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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 31, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me on this tuesday. you're watching cnn. we begin with a rather extraordinary day on the campaign trail. the headline should have been donald trump finally accounts for nearly $6 million raised for dozens of veterans groups. boom, done. the who, the what, the how answered. but instead the headline became donald trump unleashing on the media. in perhaps the most heated news conference he has had since launching his campaign a year ago. for months and months journalists including us here at
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cnn did not question the motivation behind trump's fund-raiser, the one he held instead of attending the primary debate. we asked simple questions about the money trail. but instead of simply explaining those details today, mr. trump turned the announcement into a storm of insults, name calling and questioning the role of a free press. >> i'm the only one in the world could raise almost $6 million for the veterans, have uniform applause by the veterans groups and end up being criticized by the press. >> you keep calling us the disgusting, dishonest press. i disagree with this. >> excuse me, excuse me. i have watched you on television. you're a beauty. i'm accountable. i didn't want credit for it. now, actually, though, what i got was worse than credit questioning me. >> what you're doing is answering the questions now that we had back then and just a question. >> look. here's the story. here's the story. >> is it a question -- >> i'm dealing with the press a
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long time. i think the political press is among the most dishonest people i have met. i wanted to tell you this. i didn't want it with the presses all involved and all of a sudden everybody's going where did it go? we said who it went to and how much was it. i'm not looking for credit. but what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars, have people say, like this sleazy guy right over here from abc, he is a sleeds in my book. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> is this what it will be like covering you president? >> yeah. it is going to be like this, david. if the press writes false stories, i continue to attack the press. look. i find the press to be extremely dishonest. i may be right or wrong but that's who i am. you think i'm changing? i'm not changing. >> let me bring in my colleague you saw there, the top of the clip, jim acosta with a front
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row seat to that today. jim, you say trump is always scathing of the media. you tweet about it. you say today this felt different. why? >> reporter: well, you know, it was -- it was rather pointed. i think what you saw happen inside trump tower behind me a couple of hours and over the course of 60 minutes was basically donald trump not being very comfortable answering these questions about where this money was going to the veterans groups and visibly ainngry and anger boiled over before. you have carried many of the rallies live in your show. he goes after the news media as the disgusting news media, dishonest news media and we're just sort of asking the questions here. where's the money coming from and going? and because of those questions, we're not getting an accounting of where that money's going. as you said at the top of this, this should have been a day
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donald trump talked about the causes for these veteran groums he's raising money for. good, worthwhile -- there helping our nation's veterans but sort of was overshadowed by this, you know, donald trump going after the news media display we saw take place over the course of 60 minutes and you heard at the end of the news conference he said this is how white house press briefings are going to play out and he's going to engage with the press and feels like they're doing bad, negative stories on them, he is going to go after them. keep in mind, brooke, this started in january skipping that republican debate and offered to hold the event and raised $6 million and all the news media is doing asking is where's the money coming from and going and the campaign manager said $5 million and then donald trump said it's around $5 million. and so, these are just questions being asked, raised. but this is very much what
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donald trump does when he goes after his critics hitting them hard. he did it against the gop rivals, the press and the upcoming general election battle against hillary clinton. this is very much tactical as much as it was emotional, brooke. >> jim acosta and give you props for not missing a beat with screaming there behind you. thank you so much here in new york. let's broaden now the discussion and bring in my panel. i have dylan beyers standing by. i have boris epstein, republican strategist and trump surrogate and supporter. david ferin fold and mo alayi. gentlemen, welcome to all of you. and, david, let me just turn and begin with you because we have been reading your post pieces. you have been, you know, for quite a while holding mr. trump's feet to the fire with the veterans fund-raiser piece.
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right? we'll get to the media bashing in a second but you eloquently outnulined the questions you wanted. do you feel like you got them? >> partly. we wanted to know how much trump raised. $5.5 million. more than what cory lewandowski was telling us. >> a lot of money. wow. >> for the folks that got the donations, a huge life changing donation. the point is not to say he didn't give money to veterans but not sort of giving details of what had happened to the money he said he would permly give and gathered from others to give away and we know the total figure now and the question is what took so long and trump talked a lot about vetting. i had to vet the groups to make sure they were worthwhile and trying to dig in to figure out how much vetting and the news groups that got the money. >> boris, in a minute. >> okay. >> watching you -- watching your face. dylan, to you, let's just back up and mention, you know, it was
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cnn, our investigations unit, drew griffin who really exposed the va story on a national scale. it was january of 2014 when we broke it. and i know that, you know, drew and david and others have been asking all the smart questions as david outlined and still other questions remain as it pertains to the vets and others and amazing the money raised and the question is asked and today mr. trump instead of focusing on the causing and the veterans railed on the media. >> well, right. it is really incredible he railed on the media on this topic because it's precisely the reporting that's been done by david and others to really press donald trump to address this issue and to address it publicly. and had that reporting not been done, had the media not done its job in that regard, we don't know if donald trump would have ever addressed this issue. we don't know how much money he might have raised for charity and what he's doing is coming back at the media and
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criticizing the media in large part to make the story about donald trump verse the media once again to draw attention away from the fact that he might not have raised this much money and attention away from the controversy over trump university. any day that donald trump can make the story trump verse the media plays very well with his base and it goes further to inoculate him against criticism and inquiry of the media. you look at every reporter in that room today at the press conference. they were doing their jobs despite what donald trump says but that's not what his followers believe. they believe they're biassed and dishonest. >> boris, let's turn to you and respond to all of this, but also, just mentioning trump said he didn't want any credit but the top of the presser he said, essentially, you know, the media is not nice to me and not getting the credit. >> he said he didn't want any credit because the plan was to raise the money to donate the money and not to have a big presser talking about it. what dylan said is so unfair.
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that trump may not have given the money if he wasn't pressed by the press and so unfair and out of line, frankly, to question someone's motives who did have this event, did raise the money and gave $1 million of his own money so talking about the unfair press, that's a perfect example of that saying how can you put it out there, you have no idea, dylan, somebody would -- >> i can't crawl into donald trump's head. >> right. neither can i. >> again, i say it again, i think it's extraordinary $5.6 million going to the amazing groups. >> 92%. >> but this is somebody to be the leader of the free world and we the press -- >> sure. >> the free press, thank goodness in this country, should get to ask the questions. >> absolutely. >> you're asking. >> you get to ask the questions but the premise of he wouldn't have given the money if the press hadn't asked is out of line. >> an interesting parallel is trump talks about the va and terrible and there are a lot of problems. trump uses -- says i'm the
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person to fix the va. think about how complicated, the money, the people, rules involved, what's happened here and raising $6 million, finding groups, distributing it, this is a much less complicated thing that trump's done and really been unhappy about the scrutiny received over this relatively simple operation so to me an interesting parallel of that and reforming the va. >> mo, i'm assuming you would call it a nightmare potentially for a campaign, but won't this help? will this help among trump supporters everything that he stood by and said today? >> yeah. i think both the trump campaign and the clinton campaign are happy with that performance because they both are actually able to reinforce a narrative they want to drive. the clinton campaign says, see, this is the donald trump who is unhinged, who will rail against anyone who even remotely starts to criticize him. this is the risky donald trump
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we have been talking about. the trump campaign points to supporters saying this is the guy to take on the establishment and the media and fight against these injustices and both sides will be able to frame it the way they want to. now, i think there's some definite points in there that hurt donald trump. the notion that him saying i never wanted any credit when the whole thing was around an event that he held in january in iowa where he was trying to take credit for helping veterans. >> he didn't attend the debate. instead he held or he was participating in the fund raiser to raise money for veterans. >> nothing wrong with that. isn't that great? >> the notion that he's sayisaying -- >> look. he's saying i didn't want any yesterday for it. okay? now, he's also saying take my word for it. how dare you question my motives. take my word for it. this is a guy who questions motives all the time. didn't afford the president of
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the united states that same courtesy questioning his birth certificate. what made it truly remarkable was not that he went after the press. that is about as typical republican tactic as you can get. it was about as typical as you can get in the republican party to attack the mainstream press and what made it truly outrageous and fascinating is anger. the anger we saw there. you don't see that very often from a presidential campaign. you don't see that, raises questions about how thin skinned donald trump. >> not at all. >> really is. >> i would also say -- >> isn't that why so many people like him? dylan? >> look, look. it is not just that he's thin skinned and barely stand up to any level of scrutiny but the expectations of the press to be laudatory in terms of what happened today and why aren't you saying how great this thing is? >> you're bias shining through everything you're saying. >> no. i don't have any bias for or
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against donald trump. >> come on. be honest. >> for accountability. >> no. but what about this point? what about this point? this is before i ask you all to stand by. boris, listen. it is our job to have a thicked skin. we're in the press. people aren't really nice to us. we get over that. but, you know, for somebody to sit there and ask donald trump will this be how you treat the white house press corps elected president? okay. great. whatever. but is this how you treat critics, world leaders? the second in that oval office in the white house, you have critics in every corner of the globe. he said today he's not changing. is that okay? >> donald trump throughout his career has shown unbelievable ability to be successful in the boardroom, in negotiations with folks all over the world. >> i'm not asking about success. >> both world leaders. >> tone. >> both world leaders and business people. tone matters to a degree and success is what mat earls in this country. does tone matter? ask teddy roosevelt and not meek and very brash. truman, very brash and
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successful presidents who had the ability to be out there. if i may respond to mo saying, the's not one voter not voting for donald trump based on today. voters are angry and he is channelling that anger and voters are attracted to it. >> i agree with you. let's ask you to stand by. i'm not finished with you all yet. a reminder, jake tapper interviewing hillary clinton this afternoon on "the lead" coming up after my show. 4:00 eastern here on cnn and she'll respond to what we're discussing. donald trump responds to a prominent conservative saying he's found a third party candidate to run against the presumptive nominee. how mr. trump responded to that and other narratives from the presser. hillary clinton gets a huge endorsement of someone who's had a long-time feud with her and specifically with her husband. why the bad blood is wiped clean. and breaking news involving the death of that gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. have you heard about this? prosecutors now revealing an
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gum® brand. all right. watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. back with our panel. so, let's begin now with what donald trump said today about "weekly standard" editor bill kristol who tweeted out over the weekend he has an independent candidate in the works. >> bill kristol is a loser. his magazine is failing, as you know. i don't think it even survives. he's getting some free publicity. bill kristol, i'm watching this for two years. trump isn't going to run. i did into the race. new hampshire. he is not going to win new hampshire. win in a landslide. i was not going to win and i win in a landslide. do you think maybe he doesn't like me? >> i can tell you bill kristol responded to that on twitter, quote, i gather donald trump said i'm a loser, i won and lost
11:20 am
some and tried not to be is a roaring jackass. can i say that on cnn? okay, good. because i just did. david, turning to you first, to his point, people saying what the heck is bill kristol? because we're supposed to have a candidate by the end of the holiday weekend. it's tuesday. what's going on? >> well, i don't know. longer this goes on, the less relevant it becomes and states filing deadlines are passing. >> but still, even if he were to get on for a number of key states, that makes a dent. >> and then a kamikazi president. >> people are willing to take great lengths apparently in go around. you don't know what's up with this? >> no. >> comic relief, this's for sure. >> what about susanna martinez. trump surrogate, trump asked about the attacks against -- she's one of the country's most popular governor, latino
11:21 am
governor. trump recently, she's got to do a better job. here's mr. trump today. >> she was not nice and i was fine, just a little bit of a jab. but she wasn't nice and you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing including with her. >> so, she is well liked, republican, latina, head of the governor's association. she's not someone he should be irking. why is he not courting her instead of saying what he did? >> he's not a usual politician. a regular politician would do -- >> trying to unify the party and coalescing behind mr. trump and she's a mega voice in the party? >> key for the rest of the party to realize that the voters are behind donald trump. unfortunately she is not there yet and she should be and she's voicing concerns about him and he has the full right to voice his concerns about her.
11:22 am
it goes both ways. >> mo, finally to you, on the clinton campaign strategy, a press release ahead of the trump tower news conference, getting ahead of it, attacking trump on the record on vets and she is calling in to talk to jake tapper later today, calling in ala donald trump to a couple of networks recently. what do you make of this new strategy here? >> well, i think it's smart. look. one thing to give donald trump credit for, for a guy that spent an hour railing against the media, he is as successful as he is in this race because of his master manipulation of the media. he's rewriting the rules on how to do it. which mean that is the clinton campaign has got to be able to tactically be able to compete in terms of getting media attention. i'd argue hillary clinton's probably the best suited democrat out there to be able to do that but it means they have
11:23 am
to throw caution to the wind a little bit and get out there and take every chance that they can to drive their message against him. otherwise, he can actually drown them out to some extent. not entirely. but to some exat the present time in the media coverage. >> all right. mo and boris and david, thank you all very much. >> thanks so much. >> i appreciate the time today. coming up next, police are now investigating the shooting death of a go ril will at the cincinnati zoo after this 3-year-old boy dropped in to this enclosure over the weekend. this is the debate is growing who if anyone is to blame for this. local prosecutor is saying coming up next. is better for yon than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones.
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outrage over the shooting death of a beloved gorilla at the cincinnati zoo, mounting and now cnn has learned the city police and the county prosecutor are looking into the incident. the gorilla what ram bharambe w to save the life of a 3-year-old boy that slipped into the pen. a petition now has more than 300,000 signatures. meantime, the zoo has performed an nacropcy on the gorilla. not sure what will happen to the remains. correspondent there is working there for us, jessica schneider and also here in new york cnn legal analyst joey jackson. but jessica, to you, when i saw the bit of police about this investigation, my question immediately was who are they investigating?
11:29 am
is it to target the mother? the zoo? both? >> reporter: yeah, brooke. so right now the only thing that the police department and prosecutor are saying is that they're investigating this tense ten minutes when that 4-year-old boy was yanked and dragged violently by the gorilla and not who or what they're investigating. this is a new development after the three days after that very tense incident so to put a fine point on it, the cincinnati police department saying this in a statement. the cincinnati police department is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the incident with the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. after the review we'll determine if charges need to be forward. we would then discuss wit the hamilton county prosecutor's office. now, the prosecutor's office releasing nearly an identical statement refusing to say what they're investigating, only saying that they'll release the details of this to the media when the whole investigation is complete.
11:30 am
and again, no exact time line on that either. you would presume that the police have to interview witnesses. maybe look at some video and find out exactly what happened. all we know is what we have seen in the short time frame of video and sure police will dig deeper. brooke? >> we sat here joey jackson on the show for 45 minutes, listened, hung on every word of the zoo director there in cincinnati saying we've had it for 38 years. no issue. >> no breach. >> looking into it now and then said do you know 3-year-olds? like, this is what happens when you blink and a 3-year-old is climbing up somewhere and dropping over. what would the charges even be? >> okay. well, absolutely there needs to be an investigation and it certainly is good to do one and want the find out exactly how it can happen. not only relating to what happened here, tragic the gorilla's dead and the child could have been dead, too. preventing it in the future. >> right. >> so if you're looking at charging the parents, you could go after them for endangering,
11:31 am
an endangering charge of the child, negligent, not exercising a reasonable duty of care overseeing their child and the zoo director -- in theory, yes, you can do it. the zoo director saying that, it's true. every parent knows in a split second your child is in the street. your child is, you know, has his finger in a plug. your child is anywhere and everywhere. and so, if you're looking at garden variety negligence, that's not criminal. if you're looking at gross negligence, criminal negligence, it's different. let's just briefly the distinction. there's negligence every day. people get in car accidents every day. kids get hit by cars every day. this doesn't happen every day and the issue is what happened here? but from a criminal negligence consideration, did the child do what children do? there's a massive outcry, absolutely, and there should be because it could have been prevented but you have to also wonder how did the child get down there? since 1978 there's been no
11:32 am
breach, and a first breach and you have to wonder. did he go underneath a barrier? if so, constructed properly? climb over something and saying -- >> climbed over something and went through a brush and dropped off the ledge into the water. >> exactly. with respect to the design, you look another that, too. criminality and parents might have, you know, took their eyes off of their child for a moment. it's a big stretch. can you do it? yes. practically speaking will they do that? that's a different matter. >> i keep thinking about the mother, the family, what more do we not know? apparently they want their privacy and not hearing from them yet. thank you. jessica for us at the zoo, thank you, jessica. the police department, rather, thank you so much. coming up next, any moment, a judge will be releasing the internal playbooks they're calling them from trump university and the center of this lawsuit. donald trump once again blasted that judge today and my next guest says trump may have broken
11:33 am
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donald trump didn't only declare a war on the media today, he also escalated the battle with the federal judge over a case of trump university. students paid as much as $35,000 to attend classes at the now defukt school and former students filed this lawsuit claiming the classes were a fraud. judge today is due to unseal these internal documents that
11:38 am
are supposed to shed light on how trump university did business. the move comes as trump took an opportunity to rip into this judge. >> judge's been very unfair, has not done a good job and been a bad judge and unfair and i'll win the trump university case. i already am as far as i'm concerned and this is -- [ inaudible ] i don't care. antagonist? i don't care. i have a judge that's very, very unfair. >> why? >> you will see it in court documents. he knows he's unfair. >> let me bring in charles jay, a law professor at indiana university and a legal ethics experts and also david lazarus, a reporter of "los angeles times" that attended a seminar of trump university. charles, first, your perspective. i understand that you say trump speaking out against this federal judge could have criminal consequences. how do you mean? >> well, what i mean is that
11:39 am
judges have a statutory power and inherent power to maintain the integrity of court proceedings, and that includes the conduct of parties outside of court if they're impugning the integrity of the proceedings and one thing to accuse the judge of being unfair as in the clip before and he went before that originally and accused the judge of being a hater because the judge was -- i mean, the reasons given, the judge mexican, the judge was an obama appointee, made rulings with which donald trump disagreed and potentially contemptuous conduct. i don't think that's a likely route and the judge has gone a different route and for good reason and technically i think something that contempt-worthy of conversation and not likely to materialize unless things degenerate further. >> okay. waiting for the documents, david, let's pivot to you. the "la times" you attend the
11:40 am
free trump university seminar to see how you and others could cash in on this subprime mortgage mess and maybe make some money or i believe millions were promised, right, a you have of foreclosures. first just tell me, how was it? >> well, it's basically a two-hour sales pitch in the local press he was advertising that you could make millions in the foreclosure market and that sounds attractive. i went to this pasadena hotel. attended it and turns out that you're not getting any priceless information that's advertised. in fact, what you are being told if you want to make millions in the foreclosure market is buy low, sell high. which isn't exactly a news flash coming to real estate. moreover, i talked to experts who say, look, you get skinned in the foreclosure market if you don't know what you're doing. this is not for amateurs. and i think that's what a lot of plaintiffs in the trump university case saying we weren't given the tools we need to do this. >> and as a result of your
11:41 am
column in the paper, who did you hear from? >> well, i mean, after i exposed the fact it was a sales pitch for a $1,500 course, i heard from donald trump who called me up to say, first of all, i'm a nasty guy, i'm a third-rate reporter. my editor says i'm a second-rate reporter. thank you very much. moreover, he'll see me in court for all the inaccurate and libel information and he contacted my editor to say he should fire me and bringing nothing but bad thing to the "la times" and profession and kind of left it at that showing i think just how thin skinned he was then which is pretty much the same as how thin skinned he is now as we've been seeing today. >> you are obviously doing mok okay because you're still holding down the fort at "la times" and wanted to talk to you
11:42 am
about your experience in '07 and, charles, from a legal perspective, this federal judge, he can't comment on the case. it is pending before him. you know, if this doesn't go in contempt as that's a maybe, maybe possibility, what can he do if anything? >> well, what he has done is, you know, unseal the documents that would otherwise be sealed because the integrity of the proceedings called into question. in other words, mr. trump is arguing that there is no there there to the lawsuit and frivolous and that it was only because of a biassed judge that it is proceeding to trial and the judge said there's enough to this case to let mr. trump be tried by a jury of his peers. that's all that's happened. and one way of dealing with this question without the judge weighing in himself is for him to unseal the documents and let the press and public see what those documents say and, you know, draw their own conclusions whether there's something to the
11:43 am
plaintiff's allegations. >> so, as trump has the right if he feels some sort of bias to express that, and the response being the unsealing of the documents and the public then seeing as i imagine the judge is hoping there's no bias whatsoever, yes? >> i think that's basically right, yes. he has a constitutional right to express his opposition or disagreement with the court's rulings and i think to say that he thinks the court's decisions were unfair. he went beyond that. i think it, you know -- two days ago describing the judge as a hater is stronger than that and, you know, on the strength of the allegations that the judge opened these records up and said, yeah, look at them. see what they say. this is why i did what i did. >> and final question, david, you know, what could come of this class action lawsuit that could at all impact the presidential race, do you think? >> well, i think the biggest thing is allegation of fraud. this would be the first time that a presidential candidate
11:44 am
had actually faced not just an allegation of fraud but if convicted would be found to have been a bad actor in the business world and since donald trump's entire claim to fame in the race is a master deal maker and as a master businessman the idea that he could be found liable for fraudulent activity has resignation in the campaign. >> thank you so much to both of you. >> thank you. coming up next, as hillary clinton shifting her strategy, turning attention to california, should she, would she consider bernie sanders as he running mate? we'll explore that. plus, senator sanders takes in game seven of the nba playoffs. hear why he says what happened there is an omen for his campaign? motrin helps you be an unstoppable "let's rock this" kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be a... "side planking, even though you'll feel it later" kind of woman.
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body pain? motrin helps you be an... "i can totally do this in one trip" kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, motrin works fast to stop pain. make it happen with motrin® liquid gels. also try motrin pm to relieve pain and help you sleep.
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his state offers the largest delegate prize, governor brown endorsing hillary clinton and first line of the statement he makes his clear the support is not just about propelling her but preventing a trump presidency. quoting the california governor here now, i believe this is the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump. he goes on. this is no time for democrats to keep fighting each other. and jerry brown knows a thing or two about party-infighting and ran against bill clinton for the nomination some 24 years ago. we went to the archives. remember this debate exchange? >> but you ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife. >> i tell you something, mr. clinton. ralph nader called me this afternoon. he read me the article from "the washington post." >> does that make it true? >> i was shocked by it because i don't think someone -- >> hey, i get time. >> should be funneling --
11:50 am
>> governor clinton, poking your finger at him. >> he comes here with the family wealth and makes a lying accusation about my wife. i never -- >> "the washington post." >> that doesn't make it true. >> are you saying they lied? >> i'm saying i never funneled any money to my wife's law firm. never. >> that was 1992. here we are today. mr. david chalian with me. >> so good! >> so good, right? >> yes. >> my how paths are recrossing here in 2016. talk a little bit about that, you know, fight in '92 and then flash forward to today's endorsement and how important it is. >> yeah, well, even jerry brown in the statement, brooke, today said he sort of was -- he envisioned himself as the bernie sanders sand date back in the '92 race. bill clinton was running as a much more centrist candidate, a new third way of doing things in the democratic party, and actually trying to shed the image of the more liberal left progressive wing that he felt sort of hampered the democratic
11:51 am
party at the time. that is completely different from what we're seeing now and hillary clinton as you know moved left in the nomination race, largely due to where the party is but also the pressure applied by sanders and jerry brown gave sanders credit and ran a very impressive campaign. but then he got on board with where hillary clinton's message has been for a couple of weeks which is the stopping of donald trump has become the thrust of her campaign message. she's focused on the general election. even while these democratic contests go on and jerry brown says i'm buying that argument. as impressed as i am with sanders, she will be the nominee, the general election has begun and trying to rally democrats to the cause to say we have to beat donald trump. >> hillary clinton will likely clinch before california polls close on tuesday and senator sanders recently warning her not to select a moderate on the ticket. here he was.
11:52 am
>> i would hope if i am not the nominee that the vice presidential candidate will not be from wall street, will be somebody with a history of standing up and fighting for working families taking on the drug companies whose greed is doing so much harm, taking on wall street, taking on corporate america and fight for a government that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> is there an argument -- i know -- to be made if he's still despite what happens in california or because of what happens in california, he goes through philadelphia, is there an argument to be made that hillary clinton should ask senator sanders to be on her ticket? >> there's an argument to be made and listening to the description bernie sanders gave there of who he thinks should be the running mate if he is not candidate, that sounds like him, maybe elizabeth warren. there is going to be a sort of reckoning in the democratic party and saw it after the
11:53 am
clinton-obama race eight years ago. the democratic party will wake up to a whole new world on wednesday morning, including hillary clinton and bernie sanders because she is likely to have gone over the top and been the nominee all but the voting on the convention floor and at that point she has said i'm prepared the reach out to him. when's that look like? might that reaching out to bernie sanders and his supporters feel so important to what she has to do to defeat donald trump and rises to the level of giving consideration to putting sanders on the ticket. i think that's unlikely. i think if she feels the need to really bring that wing of the party on board that it might be more in the name of elizabeth warren than bernie sanders and nonetheless it's going to be very important for us to watch how hillary clinton does that outreach and whether or not bernie sanders helps his supporters accept that outreach and that's going to be a very key dance to watch starting next
11:54 am
wednesday morning. >> would there be a kumbaya in new hampshire ala '08 or not? david chalian, thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. coming up next, donald trump, you've seen this today? taking on the media, calling reporters dishonest, sleazy, disgusting. could it backfire? or actually help him among his supporters. also, trump announced details on the donations, campaign has made to a number of veterans groups and taking a closer look at the numbers. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
11:55 am
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11:59 am
>> reporter: her drive came from her parents and brothers. >> my family never treated me any different. i happen to have to wear braces and walk on crutches and go to physical therapy a lot. >> reporter: she endured more than 15 operations, growing up. >> the last one put me in a wheelchair full-time. >> reporter: teri pursued a career in the arts despite the new reality and the naysayers. >> directors and producers say, i'm sorry we can't use you. >> reporter: so, she started her own theater company. >> i need some original ideas. >> i was one of the founding members of family which is a physically disabled acting troupe. >> reporter: that's not all. teri inspired others with disabilities by winning miss wheelchair colorado and competing in ballroom dancing throughout europe. the latest is a nonprofit called spoke in motion. proving possibilities are
12:00 pm
endless. >> thebe a person first but if you see is the wheelchair, you have no idea who i am. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. top of the hour. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin with extraordinary day out and about on the campaign trail. headline should have been donald trump accounts for nearly $6 million raised for dozens of veterans groups. done. the who, the what, the how all answered. but instead, the headline has become donald trump unleashing on the media. in perhaps the most heated news conference he's had since launching the campaign about a year ago. for month s and months journalists didn't question the motivation of the fund-raiser a number of months ago, the one held instead of attending that primary debate. we asked simple questions about
12:01 pm
the money trail. but instead of simply explaining those details today, focusing on that, mr. trump turned the announcement into a storm of insults. name calling and questioning the role of a free press. >> i'm the only one in the world could raise almost $6 million for the veterans, have uniform applause by the groups and then end up being criticized by the press. >> you call us dishonest, disgusting press. >> generally speaking that's 100% true. >> i disagree. >> you know what? when i raise money -- excuse me. excuse me. i've watched you on television. you're a real beauty. i'm totally accountable. i didn't want credit for it. actually what i got was worse than credit questioning me. >> you're answering now that we had back then and just a question. it's a question an attack? is a question an attack? >> i think and i've been dealing with the press a long time. i think the political press is among the most dishonest people
12:02 pm
i have met. i wanted to make it out of the goodness of my heart and without the press involved. and all of a sudden everybody's going where did it go? who did it go to? we said who and how much was it. i'm not looking for credit but what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars, have people say, like this sleazy guy right over here from abc. he's a sleaze. in my book. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. go ahead. is this what it's like covering you if you're president? >> okay, yeah. it is going to be like this, david f. the press writes false stories i'm going to continue to attack the press. look. i find the press to be extremely dishonest. you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing. >> okay. we'll have a huge discussion on that but first joining me, the man started to ask the questions about the va, exposing the deadly wait times, our senior
12:03 pm
investigative correspondent drew griffin. first on just you listened to that and what about the money? >> we're asking if they got the money and generally saying yes and i don't think donald trump did completely which is vet these programs the way we vet them looking at their federal financial records. we found a couple of them that are not very good. we found some that are very, very good. but there are some that i think he could have done a better job vetting on. but the bottom line is he did raise the money and now given that money to these charitable causes, good or bad charitable causes we'll see and he should get credit for that and should have been cleaned up a long time ago. he's been talking about this forever. it is easy, easy. get the money in and send it out. >> months ago would have been said -- >> should have been handled in a press release. >> we were talking about trump university a bit ago and we know the document dump happened.
12:04 pm
this federal judge in california, wanted the public to see what? what will we see? >> this was a lawsuit by "the washington post" to open up the sales playbook for trump university. this was the book that the instructors, if you will, were to sell people in to a three-day, a five-day and a gold elite program to teach the secrets of success that donald trump uses to make a fortune in real estate. three different lawsuits allege that there were no secrets, that there was no success here. that this whole thing was a fraud. there were no hand picked experts. we have released today and just gotten a hold of it, the playbook, scripts included, where these instructors would get people in to a hotel room for a 94-minute free seminar and try to sell them. you need to buy the three-day seminar. you no ed to buy the $19,000 or whatever it was, 5-day seminar or really if you want to really make money, buy the $35,000 gold
12:05 pm
elite program. they targeted specific people. they wanted people that made $90,000, a couple of hundred thousands net worth, make sure you had credit on your credit card because they wanted to swipe your credit card right there. and it's -- it is what it is. it's a playbook, a step by step playbook. >> what do you want scripts? scripts that they -- >> hi, my name is joe smith ear mean with trump university and teach you to be a huge success in real estate. we have heard many, many stories and people go into the seminars and instructor say write now write a check to yourself for $1 million and put it in the pocket to be able to cash that at the end of this seminar. at the end of this program. whatever. it was -- it was upselling. the's no doubt about it. and many of these people were not real estate experts. they were motivational speakers and from trump's own deposition, none of them were hand picked by him. which is all in conflict with
12:06 pm
what he said in the sales pitch which you can see still online. >> drew, i'm sure we'll be pouring through the scripts and information. we'll look for your reporting on that document dump through the afternoon. thank you so much for the preview of that. meantime, we have a panel here standing by to talk about what we witnessed today at trump tower, i have david zurowick, eric wimple with us. welcome, welcome to all of you. eric, first, we had david on the show last hour who, you know, has asked all the germane questions pertaining -- with your paper about this veterans fund-raiser story with regard to mr. trump and then we'll get to the media bashing in a second. but, you know, in watching this news conference today, eric, did he answer the questions that have been raised in your opinion? >> no. he was asked point blank, you know, why did it take so long,
12:07 pm
who's behind this money, what about you? and he went into a rant on the media. which is, which is his playbook. we expect that. that's what happens. he did not answer the question. he used the list of contributions as a means of filibustering the matter. and every time he was asked an aggressive question, he made an aggressive insult. again, it's normal for donald trump. >> david, also your perspective, you know, to eric's point on the filibuster, talked to folks saying why didn't he focus more -- the headline would have been for the $5.6 million, huge, you know, money for these veterans groups, we have been asking members of the media, free press, you know, asking all the right questions as far as the money trail and the vetting, et cetera, instead what did you make of that scene today? >> well, you know, a couple of things about it. one, donald trump doesn't like having people like drew starting
12:08 pm
to squeeze him which is a good thing. this is the vetting process of a presidential candidate. i think we saw that he's starting to feel what it's like to get some real press scrutiny. that kind of stuff he's getting from "the washington post" and from cnn with drew, that stuff is getting to him. if there's a silver lining in this, i tried to find something happy about a guy who might be president calling the press sleaze and scum that's the best thing to come up with about it. i have to agree with eric. this is his playbook and i'll tell you what. i have to -- you know, as much as i'd like to say he's gone too far this time like 10,000 people said 10,000, i don't think so. i think in terms of television, when he had the veterans al baldazaro come up saying the press has no compassion for the
12:09 pm
vets and start to see how vets are suffering, that's effective. what trump is safing to supporters are, the elites in washington, the politicians don't care about you. the press doesn't care about you. i do care about you. i might err on the side of passion, say stuff that's bad, but that's because i care and they don't and i'm your guy and that plays into the campaign narrative of his. >> i think the support could be even more massive after what happened today. but, my question is this. listen. as a member of the media, i'm -- i have thick skin. we ask the tough questions because it's our role as journalists and somebody who wants to be the leader of the free world and questions that should be asked of him. what surprised me and another strategist i was talking to before is the anger today, so my question as an american citizen, if mr. trump is president, how would he handled criticism, not just from, you know, the white house press corps, but from world leaders, critics around
12:10 pm
the world? >> look. i mean, i think it's not criticism he has a problem with but unfair criticism and you are absolutely right. he has to answer the questions. yes. but the media asked him -- >> what's it -- >> no, no. >> the media said a full accountability of where every dollar goes and every organization and listed 41 organizations with a dollar for $account. this is what he gets, scrutiny after that. he gets more criticism. meanwhile -- >> pointed out over the course of months so the questions became how much, where to. >> sure. but where -- >> transparency. >> brooke, my question is, where's the scrutiny been on the clinton foundation and dollar for dollar -- wait. let me finish. i let you finish. "wall street journal" said two dozen encounters of bill clinton received millions and millions of state department money and exchanged of companies that were involved with state department
12:11 pm
negotiations. there's been no scrutiny. none. i have not seen "the washington post" or "the new york times" get this level of scrutiny. >> are a subscriber? >> a bit of scrutiny. >> they gave months and months -- >> you don't see the same -- >> under the bylines of -- two of the most -- best investigative reporters in the country. and they found that -- there were certain overlaps of donations and a russian deal for a russian nuclear deal or russian mining deal, i should say. that was an extensive investigation. you cite "wall street journal." that's a part of the media and media has been scrutinizing. >> you've given me two encounters. >> let mihm finish. >> the notion of somehow there's not equal investigation of the clintons, there has been. this, you know, washington reporters spent years, they have graded invest gatding the clintons. you guys can't handle this
12:12 pm
scrutiny. the trump -- >> yes. >> the trump aura is to love attention and hate scrutiny. when attention becomes -- >> david is nodding. how would you respond, the trump, he can't handle the microscope? >> it is not that at all media research center, is minute by minute accounting of the media's time, the television press and a story by story accounting of how much attention has been devoted to clinton versus trump. the scrutiny, absolutely has been on trump with the few exceptions you mentioned that have been relegated to hillary clinton and "the washington post" reported of 20 investigation gaitive reporters on donald trump and when he was -- >> yes, yes. donald trump is relatively -- >> excuse me. you have to let me finish. >> candidate. >> you have to let me finish. >> hillary clinton -- >> you can't just talk over me because you don't want my points to be heard. i let you finish. >> same comparison. this is an insane comparison. >> well then -- >> what about, what about? hold on, hold on, hold on! what about, what about the
12:13 pm
perspective just that we hear and listen, this is not donald trump is not the only politician to speak ill of the press and the fact that, david, let's just go to you. mr. trump uses the press, you know, we take his rallies live. he calls in to shows. he calls in to control rooms. and the night he held that fund-raiser for, you know, the veterans, he chose to do that and stood center stage and instead of attending that debate. he made it an event. >> he really did. and, you know, look. you know, television, i don't want to make this television, print, one's better than the other but television has played ball with him. and i'll tell you what that i think the bad news is for trump and his supporters is people in the press, people like me are saying you guys absolutely sucked, get to work. and television is starting to do that. and i got news for you. it is going to get much worse
12:14 pm
and god bless every reporter that comes after trump. by the way, god bless the reporters that go after hillary clinton, too. look. >> yes, yes. both. >> there are problems in the press. somebody like george ste stephanopoulos giving millions to the clintons, that's hypocrisy. trump can play that. that's not the dominant motif of the press. most of the press are just trying to get citizen facts about these two candidates and they're not playing favorites. they want to do their job. we saw it today. it's been going on for a couple of weeks now. maybe a month or so. where they're really coming after trump and it's only going to get worse and he has to get his act together. he can keep going off like this. it won't work. >> one thing i want to say. >> quickly, quickly. >> yes. you know, my fellow panelist complains of trump filibuster but he filibusters me. the point i was trying to make
12:15 pm
is "the washington post" has 20 investigative reporters on donald trump. when asked about hillary clinton, they didn't have an answer and saying quality matters more than qualintity. >> may i respond? >> yes. eric, respond. >> i would simply respond donald trump is a presidential candidate for not even a year. and so, hillary clinton has been in the public eye since the early '90s. national public eye since the early '90s. to compare the journalism on hillary clinton over that period and donald trump thus far, it is not even close. >> okay. david, kayleigh, eric, thank you. come back. thank you so much. >> thank you. just ahead, one of donald trump's contestants joins me live on why she may support hillary clinton. one says trump is an anti-american hero ala tony
12:16 pm
soprano or walter white. why americans, many americans, love that anti-hero. and breaking news involving the death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo, prosecutors now revealing an investigation is under way. we'll tell you why ahead. you're watching cnn. ♪rock-a-bye stacy ♪running non-stop. ♪lifting up patients... ♪...changing their socks. ♪you're sore and you're beat ♪from all that you did. ♪for rest and relief ♪try sealy's hybrid. ♪so take a load off
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one week from today the democratic party could have its presidential nominee. hillary clinton is expected to lock up the magic number of delegates after primaries in new jersey and ultimately in california. but with bernie sanders still fighting for every single vote, there is a growing talk of a possible ticket with secretary clinton and senator sanders. >> would you take the call if hillary clinton asked you to be her running mate? >> well, right now, again, what i'm -- here we are in california. knocking my brains out to win the democratic nomination. that's where, that's where i am right now. what happens afterwards, we will see. >> let's begin there with bill press, cnn politicliolitical commentator. bernie sanders supporter. nice to see you. what do you think? do you think -- i mean, if the call were made, he would say,
12:21 pm
yes? should she ask him if he really fights that good fight through philadelphia? >> i think this is delicious speculation but i don't think it is going to happen. >> yeah. >> would he take the call? yes. would he say yes? i don't think so. look. for a couple of reasons. one, i think -- i don't think she'll make the call. i don't think he'll accept and i think she really wants somebody maybe she has better chemistry with, feels more comfortable with. bernie, i believe, has a different agenda in mind. i mean, he's serious about a political revelation. he really feels that the democratic party lost its way and doesn't fight for the wo working class americans. you can't reshape the democratic party as vice president of the united states. here's my scenario. >> throw it on me. >> bernie gives her two or three names, the people that would be great. she picks one of them, a real, strong progressive and elizabeth warren. >> i was about to say that name.
12:22 pm
>> or tom perez maybe. secretary of labor. somebody who's a real progressive to prove she really is -- is -- she believes this progressive agenda now. and that's a person that will help bring the bernie sanders supporters along. i think i have a strong progressive not bernie sanders on the ticket. >> hillary clinton, elizabeth warren? can america handle two women, bill press? >> absolutely! by the way, the country will be better run and in better shape. >> bless you. >> we men screwed it up long enough, right? >> oh, bill. let's move on to -- >> okay. >> a fun piece of archival footage. california governor jerry brown endorsed hillary clinton. the year 1992. jerry brown duking it out with bill clinton for the democratic nomination for presidency. remember this? >> but you ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife. you are not --
12:23 pm
>> i'll tell you something, mr. clinton. ralph nader called me this afternoon. he read me the article from -- >> does that make it true? >> i was shocked by it. i don't think someone -- >> hey i don't have time -- >> you were poking your finger at him. he poked it back. >> jerry comes here with the family wealth and the $1,500 suit and a lying accusation object my wife. >> "the washington post." >> that doesn't make it true. i never funneled any money to my wife's law firm. never. >> you remember that? >> do i ever? i mean, that makes marco rubio and donald trump lock like best friends, right? that exchange. you know, i have to say, so, of course, we're doing this in the context of governor brown endorsing hillary clinton today. >> yeah. >> i don't know whether you know i worked for jerry four years in sacramento. i was surprised as a sanders supporter, disappointed and i remember jerry when jerry was the outsider. he ran against jimmy carter in
12:24 pm
'76, against president jimmy carter in '80. he ran against bill clinton in '92. he was the outsider. now he is part of the establishment. we know the establishment is with hillary clinton. maybe i should n't have been surprised. >> hmm, bill press, we'll talk again. i liked your delicious speculation. >> i hope so. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up here, we do have breaking news. it is a police investigation, the shooting death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo to save that 3-year-old little boy. this as the debate growing over who if anyone is to blame. what is the parent's role in all of this? we'll talk with two moms for their perspective, next. well, it was nice to see everyone.
12:25 pm
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besides railing against the media today, donald trump ripped apart the federal judge presiding over the lawsuit against trump university, internal documents in the case released moments ago said to reveal detailed scripts for enrolling perspective students. studentings that spent thousands of dollars hoping to make millions, claiming that trump's classes defrauded them. here's what donald trump said about that today. >> i have a judge who's very, very unfair. >> why? >> you will see it in court documents but i have a judge when's very, very unfair. he knows he's unfair. and i'll win the trump university case. i could settle that case. i could have settled it. i choose not to. >> and as he's been on a stump recently, he's gone further saying that the judge hates him. >> but i have a judge who is a
12:30 pm
hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzal curial. the judge happens to be, i think mexican, that's fine. i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs. >> she -- she's giggling through it all. nellie galan, author of "self made," the first latina in "celebrity apprentice." >> an honor to meet you. >> lovely to be here. >> he mentions the judge, mexican. you know? you were sort of laughing. why do you think he brought that up? >> well, i think the undertone is kind of fearmongering, that somehow latinos or mexicans, always a negative connotation. in fact that's why i wrote this book because in america women are the fastest growing
12:31 pm
entrepreneurs and diverse women, latinas, african-americans are the growth engine of the country. so to me, i look at here's the women and these people that all advertisers want, every corporation needs. you've got to be careful what you say about them. they're really the machine. >> we have heard mr. trump say i employ amazing women in the corporations and companies and his daughter and then i want to talk about you. on "celebrity apprentice." let's play the moment, the clip. >> mr. trump brought up nely's failures. >> you have to learn from history and the past. >> absolutely. >> you got lucky twice. >> you keep bringing it up. i don't know why you don't get over that. >> he had enough. >> nely, you're fired. >> tell me -- i love that. i love that clip. tell me behind the scenes story with mr. trump. >> well, first of all, i mean, when i was on the show, i mean,
12:32 pm
that was like an act. that's like saying you're on "american idol," right? and simon cowell -- >> wasn't reality? reality tv? >> it's a tv show. we all knew we were in it for fun. i'll say when i was on the show, i did a task with gene simmons and gene simmons made a mistake on the task and fire her. she's your number two. right? very sort of a business task. he said, no. i did it wrong. he got fired and took the bullet for me. i think that tells you a lot about him. but even though i don't take it seriously. it was a show. >> what was he like, though? not a show and cameras -- >> on the show, it was a show. i didn't think that act would be a political platform ever in my life. >> is that how you see it, as an act? >> that was an act. i don't know what this is. you know, it's his new political platform but i don't know how you get away from that once, you know, you're going forward and now you have all the people, this constituency that are the
12:33 pm
consumers that run this country and the economy of this country. how do you then go back from that? i don't know. >> you talk about, you know, researching diversity in the workplace and women and so or not with your book "self made." how do you see the presidency going? who would you like to be the president? >> well, i think the most important thing i have to say to women is the most important thing we have is our vote and our purchase power. right? we have to take it seriously, right? we have to support companies with our purchase. and politicians with our vote that support us. and that are authentic to us. >> who do you like? who do you like? >> who's authentic to women for many, many years? you know who it is. it is hillary. i can't imagine that donald trump backs from this position he's got himself in. most important women, the people in this country, the sleeping giant are women. and diverse women are the number one consumers in america. i need not say more.
12:34 pm
>> nely galan, nice to meet you. >> lovely to meet you. >> thank you for soming through. next, what's happened in cincinnati, investigators are looking into possible charges in the killing of this 450-pound gorilla. critics are blasting the mother of the little boy who then ultimately fell in and then they had to shoot gorilla. we'll talk to two moms next.
12:35 pm
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the tragic incident inside the cincinnati zoo will be investigated by authorities. both the city's police department and the county prosecutor saying they'll look into the events of that 3-year-old little boy. who somehow, you know, slipped down into the gorilla pit and
12:39 pm
the arms of a great ape of harambe. zoo officials shot the gorilla, killed him to save the boy. and now, all these critics are accusing the child's mother, the parents, of negligence. want her to be held accountable. other counter that that may not be fair. the former caretaker tried to explain what may have been going through this gorilla's mind. >> he grew up to be a beautiful, beautiful teenage boy. was coming into himself. i raised two sons. and he was no different than they were. he was in a situation where here's this strange thing here that i don't know what -- what do i do? and do i fight it? do i love it? do i run from it? what do i do? and unforeseen circumstance was born and he had to lose. >> let me bring in two parents
12:40 pm
here. cnn digital correspondent and program manager for the north american primate organization. she's also the mother of a 4-year-old. kelly wallace, turning to you, you've been -- you're a mom. >> yes. >> we were talking about this and what -- you've been talking to parents. what have you heard? >> i've been reaching out to parents because we have heard this sort of quick blame of the mother. >> yeah. >> in particular saying there should be criminal charges and investigate, you know, the family home. and so i reached out to parents throughout social media and most of the parents i'm talking to are coming down in one place which say this could happen to a lot of parents. you know? we all have those moments in our lives where something happens. you take your eye off the child. you're distracted. and something goes wrong. something could terribly go wrong. obviously, most of us thankfully did not experience in tragedy of this family and many parents say
12:41 pm
that they can kind of understand and are really disappointed in that quick social media blame game that we're all so quick to point fingers and say it was your fault and because you didn't, you know, you weren't watching this child, this happened. we don't know that that's really the truth there. >> eric ka, with both of your hats on talking to me, what do you think? >> i think this is a very unfortunate acciden. and, you know, i think from the point of view of -- there's two points of view you can take. things happen with children. we all know that. they're unpredictable. wild animals are unpredictable. this is a wild animal who was in his home area. his enclosure in the zoo and something unexpected fell into it. we certainly can't fault him for examining the situation and seeing what was going on. it's very hard to guess at what his intentions might have been and so this really raises a lot of questions of what is the proper response. i honestly don't think people have an answer because there are
12:42 pm
so many issues being raised here. >> do you -- just staying with you and knowledge of these beautiful animals, the zoo director said yesterday figurative alarm bells ringing, the females went away. the male, 17, you heard the caretaker saying like a teenage boy, excited. you know? he was potentially aggressive. the question has been why didn't they tranquilize this animal. the answer is what? there could be potentially a lot more aggression before it was subdued. >> yes. well, we do not have any gorillas in their sanctuaries at this time and i cannot speak as to the specifics of gorilla tranquilization. with other non-human primates it can cause more aggression like you mentioned. time was of the essence in this case and male gorillas, they protect the home range and social group. this gorilla felt it was his job to protect the area.
12:43 pm
it's very hard to tell what he was going to do and what this staff's options were. they had a policy they acted on. >> i think it's also just keep in mind that thank good bs he's okay and would be having a different discussion if he was. >> what if this situation did not turn this aand they didn't act when they did and something happened to the boy? it is a tragedy all around. best for us to spend time to figure out to prevent it from happening? >> exactly. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and erika, thank you. jake tapper will be interviewing hillary clinton live on "the lead." her reaction to the fiery news conference today and his showdown with the media. coming up next. you both have a
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
donald trump took his war on the media to a whole new level today. the presumptive republican nominee at a news conference at trump tower, supposed to be the focus, this veterans, the donations, millions of dollars raised for dozens of veterans
12:48 pm
groups. instead, mr. trump lashed out at the journalists who are asking the tough questions. >> out of goodness of my heart. i didn't want to do wit the press involved. all of a sudden, everybody's going where did it go? who did it go to? then we said who and how much was it. i'm not looking for credit but i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars, have people say, like this sleazy guy right over here from abc, he's a sleaze in my book. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. go ahead. >> is this what it will be like covering you if you're president? >> yeah, it is going to be like this, david. if the press writes false stories, i'm going to continue to attack the press. look. i find the press to be extremely dishonest. i may be right. i may be wrong. that's who i am. >> you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing. >> let's go to washington, bring in correspondent host of "the lead" "state of the union," jake tapper. tapper, you sat front row at
12:49 pm
part of the white house press corps, hosting a show here, asking the tough questions there. what did you make of that scene today? >> well, look. this is a tough arena. obviously. i think that there are basic questions that should be asked of candidates in terms of accountability, whether it's hillary clinton or donald trump. and i don't think that attacking the media is a particularly effective way to get your message across but by the same token, you know, this ain't -- for any of us. donald trump or for those of us asking tough questions. and, whether it's being called a sleaze or other ways that presidents and senators have of making their displeasure known, you need a thick skin to be doing this. >> on the tough ques, you have hillary clinton on the show coming up next. and i won't ask you to show your cards, but what about the fact that the clinton camp, you know, got ahead of that news conference at trump tower, you
12:50 pm
know, attacked mr. trump on his record, on veterans? just this strategy of theirs. thoughts? >> i will be asking secretary clinton about the veterans press conference and some of the remarks that mr. trump had to say about her and we'll also in the short time allotted try to talk about other things, including the inspector general report on her e-mail server, the stay state of the race with bernie sanders. we'll see how much time we have before the line goes dead. it's a long race. we'll have a lot of time to ask questions of both these candidates. >> okay. we will be watching. jake tapper's live interview with hillary clinton coming up next on "the lead," moments away. jake tapper, thank you very much. coming up next, the summer olympics just about two months away. rio de janeiro isn't quite ready. this beautiful city is facing some big, big problems.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
we are just a little more than 60 days away from the opening of the summer olympic games in rio de janeiro. seems like the perfect place for the games but a closer look now is revealing big, big problems. it's not just zika. cnn's senior international correspondent ivan watson is in rio with a look at the challenges ahead. >> reporter: it's hard not to be seduced by rio de janeiro. this spectacular city, soon to be the host of the 2016 summer olympics. two months before the start of the games, construction crews are putting in the final touches at the olympic venues. >> everything is going to be ready on time. we're going to deliver the 24th of july. >> reporter: despite rio's beauty, the city and brazil as a whole are facing daunting challenges, setbacks that make
12:56 pm
some wonder are rio's olympics cursed? just days ago, a warning from 100 international doctors calling for the games to be postpone or moved because the mosquito-borne zika virus could threaten an expected 500,000 foreign visitors. that view rejected by the world health organization which does advise pregnant women to avoid the olympics entirely because of the risk of severe deformities to unborn children. and then there's the political and economic crisis. turmoil after congress suspended brazil's elected president in an impeachment process last month. and high-level corruption scandals. during the worst economic recession in generations, which has left more than 10 million brazilians unemployed. the economic hardship aggravating rio's endemic problems with violent crime.
12:57 pm
daily gun battles between police and drug gangs in the city's impoverished eed p eed favella. some mugged at gunpoint. >> we turn around to see what was happening. >> reporter: olympic sailors also worried about rio's notoriously polluted bay, a dumping ground for much of the see's raw sewage. >> we don't want to swim in it. >> reporter: rio's mayor warns this isn't the a first world city. >> don't come here expecting everything will be perfect. we live in a country that has economic crisis, a country with lots of inequality. with all the problems we've seen concerning corruption, bribes, the city will be much better than it was when we got the games. >> reporter: even one of the mayor's new infrastructure
12:58 pm
projects is now a deadly failure. this brand new spectacular cliffside bike path was supposed to be a showcase project for the olympics. instead, it became a tragic setback when the waves took out part of the trail, killing two people last month. in the turbulent runup to the olympics, a virtual storm of bad news. that leaves you wondering what could possibly happen next. ivan watson, cnn, rio de janeiro. >> ivan, thank you for that. before i go, a sneak peek at this week's episode of "the '80s," a closer look at the stigma of aids and how people were affected by it. scientists at the national centers for disease control in atlanta released the results of a study which shows that the lifestyle of some male homosexuals has triggered an epidemic. >> bobby campbell and billy
12:59 pm
walker of new york both suffer from a mysterious newly discovered disease which affects mostly homosexual men. >> our best guess is that it's somehow related to gay lifestyle. >> i was in the fast lane at one time in terms of the way i lived my life. now i'm not. >> reporter: researchers know of 413 people who have contracted the condition in the past year. one-third have died and none have been cured. >> all of us who saw patients in those days shared a sense of desperation, as we saw more and more people become affected. and there would simply be no hope once they became ill. >> what is killing these people? >> what's killing them is a severe, perhaps, very profound and maybe even permanent breakdown of the immune system. >> that's caused by -- >> caused by either some transmissable infection or a combination of other environmental exposures. >> right now you gentlemen here in atlanta are frantically searching for this agent, if
1:00 pm
there is one, that's causing this disease. we certainly wish you luck in finding it. >> "the '80ss," thursday night at 9:00. let's send you to washington. "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. thanks, brooke. donald trump calling reporters dishonest, sleazy liars. those are the ones he left into the press conference. "the lead" starts right now. some tough talk from donald trump. the republican front-runner taking tough questions about the millions he promised to veterans charities and what he promised trump university students who just wanted to be rich like him. she calls donald trump the loose cannon. how will hillary clinton react to today's testy trumpy media showdown? we'll ask the democratic front-runner live right here on "the lead." plus, crime, corruption, raw sewage? and zika.