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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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they are taking the water and shoving it out to sea. i just met with a lot of the farmers, who are great people. they are saying, we don't even understand it. they don't understand. nobody understands it. >> trump didn't offer much in the way of details more than saying he will, quote, start opening up the water. california is the political battlefield this week and next. primary day there, june 7th. it is more important to the democratic hopefuls now that donald trump has that lock on the gop nomination. senator bernie sanders has been all over the state in the past couple of days. he just held a rally in santa barbara. another one is next hour in santamaria. hillary clinton with no problem events planned today. in just a moment, bob dole is going to join me live and we'll discuss a little more about this year's top election comments. he is also going to weigh in on the veterans issues, something near and dear to his heart being
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a world war ii vet himself. first, let's get to scott mcclean with the very latest on these developments in the past 24 hours. scott, there has been another new development. it has to do with that proposed bernie sanders, donald trump debate. it is now off. what happened? >> well, there was never much doubt that bernie sanders would take part that that debate. it was his campaign that ornlly floated the idea. the first was donald trump. trump decided to back out. now that i am the presumptive nominee, it seems inappropriate i would debate the second-place finisher. bernie sanders is still pushing trump to change his mind. he said this today on the campaign trail. >> donald trump initially said yes and then he said no. then he said yes and then he said no. so i think for a guy who changes
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his position so many times, i would hope he would change it one more time and say yes. >> now, debate or not, sanders path to the nomination is extreme extremely unlikely on this point. on his wedding anniversary, it is today and he is celebrating it with three events on the campaign trail z how romantic, right? i am sure his wife is in for a nicedinner or something. >> trump has been brushes off sanders and focusing his attacks on hillary clinton. i understand he has new ammunition. >> donald trump is taking advantage of a new state department inspector general's report that found that hillary clinton broke department rules with her use of a private e-mail server. this is what he said yesterday. >> thank goodness for e-mails. i love e-mails. they never go away.
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hillary, did you hear that? they never go away, hillary. you know, hillary is missing 30,000 e-mails. i have people that will retrieve those e-mails. i don't think they want to find those e-mails. because, frankly, what hillary has done is criminal, folks. it is criminal. >> so clinton has defended her use of private e-mail by saying that other secretaries of state have done the same. she also said that she would not have made the same decision again today. this issue is not going away for clinton. not only will donald trump likely continue to use it against her. there is also that fbi investigation that is still on going. >> scott mclean, our thanks to you. let's talk it all over now. bring in republican strategist and donald trump surrogate, forest epstein and also with is cnn political commentator tara
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setnair. let's begin with the drought comment. at one point, donald trump going as far as to say there actually is no drought. he seemed to be blaming the drought conditions on state regulators and water rights issues in the state i want to start with you, boris, and ask you this question. scientists confirm there is a drought happening in the state. in fact, 86% of the state is in a drought. how can donald trump say that there is no drought? >> well, the point is this. that drought is a solvable issue. donald trump, if elected president, he will solve this issue. he will work with the folks in the state of california and nationally to solve the problem. the point is that right now in california, the red tape is preventing the solution. >> what's the solving? >> to provide more water, you need more water. you need to cut through the red tape and provide more solutions and actual water to the state of california, not the state as a whole but the specific locations where the drought is on going. >> wouldn't state regulators
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already be trying to get more water to the state and its people? is it a solution that donald trump trump has that they just aren't considering? >> well, as someone who worked for a congressman for seven years from california, i am very familiar with the drought that's going on there. there is, na fact, a drought. there is something also coupled with the water rights act, the clean water act, and all of these things, the delta smelt that has turned off water for irrigation for thousands and thousands of acres of farmland in the bread basket of america really in california that has caused significant hardship to the farmers in california, which is something that the federal government could change working with the state of california and the epa. but for donald trump to go out and couple that with, well, there is no drought. that's just ridiculous. there is a legitimate drought. there is, also, on the other hand, something the federal government could do, which is ease regulations on the delta smelt fish thing, which is what is causing a lot of the problems
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with the farmers and irrigation. it is a shame. it is really devastating the economy in california. also, the other places that receive agricultural products from california. he is half right. he goes into hyperbole and he thinks he is going to wave a magic wand and change everything. he is only half right with that. >> tara and i half agree there. the point is, the regulators and a lot of the regulation and laws that are on the books are hurting the situation right now. they are causing the effect that is the same as a drought. that's not the same as if there was an actual drought. cutting off the water and having a drought is not the same. >> let me move beyond this issue. i also want to bring in ben ferguson, cnn political commentator. let's talk about some of the violence we continue to see plague these donald trump events in california. yesterday, 30 people were arrested. it was more than 30 people arrested in san diego yesterday. it got violent there. how concerned are you, ben, about the prospect of more violent protests in the weeks
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ahead and perhaps even greater issues popping up at these protests? >> look, i any you have a couple issues here. one, you have a lot of these protesters that are coming out of there and looking for a fight. some of them are even looking to be arrested to be some sort of martyr for their cause. look at some of the flags that were being flown, these protesters. they weren't flying america flags. they were flying mexican flags. they were there to set and make a point that they hate and cannot stand donald trump and his decisions that he said he would make as president on immigration reform. this they want to go out and they want to be violent and throw rocks at policemen, they should be held accountable for that. i don't think there is anything that donald trump can do to stop that. we are also talking about violence not within the rally, not inside the rally. we are talking about outside the rally. these people are there to be agitators. they are there because they want to make a point. they want to be famous. they want to get arrested. there is nothing that donald
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trump can do to stop them. i think you are going to see this as long as you are in more liberal states lycra krike cali. you did not see this in more conservative states. he has done well in these primary states. i expect this to continue as long as these activists are getting news feed times as long as they are getting their point of view out there and get the name of their organization down there. when you are flying the mexican flag while throwing rocks at the american police, i think this only helps donald trump in his opinion about what he said about illegal immigrants. >> why is donald trump even in california? that is as blue as they come kind of state having, hasn't voted for a republican since 1988? why is he there? >> did did vote for a republican in 1877, george bush then. clinton is only up in some polls by about 10 points. she was up by 11 or 13 against sanders and now it is tied. >> you think that california
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could go for trump. >> 100%. he is the kind of candidate just like ronald reagan and h.w., the first time he ran for president in '88 before the re-election in '92, that can really energize the people in california and make them come out. the polls you have seen are only on the voters who voted before. a lot of folks who haven't voted in a long time are coming out to support trump. california is a huge state. look at the demographics. break down the demographics between the northern california, the valley and southern california. there is absolutely enough support there for trump to win that and hillary clinton to lose it. she is doing already badly against sanders. imagine her against a real candidate like donald trump. >> let's talk more about the sanders, clinton, trump dynamic right now in california. bernie sanders wanted a debate before the california primary. clinton said no. suddenly, it was, what about trump? trump initially said he would debate bernie sanders. now, he has changed his mind. sanders has this to say to that sudden decline of the debate.
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listen. >> you know, i hope that he changes his mind again. mr. trump is known to change his mind many times in a day. trump goes around. he is a bully. he is a big, tough guy. well, mr. trump, what are you afraid of? why do you not want to see a debate here in california? >> tara, what is mr. trump afraid of? >> well, mr. trump is afraid of getting his behind handed to him in a debate again which he did at almost every single debate during the primaries. >> oh, come on. that's not the truth. >> it is the truth. >> he won every single debate. the polls showed it. >> you can't say that you won. online polls aren't a measure of how well you have done. >> the result of the primaries have does. >> donald trump is not a good debater. bernie sanders is a better debater. from a political perspective, it doesn't benefit donald trump to
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possibly make a mistake or to have him exposed again for the issues he is a hypocrite on and doesn't know anything about it. it benefits bernie sanders and hurts hillary clinton. the fact that donald trump was all gung-ho about it. he said, let's do it for charity and he said, no, maybe not. that's typical of donald trump. another quick point about california demographics. the republican party in california has been decimated. the demographics there and the voting, it is so outnumbered with republicans versus democrats in favor of democrats. >> aren't you a republican? >> you have hispanic voters registered to vote in record numbers and they are not voting for donald trump. >> that sounds coming from a republican. >> do you see this as just another one of the examples of donald trump saying something, off the cuff, like, sure, we'll debate and having to kind of backtrack? >> i look at this a little bit differently. i think the fact that he said he
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would debate bernie sanders did two things. one, it got bernie sanders supporters fired up and it got bernie sanders name back out up in front of hillary clinton. it also made hillary clinton look weak. he came back and said, actually, he is in second place. that is also going to inspire bernie sanders supporters, oh, really, we're going to show you up and vote and we'll see if he is in second place in california after we are done with this. if anything, i think this played out well for donald trump, because it kept bernie sanders back in the center of attention. it allows us to continue to go on between hillary clinton and bernie sanders longer than she ever imagined that it would have been. it makes her a weaker candidate moving forward. it also, i think, highlighted how hillary clinton is really being a coward going into california by not debating bernie sanders. bernie sanders has done very well recently. he deserves to have a debate with hillary clinton. the voters obviously are not decided on her. they have not been overwhelmingly supporting her as of late. i think this brings all that
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back up to the forefront. it inspires bernie supporters. longer it is a two-person race on the democratic side, it only benefits donald trump probably more than anybody else. >> hillary was up 18 points against sanders not very long ago. it is down to 2% or tied in some places, though. she has a tough race for her in california even though she is going to still win the nomination. >> as far as california goes, around schwarzenegger was the governor of california as a republican. we as republicans have plenty of opportunity there as well as in new york. donald trump is changing the party by opening up all these states. we need to continue and do that as well as michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, all over the country. >> it has been an election unlike anything anybody would predict. boris epstein, tara, and ben, thanks to all of you in offering your insight. don't miss jake tapper's entire interview with marco rubio. he is now speaking out for the first time on all of these
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issues on state of the union tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. we'll get his take on how he feels about trump now, whether he is going to be a supporter or on the never trump train. it is interesting what he has to say. up ahead, this hour, live in our "cnn newsroom." he is the last world war ii veteran to lead a major party ticket. the lone former republican presidential nominee attended this summer's gop convention, bob dole joining us live next. plus, it is all about the golden state. all three candidates spending a lot of time there and money. they are in california right now. will trump be the first republican to win there in about 30 years? later -- >> usef was just four years old when masked men attacked him outside his bag dag home. >> it was such a touching story. this is now ten years after this tragedy. it turned into a story of hope. a cnn exclusive on an iraqi
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boy's amazing journey of survival and courage. his story here in the "cnn newsroom."
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veterans affairs secretary, bob mcdonald, comparing the waiting time at v.a. hospitals to standing in line at disneyland. donald trump who has repeatedly said he is the best candidate for veterans. >> i love our vets. where are our vets? nobody like our vets and we're going to cherish our vets. we're going to take care of our vets. >> you might remember trump held that veterans fund-raiser instead of the debate that he was supposed to participate in back in january. since then, the trump campaign still hasn't disclosed just how much money was raised or exactly where that money ended up and now after being pushed by reporters this week, trump promises to release all of that
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information on monday. memorial day, of course. the help of u.s. veterans and their treatment at v.a. hospitals is a big topic in that presidential election. senator bob dole was the last world war ii veteran to headline a major ticket. he won the republican nomination back in 1996. he is joining me live now on the phone. senator dole, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you very much. >> i know that veterans issues are extremely important to you. you are coming on to talk to us more about memorial day and the work that you are doing with veterans charities, including the honor flight network. let's start there. what are you doing? what's the work you are doing on behalf of veterans exactly? >> i just left the world war ii memorial about an hour ago. i have been going out there almost every saturday since 2006. i have had a little break here
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about four months because i have had pneumonia and some health issues but you know i help put together the world war ii memorial and raise $170 million. it's a veterans memorial. it is not a government memorial. really, veterans are so proud of it. all veterans, whatever conflict and war they were involved in. >> we salute those veterans, including yourself. i know world war ii was when you served your time. we all have reflected on world war ii, specially with the president's visit to hiroshima. >> you were the senate majority leader as well. based on your experience and when you reflect on what's happening in washington and the
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gridlock, how do we get pass thad to support our veterans? can you hear me, senator dole? >> yes. i missed that question. based on what you are observing happening in washington right now, when it comes to helping our veterans, what needs to happen to get past all the bickering and gridlock? >> i have great respect for bob mcdonald, the present v.a. secretary i think he is doing an outstanding job. i sing his praises, because it is a tremendous job he has. i don't criticize people. i've never criticized obama or my friend, joe biden.
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i'll leave that up to someone else. i think mcdonald is doing his very best. it takes a long time for some of these things to happen. we have two veterans hospitals in kansas. i think in the last two years, i have had two complaints. one was a nurse who didn't get a promotion, which i couldn't help. one was a veteran who had to wait too long for his medicine. i don't think i know about any other complaints. one of the hospitals has my name on it. >> let me stop you there. what i heard you say is that the current v.a. secretary is doing an outstanding job. you think so? >> i think so.
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>> i know he is an easy target for people in politics that like to take shots for something that's very difficult to do. that's to solve all the veterans problems. i may be totally wrong but i believe if you took a survey of veterans, not just people out there who hear all the stuff on tv or radio, they would say that veterans are getting a pretty good treatment by the v.a. >> you were the republican nominee back in 1996. you, yourself, are a world war ii vet. in the field of the 17 republicans this year and the primary election, most never served in the military. you are now the only past gop presidential nominee who is going to go to the gop convention. why is it important for you to attend? >> i have been a republican all
12:24 pm
my life. the party has done a lot for me. i hope i've done a lot for the party along the way. but when donald trump clinched the republican nomination, it was an easy call for me. what's a lifelong republican supposed to do, support the opponent? >> some people say they are not going to support either candidate, mitt romney, jeb bush, some of the other big names in your party are on the anti-trump train. >> well, they still have time to get on the train. it is not moving that fast right now. some of these people made pledges in the debates that they would support the nominee. the one person that hesitated
12:25 pm
was donald trump. then, he signed the pledge that he would support the nominee. now, a few others that said they would support the nominee, whatever, are not doing it. i think it is unfortup at. my candidate was jeb bush. he is a wonderful guy. his dad is a very good friend of mine. i hope they get in line and support the republican. >> another nominee has called upon trump to apologize when he made the comment about john mccain being a p.o.w. and he wasn't as brave a man when he got caught. do you believe that donald trump should apologize for that
12:26 pm
comment? >> i certainly do. one of my best friends, closest two or three friends is john mccain. i am going to try to get trump to issue an apology. i mean, john mccain suffered, tortured, broken arm, what do you expect? this young man at the time did everything that you would want a serviceman to do, above and beyond the call of duty. he was tough. as you know, he had a chance to go home early but stadium there, because he knew going home early because of his dad, who was an admiral and very important admiral. donald, that's the one error
12:27 pm
that i would hope nominee trump would do, is start honing down his rhetoric. there is nothing wrong with apologizing for the governor of new mexico or john mccain or anybody who he has insulted. >> what about mexicans or muslims or women? >> pardon. >> are apologies necessary to all of those groups? >> well, they are not necessary but they are the right thing to do. >> does it bother you that donald trump has such heated rhetoric and is offending and in many cases demonizing some of these people that are a part of our american fabric. >> it bothers me. i've been around for quite a while. i have seen candidates come and
12:28 pm
go. i think this is a real phenomenon with trump doing what he has done from skrech. i aplud him for that. i don't applause him for the insults. i, as a supporter, i would like him to issue a blanket apology or an individual apologies. these people don't deserve that. think are good, strong republicans, john mccain, for example. governor of new mexico. jeb bush. that's how we bring the party together. we want to bring the party together to try and reach out to those that you have offended. >> how concerned are you that he has done enough damage with some of these groups that traditionally may not have voted
12:29 pm
republican, including hispanics, the majority of female voters have gone democrat in the last couple of elections, electing barack obama. these are groups and african-americans that he needs to win in order to win the general election. how concerned are you that it's too late to get the support from these people? >> no. i think there is still time. it is not too late. i can already see sort of a shift with trump. he needs to start talking about he is about to be president. >> how does he win over these groups? >> how does he win over who? >> these group that is we have just been talking about, the hispanics, the african-americans, the women, the younger people?
12:30 pm
>> in my long time in politics, the only way to turn people around is to meet with them and speak with them and lay out a plan that is attractive to them. not that we are going to kick everybody out of the country. that isn't the way i reacted while i was in the senate for 28 years and republican leader for ten. you have to have friends in this business. you can be ds and rs. but if you want to win, you need friends. >> boy has politics changed since your time there, right? >> pardon? >> i wonder as you watch this election play out, one of the big questions that remains is who might be donald trump's running mate? who would you like to see him
12:31 pm
choose, maybe somebody with military experience or what are the characteristics and qualities and skillsets that are still needed on a donald trump ticket? >> donald trump needs someone who understands congress, who can help him work with congress, who understands foreign policy, domestic policy, economic policy, someone like newt gingrich, and newt gingrich, none of us are perfect but he is a good fit for trump. he can help him in all of those areas and trump has to listen. you have got to have some people
12:32 pm
you trust if you are the candidate if you can confide in. they can tell you, donald, you are making a mistake. you shouldn't do this, you shouldn't do this or whatever. >> have you reached out to donald trump to offer advice or support? >> have i? >> i'm sorry. have you reached out to him? i didn't hear. >> i didn't hear the question. >> have you reached out to donald trump or has he reached out to you for advice? >> well, he has called me twice. he called me last week, said he would be calling me again this week. we had a nice visit, and i suggest that maybe let go of the rhetoric. i put a plug in for newt gingrich, because i know newt. i have watched newt. newt and i didn't always get along when we were in congress but i have watched newt the past
12:33 pm
several months. i believe he would be a real asset. he knows people. people in politics and the house and the senate respect him. he would be a big, big help of donald trump, because he is going to need it. he has never been a legislate tore. he has never been elected to anything. >> you talked about newt gingrich and the vice presidency and who might be on the donald trump ticket. you talked about donald trump's rhetoric. what else did you talk about or advice did you give? >> he thanked me for my support. that was the purpose of the call. i said, well, it wasn't a problem for me. i cannot figure out some of these other people that are holding back or saying they will
12:34 pm
not endorse you but then we talked a little about. i told him miss vice-presidential selection would be very important. normally, they are not but i think in this case where you have a nonpolitical nominee, you are going to need a vice-president who can help you. i don't know whether he listened or not but he said he will keep calling me. i'm a supporter. i want to give him good advice. since i lost in '96 -- not '96 but maybe since i lost, i'm not the best person to give advice. >> but sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than your successes, at least that's how i feel in my own life. >> yes, i learned a lot by
12:35 pm
losing and you make a lot of friends. it is how you handle it. bill clinton and i are friends. we ran against each other, a fairly nasty campaign, as all campaigns seem to be. you have to move on with your life. you have to turn the page and do the next thing. >> i know na you probably have an opinion about running specifically against a clinton. what kind of advice do you think you would give donald trump specifically focused on strategy against the clintons? that's a tough question. i think hillary has a lot of baggage. while she doesn't admit it, it
12:36 pm
is there. >> the public has already known about a lot of that. her family has been in the spotlight for so many decades. >> and she has been there a long time and people are looking for fresh faces. that's why rubio was attractive for a long time. he is a new generation. she has been around what, 30 years. i don't know. a long time. bill clinton, who would be a great asset, has had this health problem and doesn't look strong and robust like he has in the past. it has affected his voice. he is not going to be able to go out there with the fire and brimstone he would have had earlier. >> he could be an adviser, certainly, if not in an official
12:37 pm
capacity, if he is in the white house with his wife should she be elected as president. he would be along her side. so it almost sounds a little bit like you could see them making a play and being a decent couple to run the country? >> well, i think that's another problem for hillary. she is advertising that bill clinton will be in charge of the economy. the economy is probably the number one problem if you really get down to it in the united states. people want jobs. they want to find a good-paying job. that would help trump with women, of course. everybody, latinos, whoever might not feel kindly towards him now. i don't think you can have a shared presidency even though
12:38 pm
you trust your wife are. i assume she trusts him. >> let me ask you one last question before we let you go. you also i know have a close relationship with the bush family. you talked about jeb bush. do you think that he needs to fall in line and get behind trump? >> i believe jeb is a man of integrity and honesty. i just hope he keeps his word when he said he would support the nominee. i know trump didn't make it very easy for him, because of all the things he said about jeb but jeb is bigger than that. i do hope to see him on board. it would mean a lot in states like florida and jeb has friends all over the country. so does his dad and brother and mother. >> bob dole, thank you so much
12:39 pm
nor your time. thank you for your service to this country. thank you for joining us here on "cnn newsroom." i hope you have a wonderful memorial day. >> all right. thank you and i want to thank all of those men and women out there who served their country, whatever it was, wherever it was. this is their weekend. i know some people that it is just a day to go fishing or something but take 30 minutes and at least pay your respects to people who lost their lives or were seriously disabled. i saw hundreds and hundreds of people at the world war ii memorial that were doing just that. >> thank you for all that you do for our veterans as well anding you better health.
12:40 pm
i know you mentinoed you have been battling some pneumonia. we wish you the best. thanks again. >> okay. well, thank you. >> we'll be right back. don'tlive in paris. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. (is committed to truth on thee plabel.d when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at
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let's turn now to the zika virus. 150 prominent experts say move
12:44 pm
or postpone the summer olympics. they point to fresh concerns about the zika virus which can be specially dangerous for pregnant women or unborn children. they wrote this letter that says the brazilian strain of zika virus harms health in ways that science has not observed before. an unnecessary risk is posed when 500,000 foreign tourists from all countries attend the games. >> ivan watson, we are going to bring him in. how are health officials responding to this? >> the world health organization is firing back saying the zika virus is already being found in more than 60 countries. they do not believe this poses a real threat to global health to host the olympics here in august as planned. that's been backed up by the center for disease control which made the same argument just last thursday before this letter came
12:45 pm
out. the 150 physicians that put that out argue this is a danger. we don't know enough about the zika virus yet. to have all of these tourists come in and some of them potentially contract the disease and virus and take it back to their countries of origin, in some cases to third world countries with much poorer health care systems, that could do a great deal of damage to the societies and communities they return to. so the very public debate between doctors continues. ana? >> all right. ivan watson, thanks for that update. suddenly, california matters again in presidential politics is what we are talking about. the latest in the scramble to win the delegate rich state and the promises donald trump is making that has him winning both, more supporters and new critics.
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12:51 pm
seems confident he's going to win california for the gop in the first time in nearly 30 years. >> get out and vote in a couple weeks and get out and vote. this is what i'm going to do, and i shouldn't say it because, although hillary clinton has bigger problems right now, we are going to make a strong play for california. no other republican, let's say ted cruz won or any one of them won, they wouldn't come here for dipper because they are told that as a republican, you have zero chance, okay. i really believe we're going to win it. we have a real chance to win it. you know what? i knew it strategically also. if we don't win it, they are going to spend one hell of a fortune in fighting me off. that's what i can tell ya. >> dan, thank you for joining us. california has not gone
12:52 pm
republican since 1988. is there any chance trump can win this state? >> not a chance in the world. >> why? >> demographics of the state. the demographics of the state make it absolutely prohibitive. very large latino and asian-american vote make it nearly impossible for him, but what he's also doing in addition to the bluster is saying what any presidential candidate says. they always say, we'll contest california. every candidate says we'll compete in all 50 states. o there's no difference between trump and every other candidate who's been nominated by either party. >> well, he has done away with conventional wisdom, i would say this election cycle. at least in the primary side of things. he's made so many controversial comments and most recent came there in california talking about the drought. playing comments in the
12:53 pm
beginning of the hour, what people are responding on twitter, trump's favorite platform. this is from a nasa scientist who tweeted, quote, trump california, we are going to open up the water. what? like it's in cans? how do you think trump's version of science plays there in california? >> remember where trump was campaigning yesterday. often, if you're not from california, you think of our state as hollywood and silicon valley, but trump was in fresno, and california is nope for entertainment and higher tech industries, agriculture is one of the pillars of our economy, and the farming community has been upset for many years that so much of the state's water is set aside for environmental purposes. now, donald trump made the point in a very trumpian way that essentially what he was saying to conservatives in the central valley is i'm going to give you more water than you get it now, but over the top trump bomb
12:54 pm
best. >> what about trump's celebrity there? former actresses, and they have done well there in california. is there a celebrity effect? >> probably was in the beginning of the campaign like everywhere in the u.s. in the beginning of the campaign, but it's important to remember the celebrity. it doesn't select candidates, but it gives them a bigger window of opportunity through which to deliver their message. most people did not vote for arnold schwarzenegger because he was a weight lifter and blew up buildings in movies, but they voted him for a series of political reforms. while trump's celebrity gets him attention here and elsewhere, i think his message, particularly female and minority voters, is a nonstarter in california. >> well, dan, we appreciate the great information you just provide. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer.
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