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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  May 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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rachel crane explains how all of this unfolded. >> reporter: a day of panic and desperation at the cincinnati zoo. >> this is in the gorilla cage and a 3-year-old child has fallen into the gorilla kacage. >> reporter: a 4-year-old boy slips in to the gorilla habitat and over a moat wall. suddenly a 17-year-old, 400-pound gorilla approaches the boy. his mother watches in horror at what happens next. >> mommy is right here. >> reporter: the young boy screams. the urgent calls to 911 can be heard on this bystander video. the family tries desperately to keep help call as the gorilla takes him out of sight. he drags him around the moat and up a ladder for a total of ten minutes as the zoo's dangerous animal response team anxiously decides what to do next.
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the little boy himself had already been talking about wanting to go in, go in, get in the water, and his mother is like no you're not, no, you're not. >> i don't know if the screaming did it or if too many people hanging on the edge. if he thought we were coming in. but then he, you know, pulled the boy down further away from the big group. >> engine 32. the gorilla has the child. and hats dragged him around the pen. >> reporter: officials considered the incident so threatening, decides the gorilla must be taken down immediately. >> the reason that tranquilizing is the not chosen is that in an agitated situation, which the male was, it may take quite a while for the san francisco quill l tranquilizer to take effect, but it would have a take in tdramat response. all things could happen in a situation like that.
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>> reporter: they say their only option, a rifle. he was shot and killed. the child was taken to cincinnati's children's hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> we have rescued the child. >> it's a sad day all the way around. the right choice was made. it was difficult choice. >> reporter: it was a western lowland gorilla, a critically ebb dangered species. the zoo had hoped he would eventually father other gorillas. >> we love this zoo. it's very friendly and everything is beautiful here. but when you see something like that and then you have the disappointment because what do you say to your grandchildren. >> rachel crane joining us now. so the gorilla exhibit, it's temporarily closed, but the zoo, the cincinnati zoo, is open today. i imagine that this is the talk of the zoo, that visitors are still talking about what
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happened there yesterday. what are they telling you? >> well, it is a holiday weekend, still many people visiting the zoo. cnn had a chance to speak to some of the visitors earlier today. and they said that while yesterday's incident is incredibly frightening, they're still going to the zoo and they're being extra cautious. take a listen. >> a horrifying experience for everybody involved. we feel really bad for the little boy and the family. and also everybody at the zoo, too, because it was a terrifying experience for them and it's hard with also kids because they can get away from you. and so i think it's just really important to pay attention to where your kids are so that something like this doesn't happen again. >> we've been here two, three times already and at all time i'm with my kids. if they want to see it, i hold them up and show them, not just are head them clilet them climb. it's something you have to think about when you bring your kids.
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>> reporter:s >> reporter: it's important to point out that they have been open for 40 years. and the gorilla exhibit is closed. clear when it was reopen. >> kimberly ann perkins o'connor just filmed the video you just watched. kimberly, take us back there. you were there. you had your -- i assume it was your iphone and you're rolling here and you see what happened. describe what happened, how did you know that this boy was in trouble? >> reporter: well, initially i was trying to capture a photo of the larger gorilla as he was peeking out of the cage. and while i was sitting very still trying to capture that frame, then all of a sudden you heard the splash, an older gentleman started yelling there's a child in there, there's a child. and everyone started screaming.
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so we just started capturing video and i was taking a still shot as the larger gorilla was attracted to the screaming and he came barreling to the edge of the moat and he realized what was going on. >> and so you're saying the gorilla actually came over to the crowd -- over to the child, he was attracted to the noise. what did he initially do when he was with the boy? >> initially when he approached the edge of the moat, he disappeared at the blink of a an eye, he suddenly was down in the moat. he came up -- i didn't actually capture that part video where he knocks the child against the wall if into the corner and
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where we start the video is where he basically has the child in the corner. and we did get everybody calmed down for just a little bit. and then of course people started screaming, yelling, he dragged the child a little further down into the moat. and he stopped him for a little bit. almost looked like he was helping him, pulled his pants up, stood him up and then everybody started screaming again and he pulled him completely out down the other end of the moat and then the next thing, he brought him up on top of the moat. at that point, i'd actually -- someone else was then videoing. i went down to a clearing and could actually see, but i wasn't able to get video at that point. we were searching for him through the bushes, but we couldn't find him after that. i saw him then later once he was on top of the habitat dragging the boy, you know, pulling him under. it was not a good scene.
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as the fireman had said, he at one point had him between his legs and was hovering over him and -- >> you said at some point it look looked like he was tryinging to protect him. did it looks like he was being a agrees sif, could you make out at all -- >> no, once he pulled him out of moat and he dragged him up to the top of the habitat where it was all cement, he was being verying a yes, sir s aggressive. the boy did try to separate himself and he pulled the boy back in, tucked him underneath and really wasn't going to let him get away. and then when a security guard was -- in my peripheral as i was trying to take another picture, he literally picked the boy up by his calf and dragged him toward another cave to basically get him out of the view of this crowd that hadn't get dispersed. >> and how long did it take for
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zoo officials to respond, how long did this go on? >> the security guy -- minutes. the security guy was already hunting past me by the time the gorilla had him up at the top of the habitat. so maybe four to five minutes. the other two gorillas disappeared right away, the two females. so someone else must have been there and had gotten them attracted and gotten them out of habitat or locked up. the security guard was there next thing i saw arriving was other zoo personnel. and then we were able to start getting people to get their children out, get themselves out and move away to the end of the exhibit. >> and kimberly, finally here, did you or did anybody else actually see, witness, the gorilla being shot when
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authorities shot and killed the gorilla? >> no. i think they did a good job. unfortunately, we were just at the end of the exhibit, we were just exiting the exhibit as we were trying to uhush-husheushuuh kids. my niece oig and i were the last ones. and as soon as we heard the shot, we knew what happened. >> were you able to see the little boy get out safely? >> no, no, no. they did a good job of clearing everybody. that whole area was cleared in seconds it seemed like. we were pushed north or south of that main strip where it was all happening. you can at any time sdidn't see to the ambulance. they did a great job of making sure that the whole horrific scene was well protected. >> and from your vantage point, were there ways, did it seem like it was an easy thing for a
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little person, a little child to slip through into this gorilla exhibit, this encloser sure? >> unfortunately, it was a bad situation where a 4-year-oldsur? >> unfortunately, it was a bad situation where a 4-year-old dwnt have t didn't have the attention of his mother for seconds as she returned to other seconds that were with her. he had joked -- he was a little boy -- about going in to the water. her attention was drawn away for seconds, maybe a minute. and then he was up and in before you knew it. i don't think it was as easy as just standing up and falling in. he actually had to climb under something, through some bushes, and then into the moat. >> all right. kimberly perkins o'connor, just your composure is extra ordinary. we appreciate you bringing us this story by capturing this video. thank you very much. we appreciate your time.
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and on to our next story. donald trump is in the nation's capital for the annual rolling thunder motor cycle rally. he used the opportunity to criticize the state of the military and also promised that he would make it great again. >> we have to rebuild our military. it's been decimated. so we're going to rebuild our military. we're going to make it bigger and bigger and better and stronger than ever before. we have no choice. we have to do it. and by the way, it's the single cheapest thing we can do. believe me. so we will he rwill rebuild our and we will take care of our veterans. >> scott mcclain is on the scene there. it sound like a campaign speech.
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listen to this. >> and by the way, bill clinton signed and a half tanafta, probt deal economic will that this country has done in 100 years. so hillary doesn't know anything about jobs. >> the scott, how did the audience react? >> reporter: well, donald trump seemed to get a pretty warm reaction from the crowd >> reporter: well, donald trump seemed to get a pretty warm reaction from the crowd here. this this was a traditional stump speech in a nontraditional setting. this group has a lot of veterans it taking part in, but mixed in was also a lot of the just average ordinary passers by this washington, d.c. for the memorial day weekend. and donald trump not only talked about his support for veterans and reforming the v.a., but he also talked about trade, he talked about getting a better deal in other countries for
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protection. and he also took a few jabs at hillary clinton as you would expect. >> all right. scott, thanks. appreciate your time. ahead, at least four dead, three missing in flooding across parts of texas and kansas. mandatory evacuations going on at this very hour. we will bring you that live report up next. talking about these days is how good their coverage is. but only one network is giving you more than just great coverage. t-mobile! only t-mobile's lets you stream video and music - for free! not only that, but we doubled our lte coverage in the last year. that's right! our coverage now stacks up with anybody. including verizon and at&t. so now you can get rid of the other guys and get great coverage from t-mobile. we got you covered. and we won't stop!
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mandatory evacuations near houston after severe flooding also killed four, several others missing including a 10-year-old boy, he slipped and fell into a river near ft. worth. bloated river affecting cities across the state. the mayor has declared a state of disaster. the communication manager is joining us on the phone. so tell us right now what you are facing in terms of the weather where you are in rosenberg. >> right now the weather is actually looking really good.
12:17 pm
but we warned people that what will happen is that the river will still keep rising even though we're not experiencing rains right now. so typically we've seen about a 50, 50 1/2 foot crest around this time of year. we're expecting to ehit 53 1/2 n tuesday which will break records. >> and how many people are still there any imagine many people had to leave their homes. >> well, we only have sections on the north side of the city that we've had to evacuate. and it's really going to affect about 150 properties there. so we have people that are headed out to the shelter right as we interespeak. we opened up transportation at 2:00, so we have people headed out to take buses over to the first baptist church where they will have shelter and probably likely be there for a few this
12:18 pm
evacuation, there are always who refuse to leave. i imagine you're seeing it that same kind of challenge. >> fortunately we haven't had anyone really resist yet. it doesn't mean ultimately they won't decide to stay. unfortunately, this is unprecedented wae watter levels us, so it's difficult to know what to expect. we put our evacuation into effect as of 2:00 today because the water levels will rise to that flooding level tomorrow and early tuesday. so tuesday is when we will seat highest levels and that evacuation will be in effect until the river gets down to 50 feet again. which may take a couple days. but i can't say for sure. >> i know you've been getting heavier than normal rains for the last couple of months. there is a routine protocol to keep the city safe. how would you rate how things are going at this point? >> well, the city of rosenberg and surrounding cities have been
12:19 pm
making drainage improvements over the years. so if you look at the floodplain map, while in a lot of cases they're accurate, a lot of times drainage is actually a little better than it appears on the mans. so we always have those projects going on to improve the drainage and mitigate the situation for the future. so when we do come to situations like this, we just try to keep our residents as prepared as possible. we get the then tm the informat as soon as we have and get the word out to keep as many people safe even if it means sending law enforcement door to door. >> jenny, thank you so much. appreciate you taking your time enforcement door to door. >> jenny, thank you so much. appreciate you taking your time. there are some area ofs ofs of the east coast seeing severe weather. a tropical depression brought
12:20 pm
heavy rain and flooding. in south carolina, some areas submerged by water. and the tropical system bringing all this misery slowly moving northeast. so far one report of a missing swimmer, that in north carolina. we'll be right back with that. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. ♪ and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2016 cla. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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june 7 marks the final super
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t tuesday of the election season and the two left standing, the price is enormous. hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking at a total of 374 at stake delegates. clinton needs fewer than 100 of those delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. brendan boyle has endorsed mccain hillary clinton. congressman being thank you for joining us. let's listen to bernie sanders talking about the process. >> what has upset me and what i think is i wouldn't use the word rigged because we knew what the rules were, but what is really dumb is that you have closed primaries like in new york state where 3 million people who were democrats or republicans could not participate. where you have a situation where over 400 superdelegate cass on
12:25 pm
cass on board before the votes were cast. it's not rigged, just a dumb process which has certainly disadvantaged our campaign. >> congressman, do you agree, do you think -- he's not saying it's rigged, but he's saying it's dumb. >> well, just for clarification, i am a superdelegate and endorse hillary clinton. it wasn't until mid april that i finally got off the fence and made the judgment that i thought hillary clinton would be our better nominee. as far as where the race stands, let's not the forget that hillary clinton has won 3 million more votes than he has. and if we just forget the conversation about superdelegates, if we forget all of the rest of it and just focus on the delegates won in these competitions, she's won about 300 more delegates than he has which is about a three times larger lead than barack obama had over her.
12:26 pm
so there are many things i would like to see change in our system. i happen to believe strongly that we need to have greater voter access throughout the country on both the d and r side. but that having been said, that really doesn't justify where we are right now in which hillary clinton has a pretty solid lead over bernie. >> sanders doesn't watch the you to to get about the superdelegate issue, and he's making the indicate that thatcae part that he doesn't think works well or fairly in the system. granted she is certainly ahead in the delegate number, and the math works in her favor, but there does need to be some sort of reform, would you not agree? >> i have to say, this will be my first time as a superdelegate and i do think that some sort of reforms in that process, maybe you tie the superdelegates vote on the first ballot to how your state votes, in my case hillary clinton won pennsylvania and my
12:27 pm
congressional district by double digits. i think that might be a more fairway of doing it. and then they would become open if and when there would be a second ballot. but there has been so much focus on superdelegates but yet not once ever have they made any difference. bernie sanders' only chance of winning the democratic nomination now is if he were to get such a large amount of superdelegates to vote to him given that hillary clinton has such a large lead on the won delegates that come through the primaries and caucuses. >> you bring up a legitimate point that in the past it certainly has not been a big, big change in superdelegates that determined the race ultimately, the outcome. clinton now doesn't have any public appearances over the weekend in california, is she pretty confident that that is a win in her corner? >> i spetend to think californi will be fairly close. of course it isn't the only
12:28 pm
state voting on what be the last, maybe the tenth, final super tuesday. i think hillary clinton will win by a pretty large margin. for all the focus california has got then because of its size, in august likelihood she will clinch the nomination by the time the polls close in new jersey where she is expected to win by a pretty sizable margin. >> and we have seen some of her ads in california, some very unique situations, we have not seen this before, ads s is ins different languages oig. is she confident that she will pick up the kind of support she needs from various ethnic groups within california? >> i tend to think more than anything because of the rhetoric that we hear on the other side, that there really isn't going to be much of a problem getting support from various different ethnic groups throughout the
12:29 pm
country. but that having been said, it's important to have a broad based coalition to win. keep in mind that while barack obama did very well among african-american voters and hispanic voters, 56% of those who voted for barack obama were in fact white. so for a democratic candidate to win the presidency, it needs to be a multiracial, multi multi-generation alcoa ligs, hispanics, gentlemyes, african-americans, yes, but also white americans. so awfll of us need to come together. >> i we are the iowa caucuses quite a shock, all white set that went to his corner and set the stage for the broad spupt support that he got throughout the election season. thank you so much, been drendan
12:30 pm
boyle. >> thank you. and coming up -- >> you are responsible for an unprecedented moment where barack obama assured the american people. and you raised that issue. >> and i told donald one of the debates, i apologized to him for that. >> more on that plus why marco rubio is taking time away from politics. . my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through.
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donald trump says hillary clinton should not become president as the u.s. has to rebuild its military. he made those comments at the rolling thunder event which honors prisoners of war, those missing this action and those who have sefsserved our country. but donald trump was also the main topic with marco rubio this morning. rubio says if asked, he will not be trump's vice president. but he also told jake tapper that he apologized to trump in
12:34 pm
private at a debate earlier this year for comments he me aboade the size of trump's hands. >> i actually apologized to him for that. i said that i'm sorry that i said to that, it's not who i am and i shouldn't have done it. i didn't say it in front of the cameras. i didn't want any political benefit. i didn't like what it reflected on me. it embarrassed my family. and you did it in a sense that nothing is work. this guy is mocking people saying horrible things about people, but if you respond to him somehow you're hitting below the bemt. and that was my sense of it at the time. what i didn't realize was it isn't who i am and if you're not being who you are, doesn't come across well. and he can do that for whatever reason, but i couldn't do it and
12:35 pm
i hurt me, not him. and it's common for political people to attack media people, but media is a business. and it's drech iven by ratings. so this is kept interesting. it's different. and it's over the top. and it drives eyeballs and ears to hear what people are saying. donald understood is that. and if you respond, it is just giving more fuel to the fire. if you don't respond to it, then someone is basically looking otter way. so you're kind 1/2of in a mind. >> joining me now, a cnn political reporter. eric, marco rubio is very reflective, he seems to have thought it through, the role of media and trump's use and manipulation of that and his own self reflection about some of the comments that he made and how it damaged him trying to figure out who he is again.
12:36 pm
you don't often hear that from politicians when it's all said and done. he's going to the convention and he says he will try to defeat hillary clinton. he is not endorsing trump, but he's walking a fine line. how does he do that do you think along with a lot of other republican establishment figures who will also be at the convention trying to do the same thing? >> that's right. is this what plolitical scientists call negative partisanship. rubio is just one of many republicans in this boat. but for rubio, it's interesting because we know his political aspirations are not gone. he's retiring from the senate in year, but he also told jake that he's likely to run for office again. that could be another presidential campaign, it could be a run for governor for florida in 2018, although that seems less likely. but rubio is someone who has definitely made the. >> caller: calculation that he can't afford to leave the republican team, to support
12:37 pm
hillary clinton. these efforts to draft an alternate fast fahas fallen sho. so he needs to do something to help republicans right now even if it's not give donald trump a full throat of endorsement. >> and do you think that this effort that he's making, because we really have seen a remarkable turnaround for him will from marco rubio because he really did not respect -- certainly said things that he did not respect trump in any way, but he now is saying that he will be honored if he had some sort of speaking role and platform at the convention. and says he's probably going to run for president again. could this be a very strategic buildup to a run in four years? >> yeah, shuabsolutely it is. this is a guy that knows that 0 2020 could be another shot for him if donald trump is not
12:38 pm
successful. he's seen people take big convention speaking roles in the past addrend turned them into a political future for themselves. president obama being one of them. julio castro on the democratic side largely because of a p convention speech that he gave. so rubio knows this could be a big platform for him. >> all right. thanks for joining us. and still ahead -- >> i think hillary has a lot of baggage and while she doesn't admit it, it's there. >> bob dole, the 1996 gop presidential nominee, talks candidly to cnn about hillary clinton, donald trump, and who he thinks trump's running mate should be. every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet.
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donald trump is publicly gaining the support of one of the most respecteded members, former senator bob dole. the 1996 gop presidential nominee says he's now in trump's corner and he's urging all p republicans to join him. but he also had advice for trump saying the presumptive nominee for apologize for john mccain and new mexico governor for disparaging comments that he's made about both of them in the past.
12:43 pm
>> donald trump clinched the republican nomination. it was and he easy call for me. what is the life long republican 130 supposed to do, support the opponent? trump is doing what he's done from scratch. so i applaud him for that. but i don't applaud him for the insults. and i as a supporter, i would like him to issue a blanket apology or individual apology. >> all right. so let's talk more about this with brian morgenstern and ellis hanrahtha
12:44 pm
haniga in which n. bob dole asked him to apologize for telling mccain that he was not a real hero. i'll start but, he wiwith you, you think an apology would help trump gain support? >> it seemed like it was an after thought. you have to feel for bob coal. i love the guy. certainly compared to some of the guys waving the republican flag today, he's a man of decency and moderation. you know his skin has to control at the notion of supporting donald trump. but what will he do? he's a life long republican. believes in the party. he does not like the clintons. so making the best of a very uncomfortable situation with his usual decency. >> and brian, what is the likelihood of an apology from donald trump? >> you know, snowballs in hell, something like that.
12:45 pm
a tint happ it ain't happening. but what we're he seeing is the political science sort of reacti rationale for how some republicans are getting on board. the number one predictor of how someone will vote is their partisanship, their affiliation, the brand loyalty that they bought into. and the number two brie tipredi how mad they are if he other guy. and bob dole will not want the opponent winning. the apology thing , i understan him asking but he will be waiting a while. >> so i want you to listen to this. this is advice he gave on the vice presidential pick. >> donald trump needs someone who understands congress, who can help him work with congress, who understands foreign policy,
12:46 pm
domestic policy, economic policy, you know, someone like newt gingrich. >> that might be true, but he does come with some baggage here. ellis, i mean, what do you think, how much good does newt gingrich do for a trump candidacy? >> when i'm shopping for baggage-free candidate, i don't usually go with a newt-ile. let me put it like that. it's sound advice. those are all the things that donald does not himself have so he needs to bolster it with a running mate. it's kind of a long list, isn't it? >> brian? >> well, trump has said ad nauseum i need a political person, somebody who can communicate with congress, so somebody who will help us get litigation passed because i cover the business end. so few peopler are more
12:47 pm
qualified than newt to serve in that role. i don't know that he has an electoral advantage other than that sort of theme. he doesn't have a geographic advantage or diversity advantage. so in terms of the number of metrics that people look at for a vp, certainly newt has the experience one, but is lacking in others. so i'm sure he's on the list. but he's on that list with several other people at this point. >> and we've been covering this story, we love to do this parlor game of guess whing who will be picked. but it seems like a lot of people have said no. so there has been a lot of discussion about whether you would have a female or diverse candidate, african-american or latino. can either one of you think wil be on trump's ticket? >> i would skach scratch the
12:48 pm
governor of new mexico. long cal nalogical names at the senatorayotte, nikki haley. people putting their names out there don't messinecessarily mee criteria. gingrich, scott brown, some people like that. people who -- if you think about that, it's people not necessarily running for anything, they don't necessarily have a future to be concerned with. they're happy to roll the dice with a trump cappndidacy, where others with war arrive the risks of being on the trump ticket if it doesn't pan out and having history judge them. so that is a theme you mitt lgh look for when searching for who
12:49 pm
it might be. >> all right. appreciate that. up next ahead -- horrific new details about the ship wrecks that are believed to have killed hundreds of my grants in the mediterranean sea. a live report up next. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm...
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at least 65 migrants have died in different ship wreks in the mediterranean sea.
12:53 pm
with many more missing the united nations fears the death toll could soar to 700 or higher. officials say many of those migrants are from eastern africa. our own cnn ben wedeman is following the story. what have we learned so far? >> what we understand is the problem with these boats is the human traffickers in libya don't have passenger manifests. we probably will never know how many were on board. what we know is they are basically forcing on gun point people on to these boats that are unseaworthy. these are shipping vessels that might be able to take several dozen people at the most. some of them with 500, 600 people on board. they are crammed to the gills. one of the ships that went down on thursday with possibly more than 500 people on board, most of them dead, it's feared at this point, didn't even have a
12:54 pm
motor. it was being towed by a similar ship with a motor. when it started to take on water, the passengers were trying to bail it out desperately. after an hour and a half, the captain of the other ship that was towing it cut the cable and basically they went down. there were some ships nearby that were able to rescue the passengers on board. this is what happened. this is the beginning of the calmer seas in the mediterranean. we understand from officials here in italy and in libya that hundreds of thousands of mostly sub-saharan africans are waiting if they are time to start crossing the mediterranean. even though the seas are calm, most of the boats, if you can call them that, that go to sea are very, very unseaworthy. >> it is heart breaking to see these picture and the babies carried from those boats there. can you tell us, where were
12:55 pm
these migrants -- what was the journey like for them? >> many come from places where you don't hear about them because there are no wars going on necessarily. they come from places like gambia where the economy is in horrendous shape. air eritrea where they have to do military service. they cross the desert, a dangerous, difficult crossing. many of them sold everything they can to pay for the voyage. they get to libya. libya is a country deep in civil war. there many of the women are sexually exploited, forced in to prostitution, many raped. the men work as slaves where they can find work at all. they sleep in warehouses where they are locked up at night and when they finally get to when they said, okay, you are going to board your boat to europe, often times when they see the
12:56 pm
ship they are getting on they are terrified and the human traffickers pull weapons and -- the sea voyage is the last traumatic step in a difficult end of a horrific journey. >> sounds tragic. thank you so much. appreciate such an important story to report and tell. thank you. straight ahead, from the latest from the cincinnati zoo where a gore ril illa was fatalt after a 4-year-old boy slipped in to its enclosure. the zoo has responded and we their statement next. all the other guys are talking about these days is how good their coverage is. but only one network is giving you more than just great coverage. t-mobile! only t-mobile's lets you stream video and music - for free! not only that, but we doubled our lte coverage in the last year.
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♪ hello. thank you for joining me. we begin in cincinnati where the city zoo just issued a statement in response to its killing of a 450 pound gorilla. the animal was shot after a young boy slipped in to its enclosure. the zoo is saying "we are heart broken about losing the gorilla but a child's life was in danger and a quick decision had to be made by our dangerous animal response team. our first response was to call the gorillas out of the exhibit. the two females complied but harambe did not. it


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