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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  May 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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challenges that i could have climbing mt. everest with the prosthesis, i've been able to mitigate through experience and planning. i'm very proud of the work we've done raising awareness while climbing this mountain. >> wishing them the very best certainly. we are so grateful for your company as always. making great memories today. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. another commander in chief test. >> what just happened about 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky >> and hillary clinton gives donald trump and his tweets a failing grade. >> it's a pattern that has gone on now for months. >> reporter: plus the trump unity push accelerates.
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conservative overtures on judges and guns. >> i will not let you down. remember that. i will not let you down. >> reporter: and clinton makes a big bet, there will be democratic unity, she says, down the road a bit. >> what brings us together is donald trump. >> for now bernie sanders is not in a kumbaya mood. >> we are in until the last ballot is cast. >> "inside politics" the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics" i'm john king. the wild presidential nominating season entering its final stretch and three big questions. will voters prefer donald trump's tough talk or hillary clinton's experience when weighing the commander in chief test that comes with crises like egyptianair 804. >> when you run for the united states the entire world is listening and watching. i think if you go through many
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of his irresponsible, reckless, dangerous comments it's not just somebody saying something off the cuff. >> are fresh overtures to conservatives on judges in the second amendment easing concerns that a trump-led republican ticket would mean ghaster for other gop candidates come november? >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just remember that. we're not talking about changing it. she wants to abolish the second amendment. so we're not going to let that happen. i can tell you that right now. >> question three a fascinating one is bernie sanders now encouraging a tea party-like revolt in the democratic party? escalating his war with the national party chairwoman by endorsing her liberal challenger in a congressional primary. >> clearly i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than is wasserman schultz's and let me also say this, in all due respect to the chairperson,
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if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> in all due respect he says that. sharing insights jailie pace of the associated press, jonathan martin of "new york times" and cnn's nia -malika henderson. here's donald trump with the national rifle association convention. >> the second amendment is on the ballot in november. the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named donald trump. i will protect our second amendment. i will protect our country. >> here's hillary clinton last night at a trayvon martin foundation dinner. >>en like donald trump i will not pander to the gun lobby and we will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated, as long
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as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting for our kids, because they deserve a president who stands up for them. and stands with the mothers here. >> that's about as clear a choice as you can get. mr. trump sees this as a two-fer in his effort to unify a skeptic party. attacking clinton helps, too. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office. >> now secretary clinton sees it as a way to energize the obama coalition, african-american in urban areas, women in the suburbs and as part of a clear effort by her campaign to define trump from day one as reckless and extreme. >> he's talking about more guns in our schools. he's talking about more hatred and division in our streets. you want to imagine what trump's
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america will look like. picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry. picture more anger and fear. >> right out of the box, elections it's good to have clear choices. on the guns issues pretty clear that hillary clinton waste nod time firing back, this is an issue democrats often ran from in national elections. she thinks it helps her. mr. trump thinks it's pretty important to him. >> it is amazing we're talking about guns as we turn to a general election. barack obama in both of his campaigns really ran away from this issue, didn't see it as a winning issue. clinton see this is differently, as a way for her to show voters that she's not just going to be anti-donald trump, she has an issue she cares about, she cares about passionately. i think that's important for her. because she's struggled with her messaging. it's interesting with trump, i was at the nra convention on friday, he had a script he was
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trying desperately to stick to though he struggled a lot and when he was introduced by nra leaders as they endorsed him their entire remarks were about hillary clinton. the only time they mentioned donald trump was to actually say they were endorsing him and you can see the tension in there. they want to get behind him because they want to be against hillary clinton yet at the same time they are somewhat skeptical of where trump is on the issues. >> that's a great point. let's get to it. you have the nra endorsing trump because they so don't want hillary clinton and yet this on this and many other issues. >> they're endorsing not hillary. >> back in the day donald trump endorsed the assault weapons ban. just three years ago, a little more than three years ago after the newtown shooting he fwetwee out president obama spoke for me and every american in his remarks in newtown, connecticut. jonathan, president obama in that speech called for strict new gun controls. >> donald trump has been on the other side of the issue with
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conservatives on literally every issue of importance to them. that's not new. if you're conservative and support donald trump you have to basically make this entirely about hillary clinton and basically rationalize by saying she's just worse than him and you have to basically ignore every statement he's made over the years contradicting what he says now because it's all out there. they know that but he's put on the red jersey so they're rallying to his side because he's not hillary. what's striking about the gun debate to me it does capture how the era of persuasion politics is over. we're in the year of mobilization politics. hillary clinton is focusing on this issue she wants to mobilize the obama base to support her. that galvanizes her. that is pa roh mount, not about persuading 5% of voters. >> grade for us the trump effort he put out a list of judges, there was a lot of skepticism
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earlier in the game. his sister who happens to be pro-choice say judge, she would be a great supreme court justice. he. uld that back, couldn't do it anyway it would be nepotism but put out a list of judges and they said it's a pretty good list with the vacancy now. do they trust him? >> you did have people say this is a great start, these are conservative justices, we like these folks, they're not sort of the run of the mill folks, a lot of them were "w" appointees before hand and erick erickson saying how can we trust this guy? are these just suggestions, a phrase that donald trump himself has used to describe some of the policies. about the muslim ban, walls. >> everything he said. >> is essentially a suggestion so there still has to be some persuasion at least among the chattering classes. but donald trump has already mobilized actual republican voter, those folks are coming around if you look at "the washington post" post poll ahead
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by three points. it's still early. he's still got to do some work with the people who get on tv and talk all the time, but the base, those folks still seem to be behind him because this isn't going to be an ideological election. it's going to be about the economy. it's going to be about strength, it will be about mobilizing folks and not about who is the purest conservative. >> he also said he might add to that list, which makes it like this is not a restricted 11 people. who knows who is going to add? one of the striking things is mitt romney struggled so much with the flip-flop label and donald trump as john was saying has been on every side of every issue and it doesn't stick to him in the same way. i'm flexible, i'll change my mind and i think he's struggling right now to connect with conservatives because of that, because they don't trust him. >> and we're talking about the issues, conservatives trust some of the issues. jonathan, you're part coauthor of the lead story in the sunday paper today, the donors cloud
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trump. he says he doesn't need the traditional infrastructure but in a close race against hillary clinton which ale all anticipate had will be and sanders supporters say hillary clinton is not the nominee but in a close race against any democrat how much does that matter if donors say i can't do this? >> a story about his challenge not just with random folks, the biggest donors in the republican party, the folks over the last three elections given the most money to gop causes, millions and millions of dollars who are saying heck no we're not going to give him a dime and in part because of his rhetoric and part because of his policies but some of these folks just say look, he's a billionaire. he says why does he need my money. this is billionaire on billionaire violence we're talking about. the fact is, is that there is still even nia mentioned this, coalescing among voters among elites, there is still deep concern about trump's policies and the fact that somebody who
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is not fit for office and he says he doesn't care about them but he has said he wants to rise $1 billion by election night. here is the math. you got to rise about $8 million plus a day to hit that part. if you don't have those people on your side ir'not going to raise $1 billion. >> he's shown hesitance to write his own checks. there's stories leaving open the possibility of repaying everything he's done in the primaries alone. legally with the filings they've left open the possibility he could repay himself. >> question how liquid his finances are. he's got, you know, maybe $300 million to $500 million according to some estimates so he'd have to start selling some buildings, taking out mortgages on those in order to pay for himself, but that's what the toners are saying, look you've told us for months you don't need us andhat you could pay for this yourself. you're so wealthy. write a check. >> what trump will do with his campaign part of the reason you need money because you build
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these huge campaign infrastructures, spend money on television ads. he's shown he's not necessarily going down that path. >> he hasn't needed it. he's proven you can run on a shoestring budge net a primary and who knows what can happen in a general. >> we're about to find out. ahead the commander in chief test, how donald trump sees the egyptianair flight crisis as a dividing line. politicians say the darned things. "saturday night live" looking back at a key moment in the democratic campaign. >> remember when i told everyone to stop talking about your damn e-mail? what a schmuck! >> remember the states like wyoming where you beat me by a lot but then i still got most of the delegates! >> oh my god! i was so stupid! it's rigged! >> i know it's so rigged! >> oh, my god! to debbie wasserman schultz. >> to debbie! wanna drink more water?
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welcome back. there is zero doubt a sudden catastrophic failure caused egyptair flight 304 to plunge from the sky en route cairo from paris. why it happened remains a mystery. officials suspect terrorism but other causes cannot be ruled out. last-minute alerts from the plane about smoke are raising questions about a possible fire or electrical problem. the search for data recorders and other vital clues continues but donald trump already knows the cause. he was certain from the moment he heard of the tragedy. "looks like yet another terrorist attack" trump said in a tweet thursday morning. when will we get tough, srt and vigilant. that night he added this. >> a plane got blown out of the sky, and if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky,
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you're 100% wrong, folks. >> many democrats are saying trump was reckless, that a president can't get out ahead of the facts like that but in an interview on cnn hillary clinton essentially agreed with mr. trump it was likely, in her view an act of terrorism but says trump's tough talk isn't the answer. >> do you think that donald trump is qualified to be president? >> no, i do not. >> was that an example of the trump effect? many democrats that they were e-mailing around there he goes again, shooting from the hip, a president can't do that. president can't say that. >> yes. >> trump says it and hillary clinton instead of saying a president can't say that essentially agrees with him. >> yes, and i think that one of the challenges that clinton has in this campaign is that you're seeing a bit of a reaction to obama, who is generally a precautious president. he would never say something is terrorism without really knowing it's terrorism and i think a lot
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of americans feel like they want a little more of a visceral reaction from their president, a little more emotion. trump obviously takes that to an extreme. clinton comes to this and more of the obama mold, been in politics a long time. she understands that words matter but she can't risk being branded as completely establishment as someone who would just be in a traditional mold of a politician so i think you see her in these instances getting further than she herself would want to be because she knows that voters are looking for a little more of that. >> one of the things she was trying to do in that interview, make news and say that he was on, but trying to get voters to imagine in their heads what a donald trump in this situation room would look like. she brought up the example of bin laden. she was in that room and ultimately they made a case around bin laden and looked at the case to obama and he made the final call and she said essentially donald trump probably wouldn't be able to make that call, that he might have revealed some details of
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some of the delicate negotiations before the event actually happened so she's trying to discredit him and one of the things if you look at some focus groups, a lot of republicans who were reluctant to back donald trump one of the things they did talk about was they had problems envisioning him in the oval office. that's something i think they know they might have something of an opening there with some republicans. >> if you look let's not put stock in polls in late may protecting to november especially when it comes to the horse race. clinton and trump have high negatives but the new "the washington post" poll even though they have equal high negatives when adults were asked who is more qualified, clinton scores higher than trump on the qualification issue. you can tell that's the point she was trying to emphasize. listen to her donald trump wants to be president, he has to be more careful about what he says. >> so when you say we're going to bar all muslims, you are sending a message to the muslim world and also sending a message to the terrorists because we now
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do have evidence, we have seen how donald trump is being used to essentially be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism. >> she says i'm experienced. i know how to be calm in these moments. he says you were secretary of state, benghazi happened, in his view she lied to the families, you were secretary of state, look around the world, things aren't a hell of a lot better. he makes the argument a lot argue things are worse, experience versus -- >> well the other thing that was more surprising from her was calling it likely terrorism. you almost expect that from donald trump at this point for him to wake up and immediately jump to his gut reaction. like you're saying i think it's the trump effect, he is more eager to jump on board with something like that, and it gets to i think a little bit of something we'll hear more about, benghazi and reluctance on republicans believe that democrats have a reluctance to call things terrorism and here hillary clinton was sort of jumping maybe too early given what we found over the past.
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>> it's a preview of the tension we'll see over the next six months. any time there's a crisis or world event we know what the reaction will trump will be, immediate and it's going to be firm to say the least and she's had to struggle between trying to appeal to voters who like what trump does but at the same time show her responsibility gene. >> as he makes that case, he says if you don't believe me, listen to bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders said that hillary really isn't, essentially not fit to be president. she's not qualified to be president. he said unqualified and he said that she suffers from bad judgment, and she does. >> for the cruz/trump romance ended but the trump/bernie bromance is ensuing. >> donald trump will pick up the attacks bernie sanders leveled on clinton throughout the primary and make that his own.
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foreign policy, critiquing of here you have the experience but remember the vote on iraq, that was bad judgment. >> we'll get to the democrats next but insenator sanders he says donald trump over my dead body. he goes after trump pretty hard. is bernie sanders encouraging a tea-party style revolt in the democratic party. while you think about that take our "inside politics" quiz. donald trump told abc his tax rate is "none of your business." do you believe presidential candidates should release their taxes? vote at [burke] at farmers,we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a ufh2o. [man] that's not good.
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enis really built into theat foundation of the company. whole foods market is engaged with pg&e on many levels, to really reduce energy and reduce our environmental footprint. for a customer like whole foods, saving energy means helping our environment,
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and we can be a part of that. helping customers save energy is a very important part of what pg&e does. we can pass those savings on to the environment, the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california. fascinating story developing this morning, bernie sanders taking his war with the democratic establishment to a new level, and it could significantly complicate efforts to unify the party after it's already contentious presidential nominating battle. in an interview in full at the top of the hour on "state of the union with jake tapper" sanders takes a page from the tea party in its war with the republican establishment offering his endorsement to a liberal challenger to florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz also happens to be chairwoman of the democratic
5:28 am
national committee. >> clearly i favor her opponent. his views are much closer to mine than as wasserman schultz's and let me also say this, in all due respect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> ouch. that's not just picking a fight with congresswoman wasser man schultz. the sanders campaign accuses of favoring hillary clinton, she's president obama's hand picked party chairman. it encourages revolt against establishment figures when democrats hope the primary eases and the party focuses on donald trump. what is this about? we've seen what the tea party intentions have done in the republican party. some say they're horrible. is bernie sanders sending a signal to his supporters find establishment figures who are with clinton, find super delegates from states that i won
5:29 am
and encourage primary challenges. >> this is the worst nightmare for democrats right now. people keep talking about 2008 how that was brutal. this is much more divisive right now. hillary clinton at the end of that really rallied behind barack obama. she had something to gain at end of it which was a secretary of state position. bernie sanders is not in that same boat. he's an independent who caucused with democrats and not necessarily looking toward his party future in the democratic party. there's a lot of friction that may not be -- >> hillary was a party person. >> that's so key with hillary clinton she wanted a democrat clearly in the white house, she wanted democrats. >> but sanders says repeatedly he doesn't want trump. >> but that's different than saying he wants the democratic party as it currently exists in power. >> bernie sanders sees himself as an indispensable historic figure. >> wow.
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>> he feels like sanders feels like it's his destiny to lead the democratic party and this is his last chance to do so. when you. you the it in those sort of grand terms, i think it looks a little different. >> let's get to that then. if that's his mind-set and you're hillary clinton and just told cnn that interview showed you earlier with chris cuomo he'll come around, it will be fine, bernie sanders will get it. she said i understand this, i went through it in 2008. senator sappeders is on "state of the union" at the top of the hour. he did another interview, democrats still have time to pick him over clinton. >> we need a campaign, an election coming up which does not have two candidates who are strongly disliked. i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. i want the american people to be voting for a vision of economic justice, of social justice, of environmental justice, of racial justice. >> says he's in the campaign to


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