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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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minister of the future last week, we were surprised to learn that a cabinet reshuffle has made that position, well, a thing of the past. who could have predicted that. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you all next week. happening now in the newsroom, growing outrage after a gorilla is shot and kill in order to save a 4-year-old boy who slipped in to a zoo enclosure. 911 tapes capturing the voices of horrified on dlts lookers as the 400 pound animal carried the child for ten minutes. and plus parts of texas under water, search and rescue teams looking for a young child who has been swept away. and donald trump, along with thousands of motorcyclists, roll into washington for the ride for freedom. the republican presidential candidate speaks this hour on veterans, prisoners of war and
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more. that's all ahead on cnn newsroom. thanks for joining me, i'm suzanne malveaux. we begin at the cincinnati zoo which reopened today to scores of people after a gorilla was shot and killed in order to save a young boy who slipped into the animal's enclosure. that exhibit still closed gaid. rachel crane is explaining how all of it unfolded. >> reporter: a day of panic and desperation at the cincinnati zoo. a 4-year-old boy slips into the zoo's gorilla habitat and over a moat wall. suddenly the 17-year-old 400-pound dwor ril gorilla appre boy. his mother watches in horror at what happens next. >> mom is right here. >> reporter: the young boy screams. the urgent calls to 911 can be
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hold on this bystander video. the family tries desperately to keep him calm as the gorilla takes him out of sight. he drags the boy around the moat and up a ladder for a total a f ten minutes. as the response team anxiously decides what to do next. >> the little boy himself had already been talking about wanting to go in, go in, get in the water. and his mother is like no you're not, no, you're not. >> i don't know if the screaming did it or too many people hacki hacking hanging on the edge if he thought we were coming in, but then he pulled the bay down further away from the big group. >> engine 32. gorilla has the child. and it's bragging him around the pen. >> reporter: officials considered the incident so threatening deciding the gorilla must be taken down immediately. >> the reason that tranquilizing was not chosen is in an agitated
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situation which the male was, it may take quite a while for tranquilizer to take effect. but certainly at the instant he would be hit, he would have a dramatic response. the child wasn't under attack, but a lot of things could happen under that situation. so he certainly was at risk. >> reporter: they say their only option, a rifle. he was shot and killed. the child was taken to cincinnati's children's hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> it's a sad day all the way around. the right choice was made. it was a difficult choice. >> reporter: the gorilla was a western low land gorilla, a critically endangered species. the zoo had hoped he would eventually father other gorillas. >> we love this zoo. it's very friendly, everything is beautiful here. but when you see something like that and then you have the disappointment because what do you say to your grandchildren.
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>> reporter: a witness tells our affiliate that they actually heard the boy say to his mother that he wanted to get inside the enclosure, the mother telling him no you can't. zoo officials say that they have been open for 38 years, nothing like this has ever happened before. now the zoo is open, but the gore are ril la exhibit is currently closed. unclear when it will reopen. >> rachel, thank you so much. joining me now to discuss what happened, ron mcgill the communications director and curator at the miami metro zoo which was the zoo that this gorilla technically belonged to. and thank you very much for joining us. first of all, i want to talk about this, that social media just blew up about this it and a lot of people very upset and angry, of course very concerned about the boy, glad that the boy is okay obviously. but wonder why it was that this gorilla was killed. was there a need to actually shoot and kill the gorilla, were
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there other options that could have actually saved this animal like a tranquilizer gun or something else that would have stunned the animal and they could are investigation cuould you rescued the boy? >> nobody feels worse bob the cincinnati zoo. but they made the right decision. incredibly strong. those the gorilla may not have been threatening to hurt the child, if he's dragging the child and the child's head hits a rock or does a fatal injury. we wouldn't be talking about this, we would be talking about why didn't they stop the gorilla the first chance they had. that's the bottom line. a tranquilizer dart will just agitate the gorilla. they have misplaced aggression. animal gets hurt, first thing it takes out, whatever is next to
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it. bottom line is that once that little boy was in the hands of that gorilla, unfortunately, that's a death sentence for the gorilla because there is no way to ensure what that gorilla will do next. every second counts. it would take a split second for that gorilla to do something. intention intentionally or nall gorilla doesn't understand his stren. they're call gentle giants, but they don't understand their stwre strength. any injury could have been a fatal injury. >> watching that as a parent and seeing the gorilla and the child being dragged through the water was absolutely terrifying to see that because you would have no idea of what was actually coming next. there are some examples back in 1996, there was a famous case of a female gorilla at the illino pick up and cradled a boy and carried him to safety.
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that gorilla continues to live at the zoo, the boy suffered from broken bones and cuts and bruises. and it was actually witnesses that saw the gorilla yesterday seemed to hold the child in a protective way, but got alarmed because the screaming of the onlookers. is that how you see it? >> i see it the same way, yes. i think that the gorilla was alarmed. i think he was frightened. it was a panic situation. this is no fault of the gorilla. this is a tragic situation all the way around. but the bottom line is it would have taken a split second. male and female gorillas are two different animals. 00 female maybe half the size, has more of a maternal in-continue, he male tends to b defender. this male had not been a father yesterday. there was no way to predict what it would do. the bottom line is this, there is no single animal life that is more important than a human life. and to do so, you have to understand the human life has to be protected at all costs. no matter what the risk is. no matter how minute people think it is, god forbid had
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something happened to that child, crushed his skull, we would be talking about how could they not have taken take gorilla out. >> and i think you're right about that. the zoo has responsibilities to protect the animals and also to protect and make sure that people can't have access to the animals. when you take a look at the situation in cincinnati, do you see that there are ways that this zoo could have better proerk protected this animal and this little boy? he was small enough to squeeze through that little fence, that gate, and then fall into that moat. >> hindsight is 20/20. i've not seen the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo for a long tilg time. but i guarantee you that the incredible staff will reevaluate this and try to do everything they can to ensure it doesn't happen again in the future. it's very hard to ensure against human error. and i think that they will
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reevaluate all of that. it doesn't take away from the tragedy that's happened. but hopefully we can all learn something from it. >> ron mcgill, thank you so much. obviously it is a delicate balancing act when you're fwauk trying to protect and preserve these endangered species and of course weighing that against the needs to protect people who are there who are trying to appreciate that. so ron, we appreciate your time. thank you so much. we are also tracking severe weather across the country today. parts of the east coast on high alert after a tropical depression makes landfall causing heavy rain and flooding. these are images in south carolina, just submerged in water. this is to the west. dramatic search effort in kansas, this is for an 11-year-old boy, swept away in rushing floodwaters. and in texas here, severe flooding already taking at least four lives while three are still missing, including a 10-year-old boy who slipped and fell into a
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river near ft. worth. mandatory evacuations will take he effect in the next hour. >> i kind of didn't prepare for it. we knew it was coming, buteffec. >> i kind of didn't prepare for it. we knew it was coming, buteffec. >> i kind of didn't prepare for it. we knew it was coming, but you don't prepare for something like that to pack up your whole house in a morning. >> we'll have more on the devastating floods. tom, good to see you. is there an end in sight in the flood and rain that we're seeing here? >> the rain has let up and that's good news. in fact i think it will be until tuesday we'll get another round. but one weather system after another moves into parts of texas, mainly we're talk houston down to galveston, but even in the middle of the country since last shaaturday, over 100 tornadoes. we're look at a dry radar picture, but the rivers and streams will continue to go up. historic flooding is occurring. numerous roads are closing.
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we're looking at xhun tus that were devastated just last month with a foot of rainfall and even a eago today. in red is the danger zone. the river has dipped down, but you're getting over 120 feet, so that will occur. fort ben county, more evacuations. and montgomery county, 200 water rescues just friday night loop. so t alone. so we'll catch a little bit of a break monday morning. so that will slight back into those communities unfortunately by tuesday. if that wasn't bad enough, i know you have more on my counterpart looking at the flooding on the east coast. >> the upcoming weather conditions will help or hurt those rescue and search efforts under way? >> it should help the communities that have seen rising waters in their homes. there have been a number of
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families have been trapped. they have been able to get in there. but they are there is still more families that are in need of evacuating as you see here, these pictures that we've already been receiving. this will continue to if a place. but it's those that live on the rivers, the largest tributaries that will have to evacuate. and in some cases it's voluntary, but they are using water pulls that seemed to work just last month when the same communities had this devastating flooding. many families receiving funds from fema, may not get another dime now that they're going through this just a month later. doct >> tom, thank you so much. and jennifer grey of course in charleston, south carolina. you're on the ground there. what do you see in terms of flooding? how high the water gotten? >> reporter: in charleston, not bad at all. we have had off and on showers throughout the day. parts of i-95 are shut down at the moment because of the high water. so people urged not to drive through it.
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if you do see high water and just stay home. so charleston actually people are out and about, we've actually seen a few peaks of sunshine. people have cabin fever here, though. they were shut inside all day yesterday and most of kaid. downtown thousand people are starting to come out. and so the real risk as we move forward will be the rip currents here and north of us when you have the strong east wind, the rip currents can be deadly. in fact one missing swimmer off the coast of north carolina as of last night. so people need to be careful especially coming from other parts of country, not sure exactly how to look for rip currents and how dangerous they can be. so the rain, flooding south of us and rip currents will be the main concern moving forward. this system has been down graded to a tropical depression, but the rain will lirnger through tomorrow as it continue its to push north and a lot of moisture already making its way north through the mid-atlantic. >> jennifer grey, appreciate it.
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of course cabin fever can get you out there. so thank you very much, jennifer. appreciate it. rolling thunder motor cycle rally under way this memorial day weekend. donald trump is expected to speak there. scott, tell us what people are saying about trump's expected speech. >> reporter: as you mentioned, thousands of motorcyclists rumbling through washington, d.c. this memorial day weekend and really putting the spotlight on veterans. donald trump expected to speak here in just a couple of minutes within the hour. so what kind of reception is he getti getting? we'll explain ahead. lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk. m-i-l-k milk wins. ingredients you can spell.
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this is his second time to run as the libertarian candidate. he ran in 2012 and finished with nearly 1% of the national vote. johnson made a plea to the contention to elect former massachusetts governor bill weld as his running mate. >> if it is bill weld, there is a real possibility that we can achieve major party status in this country. who would have dreamed that that was possible four years ago. >> we will have a live report from the convention later this hour. donald trump taking his campaign road show to the nation's capital, this is for the motorcycle rally saluting veterans. i want to take a live look, this is the annual rolling thunder bike rolly. for nearly 0 yea30 years, thous have met memorial day weekend designed to call attention to prisoners of war and those listed as missing in action.
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trump often touts hissed a case for retired veterans, but he's also made disparaging comments about prisoners of war this the past. he once suggested john mccain, a p.o.w., was not a hero because he was captured. so scott, what are we expecting to hear from trump when he arrives and interesting to see how the crowd receives him. >> reporter: donald trump as you mentioned talks constantly about his support for veteran, but it is not very often that he gets the chance to speak to them directly. today he will have his chance speaking at this event, expected to be here within the hour. we've crujust gotten word that crew has just left dulles airport. we've heard the constant drone of motorcycles riding around the capital and across the potomac river to the national mall. and to pay respects to p.o.w.s
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and soldiers missing in action as you mentioned, a lot of these people veterans themselves. so what do they think of donald trump? this is not a donald trump-sanctioned event in particular. a lot of the people here didn't even know that he would be here. but an neck dotely, we've heard that they like that he's not a politician and he might shake things up. yesterday on cnn, bob dole actually called on donald trump, who he supports, to apologize to p.o.w.s for his comments. now, the comments don't sit well with everyone here for sure. but a lot of people are willing to look past them. when i asked about whether or not they think donald trump would be good for veterans, listen. >> i want to mention real quick to our audience that we did just see the donald trump arrival, the motorcade just pulled up. i believe that he is inside that motorcade where people are taking pictures, you can hear
11:21 am
some cheering and as everybody kind of focuses their attention on those vehicles that just rolled in. i know there was a lot of discussion -- there he is. yep. waving fto the crowds. i know that were lot of questions where or not he would ride into town with some of the other motorcyclists, but it seems that he has taken the traditional route and walking up on to the stage, greeting the crowd. sounds like it's a largely supportive. some handshakes and initial greetings there. >> reporter: yeah, suzanne, donald trump we know is -- sorry. it looks like he's speaking now. >> so we love those signs. make america great again. very simple. make america great again. so in riding over, there there are hundreds of thousands of
11:22 am
people all along the highways and they can't get in. in other words, you're very good at real estate. you got in. congratulations. congratulations. it's a great way to spend a very, very important day. we have so many friends and so many family and, look, memorial day, so important it's our day and we have to be very proud of if and we are very proud of it and it's an honor to be with you. thank you very much. i appreciate it. so rolling thunder, no matter where i go, rolling thunder, look at all these bikers. do we love the bikers? yes. but all over the place, no matter where i go, there are bikers. and they come with the biker and the bikes are all over. we've had cases where we would make a speech and we would have 500 bikes, 1,000 bikes.
11:23 am
and i said what are they all doing here. and my people would say they're here to protect you, mr. trump. it's an amazing thing. it's an amazing thing. some of the people are tough and some of the guys that i see are rough, and i get out and i shake their hands and there are -- i tell you, there is love, there is love and it's an incredible feeling and that's why i wanted to be with you today and i really appreciate being invited. because we're with you 100%. we're with you 100%. 100-thank you. he said and we're just with you 100%. we're going to do some things. we can't have hillary clinton be or president, that i can tell you. that's all we need. and just so you know and speaking of that, as you know, she wants to be a abolish the second amendment. remember that. and we are going to protectreme.
11:24 am
and we are going to protect. remember that. and we are going to protect abo second amendment. remember that. and we are going to proteabolis second amendment. remember that. and we are going to protect our second amendment, every little inch of our second amendment. and the nra as you saw, the nra just came out last week and they endorsed donald trump sooner than they have ever endorsed any candidate ever before. so that was an honor. and they are amazing people. amazing people. so we have a lot of things that we have to straighten out in our country. number one, we have to rebuild our military. it's been decimated. it's been decimated. when you think of the great general patton and all of our great general, they're spinning in their graves. we're going to beat isis and knock the hell out of them. we're going to end it, we're gopg going to end it. remember that. so we will rebuild our military
11:25 am
apmake it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. we have no choice. we have to do it. and by the way, it's the single cheapist thing we can do. so we will rebuild the mill tar and take care of our veterans. our veterans have been treat sod badly in this country. you have a second that last week said, no, the wait time doesn't matter, forget about wait time. i've gotten to know so many vets and we just raised almost $6 million for the vets because i didn't do a television show, i said let's do this, and we're announcing on tuesday all of the groups that we put up this money and we raised this tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. and that will be announced on tuesday. all of the groups that have gotten the money will be announced on tuesday. we're having a big press conference and it will be great, it will be a great day.
11:26 am
but we have to take care of our vets. and in many cases illegal immigrants are taken much better care by this country, taken care of than our veterans. and that is not going to happen. it's not going to happen. we're not going to allow that to happen any longer. now, we have so many different cases, folks, where you look at what is going on on the border when i announced that i was running for president -- by the way, who the hell would have thought this was going to happen, right? remember they said june 16th, i watched all these pundits -- by the way, the press -- liars. the worst. they are the worst. low life wills. these a those are some of worst most dishonest people. i actually had a story today,wi. those are some of worst most dishonest people. i actually had a story today,il. those are some of worst most dishonest people. i actually had a story today,ll. those are some of worst most dishonest people. i actually had a story today,s. those are some of worst most dishonest people.
11:27 am
i actually had a story today,s. those are some of worst most dishonest people. i actually had a story today, somebody wrote -- i have 73 people on my staff and i won long ahead of schedule p. i was supposed to be going to cleveland and july and it was going to be a big fight and they didn't know if i could win then. they were going to -- they even talked about having a second convention in august, stuff that nobody ever even heard about. and look what happened. we won. we, we. i'm just the messenger. but we won and hillary can't even beat bernie. she can't beat him. and beating bernie would not be tough in all fairness. although he is right about one thing, trade. the guy is -- >> let's bring in our panelist and talk about what we've been hearing from donald trump there this washington. we'll bring back scott mcclain and also washington correspondent for "time" magazine, historian similar professor at princeton. we're hearing very familiar things. not a lot new. but he did say that he's going to give us more information about the groups, specific groups, it that that are getting
11:28 am
hone from what he's raised that $6 million for veterans. notice he there were questions about how much was raised and who was getting that money. what do you anticipate that we will see or hear on tuesday? what are you going to be listening for? >> hi, i was at that event. it was instead of doing the debate if you remember in iowa, he said he would not do the debate and he was going to have his own event and he instead held a big fund raiser for the veterans. and he said he raised $6 million but then there is been a lot of questions about the accounting of that money since then. the "washington post" did call around to all these group, have you received anything, and they said no. so he's now saying that he will announce on tuesday at a press conference that here are the groups that have received the money and here is a full accounting for the money. now, what is interesting to me about this is that this is the first time donald trump has actually really responded to some sort of criticism on the
11:29 am
trail, responded to a story and said, all right, here is some evidence, here is what is going on. i'm going to prove this. the question i would have, is he now going to show us his tax returns, is he going to start responding to other calls to more information from him. >> and scott, are these the kinds of things that veterans are asking about, do they care about these thing or is it support for somebody making these promises and proclamations saying i'm going to suchts you, work but, earn money for you as opposed to some of the questions that have come up? >> anecdotally, we've actually heard people talking about a lot of issues other than veterans. they want sfwhomeone in office is not a typical politician. they want someone who might be able to shake things up in
11:30 am
washington, d.c. a lot of people also weren't necessarily aware of these questions about this $6 million supposedly raised for veterans graup groups. obviously donald trump keen to put that issue to bed on tuesday. a lot of people had mixed questions about john mccain that you mentioned earlier. clearly they didn't sit well with everyone, but a lot were are willing to look past them because they actually do believe that donald trump will be good for veterans. obviously those feelings are not universal among the group here, but some of the things that we heard this morning about that. >> and we've heard again donald trump saying that he will knock the hell out of isis. we've heard this kind of tough talk before. is this the kind of thing you think that american voters want to hear or do you think that he's listening and talking to kind of a war weary american electorate, people who have had enough of these wars, maybe this isn't what we want to hear? what do you make of his taking
11:31 am
on isis and this really robust military effort? >> well, he's actually tried to have it both ways. so on the one hand, he's talked about limiting american commitments overseas and using force selectively. and then he says when he is going to use force, he will use it in overwhelming fashion. and i think so far the evidence is in the votes. and i think it's been playing well at the republican electorate and the question is is it that to well as he tries to broad p hen his reach and do the war wariness start to cut against some of the claims. but so far it has not. >> and to this crowd he's saying he wants to build the military. before he said he doesn't really want the big foot present oprin around the globe. how do people really figure out what it is that he will do?
11:32 am
>> he says one thing to one group and another thing to another group and it makes it very difficult to figure out what he would actually do in office as president and also to some degree to run against him and criticize him because you criticize him on one thing and then he says something completely different. fiscal conservatives, he always said that he would shrink the government, sling thrink the mi, and i'm sure now his con differences will be upset about it. but this yet underlines teflon don, how tough it is to run against donald trump when he can get away with saying almost anything because people like the character, they like the faeling of change rather than the details of change itself. . >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much, everybody. great talking to you. jane, scott, julian. of course we will be right back. hmmmmmm.....
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before he set foot into the race, bernie sanders says he knew he was facing an uphill battle against his open party. no secret the vermont senator has been extremely critical of the primary election process. this morning he is giving a harsh new assessment of the system. listen. >> what has upset me and what i
11:37 am
think is i wouldn't use the word rigged because we knew what the rules were, but what is really dumb is that you have closed primaries like in new york state where 3 million people who are democrats or republicans could not participate, where you have a situation where over 400 superdelegates came on board clinton's campaign before anybody else was in the race eight months before the first vote was cast. that's not rigged. i think it's just a dumb process which has certainly disadvantaged our campaign. >> we'll talk about this more with national press secretary for bernie sanders campaign, simone sanders. let's talk about the language change there. because he said it's not a rigged system, he had said before a rigged system. now he's saying it's a dumb system. obviously he feels very strongly it needs to be changed, but is this a walk back from what had been seen as enabled him to be
11:38 am
cheated out of the kind of support he thinks he should have? >> not at all. i want to be clear. senator sanders has said from the beginning that we are taking on the establishment and that we live in a rigged economy that is kept in place by a schl corrupt campaign finance. when it comes to talk about the system of the nominating process on the democratic side, senator sanders has never said he thought the system was rigged, but he has said that the system is not set up to allow the most people possible to participate. as the senator said this morning, when you have 3 million people in new york state that cannot vote because of the way that the rules are set up, we believe that the party should be about opening it up, bringing new people into the party. that's what our cam an hpain ha done. and going from the convention to beyond, senator sanders will make sure that the democratic party is reflective of all
11:39 am
people, that the most people possible can come into the party, young people, people new to the democratic process. because that's what this should be about. it should be about opening it up, not barrier it is to people participating. >> and we heard him this morning slamming trump again about backing out of the debate. this seems to be something very important to him and he also added something that he felt was potentially something that was causing another rift between the two. and i want you to listen to this. >> well, i'm very touched by donald trump's love for me. but with all due respect, i think that maybe some of aspect of this which he thinks will advantage himself. so i do appreciate his love and his compassion for me, but i don't really accept his words. >> simone, can you unpack that for us if you will is this because it sounds like he doesn't really mean what he says about the love and appreciation that ultimately will advantage
11:40 am
trump. what is he talking about there? >> well, look, what donald trump is doing and he's not fooling us and i hope he's not fooling the media. he thinks that trying to coddle orem brace senator sanders and use him as a shield, it's a bad strategy and i encourage the trump campaign to get a new strategy. bernie sanders won't help get donald trump elected. senator sanders will fight tooth and nail to make sure that donald trump does not win the white house come november and hopefully will do that as the democratic nominee. but he's not fooling for it. he is appreciates the kind words and being so concerned about the senator, but he's not fooling us. >> is sanders still set on trying to debate trump or has he left that go? >> it was donald trump that note that had he wanted to debate senator sanders.
11:41 am
and he said we'd be of course interested in doing it and then donald trump walked it back and so who those. we might get a phone call in the next hour saying we want to debate again. donald trump is all over the place. and i think that is something that the american people should take heed to. i heard him before i came on talking about we need to increase military spending and i could have swore that i heard donald trump before say we need to cut the budget back. so he's all over the place on what he wants. if the trump campaign calls us, we'll have that conversation when we cross that bridge. but right now we're focused on winning california. >> so sanders is not holding his breath let's just say. >> we'll debate donald trump anytime any lays. becau place. senator sanders would love to cast his vision against donald trump's.senator sanders would l cast his vision against donald trump's. he talks about opening up the democratic process and taking on the rigged economy, talking about climate change when donald
11:42 am
trump believes climate change is a hoax created by the chinese. so he would love nothing more than to have that conversation. but who thosug knows. >> all right. we have to leave it there. thank you so much. we'll hear what one of hillary clinton's supporters in congress has to say up next. ave. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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libertarian party has picked its presidential candidate. it took two ballots, but former new mexico governor gary johnson has once again secured the nomination. the party is hoping voters unhappy with candidates for the two major parties will give johnson a chance this election year. johnson ran on the libertarian ticket the in 012, finished with about 1% of the national vote. i want to bring this phil who is covering the convention in orlando. so do you think this will make a
11:46 am
difference, whether they think it will make a difference and now they're starting this major battle in picking their vice presidential candidate. >> reporter: i think if you look at the numbers right now in the early point, no question that this ticket, whatever it ends up being, could end up having a major difference. right now gary johnson pulling around 10%. but one of the key things he says he needs is his vice presidential selection is that is bill weld. going on behind me right now, the vice presidential candidates are making their speeches. leb libertarian faces purity verse practicing in a tim. weld and johnson represent the latter. we're shortly have votes on the v vice presidential nomination. and johnson has said for them to have relevancy to get on to a debate stage, he needs bill weld at his side and that remains an open question.
11:47 am
and so does the impact gary johnson can have on the general election. >> phil, thank you. keep us posted. let us know what happens. appreciate it. now to this, liberty state park in new jersey, that is where fleet week is in full swing. the navy, marine corps, coast guard using the event to demonstrate their abilities and honor the service men and women all over memorial day weekend. we'll be right back with more.
11:48 am
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did you know some of the bridges you drive across every day are literally falling apart? bridges all over the country are cracking, crumbling, and 60,000 need to be fixed, but there is less and less money set aside to do it. rene marsh is taking a closer look. >> reporter: 68 hours vehicles cross the arlington memorial bridge between d.c. and virginia every day. this is what drivers don't see. >> it's just eroding and the concrete is falling off. we have to wear masks and gloves inside of the bridge because this paint is all lead paint. this beam is helping to support the bridge and if you take a look, it is badly corroded and you see how thin that steel is you see holes in the seateel. >> reporter: the original support beams from 1932 have never been replaced.
11:52 am
>> wooer like a third world country when it comes to infrastructure. >> reporter: it's decline 9% from 2003 to 2014. he have state has some degree of bad bridges that need to be repaired. from los angeles where trees are growing out of cracks in this bridge to chicago where net being is in place to protect drivers from falling concrete. >> the reason we have 57,000 have not made the enest havement as a national government. >> reporter: former transportation secretary ray lahood blames congress for failing to raise the gas tax in 23 years which funds projects like bridges and roads. >> have you been against raising the tax because it's just bad politicses? >> first of all, the economy hasn't been great. raising the gas tax doesn't serve the long term funding problem. >> and bridges are crumbling, so what do we do right now? >> our bill, the fast act that we passed in the senate and
11:53 am
president signed in to law, we put more dollarsle into focusing on the critical infrastructure. >> reporter: his republican colleague disagrees. >> it's funded for five years, but we use ten years worth of gimmicks to pay for it. >> reporter: anthony fox is head of department of transportation. >> when democrats were this control, this situation was what it is today, as well. >> every year the challenge gets much greater. so we don't have another moment to waste. >> reporter: researches at the university of michigan believe they may have a solution, a bendable concrete that can heal itself from cracks. >> we've set our targets towards creating infrastructures that would last 100 years. >> reporter: regular concrete can fail quickly and suddenly. but professor victor lee says the bendable concrete can withstand a force hundreds of times more powerful. this sped up video shows how it
11:54 am
responds to pressure. cracks heal themselves with the help of air and water. the technology lines portions of will bridge in michigan. the hope is that it could help already crumbling bridges like the memorial bridge near the nation's capital. the memorial bridge will shut down in five years if it doesn't get the $250 million needed for repairs as a a lack of funding an issue we're seeing nationwide. bridges are regularly inspected to prevent a deadly collapse and the profgts essor from the university of michigan was just in washington to discuss this bendable concrete technology. it just goes to show even though it is still in the research phase, it has the attention of the federal government. rene marsh, cnn, washington. up next, mandatory evacuations near houston. the latest on the flooding there
11:55 am
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thanks for joining me. i'm suzanne malveaux. we begin in the cincinnati zoo when which reopened today to scores of people after a gorilla was shot and killed in order to save a young boy who slipped in to the animal's enclosure. that exhibit remained closed today. meanwhile outrage from animal rights activists over the gorilla's death. peta saying the gorilla paid with its life for others' negligence. and more than 4,000 supporters have signed and online petition on calling for the parents of the child to be held accountable. police have said there is no plan to pursue charges.
12:00 pm
rachel crane explains how all of this unfolded. >> reporter: a day of panic and desperation at the cincinnati zoo. >> this is in the gorilla cage and a 3-year-old child has fallen into the gorilla kacage. >> reporter: a 4-year-old boy slips in to the gorilla habitat and over a moat wall. suddenly a 17-year-old, 400-pound gorilla approaches the boy. his mother watches in horror at what happens next. >> mommy is right here. >> reporter: the young boy screams. the urgent calls to 911 can be heard on this bystander video. the family tries desperately to keep help call as the gorilla takes him out of sight. he drags him around the moat and up a ladder for a total of ten minutes as the zoo's dangerous animal response team anxiously decidest


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