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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  June 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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i'm carol costello. the cnn poll of polls just released this morning combines the five most vent and credible nationwide surveys that shows clinton barely edging trump a mere 2 percentage points separating them among registered voters. this poll coming on the heels of donald trump tearing into reporters in a contentious news conference. jason caroll is live at trump's tower with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. yesterday donald trump was finally able to release details
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about how much money he was able to raise for veterans. initially he said he raised $6 million, he actually raised $5.6 million. that money donated to 40 veterans organizations. he clearly didn't like being questioned about it and turned some of that anger onto the press once again. >> i think the political press is among the most dishonest people. among the press, the vets should be ashamed of themselves. i have never received such bad publicity for raising so much money. have i ever heard from sleazy people like this guy from abc, you are a sleaze because you know the facts and know the facts well. >> reporter: hillary clinton talking that particular issue saying trump basically had to be shamed into releasing the details, shamed by another
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reporter, she said. caroll also weigh in on the iss issue, the owner of the washington post said trump needs to develop thicker skin and fended the media. >> one thing that is not appropriate that the donald trump is doing is working to freeze or chill the media -- it is just the fact that we live in a world where half the population on this planet, if you criticize your leader, there's a good chance you'll go to jail or worse. and we live in this amazing democracy with this amazing freedom of speech. and a presidential candidate should embrace that. >> reporter: the reality is,
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carol, that trump went off to the media in times in the past. but when it comes down to it, the media loves trump, loves the fact he gives ratings when he comes on but also frustrated with the fact he doesn't give more details about his policies. trump loves the media and attention he gets but doesn't like to be criticized by the media. when you speak to voters, carol, what this comes down to is this whole thing between the media and trump dud not help the person who is looking for a job, does not help the person looking for better health care who wants the country to be safer and eventually, according to the voters i talked to, what the candidates will have to do, meaning trump and clinton, need to get back to talking about the issues. >> jason caroll reporting live from trump tower in new york city this morning. and we now know who the leading conservative bill kristol wants to challenge donald trump and hillary clinton in a third-party bid.
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the man we are showing is david french. he's a writer for "the nation review" as well as a constitutional lawyer and a veteran of the iraq war where he earned the bronze star. french lives in tennessee with his wife and three children. he was on network tv earlier this week rallying the never trump movement but pitching mitt romney as his best hope. >> the miniature flag is going to receive a massive steroid injection if mitt romney would enter the race. he would have the fund-raising network and the ability to get on the ballots to make a case. and he would be able to call out donald trump, from the for the offensive things he says, because that doesn't work and has been tried for a year, but he would call him for the silly and destructive, stupid things he says he'll do. >> but french says mitt romney is out. he has been critical of donald
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trump and said donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee and the party of lincoln is in ruins. and one day before a major west coast swing, hillary clinton is in the northeast today. she's stumping in new jersey and in massachusetts where she'll get an assist from rocker jon bon jovi. bernie sanders is going to hold four events in california today keeping the pressure on as he looks to pull off an upset. sanders warning that anyone who thinks the fight for the nomination is over next week is sorely mistaken. cnn's joe johns is live in washington. hi, joe. >> reporter: good morning, carol. hillary clinton in new jersey first today where her campaign sees a chance for her to try to lock up the nomination before the polls close in california on tuesday. later today visiting boston for that fund-raiser with music legend jon bon jovi. on thursday she's expected to
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turn her attention to california where her campaign wants to pull off a win. but if they don't win many the primary, they will keep it close for optics sake. she's expected to give a foreign policy address out in san diego, not focusing on sanders, but reprizing her theme asserting donald trump is not ready for the oval office. the campaign hoping that after the primaries are over, the threat of trump becoming president will become the catalyst to bring the democratic party together. listen. >> california is a big state and i am going to do everything i can to get as many voters as possible. i have said repeatedly, i will certainly do everything i can to unify the democratic party. our campaigns have been reaching to it to one another. we will continue to do that. >> reporter: bernie sanders for his part has been keeping up the drum beat in california. just last night repeating his argument that the democratic
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party's nominating process will continue after the primaries are over. >> joe johns reporting live. thank you so much. here to talk about all of this plus new polls is kaley mackin mackinee. and joining me is matt lewis, a senior contributing for "the daily caller." welcome to all of you. thank you for being here. take a look at the quinnipiac poll that came out. it is really interesting and contradictory. clinton has a four-point lead over trump according to the quinnipiac poll, but when you dig into the issues and they ask voters 42 questions, there's seems to be a lot of contradictions like this one, this is an example. voters say donald trump would be most effective against isis but say hillary clinton would do a better job of responding to an international crisis. matt, why the disconnect here?
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>> there are some nuance differences. if there's diplomacy needed and someone with experience in foreign policy needed, that's a different question than taking on isis. and so i think that explains it, but you're right, this gets confusing. and frankly some of it now depends on what happens in the universe. if georgia -- i'm sorry, if russia invades georgia as they did in 2008, then right before the election, that sort of provocation might help hillary. if there's a terrorist attack right before the election, then that might help donald trump. i would say this, though, i think that when you look at two areas where donald trump is winning big, one is the, who do you want to have a beer with? he wins big there. and the other one is jobs. i think that alone is a really good sign if you're donald trump. those are two important issues that voters are very likely to be voting on.
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>> i'm just looking for the poll numbers you were talking about. who do you want to have a beer with? >> it's like the barbecue question. donald trump wins big there. that's the guy who usually wins the presidency. if experience mattered more, then george h.w. bush would have beat bill clinton. and john mccain certainly would have beat barack obama. but i think the jobs question that trump wins big on and the barbecue question, who do you want to hang out with, that has to be a good sign for donald trump. >> but when you have the question on who has the wherewithall to answer all the questions, donald trump loses those questions by a long shot. bernard, what do you make of the first set of questions that quinnipiac put out? >> they make perfect sense
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because donald trump said we're going to defeat isis. it will be easy and quickly. unfortunately, americans want an easy button. but the truth is there is no easy button to defeat isis. if you talk to any decorated military veteran, war heroes, generals and so forth, they all to a person will say it is going to take a coordinated consistent coalition-led effort that is going to employ smart power. there's no way to defeat isis in five, ten minutes. it takes a coordinated effort. something that hillary has been advocating for in doing the last 15 years, first as a u.s. senator and then as secretary of state. ultimately people believe hillary clinton is better suited to be in the oval office, she has a greater moral value, more intelligent, better prepared. if you want to go easy, quick, fast, a lot of brovado, go with donald trump. i would love to have donald trump at a barbecue in the same way i would like a circus clown
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or carnival barnacle at a party, but not in the same way that you want them on a nuclear trigger. >> hailey, david french being brought up by bill kristol had though say. >> we are talking about a republican nominee who said he can defeat isis by bringing in more -- he said he would treat it like a casino bankruptcy. he actually said this and threatened to blow up the nato alliance. he's actually said this. less extreme statements in the past have led to catastrophic consequences that have cost lives by the hundreds of thousands. >> okay. so david french is a bronze star recipient. he's an iraq war veteran and has a lot of knowledge in this area. so will that hurt mr. trump ultimately if you have hillary clinton fighting against him in
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foreign policy credentials? and also this republican david french? >> no, i don't think so. i think that mr. french's service is respectable. but this is what a small group of establishment leaders do like david french. they simplify the policy, they exaggerate and try to create a caricature. you can attempt to correct yacht a caricature which is what he's doing. "the new york times" poll taken 13 days ago shows 80% of republican voters rally around donald trump. i imagine that number is greater now. the voters are embracing trump but the establishment like david french are kicking and screaming and can't tolerate the will of the people. they say they didn't get their candidate in even though they had bush and romney in. they can't tolerate the will of the people and you'll see backlash from a small minority like bill kristol and david
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french. >> i have to leave it there. thank you to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," police are looking into the family of the little boy who fell into the gorilla establishment. we'll tell you what the statement says, next. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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police are now looking into what happened at the cincinnati zoo before the little boy fell into the go rarilla exhibit. investigators are focusing on the boy's family. we don't know hutch about the boy's family. however, the family released a second statement reading in part, quote, some have offered money to the family, which we do not want and will not accept. if anyone wishes to make a gift, we recommend a donation to the cincinnati zoo in harambe's name. the family said many are
6:19 am
scrutinizing them for what the family was doing before the little boy fell into the exhibit. >> the little boy was a typical little boy at a candy store. can i get this, can i get that? and he was jokingly and bantering to go in and see the monkeys. a ten moth and the mother was, no, you're not, no, you're not. and i think as they got ready to leave to tend to the other children, gather them up, get them in the stroller and move everyone along, i think in the 60 seconds he got away. >> and cnn's jessica schneider is live in cincinnati with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that woman will certainly be a key witness in this police investigation. there's been intense scrutiny surrounding this incident and a lot of internet backlash. a lot of people are wondering what were the parents doing in the minutes before the 3-year-old boy got into the
6:20 am
gorilla enclosure? that will be what police hone in on. they want to learn about the parents' action or potential inaction in all of this. now, the family did release a statement this morning and they talked about the welfare of their child. they say that he's doing okay. and they said, in part, our child has a checkup by the doctor and is doing well. we continue to praise god for his grace and mercy and to be thankful to the cincinnati door for their actions taken to protect our child. but people really want to know, how did that child get into the gorilla enclosure? we heard from the woman who filmed it all and said, where there's a will, there's a way. >> i think there was some level of difficulty. if he was adventurous enough and really motivated, he could have gotten in with fairly ease at that point. but i think, with the amount of
6:21 am
people that were around, you would think that he could have been caught. or somebody would have seen him. somebody would have pulled him back. but with some relative ease, he could have gotten in there if he really wanted to. >> reporter: now the zoo has stressed that the barriers are secure. they have never had an incident since the gorilla world exhibit opened in 1978. as for the zoo itself, police have stressed that the zoo is not a focus of this investigation. in fact, the zoo falls under the purview of the usda last here to check the zoo for an inspection in april. >> jessica schneider from cincinnati. with me now is paul to break this down. what do the police need to find in order to file charges against the parents? >> they would have to find that the parents committed a form of child abuse or child endayment
6:22 am
under ohio law. and most of the statute has to do with torturing a child or depriving him of food, that sort of thing. there is a general provision that if you create a substantial risk to the welfare of the child, by placing him in a dangerous situation, that can be child endangerment. but is bringing your child to the zoo child endangerment? i think a lot of parents would assume that these exhibits are secure enough that a 3 1/2-year-old couldn't figure out how to get into the place where they keep a 450-pound silverback goril gorilla. so i think when i look at this pattern, i don't see the parents being charged. i see the zoo bet very a better look at how to get into these exhibits. >> so unless the mother picked the child up and put him on top of the gorilla enclosure of the wall and said, hey, climb over, would it have to be that extreme? >> i wouldn't have to be that extreme. obviously, if the mother just
6:23 am
forgot about the kid and was wandering around the zoo for 15 to 20 minutes, you could make an argument there that that was child endangerment. and remember these other cases we covered last year? leaving a baby in a hot car, a clear-cut child endangerment. >> a lot of people likened this to leaving a baby in the hot car, you're not paying attention to them, you're leaving them. >> i was watching the witness and she said, the mother's attention was only diverted for 60 seconds, she said. thinking, and i can tell she's thinking that is a short period of time, 60 seconds is a long period of time. i'm betting it is probably going to turn out to be 30 seconds or something while putting another kid in a stroller. and a toddler running around at high speed, they are hard to keep track of at a zoo. so easily 30 seconds, maybe the toddler is out of your sight. >> the other curious thing is once the kid got up on the wall, why didn't anyone reach over the wall and pluck the kid out? why didn't that happen?
6:24 am
>> i don't know. it's shocking. and you watch the film and the bystanders are -- they are watching the child and yelling down into the enclosure. all of this time goes by, there was so much time he could have been killed. it's really a miracle the child is alive. >> let's talk about the couple at the zoo itself. the usda wouldn't look into the zoo but what could happen to the zoo? >> there's not much to happen at the zoo even if there's a finding they could have done better in setting up the gorilla exhibit. one, there's a tendency in zoos nationwide to create a more nature environment for the animals and to look more like their natural environment. to do that you can't have barbed wire and huge fences and everything else. this particular exhibit has been in place since 1978. it's been inspected by outside agencies. and the zoo says it always got a clean bill of health. so this is the first time they became aware that this sort of
6:25 am
breach could happen, particularly with such a young toddler. >> but it is curious that 38 years -- this has never happened before. maybe the kid was incredibly clever or incredibly fast. >> it could be. and there are complaints of a couple other incidents at the cincinnati zoo. i saw one where a couple polar bears got loose. but somebody left the door open in their enclosure which is an entirely different thing as opposed to designing a facility. >> it didn't danger the public but the zoo workers, right? >> yes, it did. >> there seemed to be no interest in investigating the family for what happened at the zoo. but now the police are investigating. so what do you think changed? the public pressure? or do they think something is there? >> i always look at the craziness of social media. immediately, you know, thousands of people were signing a petition that -- when i went to
6:26 am
sleep last night, ilyt think th were over 100,000 signatures and people were investigating saying the parents should go to jail. i think that maybe public pressure had a little bit of influence. but on the other hand, i would just expect in a situation like this that the police would have a look at it. i'll be shocked if any charges are brought against anybody. i think it's a sad situation. but we got out of it formally without the child being killed. it's a tragedy we lost the gorilla, but it is just one of those things that happened. >> paul kallan, thank you so much. a major discovery in the flight for egyptair flight 804. we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good.
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checking some top stories at 30 minute past, an ex-oklahoma deputy who went to grab his taser when he fatally shot
6:31 am
someone has been sentenced to four years behind bars. 74-year-old robert bates was convicted of second-degree murder earlier this year for the shooting death of eric harris. bates was profind vooiding backup when the shooting occurred. and the findings from a new report from a government watchdog group say the report says, the tsa has not upgraded recommendations like rogue employees exploiting credentials. and they are also looking into how the tsa analyzes security data. and a new terror warning to americans traveling to europe this summer. officials say travelers should be aware of the potential risks of terror attacks. this warning comes ahead of summer events including the soccer championship in france, which are expected to attract a large crowd. and at least seven people are dead after devastating rain and flooding hammered parts of
6:32 am
texas. this video is from fort ben county 45 minutes outside of houston. you can see animals trying to get to higher ground and people using boats. amid the devastation, signs of hope and volunteers sprang into action. and they say that dog was stranded after being chained to his front porch. in the meantime, officials warn residents are not in the clear yet. another storm system is expected to sweep through later this week. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. a major break in the search for egyptair flight 804. investigators now confirm an underwater signal detected by a french naval vessel is definitely from the plane's black boxes. once retrieved those devices will be sent to egypt. 66 people were on board that flight heading from paris to cairo when it vanished from radar over the mediterranean. ian lee has more for you now.
6:33 am
hi, ian. >> reporter: hi, carol. yeah, that plane disappeared last may on may 19th. so two weeks ago. it was a race against time to find those black boxes. once that plane crashed, they had 30 days until the batteries ran out on those black boxes. so this is a major breakthrough for investigators. the french ship, a french navy ship located the black boxes using sophisticated underwater detection equipment. now the question is going to be, how to retrieve them? and there is a ship that specializes in retrieving things from the floor of the sea. this is believed that the wreckage is at a depth of 10,000 feet. the special ship is from deep ocean search will be on scene in about a week. it will use the underwater equipment to retrieve these black boxes and hopefully also
6:34 am
the fuselage. these are crucial pieces in evidence in determining exactly what happened on this doomed egypt air flight. right now what we know in the final moments of that flight is that there was smoke debited in the lavatory as well as what appears to be some sort of malfunction with the heat system in the co-pilot's window. experts say that is not conclusive evidence to determine what exactly happened. that's why these black boxes are so crucial for them to come here to cairo and then for the experts to go through it to determine what exactly brought down that flight. >> ian lee reporting from cairo this morning. the u.s. bank coalition forces in northern syria are making strides against isis. they are trying to cut off isis' route to a raqqah. at least 18 air strikes have hit
6:35 am
nearby cities and one hit the hospital forcing that facility to close. more than two dozen women were sexually assaulted at a music festival in germany. ten men could be involved. for now they have arrested three pakistani men in connection with the results. one of the men lived in germany for some time and the other two are transplant migrants. and police say it is possible that more accusers may emerge. the festival packed more than 80,000 people there on saturday night when the alleged assaults occurred. still to come, it takes money to make money. we'll take a look at that statement and some of other donald trump's real estate secrets revealed in trump university's playbook. log ca "daddy doing work", it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon"
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uneducated and the latest statements are part of the documents unseal ed that detail encouraging students who couldn't afford classes to put them on credit cards. all unsealed because of the judge who was presiding over both california cases against trump. as you know, the judge has caught trump's attention. >> the judge has been very unfair. i have a judge who is very, very unfair. well, you'll see it in court documents. but i have a judge who is very, very unfair. he know he's unfair. and i'll win the trump university case. >> earlier trump's campaign spokesperson intimated that the latinoed advocacy group was tasd
6:41 am
with prosecuting a drug cartel in california. with me is louis alcurna. >> thank you for having me on. our organization is not an advocacy group, it's a trade association that is dedicated to empowering latino leaders, well, empowering latino attorneys and judges here in the community as well as providing services to the greater latino community in san diego. >> that's correct. your website said -- right, you say you are a nonpartisan voice for latinos. it says that on your website and i apologize for that. going back to mr. trump's charge, he could be disbarred for not being impartial. you know the judge. would he put his career at risk? >> absolutely not. the judge is a man who was
6:42 am
forced into, i think in his judgment, unsealing the documents because trump was called into question with the court. but "the new york times" put this first in the editorial page that it is troublesome that one of the nominees for a leading par any this country or for president of the united states is calling into question the integrity, not just of the federal court here in san diego, but effectively the court system and one of the main jor brjor bf government if he were elected. >> here's is what katrina pierson said earlier. listen. >> i think what is really interesting about this particular judge as mr. trump refers to him as a trump hater, if he mentions on his judicial questionnaire that he was a lawyer's association member. this is an organization that has
6:43 am
been out there organizing the anti-trump protesters with the mexican flags. they are pushing it, the signs are apparent, and there trump was just stating the obvious. >> he's a nonpartisan voice for latinos to promote civil rights and education for latinos. critics have a far different view of your organization. so what exactly does the judge do for laraza? >> the judge is like many other judges and attorneys here in san diego as a member of our organization. we are not involved in organizing any of the anti-trump rallies we have seen anywhere, not here in san diego, not anywhere. so ms. pierson is misinformed or misleading the american public. and i think this is just another example of the current thing we have seen throughout the trump campaign, which they make insidiary language to make assertions that are false to distract the media and the
6:44 am
american people from having engaged in any substantive conversation about the political discourse and the issues facing the country. >> the bigger picture if you step away, what do the charges say to latinos living in california since that big primary is coming up? >> well, i think that donald trump is not certainly doing himself any favors with the latino community by asserting that a judge cannot be impartial, simply because he is of mexican descent even though he's a u.s.-born citizen. and it just plays along with other comments that mr. trump has made throughout his campaign. and when he's trying to appeal to a very small minority of the republican base, and i don't think it will reflect well for him come in the general
6:45 am
election, at least not with the latino vote. >> all right. luis osuna, thank you for joining me. still to come, new details about a baby born in the united states with zika-related birth defects. your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. re-activate them with women's rogaine® foam the only once a day product, proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker revive your va va voom and save on any rogaine®
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the pitcher for the detroit tigers says he caught the zika t virus and out of commission for two weeks with body aches and joint pain, according to es he was treated for the virus during the offseason. the baseball player frequently travels to venezuela to visit
6:50 am
family and venezuela is on the c cdc's growing list of infected countries. a baby with zika linked birth defects was born in new jersey on tuesday. this marks the second case in the united states. >> here's what we know about the baby in new jersey, the mom is from honduras and infected in honduras like in venezuela then traveled to the united states and gave birth in new jersey. she is a girl and has mike crow sef lee. the baby also has other neurological birth defects. now, we know in the united states there are or have been more than 300 women who have been pregnant and who have zika. we don't know about all of these pregnancies.
6:51 am
most of them are ongoing, don't know the details on all of them. we expect that some of these babies will be born with neurological birth defects. we don't know exactly how many but we know that that is the case. we know that that will happen. carol? >> elizabeth cohen, reporting live for us this morning. thank you. the flooding is bad in parts of texas and could get worse. chad myers is here with more on an ominous forecast. hi, chad. >> hi, carol, the problem is we've had inches of rainfall over texas over the past six or eight days. enough to just make the ground completely saturated. think if we get another inch or two of rain, you don't think that's a big deal but when you've had four to five inches around dallas over ten inches north of houston and quite a bit of rain in the hill country, now there's no place for that water to go when the rain drop hits the ground except runoff. it's really like paving the entire state of texas and hoping that when it rains it doesn't flood.
6:52 am
you know how a parking lot can flood because it doesn't soak in. almost the entire middle part of the state is under a flood watch or flood warning. no flash flood warnings because we don't see that much for heavy rain today. that changes overnight tonight. i'm going to put you in the future radar so we'll see showers today and showers tonight but big heavy rainfall falls again thursday and friday and saturday. three solid days of rainfall coming down. this is not the old map. this is the new map. this is what is still to come on top of dallas, on top of houston, hill country, san antonio and maybe towards abilene. we put another batch of four to six inches on top of rainfall totals already 4 to 6 inches. that's 2.5 or three months of rain on top of all of this and that may be in the past ten days. >> chad myers, thanks so much.
6:53 am
donald trump gets the endorsement no one was looking for. what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detecting threats faster, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on, and you protect the data and not just the perimeter, you get faster. wow, speed kills. systems open to all, but closed to intruders. trusted by 8 of 10 of the world's largest banks.
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6:57 am
political candidates appreciate endorsements but the trump campaign was probably not looking for one from north korea. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: you've got to hand it to donald trump, what other american candidate gets a vote of confidence from north korea? a country that releases a video showing missiles striking washington. and now publishes an editorial in a state media outlet calling the donald a wise politician, a far sided presidential candidate and advising americans not to vote for that dull hillary. trump at least has said he would talk to north korea as korea expert john flefer put it.
6:58 am
>> prone to shake things up and make outlandish statements, maybe not as outlander when rodman praised kim jong-un. >> a great guy. >> a great guy who puts 200,000 people in prison camps. >> guess what? we do the same thing here. >> north korean high five. >> donald is not hive fiving kim jong-un any time soon. >> he's like a maniac, okay? you have to give him credit, how many young guys take over tough generals and wiped out the uncle. >> i would get china to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly -- >> how do you make them disappear, assassinate him? >> well, i've heard of worse things but in this case a bad dude. >> the one thing trump and north korea's leader do share, flamboyant hair. >> for the time being the meeting of the two greatest male hairdos of the world will not take place. kim jong-un doesn't have time to
6:59 am
meet with donald trul p, too busy making north korea great again. >> kim jong-un has been photoshopped with trump's hair, we're not talking about little hands but shaking no so little hair hands. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. >> good morning, thank you for joining me. newly published testimony revealing unsettling details about trump university. a former employee lashing out calling it unethical and fraudulent and the school preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money. investigative correspondent drew grif fin has been poring over unsealed documents. what have you found out? >> reporter: we've been following these fraud cases for years now but this is the first time we're seeing testimony from
7:00 am
people who were actually inside trump university real estate seminar business that trump ran for five years or so before it went out of business in 2010. and these declarations which were filed in court in san diego and released yesterday are really damning from an inside perspective, consider the declaration of ronald snacken berg, sales manager from october of 2006 to may of 2007. that's when he said i resigned my position in may of 2007 because i believe that trump university was engaging in misleading fraudulent and dishonest conduct in my experience, he writes, virtually all students who purchased a trump university seminar were dissatisfied with the program they purchased and that it preyed on the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money. this involved was being called upselling where you get people into these free 90-minute
7:01 am
seminars as we've been reporting and try to sell them at three or five-day seminar, upwards of $34,000 and as we have been reporting all along now, there was a playbook on how to actually get people to use their credit cards to max out their credit and tell them they were going to be rich and immediately be able to pay back themselves, according to the documents released it was all really just a scheme to try to get money from vulnerable people. jason nichols, sales executive from may of 2007 to october of 2007, he said the trump university instructors and mentors were a joke. most were not experts in real estate and the whole focus of trump university was on selling not on teaching. there's reference to one real estate instructor who is a jewelry salesman and we've reported many of them didn't have high school graduations. in defense, there's also a declaration from a person who
7:02 am
worked at trump university who kept track of all of those evaluations that donald trump has been talking about on the campaign stump, carol, for several months now talking about his '98, 97% approval rating for anyone who went into a trump instructor led class. this person does say he was the keeper of those records and said of all of the students that had to fill out evaluations at the end of the seminars, he said 97% gave trump university a 4.85 or better on their five-point rating. all of this information is out there now. this is all part of these continuing fraud cases against trump university, the defunct real estate school. >> i think the most disturbing thing to emerge from these documents is the allegations that trump university preyed important the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.
7:03 am
so i know you gave us some specifics of how trump university allegedly did that but give us more. explain. >> well, they would have lead sheets and seminars and bring people in and target a serp market. they wanted people who wanted to make money who perhaps were unsettled where they were in terms of their retirement but had enough net worth, $200,000 or better, that they would be able to draw upon credit. we talked to one man, navy veteran for 40 years out in california. he was retired and looking to pad his retirement funds and leave something for his kids. this guy went into a seminar and starting believing that really donald trump, what he told me, donald trump himself wanted to make him wealthy, that same day within hours, his credit card was swiped for $26,000 and had to put together a couple of credit cards to get that. he's never gotten his money back. he said he learned nothing in
7:04 am
the class and he said he was just a victim of this upselling motivational speaker type scheme that was designed to separate him from his money like it said in one of the declarations today. >> very disturbing allegations, i'll let you get back to it. thanks so much. i want to bring in phil matting my, sally cohen, a columnist for "the daily beast" and jena louden, a trump supporter. these are pretty serious allegations and they seem to prey on the very people who are supporting donald trump's campaign so how might the candidate respond to this? >> well, there's a couple of theories here. first he has lashed out at the judge that's overseeing this case. i think this has been one of the more unsettling things from people watching this entire process play out. this judge was born in indiana. he's of mexican descent and donald trump has repeatedly referred to him as a quote mexican and riling up supporters
7:05 am
as he questions the rationale behind continuing this case and releasing documents that were released yesterday. lashed out about the case but made clear thinks he's in the right and win this case. he could have settled long ago but chose not to because he thinks he can win. donald trump's lawyers have pointed to the sheets of recommendations for the course of 97% gave it a 4.8 rating or above and lawyers say they have depositions that haven't been unsealed yet that counter a lot of the claims we've seen yesterday. but one of the interesting elements here is is that as you dig through the documents, there's not much that looks good out of there. this is the type of thing in a normal election cycle with a normal candidate would be severely problematic. and one of the theories as to what happened yesterday when donald trump lashed out at the media. he works well to draw attention away from problematic issues on campaign trail, done it by
7:06 am
attacking the case in general. yesterday he lashed out at the media at a separate issue at the same exact time these documents were being released. if you talk to republicans and democrats watching this race closely. they think there's a correlation. >> jena, i'll get to you, don't worry. i wanted to get sally's input. if you're a democrat and don't support donald trump you're looking at these documents and kind of saying, wow. >> you're sort of saying wow and look, this is just an extension of what his campaign is. this is a sort of -- a false swindle saying, i'm going to promise you all of these things, all you have to do is trust me and oh, well, at the end of the day when it doesn't work out, you're out your democracy and i get the big prize. this is sort of -- i want to go back to the evaluation point, just because something is popular, doesn't mean it isn't
7:07 am
also fraud you leapt and wrong and dangerous and i think again, that's where trump university and the trump campaign are pretty anl gous. trump can be as popular as he wants with voters but that doesn't mean he isn't actually perpetuating a fraud in terms of his credibility and qualifications to president and to do something dangerous with the american economy and standing in the world. you know, we should see this as a warning and start to take this really seriously and look at who we're on cusp of electing. >> so gina, what do you make of these documents, you're a trump supporter? >> i think that first of all it's interesting that we're looking at this on the heels of him giving more than $5 million to veterans just yesterday with his organization and you hold his organization up to for example, the clinton foundation keeps upward of 80% of the money raised. they are not doling it out.
7:08 am
i'm looking for hilgry's donations to veterans and not seeing that. you use words like dangerous with regard to mr. trump, i don't know, to me dangerous are the things that the clinton administration has done, the long history of what they've done to women and hillary's cover-up of that, and lack of defense of women in the face of things that were done and perpetuated by her husband, not just the extra marital affairs but the abuses. those are the sorts of things i see as a voter that perhaps people are looking at and saying i don't know, that looks more dangerous than somebody who had a -- something they were selling like any university does and they sold it. i don't see how -- i mean, of course there were going to be people disgruntled but i don't think that necessarily translates to somehow dangerous. >> hillary clinton did arct articulate what she's done for veterans and we're pulling that
7:09 am
sound now. she said that on jake tapper's show. she said trump needed to be shamed into honoring his commitments to the veterans and that's really why he ponied up all of that money. i'm just giving you the other side. sally, how would you respond to it? is the media looking closely enough at the clinton foundation? >> as far as i know, the numbers that gina gave are fully incorrect and clinton foundation, hold them up to scrutiny, do that. you don't respond defensively to legitimate critique. the clinton foundation does fantastic work in the world, should be scrutinized by the media, has been by the way scrutinized by the media. but to say that oh, hillary clinton in private conversations saying nasty things about her husband's mistresses is any way shape or form anl gous to donald trump saying he would like to bankrupt this country, wants japan to get nuclear weapons and
7:10 am
talk to kim jong-un. just his extreme level of lack of knowledge, let alone some of the things he's planned to do that he wants to ban, 30% of the world from participating in our economy. 30% of the world. ban them, outright. that he wants to attack judges who try to hold him actability. think of that as president, this is how i'm going to behave as president, more of the same. that level of irresponsibility and recklessness, it's unprecedented. say whatever the heck you want to say about anyone else, that's indefensible. >> gina, i have the hillary sound right now and i'm going to play it and you can comment on the other side. here's hillary clinton telling jake tapper what she has done for veterans, let's listen. >> i of course have given money to veterans charities and john mccain and i actually helped raise funding for the intrepid fallen heroes fund at brook army
7:11 am
medical center to build a rehabilitation facility for veterans to get the very best world class rehabilitation services. i've also worked starting as first lady to deal with some of the problems that veterans had, whether it was agent orange or whether it was a mysterious illnesses they were bringing back from the gulf war. i worked as a senate on the armed services committee, for example, increasing death benefits for families of the fallen from $12,000 to $100,000. and i worked with senator lindslin lindsey graham to expand health care to national guard and reserve members. much of the work i've done has meant tens and millions of dollars of increased benefits to veterans and their families as
7:12 am
well as personal commitment. >> to make clear. the clinton family foundation donated $105,000 to veterans related charity organizations. gina, your comments after that. >> it doesn't change the fact that the clinton foundation hangs on to more than 80% of the money that is raised -- >> where are you getting that figure? >> it's out there. it's everywhere, you can google it yourself. but here's the thing too. you look at how the clinton foundation has raised its money. hillary clinton herself says that her family was dead broke when they came out of the white house, not all that long ago. within six years of being secretary of state, hillary clinton somehow has gone to being a multimultimillionaire, more than $100 million made in speeches, sometimes to foreign governments that are enemies of the united states. this kind of thing -- the questions need to be asked. she still has refused to release the transcripts of her speeches made on wall street.
7:13 am
again, more millions of dollars. this is someone claiming to represent the little guy, claiming to represent women and yet the track record is just not there. >> what point does this not become okay? at what point -- you can't do that. this is a democracy. this is a civil society. we actually care about facts and information and at what point in this crazy mess of an election does it become unacceptable to address real serious substantive concerns with your candidate by continuing to deflect and attack? at a certain point we have to just -- we have to call that. we have to say that's not okay. so i'm sorry, we're talking about your candidate who wants to be president of this country making $40 million, not by giving speeches or whatever, scrutinize that if you will, but we're talking about -- >> you're talking about allegations here that are wholly unproven -- >> they are allegations by this former employees that he swindled him -- >> i'm going to stop you both
7:14 am
right there and bring in phil mattingly. i don't know where you're getting your figures so kind of makes me uncomfortable, the 80% thing, i don't get my information by googling. i don't have the information right now. i'm going to go to phil mattingly and we're going to talk about this is clearly going to be an issue for both kapd dates going forward. how will this play going forward? >> i think interesting thing, the clinton foundation is a real issue for clinton campaign to deal with and one they've been dealing with over the course of the entire campaign. the interconnectivity at the state department and foundation and bill clinton raised money and foundation raised money, they are very real questions there and real issues there and there has been a lot of reporting done on those issues and i think you'll see more going forward. interesting thing with donald trump, you take a businessman, a very successful by his own
7:15 am
account, many times over, businessman, who enters the political arena, you're going to receive scrutiny on every aspect of your business record. plenty of republican candidates no longer in the case will argue maybe it wasn't done at the level it should have been, when there's 17 candidates and you're digging into all of them, maybe there's truth to it. whether it's trump university or real estate deals or his ties or stakes or water, all of that will be dug into. anything that looks img proper or there have been lawsuits and there have been dozens over the years, are fair game for the press to look into. the issue that came up yesterday where he kind of lost it a little bit how he was scrutinized related to veterans donations, that's the reality of running for president of the united states. i thirveg the issue here both candidates are going to have their records dug into. the disadvantage donald trump has here, he hasn't gone through this before. because of the businesses he's run, there have been many and he
7:16 am
made millions of dollars on them. that means there's a lot of lawsuits to dig through and litigation to dig through and ton of records to dig through. reporters are going through all of that right now. that's fair game and means donald trump will deal with this whether he likes it or not until november. >> phil mattingly, thanks so much. still to come in the newsroom, the family of that little boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure. they have a new statement, what they are saying now next. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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7:20 am
the family of the little boy who fell into a gorilla pit is issuing a new statement as the family faces intense scrutiny as to what they were doing moments before the boy fell in the enclosure. the new statements reads some have offered money to the family. if anyone wishes a gift, we recommend a donation in harambe's name. the boy's mother is a day care worker who wants to remain unanimous. they are focusing on the boy's family that day. he witnessed maybe the woman who shot this footage at the zoo,
7:21 am
here's jessica schneider live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. the scrutiny has been intense and the internet backlash has been swift. a lot of people are wondering what were this boy's parents doing in the minutes before he came face to face with a gorilla. that will be exactly the focus of the police investigation. they'll be honing in on the parents and actions and potential inactions. the parents and family have not spoken out about this police investigation. they've only released a statement. you gave part of it, the other part says, quote, our child has had a checkup by the doctor and is doing well. we continue to praise god for his grace and mercy and to be thankful to the scincinnati zoo for their actions to protect our child. people want to know, how did the 3-year-old boy get through a barrier that zoo officials say was security. people are tweeting, what does this look like? this is video shot by a zoo
7:22 am
visitor one day before this incident. you can see them walking up to the barrier itself. zoo officials say it's about a 3-foot high rail barrier. past that there's a brush and also protective wiring. then there's a moat wall before that 10 or so foot drop into the moat itself. zoo officials say there's never been a breach since this gorilla world exhibit opened in 1978 but that witness who shot the whole video, she does say where there's a will, there is a way. >> the little boy was a typical little boy like at the candy store, can i get this, can i get that? he wanted jokingly and wantering to go in and see the monkeys and the mother was no, you're not. no, you're not. and i think as they got ready to leave, that to tend to the other children, gather them up, get them in the stroller and move everyone along, i think in the 60 seconds he got away.
7:23 am
>> just 60 seconds. the cincinnati police department has stressed that only the parents are the focus of this investigation, not the zoo. the zoo of course falls under the federal government purview under the usda. usda was last here doing a check back in april. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom" -- >> reaction among all of your republican friends. >> they think i've lost my mind. >> long time gop operative breaks with the party. he said he actually supports hillary clinton over donald trump. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. for crash survival, subaru has developed ours most revolutionary feature yet.
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7:28 am
good morning, i'm carol costello. hillary clinton delivers a major foreign speech tomorrow in california. a delegate rich state that could clinch her party's nomination. she's looking to win over republicans with national security concerns regarding donald trump and long time gop loyalists are answering her call. here's more for you. >> it's something we first noticed on social media, republicans for hillary. what began as something snarky on twitter has real republicans embracing it. what happened to the republican party if donald trump becomes president? >> that's a scary prospect. >> reporter: so scary to doug elmets, he left with one choice. >> an easy vote, four years of
7:29 am
hillary clinton is better than one day of donald trump as president. >> ever voted for a democrat? >> never in my entire life. >> reporter: this is more than the never trump or stop trump movement, part of republicans for hillary. not just a twitter hash tag, he's actively urging prominent republicans to vote for the democrat. >> back when you had dark hair. >> back when i had dark hair. >> reporter: once unthinkable man for a man who worked for ronald reagan for two terms, as spokesman and department of energy and republican operative through four presidential campaigns and decades long consultant to california's republican party. >> i think ronald reagan would be astonished by what has helped. he's managed to hoodwink america into believing that he will lead this country through the fire. i think he will thrust us into the fire. >> reporter: what has been the reaction among all of your
7:30 am
republican friends? >> they thank i've lost my mind. >> reporter: he's not alone. william overdorf tells cnn, if it is trump versus clinton and there's no viable third party candidate, i will be voting for hillary clinton. those who disagree are letting elmets have it from voice mails -- >> you're a disgusting pig. >> i can't even believe you call yourself a decent republican. >> reporter: to e-mails calling him a disgrace and socialist to simply, shame on you. other republicans choosing a decidedly different path. house speaker paul ryan and lindsey graham thawing on trump and marco rubio burying his hatchet with the man he once called a con artist. >> i don't want to be harmful. i don't want hillary clinton to be president. >> but trump's harm argues elmets, is already unfolding before the ee lector rat. >> these rallies are not a moment in time. if donald trump is elected
7:31 am
president, you'll see these things continue on four years beyond. >> reporter: you believe you're in good company? >> i believe i'm in great company. they are just afraid to say that they support hillary clinton. but i do think that either they will do it publicly at some point or privately do it in the polling booth in november. >> reporter: how many of these cross over republicans are there? four recent national polls show 6 to 8% of self-described republicans say they will back hillary clinton. 6 to 8% if this is indeed a close race, that is nothing to scoff at. carol? >> kyung lah reporting. for more i want to bring in congressman adam schiff. he is a hillary clinton supporter. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> you heard what kyung lah said in the latest quinnipiac pole this morning, it shows only 4%
7:32 am
of republicans would vote for hillary clinton. 4% of democrats would vote for donald trump. so it's not so promising, is it, that so many republicans are ready to vote for hillary clinton? >> i think actually over time you're going to see more and more republicans do exactly that and say exactly that as you indicated in the story before. there are grave concerns and i talked to republicans very mainstream solid lifelong republicans who do not believe that donald trump is fit to be president of the united states who recoil at the idea that he could be the leader of the free world and i think much as was indicated, people may not be willing to say that publicly, these longstanding true blue republicans but many are saying privately and many will go to the voting booth and privately cast their votes before secretary clinton because the idea of this, this conman
7:33 am
essentially becoming president of the united states is unthinkable. i think we got just another indication this week just how unelectable he ought to be. that is when the whole trump story came out and disclosure of these documents about what a fraud scheme this trump university was. trump's reaction was to attack the judge in the case and say part of the reason the judge ruled the way he did in disclosing these documents because of what trump believed to be his mexican heritage. that is so unsuitable for someone running for president. >> all of this doesn't seem to matter to his supporters, right? if you delve deeper into the quinnipiac poll and 36% of independents would vote for donald trump if the election were held today. 29% of independents say they would vote for hillary clinton. so donald trump has struck a chord and like it or not, these things about donald trump don't bother them. >> there's certainly a base of
7:34 am
people that donald trump has as supporters that he has appealed to frankly and they are for him come hell or high water but you're also seeing i think donald trump shed support and i think that those polls that have it close between secretary clinton and donald trump right now are more a reflection of the fact that the democratic primary is not over. there's still a great many people in the democratic primary process who are supporting senator sanders and so secretary clinton has not consolidated that report. that will happen after the convention. that will change quite substantially -- >> well i want to point out something else in this quinnipiac poll. it's a confounding poll because it's so contradictory. i'll give you an example. when voters are asked about who would respond more effectively to an international crisis, 53% say hillary clinton. but when they are asked who is most effective at fighting isis, the numbers flip. more say trump would be
7:35 am
effective. that's confounding and why is it? could it be that many americans don't really buy into president obama's plan to fight isis and they think hillary clinton will just continue that blueprint? >> you know, i think people are conflicted and i think many people are more than capable of holding conflicting positions at the same time. so yes -- >> by why wont most voters say if they think hillary clinton is great on international krishe is, wouldn't they say yep, she could most effectively fight isis. why are they choosing donald trump over her on that very important issue? >> i think ultimately they are not going to choose donald trump over secretary clinton on that issue. people are responding viscerally. they see the horror that isis is and want it stopped right now. and donald trump gives a simplistic answer about how he is going to use ted cruz' words, carpet bomb isis and kill family members of isis, bring back
7:36 am
waterboarding. there's a certain element that that element appeals to, that very superficial visceral argument. >> they like his tough talk against isis and hillary clinton -- i know, if you listen to strategists out there, can't talk quite as tough because she could turn off her base. so is that the problem? >> well, it's more than risking turning off the base, frankly, those policies would not only not work but they would be counter productive, the ban on muslims for example alienates our very important allies in the region and makes it more difficult to build a coalition and more difficult to fight side by side when we need to with our gulf allies. the secretary has to make sure she's saying things that are good policy and will help us win the war against isis. it's much easier to be wreck less at times the way donald trump is. you'll see increasingly people in the military as your store stri indicated, people with experience in foreign policy and
7:37 am
national security come out and condemn what trump is saying as being counterproductive, we're seeing that happen already. as we see that happen more and more often from now until november you'll see secretary clinton's lead over donald trump widen. >> i want to get more numbers because it's so fascinating to me. more contradictory numbers. here's another one. they think vote mrs. clinton is more moral but less trustworthy than donald trump. they might say it's because of the e-mail controversy and evolving explanations. and this is what i mean, this is what she said about the e-mail controversy last week versus this week. >> just like previous secretaries of state i used a personal e-mail. many people did. it was not at you will unprecedented. i turned over all e-mails, no one else can do that. i've been incredibly open about doing that. i'll continue to be open. >> i said many times it was still a mistake, if i could go
7:38 am
back, i would do it differently. and i understand people may have concerns about this but i hope voetders look at the full picture of everything i've done in my career and the full threat posed by a donald trump presidency. >> why doesn't she just come out and say, you know what, look, i made a mistake, i didn't turn all of my e-mails over. i didn't preserve e-mails as i was required to do and i'm sorry about that. wouldn't that be a more effective explanation? wouldn't people find her more trustworthy if she said those words? >> i think she has said that she made a mistake. in fact, i think she's repeatedly said she's made a mistake and if she had to do it over again, she would not use a private e-mail server for other official work. i'm not sure what more she can do than the regret she's expressed about it. and for people who for them the e-mail thing is is the end all, i don't think she's going to persuade them but i think that's a very small number of people.
7:39 am
the vast majority of the american people are concerned about their future, about who is in the position to lead the country and who can deal with the foreign policy national security challenges that we face. who is better on the economy. i think people are going to go and vote on those issues, but you know, this is a continuing issue, just by the nature of the fact that you have multiple government inquires into it and private judicial watch that right wing group litigation. it's going to come back into the news but i'm not sure there's much more the secretary can do aside from saying it was a mistake but it has to be put in the context that other secretaries of state also made very similar mistakes. >> congressman adam schiff, thanks for stopping by. earlier in the hour during a heated conversation about the candidates and money they give to charity, trump supporter gina loudon said the clinton foundation keeps upward of 80% of the money raised. i promise to look into that number for you and my team has.
7:40 am
here's a lowdown from politifact and fact 80% number has been floated by many conservatives but they may be referring only to the amount donated by the clinton foundation to outside charities. the bulk of the clinton foundation's charitable work is actually performed in house and last year one independent watch dog did ab analysis of the foundation's funding, 89% of the funding went to charity earning it an a rating. i'll be back. homeowners insurane life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. >> a new travel warning for americans heading to europe. travelers should be aware of the potential risks of terror attacks but say the alert is not
7:45 am
related to to a new or specific threat. the alert comes as europe gears up for events including the european soccer championship suspected to attract very large crowds. what does that mean if you plan to head overseas? let's ask cnn military analyst mark curt ling. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> first of all, explain the difference between an alert and a warning or advisory? >> we have to be very careful in using those terms at the state department puts out, carol, a warning is something the state department says you better be aware of some things going on in a country and should decide with a great deal of thought before you even think about going there. what we're talking about is places like afghanistan or iraq or somalia, where things are happening actively right now. what's been issued in europe is a travel alert.
7:46 am
you need to be aware of events that are occurring and what they cited is the tour defrance or european world cup soccer championship or catholic convention in poland. these are things where a lot of people are getting together. there's the potential for terrorists acting but no indicators or intelligence that something is going to occur. they are alerting people that big things are happening in different countries. i find it a little bit strange they would issue an alert for all of europe. i just returned from europe yesterday as a matter of fact, i was at the medical conference and found it as delightful as if ever is. again, these alerts are dependent on where you are and what you're doing and where you're going to avoid big crowds and potential for being -- >> if i have plans to go to italy or france, i should go? >> i would say yes, first of all. secondly, what you need to do, i
7:47 am
would get on state department website and recommend that to all viewers and go into the information program, you can signed up for other advisories that the state department will text you, if you sign up, what's going on. i've used that several times when i've gone to the other european countries and into israel even. you get alerts on your phone, a text saying this road is shut down or this thing is happening today, stay away from this part of the country. even while you're there, active intelligence. now, checking that that state department website will give you information on some countries that are under warning, like parts of turkey. i wouldn't recommend anyone go to turkey right now. but in terms of france or italy or croatia or 48 countries in europe, check more into the specifics before you travel. thanks so much. >> thank you, carol. >> this is supposed to be rio's time to shine but with the world watching, will corruption overshadow the games? don't let dust and allergies get between you
7:48 am
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only 60 days for rio to clean up its act in time for the 2016 summer olympics. it's not just the ongoing fight against zika and crime and gang battles, we're diving deeper into brazil's political crisis and corruption with no end in sight. here's more from ivan watt on. >> reporter: when the honor guard arrives to greet foreign diplomats so do the protesters, nanding the resignation of the interim president temer. a top official announced h resignation, this is one of the politicians who spearheaded the impeachment process for rousseff for allegedly breaking budgetary
7:53 am
laws which she denies. more than two-thirds of the congress here voted in favor of an impeachment process of the elected brazilian president. but many of these lawmakers are themselves implicated in the variety of corruption scandals. do you think there's a lot of corruption in this room? >> i don't think, i'm sure. >> reporter: part of the problem is it's tough to govern here when there are dozens of political parties represented in the brazilian congress. there's even a professional clown. ♪ >> reporter: a comedian who is applauded when he passed his vote for the impeachment of president rousseff. she had single digit popularity ratings when she was suspended but so does the legislature that suspended her. >> people don't respect you? >> no, they don't respect. we don't have too much credibility together with the society. >> reporter: and it hasn't
7:54 am
helped politician's credibility that several ministers in the new interim government also appear to be under investigation for alleged wrong doing. the changing of the political guard in this country is still very, very complicated. the elected president rousseff is still living over here in the official presidential residence. she's vowing to fight the impeachment proceedings against her. ivan watson, cnn, brazil. >> up next in the "newsroom, a major discovery in the egyptair flight up next. ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes!
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[crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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7:58 am
checking some top stories for u. an under water signal detected by a french naval vessel is from egypt air flight
7:59 am
804 that vanished earlier this month. 66 people on board that flight. once the black boxes are retrieved, authorities say they'll be handed over to egyptian officials. >> as us train forced main gains around fallujah, this shows group celebrating after freeing a small group from isis. the challenges are enormous, security forces facing threats from isis like snipers and ieds. the u.n. says an estimated 50,000 people are trapped inside the city. fallujah is the last isis strong hold west of baghdad. u.s. backed coalition forces in northern syria are making strides against isis. trying to cut off access to the key city of raqqa as air strikes kill 58 people as of last night more than 18 air strikes hit the city. one strike damaging a popular hospital and forced the hospital to close.
8:00 am
thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. >> i have raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets. >> took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution. >> find out how much hillary clinton has given to the veterans, nothing. >> he's attacking everybody, fellow republicans, democrats, you just name it. >> you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing. >> hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> happening right now, the british are coming and french too. the metaphor is far from perfect but donald trump announcing his first overseas trip as the presumptive gop nominee. he'll head to the uk later this month to visit


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