here. we actually asked the clinton
12:06 pm
campaign if she was planning on bringing that up. a spokesman said she was not until the man in the audience shouted it out. you can be sure this will be one line of conversation in the months to come. brooke. >> it sure will. thank you very much in new jersey. let's talk about all of this with my panel, dana bash, kansas secretary of state chris covac who supports donald trump and talk radio host mr. ben ferguson. welcome to all of you. >> afternoon. >> good afternoon. dana bash, to you first, i was talking to ben stine. he wrote speeches for president nixon. he point today the fact that nixon was being audited and he released his tax returns. al how unprecedented would it be? >> certainly if richard nixon who was reluctant to release much, if anything to the public did it, it would be unusual to
12:07 pm
say the very least. but, you know what? just put it on the list of new and different things that we're seeing from this presidential campaign and from this particular campaign of donald trump. i actually think that ultimately we could and should see his tax returns. but it's a whole different kettle of fish as they like to say. and would not surprise me if somehow he were to kind of continue on without doing it. he will continue to get pressure, though, from the fourth estate and no question the democrats who will remind him that hillary clinton has done it time and time again. >> so, chris, you know, put all the questions to bed. just why won't he? you can understand why people are wondering wihat he has to hide? >> i don't have inside information on the trump
12:08 pm
campaign's thinking on the tax returns. it's a reasonable position to take there's an audit going on. i expect if he becomes president we'll see them eventually bought the audit is not going to be happening forever. you know, it's a -- the other factor is public pressure as has been stated. if the trump campaign decides that the risk of something adverse happening during an audit is exceeded by the desire by the public, maybe reflected in polling, they may change their minds. at this point, there is no law requiring him to release them. i expect we'll eventually see them, as soon as that audit is completed, though. >> ben ferguson, what do you think? >> look, donald trump has defied all political wisdom in this campaign. the only way we're going to get these is if hillary clinton makes it a center point of her campaign. it seems clear this is not something they are willing to make a center point at least right now. it took someone in the audience bringing it up for her to capitalize on it. i do believe this is something that could be a way for her to
12:09 pm
score political points and say we need transparency. if donald trump comes after her saying she's corrupt and the clintons are corrupt, which i expect he will, this will be the first thing i would shoot back. but she's going to have to hone in on this day after day after day after day to score it enough for donald trump to actually release these. if it's here and there we'll never seen donald trump's tax returns. >> what about the fact, this could be a pot kettle situation, because, you know, trump keeps calling her crooked hillary. slamming her on a lack of transparency. but then, you know, he's not releasing his tax returns, ergo he's not being transparent. >> that's right. if you remember back to 2012 he called on mitt romney to release his tax returns. he also, part of his most recent political identity from that campaign at least was calling on obama to release his birth certificate. obama eventually did that. but then donald trump went a step further and offered up
12:10 pm
$5 million for barack obama to release his college records. i mean, he was essentially saying obama why aren't you being more transparent and why aren't, you know, the -- why isn't the public getting this information? i don't have if you have that sound. >> we do, roll it. >> president obama is the least transparent president in the history of this country. there's never been anything like it. we know very little about our president. >> let me stop you, chris i want you to respond. what do you say to that? >> well, you know, it's interesting point. we have to remember there's different -- the information about president obama was a qualification for office, right. that's why people were saying, the president has to be a natural born citizen. there's no statutory or constitutional requirement of releasing taxes. the folcus was different -- >> what about the hillary
12:11 pm
clinton points? >> yeah, the transparent point, you know, if she makes that an issue i think that will increase pressure on the trump campaign to rethink. again, they're going to be balancing the risks. obviously for some reason they think the audit may be affected by releasing the information. and remember this is different than richard nixson -- >> but it's not the irs said you can release your taxes -- >> if there's an audit of you or me our income is less than donald trump's. i think that comparing richard nixon to donald trump might be inappropriate. >> no one is comparing. my point is you're looking at richard nixon and this was ben stine but he released his tax return and he was being audited. that's my point. this is unprecedented. not at all comparing. >> elwii'm a lawyer too and the may be considerations they have as they're looking at the audit.
12:12 pm
it's hard to say without the seeing from the inside what it is the audit might -- >> let's go ahead -- let's move on. we'll talk trump and taxes i'm sure again. i want to move on to this meeting, we could have huge headlines this time tomorrow out of the meeting between the speaker of the house of representatives and between donald trump. dana, you i think pointed out so well there's all these expectations, these two don't even know each other that well. cue the song getting to know you. i also realize on top of that there is mega pressure from republicans listen we're looking for you, speaker to endorse this candidate so we can get behind all of this. what are your expectations? >> yeah, that's exactly right. i mean, i am hearing similar things from republicans where i am now at this point on the senate side of the capitol. republicans who are definitely
12:13 pm
not at first blush trump republicans at all but saying you know what, trump is on to something. and we need to try to figure out how to get on board or at least work with him. again, people who i never thought in a million years would say such a thing. so you know, kind of going forward into tomorrow's meeting, i think that's very likely. surely the kind of thing we'll hear after the meeting they had a productive meeting and they do get to know each other, that they do actually have discussions in many cases for the very first time which we can't underscore enough how unusual that is for the highest ranking elected officials on the republican side not really knowing the front runner of their party, now the nominee of their party. >> let me follow up with you quickly. can you talk to me about what leader pelosi said today? >> i had a chance to talk to her at a fiscal summit down the street. she just on the democratic side
12:14 pm
she has not endorsed at all. i mean, she has been very reluctant to do so. but she did go a little bit further when i asked her about it today. listen to this. >> let me just say that the next president whoever she may be, will be one of the best qualified people to enter the oval office by dent of knowledge, experience, vision, strategic thinking about how to get the job done. and if people see that as the standard, then maybe they'll measure other people by that standard as well. >> i heard that i heard that pronoun. >> exactly. back to donald trump, i also asked her as somebody who she sort of famously said that she put cracks in the marble ceiling by being the first female house speaker if she were running against trump how she would react saying she's playing the
12:15 pm
female card. her advice to hillary clinton keep it up here -- these are her words -- don't stoop to his level and stay on the policy levels. it was interesting to hear that from her. >> we'll look for more of that interview later today. for now, thank you all. great chat. we will do it again. donald trump has a new nickname for bernie sanders now. you will hear that and why mr. trump says maybe it's time he focuses on senator sanders instead of secretary clinton. plus, sex. wild nights. the love life of donald trump. why the interviews he did with howard stern are colliding with his run for the white house. breaking news today in the shooting death of an unarmed black man, the former police officer charged with his murder is now facing new charges. we'll talk live with walter scott's family and get their reaction. you're watching cnn.
12:16 pm
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hillary clinton cannot singularly focus on defeating donald trump yet after her primary loss in west virginia she's fighting the good fight against bernie sanders. at a campaign stop she took an unprecedented step in healthcare. she suggested allowing people in their 50s buy into medicare. let's let that spring board into our discussion. welcome to both of you. >> great to be here. >> molly, to you, first, you know, first i mentioned the west virginia wins. let's acknowledge that. he's now up to 19 primary states winning totals. slated to win the majority of the last few primaries in the
12:21 pm
season. he does lag behind her despite those wins in terms of delegates. in doing so still he has forced her to the left. how do you think that helps her or even hurts her when we're talking general election time? >> i want to say a couple things about this. i don't think anybody is forcing anybody. this is a choice hillary is making, it's an interesting choice because given it's almost mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to get the nomination at this point, she doesn't have to do this. and so it's not clear -- she's clearly not winning over any of bernie supporters by making these moves on policy. it's very clear that the voters, the democratic voters who are loyal to bernie sanders are going to continue to vote for him come hell oh, high-water whether he has a chance or not. it's a mirror image of the republican party in terms of
12:22 pm
coalescing around donald trump. on the democratic side the establishment knows the thing is over but the voters are not on board with that. they are the ones prolonging this. >> and we'll talk about exit polls, but some of these folks when sanders is eventually out, some of these voters are saying they want trump. bob, to you, i mean, molly's right it's a choice to move left. do you think it's smart when she takes on trump? >> first of all, let's keep in mind that first of all those people -- nobody is going to vote for trump unless they're out of their minds who are voting for bernie sanders. but let's keep in mind, it may be she's not being forced to the left right now. remember, and bernie voters are not going to leave her and vote in the upcoming caucuses. in the fall when she does need to attract the voters it will be important for her to have a platform that is not exactly like bernie's you can't do that, but close. there are things she can point to. some of this is strategically
12:23 pm
appointed at the fall not so much primarily season. >> you may think that bernie supporters would be nuts, your perspective. >> of course it's my perspective. >> if they do decide to vote for trump. we love the exit polls here. exit polls show 62% of sanders' primary voters would back him in the general over trump. that's interesting, too. when you look at a hypothetical sanders is stronger. >> yeah. yeah, that's correct. but these polls at this stage of the game -- i've been through seven presidential races. you know, you always find in a tight primary race for the nomination the supporters of second place say i'm not going to vote for the front runner then eventually they come around. it's one simple word, trump. that will be the best organizing tool the democrats have ever had. >> what about, you know, we've heard about liiying ted and
12:24 pm
crooked hillary and crazy bernie exists in the trump world. he's talking about crazy bernie when we heard from senator sanders last night at his rally instead of taking on hillary clinton he talked about trump. here he was. >> key cann-- we cannot have a president who has insulted latino and mexicans. who has insulted muslims. [ applause ] who every day is insulting women in one way or another. and the american people understand that bringing us together always trumps dividing us up. >> so, you know, molly mentioned
12:25 pm
a second ago in a hypothetical sanders faired better against trump than hillary clinton. what do you make of that and also is there any sort of -- observation or learning moment for the hillary clinton camp? >> i think it's actually really interesting that you have trump there saying exactly what the clinton people will tell you. they get very exasperated by the talking point you hear from bernie all the time which is actually quite true and robust. that bernie does better in these general election matchups against trump than hillary clinton does. and the clinton people firmly believe this is only because bernie hasn't been subject to the same kind of public scrutiny, doesn't have the name id she does. now, that may or may not be true. it may also be the case that voters are looking for more of a change candidate than hillary clinton represents and that bernie is more attractive in that regard.
12:26 pm
you were talking about trump giving bernie a nickname and seeking to spur with bernie. i think he's doing something clever -- >> it's stickin. >> they always stick. but he's cleverly elevated bernie because nothing is more infuriating to the clinton camp to the reminder they're fighting an active campaign. >> donald trump calling anybody crazy is an oxy moron. he's going to have to face bernie sanders not as the opponent but on the campaign trail. i suspect bernie sanders is going to go out vigorously and oppose donald trump in the fall and everything that trump says about him now is only going to reinforce his notion of getting out there and taking on trump. >> thank you both so much. coming up next a white police officer, an unarmed black
12:27 pm
victim and now federal charges in the death of walter scott after a traffic stop in south carolina. we'll talk to a member of walter scott's family about this tragedy. plus, donald trump fending off another controversy here. hear what he said to shock jock howard stern. conversations some say could cause trouble with a key group of voters. that's coming up next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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some breaking news in the high profile shooting death of an unarmed black man in south carolina. michael slager a former police officer in north charleston has been arraigned in federal court on a three count indictment for shooting and killing walter scott. the new charges including depriving scott of his civil rights are in addition to a murder charge that slager is facing at the state level. a by stander with a cell phone happened to capture slager firing eight shots at scott as he ran from the officer floi following a traffic stop. five of the bullets hit scott from behind. we're about to show you the video again, i have to warn you you mind find it difficult to watch. moments ago, scott's mother spoke about the new federal
12:33 pm
charges facing slager. >> this is a sad day for me. but i thank god that the prayers of the righteous availith much and god knew from the beginning what went on. they tried to cover it up again. but it's time that the cover was pulled. i thank god that my son was the one that was used to pull the cover. >> joining me now walter scott's older brother anthony, mr. scott, thank you so much for taking the time today. and my condolences over losing your brother. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling about all of this today?
12:34 pm
>> it's a bittersweet day today. i mean, it's a great thing that the justice department finally got on board and that they're going to hear -- and the charges that were brought against slager. i thought it was slow in coming, but better late than never. and i definitely feel like my brother's civil rights were violated. and i feel like he was definitely murdered senselessly. and there was no cause for that being that he was an unarmed and running away from officer slager at the time. and i saw no reason why it had to have been elevated to the use of deadly force against my brother. >> i want to follow up on a couple points you just made. first, you know, sense last spring, has this now former police officer ever reached out to anyone in your family to express remorse?
12:35 pm
>> absolutely not. and we have heard nothing. and that has been a question for several family members of what were you thinking that day. and what would make you want to do that to another human being. and it's very upsetting to them. and every time they see the video it's like unbelievable. because it almost looks like a movie script. but it's not. that actual and it's real. and it's very painful to see it every time we see it. but we will continue to do whatever we need to do as a family. so that justice is served and that no one else in america has to go -- deal with that situation again. >> you know, this is one of many cases involving police and lethal use of force. many of the cases i'm sure in the past haven't been covered,
12:36 pm
never were prosecuted, but in this case with your brother there was a bystander who happened to have a cell phone and took the video. how often do you think about that? >> often. and i know within my heart that if there wasn't a video present, that we probably wouldn't be at this point we are at today. that's why i think it's important that officers in america across america are equipped with video cams so that these things will not happen. that the -- car cams were great but video cams will take it to the next level. it's imperative these things happen across america so that we won't have to deal with these type situations again. it will make the officers more accountab accountable for their action and they'll have to think twice before doing something like officer michael slager did.
12:37 pm
>> a lot of communities are moving in that direction, which is a good thing. my final question to you, mr. scott, is if michael slager were here, what is the one thing, if anything, you would want to say to him? >> i would just want to ask michael why, michael did you feel like you had to shoot him when he was running away. i mean, it wasn't like he wasn't going to be apprehended. there was nowhere for him to go. he had already been tased and stunned numerous of times. there was no way he was going to get away. why did we have to result to deadly force? >> anthony scott, thank you so much for your time. i am so sorry. we'll be right back.
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
you know, donald trump not exactly a man prone to regrets. but his evolution from playboy to president potentially may be giving him some pause. in an interview with the washington post trump admits his chats with howard stern are not exactly presidential. here's a listen. >> some incredible beautiful women that walk up and they're flip their top, wow. and they'll flip their panties. i saw a woman who was beautiful. she was angry so many men were calling her. how dare they call me, it's terrible they're looking at my breasts. she had a major breast reduction. the good news, nobody calls her anymore. >> the former reality tv star
12:43 pm
saying he may not have gone on the show if he actually thought he would follow through on his white house ambitions. so on that, i'm bringing you in because you've been talking to women who have worked with mr. trump over the years. listening to some snippets of his chats with howard stern how do you think all of that plays come general election time? >> well, i think that's going to be sort of the fascinating overarching issue of this campaign. because you think about this kind of epic matchup we may have with hillary clinton and donald trump and donald trump going after hillary clinton, you know, saying she's playing the women card, et cetera. the question here is how women are going to react to those kinds of comments from donald trump back in a period when he was trying to kind of puff up his image as a playboy. he claims he's changed. you know, i don't know how much of that is true.
12:44 pm
but it's fascinating to think about how these things will play and the extent to which he will apologize for past comments like that. "the washington post" story you referenced it wasn't exactly an apology we were hearing about the comments. he said had i known i was running for office i wouldn't have, you know, ever said some of those things. >> what about all the women who you've talked to, mauve who have worked for trump through the years? >> well, there's a sort of a two parallel worlds with donald trump. you've got that brash sort of brava bravado boasting on howard stern then you've had women who have worked for him over the years who say he's been a mentor good boss. a lot of women out there just don't really want to talk about donald trump as a boss. so it's this mystery that we're all trying to put together here.
12:45 pm
but as you know, in our cnn orc poll, 73% of women said -- >> it's a big number. >> they viewed him unfavorably. that was a big number and had come up since december. the trend is not going in the direction he would like it right now. we haven't seen a lot from his campaign so far showing us what he's going to do to turn the numbers down. >> imagine those attack ads. amazing what you did years ago can come back to get you. thank you very much. pivot to prince we're learning more about the investigation into his death. about the doctor that was treating him and what he was doing the day the singer died. and the story, by the way, sheds massive light on the national crisis, addiction to prescription medication a crisis many americans understand all too well. we're discuss that with an expert in treating this, next.
12:46 pm
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12:49 pm
a police search warrant shedding new light on the death investigation for music legend prince. the warrant, which was left
12:50 pm
unsealed, reveals prince was treated by a local doctor the day before he died. this doctor is dr. michael todd schulenberg. here he is and this is some sort of file video, unrelated to the criminal probe, but the warrant indicates that dr. schulenberg prescribed medication to prince. the day prince died he was en route to paisley park to give the singer some sort of test results. to what we don't know. the role of doctors has really come under scrutiny in the wake of prince's death because when it comes to celebrities, do doctors who prescribe drugs, do they help, do they hurt, are they seduced by the stars and how much is star power contributing to how they handle personal health issues. joining me now, addiction specialist howard samuels at the hills treatment center in southern california. howard, thank you so much for joining me. >> you're welcome, brooke. >> so, first question, you know, when you hear about this doctor who had left the hospital, he had been a family physician, he's at prince's home the day
12:51 pm
before, has these test results the day of, just in terms of celebrity culture and making house calls, is this fairly normal? >> well, unfortunately, brooke, it is. i've treated a lot of high-profile individuals here in los angeles, and the celebrity really seduces the doctor. >> how do you mean? >> well, i'm not saying that all doctors are seduced, but because the celebrity is so well known, so famous, you know, the personalities that the celebrity has can really sort of manipulate the doctor to cross the line, so to speak, as far as these medications. and i've seen it over and over and over again. you pay high money, you pay a lot of cash and the celebrity gets what he wants. >> so then -- i mean it's frustrating, especially if there is some -- an addiction and we don't know what the case was with prince. but in general when we're talking -- we were talking
12:52 pm
commercial and i think i can say you're a recovering heroin addict, clean for 31 years, which is phenomenal. >> right. >> but when we talk about prescription, opioids, what have you and the addiction in this country, it's been a crisis for a long, long time and so many people are affected by this. >> well, it's so true. i mean, you know, it is such an issue. and the overdoses, especially that has happened with the opiates, and, you know, in los angeles now there is a website that a lot of doctors can go to, to check to see whether or not patients are doctor shopping because a lot of patients doctor shop without the one doctor knowing. they'll go to a second, third and fourth doctor. >> and that's how you're getting multiple prescriptions? >> absolutely. and that happens over and over and over again. now, the celebrity, you know, does that also, but the celebrity, because of who they are and the money that they
12:53 pm
have, has the ability to seduce the doctor. unfortunately, in today's culture, you know, we're all in such awe of these high-profile celebrities that to me it's extremely sad that doctors will throw out their book of ethics out the window just to be close to someone like this. >> we don't know, you know, what the situation was with this particular, you know, local doctor who was visiting prince's home, but in general i don't know how doctors could possibly sleep at night knowing if they're returning time and time again to these celebrities, i mean they have to feel some sort of duty that i guess they're just neglecting if they're just saying yes all the time. >> i mean i am such in agreement, and that's why it's so great that you're covering this story because we have to get the word out, not only to put these doctors in check, the bad doctors i'm talking about, because once again i've got to say there's a lot of good doctors out there. but it's the bad ones that are
12:54 pm
creating the issue here. >> is there a difference, we had a conversation in our meeting this morning, is there a difference between saying someone is dependent versus addicted? >> absolutely not. dependent is sort of like the nice term, okay. >> okay. >> but addicted, dependent, it's all the same thing. now, there are a lot of people that will go in and have major surgery where they have to take oxycontin or percocet because of the pain involved. now, they'll take the prescription as prescribed, and then after about a month, the doctor will wean them off and detox them. now, it's the person that abuses the prescription, that's where the problem is. they will abuse, instead of taking one every four hours, they'll take four or five every four hours. now that's where you're starting to have the addict. the actual addict. and that's what's happened with a lot of these celebrities. but not just celebrities, i have to emphasize this. >> yes. >> it is happening all across
12:55 pm
the nation. >> so many people know someone. we're talking about this tonight. howard samuels, thank you so much. we're not just talking about it right now. tonight, this is an epidemic hiding in plain sight. dr. sanjay gupta, anderson cooper, putting on this special ac 360 town hall calling it "prescription addiction, made in the usa." if you've been touched by this or someone you know has please tune in tonight at 9:00 on cnn. have you heard about this? this 24-year-old tourist wanted to get an unforgettable selfie on his vacation. he got it and wound up in jail. what's with him?
12:56 pm
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this next story is my one an only exception to ever using a selfie stick because look what happens when a young man tried to take a selfie with the 126-year-old statue of king
1:00 pm
sebastian of portugal. apparently this guy tried to climb it. you saw the result, he broke it. he then ran. this happened midnight tuesday. the 24-year-old tourist was arrested. now charged with vandalism and destruction of public property. apparently the statue had stood outside that station since 1891. yeah, don't do that. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke. what does donald trump not want us to see? "the lead" starts right now. every presidential nominee has done it since richard nixon, so why is donald trump now going back on his own word to let the voters see what's in his tax returns? the tax returns of the super rich candidate. he's the man who signed what is perhaps the most controversial law in this country right now. north carolina's so-called bathroom bill. a measure that critics say is discrimination against transgender individuals, plain and simple. today north carolina governor pat