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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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meeting. was the first meeting we've really had other than a phone call in march. we're beginning the process of discussing what unity looks like in the republican party. as i said before, this takes some time. this isn't done with a couple of meetings. >> all right. so will ryan eventually endorse trump? if so, when? the presumptive nominee's top aide tells cnn's jake tapper don't expect any major changes from trump going forward. >> donald trump was not asked by the leadership to change and there's no reason for him to change. he's just won the primary process with a record number of votes. the conversations they had focused on the trump agenda to make america great again and paul ryan's agenda to return prosperity. there was a lot of overlap of the objectives. >> despite the growing number of conservative leaders who have
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vowed to support donald trump, there are new reports of a movement toward the opposite scenario. a third-party run. this was the front page of the "washington post" this morning. the paper says mitt romney and a, quote, band of exasperated republicans including 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney is actively plotting to draft an independent presidential candidate. joining me now is jackie gingrich cushman. good to see you. >> thanks very having me here. >> this has been an interesting and somewhat rather rocky season. >> absolutely. it's been just amazing. amazing to watch. who would have thought we'd be here today. >> that's right. we couldn't have called any of this. now you're talking about this party unity conversation.
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simultaneously, the conversation is about a third-party candidate. >> hillary clinton still has not locked it up and she's running against bernie sanders. the whole field is wide open. >> it is, indeed. let's talk about the republicans and perhaps the folks that you know and the inner circles and workings of washington. are they seriously considering a third party? >> i think you see two things. you see paul ryan who met with week with donald trump, they're starting to work together. reince priebus already said he's endorsing trump, they're moving forward. most republicans saying he is our nominee, he'll be our nominee come this summer. let's figure out how he can win and beat hillary clinton. i do think there are a few that aren't too happy with where we are now who never imagined this could happen and they're really going to -- they want to hold onto power. they want to attain the power. they want to make sure
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washington has the guideline and make sure they can determine what's going to happen. and donald trump is a different candidate. he talks about the people, talks about getting things done. those trying to hold onto power are honestly a little scared. >> you mentioned reince priebus. let's listen to what he had to say about his concerns about all of this. >> these are things he's going to have to answer for, there are also things from many years ago. christians judging each other is problematic. it's when people live in glass houses and throw stones is when people get in trouble. hillary clinton, classic clinton operation, now suddenly these things are coming out. it's not necessarily that people make mistakes. it's whether or not the person launching the charge is authentic in their own life and pure enough to make such a charge. that's what most people look at when they evaluate people's
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character. i don't think donald trump is being judged based on his personal life. i think they're judging whether or not he's going to go to washington and shake things up. >> is that part of the problem that there are people who are judging him about his qualifications, they're judging him over his business prowess, how he may have treated people, particularly women? >> i think the challenge donald trump has and could be to his advantage in the end, people haven't watched him very long from a political standpoint. >> he admits, he's new to politics. >> if you look at the two -- look at hillary clinton, he's been not only in the public eye but in the public eye regarding politics for decades. we know her very well. donald trump is relatively new. when you look at both of them, they both have very high
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infavorables. we know we don't like hillary clinton, but we just kind of met donald trump on the political side. he's new to us. he's different. >> have you sized him up, so to speak? i have this exclusive interview with louise sunshine. she talks about her perspective, her working experience with hem, that in her words, he respects women that he wanted to see a trajectory for women. he helped her in her ascension. he was a mentor. he was a leader. flip side to that, you hear from other reports from women who've had experience with him who say that, you know, he was classless in many ways and that he was less than a gentleman and he wasn't respectful. have you sized him up or made an assessment about the presumptive
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republican nominee donald trump and whether you like him as a woman? >> i think i'm waiting to see more of donald trump. as we see more and more of him -- he obviously has had women in his company with very high positions. he's helped them on their careers and relied on them. as he said, they're very hard workers and effective and efficient and get things done. so he really relies on women. i think you're referring to the "new york times." that to me is kind of a hit piece. looks like they tried to figure out what they could say bad about him. be fascinating what they could find to say about president clinton. i think we're -- >> related to your point, people feel like they know his history, president clinton, but they're still getting to know donald trump as a political, now, force. >> absolutely. and i think what we'll see -- i don't know donald trump personally, so i -- >> but you'll be voting and
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you're a republican. >> absolutely. at this point, i can say i'll vote for donald trump because i think donald trump will be a better president for hillary clinton. i know hillary clinton very well. she's very smart, very hard worker. i don't agree with her policies and i think she's not trustworthy. donald trump, businessman, can get things done, has obviously promoted women and done very well in terms of putting them in the forefront. i think he obviously will change the face of politics and -- >> he says he wants to be in the company of someone with political experience as he assesses his vice presidential picks. your dad ran at least once and he's available, is he not? is he on the list? newt gingrich as possibly thinking about working with a donald trump? >> if you look at what trump needs for a vice presidential
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candidate, he needs two things. he needs a person who can be president. secondarily, he needs someone he can get along with. i've watched the people around him. i think the one think they know is they have to be with donald trump. you don't want two people who look good on paper but really can't work together. what you need -- let's look at my dad. he balanced the budget as speaker. hasn't been done since then. that would be nice to have done. he actually worked with a democratic president, president bill clinton and they accomplished things even though they had very different viewpoints. i think the country is crying out for people to reach across the aisle and accomplish thing sgrs even your dad spoke today on fox. let's hear him. >> if he asked me, i want to sit down and talk about. i don't think it's an automatic yes. i think you have to think through what does he think the
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job involves. >> if he indicates, you're going to play a big role. >> if he can convince us it's doable and serious and we would in fact contribute, i think we'd be very hard pressed not to say yes. >> about this cohesion. if donald trump is the presumptive nominee, if he is going to be the guy, the party has to rally around him. >> absolutely. at the end of the day, you have to assume that hillary clinton beats bernie sanders. and we're not there yet. who would have thought we'd be talking about bernie sanders now? he's run an incredible campaign. people are red light tired of old establishment washington. >> is that strange though when you have that in donald trump that's in large part behind his success in this campaign run. but now he says -- he said it many months ago that he wants to be surrounded by people with
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political experience because he has the business things, but he needs the politics. does that send a message to voters that some of those political face, they're coming back. >> i hear what you're saying. i think it says that he's actually going to learn from somebody else. which is think is a huge statement for donald trump. we listen to him talk about how smart he is, how successful he is. when i hear that he wants to go out and get very seasoned people to understand how politics work, great. he's going to have advisors that know what they're talking about. >> are they now trying to say, this is our guy, now we got to justify, help each other figure out how we better embrace him. we have no choice. is that's what's happening? >> i don't think it's no choice. you have to listen to the voters and you have to respect that. >> we'll leave it there. fascinating. good to see you. >> thank you. coming up next, hillary
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with available virtual cockpit. ♪ all right. donald trump standing firm on his stance to not release his tax returns right now. the presumptive gop nominee says he's currently being audited and will release them after that process is complete, but acknowledges that might not be before the general election. hillary clinton pounced on that one wondering who trump's motivation is for keeping the returns private. >> what about his taxes? so we'll get around to that, too. because when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that is kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them.
1:15 pm
>> so how big of an issue is this? let's talk about it with brian morgan stern and ellis hen ken. sorry. let's talk about this. tax returns, not requirement, but it's become customary. so ellis, you first. how important is it to release them? >> it's something. i mean, it's something you can beat up on him about. i like the way hillary said we'll get around to that. sounds exactly like something bill clinton would say. she's kind of winking at you and we'll be back on that one. >> so, brian, really the question is, how potentially revealing is it when a candidate releases their taxes? what is it that a voter learns from this that they need to know? >> well, the reason tax returns matter in general is because you can fairly assess the
1:16 pm
credibility of a candidate based on where they're earning their money, who's paying them. you can factor that into how much credibility you give to their message. for trump, it's interesting because we can learn, you know, whether he actually earns as much as he says he does. we can learn if he actually donates to veterans charities when he skips debates to raise money for them. we can learn what, if any, his offshore holdings might be. so there are some potential interesting land mines in there for trump which is i think why his returns might be a little bit more interesting than your average candidate. >> in donald trump's case, it might be different for the other candidates, it's almost like a truth-o-meter? does the tax return, or is it reflective of many of the thicks that donald trump has said? >> yeah. brian's right about that. the difference here, most of
1:17 pm
these political people have understood for decades that their tax returns were going to be part of the public document. so, you know, they craft them very carefully. donald, who never had any clue he was going to be a serious presidential candidate presumably filed his tax returns without that -- that shield in them. so, yeah, it's a much riskier proposition, one of the reasons i want to see them. >> how far back is adequate, required, being, brian, for donald trump? >> clinton's going 33 years, that's overkill for sure. trying to make up some of the transparency and trust deficit that she's facing. so she's trying to make up for that there. for trump, you know, i two or three years, trump right want to do alleges more because he's
1:18 pm
running on a business record, not a political record. it's a judgment call and it's tough to, you know, land on a number. but i would say probably more than two, less than ten. >> ellis, would donald trump's feeling be, if i don't really have to do it, i'm not going to and i can just let you guys ask about it for as long as you want to until we go to the polls. will voters really cast a ballot or not based on that? >> you just put your finger on the interesting issue there. donald is clearly different from most politicians. he's gotten away with things that nobody else could have gotten away with. at some point, you wonder if they add up into some generalized impression that makes people look at the guy and go eew. i think it's more likely to happen now, but it hasn't
1:19 pm
happened yet. >> y'all are making me laugh. you're funny. thanks so much. that's why i love you guys so much. you make me laugh. straight ahead, nine dead, dozens injured. that was the scene in waco, texas, nearly one year ago. now some of the witnesses to that biker gang shootout are speaking out and giving their side of the story to cnn. our special report next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. it was a scene of chaos at a texas restaurant nearly one year ago. a massive brawl broke out between rival motorcycle clubs leaving nine bikers dead in a trail of bloodshed and destruction. now some of the people who were there that day are opening up telling their side of the story. ed's joining us now. >> reporter: many people cannot forget the headlines. nine bikers killed. 177 arrested. that moment when all of those mug shots were released was a fascinating moment. but waco didn't just come out of the blue. it didn't happen out of thin air. there were moments that led up
1:24 pm
to that violent altercation. ♪ bandidos, angry, dangerous, and bitter enemies. months of rage and violence have led to this moment. an all-out battle in the parking lot of a favorite biker hangout. hundreds of bullets have been fired as armed police officers are nearby watching. dozens are down, wounded or dead, and the bloody clash shows no signs of spotting. >> there would be a pause and then you'd hear a few more go off. >> reporter: seconds into the showdown, surveillance video shows this biker running from the twin peaks patio covered in gun. >> it was pretty horrific. i realized that i needed to get away from where i was.
1:25 pm
>> reporter: biker john wilson did get away. you can see him here inside twin peaks, duck for cover. but this man seen in the red bandana was not as lucky. he hits another biker in the throat with what looks like a chain. they wrestle to the ground. then he's strik several times in the head. stomped on at least one and looks to be shot by a third biker. he seems lifeless as the men he was fighting walk away. then another fight breaks out. look closely as the highlighted biker is shot in the leg during the skirmish. cossack richard kersner stumbles to the curb. both bikers die at the scene. there are still many, many
1:26 pm
questions surrounding exactly what happened and what is going to happen here in the future. we'll get into a lot of that. what led up to waco, what happened at waco and what happens next. >> we look forward to it. cnn's special report "biker brawl" airs tomorrow night 9:00 eastern time. donald trump's success so far in politics may have come to a surprise to some, but not to louise sunshine. my interview with the woman who calls the presumptive republican nominee not just a mentor, but one of her closest friends. that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. so we invented a word thatuten, means that.tificial flavors. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word!
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>> hello again. and thanks for joining me. donald trump's rapid rise in the 2016 presidential race may have caught some pundits and the public by surprise. but it his assent is not unexpected to one of his close friends and former proteges.
1:30 pm
i recently sat down with business executive louise sunshine at her miami home. louise worked for trump for 15 years and speaks with him often. she talked about what he's like, his controversies, and his leadership style. the late 1970s, a very costly and controversial vietnam war is over. georgia peanut farmer jimmy carter is the 39th american president. the king, elvis found dead. "saturday night live" premieres, the start of a favorite tv past time poking fun at pop culture and politics. and new york developer donald trump in his late 20s and early 30s, already making a splash in the new york real estate market. acquiring prestigious manhattan properties with a style of his
1:31 pm
own. >> i was gaga over donald. >> close friend and former trump organization business executive louise sunshine says at a time when women were not invited to the table, trump brought her in. >> there was no boardroom. that's number one. the boardroom was in donald's head. the boardroom was all of this idea -- these ideas he had, the vision he had, and if you could buy into his vision and you were trustworthy and you were intelligent and you were proactive, proactive was the key. >> so describe the climate of the late '70s. >> i mean, the glass ceiling was about -- if the ceiling today is -- my ceiling is 22 feet high in my home and the ceiling then could have been 2 feet high.
1:32 pm
every once in a while in your lime time there comes a person or an opportunity or a person with an opportunity, you know, and i'm a woman. i mean, and women don't have these opportunities very often. >> before the hit tv show "apprenti "apprentice" sunshine play add role in the real life version. >> how was he as a boss? >> he was never a boss. >> how would you -- >> he was never a boss. it's a lot different to have a boss than leader. he was a leader. he taught me. he mentored me. he showed me the way. that's it. i was like smitten. see, donald doesn't distinguish between women and men. he distinguishes -- he looks for
1:33 pm
talent. he looks for trustworthy talent. trump, t means trustworthy talent. just think about it that way. >> after 16 years at the trump organization, sunshine branched off blazing her own trail in real estate development, starting her own company. she says he remains a part of her daily life throughout her miami home, reminders of trump's impact and regular phone calls, pointers. >> what's the last time you spoke with him? >> yesterday. >> what was that conversation like? >> it was a very simple conversation. he said he missed me. he doesn't have a lot of time these days. >> when you see him as the frontrunner, the presumptive republican nominee and you see the way he has led his campaign, is that the same way he has led his business all of these years?
1:34 pm
do you see the same donald trump? >> i see the same donald trump, but i'm not sure that the way he has led his business which has been entirely successful works in politics because i think sometimes he forgets what the politic thing is, to say -- and of course that's what politics is all about. and i think he just marches -- he has continued to march to the tune of his own drummer. >> or in other words, trump says in his book, the art of the deal, sometimes it pays to be a little wild. >> so then when you hear donald trump today on the campaign trail and when he calls hillary clinton crooked or when you hear him use language that some say
1:35 pm
is sexist, certainly unflattering of women -- >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> -- and you just describe that in your view your experience was he didn't have a distinction between men and women, that he just saw your mind. but then when you see this donald trump on the campaign trail, is he recognizable to you? >> but he also calls marco rubio short. he calls ted cruz something else. he calls -- >> lying ted. >> lindsay graham something else. it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman. when i hear him say those things, i put in my ear plugs. >> what do you mean? >> i have donald trump ear plugs. i have ear plugs about a lot of things in life. >> stick your head in the sand -- >> no. i put in my ear plugs.
1:36 pm
>> it's excusing language like that -- >> no i'm not excusing. what am i going to do about it? >> but he's your good friend. you could call him up and give him a piece of your mind. >> i could. this is when i called him. the only time i called him during the whole campaign was to tell him that i loved the slogan, america first. because i thought it was much more positive than make america great again. >> you shared that with him? >> yeah. >> and his response? >> he loved it. he said, i miss you. >> and it's an honor to have everybody here -- >> when he started to run for me -- it was ridiculous, joke, blah, blah, blah, i said, he's going to win. >> but possibly wink the presidency is still six months
1:37 pm
away, like lots of room for campaign surprises like this 25-year-old recording of a voice trump denies is his. >> when was the recording made? >> this was 25 years ago. >> oh, that's right up my alley. >> let's listen. >> just that he really decided that he wasn't -- you know, he didn't want to make a commitment. he thought it was way too soon. he's coming out of a marriage and he's starting to do tremendously well financially. >> i did not hear donald's voice. >> you did not? >> not the donald i know. >> what do you mean? >> i just didn't hear his voice. not the voice that resonates in my ears. >> so was there a john miller? do you recall a john miller? >> no, i don't know john miller. >> would it be odd, would it be disappointing if that were donald trump posing as or representing himself as a john
1:38 pm
miller? >> i don't believe donald to do things like that. i've never known him to do things like that. he has never done things like that in my presence or my 15 years with him. he doesn't have to. he's donald trump. >> and you feel like you know him well? >> no. i know him well. i don't feel like it. i know that i know him well. >> all right. and later on this hour, there is more in my conversation with close friend and colleague louise sunshine as she shares a very unique piece of new york history that trump actually was part of a project and now she has kind of the byproduct of it. something that got a lot of headlines. more on that later. also coming up, donald trump representing america on the global stage. what would it look like exactly if the billionaire businessman makes it all the way to the white house? we debate that next. riding a horse it's
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serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis, which can be serious or life threatening. farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪ i am everyday people, yea, yea. ♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. >> all right. donald trump is walking back his plan to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s. saying now it was just a suggestion. when he was asked about london's newly elected mayor, trump said there would always be exceptions to the ban. this is what mayor sadiq khan had to say about that. >> my message is that your views of islam are ignorant.
1:43 pm
it is possible to be a muslim and to live in the west. >> so is there a ripple effect, trump's comments and foreign policy ideas are having on other parts of the world? i want to talk it over with our panel, peter beinart. good to see both of you. peter, you first. what are people on the world stage thinking and feeling about a possible donald trump in the white house? >> i mean, given the reporting, i think people don't really know whether to laugh or cry. they don't know whether this is just some big joke that america's playing or whether a man this profoundly ignorant, b bigoted and reckless could be the leader of the free world. were he to put any version of that muslim ban into place, the
1:44 pm
consequences in terms of america's relationships with muslim countries would be totally hard to predict, but very, very dangerous and i think it would be a horrifying spectacle. trying to put his 45% tariff on chinese goods into place, that would really threaten the world economy. so i think people are frightened and they have a right to be frightened. >> steven, the u.s. and u.k. relationship is very strong and when you have the london mayor sadiq khan saying that he's ignorant, that donald trump is ignorant. that certainly doesn't start off on a good foot if indeed it were donald trump in the white house and his, you know, expected relations and dialogue that would have to happen with not just the u.k. as a whole, but with london. >> that's right, fred.
1:45 pm
you don't often hear british politicians or any foreign politicians talking that way about a potential u.s. president. they usually like to keep their powder a little bit dry because they want to work with whoever gets elected so it's very unusual in that sense. there is in britain some consternation and across europe, confusion, exactly about what donald trump would do as president. for instance, his comments on nato, for example, have really raised a lot of fears. because it seems like he's willing to turn his back on the post-war compact that kept the peace in the europe for 70 years. he has sid on several occasions that nato isn't relevant anymore. another issue that's troubling europeans is his apparent admiration for vladimir putin who has taken russia to cold war style behavior, rewriting some of the boundaries of eastern
1:46 pm
group. there's a lot of worry about what exactly donald trump would do. there's confusion about whether he would do what he says he will do. a lot of people are watching the election abroad with some concern. >> and peter, you have this anti-trump kind of movement within the united states. is there an equivalency as it pertains to the world stage? >> it will be interesting to see were he actually to win how people abroad would react. what's so interesting about the new london mayor saying he would not come to the united states even if donald trump granted him an exception from a muslim ban is i would hope that a lot of foreign leaders and dignitaries would say no. if you are going to have a religious test and ban members of one religious group from the united states which represents a kind of horrifying betrayal of america's core values, then no
1:47 pm
we're not going to come to the united states either. other people of conscious as well would say if you're not going to allow muslims into the united states, we're not coming either. >> on, you're already looking way ahead and talking 2020. why is it not too early for that? >> well, i think when you talk to people and say you're looking at the election in 2020, they're horrified. we can't even get through this election. it's too long and it's crazy. what you're seeing with a number of the most prominent politicians in washington and some that were in this campaign like ted cruz and marco rubio, politicians are trying to work out where the political sands are going to settle. donald trump has been so tumultuous. he's turned the political system and environment on its head. career politicians, for example, house speaker paul ryan are trying to work out how to reconcile their positions with
1:48 pm
not just an eye on their own future, but an eye on their party's future. i think what we're seeing is people like ted cruz for example, he's clearly playing a long political game. many people believe that he didn't even think he could win this election, but he's trying to position himself in case trump loses and you have some people on capitol hill, republicans trying to work out, can i stay in power with ali alienating donald trump supporters. people are really looking to their futures. >> always good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> we'll have much more on the political landscape next. but first, san diego, california, is one of the wealthiest cities in the u.s. less than an hour away across the border in the outskirts of tijuana, mexico, many families are living in december pratt poverty. that's where this week's cnn hero from san diego lends a helping hand.
1:49 pm
>> it's important to remember that these families that we're helping in mexico are our neighbors, they're just right across the border. it's night and day the difference. we are helping the communities come together and we are teaching them that there is love in the world, that other people do care about them. >> to see how paula clauson can change an entire family's life in one day, go to cnn while you're there, nominate someone you think deserves to be a cnn hero. ♪
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1:54 pm
mixed use bow hee method on sixth avenue. in some circles, he became quote, a symbol of everything evil about modern developers. largely because before trump tower went up, the specialty landmark department store came down and along with it, reportedly precious art deco items sich as two limestone relief panels. >> you have on your balcony something that represents the history. >> former trump executive now living in miami. >> show me. >> i'm so fortunate to have this. >> louiie louise sunshine sheds light. >> this was the lovely lady on the building. >> have you or even donald trump
1:55 pm
tried to correct published reports that say the relieves, this being one of them, you say, that the relieves were destroyed when he tore down the building to put up the trump tower? >> well i don't know what donald has tried to do, but now you've seen the head in person and you have photographed it and you're putting it on tv. that will help to correct some of the erroneous information. and this lady is a symbol of good luck, good fortune, and all of the success i've enjoyed in my life due to my relationship with donald trump. she goes with me everywhere i go except that one day i'm sure i'll have to give her to a museum. >> we'll have more from louise sunshine in the next hour. thanks so much for being with me today. much more straight ahead.
1:56 pm
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hello. you are in the cnn "newsroom." great to have you with me. donald trump's unity effort may be hitting a roadblock today as republicans try to wrangle their party together.
2:00 pm
i'm talking about a possible third-party candidate now entering the race. the "washington post" reporting this morning mitt romney and a, quote, band of exasperated republicans are actively searching for an independent willing to challenge trump. the only problem, no potential candidates are saying yes. those in the no thanks box include billionaire and dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. he tells cnn this, quote, i think the time is right for a technology literate entrepreneur to run for president. the issue for any such candidate is that the process is broken. it's a circus rather than a learning process for all involved, end quote. this as house speaker paul ryan opens up about his struggle to find common ground with trump. >> it is no secret that donald trump and i have had some disagreements. it's n


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