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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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happening now in the quts newsroom, trump sending mix messaging tweeting crooked hillary said that i want guns brought into the school classroom, wrong. >> a message about donald trump. >> i will be the nominee and will be running against donald trump. i do not want americans and, you know, good thinking republicans as well as democrats and independents to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy. it isn't. >> and sanders has kind of a rough go with the democratic national committee. now he's throwing his support behind the dnc chair's primary rival, we'll talk with him this hour. it's all straight ahead quts newsroom starts now.
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>> thanks so much for joining me, senator bernie sanders is in an uphill battle to win the democratic nomination and now warning against a major leader of the democratic party. the sanders campaign has been engaged in a growing feud with dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz saying she favors hillary clinton. on state of the union, sanders announced he was supporting wasserman schultz's primary candidate in the race for florida's 23rd congressional district and went as far as to say that if he were elected president, wasserman shultz will no longer be the head of the dnc. >> you've been calling for a revolution in florida. are you with wasserman shultz or with her opponent? >> well, clearly i favor her
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opponent. his views are much closer to mine than is as wasserman schultz's and in all duery inspect to the current chairperson, if elected president, she would not be reappointed to be chair of the dnc. >> dnc chairwoman wasser man schultz issued this, i remain as i have been from the beginning neutral in the presidential democratic primary. end quote. let's bring in in california where sander is expected to hold a rally. sunlin, he seems intent on taking on now the democratic leadership. >> reporter: that's right, fred. this is certainly a significant escalation of the food between them and something that we've
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really seen almost snowball over the last couple of months over the course of this primary campaign, something well documented and sanders campaign going after debbie wasserman schultz. they've been very unhappy and critical of her role in the dnc as chairwoman. put simply, they believe the system and nominating process has really benefited hillary clinton. the rules in place and they've complained from everything from debates being scheduled on saturday night to closed primaries in big states like new york, something that bernie sanders consistently brings up even now on campaign trail and going into the role of superdelegates, all of these at large a part of the nominating process that the sanders campaign very strongly say benefits hillary clinton and look, his endorsement of tim canova is a big part of that, this bitter feud that really has been escalating between them. it was very significant with bernie sanders this morning with
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jake tapper came out and said i'm not going to support her, i'm going to support him. it will be interesting even though this is a florida house race to see if bernie sanders brings that up here at this rally in vista, california. this is exactly the sort of thing that rallies up his supporters. railing against the system saying its rigged. we'll see if later here today he brings that up. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. let's learn more now about the dnc chair's challenger in that congressional district and talk to the man himself, tim canova, thanks for joining me, appreciate it. >> thank you for having any. >> you are the challenger in this primary for the 23rd district florida district for u.s. congress seat. i know that senator sanders asked you to serve on his wall street reform advisory panel in 2011 but tell us more about your relationship with him. why is he so in your corner?
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>> well, i imagine he sees that i share his progressive agenda. i welcome senator sanders' support for this team. he's been right on an awful lot of issues and we have a similar progressive agenda. i'm a progressive in the tradition of franklin roosevelt and i think there are people in this wing of the party, some people call it the elizabeth warren wing, bernie sanders as well that want the same progressive reforms. >> you're not gunning for debbie wasserman schultz's dnc chairwoman job, but by gunning for this congressional position, if you were to unseat her, it would undermine her authority and leadership authority as dnc chair, right? >> that's probably true. i'm not running to be the dnc chair. the voters in our district have not been well served. it is a full-time job and
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representing people in the house of representatives is a full-time job, i don't think anybody can effective ly my opponent is not doing either effectively. >> >> are you using some of the same language that wasserman schultz is throwing shade on him and has been for a long time as he's battling for the nomination against hillary clinton now? >> well, you think that's for voters to decide how she's doing at dnc chair. most folks look at her and see her as the dnc chair and failed chairwoman. but here in south florida, she's seen as increasingly out of touch with her own constituents. she's probably more -- i'm sure she's more receptive to corporate interests and taking an awful lot of corporate money over the course of her career. this isn't just my opinion, the miami herald did a fact check
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and said it is true, taking millions from wall street banks and big of the corporations and been more responsive to those interest than her own constituents. i've been in this district teaching as a law professor and probably spend more time in the district than she has since she's been in washington and all over the country as dnc chair. there are a lot of problems in the district that are not really being addressed at quadequately. it doesn't matter if we're talking mill lennials or baby boomers, it's a forgiving jobs markets and these are being ignored by our representative and in her own votes making the problems worse, budget cuts, on the war on drugs, and on predatory finance, pushing the interest of pay day lenders for instance. so this district is really in need of better representation and that's why i stepped up to
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run. >> also, on a national stage, are you in disagreement with bernie sanders who reiterated just today that he thought that the dnc had anointed hillary clinton in what he called a very unfair process. he too is using the same language that donald trump used about the republican process saying that it's rigged and that even the superdelegates, wouldn't feel so bad if that went away. where are you on all of that? >> well, i've not been all that happy with how the dnc has approached the presidential election either. i was frustrated at first there were so few debates but my campaign is not about this issue. it's really about local issues. i think running the dnc is a full-time job and difficult one. i used to teach at the university of miami and reince priebus, the head of the republican national committee was a student of ours at that
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time. this is 20 years ago. he has a full-time job running the dnc -- i'm sorry, the republican national committee. should the republicans come out of their convention united, it might -- no small part to reince priebus's efforts. where if the democrats come out ulted, it may not be because of debbie wasserman shultz but because of her efforts. >> what do you envision for the democratic national convention? >> yeah, is it going to be contentious, do you envision the stage will be set for unification or see it as becoming much more con tank rouse one? >> i don't have a crystal ball any more than you do. i certainly hope the democrats -- >> you have a gut or feeling, don't you? >> well, on a bad day i have a bad feeling, you know, we all can see the tea leaves and worry, the party is certainly divided at the moment and a lot will come down to california voters, it's a big state.
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it's interesting in the past california has been a side note in these presidential primaries and this year california could pick the winner depending on how it goes. >> tim canova, thank you so much and all the best. good luck in your race. >> thank you so much. >> when we come back, in the past 48 hours, donald trump has said he wants to ban gun free zones with the exception of classrooms. but he does think teachers should be armed. which is it? we'll talk about his evolving stance on gun regulation. meanwhile hillary clinton says trump is pandering to the gun lobby and warns of a quote dangerous and violent america if he is elected. all the other guys are talking about these days is how good their coverage is.
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the latest a light night tweet saying hillary clinton's criticism on his position are wrong, crooked hillary said that i want guns brought into the school classroom. wrong. then just a few hours later in an interview on "fox & friends" this morning, trump shifted his tone. >> i don't want to have guns in classrooms although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms frankly because teachers are -- things going on in our schools are unbelievable. you look at our schools, unbelievable what's going on. but i'm not advocating guns in classroom, but remember in some cases teachers should be able to have gun, trained teachers should have able to have guns in classrooms. >> this comes on the heels of the nra endorsement of trump on friday and hillary clinton calling his words dangerous at a trayvon martin foundation
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dinner. parents and teacher and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms, just like donald trump does ats many of his hotels by the way. sms someone running to be president of the united states and a country facing a gun violence epidemic and he's talking about more guns in our schools. he's talking about more hatred and division in our streets. even above more nuclear weapons in the world. that's no way to keep us safe. you you want to imagine what trump's america will look like, picture more kids at risk of vi leps and bigotry and more anger and fear. >> let's talk more with ron brownstein, this exemplifies, both are focusing in a very big
12:17 pm
way on general election? >> you can learn a lot from this dispute. you look from 2000 to 2012 after al gore, democrats simply would not touch the gun control issue, the feeling was gore's advocacy was part of the reason he lost big part of the rn he lost to george w. bush. now the they are focusing on gun control is a winning issue with them, with nonwhite voters and college educated white women. on the other hand it remains a problem with the noncollege and nonurban white voters and those voters are passionately against gun control for the most part. what you see is an issue like many of the cultural disputes in modern politics, this issue widens the divide between the two sides along racial and geographic lines. >> how does that perhaps that nra endorsement now change things for donald trump who feels that with that
12:18 pm
endorsement, he said i was surprised, does this mean that he is trying to i guess trying to shape his dialogue to appeal to the nra audience and getting tripped up potentially as we see the back and forth changing of language, tripped up with which audience am i trying to appeal to right now? >> it's a good point. guns are one of many issues on which trump is repositioning himself on the fly to align with the consensus view in the republican party. he started in a very different place. this is a lifetime new yorker whose views on many social issues would be shaped by new york values and now he is kind of repositioning himself. if you look at where the core strengths of each of of the candidates, donald trump is running well among noncollege whites, key group that powered him to the nomination and he has
12:19 pm
a huge lead among them. if you look where hillary clinton is relying on to win this election, the core are college socially liberal whites and minority voters who are strongly gun control. the fact this issue is re engend after three consecutive elections where it was not is revealing of how far the coalitions have moved apart. >> interesting then as pertains to donald trump, there are a lot of traditional republican big donors who don't want to touch him, using words like contempt and distrust and they don't really want to throw their money his way, but then does he really need it at this juncture because he continues to be in the headlines and continues to get the attention whether it be by tweets or by news conference. does he need their money any way? >> it's a great question. paid media matters less than any other campaign because there is
12:20 pm
so much free -- this election has gotten more coverage than ever before. what you're seeing if you look at the polls that have come out over the last week, nbc, wall street journal, they tell you the same thing, despite all of this elite level republican unease with donald trump and it is real from elected officials and donors, the party -- the rank in file is rallying around him as the only choice in a two-person race against hillary clinton who the republican base detest. donald trump may have more success at unifying rank and file voters than many would have expected. right now hillary clinton is facing a lot of trouble where you have extraordinarily high number of bernie sanders voters and young people saying they are not going to support her. she has as much need to unify the party, maybe even more today than donald trump is despite the elite resistance which is unlikely to dissipate. >> we heard bernie sanders reiterate that he's not
12:21 pm
necessarily going to advocate this unification in time for the convention unless she comes on his side on certain issues, climate change being one and health care for everybody being another. it's going to be contentious indeed. >> the numbers for young people, fred, the biggest red flag for hillary clinton in the new wave of polls is her weak performance among young people. the billingest red flag for trump, underperforming among college educated whites, particularly women. if he can't improve, that prevent him from getting to the overwhelming majority of whites he fleeneeds to win. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> taliban leader killed in a u.s. air strike. cnn's nic robertson is following this. >> reporter: afghan taliban and al qaeda figures sources tell us
12:22 pm
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isis is calling for more terror attacks on west in an audio recording released online, a spokesman for the jihadi group urged followers to carry out
12:26 pm
attack during ramadan which begins in early june. this kamz two days after the egyptair crash but makes no mention of that. city residents are told to flee if they can. human rights groups have been warning that isis was barring residents from leaving the city and some were facing starvation. fallujah was an early victory for isis militants who controlled it since january of 2014. the taliban confirming today their top leader is dead, mullah mansour, was killed saturday, the target of an american air strike. nic robertson joins me now. nic? >> reporter: yeah, fredericka, this was a man when he took over the leadership of the taliban, it was divided. he then oversaw a bring gs back together of those divided elements and an escalation of
12:27 pm
the military campaign in turning away from the possibility of peace talks and that appears to be why he's potentially sort of become therefore more of an important target and now we know targeted in the u.s. drone strike across the border from pakistan. u.s. officials still waiting for confirmation that he has actually been killed. but was it him confirmed dead they are waiting to get more information on that. al qaeda and taliban sources are already saying yes, he is dead that they are meeting and that they are obviously now considering their new leader for the afghan taliban. >> nic robertson, thank you so much. two former republican governors now joining forces to run on a third party ticket on the race for the white house, including bill wells, who went on cnn today to defend the controversial comments he made by donald trump and the
12:28 pm
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welcome back. we're following several developing stories this hour, egypt is deploying a submarine to search for flight recorders of the egyptair flight 804. new tighter security measures are announced at charles de gaulle airport where the flight took off. and donald trump with a very mixed message on guns, tweeting last night that hillary is wrong when she says he wants guns brought into the classrooms. then saying this today. >> some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly. >> this all comes on the heels of the nra endorsement of trump on friday. hillary clinton calling his words dangerous at a trayvon martin foundation dinner. >> there's been a lot of talk about conservatives mounting a third party run to prevent donald trump from winning the
12:32 pm
presidency. two former republican governors are joining forces and running on the libertarian party. former massachusetts governor bill wells is on that ticket as the vp and today he stood by his controversial comments likening donald trump's immigration deportation stance to nazi policies during the holocaust. take a listen. >> let's talk about immigration. you've obviously differed sharply with donald trump in particular on this issue of mass deportation. his plan to deport the estimated 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants currently in the u.s. you told the new york times about that plan, i can hear the glass crunching on the ghettos of warsaw and vienna. for those who don't know, crystal night refers to the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after
12:33 pm
jewish businesses had their windows smashed by anti-sem itic mobs. >> i served five years on the u.s. holocaust commission on appointment of george w. bush, israel never had a stronger friend in the white house. i'm -- that was my request, and i'm absolutely certain that as we said in those years, if we don't remember, we absolutely will forget. you've got to forget a lot of things to thing it's a good thing to round up and deport 11 million people, most of them working in america in the middle of the night? not the united states. china maybe, not the united states. >> weld talked about why as a republican governor he was now running as a libertarian. >> even if you didn't win, a third party candidate can have a huge impact on the outcome of af
12:34 pm
presidential race. some people for instance believe ralph nader played a role in helping hurt al gore and elect george w. bush. as a former republican governor is that a concern? would you be comfortable with a prospect of possibly being blamed for tipping the election to the democrats? >> it's not a concern at all. i think we have our positions and we're going to press them. i'd like to ideally nudge the democrats towards the economic center and get them away from excessive spending. i'd like to nudge the republicans to get away from their anti-abortion substance, their queezyness with gays and lesbians being able to live openly and married and peaceably. the unbelievable proposals that have been made in the immigration area to round up and deport 11 million people. this is really not prime time. we don't mind saying so. >> weld is running vice
12:35 pm
president shad candidate on libertarian party ticket with gary johnson. they need to win that party's nomination next weekend. president obama has arrived in vietnam to begin his trip to asia with an 11-hour time difference, the president is getting sleep before a formal arrival ceremony in hanoi tonight. air force one took a wide route as it flew into hanoi avoiding flying over areas contested by china and other asian countries. michelle kosinski is traveling with the president. >> reporter: the white house is calling this visit the first of its kind, the first u.s. president to spend time here, three days to try and deepen and strengthen ties with vietnam. he'll talk about trade and also security and defense and one of the issues hanging over this trip is whether the u.s. will indeed fully lift the arms embargo that affected sales of
12:36 pm
arms to vietnam. that would have been unheard of decades ago but it was lifted partially two years ago. one issue that could affect that though is human rights here in vietnam. human rights watch says it's dire in all areas. just today, bbc was ordered by the vietnamese government to stop reporting from here. whatever the u.s. does in this part of the world, it's directly affected by an effect the relationship with china, china and vietnam have a zpu over islands in the spratly sea. china doesn't always follow the rules. we saw this past week chinese planes do this unsafe intercept of a u.s. plane doing a routine mission over the south china sea, following within 50 feet of it. when the president arrived here they took a route that avoided the south china sea all
12:37 pm
together. the influence of china is always an issue that overshadows any presidential trip to asia. michelle kosinski, cnn, hanoi. >> and as investigators search for answers, the downing of egyptair flight 804 has highlighted the potential holes in security in our airports right here at home. that's next. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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welcome back, french official are tightening security at charles de gaulle. the plane took off from paris wednesday and since then there have been questions about security measures at the airport and who may have had access to the plane. meanwhile, the new york times is reporting very same airplane was vandalized two years ago and spray painted with the phrase we will bring this plane down. cnn asked egypt's civil aviation minister if he knew of that report and he said, he was not aware that anyone had ever written that. today on state of the union with jake tap per, peter king weighed in on the threats. >> it shows the extent of the islamist threat at the airports from insiders and also showed the anger towards general el
12:42 pm
sisi plus the islamist movement and the insiders at the airport all over the world, especially in egypt, that is a greater threat to us than passengers bringing bombs on a plane. it's people behind the scenes, those who have access to the airport workers and cleaners and scrubbers and anyone who does not face the same scrutiny as passengers. they have access and that is the real threat here. >> for more on the investigation we're joined by former department of transportation minister and security analyst bob pair. good to see both of you, do you agree with what the congressman is saying, there are gaping holes? >> i agree. these airports both in paris and cairo, the workers have not been vetted that well and you look at the investigation now, the french are looking into charles de gaulle, egyptians into okay row's airport. it's very easy to get a bomb on
12:43 pm
if a worker carries it on. we still don't know. it's true that bringing a bomb in full of explosives and passenger splitting the airplane in half is difficult with today's security. but an airport worker, much easier. >> we still don't know whether this was something like that, if someone infiltrated the airport or even that airline helped to bring it down or whether there were some mechanical failure. we know from a cars system on the plane, it emits signals to say this is wrong, pilots also get a chance to see these signals and in this case as far as we know, there was smoke coming from the cockpit and smoke coming from the lavatory and windshield heated up. but are these things -- you and i spoke yesterday, you said some of these things are seem to be part of the pattern of these airbuses. is that something that needs to
12:44 pm
be further investigated? do you see these potential scenarioses as having equal footing? >> i think at this point both scenarios have to be given equal footing although i certainly agree with bob. the incidents of having graffiti at the airport, it happened on many occasions and things were not written on this plane but other plane, that's a very serious in this country, it's a crime of course. but that should have been investigated more thoroughly. but in the case of the acars messages, what's helpful is that airbus itself issued a statement yesterday and it said that the window heat sensors in the cockpit could have been generated by heat sensors, in other words, those messages, those warnings would have gone off because they were sensing heat. but the sensors in the lavatories are optical sensors and they would have been sensing some sort of particularate, something in the air, be it
12:45 pm
smoke or some sort of vapors that have an optical content to them, those are triggered by that. yesterday airbus said they don't have any guidance for operators right now and they are going to have to stand by and continue to watch and they can't explain how that could have brought down a plane. even airbus is mystified at this point. >> so even though -- and we have these conversations yesterday, even though there were the discussions about the airbus, relying heavily on the computerization and if there may have been a fault in the computerization or the openerability of the computers on the plane, that it's very difficult for a pilot to manually correct. that these planes are very much reliant upon the computers. doesn't that sound like a different message than what people have come to know these airbuses and their capabilities to be, mary? >> yes, it is -- there's good points in that system and bad points in that system. the newer boeing fly by wires
12:46 pm
also have these particular things. that is that the plane itself tries to keep itself going. when certain systems have problems, when they have fires and they have issues and have electrical arcing and shorting rng the plane itself shuts down systems that it deems unnecessary and they go to what's called an alternative law, meaning a different way to fly the plane. in many situations the pilots are limited in what they can do and that is supposed to make the plane more saveable, help to save the plane. but it is different from the old planes i learned to fly on where you yank on the stick and pull on the flaps manually. those days are gone. >> it doesn't necessarily mean, even with an explanation like that or a scenario being paint d for us, it still meenans all options are on the table, no reason for anything to be ruled in or out as yet in the.
12:47 pm
>> absolutely, fred. look on those explosive devices they don't have to be something that will crack the side of an airplane. if you had some sort of thermite device that could be put under the avionics, that would bring it down as well. until we get real evidence, we're not going to know for sure and i think that would be in the black box. >> with no claim of responsibility at this xbrunk tour three days out, are you starting to feel less it was a terrorist act? why wouldn't somebody want to claim responsibility if there was a claim of responsibility to make? >> well, the other day mary said it could be a dry run, actually wasn't a dry run but a practice for other attacks. remember, the islamic state runs franchises and people that follow it don't necessarily follow the rulebook. there is no rule book for this. and the scariest scenario is they are going to attack again.
12:48 pm
and why draw attention to this attack if you have other opportunities. >> all right, thanks so much. >> new details in the investigation surrounding the death of singer prince. sara sidner is live in minnesota. >> reporter: it's now been a month and a day since prince was discovered dead here at paisley park. we're hearing new details about the hours leading up to his death and how long he may have been lying there lifeless in the elevator before he was found. don'tlive in tokyo. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute.
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hours and days leading up to prince's death. the minneapolis star tribune report that prince was likely dead for at least six hours before being discovered in the elevator of his paisley park home. sarah side ner is following that story. sarah, what more are we learning? >> reporter: we are learning that that publication basically talked to someone who spoke to a paramedic who was here and respond to the scene on april 21st when prince was found dead, found lifeless in his elevator. they believe he had been dead for at least six hours until authorities got there, until his close associates were there and
12:53 pm
found his body. we're also learning more about what led up to that. the day before he died, he was in the hospital according to the star tribune. he was being given intraconvenient -- intravenous fluids as well. we did talk to his publicist who said he was suffering from the flu. we also know there were opioid-based pain medications found on his body and home. no one at this point can give a definitive answer. we are all still waiting for the toxicology report and autopsy report to be released. and we have no timeline on exactly when that might be. but it has been now four weeks and a day since prince died.
12:54 pm
>> still so mysterious. meantime, there was a huge memorial at paisley park. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: this memorial had been here and it covered the entire area around prince's estate. bremmer trust, the special administrator that's been put in place to find all his assets and divide amongst his heirs, they have come out and said, look, we had to take the memorial down, but they said they are going to preserve a lot of the items left here. still, fred, there are dozens of people coming every single day to honor him. it's an incredible outpouring still from his fans. >> sarah, thank you so much. in minneapolis there. we'll have much more right after this. hmmmmmm.....
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12:59 pm
vermont? [ laughter ] >> oh, hillary, i'll miss that lack of charm. >> i'll miss your deal, too. but i have to move on. and that's why i've started pivoting to the general. >> i've got to say, i've noticed the pivot. not a fan of the pivot. way too early for the pivot. >> why do you keep saying pivot? what is that? >> get your drinks. and whose bill should i put this on? >> mine. >> bernie sanders, aka, larry david. the two eventually dance in exchange for delegates. so much more straight ahead in the "newsroom" and it all starts right now. all right. hello again and thanks so much for joining me. republican presidential candidate donald trump delivering some mixed messages today on gun control, having many wondering where he really stands on the issue.
1:00 pm
and a late night tweet, trump slammed hillary clinton's criticism on his position saying this, quote, crooked hillary said i want guns brought into the school classroom. wrong. then just a few hours later, he shifted his tone. >> i don't want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms frankly. because teachers -- things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable. you look at some of our schools, unbelievable what's going on. i'm not advocating guns in classrooms. in some cases, trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms. >> this all comes on the heels of the nra's endorsement of trump. >> parents, teachers, and schools should have the right to keep guns out of


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