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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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islam islamic -- it is what they hate about us. we might as well live up to our own ideals. i'm fareed zakaria. thank you for watching. you just saw a special report "why they hate us" the questions he races may decide our elections. i'm going to talk to muslims who are for trump. i'm don lemon, americans could face a choice of two most disliked candidates in our country. donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat although in ones like this statement to fox news
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donald trump seems to be running himself. teachers should have guns in classrooms frankly. and in the midst of a democrat civil war and hillary clinton says this. >> we are going to unify the democratic party and stop donald trump. >> stopping donald trump may be about the only thing clinton and sanders agree on. >> donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. >> but are democrats running out of time to get the job done? let's begin with that with the race for the white house neck and neck between two candidate, jan brewer has endorsed trump.
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>> governor brewer i'm going to start with you two major national polls came out today showing a dead heat the washington post shows -- are you feeling optimistic about november? >> i'm feeling very optimistic about november. i think mr. trump will be our next president of the united states. he has wind beneath his wings. our party is coming together, we are uniting and move on to november and win. >> to you governor holeem. hillary clinton is 44% and in march it was trump with 41%. do you think this is a snapshot of a moment in time or a red flag. >> no, the math is very simple on this on the republican side
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they have one candidate, on the is democratic side there's one. once the democratic party decide an makes it official then they will all come together and be united. this is really a question of timing when this poll was taken. >> okay. governor, in this year's election there's never been anything like it. if clinton is the democratic nominee running against donald trump there have never been two candidates more disliked. for donald trump 41% favorable, 51 percent unfavorable hillary clinton. give me some strength here. >> i believe so strongly personally in her and know once she is in the job, if you look
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at her favorability numbers via polls when she was serving in the job as secretary of state it was 67%. when you have an entire news channel focused in an anti position and a position of ads running against you of course the numbers are going to drop and i do think the election in fall is going to have a difference. with donald trump with huge unfavorability on the part of women and latinos, arab americans, it is going to be an incredible exercise in can trast and i think you will see that very clearly. >> they have very high unfavorable numbers. governor brewer what do you do, do you try to build up your own numbers or try to build your
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numbers even lower? >> i think you have to look at it from both end. 50% of the democratic party knows what hillary clinton stadz for and don't want her. bernie sanders has brought that to light. donald trump has just been in politics for nine months and he has lit the world on fire. we have never seen a phenomena like this. i think everyone will agree bernie is out there explaining to people that we elect our president that we don't anoint a queen and we are going to push this forward and bring the economy back and bring jobs and make sure our country is safe and whether you are democrat or republican that's what you want. >> governor graham you want to respond? >> first of all, what are donald trump's plans to bring jobs to
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america? all he talks about -- and truly, his record of having manufacturing jobs he's going to places like pennsylvania bringing jobs to the united states and has manufacturing jobs in china and mexico, here is a guy who will not release his taxes like ever other politician has done. he doesn't want us to see, we know for a fact he paid zero taxes several years ago. what does the current tax returns show? is it bottom line is for him. he doesn't want us to know, he doesn't want working people to see that he's paid very little or nothing while they have to pay between 20 and 30%. when they get to know him and he has declared bankruptcy, four times, they know more about him, they are going to run from him in droves. hillary clinton on the other hand has very specific plans to be able to one, bring people
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together, but to break down the barriers as she says to make sure people succeed and create jobs in america in a global economy. >> governor brewer the wall street journal wrote something that said the tax not refusal for donald trump to release his taxes was becoming a liability for him. hillary clinton is hitting him on the campaign trial about bankruptcies. should he release his tax returns and get this over with much on the same side that she won't talk about her speeches or release transcripts of her speeches. it's a liability for her as well? >> all these attacks about his tax returns, the majority of the american public they could care less. >> wrong. >> the most of us couldn't even understand his tax returns. the bottom line is that donald trump has been a very successful businessman, he's got multiple
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busi bu businesses. hillary clinton has been untruthful on so many issues, she is throwing out the rhetoric and now she has 50% of her party supporting bernie sanders and bernie sanders is saying she's unqualified so we need a job crat create or and donald trump is going to draw from both sides of the party. >> governor graham. >> quickly when she calls hillary clinton untruthful when you take a loo k look at the political fact checkers, donald trump has over one thousand piniocho, they created a new category that he got the biggest
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in 2015 of the year because of all the lies and thrths oere's all saw, he refused to go to a debate that megan fox was -- people need to look at -- people are saying what these candidate are saying and evaluate donald trump. he is not -- he is deceitful, he is dangerous, he is not going to -- he is not going to be president. people are too smart for that. >> she does make some -- listen, governor. >> when she's talking about the fact checkers those points are true, but go on. >> let me start at the beginning for the veterans. there's no one ever that would
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support the veterans the way donald trump has and nobody cares about his tax returns. the -- >> that's not true. >> hillary clinton has lied about her e-mails, her income that she's received from giving her speeches. she's under investigation. she probably will be indicted. she lied to the families of the people in ben gghazi. she out and out lied about benghazi. it is very disturbing to mothers and fathers to children and to the american public and no one is going to give her a free go in regards to that. >> quickly governor graham. >> of course she did not lie, the facts were confusing on the ground at the time. this has been shown again and again in 11 hours of testimony before the committee. they found nothing new there there's been six investigations she did not lie and in fact the
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person next in charge of tray goudy's committee said not only that but there's nothing else that anybody could have done to save those lives in benghazi. it is a terrible tragedy but it was not her fault. >> and we are out of time. >> had she not gone home and went to bed and told the families because of video -- she did lie. >> thank you so much. always live with those two. when we come back as hillary clinton and donald trump battle it out will it come down to which candidate is disliked the least and what about bernie sanders will his supporters ever support hillary clinton?
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>> here to discuss is kristen olson, joseph borelli, and others. if you guys can top the last segment that certainly will be interesting. i know matt you watched it. i want to have a conversation with governor grant hoelm and
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brewer. will it come down to voters who they dislike the least maybe. >> i think you're going to see it driven by fear of the other person. nobody will turn out liberals better than donald trump, nobody will get people to come home and embrace more than donald trump. i think maybe the edge actually then goes to donald trump because aside from the anti-hillary voters i do think he has inspired this cadra sort of new nationalist populist voters who are excited for him. so i think that's the x factor. they are in a dead heat in the 18 to 29 crowd. she was leading by 29 points.
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is she building on obama's coalition or building on that same enthusiasm from 2008 and 2012. >> was it w.c. fields who said i never voted for anybody i -- against? >> here is the thing, first of all, i think this poll is just a snapshot. we are still in our primary in case people forgot. and so we have a number of democrats who haven't come home yet. i think they will come home so the enthusiasm factor is a little inward looking. primaries about politics people start thinking about who they really want as president. i think that dynamic does change for hillary clinton somewhat there. then the other really important factor here is that as we know, as we have seen in the last three or four elections, national polls actually aren't
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that important. the election is won and lost in 13 or foreign battleground states and when you look at the demographics in those states the math does still work against donald trump and for hillary clinton. >> everyone says the polls don't matter, but when they're winning the poles are great, but all the sudden they don't matter now. >> because the races are in two different places. the polls are like too much of a snapshot. >> i want kristen to get in. >> i think the polls are instructive about what will happen in november. four years ago democrats were very successful in making mitt romney a cartoon villain. it was hard for him to ever dig out of that hole. in this case both candidate have gun launching negative ads
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against each other. which characteristics do voters care about more? there are things that donald trump does a lot better than hillary clinton, questions of the economy and who will shake things up in washington, on the other hand hillary clinton who has more experience. but it depends on which attribute they care about most in november will determine it. >> but put this up as an nbc wall street journal topoll military, 42%, do you think that's going to be a problem for trump being that he likes to boast about his status? >> no, polls are a snapshot, but trends aren't. now we see a reverse -- the
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polls in the swing states are now favoring donald trump. in in regards to their negatives also, she's going to have a tough time proving she is trustworthy as opposed to donald trump who needs to become more substantive which he has been doing over the past several weeks. >> so he has no concerns that hillary clinton numbers are inching down. you say they are in two different races but that has to be disconcerning for the hillary clinton campaign. >> the only thing that's surprising about what's happening right now is that it's donald trump. i really think any republican we would be in the same position with right now. and that's because the gop has
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their nominee democrats are still in our primary and when you come down to it this is a pretty divided country. it is going to be very quickly i think a 46-46 race and like ever presidential campaign of the last four or five cycles, both candidate are fighting over that like middle 6%, so i do think it is going to be close right up to the end and i do think that's where hillary clinton's team always thought it would end up. >> maybe with those bernie sanders supporters right now 23rd supporters support him. what if they don't put their support behind hillary clinton won't that make a difference? >> bernie sanders has been clear that he's in the never trump camp, so i think despite the sort of aggressive campaign --
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>> he sounds like he's in the never hillary camp right now. >> the trump is going to trump the never hillary. i think he's been pretty clear about that. we have a few more weeks here for dratemocrats. >> the congressmcongressman is s head no. >> not only in terms of trump in the polls, but bernie sanders is simply not going to go away and if she doesn't win with the required number of pledged delegates on june 7 he is not going to go away to the convention. they really need to take stock of the problems they are now facing and admit they have largely overestimated everything about donald trump. >> i want to get into your notes saying that the demographics were on hillary clinton's side
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but you are surprised by donald trump's as well, right? >> yeah, if i look at this race and i look at it totally from an analytical standpoint who is going to win the electoral map and the electoral college, who has the ethnic groups that are growing? but now instead i'm looking at it in a we live in a country right now that 70% of the americans are unhappy with the direction of the country. which of the two candidate is the status quo? now all the sudden donald trump is the disrupter and now i would bet on donald trump. >> stick around everyone. whec when we come back trump versus trump, why sometimes he runs
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against himself.
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donald trump has outlasted 16 other candidate to become the republican presumptive nominee
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but is he his own enemy? >> i'm hoping you can clear some of this up. when donald trump seems to stand up on topics. >> in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms because teachers are -- things that are going on in our schools will unbelievable. you look at our schools, unbelievable what's going on, but i'm not advocating guns in classrooms, but remember in some cases and a lot of people have made this case trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms. >> before you guys answer, i have to say this and i want to make sure we get it correct. trump he clarified his answers tonight with a phone call to cnn saying that school resource officers or trained teachers should have guns. he backed away from his blanket
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call to eliminate gun free zones in all cases saying they would be eliminated in some cases, he's still contradicting himself. >> give the guy credit, he's willing to call a news organization and clarify himself. you have never seen a candidate that transparent and willing to have a direct conversation about problems like this. obviously he didn't say something very concise and precise when he spoke about guns, but it's clear he's trying to say that trained people might have guns in parts of school shootings that's a thing that people support. >> he is just cray, he goes to the nra seeking endorsements and
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saying hillary clinton is -- the second amendment. >> there's no -- >> i let you talk, let me talk. there's no -- he's unaccountable, he has no governor the way kind of a normal politician would have so that he doesn't even worry about when he is inconsistent, so you know, like earlier matt's point about the rules are kind of out the window are really true, but real thoughtful people can look at what he just said and say we're just not going to buy this. >> quickly respond. >> he spent all of 2013 and 2014 railing the gun laws here, on he has been consistent, his brothers and sons are both hunters. >> and in connecticut he called for background checks absolutely
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he did. >> kristen you say trump's appeal is emotional not rational. hillary is saying intelligent or thoughtful people, but his appeal is not rational it's emotional as you say. >> yeah, not only are the rules thrown out the door, but a lot of voters don't have the ideological consistent world view, even in the republican primary, ted cruz did well among voters, but folks take a little from column a and a little from column b, there will be people who say we need to cut government spending and increase spending in others. it's not that they're not smart or ill informed, it's just that they don't always freak out voters that we in media or who work in politics think they will so i think donald trump is blowing the lid off this
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perfectly -- >> but connecting yourself in the same sort of sentence. >> exactly -- >> is different than simply shifting positions. >> but i'm not saying shifting positions i think people change their minds on issues all the time i think when it comes in the same sentence and following it up with something that sounds contradictory that's how a lot of folks talk about politics. it may not be a quality you want, but i'm not saying it's as disqualifying with many voters as you think it is. >> he may be too quick on the draw on some of his answers but is that what some people find appealing? >> i don't think that, but people who were thoughtful in thinking through this, my thinking would be yes, but hillary needs the majority, but so the point is that the voters aren't going to be -- it's not
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like you're presenting to a judge and a jury where they are keeping track of things. i think hillary clinton is going to find herself trying to basically hammer jell-o into a wall. to catch him on these things and i don't think it's because he thinks off the cuff or speaks too quickly. i think it has more to do with the fact that he doesn't really have a coherent political philosop philosophy, it is winning, not what we would traditionally think of in a leader. >> here is what he's consistent about and which i think is really the only chance to kind of nail something to the wall when it comes to his negatives is that the things he's consistent with are doing things that are only in his own self-interest, so winning in some respects on this economic argument with people who want to change, who want the country to
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be for them because they're worried that maybe that we've lost touch with real people's economic security, but he has nothing in his history that actually says that he's for that. you know, when he declares bankruptcy, it's the construction workers that don't get paid. he has 150 lawsuits pending against him because he doesn't honor his business commitments. he says he's against college debt but then creates something like a fraud like trump university, but i think if there's a way to frame these things that are less about ideology and less about where he's screwed the little guy, i think that's the point. >> you know, hillary in the most recent polls have -- the more
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people are actually seeming to be gravitating towards donald trump. yes, the economic message works and that's the one he is going to continue to hit home toward the election. >> donald trump is a politician saying that global warming is a hoax. that's out on the campaign trail, but the political story to build a sea wall around his golf course specifically citing climate change as a reason, again, is he trying to have it both ways here. >> is that me? >> that's you. >> i have no idea why his architects decided to put that in there. the guy is trying to protect his own property. it allows him to -- reminds you that they do deals that aren't in the benefit of american
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workers. >> what he did was you know use undocumented workers to build ma ralo go. they didn't have have many -- >> no one cares about it. nobody is focused on what donald trump did at his golf course in ireland. they care about the economy. it is not even being polled by the pollsters because it is so far off. >> i'll give you the last word on this conversation. >> i think there's a really good point there that i don't think the republicans prosecuted this very well in the primaries, the most were he wasn't a nice guy, which were things that the voters didn't care that much about. i think there is a chance if all the sudden people stop thinking
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he is a winner and the argument that hillary is making it will be interesting if that does begin to erode his already pretty bad favorable. >> coming up, duck dynasty wants to be a presumptive spiritual advisor to the presumptive nominee, he is here next.
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donald trump has his share of celebrity supporters but duck dynasty phil robertson may be the only one giving him bible lessons. thank you very much for coming on. >> very good to be here. they told me that you were from louisiana and i saidman, two louisiana guys meet on tv, there's still hope for america. >> i had two brothers graduate from lsu down there.
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>> i want you to listen to this. >> my qualification for the president of the united states -- is he or she godly, does his or her love us, can he or she do the job and can they make them a good pot of duck gumbo. >> so how does donald trump meet those qualifications in your opinion? >> well, his sons duck hunt, which is a positive for him. in fact we took donald jr., got him in the duck bind. the guy was a very good shot and down in louisiana that kind of elevates a man, so i know his sons hunt, that's a good sign. i jokingly said to someone the other day that yeah, we get a little bible in old trump and i think he'll be all right. i said i can see it right now the cameras panning he's the next president of the united
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states, his cabinet members are there then the camera pans over and here i am his spiritual advisor, that's how wild this election cycle has been, i was only kidding don. >> sit down between him and a bible and do some discussing, let's talk about that a bit on. early on you backed ted cruz, were you happy with the race that ted cruz ran? where did he fall short? >> overall i was happy with ted. i just knew, i just look at the field and being a bibleman myself, i probably would be labelled as way out there on the right, but that's not entirely true, but cruz i knew was a strict constitutionalist and i knew his daddy was a preacher, so i thought he probably had
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good values and was raised right so i looked at the supreme court nominees coming up and i said you know, i loved ant anyone scalia and i thought i'll go with ted cruz, he didn't make the cut, the people spoke, said mr. trump is the man we want, my son went with him, but as a republican i tend to be loyal to the republican party. the republicans spoke, i said so be it. it's the constitution of the republic, i'll go with the man y'all think ought to be in there. it's that simple. >> why did you bypass him in january then? >> why did i bypass him? >> why was he not your first pick is what i'm asking? >> because i just said, i knew based on their record, trump is
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a businessman from new york, he's never run for anything that i know of in public office. i knew cruz as far as representing cases before the supreme court. i knew he was a strict constitutionalist, an originalist. and that's basically what won me over for cruz. >> you said that most people think that you're really far out there on the right but you're not. explain th explain that to our viewers. >> reporte >> i'm not an ideolog, meaning not into politics very heavy. my job, my task, i deal on the spiritual warfare, i would love to see what my -- i would love for you to see what i do, i work
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with heroin, alcoholics, abused women like you would not believe, all types of sexual sins. that's what we deal with throughout each week over and over and over. i can tell you some crazy stories. some girl got off a bus and sat down and said mr. robertson can you help me, i said honey, what's your problem, she said i'm a heroin addict and now she's happy, and i'm happy for her. that's about one of 15 this past week. we had two -- >> not to cut you off, but because we have very limited
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time, you know that you have a television time we deal in time, but how does that not make you really far right considering some of your stances and some of what you said? >> what i'm saying is i'm not into politics nearly as much as i am into helping my fellow man. >> got you. >> loving my neighbor. >> that's where i camp out. >> all right. phil robertson, stick around we're going to have a talk with on the other side of this break don't go anywhere.
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back with me now duck dynasty's phil robertson. i want to talk to you about something donald trump said on fox. >> in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms frankly because teachers -- you look at some of our schools, unbelievable what's going on but i'm not advocating guns in classrooms but remember in some cases and a lot of people admit this case, trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms. >> he talked to cnn about this today saying he meant trained
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teachers should have guns in schools. is he right? >> because there's been so much carnage in from time to time in our schools, i don't disagree with his assessment. people just come in the way they have done in some of these schools and just start shooting up the place, i would feel better and it if my children were in that school if someone -- and i would have to stress, because they would have to be fully trained to know firearms and be thoroughly vetted but i would say at least they would have had a better chance if they were the case, so i don't think it's beyond the pale to say trained professionals who are there to protect the children, i don't have a problem with that. >> where do you stand on some of donald trump's key issues, the muslim band, building a wall along the border? >> the border can be so chaotic
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through the years, i think we at least ought to be able to verify people coming and going. there's so my drugs coming back and around it's just been so chaotic the last 25, 30 years, whether we can monitor people coming and going in and out of our country, it's a long stretch of territory i would think it's worth an attempt. i would say with isis and all these things going on i would feel a little better about it if the border were more secure than it is now. >> uh-huh. and the ban on muslims? >> if we know some people are coming in, some terrorists are coming in with certain groups of people, i would think it would be almost impossible to verify
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whether they have been radicalized or whether they want to come in and killer teams are formed. it's happened before i would say we need to monitor that very carefully. whether you ban them downright or not, it's kind of like the border, if i'm in mexico and i have my wife and children there and i'm starving to death living under tin stretched between two trees and someone told me if you can get across that river and you work hard you can do a lot better just right across the river, as a human, i would probably be attempted to swim the river and talk my wife and kids with me, so i understand this is a great place of opportunity and a lot of people want to come here. im for it. but it does need to be monitored because the current crisis with this warfare and gorilla
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fighting and they can really do a will the of damage in a hurry. >> go ahead finish your thoughts you said to ban them, what? >> do what now? >> i said finish your thought. you said to banned them, what? >> to just out rigright ban the all, i don't know. i just know it has to be checked carefully if you're going to let people in. >> screen out the cam festival, tell me about it. how was it received? >> i thought it was received well, but it is hard to tell you know, i looked around don, and i said it looks like i'm the only guy around here with camouflage britches on. i think they were thinking why
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would a homeless man have those body guards around him, but i think -- who knows, who knows what we'll do. i do think it needs to be seen. it's one of the very few films that i've seen that i've shed tears. >> thank you, sir, i appreciate you joining us, phil robertson. >> all right,man. >> meet the man who just might be donald trump's least likely supporter. he's going to tell me why he's on board with the trump train.
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you heard what donald trump says about muslims but wait till you hear why some support him. this is cnn tonight i'm don lemon. the conventional wisdom that trump and muslims could never agree on a ban of muslims coming into the u.s. this time the conventionem wisdom, say it with me, is wrong. the campaign is reportedly reaching out to muslim voters and in just a moment you are going to meet the man behind the group muslims for trump. the search intensifies for the


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