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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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given his past performances in diverse states with huge delegate prizes like new jersey and california still to come, not likely. not probable. sanders says he and his campaign are not going anywhere until the last ballot is cast but with hillary clinton's pledged delegate lead and not so secret super delegate weapon, hillary clinton is really already shifted to the general election. >> what about his taxes? so we'll get around to that, too. because when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee that is kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? >> jeff zeleny you cover the democratic side closely, scale of one to ten, how much is hillary in the general election and how focussed is she on bernie sanders?
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>> 11. she has moved beyond bernie sanders at least six days a week but these two tuesdays, these pesky tuesdays when there are election days she suddenly is reminded that gosh, bernie sanders is still hanging around, so again, on this tuesday, when voters in kentucky and oregon have their say in this, she is likely to not win both of those states. they're fighting hard in kentucky. hillary clinton is in louisville, kentucky, this morning and campaigning there today and tomorrow. they added that to her schedule. they believe kentucky can win, it's a closed democratic primary. she's done better where independents can't vote. the clinton campaign shifted almost entirely to donald trump but they do not want to finish these 11 contests, which are eight states and three territories, the district of columbia, puerto rico and the virgin islands. they don't want to finish this 0 for 11. they want to win some. they think they can win kentucky this week. california and new jersey also is, you know, complicating thing because that basically ends it.
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they want to go out an a whim because it's damaging with bernie sanders winning. mathematically speaking even if he wins by the 67% like you said he still needs super delegates to put him over the top and of course we know where those super delegates stand. you say hillary is at 11 in terms of focusing. you say bernie sanders is two or three. the campaign did put out a fund-raising plea which caused some controversy. it said the democratic party must decide if they want the candidate with the momentum best positioned to beat trump or willing to roll the dice and court disaster simply to protect the status quo. that caused some controversy but the clinton people didn't seem to get that upset about that. what they do get frustrated with and the one thing you can still sort of get them to get a little bit hot over is california. they just hate the notion that they may have to spend money and time in california. >> it's the money issue that matters more than anything else. california is expensive and if they have to go into that state a huge state and spend money,
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that's money they can't spend on the general election and it's not just that they'd have to spend it when california comes up it's right now. right now they want to set the path forward for their general election, the battleground state staffers, the spend, how they're laying out their general election plan is what they're doing right now. as jeff said all they care about is the general election but they can't put all of their money there and foe kes all of their financial and staffing resource there is until they know what they have to do with california. there's a lot of frustration within the campaign right now of we're ready to shift entirely not just in our message but also on our finances and staffing and we just can't do it yet as long as california is still throughout. i think that's why kentucky matters so much. they want kentucky in a way that could put them over the top if you add super delegates in and say we've won this already, let's start shifting everything. >> they want to look at the battleground states. we have the quinnipiac polls from florida, from ohio, from pennsylvania, hillary clinton versus donald trump. in ohio donald trump is up which
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is something that caught a lot of people by surprise here. this is where the people would like to be right now. >> i think we can expect after each candidate kind of coalesces and secures the nomination, kind of expect to see a little bit of a bump but donald trump is very much banking that voters in these states are going to wind up turning to him. he is trying to court the same base that he attracted during the primary, these white working class voters, but as we all, we've all seen the polling on his farvegt numbers and it's very clear regardless of what these polls say he has a serious hill to climb when it comes to winning over women, when it comes to winning over minorities. the task for him is very large. >> alex, your paper put out a story this week saying hillary clinton is starting to focus on these rust belt states, the upper interior industrial midwest, trying to plant some seeds there that will help for the general election. they know this is where trump could make some inroads. >> and i think look, democrats
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look at those swing state numbers and see them as wildly optimistic for donald trump, but they do also look at a state like ohio and recognize that it's not a state with an overwhelming minority population. it is a relatively older state and heavily industrial, former industrial state, in a general election trump -- ohio is probably a better state for trump than anywhere else on the swing state map. florida i think you have to look with real skepticism at that poll, anything that shows hillary clinton drawing only about 63% i think it was of the non-white vote in a state where the republican mayor of miami is saying he can't support donald trump i think you have to be careful with the numbers. >> this campaign taking place not just all over the united states right now but also in france, jeff zeleny, the cannes film festival, a documentary produced by steve bannon deals with a book peter sweit ster
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wrote in 2015 about the clinton cash. >> greetings from washington. i want to thank all of you for your work to root out corruption. >> enormous amounts of money have flowed to the clintons, from foreign governments, foreign financiers and businesses. >> oh, yeah, i got to pay off bills. >> before we had to worry about money from wall street and big labor, now we have to worry about it coming from around the world and infecting our politics. with the clintons, nothing is sacred. everything is for sale. >> jeff zeleny, the clnts have been dealing with opposition research and with barbs from the right for a long time. the question is what scares them? is this the type of thing that scares them? is this different than the e-mails? >> i think this does not scare them as much as some of the unknowns. . is all known. we know what's in peter sweitzert's book. this say movie playing to a different audience. the general election audience may not be entirely familiar with that so they're going to
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get more of an airing of that. i think the thing that worries the clinton the most are the things they can't control. they know every word in the book and movie. for any skeptic of the clintons, how they made their money, they think this is more evidence of that, but there aren't a ton of smoking guns. every news organization has gone over this book. yes there are a lot of questionable things but it isn't all that new but the e-mails, the fbi investigation, which we don't talk about a lot that is hanging out there. that is the thing that worries the clinton campaign because they cannot control what happens to that. this movie is something that has already been scripted. the fbi investigation is not over yet and they don't know the ending. >> she still hasn't testified. >> no, she has not. >> and when that happens that in and of itself could be interesting to see. coming up, the trump ticket, what the ceo needs in a running mate and how the clinton campaign plans to take on the billionaire if hillary clinton is the nominee.
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donald trump has a list of prospective running mate but don't expect to hear it any time soon. he said he's not sharing his short list until the consflengs cleveland. he'll share his pick at the convention in cleveland but that has not stopped him and everyone else from speculating. >> we have some great names, you just mentioned two of them but we have some other great names and they want to be involved. they would love to be involved and i get a kick all of these people saying they really don't want to be understood, they don't want to be for the vice president position but none of those people were asked. it's like one of those things they're all turning me down but they were never asked. >> jill, it was your interview with donald trump where he discussed this list at length and said he had narrowed the list down to five or six names. i can't tell if he talks about it if there is a list of five or six names or if they like the idea of five or six and the five
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or six keeps changing all the time. >> it's really mushy. he said five or six names and interview less than 24 hours later said maybe seven. he was clear he wanted somebody with political experience. he said he's already got the business credentials. he wants somebody who can walk in there and help him negotiate with congress, help him get things done and added the fact that somebody who has been around for a while has already been vetted by the media and that would be beneficial but then he adds later on that well maybe there will be an out of the box choice, maybe there will be someone else. he throws out names but says i'm not going to tell you if they're on the short list so it's very difficult to get a sense of what's going on. it's difficult in the campaign right now to get a sense of who is leading the vice presidential search. had a number of people who have claimed responsibility. trump described it recently as a team effort, so the whole thing is still pretty vague. >> controversial. first we thought ben carson and cory lewindowski. couple of names bandied about
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have waited, marco rubio and chris christie. listen. >> i think donald is the presumptive nominee at this point but he'd be best served by having someone not just by the way a vice presidential nominee but active surrogates who agree with him on his issues. >> trump is a persuasive guy. the fact is i was on the short list last time, too, so it doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. the list becomes really short, there's only one so being on the short list, you know, obviously an honor. >> phil i can't tell if that's one guy saying no thanks and the other guy saying yes, please. but there is this idea that there may be some people who, if asked, really don't want to be considered. >> i think there's a calculation here, alex hinted at it earlier in the show, where lawmakers and political figures are weighing everything that happens right now through the prism of what happens if donald trump doesn't win the presidential election in november. what happens in 2020? what happens in 2024? how do you want to be aligned?
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that's why you see people like ted cruz or marco rubio really trying to kind of figure their way through here, and that includes vice presidential nominees, potential picks. i do think a lot of people say no, and then they get asked and all of a sudden that turns to yes. maybe not everything set in stone here. for donald trump the big question becomes what does he need on the ticket? one thing they've been clear about and jill's report on this, too, they're not going to play to a specific voter group. they're not going to pick a woman because they think he has a woman problem, not going to pick a minority because they think he has a problem with minority voters. more likely somebody experience with congress who fills exactly what he wants. who does that leave and does that help him in the general election? >> he says he wants an insider, someone with experience. >> this is a decision unlike anything trump has done previously in this campaign, because it is not something you can take back. you can't announce your running mate and a week later say actually that was a suggestion and i'm going with somebody
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completely different or you can but that's generally considered a catastrophe. i think the calculus we are going to see from trump is a little different from what we've seen from the last couple rounds of successful presidential candidates who we have seen over and over try to balance out their strengths by using somebody really different and complimentary and barack obama and joe biden, george w. bush and dick cheney. trump as phil was saying it's hard to imagine anybody offsetting his tremendous negatives where they list. donald trump choosing a women is not going to make women forget the way donald trump has been talking about women. if he were to use suzanna martinez the governor from mexico it's not something the latino voters will forget everything he said in this campaign. the trick is to choose somebody with that experience that he's looking for, but also somebody who is willing to pretty much sub sublimate this their personality into this ball of energy that is
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rmp trmp. >> twitter has a lot of people talking, jeff zeleny, about someone who may or may not be angling to get in the vp situation right now, elizabeth warren who has taken it upon himself to go after donald trump on twitter hard and long. let me give you the tweets back and forth. elizabeth warren, we get it, real donald trump, when a woman stands up to her you're going to call her a basket case, hormonal ugly. this is one of trump's responses to elizabeth warren. isn't it funny when elizabeth warren can spend a whole day tweeting about donald trump and gets nothing done in the senate. >> it doesn't mean she's filling out her application to be the vice president of the united states. at this point in the campaign is one of the times when every cycle we look through everyone's every word through the vice presidential sort of prism. she's sticking up for the democratic party there. she's trying raise her profile after she's been eclipsed by
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bernie sanders. much more about elizabeth warren than donald trump. i'd be surprised if elizabeth warren ended up on the ticket with the clinton campaign. i'd be stunned. i couldn't even imagine it. hillary clinton is risk averse and this would be a huge risk i think. but elizabeth warren we're going to talk about it forever. it is not going to happen. tim cain, the senator from virginia virginia is a name to watch. >> how once self-proclaimed self-funder donald trump is planning to reel in republican donors, but first here are the results to our "inside politics" quiz question. we asked who is winning that twitter war between donald trump and elizabeth warren. 51% of you said elizabeth warren, a squeaker. 51% warren, 49% donald trump, the recount tomorrow. everything these days.
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lit's head around the "inside politics" table and ask our reporters to get you out ahead of the news around the corner. >> biggest secret weapon is not hillary clinton, it could be bernie sanders. he's talking more and more and more about the need to defeat donald trump. of course he says yes he's the person who is the strongest to do it but going into the fall, if she becomes the nominee, which mathematically looks like it's going to happen, he is going to be critical here into bringing his voters to stand up against donald trump. there's a lot of reason to believe he will do that. harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate is close to bernie sanders so he can going to be the one sort of brokering this kind of peacemaking summit which is about a month away at least, but bernie sanders the key person here against donald trump for hillary clinton.
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>> driving turnout in places like madison, wisconsin. alex burns? >> john, you're starting to hear conversations within the anti-trump republican donor community about whether they have to get involved in the presidential race, despite their distaste for the man not by supporting to him or giving to him or funding ads to support him but simply by attacking hillary clinton and the idea is not to help trump win the presidency but assume he has already lost it and hold down her victory margin to make it easier for republicans running for the house and senate and a couple key governors races to make it across the finish line. it might be possible for republicans to win some tough races in places like pennsylvania and new hampshire if clinton wins the presidential by five, six, seven points, if she wins it going away you can forget about it. >> i've had people tell me i'm noting if to stop being a lifelong republican right now. jill? >> i'm looking at donald trump as a fund-raiser. this month we have donald trump hitting the fund-raising circuit. this week he'll be in new jersey, doing an event for the state republican party as well as for governor chris christie
5:55 am
to help retire some of his debt from his own presidential campaign. so i'll be looking at how an individual who has spent decades as a political donor is able to make that transition to somebody who actually needs to fund raise and ask other people for money. >> can a guy who doesn't like to grip and shake hands can he do the grip? phil mattingly. >> jumping off what jill was talking about, i was taking the assignment of hanging out in las vegas, the premier hedge fund conferences in the world. that's why donald trump's new top finance chief was in town for 24 hours meeting with donors. scott walker, jeb bush, marco rubio guys aren't sure how to get their heads around the new nom know know. i talked to a bunch of people who had citizens, former xwoeldman guy, pushing donald trump as somebody who understands their business and understands them ideologically but the question remains the same. they have a ton of work to do to
5:56 am
catch up with hillary clinton. one person who i talked to who met with steve manusch said he has a lot on his plate, no real experience. hillary clinton is basically in mid season form preparing for a playoff run. donald trump his team is basically just pulling up their equipment trucks to the spring training facility, the players have not arrived yet. no shortage of work to do on the fund-raising side. >> thank you so much. this thank is all for "inside politics." thank you for sharing your sunday morning. see you soon. next "state of the union" with jake tapper. jay knows how to keep nice shorts, dad...g. this is what the pros wear. uhhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds.
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trump 2.0? the outsider candidate makes nice with the establishment on capitol hill. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump. >> and seems to back off his controversial muslim ban. >> i'm always flexible on issues. >> is the trump strategy shifting? we'll ask his top aide in minutes. plus ghosts of trump past.


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