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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 29, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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welcome back. a quick flash back. hillary clinton, right here on cnn, last july. >> everything i did was permitted. there was no law, there was no regulation, there was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how i was going to communicate. let's take a deep breath here. everything i did was permitted by law and regulation. >> not exactly. the state department's inspector general, in a highly critical report issued last week, said clinton never asked for permission to set up a private e-mail server in her home, and had she asked, she would have been told no. further, clinton and her senior
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aides did not cooperate with investigators. secretary clinton says her interview hasn't been scheduled yet. >> no, it's not. but i have offered since last august, and i am looking forward to seeing this matter wrapped up. >> if you look at this report, it essentially says, and please correct me if you think i'm wrong, that all of her explanations about, well, it was okay, and everybody knew, and it was approved and this and that, no. >> it essentially said the opposite of what she said last year, which is that this was not what she was supposed to be doing and there were not rules on the books that permitted this to happen. and this is the problem for her with this whole matter. it's kind of a death by a thousand cuts. it continues to grow and grow, because every explanation that she gives gets essentially negated by in this case an independent investigation from the state department. >> this is the 50th explanation she's given on how she handled this. and how she handled this
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particular investigation was interesting too. she decided not to participate ta at all with the inspector general and tried to discredit the inspector general instead. but the report gives fuel to the fire that she has not been clear and forthcoming. >> that is textbook, though, if you've lived as long as i have and covered the clintons. her attorney is david kendall who says, if you're going to be interviewed, be interviewed once, don't be interviewed by the state department and then by the fbi, be interviewed once. >> you might say something different. she had discussions with her staff about personal e-mails and how many places to do this. and her instinctive concern was put it on two separate things because i don't want any of my personal stuff -- >> she said she did it for convenience. but the inspector general said she did it to protect things. >> this is another example of hillary clinton being her on worst enemy, going out and saying what she did, but also
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this paranoia that is part of being a clinton since the '90s. harkening back to the vast right wing conspiracy. >> we showed the poll, people are going to say, trump is president, what are your thoughts, same question, hillary clinton as president, what do you think about that? we can show you what people thought about that. look how big that is. time for a with me president, that's favorable. but liar, not trustworthy, is giant there. it's an issue in the candidate. guess who knows it? donald j. trump. >> this inspector general report was a real doozy. this was a bad report. this was page after page. and, you know, it goes back to judgment. it goes back to competence. she's always skirted the edge, whether it's whitewater or all of these things. >> politically smart, right? pile on. >> right. and hillary clinton has gotten off fairly easy on e-mails in
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the primary, because bernie sanders was very clear that he wasn't going to make the easily themselves a centerpiece issue, even though he did try to make her trustworthiness a bit of an issue. donald trump is not going to play that game. if he things he can gain traction from going after her e-mails, he will do it every day, in a way that any of us can't even predict at this point. >> if he can portray her as a typical politician, someone who you detest in a year when the electorate hates washington, certainly that's going to work to his advantage. the inspector general report is not done. the investigation is still ongoing. there will be presumably more developments. the issue is going to hound her until election day. >> this is part of why you see her right now pivoting away from the woman stuff. by all accounts, she should have been able to run as a grandmother this year, everybody trusts grandmothers, everybody loves grandmothers, she wants to do the best for her grandchild. but if you're a woman and
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everyone still thinks you're untrustworthy, that's not working for you, and you have to turn that in a different direction, you have to go after him about not only his trustworthiness about his readiness. >> absolutely right. she says he's a loose cannon, a bully, unpredictable. and to your point, maybe you don't trust me, but don't trust him more. >> so my question is really simple. if you have paid federal income tax, show us. some people say he doesn't want to show us because he's not as wealthy as he claims. well, the best way to refute that is show us. and others say he's not as charitable as he claims. well, you can prove that you are. so i think it's only fair, don't you, that donald trump show us his income tax return. >> point/counter point on the trust question there and proof that we'll have a positive, policy-oriented campaign, right? >> donald trump doesn't have
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much support even on the republican side on the tax return issue. most republicans say he should release it, because people do wonder about, you know, not just how much money he makes, if he's actually as rich as he says. but everything else, how much he gives to charity too. >> another example of the disconnect, paul manafort saying he's not going to release them, trump saying maybe he will before the election. >> this inoculates hillary clinton from the speeches she gave after she left, the transcripts. shareholder give us the hillary clinton campaign a piece that they really shouldn't be able to have. it's something that's really common, to release these tax forms. >> started by richard nixon, no champion of transparency. >> right. >> this is a terrible election for transparency. i think we can say that as a fact. >> everybody sit tight, more to go. next, bernie sanders, is he california dreaming or is there a path to a miracle sanders come
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bernie sanders has ten days to engineer a miracle. there are nine democratic contests left with a total of 781 pledged delegates at stake. sanders needs shy of 70% of those delegates to catch hillary clinton. let's be real. is that likely to happen? no. but the margins in these final contests still matter. >> if we win big in california, we're going to go marching into the democratic convention with a lot of momentum. and if we go marching into the
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democratic convention with a lot of momentum, we'll march out with the nomination. >> i don't assume that anyone is going to argue with me that getting 70% is pretty near impossible. one poll in california has it essentially tied, but even if he wins at 52%, it's a win. if bernie sanders has momentum at the end and gets a california win, what is the conversation in the democratic party going to be about the strength of hillary clinton? >> a lot of concerns. that's why you're seeing hillary clinton invest a lot of time in california and put some money on tv, because bernie sanders is not going to get 70%, very, very unlikely, not just there but they're essentially conceding new jersey too. the narrative coming out of a loss in california would be hard for her going forward, particularly as we go to the convention. it will be hard for bernie sanders to drop out of the race. >> the clinton people will say
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obama lost california, they'll say, well, obama lost california, what are you talking about, he went on to win in a landslide, no big deal. >> obama wasn't running against donald trump who already has his party's nomination, and he will continue to point to this as evidence that hillary is weak and limping to her convention. >> she's not running in a year like '08 where the democrat was going to win. >> exactly. if bernie comes out of california with a solid win, it will make it much more unlikely that he will just slink off and decide he's going to throw his support behind hillary clinton without getting something. i don't know what that something is. but he will have that case to make. >> that's the $64 million question, what does he want? we know he wants to influence the party and the platform. is he going to be second fiddle to elizabeth warren in the
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progressi ivive movement? will he catapult over here? watch here on "jimmy kimmel" when he plays a clip of hillary clinton and bernie sanders reacts. >> here we go. >> when you get to the general election, if you are the nonee -- >> i will be the nominee, there is no way i won't be. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance there. >> that's how you bring about party unity, i say the frontrunner issin ing arrogant. >> party leaders have said they hoped bernie sanders will soften the rhetoric, push the party together, to unite. that's a really not happening. that's why, if he wins california, that month between june and july, it will be hard for the party to unite.
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>> it's incredible that a guy who wasn't a democrat until a year and a half ago wouldn't have a lot of party loyalty. >> your asking about elizabeth warren is important, because bernie sanders had no expectation of getting as far as he got, six months ago, he wasn't thinking about what does he want to take out of the convention in july. now he realizes he could have been thinking about all those things, and by the way, elizabeth warren is going to hopscotch over him. he locked it up in the polls as a surrogate for her, it was her supporters. he's maintained that well. >> you hear from people close to clinton who would have laughed about elizabeth warren being the running mate. now they see her out there and say, wow, she's a pretty good attack dog. >> she's probably been the best person in either party at getting under donald trump's skin. that's hugely important, almost as important as the actual
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message she's saying. >> sanders is hoping to change the mind of all these superdelegates. if he wins them all or most -- but when he's attacking the party chairwoman, a lot of democrats are not fans of debbie wassermann schultz, saying they lost states during her tenure as chairwoman, but will people say, you're beating up the party? >> you give them space to change their minds. >> sanders' argument is curious. he's been criticizing superdelegates but he wants superdelegates presumably to push him over the top. >> so he can undo superdelegates. >> it will be a complicated argument for him to make in june. >> superdelegates will keep in mind the coalition the democratic party will need to put together. a huge part of that coalition is going to be african-american
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voters, and bernie sanders has shown virtually no ability to attract african-american voters. up next, our reports empty their notebooks including a request from marco rubio to reconsider. first, the results from our "inside politics" quiz this week, back and forth between donald trump and bernie sanders on whether they would go head to head on the debate stage. the majority of people who love politics said they should. the big hilton world sale is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like
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let's head around the "inside politics" table. >> america, you are in a sour mood about this presidential election. we have some new ap polling out this weekend. one of the physician in there that was striking to me is this. just 13% of americans are proud of what has transpired in this presidential election. think about that. 13% are proud. i talked to some election experts about what this could forecast for the fall. basically they said we're in uncharted territory. one person i talked to said that when you do have the country in a very negative mood, candidates have two choices. you can either buy into that, feed into that, or you can try
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to change the public's mind. then this elections expert said to me, what do you think these candidates will do? >> i think we're seeing the early signs of what they're going to do. >> john, the republican establishment is in a panic about florida. they believe the candidates are underperforming and that they could well lose, costing them the senate majority in the fall. you're seeing a furious push behind the scenes to get marco rubio to reconsider and run and file papers before the deadline. last week it was extraordinary, majority leader mitch mcconnell asked senate republicans to directly lobby marco rubio, push him to run. we talked to the chairman of the national republican senatorial committee who said there is a possibility that rubio could
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run. but rubio's friend is in the race and he says he doesn't want to run against his friend. expect the pressure on him to intensify. >> donald trump used to call him little marco, expect him to enter the race. it it's. >> june 7th is of course still a week away but another anniversary is coming up, june 3rd, 2008, the day that barack obama locked down enough delegates to clinch the nomination in 2008. and for her, i'll be watching to see how she's switching gears and getting herself into that mindset as that date approaches for her, on june 3rd, 2008, obama said you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations. that's when he said when he realized had e would hit the ma number. >> maybe she'll hear this and read that and change her tune a
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little bit. >> speaking of 2008, i talked to veterans of the p.u.m.a. movement, which is primary unity my -- rhymes with grass. they think the system is broken. and the system is benefiting their candidate this time, but still they point to the fact that they have these people that are really clinging to bernie and saying he's the only one for us, as evidence that the system is still rigged and needs reform. >> bernie could use all he can get. i'll close with this. libertarians are meeting this week to pick their ticket. former new mexico governor gary johnson hopes to lead the party again and he hopes the addition of former massachusetts governor bill weld as his running mate will boost lib ertarian chances.
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it will be worth watching. hillary clinton and donald trump have such high unfavorable ratings, more and more voters do say they're open to a third party option. in most elections that sentiment fades by election day. will this wacky cycle be different? top trump and clinton strategist are skeptical but they concede it's one of the many wild cards to track in the weeks and months ahead. we'll keep an eye on it. thanks for sharing your sunday. have a good memorial day. "state of the union" with jake tapper is next.
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today, the most unpredictable primary ever, as seen from the inside. >> donald trump, we underestimated. >> this is a movement. we're going to make our country great again. >> he's figured out something about the electorate that will allow him to survive in ways no one else on the stage did. >> florida senator marco rubio tells us his mistakes. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. >> i walked into this trap, unfortunately. >> his regrets. >> i call him little marco. >> by the time he started doing that, we were in a very bad spot in the campaign. >> will he ever run for office again?


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