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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Kentucky Democratic Oregon Primaries  CNN  May 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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california. we're going to hear precisely what he has to say out of all of this. we'll have live coverage of senator sanders getting ready in california. he's being introduced over there right now. a big, big crowd in california. june 7th, the primary there. right now, the polls have closed in oregon, let's go get a key race alert. right now it's too early to make a projection in oregon, but remember, this is a state where all the ballots are mail-in ballots. so they will be releasing a lot of those ballots very, very soon. we should be getting big numbers very, very soon. we'll see what's happening in the state of oregon. bernie sanders clearly wants a win in oregon. he needs this win. especially since hillary clinton has won in kentucky. the secretary of state declared him the winner, she has accepted the win, bernie sanders for all practical purposes has conceded defeat in kentucky. anderson. >> wolf, it's the top of the hour, we're waiting to hear from bernie sanders, we're going to bring you those comments as soon as the senator comes out and
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starts to speak. we're also joined by here later in the night, what are your thoughts about tonight? >> this is not the may that hillary clinton wanted. she really wanted to be pivoting more to donald trump and taking advantage of this very divided kind of republican party right now. it's sort of find ways in, identify vulnerabilities and start hammering home this message. instead she's got to deal with bernie sanders going from state to state to state. it's not going to change where she ends up i think in mid-june, in terms of having the delegates that she needs. but the message, she knows this well. she would like six months of an unrelenting message against donald trump. this just takes time away and kind of complicates it in terms of her uniting her own party and getting sort of the younger voters, the liberals to start coming over to her. >> reporting from the times, do you feel that the clinton campaign, do they sense that they know how they want to run against donald trump? they know how to fight back
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against donald trump? >> what they haven't figured out is how to fight back against the character tax. right now she's taking this -- i'm going rise above it, i'm not going to talk about what donald trump's saying about me. i'm going to talk about the american people within her campaign, there is a debate going on about what point do they have to engage? how hard are they going to hit back? right now it sort of looks like it's fine to talk about the voters with, but at some point, she's got to show that he's not going to get in her head and she's going to be a fighter against donald trump. >> one of the things that i think trump did so well in the primaries was the entire game was played on his opponent's side of the field. he had everybody on defense, they were always responding to him. and it seems to me that one of the things that hillary clinton and her affiliated friends and supporters need to do is keep trump on the defensive because he's not particularly good on
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the defensive. and that's when he makes mistakes. and i think that you're going to see a very aggressive campaign. it is a challenge as to how much she personally engages with that and trump watches all his own grenades. >> and doesn't coordinate with hillary clinton's campaign directly, but you say she can leave it up to the soup pacs. >> that's her problem. i've only focussed on how to contrast with donald trump. and we moved up our bye, we weren't planning that. we put them on the defensive. he spent all day tweeting hate at me and my super pac which i love, that means a hit collar. >> we have a key race alert. >> here's the key race alert. we told you we'd be getting a lot of the votes counted in oregon very quickly. mail-in ballots for weeks. take a look at this, bernie sanders, early leader, 18% of the vote is now in only minutes after the polls have closed in
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oregon. he's got 53.8% hillary clinton 46.2%, you could see he's got an advantage revenue 8,818 votes right now. 61,700 for bernie sanders. 54,200 for hillary clinton. 54%, 46% at early lead. early lead for bernie sanders, in oregon a lot more of the votes very quickly. let's look at the republican side right now. we know who the presumptive nominee is, look at the 7% of the republican vote now in, donald trump, now he's the presumptive nominee. he has 61%. john kasich who dropped out is a 23%, ted cruz dropped out 15%. donald trump is the big winner in oregon. not a surprise since he really doesn't have any other republican opponents for now. >> wolf, thanks very much. again we're waiting to hear from senator sanders. i know you wanted to get in. >> i know that hillary clinton,
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you know, a win is a win. and she did lake the decision that he wanted to put a w in the column. and she showed up and she talked to people, she spent money, and people responded. and so i think you have people who think, well, hillary clinton, you know, she cannot break through with these type of voters because, you know, bernie's been doing better with the voters. i think when she shows um and does her stuff, it could work. and honestly if if you look at where the campaign is going, i think bernie's going to do well in california. you can see that right now. there's a tremendous enthusiasm for him in california, but does anybody think he's going to be able to get 75, 80% of the vote in california? that's not realistic. >> she wants to be in ohio, she wants to be in virginia, north carolina, she doesn't want to be going around kentucky day after day after day going down puerto rico spending time -- you know how much time is so precious in these campaigns. and how to spend them. and in fact you've got lots of time to get there.
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>> the truth is this is a grind, this is not a problem with running through this, in fact, van makes the point that this contested primary in kentucky, all of them have been good for hillary. its made her tougher and smarter. she's had to retool and find a way to appeal. it was a tight victory in kentucky. tighter than al speed doe on chris christie, it's still a win. >> wait, back to the bernie sanders for marco rubio. >> he'd come out tonight and declare a victory in kentucky. it's close. >> back to earlier conversation we were having about how hillary and trump, how hillary should deal with trump. i really just don't sympathy there's any benefit to her going after him on the women stuff. he doesn't know a lot about politics, world affairs, domestic policy, foreign policy,
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the constitution, the legislative pros -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> what presidents do. if i were hillary, one way to go after him without getting her hands dirty is to just constantly attack him on what he doesn't know. >> i want jeff to weigh in on that. >> very quickly, he's not a member of the political class. >> that's evident. >> right, but that's an asset. that's exactly what people do not want is somebody who is part -- >> who knows anything? >> no, no, who is so plugged in and can recite all of these things. they want something who is not part of that culturally and politically. that's -- >> ideally who knows about the constitution, a little bit about the legislative process. >> he does explain it in class language. how about that? >> let's look at the numbers in oregon, john king has the breakdown. >> anderson, just watching the votes coming quickly.
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29% of the votes already. you see as the ma goes in so far there's one county here in the middle. also the small county, jefferson county that jefferson county is ahead. the rest of the map filling in for sanders so far, winning up here, let's check up in in here. in the portland area up here, he's winning. healthy margin, the issue is, we're early. 34% in this county, senator sanders getting 97% of the vote. he likes up there, eugene down here, good lib rag area, 57% of the vote there. senator sanders again, early vote count suggests he's on his path to the a convincing in the state of oregon. the issue is to catch up in the map, believe it or not, that would billion a that lacking if those numbers hold up, it's not a big enough margin to actually keep alive his hope with passing hillary clinton in the pledged delegate count. we'll keep counting here. one quick footnote on the republican side. governor consist kasich, senator
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cruz suspended her campaigns. there are no active candidates other than donald trump. the only significance is by oregon republican party rules for every 4% of the vote, you get a delegate in gonl. that doesn't make much of a difference in the long run. what it will do is delay a little bit longer. donald trump getting to the official 1287 it takes to clench, 1287 for kasich and cruz are likely to pick up delegates in oregon tonight. delays probably until june 7th, donald trump officially getting over the top, wolf. >> john, as expected by the way, donald trump is the winner in oregon. he's the presumptive republican nominee. he is the winner in oregon, yes, other names were on the ballot over there, but trump wins fully expected. he's the only republican presidential candidate left standing right now. he's the winner in oregon, anderson. >> we're waiting for senator sanders vote. >> i just to want go back to the discussion we were having about how he had hillary clinton take on or doesn't take on donald trump. what her campaign is doing is studying the failures of the
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other republicans who all tried in various ways to take on donald trump. and it didn't work. a lot of them did it by trying to outtrump trump. and you can't do that. he is who he is, and that is not who hillary is. and so, i think that there obviously no decisions are made and this is an e vovling kind of decision, but she plays her game. and plays their game and her surrogates may play another game. the question is, as we were talking about earlier tonight, when she gets on this debate stage, she is going to have to have ants because he will attack her directly and personally and will attack her husband. >> that's right. >> he'll have to have answers too. you can see her in the campaign appearance.
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what would his plan for creating jobs actually be? >> i've said this before -- >> one at a time. >> it's kind of part her argument she made against sanders he had a good diagnosis, but he didn't know how to fix the problems. i think you'll see that talk to donald trump a couple days ago for the story about how he plans to go after her character. and he was sort of rehearsing these lines during the interview, said mrs. clinton, what about when you call the monica lewinsky a narcissistic loony tune or george stephanopoulos said we have to destroy the story of conna during the first bill clinton race. what are you going to say to that? you stand up and you're going to fight for women and you're sincere in that when you have this history and the reality is, is that they don't have an answer to that, first they think that will be so offensive to voters. if he goes after her on national
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television and he'll be a huge reaction, but i'm not sure about that with, if he really nails there. >> i think having been involved in a lot of debate preparation, this is the most complicated debate prep maybe ever back in 2008, you know, we brought in governor grant oklahoma to play sarah palin in the debate prep with joe biden, and she will inhabited the character. and it was really important because biden got a sense what have he was going to be facing on that stage. and how he was going to deal with it. they need to find somebody who plays donald trump in that debate prep so that she can fully understand what it's going to be like on that stage. >> she does not face somebody like donald trump on that stage? >> someone like hillary clinton, there's this myth at that the press has. that somehow trump is kyrptonite, somehow is superman. everything bounces off of him when you have republican primaries filled with angry old
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white men. when you run in america, hay he ain't kyrptonite. >> we're seeing jane sanders and senator sanders taking the stage. let's listen in. >> thank you! thank you!
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let me, let me begin by thanking all of you, what a fantastic turnout, thank you so much. [ cheering and applause ] and let me thank jim sobel and nick and francis fisher and gill, kendrick sampson and let me give a special thanks to a very good friend of mine and one of the great actors in our country, danny glover. [ cheering and applause ] danny is not only an extraordinary actor, but as many of you know, he has spent his entire adult life fighting for economic, social justice, danny, thank you for all that you've
8:15 pm
done. [ cheering cand applause ] let me also take this opportunity to say a word of thanks to the people of kentucky. [ applause ] in a closed primary, something i am not all that enthusiastic about where in independents are not allowed to vote. [ crowd booing ] where secretary clinton defeated barack obama by 250,000 votes in 2008, it appears tonight that we're going to end up with about half of the delegates from kentucky. [ applause ] [ chanting "bernie" ]
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i want to thank you all for coming out because this is in a sense is the beginning of the final push to win california -- [ applause ] when we -- and by the way, i should tell you, that there are a lot of people throughout, many of the pundits and politicians, they say, bernie sanders should drop out -- [ booing ] the people of california should not have the right to determine who the next president will be. [ applause ]
8:17 pm
well, let me be as clear as i can be, i agree with you, we are in until the last ballot is cast. [ applause ] you know when we began this campaign a little over a year ago, we were 60 points behind secretary clinton in the polls, we had no political organization, no money, very little name recognition. the media and the bpundits determined that we were a fringe candidacy. [ booing ] and nobody, nobody thought that this campaign was going anywhere, and on top of all of that, we were taking on the most
8:18 pm
powerful political organization in the country an organization that elected bill clinton twice and ran a strong campaign for hillary clinton in 2008. well, a lot has changed in the last year. [ applause ] as of today, we have won 19 state primaries and caucuses. and over 9 million votes. no one can predict the future, but i think we have a real shot too win primaries in a number of the states that will be coming up. [ applause ]
8:19 pm
and don't tell secretary clinton she might get nervous. i think we're going to win here in california. [ applause ] and all of you know -- [ "bernie" ] and as all of you know, california has 475 pledged delegated. [ applause ] and let me mention something else, i am especially proud that in, i believe, every primary and kau us is, those we won and those we lost, we have received a significant majority of the votes of young people. [ applause ]
8:20 pm
and by the way, and by the way, you know, one of the things about getting older, the older you get, you know -- well, yeah. people who are older appear to be younger, that's what it is. so we are winning people 45 years of age or younger, and what that tells me is that our vision, a vision of social justice, economic justice, racial justice and environmental justice, that is the future of this country. [ applause ]
8:21 pm
as of today i am proud to tell you that taking on virtually the entire democratic establishment almost all of the senators, the members of the house, mayors, governors, we have won over 45% of the pledged delegates. [ applause ] and in a couple of weeks, if we can win big in new jersey, new mexico, north and south dakota, montana, california, we have the possibility -- [ applause ] it will be a steep climb, i recognize that, but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia with a majority of the pledged delegates.
8:22 pm
now some people say that we've got a steep hill to climb to do that. and that is absolutely true. but you know what, together, we have been climbing that steep hill from day one in this campaign. [ applause ] and we are going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14th, and then weir going to take our fight into the convention. [ applause ] you know, there is, there is a lot of discussion about the role of super pacs. [ booing ] and i am very proud to tell you that i am the only candidate running for president who does not have a super pac. [ applause ]
8:23 pm
we made a decision when we began this campaign that we were not going to beg wall street or corporate america or billionaires a campaign contributions. [ applause ] and as of today, without a super pac, we have received almost eight million individual campaign contributions. [ applause ] anybody know what that average contribution is? that's right.
8:24 pm
$27. and what that shows the world at a time when big money su dominating our political process that you can run a strong winning national campaign without begging billionaires for campaign contributions. [ applause ] let me -- let me also mention something that a lot of people may not be aware of. and that is that virtually every national and state poll taken in the last six weeks in all of those polls, we are defeating donald trump. [ applause ]
8:25 pm
and not only are we defeating trump in most cases by double digits in almost every case. in almost every case whether it is a national poll or a state poll, we do much better against trump than does secretary clinton. [ applause ] a poll just came out, i think it was yesterday, the state of georgia, not a very good state for us, trump was beating secretary clinton by four points, we were beating him by five points. [ applause ]
8:26 pm
[ "bernie" ] if if the democratic, if the democratic party wants to be certain that donald trump is defeated, and that we must do -- [ applause ] -- we, together are the campaign to do that. plrz [ applause ] and it is not just, it is not just the polls. polls go up, polls go down, what it is is that our campaign has the campaign and the enthusiasm and the grass roots capability. [ applause ] the grass roots capability to
8:27 pm
make certain that in november, in the general election, we have a huge voter turnout. [ booing ] here is a political truism, when the voter turnout is low and people are demoralized and don't come out to vote reason republicans win. when there is excitement and energy and people are prepared to stand up and fight back progressives and democrats, that is our vision. [ applause ] i don't have to explain to anybody here that the american people will not elect a candidate like donald trump who insults mexicans and latinos.
8:28 pm
[ book ] who insults muslims. who insults women and veterans [ booing ] and who is a leader of the so-called birther movement, trying to delegitimize the presidency of our first african american president. [ booing ] we will not accept as president a man who wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to billionaire families like his. [ booing ] but who has told us that we don't have to worry about raising the starvation minimum wage of.
8:29 pm
$7.25 an hour. we will not accept a president who recklessly talks about using nuclear weapons and who changes his mind every day on every issue. let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic party. [ booing ] and that is, that is that the democratic party is going to have to make a very, very profound and important decision. it can do the right thing and open its doors and welcome into the party. people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change. [ applause ]
8:30 pm
that is the democratic party i want to see. bringing in people who are willing to take on wall street. [ applause ] to take on corporate greed. and to take on a fossil fuel industry which is destroying this planet. [ applause ] so i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the doors, let the people in. [ applause ] [ "bernie ] or the other option, the other option for the democratic party
8:31 pm
which i see as a very sad and tragic option is to, is to choose to maintain its status quo structure, remain dependent on big money, campaign contributions. [ booing ] and be a party with limited participation and limited energy. and a party which incredibly is allowing a right wing extremist republican party to capture the votes of a majority of working people in this country. [ booing ] now i come from the working class of this country, and i will be damned -- [ applause ] -- i will be damned if we will allow the republican party, whose job is to represent the
8:32 pm
rich and the powerful to win the votes of working class americans. [ applause ] let me, let me say a word about why i think this campaign is doing so well. you know why? because we are doing something very unusual, we are telling the american people the truth. [ applause ]
8:33 pm
and here is, here is a very important truth. if we as a nation do not get our act together, this great nation is going to slip into an form of society where a handful of billion narms control our political and economic life. [ booing ] let me tell you how absurd it is, just announced the other day, the koch brothers, second wealthiest family in america. a family worth tens of billions of dollars, extremely right wing are contributing over $40 million to try to make the united states senate stay republican. $40 million. [ booing ]
8:34 pm
and here is what is even crazier. a guy named sheldon aldson. [ booing ] also one of the wealthiest people in america. this is a billionaire who is prepared to contribute huge sums of money to another billionaire named donald trump. the american people are sick and tired of billionaires running our economy and our political life. [ applause ] together we are going to overturn this disastrous citizens united supreme court decision and we're going to move toward public funding of elections. [ applause ]
8:35 pm
i want this country to be be a vibrant democracy. and that means whether you're progressive, conservative, moderate, if you want to run for office, you should not have to beg millionaires for campaign contributions. [ applause ] i want this country to have one of the highest voting turnout rates in the world, not one of the lowest. but before, before we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. [ applause ] a campaign, a campaign is about
8:36 pm
issues and ideas and let me very braefly and straightforwardly tell you some of the differences between secretary clinton and myself. number one, i am proud to tell you i don't have a super pac, and i don't get money from wall street and others. [ applause ] secretary clinton has a number of super pacs and in the last filing period, reported receiving a $15 million from wall street. [ booing ] our job is to take on wall street, not to take their money. [ applause ]
8:37 pm
federal minimum wage of $7.25 is a starvation wage. secretary clinton wants to raise that to $12 an hour, that is okay, but that is not good enough. hold that sign up. let everybody see it. we're talking about a fight for $15 an hour. [ applause ] and i'm proud to tell you, i am proud to tell you i have been on the picket line with those worke workers, they are standing up and fighting for a living wage and all of us will stand with them.
8:38 pm
>>. bernie sanders is the winner of the oregon democratic primary. oregon has called bernie sanders. [ applause ] we won. you know, we won a great victory in the state of washington a few
8:39 pm
months ago. we just want oregon -- [ applause ] and we're going to win california. i am beginning to like the west coast. this campaign, when we talk about equitable wages, it is not just as you know raising the minimum wage to a living wage, it is also ending the disgrace of women making 79 cents on the dollar.
8:40 pm
and together i know that every man here will stand with the women in the fight for pay equity. [ applause ] i am a member of the u.s. senate committee on the environment. and i will tell you what all of our know and that is that climate change is real. it is caused by human activity, and as everybody in california knows it is already causing devastating problems. >> listening to senator sanders speaking in california this evening. let's get some quick takes from the panel. david axelrod. >> well, i wouldn't say the planes coming in for a landing
8:41 pm
here. >> right. >> if anything, i think he intensified his rhetoric and he said flat out to beat donald trump, we first have to beat secretary clinton, but there's nothing that happened tonight that would suggest he's going to be in that position. so the question becomes if his goal is to defeat donald trump, how does he land that plane in such a way that he isn't giving a sense of ill legitimacy to his supporters about the whole process. >> be afraid, be very afraid. if i was debbie wasserman schulz, if i were the clinton folks, i'd be concerned. >>. >> he kind of put the democratic party on notice. open your doors. you have to start telling the american people the truth. and you know, he went on and on about that, and i think that in
8:42 pm
talking about his strategies, new jersey, montana, whatever to getting getting to california, but didn't mention he'd have to win 70% plus -- >> yeah. >> in some ways i think he's misreading the democratic party that elected in obama in 2008 and 2012. and welcomed in millions of new voters, the surge voters which obama helped bring into the party. and in this idea that somehow the democratic party is standing in bernie sanders way, it's not a real argument. he is down 3 million voters to hillary clinton. and they have been bamboozled for voting for hillary clinton. >> back to fighting with, the last few weeks there's been a
8:43 pm
lot of back and forth about whether he's going to start being nicer to hillary, if his tone was going to change. at this point, he wants to go to california and have big rallies after big rallies and he's going to take it to her. he seems determined. he is determined to keep going. >> i think they want to go to california, certainly, and pull in the sort of big crowds which he's giving them, you know, pretty much going liberal red meat to run up the delegate numbers. >> definitely double down on the party rhetoric. he really made the party an enemy in this speech. coming out of in incident with debbie wasserman schulz just an hour ago saying some heated things, what was he going to do in the rally? clearly he doesn't plan to
8:44 pm
change that. >> another from jprojection to . >> he can now officially that hillary clinton is the winner in kentucky based on the latest information. we just got a call from the secretary of state's office in kentucky. all the precincts have now reported by their count, hillary clinton is the winner by 1,923 votes. we heard from the secretary the unofficial winner, but now apparently according to to the secretary of state's office in kentucky, it's official, hillary clinton is the winner in kentucky. you just heard that bernie sanders is projected to win in oregon. big win in oregon tonight. important win for hillary clinton in kentucky tonight. let's take a quick break. a whole lot more right after this. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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all right. let's recap bernie sanders, we have projected he is the winner in oregon. take a look at the 66% of the vote is now in. he's got 53%, hillary clinton's 47%, more than 400,000 people voted in the democratic presidential primary in oregon. bernie sanders right now is the
8:50 pm
25,000 cnn projection. he is the winner in oregon, a very important impressive win for bernie sanders in oregon. in kentucky, a different story, take a look at this. cnn projects hillary clinton is the winner, but look at how close it is, 99% of the vote has been counted. 46.8% for hillary clinton, 46.3% for bernie sanders once again more than 420,000 people voted in kentucky, she wins so far by 1,923 votes, hillary clinton is the winner in kentucky. she needed this win to show that she could at least derail that. bernie sanders was on, important win for hillary clinton in kentucky. splail split the delegates relatively in both states because that's the the way the democrats divide the proportion. >> paul, were you surprised by the tone? >> i was, i was surprised first that he went after hillary clinton the way he did. i understand he's mad at theic
8:51 pm
party. boy, did he take after hillary. turn requester guns on trump. he had great stuff. going after trump. but i don't think anybody's going to cover that, or should they? >> the fight within the family. the thing that bothered me the most is this, he is telling his voters he can win. when he loses, and they will, he's feeding the narrative that they were rigged. she could win in that. he's running a great campaign, but he needs to not mislead his voters. he takes this seriously. they think they're going to win. >> i was he was doing more to prepare his movement to make this go. and i think that it is wrong for him not to do a better job preparing. i also think that i don't think
8:52 pm
people understand the movement. but you have a bunch of people out there. you say well three million more, but he does have 45% of all the earned delegates. that is a big, big number. and also the passions of the people that he is trying to speak for, if he weren't speaking for them, we would be worse off. those voices would be out there with no focal point. that does not want to hear that the math is the wrong. and tonight, i think the establishment democrats give us an opportunity too. there is no signal from the establishment that anything that happened in nevada was wrong, except for bernie's people. and that i think was a huge missed opportunity because there were things that were wrong. >> i think you're right about the math. this is the kind of speech that you could have given on the
8:53 pm
night he won the new hampshire primary. this is the kind of speech where you're trying to rally the troops for the next primary, the next week, the next month, the next debate, get excited, goose the fundraising and look forward to what kind of a message you can build on. he's making a decision to fight as hard as he can to win california, i think he wants a big symbolic wind to take it at the convention and end this race with. but it's going to leave the party it seems just so daeply divided and like paul said, all of these supporters who are going to go into that convention. i also want the establishment democrats to do more. i get beat up from both sides, i believe that whether they follow him or not, prepare him for the turn. the reality is there will be in a situation where they have to make the turn to -- >> you're right. he is saying, you know, you need
8:54 pm
to be heard. the problem is i'm the only one that can do that. when he's not the last guy standing and hillary clinton is, where's the love? where's the movement? what does the passion go? >> both hillary clinton and her campaign manager put out a statement saying hillary did not give a speech, missed opportunity, she could have. she didn't. she did put out a statement calling for unity. he put out a very different statement. robby said in the hillary campaign matchers, hillary clinton and sanders deserve respect for work they've put in the campaign. ultimately we're confident that the will be united in a common purpose to move forward the ideals of the party and keep the white house out of donald trump's hands. it did come from her. >> she said much of the same thing in her own. >> we have to take a quick break. we have more ahead, we'll be right back.
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bernie sanders has an impressive win.
9:00 pm
>> support rz cheering their man on tonight. >> we are in to the last ballot is passed. >> as the bruising battle for the democratic nomination rages on, edging closer to that magic number. bernie sanders, speaking to supporters. >> making sure that california can control the outrageously high cost of prescription drugs. i congratulate those who put the item on the


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