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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ready? >> i'm ready. >> positive attitude. he was born with one arm. he has tons of positivity. so moving that his teacher used her class lesson to benefit him. a prosthetic arm costs thousands. she found the right resources and got a bionic arm made for him on a 3d printer with no charge to his family. >> what? >> quickly learning to use it. somebody made that with their home printer frame. >> awesome! >> because they wanted to reward his attitude. >> so cool, country. thank you for that. time now for "newsroom" with carol cost ello. >> have a great day. new "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," president obama takes aim at donald trump. >> ignorance is not a virtue. >> and members of trump's own party not giving up hopes on a third-party candidate. >> hijack another party to get on the ballot but it's a suicide mission. plus, who has the chops?
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who's on the chopping block? and how a vp pick could shape this race. shark attacks a florida swimmer and won't let go. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. president obama puts on a cap and gown and commences a beatdown of the candidate trying to succeed him. it was clear who mr. obama was talking about as trump faces new criticisms over how his treatment of women worked and socialized with him comes under scrutiny. cnn's phil mattingly is here on that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. white house aides have been very clear, president obama is more or less champing at the bit to go after donald trump. tiptoeing around it, yesterday he went all in. not the only one criticizing
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donald trump. being hit from all sides. new reality as the presumptive nominee, he will regularly be under scrutiny and regularly under attack. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> not so subtle critique of the man who wants to replace him. >> it's not keeping it real. it's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: presumptive nominee coming under fire amid new allegations of inappropriate behavior with women. dozens of women revealing to "the new york times" of unwelcome advances, and unsettling workplace conduct. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> reporter: a defensive trump lashing out on twitter, slamming the report as a lame hit piece, dishonest and a witch hunt. trump's allies offering a
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defense. >> people have not expected purity on his part. what they're concerned about, they're deeply concerned about is this somebody strong enough to take on washington? >> reporter: rnc chairman reince priebus acknowledging it will be something he has to confront. >> all these stories come out every couple of weeks, people just don't care. >> reporter: trump also denying reports that he used to pose as his own publicist in the '80s and '90s under the names john miller or john barron. >> not a lot of options, and frankly, he gets call bid everybody. he gets called by everybody in the book. >> despite previously admitting using both pseudonyms. >> is the campaign seriously claiming that that isn't mr. trump? >> i could barely understand it. if donald trump says it's not him, i believe it's not him. >> latest controversies amid
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continued efforts within the gop to mount a third-party candidate to derail him. ben sass and mark cuban both denying the job. >> they could hijack another party to get on the ballot. it's a suicide mission for the country. >> a rough weekend for donald trump, carol. at least positive news when it comes to the potential of a third party candidate, no real commitment so far. the path forward isn't clear. looks like the window is closing there. on the issue of women, donald trump can expect to be attacked going forward repeatedly. so these stories from "the new york times" obviously don't help. trump campaign has made very clear donald trump believes he has treated women very well, elevated women inside his companies to the highest of levels. those are the women you can expect to see in the days and weeks ahead. they recognize they need to push back on these stories and push
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back hard. these are the types of stories that resonate in a general election campaign. >> phil mattingly, thank you very much. the rnc chairman acknowledged that trump is not the perfect candidate. as christians, judging each other is problematic. the former miss utah told the paper mr. trump introduced himself to her by kissing her on the lips. a woman executive who worked for trump says he commented on her weight. but rowan brewer lane, also quoted in that article says the "times" article is bogus. >> very upsetting. i was not happy to read it at all. "the new york times" told us several times that they would make sure that my story that i was telling came across. they promised several times that they would do it accurately. they told me several times and my manager several times it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across
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the way that i was telling it, and honestly. and it absolutely was not. they did take quotes from what i said and they put a negative connotation on it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. he was very gracious. i saw him around all types of people, all types of women. he was very kind, thoughtful, generous. he was a gentleman. >> with me now, contributor for the atlantic, editor in chief of the daily beast, john avalon and jane newton small, editor for "time" magazine. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> jay, i'll start with you. 50 women for its article. were all of them lying as donald trump intimated or just the women who had negative things to say about mr. trump?
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>> it's interesting that the woman woman who came forward hasn't said that the "new york times" was lying. she doesn't dispute the story that he asked her to put on a bathing suit, introduced her to this gorgeous trump woman as the crowd but disputes the tone of it, saying that her experience with donald trump was very positive while "the new york times" viewed that sort of interaction as very negative, asking somebody within minutes of meeting them to change into a bathing suit and go around at a party with you. whether more women come out and dispute the facts remain to be seen. either way, trump has had problems with women voters long before this "times" story and will have problems with women voters after "the new york times" story. it's not the underlying cause of his problems with voter. >> 50 women were interviewed over the course of six weeks. nine women were quoted in the article, including miss brewer lane. none of the other women have
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come forward. we have an interview scheduled at 10:00 pm eastern with one of the women who talked to the new york times in that article. it will be interesting to see what she had to say. john, reince priebus said we should not cast stones and then indicated that hillary clinton planted the "times" story. will any of that matter? >> look, when it comes to stories about women, the clinton camp is con dms strained with what they can say. for reince priebus to get biblical and how we shouldn't cast stones doesn't connect with donald trump's style of campaigning, which is all about dispersions and insults. it's very difficult to play that card if you're donald trump. the times piece is about a massive pattern of behavior in donald trump -- between trump
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and women, from the good, elevating a woman to run his company, in the '80s which is unusual, and judging a woman on a scale of one to ten, which some people leave in high school, if they even do it then. >> don't people want someone who can shake things up? >> donald trump is showing some weakness. you saw it in wisconsin, very strongly in iowa, for instance. i found reence priebus' comment to be disturbing on a couple of levels. as christians, we're not supposed to judge. what the heck is the head of the republican national committee referring to us as christians? many of us are not christians. it's not appropriate for him to start speaking as a member of one religious faith, first of
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all. not a lot of restraint among republicans judging behavior of bill clinton because supposedly that runs counter to christianity. the problem is not "the new york times" story per se but it comes on the heels of what donald trump said about megyn kelly, carly fiorina and a clear pattern. clearly women he gave opportunities to in his company. that's great. but many, many other business people are able to give women opportunities professionally without also demeaning women on a constant basis by focusing purely on their appearance. >> jay, on the other hand, democratic voters seem to have forgiven bill clinton. why wouldn't republican voters be able to forgive donald trump? >> the key here for women, female voters isn't necessarily democratic versus republican voters but women overall. republicans have historically had problems winning the female vote. they haven't won -- for a presidential race they haven't
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won since george w. bush. in 2000 and 2004, who won the presidency by -- even though he lost women by mitigating the loss of women by less than ten percentage points. by far the largest voting bloc in america, make up 53% of the electorate. in this case, you need to mitigate your loss by less than 10%. donald trump, by cnn poll had a disapproval rating of 73% by women. stories like this clearly do not help. >> john, some republicans don't accept this either, right? there's still that talk of a third party candidate even though no one has come forward. it's interesting that donald trump sort of deflected this morning around 6:00 am eastern this morning, he tweeted ut how bernie sanders was being disrespected and how he should run as an independent. what do you make of that?
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>> deep concern for bernie sanders and newfound desire for an independent candidate is discerning. as an independent, i appreciate it. there are a lot of obstacles that are institutional to keeping the duopoly of having a lock on the nomination process from debates on down. they have to find somebody and find somebody quick if they're going to do it. when reince priebus said it would be a suicide mission for america, he meant it would be a suicide mission for the republican party and that candidate. >> maybe the anectdote for mr. trump is to pick a vp that african-americans, hispanics and
6:13 am
women love and then everything will be better. >> i don't think so. history shows that people tend to vote for the top of the ticket. vice presidents, running mates don't mac a very big difference. i'm not, frankly, sure that donald trump could find a particularly credible african-american or latino running mate. he may be able to find a female running mate. i think a lot of the perception that people have about the way donald trump carries himself are pretty baked in. i'm not necessarily sure what a female candidate will say about donald trump that could mitigate, for instance, what he said about carly fiorina or megyn kelly. >> thanks to all of you. tonight on cnn, would john kasich consider being trump's running mate? his first interview since suspending his presidential campaign 8:00 pm eastern on cnn. still to come in the newsroom, in syria, christians fear for their lives as islamic militants vow to run them out of the country for good.
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today the iraqi military launches a new operation to take a strategic town from isis. located on the highway between baghdad and the jordanian capital amman. military operation comes on the heels of a deadly weekend in iraq. on sunday ten were killed when two suicide bombers set off explosives inside a baghdad gas station. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. the assault caught on camera. six isis militants stormed the facility, clashing with local authorities. more than 100 people have died in isis-related attacks over the past week. jihadist groups are vowing to oust christians from syria, burning down christians and destroying priceless icons. islamist militants are no longer ruling in one town but christians there are still fearing for their lives. here is frederik pleitgen.
6:19 am
>> reporter: jesus loves you no matter how you feel these children sing in belula, syria's most famous christian town, occupied by islamist militants for months. several townspeople are still missing. i want things to be better, like they were before, and for the kidnapped people to come back, 7-year-old gabriella says. similar words from this 8-year-old. i want melula to be better and more beautiful she says. when i asked how many of them had to flee their homes, shocking. this video by one of the groups allegedly shows a suicide blast that took out the checkpoint to the village. rebels kidnapped 12 nuns from a con vent, taking six months of intense battles to oust them.
6:20 am
scars remain. this is the shrine, or what's left of it, a warning to syria's christian community. while some buildings here have been restored others remain exactly like this, completely destroyed and mostly burned out. of course, many people who live in this town ask themselves whether christianity still has a future here in syria. syria is home to one of the oldest christian communities in the world. melula is the last place where the aramaic that jesus spoke is still in use. isis has vowed to oust christians from this land. priceless icons that were damaged or looted, especially the most ancient ones. >> they fire the other. then they fire it. >> they burned it? >> burned it. >> as we left melula, a
6:21 am
christian song was playing on the system of the entire town, a sign of definance in a christia town that hopes their children will have a future in the land of their ancestors. quite a sad situation in that town there, carol. it is still a very defiant christian community in that town and generally here across syria, one that has very much been decimated. for instance, one thing that got to us, in that town it's the last place where the aramaic of jesus christ is still the normal language in use. they had an institute to keep that language alive. the person who led that institute has fled the country. that's the situation of the christian community here in syria, one very much living in fear. carol? >> frederik pleitgen, thank you very much. biggest drug bust in the country's history.
6:22 am
more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine seized from one of the most powerful criminal gangs. that's eight tons. columbia national police video shows them laid out in rows. four men have been arrested and a handful of weapons have been confiscated. still to come, hillary clinton is maybing her pivot to the general election. who will she pick to join her on the ticket? meowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast.
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>> at 26 minutes after, shark attack in florida unlike anything we've seen before. 23 qurld woman was rushed to the hospital after she emerged from the surf with a two-foot shark lock ond her arm. rescuers tried but failed to pry the shark loose. >> very little blood. she was calm. good vitals. they secured her to a splint on
6:27 am
to the stretcher with the shark. she went to boca raton regional hospital with the shark attached to her arm. >> the victim is okay. the shark had to be killed before it could be removed. a small plane went down near mt. wilson. fog and rugged terrain prevented rescuers from finding the cite for hours. mandatory evacuations under way in alberta, canada. another wildfire threatens the province. the much larger ft. mcmurray fire is 260 miles away. prime minister justin trudeau recently toured the damage of the ft. mcmurray fire, still burning. advancing flames forced more than 90,000 people from their
6:28 am
homes. good morning. i'm carol costello. hillary clinton working hard to ensure that kentucky democrats give her a win in tomorrow's primary. clinton is holding four different events today as she barnstorms the state in one final push. that's on top of the four visits she made yesterday. and, with the economy top of mind for voters in kentucky and elsewhere, clinton is unveiling her plans to tackle the issue, including the person she would be in charge of fixing it. tracking all things democrat this morning, suzanne malveaux. good morning. >> good morning, carol. counting on african-american voters to put her in a better place than, say, west virginia. she easily won oregon over president obama in 2008. she is now talking up this new role for her husband, bill
6:29 am
clinton. two for one deal, carol. she doesn't give a lot of details but does say she will be in charge of the economic stuff. listen. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because, you know, he knows how to do it. and, uh, especially in places like coal country and intercities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> trying to get voters to hark en back to when her husband was in office. not everybody was doing well but she is trying to reassure voters they won't be out of work and trying to win over white male voters in the belt states. >> suzanne, bernie sanders has moved on to puerto rico.
6:30 am
before he left he did take a swipe at clinton. what did he say? >> he did. he said, quote, i don't think clinton is prepared to do all that needs to be done for working families. going into these primaries for kentucky and oregon, sanders continues to win these contests and stay in the race. it's a very progressive state which work in his favor but also a closed primary. it's not an open caucus, where he does better. he won't have the opportunity to pick up those republicans and independents. the clinton team feels they are strong, competitive in kentucky. that's why we see her there today, carol. >> suzanne, thank you. hillary clinton says her husband, bill, will be her point person on fixing the u.s. economy. ex-secretary of state and former president would make a powerful
6:31 am
one-two punch in the white house so says democrats. where would that duo leave clinton's vice president? joining me to talk about this, mike purdy, presidential historian. good morning, mike. >> good morning. how are you? >> good morning. whoever hillary clinton picks for vice president, wouldn't that be top most on their mind, what role bill clinton would serve in a clinton administration? >> i think you're absolutely right. this will be totally unprecedented. we've obviously never had an ex-president living in the white house. who clinton picks will be critical. 20% of the vice presidents have gone on to become president either through the death or resignation of president. >> some say clinton needs a running mate, i should say, who appeals to sanders' voters and can attack donald trump. it kind of sounds like elizabeth
6:32 am
warren, senator elizabeth warren. could an all-female ticket work? >> i think an all-female ticket for the democrats would be problematic. i think hillary clinton has difficulties in attracting male voters and all-female ticket would be too risky for her. her best bet would be to pick sherrod brown of ohio, who appeals to the liberal wing of the democratic party acres good attack candidate during the campaign. and to bring ohioans as well. >> interesting. let's talk about the republican side. donald trump needs someone who has governmental experience. that's what he said he wants. who would be a good choice for him? >> top of trump's list probably is and should be newt gingrich, who brings, obviously, great experience in knowing washington, d.c., which is what trump lacks. and so i think gingrich is a top
6:33 am
candidate, early supporter of trump. i think they have similar personalities and would mesh well together. maybe second choice might be chris christie for some of the same reasons. but christie doesn't have the federal government experience. >> why wouldn't a faux maemale g mate be good for trump? >> it would be risky proposition for trump to do that. i think he may have difficulty getting along with someone. one of the names is sarah palin. she brings her own issues and trump recognizes she may not be the best pick. sarah palin herself has said she would be concerned about being a draw down on the ticket. >> what about the oklahoma governor? >> she is definitely a possibility. but, again, if you look at what trump has said -- i think trump,
6:34 am
for all you might want to say about him, recognizes where he has weaknesses. the oklahoma governor's challenge would not be bringing the federal experience. i think that's why gigrich would be the perfect fit. >> mike purdy, thank you for joining me. the new price for george zimmerman's gun next. (vo) when i first took jake home
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kind of like your echo having a cheeky british accent. hellooo! 'ello! you saucy tart! stranded drivers are being pulled from floodwaters in corpus christi this morning. chad myers is keeping an eye on what's head. good morning. >> good morning, carol. it really rained overnight in places like ingleside on the bay. we have reports of 14 inches of rainfall just from a couple of rain gauges and also doppler estimated at those numbers, even north padre island. one of my favorite places to
6:39 am
visit. it's not south padre island. it's been wet in corpus christi over the past couple of months. this rain doesn't really help. this is not a situation unlike houston where the water will sit in the bayous and go up. this will quickly go into the bay and eventually get into the gulf of mexico. it still could be a couple of days before the water goes down locally. right over that corpus christi area to the north of corpus christi proper. let it rain in some spots. please shut it off in others. if you remember, carol, couple of years ago, texas was in this major drought. significant drought that we never thought we would come out of. no ow only 5% of texas is even slightly dry. the rest of texas either at or above where we should be for this time of year.
6:40 am
so, maybe a good growing season but certainly a flood season, if you get all this land. it's so saturated when it rains heavily, it could run off. with a new starting price, $100,000. united gun group speaking to cnn this morning about his decision to relist the weapon. >> this is not about george zimmerman for us, but the second amendment, standing firm as adults to make their own decision. we are allowing another individual to make his own decision on what he wants to do. >> a slew of bogus bids led to george zimmerman to pull the
6:41 am
post. the facebook founder will meet with conservatives later this week. i have a blog called "daddy doing work", it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using.
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face book founder mark zucker burg is ready to clear the air, meeting with leaders, glenn beck, dana perino and s.e. cupp. when a contractor said the company was censoring conservative use from its trending topic section. let's talk. brian steltzer is here.
6:46 am
why were these particular conservatives selected, do you think? >> prominent leaders but not politicians per se. media figures. we just learned a senior adviser to the trump campaign, barry bennett, ben carson's adviser, now working with trump, is attending as well. pretty a-list of names here for this meeting. it's about facebook trying to regain some ground, regain some trust in conservative media circles. the story this time last week published on the blog has had rippling effects, how facebook does what it does, whether it's fair to all news outlets. even if there's no evidence, as facebook says, that conservative news was suppressed, there's a perception problem that they have. they're trying to address that. >> do we know anything about the meeting? will mark zuckerberg alone?
6:47 am
>> zuckerberg as well as his aides. ceo of facebook is doing this directly. one of several meetings the company says it will be having. they've been very clear it does not suppress conservative or liberal news for that matter. it wants everybody to use facebook. this story has put a real spotlight on how the a will. gorithm works and what shows up in your news feed. it's probably a good thing this controversy has happened. it's clearing the air and crow ating more awareness of how facebookworks. there's a deep mistrust in conservative circles about how facebook does what it does. maybe these meetings will help to address that. >> thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom," imagine calling off a football game minutes before kickoff. that's kind of what happened in england. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds
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. the city of juarez, mexico, once known as the murder capital of the world is now a different place. drug-related crime has dropped and u.s. investments have made a comeback. but locals fear juarez may return to days past with a return to a local prison of the mexican kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman. nick valencia has more for you. ♪ >> reporter: life goes on in juarez, mexico. once desolate streets traded for a semblance of tranquility in a city across the river from el paso, texas. not so long ago it was infested with drug cartels. at its violent peak, there were more than 3,000 people murdered in one year, most of those deaths were attributed to the war between the local juarez cartel and the infamous see that
6:53 am
l see that low what federation. while life on the streets has changed in juarez with el chapo's return, the bloody past seems very much present. this man lived through the violence between 2009 and 2012. he says he still mourns the death of one of his construction workers killed inside his business. there are many people very hurt by that war. there are many still mourning what happened during the narco war, and there's still a very late ept sense of insecurity bred by el chapo guzman. painful memories buried deep in his mind have been unlocked by the return of louisiana chel ch. some fear the return of immunity for the foot soldiers still in
6:54 am
the city. the mayor says the drug lord's transfer to juarez has had no impact or relevance on the daily life of most citizens. juarez is peaceful. juarez is dedicated to creating better life conditions for its residents. there are obvious concerns that el chapo will escape prison for a third time. there have also been questions about the penitentiary's infrastructure. with the spotlight back on juarez, residents would prefer to discard the unwanted attention and move on from its violent past. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. checking some other top stories at 54 minutes past, a navy s.e.a.l. instructor has a new assignment this morning after a sailor dies during training. james lovelace died may 6th after struggling in a swimming pool while participating in a rigorous training program. it is not clear whether the instructor is still involved
6:55 am
with the s.e.a.l. units. the search for a missing carnival cruise ship passenger in the gulf of mexico has been suspended. the u.s. coast guard says planes spent 20 hours searching for samantha covering more than 4,300 miles. according to surveillance footage she fell overboard backwards into the water. that's according to carnival. a private memorial for prince was held over the weekend at the late musicians place of worship. nearly 500 guests were in attendance at the kingdom hall of jehovah's witnesses in minnetonka. the church honoring the life of the man they knew as brother nelson. take me out to the brawl game. this hard slide led to a shoving match and a right punch that fans could almost feel in the cheap seats. both benches cleared and the texas rangers and toronto blue jays mixed it up on the field.
6:56 am
both the second baseman and the runner who triggered the fight were ejected. no one was seriously hurt but, wow. a big soccer match in britain will be played tomorrow after it was suddenly canceled on sunday. soccer fans were all fired up for the match to begin when officials made everyone leave. it turns out there was a good reason. a device found in a stadium restroom looked and awful lot like a bomb. cnn sports correspondent coy wire has more on that. >> good morning, carol. we're talking manchester united, a marquee team in the world's most popular league, the premiere league in london. this is before the globally televised key match, they're being told to evacuate. players are warming up, fans are getting pumped up and a suspicious device is found in a bathroom. they evacuate, bring in bomb-sniffing dogs, police forces, but what they thought may have been an explosive device was just a harmless training destris left behind by
6:57 am
a private security firm. they brought in british bomb experts who conducted a controlled explosion to neutralize the potential threat. the mayor of manchester, england, has called for full inquiry into what he's calling a fiasco. here is greater manchester mayor tony lloyd on the importance of making sure this doesn't happen in this city ever again. >> there is a gap in the security, and that gap has now got to be recognized. that gap has now got to be filled to make sure that in the event of somebody trying to place a device, that that will be discovered. >> you have to give some credit to the fans here. they calmly evacuated the scene, especially on the heels of the paris and belgium attacks which are fresh in the minds so many of us. the match has been rescheduled for tomorrow, but, carol, a huge scare. this just shows how sensitive we've become, and rightfully so, to potential situations. imagine if you're at a sunday nfl in the fall, your detroit lions lining up against the
6:58 am
packers. that's scary to think about. but let's finish on a positive note. carol, you are going to absolutely love this. quite possibly the play of 2016. army's casey mccravy goes airborne. she scores -- i mean, is this incredible. that's some jackie chan spider-man stuff. love the creativity. the catcher blocking the way but casey came to play. >> she didn't leave the baseline. it was perfect. just like that. >> you know you got to love that, carol. let's watch this one more time. >> let's watch it again. >> this is against lehigh, so you're talking heated rivals here. i mean, never seen anything like it. that's quite possibly the greatest slide you have ever seen on the diamond. i mean, watch that over and over again. >> that's awesome. coy wire. thanks. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now.
6:59 am
happening now in the "newsroom," president obama takes aim at donald trump. >> ignorance is not a virtue. >> and members of trump's own party not giving up on hopes for a third-party candidate. >> they could try to hijack another party and get on the ballot, but, look, it's a suicide mission. plus, veepstakes 2016. who has got the chops? who is on the chopping block? and how a veep pick could shape this race. and monster bite. a shark attacks a florida swimmer and won't let go. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. donald trump tried to talk issues. he warned that syrian immigrants using cell phones with isis flags will stage another 9/11, and he admitted he will not have a great relationship with one of america's strongest allies, britain's david cameron. but those things were overshadowed by trump's past with women.
7:00 am
"the new york times" interviewing 50 women in 6 weeks and what some of them had to say was not so flattering. this morning another bombshell, one of the women says "the new york times" story got it wrong. cnn's phil mattingly is here with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. donald trump has been pushing back hard over the last 24 hours on this front page "new york times" story that really exposed relationships with women that looked very untoward, raised a lot of concerns amongst republican officials i was speaking to throughout the day yesterday but trump pushing back hard and now getting some help from one of the main women featured in that magazine story. ms. brewer lane on fox this morning saying this -- >> it was very upsetting. i was not happy to read it at all. "the new york times" told us several times they would make sure my story that i was telling came across. they promised several times that they would do it accurately. they told me several times and my manager several times that it
7:01 am
would not be a hit piece, and that my story would come across the way that i was telling it and honestly, and it absolutely was not. they did take quotes from what i said, and they put a negative connotation, they spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. he was very gracious. i saw him around all types of people, all types of women. he was very kind, thoughtful, generous. you know, he was a gentleman. >> now, carol, donald trump has been touting that appearance all morning saying it, quote, blows up "the new york times" story. "the new york times" story was a story put together over the course of a six-week investigation. dozens of women who have worked for trump or with trump over the course of his career were spoken to, not just this one woman. it raises a number of concerns and questions, but trump really seizing on this moment right now, carol, to push back. and it's an important push back. this is an area where he's shown
7:02 am
great weakness in polling. when you look at women voters, women who would consider voting for him, the campaign will push back hard. also something the campaign will look to put executive that is trump has elevated out to talk publicly about donald trump in a positive manner in the days and weeks ahead. >> and it's a major attack line. he's going to attack hillary clinton, you know, what bill clinton did within his marriage, right, and these kinds of articles don't help make those attacks effective. >> it essentially almost mitigates them on some level. donald trump says he's great for women. he has already attacked hillary clinton repeatedly on her husband's relationships while in the white house, and more importantly hillary clinton's actions regarding those relationships in the white house. so if that's his focus and now he's being called into question based on how he's operated in his business career, all of a sudden you wonder if that undercuts or undermines those actions, and i think that's why would you have seen such a fierce pushback from donald trump, from his team, and why
7:03 am
this is something they're willing to attack repeatedly going forward. carol, throughout the campaign, donald trump has able to brush off attacks, not really care about them, move forward. a lot them ended up helping him. this is one he and his team clearly recognizes hits home. it's a problem going forward and that's why he's pushed back so hard over the last 24 hours. >> thanks so much. let's talk about this. i'm joined by ben ferguson, scottie knenell hughes, ron brownstein also joins me. i want to be more specific about rowanne brewer lane and what was said about her in "the new york times." she said on fox she was not misquoted but they misrepresented the incident, you know, at its face. so basically years and years ago ms. brewer lane was at a pool party at mar-a-lago. there were 50 models and 20 men.
7:04 am
she didn't have a swimsuit and donald trump took her in the house and opened up a drawer and said put on a swimsuit. shet p she put on a swimsuit and he paraded her outside and said doesn't she look like a trump beauty. they dated for a period of time. and "the new york times" said this is an example of how trump viewed women as objects per se. that's kind of what "the new york times" intimates in here. scottie, knowing all of that, what do you make of the article itself because "the new york times" also interviewed 50 women for the article. they quote nine women by name in this article. it's not just ms. brewer lane. >> no, and i think you just gave a good rendition of the article to be honest with you, but you look at the "new york times" and they're a little harsh in their words. they obviously make it out to paint mr. trump as being sexist and that he just put her in a bathing suit and paraded her out. he walked her out, he said isn't she a trump beauty.
7:05 am
there's two different kind of verth versions of the story. what's interesting about the story is it exposes the media bias that donald trump has been claiming this entire primary season and now he has proof of it. and "the new york times" purposely went out there to paint him in a negative light. they don't point out the good nings and the good people they talk to, and i was one of the 50 women "the new york times" talked to and my story got put into a separate story which painted me in a negative light. their whole goal is to paint mr. trump and i think they owe the trump campaign an apology because they were called out for their bias in this. >> like i said, there were other women interviewed for this article, ben. eight other women quoted by name. one of the women was the former miss utah. she claimed when trump introduced himself to her, he kissed her on the lips and she felt uncomfortable. she's not refuting.
7:06 am
>> i think this article will ultimately come down to which side do you want to look at donald trump on. he has his own beauty pageant. he has a modeling agency he's been involved with for many, many years. again, not going to be something that's shocking, for him to be around models. i think the timing of this is questionable for "the new york times." the fact why didn't you come out with this for the primary. they held this article as a hit piece to go after donald trump during the general -- >> wait, they held -- why would they hold it until now? what would be the purpose? >> well, i think that they wanted to hit him hard when he's up against hillary clinton, and i think that shows their bias. if this article was so important, wouldn't you have it during a primary when he's up against other conservatives going after him? why were they -- why did they pate on this until basically he's the nominee up against hillary clinton and now all of a sudden they're like, ox, we're
7:07 am
goi going to do our real journalism and talk to 50 women. he didn't sit down with any of these women before he secured the nomination. >> i hear you. first the media is not criticized for vetting mr. trump thoroughly enough, and now when it does, it's a hit job and the timing of it helps hillary clinton. >> i don't think donald trump's relations with women were uncovered, you know -- were not given attention during the primaries. can i come at this from a slightly different angle? in the last cnn national poll, only 32% of women say they view drmp favorably. 35% of women said they would vote for him against hillary clinton. that's a 26-point deficit. more than double mitt romney's deficit in 2012 with women. he's starting with a significant problem and i would submit to you that the core of the problem is not his personal relations with women which is what the focus is in the story. i think the core of the issue is that his leadership style, his persona, his temperament, the
7:08 am
way his confrontational language, persona, his winking at violence, for many men that connotes strength for many women that connotes something else. whether there is a stable leadership they feel comfortable with as the head of the country and the leader of the free world, there will be lots of stories about his relations with women. on a professional basis often seems to be supportive. on a personal basis a very different story is kind of the dual track you see in this article, but i don't think that hess core problem. his core problem is the way he presents himself as a potential leader of the country is something that i think women are more likely to find alarming than men. >> and, carol, i agree with that statement but let me say this real quick. i think the biggest issue here is what "the new york times" is going to learn from this is if you're going to do a piece on donald trump, you better make sure that you quote everybody perfect and you better make sure you don't take him out of context because when you do, donald trump is going to be able to get that story out there and it's going to make your entire story look like the hit piece
7:09 am
that i think this is, and i have been critical of donald trump, but when i read this, i literally were like are you kidding me? this is what they held. this is their big story of the day? >> and here is what we're missing here. 50 women were interviewed and they only used 9 quotes. they don't point to any positive things that were said about mr. trump. they don't point out about miss wisconsin who said thank you, donald trump. because of you my son will be able to go to college completely paid for as i'm dying from heart disease right now. they don't sit there and talk about miss teen usa tara conner, who he didn't take her title away when she was going to rehab. now she's fully rehabilitated from her drug abuses. there's no positive stories. we'll see all these negatives and i think it's going to backfire because the media outlets will only be seen as being biased against mr. trump. >> see, i hear all of you. i do hear all of you, but, ron, i will pose this question to you. we know that mr. trump has called women crazy and he's called them dogs and he's called them fat pigs. he's on tape saying those things. so at some level, wouldn't you
7:10 am
believe some of what's in that "new york times" article? >> you know, that's what i was going to point out, which is that the most devastating i think ad run against trump during the primaries by his opponents in the republican party did not rely on the testimony of women about his behavior toward women. it merely had women quoting his own words, things that he has said over the years, and i guarantee you if you look forward to the general election, you're going to see something like that in the -- >> but it's not just women. >> and outside of pennsylvania. >> his biggest liability is going to be his own words. if you want to know what hillary clinton is going to be doing and democrats are going to be doing against him, they're going to be taking his exact quotes -- >> they have already done that. >> -- and play them on a loop. but i think it's going to be in an orchestrated way. here is what he said on howard stern, here is what he said. that's the biggest issue he'll have to overcome. hit pieces like this are actually going to help him because it does show that there are certain people that just want to destroy him in the
7:11 am
general when there really wasn't a whole lot to the story that we didn't already know about donald trump before hand. >> and scottie, hold on a minute because i should have asked you before. you said "the new york times" interviewed you for this article. what did it ask you? what did the reporters ask you? >> a lot of the same questions they point out here. how was my interaction with him? what did i think of him? did i have respect for him? did i know him before? they ended up putting my part because i am a surrogate a part of another story that was a positive piece but it still made it look like -- >> wait a minute, it was a positive piece? you said that about "the new york times"? come on. >> i said it was kind of a positive piece. it still made it look like we were capitalizing on our support for mr. trump in order to advance our own careers, but it's interesting that this has been going on, and let's point out, it's not just been women mr. trump has been harsh on. he's also been harsh on men too. we can remember all the comments he made about the 17 other presidential candidates. so it's equal opportunity. it's hard to say sexist when it's both genders he's willing to call out.
7:12 am
>> but i think the core issue, scottie, is men and women may perceive that behavior differently in terms of whether it's appropriate for a president and women are a majority of the voters, 53%. they're also a majority of white voters and i think if donald trump -- if you're talking about a style of leadership that plays well among men and does not play well among women, that is a systemic challenge because women are a bigger share of the electorate -- >> there's a gender gap issue. >> when you look at the unfavorable ratings he has, not to say he can't dig out of that hole, but that is a significant hole to start the election in. >> he only got 44% -- >> i have to leave it there -- >> and he lost. >> thanks to all of you. i appreciate it. tonight on cnn, would john kasich consider being john's running mate? anderson cooper has an exclusive interview at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. and still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton unveils her prescription for the economy. the man writing that prescription, bill clinton. we'll talk about that next. 73% of americans try...
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. kentucky and oregon will be the latest states to weigh in on the democratic dogfight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. tomorrow the rivals will battle it out for a total of 116 delegates over the two states.
7:17 am
clinton doing what she can to get out the vote holding four events in kentucky today. for his part, sanders is looking ahead to delegate-rich california where he will campaign tomorrow. suzanne malveaux has more for you this morning. good morning, suzanne. >> reporter: good morning, carol. hillary clinton making this big final push in kentucky today, and she's really counting on african-american voters to put her in a better place in west virginia. now, kentucky is a state she easily won over barack obama back in 2008, but this time she's come under some criticism for saying that her policies would put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. well, she has since disavowed that and she's talking up a new role for her husband, bill clinton. maybe a two for one deal. she doesn't give a lot of details but she says he's going to be in charge of the economic stuff. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because, you know, he knows how to do it, and
7:18 am
especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> reporter: and she's maxiwaxe nostalgic and i can tell you everybody wasn't doing well as a result of the free trade agreement, nafta, and welfare reform but she's trying to reassure voters they're not going to be out of work. she's also trying to win over the white male voters in those rust belt states in the south who bill clinton, quite frankly, has greater appeal with, carol. >> so on the bernie sanders side, he feels he can compete in oregon. why? >> well, the delegate math is against sanders. he's got to convince the superdelegates committed to clinton to switch their sfuppor for him. he has to convince them he can beat donald trump in a general election. there are some polls that bear it out, but he also makes the case that if he loses, trump
7:19 am
gains. >> trump thinks he'll get a lot of sanders' voters. do you believe that? >> he'll get some, yes. he'll get some, but you have that space where the right and left might meet, but the fundamental thing is that it's going to become very clear that trump is a self-promoting huckster, and bernie is going to help make that case if he's the nominee and if he's supporting the ticket -- >> how deeply does that -- >> senator jeff merkley, you just heard from him. now what's happening is sanders and clinton are making arguments now that's really more fitting for a general election against trump than rather slamming each other during the primary, carol. >> suzanne malveaux reporting live for us. a former president as a first spouse? it could happen if hillary clinton wins in november. she wants bill clinton to be in charge of fixing the economy. but will that make her more or less attractive to potential voters? cnn politics executive editor mark preston joins me to talk about this.
7:20 am
good morning, mark. >> good morning, carol. no doubt look at bill clinton on the campaign trail for hillary clinton has been very good, but he's also been fraught with a little bit of danger. he has upset the black lives matters activists recently, and, of course, he had the crime bill back in 1994 which was problematic, carol, because a lot of nonviolent offenders were put in jail. having said that though, if you were to look at his favorability rating when he left office, overall eight years in office, bill clinton had a 55% favorability rating, and if you look at what voters think of him right now, carol, 58% think that he did a good job when he was president. >> interesting. well, bill clinton, it certainly a strategy both of them have worked out obviously. hillary clinton made those disparaging comments about the coal industry, and bill clinton ever since she made those comments has been talking to voters in a certain way. listen.
7:21 am
>> hillary said the other day, so i can say it in public, she said if i get elected what do you want to do? and i said, i want to go to the places that have been left out and left behind. i want to go to coal country. i want to go to indian country. i want to go to the mississippi delta. i want to go to places where people think every tomorrow is going to be like yesterday and say, no, it's not. you can go along for the ride. and that's what we're going to do. >> so, mark, can bill clinton connect with those voters that hillary clinton cannot? >> i think certainly better so than she can. look, bill clinton in many ways is such an asset on the campaign trail for a couple of reasons, okay? as i noted at the top, he does have some vulnerabilities when it came to the crime big back in 1994, but bill clinton is someone who is beloved by the democratic party. you know, they look back to the eight years when he was in office and they see economic prosperity. he also can appeal to these white male voters, and quite
7:22 am
frankly white voters in general that hillary clinton has had a difficult time connecting with. she's done very well through the primaries when it comes to the african-american vote and as suzanne noted, she's hoping to turn out the black vote in kentucky to defeat bernie sanders on tuesday night, but it's bernie sanders who has won over the white vote in the democratic party. bg bill clinton is somebody who is still seen very favorably in the democratic party, and he is seen favorably when it comes to white voters. >> when hillary clinton goes out and looks into the running mate, won't the running mate take into account the role bill clinton will be playing? >> i think anybody who is asked by hillary clinton if they want to serve on the ticket, they will do so. i think all along it has always been this way. if you elect hillary clinton, you're also electing bill clinton to a third term. they come as a package, much like when he was elected back in 1992, hillary clinton came as a package with bill clinton except at that time she was lesser well known, of course, but, of course, bill clinton very well
7:23 am
known right now and i think that if bill clinton does come in -- rather hillary clinton does win, you are going to see bill clinton really become in charge of or certainly take over helping trying to steer the economy back on track from where it is right now. >> she said she wants him to be her economic czar. so we'll see what happens. mark preston, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," when it comes to the people running for the white house, how much does character really matter? (vo) whatever your perfect temperature...
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7:28 am
past. gun buyers are getting a third opportunity to purchase the gun that killed trayvon martin. stranded drivers are being pulled from floodwaters in corpus christi, texas, this morning. some areas hit with more than a foot of rain and that rain triggered flash flooding. so far more than a dozen water rescues have been reported and the rain is set to continue into tomorrow. the 87-year-old bassist with the atlanta symphony orchestra dies after collapsing on stage. jane little held the guinness world record for the longest tenure with a professional orchestra. she made music for 71 yers she started in 1945 when she was still in high school. 17,500 pounds of cocaine seized from one of columbia's most powerful gangs.
7:29 am
it's the largest bust they have ever made. you can see the cocaine wrapped in individual packets ready to be moved. four men are arrested. a handful of weapons have been seized. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. this is a presidential year like no other. no one would disagree with that. it's a race between two candidates many voters find unlikable. hillary clinton has a trust problem, and donald trump has a woman problem. although some republicans, including the rnc chair and ben carson say voters should not judge him. >> these are things that he's going to have to answer for, but i also think they are things from many years ago and i think as christians judging each other i think is problematic. i think it's when people live in glass houses and throw stones is when people get in trouble. >> as a christian, are you comfortable with the way donald trump behaves with women?
7:30 am
>> well, you know, donald trump has elevated a lot of women in his organization much sooner than other people began to recognize the value of women. so as a christian what i do do is not judge everybody, and that seems to be something that a lot of people have gotten into. >> big picture here, does morality, does character really matter anymore when it comes to choosing a president? i'm not casting stones but is america ready for an amoral president maybe? with me to talk about that is dr. saltz and pastor daryl scott, founder of the new spirit revival center and a donald trump supporter. welcome to both of you. glad to have you both here. doctor, you say america is conflicted over morality and the president. what do you mean? >> i mean that i think americans are very aware that there are many world leaders today who are
7:31 am
not necessarily the most moral of characters, meaning they're willing to break the rules or manipulate the situation for their own good, and i think that some americans have concern that if we choose a leader who wears the white hat so to speak or is very moral, will they fare well against those kinds of leaders? so i'm not saying they will or they won't, but i do think that some of the candidates let's say have been talking about, hey, i'm not going to get taken advantage of. i'll go out there and get the best deal and i think some americans are responding to that because they are conflicted about whether having a really moral president is necessarily good for us as world -- as a country. >> pastor scott, would you agree with that? >> well, morality changes with times in america. what was once immoral now is viewed as moral, and even with
7:32 am
character evaluation, character evaluations are subjected. there's no objective definition of character, and so as times change, people's opinions change, and once again what we once thought was intolerable has now become tolerable to the extent that it's very hard to judge an individual because you don't have a clear moral compass -- i mean a clear compass as to what morality is these days. >> along those lines and i'll pose this question to you, dr. saltz. jeff sessions told abc news voters don't really expect candidates to be pure. they don't expect donald trump to be pure. they already know he's not. listen. >> of course, he has to answer and people will ask those questions and they've got hundreds i suppose people digging into everything he's done for all these years, but people have not expected purity on his part. what they're concerned about, they're deeply concerned about,
7:33 am
is this somebody strong enough to take on washington? will he challenge the establishment? will he end the illegality of immigration? will he insist on trade agreements that lift our economy, increase manufacturing, and will he stand up to the elites? and he's doing so, and the people are responding. >> so, dr. saltz, that's what pastor scott was saying, right? i guess the question, and i'm going to remove it from these two candidates because i don't want to imply either of them are immoral. that's not for me to say. but how far do you think americans are willing to go when it comes to character issues in choosing a president? >> -- were interested in sort of educating themselves about past presidents and which ones were great, really great leaders, and what their moral compass was like because at the end of the day while it might be difficult to define which part of your moral compass let's say playing
7:34 am
to being a great leader, it's certainly true that overall if you're very willing to break the rules, in fact, if you're excited by breaking the rules, in fact, if you're willing to commit crime and that's where your moral compass sits, sometimes it's going to work in the country's favor that you're representing and sometimes it's really not because that person will be concerned about themselves and what's best for them. so, for instance, richard nixon, you know, was obviously willing to break the rules, had a really questionable moral compass, and he used it in the service of his own election, and i think americans should be really concerned about whether having, you know, a really let's say flippant moral come could pass compass is good for the country. i would argue not so much. >> pastor, i would like to ask you a partisan question because if republican can forgive donald trump, you know, transgressions,
7:35 am
can they also forgive bill clinton's past transgressions? and vice versa. or doesn't it work that way? >> well, first of all, we live in a different age. to the extent that what was at one time complimentary is now demeani demeaning. in the past for a man to compliment a woman's appearance she would say thank you. now if you compliment her appearance, they can charge you with being sexist. >> really? >> a lot of times. donald trump is in the process of making a transition from a private person, a private citizen. he was a public person, but he was a private citizen, a public person. now he's making the transition to public servant. as a public servant, he doesn't have the license and the liberties that he had as a public person, as a celebrity figure. as a celebrity figure he's expected to make outsized and outlandish comments. as a public servant he's held in
7:36 am
a different standard. bill clinton was as a publicer is vantd, he committed a number of transgressions as a public servant that for a public servant, these transgressions are inexcusable. you don't use your office as a bordello. you do not engage in activity as a public servant that you could as a private person or that you would as a private person. and so it's easier to look at donald trump's prepublic service life and say some of it was due to youth, some of it was due to the times that he was in. you know, in christianity, christianity is based upon forgiveness. the apostle paul at one time persecuted the church but then he went on in the writing of his epistles to say i have wronged no man. how can this guy that persecuted the church say he wronged no man? and it's because he was a different person then. and so donald trump was a
7:37 am
different person then than he is now. he's older. he's wiser -- >> but that doesn't hold true for bill clinton? >> well, bill clinton was in public service and so he's continuing in his vein as a public servant and in that office he should have had a different behavior pattern. he should have behaved differently because he was ap public servant. he has a different set of priorities. >> i got it. >> donald trump now, his priorities changed because he's going into public service. now his priorities are different. >> so, dr. gail, do you agree? >> you know, carol, basically moral compasses don't change dramatically because someone makes a decision to get a different job, but also i would say forgiveness is very important, but forgiveness can only happen when someone acknowledges that they made a mistake, regrets that mistake, does the hard work of making
7:38 am
change, real personality character change, and then is able to say, you know, i plan to not repeat that mistake. and hopefully all humans are capable of forgiving that, but the person has to say, this was wrong as opposed to i never did that or i don't own that. those are very different things. it's hard, i would say impossible, to change your moral compass or why your moral behavior if you can't acknowledge that you did things that were to you now amoral. >> interesting. >> but those are -- >> i could go on with this forever, but i have to leave it there. thank you both for a fascinating conversation. dr. gail saltz, pastor daryl scott. i have to pass along some breaking news out of the u.s. supreme court? we're working on it? we're going to have it next. i'll be back after a break.
7:39 am
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all right. we have that breaking news out of the u.s. supreme court. it concerns the contraceptive mandate in obama care. the justices did not issue a major ruling but that in itself is big. >> reporter: good morning. what the supreme court has done is it sent this case back down to the lower court. it was a case concerning the affordable care act contraceptive mandate. the court sent it back to the parties to work on it so more. at issue here, it was religionly affiliated, nonprofit groups who objected to having to provide contraceptives to their employees. the administration offered them an accommodation. they said that that wasn't good enough. so today the court looked at this. it said it's not ruling on the merits. it's sending it back down.
7:44 am
that's an interesting opinion from the supreme court. not a large opinion, just sending it back down. >> all right. so let's parse this out. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin. hi, jeffrey. >> hi, carol. >> so tell us in layman's terms what this means. >> well, i think this is what it means to have eight people on the supreme court instead of nine. instead of really deciding this case at all, they basically said to these religious groups and to the obama administration, come on, you guys are not really that far apart on this. work something out and keep us out of it. the issue here is -- everybody agrees that the religious institutions don't have to pay for birth control for their employees, but the issue is how, what's the mechanics for how they opt out of the process? there's a disagreement about that narrow issue, and basically
7:45 am
the supreme court is saying we don't want to get into this. you work it out, but in the meantime obamacare survives once again. >> so if justice scalia had been alive, would it have been different? >>. >> it's hard to know because all nine justices agreed to kick the can down the road on this, so it's possible justice scalia would have joined in in the nondecision that came out today, but certainly if you look at the oral argument of the case, there was a pocket that thessibility have been a 4-4 opinion on this aspect of obamacare so if justice scalia had been there, there might well have been a majority. this nondecision is indicative of what happens when the court is trying to avoid 4-4 decision. here they unanimously decided in effect to do nothing. >> jeffrey toobin, thanks for
7:46 am
your insight. tomorrow mark the first an verse of the waco biker shootout that left nine people dead. people preview cnn's special investigation. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
7:47 am
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warren buffett's investment group buys more than 1 bl$1 bil in apple stock. that means apple gets a vote of confidence from one of the most trusted names in wall street. and the market is responding sending apple shares soaring. the dow is up over -- 105 points. it's right there. all right. let's talk about a cnn special tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. an in-depth investigation on what happened a year ago tomorrow. rival gangs turned a restaurant into a combat zone. the precise cause of the carnage has remained murky until now. ed lavandera is here.
7:51 am
are you going to tell us? >> i don't know. it seems a little early to get into all that. it's amazing. we will get into there's probably not one clear answer that you can give everybody. kind of depends on what your point of view is. what wept down in waco a year ago even the most hardened kind of grisly biker will tell you is the wildest, most insane chapter in outlaw baker historiker hist. you will hear from the national president, a man under federal indictment and speaking with us. ♪ >> these are people that are the worst of the worst, the baddest of the bad. not every member of the organization is an outlaw, but certainly there are members in the organizations that purport and commit criminal acts. >> reporter: the majority of america's motorcycle clubs preach camaraderie and a live of riding, but in some clubs there's a more sinister side.
7:52 am
>> this has got nothing to do with do gooders and philanthropists and choir boys, but on the other hand it's not this great, huge criminal enterprise that everybody thinks. >> reporter: and pete james would know. for 16 years he was president of the notorious chicago outlaws. on the street he goes by big pete. >> the banditos are one of the largest clubs in the world. they have chapters all over. they're a powerful club, and they're one-percenters. >> reporter: one-percenters like the banditos believe that the rules that apply to 99% of us don't apply to them. one-percenter biker clubs are considered outlaws. these bikers hardly ever talk, but we've managed to get exclusive access to the two
7:53 am
rival clubs involved in the waco shootout. the president of the banditos lives in that rural neighborhood north of houston. behind these trees and this iron gate, he's never allowed cameras inside until now. co . >> come here, you guys. are you hungry? >> reporter: it's interesting to come out here. this is real peaceful, real quiet out here. in a lot of ways your life is not that peaceful and quiet right now. >> not right now it isn't, but it has been for a decade. >> jeff pike has worn the banditos vest for more than 35 years and he's been their national president for the last ten. >> the new banditos are not the old banditos. we get along with everybody except the one. >> reporter: that's the one we're here about. >> correct. >> you're going to leave us hanging. so what happened in waco?
7:54 am
what was the beef? >> well, there's kind of -- waco didn't just happen on that quiet sunday. so there were things that led up to it, issues between the two, the two clubs. we'll get into a lot of that as to what -- is there one driving reason? like i said, it really kind of depends on which club you're in and who you sympathize with. >> just in listening to them, it's hard to believe that happened. here is a guy feeding the ducks. >> yeah. and under federal indictment. i mean, seven months after waco, the feds come after the top three leaders of the banditos and arrest them and he was not in waco. >> so what has he been indicted for? >> a slew of -- like racketeering. there's underlying charges there that include murder, extortion, and those sorts of things. so the feds are building a case against the top leaders of the banditos, possibly more. feds aren't talking, prosecutors aren't talking, and the cops aren't talking either. >> why did they agree to talk to you? >> great question. i think a lot of the bikers if
7:55 am
they agree on one thing they really agree on their anger and their frustration to the way law enforcement handled that situation and what prosecutors have done. so right now the way it stands, 177 bikers arrested in the shootout in waco. so whether or not the first thing you did was go hide in the freezer of the twin peaks or you actually pulled the trigger of a gun, you face the exact same criminal charge. so a lot of bikers very frustrated, feel like they have been kind -- they're being mistreated in that sense. there's a lot of anger in the biker community about what has happened in the -- >> did they in part blame the police for much of the violence that happened on that day in waco? did police exacerbate the violence? >> what we hear from bikers time and time again is had police officers put two cops there at the front of the twin peaks, that they believe that wouldn't have happened. obviously law enforcement officials disagree with that very strongly and people who have seen the videos that we have and that sort of thing
7:56 am
offer the cops' perspective on that, but, yeah, there's a lot of the bikers in the clubs who just feel like if the cops would have put two guys there, maybe this wouldn't have happened. >> fascinating. i can't wait to watch. ed lavandera, thanks so much. cnn's special report "bakiker brawl" aircraft tonig tonight. thanks for joining me. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" begins after a break. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. crossing the line or not? a "new york times" special report takes a deep dive into donald trump's past, specifically with the women in his past. you're about to hear from one of them. now, resulting from more than 50 interviews over a period of six weeks, the piece outline what is it describes as a pattern of unwelcome advances and unsettling workplace conduct over decades. >> the presumptive nominee calls the article a dishonest and lame hit piece. and new this morning, a woman prominently featured in that report more or less agrees with donald trump and is


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