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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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i am too. extraordinary valor, robert wilson, iii, above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: jessica snyder, philadelphia. >> that officer is wonderful and so is his grandmother. she is wonderful as well. have a nice weekend, everyone. time for "newsroom" with pamela brown in for carol costello. >> hi there, hope you have good weekend. "newsroom" starts now. good morning to you, i'm pamela brown in for carol costello, thank you for being us on this friday morning. the president made history. obama, now the first of sitting american president to visit hiroshima. laying a wreath near where the u.s. dropped the first atomic bomb. a move that helped end world war ii. >> 71 years ago, on a bright
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cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. >> this was that earth shattering moment, the one that led to the deaths of more than 140,000 lives, seven decades ago. president obama stopped short of apologizing for president truman's decision to drop the become, but called for a world without nuclear weapons. >> we stand here in the middle of this city, and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. but we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history. and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> and after his speech, an
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emotional embrace, hugging this 79-year-old hiroshima survivor. michel michelle is in japan, and who is the survivor. >> reporter: hi, pamela, right, yeah that was one of the emotional moments here. that was 79-year-old mr. mori, working for 40 years trying to get recognition for 12 prisoners of war who died in that blast here at hiroshima. so for a long time, the japanese government wouldn't recognize that they held those prisoners, but finally got that done, and cnn will ripley interviewed him before today. he said that you know, he felt it was important for all of those lives to be considered enemies. there was a lot of emotion out here, just as president obama said that words can't describe the level of suffering, that this place now will always
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represent. it is hard to describe the depth of emotion. many people said when they heard the president's words, they cried. the japanese people have been waiting for this for a long time. i mean, many didn't expect an apology for a long time, the japanese government privately said they didn't want an apology. there is a lot that comes with that, and you know, where is their end of the apology as well. they thought it could also generate anti-american sentiment here. these two countries are trying to forge that relationship even deeper on this trip. this also comes at a time when america and other nations are grappling with how to intervene in conflicts. is it more ral or not. it is an ongoing debate. in this case, president obama wasn't speaking to americans. he wasn't speaking to japanese. this was a much different speech than we usually hear. he was speaking to humanity.
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listen. >> technological progress without human institutions can doom us. we may not be able to eliminate man's capacity to do evil, so nations and the a llliances we' formed must possess the means to defend ourselves, but among the nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. and pursue a world without them. >> reporter: president obama said really de-nuclearization wasn't going far enough. it is a dream he didn't think would be realized in his lifetime, but it is time for humanity to re-think the mind set and to embrace what he called the radical noetion that we're all part of one human family. pamela. >> michelle, thank you so much
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for that. the president's visit, a dramatic one, and not the first time historical situations. two months ago, you recall embracing the change during an historic trip to havana. with me now at the daily beast, john after lan. good morning to you. >> good morning, pamela. >> let's talk about this trip in particular. what is the significant in your view of president obama being the first sitting president to visit hiroshima? >> this is an historic moment, a book end to an era. and it was not an apology for president truman's decision. what it was a was a searching speech, and the president as a matter of his legacy, if you draw a line between cuba and this event, he is trying to position himself as a president who can heal some of the deepest
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divisions. pivoting forward in the 21st century, instead of being stuck in the cold war debates that have defined us for so long. it is a difficult line to walk, because you don't want to apologize, which arguably saved more lives than it cost. but to pivot that, while cautioning against the impact of nuclear weapons can still have on our world, it is an important role, and a president in that fourth quarter of his presidency, trying to not lower his sights, but rather, raise them. that's not something we've seen very often, either. >> in your view, how do you think he has done navigating that delicate line? >> i think, you know, there will be folks who dub this president obama's apology tour, because they're stuck in partisan frame of mind. but if you watch, listen to the speech, if you watch the speech, this was something searching,
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and indeed, it can be easy to forget even hard warriors spoke ronald reagan spoke about a world without nuclear weapons. president obama has a different style. i think it's important to appreciate that he is the first president born in the 1960s, arguably the first gen-ex. he has a global perspective, some of his critics would attack him for that. but it provides him with an ability to be less enthralled, discussing where we can go in the 21st century, and by healing some of these old divides, which have been difficult, rootsed in real history, but increasingly fixated on with the 21st century. >> legacy is important to him. what do you think he'll best be
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known for, john? >> that's a tough and great question. there is always the sense that presidents in the fourth quarter wander the halls looking at the portraits of their predecessors and wondering how they stack up. and i do think that this president, they'll be the memory of health care certainly. that very tough fight, but achieving something the president since teddy roosevelt and harry truman had discussed and fought for unsuccess sul fee. there will be fights with the republicans and from the tea party revolution of 2010 to the nomination of donald trump today. and i think there be actions on the foreign front, whether it's, i think the drawdown from iraq, which is clearly created difficulties the way it was done, but also, the reaching out in the fourth quarter to cuba, to visiting cuba, to this moment. i think a vision of reconciliati reconciliation, and a vision of someone who has always conceived himself as a bridge builder, trying to do it beyond domestic
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politics. >> all right, john, thank you so much for sharing your perspective. we do appreciate it. >> thank you, pamela. >> have a great weekend. speaking of weekend, a major travel weekend and it is kicking off already. this was a scene, take a look, earlier this morning at chicago's o'hare air ported where security lines were packed memorial day weekend, adding millions to the already crowded lines. now the tsa is announcing another move to help. it is asking congress for $28 million. here is how homeland security jay johnson said the money will help. >> we have just in the last several weeks converted a lot of part-time to full-time, we are authorized by congress to pay additional overtime to tsos with the increased travel, i just sent to congress a request for what we refer to as a reprogramming so we can convert
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2,700 tsos from part-time to full-time, which will enable us to screen people faster. >> rachel crane is live in new york, rosa flores is in chicago. let's start with you, rosa. actually rachel, i'll going to start with you at laguardia. the lines are moving well, is that right? >> reporter: the airport, as you can see, the lines not that bad. not nearly the scene we saw earlier this morning at chicago's o'hare airport. we've been speaking to passengers all morning long, many who have gotten here hours ahead of schedule, despite the fact that the lines here at laguardia are moving smoothly. other passengers, getting just in the nick of time. port authority expects over 1 million people will be traveling through the airport this is weekend. we spoke to an official at the port authority, saying they've heard the frustrations of passengers and airport officials. take a listen. >> i think the tsa has received
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a message loud and clear. changes are in order. >> reporter: now, the tsa has assigned 72 additional officers to the three major airports here in the new york area to help with the congestion this holiday weekend. they've also assigned an additional 25 officers to new york jfk and newark to help with the traffic. if you're headed to the airport, heed the warning and get there with two hours ahead of time in order to make your flight. pamela. >> all right, let's check out o'hare with rosa flores. how is it going over there, rosa? >> reporter: pamela, good morning. i want to give you the experience of walking into o'hare airport at this hour, because earlier today, it was daunting. whenever people walk through these doors, the lines were long. the wait was probably at about 30 minutes. take a look now. you can see the blue tape of the tsa security lines, because the lines are so short. why, you might ask.
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well, tsa here in chicago, did implement a few changes. they added 58 tsa agents, five canines, which the tsa says that will allow them to screen an extra 5,000 passengers. so that's you're seeing, and if you take a look behind me, you can see not only the blue tape, but there really isn't a lot of activity at this hour. earlier today, however, there was a lot of activity. people were in line for at least a half an hour, but of course, the tsa is always recommending they arrive at least two hours before. but there are a lot of ideas out there for the tsa to see how they can improve the experience. here is what secretary jeh janson had janua johnson had to say. >> several airlines have called on the suspending the check baggage fees. i've asked the airlines to consider it. but the airlines can and are doing to assist in moving passengers through faster.
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>> reporter: as we take another live look here at the airport, the lines, smooth sailing at this hour. earlier today, though, pamela, the lines were long. i've got to say, pamela, we have not seen any #ohate which we saw a few weeks ago, when the hundreds of people lost their flights and had to sleep on cots at this terminal. so that's good news for this holiday weekend. >> that's actually, yeah, you would think if there is ever going to be a time for that hashtag, it would be a holiday weekend. it's good it's not happening. rosa, thank you for that. still ahead, democrats field berned by sanders, as he appears to strike a deal to debate donald trump. many of his own party are angry at the maneuver. just ahead.
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deal with the rising anger within his own party. they say he should be trying to unify the party, not steal the spot lit from hillary clinton. politico joe politico says it is bs, but used the real word. the all important primary drawing closer, clinton drawing her attention and on the defensive on the scathing report on her government e-mails. >> well, i thought it was allowed. i kn i knew past secretaries of state use personal e-mail. secretary kerry did for a period of time until the rules were clarified. they were not a model of clarity, and it seemed like there is still more work to do on that. so yes, i believed it was allowed. >> cnn sem lynn joining us with more. >> good morning.
6:19 am
hillary clinton is trying to focus all her attention, but is facing these strong headwinds in her requestest to close out the democratic primary, even having to dismiss the idea of a donald trump/bernie sanders debate that could potentially go on without her, clinton saying that doesn't sound serious at all. overnight, bernie sanders talking about the debate between him and donald trump. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right. >> about two guys who looked at the world very, very differently. >> blasting his primary opponent, hillary clinton, for declining to debate before california's june 7th primary. >> it's kind of insulting to the people of the largest state in the united states of america, not to come forward and talk about the issues, serious issues that impact the state, and impact the country. >> but trump appears to be taking the bait, as long as they can raise millions for charity. >> i would love to debate bernie. he is a dream.
6:20 am
>> clinton scrambling to drum up support, as sanders refuses to concede the nomination. the latest polls clinton and sanders locked in a dead heat, just days before the final contests. >> if we can win big here in california and in the other five states that are up on june 7th, we're going to go marching into the democratic convention with enormous momentum, and i believe we're going to go marching out with the democratic nomination. >> contending with trust issues over her personal e-mail use as secretary of state, clinton going on an uncharacteristic media blitz, defending herself against a report which called her out for setting up and using a private e-mail server. >> this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice under other secretaries of state. and the rules were not clarified until after i had left. but as i have said many times, it was still a mistake.
6:21 am
if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> and clinton has recently tried to reach out to bernie sanders, to praise him and say he should be proud of the campaign he has run. but also in the same breath, also calling on california voters to step up and send a very clear message, when they head in to vote on june 7th, pam. >>. official nomination come it is he party's convention, of course, an one of the most bitter rivals, ready to rally behind him. >> my sense is i'm going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> and i'll -- i don't know if i'll have a role from the convention, but i have a lot of people going there. >> but if donald trump asked to you speak on his behalf, would you do so? >> yeah, i want to be helpful.
6:22 am
i don't want to be harmful. >> are you going to release your delegates. >> we basically have already, because donald will have the majority already. if we haven't done so already, we will. >> trump, urging senator rubio to change his mind an run for reelection, tweeting, poll data shows marco rubio does by far the best in holding on to his senate seat in florida, important to keep the majority. run, marco. let's bring in jason carroll, breaking it down for us. the republicans continue to coalesce. >> run marco, because you remember during the campaign when senator rubio called him a con man over and over, but i guess that's all over. moving forward, donald trump glowing at this moment, basking in his victory, but also, taking time to take shots at both the president and hillary clinton. >> we had a big day today, today was the day where we hit the 1,237, right, 1,237.
6:23 am
>> donald trump, officially clinching the republican nomination, and squashing the efforts from the gop establishment to stop him. >> most of them said, and they said very strongly, he will never be the nominee. i could name them, but i don't want to embarrass them. >> trump, boasting that he is one step closer to the white house than hillary clinton. >> here i am, watching hillary fight, and she can't close the deal. and that should be such an easy deal to close. >> trump, continuing to hit clinton hard on the inspector general report, which criticized her for her e-mail, to do government business when she was secretary of state. >> she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal. we'll have to find out what the f.b.i. says about it. it was certainly bad judgment. >> trump, also taking aim at president obama. >> he is a president who has done a horrible job. obama could never come up a solution. number one, he is incompetent. >> world leader concerns during
6:24 am
a g7 summit. >> they're rattled by him, the proposals he has made, they display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude. >> hillary clinton, echoing those fears. >> this man, who is an unqualified loose cannon is within reach of the most important job in the world. so it should concern every american. >> but a defiant trump is embracing the criticism. >> that's good if they're nervous. that's good. i'll have a better relationship with other countries than he has, except we'll do much better and they won't be taking advantage of us any more. >> as trump continues to be hammered for his controversial remarks about democratic senator, elizabeth warren. >> who, pocahontas? >> is that offensive? >> is it offensive? >> very own offensive. >> oh, i'm sorry about that. pocahontas, is that what you said? she is as native american as i am okay. that i will tell you.
6:25 am
but she a woman that has been very infective, other than she has a big mouth. >> trump also hinting he is wide open to who his running mate will be after his campaign chairman said choosing a woman or minority would be viewed as pandering. >> we're looking for absolute competence. i fully expect that we will have many women involved. >> looking ahead, trump says he is going to try to focus on turning states that have been traditionally blue, turning them red. places like washington, new york and california. he has two stops today as you know, both of those in california, fresno and san diego. >> thank you for bringing that to to us. trump's top rivals warming up to the gop nominee? we breakdown the wild week in politics with the panel, up next.
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well good morning to you. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks for spenning yo spending morning with us. marco rubio trying to help donald trump win the white house, despite calling him a con man and fraud just a few months ago. another clinton presidency, pushing him to action, even though he has not endorsed donald trump. to discuss all of this, sarah, angela, and jeff deewitt, a trump surrogate. great to see you on this friday morning. tara, i'm going to start with you, here. this is quite a shift for marco rubio, who tells cnn that he wouldn't even speak on trump's behalf at the convention. this is a man who was once very critical of trump, as we said, calling hmm a con man. why the about face? >> you know, i have to say, this was really disheartening for me.
6:31 am
i really liked marco rubio. the attack that marco rubio went on against donald trump were points that were valid, that many of us agreed with, and i don't know how you reverse course there. this is exactly why so many voters are sick and tired of politicians. they say one thing and then they're emphatic about it, you expect them to stand on principle, and then they do a complete 180 like this when it is politically expedient to them. i'm so disappointed. if you go back on his twitter feed, when it was at the height of the primary season, the things that he tweeted, and still there, a con man, fraud, he would be catastrophic for this country. he is no different than hillary clinton. we can go down the litany of criticism. so what happened to that? it has all changed now. what has going on, he is considering possibly running for senate again in florida.
6:32 am
they're asking him to change his mind about retirement, and he knows donald trump is popular in florida and may need his help to do that. it is the typical political expedient answer. you're going to do what you need to do for self-preservation, and that's unfortunate and that's why so many people are sick and tired of politicians. >> so you don't buy his reasoning, donald trump would be president than hillary clinton, that's why he says he is going out there and now, you know, offering to speak on behalf of trump? you don't buy that? >> no, i don't think he believes that. either he is lying now, or he was lying back when he was saying the things that he said, which was that, you know, he is dangerous and unfit to be president of the united states. i don't think -- i think that what changed between then and now. nothing. donald trump hasn't changed at all. he has actually continued to go on and say things completely incoherent on foreign policy, he hasn't given plans on domestic policy agenda. what has changed? >> well, let's talk about that,
6:33 am
jeff, because that's a big question. will donald trump change to widen his base, you know, his actions and what he is saying so far is continuing to sort of galvenize his supporters, but will he do anything to change that? >> remember, everybody is coming around. he is bringing unity to the party. when you look at marco rubio, the obvious answer, what he was saying months ago was completely off the mark, as many people said. when he was going after donald trump, he was running against donald trump. now that's he is not, the truth comes out. he is a good guy and make a good president. marco rubio is not running for another office. he has no reason to say that. now we're seeing the true story, which is donald trump is a uniter, bringing everybody together and getting on board. >> but what do you make of these -- just really quickly,
6:34 am
jeff, and angel, i promise to get to you, jeff, what do you make of the republicans like marco rubio coming out and basically -- it seems like in a sense begrudgingly. >> with someone like marco rubio not endorsing, he has a glimmer of hope that maybe there will be a chance at the convention. once the convention is behind us, i think as former rivals, the few that have held out, they may have hope, they'll get on board and endorse. because now, this a new development, the fact that we have the 1,237 delegates as of yesterday. so i think we'll see that happen and get behind the nominee quickly. >> angela, i want to switch to the democrats, because hillary clinton went on this media blitz pushing back on the inspector general report that she didn't
6:35 am
follow the rules on her private e-mail server. how effective do you think it was? do you think it helped counteract the negative attention she received after the report? >> i do. i think part of it has to do with hillary clinton's accessibility. what we saw yesterday is her saying you know, i have to get out there and get ahead of the story, or at least be proactive in responding to what the i.g. report says. the challenging piece is everyone is compounding all of the pieces together. the i.g. report specifically addressing state regulations as it relates to the federal records act and other pieces still out there, whether we're talking about judicial watches lawsuit or the actual f.b.i. investigation. it is smart for her to get out ahead of this. it is still confusing. facts are muddled for folks watching this and listening to the pundits respond to it. but it was effective for her to get out there a. >> thank you very much.
6:36 am
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well, ken starr, the man who led to bill clinton's impeachment has been demoted. he'll remain the chancellor, all this after a probe of handling sex assault allegations. baylor's response, a fundamental failure. the school's football coach has been fired. the chair of board of regions, saying he is outraged and horrified by the report's finding. cnn ed levindare has more. >> reporter: baylor university demoting the president, ken starr, and firing the football coach. members of the university's board of regions saying they're
6:41 am
horrified by the findings of an independent investigation. they found a munfundamental failure, and detailed troubling mishandling of rape by the nationally ranked football team. it happened under the leadership of starr, who led the impeachment of bill clinton in the 1990s. he hasn't returned our calls. jasmine hernandez isn't surprised by the findings. >> this is a serious issue. we're going to be able to show that baylor had prior knowledge of a huge problem with sexual assault on their campus, especially through the athletic program. they just did nothing. they did absolutely really nothing to protect these female students. >> baylor is apologizing, and pledges to do better. hernandez is suing the school by
6:42 am
football player elliot in 2012. one of two-foot ballplayer whose was ultimately convicted, and serving a 20 year sentence. >> i am surprised they did nothing except, kind of reroute me to other people who in turn rerouted me to other people that i never really got help. >> and pamela, remember, ken starr has not been fired. he has become the chancellor there at the university and remain a professor at the baylor law school as well. we asked several board of regions yesterday about why if the football coach was fired, why wasn't ken starr fired. several baylor regions, kind of defensive about the questions, saying they're not going to get into the reasoning that went into keeping ken starr there at the university. i did speak with one of the victims that was looked at in this report, and she said she
6:43 am
felt vindicated about what the report said and for a lot of the women reporting this over the last couple of months and years, that it was some sort of vindication for what they've been saying and ignored for so long. >> i imagine so. still to come, violent protests erupting outside trump rallies this week. will the republican convention be different? that's exactly what my next guest is worried about. the head of cleveland's police union is up next, right after the break. stay with us. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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now we're the nominee. now we're the nominee. we're going to have a great
6:48 am
convention. >> we're going to have a great time in cleveland and great unification. well, donald trump says it will be great. but there are major concerns about keeping the peace at the convention in cleveland. that's after protests like this outside trump's rally on tuesday. so this was in albuquerque, new mexico, the city offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of suspects accused of attacking police officers. today, police in fresno, california, say they've been reviewing video as they prepare for a trump visit today. an event that could draw as many as 11,000 people. joining me to discuss growing fears of violence of the july convention, steven loomis, the city of cleveland says it is recruiting more police officers, and bringing in more equipment, riot gear, but you say you're
6:49 am
concerned, it is not happening fast enough. why so? >> well, we're measuring people for riot gear, politically correct, it is protective gear. and. >> what exactly is that? >> we don't have it. >> what is protective greer. >> the term for riot gear. we're not allowed to call it riot gear any more, but that's what it is. it is to protect the officers. we're way behind. we don't have any of it. we don't have gas masks, we don't have helmets, protective chest gear. they ordered this stuff, and now, in fact, tomorrow, they're going to be measuring people prior to -- or after they already ordered it. it is a ridiculous notion. and you know, the men and women of the cleveland police department and officers helping us will do the best they can do with the equipment and with the numbers and with the training that they get.
6:50 am
the problem is, we're not getting enough of any of that right now. and that's cause for concern for us. >> but city leaders, including the police chief, are pushing back, saying they are prepared. what is your response to them? >> the politicians. they have to say that. they're looking at life through rose colored glasses. i'm looking through life as a member of the police department that is going to be in the trenches during this thing. it is apples and oranges. for anybody so say we're going to have 5,000 people here, police officers. it's disingenuous and i want it to be very, very clear that we're going to do the absolute best that we can do. we have all the respect in the world for chief calvin williams and we trust his leadership but he's hamstrung too by the amount of people, by the amount of support he's gotten. we have not -- we just ordered bicycles. we're just now doing bicycle
6:51 am
training, mountain bike training. cities are pulling out of this thing like crazy right now, and that causes us all a great amount of concern. you know, we know that there's an inherent danger to our jobs, and we're not disputing that, and we're willing to go do that as police officers, and that's across the country, but the cities have an obligation to provide us with the absolute best training possible, with the absolute best equipment possible, and with the numbers that we need to do the job as safely as possible because when the police officers are safe, then everybody else is going to be safe around us. and, unfortunately, i don't think that we're there yet. what are we, 50 days out? we have grave concerns. >> so you see what happened in albuquerque, new mexico, with those protests there. when you see that looking ahead to july to the convention, what is your big concern, your fear about what might happen given what you say is the case?
6:52 am
>> you know, this isn't about the presidential election. the problems we're going to have are about these militant groups that want to get out there that know there's going to be 1,500 media outlets, international media outlets here in cleveland, and they're going to do whatever they can do or whatever they need to do to get the cameras to point towards them so they can, you know, talk about their cause or show grounds for their cause. we're not concerned with the homegrown clevelanders. we're not concerned with the people that have a concern about the presidential election. the police officers are going to protect everybody there. anybody that has something to say -- that's what's great about this country is that you can come to these things, and you can say whatever you want to say. don't throw rocks at my guys because then bad things are going to happen and things that we don't want to happen are going to happen. we need to train for -- >> do you feel like you're prepared to handle a situation like that? >> sure. they would go in in shorts and a t-shirt.
6:53 am
that's what police officers do. that's what firemen do. we go towards the problems. they'll do the slabsolute best that they can do with the resource that is they have but the city and the fed have an obligation to get us the equipment that we need, to get us the training that we need. i have fema instructors here. we had 600 guys go through a three-day course. that's the amount of the training that we've had, most of us have had, and the fema instructors are horrified -- they're horrified at the state that we're at right now and where we're going with this and the potential for disaster is real, and the potential for serious injury is real, and we need to be prepared for that, and i have concerns that we're not. >> stephen loomis, thank you. do appreciate it. >> thank you very much. still to come on this friday, forget protesters, trump gets another unwanted visitor at his rally. wherever you are. splenda zero is a fun, easy way to get the perfect amount of sweetness, down to the last sip.
6:54 am
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6:58 am
donald trump touts border security and an intruder infiltrates his hair. jeanne moos has the buzz. >> reporter: donald trump loves to speak on the fly but suddenly there's a fly on the donald. where else? >> whether we love it or hate it, it's my hair. >> reporter: the fly sure seemed to love it as tv cameras zoomed in for the close-up. >> we're going to have the wall. we're going to have the wall. we're going to have that wall. >> reporter: no wall would have kept out this fly. even when the donald turned, the fly stuck with him. it was still there when he turned back around. >> so -- >> reporter: now that donald didn't swat at it, he didn't seem to know it was there. but at least flies are bipartisan. in 2008 they buzzed democrats at debates from joe biden to hillary clinton to barack obama. >> in the hills between afghanistan and pakistan. >> reporter: and condi rice had
6:59 am
to fend one off on a sunday morning talk show. >> this is the about the pakistani people. we have a failed state in afghanistan. >> i'm about that fly that's -- >> yeah, me too. >> reporter: but sometimes a flying intruder is welcomed. remember the bird that landed on bernie's podium? it got rousing applause. why not the fly? trump may talk the talk of a tough guy, but when it comes to actually slaying flies -- >> hey. get out of here. >> reporter: president obama is the one dubbed the human flyswatter. >> nice. >> now, where were we? >> reporter: the president even picked up the corpse. the fly on the donald was only visible for 30 seconds, but the internet pounced. this fly has found his disneyland in trump's hair. tweeted another critic, it can smell the bs. honestly, who wants to be a fly
7:00 am
on the wall when you can be a fly in the donald's hair? we can just imagine what that fly is saying. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. wow. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. good friday morning. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. donald trump loves to talk up his billions but it's the more modest number he's celebrating today. he clinches the delegate number he needed. >> i always said i was going to win on first ballot. i didn't know i was going to win this quickly, so now we're the nominee. now we're the nominee. we're going to have a great convention. we're going to have a great time in cleveland and we're going to have great unification, and
7:01 am
already everyone is coming out. the congressman was telling me just before, they're all coming out in favor. >> so relieved of any convention drama, trump can now focus his attacks on the democrats, and he's lepirelishing the irony th hillary clinton was expected to lock up her nomination long ago. >> she can't close the deal and that should be such an easy deal to close. >> so there's a lot to break down on this friday. our jason carroll is here in new york and manu raju is in washington. jason, it seems as though some of the republicans who were once very critical of trump are now coalescing around him. >> yeah, rallying around him. trump is loving all this, loving this moment. really likes going after hillary clinton. he did that again yesterday really going after her, going after her, going after the president as well. first on hillary clinton, he cited that state department inspector report which basically criticized -- a scathing report which criticized clinton for
7:02 am
using her personal e-mail server to do government business when she was secretary of state. he criticized her. also took a moment to criticize the president as well who mentioned those world leaders who said they were rattled by trump's rhetoric. >> when you rattle someone, that's good, because many of the world, as you know, many of the countries in our world, our beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. so if they're rattled in a friendly way -- we're going to have great relationships with these countries but if they're rattled in a friendly way, that's a good thing, john, not a bad thing. >> trump already looking ahead to the general election. he said basically what he's going to be doing is trying to focus on many of those states that traditionally have gone blue, trying to turn them. places like new york, places pl like washington, places like california. >> keeping up a busy schedule despite clinching the nomination.
7:03 am
we heard donald trump say the party is united behind him, but what are the former gop contenders doing? >> well, not everyone is fully behind pihim. some certainly have such as rick perry, also bobby jindal has as well, but ted cruz, for instance, has not thrown his hat behind donald trump. he's avoided questions on donald trump yesterday in the senate, similarly lindsey graham saying nicer things about donald trump but not yet on that trump train. but marco rubio is a very interesting case. now, rubio is coming under enormous pressure in the senate to run for re-election. he said that he would not run for a second senate term, but there's a growing fear among the mae party establishment that the florida senate seat could be at risk so rubio is coming under a lot of pressure from mitch mcconnell on down to folks in the rank and file really pushing him to run. last night an interesting tweet put out by donald trump and i will read it to you, actually urging rubio to run for
7:04 am
re-election. he said poll data show that is marco rubio does by far the best in holding onto his senate seat in florida. pom important to keep the majority. run, marco! this came just hours after cnn released part of an interview with jake tapper where rubio actually said some nice things about donald trump. remember, rubio called trump a con man at one point, said he would drive in a pickup truck all around the you don't stop donald trump, but yesterday when speaking to jake tapper, sung a little bit of a different tune. >> my sense is i'm going to go to the convention. >> you are? >> and i don't know if i'll have a role in the convention, but i have a lot of people going there that were supporters -- >> but if donald trump asked you to speak on his behalf, you would do so? >> yeah. i don't want to be harmful, i want to be helpful. if there's something i can do that's helpful to cause, i
7:05 am
would be happy to do that. >> are you releasing your delegates? >> if we haven't done so already, we will. >> the question is what are rubio's next steps? folks who are very close to marco rubio believe that he wants to run for president again some day, perhaps in 2020 if donald trump does not win this fall, but the big question is going to be whether or not he decides to run for re-election because there's a june 24th filing deadline in florida, and the pressure is getting intense. pam? >> it sure is. manu raju, thank you very much for that. jason carroll, we do appreciate it. you can catch jake tapper's full interview with mubee on "state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. certain sunday morning on cnn. bernie sanders refusing to be squeezed out and now promoting a possible debate with donald trump. sanders appeared on the jimmy kimmel show where trump appeared to accept the challenge the night before. >> you made it possible for us
7:06 am
to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right. >> about two guys who look at the world very, very differently. >> oh, boy, do you guys look at it differently. that would be some debate. i really think it might be one of the highest rated events in television history. >> well, the goal would be to have it in some big stadium here in california. >> yeah. that would be great. >> so before sanders can face donald trump and their proposed debate, he must first deal with rising anger within his own party. our national politics reporter is here to explain. m.j., what's the complaint? >> while there would be a lot of entertainment value to a trump and sanders' debate there's anger and frustration starting to boil over among democratic leaders and rank and file members. they are growing increasingly concern about sanders' decision to stay in the presidential race even as many in the party feel like the math has been against him for a very long time.
7:07 am
now, i should point out many democrats say sanders has played an important role by challenging hillary clinton, bringing up issues that are important to progressives, whether it's wall street reform, student loans, or campaign finance reform. but that patience and sense of goodwill is starting to wear thin as we get into the summer months. the party would like to focus entirely now on donald trump and that urgency has increased as trump clinched the nomination yesterday by getting to the 1,237 delegates. now in the coming weeks i think we'll be hearing a lot of democrats pleading with sanders to move out of the way and let hillary clinton take on donald trump. >> all right. m.j., thank you so much. and sanders in the meantime may be, you know, grabbing some more attention here with this talk about a debate. this is happening as hillary clinton is really getting some flack on that state department ig report. tell us how this is all playing out. >> well, this is certainly another unwelcome distraction
7:08 am
for hillary clinton at this point in the race. this is a new state department ig report that said that she failed to follow the proper rules and inform the necessary state department officials about the private e-mail server that she had been using. the reports that clinton should have surrendered all e-mails related to official business before leaving government but that she simply failed to do so. now, clinton insists that it was all an honest mistake. take a listen to a part of how she reacted this week to this report. >> well, i thought it was allowed. i knew past secretaries of state used personal e-mail. secretary kerry did for a period of time until the rules were clarified. they were not a model of clarity, and it seems like there's still more work to do on that. so, yes, i believed it was allowed, but that's not the point. i said it was a mistake.
7:09 am
>> now, this is a controversy, of course, that has really dogged hillary clinton throughout this presidential campaign as she suffered from the sense from voters that she's either not trustworthy or not honest. so another controversy that she'll want to quickly work to put behind her. sanders continues to challenge her from the left. pamela? >> m.j. lee, thank you for that. as the primary season winds down, the campaign is in a place many probably wouldn't have predicted a few months ago. i think that's safe to say. the republicans seemingly coming together while the divide among democrats grows. here to discuss, scottie knell hughes and bill sanders. bill, i want to start with you on the heels of m.j.'s report because a lot of democrats it seems are angry that bernie sanders is pushing for this debate with donald trump. they think it's selfish of him and not in the party's best
7:10 am
interest. do you agree? >> these are some of the same democrats that didn't want a primary to begin with. you know what i say to them? too damn bad. this is democracy. bernie has a right to run and he will stay in the primary all the way to the end just like hillary clinton did in 2008 and i must add hillary clinton is not calling on bernie sanders to drop out. it's just some of her supporters who are cry babies and refuse to accept reality. and as to this debate, first of all, i think from an entertainment point of view, it would be colossal. i would pay to watch this debate. i think the contrast. but that's only one way really if some democrats are not happy with this debate between donald trump and bernie sanders, there's only one way to stop it, and that's for hillary clinton to agree to debate bernie sanders, which she once agreed to in california and has now reneged. so i think they ought to be looking at themselves and the problems with hillary clinton, not blaming it all on bernie
7:11 am
sanders. >> but do you think he has any responsibility at all to unite the party if he loses? >> well, if he's not the nominee, absolutely. >> but right now you don't think he has any responsibility? >> well, he's still in the primary. i mean, hillary has not won the nomination. i'm sorry, but she hasn't, and it's not bernie's fault that she hasn't. >> but looking at the math though, bill, the math is certainly in her favor than bernie's. >> true. absolutely. bernie is the first one to admit that, but you know what? if bernie sanders wins california and as a former california democratic chair, i can tell you the momentum in california today is all on bernie's side, it's a tie in california, which used to be known as clinton country. if he wins california, i think you're going to see some superdelegates, and hillary can't win it without superdelegates, some superdelegates are going to say, you know what? maybe bernie might be a stronger candidate against donald trump. it ain't over till the fat lady
7:12 am
sings and she doesn't sing until after california. >> california primary coming up shortly. i want to switch to the republican side, scottie. marco rubio reversing course dramatically, frankly, and says he will help donald trump defeat hillary clinton. he still hasn't come out and officially endorsed him. do you think he needs to be stronger in that? >> well, i think this was a great first step, and i'm opening other republicans will follow. 172 delegate that is marco rubio had, those are very important people, especially when you look at the committee assignments that those 172 delegates might sit on. so marco rubio coming out and publicly saying, listen, you know my grievances with mr. trump, however, i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that hillary clinton, as he perceives her to be the democratic nominee, will not be in the white house. and so i think this was very classy of him. i think it's something other republicans need to follow an example of. there are 73 of those 172 delegates that will still be bound when they get to the convention. so don't be surprised when you
7:13 am
here rubio's name said from the floor. they are legally bound from eight states that they have to still stick with rubio whether or not he is still in the race. >> i just have to ask you this because it wasn't that long ago that marco rubio was calling donald trump a con man saying he would do anything in his power to prevent him from being the president of the united states, and now he's coming around to him seemingly. do you think it is more about donald trump, the fact he actually likes him, or more about the fact that it could be politically advantageous for him in the future because donald trump did so well in florida? >> i think it's a little bit of both. but the overall picture is they want to make sure the republicans are successful in 2016. he doesn't want to end his race in florida but he also doesn't want hillary clinton in the white house or any democrat to take power back in congress. so i think the reason why he's doing this is a little bit personal as well as professional and with the party in mind. whatever the motivation is, it was a good step and a good move for the republican party, and i think it shows how we're getting
7:14 am
along at a time when the democrats are completely in utter chaos. >> scottie nell hughes, bill press, thank you very much. still ahead on this friday, president obama makes history in hiroshima. his message, to end the use of nuclear weapons for good. up next. purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too. spending more healthy years with your best friend? that's amazing. big is exciting... daring... for everyone. pets don't just make life better - they make it bigger. purina. live big.
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a historic moment for president obama and the world. obama now the first ever sitting american president to visit hiroshima. standing on the very soil where the u.s. dropped the first atomic bomb killing an estimated 140,000 people back in 1945. now, this was that earth-shattering moment right here, a move that helped end world war ii. obama using today's stage to call for a world without nuclear weapons. >> we may not be able to eliminate man's capacity to do ev evil. so nations and the alliances we formed must possess the means to defend ourselves, but among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the
7:19 am
logic of fear and pursue a world without them. >> and after his speech, an emotional embrace right here. the president hugging a 79-year-old hiroshima survivor. cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski has more. >> reporter: president obama is now on his way home after this historic moment in hiroshima. an address the japanese people have waited for for a long time, waiting in absolute silence to see how president obama would address this. all of the emotion still left over in many ways from the war, and to see in the front row those listening to him, survivors of the blast 71 years ago. the white house didn't feel an apology was appropriate, and truly the japanese government didn't necessarily want that. the white house also didn't feel like a policy speech would be the right thing here of the sort that the president usually does. but in this case he clearly felt the history of the moment, speaking very slowly,
7:20 am
emphasizing certain words, and he broadened this out as broadly as one possibly could speaking on the nature of humanity itself. listen. >> technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us. the scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a moral revolution as we well. that is why we come to this place. >> reporter: during his time in office, president obama has had mixed success with trying to end war and with denuclearization. the iran nuclear deal is a big success but here, especially in this region, the threat of north korea looms extremely large. but he talked about nuclearization and while that is a goal and one that likely won't be realized in his lifetime, he said that that's not even
7:21 am
enough, that it's time for humanity to change its mindset on war itself and for people to embrace what he called the radical notion that we're all part of a single human family. pamela? >> michelle kosinski, thank you very much. still ahead on this friday, the tsa faces a major test as million travelers leave town for one of the busiest holiday weekends of the year. up next, what to expect if you're headed to the airport. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. what are you doing? sara, i love you, and...
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7:25 am
well, if you're planning to travel on this busy holiday weekend, there's still time to get to the airport early to beat the security lines. here is what it looked like
7:26 am
earlier this morning at chicago's o'hare airport. security lines there were packed as you see. cnn's rosa flores is live at that airport. so what's the situation now? looks very different. >> reporter: pamela, this is what added resources does to a tsa line. take a look around. it kills the wait. take a look. right now it is smooth sailing here at o'hare airport, and you also see dots of blue everywhere. those are the tsa agents that have been working very hard since very early this morning, so how did we get here? well, let me tell you something, there have been added resources to this airport and other airports around the country. first of all, earlier today we saw k-9s. there's at least five of them here in chicago airport. now, the tsa tells us with those five k-9s they can screen an extra 5,000 passengers a day. they also deployed special teams, they're all around these airports and also tripled
7:27 am
overtime. now, nationally the tsa is expecting to add about 800 tsa officers. that costs about $34 million, but the tsa and secretary jeh johnson, they're the first to say that that is not enough. >> we have just in the last several weeks converted a lot of part-time to full-time. we are authorized by congress to pay additional overtime to tsos to deal with the increased travel volume. i yesterday sent to congress a request for what we refer to as a reprogramming so we can convert 2,700 tsos from part time to full time which will enable us to screen people a lot faster. >> reporter: and as we take another live look here at o'hare, we can see there's a rush of students arriving right now, pamela, and they're going to go through this tsa security line, and, of course, the tsa security always reminds us that,
7:28 am
yes, you know, sometimes you have to wait in line, but their goal is the safety and security of every passenger passing through american airports. pamela? >> all right. glad to see that situation there at the chicago airport is improving. rosa flores, we do appreciate it. well, good morning. happy friday. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks for being here with us. u.s. health officials are making the announcement that they have long feared. the first known american case of a potentially deadly super bug that cannot be cured in the present. the antibiotic resistant strain was found last month in a urine sample from a 49-year-old pennsylvania woman. the director of the cdc now sounding off on the nightmare bacteria. >> this patient hadn't traveled, had done just three weeks of testing, and we know now that the more we look, the more we're
7:29 am
going to find, and the more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are. the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. >> so here is why this is so concerning. basically none of the antibiotics used worked on this patient. there was no word about how this patient got infected. we do know she did not travel outside the u.s. within the last five months. the cdc now frantically tracing any possible contact this patient may have had to see if the bacteria has spread. with me now to discuss is dr. william maroni, a medical examiner and forensic pathologist. you have to say when i heard this news yesterday, i found it really frightening to think there is a super bug out there that even the strongest antibiotic can't treat. how scary is this, doctor? >> it's scary when you think about the announcement is coming because standard procedures are
7:30 am
not working, but if you look at what our options are going forward, individual antibiotics are not going to be the answer. one of the answers going forward is going to be better decontamination, prevention, and antibiotic combinations. >> but what do you do? i mean, what does this pennsylvania woman do now after trying all these antibiotics? is there any hope for her to get rid of the bacteria beyond just her body fighting it off? because as we know that may not happen. >> well, the isolation and blood culture confirmation is going to prove that it's what we call the cr cre. the standard set of antibiotics that we use is usually something that's oral, but in very severe cases, we put people in hospitals and they get iv
7:31 am
antibiotics. learning from her, the big thing is he said isolated from her urine. so flank pain, kidney pain, early signs of bacteria, flank pain and kidney pain is going to be trying not to show that we missed this in other people. the fact that we have this in america now is that we really have had it, we just admitted it. it's been here, and now we need to have better decontamination, avoiding contact with feces and infected skin, and if you have procedures, make sure that the procedures are minimally invasive and that's how we'll prevent the spread of this. >> so how significant is it that this woman did not travel outside the u.s. in the last five months? >> what this says is that she
7:32 am
picked up the bug, the cre, nationwide and domestically, and that shows us that it's probably been here for a couple years, and the isolation of this bug is going to be seen in certain places where people are vulnerable. the most vulnerable place is going to be nursing homes. nursing homes where contact with feces and skin and infection in elderly and immu know compromised patients are going to be where we really need to screen this out because they're at greatest risk. younger, healthier people are going to have antibiotic options. so for whole body infections that are sometimes called sepsis, urinary tract infections and signs of high fever we can't explain. >> so we know about this woman
7:33 am
in pennsylvania, but you think there are other people walking around the united states right now that have the same strain of the bacteria that is incurable? >> guaranteed. it's here and we just don't know -- so the evident should now be to prevent excessive contact in screening, and screening when people come in who have flank pain, excessive fevers, and the other part is he was very specific about urinary tract infections and cultures. maybe doctors have men and women pee in a cup and they check it to see if there's an infection. we need to do more urine cultures and blood cultures to isolate out the antibiotic resistant strain so we can identify it. >> okay. dr. william marrone, thank you for coming on and sharing your expertise. very interesting and frightening. do appreciate it.
7:34 am
on capitol hill lawmakers have begun their memorial day recess without passing funding for the zika virus. democrats are scolding their republican counterparts saying valuable time is being lost. republicans say they have already passed measures to fund for research. and still ahead on this friday morning in what's been a very contentious race for the white house, one third-party candidate is hoping to cash in on contempt for trump and clinton and become a household name. ♪
7:35 am
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7:38 am
republicans and democrats aren't the only ones picking their presidential candidates. starting today more than 900 delegates of the libertarian party are gathering in orlando, florida, to choose their
7:39 am
nominee. well, many believe it will be this man, former new mexico governor gary johnson, who is also his party's nominee in 2012. cnn national correspondent ryan nobles joins me from inside the main hall of the convention. hi, ryan. >> reporter: hey, pamela. and a lot of the libertarians here are very excited. they think they have a historic opportunity in this 2016 election, and they're really focused on two numbers. the first number is 50. that's because other than republicans and democrats, the libertarian party right now is the only other party positioned to be on the ballot in all 50 states in the race for president. now, the other number is 15. 15 is the polling percentage number their nominee will have to meet in order to gain access to those nationally televised general election debates, and if the recent polls are any indication, that number is within reach. gary johnson, who you mentioned, pamela, is polling at 10% according to the latest fox news poll. he is trailing hillary clinton and donald trump, but 10% is
7:40 am
significant when you consider that he's received very little media attention and has very little financial backing. now, that could be an indication though of the overall voter dissatisfaction with donald trump and hillary clinton, and that is something that former governor johnson acknowledges. take a listen. >> just appearing in the polls i think has a self-fulfilling prophecy of, well, what is this guy really saying? and right now with the polarization hillary and trump present, look, i'm -- if i'm the nominee, i'm going to be the only third-party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. >> now, before he can even think about the general election, johnson first has to win the nomination here, and that is not a given. he is facing pretty serious opposition from two candidates in particular, austin peterson, who is a conservative candidate. he actually has the backing of
7:41 am
some prominent republican conservatives who are looking for an alternative to trump and then there's also john mcafee who is putting a great deal of his own money into this race. these candidates will debate here tomorrow night, and the delegates here will select their nominee on sunday. pamela? >> ryan nobles, thank you so much for that. and stay tuned. our victor blackwell sits down with the libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson and vice presidential contender william weld at 1:00 p.m. eastern. and what has become a highly contentious race for the white house, some speculate a third-party candidate could have a big impact on what happens in november. joining me to discuss this is rebecca berg with real clear politics. for those never-trump people who want to have an alternative to donald trump, is this man, this libertarian candidate, their best hope? >> well, as gary series himself said in that clip we just saw,
7:42 am
he is going to be the only candidate besides hillary clinton and donald trump who is going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. he's the only one thee roretica who will have a path to victory. so just from a pragmatic standpoint, that's very important, and it's very interesting also that you now have a libertarian ticket in gary johnson and william weld who would be his running mate if they prevail at the convention this weekend that's comprised of two former governors, so actually some people with elected experience and i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot about that from them as well. >> because some people may not know exactly what they represent, what their issues are, can you kind of break it down for us, what their issues are compared to the other parties'? >> what sets them apart is gary johnson and william weld and the libertarian party in general really are socially liberal and
7:43 am
fiscally conservative. so really in line with many younger republicans who don't care as much about the social issues like abortion, gay marriage, those sorts of things, but still want to see a fiscally conservative policy platform embraced by candidates. and so they think they could bring -- sort of meld the two parties, bring those two ideas together in a way that's actually very attractive for many younger people across the country and even some older voters as well. one of the things that really sets gary johnson apart and has really sort of defined him as a national politician is that he's actually very vocally pro-marijuana legalization and actually some legalization of other drugs, and that might be an obstacle in him coming into the mainstream a little bit more, but when you have two candidates in hillary clinton and donald trump who are so disliked by so many americans, two of the most unpopular presidential nominees in the history of this country, then a third party candidate does start to have a chance.
7:44 am
>> and with that in mind in the latest "washington post"/abc poll, i think it was something like 44% of registered voters said that they would want a third-party option if their major party options were clinton and trump. how significant is that? >> it is very significant. this is something that we really haven't seen for very many years in modern presidential politics if really at all. two major party nominees who are so disliked even by people within their own party. the recent "washington post"/abc news poll found that 28% of republicans view donald trump unfavorably still at this point in the election sigc cycle even they're starting to coalesce behind him and hold their noses and support him. that's really what's happening here, with both of these candidates, a lot of people aren't necessarily excited about voting for them. they're holding their noses because they feel like they don't have another option. if johnson and weld can make the
7:45 am
case they're a viable third-party, maybe they can gain a little traction. >> rebecca, thank you so much for breaking it down for us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and still ahead on this friday, he was viciously attacked and set on fire as a child in iraq. well, now he's a thriving teen in california. an update on the story of youssif is next. fe is unpredicte being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the pentagon is denying a report that u.s. special forces are fighting asisis on the fron lines in series. a news agency published photos they claim show those forces in raqqah. special forces are in the region on an advise and assist mission to help locals battle the terror group but rules of engagement ban then from conducting offensive military operations against isis. we want to update you on a story that captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. it's the story of a young iraqi boy by the name of youssif who at the age of 4 was attacked by masked men in baghdad and sets on fire as he played outside his
7:50 am
home. he and his family was later granted asylum and they moved to the united states where he has undergone surgeries for his injuries. arwa damon caught up with youssif in this cnn exclusive. >> look at you. you got so big. >> reporter: youssif has grown in numerous ways. he has been a hero for many over the years, superman is his. >> so we did a project in my english class and so each person got to choose one super hero. >> reporter: do you identify with him? >> yeah. >> reporter: in what sense? >> i try to fit in with everyone. >> reporter: and is that still hard for you? >> not really because now i make friends easily. >> reporter: youssif was just 4 years old when masked men attacked him outside his baghdad home. we reported his story. the outpouring of support came from across the globe, and youssif and his family ended up in los angeles. where his parents heard their
7:51 am
son laugh and shriek for the first time in the months since the attack. where strangers gathered in prayer on the beach moving his mother to tears. he has since undergone multiple surgeries. the memory of iraq and the evil he experienced all but erased. you were saying you don't remember anything about baghdad. >> yeah, i don't. i don't remember my family that much. only my grandparents. >> reporter: in many ways he's just like any other teen, obsessed with soccer, has loads of friends, and still wants to become a doctor to help others. but he knows he may not see his homeland in his lifetime. have you been following the news about what's happening in iraq with isis? >> i feel really bad for all the people and all those kids and stuff. it's like those terrorists aren't muslims. they're just extremists. >> reporter: we still can't disclose his father's identity for the security of the family back in iraq.
7:52 am
>> i'm trying not to read and see what's going on because whatever i see is sad there. everything is just sad. >> reporter: and life is as a refugee is never easy. he has only been able to find a part-time job and is looking for more work. >> at the same time, as you see like so many people looking for a job. it's not only me. >> reporter: they are all profoundly aware that they are fortunate to have survived and escaped the war zone thanks to the kindness of strangers who continue to finance youssif's medical care. >> every surgery i have is like one step closer to the finish line. >> reporter: you're starting high school. >> yeah, i'm really excited to. >> reporter: arwa damon, cnn. >> so glad to see he's doing so well at the age of 13 now. thanks to arwa damon for that report. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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portland, oregon, is known for many things, its music scene, coffee shops, and its hipsters. in this week's episode of "united shades of america" kamell bell investigates how the influx of visitors affects seattle. >> so the beard. >> the whole look. >> this is about as much beard as i can grow so does that mean i would not fit in here? >> it's not like the next door rugged thing going on. you have a bit of a plaid. >> there's a thing about portland about the hipster. >> yes. >> is that a dirty word here? >> it's kind of a dirty word. >> would you use that word to describe yourself? >> isn't that the whole point? no one does. >> is that the problem? nobody in portland -- >> everyone knows what you mean when you say it but it's just like, i don't know, i think it's kind of like a convenient slur for millennials and people who work in coffee shops. it's a useless word.
7:58 am
>> am i putting too much emphasis by saying hipster is the "m" bomb of portland? i think i just broke a hipster. the funny thing about hipsters is that no one here will even admit to being one. wait a minute, is that another person of color? i have to talk to her. >> biggest thing i have noticed lately and we've talked about a lot is that there are not visible communities of color here. >> we can talk. let it hang out. >> okay. >> yeah. code word. i'm one of those too. we can let it all hang out. so say it. >> i feel like portland is a place full of really liberal accepting people but it's very much like a bubble. >> see "united shades of america" at 10:00 p.m. on cnn. checking our top stories on this friday, new york police releasing shocking video overnight of that deadly shooting before a t.i. concert. the man you see here is in
7:59 am
custody after a shooting spree that killed one person and injured two others. he's charged with murder. much of southeast texas is under a flash flood emergency this morning after getting pounded by more than 16 inches of rain yesterday and more storms are in the forecast. in one county heavy rains forces classes to be canceled toond and it comes after some 50 students got stuck at an elementary school thursday when their buses couldn't make it through floodwaters. officials say less than 20 kids are left and are expected to be reunited with their families in the next few hours. tonight the pentagon opens up to 350 family members who have lost their loved ones in the military. it's part of the taps good grief camp which stands for tragedy assistance program for survivors. they will be hosted by defense secretary ash carter. and the events are a way for families to honor their fallen loved ones. this is the third year carter
8:00 am
has opened the pentagon to the group at the start of the memorial day weekend. well, thank you so much for joining me today. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. we hit the 1,217. >> the unqualified loose cannon is within reach of the most important job of the world. >> here i am watching hillary fight, and she can't close the deal. >> donald trump has agreed to debate me. >> i'd love to debate bernie. >> we hope donald trump does not chicken out. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off today. the finish line has been crossed. the republican nomination locked in now one day after clinching the magic number of 1237, donald trump is headed to not


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