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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  May 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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e-mail. many people did. it was not at all unprecedented. i have turned overall my e-mails. i have been incredibly open about doing that. i will continue to be open. it's not an issue that is going to effect the campaign or my presidency. >> today, the state department weighs in on a freedom of information lawsuit that would compel testimony about the e-mails from hillary clinton herself. that suit is one of several filed by the group judicial watch. the organization taking deposition today from a top aide of clinton when she was at the state department. cheryl mills is asking the judge in the case to prohibit release of the video from the deposition. mills says she fears it would be used in a partisan attack against clinton. whatever the judge decides, judicial watch will be able to release a transcript of the
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testimony. donald trump blasting hillary clinton at a rally overnight. >> crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports. weren't so good. not so good. the inspector general's report. not good. but i want to run against hillary. i just want to run against her. >> and more breaking news overnight. signs that trouble may be brewing at the highest levels of the trump campaign. a top aide leaves six weeks after he was hired. jim acosta has more on that. >> reporter: george and alison, donald trump is holding rallies out west, his campaign parted ways with a staffer. rick wiley's role was a
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temporary one. donald trump sources say he was fired after complaints of wiley throughout the campaign. donald trump targeting hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. here is what trump had to say about warren. >> i was hit by everybody. i was hit by the republicans. i was hit by pocahontas. pocahontas. pocahontas. that's elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. she is -- no, no, goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate. she gets nothing done. nothing passed. she has a big mouth. that's about it. >> reporter: there were more clash was trump protesters and police in anaheim. trump is trying to keep things calm within the paul ryan camp.
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george and alison. a lot to talk about and to break it all down in the battle over the e-mail. let's talk with reporter eugene scott live in washington. eugene, let's talk about the e-mail situation. this report basically says that hillary clinton never got permission to use the e-mail server that she used. how serious is this for her right now in the campaign fighting against donald trump and bernie sanders? >> this is very concerning to many people who have been paying close attention to the issue i think for a while. the former secretary maintains she had permission and this report brings that into question. this is concerning to some people. i don't think depending on where you stand in the clinton or trump camps that this is a deciding factor. most people have already made up
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their minds whether or not they figure the e-mails are a big issue that reflect on her character. >> you geeugene, pardon me for interrupting, trump keeps putting it out there. he is branding like that and you have the independent voters, people still trying to make up their minds and they see something like this. wouldn't that play into it? >> it certainly will. it raises doubt. once you say i have permission and a report comes out and says you don't, there is integrity stuff there and doubts about whether you can believe you are who you say you are. whether or not that coming from trump is convincing to you remains to be seen. it will affect some people. i don't think it will be the deciding factor. the report for e-mails is not
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what trump believe it is will be. >> the rally that trump had in new mexico. the governor there martinez not rallying around trump when he had the rally there. what did he do? he took aim at her. he is supposed to be uniting the republican party. not only is he going after the governor, he is going after a female governor as well. not helping him too much, is it? >> you would think he would want to figure out a way to not make her lack of being there with him less of a deal than it was. it spoke volumes because she is a female governor and she is latina. it seems telling and we have signs of this before. if you are not really on the trump train and just slightly on it, that will not bide too well with his supporters. the optics of that don't look
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good with women and hispanic for him. >> a bullying overtone. something we have seen throughout his campaign. it is interesting to see those come to her defense. kasich for one. tweeting this, governor martinez is an outstanding governor who brought conservative reform to a blue state. she is exactly who our party and nominee should be. lifting up and supporting. not tearing down. he hits a note there. with trump taking aim at the governor like that, he was insulting not just to the governor, but really coming down hard on the economy in new mexico as well. >> very much so. that goes on to further the concerns that hillary clinton has brought up about donald trump regarding him. not being the best person for the economy. he does not know how to answer the problems that are affecting americans mostly or work with the people who are at the forefront of solving those
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issues, especially if they are not supportive of him. >> eugene, let's talk about donald trump the other night on jimmy kimmel. making news of his own. listen to this. >> are you prepared to debate the major issues facing our largest state and the country before the california primary? yes or no? >> yes, i am. how much is he going to pay me? >> you would do it for a price? >> if i debated him, we would have such high ratings and i think i should take that money and give it to some worthy charity. >> if it was done for charity. >> if he paid a nice sum, i would love to do that. >> so who is the he? bernie sanders. trump saying he would debate sanders. no date has been set. sanders's response, game on. i look forward to debating donald trump in california before the june 7th primary.
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eugene, where do we start here? what would this do? this would raise bernie sanders profile and my goodness. what would it be like in the clinton war room? >> i'm not surprised bernie sanders is interested in this. this keeps us talking about him. he, in many ways, is hanging on by a thread. i know many of his supporters would not like to acknowledge that. any attention at this point is good attention. especially with a debate like most believe sanders will handle trump in a debate. this doesn't work against him at all. what i'm surprised by is that donald trump would bring up let's donate this to charity considering he has the issues he does with the last time he suggested let's do something and instead do that and donate to charity. on top of the fact we don't have his tax forms. we don't know he has been as
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philanthropy as he says. >> thank you, eugene. >> thank you. disney's ceo bob iger firing back to bernie sanders overnight at a rally in anaheim on tuesday, sanders asked the crowd if anyone was making a working wage at disney. he said the company is an example of how the economy is rigged. this is not the first time sanders has been critical of disney. he previously accused the media company of exploiting people in china and called on disney to keep jobs in the u.s. disney's ceo bob iger posted this on facebook. we created 11,000 new jobs at disneyland in the past decade. our company has created 18,000 in the u.s. in the last five years. how many jobs have you created? what have you contributed to the u.s. economy? you may remember that sanders and jeffery immelt got into a tiff over similar accusations
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with sanders saying ge is ruining the fabric of america because it is shipping jobs overseas. interesting to see the ceos getting out on social media. >> they are taking a lot of heat this campaign cycle. president obama is in japan meeting with world leaders at the g7 summit with the focus on terrorism. cnn is live there next. hmmmmmm.....
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this was unexpected. this suddenly popped up on the schedule. it was just yesterday that the president held a press conference with japan's prime minister abe. that was largely overshadowed by the prime minister's anger over an american civilian contractor in okinawa charged with the murder of a young woman. president obama had to address that. today, i think president obama will want to hit on the points that he did not get to yesterday or highlight progress that was made in all of the g7 meetings today. likely on terror. they have been getting more aggressive on terror financing. possibly something new in the fight against isis. they wanted to reinforce the collaboration. he will take questions from reporters and that's when things get interesting, alison. >> let's talk more about the pressure from abe on president obama about this murder that may
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have involved a u.s. military member. how much pressure is president obama facing with the u.s. military presence in japan as they talked about this incident? >> reporter: this is a subject that unfortunately keeps coming up every couple of years. every time there is an involvement of a service member or a contractor. this stirs up the anger about the u.s. presence there. it is a touchy subject. there's talk about will there be revisions to the status of forces agreement here. there is unlikely to be any changes. president obama in this case really felt the need to express his deep regret over this incident. vowing to follow through with the investigation and make sure if the individual is guilty is brought to justice.
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in that venue, the pressure was very much on him. in a sense, the eyes of the world. this is the one press conference he will do in japan with the prime minister. the prime minister brought that up right out of the gate. not the most comfortable situation for the president to be in. all that will change. he will talk to the press again today and tomorrow, the historic visit to hiroshima. he will be front and center than be able to make his speech and point about peace in the world and security and getting away from war. alison. >> michelle kosinski live from japan. we will come back to you when the president stands before the microphones. 11 states are suing the obama administration over a school bathroom guidance for transgender students. the schools have been told to allow transgender students to use facilities corresponding
2:18 am
with their gender identity. the lawsuit maintains the administration's guidance has no bases in law and could cause seismic changes. and an about face by the house on a contentious lgbt measure. the amendment upholds president obama's 2014 executive order. in south carolina, the state's governor haley signing a new law making it illegal for a woman to get an abortion once her pregnancy reaches 20 weeks. the measure makes no exception for rape or incest and allows doctors to perform the procedure after 20 weeks if the fetus has a fatal anomaly or the life of the mother is threatened. governor haley has not commented publicly since signing that bill to law.
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lebron james and the cavaliers are just one win away from their second trip to the nba finals. >> and coy wire has this all in the bleacher report. >> top of the morning to you george and alison. these teams played eight times. the home team has won every time. last night, king james. on the verge to returning to the sixth consecutive finals.
2:24 am
on the other side, derozen. second quarter, kevin love with the 20-yard strike to lebron james. love, james and irving with more than 20 points. cavaliers win by 40. game six to toronto tomorrow. tonight, tnt, warriors and thunder. golden state hoping to stay alive. down 2-1 against okc. the thunder may be rumbling on to the finals. it is not just the warriors. the bay area has another team. sharks going to the stanley cup finals for the first time in the team's 25-year history. they beat the st. louis blues 5-2 on the home ice in the shark tank last night. the western conference champs.
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winner of penguins and lightning is tonight. some of the world's best pro gamers battle out in the e-league debut. turner studios in atlanta. one of the biggest college conferences will hold its own video game championships. home to usc, ucla, oregon, stanford. go cardinal. the pac 12 is the first conference to back competitive gaming. sweet stuff. see if they offer scholarships some day. watch tbs on fridays all season long at 10:00 p.m. these guys with the best players around the world playing counter strike for a pool of $1.4 million. coy, thank you. breaking news. we are following president obama live in japan as he is at the g7
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summit. let's listen. >> a quick comment so far. it's been productive. one of the benefits of the g7 is you have like minded countries who are committed to markets and international law. for us to get together and focus on credit al issues not only affect individual countries, but the order is vitally important. we very much appreciate the work that the japanese and prime minister abe have done in organizing the meeting. so far, we discussed issues of the global economy and need to continue to accelerate growth.
2:27 am
to use all the tools at our disposal to make sure we are not only putting people back to work, but also helping to lift wages and helping to make sure we can sustain the momentum of the recovery taking place in the united states most prominently, but progress in europe. the fact the greek debt crisis has been resolved for a reasonable length of time, i think, should help. we all got a lot of work to do and we continue to focus on making sure that each country based on its particular needs and capacities are taking steps to accelerate growth. we had a chance to talk about trade and the tpp and our involvement in that, but also
2:28 am
ttip. and making sure we finish negotiations before the end of the year and emphasize the importance of pushing back against protectionism or competitive currency devaluation or the issues that end up leaving everybody worse off. we began to touch on some of the key security issues that are important to all of us. south china sea, maritime security touched on issues surrounding ukraine where we are starting to see progress in the negotiation, but still seeing too much violence. we need to get that resolved. we will spend some time tackling some of the major international hot spots. that gives you an update.
2:29 am
with that, i'll dive in and you can ask some questions. we'll start with garner. >> mr. president, 11 of your presidents decided against going to hiroshima. what are they worried about that you are not and generally on nonproliferation. i think that is your focus and obviously a priority for you. how do you communicate risks in a way that would do more to get it resolved? americans worry a lot with terrorists with suicide vests. do they worry about the nuclear attacks that could potentially kill millions instead of dozens? are we paying attention to kim jong-un and nuclear weapons that you know are going on? >> it is a terrific question. first of all, i won't
2:30 am
characterize how other presidents were thinking about these issues. i can tell you how i'm thinking about it. that is the dropping of the atomic bomb and ushering in of nuclear weapons was a reflection point in modern history. it is something that all of us have had to deal within one way or another. obviously it's not as prominent in people's thinking as it was during the cold war at a time when our parents and grandparents were huddling under desks in frequent drills. but the back drop of a nuclear event remains something that i think presses on the back of our
2:31 am
imaginations. i do think part of the reason i'm going is i want to once again underscore the very real risks that are out there. and the sense of urgency that we all should have. so it's not only a reminder of the terrible toll of world war ii and the death of innocents across continents, but it is also to remind ourselves that the job's not done in reducing conflict and building institutions of peace and reducing the prospect of nuclear war in the future. in some ways, we've seen real progress over the last several years. iran nuclear deal is a big piece
2:32 am
of business because would you tell us having to fire a shot, we are able to persuade a big sophisticated country that had a well developed nuclear program not to develop nuclear weapons. this is the treaty i negotiated my first year in office with the russians has reduced our respective stockpiles. the nuclear security summit has made it less likely that nuclear materials fall into the hand of terrorists or non state actors. although we had not seen the kind of progress i would have liked to have seen with respect to north korea, but what we had been able to do is mobilize the international community so the
2:33 am
proliferations are scrutinized more carefully and they have far fewer countries that are tolerant of potential actions by north korea outside of their own program. having said that, north korea is a big worry for all of us. they're not at the point right now where they can effectively hit u.s. targets, but each time they test, even if those tests fail, they learn something. it is clear that ideologically they are still convinced that and kim jong-un in particular, thinks that his legitimacy is tied up with nuclear weapons. you pointed out the continuing
2:34 am
tensions that exist in south asia. that is still a concern. and we know that terrorist organizations would have no compunctuation about using nuclear weapons if they got their hands on them. we have to build up an architecture during my presidency that has focused on key components of vulnerability. we have not achieved all of the goals i set when i spoke in prague at the beginning of my presidency. of course, i noted at the time i didn't expect to able to achieve all those goals during the course of my presidency or even my lifetime. this is going to be an ongoing task. it's one that i think we have to be paying a lot of attention to. >> the secretary of state called
2:35 am
north korea nuclear program the biggest threat in the world right now. the gravest threat. do you agree with that? the nuclear program as the worst thing going? >> it is not the thing that poses the most risk. obviously isil using rifles and crude bombs can kill a lot of people in paris or brussels and people are rightly insistent that the world community stamp out isil. there's a reason why we are focused on that. this is not a situation where we can afford to just focus on the short-term. over the long term, when you have such an unstable regime that is so isolated that
2:36 am
generally flouts international rules more than any other nation on earth, that is also devoting enormous national resources, hellbent on getting nuclear weapons that they can fire long distances. that poses the kind of medium-term threat that we have to pay a lot of attention to. i assure you it's something that my administration had paid a lot of attention to. it is something that i think has been at the center of the trilateral work we have done with our allies in the region. it is something we put the center of our discussions and negotiations with china.
2:37 am
as i said before, what we have seen before is improved responses from countries like china. countries in the region like vietnam and burma taking these issues more seriously because of our engagement. that may reduce the risks of north korea selling weapons or material to other countries and putting it on the black market. it does not so far at least solve the core problem of north korea continuing to develop its program. we will have to continue to work in a concerted way. in the meantime, you know, i have been working with the pentagon for several years now on making sure we can develop the kinds of defense architecture that can protect
2:38 am
the united states and our allies from an inspected escalation. carol. >> thank you. you said before that when you talked to world leaders, they often ask about the presidential election. can you give us a sense of conversations that you had so far and what they are saying to you and you are saying to them. particularly now donald trump is the nominee. he recently said that japan should pay for the u.s. troop presence there. also on the democratic side, what they are saying about that and what you think about that. obviously that is continuing to be divisive with bernie sanders saying he would take to the convention and endorsing your opponent of the democratic party. are you not going to get involved until one concedes to the other? >> well, look, the world pays attention to the u.s. elections.
2:39 am
they pay more attention to our elections sometimes than we pay to theirs because the united states is, as i said before, at the heart of the international order. even those countries that are critical of us, even those countries that complain or question particular policy decisions we make, know that ultimately things don't hold together so well if the united states is not making good decisions. and count on us to provide a certain level of stability and direction in meeting global challenges. so, they are paying very close attention to this election. i think it is fair to say they
2:40 am
are surprised by the republican nominee. they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled and for good reason. a lot of proposals he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of thinking through what it is that is required to keep america safe and secure and prosperous and what is required to keep the world on an even keel. with respect to the democratic primary process, as i said before, it has been my view to let this play out. let voters make up their minds. during primaries, people get a
2:41 am
little grumpy with each other. you know, it's just the nature of the process. you start off and everybody's thinking this is fine. this is going to be a friendly competition. we'll debate great ideas. somebody says one thing. another person says another thing. that result is a little sharper than i expected. somebody's supporter pops off. there's a certain build up of aggravation. we saw that in my lengthy primary in 2008. this is no different. what i think is really important to remember is that unlike what you've seen in the republican primary, for the most part,
2:42 am
there's not that big a difference in ideologically in terms of the issues. both hillary and bernie believe that every american should have health care. both of them think we have to make college more affordable. both believe that it's important for us to have a tax system that is fair and we should be closing corporate loopholes to pay for infrastructure investment and early childhood education. you put their proposals side by side, they're all point in the same direction and the differences are primarily tactical. they had to do with how do you get some of this stuff done. so, that doesn't mean those aren't serious questions to ask. and debate. it does mean that once the
2:43 am
primary process is resolved, the ability for to us pull together around a common vision that is in sharp contrast to the vision that is offered on the other side. i think it is one that we'll get done by the time of the convention. i would urge and have urged both sides to try to stick to the issues because a lot of that grumpiness arrives where folks feel we're not talking about an issue, but people feel we're talking about personalities. i know them both well. they're both good people. i think that it's important for us to try to end this in a way that leaves to both sides feeling proud of what they've done. both sides have run serious, competitive races and debated
2:44 am
issues in a serious way. so, i'm proud of democrats for doing that and, carol, as you know, i sure know because i have been through this a bunch of times. there is just the natural impulse when you're having to report every day on campaigns that every little blip, speed bump, conflict, trash talking that takes place is elevated. not to mention polls. the one thing i've learned after being around for a while is that kind of day-to-day choppiness is not a trend of longer term trends. i feel confident about our
2:45 am
country and our ability to win elections, but to deliver on behalf of the american people and the issues they care about. >> going to the end of july makes it harder to defeat mr. trump? >> no, look, would it be nice if everybody is unified and everybody singing "kumbaya" and take a nice two-week vacation to recharge? absolutely. i guarantee you the eventual nominee sure wishes it was over now because this is a grind. it's hard. and in some ways one of the things i've always found is that it's a lot more draining arguing against your friends than it is arguing against your political opponents. it weighs on you more. being criticized by folks in
2:46 am
your own party always hurts just a little bit more. so, you know, it takes a little energy out of you. but, you know, these are folks who are serious about trying to solve the country's problems. they are both veterans of the political grind and so they will hold up and by the time we get to the convention, i'm confident they will be in good shape. as a special bonus, i'll take one more question. >> thank you, mr. president. you mentioned tactical differences with the two democratic candidates. when you hear bernie sanders speak, seems like he is talking more of the issue of trustability and need for political revolution. and just yesterday we saw the
2:47 am
state department's inspector general put out a report of secretary clinton's e-mails. it undermines what she said about some of her e-mail practices. i wonder if you think that undermines her trustworthiness with the american people and if you agree with bernie sanders that she should release the transcripts of her highly paid speeches to wall street. >> you know what? i take it back. i'm not taking on the next question. we're in japan. don't we have something in asia to talk about? i've already said a lot about those issues. i think those are better directed to campaign. as i said before, during the course of a primary, people say what they think might help them get votes. and, you know, once the campaign's over, they move on. they make assessment in terms of
2:48 am
how they can make sure that the vision they care most deeply about has the best chance of passing congress and getting signed by president and that supreme court nominees are confirmed and all the things that make for a functioning, effective government. so, you know, i think the noise that is going on back and forth with the candidates at this point, if you want insight into how they are thinking about it, those should be directed to them. i'll take -- i'll take -- you already had a question. if it's another question, it is fair to give it to you. >> can i ask your thinking on the new taliban leader and how that affects prospects for peace in the region?
2:49 am
>> i wasn't expecting a liberal democrat to be the newly appointed leader of the taliban. so this continues to be an organization that sees violence as a strategy for obtaining its goals and moving forward in afghanistan. we have a democratic elected government in afghanistan that we're supporting. our goal right now is to make sure that that constitution and democratic process is upheld. not to mention that we're able to maintain the counter terrorism platforms in that region so al qaeda and now isil are not able to take root and use that as basis to attack us in the united states. my hope, although not my
2:50 am
expectation is there comes a point at which the taliban recognizes that they are not going to simply be able to overrun the country and what they need to be doing is enter into serious reconciliation talks led by afghans. i think if that happens, it's something the united states and others in the world community would support. i am doubtful that that will be happening anytime soon and we'll have to wait and see how those things help. in the short-term, we anticipate that the taliban will continue to pursue an agenda of violence and blowing up of innocent people and actions that characterized their approach
2:51 am
over the last 15 to 20 years. but i do think that there will come a poin perhaps not this year, next year, but eventually where there are those within the community that surrounds the taliban at least that recognize their goals are best achieved by negotiations. okay. >> back to this. >> is it embarrassing? >> why is it embarrassing to me? >> well you invited them and they didn't show up. >> i wasn't the one. look. you know, i was very blunt with the vietnamese government. there is so much good going on
2:52 am
in that country and what i indicated to them is that these kinds of heavy ended actions end up being entirely counter productive and the folks we invited, including the ones that were there are people that are prepared to have a constructive conversation with the government about how to advance peace and prosperity and economic development and environmental security. 6:52 p.m. you have been listening to president obama at g7 summit talking about terror and trade and the u.s. election. we will have more on that here on cnn. "early start" continues after this. (avo) i've always been a dog person.
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welcome back. an early start on your money. dow futures higher after the rally the last two days. stocks in asia are higher. crude oil prices below $50 a barrel. crude oil is making a comeback. at this time last year, oil trading near $60 a barrel. then prices crashed as supply glut and fear of the economy cut prices in half. crude oil hitting $26.21 in february. now experts say prices should stick around $50 a barrel for the year. higher gas prices for you. that national average is hitting $2.31 overnight. with the recent increase, drives will see the cheapest memorial day weekend gas prices in more than ten years. good news before you hit the road. hillary clinton on the
2:58 am
defense this morning about her e-mail scandal. cnn's "new day" starts now. >> bernie would be easier to beat. if i debated him, we would have such high ratings. >> we can win. donald trump is toast. >> crooked hillary. she's crooked as they come. >> he has a habit of insulting women. >> i was hit by pocohantas. >> he seems to have something about women. >> inspector general's reports. not good. >> the use of personal e-mail was not disallowed. >> as the secretary, she is supposed to abide by the rules. >> it is not an issue that will affect the campaign. gunshots rang out before rapper t.i. performed. >> we identified four gunshot victims. >> i was terrified. >> this is "new day" with chris
2:59 am
cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to "new day." it is thursday, may 26th. alisyn and i are joined by anacabrera. >> up first, the inspector general report claims hillary clinton did violate e-mail rules. clinton defends her time as secretary of state and the server use. donald trump says she is as crooked as they come. president obama was asked about this at g7 summit. >> trump went on late night. on jimmy kimmel's show. he said he would be willing to debate bernie sanders for charity. and now trump firing a top aide who just came on board. we have the 2016 race covered only the way cnn can with joe johns in
3:00 am
good morning. hillary clinton responding to the e-mail controversy that has dogged her campaign since she got in the race. the inspector general's report that says she broke the rules while she was secretary of state, that she should have surrounded all government related e-mails when she left office. the message from hillary clinton was consistent with what she's been saying over the last month or two dismissing this report. >> just like previous secretaries of state, i used a personal e-mail. many people did. it was not at all unprecedented. i have turned over all of my e-mails. no one else can say that. i have been incredibly open about doing that. i will continue to be open and it's not an issue that is going to affect either the campaign or my presidency. >> now, the ig audit


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