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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 6, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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her underdeveloped brain telling them to do so. they talk of prejudice, days ferrying children between specialists, doctors. of being fired from work because of that. of a lack of state money to pull them through. this is the world that zika brings and here and globally it is only beginning. nick paton walsh, cnn. that's it for me. the news continues next right here on cnn. all right. thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this monday. just as democrat hillary clinton is expected to make history as the first female nominee, donald trump seems to be undoing the party unity he's built since becoming the presumptive republican nominee. clinton expected to earn the
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needed delegates for the democratic nomination by the time polls close in california. one of six states voting tomorrow. check the map. see it for yourself. as the only man in his race, trump will no doubt win his primaries there and he is losing ground in his own party after sticking to the belief that the judge overseeing the lawsuit against trump university is biassed because the judge has mexican parents. my colleague jake tapper pressed mr. trump more than 20 times on this very issue on sunday's "state of the union." >> if you were giving me fair rulings, i wouldn't be talking to you this way. he's giving me horrible rulings. >> that's fine. you can criticize every decision. what i'm saying is if you invoke his race as a reason why he can't -- >> i think that's why he's doing it. i think that's why he's doing it. he's proud of his heritage. >> are you saying he can't do his job because of that? >> i'm building a wall. i think i'm going to do -- >> he's a legal citizen.
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>> i'm going to bring back jobs. they'll get jobs right now. i think i'm going to do well with hispanics. we are building a wall. he's a mexican. we're building a wall between here and mexico. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so at all. >> we'll talk to tapper about that moment next hour, by the way. now, multiple republican leaders who are backing trump, they're condemning these comments which are still continuing despite the fact that trump has no republican competition. newt gingrich, one of trump's most vocal supporters, said it was one of trump's worst mistakes ever. trump took it to new level with another layer asked about whether or not a muslim judge would be biassed and so with all of this happening over the course of the weekend, let's go to white house correspondent jim acosta there live in new york. with all of the prominent
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republican leaders repudiating the comments what about cha-ching, the donors? how does that impact money coming in? >> reporter: yeah. the donors are very uncomfortable with donald trump's comments about judge gonzalo curiel. there's some unity inside the republican party right now. they're basically unified condemning the remarks of this judge. you not only have gingrich and corker said to be on the list of potential vice president running mating, you have mitch mcconnell saying he disagrees, as well. i've talked to people inside the trump campaign. there's a bit of a divide inside the trump campaign over this, brooke. i talked to a trump adviser over the weekend saying this is no reason to celebrate coming to donald trump's comments on judge curiel and another adviser this morning who said, you know what? donald trump is saying some of the things that people are thinking out there in the
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republican party. and so, no apologies there. apparently no apologies from donald trump either. >> you got in touch with judge curiel's brother and asked him his thoughts on this and donald trump. what did he say? >> reporter: it was a very interesting conversation, brooke. i talked to raul curiel who grew up, born and raised northwest indiana. their parents are mexican immigrants and, you know, they worked very hard to get to where they are today. raul curiel said that his brother, the judge, worked at a bp refinery to help put himself through college and they really had to scrape things together to put together the life they have right now and he said donald trump is not a racist. he believes that donald trump is ignorant. you can put the quote up on screen. this is from raul curiel, the brother of this judge.
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i don't think he's strictly an outright race us like some of your ku klux klan. those kind of people really are racist. they have no redeeming qualities. trump, i don't believe, is that caliber of person but he is very, very uninformed. there's the take of the judge's brother. throughout this conversation he said he talked to his brother since this all blew up and his brother didn't have a lot to say. and raul curiel said the judge is not making any comments on this because of his position as a judge but that they don't take really any of this seriously and worry about, brooke, how this is affecting other hispanics around the country, brooke. >> absolutely. jim, thank you so much. have to think about the latino vote come this fall. listen. not all republicans condemning trump. alberto gonzalez served under george w. bush. he was on cnn not too long ago and doesn't support assertion of donald trump for the judge to
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recuse himself and gonzalez says trump does have a right to question the judge's impartality. >> i didn't write what i wrote in support of the notion of the judge to be recused solely on his race. i wrote to say donald trump like every litigant in the united states has a right to be a fair trial before an impartial judge. if there is an appearance of improprietary is enough for a judge to recuse himself. this is not about the judge. the fact donald trump attacked a hispanic judge makes me angry. i've worked to get good, qualified hispanics on the courts. i think the comments are wrong and inappropriate. but again, this is not about the judge. this is about our judicial system and the right of every american citizen to get a fair trial before an impartial judge.
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>> donald trump responded this morning to gingrich's comments regarding the trump university judge saying one quote inexcusable and one of the worst mistakes trump's made. here's mr. trump calling in to fox this morning responding. >> i saw newt. i was surprised at newt. i thought it was inappropriate what he said. all i'm trying to do is figure out why i'm treated so unfairly by a judge. >> all right. let's bring in republican strategist lisa booth, contributor to "washington examiner." jeffrey toobin and councilman joe barelli. welcome, welcome, to all of you. joe, i have my sights set on you out of the gate. >> of course, of course. >> good to see you again. >> you, too. >> yes, there is now on the republican party, party unity. party unity against your guy, donald trump. condemning what he's been saying about judge curiel. trump is on an island. >> right. you have to let me in the category of people who want to
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disavow what trump said. >> you do? >> yeah. no. i think it's fundamentally wrong. that said, if donald trump believes the judge is impartial, he has the right to do it. a more appropriate venue would be the court system or issues raised about the judge appointed. and here in new york we have an attorney general bringing an action who's part of the hillary clinton leadership team. those are fair things to criticize the impartiality of the judge on. >> to read the quote of jim acos acosta's comment with raul curiel, he's not like the kkk. that's something the voters are listening to. >> sure. look. i don't think donald trump is a racist by any standards. he has a lifetime of, you know, relatives, friends, business
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associates, employees that he's dealt with over the years that could attest to the fact he's not racist. i think he made a stupid comment and better served by abandoning it and moving on. this would have been a great week for trump. the paul ryan endorsement. this is what we want to talk about. >> that are not talked about because of this. excellent point. li lisa, to you, on -- i mean, it was huge, paul ryan's endorsement and then all of these contenders, corker, mcconnell repudiating this. is there an unendorsement? >> i think because they support donald trump doesn't mean they can't point out when he makes a dumb move or a misstep and that's what this is and i think a lot of people agree with speaker gingrich and paul ryan said and the attorney general, former attorney general gonzalez said and there are things to point to, to draw some concerns about the judge. you look at just the fact of
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what gonzalez pointed out in the column about the law firm that the judge appointed to the plaintiff that's a big campaign donor to hillary clinton. you're also looking at the fact that the judge released documents and then redacted the information, as well. those documents and the information that he put out there, hillary clinton is using as a line of attack against donald trump. i think those are fair things or the fact that he's an obama appointee. i think those things -- >> all things, though, sure. >> he made the mistake of taking it to a level he should not have. >> looking to you, now. >> yes, ma'am. >> just hearing the former ag's comments and saying social that it's not about the judge but the judicial system, he has a right to agree the judge. do you agree? >> no. it's ridiculous what he said. everyone has the right to an opinion but the key point here is that donald trump said he -- judge curiel, is biassed because
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he is of mexican descent. all these other issues, these are people are bringing in to try to justify after the fact what donald trump said. but the question is, what does it say about donald trump that he thinks the mere fact that the judge is a mexican ancestry means he is biassed and shouldn't sit on the case? it is completely without precedent in american legal history as far as i'm aware anyone is disqualified from being a young in a case because of gender or race and i think you can tell by the fact that there is universal condemnation of his position that it's indefensible. >> how long had he been presiding over this case? >> i believe it's well over a year. and remember, you know, this is a country where women judges silt on cases involving gender discrimination. >> sure. >> african-american judges hear
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cases about racial discriminati discrimination. it is a bedrock principle the mere membership of a group does not make you a biassed judge. i mean, that's just been true for hundreds of years. >> joe, to your point and lisa's point, why stick to this and then on cbs asked about a muslim judge and would not be fine, as well. why not bring up? there's plenty -- hillary clinton, the jobs report, the ig, so much to point to and yet this is what we're talking about. >> this law firm is part and parcel to one of the bigger hillary clinton scandals. >> i mean -- first of all, that is not even true. >> they didn't pay her speaking fees? >> they paid her when she wasn't a presidential candidate and -- >> what i'm saying is donald trump could have spoken about -- donald trump could have been speaking about that and tying it to a hillary clinton than the judge. >> all sorts of things but the
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idea that the judge -- the judge had no way of knowing that this law firm, by the way, is expert in what they were hired in. so it wasn't like he plucked them out of absurdity. they're commonly picked for the class actions. >> there are particular sensitivities given the election cycle. the judge himself moved the hearing to after the election because he said the circus of the political arena, as well. i think it is fair to draw some assumptions or concerns politically based such as the fact that the campaign has donated -- well, donald trump have at least asserted that he wanted it to actually be conducted prior to focus on the election. if that's true or not, you know, to be determined but that's something he's put out there. >> sticks with it and continues on? >> this judge has done nothing wrong. >> yeah. >> handled the case by the book. and the idea that there's any -- i mean, sure, donald trump is
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unhappy that he didn't throw the case out. guess what. as any lawyer in america has lost motions, has lost cases, they're upset but you don't say the judge shouldn't sit on the kiss. >> also proper recourse to follow legally if he believes that the -- >> could have done it, hasn't done it. lisa and joe and jeff, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> to all of you. just a quick heads up to you here, bernie sanders is set to hold a news conference as we have new cnn reporting that president obama is expected to formal endorse hillary clinton as early as this week. but sanders vowing to battle it out all the way through the convention next month. we'll listen in for senator sanders coming up next from california. ahead of the big primary there. also breaking moments ago, prosecutors announcing whether or not they will charge the mother whose 3-year-old little boy fell into the zoo's enclosure where they had to shoot and kill the gorilla. that update coming up. ♪
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bernie sanders speaking now in california. let's listen in. >> throughout the state of california. one of the things i enjoyed very much is getting out to communities where other candidates often do not go and that includes some pretty small towns and we have been just amazed at the kind of turnout that is we have seen at these rallies have have been attended in the last several weeks by over 215,000 californians. and tonight, we're going to be holding the last rally of our
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california campaign here in san francisco. we hope to have a good turnout there, as well. and let me repeat what i said from day here in california. which i think most people agree with. if the turnout is high tomorrow, we'll win. if the turnout is very high, i think we'll win by big numbers. if the turnout is low, we will probably lose. so my request, obviously, to the people of california, to those people who are prepared to stand up and fight for real change in this country is please come out and vote tomorrow. let us see california have the highest voter turnout in the history of this state in terms of the democratic primary. the message of our campaign throughout california, in fact, throughout the country, has been, i think, very consistent.
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it has been straightforward and i think it is the message that working people and the middle class want to hear. and that is, just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. we need real change in this country. not superficial change but real change which will end the trend in our country of moving toward an alogarchic form of society in which a handful of extremely wealthy people control both the political and economic life of our nation. today we have a corrupt campaign finance system in which millionaires and super pacs and large corporations are able to buy elections. we have a rigged economy in
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which study after study shows that almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1% at a time when the middle class continues to shrink and shrink and shrink. and when millions of our people are working longer hours for lower wages. we will not in my view be able to move forward as a nation and address these crisis unless, in fact, there is a political solution in which millions of people stand up, fight back, and demand a government which represents all of us and not just wealthy campaign contributors. we need a president and we need a government which will lead us into comprehensive immigration reform, where today we have 11 million people living in the shadows, living in fear because they are undocumented.
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we need real criminal justice reform so that we end the international embarrassment of having more people in jail than any other country on earth. we need to pass a medicare for all health care system so that we do not remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people. if we do not address the planetary crisis of climate change, this world and our children and our grandchildren will pay the price which is why i believe we need bold action and why we need a tax on carbon. i've gone around california and i've learned something that i did not and that there were tens of thousands of people in this state living in homes where when they turn on the tap they cannot get drinkable water. that is a growing crisis in america and throughout the world
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which is why in my view we have got to ban fracking today. lastly, it is clear to me that we have got to do everything that we can as a nation to make certain that donald trump does not become president of the united states. it is incomprehensible to me in the year in 2016, in the year 2016, given all that we have gone through as a nation for hundreds of years in trying to end racism, trying to end bigotry, trying to end discrimination, that we have a candidate of a major political party today who's essentially running his campaign on bigotry, on insulting mexicans and latinos. on insulting muslims. on insulting african-americans. on insulting women.
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and that it is really quite mind boggling that this is taking place in the year 2016. and clearly, it is imperative that we do everything that we can to see that that type of bigotry does not end up in the white house. i am very proud that in virtually every national poll and every statewide poll done including the recent polls here in california, we are defeating trump and we are defeating him badly. just here in california, not to mention every other state. last three polls had us baeeati trump by 29 points and by 23 points. the last point that i would make is that in all of these polls and in virtually every poll done, nationally and in various states, we defeat trump by larger numbers than does secretary clinton and some case s she is actually losing to trump when we are defeating him.
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and the last point is the recent insults to judge gonzalo curiel are again beyond comprehension. this is the year 2016. to attack a judge because he is of mexican heritage, a man born in the state of indiana, this is a candidate of one of the large political, major political parties in this country. it is really quite incomprehensible. i think the american people are understanding that. in terms of where we are politically, i think i've said pretty much everything i have to say a few days ago but if there are any questions on any of the issues -- excuse me. excuse me. yeah? >> what do you say to -- >> excuse me. excuse me. excuse me! excuse me, ma'am. >> i have a question. >> well, the other hands are up, as well. jeffrey, do you have? >> after you. >> what do you say to women that saying you stay in the race is sexist because you're standing in the way of what could be the
11:25 am
first -- >> is that a serious question? >> yes. >> any woman who's running for president, anyone who opposes -- your question implies any woman, any person, any woman who is running for president is by definition the best candidate. so any woman who runs -- >> do you -- >> to say that it is sexist -- if hillary clinton runs for president, is your point that it is sexist for any man to oppose her? >> if she has -- >> that's another point. that's -- >> sexist. >> i don't think it is sexist. i think the issue is, first of all, our focus right now is running and winning right here in california. and the second point that i have made is that it is absolutely imperative that we defeat donald trump as president -- as candidate as president of the united states. i believe i'm the strongest candidate. yeah?
11:26 am
>> you said you must do everything you can to stop donald trump from winning the white house. does that include thwarting hillary clinton from becoming president? >> thwart hillary clinton from becoming president? the issue is who is the better issue to become president of the united states and to defeat trump. right now, our focus is on winning the largest state in this country. winning south dakota, north dakota, montana and new mexico and doing the best we can in new jersey. new jersey is going to be a difficult state for us. but our goal is to get as many delegates as we possibly can and to make the case to super delegates that i believe the evidence is very strong that i am the strongest candidate. >> at what point do you become a spoiler? >> first of all, let us focus -- i really hesitate, as you know, jim, to be engaged in
11:27 am
speculation. if i win tomorrow in california, if we do very well, and i don't know that we will, we may, doing well in other states, if there are super delegatines out there who say, you know what? looking at the objective evidence of polling, of who has the strongest grassroots campaign and can bring out the larger voter turnout, which i think is crucial for november, if some of the super delegates think it is bernie sanders, i think that that is not an insignificant thing. yes? >> to the voters -- >> chris? >> thank you, senator. i don't 2008 you endorsed barack obama crossing the magic number before hillary clinton exited the race. well before the convention. in fact, burlington free press quotes you as saying, again, two days after crossing that threshold, i'll do everything i can to get him elected and referred to him as the nominee. why is it different in your case
11:28 am
now? >> all we are saying, i think i made the point i wanted the make the other day. the issue right now is we have an important primary tomorrow. we are working as hard as we can. as soon as i leave here and get some food in my stomach, i'll be talking to people. we have a good rally here in san francisco. right now my focus is on winning the largest state in our country which has 475 delegates and in winning, the south and north dakota elections, and winning montana, and in winning new mexico and doing the best we can in a tough race in new jersey. so that is where i hope -- yeah? >> based on what you said to jeff, though, i want to clarify if i can, senator, you said you'll look at how you do tomorrow and whether super delegates aren't turning, if you don't get an indication, would
11:29 am
you consider endorsing hillary clinton before the convention? >> that's something first of all you're asking me to speculate. so let me just talk to you after the primary here in california where we hope to win. let's assess where we are after tomorrow before we make statements based on speculation. yeah, jason? >> senator when you talk about this assessment period, regardless of what happens tomorrow, can you give us insight into how you would like to spend the rest of the week, in washington campaigning, burlington, vermont, thinking through the strategy? what are you planning? >> we are going back, will be in l.a. tonight. we will -- tomorrow night. i'm sorry. taking a plane back to burlington and certainly campaigning in d.c.. sir? yeah? >> have you gotten any super delegates to commit to switching to you or in private conversations? >> yeah we are in private --
11:30 am
>> or in california -- >> we are in private conversations and seen a little bit of momentum. i think there's four super delegates in three or four states who have come over to us. >> who already have? >> uncommitted. >> are there more talking -- >> there's no question we'll get more. no question. yes? >> the white house is signaling the president wants to bet back on the campaign trail. if president obama were to endorse hillary clinton soon, would that have any bearing on your thinking as you look ahead to the convention? >> again, we are speculating before what is, in fact, the most important primary. tomorrow, we have 475 pledge delegates coming up. and my job in the next 24 hours is to do everything that i can to win those delegates. you know, let me just conclude by saying this. when we started this campaign a little bit over a year ago in
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burlington, vermont, i think that most people, most of you, most of the punditry thought this campaign would not go very far. yet, we hear we are on june 6th arguing or debating who will win california tomorrow. we have now won 20 states. i have little doubt we'll win a number of more tomorrow. we have now won well over 9 million votes. we have won in every state that we have contested in. this is also a point that we make to the super delegates an the convention talking about the future of america is that in overwhelming numbers, we are winning the support of people 45 years of age or younger. people who are the future of this country. and i wish that i could tell you that we were doing better among older people. we should be. but we are not. we are doing phenomenally well among people who are the future
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of this country, who will shape the future of this country. and that is a point i think not to be overlooked. thanks very much. >> how are you feeling about california, senator? >> from one town in california to the next, here we are. the eve ahead of mega, mega primary day. final super tuesday. now sound from hillary clinton who just took part in a press gaggle. this is an impromptu start in compton, california. here she is. >> you're on the cusp of being the first female nominee of a major party, what does that mean to you and how are you reflecting on that? >> dan, i am really just so focused on all of the states that are voting tomorrow. that is my singular focus because i know that there's a lot of work still going on. i have just a huge number of supporters and volunteers across all of these states and i'm going to stay focused on the contests that are going to take
11:33 am
place tomorrow and i'll have more to say about all of this. i was delighted to win puerto rico. delighted to win virgin islands. we are moving forward every day and by tomorrow night i'll have more to say about it. i want everyone in the states that vote tomorrow to come out and vote and bring their families and their friends and everybody else because it's not over until it's over. and tomorrow is really important day particularly right here in california. >> no matter what happens tomorrow, bernie sanders said the convention of philadelphia will be contested. do you think there's anything you can do to change that at this point? >> i'm going to wait and see where we all are after tomorrow. i am as you rightly point out on the path to not only have a very big lead in the popular vote, but a very significant lead in the pledge delegates. and so, we'll take stock about where we are tomorrow. i'm going to do everything i can to unify the democratic party.
11:34 am
i certainly am going to be reaching out to senator sanders and hope he'll join me in that. we have to be unified going into and out of the convention to take on donald trump and to repudiate the kind of campaign he's running and make it very clear that's not the kind of president or commander in chief we want. >> secretary clinton, sorry for repeating dan's question, couldn't hear but is it setting in that you might be making serious, big-time -- tomorrow? >> i'm obviously really excited about that but i'm not letting myself focus on it yet because i want people to come out and vote tomorrow. particularly here in california. we have worked so hard. i have a huge number of supporters and organizers that are working as we speak to get out the vote, to get people to mail in the ballots so i'm going to wait until everyone has vo d
11:35 am
voted. tomorrow night we will have a chance to talk more about this but it's been an incredible journey and i will have a lot to say about it. right now i'm out here as you can tell at the senior center in compton talking to voters, encouraging people to come out and vote. >> do you believe that some prominent democrats saying we need to maybe ree investigate the super delegate system broadly. do you support looking into that and perhaps getting rid of them? >> there will be plenty of time to talk about that. but i believe as of tomorrow i will have more than 3 million votes more than bernie sanders. i will have a substantial lead in pledged delegates. super delegates have always followed the will of the voters. >> do you think he should concede as you did in 2008? >> we'll wait and find out. actually, tomorrow is eight years to the day after i withdrew and endorsed then-senator obama. i believed it was the right
11:36 am
thing to do, no matter what differences we had in our long campaign, they paled in comparison to the differences we had with the republicans and that is actually even more true today. because whatever differences senator sanders and i have had, we have stuck mostly to the issues. we have differences there but we have discussed them and put forth our cases. and donald trump has run a campaign of insults so anyone who supported me, anyone who has supported senator sanders has a lot at stake in this election in preventing donald trump from being our president which i can barely say. >> but can you -- [ inaudible ] >> we'll be talking about all of that in the next days and i look forward to that. obviously, i'm excited about having the president's support because i have said throughout this campaign i was honored to serve in the president's cabinet as his secretary of state. i don't think he's gotten the
11:37 am
credit he deserves for saving our economy from the great recession that it was experiencing when he became president. i want to continue and further the progress that we have made. and that's another big difference between where i stand and where donald trump stands. he wants to refeel affordable care act, he wants to go back to failed economic policies that would really hurt working people in our country. he doesn't want to raise the minimum wage. he believes equal pay is not a real issue. on and on. so i'm going to look forward to campaigning as a really strong advocate for what i think will make the country get going again with the economy growing, the president got us out of that ditch. now we have to run with it. and i've laid out plan to do just that. >> do you accept -- >> secretary -- last night when you took stage in sacramento, there was a woman standing next to me who was absolutely sobbing. and she said, you know, it's
11:38 am
time. it's past time. and you see the women -- you see people here and people just come up to you and they get tears in their eyes. >> right. >> do you feel -- do you feel the weight of what this means for people? >> i do. i do. and you saw it yesterday. i've seen it for more than a year. my supporters are passionate. they are committed. they have voted for me in great numbers across our country. for many reasons. but among those reasons is their belief that having a woman president will make a great statement, a historic statement about what kind of country we are, what we stand for. it's really emotional. and i am someone who has been very touched and really encouraged by this extraordinary
11:39 am
conviction that people have. predominantly women and girls but not exclusively. men bring their daughters to meet me and say they're supporting me because of their daughters and i think it makes a difference for a father or mother to look at their daughter just like they can look at their son and say you can be anything you want to be in this country, including president of the united states. >> do you want the president's ens doersment? >> that's up to the president. i'm going to be as i said working hard all day today. we're going to continue to do everything we can to get people out to vote in the upcoming contests tomorrow. i'll have something to say tomorrow night. but i look forward to campaigning with the president and everyone else because as i said in san diego last week, i think that donald trump is unqualified to be president. and he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief and i believe that with all my heart
11:40 am
and even if i weren't running, even if i were not about to become the nominee, i would be making the case against donald trump. and i will not stop making the case because i love this country. this country has been an extraordinary blessing to generations of americans. we have fought through a lot of our problems and our challenges. we have moved forward toward a more perfect union. i will not let someone that traffics in bigotry and bullying become president of the united states. that will not happen. [ applause ] [ cheering ] >> okay. so here we have, let's underscore a note of hillary clinton to steal a line of brian seltzer. eight years ago tomorrow when hillary clinton bowed out of the race with then-senator obama and look at when where she's positioned to be potentially making history in just about 24 hours from now.
11:41 am
although bernie sanders is saying, hang on a second. let's talk about both of them here on the democratic side of the presidential race and bring in jeff zeleny who was at the event and also with us national political reporter maeve reston, analyst david gregory, and let me also know that david's wife beth is the lawyer for several clinton aides in the clinton e-mail investigation, total transparency there, and brian seltzer. the's a lot to walk through and seeing both of their faces up at the screen at the same time before the huge day and in politics. jeff zeleny, first to you, you were in the room listening and asking a question of senator sanders. let's ask about the point and repudiating donald trump's comments on the judge. what did you make of what he was saying about, you know, again,
11:42 am
the super delegates, on top of your reporting of a presidential endorsement looming? >> senator sanders is making the argument here he needs to win california. indeed he does. if hillary clinton wins in california, this pours cold water on the attempt, the argument to make the fight to the convention. i was struck by him leaving the door open to the possibility of reassessing after the votes tomorrow. yes, he said he believes that, you know, democrats must do everything to keep donald trump from winning the white house. i asked him if he would consider himself a spoiler. he said, look, let's wait until after tomorrow. i'm getting a sense here, he didn't go hard after his rival in this press conference. he didn't -- >> mentioned her once? maybe? >> the thing that his supporters are raising, yeah. so, brooke, i think campaigns wind down slowly and we don't know what he'll do after
11:43 am
tomorrow and let's see how the final six states vote and i remember that when hillary clinton gave that speech and didn't wind down the day after the primaries and there were three long days in that week. wednesday, thursday and into friday. her supporters wanted her to go on. she finally made the decision to step back so this is a process. brooke, i've covered senator sanders throughout this whole scam pain. spent a lot of time with he and secretary clinton and got a sense today, seeing his body language, after tomorrow i think wednesday may be a new day for him. the challenge is reckonciling that with his supporters. that's the challenge. >> right. just as hillary clinton did eight years ago. go ahead, maeve. >> i was going to say that to jeff's point, the tone of that press conference just now with bernie sanders was so different than the tone on saturday when he had a press conference here in little tokyo. he was completely defiant. you know, going through all the
11:44 am
super delegate numbers, making the case why he was much stronger candidate against donald trump than hillary clinton. so this is very different than the body language we were seeing on the campaign trail all weekend. clearly that pressure of, you know, potential obama endorsement, as jeff is reporting, is really getting to him at this point. >> david gregory, you know, also, you watch senator sanders. i was listening carefully, too, to senator clinton choosing the words carefully and not any victory laps ahead of california and beyond but, you know, she did say, you know, this has been a journey. what did you make of the two of them listening? >> well, i think this is an important moment. this is a real shift that's going on now in the democratic primary. i think jeff is exactly right. from senator sanders, you have the signaling that he is preparing to wind down. he deserves some room here to take that time. he's won a lot. he has a great deal of support
11:45 am
and influence within the democratic party. he just like hillary clinton needed back in 2008 will take that time to assess and to get to the point where he can endorse hillary clinton. but he's not going to do it before california. he is running tight there. >> of course. >> he'll make the argument to get the voters out and perhaps win and if he wins he'll continue to make the case to super delegates. i don't think he thinks that he can prevail there but take it this far and no reason to see it through. harry reid, the leader of the democrats calling him, surging him to step aside. president obama's now making it known through leaks he is about to put his thumb on the scale here where he's been quite restrained up until now. there is a sense here among the leaders of the democratic party, the president being at the top that it's time to get unified and take on donald trump. this is a particularly scary moment for democrats who feel that anything can happen in
11:46 am
november and it's time as the president said in the last couple of days to act like they're running scared all the time and so he's going to i think put pressure here on greater unity. i think we could see things move very quickly. >> we'll talk about a potential unity moment here in a second. you noted it was a month since hillary clinton held a press gaggle. >> right. >> months and months for the news conference. what did you make after that? >> not a coincidence. taking questions same moment as senator sanders. i do think it's noteworthy the way sanders opening the door here and reporters some breathing room, supporters the opportunity to start to tone down some of the rhetoric heading into tuesday and noteworthy the questions of clinton. repeatedly about the historic nature of two tomorrow night. sanders is overshadowing a milestone for the country. republican or democrat or
11:47 am
libertarian or from mars or whatever, it is notable of a female nominee of a major party. she is having a big victory rally here in new york tomorrow night. so she's going to have a party tomorrow night and the questions of reporters were about the historic milestone, i think perhaps give her some more room to talk about that tomorrow night. it's an acknowledgment that we should not overlook what is going to happen tomorrow night for the history of this country. >> quickly, let's follow up with you on your reporting of what do we know about president obama and hillary clinton meeting and whether or not depending on what happens in california and senator sanders, i understand if he didn't join them in a public moment, that's not going to stop the president from getting out and about with her. >> no doubt about it. regardless of the outcome here in california or new jersey or four other states voting tomorrow, president obama is poised to jump into the race, come in off the sidelines and will not meet directly or appear
11:48 am
publicly on wednesday and will be in a new york city and look for him to make comments at the democratic fund-raiser. he's speaking at on wednesday and knows where the race is going. to be fair here, he's been on the sidelines but he's tippeded his thumb on the scales a few times. she is the former secretary of state and winning in delegates. we know what he's going to do and not when. i'm told it could come as early as wednesday and then appear with her later on here but, you know, we see where this is going. this happens at the end of every campaign and almost feel the shift but as david said earlier, we should give senator sanders the due. he's won 20 states in this. 10 million votes. this is a process here that i think we're nearing the end of but, you know, let's see how california guess. >> you wonder, will sanders come on stage with obama and clinton. >> david, quickly. >> it is important to point out there's a rush to get the president involved. not just because he can affect
11:49 am
party unity, in the position with hillary clinton in 2008, but over 50% public approval. hillary clinton wants to put him to work. to get out there and start campaigning. he is a 50-50. and what she can trail off of between now and november. >> great point. david gregory, jeff zellmy, rave reston -- quickly, maeve. >> this is going to be no easy task for hillary clinton to unify the party, particularly those die-hard bernie sanders supporters. we interviewed lots of them this weekend. many of them as jeff reporting, they're going green or going to write him in this november and she's got a huge task ahead of her. >> going to -- could be a very, very, very, very big week. thank you all so much. i appreciate it. shift is happening or so it feels. just ahead here, thank you. just ahead, republicans growing more and more nervous about
11:50 am
donald trump. after new additional insults toward that california judge. we'll talk about race in this campaign. plus, what is it like to be the daughter of a legend? muhammad ali's daughter will join me to share their memories and the final moments spent with their dad. stay here. you both have a
11:51 am
11:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at
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for the legendary muhammad ali. the undisputed heavyweight champion passed away friday after a decades long battle with parkinson's disease. his body arrived in hoemtown of
11:55 am
louisville, kentucky, the final resting place. a public funeral process and memorial is set for this coming friday. a lot of names, president bill clinton will be there. bryant gumble. billy crystal. all expected to speak. at the local museum named after the champ, there are celebratory tributes. fans remember him as a humanitarian, an ambassador of activism. and of course, ali's children remember him as a family man. they graciously shared him with us. a daughter tweeted the greatest man that ever lived. daddy, my best friend and hero, you are no longer suffering and now in a better place and she joins me live. thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. of course, my condolences to you and your family. >> thank you so much for having me. we're still kind of broken up. it is just really just -- i can't believe a world without my dad. it is just really unfathomable.
11:56 am
but i'm so deeply grateful for the global impact that my dad has had and i didn't realize it until after his passing. i'm so deeply grateful that people reached out and been so supportive and loving and all the well wishls and prayers and so thank you all for all of your support and prayers for my dad because he's really, really loving it right now. >> thank you for passing along your gratitude. there's a lot of it to go around. let me ask you. i read about an extraordinary detail your sister mentioned that after, you know, your father passed, his organs all, you know, shut down except for his heart, did i hear this correctly? for 30 minutes it continued to beat? >> my dad's a beast. okay? so first of all, i have to say that my dad is like no other. i don't know anyone stronger than him. i think that's why we're so
11:57 am
strong. he is strong for us. first i have to say that part of his magic is that he exemplifies six core values that he has really shown throughout his personal and professional career. and that is, you know, charity, giving, confidence, respect, spirituality, conviction. these core values is what he wants to pass on to the next generation which is why he opened up the humidmuhammad ali center. i parade him in creating the museum because people are learning not about ali the boxer but the man and muhammad ali the spirit. so thursday when i found out about my dad and, you know, he took a turn for the worst. we raced here as fast as we could. i walked into the room. i said, daddy, you're young.
11:58 am
you're handsome. you're fast. you're pretty. and can't possibly be beat. and i says, and you're going to beat this. i said, if you don't, because he's been battling this for a long time, i said if allah is going to carry you home today, daddy, i said, i promise you your kids and your grand kids will carry on your legacy of giving and love. i mean, i will continue to be an ambassador for parkinson's and help people with the disease and my kids will continue to live in your legacy. so i told him, i says, daddy, when all the machines was off, and all of -- we were waiting for a little -- my little brother, little muhammad, we were all there, all his grand kids and kids were surrounding him, with so much love and we were giving him kisses, me and my twin on each side of the cheek, telling stories, it was the most beautiful moment i've
11:59 am
ever seen. we were crying, we were laughing. the imam was there reciting islamic prayers. it couldn't have been a more perfect setting and when that all happened, my dad stuck around a little bit longer because he loved what he was seeing. all of us, what a blessed man. it was the most beautiful moment. and in his transition, prayers was illuminating. i told daddy. i says, daddy, you are causing quite a stir in this world right now. he's loving every minute of it. i know he is smiling because this is what he wanted. to be loved and respected. not just from his family. but from all over the world. i told him that on his way out. >> extraordinary. it's extraordinary. before you go, do you have a favorite day, a favorite day on this planet with your dad?
12:00 pm
>> oh my god. there's so many! i don't know where to start. first of all, my dad was so full of love and joy but i think my most cherished moment with him was when we would facetime each other. i couldn't always be there but we facetime each other or when i was with him, two things. we would watch westerners and dracula movies. he loved dracula. we watch movies and we saw "king kong" a favorite of his. but i used to always cheer him up because i would put on the scary masks for him and i would dance around the room and the kids just laugh and they would be like you're nuts. daddy loved the activity. i would jump around the room and laugh and he made my whole day. you have no idea. and i don't know a world without
12:01 pm
that. and i'm going to miss it. i'm going to miss this. >> a beautiful thing. that is a beautiful thing. cherish those memories. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so open with all of us. thank you. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate it. >> may he see and live in a world without parkinson's disease. >> amen to that. rasheda, thank you. rasheda ali. all right. here we go. our two. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this monday afternoon. let's shift gears and talk politics just as hillary clinton is expected to make history as the first woman nominee for president of the united states here. donald trump seems to be undoing some of the party unity he's built since becoming the presumptive republican nominee. secretary clinton is expected to earn the delegates by the time
12:02 pm
the polls close in california, one of six states voting tomorrow. as the only candidate in his race, presumptive nominee, trump no doubt wins the primaries there and losing ground, losing ground in his own party after repeatedly told jake tapper that the judge overseeing the lawsuit of trump university is biassed because the judge has mexican parents. stick with us. we'll talk to jake tapper about that extraordinary interview near a minute and pushing him and pushing him and pushing him. but now some of trump's best-known republican supporters condemning the comments on the judge including trump's potential vp prospect, newt gingrich. >> i think it's inexcusable. he has every right to criticize a judge and say certain decisions aren't right. but, first of all, this judge was born in indiana. he's an american. period. >> i couldn't disagree more with a statement like this. >> a racist statement? >> i couldn't decision agree more with what he had to say.
12:03 pm
>> okay. but do you think it's a racist statement to say? >> i don't agree with what he had to say. >> it's reasoning i don't relate to. i disagree with the thinking behind that. >> what's more, trump took it to a new level when he then also said a muslim judge could also be biassed against him. let's begin with dana bash. dana bash, where to begin? all the different names, who has spoken out against him. major republican leaders who have supported him in some cases maybe against him in their own principles. ala paul ryan. i mean, he is on an island right now. >> he is on a virtual island. you know, i should stop saying i've never seen anything like it in 2016 and ban that from my vocabulary but it is true. it was one thing when he was a candidate but he's on a
12:04 pm
different level now. he is the effective head of the republican party as its presumptive nominee. and that gives him a sense of responsibility as far as all of these republicans you just played feel. they feel that he has to act differently, speak differently, have a different kind of sensibility, particularly when it comes to issues that he has had problems with during the primaries. you know, brooke, it is something that you see in politicians traditional politicians, you know, sort of since the beginning of time. that when they do something that feeds into an existing narrative, it hurts them. and, you know, fair or not, the existing narrative during the primary season is that donald trump made racially insensitive comments about hispanics. maybe even made racially insensitive not just comments but proposed policy
12:05 pm
prescriptions against others like muslims and i'm not saying that from myself. even someone like paul ryan and other conservatives spoke out about it during the primary season but it leads to my point about the fact that he is somebody who represents the republicans, you know, sort of writ large now which is why i think you see this almost uniform, universal condemnation of him like we haven't seen before. >> dana bash, thank you. and i know you're filing a piece on the role of race through the year on donald trump. thank you, my friend, very much. >> thank you. the judge that trump has putting under fire will not comment about the controversy. he can't, right? he's part of the case and told his brother seen here, brothers's on the right. raul curiel talked to jim acaosa saying trump thinks it's working for him but it's creating more
12:06 pm
division. >> i don't think he's strictly outright racist like some of your ku klux klan, those kind of people are really racist. they have no redeeming qualities. trump i don't believe is that caliber of person. but he is very, very uninformed. >> with me now, cnn plit cap comment or thes mary katherine ham, donna brazile and also chief executive officer of the national coalition commission for donald trump daryl scott. pastor scott, off of the brother's comments there, let me just get first your response. >> well, i'm in agreement with him in regards to the statement that donald trump is not a racist. and anyone's activities or actions you seek for the motivation behind it. i stated before that, you know, in donald trump's opinion this
12:07 pm
case should have been dismissed a long time ago. and in searching for a motivation as to why this judge does not dismiss it, when all of the legal opinions received so far communicate to him that it should have been dismissed and he's searching for a motivation, a reason behind the judge's actions so that in his opinion it might be because the judge is mexican and his statements of -- >> mexican american. >> he is american. >> he has a mexican background. a mexican heritage. mexican -- >> he is born indiana. >> an american citizen. and so, in mr. trump's mind this might factor in to his decision not to dismiss the case. >> before we continue on, pastor, mary katherine, we said the same thing at the same time essentially. you want to jump in? >> no. i just think, look. republicans should be worried
12:08 pm
about this kind of thing because donald trump is and he's happy to say it, he is like obviously self interested. he'll say whatever it takes on any given day to serve donald trump's purposes and in the process he doesn't think through the things and happy to be sort of casually racist, casually sexist, casually authoritarian and gets him off the hook at that given moment and a core of fans happy to see him un-pc as possible and sometimes is utterly offensive. >> let me follow up with you. on the note of being casual, here's a mash-up for everyone. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. i love mexican people. i'm leading in every poll with the hispanics. i love the muslims. i think they're great people. would i consider putting a muslim-american in my cabinet? no problem with that. i love the chinese people.
12:09 pm
i love the poorly educated. i even brought my bible. the evangelicals, okay? e love them. nothing bates the bible. not even "the art of the deal." we love with women. i cherish women. i love the people in this room. i love israel. my daughter ivanka is about to have a beautiful jewish baby. everybody loves me. >> pastor scott, how's that not -- how's that not pandering? >> that's not pandering. you know what i believe? he thinks out loud a lot. i've said -- i've said it before. i say it again. he's making a transition. between being a public person and becoming a public servant. as a public servant he is not allowed the liberty or license to think out loud as he does as a public person or private citizen. in making that transition, oftentimes, you know, once again, as i stated he thinks out
12:10 pm
loud and trying to express views that he knows are contrary to the depiction of him. everyone tries to depict him as a racist. he is not a racist. everyone says -- >> the comment, i have to ask you. i know you care and part of his diversity coalition. when he said i want to say it was friday, that's my african-american in the crowd, my african-american, i know the man he was pointing to. he's a trump fan. he wasn't offended by that. can you understand why people are saying, what? >> but listen. first of all, you have to understand that offense is determined by intent. was there malicious intent in derogatory intent? or denigrating intent? no. it was a term of endearment. i'll upgrade it to a term of engagement. i don't know how we get upset about that and not when larry wellmore said, yo, barry, my
12:11 pm
ninja. i won't use the word. >> i was in the room and a lot of people cringed. i will say that. he's not running for president. >> when he said that, offense wasn't there. if donald trump said that, the nation would have been in an uproar. if he had the joke of hillary clinton about cp time, the nation would be in an uproar. hot sauce in the back pocket. i believe he's judged through a lens others aren't. >> donna, you were laughing a second ago. >> i laugh because the pastor and i, we haven't had any fellowship time together but you know there's scripture saying may the words of my mouth and the medication of my heart, clearly donald trump, you know, i'm not here to, you know, describe his intent. i don't know what's in his heart. >> right. >> that is not my purpose of coming on the show today. what i will say and i believe very strongly is that words have consequences. they have meaning. and in a legal theater which i'm
12:12 pm
not a part of, i'm not a lawyer, i talked to lawyers. there are ways in which if you believe a judge is biassed, if you believe that this case is not handled in a fair and balanced way, whatever, there are legal ways to preempt and try to disqualify the judge and try to disqualify an individual based on their ethnic heritage, racial background or religion, that is what is un-american, unacceptable and that is why you have everyone out there today whether republican or democrat, whatever, condemning the kind of vitri vitriol. there's no place in our society. that's what other people are objecting to. that is what newt gingrich is saying is disqualify -- that's wrong. that's what kelly ayotte said he should issue a distraction. i mean, that is -- >> bob corker, mitch mcconnell.
12:13 pm
paul ryan, mary katherine. >> that is appalling. >> all these voices. >> this is not -- he doesn't bother to make the argument here's why i think the judge is not fit for this case. right? the argument he makes on its face, makedly is, his ethnicity is disqualifying. >> you know what? >> he is an american citizen. this is not a responsible argument for the candidate to be making. people are aware of this saying this is not acceptable. it is not just an un-pc comment. he's saying a man is not qualified to judge him. >> he is not saying not qualified to judge and because of the exaggerations of the media in regards to -- >> no, no, no. saying that the judge is disqualified. >> no. i'm giving you the motivation behind it. because of the media -- what this man learned from the media and regards to my statements about mexican-americans or illegal immigrants, that it could bias him towards me. he's thinking out loud saying that the judge is potentially biassed. the thing about it is this.
12:14 pm
we act adds if we're not aware of the racial climate in america. >> very aware of it. >> high profile case and ethnicity is part of the climate of the case, when rodney king verdict came down, there was riot in the streets because blacks -- >> hold on. this is about trump university and people feeling like they were -- >> i understand but what i'm trying to say is when we utilize race in regards to judicial activity all the time. there was an african-american judge that decided this freddie gray case recently and the black community is calling him an uncle tom and a sellout because he didn't decide for the blacks. s what people are saying is in america -- >> a member of the -- making the right decision. >> a number of americans -- >> republican -- >> american citizens do believe -- >> i respect you. i respect you. hang on. go ahead, donna. >> race is part of our dna.
12:15 pm
>> right. >> it is our original sin as a country and worked very hard all americans to try to move beyond this so-called moment where we essentially demonize someone because of their racial heritage or ethnic background. we should be celebrating the diversity of the country. celebrating the fact that we have judges from all different variety, backgrounds so this is an important moment but he is a leader of the republican party. if this was -- the shoe on the other foot and i was the democrat and i had to tell someone my candidate was saying this, i would do what newt gingrich and others and paul ryan and everyone else is saying and no place in our political discourse and mr. trump should take responsibility and stop making these disparaging statements. >> i believe he was speaking as a plaintiff rather then a presidential candidate. >> amen on that.
12:16 pm
>> thank you all very much. >> god bless you. thank you. >> thank you! >> bye-bye. >> bye. here on the democratic side, almost like these rival moments between these two, vying for the nomination, hillary clinton, bernie sanders. holding duelling events. is secretary clinton getting closer and closer to clinching the nomination. this is as we're learning president obama's endorsement of secretary clinton is imminent this week. that from jeff zeleny. also ahead, donald trump promises to deliver a rebuttal to secretary clinton's scathing foreign policy attack, that speech live last week on him. what exactly would a rebuttal of him look like? let's walk through that. and the stunning message from a rape victim to her attacker who's given six months, six months behind bars. you will hear from her and what the rapist's dad told this judge. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them...
12:17 pm
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...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. we're back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. with hillary clinton on the verge of clinching the delegates she needs, she's about to get the endorsement of the president of the united states. white house officials and democratic aides tell cnn that president obama's poised the
12:21 pm
throw his full support behind secretary clinton as early as this week. today hillary clinton and bernie sanders held duelling events making the final push for votes in california ahead of tomorrow's big primary there. >> i'm going to wait an see where we all are after tomorrow. i am as you rightly point out on the path to not only have a very big lead in the popular vote but a very significant lead in the pledge delegates and so we'll take stock about where we are tomorrow. i'm going to do everything i can to unify the democratic party and i certainly am going to be reaching out to senator sanders and hope he'll join me in that. >> right now, my focus is on winning the largest state in our country which has 475 delegates and in winning the south and north dakota elections, and winning montana, and in winning
12:22 pm
new mexico. and doing the best that we can in a tough race in new jersey. >> any moment now, secretary clinton speaking at another event in los angeles. we're watching for this. she is now 26 delegates shy of clinching that party's nomination and officially happens in philadelphia. they're watching the numbers after tonight. david brock is with me, and jonathan tsitni. welcome, to both of you. jonathan, we heard him talk about the delegates and saying slow your roll essentially and would you consider endorsing hillary clinton before the convention. he did not rule it out. that wrapped up and the reporting that the president expected to nominate hillary clinton or endorse hillary clinton this week.
12:23 pm
how do you answer to both of those things? >> first of all, my bill collector's calling. i thought we knew each other. >> be kind to you, sir. >> i'm just kidding. look. i'm with bernie all the way to the convention. actually, i want to give credit to secretary clinton. in the clip you played, she didn't say she would clinch the nomination tomorrow. that's incorrect. i'm disappointed the media repeats that not factual point. tomorrow when after those votes are held, there's stale december 14th primary -- in the district of columbia. we'll not know who the nominee is until the convention when the super delegates stand and vote and there's 50 days between tomorrow roughly and the convention roll call. so personally, and along with the thousands of people that were out there working for bernie, i just got back from california. enormous enthusiasm. people want and believe we want to take it to the convention because people really believe in
12:24 pm
this fundamental difference in visions and political revolution. >> to your point, david, coming to you in a second, to your point of the delegates and absolutely correct about, you know, the convention, you know, back in 2008, once then senator obama clinched the pledge delegates, senator sanders endorsed him, called him the nominee. why is this different? >> two points. there's no doubt to me in my mind whoever's the nominee, that other person will support the nominee because of the danger of donald trump. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton said i think favorable things about each other compared to donald trump but there is a very fundamental difference between the primary that happened in 2008 and now. back then, frankly, there wasn't the kind of divide and vision between secretary clinton, then senator clinton and barack obama. the difference between bernie sanders and the vision that he has which is to have a political revolution to get rid of establishment politics and
12:25 pm
establish economics, is very fundamentally different than hillary clinton offers and that's what i've seen, brooke, in the many people i've met. i've traveled since august, september for bernie, in towns, cities across the country. >> sure. >> people feel strongly about this. >> sure. i have felt it at rallies and reported on it myself. david brock, respond to jonathan's points and there are efforts under way. clinton campaign talking to the white house about this obama endorsement. and perhaps some sort of an event, you know, obviously they would like to have senator sanders on board, depends on this week and the preferences. wouldn't the clinton campaign need him? >> oh sure, yeah. i think it is instructive to go back. eight years ago tomorrow i believe is the day -- >> that's right. bowed out. >> hillary conceded the race. the reality is that she did that in a way of a gold standard. she actually by some counts had more of the popular vote but
12:26 pm
what reality was that a combination of the pledge delegates and super delegates put then-senator obama over the top. and her imperative was to help elect him. and so flash forward eight years later. the same standard to apply tomorrow night going over the top and the media's going to report she goes over the top is the map on the super delegates and on the pledge delegates. to argue otherwise, to say that this reality should not be reported and we shouldn't go forward, operating in it, to create a double standard for hillary and all that she has achieved. >> no. >> we'll see history made tomorrow night. >> david? >> hold on. we'll see history made tomorrow night and no difference of no and senator sanders accepted then-senator obama as a presumptive nominee eight years ago. that's the definition. >> brooke, david as usual is creating falsehoods from facts. the fact is and what everyone is saying in 2008 happened in 2008.
12:27 pm
the fact is tomorrow night -- >> but it always happens. these are the rules. applies to every nominee. >> the nomination will not be known until both the pledge delegates and super delegates stand on the floor. there's 50 days between tomorrow and the convention. >> okay, okay. i understand. i understand that. i understand that. let me jump in. hold on. hold on. a question to david. we heard from bill clinton over the yeekd. he was in an event and apparently heckled by sanders supporters and i want to ask you about his choice of words and if hillary clinton clinched the pledge delegates, he said that the supporters are toast, david. would you agree with that? >> i don't think they're toast. i think we need sanders supporters to join hillary's cause. i think the stakes are so high in this election. we know it. jonathan knows it. senator sanders we take at his word and i agree with the only senator that endorsed sanders and if hillary goes over the top tomorrow night as we know she
12:28 pm
will, time to bring people together and fight trump. >> she won't. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, donald trump announcing he will be delivering a speech hitting back at hillary clinton over critiques of the foreign policy chops and really his temperament. we watched that together a couple of days ago. talk to david rode about that coming up. live in paris. when you airbnb, you have your own home. so, live there. even if it's just for a night. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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with his foreign policy views under attack and the temperament, donald trump says he'll deliver a rebuttal to hillary clinton's scathing takedown. sat down with my colleague jake
12:33 pm
tapper there and the response could come as early as this week. joining me now is cnn's global affairs correspondent david rhode and editor of reuters. nice to see you back here. so, let's do the -- and the what-if game, once donald trump rebuts what we saw of hillary clinton last week, truly so much about his honor and temperament and character as much as ticking off the reversals and whatnot, how does he respond? >> to be fair, he'll first talk about trade deals. he said this a bit to jake, we have weak leaders. i'll create jobs and other countries freeloading off of japan and korea and this kind of stuff. where he will attack is iraq and being war like and the problem is he himself the more he talks the less skinlt he's becoming. you know? and 2002 interview he said, yeah, i'm for the war in iraq. in 2004 he said he was against
12:34 pm
it and using the vote against her and the own positions moving so much and it could hurt him and the more he moves around, it gets into the temperament argument and i think got under his skin. >> in addition to the iraq war, it's been gun control. it's been, you know, nukes in south korea and japan and most recently and playing this for all of you on u.s. military intervention in libya. what he said in 2011 about yes to surgical strikes to just this past february in a cnn debate saying the world is better off with gadhafi and back to yes of surgical strikes. here he was. >> gadhafi in libya is killing thousands of people. nobody knows how bad it is. we should go in and stop the guy and very easy and very quick. we could do it surgically. stop him from doing it. and save these lives. >> i was -- i never discussed that subject. i was in favor of libya? we would be so much better off
12:35 pm
if gadhafi were in charge right new. >> i was never for a strong interventi intervention. i could see surgical taking out gadhafi and the group. >> you know, i can appreciate talking to support earls what it is about him that they really, really like but coming to major, major issues that he's gone back and forth, back and forth on i have to -- trying 0 channel the american voter saying what would he be like in the big chair?dec. the problem is -- >> at the time. >> yes videotape showing him divisive in one direction on libya. we saw it. go in and now devicisive in the other direction and should never have gone in and that's where as more and more of the remarks come back to haunt him, he could have a problem. yes, people want strength in the oval office. this isn't a game. these are american alives, you know, volunteer members of the military and it's very important to show a steady hand. every republican likes to sort of compare themselves to ronald
12:36 pm
reagan. there was a steady sense, you know, from him, you know, drove democrats crazy. are you seeing that from donald trump? and he seems to be sort of struggling with, you know, not overreacting to clinton's attacks. and sort of figuring out what he'll say and an opportunity for him. maybe he'll be more consistent or a clearer vision for him but he's under pressure i think to sort of settle down and show he'll be steady in office. >> stay tuned for that later this week. steadfast, fastness is a point. is a point. thank you very much. >> coming up next, the stunning message here from a rape victim to her attacker. this 12-page letter that she read aled in court that's all over social media. we want to share it with you. after the judge gave the convicted rapist, a former stanford university swrimer, six months in jail. if you have not heard that story yet, do not move a muscle. you both have a
12:37 pm
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12:41 pm
all right. this next story is one that's fueled not only outrage across the country but also just absolute heartbreak pitting a rape victim against the rapist all over again. the attacker in this case is a young man by the name of brock turner, 20-year-old former swimmer with olympic hopes at stanford university. he forced himself on a victim behind a dumpster at a party where she was unconscious. the victim wrote a 12-page impact statement addressing turner in the courtroom. let me just read a piece of this for you saying in part, you have dragged me through this hell with you, dipped me back into that night again and again. you knocked down both our
12:42 pm
towers. i collapsed at the same time you did. your damage was concrete. stripped of titles. degrees. enrollment. my damage was internal, unseen. i carry it with me. you took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice until today. turner's father read his own statement aloud in court asking for leniency despite the conviction on three counts of sexual assault saying prison is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20-plus years of life. the judge ultimately sentenced turner to six months in county jail saying prison would have a, quote, severe impact on him. amy zering is producer of "hunting ground" and thank you for being an important voice in this story. >> well, thank you for covering
12:43 pm
this. it's so important. >> i read it this weekend and i had a tough time. i have to be honest. a tough time getting through it and knowing it's 12 pages and trying to put myself in the courtroom. you called the victim's letter one of the most elegant and devastating testimonies of sexual assault and brutal aftermath you will ever read. tell me more. >> yeah, no. i got a text message after the sentencing from someone who was in the courtroom saying you must read the letter and she sent it to me and i read it and i was -- it's devastating. i just want to ebb courage everyone watching to read the letter in full. the excerpt doesn't do it justice. it's the number one trending item on buzzfeed. it is honestly one of the most powerful, elegant articulate and just graceful things i have ever read about sort of the pain and
12:44 pm
pathos of this kind of crime and then what you experience in the aftermath. it does it all in a very brief 12 pages that, you know, everyone who's written to me saying i read this, they can't put it down and transforms the way think think about this issue. >> i understand you've been in touch with the young woman. tell me about what she ease shared with you as far as her reaction to how, you know, how much this has been shared, her very personal 12 pages and the genesis of writing such a prolific letter. >> we didn't discuss the genesis. i think she was, you know, wanted to convey what she'd gone through and as compelling a manner as possible and she did so. she wrote from the heart if you read it. and just -- what i love about it is it takes the ways people tend to try to shame a victim and it turns it and it says, no, you
12:45 pm
know, i'm not going to take the blame for this crime and put it where it belongs on the perpetrator in such a brilliant way. you know, we have corresponded since the letter went viral and extremely gratified the voice is being heard and getting so many letters of encouragement and support that it really is helping give her hope and support and that's so important not only to her but to survivors around the globe. >> please pass along our support to her. i encourage you to all to read every word of it. amy, thank you, thank you, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, contentious interview of donald trump by jake tapper. we'll talk to jake tapper, get the scoop on that interview coming up.
12:46 pm
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12:51 pm
23 foims you answered that question. what did it feel like when you were in the middle of it? you wanted an answer. >> well, i wanted an answer and just for anybody watching the original interview when mr. trump called him a mexican, i said he's an american and he's from indiana and mr. trump corrected himself and said he's of mexican heritage. look, i think it's a fundamental question. this country is based on religious liberty and the idea that we don't judge people solely based on their race, religion, their ethnic origin, their heritage, et cetera, and the idea that a judge can't do a job because none of his views or political afafiliations or because of his ethnicity or where his parents were born, that seems to be anti-thetical to the american way of life.
12:52 pm
in fact, public service announcement, saying someone can't do a specific job because of his or her race is the literal definition of racism i gist want people to make sure this is not a liberal position. this is a conservative position, in many ways, or at least an american position, that we don't do this in this country. >> jake tapper, thank you. if you want to watch the whole exchange, i encourage all of you to do that. go to thank you, my friend. we'll see you on "the lead" at the top of the hour. just before the world heads to brazil, we take you to ground zero for the zika virus. the young children who are affected and the families and how they are coping. ood, clean , every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato...
12:53 pm
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12:57 pm
the summer olympic games in rio are now just 60 days away and nick paton walsh shows the personal stories of those coping with zika's devastating effects. >> reporter: born into a struggle that grows as they age, this clinic is where the disease of zika has been cruelest in brazil. even with what happens when babies with microcephaly grow and so do their problems. unable to tell us the pains, agonies they may or may not be feeling or what we can do to help. >> translator: it was when he was born and we faced the other people in the hospital, their expressions, seeing and accepting the difference, for me, that was the hardest phase.
12:58 pm
>> reporter: how quickly zika can spread here at ground zero, there's a whole different set of problems as the baby grow older quite what the disease means for their development. arturo cannot eat. his brain can't switch between swallowing and breathing properly. so he is fed by a drip and stunted in growth. the size of a 3-month-old when he is now 8 months. they are testing his hearing seeing if it turns his head to look. a little to the right, to the left, nothing. this is how it goes here. every minute, discoveries that alter the child's future. he was abandoned by her natural mother at birth and adopted by kelly a month ago. >> translator: when we saw her, we fell in love with her. i didn't want to know what she
12:59 pm
had. that didn't matter. she is my daughter. >> reporter: and today, may change her life. she's having her eyes stimulated being fitted for glasses to find out if she can see at all. it's hard to tell what she sees, if the bright lights became real shapes. with this one, it's a little more palpable. her first sight. but still, her arms stiffen straight. her underdeveloped brain telling them to do so. the talk here of prejudice, days spent ferrying children between specialist doctors and being fired from work because of the lack of state money to pull them
1:00 pm
through. this is the world that zika brings and here and globally it is only beginning. nick paton walsh, cnn, recife. >> tough to watch and important that we watch what is happening there in brazil. thanks for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> thanks, brooke. the big question, isn't prejudging judges based solely on their race, ethnicity or religion, isn't that, by definition, prejudiced. increasing blowback from republicans from his comments about donald trump's comments about the judge presiding over his trump university case. and now even a possible running mate says trump may have gone too far. the math suggests it will be very tough for bernie sanders to win but sanders tells me a lot can happen before the