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tv   New Day  CNN  May 18, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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vowing to stay in the race, saying he thinks he can win california. the results, however, overshadowed by this fight heating up between sanders supporters and the party establishment. some democrats now worried about violence at their convention in july. >> on the republican side, presumptive gob nominee trump picking up one more win saying he would speak with north korean leader kim jong-un and accept donations. a panel is joining us to talk all about this. >> smile! there you go. >> we will be with them shortly. we have this race covered the way only cnn can. we begin with christine romans with a look at the primary result and the delegate race. >> good morning. hillary clinton got the win needed but barely. the margin razor thin, narrowly winning in kentucky. fewer than 2,000 votes. ? oregon, bernie sanders a more
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decisive win. his 20th state victory. clinton is 89 delegates shy of clinching the nomination including super delegates. remains mathematically impossible for sanders to win with pledged delegates. republicans. donald trump last man standing, just 67% of the vote in oregon awarding trump 18 dell guilt. 62 delegates shy of making it official. that margin, however is greater than the number of delegates at stake in the next republican contest, meaning it will take until june 7th to reach the magic number, chris. >> wow. it just keeps going. very interesting. thank you, christine. >> you're welcome. with clinton, as you just saw, squeaking by in kentucky, and sanders winning oregon and in strong fashion, the focus shifts now to california's delegate-rich primary early next month. sanders says he's not going anywhere until then, because he thinks he can win. cnn senior washington
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correspondent joe johns is live in washington with more. joe what a race. >> that's for sure. good morning, chris. a narrow victory for hillary clinton in kentucky, but all she needed to be ale ble to claim ss broken the string of victories by bernie sanders in malt moll primaries and caucuses, the clinton campaign in the blue grass states, she's now within 100 dell guilt or so of what she needs to clinch the democratic nomination. bernie sanders for his part picking up a win and progressive-leaning oregon, making it clear he has no intention of dropping out of the race, even though there be increasing concerns in the party that his staying the course all the way through june 7th and the california primary creates chaos and anger in the run-up to the democratic convention. listen to sanders last night. >> many of the pundits and politicians, they say, bernie sanders should drop out. the people of california should
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not have the right to determine who the next president will be. >> we are in until the last ballot is cast. >> also, breaking overnight, hillary clinton releasing her personal financial disclosures statement, which shows she made about $5 million in royalties for a book and about $1.5 million in speeches in 2015. the release appeared time to ping donald trump also releasing his disclosure. the clinton campaign once again trying to draw attention to the fact trump refused to release his income tax returns, because he says he's undergoing a routine audit. back to you. >> joe, thanks so much for all of that. questions of party unity plaguing democrats, too. bernie sanders and his supporters growing increasingly frustrated with the primary process they consider unfair, and that is prompting fears of revolt at their philadelphia convention. cnn's senior political reporter
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manu is with us. >> reporter: that raucous crowd in california, bernie sanders stayed away from the rather aggressive tactics saying, of course, he's in the race until the last votes are counted, but this much is clear. the longer he stays in the race, the more nervous the party establishment grows. >> the senator's response was anything but acceptable. >> reporter: overnight, bernie sanders getting slammed by democratic leaders. calling for sanders to rein in his supporters after this week's chaotic convention in nevada. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the doors. let the people in! >> reporter: but sanders is claiming democratic leaders used their power during the convention to "prevent a fair and transparent process from taking operation." >> the leadership there that was running it was not following the rules. they were overruling voice votes
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on the floor to get the result they wanted. >> reporter: sna minority leader harry reid who spoke to sanders yesterday is angrily disagreeing saying it's a sillial statement. >> go ahead. >> reporter: and senator barbara boxer, a clinton supporters seen here trying to calm the convention's raging crowd, tells cnn sanders has to "get things under control." >> we do not condone any kind of violence or threats. that's unacceptable. bad language. that's unacceptable. >> reporter: the anger didn't stop saturday. the chairwoman of the nevada democratic party receiving over 1,000 angry calls. even death threats. >> people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption. >> reporter: now, most of bernie sanders colleagues on capitol hill have not called on him to
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quit giving him the time and space to make that decision. in light of this, pressure is intensifying. dianne feinstein, a democrat of california who backs hillary clinton told me yesterday bernie sanders should drop out in june, after voting concludes to avoid a messy convention in july. and jeff merkley, bernie's lone senate supporter, has told me that as well. chris, expect to hear a lot more of that in the coming weeks. >> manu, appreciate the reporting. flip to the other side for a second. donald trump, pressure to stop talking about other people and start talking about what you're going to do. he started doing that and says he's willing to do what no president has ever done. the presumptive gop says he would be willing to pleat with north korean leader kim jong-un to hold nuclear talks. this as the billionaire developer long boasted about self-funding his campaign no longer is technically. cnn's phil mattingly joins us now with more. >> reporter: good morning,
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chris. donald trump is scheduled to meet with former secretary of state henry kissing j inger tod. ed elder statesman, they have something new to talk about. north korea. trump telling reuters in an interview tuesday he would be willing to speak directly to the north korean leader kim jong-un. a significant policy shift for the u.s. towards the country. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a lot of chesher on china, because economically we have tremendous power over china. china can solve that problem with one meeting or one phone call. >> reporter: as it currently stands, senior officials do engage with north korean counterparts but direct talks between the country's two leaders, they are not on the table. trump also yesterday took a key step forward in unifying his own party. reaching a joint fund-raising agreement. a crucial deal. that aids gop candidates up and down the ballot as well as the party on the whole. now, this gee, guys, allows top
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gop donors to write checks up tore $449,000. a pot of money split between trump's campaign, the party and 11 state parties. now, this is something trump and his advisers have been working with with top rnc officials over the last couple of weeks. really since trump game the presumptive nominee and another example of trump's shift away from the funding stance, and one that makes clear he is willing to make deals with a party for all intents and purposes he has trashed much of the last year. >> phil, stay with us. we want to talk about all this. bring in cnn political commentator and political anchor for time warner news erroll louis and jackie kucinich. start with democrats what happened last night. sanders won oregon and razor thin in kentucky. errol, sanders makes the case he might be able to deprive hillary clinton were to win california,
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say, and for the number to truly be the nominee, is has possible? >> in theory, possible, but the sanders scenario you just laid out doesn't really take into account the super delegates. right? you put the super delegates in and hillary clinton is almost there right there, and it's almost impossible for her to not hit that number. back out a few hundred super delegates, yes. in fact, bernie sanders d.c. pending how the rules are actually sort of stamped out at the convention, could force a vote by those super dell guilt. the party establishment, the super delegates themselves, they don't really want to have to do that. they don't want to be the margin of victory for hillary clinton. rather something closer to unanimity and the scene on the stage, clasp hands and come together. the point of the convention, bring everybody together. bernie sanders signaling at least they're not nearly ready to do that. >> we have heard from the dnc directly. they say a couple of things. one -- super delegates, to pledged,
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85-15. don't make much of the super delegates. only 15% and have never decide and outcome. however, as errol just laid out, this race is looking like something different. so the question to you, jackie kucinich is, at this point you cannot deny they have problems in-house, because perception is reality in politics. so math aside, bernie sanders seems to have the momentum, and more importantly, is winning the kinds of people that will matter most in the election, in the general election. so what is the party to do? >> you know, it was very striking last night when debbie wasserman schultz was on cnn talking about, she looked angry what happened in nevada, and what's happening on the ground with sanders' supporters. so there's always been bad blood throughout this whole process between sanders and the dnc, but let's be honest. it shouldn't really be that surprising that sanders doesn't really have an affinity for the democratic appears, because for a long time he wasn't in it. the fact his supporters and he
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aren't necessarily at the party line shouldn't be a surprise for anyone in the establishment. >> what happened in nevada? >> they are frustrated. >> to be fair. >> quite frustrated but violence. >> and's they expected a little more of a stronger statement from bernie sanders, the candidate himself, rather than, you know, what you saw. >> debbie wasserman schultz as you say did talk about this. let's play that moment. >> well, after i heard that senator reid, that leader reid had had a conversation with senator sanders and he publicly announced that he felt that senator sanders was going to respond appropriately and issue a statement, i was comfortable that, you know, one conversation was enough. unfortunately the senator's response was anything but acceptable. it certainly did not condemn his supporters for acting violently or engaging in intimidation
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tactics and instead added more fuel to the fire. >> and, phil, we do have sanders' response here. he does say that he condemns violence, but he also went on to talk about how the system is just completely broken, he thinks, and he understands their frustration. not the full-throated condemnation of violence they were hoping for. >> right. and they feel he hedged a little, and parsing words, looking at paragraph three of a lengthy statement, all that stuff, but still are digging in saying it should have been one line, two sentences condemning the entire thing and moving forward. that's the issue right now. bernie sanders isn't willing to do what they want him to do yet. what in large part the last 10 months have been about. manu reported, watching the senators. they have given bernie sanders his space. respect him as colleague. respect him for what he's doing. slightly concerned what his supporters would do. that starting to shift now.
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the party is getting frustrated. senate leaders are getting frustrated and senator reid, never one to hold his tongue is coming out and others as well. how do they balance the fear they push bernie and his supporters too far in the opposite direction, versus the fact they need to unify right now. their willingness to speak out now is an important moment for the party and how bernie sanders and his supporters respond is equally important. >> what will they say? if you're the senator and you know from the reporting, we're all hearing from these people what do you say to bernie sanders about why to unify? we're not going to include what i want in the platform? no. not getting free college, not single payer health care. not going to get it. what do they say to him when he's got momentum, masses coming out and what happened in nevada, we all know, something worthy of condemnation. >> a lot of conversations going, i know there are, behind the scenes trying to answer just that question. can we give him something on the
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platform? shift things away from super delegation? maybe that's bernie sanders's legacy in 2016. the issue, he's a colleague. they feel there's mutual respect among the two camps if you will and this is a conversation that should happen behind closed doors and end up with people raising ease other's arms and unifying the party. when you top to top-line democrats at some point bernie sanders and his supporters will recognize this sull a about beating donald trump. hillary clinton is the one to do it and it's time to unify. no doubt, concern it hasn't happened yet and they don't see a pathway for it to happen. his statement on nevada making that more clear. >> errol, quickly? >> one thing that might be discussed swomewhere along the line, it's fine to make 1,000 intimidating phone calls to the chair of the party. maybe made those calls to voters in nevada and wouldn't have been blown out. so much of this condemnation of
3:15 am
the establishment, and all of that political energy, if it were put into actually, you know, sort of turning out the vote for bernie sanders, he'd be doing better in many different states. >> so you don't buy what happened on the floor there? >> no. the big fight was for two delegates. that's all they would have gotten, even if they succeeded. seemed sort of pointless. >> panel, stick around. a lot more to talk about. talking at the democrats, a news story line what's happening within the party. who better to talk than dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz will be here, tell you about what's going on in her party for herself. picture this -- donald trump and kim jong-un sitting down face-to-face. trump says he would welcome the opportunity to sit down with the leader. what do foreign policy experts think about that?
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i would -- i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a lot of pressure on china, because economically we have tremendous power over china.
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people don't realize that. >> you say you'd talk to kim? >> i would speak to him. i have no problem with speaking to him. >> easy enough for donald trump to say. well, why is it getting such eyebrows raised? because we're talking about politics. we're talking about the republican party and we're talking about, you know, sitting down with a man that the administration won't right now. so donald trump making headlines by saying he's willing to sit down with north korea's leader. who is known as a dictator. right? we calm him kim jong-un. the son and seen as a holy figure there. so he believes he's the man that curbed nuclear's testing there. why is this? 2008, barack obama, then senator, says, look, you know, i'd have to sit down with some of these bad guys. sit down with athem and now
3:21 am
donald trump is saying the same thing n. ta cnn debate when barack obama said that and hammered by john mccain at the time. he was naive, didn't understand how foreign policy worked. interestingly enough, the obama administration worked it out with iran, with cuba, but not north korea. this is something donald trump will be attacked on. already attacked by hillary clinton. they say this to attack him on naivete. we've seen concerned the comments, positive comments made about vladimir putin going forward, but sitting down with a dictator is essentially giving credence to the fact that that dick tait hear a right to exist or his country as its currently set up, the u.s. is willing to recognize that. that is not the structure of foreign policy we usually see from the gop. >> right. errol, one of the things this
3:22 am
donald trump campaign has raised, all sorts of new things we don't normally see from the gop candidate. at the time, 2007, then senator barack obama said it, his foreign policy supporters tony lake and others said, bold, new way of doing business. and so now that donald trump is in that same category, how does everybody thread that needle? >> pretty much doing the same thing. both obama then and trump now, they want to position themselves in certain ways and orch certain issues at not reckless. this is the shadow of the iraq war. right? that's the main campaign issue that obama ran on in 2007. tlaump be trump has been saying he predicted it would be a disaster. he's not going to be reckless and rush into situation where we tie down a lot of troops and resources add threatens united states. they both are saying the same thing. the minute you get sworn in, president trump gets his first briefing it will be pretty clear you do not take the prestige of the presidency and squander it
3:23 am
on an isolated little dictator. this isn't like iran, which is a major player in its region. this isn't like cuba a symbolic and regional player for decades. this is a completely isolated, tiny little weak dictatorship that is severed from the rest of the world economy in many respects. you don't go in and talk with them one on one. it starts to lift this strange little murderer up to the same level as the president of the united states. it can't happen. there's no reason to. >> so what we see here is that last night trump sits down with megyn kelly. republicans like, whew. he got a pass. we're having a good night. this is good. then the kim jong-un statement comes out. then, dodd-frank, i'd get rid of it. two things that republicans don't want to hear. so how do they respond? what i got the phone calls were, get back to clinton. get back to clinton and her husband and the enabling. stop talking about this stuff. is that going to be the which eck mark. all of a sudden fighting in the "new york times" over a
3:24 am
story looks not that bad, after all. >> looks pretty good. >> the issue here, to your point, chris, talking to republicans, their heads spin over the course of a 24-hour period with donald trump. they think he's in a good groove, these attacks, maybe not totally sure how they'll come across at least he's focused sticking to one line and does another interview and goes in a completely different direction. i think the concern here is kind of the uniformity of message. his ability to stay on track to attack relentlessly the person that they're trying to take down here. i think that's what they want to see going forward. they feel like he's capable of doing it, if only he's not distracted by shiny objects. i think the issue with donald trump and the issue throughout the primary is, he talks to the media, very regularly. and the media will ask questions and he's going give you his unvarnished opinion. in a political sense, lack of discipline making traditional republican lawmakers nervous. >> and errol, donald trump says
3:25 am
he worked out a deal and will accept campaign donations. very different he's said up until this point about self-funding his campaign, a real point of pride for him, up until this point. let's remind people what he had said before now. >> i'm turning down millions. i don't want your money. i don't want your money. >> if you think those people are giving without favors -- now, hillary raised $46 million. it's a lot of money. the good news is, i've got -- well -- the good news, how much do i have $10 billion. >> so what's changed? >> well, first of all to actually mount the kind of campaign to make a national campaign work you've got to raise a lot more money than they has, frankly, available to commit in liquid funds in the way it has to be spent. it's got to be spent quickly, across the country, and got to be liquid. he'd have to sell properties or do other kind of things to make
3:26 am
that possible. he's never expressed anything remotely like an interest in doing that. note in passing that, when he says he's self-funding a lot is loans from donald trump repaid whip some of this new campaign money. >> not doing a bloomberg here? >> no. this is not self-charity. this sort of a loan to the campaign that will be repaid. donald trump will come out of this financially somewhat whole. you know? a lot more than any of us would ever want to spend but in the end not spending all that much of his own money. more importantly, this starts to create the basis for a national campaign. the coordination in ways is almost more important than the man, that you get the state and the national parties, the money, different candidates at different levels pushing in the same direction, talking together, making sure they're 23409 sort of duplicating efforts and making sure that you sort of get a good turnout in november. >> errol, phil, thank you. great to talk to you guys. >> thank you. democrats taking a page from the republican playbook. the party fractured by
3:27 am
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the white house threatening to veto a bipartisan bill just passed in the senate letting families of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia's government. the bill would keep the saudis from claiming immunity any american courts, but the obama administration has concerns it would also expose the u.s. to lawsuits from abroad. saudi arabia has long claimed it played no role in the attacks. for the first time ever an openly gay chief of a u.s. military branch, eric fanning, man nously confirmed by the senate as secretary of the army, man hag been chief of staff to defense secretary ash carter. also held top posts in the air force and the navy. alleged state sponsored doping by dozens of top russian athletes. now a federal criminal case here in the u.s.'sthe justice department investigating russian officials, athletes and coaches who may have benefited from the doping scam. now considering conspiracy and
3:32 am
fraud charges. deep divisions in the democratic party. bernie sanders and his supporters triggering fears of a convention revolt. how does the party come together? dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz, live, next on "new day." my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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we have a narrative switch alert for you. for months what have we been talking about? in-fighting within the republican party. big field, different camps. now that's starting to wane, well, kind of. certainly getting more information, what's happening with democrats. you are looking at democrats in nevada. what happened during theirs state convention this weekend. now the feud between the sanders campaign and party officials is heating up. with dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz saying sanders is adding fuel to the fire. joining us nous, congresswoman debbie wasser m eerman schultz. always good to have you on "new
3:37 am
day." what is the state of play within your party? >> the state of the play within the party is really the same as it has been. we are at the narrow end of the funnel of our democratic primary, and we have a number of primaries to go, and that primary will continue to play out. we are preparing for the general election, and at the end, when we have one candidate and a presumptive nominee i'm confident we'll be able to unify, because there is a dramatically stark contrast between either one of our candidates, both of whom have focused on how to help people build on the success we've had under president obama and reach the middle class, and donald trump who is saying he's drag us backwards, back to the same policies that crashed the economy, has no foreign policy experience, and is the most misogynistic and bigoted candidate that is also the most unpopular presidential candidate in history. a pretty stark contrast. >> true, but you have some stark contrast growing within your own party as well. let me ask you, after what happened in nevada and sanders' response to it about what's
3:38 am
going on that's wrong with the system in his opinion, have you folken to him? >> senator reid has spoken to him. i have not spoken to him, because i think -- s. that a mistake? >> it's not a mistake, because we don't need to pile on. a conversation was had. and that would, i thought, was appropriate. what we need to make sure that happens going forward, everyone involved. you know, democratic leaders are working hard to make sure that we can prepare for the general election, that we can get through our primary nominating contests and it's incumbent upon everyone involved in that process to make sure that when there is a concern over the process that however legitimate you think your concern is, that you respond to that concern with savilcivility and in an orderly wanchts and -- >> excuse me. and in no way is it ever acceptable to condone or even to ignore violence and intimidation against officials with whom you're frustrated. >> the sanders campaign says,
3:39 am
and also said here on "new day" they don't obviously condone any type of violence or threatening behavior that that was wrong. they say the senator himself said the same thing. and that they don't understand why you said that his response was unacceptable. they say what's unacceptable is having harry reid call them and they say basically tell them to settle down, it was an intimidating tactic. >> well, when -- with all due respect, when there is a "but" in between condemnation of violence generally, and after the word "but" you go on to seemingly justify the reason that the violence and intimidation has occurred, then that falls short of making sure that going forward this kind of conduct doesn't occur in the future. >> how they responded to the problem is condemned. that's there was a problem is not condemned. that's the sanders' point. saying there was a problem in nevada. that that wasn't run the right way.
3:40 am
yes, it was only about two delegates, but that the system wasn't at open as it should have been. seemed xa ee eed exacting again sanders people but also a problem to begin with? >> no. chris, i was not on the ground. so i am speaking from having spoke ton our democratic party officials. we have a process set up that is eminently fair and it is not responsible every time a fair process that follows rules we've had in place for many years, the same rules that resulted in barack obama's nomination and frankly we had a credentials committee that establishes those rooms at the nevada democratic party that was evenly split between sanders supporters and clinton supporters. but regardless, chris, it is critical that we as candidates, we as democratic party leaders, everyone involved, needs to make sure that we can take all of the steps that we need to do ensure
3:41 am
that the process is not only run smoothly, but that the prespons from both candidates is appropriate and civil. no one should be subjected to death threats. roberta lange, chair of the nevada democratic party has been essentially stalked by phone, la has had to endure unacceptable feedback through violence and intimidation, and as the leader of the national party, as the chair of the democratic national committee it's my responsibility to make sure that candidates and's everyone involved understands that the appropriate way to respond to frustration over process is to do so civilly. >> nobody's going to argue with that. got to be kept to the arguments and not actions. >> and prevent it happening again in the future. we can get through this primary we're going to get through this primary and i'm still confident, 100% confident that at the end of it senator sanders and secretary clinton, whichever is our presumptive nominee will
3:42 am
have a conversation, sit down, work things through. we're in the process of moving towards developing our platform process, and we have two candidates that essentially agree on the goals that they have slightly different approaches how to achieve those goals, and they are dramatically in contrast with the republicans who under donald trump would turn this country upside-down. >> well, judging by last night, you still got a ways to go. so good luck getting there. >> that's okay. we'll get there. thank you. >> always appreciate having you on "new day." thanks for being here to make the case. >> sure. >> alisyn. millions of americans are getting a big boost in overtime pay. the details of how this will impact you, that's next. so what do those who support donald trump have to say on what's going on in the state of their race right now? why they believe trump is the man for the white house, ahead. nod those heads in ascent! there they go. why do so many businesses
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the measure passed tuesday allows exceptions. among them if the mother's life is in danger or if a doctor determines the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. but it would be illegal to abort a fetus with a severe disability if that fetus is able to live. listen up commuter in connecticut and new york. you can expect a rough morning if you ride commuter north. a limited saturday service because of this massive four-alarm fire that erupted below some tracks in east harlem. railroad personnel worked through the night to determine the extent of this damp and make temporary repairs. the cause of this fire is under investigation. lebron james and the of cleveland cavaliers draw first blood in the nba eastern conference finals. the cavs routing the raptors of toronto 115-84. the biggest postseason win in franchise history. meantime, the nba's worst team,
3:48 am
the philadelphia 76ers coming up a winner in last night's draft lottery. the most balls and now get the first pick. that will be in june at the nba draft. start planning your night accordingly cam raerotcamerota. >> time for cnn "money" now. the labor department is expanding overtime pay for millions of salaried workers. under new rules employees with a salary up to $44,043 a year can now get overtime. roughly double the turn the threshold. rite now just 7% are eligible for overtime. under these new rules rises to 35%. back in 1975, six in ten salary workers earned overtime. part of the obama administration push to raise wages, and bosses
3:49 am
from skirting overtime giving managerial duties to make them exempt from overtime pay. these rules go into effect december 31st. and why all the controversy surrounding trump right now? answers, next. ♪
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all right. welcome back to "new day." this morning we are joined by a panel of donald trump supporters. some of these folks supported him right from the beginning. some have jumped on the trump train only recently. why do they think that those in congress not ready to support the presumptive gop nominee should get onboard. let's ask them. hi, panel. thanks so much for being here. marco, i want to starpt with you. you had previously supported marco rubio. how have you found your way to now support donald trump? >> i supported marco rubio in the beginning because i felt we shared a similar story.
3:54 am
his family left caommunist cuba my country left for political asylum and i felt he could be the new leader of the republican party, bringing minorities and the youth and never thought donald trump would run for real. i knew he played with it in the part and thought it was maybe one of those. once i saw he was actually serious about it, i jumped right onboard. >> marco, one more thing. i read in the notes your family came here illegally. what do you -- and then you became citizens after that process. what do you think of what donald trump has said about immigrants and building a wall, things like that? >> i'm 100% for the wall, because i live in staten island. we have the highest drug incarceration per capita and people are dying every day. by building the wall we will at least lower the amount of drugs coming into this country. as far as illegal immigrants, i don't think any of the candidates have the right approach when it comes to immigration. always talking about just giving
3:55 am
over a freebie or deporting all of them, and seem to forget there's a lot of immigrants here that maybe came like me illegal, filed the paperwork and ignored. here over 20 years, paying hundreds of thousands off immigration fees and put on the side, completely ignored. a lot have kids born and raised. >> of course. everyone has a personal story. >> one story, one of my mom's cousins came here illegally, five kids, went through college. able to open three restaurants in michigan. end of the day the just decided to deport them. what happened? all the businesses were shut down. we need to take care of these immigrants first committing to our economy, paying their taxes and creating jobs. those are the people that -- >> and what donald trump says. >> you have to be careful which way this goes with the politics of it. the wall may be more metaphor than reality. more drugs come under the ground in this country than above ground in any way, but you're making interesting points.
3:56 am
show of hands. who cares about the taxes? should donald trump put his taxes 0 ut? yes, yes? joe, no. why? transparency. >> no. here are the deal. like, the people who are so concerned with his taxes, the media, they're not going to vote for him anyway. so there's no up side to him putting out his taxes. >> you don't think anybody undecided get into a general election, presumably against hillary clinton and there could be as much as 40% of the electorate making up their mind pup don't think transparency. >> you think they care about his taxes? they care about my taxes. >> i want to know if they can trust what you say. joy, your point? >> talking transparency, i feel hillary clinton should release the speeches from the banks. i believe she's saying one thing to wall street to collect money and to fund her campaign. >> is that important to you than the taxes? >> equally as important. if you want to be transparent
3:57 am
you can't pick and choose when you want to be transparent. >> why isn't it more important, the speeches? because the taxes show, what? how charitable he was, how much money made in income. the speeches go to policy concerns you're talking about. >> the speeches are much more important than the taxes, because his taxes are just his. >> i probably flipped you like that. just one -- bam. just -- >> like a right. >> i don't know. >> rachel, ask you. you also previously supported marco rubio. so what was your process to now wholeheartedly support donald trump? >> you have to be all-in. the past eight years we complained about obama. this is our foot in the door. that's what you got to do. >> because he's the presumptive nominee. >> had e is the presumptive nominee and i'm sure he'll get it. as we can see he's on that train. >> uh-huh. >> and i saw you this morning, you looked like you'd never make it to this point sitting upright in the chair but said i'm going to rally, because this matters.
3:58 am
what is it fueling your passion that this election really matters and really got to be trump? >> it's got to be trump, chris. it's a new day and we need a new president. i love -- i love trump. he stands for change, and -- right now we have to protect the constitution. he's a second amendment guy. i'm a pistol permit holder in my county. that's a right men fought, and for people to want to rewrite the constitution, you know, it's unacceptable. >> are you sure that he will be on the second amendment the way you want him to be? >> yes. >> why? >> because he's an america and he has said -- >> everyone running is an american at this point as far as we know. >> because he wants to protect the constitution, chris. >> they all say that. just saying what is it about him that resinates with you more than the other two? you -- do you know, why do you think you know what he's going to do? >> you can feel it. you know, when he speaks, he speaks his mind.
3:59 am
he speaks his heart and he wants change. chris, he is speaking to the american people right now that have had it with the establishment. he wants a change. >> what's your biggest issue you're going on when you support trump? >> i'll give you a really quick story. i started out in the i.t. in finance. entry level didn't know anything. got additional training, worked really hard, climbed up the ladder and now am a software engineer in the finance industry. the last position i had a team of 16 people. i was the only u.s. citizen. this is because they're bringing in, the company i worked for, was bringing in h1bz sease sa holders, they can pay less than american workers. >> you would have only had a staff of only u.s. citizens? >> no. i'm saying that pathway for me to get to where i am now has been shut down. all the entry positions are filled by foreign workers
4:00 am
because businesses can save money. donald trump is -- this is specifically what he's talked about in his tiff with mark zuckerberg. so, you know, hillary and bernie, they can promise all the free college they want, but we need somebody with real world business experience who understands the nuts and bolts of how those people are going to have jobs once they get out of college. >> panel, go get more bagels. we have many more questions for you. thanks so much for all of that. >> there's also fruit. a lot of news this morning we're following, including this increasing anxiety inside the democratic party. let's get to it. no one should be subjected to death threats. >> it was a pretty unfair spectacle. >> there's no end to the threats and the vile comments. >> we are not going to allow the millions of people who supported bernie sanders to be sort of rolled over. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party -- open the doors! let the people in! >> we may not always agree, but that doesn't mean we can't work together. >> we are going to continue to
4:01 am
fight for every last vote. >> there's nobody who understand how to negotiate more effectively than donald trump. >> i would speak to him. i have no problem in speaking to him. >> to thaempt mattempt that may the effort. >> what we want is real unification. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it was razor thin, but hillary clinton takes the kentucky primary by a nose. the democratic front-runner could not hold off bernie sanders, though, in oregon, and as the primary fight continues, a battle brewing between sanders supporters and the party establishment now has democrats concerned about chaos at their convention. >> how well do i know camerota? you wanted to make a horse racing joke with kentucky won by a nose. true or false? >> completely. >> just too early. next hour works have flailed it. >> republicans, presumptive
4:02 am
nominee donald trump with another win in oregon. trump making news saying he'd be willing to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un and also closed the deceoor with th rnc to accept big campaign donations. we have it covered the way only cnn can. beginning with christine romans. a look at the delegate race, maybe you can make the horse racing joke here? >> no puns here. hillary clinton got the wins, barely. razor thin. narrowly winning in kentucky. fewer than 2,000 votes. in oregon senator bernie sanders with a more decisive win there. taking 54% of vote to clinton's 45%. his 20th state victory. despite winning fewer delegates than sanders last night, clinton is now just 89 delegates shy of clinching the nomination, if we include the super dell guilt. it remains mathematically impossible for sanders to win with pledged delegates here.
4:03 am
on the republican side, last man standing donald trump took about 67% of the vote in oregon. that victory awards trump 18 dell guilt. the presumptive gop nominee, 62 delegate shy of making it official. that marge sn grein is greater next republican contest meaning it will take until june 7 to reach the magic number, chris. >> all right. we had hillary clinton's razor thin win in kentucky. bernie sanders decisive win in oregon. both are looking ahead now to delegate-rich california, and both think they can win that state. cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns live in washington with more. joe? >> reporter: chris, it was a narrow victory for hillary clinton in kentucky, but all she needed to be able to claim that she's broken the string of victories by bernie sanders in multiple primaries and caucuses, and the clinton win in the blue grass state makes a statement about her ability to attract votes in appalachia.
4:04 am
now within fewer than 100 dell guilt of what she needs to clinch the nomination. bernie sanders for his part picking up a win in progressive-leaning oregon, making it clear he has no intention of dropping out of the race, even though there are increasing concerns in the party that he's staying the course all the way through the june 7th california primary is creating chaos and anger in the run-up to the democratic convention. listen to sanders last night. >> that the american people -- many of the pundits and politicians, they say, bernie sanders should drop out. the people of california should not have the right to determine who the next president will be. we are in to tuntil the last ba is cast. >> reporter: also breaking, hillary clinton releasing her personal disclosure statement showing they made about $5 million in royalties for a book and about $1.5 million in speeches in 2015.
4:05 am
that release appeared timed to ping donald trump, who also released a disclosure statement yesterday. the clinton campaign once again trying to draw attention to the fact that trump has refused to release his income tax returns, because he says he's undergoing a routine audit. alisyn? >> joe, thanks for all of that. bitter in-fighting erupting in the democratic party. bernie sanders and supporters frustrated with the primary process they consider unfair. now some party officials fear that they could have a revolt on their hands at their summer convention. cnn's senior political reporter manu raju is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: hey, alisyn. last night bernie sanders was in prime form riling up some 11,000 supporters in carson, california, with his theory stump speech and promising the battle until the bitter end. the democratic establishment know it's it's in a pickle. the party needs sanders' passionate supporters to come out in november, but many leading hillary clinton supporters say the longer
4:06 am
sanders stays in the race, the harder it will be to unite their party. >> the senator's response was anything but acceptable. >> reporter: overnight, bernie sanders getting slammed by democratic leaders. calling for sanders to rein in his supportering after this weekend's chaotic state convention in nevada. . after you rebut the reason that the violence and intimidation occurred, then that falls short of making sure that going forward this kind of conduct doesn't occur in the future. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the doors, let the people in! >> reporter: sanders is claiming democratic leaders used their power during the convention to "prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place." >> the leadership there that was running it was not following the rules. they were overruling voice votes on the floor to get the result
4:07 am
they wanted. >> reporter: senator minority leader harry reid to spoke to sanders yesterday is angrily dismissing sanders' claim of the rigged system telling cnn it's a silly statement. >> go ahead. >> reporter: and senator barbara boxer, a clinton supporters seen here trying to calm the convention's raging crowd tells cnn that sanders has to "get things under control." >> we do not condone any violence or threats. that's unacceptable. bad language. that's unacceptable. >> reporter: the anger didn't stop saturday. the chairwoman of the nevada democratic party receiving over 1,000 angry calmls. even death threats. >> people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption rrmt in the aftermath of nevada, patience is wearing thin on capitol hill. dianne feinstein a veteran democrat who backs hk h s hilla
4:08 am
clinton told me yesterday bernie sanders drop out in june after voting to avoid a messy convention. the question is whether party leaders will start to make similar pleas. dick durbin, number two senate democrat works not call on sanders to quit when i asked about had yesterday and neither would harry reid, but both men want bernie sanders to help unify the party assuming hillary clinton wins the nomination. >> manu, interesting intrigue afoot. let's discuss. we have a senator that supports hillary clinton. as always. what do you make of the state of play within the democratic party? >> chris, first of all i want to congratulate bernie sanders in oregon and glad to see my friend hillary was successful in a tight race in kentucky but i was on the other side of this eight years ago supporting hillary and she won seven of the last ten
4:09 am
races in the states, and came up short on the numbers, and that's what's happening for bernie. we have two great people in a race, passionate, actually people who are contrary to donald trump who wants to repeal health care for 20 million people. we're just debating how to get to universal health care. that's what we've shared in terms of our focus, and debating about those kinds of things, but the reality is that hillary has the votes to be our nominee. i'm very excited about that, and what we're going to need is to have everybody come together, and i understand when emotions are high and there's a lot of passion around it, but i also would remind folks that bernie has an incredibly important role to play in the united states senate. we sit on two committees together. one's the budget committee. he comes back, we get the majority. and he will be chairman of the senate budget committee. no small thing, and he'll be
4:10 am
able to continue to focus and fight for the things he cares about. >> one of the concerns that i hear from members of your party about what's going on is that what happened in 2008? you had hillary clinton with her pedigree then, wasn't secretary of state, but still had quite the portfolio compared to then senator obama, but it was the hope and change, the momentum, the energy that carried him through. many people see that in bernie sanders right now. while you're correct, senator, that the math is different, you know, for sanders than for clinton. >> right. >> and is similar to the position that clinton was in in 2008, once again, clinton is confronted by somebody who has a lot of momentum, arguably more than she, based on hope and change, and that's what you would face in a general election with donald trump. while democrats might criticize his type of hope and change, is there concern for you that clinton is against something that she has trouble dealing with in an election? >> first of all, chris, let me
4:11 am
remind everybody that hillary clinton has won more than 3 million -- 3 million more votes than bernie sanders, and so she has people coming out to actually vote for her, in larger numbers. do we need to bring everybody together? do we need to have young people with us and high energy with us? of course we do, and, again, we're talking about how do you get to free college where there's debt-free versus free? the republicans talking about doing away with the department of education completely. stopping pell grants all of these things. the differences about what we care about are so small, we're debating how to get to where we all want to go, and you're talking about, earlier on your show, talking about donald trump wanting to meet with the dictator of north korea while he is offending all of our allies? i mean, this is a guy who really does think that running the miss universe contest is foreign
4:12 am
policy experience. it's unbelievable. so once we get to the general and it's clear what we're talking about here, a bully on one side who has absolutely no experience or business representing the president of the united states on a world stage, versus two people who want to get to the same place that have different ideas on how to get there, i think that it's going to be clear and people are going to come together. >> that's a better problem for you to have as well, because what you have right now is people in nevada, senator, throwing chairs at the stage where, you know, you have senator barbara boxer shouting back at the crowd. those are democrats. not talking about donald trump but whether or not the party is open and fair, a significant movement. and again, your point well taken. clinton has gotten 3 million more votes, approximately. however, the momentum and energy is fueling sanders. what does the party need to do to come together, should debbie
4:13 am
wasserman schultz have reached out to bernie sanders instead of harry reid? >> well, first of all, it's appropriate for senator reid, who's someone who has worked with bernie sanders for years to reach out. bernie's a member of our caucus, and we care deeply and are looking forward to working with him when he comes back, it's not a snub? it's not a snub that it wasn't the head of the party? >> i don't think so. also i have to say, look, what happened in nevada, chris, was terrible. no question about it, and we can debate who was there and, you know, there was reports folks that weren't even from nevada, weren't registered voters, wanted to get in and were told no and folks got angry. i don't know all the details. i do know death threats, throwing chairs, not okay. and i know that bernie doesn't think that's okay. so somehow deep breath. we need to get back to focusing on the real, the "real" fight here in terms of what's going to happen in the future of the
4:14 am
country, and i don't want somebody who's making his products in china and then pretends to be for the middle class having an opportunity to be president of the united states without all of us being unified. >> senator calling for cooler heads within the party. thank you for coming in to "new day" to make the case, as always. >> thank you. donald trump putting forth a controversial foreign policy idea, saying he would be willing to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un for nuclear talks. this comes as trump hands out a plan ending the days of self-financing his campaign. phil mattingly has been following all of this and joins us now. hi, fill. >> reporter: donald trump is scheduled to meet today with former secretary of state henry kissinger and the presumptive nominee in the republican party's former elder statesman, something to talk about. north korea. trump telling reuters in an interview tuesday he would be willing to sit down and talk
4:15 am
directly with kim jong-un. a significant shift in u.s. policy towards the country. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time put pressure other than china. we have tremendous power over china. china could solve that with one phone call. >> reporter: they do engage but direct talks between the two country's leaders not on the table or under consideration as ale. trump took a key step towards unifying his own campaign. reaching a joint fund-raising agreement. a crucial deal that aids -- sorry. that aids gop candidates up and down the ballot as well as the republican party on the whole. now, that deal allows top gop donors to write checks for up to $449,400. a pot of money that would be split between trump's campaign, the party and 11 different state parties. now, this is something trump advisers and top rnc ish tos
4:16 am
have worked to put together really since trump became the presumptive nominee. another example of trump's shift away way from self-funding stance, one that makes clear he is willing to make deals with a party for much of last year, chris, he has trashed. >> point well made. thank you very much. phil mattingly, as always. the u.s. and russia announcing that they are prepared to air drop emergency aid to war-torn towns in syria. this is good news. however, if president bashar al assad continues blocking humanitarian supplies to his own people, then what? that announcement coming from secretary of state john kerry, and his russian counterpart foreign minister sergey lavrov after the latest round of sputtering progress in syrian peace talks. and wanting to legalize same-sex marriage across the country. right now only mexico city and a few states have marriage equality laws. mexico's congress would need to approve a nationwide change and
4:17 am
that is expected to happen later this year. a dramatic roadside rescue in alaska. anchorage, specifically. captured by a police dashboard camera. the officer, three bystanders working to get this driver out of a car that flippeded over and caught fire. they rocked the vehicle. how he freed the man's arm, trapped, and got him out through the sunroof. police say about a minute later the car engulfed in flames. literally, in the nick of time. that cop, those people, doing the right thing. otherwise, who knows. >> oh, my gosh. thank goodness for good samaritans. we see examples of this all the time. just angels. okay. on that note, we'll move on. donald trump l donald trump planning to raise money now jointly with the rnc. will the big donors start opening think wallets for him? we will talk to two-time presidential candidate steve force about all of this, next. carplay integration. pe
4:18 am
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all right. after boasting for months after self-funding his campaign, donald trump's campaign officially announcing he is teaming up with the rnc to set up two committees to now accept
4:22 am
donations. donors can cut a check for almost half a million dollars each to fund trump's general election fight. let's talk about this and so much more with steve forbes, chairman, editor-in-chief of "forbes media" who ran for president twice before. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> donald trump made it a badge of honor, self-funding his campaign. last night announced he will accept donations. is this a flip-flop? significant flip-flop or no? >> no surprise. one thing sow have assets, quite another the cash. cash, you need hundreds of millions of dollars. clearly, he did not have that in hand. i don't think coming now, nobody is going to think donald trump is owes anything to anybody. he is clearly almost each day makes clear, he says what he wants to say and is not going to be beholden to anybody or anything. and so i think he can get away
4:23 am
with it. >> donald trump has not released his taxes. his tax returns yet. should he? >> i would have advocated doing it months ago, just get the thing out of the way. >> he says he's being audited so he can't. >> he's got returns from previous years he could have released as well or audited from a reputable financial firm saying here's what his income was, blah, blah, blah, to just put it out there. again, i don't think it's going to hurt him the way it would hurt another candidate. >> why not? >> because for -- when he entered this race, keep in mind, he had the highest name recognition of any candidate out there. higher than jeb bush. 93%. he was already a rock star, so to speak. being on tv for year after year after year as the authoritative figure on business, you wanted to get his approval. >> on a hit the "apprentice." he was successful.
4:24 am
in terms of taxes, yeah, used the tax code. knows what's bad in it and therefore in a better position to cure it because he knows how bad it is. >> given that, what do you think is in the taxes? some sort of smoking gun he doesn't want people to see? >> i don't think, if there was fraud, the irs would have been on him already. there would have been a criminal investigation. in terms how he used depreciation and the like, who knows? what you could find, and -- in the next few months, the equivalent of a wikileaks. a lot of this stuff will be out there anyway, in a very selective way. >> is that right? you think something will be leaked? >> i just don't trust the federal government. i don't trust keeping that information secret. >> okay. you heard it here first, folks. he did, however, release his financial disclosure form saying his net wrornlg is $10 billion. his income in 2015, $557 million, he says.
4:25 am
you at "forbes" magazine look into people's net worth all the time. do you think he's worth that? >> we came out with a number $4.5 billion, to most people, $4.5, 10, 20, what's the difference. >> do you think there's a difference. >> the big difference, how you value his brand. we take position with him and anyone else, your name may have value but the key thing is how do you monetize it? when you monetize it we count it. oprah, same thing. her name has a real brand value. but until you monetize it, we don't count it. so that's our criteria. that's the biggest difference. >> have you endorsed donald trump yet? >> i said i will support the republican nominee, and unless something, the meteor hits the earth he's going to be the nominee. >> that's a little different than a full-throated endorsement. what's your reservation? >> the reason i didn't endorse any of the candidates, a
4:26 am
reaganesque pro-growth platform to get the party moving again. ted cruz came out with a flat tax, but didn't lead with it. others had good ideas on health care. didn't lead with it. they didn't put it out front. give trump credit, whether you agree on immigration, china or anything else, he put it out front. this is the way we're going to turn things around pt the other 16, bland. and so -- >> you wanted bold -- you like bold proclamations? >> i like what ronald reagan did in 1980, cut income taxes across the board 30%. i like what kemp did and others have done, putting it out there. paul ryan, putting it out there. something positive, that will get this economy moving again. >> so what gives you pause about trump's candidacy? >> well, in terms of, he's got to spell out now, and i will support him, what is he going to do about taxes? he came up with a proposal a few weeks, a few months again, then said, maybe we're going to tweak it. maybe not. he's got to spell it out and show that this is a coherent
4:27 am
thing. i think he will, and this is where i think the democrats underestimate him. because he's the outsider, because he's always talking about getting -- making america great again, he's seen as a break with the present and the past, and hillary clinton's real challenge is, she's seen as part of the status quo, part of the part and democrats think they're going to have a romp against donald trump. i think their underestimating the mood of the electorate today. >> you want more specifics in economic policy. do you think he's been specific in other things? foreign policy, taxes? >> maybe talk to north korea, but do it in a context where the thing's thought out, what the impact will be on south korea, the impact on japan is going to be. you just can't toss -- now that he's presumptive nominee, he's got to understand, everything he says now takes on greater weight and gravity than it ever did when on the campaign trail. and so he's got to flush these things out before he puts them out there.
4:28 am
and that, i think, if he does that, then he'll about very formidable candidate. >> who should he pick at his vp? >> i don't any even he knows. can't pick himself, and -- >> that would be his first choice. >> but you could make a case for rob portman in ohio. make a case for nikki haley, and for others. so i think he's churning that over now, and when they say he's got a list of five or ten, he's got a list of infinity and hasn't made a determination yet. >> steve forbes, thanks forebeing on "new day." great to have you in-studio. get to chris. from one side of the ball to the other, bernie sanders once again promising to keep his campaign going despite long odds. is that hurting the party and could the actions of some supporters upend the convention? next. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®.
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as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hillary clinton and bernie sanders with a one win apiece last night. the democratic party running the risk of descending into chaos, question mark, why? this is what happened in nevada.
4:33 am
chairs thrown. ugly threats. violent threats from berners not happy with the outcome in that convention. what is the way forward for the democratic party? let's bring in cnn political contributor hillaary rosen and bill press, a bernie sanders supporters, and author of "buyers remorse." how obama let progressives down. bill press, start off, energetic fashion. you are ruining the party, sir. you sanders people, you're getting angry and violent. you're causing dissension in the ranks. the math is not in your favor. it's time to unify. what your party -- these super types of your party, are telling you is the truth. what do you say? >> first of all, let's separate what happened in nevada and the violence and the ugly phone calls and everything, and all of this, condemn it. should never have happened. no place in american politics. >> do you think sanders did
4:34 am
that? >> absolutely nothing. nothing to do with it. >> no. >> i'm sorry. >> strong enough. >> the stuff i got from bernie and the campaign condemned it from the very beginning. >> debbie wasserman schultz says unacceptable because he put a "but" in there. what happened in neff is wrovad. it's rigged. >> i think debbie wasserman schultz should learn lessons from reince priebus about being an impartial chair that brings people together and soothing -- >> you've got to be kidding. >> uh-oh. >> rather than -- >> you got a you got to be kidding from hilary. go ahead? >> the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. just last night debbie was on tv, our dnc chair, asking if bernie should get out, no, absolutely. reince priebus, john kasich has been on tv all week saying reince priebus called the
4:35 am
election for donald trump weeks before he got close to the delegate count. the dnc has scrupulously objective and stayed out of this. the trashing of the dnc leadership is ridiculous and unacceptable. just because bernie sanders is losing, all he's doing is whining about the process. and, bill, this is beneath you. come on. >> i would go back to martin o'malley, way back into minneapolis. i went to the dnc meeting in minneapolis. a set piece for hillary clinton. >> that's crazy. bernie sanders and martin o'malley agreed that debate schedule. that's just nuts. >> no. >> not true. >> no. i'm sorry. so we can talk all about that, or talk about the primary. the point i want to make, separate the violence in nevada, you condemn it, but with the primary, what we saw last night is, there's still a lot of life in the sanders campaign. there's a lot of life in the hillary campaign. let it go forward. i'm from california. i cast my vote by absentee
4:36 am
ballot yesterday. i want my vote to count in california. so let the process play out. >> what sanders has said all along and says he believes he will do so well in california he could deny hillary the 2383 number? do you think that's likely? a fight at the democratic consequence because she has not reached that number? 2383? >> i think the reality is that neither bernie sanders -- and john king showed this last night. neither bernie sanders nor hillary clinton are going to have, in pledged delegates, all the pledged delegates they need. what's going to happen is, when the process is over, the super delegates will either stay with hillary clinton or some may say, hey, you know, bernie might be stronger. if they do, there could about fight. if they don't, it will be hillary clinton at the convention. >> do we xaexaggerate? hilary, do we exaggerate the sanders momentum? the clinton supporters quickly say, 3 million more votes,
4:37 am
clinton has gotten, than sanders. what do you mean, momentum? what's your case? >> well, you know, in this time in 2008, we know the statistics. hillary clinton had won ten of the last 12 primaries, actually bernie sanders and hillary clinton are splitting these end primaries. i do think that there is some exaggeration here. the problem with what's happening buy bernie sanders, because, look, i thought debbie wasserman schultz was very clear on issues so much more alike than parrot. so much more apart from donald trump than they are from each other. but here's the problem -- bernie sanders is losing this race. and instead of, like, taking it like a man, he's working the ref. he's encouraging his people to think that the system is rigged. the system he signed up for as an independent to run in a democratic primary. this constant sort of whining and complaining about the process is just really the most, you know, harmful thing in some
4:38 am
ways he could do, because he's encouraging his supporters to think that process actually is cheating them. and they're not. this is a very well documented process that, you know, he signed up for. and so this kind of, well, it's not really my policy. everyone's for my policies. it's because the system is rigged. wrong. sorry he's just losing. he needs to accept that as a former party official, i have to tell you the system is rigged against an outsider. the party is ringed, it's against any outsider. it happened to trump, it's happening to bernie -- >> it's a party. >> sorry. my turn. okay? but i have to say, again, bernie sanders, you know, if you say this, his momentum is exaggerated? politico is calling hillary's win in kentucky a joyless victory, a wounded front-runner they say. hillary won in kentucky. i don't want to take it away from her but the clinton
4:39 am
campaign has to think about why only won one primary in may and sgee a state in kentucky won 69-29 against barack obama and barely beat bernie sanders? something not connecting there. so i think that, you know, she's got a little -- >> you can fight on thmomentum issue. he was spoded to win oregon by 20 points. ended up winning less than 10. we could argue momentum but can't about the math and what ais going on. we have a candidate encouraging his supporters to rise up against volunteers. this state party chair in nevada, like, she's a volunteer. she's a good person. she doesn't deserve this. >> you can't blame that violence on bernie sanders. and i think the clinton campaign ought to get off that -- >> sorry, bill. when you promote the fact that the system is rigged, that you are getting -- >> it is, hilary. >> no. in europe they didn't like the
4:40 am
two-party systems and created another party. he could go create, could have run as an independent. >> oh! >> but if you're going to run as a democrat, you've got democrat rules. >> now -- now hilary is saying he should run as a third party. come on. i didn't think you want add third party. come on. >> he had his choices. >> hilary, chill and let the process go out. two more weeks, okay? can we all agree. two more weeks then we'll celebrate the victory, whoever it s. i'm excited about celebrating the victory. i do think we are all going to come together, but i don't think it is fair fomp for the abuse, honestly, that these party officials are taking for simply enforcing the rules, and i think this sort of kum ba yah moment will happen, but these are real people involved devoting their lives to progressive values and there ought to be a little more respect for them. >> hilary, bill, thank you for that spirited debate. >> good morning. >> a great illustration of exactly what we're seeing on the
4:41 am
democrating side. thanks 0 both of you. from the state of play in one party to the other. donald trump is taking steps to reverse some of the damp thage has done during the primary campaign. specifically with women, but still has a long way to go. we're going to speak with one lawmaker doing her part to recruit trump supporters on capitol hill. how goes it? (man) ah i forgot to record
4:42 am
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4:44 am
donald trump trying to mend fences with constituencies he's angered during the course of the
4:45 am
primaries. among them, women voters. bring in republican congresswoman rene elders, chair wovm of the republican policy committee and the first woman in congress to endorse donald trump. congresswoman, good to you have this morning. so how goes the effort to bring women into the trump tent? >> well, it's happening. we are bringing more and more in. we are now up to 50 republicans here on the hill who have now come out in support of our presumptive nominee and i think that's a very good thing, and it seems like week after week we have been able to increase those numbers, and we have brought on some of the, some of my fellow women members and that's a very good thing. >> one of the clinton super pacs put on an ad pretty much the most wholesale punch in the nose they can give trump on this issue. play the ad and then you play the rebuttal what you want women to know on the same issues. here it is. >> does she have a good body, no. a fat ass? absolutely.
4:46 am
>> you likes girls 5'1", they come up to you where? >> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i'd be dating her. >> a woman flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> all things that bring a to your face. how do you interpret them for women you're trying to recruit? >> these are all things donald trump said over time, and the american people are tired of the status quo and political correcti correctness that moved this country nowhere. women are ready for a problem-solver, someone who gets results. all of these things are going by the wayside. yes, do i condone any of those comments? absolutely not. i would be offended by them if he said them about me, but the problem here isn't about what donald trump has done in the past. it's about a vision for the future. and the american people see that this is someone who is forward-thinking, who is going to get this economy moving again. americans want their country back again, and donald trump is
4:47 am
presenting a situation and a plan that is going to get them that, and, look, women are pragmatic, and they want answers. they want solutions. they don't have time for the, the outside remarks and the innuendo, and, you know, the stories that are going to come out over time. they want to see results. they want to get their country back. >> when they say, what's his plan? what do you tell them? what he going to do that hillary clinton would not if she's the nominee? >> well, let's look at the differences. my goodness. we're going to get eighter years of other barack obama administration under hillary clinton. there's a great dissatisfaction with hillary clinton, and, yes, there is with donald trump as well, but i think those things actually kind of cancel each other out. >> what's the plan? >> i think -- i think the important -- again, the plan is to move the country forward. >> how? >> the plan, bring jobs back to this country. the plan is to get middle america back working again. they're the ones left out of all of this since barack obama took
4:48 am
office. they want health care back, answers in mental health reform. they want jobs. they want security. they want their nation back again. and he's presenting that. he's bringing people to the table for this. i don't think that donald trump ever comes out and says i've got it's answer to every problem, and i think that's what the american people appreciate about him. he knows how to bring folks together who can actually have a plan of action, and they're doing that. and we're going to see that more and more over the coming weeks. >> what i'm saying is that what i have found in our reporting is that because he is not heavy on specific proposals, that's why i'm pestering you with the "how?" questions, which, look. >> sure. >> you're doing your part, but i'm not putting it on you to make the case for trump across every issue, but i'm saying because he's not big on specifics, there's nobody running for president who's not going to say they don't want to bring jobs back to america or get the middle class for engaged again. it's how you do it. because he's not big on
4:49 am
specifics his words weigh more heavily in terms of the balance how you deal with women, especially the ones you're courting in the halls of congress. when they come to you say, renee, it's so hard for us to get where we are. men of such an obstacle on their best behavior with respect to us. the obstacles and challenges are so great for women. why are you backing a guy who says things that you know are hurtful to us? >> there again, the point here isn't -- it's what the american people are responding to. you know, i can talk about all day long with my colleagues what i think and we can all discuss the situations and politics, and some have you know, some notions of what should have gone forward, and some are grieving the fact that they put their support behind another candidat candidate. >> these things take time to play out. women are pragmatic. women want results. this is going to happen. this is going to fall out the way we need it. as to the issue of details, the only one who seems to have a
4:50 am
problem with that are the folks here on the hill. the american people are just fine with donald trump's message. and they're happy he wants to take office and fix the problems. he has identified the issues that the american people are fr fr frustrated with, and happy he gets it. >> one thing agreeing, donald trump is benefitting from the intense frustration and anxiety with you people down there on capitol hill. they're definitely all pointing fingers at you guys. >> i agree. >> i a appreciate you coming here to take the case. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, chris. as you've been talking about, chris, donald trump facing problems with women, but one woman knows him very well. trump's daughter, ivanka, speaking out this morning. what she says about her dad and his relationships with women. that's next. isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
4:51 am
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4:54 am
i found it to be pretty disturbing based on the facts as i know them, both in the capacity as a daughter, and in the capacity as an executive, who has worked alongside of him at this company for over a decade go that's ivanka trump speaking out this morning, against "the new york times" story you've heard so much about, that suggesting her father, donald trump, somehow has mistreated women or had uncomfortable relationships with them. is this just another example of how donald trump's campaign can
4:55 am
slam the media and court it at the same time, thus far effectively. here to discuss all of it, host of reliable sources, brian stelter and cnn contributor, bill carter. let me start with you, bill. it's interesting to have your daughter come out to talk about even some past romantic relationships. >> yeah. >> that her father has had, effective or uncomfortable? >> well, i think she is an effective spokesperson for him. i've always thought that. she comes across well in my opinion. it's an odd situation. the whole thing is so odd and how do you handle somebody saying, well, you know, yeah, when he was dating so-and-so, you know, he was -- it was proper or improper. it sounds odd to people. to me it does. >> imagine chelsea clinton having to weigh in on her father. we're in a whole new ball game right now. >> by the way, i'm sure interviewers will expect chelsea clinton to do that in the fall. i'm going to guess she won't make herself available. >> i find this very
4:56 am
uncomfortable. maybe -- >> i bet. >> it's personal. i've been in the position of ivanka trump, although similar to chelsea clinton, i was very young at the time, right. ivanka is in a different stage in her life. also, i wasn't dealing with these types of issues. this is the hardest stuff to deal with. i don't understand completely, help me with this, bill, the thinking on the campaign's part. ivanka, high profile, respected. i get it. >> that's the thinking. >> but you're putting her out there to talk about things that arguably she shouldn't. is your father bad to women. you know, how was he with when he was running around. you know, why is he -- these are really intensely personal things. what's the plus/minus. >> for him, he needs a female spokesperson really badly. and i think if you look around, who is going to speak for him this effectively. it can't -- i mean, melania is not going to do it effectively in my opinion.
4:57 am
this a young woman who is kind of impressive. >> absolutely. i'm talking about the position they're putting her in. not her effectiveness. >> she is in an awkward position. >> she is not contradicting the essential truths of the new york times story and other stories about trump with women. those stories in intact, despite his attempts to discredit them. we've heard from a couple of the women, but the essential truth is intact, despite the attempts to knock it down. >> sort of, brian. let me challenge you on that. the first to the whole scenario, "the new york times" made it sound like an uncome are for theable scenario. asking this woman to put on a bikini. she said i wasn't uncomfortable at all. i was flattered. >> "the new york times" was going with what they believe most women should think of it. but the woman didn't herself. >> but as a woman, what do you think of it? >> well, this is the thing. >> it was his girlfriend. >> she became his girlfriend. she wasn't yet.
4:58 am
>> that was where her mind was. >> you can't spoon-feed readers what you think they should feel. >> i agree but if you just tell the anecdote, it has impact. >> that's what they thought. exactly what they thought. >> contrary to common opinion, i think this is all good for him. what he did with kim jong-un, what is he doing with dodd-frank, it plays to either sanders, but certainly hillary clinton. it is hard footing for him. this stuff, all day long, for two reasons. one, who is going to be the moral major. media, not happening. and the people who are out there, have already weighed in on this. they've already said i know who the guy is. i don't care, because i hate the status quo more than i hate about him. >> but his negatives are very high. >> so are hillary clinton's. >> agree. >> so is congress, the media. >> who is going to come off worst. >> we found this, that tabloid stories, personal stories, those
4:59 am
are trump's territory. that's where he is comfortable. that's where he has lived for 30 years. policy, not so much. when you hear about him talking to kim jong-un, people scratch their head. to some extent he wins when we're on this territory. >> he is re-litigating, comfortable with it, bill clinton's past. calling hillary clinton an enabler. so yesterday, a reporter asked bill clinton feels about this. listen to this. >> can you respond to donald trump today calling you one of the political abusers in u.s. history? >> no. i think people are sport enouma to figure it out. >> are they? can they take the posture that we're not going to deal with what he says. >> i don't think it will be possible. it will be out there so much, it will have to be addressed. it is an odd situation, because
5:00 am
he is not running, bill clinton. it is his wife who is running. and as a man, maybe i don't get it. but i wonder, how it really hurts her that she had this situation. i mean, many women felt bad for her in this situation. >> right, but donald trump is turning it to say that she actively was involved. >> yeah, okay, but wouldn't you be a little defensive and upset if you heard these rumors about your husband. it doesn't seem right to attack her on this basis. he wants to deflect. that is effective, i think. >> bill, brian, thank you. great to have both of you here. we're following a lot of news, including increasing fears inside the democratic party. let's get to it. in no way is it ever acceptable to condone violence and intimidation. >> it was a pretty unfair process. >> the election was rigged. >> centsenator sanders should
5:01 am
condone that conduct. >> this campaign is listening to the american people. >> i get threats everyone to two seconds. >> we have too much divisiveness in america. >> we are in until the last ballot is cast. >> i would speak to him. i would have no problem speaking to him. >> he will not be disadvantaged by anybody in north korea. >> trump campaign announcing along with the rnc that has agreed on joint fundraising agreements. >> conversations that are necessary to make sure we are unifying -- >>announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and al alisyn camerota. >> everybody love this is tie. what do you think? >> i love it. another round of primaries, another split for the democrats. the results, quickly overshadowed by a major battle
5:02 am
brewing within the democratic party. bernie sanders campaign, having trouble keeping some supporters from becoming violent. now animosity between the campaign and top democrats starting to boil over. and this means, could there be chaos at the party's convention. >> donald trump, of course, the last republican standing, and he has picked up one more win. escorting controversy, saying he will speak to kim jong-un and sealed the deal to accept big campaign donations. we'll hear from our panel of trump supporters later this hour. they're standing by. we have it covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with christine romans and the delegate race. hi there. here we go. hillary clinton got the win she needed, but barely the margin razor thin. narrowly winning in kentucky, 2,000 votes. in oregon, bernie sanders with a divisive win, 54 to 45%.
5:03 am
despite winning fewer delegates, clinton is now just 89 delegates shy of clinching the nomination, if we include those super delegates. it remains mathematically impossible for sanders to win with pledged delegates. let's look at the republicans. donald trump took 67% of the vote in oregon. that victory awards trump 18 delegates, the presumptive nominee is now 62 delegates shy of making it official. that margin, however, is greater than the number of delegates at stake in the next republican context, meaning it will take until june 7, alisyn to reach the magic number. >> okay, christine. thank you for all of that. hillary clinton squeaking by in kentucky, sanders em boldened by the margin, and so both candidates looking forward to california. cnn senior washington correspondent, joe johns, is live in washington with more. what are you seeing, joe? >> reporter: good morning. bernie sanders has an event in
5:04 am
san jose at 10:00 pacific time this morning at fair grounds, a huge rally in los angeles county last night. though the headline this morning, as you said, narrow victory for hillary clinton in kentucky, all of what she needed to claim that she has broken the string of victories by bernie sanders in multiple primaries and caucuses, and the clinton win in the bluegrass state makes a statement about her ability to attract votes in appalachia. now within 100 delegates what she needs to clinch. bernie sanders for his part, picking up a win in progressive leaning oregon and making it clear he has no intention of dropping out of the race, even though there are increasing concerns in the party that his staying the course all the way through the june 7th california primary is creating chaos and anger in the run-up to the democratic convention. listen to sanders last night. >> many of the pundits and politicians they say, bernie sanders should drop out.
5:05 am
the people of california should not have the right to determine who the next president will be. we are in to the last ballot is cast. >> also, breaking overnight, this is interesting. hillary clinton, releasing her personal financial disclosure statements which shows she made about $5 million in royalties for a book and about 1.5 million for speeches in 2015. that release appeared time to ping donald trump, who also released his disclosure yesterday. the clinton campaign trying to draw attention to the fact that trump refuses to release his income tax returns, because of an auds dit. >> i like that word, ping. that might be the word of the day. pinged him. all right, so forget about unified democratic party right now. you got bernie sanders and his supporters growing increasingly frustrated with what they say is a process that's not fair within their primaries. the infighting turning so ugly,
5:06 am
fearing there could be a revolts. senior political reporter, manu raju with the latest. >> riling up 11,000 supporters in carson, california, with his furry stump speech and telling his will he johns of supporters, hillary clinton is getting nervous because he may win california. and he steered clear of the controversy in nevada, made no mention of that at all. party leaders know they are in a jam with bernie sanders. they absolutely need his passionate supporters, increasingly worried that the device i hady divisive fight could make it hard to unite the party this fall. >> the senator's response was anything but acceptable. >> overnight, bernie sanders getting slammed by democratic leaders. calling for sanders to reign in his supporters after the state
5:07 am
convention in nevada. >> after the word but, you seemingly justify the reason that the violence and intimidation has occurred, then that falls short of making sure that going forward, this kind of conduct doesn't occur in the future. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the doors, let the people in! >> sanders is claiming democratic leaders used their power during the convention to, quote, prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place. >> the leadership there that was running it was not following the rules. they were overruling voices on the floor to get the result they wanted. >> senate minority leader, harry reid who spoke to sanders yesterday, is angrily dismissing it, telling cnn it is a silly statement. >> and senator barbara boxer, a clinton supporter, seen here trying to calm the convention's
5:08 am
raging crowd, telling cnn, sanders needs to get things under control. >> we do not condone any violence or threats. that's unacceptable. bad language, unacceptable. >> the anger, didn't stop saturday. the chairwoman of the nevada party, receiving over 1,000 angry calls. even death threats. >> people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world we won't stand for this corruption. >> now in the aftermath of the nevada episode, hillary clinton supporters now see an opening, diane feinstein, a democratic of california, told me yesterday that bernie sanders should drop out in june, worries that a schism could help elect donald trump, even bernie sanders lone senate supporter from oregon said if he is lose anything june, it will be time to leave the race. so far, democrats like harry
5:09 am
reid and dick durbin have refused to call on him to quit. whether the nevada scene changes the scene remains to be scene. >> thanks. here to discuss with us missouri senator. >> good morning. >> let's talk about what we saw in kentucky last night. 2008, hillary clinton won by 35 points. last night, it was razor thin. she had a .5% margin. less than 2,000 votes. how do you explain what happened in kentucky? >> well, she has a different opponent this time. last time, she had barack hussein obama, but this time, it's a different choice. and i think they choose hillary clinton, because of her stability, her strength. it was very close, and frankly,
5:10 am
i think the most important thing to take from this is that, you know, the issues. these two candidates agree on so many issues, you know, and that's why i'm hopeful that we can come together as soon as the primary season is over, because the issues matter in this race. >> but does it concern you the lack of excitement that a narrow margin like that would suggest for hillary clinton? >> no, because donald trump is going to provide plenty of excitement for people who don't want us hugging up on putin, don't want our country insulting great britain, don't want somebody reckless and risky in the oval office, thinks it is a good idea to weaponize with more nuclear weapons in the world. this is somebody who a shoot from the hip guy as we've seen. he says amazingly inappropriate things on the world stage, think it would be a disaster.
5:11 am
so i think that alone will unify, but i also think bernie sanders will help unify us. i believe that in my bones. >> all right, let's talk about that, senator. that's not what is happening at the moment. in fact, we're seeing not only infighting, but actually real fighting. over the weekend, bernie sanders supporters expressed great frustration, even hostility about the results of the nevada, the caucuses and primaries there. you're seeing all of their frustration boil over. do you think that bernie sanders is to blame for some of the threats or the violence or the system is? >> no, i don't believe bernie sanders is to blame. and let me say, i think the vast majority of bernie sanders' supporters are wonderful people who care deeply about this country and want to change direction. and i think we agree on that. so i really think this is about passion that's boiled over. i think it's the frustration of mathematically impossible, which is what their path is at this point.
5:12 am
>> i mean, is it so -- bernie sanders doesn't frame it that way. he says that he believes he will be able to wrack up enough delegates, california included, to deny hillary clinton the 2,383 that she needs at the convention. do you think that's possible? >> it is -- i don't believe it is possible. but bernie is leading a movement. and he wants that movement to remain strong until the very end of the primary process. at that point in time, he knows what a disaster donald trump would be for this country and for the ideals we care about, and remember, bernie sanders has said over and over again, this is about the issues. and he has got to, when the time comes, remind his supporters, this is about the issues and the supreme court, and i think that will absolutely bring us altogether, and i think it will happen before philadelphia. >> when is that time in your mind? >> i think it is after the last primary.
5:13 am
i don't in any way begrudge bernie sanders and his supporters wanting their voice heard. i remember how difficult it was for us in 2008 when hillary won seven of the last ten primaries, and we were all going come on, it is time to unite. but she did the right thing in 2008, and i believe bernie will do the right thing this year. >> he has won 20 states. i mean, it is -- he does claim he has the momentum. do you have any fear that this infighting that we're seeing in the democratic party threatens the convention which might be more divisive now than the gop's convention? >> well, of course. i mean, obviously when you see what happened in nevada, it is cause for worry. but i don't think the answer to that is to try to demean or put down the bernie supporters, or paint with a broad brush that somehow these are not people who appreciate the first amendment, and not violence. i think the way to do this is to stay focused on the issues, and
5:14 am
remember what bernie sanders said. on hillary clinton's worst day, she is so much better than donald trump. and that's what i think the voter also have to decide in november. >> senator, what do you think the clinton campaign's strategy should be for donald trump, who has said that he is going to go after bill clinton's past with women? >> you know, i -- it's hard for me to figure this one out. i gotta be honest. this is a guy who is pivots and insults people when he gets trapped in ridiculous policy mistakes. you know, he is somebody when faced with the facts that he doesn't know what he is talking about, changes positions. on a minute's notice, i mean, he can be for one thing at 10:00 in the morning and say something different at 2:00 in the afternoon. the voters aren't holding him accountable. i do think as people make that final decision, who do you want to have a nuclear codes? who do you want to represent our country on the world stage?
5:15 am
who do you want to be actually trying to implement change in thisountry? somebody who insults people at every turn, or somebody who has experience in trying to bring people together that have different opinions about things? i think hillary clinton comes out way ahead in that calcoulos. >> thank you. no president has ever gone before, he is willing to sit face-to-face with north korea leader kim jong-un for nuclear talks. trump also sealing a deal with the rnc to fund raise for the general election, ending the self-funding aspect of his campaign. cnn's phil mattingly joins us with more. what do you got, phil? >> scheduled to meet today with former secretary of state, henry kissinger, and the presumptive nominee and republican's party preeminent foreign policy elder statesman has something new to talk about. telling reuters he would be
5:16 am
willing to talk too kim jong-un, . >> i would have no problem speaking to him. at the same time, i would put a lot of pressure on china, because economically we have tremendous power over china. china can solve their problem with one meeting or one phone call. >> as it stands, senior officials will engage with the north korea counterparts, but direct talks between the two leaders, not at all on the table. trump also took a step forward toward unifying his own party yesterday. trump's campaign and the national committee reaching a joint fundraising agreement, a crucial deal that aids candidates up and down the ballot as well as the republican on the whole. it allows top gop donors to right $449,400, it would be split between the party and 11 specific state parties. now, as this is something trump visors and top rnc officials have been working to put
5:17 am
together really since he became the presumptive nominee, it is another shift away from his self-funding stansce, but also makes clear, he is willing to make deals with the party that he basically trashed for the last year. >> thanks for all of that reporting. the pentagon says isis is losing significant ground in iraq and syria. the coalition reporting that they've lost 45% it once held in iraq and 20% of the land that it controlled in syria. on the downside, the pace of retaking that land from the terror group has slowed. chaotic scene at city all in texas, taking over a council meeting confronting mate i don't remember and calling for justice for jose cruz. he was shot and killed by an off duty police officer in a car chase in march. the officer, quit the force, is now facing murder charges. donald trump racking up
5:18 am
another win in oregon, while medians have more punch lines. late night laughs. >> president obama gave the commencement speech at rutgers and took a swipe at trump. >> at politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. >> ignorance is not a virtue. ignorance is bliss. if trump wins, we're looking at very blissful four years ahead of us. >> i read that a new super pac is actually trying to convince amish people to vote for donald trump. those people are look, we're not amish, we got rid of our tv. >> suggest donald trump's base of support may be much greater than polls are reporting, because some voters may be reluctant to admit to pollsters that they agree with trump's ideas. guys, that's a red flag. your president shouldn't be a guilty pleasure. i know, i should be getting a
5:19 am
salad, but i'm going to vote trump. i'm so bad right now. >> it's funny, because it is true. i can't tell you how often, please, weigh in at social media @alisyncome. he is an outsider, i think that that's a big moment here. i'm angry, frustrate i had, i don't buy into the system. is he per effect, nope, but. >> i hear it all the time. my taxi driver yesterday said, he was telling me about trump. he said he is entertaining. people have different reasons why they vote the way they do. please weigh in. bernie sanders, firing up his base. are they too fired up? some of his supporters angering the party with their behavior because they're making threats and saying people should be hanged. we'll ask sanders' campaign manager if they have been strong enough against the meltdown,
5:20 am
next. >> also, we're checking in with the trump supporters about the state of the race, and whether they care about trump's past. we'll be right back. i can do easily. benefiber® healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch.
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5:23 am
tension between democratic party leadership and the bernie sanders campaign. boiling over, some would say. party chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz condemning the sanders campaign for not responding forcefully enough
5:24 am
after violence at the nevada state convention this past weekend, even saying, senator sanders is adding fuel to the fire. now, the issue could wind of threatening this summer's convention. i'm speaking slowly so you can drink in the footage. here to respond, jeff weaver. not acceptable is what congresswoman and party chair debbie wasserman schultz says. bernie sanders should not have put a "but". what you did was unacceptable. you can't have violence, but i get you're angry. did the campaign do the right thing when it came to shouting down violence? >> look, chris, bernie sanders put out a statement before the convention happened. after conversation with senator reid, he put out a statement after the convention happened. he categorically condemns any kind of threats that went on. absolutely unacceptable.
5:25 am
you know, debbie wasserman schultz, we can have a conversation about how she has been throwing shade since the beginning. the debate schedule, weekends when no one would be watching. whether it was when they shut off the sanders access to his own data and we had to sue them in federal court to get it back. whether it was these joint fundraising agreements with the hillary clinton campaign, taking money away from state parties and sending it to the dnc. it is not the dnc. by and large, people at the dnc have been very good to us. debbie wasserman schultz is the exception. >> well, lucky for you, kentucky is champions of democracy, we offer great forums throughout the primary process. i see you nodding your head in ascent. >> very appreciated. >> very well done, mr. weaver. >> you also, sir. >> thank you. the headlines from the dnc, the
5:26 am
elites, is stop whining, you're losing, doing well, but loosing. air do you're down by 3 million votes. don't blame it on the system. your response? >> chris, we've we've competed states, one problem in nevada. we've had great relationships with state parties all across the country. we in one case helped fund the caucuses in a statement party because they didn't have the resources, the clinton campaign refused to help them. we did. you can see there has been a two issues largely in the campaign with the so-called quote-unquote e elites. debbie wasserman schultz and the we've had great relationships with the parties. i'm sure they're going to want to have senator sanders out there helping candidates and
5:27 am
raise money. we look forward to have a continuing great relationship with them. there is really two pressure points here, and i think people who are on the other side of this, you know, including the nevada state democratic party which did such an abysmal job with their caucus process. >> when senator sanders is on the stump and opens his hands wide and says democratic party, let the people in, that doesn't sound like a discreet issue. >> absolutely. >> it sounds like, you know, a macro, overarching chrriticism what he calls a rigged process. >> two issues, chris. electoral process like nevada or debbie wasserman schultz or this other issue, how do we broaden the base of the democratic party. how do we make it the home for more people. how do we make it more inclusive. how do we bring in the young people who feel left out. how do we bring in democratically aligned
5:28 am
independents. that's a different question. that's a challenge, global ch challenge in order to help it grow and be successful for years to come. bernie sanders is leading that, registering hundreds of thousands of people in california. many people coming into the process. you want to make sure the democratic is welcoming to those people so they stay engaged. >> so the burden may shift, right. senator sanders said to me, chris, don't put it on me to get my supporters to go for hillary clinton. she has got to do that. but the burden does shift. you make it through california, let's say you don't have the pledged, you go to the convention, the vote goes against you. now it's your decision what to do. are you concerned at all that if senat s bernie sanders says listen, we have to be against trump, look, hey, you said she was a disaster, you said she can't do these things, what changed? i thought you were supposed to
5:29 am
be authentic. are you worried you won't be able to make the case for clinton. >> bernie sanders said he will support the democratic nominee, whoever that is at the outset of the whole process. he said he'll work seven days a week from keeping donald trump from being president. he will be persuasive in the event he is not the nominee. obviously if he is the nominee, he will be all in for him. >> what do you think will happen in california? >> well, i think we have an excellent shot to win in california. a lot of momentum there. i think you saw the crowd last night that he had when he arrived from puerto rico. a lot of energy out there. the volunteer base is tremendous. the people of california have been great to the senator, and he won in washington and oregon and we're moving down the coast. >> just to be clear to the hashtag feelers of the bern, that got a lot of attention in nevada, the message from the campaign is, don't do it,
5:30 am
correct? >> absolutely. certainly there should be no threats. no context in which any kind of threats are ever acceptable, chris. >> jeff weaver, appreciate you making the case for the senator. appreciate you being on "new day." >> thank you. happy to be here. we have the view from the other side, our panel of donald trump supporters will weigh in on the race and whether his lack of foreign policy is a concern for them. we'll talk about that momentarily. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced,
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we do have some very important breaking news to tell you right now on the fate of those 300 nigerian school girls that were kidnapped in 2014. one of the school girls has been found. david mckenzie is live with the breaking details. what have you learned, david? >> reporter: alisyn, what we've learned from activists that one of the girls, more than 270 girls kidnapped more than two years ago hold by boko haram, no
5:35 am
word yet from the government. they found her on the edge of boko haram, and said she has been handed over to the nigerian military. good news, the first girl potentially released from this terrible, terror group, after more than two years of captivity. alisyn, chris. >> david, please, please, keep us posted. just an incredible story. such -- i mean, one is not 300, but still good news story. >> remember, one of the unfortunaunfor the unfortunate, they are unknown where they are. is there the willingness to go not strong hold, and really an open insult that's going on in that society. >> wow, we will bring you the latest as soon as we have it. donald trump supporters have heard it all. the revelations about his past, lack of experience, where those taxes, any of that change their mind as soon as put it to the panel of donald trump voters live in our studio, straight
5:36 am
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5:40 am
okay, moments ago, we had sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver, addressing here on the show the dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz's criticism and whether or not sanders has gone far enough to condemn it. they've been going back and forth and saw it play out here on "new day." is the democratic party possibly bracing for a behind the scenes mess at their convention. joining us to discuss all of this, david challian and mark preston. let's start there, david. is the democratic party now rivalling the republican party who will have a messier convention now? >> i don't think it is quite equivalent yet. what happened in the republican party was a real earthquake inside the party. but i do think that the task of bringing the democratic party back together is bigger than perhaps the clinton campaign prepared for. i think we see that now, because the nature in which the sanders supporters and the high command
5:41 am
of the sanders campaign and the candidate himself are finishing out this process, indicates they are an absolutely no hurry to make nice and come together. >> now, fair criticism. i was wrong. when i said that these two parties both are in extensional trouble. >> he was wrong. let's mark this down. may 18th. >> this has never happened with the two of us. but it did happen with you. but my question to you is this. maybe to savage my point a little bit. hillary clinton, 2008, everyone says well, she was in the sanders position, she won a string at the end. it was hope and change that was her opponent, and wound up beating her. she is up against hope and change again in the form of bernie sanders, who arguably does not have a lot of the appeal that barack obama had, but she is struggling against
5:42 am
him. >> and hope and change, you may not like the form, certainly democrats, is what donald trump offers. is that an achille's heel for her. >> if you look back at 2008, it was a long game for hillary clinton. she was going to run again, no matter. she lost the nomination battle, but she was looking ahead to where we are now. bernie sanders is not going to run again, included in that hope and change is one word. revolution. bernie sanders' whole political career has been fueled by this idea that he is going to run the revolution and lead the revolution. >> would you say it is extensional movement for him? >> he is trying to cover his words. >> what i would say is this. i would say that bernie sanders has to be very careful over the next few weeks about how he closes this out. he needs to look powerful, and in control with the people who have followed him at the same time, not destroying the democratic party. >> okay, let's talk about what happened this weekend, where we
5:43 am
saw bernie sanders supporters grow hostile. there was some violence. they have threatened some of the party apparatus. look at this. this, is you know, this is them. they're screaming, reacting. they had left some threatening voicemails for the party chair there in nevada. has bernie sanders gone far enough in shutting that stuff down? >> well, not if you ask debbie wasserman schultz. she certainly thinks he has not. you know, what his supporters are doing is rebelling against rules that they think are being manipulated to service the clinton campaign. >> is that true? >> well, i don't know that the rules were being manipulated in a way that they weren't written to be. i mean, they were the rules of -- >> but were they written to always favor the establishment candidate and not the outsider? >> i think most state party and national party rules on both sides are written to protect those already in power in the party. that is, so they are, at the very essence of their campaign, antiestablishment, they are
5:44 am
rebelling against rules not working in their favor, so you can understand their frustration. i think where bernie sanders has to step in, when it boils over to this kind of vitreal left on a voicemail, they condemned it, but he has to do more to speak to unwinding his supporters from this prespus. >> they don't have great answer. i get, if i'm in the campaign, i don't want to get ahead of myse myself either. how will you get your people on board, they go right to trump. well, we already said, you know, would he'll do anything to stop trump. they don't talk about clinton specifically. just too early? >> no, you know, the clear mccaskill interview, there has been a lot of blame at the doorstep of bernie sanders. to david's points, he does need to unwind these people, however, he is not the one inciting the
5:45 am
violence, these are just a few of the millions that are whatever, that is following him. claire mccaskill said listen, it not him, it is is some of his supporters, and in the end, we're going to come together as a party. the republican has a lot more mending to do than the passions that we're seeing right now among the democratic party, with the bernie sanders people. i mean, look, there is work to do before they get to philadelphia, but the fact of the matter is, bernie sanders folks are going to get behind hillary clinton, and the idea they're going to get behind donald trump is such a red herring. >> david, mark, thank you. donald trump, as you know, says he'll make america great again. he has been short on some specifics of how to do that, but it does not seem to bother his supporters. we'll ask them why. we have our panel of donald trump voters, next.
5:46 am
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all right, we have been speaking to supporters of donald trump this morning about why they want him in the white house. is trump's persona masking a lack of policy chops. do they care about anything coming out about him and disclosures, transparency, his past? want to discuss? >> yeah, let's do that. let's bring in the panel. hi, guys. >> so let's get a little reminder here. just a show of hands okay, who is re-thinking support of trump because of anything that has come out in the last week or so about his past or what he is doing or not doing with
5:50 am
transparency? anything re-thinking? you better keep your hand down, because every time i say anything about trump, that could be vaguely negative, you attack me. why are you moving? >> what has bolstered it? >> you know what, it's the woman thing. the ad that came out with hillary and everyone is talking about it, the way i feel about it is that i mean, are we really cre crucifying him because of rosie o'donnell. he said women, you're not a ten if you have a breast implant. women agree with that, if you see how much they spent on best implants last year. >> you don't see these things as being pejorative for women? >> no, people who support hillary clinton, women who support her should be upset with that ad. it's saying you're not spamart enough to think about the
5:51 am
economy. they're playing on our emotion as women. >> how many of you are voting for donald trump's personality over policy? you're more attracted to his personality? none of you, none of you think you're going for his personality over policy? because you're raising your eyebrows over the back of your head at me. wow. about policy, you know, some people have thought he hasn't given it enough specifics. what is your take? >> he gave as many specifics as any of the other gop candidates did. they just weren't being covered. when he first announced, i went back and read a book that he published in 2011, "time to get tough," what he was talking about are the policies he is talking about now. american first foreign policy position. illegal immigration, and not just illegal immigration, but regular immigration, if you look back at interviews he gave 30 years ago, his stance on foreign
5:52 am
trade is exactly well thought out. >> joe? >> i think that what we need to take a look at also is that since he was never involved in politics, besides a contributor, of course, he won't be as polished as hillary clinton, who has been running for the past 25 years. he may not have as many policy details in place as she does, but again, i agree with pax, he has said the same thing time and time again. >> but what about when he doesn't, he ca im out with the new word flexible, which he uses a a as a label i'm going to flip flop on things, i am going to change my tax policy. dodd-frank, the bill that came out to stop the banks from being too big. i'm coming after those wall streeters, they're not going to like me. now, he says i'm going to
5:53 am
dismantle dodd-frank. why? could it be he is trying to get the bank money for his party? does it register with you? >> it does, but he is not a politician. he is a businessman. and i think that the establishment, the wall street, d.c. connection has got to stop. that's why, you know, up to now, he hasn't received any campaign contributions, and now, you know, they want him to. so that connection, you know, our politicians ought to go to d.c. to fight for our voters, and they're fighting to not have the influence, but these pockets are d getting deeper and deeper. he has his billions already, i think he wants to forge this country forward. >> rachel, since you first are supported marco rubio, have you always been comfortable wh where donald trump is on policy? >> not always. it's just been so tough to say i support trump now. i especially, in the beginning, he was so brash and i've always thought he was just so over the
5:54 am
top while marco rubio was not as much. >> why are you comfortable with that to support him? >> he'll be the nominee. also, i would say that he isn't so as harsh as he was. which is a huge turnoff for a tun of people, but i think he has had a lot of people saying tone it down. that has changed so much. >> i heard something in the tackle shop that i just heard a congresswoman echo that we had on, rene, i was going at her about the how, congresswoman, how will he do that. listen, listen. enough with the how essentially is what she said. people are okay with what trump is saying, even if he is light on policy. because they believe he is going to be different. at the end of the day, alisyn's question about personality, that's inclusive in that statement. it is not just that he is charming. you just believe him. i believe him, i don't need to
5:55 am
hear the specifics. >> all of you. marco, tell us how you're feeling. >> i feel great. >> 16 cups of coffee. how bad can you feel? >> donald trump will be the were best president we've ever had. the best thing about donald trump, when he comes down to making decisions, he'll decide what he personally thinks is best for this country for the economy, for the security and not care about what the democrats or the republicans or the special interests say, how he should run things. he will run it the way he has been running his business, which he has done great for his business. he has the same mind set making this country great again. >> panel, thank you. it has been wonderful to get your impressions with us and having you stand by throughout the show. thanks so much. good stuff, next. >> as if it could get any gooder. (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department.
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their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. the good stuff, in today's good stuff, soldiers going above their call of diuty to celebrat christian lopez. >> we just wanted to thank christopher fighting one of the biggest battles ever in life. >> first of all, she is the best aunt in the world. she is obviously a service member. she flew in from hawaii to lead a soldier march on the street in support of crit shahristian bec
6:00 am
is fighting cancer. >> chris, i salute you. you're true, true soldier. >> people are warriors in different ways. true soldier form, the united states army gifted christian not only with a combat uniform, but the patches that the soldiers had actually earned in battle. you know what the good news is? christian is in remission. >> good stuff, thanks chris. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," democratic split, dividing the vote and bernie sanders digging in. >> we are in to the last ballot is cast. >> and now fears what happened at the vegas democratic convention won't stay in vegas. >> people like you should be hung in a public execution. >> there were people sitting out in the crowd that heard people calling for my


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