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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 3, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn on this friday afternoon. thank you for being with me. one day after hillary clinton went after donald trump labeling him as dangerous for america and unfit to be president, secretary clinton is on the attack once more against the presumptive republican nominee. she just tweeted a link to the campaign page which features a litany of trump's own words outlining what she calls his, i'm quoting, incoheent comments on everything from the economy to isis. she is in california, culver
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city there. live pictures to stand before that podium and speak to a crowd of women in the run-up to the state's all-important primary next wednesday. trump is also in california getting ready to hold another rally there after firing back at hillary clinton over her scathing criticism of him. >> the only reason she's behaving like this and the only reason she's been dragged so far left, believe me, is she doesn't want to go to jail over the e-mails. okay? believe me. folks, honestly, she's guilty as hell. >> trump also tweeting this today. quoting crooked hillary's tell prompter speech yesterday, she made up things i said or believe but have no basis in fact. not honest! that is what prompted clinton's fact checking page. with me now david chalian from washington. let's talk about, you know -- good to see you. let's talk about, you know,
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trump's counterpunching both in the wake of the speech yesterday as we took that live and then last night. how do you measure the counter punches as far as oohphs, specifics, versus character? >> i thought it was an interesting although not terribly surprising approach from donald trump because as he's said, right, he's a counter puncher. if he's attacked he will counter punch. as you just played there in the clip he went after her e-mail scandal, questioned the legality of that and that there's a fbi inquiry into the e-mail system and so we'll see that play out. but that -- he decided to do what hillary clinton was doing, which was to create a negative character frame around hillary clinton. to define her for his supporters and for those voters that are starting to tune in to this general election match-up, as you know, he calls her crooked or as a crook, if you will. what he did not do, i thought
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was really interesting. he didn't take on her point by point attack on him. you know? he chose not to sort of reassert certain foreign policy tenets and explain why she's wrong that he's dangerous or erratic or however she described him yesterday and he decided to do his own character frame on her and i think you got a window into what these next five months will look like. they're each trying to build these negative narrative and character frames through which they want to prosecute all their arguments now to november. >> on that, do you see that, as we saw on the speech, the beginning of the narrative and not only that, actually, let me ask you about we just heard that first lady obama, she was just giving a commencement speech at the city college here in new york and she, too, criticized mr. trump without saying his name. >> we don't give in to our fears. we don't build up walls to keep
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people out because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere. >> i mean, walls. listen, that could have been met forical but you think walls and mr. trump with regard to mexico. how did you hear those? >> those are deliberately chosen words and no doubt about that. it's part of this one-two punch we have seen from the obama team and the clinton team this week. president obama earlier in elkhart, indiana, drawing contrasts with donald trump and with the republican party overall. he did it in the town hall. hillary clinton gave that speech yesterday on the same day that president obama was giving the commencement address at the air force academy. also drawing contrasts and now the first lady an you're seeing as the democratic contest is coming to an end, seeing the obama white house join forces,
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rhetorical forces, in a way with the clinton campaign. >> david chalian, thank you so much for that off the top. >> my pleasure. also donald trump not letting up on the judge overseeing that fraud lawsuit against the now defukt trump university, he tells "wall street journal" that the judge has a quote inhere ent conflict of interest and trump ripped the judge making controversial comments about his heritage more than once. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curial. the judge who happens to be we believe mexican. i think that's great. that's fine. >> so let's bring in sam clovis for the trump campaign. sam, welcome back. nice to see you. >> thanks, brooke. >> so, first up, got to ask you about the news. we know not even 24 hours ago
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house speaker paul ryan endorsed mr. trump and i think he was asked about mr. trump's comments on the judge and he said he completely disagrees with him, being donald trump, and just was out of left field and disagree with the thinki ining behind th. your response? >> again, i think it's the litigation on the trump university issue is a separate issue. it's not associated with the campaign and it's not an area that i deal with. i'll leave that -- >> he said it on the campaign trail. >> i'll leave it to mr. trump to deal with that. that's a part he's dealing with and not something i'm asked to look at and i won't comment about on it. >> what about paul ryan's comments? >> i think that he's probably torn between what i think he thinks in his heart and what i think he's probably going on in
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his head and i think that a lot of these issues come down to the fact he's looking at someone transforming the republican party, frankly, transforming the electoral map of the united states. and i think speaker ryan is having a difficult time getting his head around what the aftermath of this campaign is going to be and what that's going to mean for the republican party and for the country and i think there are certainly some issues that speaker ryan would like to see remain the same and tell you and address it to speaker ryan, they won't remain the same and changed forever already. >> what do you mean exactly? >> well, i think what we are seeing is we are seeing people drawn back into the political process that have been abandoned by both parties. certainly by the establishment of both parties. we have had people who have hijacked particular terms and notions about what the republican party is about. and i think what we're really looking at here is a resurgence of a populous movement in this
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country, a modern populous movement. >> okay. >> not the traditional populous movement we may have talked about 50, 60 years ago but a very much modernized version of it and i think it changes things in this country. >> well, sam, with regard to the i can't pretend to know what they're thinking or believing, but i imagine you would like to have speaker ryan out on the trail stumping for mr. trump. i mean, can you tell me, have talks begun to have him to do so? >> i think they speak quite often and really what speaker ryan is really looking for is support for a legislative agenda for the next congress to come in here with a very difficult task. he's got a difficult caucus. his own caucus to deal with plus having to deal with the democrats and their -- >> i get it. he's got a lot on the plate and you would like him out and about for your guy. >> i think he will be out there supporting us and see a lot of -- >> soon? >> well, i would say -- yes. i would say as soon as the
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convention is over and we're the official nominee of the party, you're going to see a huge flood of republican elected representatives out there on the trail with us. >> okay. let me ask you, sam, about hillary clinton. we watched her speech yesterday. in san diego. she, you know, wasted no time trying to eviscerate donald trump. his character, temperament, honor and every twist and turn, foreign policy, you name it. and then when you look at what mr. trump both tweeted during the speech, after the speech, last night, you know, he took a moment to really try to take her on and not looking presidential. hey, she doesn't know how to read a tell prompter. do you see it all as not taking her to task line by line on policy and specifics? >> i think that's exactly what you would expect, what the media would expect and i think that what the people inside the beltway would expect. >> he's a self proclaimed counter puncher. >> sorry, brooke.
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sorry. you asked me to answer the question. i'm going to answer the question. that speech was given to help her shore up her opportunity in california to win. she's in a tight race with bernie sanders out there. that speech was for an audience inside the beltway in washington, d.c. it was not for the general population. it was not for the general voters at all. >> not aligning herself up to take on donald trump? >> i think she has got some serious work to do shoring up her own base. she's been dragged so far left by bernie sanders. she's going to have to figure out a way to navigate back to the center if she has any hope to be elected in this race. >> in terms of republicans and other endorsements, i mean, here you have susanna martinez, governor of new mexico, primary there also next tuesday. i know you all want her endorsement. you know, she's the president of the republican governor's association, female, latina. you want her, right? but at the same time donald trump criticized her. let's remind the viewers what he
11:11 am
has said. >> since 2000, number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job. okay? hey! maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> i think that the attacks that he's routinely engaged in, for example, going after susanna martinez, the republican governor of new mexico, the chairman of the republican governor's association, i think that was a big mistake. >> so the headline, you know this, but just to tell everyone else, he's walking that back and wants the endorsement. sure he does. is this an example of him maybe not really thinking before speaking? and now he's pulling it back. >> i think that the -- a lot of times what we're seeing here is that he's been critical of both republicans and democrats and i
11:12 am
think a lot of it has to do with the management and how people are performing their duties and what he's really saying is to energize the country, get things focused. we need to do a better job across the board. >> but you don't energize the country criticizing the governor of new mexico. >> you may not but i think that what we have done out here is we have taken the opportunity to highlight the fact that there are things wrong in this country and they need to be fixed and we need everybody pulling on the rope at the same time. and if you're going to sit back and you're going to sit on your laurels or you're going to sit there and hope nobody notices, that's not going to happen because when we come to washington, d.c. in january, and donald trump assumes the presidency of the united states, the whole country and certainly the government will be on notice that things are going to change. >> okay. sam clovis, thank you so much for your time. >> you bet. >> adviser for the trump campaign. thank you, sir.
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just a heads up to all of you, jake tapper speaking with donald trump and hillary clinton this afternoon beginning right after me, 4:00 eastern here on cnn. just ahead, for the very first time, one of trump's lawyers involved in trump university speaking out about the allegations of fraud and joining me live in the show. also ahead, democrats secretly plotting an exit strategy for bernie sanders. only problem is they're doing it without senator sanders. we'll hear our reporting on those plans. and a father, have you seen this video, lunges at his daughter's killer in the courtroom after he smiled and smirked at him. that father joins me live ahead. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents...
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trump, paul ryan is condemning him on some specific comments but before i play that for you of him on the radio, just a reminder of what specifically speaker ryan is calling out. trump is claiming that the judge in the trump university fraud trial is biassed because he's mexican as he points out and trump promised to build a border wall. worth noting the judge was born in indiana. so today, here is speaker ryan. >> look. the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field for my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. and so, he clearly does and says things i don't agree on. and i've had to recently speak up when that occurred. and i'll continue to do so.
11:19 am
i hope i don't have to do that. also with us, lisa booth, contributor at "washington exami examiner" president of high noon strategies. >> thank you. >> quick intro. >> this and this and this. anyway -- so, kathy, to you, just on the paul ryan comments, just talking to sam clovis with the campaign we here's someone that endorses trump as timing-wise hillary clinton speaking yesterday on national security, the big endorsement happens and then condemning trump's comments on this judge. what do you make on that? >> i think this is par for the course. newt gingrich is very vocal about the support of trump and said, look, on certain things, he needs to dial that back or walk that back. with paul ryan i think it's the newlywed period. they're dating, getting to know each other. ryan had to make sure that he could say, look, i took time to
11:20 am
try to get him on board with the true republican policies. they got married with the endorsement and not always going to agree. >> i think america thought they would date a few more times before a ring on it. i mean, though, seriously, reading the different op-eds and especially "the washington post" this morning, not really into the idea of this happening at all. >> we don't know what conversations took place behind closed doors. >> apparently talking a lot. >> we don't know the concessions made and the discussion happened with that. i mean, look. i think speaker ryan's -- his main priority is this house agenda. he wants to look at poverty reform, national security, health care. he's made that very clear. he even made it clear in the op-ed for his hometown paper, the endorsement of donald trump saying i support him because the alternative is really bad with hillary clinton. i'm focused moving the republican agenda forward. >> what kind of position is he in? i go back to sam clovis and the
11:21 am
trump campaign and talked about maybe thinking in his heart versus his head and not fully and wrap his words around what it would look like in post-november. and so, i just wanted to talk about how maybe this is tough for paul ryan who still as he mentioned had issues with principles a couple of days ago. >> absolutely. i think it is tough for him and a tough road ahead because trump's achilles heel is emotions. right? he gets very, very heated and thinks about it, gets advice and he's been able to do that unlike any political candidate we have seen because americans don't think of him as a political candidate but maybe more successful version of themselves and therefore it's okay. at some point that could become problematic. paul ryan saying if you commit to core republican -- >> isn't that a problem? just critics and especially hillary clinton yesterday saying he was incoherent. on your point, saying one thing,
11:22 am
talking to people and walking it back, is that okay? >> pot calling the kettle black a little bit. >> you are seeing the divide on the democratic side, as well, right? with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. bernie sanders supports a lot of policies in complete odds and contradiction of hillary clinton believes and she is in a similar situation once the democratic convention is over and they have -- >> that's a whole other conversation. >> but it's important because they're similar la pa rallels o those ideas. there's differences of speaker ryan and donald trump. and donald trump saying, particularly on the issue like trade, looking at exit polling saying majorities of republicans and democrats believe with what i'm saying about trade and then the budgets of paul ryan and wants to see an entitlement reform and something that donald trump said he's not willing to budge on and there are those differences. >> what about, though, just back to the judge in california, how's it fair, cathy, donald
11:23 am
trump continues to criticize. just triple down last night. >> triple down. rite? double down's out the window and go further. it is not fair and not right. >> it isn't fair. >> i don't think just because you're republican you have to say it's fair to support donald trump. we get better as a party honest with each other and we can message better and better. you know, this is like trump needs to call a plumber. this is the leaky faucet and won't turn off. right? because this is going to keep going on and at least through the fall and going to -- >> trump university? >> on trump university. >> hillary clinton's going to make sure it does. >> look. there's a number of issues not to get too far into it now in the interest of time, but potential violations of a state perspective. were they certified to do this kind of training and be this type of organization in the state? and then were they fraudulently going towards -- >> i think that donald trump's actually missing an opportunity here but what he should be hitting on the fact is the judge
11:24 am
nominated by president obama. released documents and then resealed it claiming it was a mistake. that's what i would focus on and the legal team to take the proper recourse for a different judge if they believe -- >> prior to trump's comments? >> i'm sorry? >> he did decide to do that unseal them. >> right and then resealed them saying he mistakenly released some documents and focus on those issues of being of concern and following the recourse for another judge if they believe he is biassed. i think he is missing the opportunity -- >> a perfect question. i have one of the trump's attorneys. >> perfect question, yeah. i'll let them handle the legal. >> thank you, brooke. >> thank you. in the wake of the tragic death of that gorilla harambe, after a 3-year-old little boy fell into the enclosure, the human companion of one of the most famous, a gorilla of coco
11:25 am
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bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. we are waiting for a decision of an ohio prosecutor whether or not he'll file criminal charges after that 3-year-old little boy slipped into that gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo last weekend. zoocoopers shot and killed that gorilla to save the 3-year-old. police have wrapped up the investigation and while some blame has been passed around all week as to who should be held responsible, the story sparked a national conversation of
11:30 am
wildlife and compassion for harambe and the special endangered species as a whole. perhaps no other gorilla more famous for that compassion than coco, also a western lowland gorilla learning more than 1,000 words in american sign language. >> who is that? think me there. okay. that is you. gorilla. animal. coco love. okay. that's very good. that is you. you are a lovely animal. >> hmm. that was coco and the lifelong human companion dr. penny patterson teaching sign language as an infant. coco is now 44 years old and penny joins me now. so nice to caulk to you. >> oh, it's great to be able to talk with you. >> i remember being a little girl and seeing those videos of
11:31 am
koko. before i ask you about koko, everyone has seen this video, from the cincinnati zoo that was taken over the weekend. except for you. you've chosen not to watch. tell me why. >> well, partly it's because my consciousness is very linked to the gorillas. they're very keyed in on the humans and their environment. and it's not just gorillas, chimpanzees do the same thing. there are other projects i have heard the same thing is that our mood sets tone and if we're agitated they're agitated. if we're afraid, they're afraid. so i like to just remain neutral and this way i can be. >> hmm. you say that koko is a powerful ambassador for gorillas and building a better relationship with humans. how do you mean? >> well, we didn't think of this
11:32 am
when we started the research, but koko is able to engage people in a way that we didn't expect. especially young people. they're captivated by her. they want to learn more. they start to understand her. and realize that she's -- while she's an animal and you saw her saying that, she has personhood. however we want to define that. that's clear. looking into her eyes, watching her behavior. seeing her empathy for other creatures. her desire to be a mom. her grief over her loss of her kitten. by the way, that has continued for many, many, many years if she sees a picture of the kitten that she lost back in 1985, she signs, cry, sad there.
11:33 am
this is after so many years, so their consciousness level is akin to our own. there's no question and so she reaches out an she gets engages people and that's what an ambassador is doing. >> and so that's -- so powerful. i'm curious as someone that's passionate about these beautiful animals. why you want -- talk about consciousness and why you wouldn't be able to then learn something about seeing a little boy in an enclosure with harambe. >> well, i just -- i just like to -- as i said, i like to remain unbiassed, neutral. i don't want to form opinions or have that affect me in a way that deeply unsets me which my guess is that it would so on the other hand i -- i think that we can learn a lot from this.
11:34 am
>> how so? >> and in a way that will benefit the endangered gorilla. what we have learned, what i have heard is that people have a great deal of empathy for a gorilla so rather than the king kong image and by the way in a survey gorillas were right up there with spiders and all kinds of other scary creatures as being frightening instead of being, you know, something that a child or an adult could relate to. this helps us relate to them. >> sure. dr. penny patterson, thank you so much. so many of us know exactly who koko is and your work through the years is pretty extraordinary. thank you for your time. i really appreciate it. >> oh, thank you.
11:35 am
>> thank you. coming up here, we bounce back to politics. barney frank joins me. his take on the state of the race of clinton and trump. and the effort by the sanders campaign to have him removed from a key convention committee. also ahead, incredible video, really compelling to this watch this father leap towards his daughter's convicted killer. we'll talk to this grieving father about this emotional moment and the punishment handed down to his daughter's killer. you both have a
11:36 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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california-raised comedian w. kamau bell went to meet the inhabitants of one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. >> still cold. don't die. don't die. don't die. finding out that locals remain act iiive when it's 90 degrees below 0, brought many words to my mind. i need to see what drives people to live in barrow instead of not barrow. let's talk to the locals. this is ridiculous. i'm so cold. how long have you lived in barrow? >> this is my home. i was raised there and i choose to live here. >> i like you say i choose to live here. ignorant people like this guy come into the town and say how do people do it? >> my father and my mother did it, and my grandparents did it and so i'm doing it. >> does the cold bother you? >> no.
11:41 am
this is the balmy weather. i'm wearing my shorts. >> what are you doing? >> life in the arctic. you got to be tough. or you got to be -- >> what? i was like are those bare legs? >> yes, they were. yeah, yeah. i was more cold than she was. >> i was looking at you walking. did you even own that snow gear? >> no, no. >> before you went to alaska. >> he hit reis, every place we could. i was wearing several layers. >> why did you go there? why did you do this? >> the show is become known for the klan episode and lots of places i don't want to go and sometimes it's about racism. sometimes it's about weather. there's lots of things i don't like to do. >> so totally off the beaten path and 90 degrees below 0 you said it's quite diverse. >> quite diverse. 4,000 people, a lot of people move there because there's good jobs in the oil industry there and people -- they have a lot of samoans, i met a guy of thailand. ethnic and racial diversity.
11:42 am
barrow is 60% native people which is kind of a lot for an american city. you have 60% native american. it was 90% native people and funny to think that barrow is experiencing gentrification. >> okay. so on united states of america, kamau goes to alaska. not only chris crossing the country for the show but stand-up and talking to people about politics. before i ask you about that, hillary clinton spoke a moment ago at this women's event. a lot of actors, sally field, elizabeth banks, they're with her in culver city and here she was. >> you know, yesterday in san diego i had the opportunity to -- [ applause ] to just repeat what donald trump has said.
11:43 am
i didn't make any of that up. i mean, it would be hard to make up. and by the end of working on that speech, even i was saying, did he really say all of this? well, indeed, he did. and i believe, absolutely, that he's not only unprepared to be president, he is temperamentally unfit to be president. >> okay. so here she is again on the rampage. >> i like that. she's a little "stella got her groove back" there. enjoying that. >> i think she might be and donald trump is enjoying himself, too. you are talking to a lot of folks, doing stand-up. people come up to me and say tell me about the election. i imagine they do the same to you. what are you hearing? >> i think people are finally, finally waking up to the fact it's real. >> totally real. >> trump will drop out.
11:44 am
we'll figure it out. >> they're tuning in. >> defcon 1. it's happening. so now there's a question. i talk to a lot of people who despite that clip aren't that excited about hillary or bernie and don't know, what do i do? there's a lot of talk about turning your nose up and voting for your party for the democratic party. republicans saying that about trump. interesting time that politics is super popular to talk about but the people in politics aren't that pop already. >> i'm told there's another funny moment with the podium. should we watch? >> yes, please. i'm enjoying this. >> roll it, roll it. >> got it? whoa. >> oh gosh. ♪ >> what happened? >> wow. >> do we know what happened? guys? did it just fall? and thumbs up.
11:45 am
back to regular hillary. when's happening? she lost the groove for a second. thrown off. >> laugh at yourself. you know? >> it happens. >> i think she should hang out with that group a lot more. getting stella got the groove back there. >> this guy. >> this guy. >> go back to berkeley and take you back when we can get you. catch him. "united shades of america." sunday night 10:00 eastern and pacific. thank you for the friday laugh, my friend. coming up here, former congressman barney frank will join me. he was the first openly gay member of congress. we'll talk everything from the current president's race to the climate in the '80s. don't miss that. back after this quick break. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it.
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breaking news here. this rescue for military personnel stranded, this is longs peak in the rocky mountain national park. live pictures here. this is what we know. ten people requesting assistance after having trouble with the
11:50 am
climb. we're told the group is not planning to stay overnight in the area. park rangers planning an evacuation effort and keeping a close eye on the pictures of rocky mountains and as soon as we get the information, we'll bring it back to you live. meantime, the '80s, "the '80s" of the first cases of a killer disease called the quote gay cancer. since then, this is leading to the death of more than 34 million men, women and children worldwide. this is according to the world health organization. talking about hiv and aids. >> scientists at the national centers for disease control in atlanta today released the results of a study saying the lifestyle of some male homosexuals triggered an epidemic. >> bruce harris. david hicks. >> the quilt was really a tremendous response to a need
11:51 am
that we didn't realize we had which was some central place, some graveyard that brought those that we lost together. >> i'm tired of going to funerals. i can't. i can't keep doing it. so this is for everybody. this is all of us. >> with me now, the author of "frank: a life of politics" former congressman frank barney who represented the great state of massachusetts for 34 yoerls and the first sitting congressman to enter a same-sex marriage. congressman frank, wonderful to have you back. >> thank you. >> so you were looking back to, you know, this time in the '80s, you were just starting your career in the house. this was just when people were starting to talk about this thing called aids. what do you remember about that time? >> well, it was -- actually, in
11:52 am
the very late '70s when i first began to hear about people getting sick and by the early '80s we were aware that there was a terrible illness for which at the time there was not only no cure but not even any effective treatment to deal with the symptoms or even delay death. and that it was especially prevalent among gay men, not only. there were people who got it through blood transfusions and haiti was a place which was stricken by it. but within the united states, it was very disproportionately affecting gay men and it was a scary time because we not only had a terrible illness that was killing people, an it turned out, yes, there were certain ways in which people had behaved sexually that could spread it, but the problem from the standpoint of people who wanted to protect themselves that
11:53 am
knowledge came too late for many people. in other words, it turned out that things people did years before for which there had been no reason to be frightened suddenly became death sentences. and so, it was -- and at the same time we were in the early stages of fighting the prejudice so it wasn't simply that we were fighting a terrible disease, we were still dealing with a situation of which we didn't have legal rights an serve in the military. people couldn't get married and many places just very act expressing your love for another man or woman was criminal. >> you mentioned the word prejudice. i was looking at your book today and you talk about in the first chapter then gay people were, quote, most despised. politicians at the time were well respected and then you point out decades later, it's flip flopped. gays are accepted and politicians are vilified. what do you think happened? >> no question. well, as i said, by the time i
11:54 am
retired i got higher approval ratings for marrying jim than passing what i think was a very good financial reform bill. >> how about that? >> being a gay man is more socially acceptable than being a congressman. the good news is that reality can be prejudice. when we began this movement in the late '60s, early '70s, i was not one of the first but i was a fairly early participant, we were hiding. the problem was that we had this terrible inaccurate vicious prejudicial p prejudicial portrait of us and hard to refute because we were hiding and wouldn't tell people who we were and our reality was muffled. as the period went on and the single biggest thing that helped us dpe feet it is we decided to be honest about who we were. we decided to discuss our sexuality.
11:55 am
at first that was controversial. i pointed out that gay people and less by nans, we don't discuss our sexuality more than straight people do. the difference is, when straight people discuss their sexuality, it's called talking. when we do it, it's called coming out. and that's what happened. that is an area after area people said, if we allow you guys into the military, it will disorganize the military. it didn't. if we let you get married the each other, it will undo society. it didn't. what happened was -- and then the other factor was this. as we began to be honest about who we were, people suddenly realized we were their brothers and customers and clients and doctors and teammates and sales people, et cetera. i used to say to people. you know, you say you don't like gay people and now you found out that a couple of people that you like very much are gay. what kind of a prejudice is it you didn't know you were supposed to engage in it for 18
11:56 am
years. i think what happened was that the political system here and many other countries failed to adapt to the changing economy. years ago after world war ii in america, if you were a hard working guy without a lot of education, still prejudice against women and blacks, you could make a good living. things are changed. and what's happened is that i think our political system has not caught up with the economic changes so that you have this anger, understandable anger, about people who feel that prosperity has come and very unevenly distributed. >> well, on the anger and on the political system, let me ask you with your full-on political hat on here that, you know, with regard with this race for president, you know, on the democratic side, especially probably post-california, hillary clinton is expected to clinch, expected to be the nominee. manu raju on capitol hill, he is reporting that democrats are secretly plotting sort of an
11:57 am
exit strategy, a graceful exit for bernie sanders, you have your ear to ground. what are you hearing about that strategy? >> well, nobody plots strategy for senator sanders. he plots his own. he's been a member of congress over 25 years. he has his positions. i think this. obviously there's unhappiness. i would tell you the biggest lie, the most frequent lie told by politicians is not i'm going to give you more service, lower taxes. it is, we ran against each other and still good friends. any time you hear that, get out your lie detector. you don't spend months telling other people why someone is not good enough for a job and then have her feel good about you or vice versa. but i think this. i think senator sanders is someone -- but here's i think the first part. first of all, there will be no basis for arguing that this was in any way unfair. hillary clinton is about to be the nominee because she's gotten
11:58 am
many more votes than bernie sanders. he did very well. much better than anybody expected. but if you look at the votes, she's got many more pledge delegates. >> what about -- congressman, what about an exit? if you have members of congress trying to orchestrate and it's really all sanders and what does it look like? >> well, no one is going to him what to do. i think this. i'm not one that tells him he should drop out. i do urge him, i have done this, not to campaign against hillary clinton overwhelmingly but start to spend more and more of his time explaining why donald trump's election would be such a terrible idea from the standpoint of someone from his values. i think he'll make a speech at the convention, will be votes. hillary clinton will win and win fairly based on her having gotten a majority of the votes and once that is over, i believe you will see senator sanders strongly supporting hillary clinton. any hard feelings from the
11:59 am
campaign dissolve. this is a man of great seriousness of purpose and believes very strongly in a whole range of issues and every issue on which he's concerned hillary clinton is, a, not as good as he'd like to think he is and maybe that he is, but infinitely better than donald trump. i think this process will begin after the convention when you will see him enthusiastically make clear to his supporters why electing hillary clinton is so much better than donald trump. >> we'll see a shift next tuesday. congressman barney frank, i appreciate it. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. just a quick reminder, we are watching live pictures of a rescue. ten members of the military stranded there at the top of this mountain here and the rocky mountain national park. update on that. back in 60 seconds. getting faster. huh?
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all right. we continue on top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. just one day of house speaker paul ryan's long awaited lukewarm endorsement of donald trump, paul ryan says he's in complete disagreement, his words, with this presumptive nominee. this is all has to do with the ongoing lawsuits against trump university. mr. trump renewing the attacks against the federal judge hearing the cases. here he is at a rally in california. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo curiel. the judge, who happens to be, we believe, mexican, which is great. i think that's fine. >> and today, the "wall street journal" quoting trump saying the judge has an absolute conflict and he is of mexican heritage and that because trump
12:02 pm
is, quote, building a wall it's an inherent conflict of interest. on to speaker ryan here saying this on local radio in his home state. look. the comment about the judge the other day out of left field from my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with that. he clearly says and does things i don't agree with and i have had to speak on from time to time when that's occurred and i'll continue to do that if it's necessary. i hope it's not. >> joining me, michael smir connish. good to see you. >> hello. >> it's been one day talking to people about hillary's speech and paul ryan endorsement. the fact you have paul ryan saying what he is about trump's comments on this judge, is this paul ryan being hesitant? what is this? >> it's paul ryan being accurate. i mean, this is really appalling
12:03 pm
as an attorney i want you to know this is so unusual. >> what trump is saying. >> what trump is saying. if he has the goods, then do the right thing. file a recusal motion and lay it out so that someone else, someone else on the bench makes a determination if the judge has to go. >> is it race baiting? >> it's worse. it's an attack on the judiciary. maybe judge brooke baldwin is hearing a case, a divorce case an i'm a man in front of you and i say, well, you can't be fair because you're a woman, a white woman, maybe you can't hear someone with a discrimination action or african-american. i mean, no one could sit on the bench -- >> again, a reminder the junch was born in indiana. >> right. he's an american. but even if he were, had been born in mexico and naturalized, the idea you're disqualified because of your skin color, because of your ethnicity,
12:04 pm
because of your religion? right? that's what he's saying. >> and the fact that, you know, other people i talked to bringing up the fact the judge is in a position and can't comment on the case and so that it is -- i was talking to a trump supporter last hour and said it's not fair what -- >> let me tell you why else it isn't fair. if i were donald trump's attorney in this case and i were representing him. >> we are talking to in a couple of minutes. >> ask him this question. >> her. >> her. she couldn't say what he said because he's running afoul of the rules of judicial conduct. he has a right to do so within parameters but the lawyer couldn't say that or would be reprimanded. this is appalling and so far beyond the pale and people need to know the unusual nature of it and what he's doing is planting a seed so if the case doesn't go his way, i don't know enough about the underlying facts to make a determination but he can say i told you.
12:05 pm
it is the mexican judge. offensive. >> let's move on to hillary clinton. >> okay. sorry to hit you with all of that on a friday. >> it's okay. let's be fair. equal scrutiny for both of the individuals. >> absolutely. >> hillary clinton spoke yesterday, talked to people who ari fleischer praisinging her for pieces of her speech and same time going back to the track record and saying that, you know, she's leaving herself wide open. he brought up the e-mas. you know? benghazi. libya. other republicans did, as well. do you think this is -- she's setting up a narrative. what did you make of his peach? >> let me critical. the e-mail issue is mischaracter i ized as a -- it's a lack of transparency. >> of hillary clinton? >> absolutely. she left off the table for journalists like us making freedom of information act requests an ability to look at the means of communication.
12:06 pm
writing a colleague within the state department, presumably that would have been accessible but writing to someone outside the government, seeking counsel on a matter of public import, we should have been able to see that. that's really the issue as i see it. as to the speech, it was a terrific speech. its effectiveness, i don't know. it was a combination of a wonky performance and ridicule. the ridicule didn't work in the past. look at marco rubio and the hands debate. will this be different? time is going to tell. >> michael -- >> was i an equal opportunity offender? >> yes. that's what i want. we'll watch you tomorrow 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. here on cnn. >> thank you for that. >> thank you for that. now to first lady michelle obama also going after donald trump today in her commencement speech. >> first with disappointment for falling short. but graduates, as you all know,
12:07 pm
life will put many obstacles in your past that are far worse than a bad grade. you'll have unreasonable bosses and difficult clients and patients. you'll experience illnesses and losses and crises and setbacks -- >> speaking to graduates in city college of new york, michelle obama took aim at a campaign proposal without calling donald trump by name referencing the wall. >> we don't give in to our fears. we don't build up walls to keep people out because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere. i have seen how leaders who rule by intimidation, leaders who demonize and dehumanize entire groups of people often do so because they have nothing else to offer. >> one day after unleashing a scathing criticism of donald trump hillary clinton told a crowd why the presumptive
12:08 pm
nominee is dangerous for america and unfit to be president. >> by the end of working on that speech, even i was saying, did he really say all of this? well, indeed, he did. and i believe absolutely that he's not only unprepared to be president. he's temperamentally unfit to be president. he doesn't -- he doesn't really have ideas. he just engages in rants and personal feuds and outright lies. something that our country cannot afford in a commander in chief. but i have to tell you, a lot of what he said about what's happening in our own country is as disturbing. his decisiveness, setting people against one another, we've all
12:09 pm
heard it. he is classic. but we have to stand against that. >> hillary clinton there in culver city, california. just minutes ago. here's donald trump also in california in san jose. getting ready to hold another rally in the next hour after firing back at secretary clinton over her criticism of him. >> the only reason she's behaving like this, and the only reason she's been dragged so far left, believe me, is she doesn't want to go to jail over the e-mails. okay? believe me. folks, honestly, she's guilty as hell. >> trump also tweeting this today. quote, crooked hillary's speech yesterday she made up things that i said or believe. but have no basis in fact. not honest. that prompted hillary clinton to tweet out this fact checking page outlining what she calls all of trump's comments on everything from the economy to
12:10 pm
isis. so let's go to culver city, california, to cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny who is there. tell me about her message, jeff. i know she was flanked by a number of female celebrities there in culver city. >> reporter: she was, indeed, brooke. and the message is really amplifying her speech yesterday. really, the definition of donald trump. this is the soundtrack of this campaign for five months or so. we have seen the outlines of this. that's what yesterday's speech was about. today's message here in california is much the same. really trying to drive home the questions and the criticism of donald trump. now, we don't know how effective this is going to be but the clinton campaign believes or hopes to stop the growth, stop the expansion of donald trump support among any voters out there still undecided. it's also designed here in california to be a bit of a message to democrats that it's time to wrap up this democratic primary but, brooke, you said
12:11 pm
there were a lot of celebrities on stage with her. salary field was one of those. i caught up with her before the speech and asked her about this moment in this campaign. >> no one is more vetted, strut nized and dissected than hillary clinton for more years than anyone else in this country. she is absolutely the most qualified human being for president of the united states at this time. i know people are hurting all over this country. that they can't figure out how to make ends meet and i know that's a terrible, terrible frustration and burden and sadness. and things need to be fixed. but someone who is, you know, as ill equipped as donald trump is not the answer. >> reporter: and, brooke, being out here in california in hollywood, hillary clinton getting a lot of advice to run against a celebrity. sally field saying donald trump is not a celebrity. she told voters, look, this is
12:12 pm
not a popularity contest and knows hillary clinton needs to increase enthusiasm and said it's not necessary to be the most popular but the most experienced. we'll see if that argument works here in next three days and the next five months. brooke? >> all eyes on tuesday there. jeff zeleny in california for us there. thank you. jake tapper just talked to hillary clinton and donald trump. you will see his exclues interviews at the top of the hour on "the lead" here on cnn. just ahead for the first time, a trump lawyer involved in trump university speaks out and joins me live. a father in court lunges toward his daughter's killer. after the convicted serial killer apparently smiled at him. we'll talk to that father about that moment. coming up. and we continue to watch breaking news, the rescue for ten military personnel stranded there on longs peak in the rocky mountain national park. stay here.
12:13 pm
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welcome back. watching cnn on this friday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. all the allegations here of the trump university resulted in some positive feedback for donald trump. he tweeted this after the release of 400 pages of court documents part of the lawsuit against the now shuddered school. quote, after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i have instructed the execs to open trump u. so much interest in it. i will be pres. there's videos of former students praising trump university. >> i took some of the real estate courses. i thought maybe the real estate way would be the way for me to go, also, to look at investing in real estate and i must tell you that the courses that i took were outstanding. >> i went into the florida markets and did about 40 business deals there, real estate deals in south carolina
12:18 pm
and the returns on those deals were incaluable. joining me from the trump counsel and handling the cases against the school since the first of three lawsuits were filed, jill, welcome. >> thank you. >> all right. so first question here. i know donald trump and trump surrogates tout the 98% approval rating but according to the declaration in court 25% of people who took the class got refunds. so, the math, jill, doesn't add up. >> yeah, what we're looking at here is two different things. you're comparing two different statistics. 98 percentile is what students gave trump university positive ratings on over 10,000 evaluations. those 10,000 evaluations do not include those number of students that received refunds and those
12:19 pm
student that is received refunds did so under the very generous refund policy that said if you weren't satisfied when you first started the course, you could drop out and get your money back, so those students that dropped out and got the money back did not finish the course and then fill out a survey. >> understand but i also understand and i know that you all point to success stories we just heard a sound bite from one but the success stories and folks we have talked to, number of media outlets spoke within the students that give high marks, five out of five, for the courses say they were either pressured to do so by the trump u instructors or that, you know, at the time they thought they had a positive experience and then going out into the real world to make money they couldn't. >> yeah. the answer to that is two fold. first, the students were not pressured. i mean, we have significant evidence in the case that shows that there was no one pressuring people to fill out the surveys. they did it on their own
12:20 pm
volition. they could have given it negative marks s and no pressu. the students that didn't sked after the courses that's a fact of life. not everybody attains any education and have 100% success rate. students get out of it what they put into it. some people succeed in real estate and some people aren't. >> i have an instructor and student. first, here's a student who likens trump university to food poisoning. >> near the end, end day, they always give you a sheet of paper and say how did you like the course and instructor and all these things and do you approve and like it? we all loved it. we were like ready to go. we were the basketball team right after the -- right after the locker room pep talk. however, i really look at it like this. is say you go to a really nice restaurant.
12:21 pm
and really expensive restaurant and eat a gorgeous dinner and the chef comes out near the end of the meal and ask you how you liked it and you liked it and you go home and you're really, really sick. >> what do you feel about trump university? >> i feel like i was poisoned and duped and ripped off. >> so, jill, that was a student. on the note about how, you know, instructors never pressure the students, i have to also just explain ronald shackenberg was a top ranked sales manager at trump university said he quit because, quote, i believe that trump university was engaging in misleading, fraudulent conduct and thought a couple that couldn't afford it and sell it to them. this is what mr. shackenberg says. the couple would have had to pay for the program of disability income and taking out a loan based on the equity on the
12:22 pm
apartment. he refused to make the sale and reprimanded for not trying harder to sell the program to this couple. and stood by as another sales person talked them into buying the $35,000 for the seminar. i was disgusted. >> going first to roger, that testimony you're pointing out there is from a declaration that he signed much -- a long time ago in the case. after that was filed, we took his deposition and he really walked back and recanted that testimony. he agreed that trump university wasn't fraud and didn't target elders and simply a case of plaintiff's attorneys putting down information on a declaration he signed and what the press is looking at. they're not looking at -- >> what about the student then, jill? who feels like he was food poisoned. >> look. i don't know the specific circumstances with that student. again, not every student will find success in trump
12:23 pm
university. he -- if he gave it five out of fives and happy with what he learned, trump university taught substantive valuable content. we have several students that submitted declarations and witnesses at trial that will say just that. it's unfortunate that the particular students for whatever reason are coming out making the students and one side of the picture when the court record shows that there are many other students to disagree with this gentleman. >> what about then, jill, new depositions released yesterday that show that mr. trump was in charge of all advertising. you know? the videos, what was necessary to try to attract people to take these courses for trump university and i understand where we're promises were made, financial security and success. not to mention that there were promises that mr. trump hand picked the instructors and later we know that that wasn't the case. my question to you on promises, this is a man running to be the president of the united states.
12:24 pm
why should the voters he's making about the country and the promises ten years ago turned out to be not true? >> first of all, i disagree completely the promises he made were not true. that's certainly something -- >> he said he hand picked the instructors and he didn't. >> mr. trump at the very initiation of trump university certainly did meet with and pick very high quality instructors that designed the curriculum and trump university and saying he hand picked the instructors, that is true talking about the individuals that did design trump university an the curriculum that trump university was based off of. i do completely disagree with you mr. trump made false promises in the case and something we are fully confident will come out at trial and why we'll be victorious in november. >> but he couldn't name a single name of any of the instructors. i understand you're talking about hand picked people that designed trump u from the outset
12:25 pm
but day in, day out teaching the kaurss, he couldn't name a single instructor. >> that's inaccurate. that's specific testimony where the plaintiff's attorney asked about specific instructors. mr. trump in other testimony had also talked about specific instructors that he did meet, he did review resumes for. this is not a case of mr. trump was completely absent. yes, he did -- he did have hands off on the day-to-day operations. that was not his role. he was chairman of trump university and really there to set up the university and find those initial vukt or thes at the outset and testified about that and we'll see that come out in court. >> what about this judge? you know, when mr. trump talks about trump university, the judge, the judge isn't doing his job, the allegations aren't coming from, you know, they're coming from all the people of trump university. why does -- why does donald trump coming back and back tripled down last night on the judge? why is he attacking someone who
12:26 pm
legally speaking can't counter punch? >> you know, i'm not going to talk about the attacks on the judge. i'm an attorney on the matter. what i can talk about is the case and mr. trump is disappointed in some of the decisions in the case and he's going to make that known. >> why not ask for a recusal? >> that's something that the legal strategy will depend on and decide on and not something that we have done up to this date. >> will you do? do you think you will? >> you know, i'm not going to talk about legal strategy going forward but, you know, we are continuing to monitor the case and we still feel very strong on the merits and we have a long fight to go and plan on making many more motions and attacks in the case and we think a positive outcome. >> okay. jill martin, assistant general counsel for the trump organization, i appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, the speaker of the house of representatives paul ryan quietly boards the trump train but a columnist of the home state says the house
12:27 pm
speaker fell for the donald trump, quote, con job. that journalist and the congressman's former adviser join me live on whether ryan made the right move.
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
we're back. bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin one day, one day after endorsing donald trump for president, house speaker paul ryan is already saying trump was wrong for criticizing the federal judge overseeing the lawsuit of the now defunct trump
12:32 pm
university. krigsian schneider says that speaker ryan fell for trump's con job as he put it. christian is a columnist with "the milwaukee journal sentinel" and also with me is -- good to see both of you. kevin, out of the gate for you, you worked with then congressman ryan. i mean, one day. one day after this endorsement, you know, he's having to talk about and call out essentially these controversial comments of mr. trump made of they're wrong and seems like a problem going father. no? >> i think he said that in his decision yesterday to say that he's going to vote for donald trump and not oppose him as our nominee. that's who the republican voters selected as his nominee. i don't think he's paul ryan's first choice. i think he would admit this and focusing on areas of common
12:33 pm
ground and i think rather than differences between the two and paul ryan has a serious domestic policy agenda he put forward today, a better way and focus on this. >> okay, okay. hang on. every time, any time mr. trump says anything perceived as controversial and speaker ryan is asked about it, is this what the next couple of months might look like? >> maybe. he left himself open to point out differences when he has them. i think he'll consistently have issues with tone if donald trump continues to come campaign this way and i wouldn't be surprised if he continues to point those things out where they differ. paul ryan won't stop being paul ryan and say what he believes in and, you know, so you may hear him criticize him from time to time. >> christian, you say you're disapointed. tell me why. >> debt me be clear. republican party has nothing better going for it right now than paul ryan and has been for years. that's why they keep giving him jobs he doesn't want but that's
12:34 pm
what makes this so much more disappointing, the fact that donald trump doesn't stand for any of the things that paul ryan stands for, whether it's social security or taxes or immigration or any of that stuff. and so, as you just said before, the thing that comes up today where ryan is talking about, you know, trump calling the judge mexican. i mean, once you buy trump, you buy the whole thing. it's not like you can say i endorse him except for this this, this and this. what about just even, kevin, the way speaker ryan endorsed him? the fact that it was the hometown smaller paper, right as secretary clinton giving a big national security speech in san diego? >> i'll leave it to others to make the judgment.
12:35 pm
i think it is clear that paul ryan, this is not his first choice for the nominee of the republican party but look. the republican voters have spoken. it's important that we listen to them. the republican party changed in a lot of ways. critical we hear that segment of the party saying that. that said, paul ryan continues to put out the agenda. conservative agenda and fight for it and his members will run their own races and donald trump will run his. >> okay. final question to you, christian. as a newspaper columnist, you know, we're reading in the san diego tribune saying that they're essentially asking voters next tuesday for the primary there to write in ronald reagan. do you see that? >> i did not see that but, yeah, it makes sense. >> makes sense he says. >> no. >> go ahead. >> okay. you know, i think the best thing to happen for the party right now would be for there to be a solid conservative republican
12:36 pm
out there to get people out to the polls. because i think a lot of people are going to stay home if trump's the nominee. we are seeing the tip of the iceberg with regard to, you know, all the stuff to throw out there. i don't want people to stay home and i think it will help paul ryan's caucus and i think helps the senate for other people to run. >> christian schneider and kevin sheridan, thank you both very much. coming up, we'll talk to this father here. tremendous video of this father just lunging toward his daughter's killer in this courtroom. we'll join me live to talk to me about what exactly happened moments before this, what led him to do this. his reaction also to the punishment handed down by the judge. ♪rock-a-bye stacy ♪running non-stop. ♪lifting up patients... ♪...changing their socks. ♪you're sore and you're beat ♪from all that you did. ♪for rest and relief ♪try sealy's hybrid.
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12:41 pm
wanted to share this with you today. this father sitting in a courtroom. his daughter's killer just across from him and for weeks as this trial unfolding, the father hold it is composure until something unthinkable happens, a killer smirks. a moment too unbearable for this grieving man. in case you missed it, i want to replay the portion to see that the killer continues to smile. he's sentenced to death for
12:42 pm
killing three people. here he was. a father who simply could not take it longer is van terry, he joins me now. i'm so sorry for the loss of your daughter and i appreciate your time today. thank you, sir. >> thank you. i appreciate you, as well. >> my goodness. watching that video, i have seen it probably six times today. why did you do that? >> i don't recall doing it. it was an instance of grieving and i just snapped. as i was talking. >> so you were talking because you were up there speaking, you were giving what they call a victim pact statement. and so, how far from him were you? >> i'm going to say anywhere from ten, maybe 15 feet. >> did you look him in the eye? >> that's what i was trying to do. i wanted the see the person that hurt my daughter. when i turned around to look at him, with that grin, i lost my
12:43 pm
mind. >> he grinned at you? >> yes, he did. >> and so, the man who murdered your daughter dares to grin at you and then you -- you snapped. you leapt. what did you hope to do? >> actually i wanted to bring his jaw. get that grin off his face. if we're being honest. >> we are being honest. we are being honest. i know that a lot of people talk about forgiveness when they sit up there in cases like this. where are you? how are you feeling? >> well, forgiveness is not for the person. forgiveness is for you. because you supposed to forgive that person so they don't occupy time in your heart and mind. you forgive that person and then you move on with your life. right now it's still too hard. it's been three years. it is still too hard for me to
12:44 pm
do this. >> i know that he was sentenced to death. how do you feel about that? is that what you were wanting? >> well, in ohio, it is going to take a while for him to die. if he was dying today, yeah, i would want that. but it's going to take a while for him to die. he has the right to appeal it. he's going to go through the paper work and the process and take a while. we have to wait for all that to go down, what, ten years. that takes too long. we got to pay for that. that's not right. >> there was talk of potentially you even facing charges for wanting i'm sure as a lot of fathers in your shoes would have wanted to do, break his jaw, do you know if that's on the table or no? >> i wasn't told anything about charges. they took my name down. off my i.d. but they didn't say anything about charges. and if charges are come out of
12:45 pm
it, i face it when i face it. i'm not going to question or stress about it. >> can we end this conversation, not talking about the man sitting across from you, but talking about your daughter? can you tell me about her? >> sherel was my angel. everybody called her sherel. i called her heaven. >> why is that? >> i call my kids according to how they act. and that's my heaven. so to me, he took my -- she's an answer. she was heavy into the church and my reader, my bookworm. >> she was 18. you say every day's still tough. three years later. what do you miss most about her? >> her hugs. most common -- most folks know her hugzilla. she see you, she want to hug you. she stayed on my arm so --
12:46 pm
that's what i miss about her. ivan terry, thank you for the time. no. forgive me for cutting you off. go ahead. >> well no. i would at work i would have to pull her off of my shoulder just so i can work. when she come down to my shop, she's holding on to me the whole time. i miss that. >> so sweet. that is so sweet. i think a lot of parents are watching and thinking that would have done the same thing had they been in your shoes in that courtroom. thank you. and again i am so sorry. >> i thank you. no problem. you have a blessed one. >> you, too, sir. we'll be right back.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
how did you come to know and like this country? >> i think it was just listening and watching and saying, gosh, this is quite different to all of the other countries that i know. first off, the language. >> yes. >> sometimes you think people were quarrelling and they are not. they are laughing. they are laughing. >> she is the npr africa
12:50 pm
correspondent. she's made the capital her home for over ten years. >> it's easy to get on with and they care about you and i guess that's what we all want as human beings, isn't it? to be loved, to be cherished. and i found that here. >> anthony bourdain. "parts unknown," sunday at 9:00 eastern. an officer faces an impossible situation. a little girl held at knife point. the hostage taker refusing to budge. the officer's quick thinking and bravery now earning him the medal of valor presented by president obama. >> he's my superhero. >> aww, thank you, sweetheart. that is so sweet. >> why do you say that? >> because he saved me and he
12:51 pm
saved the day. >> wow. >> david huff hasn't seen z zoe keeting in three years. the day they met, a man named sammy wallace had zapped 2-year-old zoe from her mom's shopping cart. >> i started screaming, somebody please help, this man has my baby. >> this is 911. how can we help you? >> we need police here immediately. >> there's someone with a knife holding a little girl hostage. >> reporter: within minutes, midwest city police officers, david huff and darryl miller calmly walked in to this frantic scene. >> he was in this manic state where he was basically just blurting out statements. >> reporter: huff and miller were trained hostage negotiators. the next 30 minutes would be the ultimate test. >> i said, sammy, look. she's not scared of you.
12:52 pm
she's not even crying. >> reporter: then wallace threatening to kill zoe and counted down from 60. >> the only way i know that zoe is not going to be in danger, when the shots fired, is if the barrel of my gun is touching his head. he got down to five and i took one large step and had to do it. >> reporter: wallace collapses but watch huff's reaction. >> i was angry that he made me do it and at that point i thought that zoe had already been cut or stabbed and that i waited too long. they finally came around and said, she don't have a scratch on her and that was the best part. >> he's my superhero. >> you are the sweetest thing. >> reporter: david huff is proof not every superhero wear as
12:53 pm
cape. ed lavandera, oklahoma city.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
i've been waiting all week to talk to this guy. i wanted to end the week with a little inspiration. quincy jones -- no, not that quincy jones. a young comedian was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer late last year and his doctor he's facing the news with ive. courage and definitely a hefty dose of humor. instead of giving up, the
12:56 pm
seattle native decided to live, pursue his dream and an hbo comedy special gave him his wish. >> i believe that if you put good out there with no expectations, it's going to come back. you just can't expect it to. it doesn't cost you anything to be a decent human being. it doesn't take any skin off your back, whether it's in traffic, yeah, [ bleep ], okay, whatever. it doesn't matter. we're still in traffic. >> stand by. >> what cancer does, it changes your perspective of things. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's my honor, my pleasure to bring on the stage quincy jones! >> now i have two cards and i can play them like the race card and the cancer card. and that's blackjack. >> that was last night and now here he is live, quincy jones. thank you so much for being
12:57 pm
here. i'm sure your special was awesome last night. you've said comedy saved your life. how do you mean? >> sure. i mean, i feel like it was my ability to -- like, i love performing. i love the whole process of comedy from the idea to taking the idea on to the stage and then crafting it through repetition and then it becomes funny 90% of the time. i love that. that's my favorite thing. for me to be able to make people laugh and spread joy, i think that helped. i think that's helping in my diagnosis with cancer. >> so a doctor says to you, what was this, 2015, that you have essentially a year. how do you, for so many people out there, especially watching with cancer, how do you laugh about that? >> because you know your body better than anybody else. all doctors are people who have more student loan debt and they
12:58 pm
have read more books than you. you know. so what you have to do is make a mental determination. that's what i did. i heard what the doctor said and i said, you know what, if this is a crap shoot, i think i could win the crap shoot. i don't think i'm going to die on august 6th, 2016. so we're going to do whatever we need to do. and it was a determination in me that made me say, okay, if i've got to do yoga, juice, chemo, whatever it takes to live longer and that's what i did. >> what does "burning the light," the hbo special, what does that mean? >> it is a reference to when you're on stage you get a certain amount of time. the host gets ten minutes, the feature gets 30 minutes, the headliner gets 45 to an hour and then you get the light and you wrap that up. when the doctor said i had a year to live last year, that was like me getting a light. burning the light is i'm going to live longer than a year. that's what it means.
12:59 pm
that's why we chose that title. >> i love it. and i'm going to get the light about 60, 60 seconds, the literal light. how do you figure out how you want to live? >> you determine your life. you dictate and take control of your life. so for me, i've done an hbo special, i'd love to do another hbo special. i'm working on more material right now. >> hbo, if you're listening. >> yes, shoutout to hbo. i'd like to do another special maybe in about a year. i'd like to tour, maybe travel, you know, eat more good food, drink good drinks, hang out with you one day. i have options. >> bring it on. i'm right here in new york city. i was so inspired by that piece in "the l.a. times," i had to have you on. >> i'll be in new york at the end of this month. >> boom. then we'll make it happen. again, hbo, "burning the light," we will see each other.
1:00 pm
thank you. i appreciate your story and laughter is everything. quincy jones, thank you. >> thank you. have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here. big, big interviews on "the lead." hillary clinton and donald trump with jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. we're live in the golden state, california, and it's just four days until californians head to the polls in this delegate gold mine. and the hits that hillary clinton and donald trump are dishing at each other and this is the only show where you will hear from both of them one on one with me today. "the lead" starts right now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're live in culver city. what we have