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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 5  CNN  June 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's one of the biggest nights of the 2016 presidential campaign and a night for the history books. hillary clinton has already made history tonight becoming the first woman to claim a major party's nomination for
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president. >> our children and grandchildren will look back at this time at the choices we are about to make. the goals we will stride for, the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. the end of the primaries is only the beginning of the work we're called to do. but if we stand together with, he will rise together. because we are stronger together. let's go out and make that case to america. >> clinton tonight acknowledged bernie sanders for running a strong came pain and made a pitch for unity. and she slammed donald trump once more, calling him unfit to be president. clinton tonight won new jersey, new mexico, and south dakota. bernie sand erdz won north dakota. and voters are being counted in
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montana. and the hotly contest the state of california. let's look at the numbers right now in montana. bernie sanders is slightly ahead, 49.4% to 46% for hillary clinton. he's up by 3100 plus votes. 45,700 to 42,500. 62% of the vote in montana is in. in california, 34% of the vote is in. hillary clinton maintains very impressive lead by 400,000 votes. she has 61.8% to bernie sanders 37.1%. 475 delegates at stake in california. more than a third of the vote is n hillary clinton maintaining an impressive lead there. we're waiting for bernie sanders to speak moment airly. will he stick to his combative tone and take his fight to the convention in philadelphia or start uniting democrats against donald trump? the white house says president obama has called both clinton
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and sanders tonight congratulating hillary clinton and thanking bernie sanders for in his words, energizing millions of voters. sanders will meet with president obama thursday in washington. mired in controversy since he locked up the republican nomination, donald trump took a more measured tone tonight. he steered clear of his recent attacks on the latino judge which horrified a the love the party leaders n a rare scripted speech, trump said he understands his responsibility as the new republican standard-bearer. he wornd he'll be relentless and combatsive on beha iviv ivive c on behalf of the united states. >> my goal is to always bring people together. but if i'm forced to fight something i really care about, i'll never, ever back down and our country will never, ever back down.
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i fought for my family, i fought for my business, i fought for my employees, and now i'm going to fight four, the american people. >> there will be much more to come as the campaign enters a new phase. we're waiting to hear from bernie sanders momentarily. we'll have live coverage, a very important speech by the vermont senator coming up. we'll hear from him momentarily. let's go over to jake and dana. donald trump says as early as monday he's going to deliver what is going to be presumably a blistering direct attack against hillary clinton. but right now we're waiting for bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton is very eager to have the fight be one-on-one. she still has the issues of bernie sanders and his very, very enthusiastic diehard
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supporters. we see many of them in the room now. brianna keilar, senator sanders expected to come out any minute, talk to his supporters, talk to his backers. what more you are learning about what he might say? tell us about the room you're in. we understand that he is running a little bit late. maybe 20 minutes or so late to speak before this crowd here. in an airport hangar. this crowd is a very good example of some of the difficulty that hillary clinton will have trying to bring many of bernie sanders into the fold. the end appears to be need for the bernie sanders apparatus. there is large layoffs, significant layoffs tomorrow. we know that campaign managers of both campaigns are talking.
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>> we've been hearing folks booing. they're very unhappy with the results that they're seeing come in. they're happy with north dakota, of course. but when they see the early returns coming in from california, they've vn beupset. chanting, yelling, bs, not abbreviated. when they're seeing those results come in. so it's just an example that even though you're seeing some bridge building behind the scenes between the sanders campaign and the clinton campaign, it's still a very different story. >> one thing that supporters are doing is win. you and i or our competitors at other channels come on the television and deliver dmind of
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news they don't like, they've been booing us. part of the message that bernie san sa sanders is delivering is how corporate the kbleed s we don't tell people what is actually going on. we're part of this rigged system. this is going to be one of the challenges hillary clinton who is trying to convince people that entire system is against them and they should join her when he has been bernie sanders has been saying she is part if not a leader of this rigged system. >> you're right this crowd and brianna laid it out beautifully. the way this crowd is incredibly angry is the perfect illustration of the challenge that hillary clinton has which is why what bernie sanders says tonight the tone that he takes, his message so them about going
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forward is so incredibly critical. there are those that still love him but are not as enthusiastic and angry as people who wait to show up at a huge airport hangar. still that, is why he has a very, very -- he's got a tight rope to walk, basically, when he gives a speech. >> one thing that is important is obviously anger is one emotion that they're demonstrating whenever i it this was you. i don't think it was me. when you came on television and they started booing. because necessity love me. >> i actually pretty sure it was you. >> it was me. well, brianna keilar will tell us. i'm sure she send an e-mail that was you.
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that's a different story. is the idea that this passion for bernie sanders and distrust of hillary clinton and the media, a lot of it is they see bernie sanders as somebody who represents a break from politics as usual. somebody who rents something different. they think the system is broken and they don't want any part of it. bernie is the savior. if they can't have him, they don't want anyone. >> that's right. and if enough of the bernie sanders supporters should say, forget it, i'm staying home. that's a nightmare. that's why this speech tonight, the next several days where he
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goes back to vermont, more importantly he comes here to washington, he meets with the president, meets with his senate leader on capitol hill, tries to start the negotiations. >> one thang remains to be seen is how sophisticated a outreach operation donald trump will have when trying to win over the people in that airplane hangar. >> if you look at the face that's i just looked at those faces ashgs lot of young people are there. major supporters. let me walk over to john king. take a close look at california now. 34% of the vote is now in. take a look at. this hillary clinton is now ahead by more, more than 400,000 votes with 34% of the vote. that's an impressive, impressive lead. she now has 1,010,000 votes.
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>> you think they should call this race. we can't call the race. we've been stuck here for a long time. what is not impressive is the pace of counting in california tonight. we've been stuck between 32 in the last half hour we've gone from 32 to 34%. the polls have been closed for some time. we know a lot of this. we know a lot of this is the early absentee voting. we're trying to get more in the large areas. we're now up to 9%. hillary clinton has a big lead here. this is the place she expects to win big. we would like to get more than 9% of the vote. can you get a better flavor of do things stay the same you? move over to the other counties. ventura county, we're up to 38% of the vote. she's ahead here. it is closer than the statewide numbers. you want to see more votes come n move over to the coast.
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clinton holding a lead. you see some counties where you get into double digits or higher. then you're counting some of the votes today. you come up here, sacramento, clinton leading at the moment. quite healthy. still 0%. this was an area barack obama won in california even though hillary clinton was winning the state. so we're looking to -- as you look back in, now we're up to 35%. so we're beginning to get a trickle. we're get votes as opposed to absentee ballots. the clinton campaign had a good absentee ballot initiative. these are healthy leads. this is a very significant ashgs very qu , a very convincing lead at the moment s this possible? i would say, you know, let's stay tuned a little longer so we can get about 50% of the vote statewide.
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as you move around, everywhere you go, 32% here. very healthy clinton lead. these are very small areas of the state. so if you look at this now, yeah, if you were on a late flight from l.a. to vegas, you would put your money on hillary clinton. i would like to see the state count the votes faster and get us above 50%. >> if she's at that margin with above 50%, then there is virtually no way he's going to be able to overcome 400,000 lead. >> right. you just want it to goup a little bit. to put in context, let's reinforce this. earlier, secretary clinton was in the lead. it looks like bernie sanld sede
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starting to stretch that out in montana. he is progressively growing. it's a modest lead. so you're confident about that. you have north dakota f you're the clinton campaign, you won new jersey in a land slide. you won new mexico comfortably. you got a win in south dakota that you didn't think you were going to get. that's a big bonus. that's one, two, three. this is the biggest trophy of all. it would give you four out of six on this big night including the three biggest delegate prizes, california by far number one, new jersey number two, new mexico number three. there would be the giant exclamation point that hillary clinton wants. >> still two-thirds of the vote out. there let's wait and see. right now, impressive lead for hillary clinton against bernie sanders. let's talk about general election map. the general election contest, it's between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> so you pretty up this map. you f. you're in the new campaign, look at the last
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campaign. if the last two presidential elections, the democrats have won very convincingly when it comes to the electoral college. if there is the 2012 map, in 2008, then senator obama became president obama and also won indiana and north carolina. you see the video they played tonight, that video is aimed at the obama coalition. this is how we win, protect it f you're donald trump, how do you do it? we know if you look at trump at the moment, he has five months, but he is in a deep ditch with latino voters. he is in a deep ditch. his strategy, if you talk to people inside the campaign is they think they can turn pennsylvania. heavy lift. hasn't been done since 1988. but that's what they think. they can turn pennsylvania. they know republicans they need to win ohio. this is where they start here. and then they think. you can talk to our congressional reporters.
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i know a lot of michigan democrats have gone to the clinton campaign in recent weeks saying you better understand you got a tough fight out here. even though michigan has been blue for a long time in presidential politics. if you do those three, again, not easy. the trump campaign thinks they're here. tough state. especially with the latino top lags is growing. it's a swing population. the asian population matched almost exactly the latino population. so that is a heavy lift for donald trump. this is what they think that state that has been traditionally red is now leaning blue. that is how the trump campaign thinks you turn four states and you win the white house. if you take this one, colorado is a swing state i almost impossible to see donald trump
10:17 pm
winning what used to be a swing state or out here. you look to iowa and new hampshire and wisconsin f you're the trump campaign. you just start by looking at this and say defend, defend, defend. knowing trump thooz do it up here, the super pac, you pour money into the states to build a fortress. >> and hillary clinton will have the president of the united states create ug, helping to create that coalition that got him twice lekted. bernie sanders supporters are anxious to hear from him. what will he say? we're about to find out. stay with us. whatcha' doin?
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hillary clinton still has an impressive lead. she has more than a million votes, 1,019,000. right now she's ahead by 401,000 votes. you saw it just change a little bit right. there very impressive lead. we'll see what happens in california. the biggest prize of the night. montana, bernie sanders expands his lead. he has 49.9% to hillary clinton's 45.6%. his lead, 4,410 votes. bernie's lead has gone up. once again, we're standing by to hear from bernie sanders. he's getting ready to address a very enthusiastic crowd that is
10:23 pm
gathered in santa monica, california. he'll be speaking. we're all anxious to hear the tone, what he says in the face of hillary clinton's now becoming the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. anderson. >> she made a direct apeel to her supporters. >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for the extraordinary campaign he has run. >> i spent his long career in public service fighting for progressive causes and principles and he's excited millions of voters, especially young people and let there be no mistake, senator sanders, his campaign, and the vigorous debate that we've had about how to raise incomes, reduce
10:24 pm
inequality, increase upward mobility have been very good for the democratic party and for america. >> secretary clinton earlier this evening. there is an interesting article in "politico" with a lot of people from the sanders campaign anonymously commenting and saying that bernie sanders himself is behind a lot of the rhetoric against secretary clinton particular live late. >> i think the per snik ety nature, the article is very driven by senator sanders himself. i want to say what i think is so important in there and actually goes to that article you're speaking about as well. that secretary clinton said there. obviously praise worthy comments are helpful and all. that but what she ended with there is that the debate overall this vigorous debate has been
10:25 pm
good for the democratic party, i it this was a warning to all of her surrogates, all of her supporters that they are not to say that sanders' presence and continued presence giving him a little space is damaging the party, damaging her chances of defeating trump. she was really clear about that. i think that line is zinld to give him some breathing space here. >> the same phenomenon really in many ways to go both primaries. you saw blue collar whites have moved out of the democratic party into the republican party. a republican party that is more populous which explains how you get donald trump and they help explain how sanders did as well. the share of democrats that identify as liberals is double what it was in the 1970s.
10:26 pm
i think the real lasting impact of the sand erdz campaign is that. they will equal babyboomers. by 2020, there will be more voters than the babyboomers. sanders showed they were open to a politics that goes beyond what the democratic party -- >> whether you start spewing statistics at 2:00 in the morning. >> what hillary clinton laz to do and what that showed in her speech is she understands she has to mobilize these voters. this election is about getting out your voters not so much persuading people who hate you to vote for you. he can't alienate the voters. if she gets the younger voters, and i believe they're very gettable. i don't think they're naturally donald trump constituents. so she was extending the olive
10:27 pm
branch. what we're going to look for tonight is any hint from bernie sanders and as this piece pointed out, he is still angry about her attacks on him on guns, for example. >> we're waiting for him any moment now. there is a lot of anticipation for bernie sanders. can you bet the clinton camp will be listening very carefully as well. we'll hear from sanders any moment. we'll be right back.
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obviously, you're looking at a live crowd waiting to hear from bernie sanders as are all of us here. we're going bring the comments you to live. donald trump earlier and hillary clinton were both in full attack mode. take a look.
10:32 pm
>> trump is unfit to be president and commander of chief. >> the last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house or an extension of the obama disaster. >> he wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds. and reminding us daily just how great he is. >> i'm beating hillary clinton and with all of her many problems and the tremendous mistakes that she's made and she has made tremendous mistakes, we expect our lead to continue to grow and grow substantially. >> whether donald trump says a distinguished judge born in indiana can't do his job because of his mexican heritage -- or he mocks a reporter with
10:33 pm
disabilities -- or calls women pigs, it goes against everything we stand for. >> the russians, saudis, chinese, all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. >> when he says let's make america great again that, is code for let's take america backwards. >> it's only going to ratchet up from here. >> are you sure about that? >> yeah. >> the most amazing thing tonight is this democratic race has not changed much. since the beginning i've been saying since before south carolina, i'm saying this race is going to come down to dem
10:34 pm
graphics. tonight, hillary clinton did well in diverse areas. she did well in new jersey and mary jo mitchell and california. that is going to play very well moving forward into a general election against donald trump. i think you can make the very clear lines. whether you talk about millennial voters, people overlook the fact, and ron clarified, he is the guru over there. but 42% of all millennials are voertz of colovoters. we don't necessarily have to live under the same auspices of segregation and that our -- my father and grandfather had to live under. we live in a community that is so brought together and donald trump's comments, and, for example, i give you perfect example, tonight donald trump said and we're going to take care of our african-americans.
10:35 pm
i don't think he. >> announcer: that at 60 some odd years old he doesn't know how to talk to people of color. it is nothing big. but it's tone. and it's the way that he portrays a message. i think before you can start talking about jobs or anything else, you have to start talking to people with some human dignity. and if donald trump can't do that, then donald trump is not going to make any end roads in this mid region that he needs to win. >> he has to remember the other day where he said there is my -- force that's my african-american. >> that is not -- that's my point. that's not saying he is racist or anything of the sort. but donald trump simply didn't know how to talk to black people or hispanics or voters of color. that is going to be a problem. >> to me, the big difference still is that i know what hillary clinton stands for and what she wants to do and what she would do as president. i have no idea other than
10:36 pm
building a wall or banning muslims from coming in this country what donald trump stands for other than he's won the primary on the cascade of personal insults. i don't believe you can win the general election on that. >> in essence, that is his asset. in other words -- >> in a general election? >> yes. she is so well known, and i would suggest worse that you are going to have a lot of people look at her and go oh, my god, i couldn't possibly deal with this for another four years. and what they want is the alternative, the change. you know, capital -- >> he's not exactly a young pup. >> no. >> do you think he -- >> i'm not talking about age.
10:37 pm
>> can you not encapsulate that argument in xenophobia. you can't encapsulate that message. >> he isn't. >> we already -- >> the other point is they're not starting on an even playing field. mitt romney won a higher share of white voters than reagan did in 1980 and lost by five million votes. so even if donald trump was able to hold constant the republican share among minority voters, he has to improve the share he wins among white voters to what reagan won in 1984. and what republicans are worried about is that minority vote which is very constant around will 80% for democrats will go even further in that direction
10:38 pm
which would mean that he would have to win 65% of whites if he loses ground to get to a national -- >> to me that, is a big hill. >> we have to take a -- we have to break. i want you to be able to respond. >> i can hear my friend saying how worried he is that democrats don't understand the appeal that donald trump has for enough of the minority community to get him over the top. >> bernie sand serz aboers is a deliver a message. we'll carry it live ahead.
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and the crowd is very exc e excited. we cannot see -- there he is. senator sanders and his wife jane as well. yeah, there she is. let's listen in.
10:43 pm
>> thank you! >> thank you!
10:44 pm
>> thank you! >> thank you all! >> thank you!
10:45 pm
>> let me -- let me thank -- let me thank -- let me thank -- let me thank all of you -- let me thank all of you for being here tonight. and let me thank all of you for being part of the political revolution.
10:46 pm
i especially want to thank the tens of thousands of volunteers here in the state of california. and i want to thank the people of california for their incredible hospitality. it has been one of the most moving moments of my life to be out throughout this state in beautiful evenings and seeing thousands and thousands of people coming out. people who are prepared to stand up and fight for real change in this country.
10:47 pm
all of you know that when we began this campaign a little over a year ago, we were considered to be a fringe campaign. but over the last year i think that has changed just a little bit. >> by the end of tonight we will have won 22 state primaries and caucuses. we will have received well over ten million votes. and what is most extraordinary to me is the fact that in virtually every single state we
10:48 pm
have won by big numbers the votes of young people. young people understand that they are the future of america and they intend to help shape that future. and i am enormously optimistic about the future of our country when so many young people have come onboard and understand that our vision, a vision of social justice, economic justice, racial justice and environmental
10:49 pm
justice must be the future of america. our vision will be the future of america! >> our campaign from day one has understood some very basic points and that is first we will not allow right-wing republicans to control our government. en that -- and that is especially true as donald trump as the republican candidate. the american people in my view
10:50 pm
will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry. who insults mexicans, who insults -- who insults muslims and women and african-americans. we will not allow donald trump to become president of the united states. but we understand that our mission is more than just defeating trump, it is transforming our country!
10:51 pm
the vast majority of the american people know that it is not acceptable that the top 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom. 90%. we're going to change that. and when millions of americans are working longer hours for lower wages, we'll not allow 57% of all new income to go to the top 1%. and we will end a corrupt
10:52 pm
campaign finance system. democracy is not about billionaires buying elections. and we will end a broken criminal justice system. and we will break up the major banks on wall street. and we will join in the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people as a right.
10:53 pm
and we will bring about real immigration reform and a path to all the citizens. >> and we will -- and we will tell the billionaire class and corporate america that they will start paying their fair share of taxes. and what we understand and what every one of us always
10:54 pm
understood is that real change never occurs from the top on down, always from the bottom on up. that is the history of america, whether it is the creation of the trade union movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the gay movement. and that is what our movement is about! >> bernie!
10:55 pm
bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie! >> but you all know it is more than bernie. it is all of us together. it what this movement is about. is millions of people from coast to coast standing up and looking around them and knowing that we can do much, much better as a nation. that whether wall street likes it, whether corporate america likes it, whether wealthy campaign contributors like it, whether the corporate media likes it.
10:56 pm
we, together -- together we know what our job is. and that is to bring the american people together to create a government that works for us, not the 1%. next tuesday we continue the fight in the last primary in washington, d.c.
10:57 pm
>> we are going -- we are going -- we are going to fight hard. we are going to fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania!
10:58 pm
>> i am pretty good in math and i know that the fight in front of us is a very, very steep fight. but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate we can. >> tonight i had a very kind call from president obama. and i look forward to working with him to make sure that we move this country forward.
10:59 pm
and tonight i had a very gracious call from secretary clinton and congratulate herd on her victories tonight. -- congratulated her on her victories tonight. [ crowd boos ] >> our fight is to transform this country and to understand -- and to understand that we are in this together. to understand that all of what we believe is what the majority of the american people believe. and to understand that the
11:00 pm
struggle continues. i want to thank the people of north dakota. it appears we will likely win montana as well. i don't think anybody know what's will end up here in california, but i suspect the gap will significantly diminish. and if this campaign has proven anything, it has proven that millions of americans who love this country are prepared t


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