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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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my official long form birth certificate. >> if i decide to run for office, i'll release the tax returns, absolutely. >> i'm officially running for president of the united states. >> any closer to releasing tax returns? >> well, i'm thinking about it. i can't do it until the audit is finished. >> it's no excuse. an audit is not a part of public release, but entirely your choice. >> cnn scott mclain joins me now. scott, appears that another sign of clinton is kind of pivoting away from her democratic competitor, senator sanders, instead looking towards the general election. >> yeah, you're right. the clinton campaign is trying to shake off sanders for a long time, and because the delegate lead is so big, she's ignoring him and going after trump with the tax returns being the latest target. it is interesting to point out, though, that clinton had not mentioned tax returns until
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wednesday in a rally in new jersey when someone shouted out the issue, and clinton added it to the talking points. today, as you mentioned, the campaign released a web video slamming trump on the issue, but it does not include herself. trump is not going to release returns until an audit is complete. the nominee is in general election mode, and he talked about hillary's e-mail controversy and criticized her as secretary of state, especially the handling was attack on a u.s. consulate in libya. they are still trying to unify dwided parties. they can hope, though, the latest back and forth helps to build some of their support. >> and then on the issue of tax returns, it's not an issue that's going away because presidential candidates are accustomed to this, are they not? >> it is custom to make tax returns public, but there's absolutely no legal requirement
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for donald trump to release tax returns. keep in mind, though, trump's returns will not show what the net worth. what we could learn about is income sources, debt, donations to charity, and tax rates, something he says. >> okay. appreciate it. new video, reflecting hillary clinton's campaign against trump perhaps focuses on policy and positions, but do they want to hit the rival where it hurts, so to speak? randy kay spoke to some of them in new jersey. >> reporter: they came to hear bill clinton speak in patterson, new jersey, but long before the former president arrived, these voters were already fired up. >> why do you stoop down into the gutter with someone who wants to bring you there? >> reporter: the gutter, where many of the hillary clinton supporters believe trump is
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trying to drag her, using personal attacks about her husband's extramarital affairs dating back 20 years. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of the women is disgraceful. >> reporter: instead of hitting trump back on the own personal transgressio transgressions, she's sticking to the issues. >> i said repeatedly, i'm not going to respond to insults. >> reporter: is hillary clinton playing enough enough? >> playing tough enough because i don't think slander is the name of the game. focus on the agenda. i don't believe in mud slinging. >> reporter: not responding to trump's personal attacks is risky. >> are you at all concerned it backfires on her? look what happened to the other 16 republican candidates who did not take on trump. >> right. i believe, you know, as time
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approaches closely, that she should, you know, maybe take a couple shots, but nothing extreme. she doesn't want to be anything like trump. >> are you concerned those kinds of things sink into the america public's view of her if she does not say something? >> the american people are intelligent enough to know what to look for to do their research, to do their homework, and to not fall into the games of name saying. >> reporter: there's also the question of how hillary clinton should handle donald trump's harsh words for her husband. trump called bill clinton the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. hillary clinton has not responded to those remarks either. a few here feel strongly that mrs. clinton needs to defend her husband and family, that she's making a big mistake letting trump, quote, bully her. >> if you don't stand up to a bully, they keep going. for her to sit there and let him get away with it, it's like a cancer, if you don't treat it,
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it ma tas sizes, and if you don't treat it, you die. >> go after him on social media? >> yes, he uses twitter. >> hate to be in her shoes to take all that. >> reporter: and staying above the fray is harder and harder the closer we get to election day. cnn, paterson, new jersey. >> let's talk about this potential general election battle between clinton and trump with our political panel, a democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter, and maria, a cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter. great to see you again. all right, ladies, already thinking about the general election, at least that's what you see from the video, really, from hillary clinton. maria, is it smart territory for
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your candidate to go? >> let's not forget this is something both democratic candidates have been doing for quite some time. bernie sanders in the speech the other nights was great going after trump. i think that's what they need to do to focus on the real thing here, the most important thing here, which is what we're going to be going up against in the general election. no matter the nominee, i think it's going to be hillary clinton, but we're going to have a fight on our hands and have to have everyone's eyes focused on underscoring how dangerous trump will be for the country, how dangerous he will be for a progressive agenda, and to underscore hillary clinton's own words, what a loose cannon he'll be as someone interviewing for the highest office in the land. >> so trust and character are central to why anyone makes a selection about a, you know, for a candidate, why they choose
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that person, it would seem for president. you know, it's hillary clinton who is saying and underscoring in this web video that, you know, what is he hiding? if he doesn't want to reveal taxes, what is he hiding, yet, at the same time, bernie sand ores is saying what is hillary clinton hiding by not releasing the transcripts of her many speeches? neither one of those things are really required. you know -- >> true. >> from a presidential candidate, but why is it these two things are front and center as it comes down to people making selections about these candidates? >> well, i think there's two different situations here. one is, obviously, you have the tax returns, which is something that is a tradition in presidential politics. you saw what happened to mitt romney in 2012, pressured to release tax returns, and reid said, oh, he didn't pay taxes. guess what, he released them, and sure enough, he paid taxes and was giving money to charities. it can backfire. listen, both sides know they
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will be attacked with hits. you know, sanders is, obviously, going after hillary clinton to release transcripts, and i have no doubt that trump says the same to hillary clinton. that's probably why they released this ad sat at 5:00 a.m. to go through one news cycle, trump responds before mondays. that's great optics for campaigns. let's not get distracted from the issue here. the transcripts could determine a lot of things, why she was taking paid speeches at $225,000 a speech before running for president and five months before the presidential campaign committee was formed or why bill clinton gave speepaid speeches, another saying -- >> it's not unusual that nimpb serving in the white house and once finished now in the private sectors to cash in on speeches. >> she didn't give any speeches
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while running for president. >> the campaign committee was open in january and gave speeches until may -- >> she did not. she was not running for president -- >> her campaign committee was open. come on. come on. >> let's underscore the real issue here, and the real issue is that trump talkings about what's been done for every candidate vying for the highest office in the land, and that is to focus on tax returns. it does look -- >> the issue is quid pro quo. >> looks like he has something to hide, and, you know, i'm just not going after sanders. he's not released enough taxes either. >> it's only been two years. he has released taxes. >> you're obsessed with the transscripts, but the democratic primary voter is not. >> actually, they poll high. >> right now, and --
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>> that's wrong. >> hillary clinton is winning by 3 million votes -- >> not in caucuses. >> by almost 300 pledged delegates, tough for you to hear, but that's the math. >> so -- >> the big issue here is trying to beat dnld trump. >> yes. >> what is bernie sanders or the camp's, you know, best argument as to why more than two years tax returns is not being released. >> oh, here we are, nearly in june. primary season -- >> he's not hiding people, and people are pretty sure. >> hillary clinton's not hiding anything in the transcripts either. >> really? really? >> yeah, really. >> you don't think -- >> yes. >> the associated press says that 82 companies that hillary clinton has given speeches to directly tried to get government contracts while secretary of
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state. you know, that's not concerns to you? that's concerning to the american people. >> she was not making the speeches while secretary of state. that's ridiculous. >> while she had a presidential campaign set ridiculous. >> that's a legal issue. >> the comparison that you just made, you know, made it sound like she was giving speeches while secretary of state, and -- >> we know the issue is paid office after public service. >> she was not in a government position at the time. she was not in any position to do anything for the companies. >> so that's false given the fact the clinton foundation gave speeches, bill clinton and hillary clinton made over $150 million giving speeches, one person in office, they gave speeches. >> when candidates puts out transcripts -- >> he's not giving anything
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either is sanders. >> there's one candidate investigated by the fbi, one. come on, maria. >> focus on what every presidential candidate -- >> it's a great strategy, and you want -- >> hold it right there. ladies, while this is -- this is fascinating because each camp is making very fervent arguments about the releasing of transcripts or releasing of taxes, et cetera, but bottom line is, it does take away from the conversation that any and al candidates should have about specific issues that impact voters collectively, their lives for the most important job. >> i completely agree. >> of elected aucoffice and thi continues and underscores frustration that voters have, okay, there's great back and forth, et cetera, but how is it going to impact my life? >> well, that's -- that's right. that's why hillary clinton is not letting this be a
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distraction and continues to focus on how to let women and families make sure they have affordable child care, how to focus on making sure that people are able to have -- >> she doesn't pay staff members equal pay. >> raising wages. >> maria -- >> focused on making sure women are paid the same as a man for the same things they do. >> why not pay the staff equally? the record is the record. come on. you can say talking points -- >> voters care -- >> about conflict of interest, and when a presidential candidate -- mar maria, let me talk for a second. you had time. >> so have you, honey. >> maria -- >> no. >> when the candidate running for president wants to take on wall street is accepting money from wall street giving over $11 million in speeches to wall street in one year alone, you don't think the voters have a conflict of issue there? >> no. why? >> why? wall street fights against pay --
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>> let me -- >> against health care reform. >> okay. we're not going to resolve this because we don't know the motivation, and we don't know the content of the speeches or what -- >> well, i have to respond to the slander, though, fred, because the problem she's obsessed with is there's been no -- absolutely no evidence whatsoever that anybody can point to that hillary clinton changed her position, ever changed a vote, ever changed -- >> mortgage reform. mortgage reform. changed her vote. >> in fact, she has been tough on wall street, on the banks so much so -- >> how? how? >> economists say her plan -- >> one example. >> her plan goes after the banks goes after the shadow banking -- >> after the repeal? after the repeal? after the mortgage industry with incentivized? >> i understand -- >> okay. >> i understand frustrations -- >> ladies -- >> i understand she's -- >> i'm so sorry, both of you are making passionate arguments, but we are going to have to leave it
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right there, but something tells me we'll have the both of you back again and pick up where we left off. who knows, that could be as early as tomorrow, what do you think? check your schedules. thank you so much. preer appreciate it. trump has touted his ability to self-fund for months is great, but now the land scrape changed. we'll have more on the billionaire's plans to tap the gop's big donors. plus, outrage over the transgender school bathroom guidelines and how republican governors are responding next.
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based on gender identity, drawing firy criticism and cries in government overreach. we are joined now by nick valencia. they are guidelines, not laws, but some are expressing themselves. >> absolutely. calling out the government, saying they overreached. this is the most detail that's been outlined by the federal government about what should happen regarding transgender bathroom use, and already, there are governors telling the school districts not to follow the rules, but they risk losing federal money. >> we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. >> reporter: the federal government calls them guidelines. several states including texas see them more as a threat. >> this goes against the values of so many people. it has nothing to do with anyone being against a transgender child. >> reporter: in a friday morning press conference, dan patrick says the line has been crossed
11:20 am
by the federal government after the department of justice sent a letter on transgender bathroom use in public schools across the united states. >> i'm telling you all the supersben dents in texas, you have three weeks left in the school year. do not enact this policy. >> reporter: in the letter, attorney general lynch writes there's no room in schools for discrimination of any kind including discrimination against transgender students on basis of their sex. under the guidelines, public schools that receive federal money are obligated to treat students consistent with their gender identity, even if records indicate a different sex. access sex segregated facilities consistent with the identity and protect students' privacy related to their transgender status. this sets the stage for a legal battle in the making since march.
11:21 am
house bill two in north carolina began the recent controversy requiring transpeople to use the public restroom related to the gender on the birth certificate, n not how they identify. candice has been one of the most outspoken against the law, a transgender woman and met with the north carolina governor. >> the fact that we are not talking about transgender people and who they are, but rather we don't want someone who looks like a man or looks like a woman, that identifies as the opposite gender lets me know we discriminate on esthetics. >> reporter: they traded accusations and lawsuits. some states including arkansas and texas insist there's been government overreach. the feds say civil rights have been violated. >> this is not just a north carolina issue. this is now a national issue. >> it was this morning the federal government doubled down on guidelines, head of the civil rights division for the department of justice giving a
11:22 am
commencement address to the university of minnesota law school saying in part, north carolina not only violates the laws that govern our nation, but also the values that define us as people. so they are not backing down from the guidelines. >> thank you so much. keep us posted. >> you got it. all right, still ahead, anger continues to grow as security lines get longer and longer. live at laguardia airport in new york next. are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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many summer travelers say airport security lines are getting way out of hand, homeland security secretary, jay johnson, addressed concerns friday. >> we're dealing with spring and summer with increased travel volume, which, obviously, puts an added burden on our tsos and increased demand on the system. >> some travelers are voicing frustrations on social media with a new hashtag calle called #ihatethewait. rachel in in laguardia, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: well, we all hate the wait, and there's been a steady stream of passengers here this morning in laguardia airport, but the line here, nothing like those crazy lines we've seen in cities like chicago and atlanta and dallas, in phoenix. in fact, yesterday, american airlines actually had to delay five flights because 77
11:27 am
passengers were not on board when the planes were set to take off because of those crazy lines. now, a spokesperson for american airlines says it's an ongoing problem and the tsa is well aware, in large part because of the social media posts, fred, that you were talking about. the tsa, because of the issue, they decided to expedite the hiring of more than 750 new agents. that's part of an 8 million initiative to get the lines shortened. now, the problem is, that those agents, they are not coming on board until mid-june, so this problem, social security not going to be solved overnight, and because, you know, summer is around the corner, fuel costs are dropping, and the price for tickets are dropping. we can expect this problem might be worse before it gets better. >> oh, boy. some airports take matters in their own hands, atlanta's airport experimenting with something. explain that concept. >> reporter: yeah, so those are
11:28 am
the innovation lines. atlanta, first airport in the u.s. to implement them. they are much like the system that you see in london airport where it relies heavily on automation. now, if a bag needs additional screening, instead of manually moving it over to stop the line, this just happens automatically. it will all be robotic, actually, which is amazing. hopefully it helps cut down lines, and if it is successful in doing that, you can bet that we'll be seeing those innovation lines in airports across the country. >> all right. rhen crane, thank you so much, appreciate it. all right, funding the republican presidential campaign, next, the dance between trump and the money making machine that is the rnc. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. ♪
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thank you for joining me. it was a week of donald trump and the leader of the republican party on the hill met, but
11:32 am
getting big money, gop donors on board might be a different story. in 2012, big donors helped mitt romney raise $1 billion for the campaign, but so far, the donor list is noticeably short. the casino mogul, sheldon, hopes to change that saying, quote, i'm endorsing trump's bid for president and strongly encourage my fellow republicans, especially our republican elected officials, party loyalists, and operatives and those who provide financial backing to do the same. talking this over with our cnn political commentator and trump supporter and alisa, a republican fundraising consultant who worked with jeb bush and mitt romney. good to see you both. >> hello, fred. >> thank you. >> lisa, you first, a sticky situation, maybe, trump has been the outsider, the anti-establishment candidate, after all, that's what he, in
11:33 am
large part, ran on, using my own money, well, now, the pursestrings open from the rnc. is it a delicate dance? how does he accept or lobby for rnc money and how does the rnc count on big donors when they really have not shown that support traditionally for donald trump? >> well, i'm not sure exactly what donors -- what the rnc expects from donors right now because trump said the whole time he would self-fund his campaign, that he did not want money from donors, that he thought -- >> he does now. >> well -- >> right? >> well, he says he does now, but he has not really done anything to put together a fundraising operation, and, also, he keeps on changes what he's saying, so, for example, he has said that he's going to give the 36 million to the campaign. well, the 36 million he's only
11:34 am
loaned to the campaign. he might have said he's going to give it, but until he files with the fec and changes that from a loan to a contribution, he has not given his money to the campaign yet. >> so, jeffrey, how does that go? would it be trump, his camp, saying we're going to make arrangements for welcoming that money, or is that really that timetable up to the rnc, and it's not been done yet? >> well, they'll try to sit down and figure this out. what's happened here is now that donald trump is going to be the republican nominee, he takes on the respond as do all presidential nominees of being the leader of the party. it's no longer a question of his own campaign. he has to work with chairman p prooe bus to see how the committee fits in the picture. >> he's not the nominee yet. >> i'm sorry, what? >> he's not the nominee yet. >> well, no, but we're pretty certain he will be. there's no opposition left.
11:35 am
his opponents have all conceded, suspended campaigns. the chairman said he's the presumptive. >> presumptive, but it needs to be made official in the convention because anything could happen. >> sure, absolutely. i mean, i think politically speaking, everybody accepts this most people as fact and chairman of the rnc and speaker paul ryan, so now is the fact, now is the time when donald trump has to start exercising his brand new responsibilities as party leader. >> so i wonder, lisa, is it an issue now of the rnc say iing everyone at the top of the republican leadership, to say on donald trump's behalf, because we know there's. a lot of ruffled feathers, reaching out to traditional donors of the path, and we're trying to convince them we, too, are on board with trump even though he was doing his own thing, but now we're on board, so, please, open your pursestrin
11:36 am
pursestrings, isn't that what's going on right now? >> right. i think that's going to be very difficult, and the fact of the matter is when i worked for govern governor romney, we spent years couple vating donors, had relationships with them, met with them in person, a enthen to say to doe knows, i didn't mean what i said before when i said that if rubio takes money, that he'll be a puppet. i didn't mean that, so give me money now. it's going to be difficult. also, a lot of donors that i deal with, what they've been saying is, you know, since trump said he's going to fund his own campaign, i concentrate on the house and senate. donors have been putting money into those efforts. now they are just confused. what do we do? is trump going to fund his own campaign like he's told people for the past -- this entire primary, all these months, he's said he does not want money. he is so rich, he's worth $10 billion, which, of course, nobody knows if that's true, but
11:37 am
he's so rich, let's say he only needs to put in $500 million. let's see him do it. >> jeffrey, you're supporting trump. you know a lot of his people and, you know, inner circle of the campaign, so is that a complicated matter for the trump campaign that he turned offer so many by saying i don't need you that it's difficult for him, his camp, the rnc, anybody, to try to convince donors to give money? >> i guess this is where the chairman of the republican national committee steps up. this is, after all, his job, and the job of the rnc is to fundraise. with a presumptive nominee in hand, i'm sure they'll start to work it out. you know, the larger context of this is, are these people dedicated to conservative prince. and the republican party, or are they not? are they going to, what, give money to hillary clinton? are they going to go out there and find a third party
11:38 am
candidate? >> is trump considered the conservative? >> you know, the issue isn't, are people going to support the conservative, the republican party. what the issue is is our donors don't know who trump is. he changes -- i don't know his policy views. i know he wants to build a wall, and he's stuck to that, but in the past couple days, he's changed his mind on things so donors don't know, is he a true conservative? is he going to uphold values of the republican party? they know people like senator portman, those people up for re-election, the tough races, they are true conservatives so my donors are going to support them. >> jeffrey, if, as you said, cultivating the donors is really the job of the chairman, but it still has to be the job or, correct me if i'm wrong, of donald trump, you know, to better clarify who he is, particularly to those potential donors.
11:39 am
>> right. >> as underscored, they know what they are getting. >> right. i think he's in the process of doing this. you know, his foreign policy speech the other week, which had contributions from prominent conservatives is going to be speaking on judges and talking about supreme court nominees. all of this is in the process of coming now, and some is already out there. they'll know with assurance where he stands. >> okay. jeffrey lord, lisa, let's keep it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> donald trump has been facing some backlash this week on changing the tone on issues including the proposed muslim ban and one of trump's long time friend and former business executive, louis sunshine, argues differently, telling me face to face he's not a flip-fl flip-flopper. i sat down with her in her miami home, and this is part of that conversation. >> donald trump, made waves saying he wanted to ban all
11:40 am
muslims. now he's saying that was a suggestion. does that make him a flip-flopper? should people trust his word? >> he is not a flip-flopper. what he is is -- what was it you said on page 5 of this book? i'm going to play that -- >> sometimes it pays to be a little wild. >> that is that. he was being a little wild or a lot wild. that was a lot wild, not a little wild. and one of the things that i drnt take seriously because we all know that's not possible, and i think a lot of the average things, wild things he has said, you will see him being different, being more reasonable, being more presidential. you know, he has to be. >> all right.
11:41 am
we'll have much more on that exclusive interview with once partner of donald trump many years ago, but still very close friends with him. we'll have that interview for you tomorrow right here on cnn. london's newly elected muslim mayor has choice words for donald trump. >> my message to trump and his team is that, you know, your views of islam are ignorant. it is possible to be a muslim and to live in the west. >> all right, more from cnn's conversation with sadiq khan next. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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london's new mayor has been in office for one week and already experienced an international conflict after khan, who is muslim, was elected, and trump told the "new york times" he thought it was a great thing, but you might remember trump has called for a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. trump later said mayor khan is an exception to the rule. cnn kcorrespondent sat down wit khan who said he's not interested in being the exception. >> tell me what you feel about the idea of banning muslims from the united states? you presumably would not be able to visit. >> look, people understandably have fears. two ways to deal with it, one, play on people's fears, or, two,
11:46 am
address them. i think the conservative quality here used the trump playbook when it came to the election. it was obvious i'm a muslim. you see that from my name and never hid the fact i'm muslim, and seeking to divide communities to try to give the impression that somehow our city is less safe if i was the mayor, i think that was projected last week, and the point i made last week in my, you know, acceptance speech was, you know, london has chosen hope over fear. i'm really proud that london chose unity over division. my message to donald trump and his team is that, you know, your views of islam are ignorant. it is possible to be a muslim and to live in the west. and it is possible to be a muslim and to love america. i got family members who are american. we go to america on holiday. my kids love disney land. i'm scare of the rides, but we
11:47 am
love going to disneyland. we love going there. i'm not exceptional. for trump to say, oh, the mayor is allowed, but not the rest. that's ridiculous. there's business people here, young people here who want to study in america who are muslim. there are people here who want to go to america and they are muslim and around the world, and by giving the impression that islam and the west are incompatible, you play in the hands of extremistextremists. >> you said you want to do business and learn from and exchange ideas with mayors of great american cities like in new york or chicago. would you go under a donald trump presidency? >> well, look, i don't know he'll allow me to go because i have members of my entourage who are muslim, but it's not about me, but the message is sends from the greatest country in the world. what is the story of america? i think, you know, donald trump doesn't get the history of america. my point with respect to, you know, americans is, look, you
11:48 am
know, i think, you know, you got a choice. you got a choice of hope or failure, unity or division, choice of somebody who is trying to divide not just communities in america, but divide america from the west rest of the world, and that's, you know, not the america that i know and love and, i'll do, you know, of course i'll go to america because, you know, i love the country, but, also, i think, you know, new york and chicago and austin and other parts of america have a lot of teach this city how do address the issue of climate change and how do we fix air quality and do integration better and how do we keep cities safe in policing? of course i'm interested in traveling to america, but i'm hoping he's not the guy who wins. >> in fact, you called yourself a feminist and want to see a female president. >> hillary has a great track record and experienced, father, two daughters, a proud feminist
11:49 am
in city hall, but imagine the message it sends to my daughters and girls around the world that the president of the united states of america is a woman. a woman with the experience, unified, being an inspiration. she'll be an inspiration, and, you know, i'm quite clear in my mind who want to be president of the usa. >> thank you for the interview with london's mayor khan. more politics after the break. >> 100% you are the only person running for haven't. >> well, let's not split beerar hairs here. >> check out the late night television stint next.
11:50 am
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. checking the top story, isis claims responsibility for an attack on a coffee shop in central iraq killing 20 people. gunmen opened fire before blowing themselves up using suicide vests. the terror group killed more than 110 people in the country in the last three days. elsewhere in anbar province, ten isis militants were killed after a clash with sunni tribal fighters. pfizer made it more difficult for statements to get lethal ingestion drugs.
11:54 am
the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world says the drugs are no longer available through normal means. lethal injection is the primary execution method in 31 death penalty states. a new jersey family won last weerk's big power ball announcing at a friday news conference. the winnings will be split between mrs. pearly smith and her seven adult children. they tooked $284 million lump sum. with donald trump and hillary clinton moving closer to a head-to-head battle in november, a key question hangs over both candidates, who will they pick as their running mate? comedian jimmy kimmel may have a few suggestions. >> i'm humbled to announce that i'm officially running for havenvice president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is cnn breaking news.
11:55 am
>> jimmy, wolf blitzer of cnn. >> oh, hey, wolf. >> jimmy kimmel confirmed he's running for vice president of the united states. he has no running mate. he claims not to be a washington insider or outsider, and believes he'll make a great number two despite the fact that sources are telling us that in high school, he got a d in social studies. let's go over to the wall and see how he's pulling right now. jimmy, take a look at this. jimmy, right now, all indications are you are polling at 100%. >> wow. wow, that's great news. [ cheers and applause ] thanks, wolff. >> i want to point out, jimmy, though, that at 100%, you are the only person running for vice president. >> well, let's not split beard hairs here, 100% is 100%. >> jimmy, are you going out on the campaign trail? >> is that jake tapper of cnn? >> it is. >> i'm not going on the trail, i
11:56 am
get car sick and busses smell bad. i operate from here in the headquarters in los angeles. >> jimmy, do you think you're making a mockery of the election? >> i think it's too late for anyone to do that. >> and, jimmy told our jake tapper that he's not yet figured out which party he will join, saying he may run with both candidates to maximize his chances. all right. we have so much more straight ahead in the news room right after this.
11:57 am
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thanks so much for joining us. we begin with new and potential problems surfacing for trump's campaign, just after the republican leadership, you'll recall, agreed to work on party unity. the first possible issue for the presumptive gop is this leaked audio recording from the 1990s that some claim is trump posing as his own pr rep. trump denies it's his voice on the tape. here's a portion of the interview. >> i've put here to handle because i've never seen anybody get so many calls from the press. >> where did you come from? >> i worked for a couple different firms, and somebody


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