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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. you're live in the cnn newsroom on this saturday memorial day weekend. we're in new york, and thank you for being here. we begin with breaking news, former republican presidential nominee bob dole making headlines today. i talked to him right here on cnn, and at 92 years old, he holds nothing back with the state of the party and on what trump needs to do to get the gop back in the white house. the former united states senator spent nearly half a century in public office, anything, if not committed to his party, and well versed on running against a clinton. he has advice to give and apparently donald trump knows it. trump talking with dole, apparently, twice, in fact, the two talked just last week, and doe laid it all on the table telling him not only how he should start handling his campaign, but even who to pick as the running mate. listen. >> when donald trump clenched
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the republican nomination, it was an easy call for me. what's a lifelong republican supposed to do? support the opponent? >> some people say they are not supporting either candidate, mitt romney, jeb bush, other big names in your party are on the antitrump train. >> well, they still have time to get on the train. it's not moving that fast right now. and, you know, some of these people made pledges in the debates that they would support the nominee, and the one person that hesitated was donald trump, but then he signed the pledge that he would support the nominee, and now two others if they support the nominee, whatever, are not doing it.
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i think that's unfortunate. and my candidate with jeb bush, he's a wonderful guy, and his dad is a very good friend of mine. >> you know, john mccain and other former nominees -- >> i hope they support the republicans. >> john mccain and other former republican nominee called on trump to apologize to the comments made about veterans when he made that comment about john mccain being a p.o.w. and that he wasn't as brave of a man because he got caught. what do you say? do you believe donald trump should apologize for that comment? >> i certainly do. one of my best friends, you know, one of my closest two or three friends is john mccain, and i'm going to try to get trump to issue an apology.
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i mean, john mccain suffered, tortured, broken arms, what do you expect? you know, this young man at the time did everything that you would want a serviceman to do, above and beyond the call of duty. he was doused -- as you know, he had a chance to go home early, but he stayed there because he knew he was going home early because of his dad who was an admiral and very important admiral, but, you know, donald -- that's the one area i'd hope nominee trump would do is start honing down his rhetoric and there's nothing wrong with apologizing to the governor of new mexico or john
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mccain or anybody else he's insulted. >> what about mexicans or muslims or women? >> pardon? >> are apologies necessary to all of those groups? >> well, they are not necessary, but they are the right thing to do. >> does it bother you that donald trump has such heated rhetoric in his offending, and in many cases, demonizing some of these people who are a part of our american fabric? >> yeah, it bothers me. i've been around a quite awhile, and i've seen candidates come and go, and i think, you know, this is a real phenomena, trump doing what he's done from scratch, so i applaud him for that, but i don't applaud him for the insults, and i, as a
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supporter, i would like him to issue a blanket apology or individual apologies because these people don't deserve that. they are good, strong republicans, john mccain, for example, governor of new mexico, jeb bush, i mean, you know, that's how we bring the party together if we want to bring the party together. you try to reach out to those that you've offended. >> how concerned are you that he's done enough damage with some of these groups that traditionally may not have voted republican including hispanics, the majority of female voters have gone democrat the last couple elections electing barack obama. these are groups he needs to win
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the general election. how concerned are you that it's too late to get the support from these people? >> no, i think there's still time. it's not too late. i can already see a sort of a shift in the trump's tone, and he needs to start talking like he's about to be president. >> how does he win over these groups? >> how does he win over who? >> these groups we have been talking about? the hispanics, african-americans, the women, the younger people. >> oh, well, you know, in my long time in politics, the only way to turn people around is to, you know, meet with them and speak with them and lay out a plan that attracts you to them.
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not always we're going to kick every out of the country, and, you know, that isn't the way i reacted while i was in the senate for 28 years, and republican leader for ten. you know, you have to have friends in this business. you can be ds and rs, but if you want to win, you need friends. >> don't go away. coming up live here in the cnn newsroom, our conversation, my conversation with bob dole continues, and without hesitation, he talks about who he thinks trump should pick as vp. plus, after dole lost to bill clinton in 1996, he shares his advice for trump on taking on the clin tops. we are live in just a moment with more on this.
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presidential nominee now attending the gop convention. he shared his words of advice to donald trump. i want you to hear thoughts on a potential trump vice president. the name might surprise you, and also what bob dole thinks of hillary clinton's chances going forward. here, again, senator bob dole. >> as you watch this election play out, a question that remains is who might be donald trump's running mate. who would you like to see him choose? somebody with military experience? what are the characteristics, qualities, and skill sets still needed on a donald trump ticket? >> you know, my view is donald trump needs someone who understands congress, who can help him work with congress, who understands foreign policy, domestic policy, economic policy, you know, someone like
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newt gingrich, and newt, you know, none of us are perfect, but newt gingrich i think is a good fit for trump because he can help him in all those areas, and then trump has to listen. you know, you got to have some people you trust if you're the candidate that you can confide in and they can tell you, donald, you're making a mistake. you shouldn't do this. you shouldn't do this, or whatever. >> have you reached out to donald trump to offer advice or support? >> have i -- >> did you reach out to him? i didn't hear? >> i didn't hear the question. >> have you reached out to donald trump or has he reached out to you for advice?
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>> well, he called me twice. he called me last week. said he'll be calling me again this week. we just had a nice visit, a nice suggestion, maybe cool the rhetoric, and i put a plug in for newt gingrich because i know newt. i've watched him. newt and i didn't always get along in congress, but i watched newt the past several months, and i believe he'd be a real asset, and, you know, he's -- he knows people. people in politics, and the house and the senate respect him, and he would be a big, big help of donald trump because he's going to need it. he's never been a legislator or
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elected to anything. >> talking about newt gingrich and the presidency and who might be on the donald trump ticket. you talked about donald trump's rhetoric. what else did you talk about or advice did you give? >> well, i just said i was -- he thanked me for my support. that was the purpose of the call. i said, well, it was not a problem for me. i can't figure out some of the other people who are holding back or saying they will not endorse you, but then we talked about, i told him we talked about the last presidential selection would be very important. normally, they are not, but i think in this case where you have not -- a nonpolitical nominee, you need a vice president who can help you, and i don't know whether he listened
2:15 pm
or not, but i hope he does, i'm a supporter, and i want to give him good advice and maybe since i've lost, i'm not the best person to give advice. >> but sometimes you learn more from your mistakes or successes. that's how i feel in my own life. >> yeah, i learned a lot by losing, and you make a lot of friends, and it's how you handle, you know, bill clinton and i are friends, and we ran against each other, a nasty campaign as all campaigns seem to be. you have to move on with your life. you have to turn the page and do the next thing. >> i know you campaigned against
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a clinton. what advice do you think you'd give donald trump specifically focused on a strategy against the clintons? >> oh, that's a tough question because i think hillary has a lot of baggage, and while she doesn't add miss mit it, it's t. >> the public already known a lot -- >> things she shouldn't have done. >> the family has been in the sp spotlight for so many decades. >> right. and she's been there a long time, and people are looking for fresh faces. that's why rubio was so attractive for a long time, because he's a new generation, and, you know, she's been around, what, 30 years? i don't know, but a long time,
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and bill clinton who would be a great asset has had this health problem, and doesn't look strong and robust like he has been in the past, and that affects his voice. he's not going to be able to go out there like the fire and brimstone he would have had earlier. >> but he could be an adviser, certainly, if not in official capacity, if he's in the white house with his wife, should she be elected as president, he would be along her side. it almost sounds a little bit like you could see them making a play and being a decent couple to run the country. >> yeah, well, i think that's another problem for hillary because she's advertising that bill clinton will be in charge of the economy, and the economy
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is probably the number one problem if you really get down to it in the united states, and people want jobs. they want to find a good paying j job, and that would help trump with women, of course, everybody, latinos, whoever might not feel kindly towards them now, but i don't think you can have a shared presidency even though you trust your wife, and i assume she trusts him. >> well, let me ask one last question before we let you go. we've taken a lot of your time on this saturday. i also, you know, have a close relationship with the bush family. you talked about jeb bush. do you think he needs to fall in line and get behind trump? >> you know, i believe jeb is a man of integrity and honesty. i just hope he keeps his word
2:19 pm
when he said he would support the nominee, and i know trump didn't make it easy for him because of all the things he said about jeb, but jeb is bigger than that, and i do hope to see him on board. it would mean a lot in states like florida and jeb has friends all over the country, so does his dad and brother and mother. >> doe didn't hold back as you heard. live in the cnn newsroom, newt gingrich for vice president, bill clinton too old to help hillary win, time for apologies to mccain. reaction to the interviews with bob dole, and the man who donald trump called just last week, stay right there. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ]
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2:24 pm
to senator john mccain for his p.o.w. comment. he had interesting things to say about hillary clinton and his former rival, bill clinton. i want to get right to my political panel, trump supporter and political national commentator, scotty, and with us, cnn political comment at a timer and cnn supporter, maria cardona, a super delegate, and her firm did work for a clinton super pac, and with our, cnn political reporter, tom. and dole says he told trump newt gingrich should be his guy, his running may wa inning mate. let's listen. >> someone like newt gingrich. you know, newt, none of us are perfect, but newt gingrich i think is a good fit for trump because he can help him in all those areas, and trump has to
2:25 pm
listen. you know, you got to have some people you trust if you're the candidate that you can confide in, and they can tell you, donald, you're making a mistake, you shouldn't do this. >> just how much influence does bob dole have with donald trump? will he take his advice? >> he might. he says what a lot have said. he's been a good campaign from the beginning. in january, he said if ted cruz is the nominee, there's cataclysmic losses amongst the gop. he had a long track record in advising mr. trump, and he respects what he said. i think newt gingrich would be a very good vice presidential running mate to take some of those conservatives who are still a little bit weary of mr. trump and whether or not he's going to have a conservative record and confirm it. newt gingrich is one of those that appeals to that base.
2:26 pm
>> let me ask you, are you, maria, afraid if there were to be a team of trump and newt gingrich? i know you're a hillary supporter. >> not at all. i think that's something republicans would welcome. newt gingrich is not a popular national figure or national politician, and it would also harken back to the '90s when he was ousted as speaker of the house because he gave republicans such an incredibly bad name as he led the effort to close the government in the '90s, so all of that will be on the table if donald trump picks somebody like newt gingrich, and newt gingrich has been a devi divisive figure in american politics, exactly the opposite of what donald trump needs right now. elections are about addition,
2:27 pm
and the only thing he's been able to do other than consolidate the support of a lot of conservatives, not all conservatives, but many of his supporters during the primary, is essentially just add that to the reason why he got to be the nominee. he needs to add many more voters from the groups of demographics that he has insulted, so i agree with bob dole, but the problem is, donald trump has never apologized for anything in his life, at least publicly. i don't think he's going to start now. >> oh, we're going to talk about that, but i want to talk still about gingrich as a possible vice presidential pick. mike buchanan said, and i quote, the republican party is under a demographic death sentence. tom, to you, would newt gingrich be advantageous to trump when you hear something like that? >> well, it's -- i mean, we're talking about a return to the '90s, right? >> exactly.
2:28 pm
>> i don't know -- i don't know if it does anything for him in the broader demographics. i'm not sure if he needs to or not. if you're in the trump campaign, i don't know if that's how you play this. you know, what's interesting, else for gingrich, is that he is really been inside that circle now for at least a few months, and possibly longer, one of the few washington mainstays. i don't know if you want to call him an insider or what, but he's definitely a washington politician who actually been able to get in there, has trump's ear, has a great write up recently in the national review" about this about gingrich's ride inside the campaign, and they talk as equals, at least according to this story, and you could see his influence before he ever formally came out in support of donald trump, and, you know, with the shakeup he had recently where he had rick wiley depart under auspicious circumstances
2:29 pm
-- >> right. >> we found out the trump campaign and trump in particular really values loyalty, so in the broader demographic, i don't know that that would get him anything, but you also have to consider that the vp, the running mate, has to mesh with the top of the ticket. it has to mesh with who your candidate is. >> stay right there. i want to get reactions on that other side of the break to bob dole saying donald trump should apologize for insulting john mccain. we'll be right back. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix
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bottom of the hour now, a cnn exclusive, my conversation with former republican presidential nominee, bob dole. he's now supporting donald trump. in fact, he's the only former gop presidential nominee attending the convention in july. i want to bring back our
2:33 pm
political panel with us. now, i'm sorry, what was that? >> i can't hear. >> oh, okay. we just lost connection. we'll work to get her back. turning to you, maria cardona, a hillary clinton supporter. i wonder what you think about what you heard from bob dole when it comes to advice to trump in taking on the clintons. he said the clintons have a whole lot of baggage. >> well, if what he means by that is that donald trump should continue to hit the clintons on whatever he believes that baggage is, i think that would backfire. you know, again, we were talking about earlier about addition versus subtraction and what donald trump did in the republican primary process to win. it's very different than what he needs to do in the general election with a general
2:34 pm
electorate for different than the republican party. these tactics will backfire. you can see republican strategists saying those tactics backfire. specifically with an incredibly important demographic, which is women. women get turned off by those kinds of personal attacks, and let's remember, that donald trump lives in a glass house when it comes to this type of baggage, if you will, so, you know, if he goes down that road, he has probably baggage that's much bigger and much heavier than either of the clintons when it comes to this. the general is looking for substance in issues. >> maria brings up a good point there because the clintons have been through this over the decades, clearly. they have had all their bag gamg laid out before the american people. donald trump, on the other hand, because he's not been a nominee
2:35 pm
or a politician has he likes to say all this time, all these years past, could have a lot that becomes exposed through this election process. is that a concern? >> well, i think a lot has already been exposed. this primary season, 20 reporters assigned by "the washington post" to comb through everything. it's not like he's been under a rock, but in the public eye for 30 years. we know what people consider skeletons, there's reality shows and articles written about it in the '80s, and '90s. i agree with maria, yes, to an extent, the clinton baggage has been out there, but finding about investigations, that will do dpaj to the like ability factor to the polls, leaving sanders' fans cheering now. it's not the past that have clintons concerned now now as much as the present and the first scandals and investigation into the e-mail and her server.
2:36 pm
>> tom, let's listen to what bob dole said specifically about a possible hillary clinton and bill clinton team in the white house. >> she's been around, what, 30 years, i don't know, but a long time, and bill clinton who would be a great asset has had this health problem and doesn't look strong and robust like he has been in the past, and that affects his voice, so he's not going to be able to go out there and as a fire and brimstone he would have had earlier. >> tom, is bill clinton effectively not effective for the general election in being on hillary clinton's right hand man? >> you know, i think it was so fascinating when they finally got him out on the trail, you know, about four or five months ago, you can tell he just loves it. you got to let the big dog out,
2:37 pm
and he loves politics. dole brings up a really great point. his voice is starting to go a little bit. i mean, that traditional classic clinton rasp is even more pronounced than it was before. you know, i don't know if it's disappearing. i don't know if that's a liability in any way, i mean, you know, maybe more pronoun pronouncement brings up more nostalgia. you can see when hillary clinton talks about the economy and bringing up bill clinton to be the economic czar in this case, obviously, they want to play on that nostalgia. i'm not sure it hurts them politically, but you have to wonder, he's been doing this for decades now. it takes an incredible amount of stami stamina. he loves it, but you can see a little bit of wear. >> we don't have much time, and i want to make sure we address the issue of whether or not donald trump is going to apologize to john mccain for those p.o.w. comments he made very, very early on in the
2:38 pm
primary, essentially saying john mccain was not a hero because he had been caught. will donald trump apologize now that he's been called out by bob dole? >> i understand why bob dole said that, they were constitu t constituen constituents, i understand that. let's let the american public decide. he has not yet. it's not affected him in the polls. they understand it. the only people who call for apologies for mr. trump are the media or other politicians. the people who represent him engaged in the election have yet to say, mr. trump, you have to apologize for things starting with senator mccain. >> i actually agree. i agree. i agree. >> we got to go. got to go. thank you so much to all three of you. up next, asking an old visor to five presidents what he thinks of bob dole's advivice to trump
2:39 pm
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talking about the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump. saying he should pick gingrich as vp and trump should apologize for comments about another former nominee, john mccain. david on the phone now, you advised four u.s. presidents back to the nixon administration. listen to this advice to donald trump and then i want to get your reaction. >> he's called me twice. he called me last week, said he'll be calling me again this week. we just had a nice visit, a nice suggestive, maybe cool the rhetoric and i put a plug in for newt gingrich because i know newt. >> all right. that was him saying newt gingrich he thinks should be the vp, at least on the ticket with donald trump. david, does it surprise you that donald trump reached out?
2:45 pm
>> good interview. no, it does not surprise me. he's been reaching out to other people like henry kissinger. he reached out to jim baker. i think it's smart. it's one of the ways, if he is going to reunite our fractured party, he needs to reach out and unite, and i think that's the spirit in which bob dole spoke to him today, and offered his advice in public versus what he tells him in private. >> right. do you think donald trump really will take to heart advice he gets from bob dole? >> well, look, i know donald trump had made his way by being a maverick, and, of course, that's been very helpful for him, but i have to tell you on policy advice and personal advi advice, those around trump, and you just had someone on the air who insists, well, trump has dope so well without doing these things, and these people were not with him to start with, and, therefore, why the hell should
2:46 pm
he bow and ask for their blessing? well, truth is in politics, it's all about addition and creating new friends and bringing people on board, and donald trump, if he's going to win this, i think he's still the underdog no matter the polls show in closing in closer. hillary clinton has distinct advantages against him. the democratic party is, you know, claimed many more inherent than the republican party. if he wins this, he has to enlarge his circle to do that. don't listen to the people who say, just stick a finger in their eye. you know, they were not with you, they have not been helpful. bob dole is a lifetime republican, run for vice president, run for president, and he has a lot of friends in the party still. he's very influential with the bush family, and when he says that you look at someone like a newt gingrich, didn't say he was
2:47 pm
the only one, but said he would be a good fit. he knows legislation, legislature, worked hard in it, knows policy, both domestic and foreign, and it's true that newt gingrich is talking to trump and supports him, and, by the way, seems very interested, so i think that's smart advice. what i think has not been much discussed in the interview is what he said about the bush family, and that is they have a lot of supporters around the country, and they are, obviously, jeb bush is strong in florida, time to bury the hatchet with him and by doing that in effect by calling him, saying we had rough things in the campaign, but i really appreciate your support, and dole also pointed out that bush is a man of integrity, as he said, and he thinks that he will eventually do what he said he'd doing and support the nominee of the party. >> we shall see. david, thanks for your thoughts tonight.
2:48 pm
>> okay, ana, thank you so much. bye. still ahead, another cnn exclusive. he called donald trump a dangerous conman, so why is marco rubio now supporting his former rival? he opens up about it, and the big question about his own political future. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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remember a few short months
2:52 pm
ago insults flying back and forth between marco rubio and donald trump? now, a stark contrast. rubio says he isn't going to run for re-election in the senate seat. ? the corner now, donald trump. urging rubio on twitter, run, marco! jake tapper speaking with rubio on "state of the union." one of the first questions after dropping out of the presidential race whether or not he'd be willing to serve as donald trump's vice president. mr. rubio offers a lot for any ticket, youth, energy, from the battleground state of florida, he's latino. rubio tell me why he will not serve as trumps vp as well as discussing his plans for future. so you're willing to go to cleveland, you're willing to speak if appropriate, you want to do whatever you can to defeat hillary clinton. and you like public service. is the door still closed to
2:53 pm
being donald trump's vice president? >> it is because, in my view, this wouldn't be the right choice for him the donald i think deserves to have a vice president, he deserves to have a running mate that fully embraces some of the thing his stands for. >> we should definitely think that those of white house cover politics and those of your fans watching this right now, that this is not the end of it for you. like you will -- you think you will likely run if not for president again, something that will -- >> i think that's a safe assumption. but, i don't know where i'm going to be in two years. i don't know. i can tell you i enjoy public service. there's an opportunity to serve again, and in a way that i feel passionate about. i'll most certainly think i'll explore it. i don't know what my life will look like then. >> rubio leaving the door open to running for president again, whether trump loses in the fall or eight years for now. his supporter to trump will be
2:54 pm
critical to show loyalty and perhaps strengthen his position in the republican party. >> we look forward to hearing more of your interview. watch jake's interview with marco rubio tomorrow "state of the union" tomorrow 9:00 eastern on cnn.
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as we remember our military heroes this memorial day weekend we want you to el us about the everyday people you know doing everyday deeds how you can nom nay a cnn hero. >> tone recognizing some incredible acts of compassion and kindness. >> ladies and gentlemen, please join me. >> please join me in honoring. >> honioring cnn hero. >> cnn hero. >> cnn hero. >> this year marks tenth anniversary of cnn heroes, celebrating everyday people changing the world. how do we find these extraordinary people? with your help. nominate someone at cnnhear caring for children, protecting the veterans or the environment. whatever the cause, nominating is easier than ever. go to, on laptop,
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3:00 pm
you learn something every day. tonight here on cnn, fareed zakaria investigates hate, radical muslims and the united states in the cnn special "why they hate us" at 7:00. right now "smerconish" get under way. have a great night. >> i'm michael smerconish. it's happened. donald trump closed the deal. hillary draws near her goal some people are looking for other options. so with the convention to name the libertarian candidate happening this weekend, it's suddenly significant. the libertarian candidates will be on the ballot in 50 states and i will talk to the leading presidential contender for that party, gary johnson, and his vp pick, bill well. trumha


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