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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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show the world that california's going forward with the political revolution. >> i believe on tuesday i will have decisively won the popular vote and i will have decisively won the pledged delegates to majority. >> my problem is that the process today has allowed secretary clinton to get the support of over 4 00 super delegates before any other democratic candidate was in the race. >> i know we've never done this before. we've never had a woman president. >> the democratic national convention will be a contested convention. >> hello, and welcome to election night in america. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center. thank you for joining us.
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hillary clinton set to speak moments from now in california. this is the first results from puerto rico's democratic presidential primary coming. and so far hillary clinton is winning. it's still very early. just 60 delegates are up for grabs there, but guess what? that's the exact number of delegates that hillary clinton needs to clench the nomination. if she wins at least 85% of the vote, she will have the needed number of delegates for nomination all before welcome back. delegate-rich california even heads to the polls on tuesday. hillary clinton takes an early lead in the puerto rico that would force bernie sanders to take his complaints about the democratic presidential primary. take a look at the results right party's super delegates system now. about 3% of the vote is in. to the convention floor in she has 69 .3% to bernie sanders philadelphia in july. the stakes clearly incredibly high right now, and what happens tonight could change potentially 30.2%. we're also waiting for hillary the very course of the race. clinton to start speaking in let's go straight to cnn's donny california. when she does, we'll bring you her remarks live. in san juan, puerto rico for us. donald trump said he could have did you talk to people as they left the polls? a rebuttal as soon as tomorrow. we're getting an initial trickle of votes coming in. mr. political observers saying hillary clinton is ahead, at she scored big with thursday's
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least very early with about 2 % of the vote. foreign policy speech in which what are you hearing and seeing? he cast donald trump has >> caller: good afternoon, wolf. i spoke to some of the people. temperamentally unfit. surprisingly most of the people he said he could respond before who actually voted did not want the election in california and four other states. to share who they notvoted for. with us now is adam schiff of those who did share, it was in the majority, a lot of bernie california. sanders supporters. he's a democrat. however, i do have to say that there were a lot of hillary thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> are you concerned about what clinton supporters, mainly older donald trump might say when he people. people who actually lived on the island and were already adults fires back at hillary clinton on when bill clinton was president national security foreign policy as early as tomorrow? in the nie90s. >> no, i'm not. they remember his administration in fact, every time donald trump and both president clinton and wades into foreign policy or hillary clinton visiting the national security, he seems to island on numerous occasions. make his problem even worse in so they have that very close terms of his credibility. admiration for the clintons. just within the last 24 hours or so i can tell you it was pretty 48 hours, he reversed himself in much divided. however, in comparison to other terms of his views on what we years, we did see a lot of should have done in libya. i think he's only digging the people out voting for
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presidential primaries. hole deeper. normally people are not very what made secretary clinton's enthusiastic when it comes to presidential primaries because speech powerful was that she was people, puerto ricans on the using his words against him. island cannot vote in very much against what has been presidential elections come november. in comparison to my experience in covering oh primaries in the bipartisan american foreign security policy. i'm not concerned about what past, i did see a larger number she'll have to say. of voters. >> listen to how donald trump responded to charges from hillary clinton that he is thin-skinned. listen to this. >> in san juan puerto rico for >> first of all, i don't have thin skin. i have strong j thick skin. us, thank you for much. when somebody is right about me, we're analyzing the results of if you do a report and it's not necessarily positive but you're the puerto rico pry nimary. right, i never complain. i do complain when it's a lie or 60 delegates are at stake and that's what hillary clinton needs to clench the nomination wrong. but i have a strong temperament, and it's a good temperament, and including her 500 plus super it's an in control temperament, delegates. or i wouldn't have built all the things i've been able to do in clinton clint life. >> he made those comments to clie hillary clinton is looking to jake tapper on state of the clench the nomination. union. we've sort of seen this before let's talk about this with our the back and forth between donald trump and political
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senior correspondent and rivals. in fact, a lot of those political director and our chief republican candidates, they national correspondent. guys, thank you for joining us. brutally went after him. once again, the numbers very he beat them all rather handily. early trickling in. why aren't you concerned that he let's take a look over there. potentially can't do the same thing to hillary clinton? >> well, look, i don't think 33.9% for bernie sanders. hillary clinton is up by almost anyone should take trump 500 votes. anything but seriously. it's still very early in this he has confounded expectations contest. >> still short of the 85% number you were saying to keep -- within the gop primary, and there was a certain percentage >> tell our viewers why that 85 of the gop electorate, % number is so important obviously, that was attracted to his message. tonight. >> if she won 85% of the vote or but i don't think he wears well, more, she keeps bernie sanders and i don't think there's anyone who watched that interview, from getting the fresh hold he frankly, with donald trump denying he has a thin skin who found him at all believable. needs to win puerto rico. he is, if anything, very thin you must win 15% statewide, and skinned and a bully. within the districts, you have and i think he demonstrated this to hit a threshold. week by doubling down, tripling by winning 85 % of the vote, she down on these bigoted comments would presumably keep him from about the judge and the trump getting any delegates tonight. and as you noted, she's 60 university case that he is just fundamentally unsuited for the delegates away from crossing that magic number needed to highest office, really, any
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secure the nomination, and then office in the land, so i don't think we can take the challenge she wins it all. lightly. he's kind of a human wrecking if this is the final, she falls short of the goal. >> the only way she would be ball. at the same time he is proceeding to alienate greater able to get to that magic number of 60 which is the magic number and greater numbers of people every week. at least on this day is if super >> remember, congressman, that whether it's jeb bush or ted delegates who are still cruz or marco rubio or any of undecla undeclared, decide to declare. >> and knowing how contentious the other republican candidates, of an issue that is between the they spend hundreds of millions of dollars, a lot of that money sanders and clinton campaign, in attack ads against him. especially between sanders supporters as they think if she they went after him in all the debates. he has achieved something that goes on to be the nominee, can they get from there, at the is pretty impressive. moment, never hillary position to getting the nomination. he got more republican votes than anyone else in republican now, this is a very rough guess. presidential primaries. he did well despite the controversial things he said if this math held, then roughly, during those campaigns. >> that's certainly true. hillary clinton would get 40. and i think no one underestimated him as much as there's eight island senate the mainstream gop. districts. the island wide vote doesn't and that's a mistake that give you an exact estimate of democrats are determined not to the delegates. make. we're not going to underestimate roughly, 40 delegates, 39 him, but it's one thing to
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delegates in this math. compete within the gop, within the base for, frankly, some of that puts her 20 short or so. does she have 20 super delegates that base which is not reflective of the rest of the in her back pocket? country. she does. would that be a smart political in fact, perhaps not even reflective of many within the republican party, and it's strategy or would you rather another to compete in a general wait and let new jersey vote and election when you're alienating montana and new mexico and california, the six states. huge groups of the american e lek rat, it's hard to see how new jersey and california, with donald trump, for example, will california by far having the not get the lowest level of biggest basket of delegates. they would be happy in the latino support in a presidential clinton campaign to have new election in modern history, the lowest level of african american jersey put her over the stop with her super delegates. support, and that's just a couple groups he's alienated they're hoping when new jersey and new mexico and the biggest contest for the math argument recently. you'll see more remarks and attack of veterans who are taken here will be for secretary clinton. if you want to have a moral prison coming out. argument here, winning the last it seems to be a catalog of big huge state, california, the comments and positions that are alienating different sectors of anchor of the democratic party the american public, and i think is the 50 plus electoral votes in california. as you see more and more if hillary clinton can carry the republicans have to distance themselves. we saw mitch mcconnell and trophy, she thinks bernie
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sanders has no argument left. >> she's win the bigger states. speaker ryan try to do an act he's won the smaller states with where they're endorsing him but less delegates. we'll be hearing from hillary disagreeing at the same time. they're bound with him. clinton soon and hearing live the house and senate gop will be bound with him. coverage of what she has to say. he is their nominee. and i think he's going to be a disaster for their party, but it's a delicate tight rope, how we're going to have to work hard and you're right. far she goes. no doubt she'll talk about we can take nothing for granted donald trump. in this general election. >> she hasn't really been talking about bernie sanders >> adam schiff, democratic much lately. she gave the big speech about congressman, thank you for joining us. donald trump on thursday. >> thanks, wolf. in terms of sort of encouraging >> we're watching the primary bernie sanders to make a results coming in for puerto rico right now. decision, she has used herself hillary clinton is leading. as an example saying listen, in senator bernie sanders, you can see the numbers right there. 69 % for hillary clinton. 2008 i was a closely fought contest but then she came out, still early, 30.4 % for bernie of course, and embraced obama on june 7th. it will be eight years to the sanders. we're also waiting to hear from day on tuesday when she conceded hillary clinton. she's about to have a campaign top in northern california. in 2008. she looked like she'll clench cnn will have live coverage once she's there. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways the nomination on tuesday. again, you have from other democrats signaling that bernie sanders, it's time to wrap this
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up, that they think hillary clinton is the best person to move forward as the head of the party. >> the one thing she has been saying about senator sanders, she's using her own experience in 2008 as an example as saying i will do my part to unify the party, and i fully expect senator sanders to do his part. she doesn't specify what either one of the parts are. she doesn't actually see the specifics of what is required to bring the party together. i would imagine if you talked to to be taken care of. people in cloininton quarters, y home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, don't believe bernie sanders like claim free rewards... would be doing his part if super or safe driving bonus checks. delegate -- until the convention even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! floor. you have to remember, wolf, i want to make this point. it is an odd system. in means protection plus unique extras only from we get it. it is an odd system. an expert allstate agent. there are these primaries and it's good to be in, good hands. caucuses and these results matter, and they dictate, but then there's a super free agent all the other guys are talking about these days is how good their coverage is. but only one network is giving you more than just great coverage. component. t-mobile!
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but we track super delegates and only t-mobile's lets you stream video and music - for free! contact them and ask them who are they supports right now, and not only that, but we doubled our lte coverage in the last year. we record that support. that's right! our coverage now stacks up with anybody. that's cnn's reporting. basically the sanders argument including verizon and at&t. is please ignore your reporting on the superdelegates because so now you can get rid of the other guys they may change between now and and get great coverage from t-mobile. then, but we're reporting what we got you covered. we know about their support and we won't stop! level and will report if that changes. that would be a huge story. >> we have an experienced team of people doing that. >> and in 2008 when secretary clinton on june 7th th said obama won, obama went over the top with super delegates. the clinton campaign checked the math and said it's done. >> i remember that. i made that projection. i remember it very vividly. stand by. any minute hillary clinton will speak live in california. she's hoping to win delegate-rich state of california on tuesday. we're going to have live coverage of hillary clinton's comments. also puerto rico. the first results you see them, they're coming in right now. we're monitoring those results.
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right now hillary clinton is ahead in the puerto rican primary. 6 0 delegates are at stake. it's the exact number she needs to clench the democratic presidential nomination. months and months of tough campaigning may come down to it all tonight inf she gets all 60 of the delegates. let's discuss with the panel.
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>> i should point out we're also waiting for hillary clinton to start speaking in california. she's about to make a statement. we'll have live coverage of that. the results you can see about 3% of the vote is in. she's close to 70%. she has 30%. she would need 85% to get all of the 60 delegates. we'll see what happens. it's early. >> it's early. it looks like as we were saying, if this is kind of a snapshot of how this thing is going to end up, she's not going to be able to deny sanders votes and get the whole basket of votes and get over. but listen, this is sort of a preview of what we'll see on tuesday. we'll see what she says tonight if she continues her attacks on donald trump, for instance. and if she sends another signal to bernie sanders. in some ways she's saying she's going to unify the party and she's the presumptive nominee. she said in a recent speech in california we've never had a
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woman president before, hint, hint, this is an opportunity for the democrats to make history the way they did in 2012. it's a night where she gets closer to what we think is going to happen on tuesday. >> it's not just cnn. >> our main focus tonight, the it's most of the major tuesday primary results emerging from considerations, including the puerto rico. associated press. they take a close look at the all about the democrat right now. hillary clinton and senator pledged delegates. bernie sanders only moments they put their numbers up there, away, by the way, we expect to but they also take a close look hear from hillary clinton. she's getting ready to speak in at 15% of all the delegates who california. we'll have live coverage of happen been the super delegates. that. as for the republicans, even the super delegates declare who though donald trump is all alone they are supporting. on the gop side, he's not >> right. 15% is a good number to put out necessarily coasting quietly there. they are 15% of the total toward the convention. just in the past week he universe of delegates. hammered a federal judge by neither candidate can get the name. nomination without super then there was this moment on delegates. that's not a possibility. they both need super delegates. friday. >> look at my african american over here. while the sanders' campaign look at them. are you the greatest? would like us not to include you know what i'm talking about? super delegates to come to this okay. >> campaign insider says that calculation or estimate that she clenches the nomination, they donald trump was just thanking one of his supporters in the very much say every day that crowd.
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didn't mean anything racist or they're trying to make the arguments to super delegates to offensive by the remarks in fact come on board their side. it happened just after hillary that, to me is the bind they find themselves in. clinton blasted donald trump in a foreign policy speech in san don't count them in the diego. watch this. estimate, but let us court them >> he is temperamentally unfit. because we want them in our we cannot let him roll the dice total. with america. >> if senatdelegates were rever i don't understand donald's would the sanders campaign say bizarre fascination with stop counting the dictators and strong men who superdelegates? have no love for america. they wouldn't. and i get their passion. >> i will leave it to the they don't officially vote until psychiatrists to explain his the convention. i want to go back to 2008. affection for tyrants. hillary clinton when she making donald trump a commander in chief would be a historic conceded, nobody had voted. she conceded before the mistake. >> we are joined by the national convention because her campaign looked at the math and had spokesperson for the donald people, delegate counters and trump campaign. i want to get your reaction to people plugged into the party what hillary clinton said, but are you guys in the trump who knew the superdelegates, campaign already working under some of whom switched from the assumption she will be the clinton and obama and were not going to switch back. democratic nominee and bernie that's when she said the math sanders won't be the democratic was done. that's what they're hoping nominee? >> you know, absolutely. handles tuesday into thursday of mr. trump has said time and time next week. we have to let this play out again the system is rigged. including tonight.
3:15 pm
this will get her, she's just and bernie sanders doesn't stand a chance, and i think even shy of 70 %. bernie sanders people know this. there are senate districts but with regard to what miss within the island of puerto rico. you can't do it by the island clinton said about mr. trump and temperament, i don't recall mr. wide vote. if it's something like this, it trump ever screaming at secret will get her 40 of the 60. service and calling them pigs the interesting challenge for the clinton campaign now is if and throwing vases across the you want to go over the top on room and clawing his spouse tuesday, and what they will do after the votes on tuesday, they which clinton has been reported have many more, a couple dozen, maybe as many as 40 plus, more to do. >> where was she reported to do all that? >> it's been written in books. super delegates who are ready once they get the okay from the secret service reported it and there are books coming out. clinton campaign to announce. this has been something that has been widely known in the clinton they want to overwhelm us with circles that have been reported wins on tuesday, and more super delegates on top of it. over time. >> i haven't heard about it. if she gets 40 tonight, one of we'll check it out. >> i'll send you the links. the challenges is to tell their >> all right. send me the links. people do not, when cnn calls let's talk a little bit about some of the republicans criticizing donald trump right you, when app calls you and says now, especially on that issue of commit, do not. his comments on the federal let tuesday's vote put me over judge who is overseeing that the top. don't go over the top before case involving trump university. them. >> i remember, and david you you've heard what mitch will. eight years ago it was after mcconnell, the majority leader had to say, the speaker of the puerto rico where it was clear
3:16 pm
to hillary clinton she was not house, paul ryan, senator corker going to get enough of the delegates, and she dropped out after the puerto rico contest. today, and even newt gingrich, is that right? >> it took her a few days after they're not happy with his comments. the final results on that final are you? >> well, look, i don't think tuesday before she got to that either of the individuals that place, but yes. you have mentioned have it was after those results were in, she did, indeed, come to experienced what mr. trump has that realization and made that experienced in this whole speech at the national building process which is a number of decisions made by this judge, museum that weekend withdrawing not the to the mention the from the race. >> a lot of her supporter were connections the judge has to the opponents in this case, not to upset. she made the decision it was mention the two law firms that over. he appointed which have been >> bernie sanders has one of the hillary clinton and barack obama premier delegate counters on his supporters as well as the attorney general in new york. staff. there are a ton of connections a strategist j consultant to the here to activism, particularly, sanders campaign. he knows the rules and the not just against republican politics but to immigration process better than anybody. politics. >> so, katrina, he's not going inside the sanders campaign, there's at least one person who to back away from that criticism has done this for a very long of this federal judge? time. he can count. >> hillary clinton has some introductory remarks. >> well, no. she's thanking some people in not at all. it's not just ethnicity of the california. judge. we'll keep a close eye on that. we're also keeping a close eye it's also his connections and also the activism associated on puerto rico's presidential
3:17 pm
with him. and we have seen many of times primary. the democratic contest, potentially could give hillary on this network, several people have been given a platform, clinton the magic number she because of ethnicity in the justice system and how there's a bias. >> we suggested he's going to needs. we'll have more coverage after have his lawyers perhaps do a this. a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and complicated. formal motion to have the judge that's why at cancer treatment centers of rekuz himself, get him out of this case. america every patient gets their own care manager what can you tell us about that? >> that is something that mr. to coordinate every aspect of their care. trump has said, and he has said the care manager is making sure that on the complaampaign trail. everything is flowing well so the patient day by day there's more can continue to get their treatment. information that comes out. we are the link between the >> why hasn't he done that over patient and the doctor. the care manager coordinates all of the the past several months? >> well, that's probably a legal patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... issue. i wouldn't be able to answer that question. >> all right. we can do paperwork or contact their employers i want you to stand by. we have more to assess. we want to get your reaction. or set them up with home health. we're standing by to hear from that's what brings most people into nursing; you get to connect with people. clinton cloichbhillary clinton. that's what i love about being a care manager. we'll get your reaction. we'll continue to watch right now the puerto rican democratic meet the care managers at ctca. presidential primary. my name is collette... results are coming in. lindsey jodi 3% of the vote is now in. stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so hillary clinton, 69.3%. you can focus on your fight.
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and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and i believe on tuesday i will and being able to pass that along to my family have decisively won the pledge is really important to me. delegate majority. just being together and appreciating you can't get much more than that out of a primary season. what we have right here in santa cruz. >> the democratic national see how you can save energy at committee has made that clear that what she would be doing is together, we're building a better california. combining pledged delegates. those are the real delegates people work for, and the superdelegates and people that are appointed by the committee and what the dnc has made it very clear is that the media should wanot lump those two together. >> very different viewpoints heading into the final stretch of this voting season. both of those candidates speaking earlier with our jake tapper. the first results from the puerto rico primary and you can see them up on the screen right now and still very early and still 3% of the vote are taking their time out in puerto rico and they closed the polls there almost four hours ago and 69.3%
3:22 pm
hillary clinton is expected to speak any moment now at a for hillary clinton and 30.2% campaign event in california. we'll have live coverage of for bernie sanders. we expect the numbers to come this. this as she leads in early results in puerto rico. out momentarily, and in vallejo, remember, 60 delegates are at stake in puerto rico. hillary clinton, she needs california and we're monitoring exactly that number to clench this very closely and once we the democratic nomination. get into some substance we'll go if you include her 500 plus there live and we'll hear what super delegates. hillary clinton has to say and let's bring in larry cohen, a she's focussing in much more on senior advisor to the bernie the general election that's sanders campaign. upcoming on bernie sanders for larry, thank you for joining us. now and there is a critically >> pleasure. important contest coming up on >> if after all the votes are tuesday and we're calling out counted on super tuesday which the last final super tuesday because it includes california, the largest state in the union. is this tuesday, the district of columbia, the following tuesday, joining us now, cnn political should the democratic nominee be the candidate who has the most commentator and democratic strategist, donna brazile and pledged delegates? >> well, i think that's the way also joining us hillary rosen. it should be in the future. the problem, as bernie said, we guys, thanks very much for joining us. started out with more than 400 donna, hillary clinton says she superdelegates declaring for will make a push for unity come tuesday. she assumes she will have hillary clinton before the iowa
3:23 pm
clinched the nomination and caucuses. bernie has had an uphill race bernie sanders says it's not all the entire time. that easy. i want you to listen to his i'm a super delegate. we'll campaign to end them in latest comments on this. the years forward. listen to this. >> after tuesday i will do swre to play by the rules so everything i can to reach out to try to unify the democratic we'll be asking superdelegates party and i expect senator sanders to do the same. to look at who is the strongest >> the idea that i can snap my candidate. >> you're saying bernie sanders fingers and have hundreds of supporters that is not what our probably won't get more pledged effort is about. i think if i am not the nominee, votes than hillary clinton and we will fight to become the will lie on superdelegates to nominee, it is secretary clinton's job to explain to those people why she should change their minds? >> that's the way the rules are be -- why she should get their at this moment. support and that means she's but i think more importantly, in going to have to address their many ways, this is a campaign as needs. secretary of state will have to bernie calls it, political make the convincing argument to them. >> no matter what, are you going revolution, how do we make the to work hard to make sure donald democratic party more of a trump loses and the democratic candidate whether it's you or populous party, getting rid of her? superpacs and convincing the >> yes. >> donna, i know that's music to american people that the people's party is the democratic your ears right now. you're the vice chair of the party, not the fake populism of democratic national committee. donald trump, and i think this so what does hillary clinton and campaign will make that clear in you've been neutral so far in
3:24 pm
the comes weeks as well in terms this contest and very passionate of how we interact with the and very active bernie sanders clinton campaign and the kinds of things we talk about. >> what does it mean when bernie suppo supporters. there's no question that the issues in this election are so sanders says he's going to important not just to the philadelph senator sanders supporter and philadelphia, the democratic convention. there will be a contested convention, irrespective of what we've been talking about where happens on tuesday and the there's health care, single pair following tuesday in the district of columbia where system and we've been talking there's a small number of about campaign reform and we've been talking about trade and delegates at stake as well? we've been talking about the >> i think it's similar to what stagnant wages of workers and i heard bob rice say in a income inequality and climate previous segment. change and there are many issues it's up hill. that starting next week after the way our system is works is the bulk -- i'm sorry, starting superdelegates get to make up a few days after the bulk of the their own mind and do it at the delegates selected on tuesday, convention, and we will be there's no question that the trying to persuade them of that. platform committee will begin to but just as importantly, we'll take testimony from around the be trying to shape what kind of country, from supporters of both party is this not only in terms bernie sanders, hillary clinton of electing the president but and others to make sure that we can come together around a set electing a congress that can of core principles and around a deliver on the programs we have set of priorities for the next in common. >> right now because our team president of the united states. wolf, i also want to say has checked in with the super something.
3:25 pm
i've been a superdelegate for a delegates, right now by our long time. i agree that i've been a estimate she has 548 superdelegate for 20 years and i was a pledge delegate also. superdelegates. this is going to be my sixth convention as a delegate and he has 46 delegates. the numbers have stayed pretty i've been to four more conventions and bill press can much the same on his side. probably beat me in all of these how realistic is it to believe category, but the fact is that that he is going to convince we superdelegates, we've never those superdelegates so switch? overturned the will of the >> well, i mean, i think for voters, whether it's democratic starters, super delegates in a governors and democratic members of congress and democratic state like washington where mayors and the activists and the every single down of them, are activists and people like myself with clinton, even though bernie who started off knocking on sanders got over 75% of the doors urging people to register to vote. we are part of the democratic vote. party recipe. that's not the only state like we're not the sauce. that. massachusetts, we heard from i mean, the sauce are the pledge elizabeth warren. there's a few in massachusetts delegates and the sauce of this party and the soul of this party rests with the people the will despite almost a tie vote. if bernie sanders had the right of the people will be after june number of super delegates he 14th and that's when i'll vote, but over the course of the next couple of days the bulk of the would have somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 more remaining delegates. delegates supporting him. puerto rico has more delegates i think in part we need to tack about what kind of a party is than montana, north dakota and
3:26 pm
this as well as what's going to south dakota combined. happen in philadelphia this year all of these states matter and not only in terms of the nominee all of these voters matter and but in terms of convincing the of course, the delegates whether you're a superdelegate like american people that this is, in myself who have worked very hard fact, a people's party, not a for the party over the last 40 party of the financial elite. >> you've heard the arguments years or you're a pledge from the hillary clinton delegate elected for the first supporters, from the hillary time, this is a very important clinton campaign that in all the moment in the democratic party contests so far she's won and we'll come together around a core set of principles that will move this country forward, and basically around 27 or 28 of the we respect and support the fact contests. that we have a president of the he's won 21 of the contests. she has more popular votes than united states who's also determined to help unify this him, almost 300 more pledged party. that helps to unp s ts to unify. votes and 500 more superdelegates. they say it's over. >> we have to take a quick what do you say? break. >> again, we would say it's a lot more coming up. we're watching the results coming in from puerto rico, uphill. we don't doubt that. hillary clinton and bernie i think what's amazing is where sanders are waiting to hear this campaign has come in a where puerto rico and those 60 year. we will go into that convention delegates tonight will go and what this could mean for the democratic nomination. will at least 1800 elected much more of our live coverage delegates and a demand the coming up right after this. change the party, and as somebody who has been party of the party establishment, that's what we need to elect a
3:27 pm
president and a congress that counts. tuesday our message is every vote, every delegate, every vote is a vote for change. every delegate is a delegate for change, and that's what this democratic party needs. >> and you got to give bernie sanders your right, a lot of credit. he's come from almost nowhere as an independent senator from vermont with little name recognition to be where he is right now. he's run an impressive campaign. all right. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> larry cohen from the bernie sanders campaign. once again, the results in puerto rico's democratic primary are continuing to come in to the election center. take a look at the numbers. about 3 b% of the vote is in. clinton has an early lead. also hillary clinton getting ready to speak in california any moment now. we'll have live coverage of that. much more right after this. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through.
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trump has the lowered the bar and now is it a surprise that people who don't like him are stepping over that low bar? i don't think it is. >> i don't have thin skin. i have very strong, very thick skin, and i have a strong temperament and it's in a very in control temperament. >> he does not have the temperament. is it possible that something may get him angry and he get us involved in a war?
3:31 pm
yeah, that is a possibility. >> we're building a wall. this judge is giving us unfair ruling. now i want to say why. well, i'm building a wall. >> donald trump's not just wrong about judge kirio, he's wrong about america.
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