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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello again, thanks for joining me. if you can't beat them, join them.
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that could be the rallying cry today about donald trump with more conservative leaders saying they will work towards party unity. but one faction is countering with new reports of a third party launch. the "washington post" reports that mitt romney and a quote band of exasperated republicans is drafting an independent candidate who could beat trump. among those recruited another billionaire, dallas mavericks owner mark cuban in an e-mail to cnn, cuban said it would have to be fun -- it would have been fun, rather to run against donald but as a third party it's too late. although the donald trump campaign was dogged by a new controversy surrounding his past and policies, we heard a lot of political leaders and pundits this week say trump supporters don't care. >> all these stories that come out and come out every couple of weeks, people just don't care. >> it's a little bit odd but i
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will tell you that i think of all of the things facing this country right now and after being through this primary for a year, i can assure you that particular issue will not move the electoratelectorate. >> this is a new york washington media deal here. people in the real world trying to earn a living concerned about their jobs and health care, they could care less about it. >> this is an issue that the media is interested in, not an issue middle america is interested in. >> let's talk more about this with brian morgan stern, a republican strategist and political analyst and author of the party is over. good to see you guys. let's -- should we interpret here that there's this sent. me me ment that voters don't care about the comment but this is about showmanship, brian? >> maybe to some extent based on the result of the primary. i think reince priebus's
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assessment that it's a little odd is maybe the understatement of the week. in terms of a third party recruitment i understand where some of the senior leaders are coming from in trying to come to grips with the outcome of the primary but ultimately it will have the efficacy of ted cruz filibuster. it might feel good but it's not going to accomplish much. you're not going to get anybody able to run at this late hour. even if they did, nobody expects a third party candidate to be able to win. it would siphon off votes, probably more from the republican party than the democrats. so it wouldn't really have any practical effects with any benefit. >> is this a side bar issue or is it a legitimate concern that there may be this band of conservatives or band of republicans that are thinking talking about this third party? >> it's the real deal. it's a symptom.
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third party not very unlikely to win but boy, you could cause a lot of trouble, couldn't you? one of the reasons i'm smiling at it. xas per race may not be the best emotion with which to launch a presidential bid, but let me tell you, you sure can turn the furniture if you throw a third person into a two-person race. it's probably good for the dems. >> among the names, who do you think? >> i don't think any of these are real. mark cuban, you just heard say no. i know marco rubio an john kasich, all of the also rans being mentioned. you've got to get down to pretty second and third string players. the freshman senator from nebraska, his name prominent on this list. if that's where you're going, i don't think that will have that much of a bang. >> paul ryan renewing his focus to find common ground. take a listen.
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as you know i and party leaders had a meeting on thursday, it was the first meeting we really had, other than a phone call in march. so we're beginning the process of discussing what unity looks like in the republican party and as i said before, this takes some time. this isn't done with a couple of meetings. >> all right, so brian, you first. does it sound like he's really ru ruminating taking his time or is he feeling the pressure as the leading elected party member that he's supposed to endorse and should take the potential presumptive nominee under his wing? >> yeah, i mean, it's certainly part of it. he's getting it from both sides here. you've got the trump people saying you're a leading republican, it's crazytown you're not doing that.
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on the other side it's the never trump republicans who have been campaigning on sort of a consistent policy agenda versus personality and so they are the ones saying you have to stand up for us and stand up against trump. so damned if he does or doesn't. >> i think this is eventually most of these guys will come around, eastern paul ryan. it does imply a deeper problem. there's an awful lot of republicans, i don't know if brian wants to raise his mind, there are a lot that are uncomfortable with this guy. it's hard to swallow the awful stuff said about him and pretend he's your buddy come convention day. >> i'll give you a chance, brian, what do you think? >> i was going to throw in a bit of history that now that the third party recruitment things are going on, think back to when
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bill clinton was elected with 42% of the popular vote. ross perot got 19%, that's what the third party recruitment efforts would be looking like presumably, it's just siphoning off a bunch and having probably the democrat win the general with weird low number of popular votes. >> i'm okay with that, by the way. >> it's okay. >> brian morganstern, thanks so much, guys. >> up next, hillary clinton pushing her agenda hard today in kentucky ahead of tuesday ace primary. 55 delegates are at stake as the front-runner tries to stop bernie sanders' momentum and plus my one on one conversation with louise sunshine, one much donald trump's former executives. >> see, donald doesn't distinguish between women and men. he distinguishes -- he looks for
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders drumming up votes in kentucky ahead of tuesday's primary. clinton looking for a win in the delegates that come with it. a victory for her would go a long way in slowing sanders' moments up after his two-state winning street. they visited two churches to later hold a rally to appeal to the working class. >> i'm the only candidate whose put on the table a plan for coal country, a $30 billion plan because i don't think we should leave behind the people who have turned on the lights and powered the factories of the united states for a century.
12:12 pm
we also got to make incomes rise. we're going to raise the minimum wage at the level, because nobody should be making $7.25 an hour. >> scott mclean is covering developments on the trail and joins us from washington with more on this. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to make with coal country there because comments she made earlier made for pretty uncomfortable moments so far. cnn town hall in march clinton said as president she would put a lot of coal mineers and companies out of business. she later apologized but gotten a frosty perception in part of west virginia's coal country, a state she lost last week. now it's something she doesn't want to repeat in kentucky. despite the fact that clinton has a nearly insurmountable delegate lead. she took a shot at her opponent, bernie sanders repeating a claim
12:13 pm
that he disputes. she had a few jabs for trump on his economic policy but specially on the recent suggestion he would be open to allowing japan and south korea to have their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from north korean aggression. >> along comes donald trump, he doesn't care, let them all have nuclear weapons. he says he would use nuclear weapons and this is scary dangerous talk. this is a talk of a loose canon who is making statements and creating confusion. we can't afford that. >> fredericka, bernie sanders is also campaigning in kentucky making the case again that he would be the stronger candidate to take on donald trump in a general election. sanders is looking to win four states in a row if he can capture victories in oregon and kentucky. but hillary clinton is campaigning hard to try to prevent that. she has four events today across
12:14 pm
the state and going to have another three tomorrow. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in executive director of the new york state democratic party, basil michael. clinton would like to put away sanders, in meaning she wants to win ahead of him and focus on the general election. but look at this map. sanders keeps winning these states and including last two primaries last week. why is she having such a hard time winning or does it say something about the states that sanders has been winning? >> well, listen, i think some of the states that sanders has been winning have been caucus states but that aside. i do think she has always said this is going to be a competitive race. i think the fact that both are being very competitive right down to the wire is great for the party because what it does
12:15 pm
is energizes the base and energizes a lot of folks we need to come out as head of the party and state to come you don't know down ballot races into november. for her she is fighting a tough race and has become a tremendous candidate even with bernie sanders still in this race. for her there isn't as much of a path. for him you don't see the path to victory there. so you know, i think she's going to campaign hard right down to california and new jersey. >> except you underscored it, the message with the word fighting. hillary clinton is fighting for support in kentucky. sanders is rallying this weekend and pretty confident about his chances in fact. listen. >> nobody would have believed that we would receive well over 9 million votes at this point in
12:16 pm
the campaign. and very few people would have believed that this coming tuesday we're going to win a great victory right here in kentucky. >> so back in 2008, it was hillary clinton that did fairly well. she won kentucky but then those coal comments didn't help and you heard from what sounds like a very confident bernie sanders. how do you see the potential outcome? >> i'm sure he's going to exude confidence in his campaign speeches but the truth is she's got more than 3 million votes over him at this juncture in the primary cycle. so i talked about fighting before. i mean, i would -- i would underscore it as well in saying that she has never taken this race for granted and she will continue to ask voters for their support in every state that she's going to and campaign heavily there.
12:17 pm
listen, i don't begrudge the sanders campaign or supporters for continuing to go down -- to make every primary worth while and to actually go out and talk about their messaging but at the same time, my biggest concern is that at some point assuming that the math doesn't work in his favor as we get to the end of this primary cycle that there is a unifying message and that's what hillary clinton has been doing and talking about over the last couple of weeks to look forward and try to unify the party. >> okay, and then a quinnipiac poll released tuesday showed sanders was doing much better than clinton in the battleground states against donald trump in the general election. we can see that hillary clinton is thinking about focus on the general election and donald trump but in this match i have up or these match-ups against bernie sanders, bernie sanders has to feel fairly i guess
12:18 pm
motivated by the outcomes. >> well, i'm not sure. because i remember the democratic debate in brooklyn when everybody -- all eyes were focused here in new york and it seemed like the senator sanders took a dig at hillary for the kind of support she had, only the southern states. guess what, we've got one coming up. she has had victories in the southern states that shows she's got broad support across the country. and look, i think in -- from the campaign's perspective and i think from the mindset of vote everies as you've now seen donald trump become the nominee and whether he attempts to walk back a lot of comments from before, it's an interesting dance he's doing in along the way to do that. as you start to -- as he becomes the presumptive nominee, i think voters will focus a lot on the general election match-up. i don't trust a lot of polls right now with respect to that,
12:19 pm
but i do think voters are starting to shift mindset to november. that's why you've seen hillary have both a message for her match-up against donald trump but also a unifying message for the party. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still ahead, a massive explosion at a gas plant in baghdad. isis claiming responsibility. we'll talk about that next. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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a massive explosion and isis claiming its militants attacked a gas plant there killing ten people. iraqi security forces are being criticized for their response. >> reporter: fire balls let's up the early morning sky north of baghdad after isis launched a deadly attack at a gas plant. two attack helicopters from a nearby base helped repel the attack. more than ten guards were killed. this attack sparked harsh criticism from baghdad's governor. he slammed the chief of the plant for failing to provide adequate protection. he pointed to the inappropriate number of guards and their light weaponry, no match compared with isis' fire power and tactics and called for an overhaul of the plant security to protect the
12:24 pm
facility, which is important economically for the services it provides in geographical location. it is north of the capital along the road that leads to the isis strong hold of mosul. another failure of the attack was the delayed response by iraqi security forces, special forces. the governor called for security leaders to be replaced after it took the forces two and a half hours to respond. this latest attack underscores two important points, first a change in isis tactics while the terror group faces battlefield losses over the past few weeks and sleeper cells increased the number of attacks in territory controlled by iraqi security forces and highlights the failure of security forces to root out isis in that area. ian lee, cnn, cairo. >> after the break, donald trump, the mentor. >> he was never a boss. he was a leader. it's a lot different to have a
12:25 pm
boss than a leader. he was a leader. he taught me. he mentored me. he showed me the way. >> my exclusive face to face with one of the billionaire businessman's most prominent former executives and current supporters next. words no one even knows. but everyone knows cheese. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. can you spell delicious? delicious. d. e. l...
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hello and thanks for joining me. donald trump mentored many people on his way to becoming a billionaire. now as the presumptive republican nominee, some who know him best are coming forward to talk about what type of business leader he was and what kind of president he just could be. i recently sat down face to face for an exclusive interview with former business executive louise sunshine at her miami home and she talked about her admiration for not only donald trump but for the clintons. >> no longer working with real
12:29 pm
estate mogul and presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump, louise sunshine believes he would bring the same kind of leadership to the white house. >> so describe the donald trump that you know. >> the donald trump that i know is a very skilled, intelligent, incredibly determined, very successful and very charming and brilliant businessman. marketeer. and to me, a very loyal friend. >> sunshine, who would have been confined by a very low glass ceiling in the late 1970s. >> the ceiling could have been 2 feet high.
12:30 pm
>> credits trump for the cracks and bringing her on board and rising to executive rank. she's proud of his new ascension. >> we love albany, right. >> he must have people around him who a, are totally familiar with the issues and b, have a great deal of experience in foreign policy, national policy and local governments, the way washington operates. i mean, i think he will bring something that the united states has never had ever. >> so you're voting for donald trump? you're not supposed to ask me that question. because i'm a lifelong democrat. i've been a democrat since the day i went into politics. >> and you know the clintons. >> i do know them very well. and admire them. >> and what do you admire about
12:31 pm
them? do you like hillary clinton? >> i thought bill clinton was a brilliant president. i spent a lot of time in the white house when the clintons were there. i think hillary is -- i mean hillary, how old is hillary? >> she's i'd like to say seasoned. >> right, i'm seasoned too. and i think watching hillary and her energy and her knowledge, i mean, she can speak to any issue at any time and knows exactly what she's talking about. i totally identify with hillary. >> in what ways? >> in that she's been a great mother, a great wife. and an outstanding brilliant
12:32 pm
woman who has written books and taught and been involved in a lot of charities and she's been a leader. she is a leader. >> do you see her as being presidential? >> definitely. >> no question about it. >> and you know, the comments that are made about her, in terms of her marriage, i think what's a woman supposed to do? half of the men in the world cheat on their wives. and you know what, what does a woman do? she either stands by her manor gets a divorce. >> donald trump called her an enabler. >> hillary was an enabler and treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down.
12:33 pm
>> i think she handled it beautifully. and if -- maybe he thinks she was an enabler but i think she was fabulous. would you want to see a woman in the white house? >> i would want to see a woman anywhere. i mean, i think women are tremendous. i think women are intuitive. they multitask. they are smart. >> couple of other things, would you consider donald trump a flip flopper when he says banning muslims in one step and now he says well, it was a suggestion? does that make him a flip flopper? should people trust his word. >> he's not a flip flopper. what he is is -- what was it he said on page 5 of his book. i'm going to play that i'm -- >> sometimes it pays to be a little wild. >> right. >> that is that.
12:34 pm
he was being a little wild or a lot wild. a lot of the outrageous things wild things that he said you will see him being different. >> just as trump himself states in the art of the deal, the point is if, you're a little different or a little outrageous or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you. he says all press is good press. but sunshine did want to set the record straight on that "washington post" report last fall. revealing trump had a so-called fat picture of sunshine, that he would bring out from time to time. >> as a friend, he would simply show me a picture and say, you know, you look beautiful. this is a beautiful picture of you. and i would get the point that
12:35 pm
maybe i looked better as a size 6 than a 14. and i thought it was like so fabulous that he did that because today i keep pictures around of myself, never i considered it the nicest thing somebody could do for you. how many friends do you have that would do that? >> she doesn't recall trump doing that with male employees, still she maintains he's not sexist. and uses ear plugs when he says something that she believes is absurd. >> i don't know what i said -- >> things that you say are ear plug moments, doesn't it say something about donald trump? does it say something about his character? does it say something about how far he's willing to go to get attention or to deflect from issues, any of that in your view? >> for me, what it says is, here
12:36 pm
goes donald, being outrageous to get the media to talk about him for the next two weeks nonstop. that's what it says. >> it says less about him and more about those who pay attention to these things and latch on to them. give it a life of its own. >> who will louise sunshine vote with this fall? 68-year-old clinton or 69-year-old trump? no answer. she'll decide after the conventions. you also will want to stick around for next hour. i'll have more on my face to face with louise sunshine, according her reaction to comments on women and what it was like as a female executive working with him for years. stay with us. ♪
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>> it's graduation day for many students across the u.s. but two ceremonies in particular are getting a whole lot of attention and security. president obama delivering the commencement speech at rutgers university in new jersey and vice president biden and donald trump simultaneously attending a commencement in pennsylvania. biden's granddaughter and trump ace daughter both attended university of pennsylvania and today they graduate.
12:41 pm
president obama didn't mins worse when he went after trump telling students at rutgers, saying that ignorance is not a virtue. >> i guess it's part of human nature, especially in times of change and uncertainty, to want to look backwards and long for some imagery past when everything worked and the economy hummed and all politicians were wise and every child was well mannered and america did whatever it wanted around the world. guess what? it ain't so. the good old days weren't all that good. but i say it to point out that change has been a constant in our history and the reason america is better is because we didn't look backwards. we didn't fear the future. we seized the future and made it our own.
12:42 pm
>> joining me right now is cnn's ryan nobels at the white house and kristin holmes at penn. >> interesting to listen to president obama find a way to tailor his message to the graduates at rutgers and go after the donald trump campaign without mentioning trump by name. you heard that clip from him where he was talking about how the good old days weren't all that good. president obama really making a veiled threat at the trump campaign's make america great campaign slogan. president obama arguing by almost every measure, america is much better than it was when he graduated from college and he challenged the graduates at rutgers to attack the problems of the future and said the only way you can do that is by engaging people from different viewpoints and perspectives and that's when he was able to go
12:43 pm
after donald trump's proposal. it wasn't just that. he talked about donald trump's free trade plans. he also talked about trump's general approach to the campaign as a whole. and he really challenged the graduates there at rutgers and said it was up to them to decide who their leaders are and they need to get engaged and at the very least vote reminding them that apathy has consequences. >> i'm sure the secret service has their hands full with a presumptive nominee as well as the vice president of the united states there. >> reporter: well, certainly would be right to think they have their hands full. both men have their own security details and motorcades. we know security has shut down parts of the campus making it difficult to access the graduation site. university officials telling parents and friends of the roughly 1500 students graduating here today, get there pretty early if they want to make it
12:44 pm
through the security line and get into the graduation. still no word on whether or not these two men will cross paths today while they are here. could make for an awkward encounter as neither of them are known for their ability to bite their tongues. joe biden in particular has had pretty harsh words for the republican nominee this election cycle. however, both of them have spoken at length about the importance of family so we'll see if they can put aside the political contention and see the spotlight. >> thank you so much and ryan, appreciate it. so known as the pope of firsts, pope francis may be set to break yet another church tradition. we'll discuss right after this. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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pope francis is continuing to break through traditional barriers of the catholic church. calling for the study of ordaining women as deacons, gesturing a significant shift of women in the male dominated catholic church and answering a call that women in the u.s. have been asking the church to address for decades. let's bring in one of those women right now, brid get mare rea -- mary meehan. it organization promotes equal
12:49 pm
rights for women within the catholic church. good to see you. >> thank you, it's a joy to be here today. >> thank you so much. you were excommunicated from the catholic church when you became ordained, an ordained priest in 2009. when you first heard this news the pope making these kinds of considerations, what went through your mind? >> i think it's a great first step that pope francis has taken towards the full equality of women in the roman catholic church that would include deacons priests and bishops and women in leadership positions. it's about time i must say and in a way it goes full circle to the early days of the church where women were ordained for first 1200 years of the church's history. it's really a positive wonderful direction. and we in the roman catholic women priest movement are excited because it could be a moment of promise for dialogue
12:50 pm
with the pope on dropping our excommunication status. and really honoring our privacy of conscience, we feel people are honored and drawn forth in a welcoming communicate that excludes no one. >> what's your feeling as to why the vatican feels like a study needs to be done to allow women to serves a deacons? >> i think they begin there. actually, the truth is, for the last 30 years, the studies have been done. and for the first 900 years it is well-documented that women are deacons. the order nation rite was basically the same. the vatican's own pontifical commission in 1976 concluded that there's no evidence in
12:51 pm
scripture whatsoever to exclude or prohibit women from being ordained. they just have to read their own archives and will be to the scholars and history tore januarys who have done all the work for them and they will rediscover their own history. >> do you get a feeling that pope francis is trying to modernize the catholic church or take it to, you know, a different place? >> yes. i think pope francis really identifies with people on the margins. the poors, the ones who are the least and the last in our society. and make a connection. and i think he's beginning to make the connection that among the poorest in our world are women and their dependent children. so if we discriminate against women in the church, then we have justification for oppression of women in the
12:52 pm
world. so it's very connected and the womens priest movement is about transformation of sexism and a new kind of empowerment and partnership with the people. not a new clericalism. what we need is to develop a sense of the whole community as gifted and called to use their gifts to build a more just and equal world. >> thanks so much for your time bridget mary meehan. mark zuckerberg is taking steps to win back the trust of facebook's conservative users. and he's hoping a meeting with glen beck will help. we'll talk about that next. get your own 24 / 7 dedicated business account team. and with double the lte coverage in the last year you can get more done in more places. right now get 2 lines with 10 gigs each for just a $100 bucks.
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checking our top stories. british police carrying out a controlled explosion at a soccer stadium in northern england this afternoon. they were trying to neutralize a suspicious package. turns out, the package was not a working bomb. and red hot chili peppers frontman anthony has been hospitalized. no word yet on why he went to the hospital or his condition. and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says he is inviting
12:57 pm
prominent conservatives glen beck and dana pa reno to a meeting at his company's headquarters. it's aimed at discussing accusations the company is suppressing conservative news stories. facebook says an investigation has turned up no evidence that those allegations are true. and this year, college graduation season happens to intersect with election season. at one today in philadelphia, attendees are being treated to more than your avgs average pomp and sir couple stance. >> congratulations graduates of the university of pennsylvania class of 2016. we apologize for all the secret service agents here today, even though you've spent your lives being coddled and told you're very important people, we have
12:58 pm
here today two actual very important people in attendance. >> everybody knows what a great school it is. >> reporter: that's right, please welcome, donald trump. >> i'm really smart. went to the wharton school of finance. came out, made a fortune. >> trump is here to celebrate the graduation of his youngest daughter. >> his hard work ethic is truly inspiring. whenever i'm at school studying, i see him on tv without any sleep and it makes me continue to work harder. >> reporter: also here today, vice president joe biden. we'll be trying to keep the vice president and mr. trump separated since how this election has played out was not really the stuff of mr. biden's dreams. >> i think i would have been the best president. but it was the right thing not just for my family, for me. >> reporter: we did not want to
12:59 pm
keep you here until the next semester. we did ask mr. trump his advice to the students. he said there's nothing wrong with the size of his hands. okay. anyway, congratulations graduates. >> all right. thank you very much, jake tapper. we have so much more straight ahead in the "newsroom" and it all starts right now. thanks again for joining me. so two words still dominating the race for the white house this sunday. party unity. these headlines are just a small sample of what's out there. although the donald trump campaign was dogged by new controversies this week, house speaker paul ryan is renewing his promise to find, quote, common ground with the candidate. >> as you know, i had a long meeting with donald trump. we had a long meeting with donald trump on thursday. thought it was a very productive
1:00 pm
meeting. was the first meeting we've really had other than a phone call in march. we're beginning the process of discussing what unity looks like in the republican party. as i said before, this takes some time. this isn't done with a couple of meetings. >> all right. so will ryan eventually endorse trump? if so, when? the presumptive nominee's top aide tells cnn's jake tapper don't expect any major changes from trump going forward. >> donald trump was not asked by the leadership to change and there's no reason for him to change. he's just won the primary process with a record number of votes. the conversations they had focused on the trump agenda to make america great again and paul ryan's agenda to return prosperity. there was a lot of overlap of the objectives. >> despite the growing number of conservative leaders who have


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