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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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if we let lying, cheating and stealing be an acceptable way of life, it's not just dollars lost, it's the spirit of the country that will be lost. the decision is ours. there is no better symbol of the 80s than donald trump but no within in the 80s, in the not even donald trump himself, could have predicted where we are right now. this is "cnn tonight,"i'don lemon. the man who wrote "the art of the deal" tweeting great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and republican leadership, things working out really well. >> paul ryan pointing out, it just might take more than a day. >> the process of unifying the republican party, which just finished a primary about a week
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ago, perhaps one of the most divisive primaries in memory, takes some time. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders weighs in on the whole thing. >> they've got a serious problem, an extreme right-wing party dealing with a guy who changes his views every day from bad to worse. >> and bill clinton campaigning for his wife, the candidate, simply saying this. >> this has been i think the most benign word i can think of, this has been a fairly interesting election. >> joining me now, jim acosta. the whole day, it does choke you up. >> it does. >> good evening to you. you said it would take a pretty big tent to hold a political circus today. tell bus that. >> donald trump and his circus came to town today. is there enough room for donald
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trump? the answer he cot from speaker of the house paul ryan is that there just might be. they know this is just the first step in what will be a long healing process for the gop. they were little bites, you might say, for donald trump. even on the senate side, there are still some hard feelings. john cornyn, senator from texas, said trump needs to change his tone on immigration. but by most accounts, trump was doing a lot less talking and more listening. that went a long way in washington. >> imagine that, imagine that. is it that paul ryan will eventually have to endorse trump? is that accurate? >> i think that is the conventional wisdom. paul ryan said he represents a wing of the republican party but donald trump himself has created a whole new wing of first-time voters pumping, sige excitement
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the party. the question is can trump meet ryan halfway. the trump campaign officials i spoke to today believe ryan's endorsement will come in time. >> was today just as much about introductions? w well does donald trump know some of the politicians that he met with today? >> not well. paul ryan said he barely knows donald trump. but donald trump showed today he is willing to work on that. you saw him pick up the endorsement today of senator orrin hatch. hatch was effusive about donald trump today. and then we learned trump had spoken by phone with senator lindsey graham. that goes to show you that miracles can happen in washington. and donald trump held a meeting that just about all washington insiders covet, a sitdown with
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former secretary of state james baker, a trusted adviser of the bush family and it does not get more washington than that, don. >> thank you, jim. appreciate it. >> the gop remains divided over donald trump. jan brewer of arizona has endorsed department and bill standard. governor brewer, let's listen to speaker ryan today after the meeting. here he is. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences and so from here we're going to go deeper into the policy areas to see where what common ground is and how we can make sure we are operating off the same core principles. so, yes, this is our first meeting, i was very encouraged with this meeting but this is a process. it takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes.
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so that is why we had, like i said, a very good start to a process on how we unify. >> so donald trump didn't speak today but we know he's a prolific tweeter. he did say this on twitter. he said "great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and republican leadership. things working out really well." governor, my question to you is this is about deal making, right? so who has more leverage here? >> well, let me begin, if i can, don, you are know, that was very encouraging, the results that took place today. it a lessening of the friction that's taking place. i think that it is going to work its way through and that -- well, obviously donald is going to be our candidate so this is the way that it should play out. everybody should get behind donald trump and support him, he's the republican candidate. and the person that has the most power, i think, is both of them.
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up kn you know, the art of compromise is the art of working in a body. the governor or the president of the united states, they work with their legislature or their congress and you put ideas out there and that body that is the congress that we all look upon and elect people from is that everybody compromises. but it is so important that you have an open door and it's so important that you have maybe a person there of your same party so that you can compromise. because if you have one party and you have a president with a different idea totally, it's into the going to get done. up need to elect donald trump and get the job done. >> bill kristol, i know you're dying to get in here. >> i'm against trump and she is for trump.
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here they are basically capitulating to trump. jan is being polite. there's no evidence that trump is compromising on anything. most people just don't think he has the character or judgment to be president. it's donald trump's party. >> what would you like to have seen? >> i would have liked paul ryan to say i don't know that i can support donald trump and i'm going to stay out of the presidential race. >> what effect would that have had, governor brewer? >> bill, i respect you so much and i've been a supporter of yours for a long time, but we have a nominee and it's donald trump. and it's going to be a lot easier to get to your side of the issues and to compromise
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than to have hillary elected. i ask everybody what are you going to do? are you going to just stay out of the election or are you going to go and vote for hillary and have four more years of barack obama? it just simply doesn't make any sense. and as a former governor, bill, we know that we go in there with philosophical believes that we believe in, but everybody comes from all different areas and you never agree 100% on everything, and in the business world i think they call it, you know, doing a deal like donald calls it, doing a deal. in the legislative body, it is a compromise because you don't always get 100% but you're better to be able to work with somebody of your same ilk than to work with somebody that is totally, totally against everything you believe in. >> bill, go ahead and respond. >> i would just say for me it's not about of donald trump's particular positions. i don't like the fact that he likes president putin of russia
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and positions of foreign policy and domestic policy. for me it's his judgment. someone pointed out mike tyson was convicted of raping a 17-year-old girl here in indiana, a couple, 20 years ago, served his sentence was charged again for another rape, don't you want to reconsider tyson who is another tough guy whose endorsement you welcome? oh, no, i like tough guys. i would just say he shouldn't be president of the united states. >> i'm sure you saw the joint statement released by both donald trump saying we are extremely proud of the fact that many millions of new voters have entered the primary system, far more than ever before in the republican party's history, which is interesting. so is there any hope of defeating hillary clinton? if there is any, doesn't there have to be unity within the party? >> well, i think there will be. i think there will be an independent candidate. i think a republican of
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integrity and honor who people like me will feel comfortable voting for. it will be an outside but i hope that person can beat both donald trump and hillary clinton. i think the more people that see donald trump, i don't think he will wear well. for all the talk, he did win the nomination fair and square, he's still less than 50% of the republican votes, all that huge turnout, more than half of that turnout didn't vote for donald trump. >> are you suggesting a third candidate, bill? >> yes. >> isn't it too late for that, though? >> no. only one state's deadline has passed and i think north carolina will pass soon. the others, the next one is june 27th and a lawsuit in those two states would work because in the 80s there were lawsuits against excessively early deadlines. if a been sass or tom coburn or
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mitt romney -- >> you mentioned mitt romney. why is that? >> those three said they can't support donald trump. i would admire them if they stepped forward and said i'm going to run a positive campaign. we have two people running for president who should not be president and a majority of americans in both cases have unfavorable views of trump and hillary clinton. neither should be president. so let me offer an alternative. is it unusual? is it a long shot? i think this is such an exceptional year, it's worth trying. >> governor, wouldn't that just be turning it over to a democrat? >> absolutely it would be turning it over to hillary clinton and the people of our party have spoken and they have overwhelmingly voted for mr. trump. and for people wanting to put a third party in there is just going to fracture the party again. i've been a republican, bill,
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all my life and it's been a long life, a long, hard life by the way. you don't have to agree with a person 100% on everything but you talk about donald trump's ability to say things sometimes accepted but, you know,maybe he was trying to be nice to say mr. putin was a nice guy. who knows. but we like his policies. people want to shake things up. republicans have been in charge and a whole lot of stuff didn't get done at all, at all. and they want a change. and i think you would agree at least with his reduction on tax policy, that's very, very important and bringing jobs and creating jobs and he's a known job creator. and you know mr. trump. i mean, i know mr. trump. >> give him a chance to respond. >> he's a very nice man. >> okay. >> bill? >> i've only met him once or twice and i don't think he's a particularly nice man and i
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think there's plenty of evidence that he's a bully and sort of ego -- has a huge ego, a narcissist. i think he'd be a terrible president. who know what is his tax plan is, he's changed it about five times, who know what is his position is on deporting 11 million people or on anything. he has no serious policy positions. he's been a very effective demagogue and unfortunately convinced a lot of people to vote for him. i don't begrudge elected officials. if you're an elected republican, you have more of an obligation or your inclination should be to support the nominee of the party. i voted republican since every election i voted in. i regret none of those votes. i was happy to vote for a republican who did win, like reagan twice. >> but not this time? >> not this time for me. >> when we come right back, i
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donald trump and paul ryan releasing a joint statement saying while they have differences between them, there as also common ground between them. governor, i want you to listen to some of what donald trump said during the campaign season. listen. >> i'm the king of debt. i love debt. >> this is the united states government. first of all, you never have to default because you print the money, i hate to tell you, okay? >> we're out of control. we have no idea who's coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us or hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words.
7:19 pm
>> we're going to build a wall, believe me, believe me. >> governor, it was statements like that that got so many worried about him as a nominee. do you think though statements represent the republican party's principles? >> i think it represents the people of america. the people are america are very, very angry. they want some results. i certainly agree with mr. trump in regards to we need to secure our borders for a lot of different reasons. arizona was a graate way of illegal immigration and they're still coming. along with that comes the drug cartels and with the drug cartels comes the sex trafficking, the drop houses, the extortion and it ends up in our state and we are responsible for all those bills that we have to incur by them creating crime, the incarceration. and then they filter out into the rest of the united states. so we're all affected by it.
7:20 pm
>> governor, the stats say immigrants are responsible for less crime than americans who are born here. >> i'm not talking about immigrants, i'm talking about illegal immigrants and drug cartels and all the crime they bring in here. we don't want it, nor can we afford it and it's wrong. we believe in the rule of law. if you want to come, come legally. >> bill, do you think those statements represent americans? >> i think jan is a better spokesperson for donald trump than donald trump. i think the trump campaign would do well to put her out more than him. it would be tough to be donald trump's nominee. i'm curious to talk to jan after the whole thing is over and after i think -- after there's an independent republican president and an independent wins for the first time in a
7:21 pm
couple centuries in america and then jan can tell stories what it was like to be on the trump/brewer ticket. >> in today's meetings, trump sat down with a few congressional republicans who had been mentioned on vp picks. this was last night what he said about you as a possible vp pick, governor. here it is. >> jan brewer's been fantastic. she has been so fantastic. i won so big her territory, we won so big. she's a fabulous woman. >> what's your reaction? >> well, certainly i appreciate him speaking so nicely about me, but there are a lot of people out, there men and women, that are high live qualified that would be great candidates. >> who would you like to see? like who? >> i have no inside information. i don't get to make that choice. mr. trump is going to have to choose somebody that he feels comfortable with, somebody i
7:22 pm
think political that knows the ropes, that have been down there, to be able to negotiate and compromise and knows the process to help him. and i think he realizes that, too. i would be honored, of course, to talk to him about it. i would be honored to serve mr. trump in any capacity, if i could help him. because i love america and i've been in politics for a long time and, you know, i want to do what's right. these last eight years of our administration here has been a disaster, an absolute disaster and we've got to come together -- >> he met with rob portman today and john thune. do you think, governor, he should pick a woman or maybe a minority? >> i'm probably one of the few women. i don't think that it needs to be a woman. he's got choices.
7:23 pm
i don't think people vote for the president because they have a woman vice president. i think they vote for the person because of their ideas and their policies and they want change and i think that mr. trump has come forward with several policies that have struck a huge cord amongst the people. >> is there someone who would help you -- if that he would pick as a vice presidential pick, bill, that would help you move over to the trump side? >> not really. for me the question is if you're trump's vice presidential running mate, do you get to call him donald or do you have to keep on calling him mr. trump? that's the question he needs to be asked. what is with the mr. trump thing? he's a private citizen. he's not the president of the united states. i think we can call people by their first names, can't we? >> i don't know. i think when people are running for president, you should show some respect and call them by their last night. >> sometimes i slip and call him
7:24 pm
donald. >> i'm not talking about you. i'm talking about his peers, governors, senators, congressman. it's mr. trump this, mr. trump that. >> just like when people say sir or man. >> that's true. when janet becomes v.p., it will be donald for jan. >> i call him both. i call him both. >> i'm just teasing you. >> have a good night. see you guys soon. >> how would ronald reagan unify the gop and trump? i'm going to ask his son michael next. we're out ink.nk. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen.
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house speaker paul ryan still withholding his endorsement of donald trump despite their meeting today. here to discuss, michael reagan, the son of rag ronald reagan. and dennis, i want to play again what paul ryan said coming out of today's big meeting. >> this is our first meeting. i was very encouraged with this meeting but this is a process. it takes a little time. you don't put it together in 45 minutes. >> so still no endorsement from
7:29 pm
paul ryan. can trump and ryan put their differences behind them and resolve this you think, dennis? >> i do, actually. i think paul ryan is handling it with a lot of dignity. had he after all of the critiques of trump said, okay, we're on the bandwagon, i think people would not have taken him seriously. he has to worry about hundreds of congressmen and their reelection ability, and he has to worry about his own credibility. i think he's handling it with a lot of dignity and i salute him. >> michael, if your father was in this situation, if he saw a republican standard bearer who may not share his principles, how do you think he would handle it? >> i think there's a big difference between someone who doesn't share his principles and donald trump. my father always did support the nominee of the party but i think in this case right now, he would have to sit back and really truly think about donald trump and it would be up to donald
7:30 pm
trump to bridge that gap between himself and ronald reagan or himself and paul ryan himself and lindsey graham himself and the bushes, himself and those who are going to vote in november. not incumbent upon anybody else, it's incumbent upon donald trump to make those inroads to bring people to the for november. >> when you say there are big differences between your dad and donald trump, what are those differences? >> well, my father paid attention to the 11th commandment. don't speak ill of another person. by demeaning them, it's not only hard to get them on board but also their supporters on board. you can't say lyin' ted and then go to his supporters and say please come and vote for me in november unless you reach out and do a mea culpa to ted cruz.
7:31 pm
>> i read something where you said what makes you think he would even want to be in this position? >> people talk about my father and donald trump and say donald trump is just like ronald reagan. the truth is if ronald reagan were like donald trump, nancy never would have married him. >> dennis, you know, time is of the essence here. how much time do you think republicans have to pull all of this together? >> they have the time, there's no question. this is just may, the election is in november. believe it or not, i think they will. i'm a perfect example. i have devoted the last half year in print and on my national radio show to criticizing quite severely donald trump. however, you i did say at the
7:32 pm
beginning if he is the nominee i would vote for him. i said it in my first article and i am sticking to that. because from my perspective, the democratic party has done a lot of damage to my beloved country and i cannot really abide by the idea of having another four years of that, of having the supreme court set and the reason -- it's not just that i disagree obviously because i'm conservative and i don't agree with folks on the left. it's not just that. it's that they use the court in lieu of congress, that for the left if you can't pass a law, you use judges to pass the law. and that's a very disturbing thing. it has made the supreme court far stronger than the founders envisioned it. >> do you agree with that, michael? >> no, i really don't agree with that at all. as i said, it's really up to donald trump to get everybody on board. dennis is on board because he's a conservative and republican. donald trump hasn't proven himself to be a considerate and
7:33 pm
he just really came into the republican ranks. you can't trust the fact he's going to pick the right judges to go on the supreme court because every day he seems to change his message just a little more depending on who he talks about and who he speaks about. he has a lot of work to do to bring other people such as myself and others on board. but i'm not appreciative at all of a man who demeans people like john mccain, who demeans others on the campaign trail and people applaud that kind of demeaning. >> so you're not going to vote for him? >> i don't think that's right at all. >> let him answer. so you're not going to vote for him, michael? >> i'm not saying i'm not going to vote for him. if the election were today, i'd be voting down ballot, not up ballot. >> michael doesn't agree with me but i agree with every word that michael said. i do believe and i said it when i was last on with you, i do believe it's up to donald trump to make the overtures and the
7:34 pm
despicable things he said about john mccain and others remain despicable. i'm not happy about it but in life very rarely do we have the choice between good and evil. we generally have it between lessers of evil. >> you said that the other night when you came on. it sounds like a shotgun wedding to me between you two. >> if i could say something, don. >> go ahead. >> we're on thispanics and wome are the areas he's so weak in. 75% of the women are against him, i'm sure more than 100% of hispanics are not going to vote for him on election day. how is he going to make inroads into those parties? >> gentlemen, please stay with me. when we come back, if trump is winning with voters, why should he change party leaders now? we'll talk about that next.
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both sides say they want unity but should donald trump
7:39 pm
change to suit the gop or should they change to suit him? let's see if i can say this more succinctly than i did going into the break. the whole idea behind trump's campaign is to let trump be trump. why should he change his tone? >> he probably won't but he needs to do something to bring people together. i don't know if the republican national party wants to be a party say we're going to pick up 11.5 illegals and ship them out of the united states of america and be the party at that stop muslims from coming to the united states. i don't know if the republican party, if that's the change they want to make. that's part of what paul ryan is considering at this point in time. who is the republican party? i tweeted out a couple of weeks ago, the republican party is no longer the party of reagan, it is the party of trump. good luck. >> how is he going to make inroads with women, with latinos? now he's saying the republican
7:40 pm
party should not be the party of people who are trying to stop illegal immigrants -- stop immigrants, i should say, stop immigrants from coming into the country, whether they be hispanic or muslim. >> women, i think he has a number of very powerful arguments, not least of which is you've had a democratic president and for part of the time a democratic congress, do you think it's gone better for you? they are using you just as in my belief they have used minorities for all of my lifetime. they use people in order to gain votes saying how much they're on their side and anyone who opposes them, meaning any conservative or republican is what i call -- it's the entire lexicon of the left. paul krugman of the "new york times" wrote i figured out the real support for donald trump is racist. i'm sure he'll get more black
7:41 pm
votes than women got. his appeal to women is simple, what is a more important issue for you than the security of the united states? do you believe that hillary clinton, who was prepared to compromise the country for the sake of her foundation -- >> i have a 33-year-old daughter, ashley marie. we talk about this on a regular basis. like ashley said, her 33-year-old, 34, 35-year-old vote for someone who is relatable and likable. they're not going to intellectualize it like dennis does in a wonderful, wonderful way. they're going to the polls and saying i relate to the person and that is who i vote for. >> you may be right and if that's the case, there's very little hope for the united states of america.
7:42 pm
this is a perfect example of amusing ourselves to death, the brilliant book written in the 1980s where everything has become entertainment. a hundred years ago americans didn't vote for who was likable. if you watched the nixon/kennedy debate, the issue was issues, but now with television, likability, who would you like to have a beer with? that's why i could never run. i don't think people want to have a beer with me. i don't even drink beer. if that's what your daughter's criterion is -- >> not her criteria but her generation. with donald trump you have the first nominee of talk radio and social media. that's where these kids live and what have you. a lot of given to them through all of these different arenas anymore. i don't know if that's the best
7:43 pm
thing for america. >> we've heard this like to have a beer thing since ronald reagan, we've heard it with democratic presidents, republican presidents, we heard it with george w. bush. dennis, i have to push back a little bit because you said this is a talking point of the left by calling out donald trump saying that he is somehow xenophobic, that he is racist in some way. there are people on the right who say the same things and there are people on the right who say similar things, maybe not as far, even the speaker of the house said we are an open party, we don't talk about keeping people out, america is exclusive. so it's not just a talking point on the left. >> well, that would be said, the idea that the united states of america is allowed to have border doesn't make you xenophobic. it's an odd correlation. we are allowed to have borders, we should have borders. mexico has far more stringent borders with guatemala than we have with mexico. is mexico xenophobic?
7:44 pm
i find that charge unacceptable. >> do you want to respond, michael? >> nobody's arguing we don't need borders. we have laws, we should abide by our laws but you're not going to pick up 11.5 million people and ship them out? they have families, they're now married into families, there's children being born and what have you. so to take that stand and have people applaud that stand like it's going to happen, do we need an immigration policy? yes, we need a coherent immigration policy and we need to pass that, but the immigration policy shouldn't be, hey, are you hispanic? are you legal? we're going to ship you to a country that you may never have ever lived in. i will tell you this about my father, he would have pulled people into the oval office and said people down and said where are the areas we agree over immigration? should we really seasoned peond
7:45 pm
home brought in by their parents? i my dad would come down on the side of the child, maybe not the parent, and find a way to take care of the birthers. >> dennis, last word. >> i think that michael's father would have supported the idea of some barrier to protect the united states of america. i agree about the shipping -- it's irresponsible statements and it won't happen, it's a nonissue. the idea of a barrier, a wall. look at how effective israel has been building a barrier and it reduced appropriate to almost zero as a result of it. >> israel is not the size of america then. >> that's a logistics issue, not a principle issue. >> if you're going to compare something, it should be an equal comparison. >> donald trump says he had a great day in d.c., paul ryan
7:46 pm
said he was encouraged by trump. is the gop about to get in line?
7:47 pm
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it is beginning to sound a lot like the gop is coming around to the idea of getting in line behind donald trump but what will that mean for the party? joining me is kayleigh mcenany. good evening to you both. let's listen to paul ryan, what he said last week. >> this is the party of lincoln, of reagan, the jack kemp and we don't always nominate a lincoln or a reagan every four years but we hope our nominee inspires to be lincoln or reaganesque, that that person advances the principles of our party. that was then. this was today. listen. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. do i believe we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves
7:51 pm
unified, bridge the gaps and differences and we'll go deep near the policy areas to make sure we are operating off the same core principles. >> what a difference a week makes. peter, you say there's a remarkable difference between those two statements. why do you say that? >> a week ago paul ryan said he was inheriting the party of ronald reagan and jack kemp it was a statement about things like the muslim ban, calling mexican immigrants rapists, encouraging assaults of african-american protesters. there was none of that in paul ryan's statement today. he didn't say donald trump was going to have to adopt the principles of the republican party as he defined them. it was basically a surrender. >> did trump get to him? did members of the party get to
7:52 pm
him? what happened? i any the truth is the republican party surrendered to trumpism long ago. paul ryan, though i think he's an honorable man, simply is a minority in his own party. >> do you agree with that? >> i don't. apparently paul ryan and donald trump had only met once long ago. you watch the news and it's easy to summarily think that donald trump is a bigot, you know, it's like the overnight kind of change with ben carson had where he said, wait, there are kind of two trumps. i think m man talk and then i talk with him and he's very
7:53 pm
reflecti reflective, he's very smart and understands policy. >> paul ryan saw a donald trump who understands public policy? he is perhaps the only american who has ever seen that donald. we've been watching donald on national tv for a year. i've never once seen a donald trump who has shown a command of public policy. >> by the way -- >> will he please start showing it to the american public? >> several of them actually say i kind of like the guy. here's my question. the former speaker of the house, john boehner, said that he didn't -- he did support donald trump, if he becomes the nominee, he would support him but he doesn't support some of his positions. how can you support him if you have don't support his positions. i don't understand that, kayleigh. >> you don't want someone who is a litmus test. john boehner recognizes i might not agree with him on a lot of
7:54 pm
policy, some policies but the principles -- >> isn't that what really matters this person represents these particular policies? he's voting for him just because he's a republican. >> it's the principles, limited government. >> donald trump, i've never heard him say limited government. >> he doesn't want a big expansive government. >> he doesn't seem like -- >> this is what i think paul ryan signalled to conservatives. he mentioned the issue of abortion twice. i think that was very significant. i think what a lot of conservatives are starting to say is if donald trump will give us some kind of reassurance on the supreme court and socially conservative justices, we will overlook some things. >> donald trump was the first candidate to name nominees, he
7:55 pm
mentioned bill pryor, and donald trump supporters sit here and say what are you waiting for? we know who he's going to support to the supreme court. he's named them. >> he's changed his mind on so many different things, some moot want him to say again. i'm pro-choice. >> the folks who don't support donald trump, what are they must afraid of if he is elected? >> i think there's a real split between conservative righters who are not getting on the balanced wagon and republican politicians who are moving behind getting behind donald trump because their voters support him. those on you show often think he's not informed enough to be president, he's not a man of decent character and he doesn't have a fundamental respect for
7:56 pm
our constitutional order. i think they're right. >> there are some that say that doesn't matter, i'm going to vote for him anyways. thank you very much. i appreciate both of you. coming up, what a long, strange trip it has been. this has been a campaign like no other. we've heard some strange things about the kbd but one of them is being called a zombie candidate. i'll tell you who when we come right back. carplay integration.
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what the butler said and a zombie running for president? bernie sanders says this about his campaign and his opponent. >> i am not here to say that hillary clinton can't defeat donald trump but i absolutely believe that she can. but i believe quite honestly that bernie sanders is the stronger candidate. >> the truth is that the odds against sands are are now pretty much insurmountable. so has he turned into a zombie candidate that is going to hurt clinton? >> awhat the butler said, "president obama


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